0312987846: Spy
0312987854: Bet Me
0312988109: Outsmart High Cholesterol
0312988117: Preventions Outsmart Arthritis
0312988125: Outsmart High Blood Pressure
0312988133: Outsmart Diabetes
0312988214: Muscle Memory (A Brady Coyne Mystery)
0312988222: Cover-Up Story
0312988230: Your One-Year-Old
0312988249: Compulsion : A Novel
0312988257: From the Heart of Covington
0312988265: Irreparable Damage
0312988273: Double Exposure (First Daughter Mysteries)
0312988281: Roll over and Play Dead : A Claire Malloy Mystery
0312988338: PUSH NOT THE RIVER.
0312988400: Neptune's Progeny
0312988567: The Hitched Chick's Guide to Modern Marriage
0312988680: Darkness in Him
0312988699: Nowhere To Run
0312988710: Your Two-Year-Old
0312988729: Parents Party Book
0312988737: It Worked for Me! : From Thumb Sucking to Schoolyard Fights, Parents Reveal Their Secrets to Solving the Everyday Problems of Raising Kids
0312988745: Activity Book
0312988753: Parents Baby Gear (Parent's Picks)
0312988761: Coil
0312988885: Out of the Deep I Cry (Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries)
0312988915: The Nanny Diaries : A Novel
0312988923: The Janson Directive
0312988931: The Paris Option (A Covert-One Novel)
0312988990: American Son : A Portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr
0312989040: For the Love of Mike
0312989113: The Headmaster`s Wife
0312989180: Angel Fire
0312989202: Finding You/Knowing You
0312989210: Against All Odds : Escape from Sierra Leone
0312989369: The Hangman's Knot (A Billy Tree Mystery)
0312989377: Summer in Tuscany
0312989385: The Janson Directive
0312989393: Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch
0312989407: Gods and Legions
0312989415: Diamond Hunters
0312989423: Hollywood Tough : A Shane Scully Novel
0312989431: Deadly Caress
0312989474: Fine and Bitter Snow
0312989482: Hard Freeze : A Joe Kurtz Novel
0312989504: Wrong Stuff
0312989512: Buried Stuff (A Jane Wheel Mystery)
0312989687: Death of Riley : A Molly Murphy Mystery (A Molly Murphy Mystery)
0312989695: The Big Dig (Carlotta Carlyle)
0312989709: Liberty
0312989717: Acrobat
0312989733: Killing Time
0312989741: Murder at the Cat Show
0312989768: Nantucket Nights
0312989776: Bureau : The Secret History of the FBI
0312989784: A Fine Line: a Brady Coyne Novel (a Brady Coyne Mystery)
0312989806: Chariots of the Damned
0312989857: Last Witness
0312989865: Alone at Night (A Mars Bahr Mystery)
0312989873: Deadly Promise
0312989970: Midnight Hour
0312989989: Unfinished Business
0312990006: Conspiracy Theory
0312990014: Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon
0312990022: Darkness Gathers
0312990030: Dragon King's Palace
0312990049: Contest
0312990065: Lucky Stars
0312990073: Atkins For Life
0312990170: The Tolkien Companion
0312990227: Janet Evanovich Three and Four Two-Book Set: Three To Get Deadly, Four To Score
0312990278: Out of Control
0312990324: Little Children
0312990367: THE COLD WAR SWAP
0312990375: The Fools in Town are on Our Side
0312990391: Fourth Durango
0312990421: Magical Thinking
0312990456: One for the Money : A Stephanie Plum Novel
0312990618: Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate
0312990626: Liberty
0312990634: Arthritis Cure
0312990685: Tristan Betrayal
0312990715: Robert Ludlum's The Moscow Vector (A Covert-One Novel)
0312990723: Robert Ludlum's The Lazarus Vendetta (A Covert-One Novel)
0312990766: The Red Hat Club Rides Again
0312990863: Palm Beach Murder
0312990871: Blood Justice
0312990928: To the Limit
0312990936: To the Brink
0312990960: The Book of Illusions
0312990987: The Patient's Eyes, pb, 2003
0312990995: Tourists Are for Trapping (A Perkins and Tate Mystery Ser.)
0312991002: Scar Tissue
0312991010: Death by the Light of the Moon : A Claire Malloy Mystery (A Claire Malloy Mystery)
0312991037: In the Teeth of Adversity (A Perkins & Tate Mystery)
0312991088: Witch's Tongue
0312991193: South Beach Diet : The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss
0312991347: Blue Moon
0312991355: Hunter's Moon
0312991363: Dark Moon
0312991371: The Cat Who Wasn't a Dog
0312991428: Blue Horizon
0312991436: Brilliant
0312991452: Double Take
0312991460: To the Nines : A Stephanie Plum Novel
0312991509: Blood Is the Sky
0312991525: BITTEN: True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings.
