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0313236542: Italy and the Allies.
0313236550: The Scottish Office and Other Scottish Government Departments
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0313236763: Black Slavery V2
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0313236836: Chicano Poetry
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0313236917: Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide
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0313237018: Speculum Mentis, or the Map of Knowledge
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0313237905: Myth of the State
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0313237972: American Tough: The Tough-Guy Tradition and American Culture.
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0313238146: Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery : with a New Introduction and Bibliography
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0313238162: Hydropathic Highway to Health Women and Water-Cure in Antebellum America
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0313238219: Women & Folklore : A Bibliographic Survey
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0313238235: Discovering Nature With Young People
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0313238634: Social and Political Ideas of Some Representative Thinkers of the Revolutionary Era
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0313238855: The United States and France
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0313239274: My Life
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0313240329: World Philosophy : A Contemporary Bibliography
0313240337: Reader in Library Administration
0313240345: Reader in the Academic Library
0313240353: Reader in Classification and Descriptive Cataloging
0313240361: Reader in Documents of International Organizations
0313240388: Reader in the History of Books and Printing
0313240396: Reader in Children's Librarianship
0313240418: Reader in Library Services and the Computer
0313240426: Reader in Library Technology
0313240434: Reader in Medical Librarianship
0313240442: Reader in Music Librarianship
0313240450: Reader in Research Methods for Librarianship
0313240469: Reader in Science Information
0313240477: Reader in Social Science Documentation:
0313240485: Reader in Technical Services
0313240493: Reader on the Library Building
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0313240515: School Desegregation Plans That Work
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0313240795: Age of the Baroque, 1610-1660
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0313240973: Bibliography of Nineteenth-Century American Piano Music with Location Sources and Composer Biography-Index
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0313241015: Erotic Universe : Sexuality and Fantastic Literature
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0313241104: Guide to the History of Illinois : Reference Guides to State History and Research
0313241112: International Handbook of Health Care Systems
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0313241163: Frederic Chopin, 1810-1849.
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0313241236: A Century of Civil Rights
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0313241341: DICTIONARY OF DEMOGRAPHY Terms, Concepts, and Institutions - 2 Volumes
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0313241384: Urban Development In The Third World
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0313241406: Energy Policy and Third World Development (International Development Resource Books)
0313241414: Population, Environment and Resources, and Third World Development: (International Development Resource Books)
0313241422: Health, Food, and Nutrition in Third World Development
0313241430: Economic Policy and Planning in Third World Development (International Development Resource Books)
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0313241465: Foreign Aid And Third World Development
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0313241481: Economic Integration and Third World Development (International Development Resource Books,)
0313241503: Appropriate Technology In Third World Development
0313241511: Development Co-operation and Third World Development: (International Development Resource Books)
0313241538: Disarmament and Development
0313241546: Developing Southeast Asia: A Modernization Perspective
0313241554: Developing Latin America: A Modernization Perspective (International Development Resource Books)
0313241562: Developing Africa : A Modernization Perspective
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0313241775: American Research on Russia
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0313241864: Visual Arts Research - Hardcover
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0313242011: Foreign Students in American Library Education
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0313242143: Prehistory of Africa
0313242178: The President and Congress: (Foundations of American Government and Political...
0313242186: Facts and Fallacies of International Business
0313242208: Through the Valley of the Kwai
0313242216: No High Ground
0313242224: Automation and the Worker
0313242240: The Temple of Jerusalem
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0313242275: White Collar Crime
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0313242402: Shinto, the Way of Japan
0313242410: Exploring the Great Basin
0313242429: Henry V and the Invasion of France
0313242445: The Samoan Dance of Life: An Anthropological Narrative
0313242453: Introduction to Philosophy of History.
0313242518: The Opinionmakers.
0313242526: Meaning and Expression: Toward a Sociology of Art.
