0312396260: How to Stop Looking for Someone Perfect and Find Someone to Love
0312396279: How to Write and Give a Speech : A Practical Guide
0312396287: How to Write and Give a Speech : A Practical Guide
0312396295: How to Win an Election
0312396309: How We Found the Mary Rose
0312396317: A Rogue's Guide to Europe
0312396325: xxxx
0312396341: How to Lose Money in the Stock Market: A Complete Guide to Not Going Broke on Wall Street
0312396376: Human Adaptability : A history and Compendium of Research in the International Biological Programme
0312396538: Thinking and Writing About Philosophy
0312396775: Insructor's Resource Manual for Axelrod & Cooper's Concise Guide to Writing
0312396902: Human Aging and Dying
0312396945: The St. Martin's Handbook
0312396988: News Reporting and Writing
0312397003: Workbook for News Reporting and Writing
0312397100: Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction
0312397119: Teaching Composition : Background Readings
0312397259: Human Aging and Dying
0312397291: The Story and Its Writer : An Introduction to Short Fiction ( Sixth Edition )
0312397313: The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction Compact 6th Edition
0312397321: Resources for Teaching The Story and Its Writer 5th ed.
0312397348: Speaker's Guide Book Text and Refrence Workbook for Students;pb;2001
0312397372: Social Dimension of Western Civilization (V2) 5th
0312397380: Everything's an Argument
0312397399: Everything's an Argument with Readings : With 2001 APA Update
0312397429: Social Dimension of Western Civilization
0312397461: Political Science : A Comparative Introduction
0312397496: Introduction to Literature
0312397607: Human Behavior and World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations...
0312397674: Writer's Reference, by Hacker, 5th Edition
0312397771: Elements of Argument : A Text and Reader
0312397836: The Structure of Argument. Fourth Edition.
0312397844: Signs of Life in the USA : Readings on Popular Culture for Writers
0312397852: Signs of Life. 4th Edition. Instructor's Edition.
0312397909: Working with Words 5th
0312397917: Public Art of Civil War Commemoration
0312397968: Choices: A Basic Writing Guide with Readings, by Mangelsdorf, 3rd Edition
0312398018: Writing First : Practice in Context
0312398026: Writing First
0312398115: Successful College Writing 2nd
0312398123: Successful College Writing Brief : Skills, Strategies, Learning Styles
0312398212: Welfare Reform in the Early Republic
0312398271: St. Martin's Handbook
0312398328: St. Martin's Pocket Guide to Research and Documentation
0312398344: The St. Martin's Workbook
0312398492: Human Communication : Principles, Contexts, and Skills
0312398506: Human Communication: Principles, Contexts, and Skills.
0312398654: The Human Consequences of Urbanization
0312398662: Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading Thinking Writing
0312398794: America's History : Combined Volume
0312398816: Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking,
0312398859: Human Development and Behavior
0312398891: First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History
0312398905: Exercise Book for Working with Words : A Handbook for Media Writers and Editors
0312399111: Everyday Writer: With 2001 Apa Update
0312399146: Real Essays: Writing Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life, by Anker
0312399154: Real Essays With Readings: Writing Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life
0312399162: New Writing. INSTRUCTOR'S EDITION.
0312399332: Mirror on America: Short Essays and Images from Popular Culture, by Mims, 2nd Edition
0312399340: A Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage
0312399367: The Brief Bedford Reader
0312399375: The Brief Bedford Reader
0312399391: Bedford Reader 8th Edition
0312399464: Human Geography: A Welfare Approach
0312399529: The Bedford Guide for College Writers 6e With Reader, Research Manual, & Handbook P + Writing Guide Software (Kennedy, the Bedford Guide for College Writers, 4-In-1, Pape)
0312399545: Human Resources, Employment, and Development Vol. 1
0312399618: Human Rights in the World
0312399669: Human Visual Cognition: A Study in Experimental Cognitive Psychology
0312399766: Supplemental Exercises to Accompany Writing First and Writing in Context
0312399774: Diagnostic and Mastery Tests To Accompany Writing First 2e and Writing in Context
0312399782: Classroom Resources To Accompany Writing First and Writing in Context
0312399812: A Guide to The St. Martin's Custom Reader
0312399820: A Student's Workbook for America : A Concise History
0312399944: America's History Vol 2 Since 1865, 4th edit pb 2001
0312399960: America a Concise History 2e Volume 2 and Selected Historical Documents: For America's History 4e Volume 2 (America: A Concise History)
0312400047: Seeing & Writing 2
0312400063: Seeing and Writing
0312400101: The American Promise (Vol. 1) 2nd Revised Edition Till 1877
0312400241: Othello, The Moor of Venice
0312400276: The Writer
0312400284: The Writers Presence : A Pool of Readings : Resources for Teaching
0312400292: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Case Studies in Critical Controversy)
0312400322: Research Assistant Hyperfolio for English : An Intelligent Tool for Conducting
0312400373: Jungle
0312400403: The Hundred Days to Hitler.
0312400527: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312400535: The St. Martin's Guide to Writing
0312400675: Technical Communication
0312400683: Online!: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources - 2001
0312400691: Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication
0312400756: Hundred Horse Farm
0312400780: Pocket Guide to Public Speaking
0312400853: Writing Research Papers A Guide To The Process
0312400888: Sacco And Vanzetti Case
0312401027: 132 Ways to Earn a Living Without Working (for Someone else)
0312401035: 132 Ways to Earn a Living Without Working (For Someone Else)
0312401051: Shop Talk and War Stories: American Journalists Examine Their Profession
0312401159: Listen
0312401221: Jimmy Carter and the Energy Crisis of the 1970s : The Crisis of Confidence.
