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0313285616: Recruiting, Educating and Training Librarians for Collection Development
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0313285977: Academic Libraries : Their Rationale and Role in American Higher Education
0313285985: Handbook on Employment and the Elderly
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0313286000: Encyclopedia of the Inter-American System
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0313286043: The Black student's guide to college success
0313286051: In Caesar's Shadow : The Life of General Robert Eichelberger
0313286086: Curbing Unethical Behavior in Government
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0313286116: Imperial Spies Invade Russia
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0313286159: Comparative Judicial Review and Public Policy
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0313286299: Germanic Mosaic : Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Society
0313286302: What Wrongdoers Deserve : The Moral Reasoning Behind Responses to Misconduct
0313286310: Women's Periodicals in the United States : Consumer Magazines
0313286329: Women's Periodicals in the United States : Social and Political Issues
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0313286418: Encyclopedia of U. S. Biomedical Policy
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0313286698: AIDS : A Multimedia Sourcebook
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0313286752: Reason over Precedents : Origins of American Legal Thought
0313286787: Japanese Automobile Industry : An Annotated Bibliography
0313286795: Playwright vs. Director : Authorial Intentions and Performance Interpretations
0313286809: Barriers to Information : How Formal Help Systems Fail Battered Women
0313286817: Animation, Caricature and Gag and Political Cartoons in the United States and Canada : An International Bibliography
0313286825: Library Facility Siting and Location Handbook
0313286833: Sorcerer As Apprentice : Stalin As Commissar of Nationalities, 1917-1924
0313286841: Official Military Historical Offices and Sources : Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India
0313286876: American Political Trials
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0313286906: Audio Book Breakthrough : A Guide to Selection and Use in Public Libraries and Education
0313286930: Gerald Finzi : A Bio-Bibliography
0313286957: Global Double Zero
0313286965: Early Black Press in America, 1827 to 1860
0313286973: Serving Special Needs Students in the School Library Media Center
0313286981: Moving the Earth
0313287007: Catalog of Dictionaries, Word Books, and Philological Texts, 1440-1900 : Inventory of the Cordell Collection, Indiana State University
0313287015: Professional Law Enforcement Codes : A Documentary Collection
0313287031: Where in the World to Learn : A Guide to Library and Information Science for International Education Advisers
0313287058: Civil War Newspaper Maps : A Cartobibliography of the Northern Daily Press
0313287082: Stage It with Music : An Encyclopedic Guide to the American Musical Theatre
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0313287104: Edmund Burke, 1729-1797 : A Bibliography
0313287112: Dictionary-Catalog of Modern British Composers : A-C
0313287120: Dictionary-Catalog of Modern British Composers : D-L
0313287139: Dictionary-Catalog of Modern British Composers : M-Z
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0313287155: AIDS Crisis : A Documentary History
0313287171: Storied Cities : Literary Imaginings of Florence, Venice, and Rome
0313287198: Langston Hughes
0313287201: Assessing Governmental Performance : An Analytical Framework
0313287228: Crime History and Histories of Crime : Studies in the Historiography of Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern History
0313287236: Abortion in the New Europe : A Comparative Handbook
0313287244: Guide to the Blues
0313287260: Handbook on Ethical Issues in Aging
0313287279: Spencer Tracy : A Bio-Bibliography
0313287295: Religion and Sport
