0313301603: Historical Nightmares and Imaginative Violence in American Women's Writings
0313301611: (Un)Doing the Missionary Position : Gender Asymmetry in Contemporary Asian American Women's Writing
0313301638: Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues since 1945
0313301646: Role of Police in American Society : A Documentary History
0313301662: Black Unemployment
0313301670: Encyclopedia of Native American Legal Tradition
0313301689: Native North American Shamanism: An Annotated Bibliography
0313301697: Affirmative Action
0313301719: Sino-American Economic Relations, 1944-1949
0313301735: Reader's Guide to Haydn's Early String Quartets
0313301743: Press and Speech Freedoms in America, 1619-1995 : A Chronology
0313301751: Dictionary of Irish Literature: Revised and Expanded Edition A-L
0313301778: Lynching and Vigilantism in the United States : An Annotated Bibliography
0313301786: Germany's Panzer Arm
0313301794: Frontier in the Colonial South : South Carolina Backcountry, 1736-1800
0313301808: Other Mirror : Women's Narrative in Mexico, 1980-1995
0313301816: Eleanor Roosevelt Encyclopedia
0313301832: Vietnam Experience
0313301840: Sexual Harassment in America : A Documentary History
0313301859: Video Versions : Film Adaptations of Plays on Video
0313301867: Mental Health Services in Criminal Justice System
0313301883: Catholic Fiction and Social Reality in Ireland, 1873-1922
0313301891: Counterinsurgency in Africa
0313301905: Keepers of the Spirits : The Judicial Response to Prohibition Enforcement in Florida, 1885-1935
0313301913: Poverty, Female Headed Households and Sustainable Economic Development
0313301921: Back in the Spaceship Again
0313301948: Marge Piercy
0313301964: 365 Ways... Retirees' Resource Guide for Productive Lifestyles
0313301972: Culture and Customs of Japan
0313301999: Encyclopedia of American Independent Filmmaking
0313302006: Understanding the Catcher in the Rye : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313302014: Understanding Animal Farm
0313302022: Daily Life During the Holocaust
0313302030: Biographical Dictionary of Public Administration
0313302049: An Encyclopedia of the History of Classical Archaeology: A-K (Volume 1 of 2)
0313302065: Promoting Preservation Awareness in Libraries
0313302073: Amy Tan
0313302103: Understanding Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313302111: Choral Arrangements of the African-American Spirituals
0313302138: American Legislative Leaders in the South, 1911-1994
0313302146: American Legislative Leaders in the Midwest, 1911-1994
0313302154: American Legislative Leaders in the Northeast, 1911-1994
0313302162: Political Leaders of Modern China, 1840-2001 : A Biographical Dictionary
0313302197: By Angels Driven : The Films of Derek Jarman
0313302200: Teaching Electronic Literacy : A Concepts-Based Approach for School Library Media Specialists
0313302219: Understanding Richard Wright's Black Boy : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313302227: John Irving : A Critical Companion
0313302235: Twentieth-Century Teen Culture by the Decades : A Reference Guide
0313302243: History of Israel
0313302278: Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender College Students : A Handbook for Faculty and Administrators
0313302294: Understanding I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313302308: Garrison Keillor : A Critical Companion
0313302316: Leon Uris : A Critical Companion
0313302324: Imagining the Worst : Stephen King and the Representation of Women
0313302340: Librarianship and Legitimacy : The Ideology of the Public Library Inquiry
0313302359: Short Fiction of Kurt Vonnegut
0313302367: Moral Development Theories - Secular and Religious : A Comparative Study
0313302383: Enchanted Places : The Use of Setting in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Fiction
0313302391: Brilliant Corners : A Bio-Discography of Thelonious Monk
0313302405: Dis Here : A Bio-Discography of Julian Cannonball Adderley
0313302413: Free Expression in America : A Documentary History
0313302421: Fertility Decline in Developing Countries, 1960-1997 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313302448: Culture and Customs of Ecuador
0313302456: Banned in the Media : A Reference Guide to Censorship in the Press, Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Internet
0313302464: Theatregoer's Almanac : A Collection of Lists, People, History and Commentary on the American Theatre
0313302472: Southern African Political History: A Chronology of Key Political Events from Independence to Mid-1997.
