0321028295: International Management : Managing Across Borders and Cultures
0321028473: Graphical Approach to College Algebra
0321028481: Graphical Approach to Pre-Calculus
0321028562: Earth Algebra : College Algebra with Applications to Environmental Issues
0321028589: Earth Angles : Precalculus with Applications to Environomental Issue (Preview Edition)
0321028597: Earth Algebra: College Algebra with Applications to Environmental Issues
0321028619: Student's Solutions Manual for College Algebra Through Modeling and Visualization
0321028953: Understanding Ethnic Conflict : The International Dimension
0321029461: American Political Ideals and Realities
0321029712: On the Cosmic Horizon : Ten Great Mysteries for Third Millenium Astronomy
0321029771: Chemistry Version 2.0: Study Pack
0321029798: Physical Chemistry
0321029828: Intermediate Algebra, Alternate Version
0321029917: Media in American Politics
0321030001: Starting with Safety:Introduction for the Academic Chem Lab,Plus Video
0321030044: The West: Encounters & Tramsformations W/ Cd-Rom, Hc, 2004
0321030052: American History in a Box Vol. 1 : To 1868
0321030060: American History in a Box Vol. 2 : Since 1865
0321030508: Marketing Engineering: Computer-Assisted Marketing Analysis and Planning, by Lilien
0321030680: Economics of the Public Issues
0321030699: Principles of Managerial Finance
0321030761: Marine Biology : An Ecological Approach
0321031016: Human Mosaic : A Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography
0321031032: Public Relations Casebook
0321031059: Artforms : Value Edition
0321031253: Psychology 5/E + Mindmatters Prototype CDROM National Bundle
0321031288: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
0321031326: Economic Policy Review
0321031334: Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets
0321031423: World Trade and Payments : An Introduction
0321031431: Age of the Economist
0321032276: Principles of Managerial Finance Cd Rom
0321032640: Growing Child : Applied Approach
0321032810: Geography Coloring Book
0321032829: Experiencing Psychology : Active Learning Adventures
0321033272: Understanding International Conflicts : An Introduction to Theory and History
0321033507: Economics Today : 1999-2000
0321033515: Macro View of Economics Today
0321033523: Micro View of Economics Today
0321033639: Your Economic Life-To Accmpy. Miller:Economics(Rev)99 Pearson Pb
0321033876: International Economics : Theory and Policy
0321034147: Cultural Anthropology
0321034155: Cultural Anthropology
0321034236: Patternmaking for Fashion Design
0321034252: Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life
0321034309: Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life
0321034325: Psychology
0321034341: Family in Transition
0321034376: Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines : The Pursuit of Excellence
0321034783: Growing Child : Applied Approach
0321034929: Invitation to Psychology
0321035054: Psychology and Life
0321035062: Psychology and Life
0321035178: Psychology and Life Telecourse Study Guide
0321035186: Psychology and Life
0321035313: Conceptual Physical Science
0321035356: Conceptual Physical Science
0321035372: Conceptual Physical Science
0321035402: Conceptual Physical Science
0321035550: Earth Algebra : College Algebra with Applications to Environmental Issues
0321035712: Physics for Scientists and Engineers
0321035720: Physics with Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers
0321035739: Physics with Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers
0321035747: Physics with Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers
0321035755: Modern Physics : Solutions Manual
0321036166: Elements of Ecology
0321036263: Fundamentals of Genetics
0321036441: Beginning Algebra
0321036468: Intermediate Algebra
0321036476: Algebra for College Students
0321036484: Communicating in Small Groups : Principles and Practices
0321036603: Principles of Human Anatomy : Learning Guide
0321036638: Physiology Coloring Book, by Kapit, 2nd Edition
0321036832: May It Please the Court : Judicial Processes and Politics in America
0321036859: Administrative Law and Politics
0321036913: Chemistry : An Introduction to General Organic and Biological Chemistry
0321037111: Instructors Resource Manual
0321037189: Finance : Investments, Institutions and Management
0321037332: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology with Atlas of Human Skeleton
0321037472: Fundamentals of Investing
0321037588: Introduction to General Organic and Biological : School Edition of Chemistry
0321037642: Instructor's manual for chemistry: An introduction to general, organic, and...
0321037677: Chemistry and Chemistry: Study Pack 2.0.
0321037804: Systematic Design of Instruction
0321037820: Authentic Assessment: A Guide for Elementary Teachers
0321037839: Computers for Twenty-First Century Educators
0321037863: Qualitative Reading Inventory
0321037898: Developing the Curriculum
0321037928: Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College (4th Edition) by McWhorter...
