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0313256918112: Handbook of Emergency Management: Programs and Policies Dealing with Major Hazards and Disasters ISBN:0313256918
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0313257566: Moral Equivalent of War?
0313257574: Common Knowledge
0313257590: The American War in Vietnam: Lessons, Legacies, and Implications for Future Conflicts
0313257612: TAKE FIVE.
0313257620: Behind a Curtain of Silence : Japanese in Soviet Custody, 1945-1956
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0313257760: Key Papers in the Economics of Information
0313257779: Key Papers in Information Science
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0313257825: Telecommunications Networks : Issues and Trends
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0313257930: Spotlight on the Child
0313257973: Power From the Appalachians: The Solution to the Northeast's Electricity Problems?
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0313258775: Art Museums of the World, Volume 2: Norway-Zaire
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0313259003: Through the Pale Door : A Guide to and Through the American Gothic
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0313259844: Beyond Flexner : Medical Education in the Twentieth Century
0313259852: Their Place on the Stage
0313259860: Labor and Industrial Relations Journals and Serials
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0313259887: The Crisis and Challenge of African Development: (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
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0313259917: Issues and Problems in Teacher Education : An International Handbook
0313259933: Beatles
0313259968: The Alienated Librarian (New Directions in Information Management)
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0313260257: Slippery Slope : The Long Road to the Breakup of AT&T
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0313260273: New Day/New Deal: A Bibliography of the Great American Depression, 1929-1941 (Bibliographies and Indexes in American History)
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0313260370: Nato Strategy and Nuclear Defense, Contribution in Military Studies, Number 69
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0313260435: Women, Minorities, and Unions in the Public Sector
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0313260494: Topical Index of Early U. S. Almanacs, 1776-1800
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0313260540: Make Room for Dreams
0313260567: Blacks in Classical Music : A Bibliographical Guide to Composers, Performers, and Ensembles
0313260583: Senior Centers in America: (Contributions to the Study of Aging)
0313260591: The Compassionate Memsahibs: Welfare Activities of British Women In, 1900-1947
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0313260737: Populations, Urbanization, and Rural Settlement in Ghana : A Bibliographic Survey (African Special Bibliographic Series)
0313260745: Dilemmas of Social Democracy
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0313260796: GEORGE ORWELL
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0313260893: Switzerland in Perspective
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0313260974: Philanthropy and Gerontology: The Role of American Foundations (Contributions to the Study of Aging)
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0313261008: Psychological and Medical Aspects of Induced Abortion
0313261024: The Dynamics of Knowledge: A Contemporary View (Contributions to the Study of Aging,)
0313261075: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 15
0313261083: Richard Nixon : Rhetorical Strategist
0313261091: Sheathing the Sword : The U. N. Secretary-General and the Prevention of Internation Conflict
0313261105: Pilgrimage in Latin America
0313261113: Occupation and class consciousness in America
0313261121: State Constitutions and Criminal Justice
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0313261172: Handbook on International Migration
0313261180: Culture and Christianity : The Dialectics of Transformation
0313261199: Anthropology of Aging
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0313261237: Lost Worlds Romance : From Dawn till Dusk
0313261245: Annotated Bibliography of Puerto Rican Bibliographies
0313261253: A DESCRIPTIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF LADY CHATTERLEY'S LOVER, With Essays Toward a Publishing History of the Novel
0313261261: Dictionary of Children's Fiction from Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and Selected African Countries
0313261296: Conflict over the World's Resources : Background, Trends, Case Studies, and Considerations for the Future
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0313261393: Gian Carlo Menotti
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0313261482: Urban Housing and Neighbourhood Revitalization: Turning a Federal Programme into Local Projects (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313261490: Reevaluating Major Naval Combatants of World War II.
0313261504: Japan's Civil Service System : Its Structure, Personnel, and Politics
0313261512: History of the Anglo-American Common Law of Contract
0313261520: Benjamin Franklin an American Man of Letters
0313261539: Elite Cadres and Party Coalitions: Representing the Public in Party Politics
0313261547: Urban South
0313261598: Legal aspects of health care for the elderly; an annotated bibliography.
