0312496664: Tough Trucks
0312496672: The Long Shadow: A Novel of Suspense in Victorian England
0312496680: Long-Term Care for the Elderly: A Comparative View of Layers of Care
0312496699: Rattle Cloth Animals
0312496702: Long-Term Foster Care
0312496710: Rattle Cloth Trucks
0312496737: Bright Baby Touch, Feel and Listen: Duckling and Friends: Duckling
0312496745: Long Waves of Regional Development
0312496753: Bunny And Friends
0312496761: First 100 Animals
0312496796: Longsword
0312496958: The Look of Buster Keaton
0312497008: The look of innocence
0312498128: Looking Good Is the Best Revenge : Get Gorgeous, Get Even and Get over Your Broken Heart
0312498136: Looking Good Is the Best Revenge : Get Gorgeous, Get Even, and Get over Your Broken Heart
0312498209: Looks Men Love
0312498225: The loom and the web
0312498276: Loose Connections
0312498349: Lord God Made Them All
0312498446: Lord of the Hollow Dark
0312498705: Lord Raven's Widow
0312498756: Lord Salisbury.
0312498772: Los Angeles One
0312498799: Lost Berlin
0312498802: The Los Angeles Dodgers: The First Quarter Century
0312498853: A Lost Tale
0312499027: Lost Village
0312499116: Louise Dahl-Wolfe : A Photographer's Handbook
0312499132: Lou's on First
0312499140: Lou's on First : The Tragic Life of Hollywood's Greatest Clown Warmly Recounted by His Youngest Child
0312499159: Louisa Brancusi
0312499388: Love and Marriage: Literature and Its Social Context
0312499418: Love at Sunset
0312499442: Love Poems of John Donne
0312499450: The Love School
0312499485: Love Song
0312499531: The Lovelock Version
0312499604: The Lover Next Door
0312499647: Lovers, Killers, Husbands and Wives A Court Psychiatrist Looks at Crimes of Passion
0312499701: Lovers Meeting: A Novel
0312499736: Loving Highwayman
0312499744: Loving Lucy: An illustrated tribute to Lucille Ball
0312499752: Loving Lucy : An Illustrated Tribute to Lucille Ball
0312500025: Lucky fellow
0312500041: Lucy: The Life of Lucille Ball
0312500068: Lucy's Cottage
0312500122: Ludes, a Ballad of the Drug and the Dream
0312500297: Lullaby
0312501226: Making Furniture for the Home
0312501269: Marx : The First Hundred Years
0312501560: Mg Sports Cars
0312501617: Mgm Girls: Behind the Velvet Curtain
0312501706: Ma, Can I Be a Feminist and Still Like Men?: Lyrics from Life
0312501900: The Prince
0312502222: Machinery and Economic Development
0312502435: Mackintosh Architecture
0312502443: Mackintosh Architecture
0312503199: Macroeconomic Mix in the Industralized World
0312503253: Macroeconomic issues today: Alternative approaches
0312503296: Macroeconomic Theory: A Survey
0312503334: Macroeconomics
0312503369: Macroeconomics and Monopoly Capitalism
0312503377: Macroeconomics in Action: An Applications Book
0312503385: Macumba: The Teachings of Maria-Jose, Mother of the Gods
0312503407: Macroeconomic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches
0312503555: Madeleine
0312504012: Madrid Underground: A Superintendent Bernal Mystery
0312504020: Mafia
0312504055: The Magdalene woman
0312504063: Maggie
0312504071: Maggie Craig
0312504098: Magic Flute
0312504195: The Magic Ship
0312504217: The magic zoo: The natural history of fabulous animals
0312504268: Magwitch
0312504306: Maid of honour: A novel set in the court of Mary Queen of Scots
0312504322: Maiden Voyage
0312504438: The Mail-Order Gourmet: A Complete Guide to Buying Fine Foods by Mail
0312504535: The Mainspring of Economic Development : The Role or Industrialization
0312504705: Major Enquiry
0312504888: Makarios
0312505051: Make Your Own Sails
0312506112: The Makers of the Western Tradition
0312506120: The Makers of the Western Tradition, 2
0312506139: Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits from History
0312506147: The Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits from History (Makers of the Western Tradition)
0312506155: Makers of the Western tradition: Portraits from history by
0312506163: Makers of the Western tradition: Portraits from history
0312506465: Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits from History (Makers of the Western Tradition)
0312506473: The Makers of the Western Tradition : Portraits From History, Combined Edition
0312506554: The Make-Up Center book
0312506597: The Making of Britain: The Age of Expansion
0312506627: Making a Marriage: A Personal Book of Love, Marriage, and Family
0312506635: Making a Marriage: A Personal Book of Love, Marriage and Family
0312506694: Making Ends Meet : Pawnbroking and Working-Class Credit
0312506783: Making Family Heirlooms : Projects in Wood
0312506880: Making of Economic Policy : Theory and Evidence from Britain and the United States since 1945
0312506937: Making of The Goodies Disaster Movie
0312507011: The Making of Modern British Politics, 1867-1939
0312507038: Making of Modern Russia. Second Edition.
0312507054: The Making of the Jewel in the Crown
0312507100: Making hate
0312507232: Making Love Better: Have an Affair With Your Partner.
