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0321087208: Poetry : A Pocket Anthology
0321087232: Practical Guide to Secondary Social Studies
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0321087267: Vocabulary Simplified : Strategies for Building Your College Vocabulary
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0321087283: Politics of Urban America : A Reader
0321087291: Who Will Be in the White House? : Predicting Presidential Elections
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0321087488: Writer's Reader
0321087569: Newsthinking : The Secret of Making Your Facts Fall into Place
0321087577: Law of Public Communication
0321087623: Fiction : A Pocket Anthology
0321087631: Every Child Reading
0321087682: Literature : An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
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0321087771: Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy
0321087798: Government in America, Brief
0321087852: Language of Argument
0321087879: Answers to the Workbook
0321087976: James Madison and the Creation of the American Republic
0321087984: James K. Polk and the Expansionist Impulse
0321088026: Telecourse Study Guide, Volume I, Revised
0321088050: Communication in History : Technology, Culture, and Society
0321088077: Communication Research
0321088085: Fundamentals of Investing
0321088107: Content Area Reading : Literacy and Learning Across the Curriculum
0321088123: Age of the Economist
0321088190: Civil Word : A Contemporary Issues Reader
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0321088700: Intermediate Algebra with Early Functions and Graphing
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0321088735: Global Political Economy
0321088743: International Politics
0321088751: International Relations
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0321088786: News : The Politics of Illusion
0321088794: Other World : Issues and Politics of the Developing World
0321088816: National Security for a New ERA : Globalization and Geopolitics
0321088948: Exploring Poetry
0321088972: Necessary Shakespeare
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0321089014: Political Environment of Public Management
0321089049: World Trade and Payments : An Introduction
0321089073: SF Writer
0321089081: Sparks : A Reader to Energize Writing
0321089111: Writing for Real : A Handbook for Writers in Community Service
0321089154: Writing with Confidence : Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs
0321089189: Writing with Confidence, Writing Effective Sentences and Paragraphs
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0321089235: Study and Critical Thinking Skills in College
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0321089626: Essential Reading Skills
0321089650: Essential Reading Skills
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0321089693: Reading Across the Disciplines
0321089707: Civil Rights and Liberties in the 21st Century
0321089758: Power and Politics in California (7th Edition)
0321089766: Texas Government : Policy and Politics
0321089790: Technical Communication
0321089820: Comparative Politics Today : A World View
0321089839: China's Political System Modernization and Tradition
0321089855: Comparative Politics : A Theoretical Framework
0321089863: Understanding the Presidency
0321089871: Understanding International Conflicts : An Introduction to Theory and History
0321089898: Classics Of Public Policy
0321089901: Rhetorical Contexts : Readings for Writers
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0321090519: Exploring Fiction
0321090543: College Algebra and Trigonometry and Trigonometry Through Modeling and Visualization
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0321090845: Write Start with Readings (Text)
0321090853: The Write Start with Readings: Sentences to Paragraphs
0321090861: Gendering American Politics : Perspectives from the Literature
0321090896: Digital Video Tutor: Basic College Mathematics
0321090934: Charles A. Lindbergh
0321090977: Civilization Past and Present
0321090985: Civilization Past AND Present
0321091019: Short Guide to College Writing
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0321091035: Four-in-One : Rhetoric, Reader, Research Guide, and Handbook
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0321091124: Longwood Guide to Writing
0321091132: Longwood Guide to Writing