0321037936: Guide to College Reading
0321037944: Guide to College Reading, 5TH, pb, 1999
0321037960: Little, Brown Compact Handbook
0321037979: Little, Brown Handbook : With MLA Update
0321037995: Exchanges : Reading and Writing about Consumer Culture
0321038010: Writing with Confidence : Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs
0321038029: Composing with Confidence : Writing Effective Paragraphs and Essays
0321038037: Writing Logically Thinking Critically with Readings
0321038061: Research Writing Simplified : MLA Update
0321038088: Essential College English: A Grammar and Punctuation Workbook for Writers (5th Edition)
0321038096: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum
0321038126: World Civilizations Vol. 1 : The Global Experience to 1750
0321038134: World Civilizations Vol. 2 : The Global Experience since 1450
0321038150: Struggle for Democracy
0321038169: Government in America : People, Politics, and Policy
0321038185: World Civilizations: The Global Experience, Volume 2 1450 to Present
0321038568: Documents in World History : From Ancient Times to 1500
0321038576: Documents in World History
0321039459: Graphical Approach to College Algebra : Student Solutions Manual
0321039467: Graphical Approach to College Algebra and Trigonometry : Student Solutions Manual
0321039475: Graphical Approach to Precalculus
0321039483: Graphical Approach Series
0321039548: Mathematics with Applications : Management of Natural Social Science
0321039572: Mathematics With Applications
0321039599: Graphing Calculator Manual to Accompany Mathematics with Applications
0321040503: Demystifying the Counseling Process : A Self-Help Handbook for Counselors
0321040821: Instructor's Manual/Test Bank with Powerpoint CD-ROM to Accompany DeVito Messages
0321040945: Society in Focus : Introduction to Sociology
0321041283: Beginning Algebra Eighth Edition : Annotated Instructor's Edition
0321041313: Algebra for College Students
0321041321: INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA (Annotated Teacher's Edition)
0321041771: Struggle for Democracy
0321041933: American Government
0321042557: New Politics of the Budgetary Process
0321042565: Environmental Policy and Politics : Towards the 21st Century
0321042573: History of Asia
0321042808: Elements of Ecology
0321042832: General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
0321042883: Evolutionary Ecology
0321042891: Ecology: The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance Package
0321042905: Ecology & Field Biology
0321042964: Elements of Ecology
0321043030: Fundamentals of Investing
0321043081: Principles of Managerial Finance (9th Edition)
0321043235: Earth Angles, Precalculus : Mathematics with Applications to Environmental Issues
0321043243: Mathematical Ideas
0321043251: Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers, Student's Solution Mal,pb,2000
0321043286: Activities for Elementary Mathematics Teachers
0321043332: Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary School Teachers
0321043340: College Algebra and Trigonometry Through Modeling and Visualization
0321043693: Puritan Dilemma : The Story of John Winthrop
0321043707: Abigail Adams : An American Woman
0321043723: Eleanor Roosevelt : A Personal and Public Life
0321043731: Andrew Carnegie and the Rise of Big Business
0321043936: Guide to Internet for American Government
0321044096: Reading the American West : Primary Sources in American History
0321044207: Human Communication : The Basic Course
0321044223: Elements of Public Speaking
0321044258: Principles and Types of Speech Communication
0321044266: Television Field Production and Reporting
0321044274: Speak With Confidence
0321044282: Crossfire: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader Instructor's Edition, Instructor's Manual Included
0321044290: Writing Process & Mla Update Card
0321044312: Connections : Writing, Reading and Critical Thinking
0321044347: Compact Handbook with MLA Update and Research
0321044479: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Meyers Writing with Confidence : writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs
0321044487: Test Bank to Accompany Meyers Writing with Confidence : Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs Sixth Edition
0321044495: Composing With Confidence
0321044533: A Case for Writing : Practical Approaches to Business Writing
0321044584: Racial and Ethnic Groups
0321044606: Elementary Statistics in Social Research
0321044622: Contemporary Society : An Introduction to Social Science
0321044665: How to Write Psychology Papers
0321044797: World Civilizations : The Global Experience
0321044835: Introduction to Public Administration
0321044851: Occupied America : A History of Chicanos
0321044908: American People : Creating a Nation and a Society
0321044916: American Nation
0321044924: America Past and Present, by Divine, 5th Edition
0321044932: Understanding the Presidency
0321044959: Government in America
0321044975: Texas Government : Policy and Politics
0321045033: Business Mathematics
0321045238: Invitation to Psychology
0321045513: World Trade and Payments : An Introduction
0321045734: The Longman Planner
0321045742: Text and Thought: An Integrated Approach to College Reading & Writing
0321045769: Text and Thought : An Integrated Approach to College Reading and Writing
0321045793: Reviewing Basic Grammar : A Guide to Writing Sentences and Paragraphs
0321045874: Reading Faster and Understanding More
0321045904: Bridging the Gap
0321045912: Bridging the Gap
0321045947: A Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to Reading (2nd Edition)
0321045955: A Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to Reading
0321046056: Short Guide to Writing about Art
0321046064: Call to Write
0321046242: College Geometry : A Discovery Approach
0321046250: Introduction to Real Analysis
0321046323: Introductory Chemistry : Brief Edition
0321046382: Introductory Chemistry: Essen (Set:Txt/PSG-Wkbk)(w/CD) 2nd
0321046390: Introductory Chemistry, by Russo, 2nd Edition, Lab Manual
0321046404: Marketing Management and Strategy : Marketing Engineering Applications
0321046412: Marketing Management and Strategy
0321046463: Marketing Research
0321046471: Marketing Research
0321046552: Management : Meeting New Challenges
0321046560: Marketing Management
0321046579: Management : Meeting New Challenges INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL
0321046617: Economics Today, the Micro View 1999-2000
0321046625: Economics Today 1999-2000
0321046633: Economics Today, the Macro View 1999-2000
0321046641: Economics Today (Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)
0321046749: Economics Today : The 1999-2000 Edition
0321046757: Essentials of Economics
0321046781: Macroeconomics
0321047001: Crisis in American Institutions
0321047044: Anthropology : Contemporary Perspectives
0321047052: Archaeology : A Brief Introduction
0321047060: Conformity and Conflict : Readings in Cultural Anthropology
0321047095: Developing Child
0321047109: Developing Child Study Guide
0321047117: Engineering Psychology and Human Performance
0321047133: How to Think Straight about Psychology
0321047583: Reader's Handbook : Reading Strategies for College and Everyday Life
0321047648: Scott, Foresman Handbook For Writers And Sf Writer On Cd-Rom, 5th. Ed.
