0314254455: Professional Responsibility: Standards, Rules Nad Statutes 2001-2002 (Statutory Supplement)
0314254463: Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statues
0314254471: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
0314254498: Selected Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Statutes, Regulations and Treaties 2001
0314254528: Immigration and Nationality Laws of the United States: Selected Statutes, Regulations and Forms 2001
0314254536: Civil Procedure Supplement
0314254544: New York Practice 2001-2002, 3RD SUPPLM, pb, 2001
0314254552: Criminal Procedure
0314254560: Criminal Procedure and the Constitution Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text: 2001 Edition
0314254579: Modern Criminal Procedure 2001 Supplement to 9th Edition
0314254676: Federal Rules of Evidence 2001-2002
0314254706: Supplement to Cases and Commentary on American Criminal Procedure
0314254714: Personnel and Human Resource M Anagement
0314254730: Constitutional Law, Themes for the Constitution's Third Century (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314254749: 2001 Supplement to Constitutional Law, 9th Ed
0314254757: WEST/ART & THE LAW Eleventh Annual Exhibition
0314254773: Programmed Materials on Legal Research and Citation (American Casebook Series)
0314254781: Modern Constitutional Law, Cases and Notes (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314254811: Securities Regulation 2002: Cases and Materials : Containing New Material, Problems and Sample Documents : Supplement (American Casebook Series)
0314254870: Florida DUI handbook
0314254889: Washington Court Rules, Local Rules 2002
0314254897: Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual, 2001: United States Sentencing Commission
0314254951: Securities Regulation, pb, 2001 (2002 Edition)
0314255052: Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Forms 2002 (Bankruptcy Code, Rules and Official Forms)
0314255281: California Evidence Code 2002
0314255303: California Penal Code - 2002 Edition
0314255354: Federal Labor Laws 2001
0314255419: High Court Case Summaries on Criminal La
0314255478: Arizona Rules of Court - State 2002 (Includes Amendments received thru November
0314255680: Texas Corporation and Partnership Laws 2002
0314255699: Texas Business and Commerce Code
0314255702: Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, 2002: With Tables and Index (Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code)
0314255729: Texas Family Code 2002, ANNOTATED, pb, 2001
0314255753: Texas Probate Code: 2002 Edition
0314255761: Texas Property Code 2002 With Tables and Index: Supersedes 2000 Edition (Texas Prooerty Code 2001)
0314255796: TEXAS PENAL CODE 2002
0314255974: Statutory Criminal Law and Procedure
0314256008: West's California Judicial Council Forms Volume 1 July 2001,pb
0314256016: California Judicial Council Forms, Vol II,2001 July Ed,pb,2001
0314256105: Washington Court Rules:Federal 2002
0314256113: Washington State Court Rules: 2002
0314256121: Bay Area Local Court Rules Superior Courts 2001,pb,2001
0314256148: Central California Local Court Rules Superior Courts 2001;pb
0314256180: California Rules of Court 2001 Revised Ed, PB, 2001
0314256229: Southern California Local Court Rules Superior Courts 2001 Revied Ed.
0314256237: Selected Statutes on Trusts and Estates 2001
0314256261: Iowa Rules of Court: State and Federal 2002 (Iowa Rules of Court State and Federal, 2002)
0314256326: Corporations: Quick Review Sum & Substance
0314256393: Trademark and Unfair Competition Law: Cases and Comments (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314256415: Federal Rules Of Evidence In A Nutshell, 5th Ed.
0314256458: California Civil Practice Statutes and Rules
0314256490: Criminal Law
0314256512: Children and the Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314256520: Documents Supplement to International Business Planning (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) - Paperback
0314256601: Constitutional Criminal Procedure: From Investigation to Trial (American Casebook Series)
0314256709: Criminal Procedure 6th
0314256911: Law School Competitions in a Nutshell : Lawrence Teply (Paperback, 2003)
0314256938: High Court Case Summaries on Torts (Prosser (High Court Case Summaries) (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314256946: Constitutional Law (Stone), 3rd Ed.
0314256997: Basic Manual
0314257004: Federal Personal Income Taxation, Fall 2001,Custom pub. for U.of Mich
0314257039: Basic Manual for the Lawyer's Assistant Student Study Guide and Work Projects
0314257098: Section 1983 Litigation in a Nutshell
0314257128: Evidence: Cases and Materials (Miscellaneous)
0314257136: Social Justice (Casebook)
0314257187: Deposition Questioning Strategies and Techniques
0314257225: Mississippi trial handbook (Mississippi practice series)
0314257233: Antitrust Law & Economics 5th
0314257268: Legal Protection for Individual Employee (Casebook) 3rd
0314257276: Labor & Employment Law (Stat Suppl) 3rd
0314257284: Labor & Employment Law (Casebook) 3rd
0314257306: Hegland's Trial and Practice Skills in a Nutshell
0314257349: Legal Research Exercises: Following ALWD Citation Manual, 7th Ed.
0314257454: A Concise Restatement of Property
0314257802: Land Use Planning & Development Regulation Law
0314257918: Black's Law Dictionary : Pocket Edition
0314258132: Statutory Supplement to Federal White Collar Crime
0314258175: High Court Case Summaries on Civil Procedure (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314258183: Environmental Law
0314258205: High Court Case Summaries - Criminal Law, 2001
0314258213: High Court Case Summaries on Corporations (Eisenberg) (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314258221: High Court Case Summaries - Corporations
0314258248: High Court Case Summaries on Income Tax
0314258280: Torts Paperback by Kionka, Edward J.
