0313311714: Doctrine under Trial : American Artillery Employment in World War I
0313311749: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports : Baseball, A-F
0313311757: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports Bas
0313311765: Biographical Dictionary of American Sports: Baseba
0313311773: Immigration Issues
0313311781: Developing Non-Hierarchical Leadership on Campus : Case Studies and Best Practices in Higher Education
0313311803: Double Jeopardy
0313311811: Chaim Potok : A Critical Companion
0313311838: Making of a Professional : Manton S. Eddy, U. S. A
0313311846: Finance from Kaiser to Fuhrer
0313311854: Life and Works of Ruskin Bond
0313311862: Basic Principles of Property Law: A Comparative Legal and Economic Introduction
0313311870: Harlem Group of Negro Writers
0313311889: Science and Destabilization in the Modern American Gothic : Lovecraft, Matheson and King
0313311897: Chaos Theory, Asimov's Foundations and Robots, and Herbert's Dune : The Fractal Aesthetic of Epic Science Fiction
0313311900: Artist As Outsider in the Novels of Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf
0313311919: Tempest : A Guide to the Play
0313311927: Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies
0313311935: Censorship of Historical Thought: A World Guide, 1945-2000
0313311943: Thematic Guide to the American Novel
0313311951: Teenage Pregnancy
0313311986: Ethics in U. S. Government : An Encyclopedia of Investigations, Scandals, Reforms and Legislation
0313312001: Understanding the Literature of World War I : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents
0313312028: Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography
0313312036: Science and Social Science in Bram Stoker's Fiction
0313312052: Sourcebook of Gauguin's Symbolist Followers : Les Nabis, Pont-Aven, Rose + Croix
0313312079: Steve Reich : A Bio-Bibliography
0313312087: Blacks in the American West and Beyond - America, Canada, and Mexico
0313312109: Comic Art of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin America Through 2000 : An International Bibliography
0313312133: Comic Art of the United States through 2000: Animation and Cartoons, an International Bibliography.
0313312168: Paper Liberals : Press and Politics in Restoration Spain
0313312184: Substance Abuse
0313312192: Student Companion to Mark Twain
0313312206: In an Influential Fashion : An Encyclopedia of 19th and 20th Century Fashion Designers and Retailers Who Transformed Dress
0313312214: Battling for Bombers : The U. S. Air Force Fights for Its Modern Strategic Aircraft Programs
0313312222: Bullies and Cowards 1898-1901 : The West Point Hazing Scandal, 1898-1901
0313312230: Philanthropic Foundations In the 20th Century
0313312249: Theory and Criticism of Virtual Texts : An Annotated Bibliography, 1988-1999
0313312265: Issues in Web-based Pedagogy : A Critical Primer
0313312303: Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in the Sciences
0313312311: Animal Rights: A Subject Guide, Bibliography, and Internet Companion
0313312338: Limits on States
0313312354: Westward Expansion
0313312389: Student Companion to Tennessee Williams
0313312400: African Caribbeans
0313312427: Abolition of Slavery in Brazil : The Liberation of Africans Through the Emancipation of Capital
0313312435: Ulysses, Capitalism and Colonialism : Reading Joyce after the Cold War
0313312443: Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults : Reflections on Critical Issues
0313312451: Women among the Inklings : Gender, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien and Charles Williams
0313312486: Private Prometheus : Private Higher Education and Development in the 21st Century
0313312494: Studies in Irish Literature
0313312508: Whittaker
0313312516: 1910s
0313312524: John Guare : A Research and Production Sourcebook (Modern Dramatists Research and Production Sourcebooks)
0313312532: Max Steiner's Now, Voyager : A Film Score Guide
0313312559: Moliere Encyclopedia
0313312567: History of Argentina
0313312575: Native American Speakers of the Eastern Woodlands : Selected Speeches and Critical Analyses
0313312583: History of Sweden
0313312605: Gabriel Garcia Marquez : A Critical Companion
0313312613: 1960s
0313312648: New Nation
0313312664: Iron Admirals : Naval Leadership in the Twentieth Century
0313312680: Counseling Refugees
0313312699: The Marriage of Heaven and Earth: Alchemical Regeneration in the Works of Taylor, Poe, Hawthorne, and Fuller
0313312702: Dress of Women : A Critical Introduction to the Symbolism and Sociology of Clothing
0313312729: Triumph and Downfall : America's Pursuit of Peace and Prosperity, 1921-1933
0313312753: Liberty : Its Meaning and Scope
0313312761: Oil, War, and Anglo-American Relations : American and British Reactions to Mexico's Expropriation of Foreign Oil Properties, 1937-1941
0313312818: History of Ireland
0313312834: Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in Government, Economics, and Contemporary World Issues
0313312842: Historical Dictionary of Quotations in Cognitive Science : A Treasury of Quotations in Psychology, Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
0313312850: Great Captains of Antiquity
0313312869: Gods of Our Fathers : The Memory of Egypt in Judaism and Christianity
0313312877: Movies, Masculinity and Modernity : An Ethnography of Men's Filmgoing in India
0313312885: History, Religion and Meaning : American Reflections on the Holocaust and Israel
0313312893: Ideology and the Social Sciences
0313312907: History of Serbia
0313312923: America & the World
0313312958: Collection Development for a New Century in the School Library Media Center
0313312990: 1940s
0313313008: Filmography of American History
0313313016: Creating an American Lake : United States Imperialism and Strategic Security in the Pacific Basin, 1945-1947
0313313024: Albatross of Decisive Victory : War and Policy Between Egypt and Israel in the 1967 and 1973 Arab-Israeli Wars
0313313032: Glamour of Grammar : Orality and Politics and the Emergence of Sean O'Casey
0313313040: Actor As Anti-Character : Dionysus, the Devil and the Boy Rosalind
0313313059: Persistence of Victorian Liberalism : The Politics of Social Reform in Britain, 1870-1900
0313313067: British Empiricism and Early Political Economy : Gregory King's 1696 Estimates of National Wealth and Population
0313313075: Making a Life in Yorkville : Experience and Meaning in the Life-Course Narrative of an Urban Working-Class Man
0313313083: Law and Justice in Post-British Nigeria : Conflicts and Interactions Between Native and Foreign Systems of Social Control in Igbo
0313313105: Salman Rushdies Postcolonial Metaphors