0313261601: Poetic Fantastic
0313261628: Cuba an Annotated Bibliography Graphies
0313261644: Edward Everett
0313261679: Campaigning in America: A History of Election Practices
0313261687: Abraham Lincoln the Orator : Penetrating the Lincoln Legend
0313261695: Brand New Language : Commercial Influences in Literature and Culture
0313261725: Family Therapy : A Bibliography, 1937-1986
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0313261792: Richard Rodney Bennett: A Bio-Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Mass Media and Communications,)
0313261806: Perforated Sovereignties and International Relations: Trans-sovereign Contacts of Subnational Governments (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313261822: Nominating Presidents
0313261830: Populism and the Capra Legacy
0313261849: American Dark Comedy : Beyond Satire
0313261857: Personality Comedians As Genre : Selected Players
0313261865: Parody As Film Genre : Never Give a Saga an Even Break
0313261881: Food and Nutrition in the Middle East, 1970-1986. An Annotated Bibliography.
0313261903: Handbook of Drug Control in the United States
0313261911: Local Area Networks in Information Management
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0313262004: Latin American Legal Abbreviations : A Comprehensive Spanish/Portuguese Dictionary with English Translations - Hardcover
0313262020: Register of Ships of the U. S. Navy, 1775-1990 : Major Combatants
0313262047: Feminism and Black Activism in Contemporary America : An Ideological Assessment
0313262055: Before the Civil Rights Revolution
0313262063: State and Local Government and Public-Private Partnerships : A Policy Issues Handbook
0313262071: Southern Black Creative Writers, 1829-1953: Biobibliographies
0313262098: Capitalist Development and Class Capacities : Marxist Theory and Union Organization (Contributions in Labor Studies)
0313262101: Patrick Henry, the Orator
0313262128: Literature Searching in Science, Technology and Agriculture
0313262136: Political Leaders of the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa : A Biographical Dictionary
0313262152: Spit-Shine Syndrome: Organizational Irrationality in the American Field Army
0313262160: Whom Does the Constitution Command?: A Conceptual Analysis with Practical Implications (Contributions in Women's Studies)
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0313262217: Holocaust Literature : A Handbook of Critical, Historical, and Literary Writings
0313262225: Dictionary of Polish Literature
0313262233: Julie Andrews : A Bio-Bibliography
0313262241: From Folklore to Fiction
0313262276: Film Directors on Directing
0313262284: Electricity in Economic Development : The Experience of Northeast Asia
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0313262322: Frank Bridge : A Bio-Bibliography
0313262330: American Families : A Research Guide and Historical Handbook
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0313262365: Keepers of Our Past Local Historical Writing in the United States, 1820s- 1930s
0313262381: Lyrics of the Afro-American Spiritual
0313262403: Jewish Elderly in the English-Speaking Countries. Series: Bibliographies and Indexes in Gerontology, No. 10
0313262438: Windows on Japanese Education
0313262446: Mr. Atomic Energy: Congressman Chet Holifield and Atomic Energy Affairs, 1945-1974 (Contributions in Political Science)
0313262454: New Jersey State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313262462: Jimmy Higgins: The Mental World of the American Rank-And-File Communist, 1930-1958
0313262489: Terrorism, 1980-1987 : A Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313262497: Guide to Foreign Missionary Manuscripts in the Presbyterian Historical Society
0313262500: Jazz Performers : An Annotated Bibliography of Biographical Materials
0313262527: Literacy/Illiteracy in the World
0313262535: International Handbook of Reading Education
0313262543: Arms Race Theory: Strategy and Structure of Behavior.