0314258299: Legal Research: A Practical Guide and Self-Instructional Workbook, by McKinney, 3rd Edition
0314258302: Computer Assisted Legal Research
0314258337: Professional Responsibility: A Student's Guide
0314258396: Environmental Law (Casebook) 6th
0314258418: Selected Environmental Law Statutes: 2001-2002 Educational Edition
0314258434: Successful First Depositions
0314258469: Law and Economics Cases, Materials and Behavioral Perspectives
0314258507: Prin of Tort Law
0314258582: International Civil Dispute Resolution
0314258590: Redbook: Manual on Legal Style
0314258639: Contemporary Financial Managem Ent Third
0314258655: Cst Accounting: Cncpts and Techniques Fo
0314258671: Macroeconomics: Theories and Applications
0314258698: Child Development: Individual, Family, and Society
0314258736: Statistics for Business and Economics
0314258752: Introduction to Criminal Justice
0314258760: Coastal & Ocean Law (Casebook) 2nd
0314258787: Remedies (Casebook)
0314258817: Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry
0314258892: California Employment Laws 2002
0314258949: California Education Code 2004
0314259074: Computer Applications in the Law (American Casebook Series)
0314259147: Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation
0314259287: Medicare and medicaid claims and procedures
0314259368: Pennsylvania Rules of Court - State - 2002 Edition (Including Amendments Received Through December 1, 2001)
0314259422: Black Letter on Criminal Law (Black Letter Series)
0314259473: Conflict of Laws
0314259503: Imigration and Citizenship : Process and Policy (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314259538: Securities Litigation & Enforcement (Casebook)
0314259554: Genetics Ethics, Law and Policy
0314259589: Cases and Materials on the Law of Torts (American Casebook Series)
0314259651: Employee Fringe and Welfare Benefit Plans 2002 Edition
0314259694: 2001 Supplement to Cases and Materials on Environmental Law
0314259724: Handbook of Texas Family Law: A Quick Reference Guide to the Family Code 2002
0314259880: Civil Procedure, by Clermont, 6th Edition
0314259929: Property (01 Suppl)
0314259937: 2001 Supplement to White Collar Crime: Law and Practice
0314259953: Corporation Finance
0314259961: Taxation of Estates, Gifts & Trusts (Casebook) 22nd
0314259988: Landlord and Tenant Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314260021: Intro to Legal Method & Process (Casebook) 3rd
0314260064: 2002 Supplement to Employment Discrimination Law, 6TH, pb, 2002
0314260099: Federal Income Taxation: Cases, Problems, and Materials, by Newman, 2nd Edition
0314260102: Federal Courts (Casebook) 5th
0314260110: Law of Modern Payment Systems And Notes
0314260129: Test, Cases and Materials on Sex-Based Discrimination (American Casebook Series)
0314260145: International Human Rights
0314260161: Health law; selected statutes and regulations, 2003 standard ed.
0314260188: Law of Modern Payment Systems And Notes
0314260196: Graham's Evidence Casebook (American Casebook Series) (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314260234: Understanding and Using Appleworks
0314260250: Federal Courts Federalism and Separation of Powers, by Doemberg, 2nd Edition
0314260285: Dessem's Pretrial Litigation in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) - Paperback
0314260307: Cases and Materials on Taxation of Business Enterprises
0314260315: Introduction to the Law of Real Property
0314260323: Modern Property Law (Casebook) 5th
0314260374: High Court Case Summaries - Torts
0314260404: Sample Pages: Illustrations of Organization and Research Techniques in West Group's
0314260439: Constitutional Law in a Nutshell (Hornbooks)
0314260455: Criminal Law
0314260528: High Court Case Summaries - Wills, Trusts & Estates
0314260536: Criminal Law
0314260552: Gaba's Black Letter on Environmental Law (Black Letter Series)
0314260560: Privacy Law: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) : Supplement Edition
0314260587: Intellectual Property: Cases and Materials, by Lange, 2001 Supplement
0314260595: Professional Responsibility (High Court Case Summaries)
0314260617: Employment Law (High Court Case Summaries) (High Court Case Summaries)
0314260625: High Court Case Summaries on Contracts (Fuller (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314260641: High Court Case Summaries
0314260668: West Group® High Court¿ Case Summaries on Debtors and Creditors-Keyed to Warren - Paperback
0314260749: West's Illinois Criminal Law and Procedure: 2002 Edition by
0314260811: Legal Research for the 21st Century: Advanced Research : Intellectual Property Law
0314260889: West's Michigan Criminal Law and Rules 2002 edition
0314260935: Treatise on the Law of Securities Regulation, Volume 4: Chapters 22 - End,
0314260986: Evidence 4th
0314261001: Criminal Procedure-Cases, Problems and Exercises (American Casebook Series and
0314261044: Constitutional Law. 6th ed. With Disk.
0314261087: Courtroom Handbook on Washington Evidence (Washington Practice)
0314261168: Oregon Rules of Court--State
0314261192: Texas Rules of Court Federal 2002
0314261206: Texas Rules of Court 2002: State and Federal
0314261281: MICHIGAN RULES OF COURT 2002
0314261303: Ohio Rules of Court Federal 2003
0314261338: A Survey of Western Civilization
0314261354: Survey of Western Civilization
0314261370: Survey of Western Civilization
0314261443: Sum and Substance Crim Proc 3d
0314261796: Legal Research (Sum & Substance) - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0314261818: Conflict of Laws 2001 Pocket Part, 3RD, pb, 2001
0314261893: West Group High Court Case Summaries
0314261907: Constitutional Law
0314261923: West Group® High Court¿ Summaries on Federal Income Taxation-Keyed to Klein
0314261931: High Court Case Summaries on Health Law (High Court Case Summaries) - Paperback
0314261958: Cases, Text and Problems on Federal Income Taxation
0314261982: Non-Profit Organizations: Law and Policy
0314262040: Privacy Law: Cases and Materials (2nd Ed.)