0312991738: MIDDLESEX
0312991819: Command
0312991851: above and beyond pacific W W II
0312992084: Perfumed Sleeve
0312992203: Buck Fever
0312992238: One Last Shot
0312992289: Paranoia
0312992319: Havana Room
0312992327: Public Displays of Affection
0312992335: He Loves Lucy
0312992408: The New Cabbage Soup Diet Paperback by Danbrot, Margaret, REV UPDATE Edition
0312992416: Kiss of the Night
0312992424: Night Play
0312992432: Seize The Night
0312992483: Shut the Door
0312992564: Killer Heels
0312992793: Area Code 212 : New York Days, New York Nights
0312992823: Deeper Than Desire
0312992831: More Than Seduction
0312993021: I Capture the Castle
0312993064: Never Tell
0312993099: One Deadly Night : A State Trooper, Triple Homicide, and a Search for Justice
0312993161: Janet Evanovich : The Stephanie Plum Novels
0312993234: DEPARTURES
0312993269: Flat Crazy
0312993331: First Wife
0312993412: Devil's Secret Name
0312993498: The Thorne Maze : An Elizabeth I Mystery
0312993501: Wild Justice
0312993528: Delusion : A Mystery
0312993536: Sons of Fortune
0312993544: Shot : A Novel
0312993552: Snake Tattoo
0312993560: Tea Rose
0312993579: Blood for Dignity
0312993633: Rockin' Around That Christmas Tree
0312993803: Sons of Fortune
0312993870: What I Loved
0312993935: Reap a Wicked Harvest
0312994036: Written in Blood : A True Story of Murder and a Deadly 16-Year-Old Secret that Tore a Family Apart
0312994044: Gone Forever : A True Story of Marriage, Betrayal, and Murder
0312994052: Reckless : Millionaire Record Producer Phil Spector and the Violent Death of Lana Clarkson
0312994060: Cold-Blooded : A True Story of Love, Lies, Greed, and Murder
0312994133: Golf & Life
0312994206: Hide Yourself Away
0312994486: Saucer
0312994516: Blumenthal Novel #2
0312994605: Bone Dry (A Blanco County, Texas, Novel)
0312994621: Dead Soul
0312994656: Fogbound
0312994680: Hard as Nails
0312994702: Obsessed
0312994729: Queene's Christmas
0312994761: Before And Again
0312994796: The Hotel Riviera
0312994818: Firefly
0312994826: Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House
0312994834: The Distant Echo
0312994842: Dream On
0312994893: Murder Suicide
0312995016: Robert Ludlum's The Altman Code : A Covert-One Novel (A Covert-One Novel)
0312995024: The Blessing Stone
0312995040: Reef Dance
0312995059: Kane and Abel
0312995091: The Bitten: A Vampire Huntress Legend
0312995121: Good Diamond
0312995156: Ghost In The Machine
0312995172: Justice for none
0312995229: My Scandalous Bride
0312995288: Such Good Boys : The True Story of a Mother, Two Sons, and a Horrifying Murder
0312995377: True Blue : Police Stories by Those Who Have Lived Them
0312995423: Digital Fortress
0312995431: Fountain Filled with Blood
0312995458: Robert Ludlum's the Altman Code
0312995466: With a Vengeance
0312995474: Barbed Wire Kiss
0312995482: Killer Dust
0312995490: Equation
0312995512: Past Tense
0312995520: Intensive Scare Unit (A Sarah Deane Mystery)
0312995539: Southern Fried
0312995857: Laci : Inside the Laci Peterson Murder
0312996004: In the Face of Jinn
0312996047: Pianist
0312996055: Psychopath
0312996195: Fortune Hunter : A Story of Marriage, Murder, and Madness in the Heartland of Texas
0312996225: The Fyre Mirror
0312996357: Blitz
0312996438: Decipher
0312996500: The Children's Hour
0312996748: Irish Village Murder
0312996756: We'll Always Have Parrots
0312996764: Best Enemies
0312996772: Head Games
0312996802: Fortune Favors the Brave
0312996810: Night of the Silver Stars
0312996829: REVENGE: A Novel.
0312996853: WHEN GOOD PEOPLE WRITE BAD SENTENCES: 12 Steps to Better Writing Habits.
0312997000: In Like Flynn a Molly Murphy Mystery
0312997043: I Love My Smith & Wesson : A Novel
0312997086: Black Aces High
0312997094: Evil Mother
0312997108: Planet of the Umps
0312997116: As the Crow Flies
0312997124: First Among Equals
0312997132: Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
0312997140: Prodigal Daughter
0312997159: A Summer in the Country
0312997167: Snobbery with Violence
0312997175: Octopus ALIBI
0312997183: Runaway Heart
0312997191: Summer People
0312997205: Judgment Calls
0312997221: Avenger
0312997256: The Final Procedure
0312997264: Risk Worth Taking
0312997272: Shadow of Death (A Brady Coyne Mystery)
0312997280: Deep Pockets (Carlotta Carlyle)
0312997477: Bahamarama
0312997523: And Then Came You : Sam's Story
0312997531: A Crazy Kind of Love (The Marconi Sisters)
0312997701: Earth Colors (An Em Hansen Mystery)
0312997752: Emma's Secret
0312997833: Dakota
0312997841: The Highbinders (The Ash Tallman Series)
0312997868: The Wages Of Sin
0312997876: Distant Land
0312997884: Windward West
0312997906: Owls Well That Ends Well
0312997949: Skin River
0312997973: The Book of Kehls
0312998007: Our Lady of Pain: An Edwardian Murder Mystery
0312998031: Cruel Deception
0312998198: Scream at the Sky
0312998201: Night of the Dance
0312998244: Perdition House
0312998287: A Perfect Divorce
0312998368: Night Pleasures
0312998414: Jack in the Pulpit
0312998457: Oracle Night : A Novel
0312998538: The Companion
0312998546: The Hunger (Regency Vampire Novels)
0312998562: Nerd Who Loved Me
0312998589: Gone with the Nerd
0312998767: Stroke Of Midnight
0312998813: I Think I Love You
0312998821: The Finer Things
0312998848: Third Heiress
0312998856: House of Dreams
0312998864: Silk and Steel
0312998872: Perfect Sin
0312998902: Wicked Promise
0312998910: Tempt Me Twice
0312998929: Sand Castles
0312999135: Almost Paradise
0312999143: Kennedy Curse : International Edition
0312999496: Keeper's Son
0312999518: Inside Out
0312999526: Bourne Legacy
0312999712: Charmer
0313015686: The Evolution of Terror: Terrorisms War With America.