0321047710: Longman Anth British Lit Vol 1. (volume 1)
0321047818: Lifelong Reader
0321047826: Lifelong Reader Instructors Edition
0321047850: Society in Focus
0321047907: Ancient Lives : An Introduction to Method and Theory in Archaeology
0321048318: Contending Theories of International Relations : A Comprehensive Survey
0321048350: Basics of American Politics
0321048377: War, Peace, and International Politics
0321048407: Government in America (Study Guide to Accompany)
0321048415: Government in America : People, Politics, and Policy
0321048431: Precis Writing for American Schools
0321048474: Documents in World History Volume 1: The Great Traditions: From Ancient Time to 1500
0321048490: Retracing the Past Vol. 1 : Readings in the History of the American People, to 1877
0321048504: Retracing the Past Vol. 2 : Readings in the History of the American People, since 1865
0321048571: Power and Interdependence
0321048598: Fundamentals of Genetics - Test Bank
0321048687: Fundamentals of Genetics (2nd Edition)
0321048970: Looking in Classrooms
0321049004: Reading/Writing Connection : Strategies for Teaching and Learning in the Secondary Classroom
0321049039: From Phonics to Fluency
0321049055: Teaching Language and Literacy : Preschool Through the Elementary Grades
0321049128: Synergetic Classroom : Joyful Teaching and Gentle Discipline
0321049136: Creative Power : The Nature and Nurture of Children's Writing
0321049144: Elementary Children's Literature : The Basics for Teachers and Parents
0321049152: Children's Literature
0321049179: Family Communication : Cohesion and Change
0321049195: Decision-Making Group Interaction : Achieving Quality
0321049209: Among Us : Essays on Identity, Belonging, and Intercultural Competence
0321049292: Thinking Critically About Research on Sex and Gender
0321049306: Invitation to Psychology
0321049314: Psychology
0321049373: Psychology with Psychplace
0321049438: Invitation to Pyschology: Subscription to the Psychology Place Website
0321049470: Social Work with Elders : A Biopsychosocial Approach to Assessment and Intervention
0321049497: Financial Management for Human Service Administrators
0321049500: Criminal Justice
0321049543: Instructor's Manual to Accompany The Reader's Handbook and Lifelong R
0321049551: The Reader's Handbook : Reading Strategies for College and Everyday Life
0321049616: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum
0321049624: Crossfire MLA Update
0321049632: Between Worlds : MLA Update
0321049640: Writing Process : With MLA Update
0321049659: Little English Handbook : Choices and Conventions, with MLA Update
0321049667: Longman Handbook : Modern Language Association(Update)
0321049705: Little Brown Essential Handbook for Writers
0321049764: Teaching Literature Online
0321049780: Writing Research Papers
0321049802: Writing Research Papers : A Complete Guide
0321049934: Research Methods : A Process of Inquiry
0321050002: Human Memory and Cognition
0321050282: Racial and Ethnic Groups
0321050312: Deviant Behavior
0321050371: Sociology : Brief Introduction
0321050487: Families in the New Millennium
0321050495: Ancient Lives an Introduction To Archaeology
0321050509: Archaeology a Brief Introduction 7ed
0321050517: International Money and Finance
0321050525: Modern Labor Economics : Theory and Public Policy
0321050584: Principles of Macroeconomics
0321050649: Financial Markets and Institutions
0321050657: Principles of Risk Management and Insurance (Principles of Risk Management and Insurance, 7th ed)
0321050665: Principles of Managerial Finance
0321050711: Visual Communication : A Guide to Reading and Writing
0321050827: User's Guide to College Writing : Reading, Analyzing and Writing
0321050886: Comp Tales : Introduction to College Composition Through Its Stories
0321050908: Sentence Dynamics : An English Skills
0321050932: Keys to Successful Writing : With Readings
0321050991: Joining a Community of Readers : A Thematic Approach to Reading
0321051009: Joining a Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to Reading. 2nd ed. Instructor's edition.