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0321091167: Qualities of Good Prose
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0321091361: The Visual Guide to Writing With Readings
0321091388: Little, Brown Reader
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0321092171: Introductory and Intermediate Algebra (Student's Solutions Manual)
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0321092481: America's New Democracy
0321092511: The Reading Writing Connection
0321092554: Intersections : Readings for College and Beyond
0321092678: Instructor's Manual to Accompany the Macmillan Reader
0321092686: Get It Together : Readings about African American Life
0321092694: The Writer's Brief Handbook
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0321092775: Researching Online
0321092821: Vasco Da Gama : Renaissance Crusader
0321092929: Vocabulary Simplified Strategies for Building Your College Vocabulary
0321093003: Short Guide to Writing About History
0321093046: Instructor's Manual to Accompany The Call to Write
0321093127: Calculus (Pt 2: Stud Sol Man)
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0321093356: Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0321093364: Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy
0321093372: America Past and Present
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0321093402: Constructing the American Past
0321093429: Constructing the American Past
0321093453: Web Portfolio Guide : Creating Electronic Portfolios for the Web
0321093569: The MacMillan Reader
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0321093607: Telecourse Guide for America in Perspective U.S. History Since 1877
0321093658: Literature : An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0321093739: Fifty Great Essays
0321093747: One Hundred Great Essays
0321093836: Latino Boom
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0321093895: Longman Anthology of British Literature
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0321093976: Government in America: People, Politics and Policy
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0321094166: Voices of the American South
0321094204: Writing in Depth : Readings in Contemporary Culture
0321094220: Working Life
0321094239: Writing Poems
0321094247: Short Guide to Writing about Psychology
0321094298: Essentials of American Government: Continuity and Change
0321094301: American People
0321094328: American People
0321094344: American People
0321094360: Key Words for Academic Writers
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0321094808: Writing and Community Action : A Service-Learning Rhetoric and Reader
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0321095022: Essentials of American Government: Continuity and Change (FlexChoice Version)
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0321095170: Style : Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace
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0321095316: Curious Writer
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0321095707: Writer's Grammar
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0321095782: Contemporary American Poetry : Behind the Scenes
0321095839: The New American Democracy
0321095847: New American Democracy, The: Alternate Election Update
0321095855: The Struggle for Democracy- 5th Ed.- Election Update
0321095863: The Struggle for Democracy: Election Updates
0321095871: Benito Mussolini
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0321096002: America and Its People
0321096266: Odyssey : A Guide to Better Writing
0321096274: Odyssey A Guide to Better Writing
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0321096339: Gaining Word Power
0321096363: English Fundamentals
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0321096657: Short Guide to Writing about Film
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0321097335: Brief History of Western Civilization Vol. II : The Unfinished Legacy, Chapters 14-30
0321097505: Personal Finance, by Madura, Financial Planning Workbook
0321097564: Introducing Public Administration
0321097645: Struggle for Democracy CourseCompass Edition
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0321099664: Getting Ahead
0321099699: Advanced Placement Edition - World Civilizations: The Global Experience
0321099710: Reading Between the Lines : Advanced College Reading
0321099753: Professional Writing and Rhetoric : Readings from the Field
