0313246718: Soviet Policy Toward East Germany Reconsidered: The Postwar Decade
0313246742: Essential Jazz Records: Ragtime to Swing
0313246750: Short History of Switzerland
0313246769: China's Destiny.
0313246777: The Webbs and Their Work
0313246785: THE GOLDEN CENTURY OF SPAIN, 1501-1621
0313246793: Public and Republic
0313246815: Congressional Elections, 1896-1944 : The Sectional Basis of Political Democracy in the House of Representatives
0313246866: Crime and Custom in Savage Society
0313246874: Magic Science and Religion and Other Essays
0313246882: Hunger and Work in a Savage Society.
0313246890: The Discovery of the Pacific Islands.
0313246939: American Film Industry : A Historical Dictionary
0313246955: Twenty-Five Black African Filmmakers : A Critical Study, with Filmography and...
0313246998: Jens Bjrneboe
0313247005: Modern Jewish Morality: A Bibliographical Survey
0313247013: A Change of Course : The West German Social Democrats and NATO, 1957-1961
0313247021: International Cooperation for Social Justice: Global and Regional Protection of Economic/Social Rights (Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies,)
0313247048: German and Austrian Expressionism in the United States, 1900-1939: Chronology and Bibliography.
0313247056: Sport in America: New Historical Perspectives (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture Ser., No. 12)
0313247064: Individualism and community. The state in Marx and early anarchism.
0313247072: Judges, Bureaucrats, and the Question of Independence : A Study of the Social Security Administration Hearing Process (130) (Contributions in Political Science Ser., No. 130)
0313247080: Dying Child
0313247102: The Sociology of Religion: A Bibliographical Survey (Annotated Bibliographies of Serials: A Subject Approach,)
0313247110: Native American Aliens: Disloyalty and the Renunciation of Citizenship by Japanese Americans During World War II (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313247137: Radical Beginnings-Richard Hofstadter and the 1930's
0313247145: Dictionary of Mathematical Games, Puzzles, and Amusements
0313247153: Handbook of American Film Genres
0313247188: Painful Field
0313247196: Contemporary Islamic Revival : A Critical Survey and Bibliography
0313247218: Children's Services in the American Public Library
0313247226: The Selling of the Empire
0313247234: The Antislavery Rank and File: A Social Profile of the Abolitionists' Constituency (Contributions in American History)
0313247242: Moral Imperium
0313247250: Development of Law in Frontier California : Civil Law and Society, 1850-1890
0313247269: Corporate Responsibility and Legitimacy
0313247277: Social Responses to Technological Change
0313247285: John McCormack : A Comprehensive Discography
0313247293: Antiquarian Bookselling in the United States
0313247307: Public Administration in the Third World: An International Handbook
0313247323: In Defense of Public Order: The Emerging Field of Sanction Law
0313247358: Basic Values of Western Civilization:
0313247374: Science in the Making (9) (Bempton Lectures in America Ser.)
0313247382: Teacher : Anne Sullivan Macy
0313247390: Zanzibar, Its Society and Its Politics.
0313247412: Bulgarian Communism : The Road to Power 1934-1944
0313247420: The Emergence of Russian Panslavism 1856-1870
0313247439: The Literature of the New Testament
0313247447: The French Revolution
0313247463: Causes of Crime
0313247471: Basic Documents of International Relations
0313247501: American Prince, American Pauper : The Contemporary Vice Presidency in Perspective (Contributions in Political Science)
0313247528: The Great American Housewife : From Helpmate to Wage Earner, 1776-1986 (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313247544: Cross, the Flag, and the Bomb
0313247552: Law, Alcohol, and Order: Perspectives on National Prohibition (Contributions in American History)
0313247579: Fair Housing Comes of Age
0313247587: Jewish-Polish Coexistence, 1772-1939 A Topical Bibliography
0313247609: Elmer Diktonius
0313247625: The Equal Rights Amendment : An Annotated Bibliography of the Issues, 1976-1985 (3) (Bibliographies and Indexes in Women's Studies, No. 3)
0313247633: Research Guide for Studies in Infancy and Childhood: (Reference Sources for the Social Sciences and Humanities)
0313247641: Music history from the late Roman through the Gothic periods, 313-1425; a documented chronology.
0313247676: Human Rights
0313247692: Libraries in Prison: A Blending of Institutions (New Directions in Information Management S.)
0313247706: International Handbook on Race and Race Relations
0313247749: Sport and Society in Latin America: Diffusion, Dependency, and the Rise of Mass Culture
0313247765: With Ears Opening Like Morning Glories
0313247781: America on Film and Tape: A Topical Catalog of Audiovisual Resources for the Study of United States History, Society and Culture
0313247811: Social Goals and Educational Reform
0313247838: Wilson Harris and the Modern Tradition, A New Architecture of the World
0313247846: Contemporary Spanish Novel : An Annotated, Critical Bibliography, 1936-1994
0313247854: Rethinking How We Age : A New View of the Aging Mind (28) (Contributions in Philosophy Ser., No. 28)
0313247862: Suicide and the Elderly : An Annotated Bibliography and Review (Bibliographies and Indexes in Gerontology)
0313247870: Public Interest Law Groups : Institutional Profiles (Greenwood Reference Volumes on American Public Policy Formation)
0313247889: International Handbook on Human Rights
0313247897: Hispanic-American Material Culture: An Annotated Directory of Collections, Sites, Archives and Festivals in the United States
0313247900: Women in Jazz : A Discography of Instrumental Music, Nineteen Thirteen to Nineteen Sixty-Eight (19) (Discographies Ser., No. 19)
0313247927: The Great American Crime Myth
0313247951: The American Negro
0313247978: Gide: Hardcover by Germaine Bree
0313247986: Architecture and the Aesthetics of Plenty
0313247994: Triumph over Silence : Women in Protestant History
0313248001: Four Stepstoward Modern Art
0313248028: Italy & Italians
0313248036: The International Politics of Africa's Strategic Minerals (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313248052: Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution, 1789-1799
0313248095: Neighbors, Friends, or Madmen: The Puritan Adjustment to Quakerism in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts Bay (Contributions in Afro-American & African Studies)
0313248109: Index to Poetry in Popular Periodicals, 1960-1964
0313248117: The Ottoman Lady: A Social History from 1718 to 1918
0313248125: Modern Italian History : An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in World History)
0313248133: Information and the Future : A Handbook of Sources and Strategies Ser.