0313302480: Psychology of Sexual Victimization : A Handbook
0313302499: Anne Tyler : A Critical Companion
0313302502: James Merrill's Poetic Quest
0313302510: Religion and Social System of the Virasaiva Community
0313302529: James Joyce and Trieste
0313302537: Simone de Beauvoir Writing the Self : Philosophy Becomes Autobiography
0313302545: Understanding Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313302553: Wisconsin State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313302588: Germany for the Germans? : The Political Effects of International Migration
0313302596: Theories of Political Processes
0313302618: French Newspaper Opinion on the American Civil War
0313302626: Socialism and Christianity in Early 20th Century America
0313302634: Othello : A Guide to the Play
0313302642: Lillian Hellman : A Research and Production Sourcebook
0313302650: Toni Morrison
0313302669: Library Resources for Singers, Coaches and Accompanists : An Annotated Bibliography, 1970-1997
0313302677: National Service and AmeriCorps : An Annotated Bibliography
0313302693: Educational System of Israel
0313302707: Women's History
0313302715: Leadership and Academic Librarians
0313302723: History of Spain
0313302731: Daily Life in Medieval Europe
0313302758: Dixonia Vol. 77 : A Bio-Discography of Bill Dixon
0313302766: Signs of the Zodiac : A Reference Guide to Historical, Mythological and Cultural Associations
0313302774: Corporate City : The American City As a Political Entity, 1800-1850
0313302782: Poet of Civic Courage: The Films of Francesco Rosi (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture)
0313302790: A Call to Action: The Films of Ousmane Sembene (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture)
0313302839: Virginia Woolf : Feminism, Creativity and the Unconscious
0313302847: Consulting Spirits : A Bibliography
0313302855: Critical Response to Ralph Ellison
0313302863: Ernest J. Gaines : A Critical Companion
0313302871: Frederick Douglass : Oratory from Slavery
0313302901: Biographical Dictionary of Congressional Women
0313302928: Manuel de Falla : A Bio-Bibliography
0313302936: Twentieth Century Danish Music : An Annotated Bibliography and Research Directory
0313302944: Understanding Things Fall Apart : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313302952: Jamaica Kincaid : A Critical Companion
0313302960: History of Japan
0313302987: Culture and Customs of Taiwan
0313303002: Larry McMurtry : A Critical Companion
0313303010: Justice Denoted : The Legal Thriller in American, British, and Continental Courtroom Literature
0313303029: Voltaire and the Theatre of the Eighteenth Century
0313303037: Bodies of Life
0313303045: Higher Education Administration: A Guide to Legal, Ethical, and Practical Issues
0313303061: Tennessee Williams : A Guide to Research and Performance
0313303088: Automobile
0313303118: Adolescence : Biological and Psychosocial Perspectives
0313303126: Encyclopedia of American Parties, Campaigns and Elections
0313303134: Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians
0313303142: Culture and Customs of the Dominican Republic
0313303150: Women Under the Third Reich
0313303169: Guide to Films on the Korean War
0313303177: The Korean War: An Annotated Bibliography
0313303185: Culture and Customs of Peru
0313303193: Culture and Customs of Argentina
0313303215: New Ayn Rand Companion
0313303223: Work-Family Research : An Annotated Bibliography
0313303231: Creating the Agile Library : A Management Guide for Librarians
0313303258: Maya Angelou : A Critical Companion
0313303266: Daily Life of the Ancient Romans
0313303282: History of France
0313303304: Busybodies, Meddlers and Snoops : The Female Hero in Contemporary Women's Mysteries
0313303312: Distinguished Women Economists
0313303320: Spanish Writers on Gay and Lesbian Themes : A Bio-Critical Sourcebook
0313303339: Alfred Reed
0313303355: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Family Issues
0313303398: Shapers of the Great Debate on Immigration : A Biographical Dictionary
0313303401: Cultural Practices and Socioeconomic Attainment : The Australian Experience
0313303436: Modern British Novel of the Left
0313303452: Guide to the Silent Years of American Cinema
0313303460: Tramp Shipping Dynasty - Burrell and Son of Glasgow, 1850-1939 : A History of Ownership, Finance and Profit
0313303495: Understanding a Raisin in the Sun
0313303509: Equal Protection and the African American Constitutional Experience
0313303517: History of Mexico
0313303568: McCormick of Rutgers : Scholar, Teacher, Public Historian
0313303576: Rewriting the History of Ancient Greek Philosophy
0313303584: Economic Liberalization and Labor Markets
0313303592: Problem of Embodiment in Early African American Narrative
0313303622: Family and Favela
0313303630: Homeric Rhythm : A Philosophical Study
0313303657: Death of God Movement and the Holocaust : Radical Theology Encounters the Shoah
0313303665: Economic Basis of Peace : Linkages Between Economic Growth and International Conflict
0313303681: English Novel, 1660-1700 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313303738: Willis Richardson, Forgotten Pioneer of African-American Drama
0313303746: Women Artists of Color : A Bio-Critical Sourcebook to 20th Century Artists in the Americas
0313303754: Franz Kafka Encyclopedia
0313303762: Books and Reading in the Lives of Notable Americans : A Biographical Sourcebook
0313303770: Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland
0313303789: Finance and World Order : Financial Fragility, Systematic Risk and Transnational Regimes
0313303797: Utopianism and Radicalism in a Reforming America 1888-1918
0313303800: Sourcebook of Nineteenth-Century American Sacred Music for Brass Instruments
0313303827: Neo-Impressionist Painters : A Sourcebook on Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac, Theo Van Rysselberghe, Henri Edmond Cross, Charles Angrand, Dubois-Pillet (Art Reference Collection) - Hardcover
0313303835: Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks
0313303843: Dostoevsky Encyclopedia
0313303886: Eddy Arnold Discography, 1944-1996
0313303894: Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1995-1999 : Books of Recognized Merit
0313303908: History of Brazil
0313303916: 20th-Century Rhetorics and Rhetoricians : Critical Studies and Sources
0313303924: Langston Hughes Encyclopedia
0313303932: History of Russia
0313303940: Senate Munitions Inquiry of the 1930s : Beyond the Merchants of Death
0313303959: Protestant Evangelical Literary Culture and Contemporary Society
0313303967: Tales We Tell : Perspectives on the Short Story
0313303975: Kurds and Kurdistan : A Selective and Annotated Bibliography
0313303991: Elvis Costello : A Bio-Bibliography
0313304009: Historical Encyclopedia of Atomic Energy
0313304025: Understanding Death of a Salesman : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313304041: Pioneers of Early Childhood Education : A Bio-Bibliographical Guide
0313304076: Solitude and Society in the Works of Herman Melville and Edith Wharton
0313304084: Afro-Cuban Literature : Critical Junctures
0313304092: Silver and Gold
0313304106: Ibsen and Early Modernist Theatre, 1890-1900
0313304114: Transformations of Language in Modern Dystopias
0313304122: Culture and Customs of Mexico
0313304130: The Mozart-Da Ponte Operas: An Annotated Bibliography.