0313313113: Imperial Knowledge : Russian Literature and Colonialism
0313313121: Books on Early American History and Culture, 1991-1995 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313313148: Bibliography of African American Leadership : An Annotated Guide
0313313156: Love's Labour's Lost : A Guide to the Play
0313313202: Feminist Aesthetics in Music
0313313229: People Promoting and People Opposing Animal Rights : In Their Own Words
0313313237: Key Events in African History : A Reference Guide
0313313245: Critical Companions to Popular Contemporary Writers CD-ROM User's Guide
0313313253: Civil War and Reconstruction
0313313261: Leadership for Today's School Library : A Handbook for the Library Media Specialist and the School Principal
0313313318: Closing an Era : Historical Perspectives on Modern Archives and Records Management
0313313334: Culture and Customs of Somalia
0313313342: 1900s
0313313350: Landmark Congressional Laws on Education
0313313369: Young Adult Poetry
0313313385: Culture and Customs of Nigeria
0313313415: Handbook of Research on Catholic Education
0313313423: Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions, and Discoveries of the Ancient World
0313313431: Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Social Security and Welfare
0313313458: Encyclopedia of Modern Everyday Inventions
0313313466: Women in Literature
0313313474: Privileges and Immunities : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313313482: State Sovereign Immunity : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313313504: The Frankenstein Film Sourcebook (8) (Bibliographies and Indexes in Popular Culture Ser., Vol. 8)
0313313520: Prohibited Government Acts : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313313539: Procedural Due Process : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313313547: Uncertain Trumpet : The Evolution of U. S. Army Infantry Doctrine, 1919-1941
0313313563: Gunboats, Corruption, and Claims
0313313571: Native vs. Settler : Ethnic Conflict in Israel/Palestine, Northern Ireland and South Africa
0313313598: LA Ultima Gaviota
0313313601: From Ice-Breaker to Missile Boat
0313313628: Index To Contemporary Military Articles Of The World War Ii Era, 1939-1949
0313313660: Songs of the New South
0313313687: Operation Pike
0313313717: Religion Guarantees : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313313741: Phillips Brooks
0313313792: Thematic Guide to British Poetry
0313313814: Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts
0313313822: Merchandising Library Materials to Young Adults: (Greenwood Professional Guides for Young Adult Libr
0313313830: Tom Wolfe : A Critical Companion
0313313849: Freedom of Expression
0313313857: Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Civil Rights
0313313865: Great Debates at the United Nations : An Encyclopedia of Fifty Key Issues, 1945-2000
0313313873: Presidents from Washington Through Monroe, 1789-1825 Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary Documents
0313313881: Presidents from Theodore Roosevelt Through Coolidge, 1901-1929
0313313903: Understanding O Pioneers! and My Antonia : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents
0313313946: Wilkie Collins's Library : A Reconstruction
0313313954: World War II Pacific Island Guide
0313313970: Selected Works of Juan Donoso Cortes
0313313989: Mass Media in 2025 : Industries, Organizations, People and Nations
0313313997: Victorian London's Middle-Class Housewife : What She Did all Day
0313314004: American Dole : Unemployment Relief and the Welfare State in the Great Depression
0313314020: Abortion from the Religious and Moral Perspective : An Annotated Bibliography _
0313314039: HIV and AIDS : A Global View
0313314063: Our Place on Campus
0313314071: Companion to the Victorian Novel
0313314098: African American Autobiographers Source
0313314128: Two Views of Virtue : Absolute Relativism and Relative Absolutism
0313314144: Women of Color
0313314160: Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on the First Amendment
0313314179: Certainty as a Social Metaphor : The Social and Historical Production of Certainty in China and the West
0313314187: Sociocybernetics : Complexity, Autopoiesis and Observation of Social Systems
0313314209: Electroacoustic Music : Analytical Perspectives
0313314217: Rolling the Iron Dice : Historical Analogies and Decisions to Use Military Force in Regional Contingencies
0313314233: Uncertain Friendship : The U. S. and Israel from Roosevelt to Kennedy
0313314241: Uncertain Alliance : U. S. and Israel from Kennedy to the Peace Process
0313314268: A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Correspondence an
0313314292: Books On Early American History And Culture, 1981-1985
0313314306: Books on Early American History and Culture, 1986-1990 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313314314: Books on Early American History and Culture, 1971-1980
0313314349: Shapers of the Great Debate on the Great Society : A Biographical Dictionary
0313314357: Kurdish Question in U. S. Foreign Policy : A Documentary Sourcebook
0313314365: Food : A Dictionary of Literal and Nonliteral Terms
0313314373: Censorship and the School Library Media Center
0313314411: Presidents from Hoover Through Truman, 1929-1953
0313314438: Notable Caribbeans and Caribbean Americans : A Biographical Dictionary
0313314446: Impact of Geology on the United States : A Reference Guide to Benefits and Hazards
0313314454: Searches, Seizures, and Warrants : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313314470: Supremacy Clause : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313314489: Right to the Assistance of Counsel : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313314497: Constitutional Remedies : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313314500: Churchill A Concise Bibliography
0313314519: Industrialization and Imperialism, 1800-1914 : A Biographical Dictionary
0313314527: Bill Clinton
0313314551: Asian American Playwrights: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook
0313314578: Student Companion to John Steinbeck
0313314586: Daily Life in Colonial New England
0313314594: History of India
0313314616: Student's Guide to Landmark Congressional Laws on Youth
0313314624: Thematic Guide to American Poetry
0313314632: Culture and Customs of Spain
0313314640: Contemporary Hispanic Quotations
0313314667: Independent Woman : The Life of Lou Henry Hoover
0313314675: Implosion : Downsizing the U. S. Military, 1987-2015
0313314683: Regulating the Future : Broadcasting Technology and Governmental Control
0313314691: Economic Barbarism and Managerialism