0313262608: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Outdoor Sports
0313262616: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Basketball and Other Indoor Sports
0313262624: Friedrich von Schiller and the Drama of Human Existence: (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
0313262640: Transnational Media and Third World Development: The Structure and Impact of Imperialism (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications)
0313262659: Dictionary of Russian Women Writers
0313262667: American College Regalia: A Handbook
0313262675: The Psychodynamics of Culture: Abram Kardiner and Neo-Freudian Anthropology (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications,)
0313262705: Theatrical Designers : An International Biographical Dictionary
0313262713: Dictionary of Mexican Literature
0313262756: Common Law in Southern Africa: Conflicts of Laws and Torts Precedents (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313262764: French Devotional Texts of the Middle Ages: A Bibliographic Manuscript Guide, Second Supplement
0313262772: Radie Britain: A Bio-Bibliography
0313262780: Gender Roles : A Handbook of Tests and Measures
0313262810: Orthodox Church
0313262837: Aegean Mission : Allied Operations in the Dodecanese, 1943
0313262845: Shared Housing for the Elderly
0313262861: Carole Lombard : A Bio-Bibliography
0313262888: Perspectives on an Economic Future : Forms, Reforms, and Evaluations
0313262918: Restrained Response American Novels of the Cold War and Korea, 1945-1962
0313262926: Perceptions of Aging in Literature : A Cross-Cultural Study
0313262942: Clifford Odets : A Research and Production Sourcebook
0313262950: Psychology of Women : A Handbook of Issues and Theories
0313262969: Predictions of Public Opinion from the Mass Media : Computer Content Analysis and Mathematical Modeling (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications)
0313262977: Southern Cities, Southern Schools
0313262985: Poet's Africa : Africanness in the Poetry of Nicolas Guillen and Aime Cesaire
0313263000: Trans
0313263035: Full Text Databases
0313263051: Encounters with Filmmakers: Eight Career Studies (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture)
0313263086: Robert Silverberg's Many Trapdoors : Critical Essays on His Science Fiction
0313263094: Public Policy and the Black Hospital : From Slavery to Segregation to Integration
0313263116: Japan and the Japanese : A Bibliographic Guide to Reference Sources
0313263124: Gender, Bureaucracy, and Democracy: Careers and Equal Opportunity in the Public Sector (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313263132: Dictionary of Geopolitics
0313263140: Health of Black Americans from Post-Reconstruction to Integration, 1871-1960 : An Annotated Bibliography of Contemporary Sources (26) (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies, No. 26)
0313263167: Truman's Court: A Study in Judicial Restraint
0313263175: Modular America Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Emergence of an American Way
0313263183: Japanese Direct Foreign Investments : An Annoted Bibliography
0313263205: Beyond Naturalism: A New Realism in American Theatre.
0313263213: Windows on a New World : The Third Industrial Revolution
0313263248: Contemporary Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Poetry : A Resource Guide and Biographical Directory
0313263264: Information Technology and Global Interdependence
0313263299: Sacred Places and Profane Spaces : Essays in the Geographics of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
0313263302: Handbook of Mental Health and Mental Disorder among Black Americans
0313263310: Racism, Sexism, and the World-System : Studies in the Political Economy of the World-System
0313263329: Sea of Becoming : Approaches to the Fiction of Esther Tusquets
0313263345: The Pinocchio Catalogue
0313263361: J. William Fulbright
0313263388: Urban Homesteading: Programs and Policies (Studies in Social Welfare Policies and Programs)
0313263396: Florida State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313263418: Questioning the Law in Corporate America : Agenda for Reform
0313263442: The People's Universities of the USSR
0313263450: Anna Howard Shaw : Suffrage Orator and Social Reformer
0313263477: Latino Empowerment: Progress, Problems, And Prospects
0313263507: American Journalism History : An Annotated Bibliography
0313263515: Missile Defenses and Western European Security
0313263523: Black and White Racial Identity
0313263566: Historical Dictionary of the French Fourth and Fifth Republics, 1946-1991
0313263574: Medicine and Money
0313263582: The Fragmentation of New England : Comparative Perspectives on Economic, Political, and Social Divisions in the Eighteenth Century (Contributions in American History)
0313263590: Politics of Industrial Recruitment : Japanese Automobile Investment and Economic Development in the American States
0313263604: Religion, Intergroup Relations, and Social Change in South Africa
0313263612: Plans for Peace : Negotiation and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0313263620: Media Messages in American Presidential Elections
0313263647: Eighteenth-Century Women and the Arts
0313263655: Rural Sociology and the Environment
0313263698: Action on AIDS : National Policies in Comparative Perspective
0313263701: Voice of the Narrator in Children's Literature : Insights from Writers and Critics
0313263728: Public Policy and Transit System Management
0313263736: Declining Hegemon : The United States and European Defense, 1960-1990
0313263760: Music for the Dance : Reflections on a Collaborative Art
0313263779: Social Policies for the Elderly in the Third World
0313263787: Sources on the History of Women's Magazines, 1792-1960 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313263809: State Police in the United States : A Socio-Historical Analysis
0313263817: Civilian Indoctrination of the Military
0313263825: The Psychology of Writing: The Affective Experience
0313263833: A New Academic Marketplace: (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313263841: Take One
0313263876: Indians of Central and South America : An Ethnohistorical Dictionary
0313263884: Research in Critical Theory Since 1965
0313263892: Henry Ward Beecher : Peripatetic Preacher
0313263906: Free Germany Movement. A Case of Patriotism or Treason?