0313242534: William Ellery Channing, an intellectual portrait
0313242550: Home and Abroad
0313242577: WARPED VISION British Foreign Policy, 1933-1939
0313242593: Garrick Claims the Stage: Acting as Social Emblem in Eighteenth-Century England
0313242607: Sex Segregation in Librarianship : Demographic and Career Patterns of Academic Library Administrators (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science)
0313242615: A Reference Companion to the History of Abnormal Psychology: A_L
0313242623: A Reference Companion to the History of Abnormal Psychology: M-Z
0313242631: Annual Index to Motion Picture Credits 1982.
0313242666: Breaking the Impasse in the War on Drugs
0313242674: Applied Behavior Analysis and School Psychology: A Research Guide to Principles and Procedures
0313242682: Wayne Morse : A Bio-Bibliography (1) (Bio-Bibliographies in Law and Political Science Ser., No. 1)
0313242690: Dynamics of Development and Development Administration
0313242704: MICHAEL TIPPETT: A Bio-Bibliography.
0313242712: No Place to Hide
0313242739: Gender, Ideology, and Action: Historical Perspectives on Women's Public Lives (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313242747: Introduction to Online Searching
0313242755: Amalgamation!
0313242763: Human Rights and Third World Development (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313242798: Daniel Bell and the Agony of Modern Liberalism
0313242801: Dictionary of Concepts in Cultural Anthropology
0313242844: Americans for Democratic Action: Its Role in National Politics
0313242852: The Senate Establishment:
0313242879: Muslim institutions
0313242887: The Balkans in Transition (A Searchlight Original)
0313242917: Appellate Courts in The United States and England.
0313242933: Premarital Intercourse and Interpersonal Relationships : A Research Study of...
0313242968: Russia - A Social History
0313242976: AFTER HOURS: Modern Japan and the Search for Enjoyment
0313242984: Politics in the United Nations: A Study of United States Influence in the General Assembly (Searchlight Original)
0313243026: Of Stars and Men
0313243034: The Everlasting South
0313243042: Propaganda and the Cold War : A Princeton University Symposium
0313243050: In Flanders Fields
0313243069: The Art and the History of Book Printing: A Topical Bibliography
0313243077: Historical Dictionary of North American Archaeology
0313243085: A Chronology of Conflict and Resolution, 1945-1985
0313243093: Historical Dictionary of the Progressive Era, 1890-1920
0313243107: Painting of the Golden Age
0313243131: Free Trade & Sailors Rights a Bibliog
0313243166: Orthodox Judaism in America
0313243204: Otto Luening
0313243247: New Religious Movements in Western Europe
0313243255: Is the Theatre Still Dying? (17) (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies Ser., No. 17)
0313243263: From Farce to Metadrama: A Stage History of the Taming of the Shrew, 1594-1983 (Reference Sources for the Social Sciences and Humanities,)
0313243271: Connecticut Yankee in the Twentieth Century
0313243298: Myth of Inevitable Progress
0313243301: Ethnic Groups, Congress, and American Foreign Policy : The Politics of the Turkish Arms Embargo (Contributions in Political Science, No 116)
0313243328: Shadow Justice : The Ideology and Institutionalization of Alternatives to Court
0313243336: Dictionary of American Medical Biography: Volume I - A-L
0313243352: British Literary Magazines; the Victorian and Edwardian Age, 1837-1913
0313243360: British Literary Magazines The Modern Age, 1914-1984
0313243379: Magazines of the American South
0313243387: Mythical and Fabulous Creatures : A Sourcebook and Research Guide
0313243409: Crime & Culture in America a Comparative
0313243433: Sigurd Hoel's Fiction
0313243468: Per Olof Sundman: Writer of the North (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
0313243484: International Handbook of Broadcasting Systems
0313243492: Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
0313243514: Missionaries of the Book: The American Library Profession and the Origins of United States Cultural Diplomacy
0313243530: Biographical Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean Political Leaders
0313243557: The Afro-American Short Story: A Comprehensive, Annotated Index with Selected Commentaries (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313243565: American Frontier & Western Issues a His
0313243581: Party Identification, Political Behavior, and the American Electorate...