0312401523: NATHAN THE WISE
0312401558: The hunted
0312401566: Hunting and Stalking Deer Throughout the World
0312401582: Little Susie Sleep ears and Molly the Rat
0312401604: Hyde Park Murder/09486
0312401612: A Writer's Reference: With 2001 Apa Guidelines (Writer's Reference)
0312401655: I'm in Training to Be Tall and Blonde
0312401744: America Now : Short Readings from Recent Periodicals
0312401752: America Now
0312401833: Rules for Writers: A Brief Handbook/With Update
0312401841: Pocket Style Manual: Updated With Apas 2001 Guidelines
0312402015: Worlds of History
0312402023: Worlds of History
0312402031: Coaching Writers: Editors and Reporters Working Together Across Media Platforms
0312402058: Going To The Source: The Bedford Reader In American History, Volume II: From 1865
0312402074: The Making of the West, Vol. 1
0312402082: The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, 1320-1830
0312402090: 12 Plays : A Portable Anthology
0312402147: To Secure These Rights: The Report of Harry S. Truman's Committee on Civil Rights
0312402163: The New York Conspiracy Trials of 1741: Daniel Horsmanden's Journal of the Proceedings With Related Documents (Bedford Series in History and Culture)
0312402295: Imf and Stabilization: Developing Country Experiences
0312402384: 250 Poems
0312402406: Exercises to Accompany a Writers Reference
0312402414: Developmental Exercises to Accompany a Writer's Reference
0312402422: I, Martha Adams
0312402430: Writer's Reference
0312402465: Writing about Literature
0312402619: I, Rembrandt: A Novel
0312402627: Bedford Anthology of World Literature Vol. 3: The Early Modern World
0312402635: Bedford Anthology of World Literature Vol. 4: The Eighteenth Century
0312402643: The Bedford Anthology of World Literature Book 5 : The Nineteenth Century, 1800-1900
0312402651: I Remember Love
0312402678: I Sent A Letter To My Love
0312402686: The Bedford Anthology of World Literature
0312402767: I Still Dream About Columbus: A Novel
0312402791: Selected Essays of Robert J. Connors
0312402910: I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore
0312402937: I Was a Teenage Juvenile Delinquent Rock'N'Roll Horror Beach Party Movie Book
0312402961: World Transformed, 1945-Present: Reader
0312403038: Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312403380: Technical Communciation 7ed
0312403569: Student's Guide to History
0312403577: A Pocket Guide to Writing History
0312403585: American Promise: A History of the United States, by Roark, 2nd Compact Edition
0312403593: The American Promise: A History of the United States to 1877: Compact Edition
0312403607: American Promise
0312403615: America Firsthand: Readings from Settlement to Reconstruction
0312403623: America Firsthand: Readings from Reconstruction to the Present
0312403712: Ibsen and Shaw
0312403798: Ice Blues
0312403801: Ways of Reading : Words and Images
0312403828: Ice Crash
0312403860: Ice House
0312404085: Palestine & Arab-Israeli Conflict 5th
0312404158: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin : with Related Documents (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)
0312404174: The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing
0312404204: A Writer's Reference (Book with 4.0 CD-ROM for Windows & Macintosh)
0312404212: The Child in the City (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)
0312404255: The Idea of Social Choice.
0312404301: Bedford Researcher
0312404328: The Bedford/St. Martin's Textbook Reader
0312404336: Speaker's Guidebook: Text and Reference, by O'Hair, 2nd Edition
0312404344: The Presence of Others
0312404395: Idealism & Revolution
0312404433: Writers Reference, 2001 APA, Research and Documents
0312404484: Identity and Authority
0312404514: Ideology and Cultural Production.