0313287309: Age of Giant Corporations : A Microeconomic History of American Business, 1914-1992
0313287317: Dictionary of the Literature of the Iberian Peninsula Vol. 1 : A-L
0313287325: Dictionary of the Literature of the Iberian Peninsula Vol. 2 : M-Z
0313287333: Colleen Dewhurst : A Bio-Bibliography
0313287341: Ellen Stewart and LA Mama
0313287376: Criminal Justice History : An International Annual, 1994
0313287392: General Matthew B. Ridgway : An Annotated Bibliography
0313287406: Pusan Perimeter, Korea, 1950
0313287414: Dictionary of Japanese Loanwords
0313287422: This Land Is Our Land : A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
0313287449: Demographic and Structural Change : The Effects of the 1980s on American Society
0313287457: Why the United States Lacks a National Health Insurance Program
0313287465: Censorship of Expression in the 1980s : A Statistical Survey
0313287473: 1,000 Hour War : Communication in the Gulf
0313287481: Transforming Russian Enterprises : From State Control to Employee Ownership
0313287511: Great Leaders, Great Tyrants? : Contemporary Views of World Rulers Who Made History
0313287538: P.T. Forsyth Bibliography and Index
0313287554: Women's Rights in the United States : A Documentary History
0313287570: Impact of Churches on Political Behavior : An Empirical Study
0313287589: British Playwrights, 1880-1956 : A Research and Production Sourcebook
0313287597: British Playwrights, 1956-1995
0313287600: Teen Legal Rights : A Guide for the `90s
0313287619: Mental Disorder in the Criminal Process : Stan Stress and the Vietnam-Sports Conspiracy
0313287635: Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1990-1994 : Books of Recognized Merit
0313287643: Contemporary Fiction Writers of the South : A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
0313287651: Contemporary Poets, Dramatists, Essayists, and Novelists of the South : A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
0313287678: Reader's Companion to the Fiction of Willa Cather
0313287708: Great Women Mystery Writers : Classic to Contemporary
0313287716: Aging Well : A Selected, Annotated Bibliography
0313287724: Critical Response to Herman Melville's Moby Dick
0313287732: Critical Response to George Eliot
0313287740: Reference Companion to Dylan Thomas
0313287759: Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy
0313287767: Public Library Planning : Case Studies for Management
0313287783: Handbook of Twentieth-Century Literatures of India
0313287791: Arnold Schoenberg Companion
0313287805: Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities : The Library Manager's Handbook
0313287813: Television Women from Lucy to Friends : Fifty Years of Sitcoms and Feminism
0313287821: Five Stages of Culture Shock
0313287848: Cuba and the Future
0313287856: Diversifying Historically Black Colleges and Universities : A New Higher Education Paradigm
0313287864: Political World of a Small Town
0313287872: Cold War Patriot and Statesman : Richard M. Nixon
0313287880: American Pioneers and the Japanese Frontier : American Experts in Nineteenth Century Japan
0313287902: Smollet's Women : A Study in an Eighteenth-Century Masculine Sensibility
0313287910: Police under Pressure : Resolving Disputes
0313287929: Reexamining the Eisenhower Presidency
0313287937: Publishing and Readership in Revolutionary France and America : A Symposium at the Library of Congress, Sponsored by the Center for the Book and the European Division
0313287945: Soviet and American Psychology During World War II
0313287953: Ambivalent Anti-Colonialism
0313287988: Waiting for Jerusalem : Surviving the Holocaust in Romania
0313287996: Counseling in the Asia-Pacific Region
0313288011: Growing up in Twentieth-Century America : A History and Reference Guide
0313288038: Chronology of Women's History
0313288046: Information Sources for Virtual Reality : A Research Guide
0313288054: Irish Playwrights, 1880-1995 : A Research and Production Sourcebook
0313288062: Benson J. Lossing and Historical Writing in the United States : 1830-1890