0321051033: Breaking Through : College Reading
0321051041: Breaking Through: College Reading 6th
0321051068: Test Bank for Breaking through College Reading 6e;pb;2002
0321051076: Efficient and Flexible Reading
0321051084: Efficient and Flexible Reading
0321051114: Academic Reading
0321051122: Academic Reading
0321051173: Researching Online
0321051181: Literacies and Technologies : A Reader for the Contemporary Writer
0321051475: Study Guide With Activphysics 2 : Physics 3rd Ed.,pb,99,w/ CD
0321051483: Physics for Scientists and Engineers Extended
0321051572: Conceptual Physics
0321051602: Conceptual Physics
0321051629: Touch This! Conceptual Physics for Everyone
0321051653: CourseCompass Student Access Kit for online course materials that accompany: conceptual Physics
0321051661: Conceptual Physical Science: Explorations, by Hewitt
0321051734: Conceptual Physical Science, by Hewitt, 3rd Edition
0321051785: Conceptual Physical Science: Overhead Transparencies & Teaching Guide 3/E
0321051807: Conceptual Physical Science, by Hewitt, 3rd Edition, Lab Manual
0321051815: Practice Book
0321051831: Conceptual Physical Science Explorations
0321051858: Conceptual Physics
0321051904: Conceptual Physical Science
0321051963: Physics With Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Extended Version
0321052021: Conceptual Physics with Practicing Physics Workbook (9th Edition)
0321052048: Conceptual Physics Media Update Im Sup
0321052056: Conceptual Physics, by Robinson, 9th Edition, Lab Manual
0321052293: Macroeconomics
0321052668: Study Guide
0321052676: Politics and Policy in States and Communities
0321052684: Politics and Government in California
0321052692: City Politics : Private Power and Public Policy
0321052730: Party Politics in America
0321052749: Texas Politics and Government : Ideas, Institutions and Policies
0321052854: This Terrible War: Civil War & Aftermath
0321052870: American Nation : A History of the United States
0321052889: American Nation : A History of the United States (to 1877)
0321052897: American Nation : A History of the United States (since 1865)
0321052900: The American Nation: a History of the United States (2nd Edition)
0321052986: Created Equal Vol. 1, Chapters 1-15 : A Social and Political History fo the United States
0321053001: Created Equal : A Social and Political History of the United States
0321053028: Civilization Past and Present Vol. 1 : Concise Version
0321053044: Civilization Past and Present Vol. 1 : To 1650
0321053060: Civilization Past and Present Vol. 2 : From 1300
0321053176: Mathematics With Applications
0321053273: Introductory Chemistry
0321053974: Handbook for Classroom Assessment
0321053982: Applying Multicultural and Global Concepts in the Classroom and Beyond
0321053990: AMERICAN SCHOOLS, AMERICAN TEACHERS Issues and Perspectives
0321054008: Foundations of Educational Curriculum and Diversity : 1565 to the Present
0321054016: Ethics and the Foundations of Education : Teaching Convictions in a Postmodern World
0321054059: Teaching and Learning with Technology
0321054172: Multicultural Education for the Twenty-first Century
0321054539: Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life : Study Guide
0321054873: Extreme Methods : Innovative Approaches to Social Science Research
0321054881: Culturally Competent Practice : Skills, Interventions, and Evaluations
0321054911: Changing Agency Policy : An Incremental Approach
0321054946: Rhetorical Choices : A Reader for Writers
0321054962: Interactive Vocabulary
0321054989: Active Vocabulary : General and Academic Words
0321055004: Academic Vocabulary
0321055047: Analyzing Lilterature : A Guide for Students
0321055055: Research Writing Simplified
0321055098: Between Worlds : A Reader, Rhetoric, and Handbook
0321055187: Exploring Language
0321055209: Not found - converted to zShop
0321055284: Interactive Guide to Newsweek
0321055330: The Longman Anthology of World Literature, Volume A : The Ancient World
0321055365: Longman Anthology of World Literature
0321055551: Public Relations : Strategies and Tactics
0321055624: Messages
0321055632: Argumentation and Critical Decision Making
0321055640: Interpersonal Communication Book
0321056582: College Algebra
0321056647: Annotated Instructors Edition
0321056655: Prealgebra
0321056728: Psychogical Problems, Social Issues and Law
0321056760: Learning : A Survey of Psychological Interpretations
0321056779: Using Multivariate Statistics
0321056817: Abnormal Psychology
0321056876: Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
0321056906: Applied Anthropology
0321057228: Social Work Research Methods : An Applied Approach
0321057546: GRAPHING CALCULATOR MANUAL: To Accompany College Algebra. Eighth Edition
0321057554: College Algebra and Trigonometry
0321057562: Student Solutions Manual Paperback by LIAL
0321057589: College Algebra and Trigonometry and Precalculus, by Lial, 2nd Edition, Graphing Calculator Manual
0321057597: Trigonometry
0321057600: Trigonometry
0321057627: Graphing Calculator Manual
0321057635: Precalculus with Limits
0321057643: Precalculus
0321057775: Precalculus Through Modeling and Visualization
0321057872: Literature for Composition: Essays, Fiction, Poetry, and Drama (Includes 1998 MLA Guidelines)
0321057899: Literature and Ourselves : A Thematic Introduction for Readers and Writers : Includes 1998 Mla Guidelines