0313304149: Barbra Streisand Companion : A Guide to Her Vocal Style and Repertoire
0313304157: Culture and Customs of the Philippines
0313304173: Understanding the Literature of World War II: A Student Casebook to issues, sources and historical documents,
0313304211: Marine Affairs Dictionary : Terms, Concepts, Laws, Court Cases, and International Conventions and Agreements
0313304238: Growth and Variability in State Tax Revenue : An Anatomy of State Fiscal Crises
0313304246: Kate Chopin : An Annotated Bibliography of Critical Works
0313304254: Encyclopedia of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement
0313304262: Daily Life in Renaissance Italy
0313304270: Mexico in the Age of Proposals, 1821-1853
0313304300: Dictionary of Quotations in Communications
0313304319: Imperialism and Colonialism : Essays on the History of European Expansion
0313304327: General William Maxwell and the New Jersey Continentals
0313304335: Culture and Customs of Cuba
0313304378: Endangered Peoples of Africa and the Middle East : Struggles to Survive and Thrive
0313304386: Encyclopedia of Russian Women's Movements
0313304394: Nineteenth-Century British Women Writers : A Bio-bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313304408: Professional and Occupational Licensure in the United States : An Annotated Bibliography and Professional Resource
0313304424: American Proverbs about Women : A Reference Guide
0313304432: International Handbook of Funeral Customs
0313304440: Discography of 78 RPM Era Recordings of the Horn : Solo and Chamber Literature with Commentary
0313304459: Sports : A Reference Guide and Critical Commentary, 1980-1999
0313304483: Ezra Pound Encyclopedia
0313304491: Documentary Theatre in the United States Vol. 89 : An Historical Survey and Analysis of Its Content, Form and Stagecraft
0313304513: Gower Champion : Dance and American Musical Theatre
0313304521: Asian and Jungian Views of Ethics
0313304556: English-Russian Dictionary of American Criminal Law
0313304564: Culture and Customs of Korea
0313304572: Genetic Engineering : A Documentary History
0313304580: Sounding the Classics : From Sophocles to Thomas Mann
0313304599: Tony Pastor Presents : Afterpieces from the Vaudeville Stage
0313304602: Dictionary of Theories, Laws and Concepts in Psychology
0313304610: Index to International Public Opinion, 1996-1997
0313304629: Theory and Practice of Classic Detective Fiction
0313304637: Detective in American Fiction, Film and Television
0313304645: The White Image in the Black Mind: A Study of African American Literature (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
0313304653: American Ritual Tapestry : Social Rules and Cultural Meanings
0313304688: Terrorism, 1992-1995 : A Chronology of Events and a Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313304696: Pictographic Score Notation : A Compendium
0313304726: Islam, Hinduism and Judaism in South Africa : An Annotated Bibliography
0313304734: Christianity in South Africa : An Annotated Bibliography
0313304742: African Traditional Religion in South Africa
0313304750: Critical Response to Gertrude Stein
0313304777: Rooted in the Chants of Slaves, Blacks in the Humanities, 1985-1997
0313304785: American Women Photographers : A Selected and Annotated Bibliography
0313304793: Julius Caesar : A Guide to the Play
0313304807: Islamic Revival since 1988 : A Critical Survey and Bibliography
0313304831: Social Science Reference Sources
: A Practical Guide
0313304858: Culture and Customs of Vietnam
0313304866: Ol' Blue Eyes : A Frank Sinatra Encylopedia
0313304874: Holocaust Scholars Write to the Vatican
0313304882: Eliot Tracts : With Letters from John Eliot to Thomas Thorowgood and Richard Baxter
0313304890: U. S. Imperialism in Latin America : Bryan's Challenges and Contributions, 1900-1920
0313304904: Folklore and the Fantastic in Twelve Modern Irish Novels
0313304920: Culture and Customs of Costa Rica
0313304947: Block Scheduling and Its Impact on the School Library Media Center
0313304955: Culture and Customs of Brazil
0313304963: French Revolution Debate in English Literature and Culture
0313304971: Contemporary British History Play
0313305005: Gothic Writers : A Critical and Bibliographical Guide
0313305013: Contemporary African American Novelists : A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313305021: Space and Transport in the World-System
0313305048: Terry McMillan : A Critical Companion
0313305064: Chocolate : Food of the Gods
0313305072: Agent of Challenge and Defiance : The Films of Ken Loach
0313305080: Edison's Kinetoscope and Its Films
0313305099: True Relations : Essays on Autobiography and the Postmodern
0313305102: Jehovah's Witnesses : A Comprehensive and Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313305137: Culture and Customs of India
0313305153: Kenneth Leighton : A Bio-Bibliography
0313305161: Daily Life in Civil War America
0313305188: Deprivation and Power : The Emergence of Anorexia Nervosa in Nineteenth Century French Literature
0313305196: Judicial Entrepreneurship : The Role of the Judge in the Marketplace of Ideas
0313305226: Right to Die Debate : A Documentary History
0313305234: Jane Austen and Eighteenth-Century Courtesy Books
0313305242: Immigrant Politics and the Public Library
0313305250: Fair Trial Rights of the Accused : A Documentary History
0313305269: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Societal Issues
0313305277: Freedom over Servitude : Montaigne, la Boetie and On Voluntary Servitude
0313305285: Mythology As Metaphor
0313305293: Wagner's Ring and German Drama
0313305307: Tolkien's Legendarium : Essays on the History of Middle-Earth
0313305315: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Health Issues
0313305323: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with Identity Issues
0313305331: Songs of Hans Pfitzner : A Guide and Study
0313305358: Early Swing Era, 1930 to 1941
0313305366: Myth of Medea and the Murder of Children
0313305374: Twentieth-Century Bibliography and Textual Criticism
0313305382: Encyclopedia of Literature and Science
0313305390: Modern Myths and Wagnerian Deconstructions : Hermeneutic Approaches to Wagner's Music-Dramas
0313305439: Historical Dictionary of the 1970s
0313305447: Chinese Americans
