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0313272050: New York at Mid-Century
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0313273812: Recent Industrialization Experience of Turkey in a Global Context
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0313274460: Hesitation
0313274479: Emancipation of Labor
0313274487: First Strike Stability : Deterrence after Containment
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0313274622: Sex and Gender Issues : A Handbook of Tests and Measures
0313274649: Washington State Constitution
0313274657: America's Musical Pulse : Popular Music in Twentieth-Century Society
0313274665: Handbook of Political Science Research on the U. S. S. R. and Eastern Europe : Trends from the 1950s to the 1990s
0313274681: Russia and Italy Against Hitler : The Bolshevik-Fascist Rapproachment of the 1930s
0313274703: Managing Institutions of Higher Education into the 21st Century : Issues and Implications
0313274711: Politics in the African-American Novel : James Weldon Johnson, W. E. B. Dubois, Richard Wright, and Ralph Ellison
0313274746: France Under the German Occupation, 1940-1944
0313274762: Presidency in an Age of Limits
0313274770: Controlling and Ending Conflict
0313274789: Theatrical Directors : A Biographical Dictionary
0313274797: Centenarians : The New Generation
0313274800: Chief of Staff : The Military Career of General Walter Bedell Smith
0313274835: Seeking Common Ground
0313274843: Peacekeepers and Their Wives : American Participation in the Multinational Force and Observers
0313274851: Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective
0313274878: Do Everything Reform
0313274886: Health, Disease, Medicine and Famine in Ethiopia : A Bibliography
0313274894: Semiperipheral States in the World-Economy
0313274908: Ethical Aspects of Health Care for the Elderly : An Annotated Bibliography
0313274916: Prostitutes in Medical Literature : An Annotated Bibliography
0313274924: Visible Ellison : A Study of Ralph Ellison's Fiction
0313274932: Shakespeare the Playwright : A Companion to the Complete Tragedies, Histories, Comedies and Romances
0313274940: Interfaces for Information Retrieval and Online Systems
0313274975: Ethnohistorical Dictionary of the Russian and Soviet Empires
0313275009: Mortality of Hispanic Populations : Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans in the United States and in the Home Country
0313275017: Guide to Indian Manuscripts : Materials from Europe and North America
0313275033: Republican France : Divided Loyalties
0313275068: Soviet Military and the Future
0313275076: Oklahoma State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313275084: American Trojan Horse : U. S. Television Confronts Canadian Economic and Cultural Nationalism
0313275092: Handbook of Political Science Research on Sub-Saharan Africa : Trends from the 1960s to the 1990s
0313275106: Encyclopedia of the New York Stage, 1940-1950
0313275114: American Peasantry Vol. 200 : Southern Agricultural Labor and Its Legacy, 1850-1995: A Study in Political Economy
0313275122: Electricity in the American Economy : Agent of Technological Progress
0313275149: John Ford : A Bio-Bibliography
0313275157: Israel's Leadership : From Utopia to Crisis
0313275165: Christopher Marlowe and the Renaissance of Tragedy
0313275181: Public Administration and Decision-Aiding Software : Improving Procedure and Substance
0313275211: Women Writers in Russian Literature
0313275238: Film, Horror and the Body Fantastic
0313275262: Life of Margaret Fuller
0313275270: Armed Forces Radio Service Basic Musical Library, P Series, 1-1000
0313275289: Automating Literacy : A Challenge for Libraries
0313275297: Effective Sanctions on South Africa : The Cutting Edge of Economic Intervention
0313275300: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 18
0313275319: U. S. Constitution and Foreign Policy : Terminating the Taiwan Treaty
0313275335: Women Public Speakers in the United States, 1800-1925 : A Bio-Critical Sourcebook
0313275343: Course of Tolerance vol 24 : Freedom of the Press in Nineteenth-Century America
0313275351: Women Public Speakers in the United States, 1925-1993
0313275378: Rethinking Today's Minorities
0313275386: Asian and Pacific Islander Migration to the United States : A Model for New Global Patterns
0313275394: Security, Arms Control, and Conflict Reduction in East Asia and the Pacific : A Bibliography, 1980-1991
0313275416: Alienation, Community, and Work
0313275424: Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' the Rock : A Selectively Annotated Discography; First Supplement