0321057937: Short Guide to Writing About Literature
0321058046: Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers
0321058143: Teaching The Little, Brown Reader
0321058151: Instructor's Handbook to Accompany Literature for Composition Essays, Fiction, Poetry and Drama 5th Edition
0321058461: Lab Manual for Biologylabs Online
0321059239: Abnormal Psychology and Modern Life Telecourse Study Guide
0321059565: Psychology
0321059573: Psychology: The Study of Human Behavior (Telecourse Guide)
0321060466: Invitation to Psychology
0321060474: Invitation to Psychology Hardcover by Wade, Carole; Tavris, Carol
0321060482: Psychology
0321060490: Psychology and Life
0321060512: Psychology
0321060741: Financial Markets and Institutions
0321060814: Principles of Managerial Finance (Brief 2nd Edition)
0321060822: Principles of Managerial Finance, by Gitman, 2nd Edition, Study Guide
0321060830: INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL to accompany Principles of Managerial Finance
0321060849: Test Bank for Principles of Managerial Finance
0321060946: Instructors Manual
0321060989: Visual Guide to Writing, with CD-ROM
0321060997: Visual Guide to College Composition
0321061004: The Visual Guide to College Composition With Readings : James Knudsen (Hardcover, 2001)
0321061063: Concise Guide to Technical Communication
0321061144: Write Start : Sentences to Paragraphs
0321061160: Instructor's Manual and Transparency Masters to Accompany the Write Start with Readings: Paragraphs to Essays
0321061179: Test Bank to Accompany Checkett/Checkett The Right Start with Readings Sentences to Paragraphs
0321061187: Write Start with Readings : Paragraphs to Essays
0321061195: Annotated Instructor's Edition The Write Start with Readings: Paragraphs to Essays
0321061209: Write Start W/Readings Instructor's Manual & Transparnecy Master
0321061217: The Write Start: Test Bank Paragraphs to Essays
0321061225: Conventions and Expectations
0321061276: An Introduction to Literature, 12th Edition
0321061314: Instructors Manual
0321061632: Latin America and Its People
0321061659: Latin America and Its People Vol. 1 : To 1830 (Chapters 1-8)
0321061675: Latin America and Its People Vol. 2 : 1800 to Present (Chapters 8-15)
0321061810: Colonial America in an Atlantic World : A Story of Creative Interaction
0321061950: Beginning Algebra
0321061969: Beginning Algebra
0321062000: Intermediate Algebra
0321062019: Intermediate Algebra
0321062051: Intermediate Algebra
0321062124: Algebra for College Students
0321062132: Algebra for Students
0321062191: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
0321062418: Basic College Mathematics: AIE
0321062736: Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, The (The Addison-Wesley...
0321062752: Macroeconomics
0321062841: Sewing for the Apparel Industry
0321063449: Public Relations: Strat/Tact IM
0321063791: The American People: Study Guide, Brief Ed.,Volume 1 to 1877
0321063805: Study Guide to Accompany American People,3rd Ed, Vol II;PB;2000
0321063910: American Nation
0321063929: Study Guide to accompany The American Nation : A History of the United States Volume 2
0321063945: All Children Read : Teaching for Literacy in Today's Diverse Classrooms
0321063953: Reading Instruction and Assessment : Understanding the IRA Standards
0321063961: What Really Matters for Struggling Readers
0321064003: Looking in Classrooms 8e Instructor's Manual and Test BAnk;pb;2000
0321064011: Literature-Based Instruction with English Language Learners, K-12
0321064194: Civilization Past and Present: To 1650 Paperback by Wallbank, T. Walter...
0321064208: Civilization Past and Present Vol #2 9th Edition Study Guide
0321064577: Basic College Mathematics
0321064585: Introductory Algebra
0321064593: Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and Graphing
0321064607: Prealgebra
0321064615: Introductory and Intermediate Algebra
0321064690: Principles of Money Banking & Financial
0321064755: Accompany International Economics : Study Guide
0321064771: Modern Labor Economics : Theory and Public Policy (Study Guide)
0321064828: Law and Economics
0321064836: Economics Today 1999-2000 Version 2 with CDROM
0321064925: Instructor's Resource Manual to Accompany the Longman Handbook for Writer's and Readers and the Longman Writer's Companion (Second Edition)
0321064984: Public Literacy
0321064992: Workplace Literacy
0321065018: Academic Literacy
0321065069: Types of Drama : Plays and Contexts
0321065859: Instructor's Manual/Test Bank with Transparency Masters to Accompany Comparative Politics Today Seventh Ed.
0321066286: Everything You Need to Know About Your History Course,pb,2000
0321066316: American People : Creating a Nation and a Society
0321066324: World History Mapping Workbook, Volume 1, 2/E (Valuepack Item Only)
0321066669: College Algebra and Trigonometry Thru Modeling Visualization and Precalculus Through Modeling and Visualization
0321066774: American Government: Readings from Across Society
0321066804: Civilization in the West
0321067029: Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra
0321067126: Calculus With Applications
0321067134: Calculus With Applications
0321067142: Finite Mathematics (7th Edition)
0321067150: Finite Mathematics and Calculus With Applications
0321067169: Calculus With Applications
0321067177: Finite Mathematics 7th Edition Student Solutions Manual
0321067185: FINITE MATH.+CALC.-STUD.S.M.