0313314705: Beyond the Ideal : Pan Americanism in Inter-American Affairs
0313314721: Philadelphia's Enlightenment, 1740-1800
0313314748: Natural Right to Die : Twenty-Three Centuries of Debate
0313314756: Prisoners' Rights Vol. 96 : The Supreme Court and Evolving Standards of Decency
0313314764: Women in Iran Vol. 1 : Gender Politics in the Islamic Republic
0313314772: Health Related Counseling with Families of Diverse Cultures : Family, Health, and Cultural Competencies
0313314780: Development of Digital Libraries : An American Perspective
0313314799: Bright Boys : A History of Townsend Harris High School
0313314810: Century of American Icons : 100 Products and Slogans from the 20th-Century Consumer Culture
0313314829: Teen Library Events
0313314837: History of Italy
0313314845: Masterpieces of French Literature
0313314853: Culture and Customs of the Congo
0313314861: Culture and Customs of Kenya
0313314888: Four Artists of the Stieglitz Circle
0313314896: Tristan und Isolde on Record : A Comprehensive Discography of Wagner's Music Drama with a Critical Introduction to the Recordings
0313314926: Runaway Kids and Teenage Prostitution : America's Lost, Abandoned, and Sexually Exploited Children
0313314934: Ethics and Statecraft : The Moral Dimension of International Affairs
0313314950: Hitler Library : A Bibliography
0313314985: History of Australia
0313314993: Mexican Americans
0313315000: Daily Life During World War I
0313315019: Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions and Discoveries of the 17th Century
0313315027: Encyclopedia of Modern American Extremists and Extremist Groups
0313315035: All Things Shakespeare
0313315051: Thematic Guide to World Mythology
0313315078: Inherent Rights, the Written Constitution, and Popular Sovereignty : The Founders' Understanding
0313315086: Continuity During the Storm
0313315094: Politically Correct Netherlands : Since the 1960s
0313315116: Chinese Nationalism in Perspective
0313315124: Exploring Nationalisms of China
0313315132: American Carnival
0313315140: Anne Sexton and Middle Generation Poetry : The Geography of Grief
0313315159: Death Waits in the Dark : The Senoi Praaq, Malaysia's Killer Elite
0313315167: Ordered to Die : A History of the Ottoman Army in the First World War
0313315175: Writing the Body in D. H. Lawrence : Essays on Language, Representation and Sexuality
0313315183: Essays on the Fiction of A. S. Byatt : Imagining the Real
0313315191: Pornography and Sexual Representation: A Reference Guide Volume I (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
0313315205: Pornography and Sexual Representation : A Reference Guide Volume II (American Popular Culture) - Hardcover
0313315213: Pornography and Sexual Representation: A Reference Guide<br> Volume III (American Popular Culture) - Hardcover
0313315272: Guide to Apocalyptic Cinema
0313315280: Songs of the Vietnam Conflict
0313315299: Presidents from Nixon Through Carter, 1969-1981 : Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary Documents
0313315310: Books on Early American History and Culture, 1971-1980
0313315329: Teen Life in Asia
0313315345: State Names, Seals, Flags, and Symbols
0313315388: Film It with Music : Encyclopedic Guide to the American Movie Musical
0313315418: Full Faith and Credit Clause : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313315434: Kurdish Culture and Society : An Annotated Bibliography
0313315442: Artists from Latin American Cultures : A Biographical Dictionary
0313315477: Encyclopedia of World Pop Music, 1980-2001
0313315515: Presidents from Taylor Through Grant, 1849-1877
0313315558: Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skill in Visual Arts
0313315574: Critical Essays on Bessie Head
0313315582: Ideology and Utopia in the Social Philosophy of the Libertarian Economists.
0313315590: Four Faces of Affirmative Action : Fundamental Answers and Actions
0313315620: Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in East-Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union
0313315639: African American Women and Social Action : Clubwomen and Volunteerism from Jim Crow to the New Deal, 1896-1936 (188) (Contributions in Women's Studies, Vol. 188)
0313315647: Divine and Human Comedy of Andrew M. Greeley
0313315655: Imaging Her Selves : Frida Kahlo's Poetics of Identity and Fragmentation
0313315663: Voices in the Wilderness : Images of Aboriginal People in the Australian Media
0313315671: Sing Sorrow : Classics, History and Heroines in Opera
0313315698: Learning from History : A Black Christian's Perspective on the Holocaust
0313315701: Ambivalent Embrace : America's Troubled Relations with Spain from the Revolutionary War to the Cold War
0313315728: American Naturalistic and Realistic Novelists : A Biographical Dictionary
0313315744: History of Children : A Socio-Cultural Survey Across Millennia
0313315752: Leadership and Administration of Successful Archival Programs
0313315760: Shapers of the Great Debate on Jacksonian Democracy : A Biographical Dictionary
0313315779: Psychology of Humor : A Reference Guide and Annotated Bibliography
0313315787: An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia
0313315817: Too Fat or Too Thin? : A Reference Guide to Eating Disorders
0313315825: Presidents from Eisenhower through Johnson, 1953-1969 : Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary Documents (The President's Position: Debating the Issues) - Hardcover
0313315833: Culture and Customs of Zimbabwe
0313315868: Communism, Health and Lifestyle Vol. 8 : The Paradox of Mortality Transition in Albania, 1950-1990
0313315876: Beethoven in Person : His Deafness, Illnesses and Death
0313315884: Choral Composition : A Handbook for Composers, Arrangers, Conductors and Singers
0313315892: History of Modern Epilepsy
0313315906: Teaching Faulkner : Approaches and Methods
0313315914: Postcolonial and Queer Theories : Intersections and Essays
0313315922: Writers on Writing : The Art of the Short Story
0313315930: Immigrant Narratives in Contemporary France
0313315949: Clifford Odets and American Political Theatre
0313315965: Al-Anon Narratives : Women, Self-Stories, and Mutual Aid
0313315973: Freedom Of The Press
0313315981: The Tokyo Trial : A Bibliographic Guide to English-Language Sources (Bibliographies and Indexes in Military Studies)
0313316007: Sports and Games of the Ancients
0313316015: Telecommunications Industry
0313316023: 1930s
0313316031: Marketing Masculinities : Gender and Management Politics in Marketing Work
0313316058: Adrienne Rich