0313288070: Inside of History : Jean Henri Merle d'Aubigne and Romantic Historiography
0313288089: Political Protest and Street Art : Popular Tools for Democratization in Hispanic Countries
0313288097: Philanthropy and Economic Development
0313288119: A Documentary History of the Communist Party of the United States : Volume VI The Yanks Are Not Coming, 1939-1941
0313288127: A Documentary History of the Communist Party of the United States : Volume VII The Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945
0313288143: Ethnicity and Sport in North American History and Culture
0313288151: European Union and Its Citizens : The Social Agenda
0313288178: Index To Current Urban Documents Volume 20
0313288186: Guide to the Republics of the Former Soviet Union
0313288194: Style and the Scribbling Women : An Empirical Analysis of Nineteenth-Century American Fiction
0313288208: Comparative Studies in Local Economic Development : Problems in Policy Implementation
0313288216: Barefoot Expert : The Interface of Computerized Knowledge Systems and Indigenous Knowledge Systems
0313288224: State of Israel, the Land of Israel : The Statist and Ethnonational Dimensions of Foreign Policy
0313288232: Winston Churchill Architect of Peace
0313288240: Confronting Conflict : Domestic Factors and U. S. Policymaking in the Third World
0313288259: Literary Selves : Autobiography and Contemporary American Nonfiction
0313288283: Culture, Gender, Race, and U.S. Labor History
0313288291: French Revolution and the Meaning of Citizenship
0313288305: Socialism in Russia : Theory and Practice
0313288313: Second Best Bed
0313288321: Bibliographic Guide to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1986-1992
0313288348: Women and Work in Developing Countries
0313288356: Developing a Vision : Strategic Planning and the Library Media Specialist
0313288372: Political Role of the Military : An International Handbook
0313288399: American Reform and Reformers : A Biographical Dictionary
0313288410: Contemporary Hollywood's Negative Hispanic Image : An Interpretive Filmography, 1956-1993
0313288429: Censorship and Hollywood's Hispanic Image : An Interpretive Filmography, 1936-1955
0313288437: Academic Advising : An Annotated Bibliography
0313288453: Presidency and Domestic Policies of Jimmy Carter
0313288461: Ownership, Control, and the Future of Housing Policy
0313288488: Public Policy in China
0313288496: Paying the Premium : A Military Insurance Policy for Peace and Freedom
0313288526: Historical Dictionary of the Spanish American War
0313288534: Ethnohistorical Dictionary of China
0313288542: English Postcoloniality : Literatures from Around the World
0313288569: American Synagogue : A Historical Dictionary and Sourcebook
0313288577: Handbook on Women and Aging
0313288585: Guide to American Silent Crime Films
0313288593: Critical Response to H. G. Wells
0313288607: Critical Response to Richard Wright
0313288623: State Names, Seals, Flags, and Symbols
0313288631: Beyond Agendas : New Directions in Communication Research
0313288658: Global Telecommunications Policies : The Challenge of Change
0313288666: Economy in the Reagan Years : The Economic Consequences of the Reagan Administration
0313288682: Folk Wisdom and Mother Wit
0313288690: Looking Back on the Vietnam War : A 1990s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies
0313288704: U. S. Domestic and National Security Agendas : Into the 21st Century
0313288720: China-Burma-India Campaign, 1931-1945 Vol. 22 : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313288739: General Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964 : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313288747: Southwest Pacific Campaign, 1941-1945 : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313288763: Earl Mountbatten of Burma, 1900-1979 : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313288771: Arthur James Balfour, 1848-1930 : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313288798: Uneasy Coalition : The Entente Experience in World War I
0313288801: African Americans and the New Policy Consensus : Retreat of the Liberal State?