0312507305: Making of French Absolutism
0312507348: Making Needlecraft Landscapes
0312507356: Making Needlecraft Landscapes
0312507453: The Making of the Tudor Dynasty
0312507852: Making Sense of Things: An Invitation to Philosophy
0312508018: Making Time, Making Money: A Step-By-Step Program for Setting Your Goals and Achieving Success
0312508026: Making Time, Making Money : A Step-by-Step Program to Set Your Goals and Achieve Success
0312508131: Making Waves : A Woman in This Man's Navy
0312509332: Male Member : Being a Compendium of Fact, Figures, Foibles and Anecdotes about the Male Sexual Organ in Man and Beast
0312509383: Male model: The world behind the camera
0312509405: Malice Domestic
0312509456: Mama Never Cooked Like This : A Simple Approach to Delectable Gourmet Food from Susan Mendelson
0312509502: The Management of the World Economy
0312510101: Man-Eaters of Tsavo
0312510160: Man from Marseille
0312510195: The Man from Tucson
0312510209: The Man from Tucson
0312510365: The Man in the Gray Flannel Shroud
0312510454: Man-Made Future
0312510659: MAN & NATURAL RESOURCES An Agricultural Perspective
0312510888: Man of Law
0312511124: The Man on the Train
0312511353: The Man Who Believed in the Code of the West
0312511701: The Man Who Pardoned Nixon
0312512147: The Man With No Face
0312512244: The Management & Regulation of banks,
0312512295: Managing the Multinational Subsidiary
0312512406: Man and Wildlife.
0312512422: Managing State and Local Government: Cases and Readings
0312512449: Managing Human Resources : An Introduction to Public Personnel Administration
0312512457: Manet
0312512546: Man's Religious Quest : A Reader
0312512813: Manhattan Gothic
0312512902: Mannequins
0312512929: Manny and Rose
0312512953: Mantis
0312513917: The Manuscript Murders
0312513941: Man Who Shot Lewis Vance
0312513976: Mao Tse-Tung: a Guide to His Thought.
0312513992: Mao Tse-tung (Wayland history makers)
0312514050: Mao Zedong, a Preliminary Reassessment
0312514301: Marabelle
0312514352: Marah
0312514387: Marblehead
0312514425: Margaret Sullavan : Child of Fate
0312514433: Marching Home.
0312514441: Margaret Normanby
0312514468: The Mark of Cain
0312514484: Maria Callas, a tribute
0312514492: Maria Canossa
0312514670: Marie Antoinette
0312515200: Marine Policy and the Coastal Community : Studies in the Social Sciences
0312515219: Maritime Strategy and the Nuclear Age
0312515227: Maritime Stratgy
0312515235: Maritime Strategy and the Nuclear Age.
0312515243: Marionette
0312515251: Marjabelle Stewart's Book of Modern Table Manners
0312515316: Marketing in Developing Countries
0312515332: Markets, Entrepreneurs and Liberty : An Austrian View of Capitalism
0312515375: Marko the Prince : Serbo-Croat Heroic Songs
0312515405: Marla's Truth: The Autobiography of Marla Del Marr
0312515472: The Marquis and Miss Jones
0312516118: Marriage in Changing Japan
0312516150: Married Past Redemption
0312516606: Martin Luther
0312517025: Martin's Magic formula for getting the right job
0312517033: Martin's Magic formula for getting the right job
0312517084: Martin's Magic Motivation Book: How to Become an Anointed One in Your Organization
0312517807: Marvin. The Story of Lee Marvin.
0312517831: Marvin and Tige
0312517882: Marx-Economist, Philosopher, Jew: Steps in the Development of a Doctrine
0312517920: Marx, Engels and national movements
0312517947: Marxist Political Economy and Marxist Urban Sociology : A Review and Elaboration of Recent Developments
0312518005: Marxism and Ethics.
0312518153: Elementals
0312518390: Marxism and Individualism
0312518498: Marxism and the Reality of Power, 1919-1980
0312518552: Marxism, Socialism, Freedom : Towards a General Theory of Labor-Managed Systems
0312518579: Marxist Governments Vol. 1 : A World Survey; Albania-The Congo
0312518587: Cuba - Mongolia
0312518595: Mozambique - Yugoslavia
0312518617: Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Diary
0312518625: The Mary Celeste
0312518633: Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan : The One That Worked for Me!
0312518641: Mary Fran and Mo
0312518757: Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan and Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Diary
0312518870: Mary Tyler Moore
0312518935: The Masakado Lesson
0312519400: Massenet
0312519753: Master of Bengal
0312520107: Master of Jethart
0312520808: Master Play
0312520867: Master plot
0312521154: Mastering the Piano; A Guide for the Amateur.
0312521502: Material Objects
0312521626: Maternity Style: How to Look Your Best When You're at Your Biggest (M2880)
0312522908: Mathematical Games and Puzzles
0312522959: Mating Birds
0312522991: Matrices and Mathematical Programming. An Introduction for Economists.