0313316074: Flashes of the Fantastic : Selected Essays from the War of the Worlds Centennial, Nineteenth International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313316104: Sports And Games Of The 18th And 19th Centuries
0313316155: 1990s
0313316163: Cultures in Conflict the Viet Nam War
0313316171: Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations : Ethnic and National Groups Around the World
0313316201: From Brass to Gold : Discography of A&M Records and Affiliates in the United States
0313316236: Dictionary-Catalog of Modern British Composers
0313316252: James Joyce's Ulysses : A Reference Guide
0313316260: Peyotism and the Native American Church : An Annotated Bibliography
0313316279: Contemporary American Women Fiction Writers : An A-to-Z Guide
0313316287: Daily Life in the Soviet Union
0313316317: Understanding the Old Man and the Sea : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents
0313316325: Building Movement Bridges : The Coalition of Labor Union Women
0313316333: Microenterprise Development for Better Health Outcomes
0313316341: Women and Domestic Experience in Victorian Political Fiction
0313316368: Novels of Samuel Selvon : A Critical Study
0313316384: American Civil War
0313316392: Events That Changed Ancient Greece
0313316406: Panzer Legions : A Guide to the German Army Tank Divisions of World War II and Their Commanders
0313316414: Complete H. P. Lovecraft Filmography
0313316430: The Mexican American Experience : An Encyclopedia
0313316457: Ella Fitzgerald Companion
0313316473: Modern European Military Fortifications, 1870-1950 : A Selective Annotated Bibliography
0313316503: Brown and Black Communication
0313316511: Seduction and Death in Muriel Spark's Fiction
0313316546: Tricolor over the Sahara : The Desert Battles of the Free French, 1940-1942
0313316554: Devil Himself
0313316562: Through the Name of God : A New Road to the Origin of Judaism and Christianity
0313316589: Video Collection Development in Multi-Type Libraries : A Handbook
0313316597: Encyclopedia of the Crusades
0313316600: Ahead of Their Time : A Biographical Dictionary of Risk-Taking Women
0313316619: Lewis and Clark Expedition
0313316627: Spanish-American War
0313316643: Basics of Chemistry
0313316651: Surgeons at War
0313316678: Daily Life During the Spanish Inquisition
0313316686: Daily Life in the Age of Charlemagne
0313316694: Constitutional Structure and Purposes : Critical Commentary
0313316708: Expectations for the Millennium : American Socialist Visions of the Future
0313316716: Audience Participation : Essays on Inclusion in Performance
0313316724: Antisthenes of Athens : Setting the World Aright
0313316732: Aristocracies of Fiction: The Idea of Aristocracy in Late-Nineteenth-Century and Early-Twentieth-Century Literary Culture (Contributions to the Study of World Literature)
0313316740: South Sea Maidens : Western Fantasy and Sexual Politics in the South Pacific
0313316759: Battle of Ap Bac, Vietnam : They Did Everything but Learn from It
0313316767: By the Sword and the Cross : The Historical Evolution of the Catholic World Monarchy in Spain and the New World, 1492-1825
0313316791: Global Warming Desk Reference
0313316805: Theodore Dreiser Encyclopedia
0313316813: Bibliographic Guide to Resources in Scientific Computing, 1945-1975
0313316821: From Cold War to New World Order : The Foreign Policy of George H. W. Bush
0313316848: Honor and Loyalty: Inside the Politics of the Bush White House.
0313316856: Forgotten Elegance
0313316864: Events That Changed Great Britain since 1689
0313316872: War of 1812
0313316880: American Railroads in the Nineteenth Century
0313316902: History of Cuba
0313316929: Autonomy of the Political : Carl Schmitt's and Lenin's Political Realism
0313316953: Isabel Allende : A Critical Companion
0313316961: History of Congo
0313316988: Like Fire in Broom Straw : Southern Journalism and the Textile Strikes of 1929-1931
0313316996: Toni Morrison Encyclopedia
0313317003: Twelfth Night : A Guide to the Play
0313317038: Achebe the Orator : The Art of Persuasion in Chinua Achebe's Novels
0313317046: United States Military Assistance : An Empirical Perspective
0313317054: Unearthly Visions : Approaches to Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
0313317062: Worlds Enough and Time : Explorations of Time in Science Fiction and Fantasy
0313317070: No Cure for the Future : Disease and Medicine in Science Fiction and Fantasy
0313317089: A Lust for Virtue
0313317097: North Dakota State Constitution : A Reference Guide
0313317100: Pro-Life/Choice Debate
0313317119: Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures
0313317127: Presidents from Hayes Through McKinley, 1877-1901 : Debating the Issues in Pro and Con Primary Documents
0313317135: Music from the Age of Shakespeare : A Cultural History
0313317143: Men and Women of the Bible : A Reader's Guide
0313317151: Student Companion to Edith Wharton
0313317186: African American Slave Narratives
0313317313: Mary Higgins Clark: A Critical Companion
0313317372: Lafcadio Hearn Companion
0313317399: Birth of the Bill of Rights : Encyclopedia of the Antifederalists
0313317402: Culture and Customs of Egypt
0313317410: Projecting Ethnicity and Race
0313317429: Irish Classical Recordings : A Discography of Irish Art Music
0313317445: Productions of the Irish Theatre Movement, 1899-1916: A Checklist
0313317453: Shapers of the Great Debate on the Civil War : A Biographical Dictionary
0313317461: English Novel, 1700-1740 : An Annotated Bibliography
0313317518: Home by Christmas : The Illusion of Victory in 1944
0313317526: Security and Progress : Lord Salisbury at the India Office
0313317534: Choice of Law for American Courts : A Multilateralist Method
0313317542: Fathers and Daughters in Shakespeare and Shaw
0313317550: Frances Trollope and the Novel of Social Change
0313317569: From the Field to the Legislature : A History of Women in the Virgin Islands
0313317585: People for and Against Restricted or Unrestricted Expression
0313317593: History of Chile
0313317623: Serving Older Teens
0313317658: New Regional Development Paradigms Vol. 1 : Globalization and the New Regional Development
0313317666: New Regional Development Paradigms Vol. 2 : New Regions - Concepts, Issues and Practices
0313317674: New Regional Development Paradigms Vol. 3 : Decentralization, Governance and the New Planning for Local-Level Development
0313317682: New Regional Development Paradigms
0313317747: Indispensable Traitors
0313317755: Workforce Divided : Community, Labor, and the State in Saint-Nazaire's Shipbuilding Industry, 1880-1910
0313317763: Poverty of Life-Affirming Work : Motherwork, Education, and Social Change
0313317771: Education Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa : Paradigm Lost?