0314262059: Sale of Goods
0314262067: Laboratory Manual for Microbiology
0314262091: Precalculus: A Problems-Oriented Approach
0314262512: Prin of Criminal Procedure
0314262520: Wills, Trusts and Future Interests (Black Letter Series) Paperback by...
0314262547: International Business Transactions 2 Ed Volume One (Practitioner's Treatise Series) - Hardcover
0314262555: International Business Transactions 2 Ed Volume Two (Practitioner's Treatise Series) - Hardcover
0314262571: Criminal Procedure
0314262830: Patent Law (Casebook) 5th
0314262849: Real Estate Transfer, Finance etc (Casebook) 6th
0314262865: Civil Procedure 5th (Sum and Substance Quick Review) (Sum and Substance Quick Review)
0314262954: Business Structures, by Epstein
0314262970: Legal System of the Peoples Republic of China in a Nutshell
0314262997: State and Federal Administrative Law 2001
0314263128: Forms Manual to Accompany Oil and Gas Law (American Casebook) - Paperback
0314263152: Intellectual Property (Casebook) 2nd
0314263179: International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314263195: 2002 Documents Supplement to International Business Transactions: A Problem-Oriented Coursebook (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314263209: Maritime Law
0314263268: Science in Law: Forensic Sci Issues (Casebook)
0314263373: Administrative Law: Principles and Practice (American Casebook Series)
0314263438: West Group High Court Case Summaries: Contracts
0314263446: California Administrative Law
0314263578: National Security and Military Law in a Nutshell
0314263640: Public Sector Employment Cases and Materials
0314263675: Federal Income Taxation (Black Letter Series)
0314263683: International Human Rights
0314263713: Advanced Criminal Procedure Cases, Comments and Questions
0314263721: Basic Criminal Procedure: Cases, Coments and Questions (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) (Paperback)
0314263748: Personal Property 3rd
0314263756: Insurance Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) - Paperback
0314263764: Cases and Materials on American Property Law
0314263772: Family Law (Casebook) 5th
0314263799: Tort and Accident Law: Cases and Materials, by Keeton, 4th Edition
0314263802: Teacher's Manual to accompany Tort And Accident Law 4th edition.
0314263837: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, 2002-2003 Educational (Federal Rules of Civil Procedures)
0314263934: Professional Responsibility (Black Letter Series)
0314264000: Legal Research Survival Manual
0314264027: The Law of Mergers and Acquisitions
0314264078: Corporations Law and Policy, by Bauman, 4th Edition, Supplement
0314264094: Corporations and Other Business Associations: Statutes, Rules and Forms
0314264116: Contract Law: Contract Law: Selected Source Materials, 2002
0314264124: Constitutional Law 2002 (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314264132: Pleading and Procedure Casebooks 2002 (American Casebook Series and Other...
0314264159: Practical Law for Jail and Prison Personnel
0314264167: Criminal Procedure 2002 Supplement
0314264175: Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statutes 2002-2003 (Statutes)
0314264183: Dzienkowski's Professional Responsibility: Standards, Rules, and Statutes, 2002-2003 (Statutes)
0314264191: Constitutional Law 2002 (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314264248: Securities Regulation Selected Statutes, Rules and Forms, 2003
0314264264: Criminal Procedure and the Constitution2002: Leading Supreme Court Cases and Introductory Text (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314264272: Criminal Procedure Supplement, By Johnson, 3rd Edition
0314264280: Modern Criminal Procedure 2002: Cases-Comments-Questions : Basic
0314264299: Criminal Procedure: Pocket Part for Use in 2002-2003, pb, 2002
0314264353: Legal Research: A Practical Guide and Self-Instructional Workbook, by McKinney, 4th Edition, Workbook
0314264388: Selected Federal Taxation, 2003: Statutes and Regulations (Statutes)
0314264396: The First Amendment and Religion and the Constitution Cases and Materials
0314264418: 2003 Supplement to Securities Regulation: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314264426: Redish and Sherry's 2002 Supplement to Federal Courts: Cases, Comments, and Questions (4th Edition; American Casebook Series)
0314264434: Modern Constitutional Law, Cases and Notes (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314264442: American Criminal Procedure: Cases and Commentary
0314264450: Selected Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition,pb,2002
0314264469: Selected Commercial Statutes, 2002
0314264507: American Constitutional Law 2002: Structure and Reconstruction, Cases, Notes and Problems (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks)
0314264515: Shiffrin the First Amendment, Cases-Comments-Questions, 2002
0314264582: Mediation
0314264620: Family Law
0314264698: Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Business Combinations
0314264701: Criminal Law Case Studies, by Robinson, 2nd Edition
0314264728: Rotunda's Professional Responsibility: Student Guide, 2002-2003
0314264736: Cases and Materials on Conflict of Laws: American, Comparative and International
0314264744: Corporate Finance
0314264760: Corporations and Other Business Enterprises: Cases and Materials, by Hazen, Standard Edition
0314264779: Introduction to Legal Method and Process, by Berch, 3rd Edition
0314264787: Accounting & Finance for Lawyers 2nd
0314264795: Dynamics of Trial Practice: Problems & Materials (American Casebook Series) - Paperback
0314264809: Legal Research: A Practical Guide and Self-Instructional Workbook
0314264825: Successful Legal Analysis and Writing
0314264876: Rules of Evidence (Casebook) (Rev)
0314264884: Sound and Sense: A Text on Law and Literature (American Casebook) - Paperback
0314264892: Local Government Law 5th
0314264906: California Community Property
0314264922: Juergensmeyer's Sum and Substance Audio Set on Real Property, 2d
0314264930: Thomas' Sum and Substance Audio Set on Intellectual Property (1st Edition) (Sum & Substance CD Series) - Audio CD (Audio Book)
0314264965: Cases and Materials on Admiralty: 2002 Statutory and Documentary: For Use with All Admiralty Casebooks (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) (American Casebook Series and Other Coursebooks) - Paperback
0314265007: Nine Questions: Secured Debt Deals in the 21st Century
0314265139: Principles of Bank Regulation
0314265147: Constitutional Analysis
0314268952: First Course in Differential Equations with Applications
0314268979: Introduction to Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems
0314270213: Selected environmental law statutes.
