0314144536: Federal Wealth Transfer Taxation (Casebook) 4th
0314144552: Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell)
0314144579: Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms, 2003: Law School Edition
0314144617: Law of Schools, Students & Teachers 3rd
0314144625: Broker-Dealer Regulation in a Nutshell
0314144633: Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement
0314144684: Contracts (Sum & Substance Cd's "Outstanding Professor"Series) - Paperback
0314144692: Sum & Substance: Contracts
0314144706: Commercial Paper & Payment Law: Sum & Substance - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0314145133: Disability Civil Rights Law And Policy
0314145141: Disability Civil Rights Law and Policy (Hornbook Series)
0314145168: Law & Mental Health System (Casebook) 4th
0314145184: Criminal Law 4th
0314145206: High Court Case Summaries on Professional Responsibility (Keyed to Gillers) - Paperback
0314145311: Sum & Substance on Constitutional Law
0314145346: American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary, by Saltzburg, 7th Edition
0314145370: A Student's Guide to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (Statutory Supplement)
0314145419: Corporations Other Limited Liability &
0314145443: Legal Research Exercises Legal Research Exercises Following the Bluebook A Uniform System of Citation
0314145508: Core Concepts of Commercial Law: Past, Present and Future (American Casebook Series)
0314145605: Cases and Materials on Criminal Law
0314145621: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: As Amended to May 23, 2003 (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure)
0314145664: Legalines: Property: Adaptable to Eighth Edition of the Cribbet Casebook
0314145672: Products Liability in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314145710: Sum and Substance Quick Review on Civil Procedure (Sum & Substance Quick Review) - Paperback
0314145788: Civil Pocedure in California: State and Federal, 2003 Edition
0314145796: FINDING THE LAW
0314145818: Civil Procedure in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314145842: Transnational Litigation in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) - Paperback
0314145850: Effective Appellate Advocacy (Casebook) 3rd
0314145869: Modern Constitutional Law: Cases and Notes (American Casebook Series)
0314145885: International Conflict Resolution
0314145893: Legalines: Civil Procedure: Adaptable to the Eight Edition of the Cound Casebook - Paperback
0314145907: Legalines: Property : Adaptable to Fifth Edition of Dukeminier Casebook - Paperback
0314145915: Legalines: Income Tax: Adaptable to the Twelfth Edition of the Freeland Casebook
0314145923: Legalines: Criminal Procedure; Keyed to the Kamisar Casebook
0314145931: Legalines: Criminal Law: Adaptable to the Third Edition of the LaFave Casebook
0314145958: Legalines: Corporations--Adaptable to the Seventh Edition of the Hamilton Casebook
0314145974: Federal White Collar Crime, Cases and Materials: Cases and Materials
0314145982: Federal White Collar Crime (Stat Suppl) 2nd
0314146024: Land Use (Casebook) 6th
0314146032: Federal Estate and Gift Taxation (Nutshell Series)
0314146040: Remedies in a Nutshell
0314146083: Sales Leases & Electronic Commerce (Casebook) 2nd
0314146148: White Collar Crime
0314146156: Cases & Materials on Torts 3ed
0314146253: Cases and Problems on Contracts (American Casebook Series)
0314146296: White Collar Crime In A Nutshell (Nutshell Series) - Paperback
0314146318: Scolarly Writing For Law Students--seminar Papers, Law Review Notes And Law Review Competition Papers
0314146326: West's Nutshell Sampler 2003 - 2004
0314146334: High Court Case Summaries
0314146377: Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell
0314146393: 2003 Supplement to Regulation of Bank Financial Service Activities: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314146407: American Indian Law 4th
0314146415: The Bar Exam in a Nutshell
0314146423: Conflict of Laws (Black Letter) - Paperback
0314146431: Legalines: Labor Law: Adaptable to the Thirteenth Edition of the Cox Casebook
0314146458: Conflict of Laws (Hornbook Series and Other Textbooks)
0314146474: SG TO TRIAL OBJ
0314146482: West's Exam Pro Sampler 2003-2004
0314146490: Payment Systems (Casebook) 2nd
0314146504: Prin of Criminal Law
0314146512: Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States: Selected Statutes.
