0313225516: The Eugene O'Neill Companion:
0313225524: World Architecture Index : A Guide to Illustrations
0313225540: Biographical Directory of the Council of Economic Advisers
0313225559: Sources for American Studies
0313225567: Foundations: (The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Institutions)
0313225575: Heroin and Politicians: The Failure of Public Policy to Control Addiction in America (Contributions in Political Science)
0313225583: The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries: History, Policies, and Prospects (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
0313225591: Marian Anderson, an Annotated Bibliography and Discography
0313225605: Black Aged in the United States
0313225613: Dictionary of the Black Theatre : Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Selected Harlem Theatre
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0313225648: Religious Mythology and the Art of War : Comparative Religious Symbolisms of Military Violence
0313225656: Biographical Dictionary of Modern Peace Leaders
0313225664: And the War Came
0313225672: The Populist Revolt : A History of the Farmers' Alliance and the People's Party
0313225680: The Beleaguered City : Richmond, 1861-1865
0313225702: Soviet Penal Policy (A Background Book)
0313225729: World Revolutionary Elites
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0313225745: The American Experience : An Interpretation of the History and Civilization of the American People
0313225761: Three Years with Grant : As Recalled by War Correspondent Sylvanus Cadwallader
0313225788: Indonesian Society in Transition
0313225818: Stanton: The Life and Times of Lincoln's Secretary of War
0313225826: The Nature of Violent Storms.
0313225834: Short History of Biology
0313225842: Old Gentlemen's Convention--The Washington Peace Conference of 1861
0313225850: Off the Record with F.D.R. 1942-1945
0313225869: Chinese Anarchist Movement, The
0313225877: Macedonia : Its Place in Balkan Power Politics
0313225885: The Profession of Government
0313225893: A Guide to the Baltimore Stage in the Eighteenth Century : A History and Day Book Calendar
0313225907: Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1859-1959 : Books of Recognized Merit
0313225915: Dictionary of British Children's Fiction
0313225923: Interactive Counseling (Contributions to the Study of Religion,)
0313225931: Ethnic Genealogy
0313225958: Theatrical Touring and Founding in North America; Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies, Number 5
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0313226008: Man, His First Two Million Years
0313226059: Big City Mayors : The Crisis in Urban Politics
0313226075: Pepys Himself
0313226083: French Radical Party: From Herriot to Mendes-France.
0313226091: Jeremiah, His Time and His Work
0313226105: Charles Booth Social Scientist
0313226113: The Germans: Public Opinion Polls 1947-1966
0313226121: Albert Roussel
0313226148: League for Indus. Dem V2
0313226156: The League for Industrial Democracy : A Documentary History Vol. 3
0313226164: The Use of Technology in the Care of the Elderly and the Disabled: Tools for Living
0313226172: The Ruling Class -
0313226199: The World Population Crisis : Policy Implications and the Role of Law
0313226210: Declining Population Growth Revisited
0313226229: Anglo-American Folksong Scholarship since 1898
0313226237: THE STUDY OF FUGUE.
0313226296: Augustinian Bibliography, 1970-1980
0313226318: Research in Black Child Development
0313226326: Stratemeyer Pseudonyms and Series Books An Annotated Checklist of Stratemeyer and Stratemeyer Syndicate Publications
0313226334: Will Rogers A Bio-Bibliography
0313226342: PEACEABLE KINGDOMS: New England Towns in the Eigtheenth Century,
0313226369: John Quincy Adams and the foundations of American foreign Policy
0313226377: John Quincy Adams and the Union
0313226385: From Raindrops to Volcanoes : Adventures with Sea Surface Meteorology (Science Study Series; Selected Topics in the Atmospheric Sciences)
0313226393: Our Crowded Planet: Essays on the Pressures of Population
0313226407: The Right of the People
0313226415: The Radical Empiricism of William James
0313226423: Violence As Protest
0313226458: Political Influence
0313226466: The American Establishment and Other Reports, Opinions, and Speculations
0313226490: Poems
0313226539: Fields of Light : An Experiment in Critical Reading
0313226555: American Reporters on the Western Front 1914-1918:
0313226563: One Nation Indivisible: the Union in American Thought, 1776-1861.
0313226571: This Sacred Trust, American Nationality, 1798-1898
0313226628: Religion and the Modern Mind.
0313226644: U.S. Senators and Their World
0313226652: Trends in Social Work, 1874-1956
0313226660: Seedtime of Reform: American Social Service and Social Action, 1918-1933
0313226695: Revolution in the Revolution? : Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America
0313226709: The Political Writings of James Harrington: Representative Selections (The Library of Liberal Arts)
0313226725: Class Conflict, Slavery and the United States Constitution
0313226741: The Wasted Americans
0313226776: Unwed Mother
0313226784: Whitehall & the Wilderness:The Middle West in British Colonial Policy, 1760-1775.
0313226792: Military Strategy: a General Theory of Power Control
0313226814: Christianity (The Home University of Modern Knowledge)
0313226830: The Church Of England.