0313248141: Thank You Music Lovers : A Bio-Discography of Spike Jones and His City Slickers, 1941-1965
0313248168: The Politics of Public Librarianship (New Directions in Information Management
0313248184: Scenarios of Modernist Disintegration: Tryggve Andersen's Prose Fiction
0313248206: Housing and racial/ethnic minority status in the United States; an annotated bibliography with a review essay.
0313248222: Black Theology : A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies)
0313248257: A War Of Words: Chicano Protest in the 1960s and 1970s
0313248265: Growing Up Female: Adolescent Girlhood in American Fiction
0313248281: Concert and Opera Conductors : a Bibliography of Biographical Materials
0313248303: Propaganda in an Open Society
0313248311: Politics, Democracy, and the Supreme Court: Essays on the Frontier of Constitutional Theory
0313248338: Unesco Yearbook on Peace & Conflict 1983
0313248346: American Indian and Alaska Native Newspapers and Periodicals, 1971-1985
0313248362: Megalith Builders of Western Europe
0313248397: Cultural Patterns and Technical Change
0313248400: Society and the Homosexual.
0313248419: From Vienna to Versailles
0313248435: American Orators of the Twentieth Century : Critical Studies and Sources
0313248443: Images of Blacks in America Culture
0313248451: New Ideas in Therapy
0313248478: Crusade in Nuremberg
0313248486: Race, Ethnicity, and Minority Housing in the United States: (Contributions in Ethnic Studies)
0313248494: Women of Mathematics : A Bibliographic Sourcebook
0313248508: Co-Operation with Like-Minded Peoples British Influences on American Security Policy 1945-1949
0313248516: Biographical Dictionary of Marxism.
0313248567: The Flacks of Washington : Government Information and the Public Agenda (137) (Contributions in Political Science Ser., No.137)
0313248575: The Extreme Aged in America : A Portrait of an Expanding Population (3) (Contributions to the Study of Aging Ser.)
0313248583: Latin American Society and Legal Culture: A Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Law and Poli
0313248605: Dependency Theory and the Return of High Politics
0313248613: Vanguardism in Latin American Literature, 1920-1945 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313248648: Government Infostructures: A Guide to the Networks of Information Resources and Technologies at Federal, State, and Local Levels
0313248680: Directory of Historic American Theatres
0313248699: News From Somewhere : Connecting Health and Freedom at the Workplace
0313248702: Using Computers to Combat Welfare Fraud: The Operation and Effectiveness of Wage Matching
0313248729: Sourcebook for the Performing Arts
0313248745: Handbook of Housing and the Built Environment in the United States
0313248753: Gender Differences : Their Impact on Public Policy
0313248761: The Absent Marx: Class Analysis and Liberal History in Twentieth-Century America (Contributions in American History)
0313248818: International Guide to Children's Theatre and Educational Theatre : A Historical and Geographical Source Book
0313248826: Portrait of an Expatriate: William Gardner Smith, Writer
0313248842: Heinrich Schutz: A Bibliography of the Collected Works and Performing Editions (Contributions in Afro-American & African Studies)
0313248869: Health Care Issues in Black America : Policies, Problems, and Prospects (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313248877: Black American Health: An Annotated Bibliography
0313248885: Physician Patient Decision Making
0313248893: Portugal in the 1980's: Dilemmas of Democratic Consolidation
0313248907: New Battlefield
0313248923: Republicans and Vietnam, 1961-1968.
0313248931: Unitarians and the Universalists
0313248958: Walt Whitman Here and Now
0313248966: New world, new roles a documentary history of women in pre-industrial America (Contributions in Women’s Studies, Number 65)
0313248982: We Offer Ourselves as Evidence: Toward Workers' Control of Occupational Health
0313248990: Historians of the American Frontier
0313249016: An Annotated Bibliography of the Napoleonic Era: Recent Publications, 1945-1985
0313249024: International Handbook of National Parks and Nature Reserves
0313249032: Corwin's Constitution
0313249059: Germans in the Tropics (Contributions in Comparative Colonial Studies, No. 24)
0313249075: International Public Policy Sourcebook Vol. 1 : Health and Social Welfare (Vol. 1)
0313249083: Charisma, History and Social Structure
0313249091: The India Office, 1880-1910
0313249105: Politics of Right to Work
0313249113: A Guide to the History of Florida (Reference Guides to State History and Research)
0313249156: The Press and the Decline of Democracy: The Democratic Socialist Response in Public Policy.
0313249180: African-American Traditions in Song, Sermon, Tale,
0313249202: The Vanishing Adolescent
0313249229: British Public Finances : Their Structure and Development, 1880-1952 (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge, No. 227)
0313249237: Industrialization and Race Relations
0313249245: The First Whigs: The Politics of the Exclusion Crisis, 1678-1683
0313249253: God and the Rich Society
0313249288: An Introduction to Drama.