0314146520: Selected Statutes on Trusts and Estates 2003
0314146539: Student's Gde to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 6th
0314146547: Corporations and Other Business Associations: Statutes, Rules and Forms, 2003
0314146555: Contract Law: Selected Source Materials 2003 (Statutes)
0314146598: 2003 Civil Procedure Supplement (American Casebook Series)
0314146601: 2003 Supplement to Federal Courts, Federalism and Separation of Powers (American Casebook)
0314146628: Criminal Procedure 2003
0314146636: Professional Responsiblity: Standards, Rules and Statutes, 2003-2004 (Abridged) (Statutes)
0314146644: Professional Responsiblity Standards, Rules & Statutes: 2003-2004 (Statutes)
0314146652: Constitutional Law 2003: Themes for the Constitution's Third Century (American Casebook)
0314146660: Federal Rules of Evidence, 2003-2004
0314146679: 2003 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Juvenile Justice Administration(American Casebook Series)
0314146687: Courtroom Evidence Handbook, 2003-2004
0314146695: Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text, 2003 (American Casebook)
0314146717: Modern Criminal Procedure 2003 Cases-Comments-Questions Basic Criminal Procedure Cases-Comments-Questions Advanced Criminal Procedure Cases-Commen
0314146725: Criminal Procedure: Pocket Part for Use in 2003-2004 (Hornbook Series Student Edition) - Paperback
0314146733: Selected Federal Taxation 2004 Statutes and Regulations
0314146768: Critical Race Theory Cases Materials
0314146830: Professional Responsibility 2005-2006
0314146849: American Criminal Procedure 2003 (American Casebook)
0314146865: Selected Commercial Statutes, 2003 (Selected Commercial Statutes)
0314146873: 2003 Supplement to American Constitutional Law: Structure and Reconstruction (American Casebook) - Paperback
0314146881: First Amendment 2003
0314146911: Criminal Procedure 2003 (American Casebook)
0314147055: Hemingway Oil and Gas Law and Taxation - Hardcover
0314147071: Legal Research in a Nutshell
0314147098: Employment Discrimination Law (Casebook) 7th
0314147101: Statutory Supplement to Employment Discrimination Law, 7th Edition (American Casebook) - Paperback
0314147144: Wills, Trusts and Estates: Including Taxation and Future Interests (Hornbook Series Student Edition)
0314147284: Negotiation And Settlement Advocacy: A Book Of Readings - Paperback
0314147349: Complex Litigation
0314147373: Corporate Finance in a Nutshell
0314147497: Legalines: Family Law--Adaptable to the Fourth Edition of the Areen Casebook
0314147519: Principles Of Patent Law (Hornbook Series)
0314147535: Real Estate Finance 5th
0314147543: International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (American Casebook)
0314147551: The Law of Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials : 2003 Supplement (American Casebook)
0314147578: The Income Tax Map, 2003-2004 Edition
0314147594: Law & Economics 4th
0314147608: Legal Writing: A Systematic Approach (American Casebook Series)
0314147659: ADR in Workplace (Casebook) 2nd
0314147683: International Business Transactions: 2003 Documents (American Casebook)
0314147721: Barbri Bar Review Multistate
0314147764: Barbri Bar Review Minnesota
0314147861: Barbri Bar Review: Professional Responsibility by
0314147888: BarBri Bar Review Drills & Released Questions Multistate
0314148280: BarBri Bar Review Practice Questions (Multistate Testing-2004)
0314148485: barbri Bar Review: Simulated MBE
0314148493: Barbri Bar Review MPT Workbook Multistate
0314148752: The Last Capitalist
0314148957: Black Letter Outlines Civil Procedure
0314148981: McCormick on Evidence 2003 (Nutshell)
0314149007: American Constitutional Law Structure
0314149023: Admiralty and Maritime Law, Fourth Edition: Vol. 2 (Practitioner Treatise Series) (Practitioner's Treatise Series) - Hardcover
0314149066: International Taxation in a Nutshell (6TH 05 Edition)
0314149139: High Court Case Summaries on Modern Criminal Procedure: Keyed to Kamisar (High Court Case Summaries)
0314149147: Selected Employment Law Statutes, 2003-2004
0314149252: The Micromash CPA Review 2003 (5 Vols.)
0314149287: Federal Courts, Federalism And Separation Of Powers, Cases And Materials - Hardcover
0314149309: Taxation of International Transactions: Materials, Texts And Problems (American Casebook)
0314149325: Problems, Cases and Materials in Professional Responsibility
0314149546: Modern Constitutional Law 2003 Cases and Notes
0314149554: 2004 Supplement to Securities Regulation (Supplement)
0314149562: Securities Regulation : Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms
0314149945: Federal Disability Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314149996: California Civil Procedure
0314150021: Federal Law of Employment Discrimination in a Nutshell
0314150056: Materials on Family Wealth Management (American Casebook)
0314150072: Advocacy on Appeal (American Casebook Series)
0314150080: Advocacy on Appeal
0314150110: Civil Rights Law And Practice (Hornbook Series)
0314150129: Employment Discrimination Law And Practice (Hornbook) - Hardcover
0314150137: Legal Ethics and Corporate Practice (American Casebook Series)
0314150218: Sports & the Law (Stat & Doc Suppl) 3rd
0314150226: Mediation: Principles and Practice (American Casebook Series)
0314150285: Hornbook on Employment Law (Hornbook Series Student Edition) - Hardcover
0314150293: Torts & Compensation (Casebook) 5th
0314150366: Introduction To Employee Benefits Law: Policy And Practice (American Casebook) - Hardcover
0314150374: Criminal Law, Cases, Materials and Problems 2003 (American Casebook)
0314150404: Criminal Procedure (Casebook) 2nd
0314150439: Land Transactions and Finance
0314150447: Antitrust 4th
0314150455: Principles Of Property Law Concise Hornbook: An Introductory Survey (Hornbook Series Student Edition) - Paperback
0314150463: Federal Antitrust Policy: The Law of Competition and Its Practice
0314150528: Selected Materials and Statutes on Corporate Finance, pb, 2004
0314150587: Energy Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314150625: Real Property