0313263914: To Promote, Defend, and Redeem
0313263922: Religious Politics in Global and Comparative Perspective (Contributions to the Study of Religion,)
0313263930: From Camelot to the Teflon President: Economics and Presidential Popularity Since 1960 (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313263949: James Madison on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
0313263957: Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Uses of Power (Contributions in Political Science S.)
0313263965: Dictionary of Literary Themes and Motifs : Vol. 1, A-J - Hardcover
0313263973: Dictionary of Literary Themes and Motifs L-Z - Hardcover
0313263981: Inevitability : Determinism, Fatalism, and Destiny
0313264007: Progressivism at Risk
0313264015: Getting Down to Business
0313264023: Divided We Stand : Class Structure in Israel from 1948 to the 1980s
0313264031: Latin America and the Caribbean : A Critical Guide to Research Sources
0313264058: Experiential Education for Community Development: (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313264066: Latin America, 1983-1987: a Social Science Bibliography
0313264074: Cosby Show : Audiences, Impact, and Implications
0313264082: Violet Archer
0313264090: Elder Mistreatment : Deciding Who Is at Risk
0313264112: Income Inequality in the United States, 1947-1985
0313264120: Quest for a Living Wage : The History of the Federal Minimum Wage Program
0313264139: Historical Dictionary of the Spanish Empire, 1402-1975
0313264147: Mother Puzzles
0313264163: Energy in the Development of West Africa : A Selected Annotated Bibliography
0313264171: The Many Names of Country People - An Historical Dictionary from the Twelfth Century Onward
0313264198: Feminism and Christian Tradition : An Annotated Bibliography and Critical Introduction to the Literature
0313264228: Peggy Glanville-Hicks : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264236: From Feudalism to Capitalism Marxian Theories of Class Struggle and Social Change
0313264260: Sports Talk: A Dictionary of Sports Metaphors
0313264287: Consumer Politics : Protecting Public Interests on Capitol Hill
0313264295: U. S. Consumer Interest Groups : Institutional Profiles
0313264309: John Alden Carpenter Vol. 54 : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264317: Essentials of Shinto : An Analytical Guide to Principal Teachings
0313264325: Sourcebook in Shinto : Selected Documents
0313264333: Ronald Colman : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264341: Handbook on Ocean Politics and Law
0313264368: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 16
0313264376: Gladsome Light of Jurisprudence : Learning the Law in England and the United States in the 18th and 19th Centuries
0313264384: Ghanaian Literatures: (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313264392: Viruses and Reproduction. A Bibliography. Bibliographies and Indexes in Medical Studies, Number 2
0313264406: IQ Debate : A Selective Guide to the Literature
0313264414: Iran : From Royal Dictatorship to Theocracy
0313264422: Americans in Paris, 1900-1930: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Wor
0313264430: Cary Grant : A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts)
0313264449: Sociology of Agriculture
0313264457: John McCabe : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264465: Handbook of Political Science Research on Latin America : Trends from the 1960s to the 1990s
0313264473: Diffusion Research in Rural Sociology : The Record and Prospects for the Future
0313264481: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rhetoric of Militant Decency
0313264546: China's Rise to Commercial Maritime Power
0313264554: THE NEW IMMIGRATION: Implications for Poverty and Public Assistance Utilization
0313264562: Biographical Dictionary of European Labor Leaders
0313264570: Historical Dictionary of Revolutionary China, 1839-1976
0313264597: Social Security and Individual Equity : Evolving Standards of Equity and Adequacy
0313264600: Capital and the State in Nigeria
0313264619: Handbook on Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in Law Enforcement
0313264627: Political Economy of Defense : Issues and Perspectives