0313288836: Corporate Decline in Advanced Capitalism
0313288844: Hollywood As Mirror : Changing Views of Outsiders and Enemies in American Movies
0313288852: Legend of the Mutilated Victory : Italy, the Great War, and the Paris Peace Conference, 1915-1919
0313288860: Dynamics of Russian Politics : A Short History
0313288879: American Revolution, Garrison Life in French Canada and New York : Journal of an Officer of the Prinz Friedrich Regiment, 1776-1783
0313288887: From Nationalism to Secessionism : The Changing Fiction of William Gilmore Simms
0313288909: Buddhist Behavioral Codes and the Modern World : An International Symposium
0313288917: Police in Contradiction : The Evolution of the Police Function in Society
0313288925: Publication Peer Review : An Annotated Bibliography
0313288933: Spanish Dramatists of the Golden Age : A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
0313288968: Isaac Asimov : An Annotated Bibliography of the Asimov Collection at Boston University
0313288984: Marguerite Duras : A Bio-Bibliography
0313289018: Asian Higher Education : An International Handbook and Reference Guide
0313289026: Distinguished Asian Americans : A Biographical Dictionary
0313289034: Politics and Religious Authority : American Catholics since the Second Vatican Council
0313289042: Infighting in the Uaw
0313289069: Drug Abuse Treatment : The Implementation of Innovative Approaches
0313289093: Audrey Hepburn : A Bio-Bibliography
0313289107: Critical Response to Samuel Beckett
0313289115: Resources for the Future : An International Annotated Bibliography
0313289131: American Repertory Theatre Reference Book
0313289158: Painter Speaks : Artists Discuss Their Experiences and Careers
0313289166: Action Art : A Bibliography of Artists' Performances from Futurism to Fluxus and Beyond
0313289174: Encyclopedia of the Vatican and Papacy
0313289182: Multiculturalism in the College Curriculum : A Handbook of Strategies and Resources for Faculty
0313289204: Cultural Conflict and the Swedish Sexual Myth : The Male Immigrant's Encounter with Swedish Sexual and Cohabitation Culture
0313289239: William Thomas McKinley
0313289247: Contemporary Canadian Politics, 1988-1994 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313289263: Critical Response to John Milton's Paradise Lost
0313289271: Critical Response to Jack London
0313289298: Modern Verse Drama in English : An Annotated Bibliography
0313289301: Great Battles of Antiquity : A Strategic and Tactical Guide to Great Battles That Shaped the Development of War
0313289328: Encyclopedia of Empiricism
0313289344: Latin American Women Artists, Kahlo and Look Who Else : A Selective, Annotated Bibliography
0313289360: Building a Popular Science Library Collection for High School to Adult Learners : Issues and Recommended Resources
0313289379: Libraries and Librarianship in China
0313289387: Critical Response to Dashiell Hammett
0313289395: Ceausecu's Romania : An Annotated Bibliography
0313289409: Young Adult Science Fiction
0313289433: Conflicts in and Around Russia : Nation-Building in Difficult Times
0313289441: Sam Shepard and the American Theatre
0313289468: Sophocles and the Tragedy of Athenian Democracy
0313289484: Native Americans in the News : Images of Indians in the Twentieth Century Press
0313289514: Science Fiction and the Theatre
0313289522: Anne Tyler : A Bio-Bibliography
0313289549: Strategic Management for Public Libraries
0313289557: Micronesian Religion and Lore : A Guide to Sources, 1526-1990
0313289565: Parallel Importation in U. S. Trademark Law
0313289573: Press and Politics in Israel
0313289581: U. S. Constitution and the Power to Go to War : Historical and Current Perspectives
0313289603: Theatre, Opera, and Audiences in Revolutionary Paris : Analysis and Repertory
0313289638: Final Frontiers, 1880-1930 : Settling the Southern Bottomlands
0313289646: Deadly Sin of Terrorism : Its Effect on Democracy and Civil Liberty in Six Countries
0313289654: Economic Justice in Africa : Adjustment and Sustainable Development
0313289662: Research Libraries - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow : A Selection of Papers Presented at the International Seminars, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Library Center, Kanazawa, Japan, 1982-1992
0313289670: Boccaccio in English
0313289689: New Immigrant Literatures in the United States : A Sourcebook to Our Multicultural Literary Heritage