0314150633: Bioethics 2003 (American Casebook Series)
0314150692: Tax Law of Charities and Other Exempt Organizations: Statutory (American Casebook) - Paperback
0314150706: Uniform Commercial Code In A Nutshell
0314150714: Sum & Substance Quick Review on Evidence
0314150722: Sum & Substance Quick Review on Property (Sum & Substance) - Paperback
0314150730: Sum & Substance Quick Review on Family Law (Sum & Substance) - Paperback
0314150749: Equitable Remedies, Restitution & Damages (Casebook) 7th
0314150765: Anti-Terrorism and Criminal Enforcement
0314150803: High Court Case Summaries on Corporations Keyed to Hamilton (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314150811: High Court Case Summaries on Employment Law Keyed to Rothstein (High Court Case
0314150838: Employee Benefits in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) - Paperback
0314150870: An Introduction to the Angloamerican Legal System Readings and Cases: Readings and Cases (American Casebook Series)
0314150889: Federal Administrative Law (Casebook) 3rd
0314150951: Legalines: Conflict of Laws: Adaptable to Eleventh Edition of the Hay Casebook
0314151028: International Trade And Economic Relations In A Nutshell
0314151176: Legalines: Contracts: Adaptable to Eighth Edition of the Dawson Casebook - Paperback
0314151281: Criminal Law, Cases And Materials
0314151370: Regulation of Bank Financial Service Activ (Casebook) 2nd
0314151400: Regulation of Bank Financial Service Act (2005 Sel Stat) 2nd
0314151478: Guide To Elements Of Proof
0314151486: Statutory Supplement to Employment Discrimination and Employment Law
0314151494: Cases And Materials On Employment Law, by Estreicher
0314151508: Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination Law, by Estreicher
0314151540: Health Law: Cases, Materials and Problems (American Casebook Series) - Hardcover
0314151567: Remedies (Black Letter Outlines) - Paperback
0314151575: Where The Law Is
0314151591: Advanced Torts, Cases And Materials, by Christie
0314151656: Introductory Accounting, Finance & Auditing for Lawyers 4th
0314151737: Legal Interviewing and Counseling in a Nutshell, Fourth Edition
0314151761: Environmental Law 6th
0314151796: International Civil Dispute Resolution
0314151818: Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms: 2004 Law School Edition
0314151826: Selected Environmental Law Statutes (2004-05 Educ Ed)
0314151966: 2004 Supplement to Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement: Third Edition
0314151982: Casenote Legal Briefs: Contracts
0314151990: Black's Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition
0314152024: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: As Amended to May 2004, by West, 2004-2005 Educational Edition
0314152032: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Abrgd Educ Ed:04-05) (Rev)
0314152113: Criminal Procedure 4th
0314152148: Prin of Criminal Procedure: Post-Investigation
0314152156: History of the American Constitution, by Farber, 2nd Edition
0314152172: State and Local Government Law: Cases and Material
0314152199: Torts in a Nutshell
0314152202: Gilbert Law Summaries: Community Property
0314152210: Gilbert Law Summaries
0314152253: Trial: Advocacy etc 3rd
0314152318: Cases and Materials on Civil Procedure (American Casebook)
0314152326: Black Letter Outline on Federal Income Taxation - Paperback
0314152334: Criminal Law
0314152342: Black's Law Dictionary
0314152369: European Union Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314152423: State and Federal Adminiatrative Law: 2003 Supplement to Asimow, Bonfield & Levin's (American Casebook Series)
0314152458: Legalines: Contracts: Adaptable to Sixth Edition of the Murphy Casebook
0314152466: Appellate Practice And Procedure (American Casebook Series)
0314152490: Juvenile Justice Administration (Casebook) 2nd
0314152512: Cases And Materials On Juvenile Justice Administration
0314152571: Sum and Substance Quick Review on Corporations: Corporations (Sum & Substance) - Paperback
0314152636: Regulation & Deregulation (Casebook) 2nd
0314152709: Federal Income Taxation of Individuals 7th
0314152806: International Business Transactions ('04 Doc Supp) 7th
0314152814: International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (American Casebook)
0314152822: Teacher's Manual to Accompany International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook Seventh Edition
0314152830: 2004 Supplement To Cases And Materials On Intellectual Property
0314152865: Sum & Substance: Professional Responsibility (Sum & Substance CD) - Audio CD (Audio Book)
0314152873: Sum & Substance: Corporations (The Outstanding Professor Series)
0314152911: Sum & Substance: Evidence (Sum & Substance Audio)
0314152938: Sum & Substance: Professional Responsibility (Sum & Substance Audio)
0314153012: Drafting Legislation and Rules in Plain English
0314153101: Real Property in a Nutshell
0314153144: New York Practice, 2003-2004 Supplement (Hornbook Series)
0314153152: Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes, by Yamamoto
0314153160: Government Contracts In A Nutshell
0314153187: Immigration And Nationality Laws Of The United States: Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms 2004
0314153195: Selected Statutes on Trusts & Estates ('04 Ed)
0314153209: Guide To The Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure
0314153217: Corporations Law And Policy, Materials And Problems 2004
0314153225: Corporations & Other Bus Assn Statutes etc ('04 Ed)
0314153233: Contract Law Selected Source Materials 2004
0314153241: 2004 Supplement to Ninth Editions, Constitutional Law, the American Constitution, Constitutional Rights and Liberties
0314153276: Criminal Procedure 2004
0314153284: Professional Responsibility: Standards, Rules, and Statues 2004-2005
0314153292: Professional Responsibility: Standards, Rules, and Statutes, 2004-2005, Abridged
0314153306: 2004 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Constitutional Law Themes for the Constitution's Third Century, Third Edition - Paperback
0314153314: Courtroom Evidence Handbook, 2
0314153322: Securities Regulation 2005: Selected Statutes, Rules, and Forms