0313264635: Ann Sothern : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264651: Death and Dying : A Bibliographical Survey
0313264678: Community in Rural America
0313264686: Twentieth-Century Brass Soloists : Bio-Critical Source Books on Musical Performance
0313264694: Studies in British Overseas Trade 1870-1914
0313264708: Maureen O Sullivan a Bio Bibliography
0313264716: U. S. War Crimes Trial Program in Germany, 1946-1955
0313264724: Robert Russell Bennett : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264732: Vermont State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313264740: Operations Handbook for the Small Academic Library : A Management Handbook
0313264759: Of Dreams Deferred, Dead or Alive : African Perspectives on African-American Writers
0313264767: Executive Office of the President : A Historical, Biographical, and Bibliographical Guide
0313264775: John Marshall's Achievement: Law, Politics, and Constitutional Interpretations (Bibliographies and Indexes in Religious Studies,)
0313264783: Researching Modern Evangelicalism A Guide to the Holdings of the Billy Graham Center, With Information on Other Collections
0313264791: Workers' Participative Schemes : The Experience of Capitalist and Plan-Based Societies
0313264805: Richard Widmark : A Bio-Bibliography
0313264813: The Language of Sadomasochism - Hardcover
0313264821: United States Congressional Districts, 1883-1913
0313264848: Multiculturalism and Intergroup Relations: (Contributions in Sociology, No. 75)
0313264856: Unesco Yearbook on Peace and Conflict Studies 1987
0313264864: Greenwood Annual Abstract of Legal Dissertations a
0313264872: African Theology : A Critical Analysis and Annotated Bibliography
0313264899: National Trade Policies Vol. 2, No. 2 : Handbook of Comparative Economic Policies
0313264902: Fragile Moment : The Struggle for Neighborhood Stabilization
0313264910: Hibernian Green on the Silver Screen
0313264929: Isolation and Paradox: Defining The Public in Modern Political Analysis (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture,)
0313264937: Beyond Punishment : A New View on the Rehabilitation of Criminal Offenders
0313264945: Explorations in the Understanding of Landscape : A Cultural Geography
0313264961: Invisible Victims
0313264988: His Master's Voice/La Voce Del Padrone : The Italian Catalogue; A Complete Numerical Catalogue of Italian Gramophone Recordings Made from 1898 to 1929 the Gramophone Company Ltd (Discographies) - Hardcover
0313265003: Ashe, Traditional Religion and Healing in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Diaspora
0313265046: Daddy Grace
0313265054: Contemporary Federal Policy Toward American Indians
0313265062: Companion to Poe Studies
0313265070: Dorothy Parker : A Bio-Bibliography
0313265089: Theodore M. Hesburgh : A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Education)
0313265097: Wines in the Wilderness : Plays by African American Women from the Harlem Renaissance to the Present
0313265100: Kansas State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313265127: Women, Men, and Time : Gender Difference in Paid Work, Housework, and Leisure
0313265135: Sob Sister Journalism: (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications)
0313265143: You Got to Be Original, Man! : The Music of Lester Young
0313265178: Intertextuality, Allusion and Quotation : An Introductory Analysis and International Bibliography of Critical Studies (18) (Bibliographies and Indexes in World Literature Ser., No. 18)
0313265186: Rise of a New World Economic Power : Postwar Taiwan
0313265194: Dictionary of East European History since 1945
0313265208: American Grocery Store : The Business Evolution of an Architectural Space
0313265216: Press in Nigeria : An Annotated Bibliography
0313265224: Suicide among the Elderly in Long-Term Care Facilities
0313265232: Crime in Victorian Britain : An Annotated Bibliography from Nineteenth-Century British Magazines
0313265259: Alice Faye: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts) - Hardcover
0313265267: A Staff for the President : The Executive Office, 1921-1952 (Contributions in Political Science)