0312404573: Ideology and Social Psychology: Extremism, Moderation and Contradiction
0312404581: St Martins Guide To Public Speaking
0312404603: Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism
0312404670: Writing in Context: Paragraphs and Essays With Readings, by Kirszner
0312404689: Power and the Holy in the Age of the Investiture Conflict: A Brief History with Documents
0312404719: Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing, by Comley, 7th Edition
0312404816: Idiolects in Dickens : The Major Techniques and Chronological Development
0312404824: Bedford Anthology of World Lit (Set:Bks 4/5/6)
0312404859: Mirror on America
0312404867: Commonsense Guide to Grammar and Usage Instructor's resource manual
0312404883: Real Essays, by Gallagher, Additional Resources
0312404891: If I Forget Thee
0312404905: Real Essays
0312404921: If I'm So Successful, Why Do I Feel Like a Fake?: The Impostor Phenomenon
0312405014: Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing
0312405022: An Anthology of World Literature : Pack A
0312405111: Literature and Its Writers: A Compact Introduction to Fiction Poetry and Drama
0312405154: Resources for Teaching
0312405219: Real Writing: With Readings, Paragraphs and Essays for College, Work and Everyday Life
0312405227: Real Writing : Paragraphs and Essays for College, Work, and Everyday Life (Anker Series)
0312405332: Iliad of Homer/Books Xiii-Xxiv (Classical Series)
0312405510: St Martin's Custom Reader;PB;2002
0312405545: Rereading America
0312405928: Documents to Accompany Americas History
0312406304: Writing in Context : Laurie G. Kirszner,Stephen R. Mandell (Paperback, 2003)
0312406355: Illusion of Peace: International Relations in Europe, 1918-1933
0312406509: Work in Progress: A Guide to Academic Writing and Revising, by Ede, 6th Edition
0312406592: Poetry: An Introduction, by Meyer, 4th Edition
0312406703: The illusionists
0312406835: The Elements of Teaching Writing : A Resource for Instructors in All Disciplines
0312406843: Pocket Style Manual 4ed
0312406851: Rules for Writers
0312406878: The American Promise : A History of the United States
0312406886: The American Promise
0312406894: American Promise (V2) 3rd
0312406908: Literature: Shorter Ed 8th
0312406916: The Turn of the Screw (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism)
0312407025: Language Awareness: Readings for College Writers, by Eschholz, 9th Edition
0312407068: The Making of the West Volume 1 and Social Dimensi
0312407076: Making of the West Volume 2 and Social Dimensions
0312407149: A TA's Guide to Teaching Writi
0312407165: Everything's an Argument
0312407181: Sources of The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, A Concise History, Volume I: To 1740
0312407211: American Promise Second Edition Vol. 2
0312407238: The American Promise (Vol. 2) 2nd Revised Edition Till 1877
0312407246: Everything's an Argument: With Readings, by Lunsford, 3rd Edition
0312407254: Assigning, Responding, Evaluating: A Writing Teacher's Guide
0312407300: Making of the West Concise and Sources of the Making of West Concise Volume 1: And Sources of the Making of the West Volume 2 (Hunt: Making of the West, a Concise History)
0312407327: Making of the West and Documents
0312407386: Sticks and Stones : And Other Student Essays
0312407432: Successful College Writing 2e And Cd-rom Writing Guide Software Skills, Strategies, Learning Styles (McWhorter: Successful College Writing with Handbo
0312407440: Successful College Writing 2e and Exercises for Successful Csuccessful College Writing 2e and Exerci: Skills, Strategies, Learning Styles Skills, Stra ... er: Successful College Writing with Handbook)
0312407467: Successful College Writing Brief 2e and CD-Rom Writing Guide Software : Skills, Strategies, Learning Styles (McWhorter: Successful College Writing)
0312407564: Approaching Literature
0312407572: Resources for Teaching: Approaching Literature in the 21st Century Fiction, Poetry, Drama
0312407645: Feminism and Composition
0312407688: Writing in Context and Exercises for Writing First
0312407718: Putting It Together And Bedford/st. Martin's Textbook Reader
0312407726: Making It Work and Bedford/St. Martin's Textbook R
0312407734: Real Essays and Quick Reference Card: Writing Projects for College, Work, and Everyday Life
0312407750: An Illustrated Dictionary of Ornament
0312407769: Illustrated Dictionary of the Ornament
0312407831: The illustrated encyclopedia of the strategy, tactics, and weapons of Russian military power
0312407920: Illustrated Guide to Antique Collecting
0312407998: The illustrated guide to world chess sets
0312408110: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 2e Cscc
0312408269: Electronic Exercises for use with A Writer's Reference (CD-ROM Only)
0312408374: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312408463: The Illustrators of Alice in Wonderland Revised Edition
0312408536: Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job, by Oliu, 8th Edition
0312408595: Organizational Communication
0312408722: Contemporary Vocabulary - University of Phoenix Special Edition Series (4th Edition)
0312409001: Reading the American Past (V1) 3rd
0312409060: Telling the Story : The Convergence of Print, Broadcast, and Online Media
0312409168: Images
0312409176: Images & Reality in International Politi
0312409206: Images of Belief in Literature
0312409230: Images of Conflict
0312409249: Images of conflict
0312409265: Images of Imperial Rule
0312409281: The Images of Occupational Prestige : A Study in Social Cognition
0312409311: Maps in Context : A Workbook for American History, Volume 1: To 1877
0312409346: America's History, by Henretta, 5th Edition, Volume 1: To 1877
0312409354: Images of the Arab Future
0312409389: Imbroglio
0312409451: Immortal Boy A portrait of Leigh Hunt
0312409583: America's History: Since 1865
0312409591: Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures, by Hunt, 2nd Edition
0312409605: Additional Resources for Teaching with The St. Martin's Guide to Writing
0312409648: The St. Martin's Guide to Writing (Instructor's Resource Manual)
0312409680: Work in Progress a Guide To Academic 6ed
0312409699: Exercises to Accompany A Speaker's Guidebook : Text and Reference
0312409753: Visual Rhetoric in a Digital World : Carolyn Handa (Paperback)
0312409818: An Imperfect Joy
0312409877: Media Career Guide
0312409893: Imperial Idea and Its Enemies : A Study in British Power
0312409958: Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers, by Bartholomae, 7th Edition
0312409974: Impersonal Attractions
0312410026: 250 POEMS,40 SHORT STORIES+12 PLAYS
0312410069: Real Writing with Readings
0312410158: Real Essays: with Readings: IAE
0312410212: Christopher Columbus and the Enterprise of the Indies : A Brief History with Documents
0312410425: The Electronic Bedford Handbook 6.1
0312410433: Resources for Teaching Literature and Its Writers - A Compact Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0312410506: Rules for Writers: Instructor's Edition TEACHER'S EDITION Paperback by.