0314153381: Criminal Procedure And The Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases And Introductory Text 2004
0314153403: Modern Criminal Procedure 2004: Cases-Comments-Questions Basic Criminal Procedure Cases-Comments-Questions Advanced Criminal Procedure Cases-Comments-Questions 2004 Suppleme
0314153411: Civil Procedure in California ('04 Ed)
0314153438: 2004 Supplement to Federal Courts, Cases, Comments and Questions, Fifth Edition (American Casebook)
0314153446: Modern Constitutional Law 2004
0314153454: Selected Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Statutes, Regulations, & Treaties, 2004 Edition
0314153470: American Constitutional Law 2004: Structure And Reconstruction, Cases, Notes And Problems: Second Edition
0314153489: First Amendment 2004
0314153497: 2004 Supplement to Criminal Procedure: Cases, Problems, and Exercises, Second Edition - Paperback
0314153500: Nafta and Free Trade in the Americas in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314153527: Black Letter On Family Law (Black Letter Outlines) - Hardcover
0314153543: 2004 Civil Procedure Supplement
0314153551: Federal Rules of Evidence, 2004-2005
0314153578: Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations 2005
0314153586: Income Tax Map 2004-2005: A Bird's-Eye View of Federal Income Taxation for Law Students, by Motro, 3rd Edition
0314153624: 2004 Supplement to American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary, Seventh Edition - Paperback
0314153632: Selected Commercial Statutes ('04 Ed)
0314153764: State And Local Taxation
0314153829: Selected Federal And State Administrative And Regulatory Laws, 2004 (Selected Statues) - Paperback
0314153853: The Law Of Civil Procedure 2004
0314153918: Law of Mergers & Acquisitions (Casebook) 3rd
0314153926: Water Law (Casebook) 7th
0314153977: NAFTA and Free Trade in the Americas: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (American Casebook Series) - Hardcover
0314153993: Documents Supplement to NAFTA and Free Trade in the Americas: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook. (American Casebook Series) - Paperback
0314154035: Liability & Quality Issues in Health Care (Casebook) 5th
0314154043: Legalines: Torts: Adaptable to Sixth Edition of the Henderson Casebook
0314154051: Law of Health Care Org & Finance (Casebook) 5th
0314154078: Teaching Materials on Estate Planning, Third Edition (American Casebook Series) - Hardcover
0314154124: Cases And Materials On European Union Law 2004
0314154132: White Collar Crime 2004
0314154159: Principles of International Business Transactions (The Concise Hornbook Series) (Hornbook Series Student Edition)
0314154167: Immigration Law and Procedure in a Nutshell
0314154175: Legal Negotiation 2nd
0314154183: Computer-Aided Exercises on Civil Procedure - Paperback
0314154264: Legalines Criminal Law: Adaptable to the 7th Edition of Kadish Casebook
0314154345: Legal Writing: Getting It Right and Getting It Written, by Ray, 4th Edition
0314154388: Black Letter Outline on Environmental Law
0314154450: Black Letter Outline on Professional Responsibility
0314154566: Legalines: Torts: Adaptable to Seventh Edition of the Franklin Casebook
0314154698: Prin of European Union Law
0314154787: Commercial Transactions: Sales, Leases and Licenses
0314154809: Introduction to the Law of Business Organizations: Cases, Notes, and Questions, by Presser
0314154906: 2004 Supplement to Federal Courts, Federalism, and Separation of Powers: Cases and Materials, Second Edition (American Casebook) - Paperback
0314154914: Domestic Relations (Casebook) 7th
0314155104: Products Liability in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314155120: Cyberlaw (Casebook) 2nd
0314155147: Corporations,: Other Limited Liability Entities and Partnerships, by Hazen, 2004-2005 Edition, Supplement
0314155163: Entertainment Law
0314155228: Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation, Vol. 4 (5th Edition) (Practitioner's Treatise Series) - Hardcover
0314155236: Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation, Vol. 5 (5th Edition) (Practitioner's Treatise Series) - Hardcover
0314155244: Legalines: Administrative Law: Adaptable to Tenth Edition of the Strauss Casebook - Paperback
0314155325: Wills, Trusts, And Future Interests
0314155457: Legalines: Corporations: Adaptable to Eight Edition of the Hamilton Casebook
0314155465: The Law of Securities Regulation
0314155600: Cases and Materials on the Rules of Evidence, by Wellborn
0314156046: Dressler: High Court Case Summaries on Criminal La
0314156054: Waltz: High Court Case Summaries--Evidence, 10th Edition (High Court Case Summaries Ser) - Paperback
0314156070: Law of Environmental and Toxic Torts: Cases, Materials, and Problems, by Madden, 3rd Edition
0314156119: Civil Procedure
0314156135: Civil Procedure a Modern Approach
0314156178: Principles of Wills, Trusts and Estates: Concise Hornbook (Hornbook Series Student Edition) - Paperback
0314156216: Legalines: Torts: Adaptable to Fourth Edition of the Dobbs Casebook - Paperback
0314156240: Theory & Practice of Partnership Taxation
0314156283: Civil Procedure
0314156305: Bankruptcy (Casebook) 3rd
0314156313: Criminal Procedure: Gilbert Law Smmaries
0314156356: Legalines: Antitrust: Keyed to the Fifth Edition of the Pitofsky Casebook
0314156399: Corporations (Gilbert Law Summaries)
0314156968: Barbri Law School Prep Program Volume 2 Two
0314157239: barbi Bar Review (Simulated MBE-Multistate Testing)
0314157271: Barbri : Bar Review
0314158413: Criminal Law (04 Suppl)
0314158421: Bankruptcy Code, Rules And Official Forms, 2005
0314158448: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (2005-06 Educ Ed)
0314158456: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (Abrgd Educ Ed:05-06) 2nd
0314158464: Legalines: Property (Adaptable to 2nd Edition of the Nelson Casebook)
0314158502: Sum And Substance: Federal Income Taxation (Sum & Substance) - Audio CD (Audio Book)
0314158510: Sum And Substance: Federal Income Taxation (Sum & Substance)
0314158537: E-Legalines Software: Civil Procedure