0313265275: Media in the 1984 and 1988 Presidential Campaigns
0313265283: Next Three Futures : Paradigms of Things to Come
0313265305: Policing a Socialist Society : The German Democratic Republic
0313265321: Dictionary of United States Economic History
0313265348: Scenic Design on Broadway
0313265372: Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle : A Bio-Bibliography
0313265380: Orson Welles
0313265399: A Right to Bear Arms: State and Federal Bills of Rights and Constitutional Guarantees (Contributions in Political Science)
0313265402: Movie Musicals on Record : A Directory of Recordings of Motion Picture Musicals, 1927-1987
0313265437: U. S. Aging Policy Interest Groups : Institutional Profiles
0313265488: French Women Writers : A Bio-Bibliographical Source Book
0313265518: Historical Study of the Religious Development of Shinto
0313265534: An Inquiry Into the Japanese Mind as Mirrored in Literature: The Flowering Period of Common People Literature (Classics of Modern Japanese Thought and Culture)
0313265542: Japanese Spirituality (Documentary Reference Collections S.)
0313265631: Historical Statistics of Chile Vol. 6 : Government Services and Public Sector and a Theory of Services
0313265658: We Have a Duty: The Supreme Court and the Watergate Tapes Litigation (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313265666: Biographical Index to American Science
0313265674: Lawyers, Courts, and Professionalism: The Agenda for Reform (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0313265704: Books and Blueprints : Building America's Public Libraries
0313265712: Henry Fonda : A Bio-Bibliography
0313265720: Comparative Criminology Vol. 3 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313265755: Michigan State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313265771: A Twentieth-Century Musical Chronicle: Events 1900-1988 (Music Reference Collection)
0313265798: Women and Mass Communications : An International Annotated Bibliography
0313265828: Images of Poe's Works: A Comprehensive Descriptive Catalogue of Illustrations (Bibliographies and Indexes in American Literature)
0313265836: The President and Civil Rights Policy: Leadership and Change (Contributions in
0313265860: Lloyd Alexander : A Bio-Bibliography
0313265887: Cities and Towns in American History
0313265895: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 17
0313265909: Nuclear Weapons World
0313265917: National Economic Policies
0313265933: Biographical Directory of the Executive Branch, 1774-1989
0313265941: Sourcebook of American Literary Journalism
0313265984: Historical Dictionary of Tudor England, 1485-1603
0313265992: Holding Fast-Pressing On : Religion in America in the 1980s
0313266018: Risky Business : Communicating Issues of Science, Risk and Public Policy
0313266026: Composers on Composers
0313266042: Social Support Networks Vol. 15 : A Bibliography, 1983-1987
0313266069: Women of Eastern and Southern Africa
0313266077: African Women a General Bibliography
0313266085: Tsar Paul and the Question of Madness: An Essay in History and Psychol
0313266093: Women of Northern, Western, and Central Africa: A Bibliography, 1976-1985 (African Special Bibliogra
0313266115: Strange Shadows : The Uncollected Fiction and Essays of Clark Ashton Smith
0313266123: More Real Than Reality : The Fantastic in Irish Literature and the Arts
0313266131: International Public Policy Sourcebook : Volume 2: Education and Environment
0313266158: Linkage or Bondage : U. S. Economic Relations with the Asean Region
0313266174: Diffusion of Innovations in English Language Teaching
0313266182: Maine State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313266190: Rhetoric of War : Training Day, the Militia, and the Military Sermon (Contributions in American Studies, No. 95)
0313266204: Population and Community in Rural America (Contributions in American Studies,)
0313266212: Early Black American Playwrights & Drama
0313266239: Improving Educational Quality: A Global Perspective (Contributions to the Study of Education)
0313266247: Government Response to Financial Constraints : Budgetary Control in Canada
0313266255: Prescriptions