0313289697: Korean War : Handbook of the Literature and Research
0313289700: Terrorism, 1988-1991 : A Chronology of Events and a Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313289727: Women Film Directors : An International Bio-Critical Dictionary
0313289735: Children's Books on Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology : An Annotated Bibliography
0313289751: Playwrights and Acting : Acting Methodologies of Brecht, Ionesco, Pinter and Shepard
0313289778: Encounters with Difference : Student Perceptions of the Role of Out-of-Class Experiences in Education Abroad
0313289786: Public School Reform in Puerto Rico : Sustaining Colonial Models of Development
0313289794: Conductor's Repertory of Chamber Music : Compositions for Nine to Fifteen Solo Instruments
0313289808: World of Difference : An Inter-Cultural Study of Toni Morrison's Novels
0313289816: Tony Richardson : A Bio-Bibliography
0313289824: Assassination of John F. Kennedy : An Annotated Film, TV, and Videography, 1963-1992
0313289832: Allen Sapp : A Bio-Bibliography
0313289840: Handbook on Testing
0313289859: Multicultural Education
0313289867: Harold Lloyd : A Bio-Bibliography
0313289875: African-American Sports Greats : A Biographical Dictionary
0313289883: Third World Women's Literatures : A Dictionary and Guide to Materials in English
0313289891: Macroeconomic Policy in Open Economies
0313289913: Worlds of Common Sense : Equality, Identity and Two Modes of Impulse Management
0313289921: American Indian Policy
0313289948: Development Strategies in Africa : Current Economic, Socio-Political, and Institutional Trends and Issues
0313289956: Prospects for Recovery and Sustainable Development in Africa
0313289964: Racial Dimension of American Overseas Colonial Policy
0313289980: Annotated Bibliography of Jazz Fiction and Jazz Fiction Criticism
0313289999: Anne Tyler Companion
0313290016: Saxophone Recital Music : A Discography
0313290024: Middle Level Education : An Annotated Bibliography
0313290040: Military in the Service of Society and Democracy : The Challenge of the Dual-Role Military
0313290059: Healing Tuberculosis in the Woods : Medicine and Science at the End of the Nineteenth Century
0313290083: Recreating the Past : A Guide to American and World Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults
0313290105: Fred Astaire : A Bio-Bibliography
0313290113: Herman Melville Encyclopedia
0313290121: America's Armed Forces : A Handbook of Current and Future Capabilities
0313290148: African-American Orators : A Bio-Critical Sourcebook
0313290156: Historical Encyclopedia of School Psychology
0313290164: United States Government Documents on Women, 1800-1990: Set Volume I: Social Issues; Volume II: Labor (Bibliographies and Indexes in Women's Studies)
0313290172: Guide to Academic Writing
0313290180: Encyclopedia of the Reagan-Bush Years
0313290199: American Civil War
0313290202: Larry Sitsky
0313290229: For Sex Education, See Librarian : A Guide to Issues and Resources
0313290237: Holocaust Education and the Church-Related College : Restoring Ruptured Traditions
0313290261: College Football Bibliography
0313290288: Dawning of American Drama : American Dramatic Criticism, 1746-1915
0313290318: The Mercury Labels
0313290326: The Mercury Labels: A Discography. Volume II: The 1945-1956 Era
0313290334: The Mercury Labels : A Discography Volume III The 1964-1969 Era (Discographies)
0313290342: Mercury Labels
0313290350: The Mercury Labels: A Discography: Record and Artist Indexes (Discographies, No 51)
0313290377: Critical Response to Robert Lowell
0313290393: Adolescents at Risk : A Guide to Fiction and Nonfiction for Young Adults, Parents, and Professionals
0313290407: Father Charles E. Coughlin : Surrogate Spokesman for the Disaffected
0313290415: Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater
0313290423: New Perspectives on Margaret Laurence: Poetic Narrative, Multiculturalism, and Feminism (Contributions in Women's Studies)
0313290431: Stone and the Scorpion : The Female Subject of Desire in the Novels of Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, and Thomas Hardy
0313290458: International Women's Writing : New Landscapes of Identity
0313290466: Text, Image, Message : Saints in Medieval Manuscript Illustrations
0313290474: Journey into the Philosophy of Alain Locke
0313290482: Passchendaale and the Royal Navy