0321099818: Visual Communication: A Writer's Guide
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0321100123: The Practical Technical Writer : Planning and Producing Documents
0321100131: America Past and Present, by Divine, Brief 5th Edition, Volume 1, Study Guide
0321100166: Exam Copy
0321100271: America's Past and Present 6th ed.PowerPoint CD-ROM;2002
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0321100360: New American Democracy
0321100379: The New American Democracy Alternate
0321100387: Texas Politics and Government : Ideas, Institutions, and Policies
0321100409: Politics of Congressional Elections 6th Edition
0321100417: President and Congress : Collaboration and Combat in National Policymaking
0321100433: Women, Politics, and American Society
0321100522: Conceptual Physics
0321100530: Documents in World History
0321100549: Documents in World History, Volume II: The Modern Centuries (from 1500 to the present) (3rd Edition)
0321100565: The Longman ExerciseZone and Avoiding Plagiarism CD ROM
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0321101022: Longman's Sweet Selections: Samples From Our 2002 Composition Readers
0321101073: LB Brief, by Aaron
0321101154: Struggle for Democracy : Election Update
0321101162: Struggle for Democracy
0321101235: Wasserman's Basics of American Politics : With LP.Com Access Card
0321101243: American Government : Policy and Politics with LP.com Access Card
0321101251: American Government : Continuity and Change, 2006 Edition
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0321101286: American Government
0321101294: Essentials of American Government 2002
0321101308: Government in America
0321101316: Government in America
0321101324: New American Democracy : Election Update, with LP.com Access Card
0321101332: New American Democracy
0321101375: Retracing the Past : Readings in the History of the American People
0321101383: Retracing the Past Vol. 2 : Readings in the History of the American People, since 1865
0321101391: Social Fabric
0321101405: Social Fabric
0321101413: American Nation Vol. 1 : A History of the United States to 1877
0321101421: American Nation : A History of the United States
0321101448: Short Guide to Writing about Art
0321101456: Research Writing Simplified
0321101464: Dialogues : An Argument Rhetoric and Reader
0321101472: Craft of Argument
0321101480: American Nation
0321101553: Exercises for English Simplified
0321101928: Understanding the Political World : A Comparative Introduction to Political Science
0321102029: America's New Democracy : With Lp.com Access Card
0321102037: Government in America : People, Politics, and Policy
0321102053: Little Brown Compact Handbook
0321102118: Historical Viewpoints : Notable Articles from American Heritage
0321102126: Discovering the Many Worlds of Literature : Literature for Composition
0321102169: Literature and Ourselves
0321102843: Brief History of Western Civilization, The Unfinished Legacy, by Kishlansky, 3rd Edition, Volume 1, To 1715, Study Guide
0321102894: Writing Simplified : A Composition Guide
0321102932: Brief History of Western Civilization, by Kishlansky, 3rd Edition, Volume 2, Study Guide
0321102975: Four Worlds of Writing (4th Edition)
0321102991: Historical Viewpoints : Notable Articles from American Heritage
0321103025: Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science
0321103106: College Writing Online
0321103149: SF Writer Second Edition Spiralbound
0321103157: Scott Foresman Handbook for Writers
0321103165: Scott Foresman Writer
0321103238: Conversations: Readings for Writing (5th Edition)
0321103289: Writing Software Documentation : A Task-Oriented Approach
0321103300: Occupied America : A History of Chicanos
0321103386: Rhetorical Grammar : Grammatical Choices, Rhetorical Effects
0321103505: Little, Brown Handbook
0321103548: Reviewing Basic Grammar : A Guide to Writing Sentences and Paragraphs
0321103580: English Fundamentals, Form A
0321103653: God Matters : Readings in the Philosophy of Religion
0321103742: Connections : Writing, Reading, and Critical Thinking
0321103785: Discovery: An Introduction to Writing: Annotated Instructor's Edition
0321103793: Discovery : An Introduction to Writing
0321103807: THE WRITE START. With Readings. Sentences to Paragraphs. Second Edition
0321103815: Write Start : Sentences to Paragraphs, with Readings
0321103858: Checkpoints: Developing College English Skills, by Page, 5th Edition