0312410522: Poetry: an Introduction
0312410603: Improving College Writing : A Book of Exercises
0312410700: Improving Social Intervention
0312410786: In Celebration of Play : An Integrated Approach to Play and Child Development
0312410808: In Defence of Literary Interpretation
0312410824: Rules for Writers Developmental Exercises
0312411057: In perilous seas
0312411146: In Search of Eurocommunism
0312411219: A 3 CD Set To Accompany Listen Brief Edition
0312411227: Listen: Brief (Case)(w/6 CDs:#70170) 5th
0312411235: Listen: Brief (w/CD-SG) 5th
0312411278: Instructor's Resource Manual to Accompany LISTEN BRIEF FIFTH EDITION
0312411316: In Search of the Perfect Meal: A Collection of the Best Food Writing of Roy Andries De Groot
0312411499: Computer-Assisted Reporting : A Practical Guide
0312411588: ONLINE!:REF.GD.TO USING...W/'03 MLA UPD
0312411634: Literature and Its Writers - Speaking of Literature CD (Software) (3RD 04 Edition)
0312411642: In Short
0312411669: In the Groove
0312411677: In the Shadow of the Brontes
0312411685: In the Long Run We Are All Dead
0312411693: In the Long Run We Are All Dead
0312411715: In the Shadow of Kings
0312411723: In the Strong Woods: A Season Alone in the North Country
0312411731: In the Strong Woods: A Season Alone in the North Country
0312411774: In the Wake of Cook: Exploration, Science, and Empire, 1780-1801
0312411871: The incredible heap: A guide to compost gardening
0312411898: Teaching Developmental Writing : Background Readings Paperback by Bernstein
0312411901: The Bedford Guide to the Research Process
0312411952: The indefinite boundary: An investigation into the relationship between matter and spirit
0312411960: St Martin's Handbook (w/CD:#40902-8) 5th
0312412045: Teaching Technical Communication : Critical Issues for the Classroom
0312412053: 50 Essays: A Portable Anthology
0312412207: Sources of The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume I: To 1740
0312412215: Sources of The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume II: Since 1500
0312412428: Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing, by Meyer, 7th Edition
0312412436: Resources for Teaching the Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312412460: Convergences
0312412517: Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312412525: The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook
0312412533: The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader and Research Manual
0312412541: The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader
0312412576: Fields of Reading. 7th ed. Instructor's ed.
0312412622: Writer's Reference, by Hacker, 5th Edition, 2003 MLA Update
0312412673: FILM: AN INTRO
0312412703: Pocket Style Manual
0312412754: Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing 5th
0312412797: Literature: A Portable Anthology
0312412800: The Bedford Handbook: With 2003 MLA Update
0312412819: Bedford Handbook
0312412827: Writing About Literature : A Portable Guide
0312412886: The Successful College Writing 2e + Writer's Presence 4e: A Pool of Readings - Hardcover
0312412894: California Dreams & Realities 3rd
0312412908: Independent Collier the Coal Miner As Ar
0312412916: Convergences : Message Method Medium
0312412983: The Making of the West Concise Volume 2 And West in Wider World Volume 2: Peoples And Cultures -- a Concise History, Since 1340 - Hardcover
0312413076: Independent Feature Film Production : A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution
0312413084: Independent Feature Film Production : A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution
0312413092: Subjects/Strategies : A Writer's Reader
0312413114: Making Sense : A Real-World Rhetorical Reader
0312413130: St. Martin's Handbook: With 2003 MLA Update, by Lunsford, 5th Edition
0312413149: St. Martin's Handbook, by Lunsford, 5th Edition
0312413157: Everyday Writer (with 2003 MLA) 2nd
0312413165: The Independent Nuclear State: The United States, Britain, and the Military Atom
0312413173: The Everyday Writer With 2003 MLA Update
0312413181: EasyWriter : A Pocket Guide with 2003 MLA Update
0312413238: The Everyday Writer
0312413254: The Business Writer's Companion
0312413289: The Everyday Writer
0312413297: India
0312413335: LiterActive Tutorials, Multimedia & Document Library, research and Documentation Guide, a Sealed CD
0312413378: Foundations First with Readings : Sentences and Paragraphs
0312413432: Listen: Brief (w/CD-SG & Case:3 CDs:#41121-9) 5th
0312413440: Listen 5e Brief paper and 6 CD set to Accompany Listen 5e Brief
0312413475: Documenting Sources: 2003 MLA Guidelines
0312413521: Outlining and Organizing Your Speech
0312413548: AMERICA'S HISTORY,V.1 TO 1877-W/MAPS
0312413645: America
0312413688: Writer's Reference
0312413696: Writer's Reference, by Hacker, 5th Edition
0312413750: Writer's Reference 5e with 2003 MLA Update and Compact Exercises for Writer's: For Writer's Reference 5e
0312413785: Indian Economy: Poverty and Development
0312413874: The American Promise (Vol. 1) 2nd Revised Edition Till 1877
0312413920: Everyday Writer 2e Comb Bound with 2003 MLA Update and Exercises for Everyday: Writer 2e
0312414005: Indian Religion (Collected papers on South Asia)
0312414021: Bedford Handbook
0312414099: India's Economic Problems : An Analytical Approach
0312414137: Indigo
0312414226: Industrial Crisis
0312414234: St Martin's Handbook (with 2003 MLA Upd)(w/CD:#40902-8) 5th
0312414269: The Industrial Geography of Canada
0312414331: St. Martin's Handbook 5e paper with 2003 MLA Update and St. Martin's Pocket: Guide to Research and D