0314270299: Government Contracts Under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (West's Handbook Series)
0314270310: Understanding FORTRAN 77 with Structured Problem Solving
0314270337: Psychology and Effective Behavior
0314270353: Human Relations in Organizatio N Third E
0314273816: Im, Fundamentalls of Pascal: Undrstnd Pro
0314280944: Trial Advocacy
0314281711: Jurisprudence: Texts and Readings on the Philosophy of Law
0314282262: Cases and Materials on Texas Trial and Appellate Procedure,
0314282300: Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas
0314282467: Lawyers and the System of Justice
0314282513: Government in Urban Areas
0314282645: Cases on Secured Transactions
0314283331: Handbook of the Law of Wills and Other Principles of Succession, Including Intestacy and Administration of Decedents' Estates.
0314283420: Handbook on the Law of Remedies (Hornbook Series)
0314283498: Handbook on Criminal Law
0314283625: Handbook of the Law of Future Interests (Hornbooks (Hardcover))
0314283846: Legal Rights of the Convicted
0314284028: The Conscience of a Lawyer
0314284133: The American Police: Text and Readings
0314284230: Injunctions in a Nutshell
0314284257: Police Discretion by
0314284338: Corbin on Contracts: One Volume Edition
0314284478: Introduction to Law Study and Law Examinations in a Nutshell : Introduction
0314284494: Introduction To The Law Of Real Property
0314284877: Computers and Teaching
0314284885: Organization Theory
0314284893: Applied Production and Operations Management
0314284915: Sociology Through Humor
0314284931: Understanding Elementary Algebra : A Text-Workbook
0314284958: Understanding Intermediate Algebra, a Text/Workbook
0314284974: Elementary Linear Algebra
0314284982: Exploring Statistics: A Modern Introduction to Data Analysis and Inference
0314284990: Historical Introduction to Anglo-American Law in a Nutshell
0314285008: Spirit of C : An Introduction to Modern Programming
0314285032: Discrete Mathematics: A Bridge to Computer Science and Advanced Mathematics
0314285059: West's Federal Tax Research
0314285067: Law Office Management
0314285083: Organic Chemistry
0314285091: The American Republic: Politics, Institutions, and Policies
0314285105: Turbo and Apple Pascal: Programming and Problem Solving
0314285148: Introduction to Education
0314285156: Income Tax Fundamentals 1987 E Dition
0314285261: Smith's Review: Conflict of Laws
0314285989: Constitutional Law the American Constitution Constitutional Rights and Liberties
0314285997: Modern Criminal Procedure and Basic Criminal Procedure
0314286012: State and Local Politics: A Po Litical E
0314286039: Understanding People and Social Life: Introduction to Sociology
0314295194: Fundamentals of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
0314295208: Biochemistry of Human Nutrition
0314295216: Programming in Basic: Problem Solving with Structure and Style
0314295232: Excellence in Reporting
0314295240: Introduction to Philosophical Thinking: Readings and Commentary
0314295267: Cases in Financial Management 3e
0314295313: College Algebra
0314300724: ANTITRUST LAW AND ECONOMICS In a Nut Shell
0314300805: College Algebra and Trigonometry
0314301186: Understanding and Using R: Base 5000 (The Microcomputing series)
0314301194: Understanding and Using Pc-Write
0314301224: Understanding and Using Wordperfect
0314301240: Developing and Using Decision Support Applications (Microcomputing Series)
0314302220: Police Operations: Tactical Approaches to Crimes in Progress
0314303820: Understanding Computers Second Edition
0314303839: Understanding Computers
0314303871: The Legal Foundations of Public Administration
0314303898: American Government and Politics Today
0314303901: Texas Politics
0314303936: Human Intimacy: Marriage, the F Amily, and
0314303952: Understanding Phys Anthropolog y & Archa
0314304037: Essentials of the Dynamic Univ Erse: Intr
0314304053: International Law
0314307753: Cases and Materials on Appellate Practice and Procedure
0314309705: International Law, Cases and Materials, Basic Documents Supplement (American Casebooks (Paperback))
0314311270: Constitutional Law: Principles and Cases
0314311599: Understanding and Using Appleworks
0314311718: Cases and materials on evidence (American casebook series)
0314313567: Computers and Information Processing
0314319131: The Lawyer as a Negotiator Problems, Readings and Materials
0314319220: Basic Text on Labor Law Unionization and Collective Bargaining
0314320199: Sample Pages
0314320253: The Enduring Constitution A Bicentennial Perspective
0314320261: Enduring Constitution: A Bicentennial Perspective (Collectors Edition)
0314321470: Complete Basic Programming High Sch Edit
0314321519: Computers and Information Processing: Concepts and Applications With BASIC
0314321667: Introduction to Computers and Basic Programming
0314321675: West's Business Law Alternate Ucc
0314321683: Personnel Management in Action
0314321691: Complete Basic Programming 2e
0314321705: Introduction to Computers Using the IBM and MS-DOS PCs With Basic
0314321713: Intro to Cmptrs Using IBM/ MS-DOS W/Basi
0314322388: Introduction to Computers using the IBM and MS-DOS PCs with Basic 2nd edit pb 1988
0314324321: Handbook of the Law of Antitrust (Hornbook Series)
0314324860: Personnel and Human Resource Management in Canada
0314324879: Canadian Readings in Personnel and Human Resource Management
0314324933: Contract and related obligation: Theory, doctrine, and practice (American casebook series)
0314324941: Legal Writing--Getting It Right and Getting It Written
0314327614: Local Government Law: Cases and Materials
0314328459: Cases and Materials on Introduction to Law, Legal Process, and Procedure
0314329994: Torts: Injuries to Persons and Properties (Nutshell Series)
0314330828: Understanding and Using Appleworks
0314332316: Environmental Law (Hornbooks (Hardcover))
0314332367: Agency-Partnership in a Nutshell
0314333169: Introduction To Civil Litigation
0314335579: Legal Interviewing and Counselling: A Client-Centered Approach (American...