0321103882: User's Guide to College Writing : Reading, Analyzing, and Writing
0321103998: American Destiny Vol. 1, Chapters 1-16 : Narrative of a Nation
0321104048: Steps to College Reading, Third Edition
0321104056: Steps to College Reading
0321104080: Community of Readers : A Thematic Approach to Reading
0321104099: A Community of Readers: A Thematic Approach to Reading (Annotated Instructor's Edition)
0321104137: Reader's Handbook : Reading Strategies for College and Everyday Life
0321104145: xxxx
0321104188: Lifelong Reader
0321104196: The lifelong reader Annoated Instructor's edition
0321104242: Academic Reading, by McWhorter, 5th Edition
0321104293: English Simplified
0321104307: Exercises for English Simplified, by Ellsworth, 10th Edition, Workbook
0321104323: Complete Sentence Workout Book with Readings
0321104366: Strategies for College Writing : Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays
0321104447: Brief Handbook : Conventions and Expectations for Writing
0321104501: College Reading and Study Skills
0321104676: The Reading Context: Developing College Reading Skills, Third Edition
0321104692: Reading Context 3ed Exam Copy
0321104722: Interactive Vocabulary : General Words
0321104765: Short Guide to Writing about Literature
0321104773: Western European Government and Politics
0321104781: Introduction to Comparative Government
0321104951: The Little, Brown Compact Handbook, Fifth Edition
0321105001: Civilization in the West
0321105028: Civilization in the West
0321105036: Civilization in the West
0321105044: Civilization in the West
0321105052: Civilization in the West
0321105060: American Foreign Policy : The Twentieth Century in Documents
0321105079: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice : A Longman Cultural Edition
0321105273: Writing in the Health Professions
0321105281: Composing a Life's Work : Writing, Citizenship, and Your Occupation
0321105311: Good Reasons
0321105370: Skilled Reader
0321105389: The Skilled Reader
0321105427: Effective Reader
0321105435: Effective Reader,Annotated Instructor's Ed, , PB 2004
0321105478: Master Reader
0321105508: Sources of the West Vol. I : Readings in Western Civilization
0321105516: Sources of the West Vol. II : Readings in Western Civilization
0321105613: Good Reasons: Designing and Writing Effective Argument 2nd edition
0321105621: Elements of Autobiography and Life Narratives
0321105664: Literature and Ourselves: A Thematic Introduction for Readers and Writers
0321105672: American Destiny Vol. II : Narrative of a Nation (Chapters 16-33)
0321105680: American Destiny : Narrative of a Nation
0321105702: Introduction to Literature : Fiction, Poetry, Drama
0321105729: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum
0321105788: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 1b : The Early Modern Period
0321105796: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 2A : The Romantics and Their Contemporaries
0321105982: Bookmarks : A Guide to Research and Writing
0321106032: A Short History of the Movies (8th Edition)
0321106075: The Longman Anthology British Literature Volume Two , 2A The Romantics & Their Contemporaries, 2B The Victorian Age, 2C The Twenth Century
0321106083: Longman Anthology of British Literature, by Damrosch, 2nd Edition, Boxed Set
0321106156: Primer On American Courts
0321106172: Elements (And Pleasures) Of Difficulty
0321106210: Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing
0321106229: Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing
0321106237: An introduction to Literature
0321106318: CREATED EQUAL VOL 1 W/CD
0321106342: American Destiny Narrative of a Nation (volume1)
0321106415: Essential Knowledge : Readings in Epistemology
0321106423: Major Nation-states In The European Union
0321106482: World Civilizations: The Global Experience Research Manual
0321106520: America Past and Present: Student Review Manual, Advanced Placement Edition
0321106636: Conceptual Physical Science: Explorations, by Hewitt
0321106679: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 1A : The Middle Ages
0321106687: Longman Anthology of British Literature Vol. 1c : The Restoration and the 18th Century
0321106695: Longman Anthology of British Literature
0321106709: Between Worlds : A Reader, Rhetoric, and Handbook
0321106717: Decisions for Healthy Living
0321106768: Comparative Politics Today: A World View
0321106776: Conceptual Physics Wss