0312414390: Compact Bedford Intro to Drama (w/1060 pgs) 5th
0312414412: The Bedford Introduction to Drama
0312414439: Writing Research Papers
0312414528: Industrial Relations and Health Services
0312414579: Industrial Relations in Africa
0312414773: Reading Critically, Writing Well: A Reader and Guide
0312414781: Literature and It's Writers 3e and CD Speaking of Literature 3e: A Compact Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0312414803: The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Basic Writing
0312415109: Industrial Relations and Economic Development
0312415125: Industrial Relations in Developing Countries : The Case of Nigeria
0312415133: Comparative Industrial Relations
0312415168: Anatomy of Film 5th
0312415451: Industrial Society: Class, Cleavage, and Control
0312415532: The Brief Arlington Reader: Canons and Contexts
0312415605: Industrial Sociology : An Introduction
0312415672: Industrial Structure, Pricing, and Inflation
0312415702: Industrialization and Social Inequality in 19th-Century Europe
0312415885: Infancy and Epistemology
0312415982: The infidel
0312415990: The Cherokee Removal : A Brief History with Documents (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)
0312416059: Infinite Dreams
0312416172: Speaker's Guidebook: Text and Reference, by O'Hair, 2nd Edition
0312416350: Jerry Yulsman Tells How to Take Glamour Photos (Whitestone Book Number 30)
0312416415: America : A Concise History, Volume 2: Since 1865
0312416423: Writer's Reference 5e With 2003 Mla Update + Compact Exercises for Writer's Reference 5e + Cd-rom Electronic Exercises for Writer's Reference 5e
0312416466: News Reporting and Writing
0312416482: Logical Links: Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking
0312416644: Informal Institutions
0312416830: Canadian Writer's Reference, by Hacker, 3rd CANADIAN EDITION
0312416849: Media and Culture Fourth Edition 2005 Update : An Introduction to Mass Communication
0312417357: Telecourse Guide for Shaping America : U.S. History to 1877: Volume 1
0312417519: Resources for Teaching Convergences
0312417543: America Now Short Readings From Recent P
0312417594: The Essential Guide to Group Communication
0312417608: The Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication
0312417616: The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume II
0312417659: Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction, by O'Grady, 5th Edition, Study Guide
0312417675: The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume A
0312417683: The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume B
0312417691: Making of the West (VC) 2nd
0312417713: 250 Poems And Writing About Literature: A Portable Guide - Hardcover
0312417780: Making of the West-STUDY GUIDE
0312417799: Study Guide to accompany The Making of the West :
0312417845: Oral Presentation Supplement for Composition
0312417926: Mind Readings
0312417969: Ingrid Bergman
0312417985: The injured party
0312418086: The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual and Handbook
0312418108: Innovation and the Auto Industry : Product, Process and Work Organization
0312418159: Innovation in Play Environments
0312418205: America's History/Documents to Accompany America's History: Volume 1: To 1877 and Volume 2: Since 1865
0312418221: AMERICA'S HISTORY,V.1 TO 1877-W/DOC.
0312418329: America a Concise History 2e Volume 2 + America Firsthand 6e Volume 2: Volume Tw
0312418493: The Sovereignty and Goodness of God
0312418507: Getting the Picture : A Brief Guide to Understanding and Creating Visual Texts
0312418698: Inside Corporate America : Perspective on Management Practices and Career Options
0312418728: Inside Dance
0312418752: Instant Piano (No Cassette)
0312418779: Inside Mom: An Illustrated Account of Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
0312418817: Insiders Guide to the Colleges
0312418833: Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1986-1987
0312418841: Inside the Vatican
0312418906: Integration and Unequal Development: The Experience of the EEC
0312418922: Intellectual Revolution in Twelfth Century Europe
0312418930: Intellectuals and Revolution: Socialism and the Experience of 1848
0312419007: Interdependence on Trial : Studies in the Theory and Reality of Contemporary Interdependence
0312419023: Seeing the Pattern (Annotated Instructor's Edition)
0312419058: Seeing the Pattern : Readings for Successful Writing
0312419082: From Practice to Mastery
0312419090: Portfolio Keeping Second Edition
0312419112: Portfolio Teaching Second Edition
0312419147: Interesting Times
0312419155: Telling the Story (w/CD:#41699-7) 2nd
0312419279: Resources for Teaching: Ways of Reading 7th Edition
0312419309: The Interior of the Earth;
0312419325: The Bedford Handbook
0312419333: Bedford Handbook
0312419368: Contemporary Linguistics
0312419457: International Accounting
0312419597: Making Sense: A Real-world Rhetorical Reader Teachers Edition
0312419643: Foundations First Sentences and Paragraphs with Readings
0312419724: Exercises Everyday Writer
0312419740: The Electronic Everyday Writer 3.0
0312419821: International Business and Central Europe, 1918-1939
0312419880: International Chili Society Official Chili Cookbook
0312419899: International Chili Society Official Chili Cookbook
0312419937: International Collaboration in Civil Aerospace
0312419945: International Commodity Control, 1929-1977
0312419953: International Contemporary Arts Directory (Contemporary Arts Series)
0312419988: International Diffusion of Pharmaceuticals
0312420005: International Disputes: Case Histories, 1945-1970
0312420013: The Invention of Clouds.