0313290504: Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History : 1993 Annual
0313290512: Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History : 1994 Annual
0313290520: Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History : 1995 Annual
0313290539: Preparing for Leadership : A Young Adult's Guide to Leadership Skills in a Global Age
0313290547: United States Army Logistics : The Normandy Campaign, 1944
0313290555: Sexual Harassment
0313290563: Postcolonial African Writers : A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313290571: Index to International Public Opinion, 1992-1993
0313290598: U.S. Presidents As Orators: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook
0313290628: Scientific Information in Wartime : An Allied-German Rivalry, 1939-1945
0313290636: Yiddish Proletarian Theatre : The Art and Politics of the Artef, 1925-1940
0313290644: Critical Response to Katherine Mansfield
0313290660: African Labor Relations and Workers' Rights : Assessing the Role of the International Labor Organization
0313290687: Index to International Public Opinion, 1993-1994
0313290695: Encyclopedia of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the New American Community, and Latin-American Trade
0313290709: Maxwell Anderson : A Research and Production Sourcebook
0313290717: Soviet Armed Forces, 1918-1992 : A Research Guide to Soviet Sources
0313290725: End of Empire: Dependencies since 1948 Pt. 1 : The West Indies, British Honduras, Hong Kong, Fiji, Cyprus, Gibraltar and the Falklands Select Documents on the Constitutional History of the British Empire and Commonwealth
0313290733: Ecology, Justice, and Christian Faith : A Critical Guide to the Literature
0313290741: American Labor in the Era of World War II
0313290768: Events That Changed the World in the Nineteenth Century
0313290776: Events That Changed the World in the Eighteenth Century
0313290784: Events That Changed the World in the Seventeenth Century
0313290792: Events That Changed the World Through the Sixteenth Century
0313290806: Events That Changed America in the Twentieth Century
0313290814: Events That Changed America in the Nineteenth Century
0313290822: Events That Changed America in the Eighteenth Century
0313290830: Events That Changed America Through the Seventeenth Century
0313290857: Modes of the Fantastic : Selected Essays from the Twelfth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313290865: Hear Me Patiently : The Reform Speeches of Amelia Jenks Bloomer
0313290873: Kings of Celtic Scotland
0313290938: Sioux and Other Native American Cultures of the Dakotas
0313290954: Envisioning the New Adam : Empathic Portraits of Men by American Women Writers
0313290962: Tradition of the Law and Law of the Tradition : Law, State and Social Control in China
0313290970: Actor Speaks : Actors Discuss Their Experiences and Careers
0313291004: School Library Media Centers in the 21st Century : Changes and Challenges
0313291020: Class, Culture and Race in American Schools : A Handbook
0313291039: Micronesian Histories : An Analytical Bibliography and Guide to Interpretations
0313291047: Reader's Companion to the Short Story in English
0313291055: Notable Latino Americans : A Biographical Dictionary
0313291063: Men and Aging : A Selected, Annotated Bibliography
0313291071: Critical Response to Thomas Carlyle's Major Works
0313291098: Chronically Disabled Elderly in Society
0313291136: Handbook for the College Admissions Profession
0313291144: Student Records Management : A Handbook
0313291152: Dystopian Literature : A Theory and Research Guide
0313291160: Encyclopedia of War and Ethics
0313291187: Time in the Black Experience
0313291195: Field Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery, 1887-1976 : A Selected Bibliography
0313291209: War in North Africa, 1940-1943 : A Selected Bibliography
0313291217: American Indian Quotations
0313291225: Contemporary Quotations in Black
0313291233: International Film, Television and Video Acronyms
0313291241: Historical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, 1272-1485
0313291268: U. S. Department of State : A Reference History
0313291292: Handbook for University and College Women's Centers : A Journey toward Equity
0313291306: World War II in the North Pacific : Chronology and Fact Book
0313291314: Notable Women in Mathematics : A Biographical Dictionary
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