0313317798: Passion, Politics, and Philosophies : Rediscovering J. P. Brissot
0313317836: Contemporary American Women Poets : An A to Z Guide
0313317844: Dictionary of Literary Influences : The Twentieth Century, 1914-2000
0313317852: Terrorism, 1996-2001 : A Chronology
0313317860: Basics of Biology
0313317879: Controversies in the Food and Nutrition
0313317887: Revisiting Stephen King : A Critical Companion
0313317895: Cultures in Conflict--the French Revolution
0313317917: Dreyfus Affair
0313317925: American Revolution
0313317933: Latino Literature in America
0313317984: Voices from the Margins : An Annotated Bibliography of Fiction on Disabilities and Differences for Young People
0313317992: Lifetimes. The Great War to the Stock Market Crash. American History Through Biography and Primary Documents.
0313318018: Later Security Confederations : American, New Swiss and German Unions
0313318026: Sociology in Central and Eastern Europe : Transformation at the Dawn of a New Millenium
0313318034: Imagining Africa : Landscape in H. Rider Haggard's African Romances
0313318042: Modern/Colonial/Capitalist World-System in the 20th Century
0313318077: Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs
0313318085: Famous Works of Art in Popular Culture
0313318093: Asian-American Poets
0313318131: Charles G. Finney
0313318158: We Built up Our Lives : Education and Community among Jewish Refugees Interned by Britain in World War II
0313318182: Social Impact of the Novel : A Reference Guide
0313318212: Classic Experiments in Psychology
0313318220: Science in Popular Culture : A Reference Guide
0313318239: Manuel Maria Ponce : A Bio-Bibliography
0313318247: Louis Moreau Gottschalk
0313318263: Blue Note Label : A Discography
0313318271: Manufacturing the Gang
0313318298: Supranational Politics of Jean Monnet : Ideas and Origins of the European Community
0313318301: Women's Vision in Western Literature : The Empathic Community
0313318328: Comprehensive Catalogue of the Correspondence and Papers of James Monroe
0313318360: David Mamet
0313318379: John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath : A Reference Guide
0313318387: Cross and the Trenches
0313318395: Exchange, Action, and Social Structure : Elements of Economic Sociology
0313318409: Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor
0313318441: Daily Life During the American Revolution
0313318484: Second Great Awakening and the Transcendentalists
0313318506: Architecture of England, Scotland, and Wales
0313318522: Greenwood Encyclopedia of Womens Iss North Ameri
0313318549: Companion to Homer's Odyssey
0313318557: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide: EUROPE
0313318565: Living in Prison : A History of the Correctional System with an Insider's View
0313318573: Issues in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
0313318638: Demystifying the Global Economy
0313318646: Labor Relations
0313318662: Brunswick Records Vol. 1 : A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931
0313318670: Brunswick Records Vol. 2: New york Sessions, 1927-1931 : A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931
0313318689: Brunswick Records Vol. 3: Chicago & Regional Sessions : A Discography of Recordings, 1916-1931
0313318697: Brunswick Records
0313318700: Death and Resurrection of the Author?