0313016070: Iraq and the International Oil System: Why America Went to War in the Gulf
0313016348: Saudi Arabia Enters the Twenty-First Century
0313030006: Developments in Industrial Microbiology Volume 20
0313039097: The Hope Fulfilled: The Rise of Modern Israel
0313094721: Social and Behavioral Aspects of Female Alcoholism An Annotated Bibliograph y
0313200025: A Selection of English Carols
0313200041: Drift and Mastery: An Attempt to Diagnose the Current Unrest
0313200068: United States in the Supreme War Council
0313200076: Origin of the Theater
0313200084: The Prosody of Chaucer and His Followers: Supplementary Chapters to Verses of Cadence
0313200114: ANGOLA
0313200122: Discussions of the Canterbury Tales
0313200130: Sainte-Beuve
0313200149: Turn of the Wheel.
0313200157: Oscar Wilde: Including My Memories of Oscar Wilde by George Bernard Shaw and an Introductory Note by Lyle Blair
0313200165: Aldous Huxley and the Way to Reality
0313200181: Committed Spending: A Route to Economic Security
0313200211: Days of Lorne:
0313200238: The Life and Ideas of the Marquis de Sade
0313200246: Protestant Worship Music
0313200254: Principles of Literary Criticism
0313200262: Believing Skeptics: American Political Intellectuals, 1945-64
0313200289: Women's Studies : An Interdisciplinary Collection (Contributions in Women's...
0313200297: Limits of Trade Union Militancy
0313200300: Panorama of Evil: Insights from the Behavioral Sciences (Contributions in Philosophy)
0313200319: THe Urban University In America
0313200327: Indexes to the Competitor
0313200335: The Knights of Labor in the South (Contributions in Labor Studies)
0313200351: Judicial Craftsmanship or Fiat?: Direct Overturn by the United States Supreme Court (Contributions in Political Science)
0313200378: Black higher education in the United States: a selected bibliography on Negro higher education and historically Black colleges and universities.
0313200386: The Bio-Medical Fix: Human Dimensions of Bio-Medical Technologies
0313200394: In Peace and War
0313200408: Management Education and Development: An Annotated Resource Book
0313200416: Zero Population Growth for Whom Differen
0313200424: Law, Soldiers, and Combat
0313200432: Oil Cartel Case
0313200440: Movements and Issues in American Judaism: An Analysis and Sourcebook of...
0313200459: Information Sources in Children's Literature : A Practical Reference Guide for
0313200467: Supreme Court
0313200483: Social Control for the 1980s: A Handbook for Order in a Democratic Society (Contributions in Sociology; No. 31)
0313200505: A Handbook and Guide for the College and University Counseling Center
0313200548: Maalesh: A Theatrical Tour in the Middle-East
0313200556: Alienation: From the Past to the Future (Contribution in Philosophy S.)
0313200564: Soldiers and Society: The Effects of Military Service and War on American Life
0313200572: Ezra Pound Speaking
0313200599: Poetry of Hart Crane:
0313200602: On Thermonuclear War
0313200610: A Decade of Sectional Controversy, 1851-1861
0313200629: Foreign Trade and Industrial Development of China: An Historical and Integrated Analysis Through 1948
0313200653: Special District Governments in the United States
0313200661: Zen and American Thought
0313200688: Philosophical Analysis and History
0313200696: International resources and national policy
0313200718: The House of Intellect Hardcover by Barzun, Jacques
0313200726: The Quest for Industrial Peace (Meyer Kestnbaum Lectures, 1962)
0313200734: Norwegian Literature in Medieval and Early Modern Times.
0313200742: History of the Progressive Party, 1912-1916
0313200750: Anxiety In Elementary School Children
0313200769: Disarmament and the Economy
0313200807: A Lute of Jade : Selections from the Classical Poets of China (The Wisdom of the East)
0313200815: Governments of Danubian Europe
0313200858: Tsarist Russia and Balkan Nationalism : Russian Influence in the Internal Affairs of Bulgaria and Serbia, 1879-1886
0313200866: The Idea of Coleridge's Criticism (Perspectives in Criticism No. 9)
0313200874: Reluctant Empire: British Policy on the South African Frontier, 1834-1854
0313200882: John Dewey and Self Realization
0313200890: Hegel on Tragedy
0313200912: The Golden Casket : Chinese Novellas of Two Millennia
0313200920: The Rise and Fall of Civilization. An Inquiry into the Relationship between Economic Development and Civilization
0313200939: Anzio: The Gamble that Failed
0313200947: Short History of Agriculture in the British Colonies
0313200971: Tyranny of Testing
0313200998: The Chatto Book of Modern Poetry 1915-1955
0313201005: A Guide to Foreign Language Courses and Dictionaries.