0312420021: Cold Case
0312420048: Pages for You : A Novel
0312420056: False Papers : Essays on Exile and Memory
0312420064: Love-Artist
0312420072: Volcano Lover : A Romance
0312420080: Under the Sign of Saturn : Essays
0312420099: On Photography
0312420102: I, Etcetera
0312420110: Death Kit
0312420110000: Death Kit
0312420129: Benefactor
0312420137: Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors
0312420145: Twenty-Seventh City : A Novel
0312420153: Prince of the Clouds
0312420161: Orange Laughter
0312420188: Big Chief Elizabeth The Adventures and Fate of the First English Colonists in America
0312420196: Border Crossing : A Novel
0312420218: Styles of Radical Will
0312420234: Hooking Up
0312420242: Bucking the Tiger : A Novel
0312420250: Plum & Jaggers
0312420269: Two Murders in My Double Life
0312420277: Feast of the Goat
0312420285: Storyteller : A Novel
0312420293: Imprisoned Guest : Samuel Howe and Laura Bridgman, the Original Deaf-Blind Girl
0312420307: Homophobia : A History
0312420315: Upside Down : A Primer for the Looking-Glass World
0312420323: A Good House
0312420331: Crash : A Novel
0312420358: International Disputes: The Political Aspects.
0312420366: The Debt to Pleasure : A Novel
0312420374: Fair Exchange : A Novel
0312420382: Daughters of the House
0312420390: Good School
0312420404: Special Providence : A Novel
0312420412: Double Trouble : Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley in a Land of No Alternatives
0312420420: Stone Field, True Arrow : A Novel
0312420439: Old, Weird America : The World of Bob Dylan's Basement Tapes
0312420447: Homework : A Novel
0312420455: Speak You Also : A Survivor's Reckoning
0312420471: Concise Book of Lying
0312420498: Black Oxen : A Novel
0312420528: Lost Geography : A Novel
0312420536: Fixer Chao
0312420544: Appointment : A Novel
0312420552: Almost No Memory
0312420560: Samuel Johnson Is Indignant : Stories
0312420579: Greetings from the Golden State : A Novel
0312420587: Coyote V. Acme
0312420595: Family
0312420609: Adversary
0312420617: Black Earth City : When Russia Ran Wild (and So Did We)
0312420625: Singing Boy : A Novel
0312420633: For Rouenna : A Novel
0312420641: Afterimage : A Novel
0312420668: Lords of the Horizons
0312420676: On Foot to the Golden Horn : A Walk to Istanbul
0312420684: Faithful Narrative of a Pastor's Disappearance
0312420692: See Under : A Novel
0312420722: Adversary Reading Group Guide
0312420803: Holden's Performance : A Novel
0312420811: Collected Stories of Richard Yates
0312420838: The Looking Glass : A Novel
0312420846: Assassin : A Story of Race and Rage in the Land of Apartheid
0312420862: On the Night Plain : A Novel
0312420870: Camouflage: Stories
0312420889: International Economic Problems and Policies
0312420897: The Devil's Larder: A Feast
0312420900: Housebroken
0312420919: Ways of Dying : A Novel
0312420927: Haussmann, or the Distinction : A Novel
0312420935: Raising Holy Hell
0312420943: Future of the Past
0312420951: Book of Intimate Grammar : A Novel
0312420978: Sleeping on a Wire
0312420986: Yellow Wind : With a New Afterword by the Author
0312420994: The Zig Zag Kid
0312421001: I Thought My Father Was God : And Other True Tales from NPR's National Story Project
0312421028: Accidents in the Home: A Novel
0312421036: Eva Moves the Furniture : A Novel
0312421044: He Sleeps : A Novel
0312421060: International Economics
0312421079: Great American Plain : A Novel
0312421087: Faithful Narrative of a Pastor's Disappearance : A Novel
0312421109: International Economics
0312421117: Elegy for Iris
0312421125: Instances of the Number 3: A Novel
0312421133: Defying Hitler: A Memoir
0312421141: Real Time : Stories and a Reminiscence
0312421168: The Strength of the Sun : A Novel
0312421168000: The Strength of the Sun : a Novel
0312421176: Spies: A Novel
0312421184: Silence of the Rain : An Inspector Espinosa Mystery
0312421192: What I Loved
0312421206: Balsamic Dreams
0312421214: Thirteen Albatrosses
0312421222: Prince Edward : A Novel
0312421230: Crossing Over : A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail
0312421249: Copenhagen Papers
0312421257: Gone : A Novel
0312421265: Good German : A Novel
0312421273: The Corrections
0312421281: The Day of Creation: A Novel
0312421303: In Praise of the Stepmother : A Novel
0312421311: Where the Stress Falls : Essays
0312421338: Derbys Dugan's Depression Funnies : A Novel
0312421346: Funny Papers : A Novel
0312421362: Closest Possible Union : A Novel
0312421370: Fading, My Parmacheene Belle : A Novel
0312421389: Manikin : A Novel
0312421397: Good German : A Novel
0312421435: No Logo: No Space No Choice No Jobs
0312421443: The Trick of It: A Novel
0312421478: Be My Knife : A Novel
0312421516: West of Kabul, East of New York : An Afghan American Story
0312421524: Dating Your Mom
0312421532: Benevolence and Betrayal : Five Italian Jewish Families under Fascism
0312421540: Little Infamies : Stories
0312421559: A Good House (Reading Group Guides)
0312421567: Eva Moves the Furntiture Reading Group Guide
0312421613: The Corrections: A Novel Paperback by Franzen, Jonathan
0312421664: Haunting of L.