0313226849: School Library Media Services to the Handicapped
0313226857: International Handbook of the Ombudsman Complete in 2 Volumes. Volume 1; Evolution and Present Function. Volume 2; Country Surveys
0313226865: In Her Own Words
0313226873: Philosophy, Policies, and Programs for Early Adolescent Education: An Annotated
0313226881: An Annotated Bibliography of Western Manuscripts in the Merrill Library at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
0313226911: Jane Addams and the Liberal Tradition
0313226938: The Future of the Printed Word
0313226946: Decades of Discontent: The Women's Movement, 1920-1940
0313226954: Poor Richard's Politicks: Benjamin Franklin & His New American Order
0313226962: The Lazy South
0313226970: Occupation: Housewife
0313226989: The South Since Appomattox
0313227004: Dictionary of Concepts in History
0313227020: Federal Government
0313227039: The Puritan Family : Religion and Domestic Relations in Seventeenth-Century New England
0313227047: The Autobiography of Sam Houston
0313227055: Arab-Turkish Relations and the Emergence of Arab Nationalism
0313227063: Congress and Foreign Policy-Making: A Study in Legislative Influence and Initiative
0313227101: The unclean sky: A meteorologist looks at air pollution
0313227144: Urban Social Structure
0313227152: Political Process and Foreign Policy: The Making of the Japanese
0313227160: Logistics in the National Defense
0313227179: Strategic Intelligence and National Decisions.
0313227187: Opera as drama
0313227217: The Concept of Race.
0313227225: Restoration Comedy 1660-1720
0313227233: Limba Stories and Story-Telling (Oxford Library of African Literature)
0313227241: Towns and Cities.
0313227268: For Immediate Release : Candidate Press Releases in American Political Campaigns (Contributions in Political Science)
0313227276: An Anxious Democracy: Aspects of the 1830's
0313227292: Dictionary of Concepts in Human Geography
0313227306: Third World Policies of Industrialized N
0313227314: The Urban Community : Housing and Planning in the Progressive Era (American Historical Sources Series: Research and Interpretation)
0313227322: Mastery of the Metropolis
0313227330: Class, Sex, and the Woman Worker
0313227349: Beyond Her Sphere
0313227357: Beyond the Adirondacks: The Story of St. Regis Paper Company (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
0313227365: The Washington Lawyer
0313227381: Quest for Past and Future: Essays in Jewish Theology
0313227438: A History of Philosophical Ideas in America
0313227446: Recruitment of Political Leaders
0313227454: Elements of Social Organization
0313227462: Culture of Cities
0313227489: Humanism and Terror
0313227497: Jewish Music in Its Historical Development by Idelsohn, Abraham Zebi
0313227527: Saints, Slaves, and Blacks: The Changing Place of Black People Within Mormonism
0313227535: Public Library User Fees : The Use and Finance of Public Libraries (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science)
0313227543: An Unacknowledged Harmony: Philo-Semitism and the Survival of European Jewry
0313227578: The Lincoln Reader
0313227594: Iraq's People and Resources
0313227608: Boss Cox's Cincinnati: Urban Politics in the Progressive Era
0313227616: Tweed Ring
0313227632: Selected Modern English Essays: (The World's Classics, Second Series)
0313227640: The Northerners: A Study in the Reign of King John
0313227659: The seventeenth century
0313227683: Rum, Religion, and Votes
0313227691: Making of an Insurgent
0313227705: Myths and Realities : Societies of the Colonial South (The Walter Lynwood Fleming Lectures in Southern History, Louisiana State University)
0313227713: Party, Constituency and Congressional Voting
0313227721: Eat Not This Flesh
0313227748: The Impact of Negro Voting
0313227764: California Gold
0313227772: Little groups of neighbors: The Selective Service System
0313227802: The Politics of Urban Renewal : The Chicago Findings Hardcover by Rossi...
0313227810: Mr. Crump of Memphis
0313227837: The Cultural Background of Personality.
0313227845: Role of the Military in Underdeveloped Countries
0313227861: Intellectual Versus the City: From Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright
0313227888: The American Petroleum Industry : The Age of Illumination, 1859-1899; The Age of Energy, 1899-1959
0313227896: The American Petroleum Industry 1859-1899 The Age Of Illumination
0313227918: Men and Their Work - Hardcover
0313227926: World of Women's Trade Unionism : Comparative Historical Essays
0313227934: Pivotal Conflict : A Comprehensive Chronology of the First World War, 1914-1919
0313227942: Towards the Holocaust the Social & Eco
0313227950: Towards the Holocaust : The Social and Economic Collapse of the Weimar Republic
0313227969: Daily Living in the Twelfth Century : Based on the Observations of Alexander Neckam in London and Paris
0313227985: Twelfth-Century Europe and the Foundations of Modern Society
0313228000: Education of Good Men
0313228078: Medicine and Its Technology
0313228086: Folk Literature And Children
0313228108: Music By Heart.
0313228124: Social Workers' Perceptions of Clients : A Study of the Caseload of a Social Agency
0313228167: Quakers
0313228191: Coercion & Autonomy: Philosophical Foundations, Issues & Practices
0313228221: Krishna, myths, rites, and attitudes
0313228248: Seven Caves
0313228256: Catholicity of Protestantism
0313228264: Baroque Times in Old Mexico. Seventeenth-Century Persons, Places, and Practices.
0313228280: The Better Half: The Emancipation of the American Woman
0313228302: Selected Poems of Barnabe Googe
0313228310: American Ceramics Before 1930 : A Bibliography
0313228337: Keyboard Music By Women Composers A Catalog and Bibliography
0313228345: Latin American Labor Organizations
0313228353: Science, Myth, Reality The Black Family in One-Half Century of Research
0313228361: Democratic Dictatorship
0313228388: Conflict and Accommodation
0313228396: A Bibliography of Theatre Technology : Acoustics and Sound, Lighting, Properties, and Scenery
0313228442: War in the Modern World
0313228450: Alaska : Past and Present
0313228469: The climax of populism: The election of 1896 by Durden, Robert Franklin
0313228485: The Hidalgo Revolt : Prelude to Mexican Independence
0313228493: Ancient Landscapes: Studies In Field Archaeology
0313228507: The Growth of Canadian Policies in External Affairs
0313228515: Great Debate
0313228523: Century of Total War
0313228558: Aging and Public Policy
0313228566: A Conflict of Interest Women in German Social Democracy, 1919-1933
0313228582: Women in Western European History : A Select Chronological, Geographical, and Topical Bibliography from Antiquity to the French Revolution
0313228590: Women in Western European History : A Select Chronological, Geographical, and Topical Bibliography from Antiquity to the French Revolution
0313228604: Words on Aging : A Bibliography of Selected Annotated References, Compiled for the Administration on Aging (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313228620: Strategic Studies: A Critical Assessment (Contributions in Political Science)
0313228639: Politics Character & Culture Perspect
0313228647: Paul Robeson Research Guide : A Selected Annotated Bibliography
0313228655: Biographical Dictionary of Amerian Labor Leaders.