0313275432: Anne Baxter : A Bio-Bibliography
0313275459: Recent Studies in Myths and Literature, 1970-1990 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313275467: Bible and Modern Literary Criticism
0313275475: Robert Mitchum : A Bio-Bibliography
0313275491: Lutherans
0313275513: Alabama State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313275564: Life and Death Debate : Moral Issues of Our Time
0313275645: Age of Hair : Evolution and Impact of Broadway's First Rock Musical
0313275653: Mexican Legal System No. 1 : Reference Guides to National Legal Systems
0313275661: Cancer Factories : America's Tragic Quest for Uranium Self-Sufficiency
0313275688: Pornography and Sexual Representation : A Reference Guide
0313275696: Corporate Magazines of the United States
0313275718: Successful Industrial Product Innovation
0313275734: Prophetic Pictures : Nathaniel Hawthorne's Knowledge and Uses of the Visual Arts
0313275742: Janet Gaynor : A Bio-Bibliography
0313275769: Nordic Security at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century
0313275777: Georgia State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313275785: Vivien Leigh
0313275793: Pro-Choice/Pro-Life : An Annotated, Selected Bibliography (1972-1989)
0313275815: Essentials of Contemporary Neo-Confucian Philosophy
0313275823: Delightful Conviction : Jonathan Edwards and the Rhetoric of Conversion
0313275831: Index to International Public Opinion, 1989-1990
0313275858: Anna Book : Searching for Anna in Literary History
0313275874: Rhetoric of Terrorism and Counterterrorism
0313275882: Order Against Chaos : Business Culture and Labor Ideology in America, 1880-1915
0313275912: Student Outcomes Assessment : A Historical Review and Guide to Program Development
0313275920: Anarchist Thinkers and Thought
0313275939: Stage Deaths : A Biographical Guide to International Theatrical Obituaries, 1850 to 1990
0313275947: Small and Medium Enterprises : Technology Policies and Options
0313275955: United States in Latin America : A Historical Dictionary
0313275963: Begging the Question : Circular Reasoning As a Tactic of Argumentation
0313275971: Oscar Wilde : An Annotated Bibliography
0313275998: Critical Response to Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter
0313276013: Idaho State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313276021: Eagle and the Peacock : U. S. Foreign Policy Toward India since Independence
0313276048: Star of Return : Judaism after the Holocaust
0313276056: Lucille Lortel : A Bio-Bibliography
0313276064: Adoption Literature for Children and Young Adults
0313276072: Outsider Features : American Independent Films of the 1980s
0313276102: Arab Nationalism, Oil, and the Political Economy of Dependency
0313276110: George Bernard Shaw and the Socialist Theatre
0313276129: Adult Education for Community Development
0313276145: With Her in Ourland : Sequel to Herland
0313276153: U.S. Navy, the Mediterranean, and the Cold War, 1945-1947
0313276196: United Germany : The Past, Politics, Prospects
0313276218: Policy Calculated to Benefit China : The United States and the China Arms Embargo, 1919 to 1929
0313276226: Biographical Dictionary of Geography
0313276234: Homelessness in America, 1893-1992 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313276269: Left Face
0313276277: Freaks of Genius
0313276293: New Trends in Employment Practices : An International Survey
0313276315: Resource Allocation and Productivity in Education : Theory and Practice
0313276331: Bibliographical Guide to African-American Women Writers
0313276358: Sitting at the Feet of the Past : Retelling the North American Folktale for Children
0313276366: Teaching Public Policy : Theory, Research, and Practice
0313276374: Tradition and Modernity in the African Short Story : An Introduction to a Literature in Search of Critics
0313276382: Disability Determination : The Administrative Process and the Role of Medical Personnel
0313276390: Mother and Fetus : Changing Notions of Maternal Responsibility
0313276404: Fertility Control
0313276412: Imperial Germany
0313276439: International Handbook on Chemical Weapons Proliferation
0313276455: From Sumer to Rome : The Military Capabilites of Ancient Armies
0313276463: International Encyclopedia of Learned Societies and Academies
0313276471: Dancing Till Dawn
0313276498: Measuring Global Values : The Ranking of 162 Countries
0313276501: Richard Burton : A Bio-Bibliography
0313276528: Political Participation and American Democracy
0313276544: Guide to the Manuscript Collections of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.