0321106792: Biology: concepts and connections (International edition)
0321106938: American Destiny: Narrative of a Nation (slight water damage)
0321107047: Instructor's Resource Manual and Multimedia Guide to Accompany the Longman Handbook for Writers and Readers THIRD EDITION
0321107098: Instructors Manual to Accompany Dialogues
0321107136: A Guide to Teaching the Craft of Agument TEACHER'S EDITION
0321107152: Telecourse Guide for America in Perspective: U.S. History Since 1877 (5th edition)
0321107179: What If? 2nd
0321107209: Beowulf : A Longman Cultural Edition
0321107217: Hard Times : A Longman Cultural Edition
0321107225: King Lear : A Longman Cultural Edition
0321107535: American Public Opinion 7th
0321107543: Writing the Modern Research Paper
0321107551: Longwood Reader
0321107578: Guide to Rapid Revision
0321107586: Technical Writing : Principles, Strategies, and Readings
0321107594: Workplace Communications
0321107608: Readings for the 21st Century : Students in a New Century: Academic Issues, Social Problems, and Popular Culture
0321107624: Sudio CD to Accompany The Art of Being Human
0321107632: Literature for Composition Cdrom Cp
0321107667: Longman Reader's Portfolio
0321107772: Instructor's Manual/Test Bank to Accompany The Art of Being Human
0321107802: Literature for Composition : Essays, Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, Compact Edition
0321107896: Multimedia Activity Pack to Accompany Odyssey 3rd edit, sp 2003
0321107918: Longman Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Drama
0321107934: September 11, 2001 readings for writers
0321108051: College Success Strategies
0321108183: Ready Reference Handbook, by Dodds, 3rd Edition, Exercse Book
0321108264: Composing from Sources
0321108280: American People: Creating a Nation and a Society, by Nash, Brief 4th Edition, Volume 2, Study Guide
0321108299: The American People: Creating A Nation and a Society/Chapters 1-16 (Study Guide)
0321108329: Civilization in the West
0321108337: Study Guide, Volume 2
0321108345: Study Guide, Volume I
0321108361: American Nation A History of the United States to 1877 (volume2)
0321108388: Created Equal
0321108396: Created Equal, Volume II-study Guide (03 - Old Edition)
0321108442: Teaching the Americn People Instructor's Manual
0321108477: Adobe Photoshop Elements One-Click Wow!
0321108566: Created Equal Instructor's Manual (Volume 1 and 2)
0321108612: Instructor's Manual to Accompany The New American Democracy By Morris P. Fiorina & Pa
0321108671: Study Guide
0321108736: Legal Primer for the Digital Age
0321108795: Issues of Gender
0321108825: First Course in Logic
0321108841: The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing
0321108868: Instructor's Manual To Accompany Selzer Conversations - Readings For Writing - Fifth Edition
0321108922: Instructor's Resource Manual to Accompany Ramage/Bean/Johnson The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing. Third Edition, Brief Edition, Concise Edition with The WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composi
0321108930: Ultimate Questions
0321108949: Applied C++ : Practical Techniques for Building Better Software
0321108957: Honeypots : Tracking Hackers
0321108965: Writing About Cool
0321108981: The Presidential Dilemma Leadership in the American System
0321109074: Student's Study Guide And Solutions Manual: Essentials of Using and Understanding Mathematics - A Quantitative Reasoning Approach
0321109155: Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace
0321109198: Instructor's Resource Manual to acommpany Faigley The Penguin Handbook and The Breif Penguin Handbook
0321109279: Teaching the little, Brown reader, ninth Edition
0321109295: Refactoring Workbook
0321109759: Macmillan Reader
0321112040: Writing in the Sciences : Exploring Conventions of Scientific Discourse (Part of the Allyn and Bacon Series in Technical Communication)
0321112059: Economics with Electronic Study Guide CD-ROM (6th Edition)
0321112067: Macroeconomics with Electronic Study Guide CD-ROM (6th Edition)
0321112075: Microeconomics with Electronic Study Guide CD-ROM (6th Edition)
0321112091: Longwood Guide to Writing
0321112199: Behavior Change Log Book: Bahaviour Change Log Book
0321112210: Adobe Acrobat Forms
0321112229: Adobe Golive 6 for Macintosh and Windows : Visual QuickStart Guide
0321112245: DSDM : A Framework for Business-Centered Development