0312421672: Narcissus and Goldmund
0312421680: Journey to the East
0312421699: Fish's Eye
0312421702: Complications : A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science
0312421710: Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution
0312421729: Letters to a Young Novelist
0312421737: When Eve Was Naked : Stories of a Life's Journey
0312421745: Heart of Redness
0312421788: Just Like Beauty : A Novel
0312421796: Henderson's Spear: A Novel
0312421818: Book of Illusions : A Novel
0312421826: The Beholder: A Novel
0312421834: The Contrarians : A Novel
0312421842: The Child That Books Built : A Life in Reading
0312421850: Yellow Raft in Blue Water : A Novel
0312421869: I Am Not Jackson Pollock
0312421877: Imagining Numbers : (Particularly the Square Root of Minus Fifteen)
0312421885: The Sound of the Trees
0312421907: A Landing on the Sun : A Novel
0312421931: The International Economy Since 1945
0312421958: Natasha's Dance : A Cultural History of Russia
0312421966: International Finance and Latin America
0312421974: This Side of Brightness : A Novel
0312421982: International Grain Trade : Problems and Prospects
0312421990: What Was She Thinking? : Notes on a Scandal: A Novel
0312422016: Monsters of St. Helena : A Novel
0312422059: International History of the Vietnam War Vol. I : Revolution Versus Containment, 1955-1961
0312422067: International History of the Vietnam War : The Kennedy Strategy
0312422091: International History of the Vietnam War Vol. I : Revolution Versus Containment, 1955-1961
0312422113: International Gas : Prospects and Trends
0312422121: Greenback : The Almighty Dollar and the Invention of America
0312422148: The Ivory Coast : A Novel
0312422156: Middlesex
0312422164: How to Be Alone: Essays
0312422172: 20:21 Vision : Twentieth-Century Lessons for the Twenty-First Century
0312422180: Time of Our Singing : A Novel
0312422199: Regarding the Pain of Others
0312422202: Dress Codes : Of Three Girlhoods: My Mother's, My Father's, and Mine
0312422210: Inflating a Dog: The Story of Ella's Lunch Launch
0312422229: Growing Up Fast
0312422237: Growing Up Fast
0312422245: Interpreter : A Novel
0312422253: The Laying On of Hands: Stories
0312422261: Cocaine : An Unauthorized Biography
0312422288: Sellevision
0312422296: Rosshalde
0312422318: Century's Son
0312422326: Hand to Mouth
0312422334: Class Trip & The Mustache
0312422342: The Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution: A Reconsideration
0312422350: Hollow Ground
0312422369: In the Cherry Tree : A Novel
0312422377: Over the Moat : Love among the Ruins of Imperial Vietnam
0312422385: Paris Review Book of Heartbreak, Madness, Sex, Love, Betrayal, Outsiders, Intoxication, War, Whimsy, Horrors, God, Death, Dinner, Baseball, Travels, the Art of Writing, and Everything Else in the World since 1953 : A Compendium of Fiction, Poetry, Intervi
0312422393: Paris Review Book : Of Heartbreak, Madness, Sex, Love, Betrayal, Outsiders, Intoxication, War, Whimsy, Horrors, God, Death, Dinner, Baseball, Travels, the Art of Writing, and Everything Else in the World Since 1953
0312422407: Paris Review Book for Planes, Trains, Elevators, and Waiting Rooms
0312422415: The Paris Review Book Of People With Problems
0312422431: Being an Actor
0312422504: The Eagle's Shadow : Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World
0312422512: Book Against God : A Novel
0312422520: Positively Fifth Street
0312422539: International Inequality : Competing Approaches
0312422547: Language of Pssion
0312422555: Marriage of the Sea : A Novel
0312422563: Stillness : And Other Stories
0312422571: Writing Home
0312422601: Blue Latitudes : Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before
0312422628: Stranger on a Train : Daydreaming and Smoking Around America with Interruptions
0312422636: Peter Camenzind
0312422644: Pictor's Metamorphoses: And Other Fantasies
0312422660: Society Must Be Defended : Lectures at the College de France, 1975-1976
0312422679: Last Good Chance : A Novel
0312422687: Words to Outlive Us
0312422695: Lucia Joyce : To Dance in the Wake
0312422709: Shadow Without a Name
0312422725: Indian Creek Chronicles : A Winter Alone in the Wilderness
0312422733: Feather on the Breath of God : A Novel
0312422768: Snow Angels
0312422776: A World Away : A Novel
0312422784: The Jaguar Smile : A Nicaraguan Journey
0312422792: Working Men
0312422814: Pity of It All
0312422822: Coast of Chicago : Stories
0312422830: Hunters and Gatherers : A Novel
0312422849: The Kindness Of Women
0312422857: Nobody Better, Better Than Nobody
0312422865: One Pill Makes You Smaller : A Novel
0312422873: Bay of Noon : A Novel
0312422881: Change of Climate
0312422903: International Law of Guerrilla Warfare
0312422911: Child of My Heart : A Novel
0312422938: International Monetary Problems and Supply Side Economics : Essays in Honor of Lorie Tarshis
0312422962: International Nuclear Non-Proliferation System : Challenges and Changes
0312423020: International Political Economy