0313266271: Politics of Economic Adjustment : Pluralism, Corporatism, and Privatization
0313266298: Biomedical Technology & Public Policy
0313266301: Rural Poverty : Special Causes and Policy Reforms
0313266336: Gordon MacRae : A Bio-Bibliography
0313266344: Role of the Academic Reference Librarian
0313266352: Doing Time in American Prisons Vol. 24 : A Study of Modern Novels
0313266360: Theories of Ethnicity : A Critical Appraisal
0313266379: Texas State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313266387: News in the Mail : The Press, Post Office, and Public Information, 1700-1860s
0313266417: Better Said and Clearly Written : An Annotated Guide to Business Communication Sources, Skills and Samples
0313266425: Sourcebook on Children and Television
0313266433: Literature for Children and Young Adults about Oceania : Analysis and Annotated Bibliography with Additional Readings for Adults
0313266441: World's Columbian Exposition
0313266468: From Chords to Simultaneities
0313266476: Contours of the Fantastic: Selected Essays from the Eighth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy) - Hardcover
0313266484: Marching Orders Vol. 92 : The Role of the Military in South Korea's Economic Miracle, 1961-1971
0313266492: Political Parties of the Middle East and North Africa : The Greenwood Historical Encyclopedia of the World's Political Parties
0313266506: From the Hearth to the Open Road : A Feminist Study of Aging in Contemporary Literature
0313266514: Jennifer Jones
0313266522: Violin Music by Women Composers : A Bio-Bibliographical Guide
0313266530: The Tennessee State Constitution : A Reference Guide (Reference Guides to the State Constitutions of the United States, No. 2)
0313266549: Louisiana State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313266565: Managing Fiscal Strain in Major American Cities : Understanding Retrenchment in the Public Sector
0313266573: Century of Musicals in Black and White : An Encyclopedia of Musical Stage Works by, About, or Involving Black Americans
0313266581: Biographical Dictionary of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
0313266638: Beyond the Secular Mind : A Judaic Response to the Problems of Modernity (Contributions in Philosophy)
0313266646: Culture of War : Invention and Early Development
0313266654: Geriatric Nursing Assistants : An Annotated Bibliography with Models to Enhance Practice
0313266662: Musical Ear
0313266670: James Joyce and His Contemporaries
0313266689: Man Cannot Speak for Her 2V (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313266700: Diverse Paths to Modernity in Southeastern Europe
0313266719: Out of the Woodpile : Black Characters in Crime and Detective Fiction
0313266735: Gift That Cannot Be Refused : The Writing and Publishing of Contemporary American Poetry
0313266743: Science and Social Science Research in British India, 1780-1880 : The Role of Anglo-Indian Associations and Government
0313266751: Dictionary of American Antiquarian Bookdealers
0313266778: Bibliography of American Demographic History : The Literature from 1984 to 1994
0313266786: Affirmative Action and Principles of Justice Vol. 53 : Contributions in Legal Studies
0313266808: The Conversion Experience in America
0313266816: Confronting Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire : Essays in Critical Pluralism
0313266824: Police, Firefighter and Paramedic Stress
0313266840: Countries of the Mind: The Fiction of J. M. Coetzee (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
0313266867: Institutions of Higher Education : An International Bibliography
0313266875: Broadway Talks : What Professionals Think about Commercial Theater in America
0313266883: Feeding the Bear : American Aid to the Soviet Union, 1941-1945
0313266891: Dictionary of American Penology
0313266913: Urban Housing Crisis
0313266921: Seeing the Elephant : Raw Recruits at the Battle of Shiloh
0313266956: U. S. Religious Interest Groups : Institutional Profiles
0313266972: Gymnasium of the Imagination
0313266980: Diffusion of Innovations Vol. 17 : A Select Bibliography
0313266999: Jean Arthur : A Bio-Bibliography