0321112296: Software Systems Architecture : Working with Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives
0321112318: Javaspaces in Practice
0321112326: Programmer's Guide to .NET
0321112504: Survey of Mathematics with Applications,
0321112512: Adobe Illustrator Scripting
0321112520: Style
0321112547: Text Processing in Python
0321112555: Real Web Project Management
0321112717: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Hands-On Training
0321112725: Macromedia(R) Flash(TM) MX Hands-on-Training
0321112768: Photoshop 7/ImageReady for the Web : Hands-On Training
0321112954: Macmillan Reader
0321113071: Principles of Writing Research Papers
0321113128: Student Guide to MINITAB Release 14
0321113284: Beginning Algebra, by Lial, 8th Edition
0321113373: Careers in Political Science
0321113381: Considering Literacy
0321113411: African American Literature
0321113470: Problem Solving with C++ : The Object of Programming
0321113497: Literature
0321113500: Visual Basic. NET Coach
0321113519: Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism
0321113551: Testing Extreme Programming
0321113578: Windows XP/2000 Answer Book : A Completer Resource from the Desktop to the Enterprise
0321113586: C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices
0321113594: . NET Web Services : Architecture and Implementation
0321113608: Argument Now : A Brief Rhetoric
0321113616: Econometrics : A Modern Introduction
0321113624: Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, Update Edition, The (6th Edition)
0321115473: Dvd Studio Pro for Macintosh
0321115481: Macromedia Flash MX : Creating Dynamic Applications
0321115600: Real World Adobe Photoshop 7
0321115619: Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Web Design
0321115627: Adobe Photoshop 7.0: Classroom in a Book
0321115635: Adobe Photoshop 7 Studio Techniques
0321115643: Inside the Publishing Revolution: The Adobe Story
0321115678: Digital Video Tutor for Basic Mathematics and Fundamental Mathematics
0321115686: Collaborative Learning Activities Manual for Basic Math and Fundamental Math
0321115708: Sendmail Performance Tuning
0321115732: Exercise Book to Accompany Brief Penguin Handbook, pb 2003
0321115813: Considering Cultural Difference
0321115848: Teaching British Literature
0321116143: Introduction to Network Programming with Java
0321116178: Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems Design
0321116208: Windows Forms Programming in C#
0321116224: American Government in a Changed World The Effects of Sept.11;pb;2002
0321116232: American Literature
0321116240: American Literature
0321116305: The Little iMac Book, Third Edition
0321116313: Mac OS X 10.1: Visual Quickstart Guide Paperback by Langer, Maria
0321116364: Calculus incl. CD-ROM
0321116380: Principles of Managerial Finance
0321117255: Longman Anthology of Poetry
0321117271: Contemporary American Short Story
0321117409: Point Taken : A Brief Thematic Reader
0321117425: Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering
0321117433: Growing Software
0321117522: Economics Today, 2001-2002 Study Edition (11th Edition)
0321117530: Economics Today: The Macro View, 2001-2002 Study Edition (11th Edition)
0321117549: Economics Today: The Micro View, 2001-2002 Study Edition
0321117611: Introductory Algebra: Mymathlab Starter Kit
0321117646: Technical Communication Today
0321117654: Infiniband Network Architecture
0321117662: Configuration Management Principles and Practice
0321117670: Citizenship Now (A Longman Topics Reader)
0321117700: Thomas' Calculus : Early Transcendentals
0321117719: Thomas' Calculus
0321117727: Thomas' Calculus (w/CD) (Pt 1) 10th
0321117786: Compose, Design, Advocate
0321117832: Software Development Using Java : A Case Study Approach
0321117840: Algorithmics
0321117859: Macromedia Flash MX Creative Web Animation and Interactivity
0321117891: Operating Systems : Concurrent and Distributed Software Design
0321117921: Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, Compact Edition: Instructor's Manual
0321117956: Writing Fiction : A Guide to Narrative Craft
0321118022: Beginner's Final Cut Pro
0321118030: SQL : Visual QuickStart Guide
0321118049: National University MyMathLab
0321118057: Adjunct Support Manual Basic Mathematics Fundamental Mathematics
0321118111: Struggle for Democracy, by Greenberg, 6th Edition, Study Guide
0321118715: Intermediate Algebra
0321118731: Economics of Public Issues
0321118847: Modernizing Legacy Systems
0321118863: Managing Information Security Risks : The Octave Approach