0314337504: Readings in Personnel and Human Resource Management
0314339353: Pascal Programming Today
0314341269: Civil Rights
0314341293: Developing and Using Office Applications With Appleworks Versions 1.0 Through 2.0
0314341420: S.G. Intro to Criminal Justice
0314342737: Law of Corporations in a Nutshell
0314342915: Understanding and Using Supercalc 4 (The Microcomputing Series)
0314345116: 1988 Annual Edition West's Fed Eral Taxa
0314345124: West Federal Taxation : Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts and Estates, 1988
0314345132: Wests's Federal Taxation: Individual Income Taxes.
0314345140: STUDY GUIDE TO ACCOMPANY CONTEMPORARY FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Third Edition with Documentation for LOTUS 1-2-3 Templates
0314345167: Structured Basic Programming for the IBM and MS-DOS PCs
0314346287: Turbo Pascal Programming Today/With Diskette
0314346295: Turbo Pascal Programming High School EDI
0314346384: Study Guide to Accompany West' S Busines
0314346406: Understanding and Using Symphony
0314346929: Test Bank to Accompany Statistics for Buisness and Economics
0314346937: Statistics for Business and Economics
0314346988: The Law of Contracts (Hornbook Series Student Edition)
0314347127: Instructor's Manual with Test Bank to Accompany Macroeconomics: Theories and Applications
0314347135: Macroeconomics: Theories and Applications
0314347240: Precalculus
0314347291: Using Microcomputer In Cost Accounting Lotus Ed. 123 87 West Pub.,sp
0314347305: Developing AND Using McRcmptr Business Sys
0314347313: Introduction to Basic Programming 3e
0314347356: Criminal evidence: Principles, cases, and readings (West's criminal justice series)
0314347372: Introduction to Child Developm Ent Third
0314347399: Understanding and Using Application Software-Volume 1
0314347410: Understanding and Using Lotus 1-2-3: Release 2 (Microcomputing Series)
0314347445: Understanding and Using dBASE III Plus
0314347615: Fundamentals of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
0314347623: Instructor's Manual with Test Bank to Accompany Understanding People in Organizations
0314347755: Instructor's Manual For A Survey of Western Civilization (Combined Edition)
0314347895: Study guide to accompany Management information systems: A user perspective by James O. Hicks, Jr. Prepared by Patricia T. Boggs
0314348018: Turbo and Apple Pascal: Programming and Problem Solving
0314350179: Study Guide to Accompany Socio
0314350802: Study guide to accompany Hoffman & Willis West's federal taxation: Individual income taxes
0314351396: Trusts
0314351590: Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314351612: Cases and Materials on Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development. 3rd Edition.
0314352287: Instructor's manual with test bank to accompany The spirit of C: An introduction to modern programming
0314352406: Business Law Review Outline 2e
0314352422: Instructor's manual with test bank and supplemental cases to accompany Schuler's Personnel and human resource management, third edition, Randall S. Schuler
0314352449: Personal Computer Projects for Personnel
0314352481: S.G. Human Intimacy
0314352503: Introduction to Child Development
0314352996: Sg, Computers & Information Processing
0314353348: S.G. Economic Issues for Consumers
0314353410: Instructor's manual to accompany Essentials of the dynamic universe: an introduction to astronomy, Theodore P. Snow
0314353429: S.G. Essentials of the Dynamic Universe
0314354069: West's Law Finder; A legal Research Manual
0314354093: Sg Psychology: The Search for Understand
0314354360: New York Practice Handbook
0314354433: Study Guide to Accompany Under Standing
0314354492: Street Law a Course in Practical Law With California Supplement
0314354522: 1987 Supplement to Problems and Materials in Business Planning
0314358528: Uniform Probate Code in a Nutshell
0314358536: Tax Procedure and Tax Fraud, Cases and Materials
0314358617: Study Guide to Accompany Child Development: Individual, Family, and Society
0314358722: Health law: Cases, materials, and problems (American casebook series)
0314360646: Wbk, Introduction to Computers & Basic PR
0314361146: Wills, Trusts And Estates: Including Taxation And Future Interests (hornbook Series)
0314361154: American Bar Association Section of Litigation Readings on Adversarial Justice: The American Approach to Adjudication (American Casebooks (Paperback))
0314361162: Corporations: Law and Policy : Materials and Problems (American Casebook)
0314363599: American criminal procedure: Cases and commentary (American casebook series)
0314364374: Basic Uniform Commercial Code Teaching Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314364404: Law Of Sex Discrimination
0314364412: Products Liability: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314364730: Dispute Resolution and Lawyers
0314364749: Legal Interviewing and Counselling in a Nutshell
0314366628: An Introduction to the Anglo-American Legal System: Readings and Cases (American Casebook Series)
0314370382: Wills, Trust, and Estate Planning
0314373152: Products Liability in a Nutshell
0314375597: User's Guide: Educate-Ability Ver 1.1 Ib
0314375910: Securities regulation in a nutshell (Nutshell series)
0314376941: S.G. Chemistry: An Introduction Mass Market Paperback by Slabaugh, Michael R.