0314158545: E-Legalines Software: Constitutional Law
0314158553: E-Legalines Software: Contracts
0314158561: E-Legalines Software: Corporations
0314158588: E-Legalines Software: Property
0314158596: E-Legalines Software: Torts
0314158634: Black's Law Dictionary: Abridged 8th
0314158790: Federal Income Taxation of Partners and Partnerships in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314158804: Constitution Law in a Nutshell
0314158847: Trial And Clinical Practice Skills in a Nutshell
0314158855: Constitutional Law
0314158863: Corporate And Partnership Taxation
0314158928: Student's Guide to the Rules of Criminal Procedure
0314158944: Partnership And the Llc in a Nutshell
0314158960: Evidence: Black Letter Outlines, by Broun, 4th Edition
0314159002: 2005 Supplement to Intellectual Property, Cases and Materials, Second Edition, 2004 (Supplement) - Paperback
0314159037: Cases and Materials on Local Government Law, Fourth Edition (American Casebook Series)
0314159053: Toxic Torts in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314159096: Legalines: Civil Procedure: Adaptable to 6th Edition of the Yeazell Casebook
0314159142: International Litigation and Arbitration: Selected Treaties, Statutes and Rules, Third Edition (Selected)
0314159177: International Litigation and Arbitration (American Casebook)
0314159215: Sum & Substance Audio on Wills & Succession, Second Edition
0314159223: Sum & Substance Audio On Wills & Succession
0314159231: Sum & Substance Audio on Wills & Trusts, Third Edition (Sum & Substance) - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0314159304: Anti-terrorism And Criminal Enforcement: For use as a supplement to courses in seminars
0314159363: Law of Sentencing, Corrections and Prisoners' Rights (American Casebook Series)
0314159371: The Law and Policy of Sentencing and Corrections: In a Nutshell (West Nutshell Series)
0314159428: Black Letter Outline on Evidence (Black Letter Series)
0314159460: Klein: High Court Case Summaries On Federal Income Taxation (High Court Case Summaries)
0314159479: High Court Case Summaries on Environmental Law (High Court Case Summaries)
0314159525: Legal Research Exercises: Following the Bluebook--A Uniform System of Citation
0314159576: Modern Criminal Procedure
0314159592: Advanced Criminal Procedure (Casebook) 11th
0314159630: Sum & Substance Audio on Sale and Lease of Goods - Audio CD (Audio Book)
0314159649: Sum & Substance Audio On Sale And Lease Of Goods
0314159665: Sports Law 3rd
0314159681: Admiralty in a Nutshell, 5th (Nutshell Series)
0314159703: Legalines: Income Tax: Adaptable to 13th Edition of the Freeland Casebook
0314159789: Global Issues in Civil Procedure, by Main
0314159800: High Court Case Summaries on Federal Income Taxation (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314159827: High Court Case Summaries on Criminal Procedure (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314159916: Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation, Vol. 6 (5th Edition) (Practitioner's Treatise Series) - Hardcover
0314159983: Epstein: High Court Case Summaries On Torts (High Court Case Summaries)
0314159991: High Court Case Summaries On Contracts
0314160000: Contract Law
0314160124: Black Letter on Conflict of Laws, Fifth Edition (Black Letter Outline)
0314160183: Sum & Substance Audio On Constitutional Law
0314160191: Sum & Substance Audio On Constitutional Law
0314160221: Freer: High Court Case Summaries On Civil Procedure (High Court Case Summaries)
0314160256: CRIMINAL LAW
0314160272: Barbri Bar Review: Professional Responsibility, 2005
0314160345: Immigration & Nationality Laws of U S ('05 Ed)
0314160396: European Union Law in a Nutshell
0314160485: Moynihan's Introduction to the Law of Real Property (American Casebook Series)
0314160515: Domestic Violence Law, Second Edition (American Casebook Series)
0314160760: Law School Legends Civil Procedure
0314160809: Law School Legends Conflict of Laws
0314160841: Law School Legends Contracts
0314160868: Law School Legends Copyright Law
0314160922: Law School Legends Criminal Procedure
0314160965: Law School Legends Family Law
0314161058: Law School Legends Professional Responsibility
0314161066: Law School Legends Professional Responsibility
0314161074: Law School Legends Real Property
0314161082: Law School Legends Real Property
0314161112: Law School Legends Sales & Lease of Goods
0314161120: Law School Legends Sales & Lease of Goods
0314161155: Law School Legends Secured Transactions
0314161201: Law School Legends Wills & Trusts
0314161260: Federal Estate & Gift Taxation (Casebook) 9th
0314161287: Selected Statutes on Trusts & Estates ('05 Ed) 2nd
0314161295: Student's Gde to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 8th
0314161309: Corporations And Other Business Associations: Statutes, rules and Forms 2005
0314161325: Professional Responsibility Stds etc (05-06 Ed)
0314161414: Cases & Materials on Sex-Based Discrimination (American Casebook Series)
0314161422: Terrorism and the Law: Cases and Materials, by Maggs
0314161457: High Court Case Summaries on Contracts (Keyed to D
0314161481: High Court Case Summaries on Criminal Law (Keyed to Kaplan, 5th Edition) (High Court Case Summaries)
0314161503: High Court Case Summaries on Criminal Law (Keyed to LaFave, 3rd Edition)
0314161821: Securities Regulation: Selected Statutes, Rules & Forms, 2006 Edition (Practitioner Treatise Series)
0314161848: Selected Commercial Statutes 2005 Abridged Edition
0314161864: Selected Federal Taxation Statutes And Regulations 2006
0314161872: INCOME TAX MAP 2005-2006
0314161899: Courtroom Evidence Handbook, 2005-2006
0314161902: Federal Rules of Evidence (2005-2006)
0314161910: Federal Rules of Evidence Map05-06 ed. (Maps)
0314161945: Bankruptcy and Related Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314162003: Secured Transactions: Teaching Matl (Casebook) 3rd
0314162011: New York Practice (Hornbook) 4th
0314162054: Corporations Law & Policy (2005 Suppl) 5th
0314162062: Constitutional Law/Amer Const/Const R & L ('05 Suppl)
0314162070: Civil Procedure ('05 Suppl) 2nd