0313276552: Spain in the Nineteenth-Century World : Essays on Spanish Diplomacy, 1789-1898
0313276579: Planning Guide for Corporate Museums, Galleries, and Visitor Centers
0313276587: Corporate Museums, Galleries, and Visitor Centers : A Directory
0313276595: Betty Comden and Adolph Green : A Bio-Bibliography
0313276617: From Stanislavsky to Barrault : Representative Directors of the European Stage
0313276625: From Belasco to Brook : Representative Directors of the English-Speaking Stage
0313276633: Church-State Constitutional Issues : Making Sense of the Establishment Clause
0313276641: Ten Precisionist Artists : Annotated Bibliographies
0313276668: Stevie Smith : A Bibliography
0313276676: Emily Bronte Criticism, 1900-1982
0313276684: Checklist of Bibliographies Appearing in the Bulletin of Bibliography, 1897-1987
0313276692: Clifford Odets : An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism, 1935-1989
0313276706: Making of the Shelley Myth : An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism of Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1822-1860
0313276714: Gothic Fiction : A Master List of Twentieth Century Criticism and Research
0313276722: Alan Sillitoe
0313276730: John Wain : A Bibliography
0313276749: Supplement to a Bibliography of George Moore
0313276765: Robert Gover : A Descriptive Bibliography
0313276773: De Camp : An L. Sprague de Camp Bibliography
0313276803: Pkd : A Pictorial Philip K. Dick Bibliography
0313276811: Alice on Stage : A History of the Early Theatrical Productions of Alice in Wonderland
0313276870: Genesis of Wuthering Heights
0313276927: Robert Lowell Papers at the Houghton Library, Harvard University
0313276943: Bernard Malamud : A Descriptive Bibliography
0313276951: Robinson Crusoe : A Bibliographical Checklist of English Language Editions (1719-1979)
0313276978: Songs, Odes, Glees and Ballads : A Bibliography of American Presidential Campaign Songsters
0313276986: Catalogue of the Erasmus Collection in the City Library of Rotterdam
0313277001: Cloak and Dagger Fiction : An Annotated Guide to Spy Thrillers
0313277028: Bibliography of Contemporary American Fiction, 1945-1988 : An Annotated Checklist
0313277036: Bibliography of Contemporary American Poetry, 1945-1985
0313277044: Confederate Broadside Poems : An Annotated Descriptive Bibliography
0313277052: Alice Malsenior Walker : An Annotated Bibliography
0313277095: Walker Percy, 1930-1984 : A Bibliography
0313277109: William Goyen : A Descriptive Bibliography, 1938-1985
0313277117: Bronte Bibliography
0313277125: In Search of America : Transatlantic Essays, 1951-1990
0313277133: Soviet Military Doctrine from Lenin to Gorbachev, 1915-1991
0313277141: Journalists for Empire : The Imperial Debate in the Edwardian Stately Press, 1902-1913
0313277168: Jessica Tandy : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277176: Dusky Maidens : The Odyssey of the Early Black Dramatic Actress
0313277184: Katherine Cornell : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277192: Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1985-1989 : Books of Recognized Merit
0313277214: Militia and the National Guard in America since Colonial Times : A Research Guide
0313277230: Armed Forces and Political Power in Eastern Europe : The Soviet-Communist Control System
0313277249: Federalists, the Antifederalists, and the American Political Tradition
0313277257: Media and Apocalypse : News Coverage of the Yellowstone Forest Fires, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and Loma Prieta Earthquake
0313277265: Bing Crosby : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277273: Conductors on Composers
0313277281: Historical Dictionary of the Music and Musicians of Finland
0313277303: United States Electoral Systems : Their Impact on Women and Minorities
0313277338: Night Boat to New England, 1815-1900
0313277346: Dilemmas in the Study of Information
0313277354: Publish, Don't Perish : The Scholars Guide to Academic Writing and Publishing
0313277370: Comic Tales of the Middle Ages : An Anthology and Commentary