0313249296: From Crime to Choice : The Transformation of Abortion in America (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313249318: Strategic Planning for Sponsored Projects Administration: The Role of Information Management (Emerging Patterns of Work and Communications in an Information Age)
0313249326: Dictionary of Brazilian Literature
0313249334: Handbook of State Police, Highway Patrols, and Investigative Agencies
0313249342: Picaresque Narrative, Picaresque Fictions: A Theory and Research Guide
0313249350: Count Basie : A Bio-Discography
0313249369: Silence and Narrative: The Early Novels of Gertrude Stein (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313249385: Begin's Foreign Policy 1977-1983 Israel's Move To The Right
0313249393: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental Factors in Delinquency and Mental Disorder: An Interdisciplinary Bibliography
0313249423: Poverty and Public Policy : An Analysis of Federal Intervention Efforts (Studies in Social Welfare Policies and Programs)
0313249431: Dictionary of the Vietnam War
0313249458: Paralegals: Progress and Prospects of a Satellite Occupation (Emerging Patterns of Work and Communications in an Information Age)
0313249482: War and Society in the Seventeenth Century
0313249490: The Nature and Limits of Political Science
0313249547: Selected Historical Essays of F. W. Maitland.
0313249571: Audiencia of New Galicia in the Sixteenth Century : a Study in Spanish Colonial Government
0313249636: Index to Maps in Earth Science Publications, 1963-1983.
0313249652: Women Writers of Spain : An Annotated Bio-Bibliographical Guide
0313249660: Portrait and Story
0313249679: American Urbanism: A Historiographical Review (Contributions in American History)
0313249687: A Guide to the Archives of Hampton Institute
0313249709: Guide to the History of California
0313249725: Women in Southern Literature: An Index
0313249733: COMECON Foreign Trade Data 1984 (Vienna Institute for Comparative Economic Studies)
0313249741: Religion in a Tswana Chiefdom
0313249776: An Introduction to Social Anthropology
0313249792: Venezuela.
0313249814: Uruguay
0313249822: Bolivia: A Land Divided Hardcover by Osborne, Harold
0313249830: Forced Labour and Economic Development : An Enquiry into the Experience of Soviet Industrialization
0313249849: Samuel Barber
0313249857: Modern Arms and Free Men
0313249865: Life and Thought in the Greek and Roman World
0313249873: Language Of Shakespeare's Plays
0313249881: The Autobiography of a Curmudgeon.
0313249903: German Stage 1767 1890 a Directory of PL
0313249938: Growth of an American Invention: A Documentary History of the Junior and Community College Movement (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313249946: Ten Seasons New York Theatre in the Seventies.
0313249962: Presidential Libraries and Collections
0313249970: Disturbance in Mirrors
0313249989: Welsh Celtic Myth in Modern Fantasy : Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy
0313249997: The Course of American Democratic Thought.
0313250006: Old Age in a Bureaucratic Society : The Elderly, the Experts, and the State in American Society
0313250014: Overload and Boredom : Essays on the Quality of Life in the Information Society
0313250022: A Reference Guide to Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults
0313250030: S.J. Perelman A Critical Study
0313250049: International Music Journals : Historical Guides to the World's Periodicals and Newspapers
0313250057: J.R.R. Tolkien : Six Decades of Criticism
0313250065: Guido Gezelle Flemish Poet-Priest.
0313250103: Virgil Thomson: A Bio-Bibliography
0313250111: Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights : From Emancipation to the Present
0313250138: Organize or Perish. America's Independent Progressives, 1913-1933.
0313250146: Changing Jewish Life : Service Delivery and Planning in the 1990s
0313250154: Heralds of Promise
0313250162: Power & Pluralism in American Cities : Researching the Urban Laboratory (165) (Contributions in Political Science Ser.)
0313250170: Rationality in Thought & Action (29) (Contributions in Philosophy Ser.)
0313250189: Logic of Liberty
0313250219: The Dutch Gentry, 1500-1650: Family, Faith, and Fortune (Contributions in Family Studies)
0313250227: The Politics of an Emerging Profession: The American Library Association, 1876-1917 (Contributions i
0313250235: Judaica Americana: Set A Bibliography of Publications to 1900/Volume 1, Chronological File 1676 to 1889/Volume 2, Chronological File 1890 to 1900, Union List of Nineteenth-Century Jewish Serials Published in the United States, Index (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
0313250251: Bibliography of the Little Golden Books (Bibliographies & Indexes in American Literature S.)
0313250278: Smaller Academic Library
0313250286: Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon : First Supplement, A Catalogue-Index to Productions of the Royal Shakespeare Company, 1979-1993
0313250332: Conscientious Sorcerers : The Black Postmodernist Fiction of LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka, Ishmael Reed, and Samuel R. Delany (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313250359: Forms of the Fantastic : Selected Essays from the Third International Conference on the Fantastic in Literature and Film
0313250375: Encyclopedia of the New York Stage, 1920-1930
0313250383: The Encyclopedia of the New York Stage, 1920-1930 : Vol.2, N-Z
0313250413: Industrial Revolution, 1760-1830, by Ashton
0313250448: Awakening of Southern Italy, The
0313250456: The Wealth of England From 1496 to 1760.
0313250464: New Poems
0313250472: Measuring Delinquency : A Study of Probation Department Referrals
0313250480: An Introduction to Domesday Book
0313250499: The Trumpet Soundeth: William Jenning Bryan and His Democracy, 1896-1912
0313250502: The Composer and His Art
0313250537: The Art of Vergil : Image and Symbol in the Aeneid
0313250545: Economic Growth of Hong Kong
0313250553: Towards a Mythology : Studies in the Poetry of W. B. Yeats
0313250596: To Work and to Wed: Female Employment, Feminism, and the Great Depression
0313250634: Film Feminisms: Theory and Practice
0313250650: Growing up Female : Adolescent Girlhood in American Fiction
0313250669: Behavioral Teratology
0313250677: Will Herberg: A Bio-Bibliography
0313250685: Speaking of Friendship: Middle Class Women and Their Friends
0313250693: Esther Williamson Ballou, a Bio-Bibliography
0313250715: What I Have Learned : Thinking about the Future Then and Now
0313250723: Corporations and Society : Power and Responsibility
0313250731: U. S. Women's Interest Groups
0313250766: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 13
0313250774: Voices of the Storyteller Cuba's Lino Novas Calvo.