0312523068: Matthew Ratton
0312523092: Maurice Merleau-Ponty : Between Phenomenology and Structuralism
0312523157: The Mayflower Pilgrims
0312523262: Life and Death of the Mayor of Casterbridge: A Story of a Man of Character (Hardy New Wessex Editions)
0312523270: The Life and Death of The Mayor of Casterbridge
0312523300: The Mayor of Castro Street: The Life & Times of Harvey Milk
0312523319: Mayor of Castro Street : The Life and Times of Harvey Milk
0312523602: The Mayor of Casterbridge
0312523653: McECKr'n
0312523661: Michael Caine's Almanac of Amazing Information
0312523696: McCartney : The Definitive Biography
0312523726: Me and the Orgone : One Man's Sexual Revolution
0312523807: Meaning and Signs in Fiction
0312524188: Measurement and Meanings : Techniques and Methods of Studying Occupational Cognition
0312524501: The Mechanics of Golf
0312525303: Medea
0312525702: Mediaeval Floor Tiles
0312526652: Medieval Archer
0312527101: The Medieval European Community
0312527268: Medieval Legends
0312528167: Medieval Thought : The Western Intellectual Tradition from Antiquity to the Thirteenth Century
0312528175: Mediterranean Policy of the European Community : A Study of Discrimination in Trade
0312528353: Meet the Makers: The People Behind the Producer
0312528507: Meeting the Third World Challenge
0312528558: Meetings and farewells: Modern Korean stories
0312528612: Meg
0312528655: Melancholy Virgin
0312528663: The Memoirs of Maria Brown
0312528736: Men at Axlir: A Fiction Concerning the Case of Sunnefa Jonsdottir
0312529023: Mannequins
0312529392: The men in her death
0312529511: Men on Rape : What They Have to Say about Sexual Violence
0312529651: Men Will Fear You, and the Women Will Adore You
0312529759: Mental Imagery and Human Memory
0312530102: The Merchants' War
0312530137: Mercy, It's the Revolution, and I'm in My Bathrobe!
0312530196: The Merrymaid
0312530250: Mervyn Peake
0312530668: Meryl Streep: The Reluctant Superstar
0312530692: Mesoeconomics : A Micro-Macro Analysis
0312530722: Messiah Book : The Life and Times of G. F. Handel's Greatest Hit
0312530730: The Messiah Book: The Life and Times of G. F. Handel's Greatest Hit
0312530900: Metal Green Mercedes
0312531427: Method in Madness
0312531494: On the Methodology of Architectural History
0312531672: Michel Foucault (Theoretical Traditions in the Social Sciences Series) by...
0312531699: Metroland
0312531702: Michael Jackson & the Jacksons: Live on Tour in '84
0312531710: Miami Blues
0312531737: Microeconomic Effects of Monetary Policy
0312531745: Microeconomic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches
0312531761: Microeconomic issues today: Alternative approaches
0312531788: Microeconomic theory: Concepts and applications
0312531818: Middle East 1914 1979
0312531826: Midas World
0312531834: Microeconomics in Action
0312531842: Middle East in World Politics
0312531850: Middle Parts of Fortune
0312531869: Midsummer Morning
0312531877: Microprocessors, Manpower and Society
0312531915: Microeconomic Issues Today Alternative Approaches Fourth Edition
0312532105: Midnight Gun
0312532148: Mies Van der Rohe: The European Works : An Architectural Monograph
0312532156: Mies Van Der Rohe: European Works
0312532172: Migration of Financial Resources to Developing Countries
0312532253: The Michaelmas Tree
0312532296: Miguel Angel Roca Paperback by Jorge Glusberg; Miguel Angel Roca; Oriol...
0312532334: Militarization, Internal Repression and Social Welfare in the Third World
0312532342: Military Industry in Taiwan and South Korea
0312532369: Military Origins of Industrialization and International Trade Rivalry
0312532377: Military Intervention in Civil Wars : The 1970's
0312532385: Military Reformism and Social Classes: The Peruvian Experience, 1968-80
0312532407: Military Theory: Concept, Structure, Problems
0312532423: Millie Myerson and the Prince of Wales
0312532431: Military Power and Politics in Black Africa
0312532490: Million Dollar Projects from the Five and Ten Cent Store
0312532520: Million-Dollar Wound
0312532555: Militarization and Arms Production
0312532571: Military Rule in Poland : The Rebuilding of Communist Power, 1981-1983
0312532601: Military Technology, Military Strategy and the Arms Race
0312533055: The Mind / Brain Identity Theory
0312533187: Mind Wars: The True Story of Government Research into the Military Potential of Psychic Weapons
0312533403: Mindbridge
0312533411: The Turn of the Screw
0312533462: The Mind's Eye of Buckminster Fuller.