0313277389: Academy Awards Index : The Complete Categorical and Chronological Record
0313277397: Indigenous Navigation and Voyaging in the Pacific : A Reference Guide
0313277400: Vietnam War : Teaching Approaches and Resources
0313277427: Peter Sculthorpe : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277435: Learning to Lead : The Dynamics of the High School Principalship
0313277443: Identity and Ideology : Sociocultural Theories of Schooling
0313277451: Dictionary of Italian Literature
0313277478: Religion and the American Experience, 1620-1900 : A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations
0313277486: Religion and the American Experience, the Twentieth Century : A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations
0313277494: American Higher Education
0313277508: Journalism for the Twenty-First Century : Online Information, Electronic Databases, and the News
0313277540: Strategies of Drama : The Experience of Form
0313277559: Power and Service : A Cross-National Analysis of Public Administration
0313277567: Woody Herman : A Guide to the Big Band Recordings, 1936-1987
0313277575: Dependent Empire and Ireland, 1840-1900 : Advance and Retreat in Representative Self-Government
0313277583: Dream and Reality
0313277591: Immigration and Ethnicity : American Society - Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?
0313277605: Urbanization in Africa : A Handbook
0313277613: Maureen Stapleton : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277648: Lillian Russell : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277656: From the Other Side of the Couch : Candid Conversations with Psychiatrists and Psychologists
0313277672: Sports Ethics in America : A Bibliography, 1970-1990
0313277680: Poe Encyclopedia
0313277699: African Music
0313277702: In a Perilous Hour Vol. 22 : The Public Address of President John F. Kennedy
0313277710: War and Peace Through Women's Eyes : A Selective Bibliography of Twentieth-Century American Women's Fiction
0313277729: Whose Master's Voice? : The Development of Popular Music in Thirteen Cultures
0313277737: Truman, Palestine, and the Press
0313277753: How to Think about Social Problems : American Pragmatism and the Idea of Planning
0313277761: Unillustrious Alliance : The African American and Jewish American Communities
0313277788: Alaska State Constitution Vol. 27 : A Reference Guide
0313277796: Income and Inequality : The Role of the Service Sector in the Changing Distribution of Income
0313277818: Watergate and Afterward : The Legacy of Richard M. Nixon
0313277826: The Paris Opera: An Encyclopedia of Operas, Ballets, Composers, and Performers; Growth and Grandeur, 1815-1914; A-L, Vol. 1
0313277834: Paris Opera an Encyclopedia of Operas Ballets
0313277842: Critical Response to Tom Wolfe
0313277850: Developments and Research on Aging
0313277869: Modern American Popular Religion : A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
0313277885: Planning in the University Library
0313277893: Germany and the Union of South Africa in the Nazi Period
0313277907: Polling and Survey Research Methods, 1935-1979 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313277915: Cities and Caliphs Vol. 26 : On the Genesis of Arab Muslim Urbanism
0313277931: Helen Hayes : A Bio-Bibliography
0313277958: Schoolmaster to an Empire
0313277966: U. S. Consul at Work
0313277974: Coming of Age of American Art Music: New England's Classical Romanticists
0313278016: Ad Men and Women : A Biographical Dictionary of Advertising
0313278032: Clarice Lispector : A Bio-Bibliography
0313278040: Stratford Festival Story
0313278059: Outward Show : Music for Shakespeare on the London Stage, 1660-1830
0313278067: Framing the Canterbury Tales : Chaucer and the Medieval Frame Narrative Tradition
0313278075: Northern Labor and Antislavery : A Documentary History
0313278083: Handbook of Chinese Popular Culture
0313278091: Choosing the Dream
0313278105: Mechanized Juggernaut or Military Anachronism? : Horses and the German Army of World War II
0313278113: Handbook on Mass Media in the United States : The Industry and Its Audiences