0313201013: Federalists: A Study in Administrative History.
0313201021: John Davidson Poet of Armageddon
0313201048: Fundamental Liberties of a Free People: Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly
0313201056: The Novels of Thomas Deloney
0313201064: The Tragic Comedians. Seven Modern British Novelists
0313201072: Symmetries and Reflections: Scientific Essays of Eugene P. Wigner.
0313201102: Surrealism:
0313201110: The Sociology of Work
0313201129: From Cubism to Surrealism in French Literature
0313201137: The New Left in France: The Unified Socialist Party (Contributions in Political Science)
0313201153: The Mind and Art of Coventry Patmore
0313201161: Limited War in the Nuclear Age
0313201188: Hydrodynamics
0313201196: Leadership in Communist China
0313201218: Canada's National Policy, 1883-1900. A Study in Canadian American Relations
0313201226: Man, Metals and Modern Magic
0313201234: Mentally Retarded Child
0313201250: Ulrich von Hutten and the German Reformation
0313201269: The Eisenhower Administration, 1953-1961: A Documentary History
0313201366: The American Indian and the United States: A Documentary History
0313201374: The American Indian and the United States : A Documentary History (Volumes I - IV)
0313201471: Agriculture in the United States,
0313201498: Agriculture in the U. S. : A Documentary History (Vol. 2) (Documentary Reference Collections)
0313201501: Agriculture in the U. S. : A Documentary History (Vol. 3) (Documentary Reference Collections)
0313201587: Victims of Change : Juvenile Delinquents in American Society
0313201617: Blacks in the West
0313201625: Travail and Triumph : Black Life and Culture in the South Since the Civil War
0313201633: Unchallenged Violence
0313201641: The American Congress
0313201684: James Shepherd Pike Republicanism & T
0313201706: General Billy Mitchell : Champion of Air Defense Hardcover
0313201714: Recordings of Beethoven
0313201730: Bahia: Ensenada and Its Bay: Freedom, Farce, Fiesta and Frustration in a Small Mexican City.
0313201749: Modern Rivals of Christian Faith
0313201757: Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus
0313201773: Enrico Caruso, his recorded legacy
0313201781: Index to Jazz
0313201803: The Two Harmonies: Poetry and Prose in the Seventeenth Century
0313201846: Economic Institutions and Human Welfare:
0313201889: Gulf of Years: Letters from John Ruskin to Kathleen Olander
0313201900: Three American Travellers in England
0313201919: Science and the Shabby Curate of Poetry
0313201935: An Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Drama, 1700-1780.
0313201943: Juvenile Offenders Before the Courts:
0313201951: British Parliamentary Democracy
0313201986: Roots of Evil : A Social History of Crime and Punishment
0313201994: Socialism and The Individual Notes on Joining the Labour Party
0313202001: Stephen Vincent Benet
0313202028: The Last Day of the Old World:
0313202036: Anthony Trollope Aspects of His Life and Art
0313202052: Legislative Struggle a Study in Social Combat
0313202087: Buddhism and the Race Question
0313202095: Henrik Ibsen: a Study in Art and Personality
0313202125: Adaptation
0313202133: An Index of Names in Pearl, Purity, Patience, and Gawain
0313202141: Religion, a humanistic field
0313202184: Berkshire County: A Cultural History.
0313202206: Kierkegaard's Dialectic of Existence
0313202214: Pride of the Terrys
0313202222: Theatre and Stage
0313202257: Task Force Report : The Courts
0313202273: The Future of Industrial Man: A Conservative Approach
0313202303: American Constitutional Development.
0313202311: Jeremias Gotthelf: An Introduction to the Swiss Novelist (Modern Language Studies)
0313202346: Freedom in the Balance: Opinions of Judge Henry W. Edgerton
0313202354: The Metaphysics of Logical Positivism
0313202389: A Discography of Hispanic Music in the Fine Arts Library of the University of New Mexico : Sources, No. One
0313202397: Collectors Haydn
0313202400: The Collector's Bach: (Keystone Books in Music)
0313202419: The Collector's Verdi and Puccini (Keystone Books in Music)
0313202427: The Collector's Chopin and Schumann
0313202443: Dramatic Essays
0313202451: The Colditz Story -
0313202486: HANDEL
0313202516: Bibliography of American Directories Through 1860
0313202524: Delay in the Court
0313202532: Understanding the Talmud.
0313202540: Mark Twain's San Francisco Hardcover by Clemens, Samuel Langhorne
0313202567: Charles E. Ives: Discography.
0313202575: Rhythm on Record
0313202613: The Proper Study of Mankind.
0313202621: Men, Books and Mountains: Essays
0313202656: Harmony.
0313202664: Major Problems in State Constitutional Revision
0313202672: The Art of George Eliot
0313202680: Education on an International Scale : A History of the International Education Board, 1923-1938
0313202699: Edith Simcox and George Eliot
0313202702: Garrick
0313202710: Novelist As Philosopher
0313202729: An Essay on Morals: A Science of Philosophy and a Philosophy of the Sciences
0313202737: The Armed Vision
0313202745: Prose & Poetry
0313202753: Folk Elements in Burmese Buddhism
0313202761: What Ivan Knows that Johnny Doesn't
0313202788: The Culture of Early Charleston
0313202796: Integrated Europe?