0313228671: Elvis Presley : A Bio-Bibliography
0313228698: Eight Scandinavian Novelists
0313228744: Why England Slept
0313228752: All things considered
0313228760: The Republican Party and Wendell Willkie
0313228779: Problems of Democracy in Latin America (The Weil Lectures on American Citizenship)
0313228787: Races : A Study of the Problems of Race Formation in Man
0313228795: The Role of the Chinese Army
0313228809: Seeds of liberty: The genesis of the American mind
0313228841: Victor Hugo's Drama An Annotated Bibliography 1900-1980
0313228868: A Reference Guide to Modern Fantasy for Children:
0313228876: Dictionary of Scandinavian History
0313228884: Era of the Joy Line
0313228906: Foundations of Tudor Policy
0313228922: The Soviet Secret Services
0313228930: History of Music in Performance : The Art of Musical Interpretation from the Renaissance to Our Day
0313228949: The Mexican Revolution 1914-1915: The Convention of Aguascalientes
0313228957: The Department of War, 1781-1795
0313228965: A Primer of Playwriting
0313228973: The Sociology of the School
0313228981: Economic Control and Colonial Development: Crown Colony Financial Management in the Age of Joseph Chamberlain
0313229007: Minorities and the Military : A Cross National Study in World Perspective (6) (Contributions in Ethnic Studies Ser., No. 6)
0313229015: Human Food Uses a Cross-Cultural Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography
0313229023: In Opposition to Core Curriculum: Alternative Models for Undergraduate Education
0313229031: Modern Ireland: A Bibliography on Politics, Planning, Research, and Development
0313229074: Reform and Reformers in the Progressive Era (101) (Contributions in American History Ser.)
0313229082: Eurocommunism: The Ideological and Political-Theoretical Foundations (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313229090: Unsung: A History of Women in American Music (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313229112: Mexican Militarism: The Political Rise and Fall of the Revolutionary Army, 1910-1940
0313229139: The War in the Mediterranean, 1803-1810
0313229163: Prehistoric Peoples of Scotland (Studies in Ancient History and Archaeology)
0313229171: Toward a Programme of Imperial Life
0313229228: Unesco Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies 1980 (Unesco Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies)
0313229236: Unesco Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies 1981 (Unesco Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies)
0313229260: Politics of Provincialism: The Democratic Party in Transition 1918-1932
0313229279: Reaction and Reconstruction in English Politics 1832-1852 (The Ford Lectures Delivered in The University of Oxford in the Hilary Term 1964)
0313229287: Peenemunde to Canaveral
0313229295: Japanese Scientific and Technical Literature: A Subject Guide
0313229309: Bibliography of North American Indian Mental Health
0313229317: The First Trial of Mary, Queen of Scots.
0313229333: A History of Song
0313229368: The Afro-Yankees; Providence's Black community in the Antebellum era.
0313229392: Microcomputer Applications in Libraries
0313229414: Political Culture Foreign Policy & Confl
0313229422: State Supreme Courts: Policymakers in the Federal System
0313229449: In Whose Best Interest: Child Welfare Reform in the Progressive Era
0313229457: Aspects of Altaic Civilization
0313229465: Guilt and Gratitude : A Study of the Origins of Contemporary Conscience
0313229473: Handbook of Educational Drama and Theatre
0313229481: Irish American Voluntary Organizations (Ethnic American Voluntary Organizations)
0313229503: Lost City of the Incas
0313229511: Consensus and Continuity, Seventeen Seventy-Six to Seventeen Eighty-Seven
0313229538: British Politics and the American Revolution.
0313229546: Puritan Promenade
0313229554: East and West.
0313229562: Freedom of Information
0313229570: Alain Locke and Philosophy : A Quest for Cultural Pluralism (94) (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies Ser., No. 94)
0313229589: Episcopalians
0313229597: A Guide to the History of Louisiana (Reference Guides to State History and Research)
0313229600: Oppression and Resistance: The Struggle of Women in Southern Africa (Contributions in Women's Studies, Number 29)
0313229619: A History of Militarism.
0313229643: Sources of Asian/Pacific Economic Information: Vol. 1
0313229651: Sources of Asian/Pacific Economic Information: Vol. 2
0313229686: Four Keys to El Salvador.
0313229694: Long Fuse : An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I
0313229708: Latin America, Diplomacy and Reality
0313229716: Most Probable World
0313229724: Weimar Culture : The Outsider As Insider
0313229759: Strategies for the 1980s: Lessons of Cuba, Vietnam, and Afghanistan (Studies in
0313229767: Black Athletes in the United States, Bibliography, 1800-1981
0313229775: American Governorship
0313229791: Dictionary of Concepts in the Philosophy of Science
0313229805: An International Dictionary of Theatre Language
0313229813: Critical Terms for Science Fiction and Fantasy : A Glossary and Guide to Scholarship
0313229821: Hank Williams : A Bio-Bibliography in Popular Culture
0313229848: Errol Flynn : A Bio-Bibliography
0313229864: The Middle East, Its Oil, Economies and Investment Policies : A Guide to Sources of Financial Information
0313229872: Religious Bibliographies in Serial Literature: A Guide
0313229880: COMECON Foreign Trade Data 1980
0313229902: Conductors on Record
0313229910: The Central American Republics
0313229937: Mexico: Revolution to Evolution, 1940-1960
0313229945: Britain and South Africa.