0313305463: Winston S. Churchill, 1874-1965
0313305471: English/British Naval History to 1815 : A Guide to the Literature
0313305501: Irwin Bazelon
0313305528: Artists of De Stijl : A Guide to the Literature
0313305536: Latin American Science Fiction Writers
0313305544: Latin American Mystery Writers : An A-to-Z Guide
0313305560: Layperson's Guide to Criminal Law
0313305579: East Asia and the United States
0313305587: Controversies of the Sports World
0313305595: Term Paper Resource Guide to Twentieth-Century World History
0313305609: Historical Dictionary of Law Enforcement
0313305617: Lawrence of Arabia : An Encyclopedia
0313305641: Last Modernist : The Films of Theo Angelopoulos
0313305668: Michel Saint-Denis and the Shaping of the Modern Actor
0313305676: Architectural Excursions
0313305684: Spiritual Exploration in the Works of Doris Lessing
0313305692: Perspectives on the Grateful Dead : Critical Writings
0313305706: Century of Welsh Myth in Children's Literature
0313305714: History of Poland
0313305730: States' Rights and American Federalism : A Documentary History
0313305749: Renaissance and Reformation, 1500-1620 : A Biographical Dictionary
0313305757: Understanding the Grapes of Wrath : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313305765: Collaborative Writing : An Annotated Bibliography
0313305773: An index to African-American spirituals for the solo voice. (Music reference collection; no.76)
0313305781: Modern Spanish Dramatists : A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
0313305803: Energy and Organization : Growth and Distribution Reexamined
0313305838: Solving the Puzzle of Interest Group Litigation
0313305846: Last Choice : Preemptive Suicide in Advanced Age
0313305854: African American Autobiography and the Quest for Freedom : Through Learning
0313305870: From Abortion to Contraception : A Resource to Public Policies and Reproductive Behavior in Central and Eastern Europe from 1917 to the Present
0313305889: Late Medieval Age of Crisis and Renewal, 1300-1500 : A Biographical Dictionary
0313305897: Alan Rawsthorne
0313305900: Bibliographical Guide to Spanish Music for the Violin and Viola, 1900-1997
0313305927: Planning for A New Generation of Public Library Buildings
0313305943: Student Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald
0313305951: Student Companion to Nathaniel Hawthorne
0313305978: Survey Research Methodology, 1990-1999
0313305986: Companion to Hard Times
0313306001: Emotion and Religion: A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
0313306028: Landmark Supreme Court Cases: A Reference Guide
0313306036: Toward a Jewish Morality : Speaking of a Postmodern Jewish Ethics
0313306044: Women in the Nineteenth-Century Art World : Schools of Art and Design for Women in London and Philadelphia
0313306052: Frontier Profit and Loss : The British Army and the Fur Traders, 1760-1764
0313306060: Ecumenical Movement : An Introductory History
0313306079: Litigating Federalism : The States Before the U. S. Supreme Court
0313306087: Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt : A Documentary History
0313306109: Miniature Empires : A Historical Dictionary of the Newly Independent States
0313306117: Student Companion to Charles Dickens
0313306125: Louise Erdrich : A Critical Companion
0313306133: Developing Sanity in Human Affairs
0313306141: Philippines in World War II, 1941-1945 : A Chronology and Select Annotated Bibliography Of Books and Articles in English
0313306168: American Prisons : An Annotated Bibliography
0313306184: Historical Dictionary of the Great Depression, 1929-1940
0313306192: Historical Dictionary of the 1950s
0313306206: Culture and Customs of El Salvador
0313306222: Bobby Hackett
0313306230: Encyclopedia of Native American Economic History
0313306249: Iowa State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313306257: Battles of the British Expeditionary Forces, 1914-1915 : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313306273: Boer War : Historiography and Annotated Bibliography
0313306281: Native American Sun Dance Religion and Ceremony : An Annotated Bibliography
0313306311: Privatization or Public Enterprise Reform? : International Case Studies with Implications for Public Management
0313306338: Pillage of Sustainability in Eritrea, 1600S-1990s
0313306346: Respecting State Courts
0313306362: Sacred Latin Texts and English Translations for the Choral Conductor and Church Musician : Propers of the Mass
0313306370: Student Companion to George Orwell
0313306389: Barbara Kingsolver : A Critical Companion
0313306397: Culture and Customs of Venezuela
0313306400: Endangered Peoples of Oceania : Struggles to Survive and Thrive
0313306419: Rudolfo A. Anaya : A Critical Companion
0313306427: Issues and Dilemmas of Biotechnology : A Reference Guide
0313306435: United States Constitution : Questions and Answers
0313306443: Historical and Multicultural Encyclopedia of Women's Reproductive Rights in the United States
0313306451: Christianity, the Other, and the Holocaust
0313306478: Historical Encyclopedia of American Women Entrepreneurs : 1776 to the Present
0313306486: Encyclopedia of American War Literature
0313306494: Endangered Peoples of the Arctic : Struggles to Survive and Thrive
0313306516: American Civil War
0313306524: Promises on Prior Obligations at Common Law
0313306532: Encyclopedia of Organized Crime in the United States
0313306559: Pronouncing Shakespeare's Words
0313306567: African-American Male : An Annotated Bibliography
0313306575: American Film Cycles : The Silent Era
0313306583: History of Holland
0313306591: Extraordinary Women of the Medieval and Renaissance World : A Biographical Dictionary
0313306613: Women's Press Organizations, 1881-1999
0313306621: Companion to Jane Austen Studies
0313306664: Critical Response to Truman Capote
0313306672: Immortal Monster : The Mythological Evolution of the Fantastic Beast in Modern Fiction and Film
0313306680: Reinventing Legitimacy
0313306699: Noble Daughters : Unheralded Women in Western Christianity, 13th To 18th Centuries
0313306702: Kingdom of Swaziland : Studies in Political History
0313306710: Opening the West : Federal Internal Improvements Before 1860
0313306729: Diogenes of Sinope
0313306737: Preparing the Information Professional : An Agenda for the Future