0313250782: Gertrude Stein Companion
0313250790: Roy Harris : A Bio-Bibliography
0313250804: Independent Monologue in Latin American Theatre
0313250820: Human Rights and American Foreign Policy: The Carter and Reagan Experiences (Bibliographies and Indexes in World Literature,)
0313250847: Gunther Schuller : A Bio-Bibliography (6) (Bio-Bibliographies in Music Ser., No. 6)
0313250855: Guide to the History of Pennsylvania : Reference Guides to State History and Research
0313250863: Church and Social Action A Critical Assessmetn and Bibliographical Survey
0313250901: The Howard L. and Muriel Weingrow Collection of Avant-Garde Art and Literature at Hofstra University
0313250944: Political Thought in Medieval Islam
0313250952: On English Prose
0313250960: Memory System of the Brain, THE
0313250979: Unvanquished Puritan A Portrait of Lyman Beecher
0313250987: Klaus Rifbjerg (12) (Contributions to the Study of World Literature Ser., No. 12)
0313251010: Worlds Within Women
0313251029: Ecumenism : A Bibliographical Overview
0313251037: The White Press and Black America
0313251045: The Golden Sword The Coming of Capitalism to the Colorado Mining Frontier.
0313251053: A Political Organization Approach to Transnational Terrorism
0313251061: Black & White in Southern Zambia the Ton
0313251088: Parent-Child Interaction in Transition
0313251096: Women in Western European History Suppl. 1 : A Select Chronological, Geographical, and Topical Bibliography
0313251118: In Defense of Political Trials
0313251126: Strange Constellations : A History of Australian Science Fiction
0313251142: My Years of Exile
0313251177: Egypt in Revolution: An Economic Analysis
0313251185: Electoral System in Britain since 1918
0313251193: The Chasm: The Life and Death of a Great Experiment in Ghetto Education
0313251207: The Chosen Few : An Examination of Some Aspects of University Selection in Britain
0313251231: Guide to the Hymns and Tunes of American Methodism (7) (Music Reference Collection, No. 7)
0313251266: Wars Without Splendor: The U.S. Military and Low-Level Conflict
0313251290: American Orators Before 1900
0313251304: Famine in Peasant Societies.
0313251320: OPPONENTS OF WAR, 1917-1918.
0313251339: Spanish Plays of Neoclassical England.
0313251347: Benjamin Constant
0313251355: Pity the Monsters: The Political Vision of Robert Lowell.
0313251363: Historical Statistics of Chile Vol. 5 : Banking, and Financial Services
0313251371: Dictionary of Demographies/Biographies A-L
0313251398: Dictionary of Demography: Multilingual Glossary
0313251401: Confrontation, Class Consciousness and the Labor Process: Studies in Proletarian Class Formation
0313251428: Dictionary of Demography : Vol. 2. Terms, Concepts, and Institutions N-Z
0313251436: Political Parties of Asia Volume 1 Afghanist
0313251444: Asian Political Parties of Asia and the Pacific : Vol. 2, Laos-Western Samoa (The Greenwood Historical Encyclopedia of the World's Political Parties)
0313251495: Research Projects for College Students
0313251517: Business and Religion in the American 1920's
0313251541: Press Law and Press Freedom for High School Publications : Court Cases and Related Decisions Discussing Free Expression Guarantees and Limitations for ... the Study of Mass Media and Communications)
0313251576: The Supreme Court and the American Family : Ideology and Issues.
0313251584: Algernon Blackwood a Bio Bibliography
0313251606: Publishing Opportunities for Energy Research : A Descriptive Guide to Selective Serials in the Social and Technical Sciences (Bibliographies and Indexes in Science and Technology)
0313251622: Civil Defense in the Soviet Union.
0313251630: On Escalation
0313251649: The Travels of Lao Ts'an.
0313251657: Diagnosis of Our Time: Wartime Essays of a Sociologist (International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction)
0313251665: Idea of Nature
0313251681: French Revolution.
0313251703: Nineteenth-Century Women Writers of the English-Speaking World: (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313251754: Soviet Union in Literature for Children and Young Adults : An Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Books
0313251762: Classical Period of the First British Empire, 1689-1783 : The Foundations of a Colonial System of Government: Select Documents on the Constitutional History of the British Empire with Commonwealth
0313251770: New Roads To Development
0313251789: Harry S. Truman: The Man from Independence (Contributions in Political Science)
0313251797: Military Spending and Industrial Decline A Study of the American Machine Tool Industry
0313251835: Criminal Justice Documents Selective
0313251843: The Myth of the Revolution : Hero Cults and the Institutionalization of the Mexican State, 1920-1940 (1) (Contributions to the Study of World History Ser., No. 1)
0313251851: Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Cuban Literature
0313251878: Campaigns in the News
0313251886: New Testament Christology : A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies)
0313251908: Contemporary Black American Playwrights
0313251916: Theodicies In Conflict. A Dilemma In Puritan Ethics And Nineteenth- Century American Literature.
0313251924: Ethics, Government, and Public Policy : A Reference Guide
0313251932: Index to Puerto Rican Collective Biography (Bibliographies & Indexes in American History S.)
0313251940: Spanish American Women Writers : A Bio-Bibliographical Source Book
0313251959: Uniforms and Nonuniforms
0313251975: Radiant Daughters: Fictional American Women
0313251983: Manufacturing : A Historiographical and Bibliographical Guide
0313251991: Extractives, Manufacturing and Services : A Historiographical and Bibliographical Guide
0313252009: Infrastructure and Services : A Historiographical and Bibliographical Guide
0313252017: Unemployment under Capitalism. The Sociology of British and American Labour Markets. Contributions in Economics and Economic History, No. 65
0313252033: Five Pre-Shakespearean Comedies (Early Tudor Period).