0313278121: Robert Wise : A Bio-Bibliography
0313278148: Celebration of the Fantastic : Selected Papers from the Tenth Anniversary International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313278156: Rachel Crothers : A Research and Production Sourcebook
0313278164: Sports Stadium As a Municipal Investment
0313278172: School Law for the 1990s : A Handbook
0313278180: Where the Words Are Valid : T. S. Eliot's Communities of Drama
0313278199: Gay Nineties in America : A Cultural Dictionary of the 1890s
0313278202: Alec Wilder : A Bio-Bibliography
0313278210: Aladdin-Imperial Labels : A Discography
0313278229: Multinational Culture : Social Impacts of a Global Economy
0313278237: On Playing Shakespeare : Advice and Commentary from Actors and Actresses of the Past
0313278245: County Governments in an Era of Change
0313278253: Dictionary of American Religious Biography
0313278261: Language and Literature in the African American Imagination
0313278318: Lauren Bacall : A Bio-Bibliography
0313278326: Hispanic Image on the Silver Screen : An Interpretive Filmography from Silents into Sound, 1898-1935
0313278342: Latinos and Political Coalitions : Political Empowerment for the 1990s
0313278369: Aspirations and Mentoring in an Academic Environment : Women Faculty in Library and Information Science
0313278377: Automation in Library Reference Services : A Handbook
0313278385: COMECON Data, 1989
0313278393: Treatment of Cocaine Abuse
0313278415: Opera Odyssey : Toward History of Opera in Nineteenth Century America
0313278423: Time Management Handbook for Librarians
0313278431: Testing the Faith : The New Catholic Fiction in America
0313278458: Old Age in Myth and Symbol : A Cultural Dictionary
0313278466: Handbook of Research on the Illicit Drug Traffic : Socioeconomic and Political Consequences
0313278482: American Presidents and Education
0313278490: American Political Scientists : A Dictionary
0313278504: Physicians in the Academic Marketplace
0313278512: British English for American Readers : A Dictionary of the Language, Customs, and Places of British Life and Literature
0313278520: S.N. Behrman
0313278539: State of the Fantastic : Studies in the Theory and Practice of Fantastic Literature and Film: Selected Essays from the Eleventh International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, 1990
0313278547: Marxism and Workers' Self-Management
0313278555: Haiti : Guide to the Periodical Literature in English, 1800-1990
0313278563: Waging the Battle Against Drunk Driving : Issues, Countermeasures, and Effectiveness
0313278571: Islam in China : A Critical Bibliography
0313278601: Consciousness and Culture
0313278628: Self-Representation : Life Narrative Studies in Identity and Ideology
0313278636: Racism and the Underclass : State Policy and Discrimination Against Minorities
0313278652: William Mathias
0313278660: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Harpists : A Bio-Critical Sourcebook
0313278679: Research Issues in Public Librarianship : Trends for the Future
0313278687: E. J. S. - A Discography of Edward J. Smith Recordings : The Golden Age of Opera, 1956-1971
0313278776: Sixth Amendment in Modern American Jurisprudence : A Critical Perspective
0313278784: Using Consultants in Libraries and Information Centers : A Management Handbook
0313278792: Sacred Journeys : The Anthropology of Pilgrimage
0313278806: Contemporary Spanish American Poets : A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources
0313278814: Teaching Social Studies : Handbook of Trends, Issues, and Implications for the Future
0313278830: Salsa and Related Genres
0313278849: Treaties of the War of the Spanish Succession : An Historical and Critical Dictionary
0313278857: Spain and Central America : Democracy and Foreign Policy
0313278865: East Central Europe after the Warsaw Pact : Security Dilemmas in the 1990s
0313278881: Radical Stages : Alternative History in Modern British Drama
0313278903: School Songs of America's Colleges and Universities
0313278938: Cities in the World-System
0313278954: Being Religious, American Style : A History of Popular Religiosity in the United States