0313306745: America's Strategic Future : A Blueprint for National Survival in the New Millennium
0313306753: History of Popular Women's Magazines in the United States, 1792-1995
0313306761: Successful Keyword Searching : Initiating Research on Popular Topics Using Electronic Databases
0313306788: Condition of English : Literary Studies in a Changing Culture
0313306818: Crime and Crime Control
0313306826: History of Nigeria
0313306834: Ambrose Bierce
0313306869: Untying the Tongue
0313306877: Multicultural Writers from Antiquity to 1945 : A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
0313306885: Multicultural Writers since 1945 : An A-to-Z Guide
0313306893: Liszt Companion
0313306907: People for and Against Gun Control : A Biographical Reference
0313306915: Music of the Golden Age, 1900-1950 and Beyond : A Guide to Popular Composers and Lyricists
0313306931: Guide to Native American Ledger Drawings and Pictographs in United States Museums, Libraries and Archives
0313306958: Cervantes Encyclopedia
0313306966: Gay and Lesbian Rights in the United States : A Documentary History
0313306974: Betrothed of Death : The Spanish Foreign Legion During the Rif Rebellion, 1920-1927
0313306982: Nomai Dance Drama
0313306990: Writing Centers and Writing Across the Curriculum Programs : Building Interdisciplinary Partnerships
0313307008: Stalking Nietzsche
0313307024: Natural Law Ethics
0313307032: Religious and Political Ethics in Africa : A Moral Inquiry
0313307075: Zora Neale Hurston Companion
0313307083: History of Turkey
0313307113: Carole King : A Bio-Bibliography
0313307121: Maritime Sector, Institutions, and Sea Power of Premodern China
0313307148: Policing Islam : The British Occupation of Egypt and the Anglo-Egyptian Struggle over Control of the Police, 1882-1914
0313307156: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope With Abuse Issues
0313307199: Catholic Church in Mississippi, 1911-1984 : A History
0313307202: Entertainers in British Films : A Century of Showbiz in the Cinema
0313307210: Soldier and Warrior : French Attitudes Toward the Army and War on the Eve of the First World War
0313307229: Arab-Israeli Conflict
0313307237: Understanding Lord of the Flies: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents (Th
0313307245: Myths of Freedom : Equality, Modern Thought and Philosophical Radicalism
0313307253: Ecology and the World-System
0313307261: Shakespearean Intertextuality : Studies in Selected Sources and Plays
0313307288: One King, One Law, Three Faiths : Religion and the Rise of Absolutism in Seventeenth-Century Metz
0313307296: Military Assistance : An Operational Perspective
0313307318: History of Iran
0313307326: Historical Encyclopedia of U.S. Presidential Use of Force, 1789-2000
0313307334: Regions of Italy : A Reference Guide to History and Culture
0313307350: Historical Encyclopedia of U. S. Independent Counsel Investigations
0313307377: American Musical Film Song Encyclopedia
0313307385: Global Economic Growth : Theories, Research, Studies and Annotated Bibliography, 1950-1997
0313307393: Music of Billy May : A Discography
0313307415: Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations
0313307423: Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations
0313307431: Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations
0313307458: Child Abuse : A Global View
0313307474: Student Companion to Jane Austen
0313307482: Writings and Letters of Konrad Wolff
0313307490: Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in History
0313307512: Appearance of Equality : Racial Gerrymandering, Redistricting, and the Supreme Court
0313307520: Ireland's Children : Quality of Life, Stress and Child Development in the Famine Era
0313307539: Rethinking Folk Drama
0313307547: Origins of American Public Finance
0313307555: Gender and Genre in Gertrude Stein
0313307563: The American Settlement Movement: A Bibliography
0313307571: Sarah Orne Jewett Companion
0313307636: Dissenting Women in Dickens' Novels Vol. 168 : The Subversion of Domestic Ideology
0313307644: Searching for Meaning in the Holocaust
0313307652: Platonic Errors : Plato, a Kind of Poet
0313307660: Image of Manhood in Early Modern Literature : Viewing the Male
0313307679: Reader's Guide to Raymond Chandler
0313307695: Libraries, Immigrants and the American Experience
0313307768: Populist Nationalism: Republican Insurgency and American Foreign Policy Making, 1918-1925
0313307776: Opposition Beyond the Water's Edge; Liberal Internationalists, Pacifists and Containment, 1945-1953.
0313307784: The MGM Labels: A Discography 1946-1960. 3 Volumes.
0313307792: The MGM Labels Vol. 2 : A Discography, 1961-1982 (Vol. 2) (Discographies Ser., Vol. 75)
0313307806: Mgm Labels
0313307814: Using Literature to Help Troubled Teenagers Cope with End-of-Life Issues
0313307822: Brainard's Biographies of American Musicians
0313307830: Culture and Customs of Chile
0313307849: Authorized Press in Vichy and German-Occupied France, 1940-1944 : A Bibliography
0313307865: Losing a Continent : France's North American Policy, 1753-1763
0313307873: Gone Native in Polynesia : Captivity Narratives and Experiences from the South Pacific
0313307881: Sexual Rhetoric
0313307903: Crime Control and Social Justice : The Delicate Balance
0313307911: Mixed Blessing : Impact of the American Colonial Experience on Politics and Society in the Philippines
0313307938: Democratization in Late Twentieth-Century Africa : Coping with Uncertainty
0313307946: Theory of Aggregate Investment and Output Dynamics in Open Economic Systems
0313307954: Popular Press, 1833-1865
0313307970: Index to International Public Opinion, 1997-1998
0313307997: Students in Discord : Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
0313308012: Early Japanology: Aston, Satow, Chamberlain Volume 1 (Documentary Reference Collections)
0313308039: Early Japanology: Aston, Satow, Chamberlain Volume 3 (Documentary Reference Collections)
0313308047: Early Japanology: Aston, Satow, Chamberlain Volume 4 (Documentary Reference Collections)
0313308055: Law and the Arts
0313308098: Salman Rushdie Interviews : A Sourcebook of His Ideas
0313308101: Five Centuries of Women Singers
0313308128: The Directory of the Armed Forces Radio Service Series (Discographies S.)