0313318719: Bertrand Russell on Nuclear War, Peace, and Language : Critical and Historical Essays
0313318735: Monsters, Mushroom Clouds, and the Cold War : American Science Fiction and the Roots of Postmodernism, 1946-1964
0313318751: Rethinking the Slave Narrative
0313318778: Sanctions and Honorary Whites : Diplomatic Policies and Economic Realities in Relations Between Japan and South Africa
0313318786: Diplomats Without a Country : Baltic Diplomacy, International Law and the Cold War
0313318794: Anthology of Nonviolence : Historical and Contemporary Voices
0313318808: August Wilson's Fences : A Reference Guide
0313318816: The Critical Response to Marianne Moore (Critical Responses in Arts and Letters)
0313318859: South Asian Novelists in English : An A-to-Z Guide
0313318867: Hollywood's Image of the South
0313318875: George Crumb : A Bio-Bibliography
0313318883: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide. THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA
0313318891: Shapers of the Great Debate on the Freedom of Religion : A Biographical Dictionary
0313318913: On the Three Types of Juristic Thought
0313318948: History of Ghana
0313318956: Most Ancient of Minorities : The History of the Jews of Italy
0313318972: Thematic Guide to Popular Short Stories
0313319014: Literature of Africa
0313319022: Architecture of France
0313319030: Artists of the Middle Ages
0313319049: Between Man and God
0313319057: Veterans' Benefits : A Guide to State Programs
0313319065: U. S. Marine Corps World War II Order of Battle : Ground and Air Units in the Pacific War, 1939-1945
0313319081: Reproduction and Social Context in Sub-Saharan Africa : A Collection of Micro-Demographic Studies
0313319103: U. S. Development Aid--A Historic First : Achievements and Failures in the Twentieth Century
0313319111: Grateful Heart : The History of a World War I Field Hospital
0313319138: Character of a Genius : Beethoven in Perspective
0313319146: Novels of Kurt Vonnegut : Imagining Being an American
0313319154: Broadway Design Roster : Designers and Their Credits
0313319162: Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary : A Reference Guide
0313319170: New Regional Development Paradigms
0313319294: Aquinas in the Courtroom : Lawyers, Judges and Judicial Conduct
0313319308: Basics of Earth Science : Spheres and Forces
0313319324: Teen Life in Latin America and the Caribbean
0313319332: Kaye Gibbons
0313319367: Understanding King Lear : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents
0313319375: Artists of the Renaissance
0313319391: The Supernatural in Short Fiction of the Americas : The Other World in the New World (96) (Contributions to the Study of Science Fiction and Fantasy Ser., Vol. 96)
0313319405: Legend of Nietzsche's Syphilis
0313319413: Bibliography of Native American Bibliographies
0313319421: John Wesley Powell : An Annotated Bibliography
0313319480: Tides in the Affairs of Men
0313319499: Nationalism, Globalization, and Orthodoxy The Social Origins of Ethnic Conflict in the Balkans
0313319502: Thematic Guide to Modern Drama
0313319537: Britain's Sterling Colonial Policy and Decolonization, 1939-1958
0313319545: NGOs in India : A Cross-Sectional Study
0313319553: Encyclopedia of Cold War Espionage, Spies, and Secret Operations
0313319618: Index to Current Urban Documents. A Guide to Local Government Publications. Cumulated Volume 29
0313319626: Food In Early Modern Europe
0313319634: Architecture of Spain
0313319642: Nigerian Americans
0313319650: Asian American Issues
0313319685: History of Great Britain
0313319693: Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions and Discoveries of the 19th Century
0313319707: Applied Informetrics for Information Retrieval Research
0313319723: From Daytime to Primetime : The History of American Television Programs
0313319731: Encyclopedia of Presidential Campaigns, Slogans, Issues, and Platforms
0313319758: Multicultural Films : A Reference Guide
0313319766: Story Behind the Song : 150 Songs That Chronicle the 20th Century
0313319774: Biomes of Earth
0313319782: Papers of James Monroe : A Documentary History of the Presidential Tours of James Monroe, 1817, 1818, 1819
0313319790: The Papers of James Monroe : Selected Correspondence and Papers, 1776-1794 Volume 2 (Papers of James Monroe)
0313319863: Conducting Post-World War II National Security Research in Executive Branch Records : A Comprehensive Guide
0313319871: Bibliographic Guide to Chicana and Latina Narrative
0313319898: Guide to Piano Music by Women Composers : Composers Born Before 1900
0313319901: Piano Music By Women Composers
0313319928: Tin Pan Alley Song Encyclopedia
0313319936: Frank Lloyd Wright : A Bio-Bibliography
0313319960: The Critical Response to John Irving
0313319979: Freedom of Speech : A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution
0313319987: Real-Life Math : Everyday Use of Mathematical Concepts
0313319995: Unnatural Disasters : Case Studies of Human-Induced Environmental Catastrophes
0313320012: Literature of Latin America
0313320020: Native American Issues
0313320039: Dis-ease in the Colonial State : Medicine, Society and Social Change among the AbaNyole of Western Kenya
0313320047: War Wings : The United States and Chinese Military Aviation, 1929-1949
0313320055: Colonial Conan Doyle : British Imperialism, Irish Nationalism, and the Gothic
0313320063: I Am the Other : Literary Negotiations of Human Cloning
0313320071: Interactive Fictions
0313320098: Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in World Literature (Libraries Unli
0313320101: Encyclopedia of Human Geography
0313320136: 1920s
0313320144: Age of Napoleon
0313320152: Groundbreaking Scientific Experiments, Inventions and Discoveries of the 18th Century
0313320160: Higher Education in the Developing World : Changing Contexts and Institutional Responses
0313320187: Culture and Customs of South Africa
0313320195: Slavery in the South
0313320209: Information Literacy and the School Library Media Center (Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides in
0313320217: Culture and Customs of Saudi Arabia
0313320225: Walter Mosley : A Critical Companion
0313320233: Artists of Colonial America
0313320241: Alice Walker : A Critical Companion
0313320268: History of the French Anarchist Movement, 1917-1945
0313320276: North-South Mind In An East-West World
0313320284: Battles of the Thirty Years War
0313320292: Rupture, Representation, and the Refashioning of Identity in Drama from the North of Ireland, 1969-1994
0313320306: Companion to Faulkner Studies
0313320314: In the Affairs of the World : Women, Patriarchy, and Power in Colonial South Carolina
0313320322: Purity and Hygiene : Women, Prostitution, and the American Plan, 1900-1930
0313320330: Scorned Literature : Essays on the History and Criticism of Popular Mass-Produced Fiction in America
0313320349: Cultural Realm of European Integration : Social Representations in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom
0313320373: Filmography of Social Issues : A Reference Guide
0313320381: Urban Sprawl: A Comprehensive Reference Guide
0313320403: Bioethics And Medical Issues In Literature
0313320411: Reaching Out to Religious Youth : A Guide to Services, Programs, and Collections (Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides for Young Adult Librarians Series)
0313320446: The Maryland State Constitution: A Reference Guide.