0314382364: Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations
0314382437: Street Law A Course in Practical Law with New York State Supplement
0314383107: FOREIGN RELATIONS AND NATIONAL SECURITY LAW Cases, Materials and Simulations
0314383298: Constitutional Federalism in a Nutshell
0314385037: Uniform Commercial Code
0314385045: Uniform Commercial Code
0314388605: Unfair trade practices in a nutshell (Nutshell series)
0314391878: Insurance Law: A Guide to Fundamental Principles, Legal Doctrines, and Commercial Practices
0314392890: Understanding & Using dBASE III Plus
0314395458: Not found - converted to zShop
0314396691: California Code of Civil Procedure by
0314396950: Labor and Employment Law: Problems, Cases and Materials in the Law of Work (American Casebook Series)
0314397515: Text, Cases and Materials on Sex-Based Discrimination (American Casebook Series)
0314397523: Und & Using Aplic Sft Vl2: DOS/ Wp/Lot R2
0314397817: Oil and Gas Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314397825: State and Local Taxation: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314402756: Computer Science with Pascal
0314406980: Cases, text, and problems on federal income taxation (American casebook series)
0314408088: International Business Transactions in a nutshell
0314408894: Understanding and Using VP-Planner Plus: Includes Student Version of VP-Planner Plus
0314411607: American Indian Law in a Nutshell
0314411623: Manual for the Lawyers Assistant
0314411631: Cases and Materials on California Community Property
0314414436: Banking and financial institutions law in a nutshell (Nutshell series)
0314414452: Secured Transactions in a Nutshell
0314414509: Users Guide: West Pro Pack: Includes DBA
0314417486: State Constitutional Law in a Nutshell
0314421084: Admiralty and Maritime Law: Admiralty and Maritime
0314423176: Constitution and American Foreign Policy
0314425039: Effective Personnel Management Third EDI
0314426728: Evidence, Cases and Materials (American Casebook Ser.)
0314428658: Local government law (American casebook series)
0314429670: Federal Income Taxation of Individuals in a Nutshell
0314430296: International Financial Manage Ment Seco
0314430423: Automatic Control Systems
0314430431: Federal Rules of Civil-Appellate Procedure: As Amended to May 1, 1988, 1988-89 Educational Edition
0314430466: International Human Rights in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series) by...
0314430504: Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure As Amended to May 1, 1988: 1988-89 Educational Edition
0314430512: Pascal
0314432485: Introduction to Private Security, 2nd Edition (West's Criminal Justice Series)
0314436359: Im/Tst Bnk, Introduction to Comptr & Basi
0314437541: Case Analysis and Fundamentals of Legal Writing
0314439196: Federal Courts: Cases, Comments, and Questions (American Casebook Series)
0314439625: Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations 1989
0314440968: Admiralty and Maritime Law: Admiralty and Maritime. Practitioner's Edition.
0314441026: Debtors and Creditors: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314441042: A First Book of C: Fundamentals of C Programming
0314441336: Introduction to Microsoft Basic
0314444815: Arnold Economics
0314444831: Supplement to Modern Criminal Procedure AND Basic Criminal Procedure, 1988
0314444874: Statutory Supplement to Labor and Employment Law Problems, Cases and Materials in the Law of Work
0314444882: Selected Commercial Statutes, 1988.
0314445323: Programming Process With Pascal
0314445331: Criminal Procedure and the Constitution: Leading Supreme Court Cases and...
0314447598: People at Work: Human Relation S in Orga
0314451226: Introduction to Probation and Parole
0314452079: Widiss' Insurance: Materials on Fundamental Principles, Legal Doctrines and Regulatory Acts (American Casebook Series®) (American Casebook Series)
0314452087: Criminology
0314452095: Street Law: A Course in Practical Law with Florida Supplement
0314452117: Interpersonal Psychology for Criminal Justice
0314457984: Crime and justice in America: A human perspective
0314459669: Discrete Math
0314463283: Auditing Concepts and Applications
0314463364: Historical geology: Evolution of the earth and life through time
0314463410: Organization Theory and Design Third EDI
0314465324: Advertising Writing
0314465529: Managerial Economics Fifth EDI Tion
0314465537: American Education
0314465618: Corrections and Prisoners' Rights (Nutshell series)
0314469338: Electrical and Electronic Devices (West Engineering Ser.)