0313252041: The Principles of Canon Law
0313252068: The Road to Realism: The Early Years 1837-1886 of William Dean Howells
0313252084: The Spanish Story, Franco and the Nations at War
0313252106: Poems of Jules Laforgue
0313252130: To Enforce Education: A History Of The Founding Years Of The United States Office Of Education
0313252157: MR. JUSTICE HOLMES
0313252165: Behaviour
0313252203: The Poet in the Theatre.
0313252211: Essays on Government
0313252246: The Record Of A Legend. Benny Goodman
0313252289: Selected Philosophical Writings
0313252297: English Democratic Ideas in the Seventeenth Century
0313252335: Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1960-1984 : Recent Books of Recognized Merit
0313252343: International Handbook on Alcohol and Culture
0313252351: Free Flow of Information : A New Paradigm (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications)
0313252378: Black Family in the United States/Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313252386: Niccolo Machiavelli: An Annotated Bibliography of Modern Criticism and Scholarship
0313252408: Other Desert War : British Special Forces in North Africa, 1940-1943
0313252424: Mr. B: Comforting Thoughts about the Bison : A Critical Biography of Robert Benchley
0313252432: The Politics of Developed Socialism: The Soviet Union as a Post-Industrial State (Contributions in Political Science)
0313252440: Operas in German
0313252483: Bibliographic Guide to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1979-1985
0313252505: Ernst Krenek : A Bio-Bibliography
0313252513: Information-Finding and the Research Process : A Guide to Sources and Methods for Public Administration and the Policy Sciences
0313252521: Hibernia America: The Irish and Regional Cultures
0313252548: American Mass Market Magazines
0313252556: William Grant Still : A Bio-Bibliography
0313252564: The Urbanists, 1865-1915: (Contributions in American Studies)
0313252572: Security and Arms Control: Volume 1 - A Guide to National Policymaking
0313252580: Security and Arms Control: Volume 2 - A Guide to International Policymaking
0313252599: Pascal Programming for Libraries
0313252637: Finding the Source in Sociology and Anthropology: A Thesaurus-Index to the Reference Collection
0313252645: The Character of the Word: The Texts of Zora Neale Hurston
0313252653: Shared Vulnerability : The Media and American Perceptions of the Bhopal Disaster
0313252696: American Educators' Encyclopedia
0313252726: Greek Art and Literature 700-530 B.C. : The Beginnings of Modern Civilization
0313252734: The Job of the Federal Executive
0313252742: History of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
0313252769: In the Beginning
0313252777: Congressional Districting the Issue of Equal Representation
0313252785: A Short History of British Psychology, 1840-1940
0313252807: Against All Enemies : Interpretations of American Military History from Colonial Times to the Present
0313252831: Early Victorian New Zealand: A Study of Racial Tension and Social Attitudes 1839-1852
0313252858: A Prologue to National Development Planning (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Stud)
0313252866: Federal Public Policy on Aging Since 1960
0313252874: Dictionary of Gerontology
0313252882: Management Theory & Library Education
0313252890: The Practical Revolutionaries: A New Interpretation of the French Anarchosyndicalists (Contributions to the Study of World History)
0313252912: A Black Elite: A Profile of Graduates of Uncf College
0313252920: Business Journals of the United States : Historical Guides to the World's Periodicals and Newspapers
0313252939: Other Price of Hitler's War : German Military and Civilian Losses Resulting from World War II (Contributions in Military Studies, No 55)
0313252947: Clef-Verve Labels : A Discography
0313252955: Toward a Theory of Eurocommunism: The Relationship of Eurocommunism to Eurosocialism (Contributions in Political Science)
0313252963: Women in Japanese Society : An Annotated Bibliography of Selected English Language Materials
0313252971: Terrible Beyond Endurance?: The Foreign Policy of State Terrorism (Contributions in Political Science)
0313252998: Liberalization and Redemocratization in Latin America
0313253005: De Lawd: Richard B. Harrison and The Green Pastures
0313253013: Bandidos: The Varieties of Latin American Banditry (Contributions in Criminology and Penology)
0313253021: In the Public Interest : The League of Women Voters, 1920-1970 (Contributions in American Studies)
0313253048: Youth Information Resources: An Annotated Guide for Parents, Professionals, Students, Researchers, and Concerned Citizens
0313253056: ADJUSTING THE BALANCE: Federal Policy and Victim Services.
0313253099: Music History During the Renaissance Period, 1425-1520
0313253102: Operas in English
0313253110: Max Reger: A Bio-bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music S.)
0313253129: Irish Folk Music : A Selected Discography
0313253137: Lessing and the Enlightenment
0313253161: For the Public Record : A Documentary History of the League of Women Voters
0313253196: CECILE CHAMINADE: A Bio-Bibliography.
0313253226: White Rabbit
0313253234: By the Sweat of Thy Brow: Work in the Western World
0313253242: The American Musical Stage Before 1800.
0313253269: Psychotherapy and a Christian View of Man
0313253277: The American Victorian Woman : The Myth and the Reality (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313253285: women into the Unknown a Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers
0313253323: Five Scenarios For The Year 2000
0313253358: President's Partner
0313253366: Paul Creston : A Bio-Bibliography
0313253374: Comprehensive, Annotated Bibliography on Mahatma Gandhi Vol. 1,42 : Biographies, Works by Gandhi, and Bibliographical Sources
0313253390: Museum Collections and Today's Computers
0313253404: Hawaiian Music: An Annotated Bibliography
0313253412: United States in the Middle East : A Historical Dictionary
0313253420: Hidden Power: the Senoirity System and Other Rules of Congress
0313253439: East and Southeast Asian Material Culture in North America : Collections, Historical Sites, and Festivals (3) (Material Culture Directories Ser., No. 3)
0313253447: Strangers or Friends : Principles for a New Alien Admission Policy (Contributions in Political Science)
0313253463: Heitor Villa Lobos a Bio Bibliography
0313253498: Melville's Allusions to Religion : A Comprehensive Index and Glossary
0313253528: Higher Education in American Life, 1636-1986
0313253536: More Than a Game : Sports and Politics
0313253552: Accommodation and Resistance : the French Left, Indochina and the Cold War 1944-1954
0313253560: Twentieth-Century Shapers of American Popular Religion
0313253579: The Homosexual and Society: An Annotated Bibliography
0313253587: Forty Years: A Third World Soldier at the UN Hardcover.