0312533500: Mindpower
0312533608: Minerva
0312533705: Miniature Chess Problems
0312533764: Minna Von Barnhelm
0312534108: Minor Gods
0312534299: Miracles Take a Little Longer
0312534388: Mirrors
0312534418: Mirrors of Mortality (the Social History of Human Experience)
0312534434: Miser of Mayfair
0312534558: Miss Gathercole's Girls
0312535066: Mrs. Craggs : Crimes Cleaned Up
0312535279: Mixed Blessing : The Dramatic True Story of a Woman's Search for Her Real Mother
0312535872: Models for Technical Writing
0312535902: Models for writers: Short essays for composition
0312535929: Models for writers: Short essays for composition
0312536313: Modern Architecture and the Critical Present
0312536909: The Modern British Monarchy
0312537220: Messiah Book : Life & Times of Gf Handel
0312537255: Modern British Philosophy
0312537603: Modern British Philosophy
0312537751: Modern British Society : A Bibliography
0312537840: Modern capitalism: Its growth and transformation
0312537867: Modern China: The Mirage of Modernity
0312537905: Modern Diasporas in International Politics
0312537956: Modern English Painters: Wood to Hockney
0312539703: Modern Europe, 1660-1945
0312539886: Modern Hebrew Drama
0312540051: A Modern History of Syria, Including Lebanon and Palestine
0312540833: Modern Liberal Theory of Man
0312540906: Modern Love
0312541287: Modern Plantation in the Third World
0312542151: The Modern Presidency
0312542372: Modern Swiss Literature : Unity and Diversity
0312542755: Modern Views of Human Sexual Behavior;
0312543131: Modes of Imperialism
0312543654: Modest Proposals
0312544081: Monday's Child
0312544162: Monetary Approach to External Adjustment
0312544189: Monetary Economics in Developing Countries
0312544197: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy
0312544219: Monetary Targets
0312544952: Money and Credit in Developing Africa
0312545029: The Montmartre Murders
0312546122: Monster City
0312546351: Montaigne's Essays and Selected Writings
0312546629: Pendragon...the Montenegran Plot: The Third Adventure of John Hawkdale Pendragon
0312546653: The Monterant affair
0312546807: Month in the Country
0312546920: MOON IN ECLIPSE. A Life of Mary Shelley.
0312546998: Moondrop to Murder
0312547056: Moonlight Kingdom
0312547404: The Moonlit Way
0312547463: Moorstone Sickness
0312547552: Moral Claims in World Affairs
0312547846: Morality and the Bomb : An Ethical and Assessment of Nuclear Deterrence
0312547862: More Basic Betting
0312548036: More furniture in 24 hours
0312548044: More Furniture in 24 Hours
0312548303: Morning Tide
0312548338: Morning Without Clouds
0312548915: Moscow Option
0312549024: Moscow Requiem
0312549059: Moses the Kitten
0312549075: Most Cunning Workmen
0312549083: Most Grievous Murder
0312549148: Most Deadly Hate
0312549164: Mostly Muffins : Quick and Easy Recipes for over 75 Delicious Muffins and Spreads
0312549180: Moth and the Candle : A Life of James Boswell
0312549199: Most Romantic Hotels and Inns in Britain
0312549318: Mother of David S.
0312549334: Mothers in the Fatherland
0312549342: MOTHERS & FATHERS
0312549350: Mother's Little Helper
0312549369: Mothers Talking: Sharing the Secret
0312549385: Motor Car Industry in Coventry since the 1890's
0312549504: Moulds of Understanding
0312549539: Mourning After
0312549628: Movers and Shakers a study of community power
0312549636: Movers and shakers: The study of community power
0312550200: The Moviemakers
0312550499: Movie Star: A Look at the Women Who Made Hollywood
0312550502: Movie Star: A Look at the Women Who Made Hollywood
0312550510: Movies for a Desert Isle: Forty-Two Well-Known Film Lovers in Search of Their Favorite Movie
0312550707: Moving up in style: The successful man's guide to impeccable taste
0312550723: Moving Targets: A Nebraska Mystery
0312550812: Mr. Fred
0312550863: Mr. Olympia: The History of Body Building's Greatest Contest
0312550871: Mr. Olympia : The History of Body Building's Greatest Contest
0312550898: Mr. T: The Man With the Gold
0312551258: Mrs. Humphrey Ward
0312551452: The Mistaken Body
0312551606: Alphonse Mucha
0312551959: Mucha Photographs
0312552440: Multilateral Development, Diplomacy in UNCTAD : The Lessons of Group Negotiations, 1964-1984
0312552467: Multinationals of the South : New Actors in the International Economy
0312552513: Multinational Automobile Industry
0312552521: Multinational Business and Labour
0312552548: Multinational Corporations in the Political Economy of Kenya
0312552556: Multinational Corporations, Technology and Employment
0312552564: Multinational Enterprises and Government Intervention
0312552580: Multinationals : The Swedish Case
0312552602: Multinationals As Mutual Invaders : Intraindustry Direct Foreign Investment
0312552610: Multinationals, Technology, and Exports
0312552629: Multinational Corporations and Political Control
0312552637: Multiple Personality and the Disintegration of Literary Character : From Oliver Goldsmith to Sylvia Plath
0312552645: Multinationals and the Growth of the Singapore Economy
0312552688: Municipal Reform and the Industrial City
0312552769: Murder after tea-time
0312552785: Murder After the Fact
0312552807: Murder and the First Lady (An Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery)
0312552823: Murder at Buckingham Palace
0312552831: Murder at Buckingham Palace
0312552858: Murder at LA Marimba
0312552874: Murder at Mt. Fuji
0312552882: Murder Begets Murder
0312552890: Murder At The Big Store
0312552912: Murder at Hobcaw Barony
0312552920: Murder by Proxy
0312552939: The Murder at the Murder at the Mimosa Inn (Hess, Joan. Claire Malloy Mysteries.)