0313229961: Toward a New South? Studies in Post-civil War Southern Communities
0313230005: Dictionary of Literary-Rhetorical Conventions of the English Renaissance
0313230013: Biographical Dictionary of Social Welfare in A
0313230021: Social Welfare in America: An Annotated Bibliography
0313230064: Pariahs Stand Up!: The Founding of the Liberal Feminist Movement in France, 1858-1889 (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313230072: The Decline and Fall of Lloyd George, and Great was the Fall Thereof.
0313230099: Dictatorship of the Proletariat
0313230129: A Military History of Modern China: 1924-1949
0313230137: The Political awakening of Africa (The Global history series) by
0313230145: From the silent earth: A report on the Greek bronze age by Alsop, Joseph
0313230153: Thomas Gage's Travels in the New World
0313230161: The Australian People 1788-1945
0313230188: Abortion, politics, and the courts: Roe v. Wade and its aftermath (Contributions in American studies)
0313230196: Revolutions in Americans Lives a Demo
0313230218: Technicians of the Finite : The Rise and Decline of the Schizophrenic in American Thought, 1840-1960 (Contributions in Medical Studies)
0313230226: Biological Differences and Social Equality : Implications for Social Policy
0313230234: The Education of Poor and Minority Students: a World Bibliography Vol 1
0313230242: Education of the Poor V2, Vol. 2
0313230269: Clockwork Worlds : Mechanized Environments in SF (Contributions to the Study of
0313230277: American Psychology Since World War II: A Profile of the Discipline
0313230285: Against All Odds: The Feminist Movement in Mexico to 1940
0313230293: Bullets and Bureaucrats The Machine Gun and the United States Army 1861-1916 Contributions in Military History Book No. 29
0313230315: The Political Collapse of Europe.
0313230323: The Arabs : A Compact History
0313230331: Japan and Korea: America's Allies in the Pacific
0313230358: Organized Business in France
0313230366: Half-Shut Eye
0313230374: Canadians in the Making
0313230382: Governing the Metropolis
0313230390: Letters From George Iii to Lord Bute: 1756-1766 (Studies in Modern History)
0313230412: Interpretations of History: Confucius to Toynbee
0313230420: Common Culture and the Great Tradition : The Case for Renewal (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture)
0313230447: Face to Face
0313230455: Dark Cinema : American Film Noir in Cultural Perspective
0313230471: Biographical Dictionary of American and Canadian Naturalists and Environmentalists
0313230498: Some Thoughts on Beethovens Choral Symphony With Writings on Other Musical Subjects
0313230536: On Competition in Economic Theory
0313230552: Little Business in the American Economy. (Illinois Studies in the Social Sciences.)
0313230560: The American Economic Impact on Canada (Duke University Commonwealth-Studies Center)
0313230587: Sources of African & Middle Eastern 2vol
0313230595: Sources of African and Middle-Eastern Economic Information : Vol. 1
0313230609: Sources of African and Middle-Eastern Economic Information: Vol. 2
0313230617: Malcolm X : A Selected Bibliography
0313230625: The Transcendent Adventure: Studies of Religion in ScienceFiction/Fantasy
0313230633: The Conservation of Enemies: A Study in Enmity.
0313230641: The Role of Economic Advisers in Developing Countries (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
0313230684: Ambivalent Friends: Afro-Americans View the Immigrant (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313230692: Life of Frederick William the Great Elector of Brandenburg
0313230706: Whitehead's Philosophy of Organism
0313230714: A Teaching Method for Brain-Injured and Hyperactive Children : A Demonstration
0313230722: The Greater City: New York, 1898-1948
0313230730: Beat Generation
0313230757: A Bibliography of Antislavery in America
0313230765: Peace-Making and the Settlement with Japan:
0313230803: Josiah Royce's Seminar 1913-1914: As Recorded in the Notebooks of Harry T...