0313253595: American Theatre Companies, 1888-1930,
0313253609: American Theatre Companies, 1931-1986
0313253617: The Handbook of National Population Censuses
0313253625: U. S. Energy and Environmental Interest Groups : Institutional Profiles
0313253668: Minorities and Criminality
0313253676: Demographics and Criminality : The Characteristics of Crime in America
0313253684: French Critical Reception of African-American Literature : From the Beginnings to 1970: An Annotated Bibliography
0313253692: Dictionary of Concepts in Physical Geography
0313253706: Telecommunication Economics and International Regu
0313253714: Human Longevity from Antiquity to the Modern Laboratory: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies & Indexes in Gerontology S.)
0313253722: International Handbook of Transportation Policy
0313253730: Sam Shepard's Metaphorical Stages.
0313253749: Multiculturalism in the United States : A Comparative Guide to Acculturation and Ethnicity
0313253773: Enrico Caruso
0313253811: Policy Controversies in Higher Education
0313253846: Shield of Republic, Sword of Empire : A Bibliography of United States Military Affairs, 1783-1846 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History, vol
0313253854: A Dictionary of Mexican American Proverbs
0313253862: Creative awakening : the Jewish presence in twentieth-century American literature, 1900-1940s
0313253870: In the Mainstream Jewish Presence in T W
0313253889: DRAMATIC ENCOUNTERS, The Jewish Presence in Twentieth-Century American Drama, Poetry, and Humor and the Black-Jewish Literary Relationship
0313253897: Arms Control and Nuclear Weapons: U.S. Policies and the National Interest
0313253900: Right to Life Movement and Third Party Politics
0313253919: William Walton : A Bio-Bibliography
0313253935: Edison, Musicians, and the Phonograph
0313253943: Wind Ensemble Catalog
0313253978: Theological and Religious Reference Materials: Practical Theology (Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies)
0313253986: FREEDOM IN THE WORLD: Political Rights and Civil Liberties, 1985-1986
0313254044: Charles Ives
0313254052: Handbook of American Popular Literature
0313254060: Handbook of American Popular Culture
0313254079: The French Socialists in Power, 1981-1986: (Contributions in Political Science)
0313254087: Voices of Combat: A Century of Liberty and War Songs, 1765-1865 (Contributions to the Study of Music and Dance)
0313254095: Housing Markets and Policies under Fiscal Austerity
0313254109: Sex and Supervision: Guarding Male and Female Inmates (Contributions in Criminology & Penology S.)
0313254117: A Richard Wright Bibliography: Fifty Years of Criticism and Commentary, 1933-1982 (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies) - Hardcover
0313254125: Ethnic Groups and U.S. Foreign Policy: (Contributions in Political Science)
0313254141: Effective education; a minority policy perspective.
0313254168: The Economics of Health Care
0313254176: England in the Mediterranean: A Study of the Rise and Influence of the British Power Within the Straits, 1603-1713
0313254184: Frank Martin: A Bio-Bibliography
0313254192: Alternative Constitutions for the United States : A Documentary History
0313254206: Aliens in the Home
0313254214: V-Discs: A History and Discography: First Supplement
0313254222: Unlikely Heroines: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers and the Woman Question
0313254230: Civil War Generals : Categorical Listings and a Biographical Directory
0313254257: Academic Freedom and Catholic Higher Education
0313254265: Trends In Public Opinion: A Compendium of Survey Data
0313254273: International Handbook of Housing Policies and Practices
0313254303: The University of the Future: The Yugoslav Experience (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313254311: The Structure of Criminal Procedure: Laws and Practice of France, Soviet Union, China, and the United States (Contributions in Criminology and Penology)
0313254346: French Horn Discography (Discographies)
0313254370: The Role of State Supreme Courts in the New Judicial Federalism (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313254389: The State and Public Bureaucracies: A Comparative Perspective (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313254397: Roman Catholics
0313254400: Information for International Marketing : An Annotated Guide to Sources (3) (Bibliographies and Indexes in Economics and Economic History Ser., No. 3)
0313254419: The Old and New World Romanticism of Washington Irving:
0313254427: UNESCO Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies, 1984 (Unesco Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies)
0313254435: Intergovernmental Relations and Public Policy: (Contributions in Political Science)
0313254451: The Politics of the Feminist Novel.
0313254478: Anne, the White Woman in Contemporary African-American Fiction : Archetypes, Stereotypes, and Characterizations
0313254486: Taiwan's Development : Implications for Contending Political Economy Paradigms
0313254508: Machines and Intelligence: a Critique of Arguments Against the Possibility of Artificial Intelligence
0313254516: Human Rights in the States : New Directions in Constitutional Policymaking
0313254532: Sealskin and Shoddy Working Women in American Labor Press Fiction, 1870-1920
0313254540: Bureaucracy Against Democracy and Socialism (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313254559: Foundations of Science Fiction: A Study in Imagination and Evolution (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
0313254567: Great Themes Of Science Fiction A Study In Imagination And Evolution
0313254575: When World Views Collide: A Study in Imagination and Evolution
0313254583: Development of a Postmodern Self : A Computer-Assisted Comparative Analysis of Personal Documents
0313254591: Housing and Neighborhoods: Theoretical and Empirical Contributions
0313254605: Central European Economic History: From Waterloo to O.P.E.C., 1815-1975 - A Bibliography (Bibliographies & Indexes in Economics & Economic History)
0313254613: Besieged Bedfellows: Israel and the Land of Apartheid,
0313254621: A Republic, If You Can Keep It : The Foundation of the American Presidency, 1700-1800
0313254664: Research Guide to Libraries and Archives in the Low Countries
0313254672: Not Just for Children Only : The Mexican Comic Book in the Late 1960s and 1970s
0313254699: THE LAST GAITER BUTTON: A Study of the Mobilization and Concentration of the French Army in the War of 1870.