0321067231: Introduction to Fiction
0321067274: Penguin Handbook
0321067290: Brief Penguin Handbook
0321067304: Longman Guide to the Web
0321067312: The Penguin Handbook
0321067428: College Writing: Keeping it Real
0321067452: Longman Guide To Columbia Online Style, Pb, 2000
0321067460: The Little, Brown Essential Handbook for Writers
0321067479: New Directions for Writers Vol. 1 : College Writing and Beyond
0321067517: New Directions for Writers
0321067525: New Directions for Writers
0321067622: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 1A : The Middle Ages
0321067630: Longman Anthology of British Literature : Early Modern Period
0321067649: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 1C : The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century
0321067657: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 2A : The Romantics and Their Contemporaries
0321067665: Longman Anthology of British Literature
0321067673: Longman Anthology of British Literature : The Twentieth Century
0321067681: Little, Brown Handbook
0321068440: College Algebra
0321068521: Annotated Instructors Edition
0321068602: TRIGONOMETRY Annotated Instructor's Edition
0321068661: Introductory Chemistry
0321068688: Introductory Chemistry Stdnt B second edition
0321068785: Elements of Ecology
0321068793: Ecology : The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance / With Ecology Action Guide and CD
0321068815: Ecology & Field Biology
0321068823: The Ecology Action Guide: Action for a Sustainable Future with CDROM
0321068831: The Ecology Action Guide
0321068912: Economics Today
0321068920: Economics Today: The Macro View (1999-2000 Edition)
0321069188: Overcoming Math Anxiety, by Davidson, 2nd Edition
0321069218: Mathematics for Business, Seventh Edition (Student's Solution Manual)
0321069315: Mathematical Investigations, by DeMarois, 2nd Edition
0321069323: Mathematical Investigation (Student Solutions Manual)
0321069498: Instructors Manual
0321069595: Study Guide
0321069676: Instructors Manual
0321069986: Writing in Political Science
0321070143: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
0321070151: Principles of Public Speaking
0321070178: Elements of Public Speaking
0321070348: American Government: Continuity and Change
0321070356: Essentials of American Government : Continuity and Change, 2000 Edition
0321070372: Keys to Power : Managing the Presidency
0321070380: African-American Politics
0321070399: The Struggle for Democracy
0321070402: Struggle for Democracy Brief Edition 99 Update
0321070437: Power Politics California
0321070445: Politics and the American Economy
0321070453: Empty Dreams, Empty Pockets : Class and Bias in American Politics
0321070461: International Relations
0321070526: World Politics in the 21st Century
0321070550: Introduction to Public Administration : A Book of Readings
0321070585: The New American Democracy With Access Code
0321070593: New American Democracy
0321070607: The New American Democracy
0321070615: International Relations
0321070631: International Relations
0321070690: The Politics of Congressional Elections
0321070704: American Government : Continuity and Change, 2000 Alternate Election Update
0321070720: Essentials of American Government : Continuity and Change, 2000 Election Update
0321070747: American Government
0321070763: Government in America : People, Politics, and Policy, Election Update
0321070828: Civilization in the West
0321070844: Civilization in the West to 1600
0321070852: Civilizations in the West, Vol. 1 (professional copy)
0321070860: Civilization in the West
0321070887: Civilization in the West
0321070895: Civilization in the West, by Kishlansky, 4th Edition, Volume A
0321070909: Civilization in the West, Vol. B
0321070925: Civilization in the West: Since 1789
0321070941: American Realities
0321070968: American Realities
0321070984: A Short History of the American Nation (8th Edition)
0321071026: Short History of the American Nation : Since 1865
0321071034: Short History of the American Nation (Vol. 2)
0321071042: American People
0321071050: American People
0321071069: American People
0321071085: American People/CREATING A NATION AND A S
0321072170: Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College Paperback by McWhorter...
0321072189: Taking Charge of Your Reading : Reading and Study Strategies for College Success
0321072235: Short Takes : Model Essays for Composition
0321072375: Writing Logically, Thinking Critically (3rd Edition)
0321072421: Patterns of Exposition
0321075072: Little, Brown Handbook
0321075099: Little, Brown Compact Handbook
0321075943: Precalculus with Limits
0321076028: Mathematical Ideas (Instructor's Edition, Ninth Edition and Expanded Ninth Edition)
0321076060: Mathematical Ideas: Student's Study Guide and Solutions Manual
0321076109: Mathematical Ideas
0321076249: Dreams and Inward Journeys : A Rhetoric and Reader for Writers
0321076265: American People Vol. 2 : Creating a Nation and a Society
0321076354: Preople, Politics, and Policy (Government in Action)
0321076362: Dreams and Inward Journeys: A Rhetoric and Reader for Writers
0321076370: Art of Thinking : A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought
0321076613: International Political Economy
0321076680: Pocket Reader
0321076699: Brief Pocket Reader
0321076702: Longman Anthology of British Literature : Compact Version
0321076729: The Longman Compact Anthology of British Literature (Volume A)
0321076737: Longman Anthology of British Literature,Compact Ed, Vol B, The Romanti
0321076745: Economics in Action CD-ROM (10th Edition)
0321076761: Preparing for the Texas Teacher Certification : A Guide to the Comprehensive TExES Content Areas Exam
0321076893: American Government
0321076915: Building Classroom Discipline
0321076923: World History in Brief
0321076931: World History in Brief, (Chapters 14-33)
0321076974: Principles of Risk Management and Insurance
0321077024: Students Solution Manual (Paperback)
0321077040: Simply Shakespeare
0321077067: Program Evaluation : Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines
0321077075: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
0321077105: Atlantic Lives : A Comparative Approach to Early America
0321077172: Writing Material : Readings from Plato to the Digital Age
0321077180: Sources of the West : Readings for Western Civilization
0321077199: Teaching Ten to Fourteen Year Olds
0321077318: Principles of Microeconomics
0321077326: Principles of Macroeconomics, by Ruffin, 7th Edition
0321077350: Industrial Organization
0321077466: International Economics
0321077474: Microeconomics: A Modern Approach, by Schotter, 3rd Edition
0321077512: Internet and Web Design for Teachers : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Virtural Classroom
0321077652: Little, Brown Handbook
0321077695: Developmental Exercise Booklet
0321077709: Answer Key to Developmental Exercise Booklet
0321077717: Exercise Booklet
0321077725: Answer Key to Exercise Booklets
0321077741: French Polity
0321077768: Little Brown Workbook
0321077776: Media in American Politics : Contents and Consequences
0321077830: Introduction to Literature
0321078012: East Asia : A New History
0321078020: Fukuzawa Yukichi
0321078047: Kato Shidzue : A Japanese Feminist
0321078101: Starting Out
0321078136: Environmental Economics and Policy : A Modern Approach
0321078152: Public Finance and the American Economy
0321078160: Russian and Soviet Economic Performance and Structure
0321078179: Economics Today: The Macro View (Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)
0321078187: Economics Today
0321078381: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Writing Logically, Thinking Critically with...