0314469346: Cognitive Psychology Second Ed Ition
0314469354: Quantitative Methods for Busin Ess Fourt
0314469621: Research methods in psychology
0314469672: West's Law Finder - A Legal Research Finder
0314469710: Life Cycle Nutrition
0314469729: Financial Markets and Institutions
0314470085: Thermodynamics W/Disk
0314470093: Astronomy
0314470107: Constitutional Government: The American Experience
0314470123: BASIC Programming with Structure and Style
0314470131: Organizational behavior
0314470158: Computers & Information Proc W/Basic 5e
0314470166: Computers and Information Processing: The Complete Course With Basic
0314470271: Understanding Math Using Appleworks Spreadsheets
0314470328: Mind Tool: Computers and Their Impact on Society
0314471480: Introduction to business statistics: A computer integrated approach
0314471553: Basic Programming Today: A Structured Approach
0314471634: Moral Choices
0314471642: Understanding and Using Pfs, First Choice (The Microcomputing Series)
0314472118: Advanced Lotus 1-2-3 With Applications
0314472126: Legal Environment of Bus 1e
0314472134: Essentials of Sociology
0314472142: West's Business Law : Text Cases and Legal Enviornment
0314472150: Management : Concepts and Effective Practices
0314472169: Essentials of Texas Politics
0314472177: Politics in America: The ability to govern
0314472304: Human Physiology
0314472339: Manual for the Lawyer's Assistant/Student Study Guide
0314472851: Management and Control of Quality
0314473491: Introduction to Psychology
0314473513: Criminal Law: Principles and C Ases Four (West's Criminal Justice Series)
0314473556: Introduction to Computers Using the IBM and MS-DOS PCs With Basic. West Student Propack Version/Book and Disk
0314473572: Psychology and You
0314473580: Economics of Macro Issues
0314473599: Law of Business Organization 3
0314473602: Oberstone Management Science
0314473610: Law in Action: Conflict Courts and Trials (Law in Action Series) Paperback...
0314473629: Understanding Law Enforcement
0314473637: Juvenile Responsibility and Law (Law in Action Series)
0314473645: Understanding and Using dBASE IV
0314475966: Badminton Today
0314475982: Methods & Tactics of the Behavioral Sciences
0314476024: BASIC Programming Today : A Structured Approach
0314476083: Mind Tool : Computers and Their Impact on Society Language Free Version
0314476857: Mind Tool Computers and Their Impact on Society
0314476865: Essential Life Choices
0314476873: Arnold Microeconomics
0314476946: Macroeconomics
0314476970: Aging, the Individual, and Society
0314478256: Nutrition & Diet Therapy: Prin & Practic
0314478280: Modern Digital Systems Design
0314481168: College Algebra Second Edition
0314481176: Algebra and Trigonometry
0314481192: Organization Development and C Hange Fou
0314481206: Discovering Lifetime Fitness : Concepts of Exercise and Weight Control
0314481214: Economics of Public Policy
0314481222: Understanding Elementary Algebra
0314481230: Pdm 1 - Piano For The Developing Musician 2nd Ed., 89, Spiral, West Pu
0314481249: Understanding Intermediate Alg Ebra Seco
0314481257: Law of Evidence for Criminal Justice Professionals. 3rd ed.
0314481265: On the Edge: A History of America Since World War II
0314481273: Investments: Analysis, Selection, & Management
0314481281: Cases in Investments
0314481303: Pascal
0314481311: Intro to Comp Science Progr Prob Solv
0314481338: World Regional Geography
0314481346: Foundations of Computer-Aided Design
0314481354: FORTRAN 77 W/Applications for Sci & Egrg
0314481397: Criminal Law and Procedure
0314481419: Physical Geography
0314481427: Real Estate Law
0314481435: Essentials of Business Law Thi Rd Editio
0314481451: Structural Wood Design
0314481486: Sociology: Principles and Applications
0314481494: Electric Circuits for Technologists with Disk
0314481508: Introduction to Philosophy
0314482385: Cases and Materials on Partnership Taxation.
0314484515: Federal Rules of Evidence for United States Courts and Magistrates Paperback...
0314484590: Study Guide to Accompany Effective Personnel Management Paperback by Randall
0314488413: Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy (Creditors' Rights and Bankruptcy) Paperback
0314488421: Federal Estate and Gift Taxation in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314493484: Dynamics of Trial Practice: Problems and Materials
0314493492: Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (American Casebook Series)
0314495339: Introduction to Computers Using the IBM and MS-DOS PCs/West Student Propack Version/Book and 5 Disks (Machine Dependent Series)
0314498974: Understanding Pascal : Turbo Version
0314499040: Instructor's manual and supplementary lectures to accompany Organization theory and design
0314499970: Instructor's manual with solutions to accompany Managerial economics
0314503285: Understanding and Using MS-Dos/Pc-DOS 4.0 (West's Microcomputing Series)
0314503293: Swimming and Aquatics Today (Microcomputing Series)
0314503307: Understanding and Using MS-DOS/PC DOS
0314503889: State and Federal Administrative Law
0314505113: Legal Negotiations : Theory and Applications
0314506144: Instructor's manual to accompany Thinking about research, methods & tactics of
0314506179: Study Guide to Accompany Manag Erial Eco
0314507094: Cases and Materials on Torts (American Casebook Series)
0314508988: Legal writing: A systematic approach (American casebook series)
0314509410: Study Guide To Accmpy. Organizational Behavior, 5th, 89, West, Pb
0314511741: Legal Interviewing and Counseling a Client-Centered Approach
0314513744: Study Guide to Accompany Wests Business Law Text Cases Legal Environment
0314513795: Study Guide to Accompany Research Methods in Psychology
0314514155: 76554s Federal Taxation: Indiv Iduals 19
0314514163: West's Federal Taxation: Compr Ehensive
0314514171: West's Federal Taxation: Corpo Rations 1
0314518134: Modern constitutional theory: A reader
0314518142: Cases and Problems on Contracts (American Casebook Series)
0314518800: Modern constitutional law: Cases and notes (American casebook series)
0314524649: Study guide to accompany Economics
0314524673: Aging, the Individual, and Society: Instructor's Manual (4th Edition)
0314524827: Student solutions manual and study guide to accompany Understanding elementary
0314524878: Astronomy
0314524886: Astronomy
0314524894: West's Great Ideas for Teaching Astronomy
0314524924: Study Guide to Accompany politics in America
0314524959: Psychology and You
0314524967: Student Wbk, Psychology & You
0314528148: International Taxation in a Nutshell
0314531114: Conflict of Laws (Black Letter Series)
0314533184: How to Find the Law (Hornbook Series Student Edition)
0314533192: Cases and Materials on Antitrust (American Casebook Series)
0314535403: Law and Jurisprudence in American History: Cases and Materials (American Casebook Series)
0314539980: Study guide to accompany Introduction to psychology, exploration and application, fifth edition
0314540067: Legal Aspects of Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Process. 4th ed.