0313243611: Philosophy of Individual Freedom : The Political Thought of F. A. Hayek
0313243638: Dentistry Journals and Serials
0313243654: German Actors of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Idealism, Romanticism, and Realism
0313243689: The Union Republics in Soviet Diplomacy : A Study of Soviet Federalism in the Service of Soviet Foreign Policy
0313243697: History in a Changing World.
0313243719: Organizational Revolution, The
0313243727: Passover, Its History and Traditions
0313243735: Money
0313243743: Kingship and Law in the Middle Ages
0313243751: Necessity for Choice: Prospects of American Foreign Policy
0313243778: Future of American Politics
0313243808: A Profile of the Negro American
0313243816: Collective Security in Swiss Experience 1291-1948
0313243832: The New Politics, America and the End of the Cold War
0313243859: Gentlemen Freeholders
0313243867: The Nien Army and Their Guerrilla Warfare, 1851-1868 (Le Monde d'outre mer, passe et present; 1. ser., Etudes, 13)
0313243883: Pacific Island Bastions of the United States
0313243891: Family and Class in a London Suburb.
0313243913: The Metaphysical Theory of State : A Criticism
0313243948: Paris Opera an Encyclopedia of Operas Volume 2 Rococ
0313243956: Social Cohesion : Essays Toward A Sociophysiological Perspective (Contributions in Sociology) - Hardcover
0313243964: The Kingdom of Jordan
0313243980: Wayward Technology
0313243999: Dict Amer Militaary Biog V3
0313244014: Success Or Failure? : Family Planning Programs in the Third World
0313244022: Contemporary Polish Theatre and Drama
0313244030: The Rhetorics of Popular Culture: Advertising, Advocacy, and Entertainment (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture)
0313244049: African Culture : The Rhythms of Unity (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies Ser., No. 81)
0313244057: Strategic Marketing for Libraries
0313244065: Organizational Adaptation by Public Libraries
0313244073: Film Feminisms : Theory and Practice (Contributions in Women's Studies, No. 56)
0313244146: Women Anthropologists: A Biographical Dictionary
0313244154: AN OLIVER OPTIC CHECKLIST An Annotated Catalogue-Index to the Series, Nonseries Stories and Magazine Publications of William Taylor Adams
0313244162: The Little Rock Crisis: A Constitutional Interpretation
0313244170: Human Behavior in the Concentration Camp
0313244189: The Carrier Corps. Military Labor in the East African Campaign, 1914-1918.
0313244200: Demography, urbanization, and spatial planning in Kenya: a bibliographical survey.
0313244219: Personal Income during Business Cycles
0313244235: Diversification and Integration in American Industry.
0313244251: The Share of Top Wealth-holders in National Wealth, 1922-56
0313244294: Socialism Re-Examined
0313244308: Semantics : The Nature of Words and Their Meanings
0313244316: Argentina and the United States.
0313244332: Egypt's Destiny : A Personal Statement by Mohammed Naguib
0313244340: Albert Ballin
0313244375: Policing Victorian London: Political Policing, Public Order and the London Metropolitan Police
0313244383: Dogma of the Battles of Annihilation : The Theories of Clausewitz and Schlieffen and Their Impact on the German Conduct of the Two World Wars
0313244391: Arguer's Position: A Pragmatic Study of
0313244405: Grant Proposal Writing
0313244413: Walter Legge : A Discography
0313244421: The Management of Oral History Sound Archives.
0313244448: Political Risk Assessment
0313244456: Neoclassical Theatre
0313244464: Systems of Discourse
0313244472: Assessing Sex Bias in Testing: A Review of the Issues and Evaluations of 74 Psychological and Educational Tests.