0313308136: Encyclopedia of Modern Greek Literature
0313308144: Encyclopedia of American Synagogue Ritual
0313308160: Endangered Animals : A Reference Guide to Conflicting Issues
0313308179: The Rise of the Medieval World 500-1300 : A Biographical Dictionary (The Great Cultural Eras of the Western World)
0313308195: Winning the War Against Youth Gangs : A Guide for Teens, Families and Communities
0313308209: Women of Courage : Jewish and Italian Immigrant Women in New York
0313308217: Columbia Master Book Discography Vol. I : U. S. Matrix Series 1 Through 4999, 1901-1910: With a History of the Columbia Phonograph Company to 1934
0313308225: Columbia Master Book Discography
0313308233: Columbia Master Book Discography Vol. III : Principal U. S. Matrix Series, 1924-1934
0313308241: Columbia Master Book Discography : U.S. Twelve-Inch Matrix Series, 1906-1931
0313308268: Balance of Payments Adjustment : Macro Facets of International Finance Revisited (Contributions in Economics and Economic History) - Hardcover
0313308276: Absolutism and the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1720 : A Biographical Dictionary
0313308284: American Statesmen : Secretaries of State from John Jay to Colin Powell
0313308292: Sinatra : An Annotated Bibliography, 1939-1998
0313308306: Encyclopedia of the Industrial Revolution in America:
0313308314: Diversity in Libraries : Academic Residency Programs
0313308322: Peripheral Weapon? : The Production and Employment of British Tanks in the First World War
0313308330: Politics of Economic Restructuring and Democracy in Africa
0313308349: Wind and Wind Chorus Music of Anton Bruckner
0313308357: Jacobean Union : A Reconsideration of British Civil Policies under the Early Stuarts
0313308373: Truman, MacArthur and the Korean War
0313308381: Black Women Writers and the American Neo-Slave Narrative : Femininity Unfettered
0313308403: Latin American Merchant Shipping in the Age of Glo
0313308411: Shaman or Sherlock? : The Native American Detective
0313308438: Bringing of Wonder : Trade and the Indians of the Southeast, 1700-1783
0313308454: J.R.R. Tolkien and His Literary Resonances
0313308462: Space and Beyond : The Frontier Theme in Science Fiction
0313308470: Science Fiction, Children's Literature, and Popular Culture : Coming of Age in Fantasyland
0313308489: The Women Impressionists: A Sourcebook (Art Reference Collection)
0313308497: Colorado State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313308500: Ernst Von Dohnanyi
0313308519: Press and Speech Freedoms in the World, from Antiquity until 1998 : A Chronology
0313308527: 100 More Research Topic Guides for Students
0313308535: Critical Response to D. H. Lawrence
0313308543: Teen Violence : A Global View
0313308551: International Perspectives on Homelessness
0313308578: India : The Seductive and Seduced Other of German Orientalism
0313308586: Chief Justice's Progress : John Marshall from Revolutionary Virginia to the Supreme Court
0313308594: Multicultural Education in the U.S: A Guide to Policies and Programs in the 50 States
0313308608: Women and Children of the Mills : An Annotated Guide to Nineteenth-Century American Textile Factory Literature
0313308616: Electroshock and Minors : A Fifty Year Review
0313308624: Official Military Historical Offices and Sources : The Western Hemisphere and the Pacific Rim
0313308632: Writing of Official Military History
0313308640: Distant Lands and Diverse Cultures
0313308667: Bank of the United States and the American Economy
0313308683: Contract Law and Morality
0313308691: Chinese Triangle of Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong : Comparative Institutional Analyses
0313308705: Shakespeare's Criminals : Criminology, Fiction and Drama
0313308713: Cowboy Way : The Western Leader in Film, 1945-1995
0313308721: Business and Technical Communication : An Annotated Guide to Sources, Skills, and Samples
0313308764: Culture and Customs of China
0313308772: Maxine Hong Kingston
0313308780: Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture
0313308799: Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot : A Reference Guide
0313308802: Encyclopedia of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy)
0313308810: Understanding The Odyssey : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historic Documents
0313308829: Understanding the Call of the Wild : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents
0313308837: America In Quotations A Kaleidoscopic View of American History
0313308845: Environmental Activists
0313308853: Foreign Critical Reputation of F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1980-2000
0313308861: Encyclopedia of the Antebellum South
0313308896: Joachim Andersen : A Bio-Bibliography
0313308918: The Immigrant Experience in North American Literature : Carving Out a Niche
0313308926: Great World War II Battles in the Arctic
0313308934: Noir, Now and Then : Film Noir Originals and Remakes (1944-1999)
0313308969: Louisa May Alcott Encyclopedia
0313308993: Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in Geography
0313309019: Ray Bradbury : A Critical Companion
0313309035: Christian Hymnody in Twentieth-Century Britain and America : An Annotated Bibliography
0313309043: Student Companion to Zora Neale Hurston
0313309051: China During the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976 : A Selected Bibliography of English Language Works
0313309078: Sergei Rachmaninoff : A Bio-bibliography
0313309086: Museums and Historic Sites of the American West:
0313309094: Student Companion to Richard Wright
0313309108: African American Authors, 1745-1945 1745-1945 : A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313309116: Asian American Novelists : A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313309124: Celebrating Women Coaches : A Biographical Dictionary
0313309132: Moroccan Goums : Tribal Warriors in a Modern War
0313309140: Tornel and Santa Anna : The Writer and the Caudillo, Mexico, 1795-1853
0313309159: Ethnicity and Gender in the Barsetshire Novels of Angela Thirkell
0313309167: Contemporary Irish Women Poets : Some Male Perspectives
0313309175: Heidegger-Buber Controversy : The Status of the I-Thou
0313309183: Korean Immigrants and the Challenge of Adjustment
0313309191: Country School Memories : An Oral History of One-Room Schooling
0313309205: Role and Impact of the Internet on Library and Information Services
0313309213: Ethnic Cleansing in the U. S. S. R., 1937-1949
0313309221: EISENHOWER'S EXECUTIVE OFFICE (Contributions in Political Science, No. 386)
0313309256: Anglicans in the Antipodes
0313309272: Kickapoo Indians, Their History and Culture : An Annotated Bibliography
0313309280: Foreign Woman in British Literature: Exotics, Aliens, and Outsiders.