0312552963: Murder for Treasure
0312552971: Murder in Advent
0312552998: Murder in C Major
0312553005: Murder in Mimicry
0312553048: Murder in the Wings
0312553102: Murder in the English Department
0312553110: Murder Makes Tracks
0312553129: Murder most distressing
0312553137: Murder most irregular: A novel
0312553145: Murder on Location : A Benny Cooperman Mystery
0312553153: Murder on Madison Avenue
0312553161: Murder on mike: A Harry MacNeil mystery
0312553188: Murder on the Yellow Brick Road
0312553218: Murder Post-Dated
0312553242: Murder Sees the Light
0312553250: Murder Straight Up
0312553269: Murder Whatdunit : An Illustrated Account of the Methods of Murder
0312553358: Murder with Malice
0312553366: Murder with Malice
0312553439: The murders at Impasse Louvain: A novel
0312553455: Murder's Out of Tune
0312553536: Muscle Wars: The Behind-The-Scenes Story of Competitive Bodybuilding
0312553552: Museums of Madness
0312554419: Hemlock and After
0312554826: Music in the 1920s
0312554923: Music since the First World War
0312555830: Musical Instruments of the West
0312555997: My Brilliant Career
0312556004: My Blanket Burt (Once Upon a Touch Book)
0312556055: My Cat's in Love
0312556853: My Friends the Misses Kindness Hardcover by Jane Duncan
0312557558: My Friends George and Tom
0312557760: My Lady Hoyden
0312558341: My life with Elvis
0312558562: My Sister Angie
0312558619: My Weight Is Always Perfect for My Height, Which Varies
0312558643: Mycroft Memoranda
0312558686: Mystery stranger Than Fiction
0312558724: Myth Of Japanese Uniqueness
0312558767: Namibia : The Violent Heritage
0312558821: Second Book of Insults
0312558929: NAPOLEON AND HIS PARLIAMENTS 1800-1815.
0312559054: Nappy Edges
0312559348: Narrative Taste and Social Perspectives The Matter of Quality
0312559437: National Income and Outlay in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Yugoslavia
0312559518: National Portrait Gallery in Colour
0312559534: The National Gallery by National Gallery
0312559550: National Security : Enduring Problems of U. S. Defense Policy
0312559569: National Security: Enduring Problems of U.S. Defense Policy
0312559615: The Nationalisation of British Transport: The Early History of the British Transport Commission, 1948-53
0312560001: Nationalism and after
0312560052: Nationalism and the State
0312560605: NATO's Anxious Birth : The Prophetic Vision of the 1940's
0312560664: NATO, the Warsaw Pact and Africa
0312560702: Natural History of Infectious Disease
0312561059: Museums of Natural History and the People Who Work in Them
0312561474: Natural Order
0312561865: Nature of Public Enterprise
0312561946: Nature of the Italian Party System
0312562500: Naval Warfare : An Illustrated History
0312562543: The Nebraska Quotient
0312562578: Necessary
0312562586: Necessity
0312562594: Necessity and Language
0312562624: Necklace of Skulls
0312563035: Neglected Hardy
0312563159: Negotiating on Non-Tariff Distortions of Trade : The EFTA Precedents
0312563590: Nellie
0312563701: Nemesis : Truman and Johnson in the Coils of War in Asia
0312563795: The Nemesis Club
0312564120: Neon Graveyard
0312564384: A Nest of Rats
0312564635: Neutrality : A Policy for Britain
0312564716: Never Cross a Vampire
0312564759: Never Look Back
0312564783: Never to Be Taken Alive : A Biography of General Gordon
0312564805: Never Tell Your Mother This Dream
0312564813: New Alliances, 1940-41
0312565194: New Astrology : A Unique Synthesis of the World's Two Great Astrological Systems: The Chinese and Western
0312566034: New Choices, New Chances
0312566042: New Choices, New Chances : A Woman's Guide to Conquering Cancer
0312566077: New Communist Third World : An Essay in Political Economy
0312566107: New Conceptions: A Consumer's Guide to the Newest Infertility Treatments, Including in Vitro Fertilization, Artificial Insemination,& Surrogate Mothe
0312566247: New Directions in the Social Sciences and Humanities in China
0312566557: New English Literatures
0312566654: New English Primer, A
0312567499: New Etiquette Guide to Getting Married Again
0312567618: New Hope for the Dead
0312567685: New, Improved Murder
0312567693: New Information Technology in Management and Practice
0312568053: New International Actors : The United Nations and the European Economic Community
0312568126: New International Commodity Regime
0312568258: The New Lost Generation
0312568428: New Patterns of Work
0312568800: New Politics of Human Rights