0321078403: Public Personnel Management and Public Policy
0321078411: Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal
0321078438: Short Guide to Writing about Biology
0321078446: Short Guide to Writing about Chemistry
0321078454: Understanding, Informing, and Appraising Public Policy
0321078489: Instructor's Manual to Accompany: Patterns of Exposition 16th
0321078659: Writing Cornerstones : Paragraphs in Context
0321078691: Writing Keystones : Leslie Dupont (Paperback, 2003)
0321078705: Writing Keystones: Essays and Research
0321078810: Research Writing Simplified
0321078829: Citing Cyberspace:Quick-Ref.Gde 2nd Ed;pb;2000
0321078837: Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective (3rd Edition)
0321078934: Principles of Research in Communication
0321078942: Writer's Toolkit Plus CD ROM
0321078985: People and Their Opinions
0321078993: Where the Stories Come From : Beginning to Write Fiction
0321079000: Reading Road Trip Reading Skills CD ROM
0321079027: American Foreign Policy : History, Politics, and Policy
0321079108: America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making
0321079124: Discrete Mathematics
0321079159: Economics of Public Issues : Roger Leroy Miller, Daniel K. Benjamin, Douglass C. North.
0321079167: Advanced Microeconomic Theory
0321079760: Developing Readers and Writers in the Content Areas, K-12
0321079787: Current Issues and Trends in Education
0321079841: America and Its Peoples Vol. 2 : A Mosaic in the Making (from 1865)
0321079906: American Experiences
0321079914: America Past and Present : Chapters 1-16
0321079922: America, Past and Present
0321079981: California Government and Politics Today (9th Edition)
0321080009: The Basics of American Politics
0321080017: American Government: Policy and Politics
0321080025: Brief English Handbook : A Guide to Writing, Thinking, Grammar, and Research
0321080149: Checkpoints : Developing College English Skills
0321080289: College Algebra through Modeling and Visualization, Updated Printing
0321080564: American Short Stories
0321080572: American Government
0321080580: American Government : Readings and Cases
0321080599: Art of Teaching Reading
0321080602: Being and Becoming a Principal : Role Conceptions of Contemporary Principals and Assistant Principals
0321080610: Cases in International Relations : Portraits of the Future
0321080661: College Reading Study Skills
0321080734: War Against America's Public Schools : Privatizing Schools, Commercializing Education
0321080785: Issues in American Foreign Policy
0321080866: The Interpersonal Communication Book
0321080874: Research in Education : A Conceptual Introduction
0321080882: Educational Psychology : An Integrated Approach to Classroom Decisions
0321080947: Media and Society in the Digital Age
0321080971: Mathematics For Business
0321081048: Texts and Contexts : Writing about Literature with Critical Theory
0321081064: Middle East and North Africa : A Political Primer
0321081099: Politics of Presidential Selection
0321081110: Reading Culture : Contexts for Critical Reading and Writing
0321081145: Short Guide to Writing about Film
0321081331: Sequence for Academic Writing
0321081366: Community Matters : A Reader for Writers
0321081374: College Algebra through Modeling and Visualization (2nd Edition)
0321081382: College Algebra and Trigonometry Through Modeling and Visualization
0321081390: Career Guidance and Counseling Through the Lifespan : Systematic Approaches
0321081412: America's Teachers : An Introduction to Education
0321081439: Case Studies on Educational Administration
0321081471: Civilization in the West Sve
0321081676: American People
0321081706: Conflict after the Cold War
0321081757: Introduction to educational Research
0321081765: How to Design & Deliver Speeches, Seventh Edition
0321081773: Intercultural Competence : Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures
0321081897: Educational Research : An Introduction
0321081919: Imaginative Writing : The Elements of Craft
0321082052: Call to Write
0321082079: Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide
0321082087: Writing Research Papers : A Complete Guide
0321082109: Teachers and the Law
0321082133: Intermediate Algebra, by Lial, 8th Edition, Alternate Version, Study Guide
0321082141: Students Solutions Manual Paperback by LIAL
0321082192: Visual Communication : A Writers Guide
0321082206: Short History of the American Nation, by Garraty, 8th Edition, Study Guide, Volume 2: Since 1865
0321082311: Essentials of Public Relations
0321082400: Vision of Vygotsky
0321083202: Study Guide, Volume Ii
0321083210: The American People Vol. I : Creating a Nation and a Society
0321083229: America and Its Peoples : A Mosaic in the Making (since 1865)
0321083237: America and Its Peoples: A Mosaic in the Making (to 1877) Study Guide, Vol. 1