0313202818: Shame and Glory of the Intellectuals: Babbitt Jr. vs. The Rediscovery of Values
0313202826: Gramophone Record Catalogue
0313202834: Dinosaurs In The Morning
0313202842: The English Radical Tradition 1763-1914
0313202907: From Dante to Jeanne D'Arc : Adventures in Medieval Life and Letters (Science and Culture Series)
0313202915: Kogun: The Japanese Army in the Pacific War
0313202958: Vocal Music: (The Guide to Long-Playing Records)
0313202966: Chamber and Solo Instrument Music
0313202974: Orchestral Music.
0313202990: Conservatism Revisited
0313203008: Rebels and Gentlemen: Philadelphia in the Age of Franklin
0313203032: Soldiers and governments: Nine studies in civil-military Relations
0313203040: The Charities of Rural England, 1480-1660: The Aspirations and the Achievements of the Rural Society
0313203059: The Journal of Sir Walter Scott
0313203067: The Background of English Literature : Classical and Romantic, and Other Collected Essays and Addresses
0313203075: Egotistical Sublime: A History of Wordsworth's Imagination
0313203091: Latin American Women
0313203105: Ethnics in a Borderland: An Inquiry Into the Nature of Ethnicity and Reduction of Ethnic Tensions in a One-Time Genocide Area (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313203113: New Perspectives for Reference Service in Academic Libraries
0313203121: Appellate Courts and Lawyers: Information Gathering in the Adversary System
0313203156: Political Philosophy as Therapy: Marcuse Reconsidered (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313203164: Menace in the West: The Rise of French Anti$americanism in Modern Times (Contributions in Political Science)
0313203172: France's Vietnam Policy (A Study In French-American Relations)
0313203180: Communist Parties of Western Europe
0313203199: Two Nations Over Time
0313203202: United Nations Studies.
0313203210: Televsion Fraud
0313203237: Hindered Hand
0313203245: The Vital Network: A Theory of Communication and Society
0313203253: Handbook of American Popular Culture, Volume 2
0313203261: R.G. Dun & Co., 1841-1900
0313203296: Coordination of Economic and Social Activities (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
0313203318: The United Nations Secretariat.: (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
0313203326: Voting and the Handling of Disputes in the Security Council.: (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
0313203334: The International Court of Justice: Its Role in the Maintenance of International Peace and Security (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies) - Hardcover
0313203342: The Political Role of the General Assembly (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
0313203350: Latin America in the United Nations
0313203369: The General Assembly of the United Nations: A Study of Procedure and Practice (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
0313203385: The Secretariat of the United Nations (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, United Nations Studies)
0313203393: Social Science and Social Pathology.
0313203423: Church Life in Norway: 1800-1950
0313203482: Britain in Western Europe: Western European Union and the Atlantic Alliance
0313203539: New Shape of American Religion, The
0313203563: Science and the Social Order
0313203571: Fighting Ships and Seamen
0313203598: Essays: Literary and Educational.
0313203628: The Old Bailey and its Trials:
0313203644: Gilbert : His Life and Strife
0313203652: Maxim Gorky : Romantic Realist and Conservative Revolutionary
0313203660: Comparative industrial relations in Europe.
0313203679: Beecham, Sir Thomas, Discography
0313203687: mark twain's america
0313203709: British Foreign Policy
0313203717: NOTES ON CHOPIN
0313203725: I Am a Conductor
0313203741: Our Musical Heritage: A Short History of Music
0313203768: Child Abuse and Neglect An Annotated Bibliography
0313203776: Strategy and Collective Bargaining Negotiation
0313203784: German Culture in America : Philosophical and Literary Influences, 1600$1900
0313203806: Culture Under Canvas the Story of Tent Chautauqua
0313203814: Burmese Drama, a Study, With Translations of Burmese Plays
0313203822: Legislative partisanship: The deviant case of California
0313203830: Origins of Teapot Dome
0313203865: Merchants and mariners of the 18th century
0313203873: Francis Parkman
0313203911: Sir Arthur Pinero's Plays and Players
0313203938: Ivor Brown's Books of Words
0313203946: Shall We Amend the Fifth Amendment?
0313203954: THE NEAPOLITAN REVOLUTION OF 1820-1821.
0313203962: Power & Morality in a Business Society
0313203970: Prelude to Point Four: American Technical Missions Overseas, 1838-1938
0313203989: Horn of Plenty
0313204004: Community Structure and Analysis
0313204039: The Sociology of Science.
0313204047: THE RECORD GUIDE
0313204055: The Record Guide: Vol. 1 (Record Guide)
0313204063: The Record Guide.: Vol. 2
0313204098: Contemporary Issues in Theory and Research : A Metasociological Perspective
0313204101: Ideological Coalitions in Congress (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313204128: MARX AND THE PROLETARIAT: A Study in Social Theory
0313204136: The Cherokee Freedmen: From Emancipation to American Citizenship (Contributions in Afro-American and
0313204144: New Directions in Political Economy: An Approach from Anthropology (Contributions in Economics & Economic History S.)