0313267006: EQUAL SEPARATION - Understanding the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment
0313267014: Suburbia Re-Examined
0313267022: Active Instrument for Propaganda' : The American Public Library During World War I (Beta Phi Mu Monograph, No 1)
0313267030: An Introduction to Chinese Literature
0313267049: The Gypsy Ballads of Federico Garcia Lorca
0313267057: The Good City
0313267065: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports : 1989-1992 Supplement for Baseball, Football, Basketball and Other Sports
0313267073: Labor Relations in Education : An International Perspective
0313267081: Class and Consciousness
0313267103: Persian Gulf War : Lessons for Strategy, Law and Diplomacy
0313267111: Corporate Hegemony
0313267138: First-Person Accounts of Genocidal Acts Committed in the Twentieth Century
0313267146: Southern Agriculture During the Civil War Era, 1860-1880
0313267170: Unfounded Fears : Myths and Realities of a Constitutional Convention
0313267197: International Handbook of Contemporary Developments in Sociology
0313267219: Literature Guide to the Hospitality Industry
0313267251: Women's Studies Encyclopedia Vol. 1 : Views from the Sciences
0313267278: Media Freedom and Accountability (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media & Communications)
0313267294: Prisoners, Diplomats, and the Great War : A Study in the Diplomacy of Captivity (Contributions in Military Studies, No 97)
0313267308: American Curriculum : A Documentary History
0313267316: American Conservative Thought Since World War II
0313267324: Religion in Postwar China : A Critical Analysis and Annotated Bibliography
0313267332: Aristocracy of the Long Robe : The Origins of Judicial Review in America
0313267340: Medieval Psychology
0313267367: Horace Greeley
0313267405: From Sibelius to Sallinen
0313267413: Contemporary German Youth and Their Elders: A Generational Comparison (Contributions to the Study of Childhood and Youth)
0313267456: Health Care Patterns and Planning in Developing Countries
0313267464: History and Hunger in West Africa : Food Production and Entitlement in Guines-Bissau and Cape Verde
0313267499: Dominion of Women : The Personal and the Political in Canadian Women's Literature
0313267510: The Modern Theory of Presidential Power: Alexander Hamilton and the Corwin Thesis
0313267529: Learning to Behave : A Guide to American Conduct Books Before 1900
0313267537: Women's Life Cycle and Economic Insecurity: Problems and Proposals
0313267553: Famine in East Africa
0313267561: Labor Relations in Europe : A History of Issues and Developments
0313267596: Residential Care for the Elderly
0313267618: Assessing What Professors Do : An Introduction to Academic Performance Appraisal in Higher Education
0313267650: Ohio State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313267669: Cold War Rhetoric: Strategy, Metaphor, and Ideology
0313267685: Effective Interventions
0313267693: Mortality Patterns and Trends in the United States
0313267758: Policy Through Impact Assessment : Institutionalized Analysis As a Policy Strategy
0313267766: Ava Gardner : A Bio-Bibliography
0313267782: Fundamentals of the Economic Role of Government
0313267790: International Public Policy Sourcebook : 2 Vols
0313267804: American Management and British Labor : A Comparative Study of the Cotton Spinning Industry
0313267812: Political Leaders of Contemporary Africa South of the Sahara : A Biographical Dictionary
0313267839: Black Book Publishers in the United States : A Historical Dictionary of the Presses, 1817-1990
0313267847: Promises in the Promised Land : Mobility and Inequality in Israel
0313267855: Re-Education of the American Working Class
0313267863: Latin American Narcotics Trade and U.S. National Security
0313267871: Behind the Uprising : Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians
0313267898: Question-Reply Argumentation (Contribution in Philosophy S.)
0313267901: Music and the Personal Computer : An Annotated Bibliography
0313267928: Homelessness in the United States Vol. 2 : Data and Issues
0313267944: American Field Service Archives of Wwi (Bibliography and Index in World History, No 16)
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