0313278962: Encyclopedia of the Sword
0313278970: Bibliography of Human Behavior
0313278997: Reconstruction of Family Policy
0313279004: Reluctant Ally : United States Foreign Policy Toward the Jews from Wilson to Roosevelt
0313279012: Richard Strauss Companion
0313279020: Video Collection Development in Multi-Type Libraries : A Handbook
0313279039: Toward a Sound World Order : A Multidimensional, Hierarchical Ethical Theory
0313279047: Writers of the Indian Diaspora : A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313279055: Ernest Bloch Companion
0313279071: Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan : Analysis and Chronology
0313279098: Eighteenth Century British and American Rhetorics and Rhetoricians : Critical Studies and Sources
0313279101: Music for Two or More Players at Clavichord, Harpsichord, Organ : An Annotated Bibliography
0313279128: Reaching a Multicultural Student Community : A Handbook for Academic Librarians
0313279144: International Handbook on Social Work Theory and Practice
0313279152: International Handbook on Social Work Education
0313279179: Historical Dictionary of the British Empire
0313279187: Peoples of Africa : An Ethnohistorical Dictionary
0313279195: James Fenimore Cooper : An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism
0313279209: Spanish/English Dictionary of Human and Physical Geography
0313279225: Out of the Night and into the Dream : A Thematic Study of the Fiction of J. G. Ballard
0313279233: Terrain and Tactics
0313279268: In Defense of Prisons
0313279276: Emerging Worldwide Electronic University : Information Age Global Higher Education
0313279306: Library Manager's Guide to the Physical Processing of Nonprint Materials
0313279314: Reform Through Community
0313279322: John Marshall and International Law : Statesman and Chief Justice
0313279330: Gubernatorial Leadership and State Policy
0313279349: Current French Security Policy : The Gaullist Legacy
0313279357: For Democracy : The Noble Character and Tragic Flaws of the Middle Class
0313279373: Women Educators in the United States, 1820-1993
0313279381: String Music of Black Composers : A Bibliography
0313279411: Duke of Wellington and the British Army of Occupation in France, 1815-1818
0313279438: Democracy in Desperation
0313279446: Soviet Political Economy in Transition
0313279454: Shepherd of Democracy?: America and Germany in the Twentieth Century (Contributions in Political Science)
0313279462: News Media Libraries : A Management Handbook
0313279470: Nebraska State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313279489: Critical Response to Raymond Chandler
0313279497: Songs of Love and Death : The Classical American Horror Film of the 1930s
0313279500: Hawaii State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313279519: U.S.-Latin American Policymaking
0313279527: Forty Years of Steel : An Annotated Discography of Steel Band and Pan Recordings, 1951-1991
0313279535: Theological Music
0313279543: People's Historian : John Richard Green and the Writing of History in Victorian England
0313279578: Teaching Revising and Editing : An Annotated Bibliography
0313279594: Doctrine and Dogma : German and British Infantry Tactics in the First World War
0313279608: Seven Masters of Supernatural Fiction
0313279616: From Aristotelian Reaganomics : A Dictionary of Eponyms with Biographies in the Social Sciences
0313279632: Positive Neutrality : Letting Religious Freedom Ring
0313279640: Public Television : Panacea, Pork Barrel, or Public Trust?
0313279667: In Praise of Common Things : Lizette Woodworth Reese Revisited
0313279691: Popular Religion in America : The Evangelical Voice
0313279721: Business Finance in Less Developed Capital Markets
0313279748: Gerald R. Ford and the Politics of Post-Watergate America
0313279756: Ethel Merman : A Bio-Bibliography
0313279764: Managing Performing Arts Collections in Academic and Public Libraries
0313279772: Nevada State Constitution
0313279780: Reader's Guide to John Barth
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