0313254702: Crime and the Elderly : An Annotated Bibliography
0313254710: A Chronological Outline of American Literature: (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
0313254729: War Cooperation & Conflict the European
0313254737: Louis Wirth
0313254745: Vivian Fine : A Bio-Bibliography
0313254753: New Servants of Power : A Critique of the 1980s School Reform Movement
0313254788: Citizen Participation in Public Decision Making
0313254826: U.S. National Security Policy and Strategy. Documents and Policy Proposals
0313254834: The Biosocial Construction of Femininity. Mothers and Daughters in Nineteenth-Century America
0313254842: North American Elders : United States and Canadian Perspectives
0313254869: Japanese Women Writers
0313254877: America's Correctional Crisis
0313254885: Africa in Literature for Children and Young Adults : An Annotated Bibliography of English Language Books
0313254893: Indian Subcontinent in Literature for Children and Young Adults : An Annotated Bibliography of English-Language Books
0313254907: Vocabulary Control and Search Strategies in Online Searching
0313254915: Military Psychiatry : A Comparative Perspective
0313254923: Information World of Retired Women
0313254931: Bureaucratic Politics and Regulatory Reform: Environmental Protection Agency and Emissions Trading (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313254958: An Annotated Bibliography of Latin American Sport : Pre-Conquest to the Present (Bibliographies and Indexes in World History Ser., No. 17)
0313254966: Classical Reproducing Piano Roll : A Catalogue - Index
0313254974: Anton Rubinstein
0313254982: Class in China: Stratification in a Classless Society (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313255008: The Librarian's Companion
0313255016: A Nilotic World : The Atuot-Speaking Peoples of the Southern Sudan (Contributions to the Study of Anthropology)
0313255024: Spectrum of the Fantastic : Selected Essays from the Sixth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313255032: Daniel Pinkham a Bio Bibliography
0313255040: Perspectives on Nuclear War and Peace Education
0313255059: From Documentation to Information Science : The Beginnings and Early Development of the American Documentation Instrument--American Society for Information Science
0313255067: Nixon Presidency : Power and Politics in Turbulent Times
0313255075: Librarianship : A Third World Perspective
0313255083: Legal Services for the Poor: A Comparative and Contemporary Analysis of Interorganizational Politics (Studies in Social Welfare Policies and Programs)
0313255091: Encyclopedia of the New York Stage, 1930-1940
0313255105: Contemporary Canadian Politics: An Annotated Bibliography, 1970 - 1987.
0313255113: Ellipse of Uncertainty
0313255148: Gilbert Tennent, Son of Thunder: A Case Study of Continental Pietism's Impact on the First Great Awakening in the Middle Colonies
0313255156: Woman As Mediatrix : Essays on Nineteenth-Century European Women Writers-Prepared under the Auspices of Hofstra University (73) (Contributions in Women's Studies, No. 73)
0313255164: Comparing Presidential Behavior
0313255172: Ethics of Public Service : Resolving Moral Dilemmas in Public Organizations
0313255180: Friedrich A. Sorge's Labor Movement in the United States : a History of the American Working Class From 1890 to 1896 (73) (Contr
0313255202: First Use of Nuclear Weapons: Under the Constitution, Who Decides?
0313255210: Randall Thompson : A Bio-Bibliography
0313255229: English-Language Dictionaries, 1604-1900
0313255245: Costume Design on Broadway : Designers and Their Credits, 1915-1985 (5) (Bibliographies and Indexes in the Performing Arts Ser., No. 5)
0313255253: Edward Burlingame Hill: A Bio-Bibliography
0313255261: Fantastic in World Literature and the Arts : Selected Essays from the Fifth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313255288: Religious Sociology : Interfaces and Boundaries (Contributions in Sociology)
0313255296: Textiles in Transition: Technology, Wages and Industry Relocation in the United States Textile Industry, 1880-1930 (Contributions in Economics & Economic History S.)
0313255318: Cross Index Title Guide to Classical Music (Music Reference Collection)
0313255326: Why Americans Don't Vote: Turnout Decline in the United States, 1960-1984 (Contributions in Political Science)
0313255334: A Revolution Gone Backward : The Black Response to National Politics, 1876-1896 (105) (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies Ser., No. 105)
0313255342: How Minority Status Affects Fertility: Asian Groups in Canada.