0314540113: Corporate Taxation (American Casebook)
0314540121: Basic Property Law
0314540326: Politics Today
0314540350: Physical Geography Laboratory Manual
0314540598: American Criminal Justice Process A Primary Source Book
0314540660: Understanding And Creating Art
0314540806: Study Guide to Accompany Computer and Information Processing with BASIC
0314540881: Illicit Drug Use, Smoking, and Drinking by America's High School Students, College Students, and Young Adults 1975-1987
0314545328: Mastry S.G. Intro to Psych
0314545867: Civil procedure: Cases and materials (American casebook series)
0314545875: Finding the Law: An Abridged Edition of How to Find the Law 9th Ed
0314549196: Torts, Personal Injury Litigation
0314549226: Trg, Geography: Our Changing World
0314549234: Wbk, Geography: Our Changing World
0314550372: Wbk & Kybd Tutor, about Bus & Computers
0314551182: The Payment System: Cases, Materials, and Issues
0314556184: Criminal Law Principles and Cases
0314558071: Federal Sentencing Law and Practice. Criminal Practice Series.
0314558179: Modern Criminal Procedure: Cases, Comments and Questions
0314560564: Basic Documents in International Law and World Order
0314562672: Mass Communication Law: Cases and Comment
0314562680: Federal rules of civil procedure: As amended to March 1, 1989
0314562710: Uniform Commercial Code In A Nutshell
0314562796: The Law of Agency and Partnership: Student Edition (Hornbook Series)
0314563830: Selected Corporation and Partnership Statutes, Rules, and Forms
0314563938: Selected Statutes Rules and Standards on the Legal Profession
0314563946: Criminal Law Third Edition
0314564020: 1989 Supplement to Cases-Comments-Questions on Constitutional Law (6 ed, Cases and Materials on the American Constitution)
0314564152: Criminal Law and Procedure Cases & Materials 2nd,1990 Supplement,pb,90
0314564160: Legal Research Exercises to Accompany Cohen, Berring and Olson's How to Find the Law and Finding the
0314564179: Problems in Insurance Law
0314564187: 1989 Documents Supplement to Legal Problems of International Economic Relations (American Casebook Series)
0314565191: On the Edge: Hist of America F/1890 to 19
0314565655: American Justice: Research of National I
0314565795: Family Law: Cases, Comments, and Questions (American Casebook Series)
0314566694: Introduction to Statistics: Co Ncepts an
0314566716: Insurance Law in a Nutshell (Nutshell Series)
0314567682: History of the American Constitution
0314567712: Economic Issues for Consumers
0314567739: Fundamentals of Business Law
0314567747: West's Business Law: Alternate Ucc Comprehensive Edition
0314568840: Introductory Statistics
0314568859: V. O. C. A. B. Vocabulary for College and Beyond
0314569952: Litigation and Trial Practice for the Legal Assistant
0314569979: Instructor's manual for Legal research exercises, 3rd edition (1989): To accompany Cohen, Berring and Olson's How to find the law (9th ed.) and Finding the law
0314572228: 1989 Civil Procedure Supplement: Containing Selected Federal and State Statutes, Rules, Problems, and Forms (American Casebook Series)
0314572236: Criminal Procedure and the Constitution
0314572244: Legal Research and Citation
0314572252: Legal Research and Citation Student Library Exercises to Accompany Programmed Material on Legal Rese (American Casebooks (Paperback))
0314574956: Criminal Procedure
0314578269: Applied Production and Operations Management
0314578277: College Algebra
0314578285: Federal Sentencing Law and Practice Supplementary Appendices 1989 Edition (Criminal Practices Series)
0314578315: Understanding Nutrition Fifth Edition
0314578714: Essentials of the Dynamic Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy
0314578757: Criminal Procedure
0314578803: Understanding the Universe
0314579354: Introduction to Criminal Justice
0314579362: Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism
0314580166: West's law finder: A legal research manual
0314580212: Sociology Fourth Edition
0314580220: Transportation Third Edition
0314580867: On the Edge: A New History of 20Th-Century America
0314582606: Texas Politics
0314582614: Texas Politics Today (Texas Politics Today)
0314583440: A SURVEY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION Antiquity through the Middle Ages
0314583483: A SURVEY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION The Renaissance to the French Revolution
0314584099: Contemporary Industrial : Organizational Psychology
0314586660: Employment Discrimination Law (Hornbook Series/Practitioner's Edition)
0314587578: Stud Cmpt Lab Mnl-Turbo & APL Pascal: Prg Paperback by Settle
0314588000: Cases and materials on real estate transfer, finance, and development (American casebook series)
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