0313309302: Hyphenated American : The Hidden Injuries of Culture
0313309310: Practical Pedagogy for the Jewish Classroom : Classroom Management, Instruction and Curriculum Development
0313309329: Citizenship and Ethnicity
0313309337: Fantastic Vampire Vol. 91 : Studies in the Children of the Night Selected Essays from the Eighteenth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313309345: Counseling the Inupiat Eskimo
0313309361: Transient and the Absolute
0313309388: Reinventing Drama : Acting, Iconicity, Performance
0313309396: Understanding Jane Eyre : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313309418: Shapers of the Great Debate on Native Americans - Land, Spirit, and Power
0313309426: From Polis to Empire - The Ancient World, c. 800 B. C.-A. D. 500 : A Biographical Dictionary
0313309434: American Women Writers, 1900-1945 : A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313309442: Merchant of Venice : A Guide to the Play
0313309450: Dictionary of Human Rights Advocacy Organizations in Africa
0313309469: Authentic Ethnicities the Interaction of Ideology, Gender Power, and Class in the Italian-
0313309477: Discovering Journalism
0313309485: Grand Master Workman : Terence Powderly and the Knights of Labor
0313309493: Student Companion to Arthur Miller
0313309507: Holocaust and Its Religious Impact : A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography
0313309523: Basketball
0313309558: Daily Life in Traditional China : The Tang Dynasty
0313309574: Scientific Laws, Principles and Theories : A Reference Guide
0313309604: Shamanism and Christianity: Native Encounters with Russian Orthodox Missions in Siberia and Alaska, 1820-1917 (Contributions to the Study of World His
0313309612: Contending Issues in African Development : Advances, Challenges and the Future
0313309620: Crossing the Line
0313309655: Uneasy Alliance : Relations Between Russia and Kazakhstan in the Post-Soviet Era, 1992-1997
0313309663: Boys into Men : Staying Healthy through the Teen Years
0313309671: Many Peoples, One Land : A Guide to New Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
0313309698: Field Guide for the Sight-Impaired Reader : A Comprehensive Resource for Students, Teachers and Librarians
0313309728: Religion, Law and the Land : Native Americans and the Judicial Interpretation of Sacred Land
0313309736: Storied Singer : Frank Sinatra as Literary Conceit
0313309744: Bradley and How It Got That Way : Technology, Institutions and the Problem of Mechanized Infantry in the United States Army
0313309752: Kurt Vonnegut : Images and Representations
0313309779: Earnings Inequality, Unemployment, and Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa
0313309787: Charting Twentieth-Century Monetary Policy: Herbert Hoover and Benjamin Strong, 1917-1927 (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
0313309809: Film and the American Left : A Research Guide
0313309817: Plays of Shakespeare : A Thematic Guide
0313309825: Debating the Issues in Colonial Newspapers : Primary Documents on Events of the Period
0313309833: John Updike: The Critical Responses to the Rabbit Saga
0313309841: One Europe, Many Nations : A Historical Dictionary of European National Groups
0313309868: Understanding Othello : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources and Historical Documents
0313309884: Controlled or Reduced Smoking : An Annotated Bibliography
0313309906: Secret Soldiers of the Revolution 1918-1933 : Soviet Military Intelligence, 1918-1933
0313309922: Student Companion to Edgar Allan Poe
0313309930: Julia Alvarez : A Critical Companion
0313309949: Celestin Freinet
0313309957: Matriarchs of England's Cooperative Movement : A Study in Gender Politics and Female Leadership, 1883-1921
0313309965: Formative Influences, Theories and Campaigns of the Archduke Carl of Austria
0313309973: Jerome Bonaparte : The War Years, 1800-1815
0313309981: Members of the Regiment : Army Officers' Wives on the Western Frontier, 1865-1890
0313310009: On Top of the World Vol. 177 : Women's Political Leadership in Scandinavia and Beyond
0313310017: America Perceived : The Making of Chinese Images of the United States, 1945-1953
0313310033: What to Expect in the Military : A Practical Guide for Young People, Parents and Counselors
0313310041: The Peace of Westphalia: A Historical Dictionary
0313310068: Endangered People of Europe
0313310084: Age of Milton : An Encyclopedia of Major 17th-Century British and American Authors
0313310092: West Indian Americans
0313310106: Native America and the Evolution of Democracy : A Supplementary Bibliography
0313310114: Understanding the Merchant of Venice
0313310122: Policing and War in Europe
0313310130: Crime, Gender, and Sexuality in Criminal Prosecutions
0313310149: Crime, Punishment, and Reform in Europe
0313310165: Paul Simon: A Bio-Bibliography.