0313230838: Risk and Technological Innovation: American Manufacturing Methods During the Nineteenth Century
0313230870: Woman's Issue
0313230889: Emergence of Ethnicity
0313230897: ARTISTIC VOYAGERS: Europe & the American Imagination in the Works of Irving, Allston, Cole, Cooper, & Hawthorne
0313230919: Voting In Revolutionary America
0313230927: Federal Legislative Histories : An Annotated Bibliography and Index to Officially Published Sources
0313230935: More Than Drumming : Essays on African and Afro-Latin American Music and Musicians
0313230943: Lawyers v. Educators: Black Colleges and Desegregation in Public Higher Education
0313230951: Managing Crisis Cities
0313230978: Peruvian Literature: A Bibliography of Secondary Sources
0313230986: Charles A. Lindbergh
0313231001: Press and the Rebirth of Iberian Democracy
0313231028: must we hide
0313231060: The income of the Chinese gentry: A sequel to The Chinese gentry, studies on their role in nineteenth-century Chinese society
0313231079: The Path to European Union: From the Marshall Plan to the Common Market
0313231087: Government and Science: Their Dynamic Relation in American Democracy
0313231095: The American Cowboy: The Myth and the Reality
0313231109: Composer and Critic : Two Hundred Years of Musical Criticism
0313231117: Big Government: The Meaning and Purpose of the Hoover Commission Report
0313231125: History As a System and Boher Essays Toward a Philosophy of History
0313231133: In Every War But One. Hardcover by Kinkead, Eugene
0313231141: The Making of Modern Uganda
0313231168: Index To International Public Opinion
0313231176: Female Soldiers--Combatants or Noncombatants?: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313231184: Black Slavery in the Americas: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography 1865-1980
0313231192: The Harmonization of European Public Policies: Regional Responses to Transnational Changes (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313231206: Congress, the Executive Branch, and Special Interests, the American response to the Arab boycott of Israel
0313231214: General John M. Palmer, Citizen Soldiers, and the Army of a Democracy (Contributions in Military Studies)
0313231249: Bibliography of the Philosophy of Science, 1945-1981
0313231257: Human Services in Postrevolutionary Cuba: An Annotated International Bibliography
0313231265: Monthly Murders: A Checklist and Chronological Listing of Fiction in the Digest-size Mystery Magazines in the United States and England
0313231273: Antagonists : A Comparative Combat Assessment of the Soviet and American Soldier
0313231303: Retrospective Bibliography of American Demographic History from Colonial Times to 1983
0313231311: The Conduct of War: 1789-1961 A Study of the Impact of the French, Industrial, and Russian Revolutions on War and Its Conduct
0313231338: United States Navy and Marine Corps Bases, Domestic
0313231346: Good and Faithful Labor: From Slavery to Sharecropping in the Natchez District, 1860-1890
0313231354: Mark Twain International : A Bibliography and Interpretation of His Worldwide Popularity
0313231362: Alcohol and Youth: A Comprehensive Bibliography
0313231389: The changing economic function of the central city
0313231397: Historical Transactions 1893-1943.
0313231419: Science and Ethical Values
0313231435: Nihilism
0313231443: Bibliography of Black Music, Volume 2 : Afro-American Idioms (The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Black Music)
0313231451: Class in Suburbia
0313231486: Byzantine World
0313231494: Origins of the English Library
0313231524: How a Region Grows: Area Development in the U. S. Economy
0313231540: Managed Economy
0313231559: Eastern Science : An Outline of Its Scope and Contribution
0313231567: Great Northwest: A History
0313231591: Discourse in the Social Sciences: Strategies for Translating Models of Mental Illness (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History,)
0313231613: NATURE, HUMAN NATURE, AND SOCIETY Marx, Darwin, Biology, and the Human Sciences
0313231621: Division of Labor: A Political Perspective
0313231648: The Cult Experience (Contributions to the Study of Religion)
0313231656: Social Hierarchies: Essays Towards a Sociophysiological Perspective (Contributions in Sociology S.)
0313231672: Some Kind of Paradise : The Emergence of American Science Fiction
0313231680: Founded on a Rock
0313231699: Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary Sources
0313231702: Emergence of Modern South Africa
0313231729: Art Therapy and Group Work
0313231737: PERKINS /BUDD Railway Statesman of the Burlington
0313231745: United States Oil Policy and Diplomacy
0313231761: Nationalism: Essays in Honor of Louis L. Snyder.
0313231788: Freedom in the World : Political Rights and Civil Liberties, 1982 (Freedom House Annual Ser.)
0313231818: CITY OF THE RIGHT Urban applications of American Conservative thought
0313231826: Wealth and Power in America : An Analysis of Social Class and Income Distribution
0313231877: The Geographic Background of Greek and Roman History
0313231885: The History and Practice of Japanese Printmaking: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography of English Language Materials
0313231893: Kennedy Family of Massachusetts : A Bibliography
0313231907: Dictionary of Concepts in General Psychology
0313231915: Macro-Nationalisms: A History of the Pan-Movements (Global Perspectives in History and Politics)
0313231923: Global Mini-Nationalism: Autonomy or Independence
0313231931: Chile : An Outline of its Geography, Economics, and Politics
0313231966: Turkish Nationalism and Western Civilization Selected Essays
0313231982: BAGHDAD During the Abbasid Caliphate from Contemporary Arabic and Persian Sources.
0313231990: On the Use of Philosophy Hardcover by Maritain, Jacques
0313232008: Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics
0313232016: The Democratic-republicans Of Massachusetts: Politics In A Young Republic
0313232024: Politics in West Africa
0313232067: Women's Education, A World View: Annotated Bibliography of Books and Reports, Vol. 2
0313232075: Coronados Quest the Discovery of the Sou
0313232083: British Economy of the Nineteenth Century (1948),
0313232105: White Umbrella : Indian Political Thought from Manu to Ghandi
0313232113: Boss Ruef's San Francisco: The Story of the Union Labor Party, Big Business, and the Graft Prosecution
0313232121: Southern Enterprize: The Work of National Evangelical Societies in the Antebellum South (Global Perspectives in History and Politics)
0313232164: Louis L. Snyder's Historical Guide to World War II:
0313232172: Proletarians and Protest. The roots of class formation in an industrializing world.
0313232180: The Hidden Face of Free Enterprise: The Strange Economics of the American Businessman
0313232199: Troubled Partnership, the.
0313232210: The Birth of a Plural Society: the Development of Northern Rhodesia under the British South Africa Company, 1894-1914.