0314162089: Federal Courts, Federalism and Separation of Powers: 2005 Supplement; Cases and Materials
0314162097: Criminal Procedure ('05 Suppl) 2nd
0314162100: Constitutional Law: Themes for the Constitution's Third Century, 2005 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
0314162119: Law of Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials, by Friedman, Supplement
0314162127: Corporations, Other Limited etc (Stat Suppl) 2005-2006 2nd
0314162135: Securities Regulation 2005
0314162143: Primer on Direct Taxation in the European Union - Paperback
0314162151: Criminal Procedure & Constitution (2005 Ed)
0314162178: Selected Employment Law Statutes
0314162186: 2005 Supplement to Federal Courts: Cases, Comments and Questions (American Casebook Series)
0314162194: Modern Constitutional Law ('05 Suppl) 7th
0314162208: American Criminal Procedure (05 Suppl) 7th
0314162216: American Constitutional Law 2005 Struc
0314162224: First Amendment ('05 Suppl) 3rd
0314162232: Criminal Law: Cases, Materials and Problems, 2005 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
0314162240: 2005 Supplement to Criminal Procedure : Cases, Problems and Exercises (2nd edition)
0314162550: The Law of Bioethics: Individual Autonomy and Social Regulation Cases and Materials
0314162682: Documents Supplement to International Law and Litigation in the United States, Second Edition (American Casebook Series)
0314162739: California Legal Ethics (Casebook) 5th
0314162747: Cases on Corporations Including Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
0314162763: Payments Law In A Nutshell (Nutshell) (Nutshell Series)
0314162844: California and Uniform Trust and Estate Statutes, Selected Provisions, 2005-2006 Ed. (Selected Statutes)
0314163034: High Court Case Summaries on Evidence (Keyed to Mueller, 5th) (High Court Case Summaries)
0314163050: Trial Practice
0314163255: Section 1983 Litigation in a Nutshell 3rd Edition
0314163301: Dynamics of Trial Practice 2005, by Carlson, 3rd Edition, Supplement
0314163328: Sum & Substance Audio on Torts
0314163336: Estates and Future Interest in a Nutshell
0314163476: Bankruptcy Code Rules and Official Forms
0314163506: High Court Case Summaries on Civil Procedure (Keyed to Yeazell, 6th) (High Court Case Summaries)
0314163514: High Court Case Summaries on Criminal Procedure (Keyed to Saltzburg, 7th Edition) (High Court Case Summaries)
0314163611: Ideas of the First Amendment
0314163727: Regulation of Bank Financial Services: Cases and Materials, 2006 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
0314163735: Sum & Substance Audio on Criminal Procedure, (CD) (Sum & Substance)
0314163794: Federal Criminal Law & Its Enforcement (Suppl) 3rd
0314163816: High Court Case Summaries on Civil Procedure 4th Edition
0314163824: High Court Case Summaries on Torts (Keyed to Prosser, 11th Edition)
0314163875: Corporations (Statutory Suppl) 9th
0314166246: High Court? Case Summaries on Constitutional Law?Keyed to Stone, 5th (High Court Case Summaries)
0314166254: High Court? Case Summaries on Criminal Procedure-Keyed to Kamisar, 11th (High Court Case Summaries)
0314166262: 2005 Statutory Supplement to Cases and Materials on Federal White Collar Crime (American Casebook Series)
0314166270: 2005 Supplement to Federal White Collar Crime Case and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314166300: Acing Civil Procedure
0314166491: Gilbert Law Summaries
0314166688: State & Federal Administrative Law (05 Suppl) 2nd
0314166904: Principles of Constitutional Law
0314166939: High Court Summaries on Civil Procedures, Ninth Edition
0314167013: Quick Review on Civil Procedure, Sixth Edition (Quick Review Series)
0314167366: Criminal Procedure, 2d Exam Pro® (Exam Pro)
0314167412: Bankruptcy: 21st Century Debtor-Creditor Law, Second Edition (American Casebook Series)
0314167447: High Court Case Summaries on Corporations - Keyed to Hamilton
0314190074: Production Operations Management
0314190090: Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics
0314190198: Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges
0314190368: Computing Today, 2nd, ed, by Mandell
0314190376: Western Civilization
0314190384: Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
0314190406: Legal Environment of Business
0314190511: Western Civilization to 1715
0314190538: Human Resources Management; A Tool for Competitive Advantage
0314190600: Business Law 10e
0314190619: Universe: Origins and Evolution
0314200177: The Logic of Subchapter K A Conceptual Guide to the Taxation of Partnerships
0314200185: West's Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and Treasury Regulations 1997
0314200207: Federal Social Security Laws 1997: Selected Statutes and Regulations
0314200258: Intermediate Algebra
0314200312: Contract Law: Selected Source Materials
0314200398: Learning C++ : A Hands-On Approach
0314200541: 1996 Supplement to Federal Courts: Cases, Comments, and Questions (American Casebook)
0314200576: Mac for the Teacher, ClarisWorks Version
0314200584: Law
0314200622: Environmental Law in a Nutshell
0314200649: Humanity : An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
0314200673: Understanding American Government (Study Guide)
0314200703: Western Civilization
0314200711: Western Civilization
0314200738: Strategic Management : Competitiveness and Globalization: Cases
0314200762: Strategic Management : Competitiveness and Globalization: Cases
0314200770: Law of Evidence for Criminal Justice Professionals
0314200789: Understanding and Using Microsoft Visual Basic, Version 4
0314201017: McKinney's New York Rules of Court State and Federal
0314201106: Perspectives in Human Biology (International Version)
0314201114: Earth Science (and In-TERRA-Active 2.0 CD-ROM, Non-InfoTrac Version)
0314201122: Strategic Management : Competitiveness and Globalization: Theory and Cases
0314201130: Strategic Management : Competitiveness and Globalization: Theory and Cases
0314201157: Introduction to Child Development
0314201238: Modern Medical Language
0314201270: Introduction to Physical Geography
0314201289: Business Statistics : Contemporary Decision Making