0313244510: Economic Development of Communist China : An Appraisal of the First Five Years of Industrialization
0313244537: Mexico, The Struggle for Peace and Bread
0313244545: NEGRO IN THE UNITED STATES A Research Guide
0313244553: The Chinese Family in the Communist Revolution
0313244561: Chinese Village in Early Communist Transition
0313244596: Confidentiality in Social Work
0313244618: Mahatma Gandhi
0313244634: The Ethnic I: A Sourcebook for Ethnic-American Autobiography
0313244642: Jack London- An American Radical ?
0313244650: Biographical Dictionary of Hispanic Literature in the United States : The Literature of Puerto Ricans, Puerto Rican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Other Hispanic Writers
0313244669: Historical Guide to Children's Theatre in America
0313244677: Dictionary of Language Games, Puzzles, and Amusements
0313244685: Strikes Dispute Procedures & Arbitrati
0313244693: Quests for a Promised Land : The Works of Martin Andersen Nexo
0313244707: The Line of Duty : Maverick Congressmen & the Development of American Political Culture, 1836-1860 (80) (Contributions in American Studies, No. 80)
0313244715: Joseph Alois Schumpeter : A Bibliography, 1905-1984 (Bibliographies and Indexes in Economics and Economic History)
0313244723: The Soul of the Wobblies: The I.W.W., Religion, and American Culture in the Progressive Era, 1905-1917
0313244731: Contemporary Stage Roles for Women
0313244758: Mechanical Metamorphosis
0313244766: Citizen-Sailors in a Changing Society : Policy Issues for Manning the United States Naval Reserve (Contributions in Military Studies, No 50)
0313244782: Hispanic Elderly in Transition : Theory, Research, Policy and Practice (Contributions to the Study of Aging)
0313244790: Discography of Hindustani and Karnatic Music
0313244804: Race, Politics, and Culture.
0313244820: Integrating Women's Studies into the Curriculum : An Annotated Bibliography (1) (Bibliographies and Indexes in Education Ser., No. 1)
0313244847: International Handbook of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
0313244855: Biographical Dictionary of Russian-Soviet Composers
0313244863: Women in Ireland an Annotated Bibliogr
0313244871: At the Very Least She Pays the Rent: Women and German Industrialization, 1871-1914
0313244901: Criminal Justice Research in Libraries
0313244928: Guide To the Literature of Tennis
0313244936: Jewish Serials of the World a Research
0313244944: Soviet Jewry Since the Second World War: Population and Social Structure
0313244952: Weeding Out the Target Population The Law of Accountability in a Manpower Program
0313244987: Power and Policy in Transition. Essays Presented on the Tenth Anniversary of the National Committee on American Foreigh Policy in Honor of Its Founder, Hans J. Morgenthau.
0313245002: Child-Rearing and Reform: A Study of the Nobility in Eighteenth-Century Poland (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies,)
0313245037: The American Response to Professional Crime, 1870-1917
0313245045: United States Navy and Marine Corps Bases, Overseas
0313245053: Music as Propaganda : Art to Persuade, Art to Control
0313245088: Information Specialist as Team Player in the Research Process (New Directions in Information Management)
0313245096: Cubans in the United States: A Bibliography for Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 1960 - 1983
0313245118: The Aged in Rural America
0313245126: The Rudy Vallee Discography
0313245134: Religion Journals and Serials: An Analytical Guide
0313245142: Education Journals and Serials : An Analytical Guide (12) (Annotated Bibliographies of Serials: A Subject Approach Ser., No. 12)
0313245150: Index to Southern Periodicals
0313245169: A Resource Guide to Themes in Contemporary American Song Lyrics, 1950-1985
0313245177: Great Historians from Antiquity to 1800 : An International Dictionary
0313245185: Fifty Southern Writers Before 1900
0313245193: 50 Southern Writers After 1900 a Bio Bib
0313245207: Dictionary of American Nursing Biography
0313245215: Mexican American Biographies: A Historical Dictionary, 1836-1987
0313245223: Vikings of the Sunrise
0313245231: The House of Representatives and Foreign Affairs
0313245258: Five Ideas That Change the World
0313245266: Fundamentals of Harmony
0313245274: Public Order in the Age of the Chartists
0313245290: Looking Outward: Years of Crisis at the United Nations.