0313232229: William Cobbett: His Thought and His Time
0313232237: Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the New World (Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology)
0313232245: The English Novel, 1740-1850 : A Catalogue Including Prose Romances, Short Stories, and Translations of Foreign Fiction
0313232253: Notes Used on Catalogue Cards: A List of Examples
0313232261: Rare Book Collections: Some Theoretical and Practical Suggestions for Use by Librarians and Students (ACRL Monograph, No. 27
0313232318: The Gettysburg Campaign June 3 - August 1, 1863 A Comprehensive Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313232326: The Harlem Renaissance: An Historical Dictionary for the Era
0313232342: Communications Policy and the Political Process (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313232369: Migrants in Europe: The Role of Family, Labor, and Politics
0313232385: Movements & Issues in World Religions
0313232393: Religious Issues and Interreligious Dialogues
0313232407: The travels of Fa-hsien (399-414 A.D.), or, Record of the Buddhistic kingdoms
0313232415: Scientific Study of Personality
0313232474: Frustration and Conflict
0313232482: Garibaldi and the Making of Italy:
0313232512: The Resource Book of Jewish Music: A Bibliographical and Topical Guide to the Book and Journal Literature and Program Materials (Music Reference Collection,)
0313232520: Marihuana Dictionary
0313232539: Edmund Thornton Jenkins, 1894-1926
0313232555: H. P. Lovecraft: A Critical Study
0313232563: Liberalism in an Illiberal Age : New Culture Liberals in Republican China, 1919-1937 (Contributions in Intercultural and Comparative Studies)
0313232571: Public Colleges and Universities
0313232598: Boss Tweed's New York (New Dimensions in History: Historical Cities) Hardcover
0313232601: Attitude and Attitude Change : The Social Judgment-Involvement Approach
0313232628: The Northern Ireland Problem. A Study in Group Relations.
0313232636: Seven Pillars of Popular Culture (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture)
0313232644: Neo-Marxism: The Meanings of Modern Radicalism
0313232660: Billy the Kid: A Bio-Bibliography
0313232679: Conservation in the Library
0313232709: United States Foreign Policy at the Crossroads (96) (Contributions in Political Science Ser.)
0313232733: Islam: essays in the Nature and Growth of a Cultural Tradition.
0313232768: A Subject Bibliography of the History of American Higher Education
0313232776: International Law Governing Communications and Information
0313232784: Special Issues Index : Specialized Contents of Business, Industrial, and Consumer Journals
0313232792: Death and the Serpent : Immortality in Science Fiction and Fantasy
0313232806: Black Americans and the Missionary Movement in Africa (66) (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies Ser., No. 66)
0313232814: Dark Barbarian
0313232822: Black Access
0313232830: Comedy of the Fantastic Ecological Perspectives on the Fantasy Novel,The
0313232849: Coherent Variety
0313232857: Development of Law on the Rocky Mountain Frontier : Civil Law and Society, 1850-1912
0313232865: Phrenological Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Americans
0313232881: Charlie Chaplin (A Bio-Bibliography)
0313232938: Handbook of Latin American Popular Culture
0313232946: Determinants and Matrices 9th Ed
0313232954: The Freedom of The Will.
0313233012: Educational Administration Glossary
0313233020: Concise Histories of American Popular Culture
0313233039: Historical Dictionary of Data Processing
0313233055: Toward Increased Judicial Activism: The Political Role of the Supreme Court (Contributions in American Studies,)
0313233128: Churches of Christ
0313233136: Economics and Policymaking : The Tragic Illusion (47) (Contributions in Economics and Economic History Ser., No. 47)
0313233160: Victorian Actors and Actresses in Review
0313233187: Indian Fiction in English: An Annotated Bibliography Hardcover by Spencer, D.
0313233217: Wordsworth
0313233225: The Quest for Victory : The History of the Principles of War (Contributions in Military Studies)
0313233233: Private Colleges V1
0313233241: Private Colleges V2 (Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Institutions,)
0313233284: A Bibliographical Guide to Black Studies Programs in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography
0313233292: Black-Jewish Relations in the United States, 1752-1984
0313233306: Melville Sea Dictionary: A Glossed Concordance and Analysis of the Sea Language in Melville's Nautical Novels
0313233322: Our European Origins
0313233330: Fighting Power : German and U. S. Army Performance, 1939-1945
0313233349: The Nuyorican Experience: Literature of the Puerto Rican Minority
0313233357: Subject Compilations of State Laws, 1979-1983 (1984) : Research Guide and Annotated Biliography
0313233365: Boston 1700-1980: The Evolution of Urban Politics
0313233381: Plant Location in Theory and in Practice
0313233403: Frustration
0313233411: Unamuno: A Philosopy of Tragedy.
0313233438: To Try Men's Souls: Loyalty Tests in American History
0313233454: Foresight and Understanding
0313233462: THREE EXEMPLARY NOVELS. MIguel De Cervantes Saavedra
0313233497: Afghanistan: Highway of Conquest
0313233519: The Theory of Graphs and its Applications
0313233527: Fight Against Fears
0313233543: Harvest in the Desert.
0313233551: Four Papers Presented in the Institute for Brazilian Studies.
0313233594: New Society : The Anatomy of Industrial Order
0313233616: Dr. Spock Talks with Mothers
0313233624: Index to International Public Opinion, 1981-1982 (Index to International Public Opinion)
0313233632: Switzerland in Perspective.
0313233640: Doubt and Certainty in Science: A Biologist's Reflections on the Brain (The BBC Reith Lectures 1950)
0313233659: Beginnings of Nyasaland and North-Eastern Rhodesia, 1859-95.
0313233667: Britain And The Congo In The Nineteenth Century
0313233675: British Attitudes Towards India, 1784-1858
0313233683: The Political Tradition of the West : A Study in the Development of Modern Liberalism
0313233691: Tanuma Okitsugu, 1719-1788 : Forerunner of Modern Japan (Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series, XIV)
0313233713: Arab Heritage
0313233721: The Beethoven Quartets.
0313233748: The Idea of Progress
0313233756: Apportionment and Representative Government
0313233772: Socialism of a Different Kind: Reshaping the Left in France.