0312423047: International Politics of New Information Technology
0312423055: One Foot in Eden : A Novel
0312423063: International Politics of Antarctica
0312423071: Road to Delphi : The Life and Afterlife of Oracles
0312423098: Little Women : A Novel
0312423101: The Colour : A Novel
0312423128: Nine Hills to Nambonkaha : Two Years in the Heart of an African Village
0312423136: Galatea 2.2
0312423144: Three Films : Smoke, Blue in the Face, and Lulu on the Bridge
0312423160: Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette: A Mostly Affectionate Account of a Small Town's Fight to Survive
0312423179: All Hat : A Novel
0312423187: Dancer : A Novel
0312423195: Culture of Defeat : On National Trauma, Mourning, and Recovery
0312423209: Mason and Dixon
0312423217: True Believers
0312423225: Ultimate Fitness
0312423233: Death as a Way of Life : From Oslo to the Geneva Agreement
0312423241: The Romantic : A Novel
0312423268: Evening of the Holiday : A Novel
0312423276: Cliffs of Fall : And Other Stories
0312423292: Going to the Sun
0312423306: Madras on Rainy Days : A Novel
0312423314: The Red Passport
0312423322: Islands of Silence
0312423330: The Amount to Carry : Stories
0312423349: Signal & Noise
0312423357: Savage Girls and Wild Boys : A History of Feral Children
0312423365: The Adventures of a Bed Salesman : A Novel
0312423373: River at the Center of the World
0312423381: Fishing the Sloe-Black River
0312423411: The International Security Yearbook, 1983-1984
0312423438: December Heat : An Inspector Espinosa Mystery
0312423551: Trespassing
0312423586: Great Fire : A Novel
0312423594: Marianne in Chains : Daily Life in the Heart of France During the German Occupation
0312423608: City of Glass
0312423616: Knee-Deep in Wonder : A Novel
0312423624: Giving Up The Ghost
0312423632: Hundred Little Hitlers : The Death of a Black Man, the Trial of a White Racist, and the Rise of the Neo-Nazi Movement in America
0312423640: Everything Will Be All Right
0312423659: The Mistressclass : A Novel
0312423667: Oracle Night : A Novel
0312423675: Primo Levi
0312423683: Willenbrock : A Novel
0312423691: Island Walkers
0312423713: The End of the Story: A Novel
0312423721: Longing to Tell : Black Women Talk about Sexuality and Intimacy
0312423756: Tragic Honesty : The Life and Work of Richard Yates
0312423764: Blood Horses : Notes of a Sportswriter's Son
0312423772: Shadow Baby
0312423799: Dry
0312423802: Mr Golightly's Holiday : A Novel
0312423810: Confessions of Max Tivoli : A Novel
0312423829: Madonna of Excelsior : A Novel
0312423837: Maze : A Novel
0312423845: There Is Room for You : A Novel
0312423888: Arrogance : A Novel
0312423896: Genesis : A Novel
0312423918: Save Yourself : And Other Stories
0312423926: Inside Hitler's Bunker : The Last Days of the Third Reich
0312423934: Natasha: And Other Stories
0312424027: No Matter How Much You Promise to Cook or Pay the Rent You Blew It Cauze Bill Bailey Ain't Never Coming Home Again
0312424035: Way to Paradise : A Novel
0312424043: Telling Tales
0312424051: Abnormal : Lectures at the College de France, 1974-1975
0312424078: Night Country : A Novel
0312424086: Home at the End of the World : A Novel
0312424094: Housekeeping : A Novel
0312424108: DOUBLE VISION
0312424116: I Sailed with Magellan : Stories
0312424124: Call It Sleep : A Novel
0312424159: Looking Forward To It
0312424183: Home Land : A Novel
0312424191: Naked in Baghdad : The Iraq War and the Aftermath As Seen by NPR's Correspondent
0312424205: The Interpretation of Early Music
0312424221: People In Glass Houses
0312424248: Human Capital
0312424256: The Coast of Chicago
0312424272: Joy Comes in the Morning : A Novel
0312424280: Black Englishman : A Novel
0312424361: Eve's Apple : A Novel
0312424388: Antipodes
0312424396: The Stone Fields : Love and Death in the Balkans
0312424418: Before and After
0312424426: Signals of Distress : A Novel
0312424434: I Am Charlotte Simmons
0312424442: I Am Charlotte Simmons
0312424450: Reading Diary
0312424493: Happy Baby
0312424507: After Havana
0312424515: I Am Alive and You Are Dead : A Journey into the Mind of Philip K. Dick
0312424523: Laws of Invisible Things : A Novel
0312424531: People Who Have Stolen from Me Paperback by Cohen, David
0312424558: Interpretation of X-ray Powder Diffraction Patterns
0312424574: Life on the Outside : The Prison Odyssey of Elaine Bartlett
0312424582: Very Long Engagement
0312424590: Open House : Of Family, Friends, Food, Piano Lessons, and the Search for a Room of My Own
0312424604: Irresponsible Self : On Laughter and the Novel
0312424612: Disinherited
0312424620: Running On Empty
0312424639: Gertrude : A Novel
0312424647: Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers : A Novel
0312424671: Small Island
0312424698: Criminals : A Novel
0312424752: My Father's Rifle : A Childhood in Kurdistan
0312424760: After : A Novel
0312424841: Passionate Spectator
0312424868: Broken as Things Are : A Novel
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