0313204152: Beyond Her Sphere
0313204160: Philosophy of the State as Educator:
0313204179: Teachers' Pets, Troublemakers, and Nobodies: Black Children in Elementary School
0313204187: The Mess in Washington Manpower Mobilization in World War II
0313204195: Biographical Dictionary of American Science: The Seventeenth Through the Nineteenth Centuries
0313204209: Constitutional Language: An Interpretation of Judicial Decision (Contributions in Political Science)
0313204217: Dictionary of Italian Literature
0313204225: On the Edge of Politics: The Roots of Jewish Political Thought in America (Contributions in Political Science)
0313204233: Jazz Record Book
0313204241: Children's Record Book
0313204276: Behavior and misbehavior: A teacher's guide to action by Hymes, James L
0313204314: How to Lead Group Singing
0313204322: William Penn's Holy Experiment
0313204330: The Theatre and Dramatic Theory.
0313204349: Japanese Geography a Guide to Japanese Reference and Research Materials
0313204357: Japanese Economics : A Guide to Japanese Reference and Research Materials (University of Michigan Center for Japanese Studies Bibliographical Series)
0313204373: Merchant Marine and World Frontiers, The
0313204403: Mechanical Musical Instruments
0313204438: Common Frontiers of the Social Sciences
0313204446: RELIGION, THE COURTS, AND PUBLIC POLICY A Vigorous Discussion of the Church-State Issues Now in the Public Eye
0313204454: Society and the law; new meanings for an old profession, by F. James Davis..
0313204462: Fact and faith in the kerygma of today
0313204470: Country and Calling
0313204500: Twilight of Empire: Memoirs of Prime Minister Clement Attlee
0313204527: Prelude to the Kingdom
0313204543: Literature & Sincerity
0313204551: Roman Literary Portraits
0313204578: Satiric Allegory
0313204586: The Shape of Death : Life, Death, and Immortality in the Early Fathers
0313204624: Logical Positivism
0313204632: Charles Evans Hughes : and American Democratic Statesmanship (The Library of...
0313204640: The Anatomy of Work : Labor, Leisure, and the Implications of Automation
0313204667: Felix Frankfurter Reminisces
0313204675: Philanthrophy in England, 1480$1660 : A Study of the Changing Pattern of English Social Aspirations
0313204683: The Great War at Sea
0313204691: Emerson: A Collection of Critical Essays
0313204713: Community psychiatry: Proceedings of a Symposium on Community Psychiatry, 1964
0313204721: Restoration Tragedy: Form & the Process of Change
0313204748: The colonial American in Britain by Sachse, William L
0313204756: 14 Miles on a Clear Night:
0313204772: Roman Theater Temples
0313204802: Price Flexibility and Employment
0313204810: Horatio Nelson: A Short Biography
0313204837: God Allah and Ju Ju : Religion in Africa Today
0313204845: Protestant Thought in the Twentieth Century
0313204861: Catholics in conversation: Seventeen interviews with leading American Catholics
0313204888: Churches and the Kingdom, The
0313204950: Management Rights and Union Interests
0313204969: English Religious Drama of the Middle Ages
0313204977: Maupassant the Novelist
0313205000: Oil & Arab Regional Development
0313205019: Community Political Systems (International Yearbook of Political Behavior
0313205027: Paul Cambon: Master Diplomat
0313205035: russia and the weimar republic
0313205124: The Stereo Index : A Complete Catalogue of Every Recommended Stereo Disc
0313205140: Music on Record
0313205159: Music on Record, Vol. 1, hc, 1978
0313205167: Music on Record, Vol 2, hc, 1978
0313205175: Music on Record: Chamber & Instrumental; Vol. 3
0313205183: Music on Record: Opera & Vocal Music; Vol. 4
0313205191: State Legislature Use of Information Technology
0313205205: Water's Edge: Domestic Politics and the Making of American Foreign Policy (Contributions in Political Science)
0313205213: Evaluating Information Retrieval Systems
0313205248: City and Hinterland: A Case Study of Urban Growth and Regional Development
0313205256: The Establishment in Texas Politics: The Primitive Years, 1938-1957
0313205264: Morris Hillquit: A Political History of an American Jewish Socialist
0313205272: DOLLFUSS
0313205310: A History of English Prose Rhythm
0313205329: Protest in Tokyo: The Security Treaty Crisis of 1960
0313205337: White Man, Listen!
0313205345: In Aid of the Unemployed:
0313205361: The Man in the White House: His Powers and Duties
0313205396: Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Biographical Study
0313205418: The chamber music of Antonín Dvorák
0313205426: Twenty Centuries of Catholic Church Music
0313205434: African Music a Briefly Annotated Bibliography.
0313205442: Contemporary Art and Artists
0313205450: Criminological Bibliographies Uniform Citations to Bibliographies, Indexes, and Review Articles of the Literature of Crime Study in the United States
0313205469: Chamber Music
0313205493: First and last love
0313205507: Mozart : The Man and His Works
0313205523: A Bibliography of African Ecology : A Geographically and Topically Classified List of Books and Articles (African Special Bibliographic Series)
0313205558: The Ballad Mongers: Rise of the Modern Folk Song
0313205566: Modern Music: A Popular Guide to Greater Musical Enjoyment
0313205582: William Styron: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism
0313205590: Music Translation Dictionary : An English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish Vocabulary of Music
0313205604: Afro-American Religious Music
0313205612: Discography of Historical Records on Cylinders and 78s
0313205620: The Community Orchestra: A Handbook for Conductors, Managers, and Boards...
0313205647: Samuel Taylor Coleridge : A Selective Bibliography of Criticism, 1935-1977
0313205655: The Economic Conditions of East and Southeast Asia: A Bibliography of English-Language Materials, 1965-1977
0313205663: Four Stories.