0313310173: Encyclopedia of Literary Modernism
0313310203: Where a Man Can Go
0313310211: To Acknowledge a War : The Korean War in American Memory
0313310238: Desert Shield at Sea : What the Navy Really Did
0313310246: Desert Storm at Sea : What the Navy Really Did
0313310254: Curriculum Partner : Redefining the Role of the Library Media Specialist
0313310262: Daily Life in the Age of Sail
0313310270: Violent Crime in North America
0313310297: Phil Ochs : A Bio-Bibliography
0313310300: Modern British Women Writers
0313310335: Race and Crime
0313310343: Rabelais Encyclopedia
0313310351: Keeping the Faith 1940-1970 : Race, Politics and Social Development in Jacksonville, Florida, 1940-1970
0313310378: Toward a Revolution in Military Affairs? : Defense and Security at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century
0313310386: Poison Gas : The Myths Versus Reality
0313310394: In the Shadow of Nelson : The Naval Leadership of Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, 1753-1812
0313310408: African Settings in Contemporary American Novels
0313310416: War for the Every Day : Generals, Knowledge and Warfare in Early Modern Europe, 1680-1740
0313310424: Cultivation of Body and Mind in Nineteenth-Century American Delsartism
0313310432: Conservative Press in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century America
0313310440: Selected Writings of Mordecai Noah
0313310459: African Visions : Literary Images, Political Change, and Social Struggle in Contemporary Africa
0313310467: Partisanship and the Birth of America's Second Party, 1796-1800 : Stop the Wheels of Government
0313310475: Harlem Renaissance : The One and the Many
0313310483: Education of Teachers in Russia
0313310505: Neville Chamberlain and British Rearmament : Pride, Prejudice and Politics
0313310513: Varied Carols : A Survey of American Choral Literature
0313310548: Companion to Old and Middle English Literature
0313310556: Put Your Dreams Away : A Frank Sinatra Discography
0313310564: Student Companion to Ernest Hemingway
0313310580: Maori and the Crown : An Indigenous People's Struggle for Self-Determination
0313310599: Energy and the Rise and Fall of Political Economy
0313310602: Eminent Educators: Studies in Intellectual Influence
0313310629: Emperor's Friend : Marshal Jean Lannes
0313310637: African America and Haiti : Emigration and Black Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century
0313310645: Documents of American Diplomacy : From the American Revolution to the Present
0313310661: Literary and Historical Index to American Magazines, 1800-1850
0313310688: Mythatypes : Signatures and Signs of African/Diaspora and Black Goddesses
0313310696: Exemplary Public Libraries
0313310718: Women's Studies Encyclopedia Vol. 1 : A-F
0313310726: Women's Studies Encyclopedia Vol. 2 : G-P
0313310734: Women's Studies Encyclopedia Vol. 3 : Q-Z
0313310742: Women's Studies Encyclopedia: Revised and Expanded Edition CD-ROM
0313310769: Bearing Witness: A Resource Guide to Literature, Poetry, Art, Music, and Videos by Holocaust Victims and Survivors
0313310777: Golden Age of the Newspaper
0313310785: Reader's Guide to J. D. Salinger
0313310793: Culturally Competent Family Therapy : A General Model
0313310807: Nurturing Children : A History of Pediatrics
0313310823: Questioning Geopolitics : Political Projects in a Changing World-System
0313310831: Last Word? : Essays on Official History in the United States and British Commonwealth
0313310858: Reorganizing the Joint Chiefs of Staff : The Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986 (Contributions in Military Studies, No. 182)
0313310866: Early Security Confederations
0313310874: Buddhist Epistemology
0313310882: Confessing Christ in a Post-Holocaust World : A Midrashic Experience
0313310904: People's Health : Public Health in Australia, 1788-1950
0313310912: Covering McCarthyism : How the Christian Science Monitor Handled Joseph R. McCarthy, 1950-1954
0313310920: Worlding of Jean Rhys
0313310939: Reforming College Composition : Writing the Wrongs
0313310947: Controversies of the Music Industry
0313310955: Dashiell Hammett Companion
0313310963: Church-State Relations
0313310998: Chronic Pain in Later Life : A Selectively Annotated Bibliography
0313311005: Concept of Time in Psychology : A Resource Book and Annotated Bibliography
0313311013: Culture and Customs of Russia
0313311048: Deadly Force, Colonialism, and the Rule of Law : Police Violence in Guyana
0313311056: Supreme Court's Retreat from Reconstruction
0313311064: History of Portugal
0313311072: Teen Guide to Financial Management
0313311080: Food and You : A Guide to Healthy Habits for Teens
0313311129: Notable 20th-Century Latin American Women : A Biographical Dictionary
0313311137: Latino Student's Guide to College Success
0313311145: Dictionary of Literary and Dramatic Censorship in Tudor and Stuart England.
0313311161: Discography of Western Swing and Hot String Bands, 1928-1942
0313311196: George Wallace : Conservative Populist
0313311218: Transrealist Fiction : Writing in the Slipstream of Science
0313311226: Saddling la Gringa Vol. 183 : Gatekeeping in Literature by Contemporary Latina Writers
0313311234: (Out) Classed Women Vol. 184 : Contemporary Chicana Writers on Inequitable Gendered Power Relations
0313311242: Camelot in the Nineteenth Century : Arthurian Characters in the Poems of Tennyson, Arnold, Morris and Swinburne
0313311250: Exiles, Allies, Rebels
0313311269: Westport, Connecticut : The Story of a New England Town's Rise to Prominence
0313311277: Sugar and Power in the Dominican Republic : Eisenhower, Kennedy and the Trujillos
0313311285: Power and Poverty : Old Age in the Pre-Industrial Past
0313311307: Ambrose Bierce Companion
0313311315: Controversies in the Practice of Medicine
0313311331: Woody, from Antz to Zelig : A Reference Guide to Woody Allen's Creative Work, 1964-1998
0313311358: Women's Rights
0313311366: Self-Help and Popular Religion in Early American Culture : An Interpretive Guide to Origins
0313311374: U.S. Latino Literature
0313311390: History of Canada
0313311412: Edward Albee : A Research And Production Sourcebook
0313311420: Discography of OKeh Records, 1918-1934
0313311439: New Hampshire State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313311447: Shakespearean Characterization : A Guide for Actors and Students
0313311455: Shakespearean Language : A Guide for Actors and Students
0313311463: Shakespearean Scholarship : A Guide for Actors and Students
0313311471: Catholic Women Writers : A Bio-Bibliographical Sourcebook
0313311528: Anglo-American Idealism, 1865-1927
0313311536: Beyond Subjectivism : Heidegger on Language and the Human Being
0313311552: Religious Fundamentalism in Developing Countries
0313311579: Antony and Cleopatra
0313311587: As You Like it : A Guide to the Play
0313311595: Thomas Mann's Death in Venice : A Reference Guide
0313311609: Index to International Public Opinion, 1998-1999
0313311625: Lesbian and Gay Voices : An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Literature for Children and Young Adults
0313311633: From Watergate to Monicagate : Ten Controversies in Modern Journalism and Media
0313311641: Domestic Violence : A Global View
0313311668: Banned in the U.S.A. : A Reference Guide to Book Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries
0313311676: Issues of Westward Expansion
0313311692: Voices of the Fugitives : Runaway Slave Stories and Their Fictions of Self-Creation
0313311706: The Last Emperors of Vietnam: From Tu Duc to Bao Dai (Contributions in Asian Studies)
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