0312569270: The New Right Papers
0312569807: The New Scriabin: Enigma and Answers
0312570589: New Theories of the Multinational Enterprise
0312571119: New Wholesale-by-Mail Catalog
0312571127: New Year Resolution
0312571550: The Women's yellow pages: Original sourcebook for women
0312571690: New Zealand in Color
0312571704: New Zealand: Incredible Landscape
0312572026: News Reporting and Writing
0312572050: News reporting and writing
0312572077: Newscasters
0312572085: The Newscasters : The News Business As Show Business
0312572107: New Rock 'n Roll : The A-Z of Rock in the 80's
0312572255: The Next to Last Train Ride
0312572336: Next to God...Poland : Politics and Religion in Contemporary Poland
0312572468: The Coucy Castle Manuscript
0312572484: Nicaragua in Perspective
0312572530: A Nice Sound Alibi
0312572778: Leslie Linsley's Night before Christmas craft book
0312572786: Nightdive
0312572794: Night Calls
0312572808: Night Blooming Cereus
0312572824: The Sorcerer's Apprentices (Night Lights)
0312572832: The Speckled Band (Night Lights Glow in the Dark Books)
0312572840: Golden Touch
0312572859: Fever Dream (Night Lights)
0312572875: Night Life: The Interpretation of Dreams
0312572883: Night Life: The Interpretation of Dreams
0312572948: Night of the Claw
0312573022: The Night of the Falcon
0312573103: Night of the Running Man
0312573189: Night of the Willow
0312573243: Nightlines : The First Alo Nudger Mystery
0312573286: Nightmare
0312573324: Nightmare File : A Joe Binney Mystery
0312573383: Nightshades : A Nameless Detective Mystery
0312573480: Nighttouch
0312574665: 1988
0312574703: The Nineteenth Century 1814-1880
0312574762: Ninth Netsuke
0312575238: No Apologies/a Guide to Living With a Disability, Written by the Real Authorities--People With Disabilities, Their Families and Friends
0312575408: No Birds Sang
0312575610: No Nice Girl Swears
0312575688: No One Knows My Name
0312576102: Noam Chomsky a Philosophic Overview
0312576188: Noble Descents
0312576269: The Noblest Frailty
0312576455: Nobody on the Road
0312576536: Nocturnes for the King of Naples
0312576706: No Man's Land
0312576773: Non-Aligned in Havana Documents from the Sixth Conf of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries Held in Havana.
0312576811: Non-price Decisions: Firm in a Modern Context
0312577060: None Dare Call It Treason
0312577400: Nor Live So Long
0312577508: Norah
0312577737: Norman Angell and the Futility of War : Peace and the Public Mind
0312577761: THE NORMANS
0312577850: Normans and Their World
0312578121: North Africa : Contemporary Politics and Economic Development
0312578555: North America.
0312578563: North America
0312578946: North-South Dialogue : A Brief History
0312578954: Northern Correspondent
0312578962: Northern Exposure
0312578970: Northern Frontiers of Roman Britain
0312579055: Northern Ireland: A Political Directory
0312579128: The Recalcitrant Rich, a comparative analysis of the Northern responses
0312579160: Northrop Frye
0312579179: Northrop Frye
0312579470: Not Exactly a Brahmin
0312579551: Not So Still Life
0312579578: Not into Temptation
0312579616: Not here, but in another place
0312579624: Not working
0312579632: Notation of Western Music : An Introduction
0312579640: Nothing but foxes
0312579667: Novels and Novelists
0312579675: The Novel In English
0312579691: Novels of Henry James : A Study of Culture and Consciousness
0312579705: Novels of Vladimir Nabokov
0312579713: Now Newman was old : a novel
0312579721: Nuclear Predicament
0312579748: Nuclear Arms Race
0312579756: Nuclear Proliferation in the 1980s: Perspectives and Proposals
0312579764: Nuclear Exports and World Politics
0312579772: Nudes of the '20s and '30s
0312579780: Nuclear War and Nuclear Peace
0312579799: Nuclear Reader
0312579802: Nuclear Weapons and European Security
0312579810: Nuclear Weapons in Europe : The Stationing of New Intermediate-Range Nuclear Weapons in Europe
0312579829: Nuclear Reader : Strategy, Weapons, War
0312579837: Nuclear Weapons Proliferation and Nuclear Risk
0312579845: The Number To Call Is...
0312579861: Nuclear Weapons and International Law
0312579888: Number Power, In Nature, Art, and Everyday Life
0312579896: Numberpower: In Nature, Art, and Everyday Life
0312580215: Nurse
0312580258: Nurse In Time
0312580304: Nursery Tea and Poison
0312580479: NYMPHETS & FAIRIES. Three Victorian Children's Illustrators. (William Stephen Coleman, Richard Doyle).
0312580525: Obsessions.