0313245304: Government and Politics of Uruguay (Annotated Bibliographies of Serials: A Subject Approach,)
0313245312: The U. S. Economy in the 1950s: An Economic History
0313245320: The Parchment Peace: The United States Senate and the Washington Conference, 1921-1922
0313245339: Political Advancement in the South Pacific
0313245347: The Whiskey Rebellion : Past and Present Perspectives (109) (Contributions in American History Ser., No. 109)
0313245355: A Campaign of Ideas: The 1980 Anderson/Lucey Platform (Contributions in American Studies)
0313245363: Whiskey Rebellion: Past and Present Perspectives (Contributions in American History)
0313245398: Congressional Committees 1789 1982 A
0313245401: Prophet of the New Drama: William Archer and the Ibsen Campaign
0313245436: Heights of Courage : A Tank Leader's War on the Golan
0313245444: Bibliography of Published Articles on American Presbyterianism, 1901-1980 (Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies)
0313245452: The Anti-monopoly Persuasion: Popular Resistance To The Rise Of Big Business In The Midwest
0313245479: Marx Brothers : A Bio-Bibliography
0313245495: The State Politics of Judicial and Congressional Reform: Legitimizing Criminal Justice Policies (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313245509: The Native American in American Literature : A Selectively Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
0313245517: Humour in America: A Research Guide to Genres and Topics
0313245525: Dictionary of Medieval Knighthood and Chivalry : Concepts and Terms
0313245533: Legacy of Fear American Race Relations to 1900.
0313245541: More Than Dancing
0313245568: Give to the Winds Thy Fears: The Women's Temperance Crusade, 1873-1874
0313245576: Teacher Evaluation and Merit Pay
0313245584: Automobile in American History and Culture : A Reference Guide
0313245592: State Names, Seals, Flags, and Symbols
0313245606: Biographical Dictionary of North American Classicists
0313245614: Roots of Failure: United States Policy in the Third World
0313245622: Trinidad Awakening
0313245649: Guide To the History of Massachusetts
0313245665: Jim Farley's Story
0313245673: Dies Committee
0313245703: The principles of power: The great political crises of history
0313245711: The Queen's Government
0313245738: Negro Militia and Reconstruction
0313245746: Crash and Its Aftermath : A History of Securities Markets in the United States, 1929-1933
0313245754: Toxic and Hazardous Materials : A Sourcebook and Guide to Information Sources
0313245762: Books for Early Childhood : A Developmental Perspective ( Bibliographies and Indexes in Psychology )
0313245770: Stage Lives: A Bibliography and an Index to Theatrical Biographies in English
0313245789: Handbook of Federal Police and Investigative Agencies
0313245800: Index to Afro-American Reference Resources.: (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313245819: In Peace and War : Interpretations of American Naval History, 1775-1984; A Second Edition (Contributions in Military Studies)
0313245827: Age of Giant Corporations a Microeconomi
0313245835: The Age of Giant Corporations
0313245851: Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Catholic American Writing
0313245894: Elder Neglect and Abuse : An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Gerontology)
0313245916: Working the Range: Essays on the History of Western Land Management and the Environment. Contributions in Economics and Economic History, Number 61
0313245924: At Home on the Range Essays on the Histo
0313245932: Handbook of American-Jewish Literature : An Analytical Guide to Topics, Themes, and Sources
0313245959: Film as Literature, Literature as Film
0313245967: Buckskins, Bullets, and Business. A History of Buffalo Bill's Wild West
0313245975: Living Greek Theatre : A Handbook of Classical Performance and Modern Production
0313245991: American Vocal Chamber Music, 1945-1980: An Annotated Bibliography (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture,)
0313246009: Congress, Courts, and Criminals: The Development of Federal Criminal Law, 1801-1829 (Contributions in American History)
0313246017: Joseph Conrad and American Writers : A Bibliographical Study of Affinities, Influences, and Relations (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
0313246025: Activism in American Librarianship, 1962-1973
0313246033: The American West in Film: Critical Approaches to the Western
0313246041: Lead and Reproduction
0313246076: Freedom for the College Student Press : Court Cases and Related Decisions Defining the Campus Fourth Estate Boundaries
0313246084: Aspects of Fantasy Selected Essays From
0313246092: Year of Crisis, Year of Hope: Russian Jewry and the Pogroms of 1881-1882
0313246106: Federal Aid and State Library Agencies : Federal Policy Implementation (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science)
0313246114: Japan Through Children's Literature : an Annotated Bibliography.