0313233780: The Social and Political Thought of Michael Bakunin (Contributions in Political Science Ser., No. 88)
0313233802: Science Fiction Fandom
0313233810: The Information Dilemma: A Critical Analysis of Information Pricing and the Fees Controversy (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Stud)
0313233837: Child Welfare Training and Practice
0313233853: Influence, Change, and the Legislative Process
0313233888: Western Women in Colonial Africa
0313233896: American Popular Illustration: A Reference Guide.
0313233918: Saints and Shrews : Women and Aging in American Popular Film
0313233926: Muslim Peoples : A World Ethnographic Survey
0313233934: A Portrait Cast in Steel: Buckeye International and Columbus, Ohio, 1881-1980
0313233942: International Dimensions of Human Rights
0313234000: Minority Rights: A Comparative Analysis (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313234019: International Dynamics of Technology (Contributions in Political Science)
0313234043: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Planning, Implementation & Analysis,
0313234051: A Primitive Mexican Economy
0313234078: Main Trends in Modern Linguistics.
0313234108: New Zealand
0313234116: Four Thousand Years Ago
0313234124: Thinking, An Experimental and Social Study
0313234159: Political Awakening in the Belgian Congo.
0313234167: Loyalty in America
0313234175: Apples of Immortality: Folktales of Armenia
0313234183: Prediction and Optimal Decision
0313234191: Puerto Rican Literature a Bibliography
0313234205: Religious Periodicals of the United States : Academic and Scholarly Journals
0313234248: Unexpected Universe of Doris Lessing
0313234256: American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1971-1985
0313234280: Apertures: A Study of the Writings of Brian W. Aldiss (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
0313234302: A Case of Black and White: Northern Volunteers and the Southern Freedom Summers, 1964-1965
0313234310: Research in Technical Communication
0313234329: Environmental Information in Developing Nations : Politics and Policies
0313234337: Sports and Physical Education: A Guide to the Reference Resources
0313234345: Human Food Uses : A Cross-Cultural, Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography: Supplement
0313234361: Compulsory Health Insurance : The Continuing American Debate (Contributions in Medical Studies)
0313234388: The Economics of Human Resources (Contributions to Economic Analysis)
0313234396: The Education of a Russian Statesman : The Memoirs of Nicholas Karlovich Giers
0313234426: The Measurement of Association in Industrial Geography
0313234442: New World literature: Tradition and revolt in Latin America
0313234450: An Essay on Nature
0313234469: Korea Today
0313234477: The Scope of the Fantastic: Theory, Techniques, Major Authors - Selected Essays from the First International Conference on the Fantastic in Literature and Film (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction & Fantasy)
0313234485: The Scope of the Fantastic Culture, Biography, Themes, Children's Literature
0313234493: Employer Concentration in Local Labor Markets
0313234507: Soviet Agricultural and Peasant Affairs. Slavic Studies 1
0313234523: Historians of Medieval India: Studies in Indo-Muslim Historical Writing
0313234531: David Lloyd George
0313234558: Public Policy and Collective Bargaining (Industrial Relations Research Association)
0313234566: YEAR BY YEAR IN THE ROCK ERA: Events and Conditions Shaping the Rock Generations that Reshaped America
0313234574: Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust : The Voices of Eyewitnesses
0313234582: From Colonia to Community, the History of Puerto Ricans in New York City, 1917 - 1948
0313234590: Ban Johnson
0313234604: Psychiatry Between the Wars, 1918-1945
0313234620: Billiards, Bowling, Table Tennis, Pinball, and Video Games
0313234639: International Handbook on Abortion
0313234647: Marchin' the Pilgrims Home : Leadership and Decision-Making in an Afro-Caribbean Faith
0313234655: Doctors Only: The Evolving Image of the American Physician (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture,)
0313234671: English Ayres: A Selectively Annotated Bibliography and Discography
0313234698: American Higher Education: Servant of the People of Protector of Special Interests?
0313234736: Education of the Black Adult in the United States
0313234744: Alcohol and Reproduction: a Bibliography
0313234752: Angels to Zeppelins
0313234779: American Writers Before 1800 : A Biographical and Critical Dictionary Vol. 2, G-P (American Writers Before Eighteen Hundred)
0313234795: Foundations of Historical Knowledge
0313234809: Religion, politics, and the higher learning: A collection of essays
0313234817: Politics of Reconstruction, Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Three Thru Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-Seven
0313234825: Medieval and Renaissance Studies
0313234833: Wages,
0313234841: Farmers at the Crossroads
0313234868: The Legislative Council in the American States (Indiana University Publications: Social Science Series)
0313234876: British and American Manufacturing Productivity : A Comparison and Interpretation (University of Illinois Bulletin Volume 54)
0313234884: Jean Sauvaget's Introduction to the History of the Muslim East: A Bibliographical Guide, Based on the Second Edition
0313234892: The Mechanical Investigations of Leonardo Da Vinci
0313234906: Contemporary European Philosophy
0313234914: Scientists in Industry : Conflict and Accommodation (A Publication of the Institute of Industrial Relations, University of California)
0313234922: The Great Rehearsal : The Story of the Making and Ratifying of the Constitution of the United States
0313234930: On Revolution
0313234965: French Canadian Outlook
0313234973: Political Power: USA/USSR
0313235007: Europe at Sixes and Sevens
0313235015: The Arabs : their history, culture, and place in the modern world,
0313235031: Brazil: Chapters by Manoel Cardoza and Others
0313235058: Chinese Dictionaries : An Extensive Bibliography of Dictionaries in Chinese and Other Languages
0313235066: Ibsen Companion: A Dictionary-Guide to the Life, Works, and Critical Reception of Henrik Ibsen
0313235074: Neighbors Across the Pacific : The Development of Economic and Political Relations Between Canada and Japan
0313235090: The Rural Elderly: An Annoltated Bibliography of Social Science Research
0313235104: Bibliography of Black Music, Volume 3 : Geographical Studies (The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Black Music)
0313235112: Periodical Literature on United States Cities: A Bibliography and Subject Guide
0313235139: Biographical Dictionary of Neo-Marxism
0313235147: Models for the Multitudes Social Values
0313235155: HENRY JAMES: A Bibliography of Criticism, 1975-1981
0313235163: Stereotype and Status : Librarians in the U. S. (41) (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science Ser., No. 41)
0313235171: Strange Career of Marihuana : Politics and Ideology of Drug Control in America
0313235198: Second British Empire Trade Philanthr
0313235201: Getting What We Ask For: The Ambiguity of Success and Failure in Urban Education (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313235228: Civil Religion and Moral Order: Theoretical and Historical Dimensions (Contributions in Sociology)
0313235236: Dictionary of Bibliographical Abbreviations Fo
0313235244: Musical Theatre in America : Papers and Proceedings of the Conference on the Musical Theatre in America (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies)
0313235252: Controlling Regulatory Sprawl
0313235279: Dictionary of Critical Theory
0313235287: Pacific Island Studies : A Survey of the Literature
0313235309: Research Guide to the Health Sciences : Medical, Nutritional, and Environmental
0313235325: Radicalism and Freethought in Nineteenth-Century Britain: The Life of Richard Carlile (Contributions in Labor Studies, No. 13) Free Thought
0313235341: Reflections On The Failure of Socialism
0313235376: Public Debt and Future Generations.