0313255385: Rocky Mountain Constitution Making, 1850-1912
0313255393: Social Science Reference Sources : A Practical Guide
0313255415: Kate Smith: A Bio-Bibliography
0313255423: Social Security After Fifty : Successes and Failures (Studies in Social Welfare Policies and Programs)
0313255431: American Playwrights Since 1945 a Guide To SCH
0313255466: Ulysses Kay
0313255474: Jean Langlais: A Bio-Bibliography (Contributions in Labor Studies,)
0313255482: Library and Information Science in China
0313255490: Cultural Policy and Socialist France
0313255504: The Kate Chopin Companion - Hardcover
0313255512: Historical Dictionary of the Third French Volume 1
0313255520: Historical Dictionary of the Third French Repu
0313255539: Israel-Palestine: A Guerilla Conflict in International Politics
0313255547: Police Administration and Progressive Reform: Theodore Roosevelt as Police Commissioner of New York (Studies in Social Welfare Policies and Programs,)
0313255555: Reflections on the Fantastics
0313255563: The South Is Another Land: Essays on the Twentieth-Century South
0313255571: Archetypes, Imprecators, and Victims of Fate: Origins and Developments of Satire in Black Drama (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313255628: Francis Poulenc
0313255636: Structure and Confirmation of Evolutionary Theory
0313255644: Research in Basic Writing : A Bibliographic Sourcebook
0313255652: Ned Rorem
0313255660: Homelessness in the United States - State Surveys
0313255695: From Satire to Subversion : The Fantasies of James Branch Cabell (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy)
0313255709: Alexander Crummell Pioneer in Nineteenth-Century Pan-African Thought
0313255717: From Science to Subjectivity: An Interpretation of Descartes' Meditations
0313255733: Three Mile Island
0313255768: Intervention Strategies for Chronic Juvenile Offenders. Some New Perspectives. Contributions in Criminology and Penology, No. 15
0313255776: Lighten Their Darkness: The Evangelical Mission To Working-Class London, 1828-1860
0313255792: Black Press in the Middle West, 1865-1985
0313255814: The Dawning of American Keyboard Music (Contributions to the Study of Music and Dance)
0313255822: Organization-Society Nexus : A Critical Review of Models and Metaphors
0313255830: European American Elderly: An Annotated Bibliography
0313255849: Russian Romantic Criticism : An Anthology (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
0313255857: Karel Husa
0313255873: Ferruccio Busoni : A Bio-Bibliography
0313255903: The American Public Library and the Problem of Purpose (Contributions in Librarianship and Information Science)
0313255911: Black Women in the Workplace : Impacts of Structural Change in the Economy
0313255946: Partnerships for Improving Schools: (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313255962: Land and Freedom
0313255989: Handbook of Political Theory and Policy Science
0313255997: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 14
0313256004: COMECON Data 1985 (Comecon Data)
0313256012: Presidential Power and Management Techniques: The Carter and Reagan Administrations in Historical Perspective (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313256039: Church and State in Historical Perspective : A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
0313256047: Church and State in the Modern World : A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
0313256055: Government Information: Education & Research. 1928-1986
0313256063: Because They Were Jews
0313256071: The Meaning of Grief: A Dramaturgical Approach to Understanding Emotion (Contributions in Psychology)
0313256098: Ordered Liberty and the Constitutional Framework: The Political Thought of Friedrich A. Hayek (Contributions in Political Science)
0313256128: Federal Lands Policy: (Contributions in Political Science)
0313256136: Black American Families, 1965-1984: A Classified, Selectively Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313256144: Abortion, Politics, and the Courts: Roe v. Wade and its Aftermath (Contributions in American Studies)
0313256152: Families and the Gravely Ill : Roles, Rules and Rights (Contributions in Medical Studies, No. 23)
0313256160: Toward Black Undergraduate Student Equality in American Higher Education
0313256179: Childbearing Among Hispanics in the United States
0313256195: Human Consciousness and Its Evolution : A Multidimensional View (Contributions in Psychology)
0313256209: Concert and Opera Conductors : A Bibliography of Biographical Materials (Music Reference Collection)
0313256225: Cross Index Title Guide to Opera and Operetta
0313256276: Eugene O'Neill in Ireland : The Critical Reception (Contributions in Drama and Theatre Studies)
0313256284: A Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in the Middle East: Problems and Prospects...
0313256292: Language of Exclusion : The Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti
0313256314: Evolution of Blitzkrieg Tactics : Germany Defends Itself Against Poland, 1918-1933
0313256322: Terrorism, U.S. strategy, and Reagan policies
0313256330: Surprizing Narrative: Olaudah Equiano and the Beginning of Black Autobiography
0313256349: Television Industry
0313256357: The International Film Industry: A Historical Dictionary
0313256365: Press Freedoms: A Descriptive Calendar of Concepts, Interpretations, Events, and Court Actions, from 4000 B.C. to the Present
0313256373: Pursuing a Just and Durable Peace : John Foster Dulles and International Organization
0313256381: International Handbook of Women's Education
0313256411: Philosophy and the Nature of Language
0313256446: The Ambiguous Relationship: Theodore Roosevelt and Alfred Thayer Mahan (Contributions in Military Studies)
0313256454: The Coming of Age of Political Economy 1815-1825
0313256462: Concept of Social Structure
0313256489: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor: American Economic Development Policy Toward the Arab (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
0313256497: Man Cannot Speak for Her a Critical Volume 1
0313256500: Man Cannot Speak for Her: Volume II; Key Texts of the Early Feminists (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313256527: Historical Dictionary of Data Processing Techn
0313256535: Naturalistic Inquiry for Library Science : Methods and Applications for Researach, Evaluation and Teaching
0313256543: The Chronology of an Oral Tradition : Quest for a Chimera (Oxford Studies in African Affairs)
0313256578: Faust in Literature (University of Durham Publications)
0313256586: Krzysztof Penderecki : A Bio-Bibliography
0313256616: Glimpses of India: An Annotated Bibliography of Published Personal Writings by Englishmen, 1583-1947
0313256624: Politics Through a Looking-Glass: Understanding Political Cultures Through a Structuralist Interpretation of Narratives
0313256667: The Unfulfilled Promise of Synthetic Fuels: Technological Failure, Policy Immobilism or Commercial Illusion? (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313256675: Theatre Companies of the World : Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Canada, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Scandinavia
0313256683: Theatre Companies of the World
0313256691: The Roman Empire.: (Oxford Paperbacks University Series, Opus 30) Hardcover...
0313256713: Constitutionalism: The Philosophical Dimension
0313256721: West Germany's Foreign Policy: The Impact of the Social Democrats and the Greens (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313256748: Dime Novel Companion : A Source Book
0313256756: Patty Duke: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts)
0313256764: Carlo Gozzi: Translations of The Love of Three Oranges Turandot and
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