0312580533: Obscure Grave
0312580568: Obsession
0312580657: Ocean Salvage
0312580967: October and the World : Perspectives on the Russian Revolution
0312581009: October Horse, The
0312581149: The odd job man
0312581203: ODD WOMAN OUT
0312581351: Odyssey of Homer
0312582064: Off the Books: The Rise of the Underground Economy
0312582110: Office Development : A Geographical Analysis
0312582226: The Official Pompon Girl's Handbook
0312582293: Official Sloane Ranger Handbook : How the British Upper Class Prepares Its Offspring for Life
0312582404: Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
0312582757: Of Mortal Love by Gerhardie, William Alexander,
0312582846: Oil and Security in the Arabian Gulf
0312582951: Oil and the British Economy
0312583028: Oil Crisis and Economic Adjustments
0312583044: Old Timers the Italians
0312583109: Oil Strike
0312583168: Okay ! Thinner Thighs for Everyone
0312583281: Okavango : Sea of Land
0312583648: Old Timers
0312584210: Olde Concord Christmas
0312584326: Oman : The Making of a Modern State
0312584342: Oman and Muscat: An Early Modern History
0312584350: On a Far Wild Shore
0312584431: On Modern Marriage: And Other Observations
0312584555: On our own
0312584571: On the Threshold of Government : The Italian Communist Party, 1976-1981
0312584598: On the Way Home
0312584660: On Wings of Song
0312584717: Onassis
0312584768: Once dying, twice dead: An Eric Ward novel
0312584784: Once-a-Month Cooking
0312585020: Ondine
0312585152: One Big Happy Family
0312585209: One Dead Debutante
0312585225: One Day at a Time: Cristy Lane
0312585233: One Day at a Time/Audio Cassettes
0312585241: One-Hat Solution : Rogers' Rules for Corporate Success
0312585284: One Last Waltz
0312585365: One Man's Inheritance
0312585551: One Step at a Time: Living With Arthritis.
0312585667: Ongka
0312585802: Only on Friday
0312585837: Only One Woof
0312585918: Opal
0312586051: OPEC : An Instrument of Change
0312586604: The Open Home: Early Learning Made Easy for Parents and Children
0312586752: Opera Today
0312586779: Open Wide, It Won't Hurt
0312586787: The Operatic Quiz Book
0312586809: Operation white lion
0312586825: Operational Research Applied to Health Services
0312586833: Opinion Control in the Democracies
0312586922: Options for Developing Countrues in Mining Development
0312587228: Orders for Cameron
0312587708: Organization and Marketing
0312587724: Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
0312587813: Organizational Society
0312587910: Organizations, Clubs, Action Groups : How to Start Them, How to Run Them
0312588054: Oriental Hotel
0312588704: The Origins of the Second World War: Historical Interpretations
0312588720: Origins of Socialist Thought in Japan
0312588747: Origins of the South African War : Joseph Chamberlain and the Diplomacy of Imperialism 1895-1899
0312589247: Ormerod's landing
0312589298: Orson Welles: The Rise and Fall of an American Genius
0312589360: Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn Book
0312589441: Osmonds a Family Biography
0312589468: The Other European Community
0312589581: Other Plans
0312589751: Ottoman Empire and Its Successors
0312590458: Our Experience of Language
0312590547: Our Lady of the Snows
0312590652: Out of Control
0312591152: Out of the Maelstrom : Psychology and the Modern Novel
0312591276: Outclassing the Competition
0312591284: Outclassing the Competition
0312591640: Outlooks and Insights: A Reader for Writers
0312591667: Outlooks and insights: A reader for college writers
0312591896: Outrageous Fortune
0312591926: Outsiders in Urban Society
0312593627: Oxford and Empire--the Last Lost Cause
0312593791: Plo
0312593805: Plo
0312593813: Plo in Lebanon
0312594062: The Padded Sell
0312594186: Pagan Babies and Other Catholic Memories
0312594194: Pagan Babies and Other Catholic Memories
0312594666: Pair Of Blue Eyes
0312594712: Pakistan under Bhutto
0312594747: The Palace: An Historical Horror Novel
0312594755: Palace of Enchantments
0312594763: Paleolithic Age
0312594771: Palaeolithic Age
0312594852: PALIMPSEST
0312594887: Palestine and the Palestinians, 1876-1983
0312595247: Panzer: The Armoured Force of the Third Reich
0312595700: Paper Money
0312595832: Papercraft
0312595875: Papua New Guinea
0312595948: Parade on an empty street
0312595964: Paradise: A Novel
0312595972: Paradox and Polarity in the Fiction of Joseph Conrad
0312595980: Paragon Walk
0312596529: Paratrooper! : The Saga of the U. S. Army and Marine Parachute and Glider Combat Troops During World War II
0312596545: Paratrooper!
0312596561: Pardon Me, but You're Eating My Doily! and Other Embarrassing Moments of Famous
0312596588: A parent's guide to childhood symptoms: Understanding the signals of illness from infancy through adolescence
0312596596: A Parent's Guide to Childhood Symptoms
0312596618: Parents' Guide to Raising Twins
0312596642: The Parfit Knight
0312596669: Parisian Lives
0312596693: Parker's Island
0312597207: Parliamentary History : A Yearbook
0312597215: Parliamentary History : A Yearbook
0312597223: Parliamentary History : A Yearbook
0312597231: Parliamentary History: A Yearbook, Volume 4, 1985
0312597452: Parties and Elections in West Germany : The Search for Stability
0312597460: Parties, Opposition and Society in West Germany
0312597487: A Parting Gift
0312597509: Political Parties and Elections in the French Fifth Republic.