0313205671: Fires on the Plain
0313205698: Understanding the Sermon on the Mount
0313205701: The Live Theatre. An Introduction to the History and Practice of the Stage
0313205736: Cast the First Stone
0313205744: Maurice Maeterlinck
0313205752: Studies of War
0313205779: Sir Walter Raleigh
0313205817: Keats and Shakespeare. A Study of Keats' Poetic Life from 1816 to 1820
0313205868: Religion of Jesus
0313205876: What Present-Day Theologians Are Thinking.
0313205884: Anglo$norman Literature and Its Background.
0313205906: Journals of a Residence in Portugal, 1800-1801 and a Visit to France, 1838
0313205914: Miscellany 1759-1763
0313205922: Memoirs of Dr. Eduard Benes: Munich to New War and New Victory
0313205930: Europe in the 19TH Century 1815 1914
0313205949: Moscow Was My Parrish
0313205957: South Vietnam : Nation under Stress
0313205965: THE DILEMMA OF CONTEMPORARY THEOLOGY Prefigured in Luther, Pascal, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche
0313205973: The Predicament of Democratic Man
0313205981: The Emergence of Oligopoly : Sugar Refining as a Case Study
0313206007: Government and Economic Life
0313206023: Federal Employees in War and Peace : Selection, Placement, and Removal
0313206031: Man from Nazareth As His Contemporaries Saw Him
0313206074: Realism in European Theatre and Drama, 1870-1920: A Bibliography
0313206082: Requiem for the Card Catalog : Management Issues for Automated Cataloging
0313206090: The Black Rural Landowner:Endangered Species : Social, Political, and Economic Implications (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313206104: Slave Drivers
0313206112: American Workingclass Culture: Explorations in American Labor and Social History
0313206139: Biography of a Progressive Franklin K. Lane, 1864-1921
0313206147: When Europe Speaks with One Voice: The External Relations of the European Community (Contributions in Political Science)
0313206155: WORKING CLASS COMMUNITY IN INDUSTRIAL AMERICA Work Leisure and Struggle in two industrial Cities 1880-1930
0313206163: Psychic and Religous Phenomena Limited A Bibliographical Index.
0313206171: Half-Opened Door : Discrimination and Admissions at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, 1900-1970
0313206198: Historical Statistics of Chile : National Accounts
0313206201: Inferior Courts, Superior Justice: A History of the Justices of the Peace on the Northwest Frontier, 1853-1889 (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313206228: The Tradition of Manuscripts
0313206236: Nationalism and the Crises of Ethnic Minorities in Asia
0313206252: Pacifying the Plains: General Alfred Terry and the Decline of the Sioux, 1866–1890.
0313206260: Episcopacy and the Royal Supremacy in the Church of England in the Sixteenth Century
0313206279: Sexual Perversions and Abnormalities : A Study in the Psychology of Paraphilia
0313206295: The Famous Druids:
0313206309: Plato For The Modern Age
0313206317: The Captives of Korea : An Unofficial White Paper on the Treatment of War Prisoners; Our Treatment of Theirs, Their Treatment of Ours
0313206325: Letters of Mary Wordsworth, 1800-1855
0313206333: International Atomic Policy During a Decade
0313206341: Religion Behind the Iron Curtain
0313206368: Literary America 1903-1934 the Mary Austin Letters
0313206376: Wednesday's Children : A Study of Child Neglect and Abuse
0313206384: The American Woman in Transition : The Urban Influence, 1870-1920 (6) (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313206392: Project SEARCH: The Struggle for Control of Criminal Information in America
0313206406: International Agricultural Librarianship
0313206414: The tarnished dream: The basis of American anti-Semitism (Contributions in American history ; no. 81)
0313206430: Atlantic Alliance
0313206465: The Perfection of Wisdom: The Career of the Predestined Buddhas: A Selection of Mahayana Scriptures
0313206473: The Soviet Theatre.
0313206481: Mrs. Egg and Other Americans, Collected Stories of Thomas Beer
0313206503: Fifty Years of Chinese Philosophy 1898-1950
0313206511: Hume's Theory of the Understanding
0313206538: Pioneer Jesuits in Northern Mexico
0313206546: Kabuki Encyclopedia, An English-Language Adaptation of Kabuki Jiten
0313206570: Major Topics on China and Japan : A Handbook for Teachers
0313206589: Advice Among Masters: The Ideal in Slave Management in the Old South
0313206600: Fellow Workers and Friends : I.W.W. Free-Speech Fights As Told by Participants
0313206619: The Primary Language of Poetry in the 1640's
0313206627: The Use of Philosophy
0313206643: Letters of Composers
0313206686: David Hume
0313206708: Fathers to Daughters: The Legal Foundations of Female Emancipation
0313206716: Touching Base: Professional Baseball and American Culture in the Progressive Era
0313206724: From Rationality to Liberation: The Evolution of Feminist Ideology
0313206740: State Constitutional and Statutory Restrictions upon the Structural, Functional, and Personnel Powers of Local Government
0313206759: Foreign Service of the United States Origins, Developments and Functions
0313206791: Women in Gainful Occupations: 1870 to 1920 (U.S. Bureau of Census Monographs)
0313206805: College Presidency, 1900-60: An Annotated Bibliography
0313206821: American Family, The: A Factual Background
0313206937: The Antitrust Laws: A Basis for Economic Freedom - A Staff Report to the Antitrust Subcommittee
0313206945: Marriage and Divorce, 1916, 1922-1932
0313206996: Introduction to the study of history
0313207003: Photography Index
0313207038: Africans and Greeks: From the Colonial Period to the Civil War
0313207046: Black Journals of the United States
0313207054: Colored Minorities in Great Britain : A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1970-1977
0313207062: African American Soldiers in the National Guard : Recruitment and Deployment During Peacetime and War
0313207070: Promise and Performance: Choosing and Implementing an Environmental Policy
0313207097: Countercultural Communes a Sociological
0313207135: Higher Learning in Amer
0313207143: Social Learning and Imitation
0313207151: In the Spirit of William James
0313207178: The Life of Henry Clay.