0313320454: People's Health
0313320462: Songs of the Reconstructing South : Building Literary Louisiana, 1865-1945
0313320489: Latino and African American Athletes Today : A Biographical Dictionary
0313320500: Culture and Customs of Ghana
0313320519: Culture and Customs of the Palestinians
0313320527: Serving Homeschooled Teens and Their Parents
0313320578: Ross Macdonald Companion
0313320594: Bleeding of America
0313320608: Impossible to Say : Representing Religious Mystery in Fiction by Malamud, Percy, Ozick, and O'Connor
0313320616: History of African Higher Education from Antiquity to the Present : A Critical Synthesis
0313320624: Reconstruction
0313320640: Science Fiction, Canonization, Marginalization, and the Academy
0313320675: Reading Harry Potter : Critical Essays
0313320683: Best Books for Children : Preschool Through Grade 6
0313320691: A to Zoo : Subject Access to Children's Picture Books
0313320705: Peter Schickele
0313320713: Human Dignity and the Common Good : The Great Papal Social Encyclicals from Leo XIII to John Paul II
0313320756: Internationalization of Higher Education in the United States of America and Europe
0313320764: Human Resource Management in Today's Academic Library
0313320772: Children's Literature Remembered
0313320799: Antebellum Era : Primary Documents on Events from 1820 to 1860
0313320802: Creating Cyber Libraries
0313320810: Music of the Civil War Era
0313320837: Revolutionary Era : Primary Documents on Events from 1776 To 1800
0313320845: Early Republic : Primary Documents on Events from 1799 To 1820
0313320853: James Patterson
0313320888: Best Actors in the World : Shakespeare and His Acting Company
0313320918: Culture and Customs of Israel
0313320942: Reconstruction Era : Primary Documents on Events from 1865 to 1877
0313320969: Academic Pathfinders
0313320977: Progressive Era : Primary Documents on Events from 1890 To 1914
0313320985: Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
0313321019: Tennessee Williams Encyclopedia
0313321027: Advocate for American Enterprise: William Buck Dana and the Commercial and Financial Chronicle, 1865-1910
0313321043: Enduring Legacies : Native American Treaties and Contemporary Controversies
0313321051: Women and the American Civil War
0313321078: Personal Policy Making : Canada's Role in the Adoption of the Palestine Partition Resolution
0313321108: Encyclopedia of the Stateless Nations Ethnic and National Groups Around the World Volume II D-K
0313321205: Children's Literature and the Fin de Siecle
0313321221: Evolution Vs. Creationism
0313321264: Civil War : Primary Documents on Events from 1860 - 1865
0313321280: Culture and Customs of Thailand
0313321299: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of WOMEN'S ISSUES Worldwide. CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA
0313321329: Principle over Politics? : The Domestic Policy of the George H. W. Bush Presidency
0313321337: Brand of Infamy : A Biography of John Buchanan Floyd
0313321345: Broad and Ennobling Spirit : Workers and Their Unions in Late Gilded Age New York and Brooklyn, 1886-1898
0313321353: Howard Hanson in Theory and Practice
0313321361: News Ombudsmen in North America: Assessing an Experiment in Social Responsibility (Contributions to
0313321418: Dictionary of Bibliographic Abbreviations Found in the Schola. Rev Ed.
0313321426: Witch Hunts in Europe and America : An Encyclopedia
0313321434: Vietnam War
0313321442: Israeli Film : A Reference Guide
0313321450: Greenwood Encyclopedia of Womens Iss Sub Saharan
0313321477: Food in Medieval Times
0313321493: Literature and the Environment
0313321507: Teen Gangs
0313321523: Architecture of Greece
0313321531: Artists of World War II
0313321558: Planning the Modern Public Library Building
0313321574: Fragile Alliances : Labor and Politics in Evansville, Indiana, 1919-1955
0313321582: Issues in Web-Based Pedagogy : A Critical Primer
0313321590: Cadwallader Colden : A Figure of the American Enlightenment
0313321604: Henry Lloyd and the Military Enlightenment of Eighteenth-Century Europe
0313321612: Forged in War : The Continental Congress and the Origin of Military Supply and Acquisition Policy
0313321620: Drama and Discovery
0313321639: Negotiating Identities in Women's Lives : English Postcolonial and Contemporary British Novels
0313321647: Judgment and Justification in the Nineteenth-Century Novel of Adultery
0313321655: Post-Utopian Imagination : American Culture in the Long 1950s
0313321663: Unorthodox Views: Reflections on Reality, Truth, and Meaning in Current Social, Cultural, and Critical Discourse
0313321698: Culture and Customs of Australia
0313321701: China Today : An Encyclopedia of Life in the People's Republic
0313321728: Technology in American Drama, 1920-1950 : Soul and Society in the Age of the Machine
0313321744: Gun Control and Gun Rights
0313321760: Leroy Anderson
0313321779: Defining Print Culture for Youth : The Cultural Work of Children's Literature
0313321787: Classical Rhetorics and Rhetoricians : Critical Studies and Sources
0313321817: Modern American Communes
0313321825: In My Own Shire : Region and Belonging in British Writing, 1840-1970
0313321833: Teen Guides to Environmental Science
0313321841: Teen Guides to Environmental Science
0313321906: Midsummer Night's Dream : A Guide to the Play
0313321922: Mythology in Our Midst : A Guide to Cultural References
0313321930: French Revolution
0313321949: Teen Life in Africa
0313321965: Historical Dictionary of U.S.-Latin American Relations.