0314201319: Great Trials in American History : Civil War to the Present
0314201386: Preventing Legal Malpractice
0314201394: Basic Law for Small Business
0314201408: Comprehensive Electronic Communication
0314201424: Economics on the Internet : Exercises and Activities
0314201440: Introduction to Child Development : Test Bank
0314201467: Geography : People and Places in a Changing World
0314201475: Introduction to Paralegalism: Perspectives, Problems, and Skills
0314201491: Organization Development and Change
0314201513: Digital Devices and Systems (with PLD Applications)
0314201556: B to Civil Procedure, Vol 2 of Wests Encyclopedia of American Law
0314201564: Civil Rights Movement to CY Pres, Vol 3 of Wests Encyclopedia of American Law
0314201572: Wests Encyclopedia of American Law Volume 4
0314201580: West's Encyclopedia of American Law: Vol.5
0314201599: West's Encyclopedia of American Law: Vol.6
0314201602: West's Encyclopedia Of American Law (Volume 7, Legal Representation To Oyez)
0314201653: Dictionary and Indexes, Vol 12 of Wests Encyclopedia of American Law
0314201661: Republican to Substance Abuse, Vol 9 of Wests Encyclopedia of American Law
0314201793: Biochemistry : Concepts and Applications
0314201807: Contract Law for Paralegals
0314201815: S. T. A. R. Strategic Thinking and Reading
0314201823: West's Federal Tax Research
0314201866: Practical Financial Management
0314201874: Corrections and the Criminal Justice System
0314201882: 8051 Microcontroller : Architecture, Programming and Applications
0314201890: Adult Experience
0314202013: Corporations and Other Business Associations, Statutes, Rules and Forms: 1996 Edition
0314202021: Electrical Concepts and Applications
0314202196: Understanding Intermediate Algebra Using Graphing Technology
0314202218: Mass Communication Law : Cases and Comments
0314202226: Criminal Procedure : Constitution and Society
0314202250: Police Operations
0314202269: Family Law : The Essentials
0314202277: Smith and Roberson's Business Law 50th Anniversary
0314202285: California Civil Litigation
0314202390: 1996 Civil Procedure Supplement (American Casbook)
0314202412: Computer Law: Cases, Comments, Questions : 1996 Supplement (American Casebook Series)
0314202439: 1996 Supplement to the First Amendment: Cases---Comments---Questions (American Casebook Series)
0314202447: Human Resource Management : A Tool for Competetive Advantage
0314202528: The Litigation Paralegal: A Systems Approach
0314202684: 1996 Supplement to Corporations Laws Adn Policy: Materials and Problems (American Casebook)
0314202889: Texas Rules of Court
0314202897: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
0314203109: 1996 Annual Update - American Constituti
0314203133: Living Now : Strategies, Success and Fulfillment
0314203346: American Public School Law
0314203354: Practical Investment Management
0314203362: Hamilton and Whitney's Nutrition : Concepts and Controversies
0314203389: Program Development And Design Using C++
0314203397: The Most Wonderful Work: Our Constitution Interpreted
0314203478: Modern Environmental Law: Policy and Practice (American Casebook Series)
0314203834: Cases and Materials on Sexual Orientation and the Law: Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Law
0314203850: Student's Solutions Manual to Accompany Cohen's Precalculus
0314203869: Business and Society Today : Managing Social Issues
0314203893: Algebra for College Students
0314203974: Case Studies in Environmental Science
0314204040: Course in Basic Writing
0314204091: Understanding Food: Principles and Preparation
0314204105: Understanding Programming
0314204113: Psychology of Personality
0314204121: Psychology
0314204148: Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Professionals
0314204156: Piano for the Developing Musician, Comprehensive Edition
0314204164: Exploring Business and Computer Careers
0314204385: Law and Ethics in the Business Environment
0314204504: International Business Transactions
0314204628: First Year Key Review - Criminal Law (West Bar Review) STUDENT EDITION...
0314204652: Taxation of International Transactions: Materials, Text, and Problems (American Casebook Series)
0314204660: Government Contracts Under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (West's Handbook Series)
0314204695: Cases & Materials on the Law of 5ed
0314204709: Securities Regulation, Cases and Materials : 1996 Supplement To (American Casebook Ser.)
0314204717: The American Constitution: Cases -- Comments -- Questions
0314204725: Constitutional Rights and Liberties: Cases and Materials
0314204733: Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics
0314204792: Essentials of Psychology
0314204814: Texas Politics : Economics, Power and Policy
0314204873: Food and Culture in America
0314204903: Business Law Today
0314204938: Fundamentals of C++ : Understanding Programming and Problem Solving
0314204954: American Government : Politics Today, 97-98
0314204962: First Year Key Review-Torts
0314204997: MicroComputers, Concepts, Skills, and Applications
0314205004: Essentials of Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0
0314205055: West's California Codes Corporations Code 1986 Compact Edition
0314205063: Wests California Codes Penal Code : 1996
0314205179: West's California Juvenile Laws and Court Rules - 1997
0314205187: Listening to Music - Second Edition
0314205233: Western Civilization to 1500
0314205241: Western Civilization : 1300 to 1815
0314205268: Western Civilization : Since 1550
0314205276: Western Civilization Since 1300
0314205314: Geography Teacher's Annotated Edition Workbook
0314205322: Geography Tests with Answer Key
0314205330: Western Civilization
0314205357: Cases and Materials on Land Use
0314205373: Construction : Materials, Methods, and Techniques
0314205403: Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics and Design
0314205462: Introduction to Political Science
0314205470: Q Basic
0314205500: Office Skills : The Finishing Touch
0314205519: West's Federal Taxation 1998: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, and Trusts...