0313235406: Founders of British Science: John Wilkins, Robert Boyle, John Ray, Christopher Wren, Robert Hooke, Isaac Newton
0313235449: The Evolution of Prussia The Making of an Empire.
0313235457: English Philosophy Since 1900
0313235465: The European Inheritance. 3 volumes
0313235473: Birth of a Dilemma : The Conquest and Settlement of Rhodesia
0313235481: European Politics in Southern Rhodesia
0313235503: The Age of Power
0313235538: Italian Labor Movement
0313235546: The mediaeval church
0313235554: Age of Reformation
0313235570: The age of reason (The Development of Western civilization)
0313235589: The Great Discoveries and the First Colonial Empires
0313235597: Ancient Israel
0313235600: Rise of the Feudal Monarchies
0313235619: The Emergence of Rome : As Ruler of the Western World
0313235635: The European Inheritance: Vol. 2
0313235651: Multi-Media Communications
0313235678: Theories of Business Behavior
0313235686: Moscow and the Communist Party of India: A Study in the Postwar Evolution of International Communist Strategy
0313235694: Representative Institutions
0313235724: Labor Commitment and Social Change in Developing Areas
0313235740: What the Tariff Means to American Industries
0313235759: The Government of Japan (Crowell Comparative Government Series)
0313235767: FINANCING AMERICAN ENTERPRISE The Story of Commercial Banking
0313235775: The Dollar in World Affairs: An Essay in International Financial Policy
0313235783: Managerial Freedom and Job Security
0313235791: Enemy Within
0313235805: Ethnicity, Pluralism, and Race: Race Relations Theory in America Before Myrdal (Development of Western Civilization)
0313235848: Three Who Dared : Prudence Crandall, Margaret Douglass, Myrtilla Miner.
0313235856: Dictionary of Africanisms
0313235872: Musical Woman : An International Perspective, 1983
0313235880: Musical Woman : An International Perspective, 1984-1985
0313235899: Musical Woman : An International Perspective, 1986-1990
0313235902: Towards a More General Theory of Value
0313235910: Origin of the West German Republic
0313235937: Mao's China : Party Reform Documents, 1942-1944 (University of Washington...
0313235945: Japan and Korea. A Critical Bibliography.
0313235953: Government and People in Hong Kong 1841-1962
0313235988: TIGHTENING THE REINS OF JUSTICE IN AMERICA: A Comparative Analysis of the Criminal Jury Trial in England and the United States
0313236003: Trends in Information Transfer
0313236011: Unemployment and Technical Innovation: A Study of Long Waves and Economic Development
0313236038: Promise of Destiny
0313236054: Revolution and Counter-Revolution : Mozambique's War of Independence, 1964-1974
0313236062: Women, War, and Work : The Impact of World War I on Women in the United States
0313236089: The Evolution of American Electoral Systems
0313236097: The World of Black Singles: Changing Patterns of Male/Female Relations
0313236119: Women of the English Renaissance and Reformation
0313236135: Newspapers : a Reference Guide (
0313236143: Ideology and the Rise of Labor Theory in America.
0313236178: The International System : Theoretical Essays
0313236194: Guide to English Literature from Beowulf Through Chaucer and Medieval Drama
0313236216: Russia's Japan Expedition of 1852 to 1855
0313236224: The Naturalistic Tradition in Indian Thought
0313236240: The Constitutional Structure of the Commonwealth
0313236275: You're the Boss.
0313236291: Comecon Data 1981
0313236305: Prologue
0313236313: Craft of an Absolute Winner :Machado De
0313236321: Philippine-American Relations: A Guide to Manuscript Sources in the United States
0313236348: Alien to Femininity: Speculative Fiction and Feminist Theory (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
0313236380: North Korea in Transition: From Dictatorship to Dynasty (Contributions in Economics and Economic History,)
0313236399: School Law for the Practitioner (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313236402: The Southern Enigma : Essays on Race, Class, and Folk Culture (105) (Contributions in American History Ser., No. 105)
0313236410: Psychocriticism
0313236437: Born to Play: Life and Career of Hazel Harrison
0313236445: Nineteenth-Century Theatrical Memoirs,
0313236453: America's Royalty: All the Presidents' Children
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