0313321973: Imagery in Psychology : A Reference Guide
0313321981: Arts in Contemporary Healing
0313322007: Tolerance, Suspicion, and Hostility : Changing U. S. Attitudes Towards the Japanese Communist Movement, 1944-1947
0313322031: Culture and Customs of Germany
0313322058: J. K. Rowling : A Biography
0313322066: Emily Dickinson : A Biography
0313322074: Dalai Lama : A Biography
0313322090: Statistics with Common Sense
0313322104: Women's Roles During the Renaissance
0313322112: U. S. Latino Issues
0313322139: Understanding 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' : A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents
0313322147: Science and Society in the Twentieth Century
0313322155: Encyclopedia of Latino Popular Culture
0313322163: Fun and Games in Twentieth-Century America
0313322171: Life of George Rogers Clark, 1752-1818 : Triumphs and Tragedies
0313322201: Election Day : A Documentary History
0313322228: It Came from Outer Space : Everyday Products and Ideas from the Space Program
0313322236: Encyclopedia of Diet Fads
0313322244: Vygotsky's and A. A. Leontiev's Semiotics and Psycholinguistics : Applications for Education, Second Language Acquisition and Theories of Language
0313322252: Changing Course : Making the Hard Decisions to Eliminate Academic Programs
0313322260: Defense Relations Between Australia and Indonesia in the Post-Cold War Era
0313322279: Late Modernism of Cormac McCarthy
0313322287: Color Struck Under the Gaze: Ethnicity and the Pathology of Being in the Plays of Johnson, Hurston, Childress, Hansberry, and Kennedy
0313322295: Asian American Short Story Writers
0313322325: Contemporary Gay American Poets and Playwrights : An A-to-Z Guide
0313322333: African American Dramatists : An A-to-Z Guide
0313322341: Word, Birth, and Culture
0313322457: Exploring Animal Rights and Animal Welfare; 4V.
0313322465: Exploring Animal Rights & Animal Welfare
0313322473: Exploring Animal Rights & Animal Welfare
0313322481: Exploring Animal Rights & Animal Welfare
0313322503: How Geography Affects the United States; 5V.
0313322511: How Geography Affects the United States
0313322562: Students Guide To Biotechnology 4vol
0313322570: Student's Guide to Biotechnology Volume 1 Words and Terms,A
0313322589: Student's Guide to Biotechnology Volume 2 Important People in Biotechnology,A
0313322597: Student's Guide to Biotechnology Volume 3 the History of Biotechnology,A
0313322600: Student's Guide to Biotechnology Volume 4 Debatable Issues,A
0313322619: Administering the School Library Media Center
0313322627: Revolutionary War Era
0313322635: Music of the Renaissance
0313322643: History of Egypt
0313322651: Carl Sagan : A Biography
0313322678: Margaret Mead : A Biography
0313322686: Diamonds around the Globe : The Encyclopedia of International Baseball
0313322694: Daily Life of the Vikings
0313322708: Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World
0313322740: Spanish Civil War : A History and Reference Guide
0313322759: Death and Resurrection of the Author?
0313322767: High/Low Handbook
0313322775: Child Labor : A Global View
0313322783: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement
0313322791: Politics and Population Control : A Documentary History
0313322813: Black Congressmen During Reconstruction
0313322821: Critical Response To Ann Petry
0313322864: Australian Piano Music of the Twentieth Century
0313322872: Companion To American Children's Picture Books
0313322899: Encyclopedia of Catholic Literature : Two Volumes
0313322902: Giving Meanings to the World : The First U. S. Foreign Correspondents, 1838-1859
0313322910: Ann Petry's Short Fiction : Critical Essays
0313322929: History of Blacks in Canada
0313322937: History of Central America
0313322945: Expectations of Librarians in the 21st Century
0313322953: Pictish Sourcebook : Documents of Medieval Legend and Dark Age History
0313322961: Haitian Americans
0313323003: Pope John Paul II
0313323011: Fidel Castro : A Biography
0313323062: Salvadoran Americans
0313323089: Manifest Destiny
0313323100: Companion to Martin Chuzzlewit
0313323119: Black Student's Guide to Graduate and Professional School Success
0313323143: Scientific Revolution and the Foundations of Modern Science
0313323178: Al Capone : A Biography
0313323194: Disputed Presidential Election of 2000 : A History and Reference Guide
0313323208: Newspapers and the Making of Modern America : A History
0313323224: Nietzsche, Psychohistory, and the Birth of Christianity
0313323232: Fugal Composition : A Guide to the Study of Bach's '48'
0313323240: Fantastic Odysseys : Selected Essays from the Twenty-Second International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts
0313323259: John Steinbeck : A Centennial Tribute
0313323267: Rereading the Harlem Renaissance
0313323275: Acculturation and Psychological Adaptation
0313323283: Family Welfare : Gender, Property, and Inheritance since the Seventeenth Century
0313323291: Maltese Cross : A Strategic History of Malta
0313323321: United States Entrepreneurs and the Companies They Built
0313323348: Mickey Spillane Companion
0313323364: American Geographers, 1784-1812 : A Bio-Bibliographical Guide
0313323372: Franklin D. Roosevelt : A Biography
0313323399: Oprah Winfrey : A Biography
0313323402: J. R. R. Tolkien : A Biography
0313323410: Certain Ideas of France : Essays on French History and Civilization
0313323445: Vandals in the Stacks? : A Response to Nicholson Baker's Assault on Libraries
0313323453: Women in Iran Vol. 2 : Emerging Voices in the Women's Movement
0313323488: Self-Experimenters
0313323526: Basics of Western Philosophy : Basics of the Social Sciences
0313323534: George S. Patton : A Biography
0313323542: Jane Addams
0313323550: History of the Baltic States
0313323569: History of New Zealand
0313323577: Breakup of Yugoslavia and Its Aftermath
0313323585: Voice from the Holocaust
0313323593: Oder-Neisse Line : The United States, Poland, and Germany in the Cold War
0313323607: Rebecca West : Heroism, Rebellion, and the Female Epic
0313323615: Kidnap City : Cold War Berlin
0313323658: To the Bitter End : Paraguay and the War of the Triple Alliance
0313323666: Discordant Melody : Alexander Zemlinsky, His Songs, and the Second Viennese School
0313323674: Handbook of American Popular Culture
0313323682: Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture
0313323690: Handbook of American Popular Culture
0313323712: Adventures Abroad : North American Women at German-Speaking Universities, 1868-1915
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