0314205527: TXT WFT INDIV. '98
0314205535: Concepts in Federal Taxation 1998
0314205543: Fundamentals of Pascal, Understanding Programming and Problem Solving : Understanding Programming and Problem Solving
0314205608: Teens, Crime, and the Community : Education and Action for Safer Schools and Neighborhoods
0314205616: World History : The Human Odyssey
0314205675: Organizational Behavior : Foundations, Realities and Challenges
0314205691: Income Tax Fundamentals
0314205705: Journalism Matters
0314205713: Public Speaking : An Experiential Approach
0314205721: Legal Studies in Business
0314205756: Contemporary Moral Problems
0314205829: First Year Key Review Civil Procedure (West Bar Review)
0314205942: Essentials of Family Law : California Supplement
0314205985: 1996-1997 Supplement to Health Law:: Cases, Materials and Problems (American Casebook)
0314206027: Understanding and Using the Internet 1997
0314206043: Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination Law
0314206051: An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making
0314206094: First Year Key Review - Real Property (West Bar Review)
0314206116: Wests Federal Taxation
0314206175: Current Issues in Geology : Selected Reading
0314206205: The Journey of Civilization: An Interactive Cd-Rom Exploring World and Western Traditions (Western Civilization Series)
0314206213: CLA Review Manual : A Practical Guide to CLA Exam Preparation
0314206221: New York Family Law for Legal Assistants
0314206272: The Changing Supreme Court : Constitutional Rights and Liberties
0314206299: Essentials of Psychology : Exploration and Application
0314206388: Current Perspectives in Biology 1998
0314206396: Current Perspectives in Genetics
0314206434: Business Statistics : Contemporary Decision Making
0314206442: Business Statistics : Contemporary Decision Making
0314206493: Florida Rules of Court, Federal
0314206590: Qbasic
0314206787: Business Law Today
0314206841: California Civil Litigation Study Guide
0314206922: Elementary Algebra
0314207023: The Student Workbook To Accompany The Litigation Paralegal: A Systems Approach
0314207066: Administrative Office Management INSTRUCTORS MANUAL,pb,1997
0314207074: Administrative Office Management
0314207317: Physics : The Nature of Things
0314207422: Algebra and Trigonometry
0314207465: Comprehensive Electronic Communication
0314207473: Corrections and the Criminal Justice System
0314207538: Practical Financial Management
0314207708: Legal Environment of Busines
0314207724: Strategic Management
0314207732: Insights
0314207740: Resource Guide: Cases, Exercises, and Study Questions to Accompany Human Resource Management
0314207899: Psychology
0314207953: Business Law Today Comprehensive Edition Text AND Cases E-Commerce, Legal, Ethical, and International Environment
0314207988: Introduction to Management Science Quantitation
0314208054: Universe : Origins and Evolution
0314208186: Study Guide to Accompany Business Law Today The Essentials Text AND Summarized Cases-Legal, Ethical, Regulatory, and International Environment
0314208364: Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to paralegalism: Perspectives, problems, and skills, fifth edition
0314208380: Family Law: The Essentials
0314208496: Macroeconomics for Today
0314208569: Public Speaking
0314208615: Western Civilization
0314208623: Western Civilization
0314208658: Understanding Clinical Nutrition
0314208666: Map Workbook to Accompany Western Civilization Volume I: To 1715, Third Edition
0314208674: Map Workbook to Accompany Western Civilization Volume II: Since 1300, Third Edition
0314208690: Sociology
0314208720: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
0314208801: Experimental Psychology
0314208828: Juvenile Delinquency
0314208836: Universe : Origins and Evolution
0314208887: Earth Science
0314209093: Homework Sets Design to Accompany Microeconomics for Today
0314209131: Economics for Today : International Reader
0314209336: Preparation for Introductory College Physics : A Guided Student Primer
0314209360: Geology and the Environment
0314209395: Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Professionals
0314209425: Essentials of Psychology
0314209441: Essentials of Psychology
0314209735: Mathematics : One of the Liberal A
0314209824: Teens Crime and Community
0314209956: Nutrition : Concepts and Controversies
0314209999: Business Statistics : Contemporary Decision Making
0314210067: S.S.M. Understanding Intermed Algebra: A
0314210164: Intermediate Algebra
0314210210: Handbook of Selected Court Cases
0314210288: Business and Society Today : Case Book
0314210377: Legal Studies in Business
0314210415: American Government and Politics Today 1997-1998 Edition
0314210423: American Govornment and Politics Today 97-98
0314210466: Readings in American Government and Politics Today : 97-98 Edition
0314210660: Chemistry for Today General Organic A
0314210725: Geology Workbook for the Web
0314210873: West's Federal Taxation : 1998 Edition
0314210938: Bay Area Local Court Rules: Superior and Municipal Courts 1997
0314210970: Introduction to Management Science
0314210989: Current Perspectives in General Organic and Biochemistry
0314210997: Federal Income Taxation (Black Letter Series)
0314211004: Corporations (Black Letter Series)
0314211047: Land Transactions and Finance (Black Letter Series)
0314211063: Averill's Black Letter on Wills, Trusts, and Future Interests
0314211071: Basic Criminal Procedure (Black Letter Series)
0314211128: Cases and Materials on Gratuitous Transfers Wills, Intestate Succession, Trusts, Gifts, Future Interests and Estate and Gift Taxation
0314211136: Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts
0314211144: White Collar Crime: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314211152: civil Procedure
0314211160: Cases and Materials on Tort
0314211179: Basic Concepts in Commercial Law, hc, 1998
0314211187: SECURED TRANSACTIONS Problems, Materials, and Cases
0314211195: Criminal Procedure, Principles, Policies and Perspectives, by Dressler
0314211209: Cases and Materials on Taxation of Business Enterprises (American Casebook Series)
0314211225: Regulation of the Electronic Mass Media: Law and Policy for Radio, Television, Cable and the New Video Technologies (American Casebook Series)
0314211233: FAMILY LAW Cases, Comments and Questions
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