0312597533: Partitioned Africans : Ethnic Relations Across Africa's International Boundaries, 1884-1984
0312597568: Party and Participation in British Elections
0312597584: Parties and Elections in Corporate America
0312597657: Party Strategies in Britain : A Study of the 1984 European Elections
0312597681: Party to Murder
0312597703: Passages
0312597770: Passing Guest : A Biography of Henry Kingsley
0312597797: Passing Through Havana : A Novel of a Wartime Girlhood in the Caribbean
0312597819: Passion in the Peak : A Superintendent Kenworthy Novel
0312597835: Passion Play
0312597967: The Pasta Book
0312597975: Pasta & pizza
0312597991: Paths of Fortune
0312598017: Paths of Peace
0312598025: Path of the Eclipse
0312598033: Patricians, Power and Politics in 19th Century Towns
0312598041: Patriarch
0312598076: Patrick White
0312598084: Patterns of Political Instability
0312598114: Patterns of Sex: The Mating Urge and Our Sexual Future
0312598122: Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
0312598130: Patterns for college writing: A rhetorical reader and guide
0312598165: Patou
0312598181: Patterns of Economic Behavior among the American Poor
0312598203: Patterns for College Writing TEACHER'S EDITION Paperback by Kirszner...
0312598211: Patterns for college writing : a rhetorical reader and guide
0312598297: Paulette: The Adventurous Life of Paulette Goddard
0312598858: Pavement of Hell Hardcover by Tushnet
0312599358: Peace or Partition: The Habsburg Monarchy and British Policy, 1914-1918.
0312599412: The peacock bed
0312599552: Peak Performance
0312599609: The Peanut Papers
0312599617: The peanut papers in which Miz Lillian writes
0312599684: Pearl
0312599706: Pearlhanger
0312599722: Peasant Livelihood: Studies in Economic Anthropology and Cultural Ecology
0312599781: Peking Diary a Personal Account of Moder
0312599900: Peasant Politics: Conflict and Development in Murang'a
0312599927: Peasants and Power
0312599935: Peasants and Politics: Grass Roots Reaction to Change in Asia
0312599951: Peekaboo: The Story of Veronica Lake
0312599978: Peking Diary
0312600046: Pension for Death : A Matthew Coll Mystery
0312600062: People Versus Kirk
0312600070: The peoples' cookbook: Staples, delicacies, & curiosities from the Earth's humble kitchens
0312600127: People's Emergency Guide
0312600259: The Peoples Pharmacy
0312600267: The People's Pharmacy
0312600356: The People's Republics of Eastern Europe
0312600607: Percy Bysshe Shelley
0312600690: A Perfect Match
0312600704: Perfect Needlepoint Projects from Start to Finish
0312600771: Perfect Wife and Mother
0312600852: The Performance of Labor-Managed Firms
0312601301: Perpetual motion: the history of an obsession
0312601328: Perpetual Motion
0312602170: Person to person managing: An executive's guide to working effectively with people
0312602219: Personal adjustment and growth, a life-span approach
0312602251: Personal Autonomy
0312602294: Personality: Theory, Assessment, and Research
0312602308: Personality: Measurement and Theory.
0312602324: Personality and Psychological Assessment
0312602359: Persons - A Study in Philosophical Psychology
0312602448: Perspectives on American Foreign Policy
0312602588: Perspectives on Political Economy
0312602855: Pesticides in World Agriculture : The Politics of International Regulation
0312603622: Peter O'Toole : A Biography
0312603630: Peter the Great and Marlborough : Politics and Diplomacy in Converging Wars
0312603657: The Petite Bourgeoisie: Comparative Studies of the Uneasy Stratus
0312603991: Phaedra : A Novel of Ancient Athens
0312604289: The Philomel Foundation
0312604629: The philosopher's game: Match your wits against the 100 greatest thinkers of all time
0312604637: Philosopher's Game : Match Your Wits Against the One Hundred Greatest Thinkers of All Time
0312605153: Philosophical Imagination: An Introduction to Philosophy
0312605668: Philosophy: The basic issues
0312605684: Philosophy: The Basic Issues
0312605730: Philosophy: The Fundamental Problems.
0312605749: Philosophy: The fundamental problems
0312606656: The Philosophy of Classical Yoga.
0312606729: The Philosophy of Leadership
0312606753: The Philosophy of Marx.
0312606907: Philosophy of Punishment: A Collection of Papers
0312607601: The Phoenix Rising
0312608349: Photoflexion: A History of Bodybuilding Photography
0312608403: Photography Notes
0312609361: The Pianoforte
0312610556: Piece of My Heart: The Life, Times and Legend of Janis Joplin
0312610653: Piece of the Silence
0312611803: A Pin to See the Peep Show
0312613202: Pioneer Pottery
0312613555: PIRANESI
0312613733: A Place of Ravens
0312613814: Plain Jane (House for the Season, 2)
0312613822: Plain Jane's Thrill of Very Fattening Foods Cookbook
0312613911: Plains Families : Exploring Sociology Through Social History
0312613938: Plains Families : Exploring Sociology Through Social History
0312613954: A Planet Called Treason
0312613989: Planet Masters
0312614004: Planning for Conservation: An International Perspective by
0312614012: Planning for Agricultural Development
0312614063: Planning in Europe
0312614330: Planning the Mexican Economy : Alternative Development Strategies
0312614608: Plant Geography
0312615027: Plato
0312615531: Playgirls of Yesteryear
0312615590: Playground of Death
0312615604: Playground of Death
0312615620: The Playgroup
0312616007: Playgroup Handbook : The Complete, Practical Guide to Organizing a Home Playgroup
0312616228: Playing Dirty
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