0313207186: Dictionary of Irish Literature
0313207194: Black Child Development in America, 1927-1977 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313207208: Library Instruction
0313207216: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cannabis Literature
0313207224: Academic Research and Library Resources: Changing Patterns in America
0313207232: The Constitution of Silence: Essays on Generational Themes (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313207240: Olmsted South Old South Critic / New South Planner
0313207267: Bigotry!: Ethnic, Machine, and Sexual Politics in a Senatorial Election (Contributions in Political Science)
0313207283: Life of Jesus
0313207313: Remorse Il Remorso
0313207321: Prerequisites for Peace
0313207348: Elements of Christian Philosophy
0313207356: American Character and Culture in a Changing World: Some Twentieth-Century Perspectives
0313207364: Jewish Feminist Movement in Germany : The Campaigns of the Judischer Frauenbund, 1904-1938
0313207380: Philosophy and Religion: The Logic of Religious Belief
0313207461: The Balance of Power 1715-1789
0313207518: Poverty in America: The Welfare Dilemma (Contributions in Sociology)
0313207526: Management and Complex Organizations in Comparative Perspective
0313207550: The superstitions of the irreligious
0313207569: Seeds of Contemplation
0313207585: Romantic Paradox: An Essay on the Poetry of Wordsworth
0313207593: Loss of the Self : In Modern Literature and Art
0313207607: On the Edges of the Time
0313207631: Characters and Commentaries
0313207666: The Rise of the American Electrochemicals Industry, 1880-1910: Studies in the American Technological Environment (Contributions in Economics & Economic History S.)
0313207674: Bibliography of the Work of Carl Van Vechten
0313207682: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Law of the Sea, Political Interaction and LegalDevelopment in the Persian Gulf
0313207690: Short History of Chemistry
0313207712: Horns, Strings, and Harmony (Science Study Series)
0313207763: How old is the Earth?
0313207771: Michelson and the Speed of Light (Science Study Series)
0313207798: Triumph of Freedom, 1775-1783
0313207801: Politics in the Empire State
0313207828: Jet Streams : How Do They Affect Our Weather?
0313207836: The Later Heidegger and Theology (New Frontiers in Theology: Discussions among
0313207844: Heat Engines
0313207852: Seven Soviet Plays.
0313207860: A Guide to World Fairs and Festivals
0313207887: Virginia Woolf's London
0313207895: Communication in Africa : A Search for Boundaries
0313207909: Laws and Explanation in History
0313207933: Church and State from Constantine to Theodosius
0313207941: Citizen Toussaint
0313207968: Race: Challenge to Religion : Original Essays and an Appeal to the Conscience
0313208026: The Growth of the Church in Buganda: An Attempt at Understanding (World Mission Studies)
0313208042: The Structure of Human Abilities
0313208050: G E Moore a Critical Exposition
0313208085: The word as truth: A critical examination of the Christian doctrine of revelation in the writings of Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth
0313208093: Reformation and Catholicity
0313208123: Place of Bonhoeffer : Problems and Possibilities in His Thought
0313208158: Bath
0313208174: Persons; a comparative account of the six possible theories
0313208190: They Have No Rights
0313208204: Silent Hattie Speaks
0313208212: Witnessing Slavery
0313208220: Sobering Up : From Temperance to Prohibition in Antebellum America, Eighteen Hundred to Eighteen Sixty
0313208247: Empires in Collision Anglo-burmese Rel
0313208255: Korea a Study of United States Policy in the United Nations
0313208263: The gentle Americans, 1864-1960: Biography of a breed
0313208271: Protest and Prejudice: A Study of Belief in the Black Community
0313208298: Treaty of Union of Scotland and England 1707,The
0313208344: Anti-Politics in America: Reflections on the Anti-Political Temper and Its Distortions of the Democratic Process
0313208352: Sacred and Profane Memories
0313208360: Conflict of Ideas in the Late Roman Empire
0313208387: The English Free Churches (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, No. 220)
0313208417: Austria, Germany, and the Anschluss, 1931-1938.
0313208425: Pakistan: The Development of Its Laws and Constitution (The British Commonwealth, The Development of Its Laws and Constitutions)
0313208468: European Assemblies: The Experimental Period, 1949-1959
0313208476: Norman Monasteries and Their English Possessions
0313208514: French Revolutions
0313208522: From Joseph the Second to the Jacobin Trials
0313208549: Historical Statistics of Chile Vol. 2 : Demography and Labor Force
0313208581: Film and Propaganda in America
0313208603: Film and Propaganda in America : A Documentary History, World War II, Pt. 2
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