0313246122: Underside of High-Tech
0313246149: People's Poland : Patterns of Social Inequality and Conflict (55) (Contributions in Sociology Ser.)
0313246165: The Origins of Soviet American Diplomacy.
0313246203: American Freedom and Catholic Power
0313246238: Soviet Statistics of Physical Output of Industrial Commodities. Their Compilation and Quality
0313246246: Obligations of Society in the XII and XIII Centuries
0313246254: Economic Theory and Western European Integration
0313246262: Melville's Classical Allusions : A Comprehensive Index and Glossary (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
0313246289: Reform Judaism in America : A Biographical Dictionary and Sourcebook
0313246297: Theatre for Working-Class Audiences in the United States, 1830-1980 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature,)
0313246319: Dictionary of Alcohol Use and Abuse: Slang, Terms and Terminology
0313246327: Fetal Alcohol Exposure and Effects : A Comprehensive Bibliography
0313246335: Position and the Nature of Personhood: An Approach to the Understanding of Persons
0313246343: Synthetic Rubber : A Project That Had to Succeed
0313246351: Martin Luther King, Jr. : An Annotated Bibliography
0313246378: Labor Migration in the Atlantic Economie
0313246386: The Immigrant Labor Press in North America, 1840S-1970s: Migrants from Northern Europe
0313246394: Muslim Peoples: A World Ethnographic Survey: v. 1
0313246408: Muslim Peoples a World Ethnographic Volume 2
0313246424: Arms at Rest: Peacemaking and Peacekeeping in American History
0313246432: Blacks in the Humanities, 1750-1984, a Selected Annotated Bibliography
0313246440: Financing Information Services: Problems, Changing Approaches, and New Opportunities for Academic and Research Libraries (New Directions in Information Management)
0313246459: Issues in Academic Librarianship: Views and Case Studies for the 1980s and 1990s (New Directions in Information Management)
0313246467: Women's Studies Encyclopedia Vol. 1 : Views from the Sciences
0313246483: Musical Notes: A Practical Guide to Staffing and Staging Standards of the American Musical Theatre
0313246491: Film and the Arts in Symbiosis : A Resource Guide
0313246505: Screwball Comedy: A Genre of Madcap Romance
0313246513: Government Violence and Repression
0313246521: Writing Independent History: African Historiography, 1960-1980 (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313246548: Johnny Cash Discography
0313246556: Human Rights, Ethnicity, and Discrimination
0313246564: Afro-American Demography and Urban Issues: A Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313246580: Renaissance Art
0313246599: Dictionary of Concepts in Archaeology
0313246602: Hamlet on Stage
0313246610: The Social Christian Novel
0313246629: Teaching in the Small College Issues and Applications
0313246637: The Politics of the Feminist Novel
0313246645: Irish Research: A Guide to Collections in North America, Ireland, and Great Britain (Bibliographies and Indexes in World History)
0313246653: Gender and Destiny : Women Writers and the Holocaust
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