0321083261: Longman Anthology of Short Fiction : Stories and Authors in Context
0321083423: Contemporary Reader
0321083512: Graphing Calculator Manual
0321083520: Interpersonal Communication Reader
0321083555: Expressions : An Introduction to Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking
0321083563: Expressions an Introduction To Writing Reading
0321083687: Instructors Manual
0321083709: Study Wizard CD Rom New American Democracy 2nd Ed
0321083822: Diagnostic and Editing Tests, Print Version (Valuepack Item Only)
0321083911: Longman Pocket Writer's Companion
0321084012: World CVivilizations global Experience Vol.3 3rd ed.Study Guide;pb;01
0321084039: America Past and Present : Chapters 1-16
0321084047: America Past and Present : Chapters 1-16
0321084055: Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing : A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
0321084128: Using Portfolios Paperback by MCCLELLAND
0321084160: Writing for the Technical Professions
0321084209: The Struggle for Democracy (5th Edition)
0321084403: Writer's Exchange: Includes MLA Guidelines, by Brown, Telecourse Study Guide
0321084411: Writer's Repertoire With Mla Update
0321084519: America In Perspective Telecourse Guide For 4th Edition
0321084535: Comparative Politics: A Theoretical Framework
0321084586: Bridging the Gap with Reading Road Trip 2.0
0321084616: Bridging the Gap (2001 Version)
0321084624: America Past and Present : Chapters 1-16
0321084632: America Past and Present : Chapters 16-33
0321084713: Case Histories in International Politics
0321084721: American Foreign Policy 4th
0321084926: Call to Write
0321084934: American People : Creating a Nation and a Society
0321084969: Visual Guide to America and Its Peoples, a Mosaic in the Making
0321084977: Call to Write
0321085019: Economics Today: 2001-2002 Edition with Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version (11th Edition)
0321085027: Economics Today: The Macro View, 2001-2002 with Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version
0321085035: Economics Today: The Micro View, 2001-2002 Edition with Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version (11th Edition)
0321085043: For Argument's Sake : A Guide to Writing Effective Arguments
0321085108: Interpersonal Communication, by DeVito, 9th Edition, Study Guide
0321085116: Instructor's Manual / Test Bank with Transparency Masters to Accompany Joseph A DeVito's The Interpersonal Communication Book. Ninth Edition
0321085256: Study Guide for Making Sense of Media An Intro Mass Communication
0321085310: Introduction to Fiction
0321085329: Instructor's Manual to accompany An Introduction to Fiction
0321085426: Study Guide for Economics of Money, Banking and the Financial Market
0321085442: International Economics, by Husted, 5th Edition, Study Guide
0321085523: Public Administration
0321085531: Eviews Software Package
0321085574: Politics in Russia (2nd Edition)
0321085582: Research Methods for Public Administrators
0321085590: Political Thinking, Political Theory and Civil Society
0321085604: Reason in Law
0321085612: Politics in Nigeria
0321085620: Public Personnel Management
0321085647: Teaching in Progress : Theories, Practices, and Scenarios (Longman Resourse for Instructors Series)
0321085752: Reader's Voice : Developing Your Understanding and Enjoyment of College Reading
0321085809: Reading from the Inside Out : Increasing Your Comprehension and Enjoyment of College Reading
0321085841: SF Express
0321085930: Understanding Supreme Court Opinions
0321085949: Understanding Ethnic Conflict : The International Dimension
0321086015: Economics Today: The Macro View
0321086023: Economics Today
0321086066: Conference Board's Bus.Cycle T/A Macro. 8th 00 Pearson Pb
0321086074: Study Guide
0321086082: Student Guide and Workbook to accompany the Microsoft Encarta Interactive World Atlas
0321086120: European Politics Today
0321086147: Empirical Political Analysis: Research Methods in Political Science (5th Edition)
0321086155: Essential Guide : Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
0321086171: Alexander The Great
0321086325: Interactive Edition CD-Rom (Valuepack Item Only)
0321086392: Longman Writers Journal
0321086414: Composing a Civic Life : A Rhetoric and Readings for Inquiry and Action
0321086422: Composing a Civic Life A Rhetoric and Readings for Inquiry and Action
0321086465: Test Bank
0321086481: Modern Europe : Sources and Perspectives from History
0321086678: Elementary Social Studies: A Practical Guide (5th Edition)
0321086694: Bridging Multiple Worlds : Case Studies of Diverse Educational Communities
0321086708: American Government 2002: Continuity and Change
0321086724: American Government
0321086740: American Government 2002: Continuity and Change
0321086791: American Experiences : Readings in American History
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