0321118871: Java(TM) Class Libraries Poster, The
0321118898: Enterprise Java Security: Building Secure J2Ee Applications
0321118952: The Longman Textbook Reader: Revised Edition
0321119045: Learning SQL
0321121643: Elementary Differential Equations with Boundary Value Problems
0321121651: iPhoto 1.1 for Mac OS X (Visual QuickStart Guide)
0321121724: The Web Wizard's Guide to Shockwave
0321121732: The Object of Java: BlueJ Edition
0321121740: Web Wizard's Guide to PHP
0321121759: Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy
0321121767: Government in America Brief 6th Ed. Election Update pb 2003
0321121775: Goverment in America Study Guide to Election Update
0321121791: American Government Continuity And Change: 2003 Election Update
0321121805: American Government:Continuity and Change, 2002 Election Update (Paper): Continuity and Change, 2002 Election Update
0321121813: American Government Continuity And Change
0321121821: Essentials of American Government:Continuity and Change, 2002 Electionupdate: Continuity and Change, 2002 Electionupdate
0321121848: Divided Government
0321121856: Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies
0321121864: Mobilization, Participation, and Democracy in America
0321121872: Interest Groups & Congress (Fwd Oppenheimer)
0321121880: How English Works : A Linguistic Introduction
0321122011: Fluency with Information Technology : Skills, Concepts, and Capabilities, Preliminary Version
0321122054: Elementary Statistics, by Triola, 9th Edition, MINITAB Manual
0321122062: Elementary Statistics (Excel Student LAB)
0321122070: SPSS Student Laboratory Manual and Workbook
0321122089: TI-83 Plus Companion to Elementary Statistics
0321122178: Elementary Statistics Student's Solutions Manual
0321122208: Reading Culture : Contexts for Critical Reading and Writing
0321122216: Exploring Language
0321122232: The Longman Textbook Reader
0321122267: Fundamentals of Database Systems
0321122275: Macroeconomics
0321122283: Macroeconomics Updated 2002-2003
0321122305: Having Your Say
0321122321: Fundamentals of Precalculus
0321122356: The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)
0321122364: Language and Prejudice
0321122410: American Government: Continuity and Change
0321122429: American Government: Continuity and Change, by O'Connor
0321122437: Essentials of American Government Continuity and Change
0321122445: Juniper Networks Field Guide and Reference
0321122461: Mastering Internet Video
0321122496: Grammar Simplified
0321122518: One Year of Words : College Vocabulary Enhancement
0321123115: Human Anatomy
0321123697: Reading Our Histories, Understanding Our Cultures : A Sequenced Approach to Thinking, Reading, and Writing
0321123786: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers - Activities Manual Paperback by Sybilla
0321123808: Java Data Objects
0321123816: Mobile Communications
0321123840: Introductory Algebra -digital Video Tutor -9 CDS (9TH 03 Edition)
0321123948: Dreams and Inward Journeys : A Rhetoric and Reader for Writers
0321123972: Photoshop 7 Wow! Book
0321123980: Macromedia Flash MX Production Techniques
0321123999: Macromedia Flash Interface Design: A Macromedia Showcase
0321124014: Photoshop Color Correction
0321124065: Adjunct Support Manual Introductory and Intermediate Algebra
0321124111: iSearch: English
0321124146: Reality Coldfusion : Intranets and Content Management
0321124162: Business Mathematics: With Access Card to MyMathLab
0321124359: Literature: Introduction to Fictional Poetry
0321124456: Introductory Algebra
0321124510: Basic Math
0321125150: Reality ColdFusion MX: Flash MX Integration
0321125169: ColdFusion MX Web Application Construction Kit
0321125185: C++ Gotchas : Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design
0321125193: Windows Forms Programming in Visual Basic . NET
0321125207: Proven Portals
0321125215: Domain-Driven Design : Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software
0321125223: Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform, Second Edition
0321125231: Intro Stats: Preliminary Edition Update
0321125258: American People
0321125266: American People
0321125290: Macintosh Digital Hub : An Interactive Guide to iTunes, iPhoto, iMovies, and IDVD
0321125304: Little Digital Camera Book
0321125312: Adobe Photoshop 7 One-Click Wow!
0321125533: The Little Brown Compact Handbook, 4TH BK&CDR, pb, 2002
0321125541: The Little Brown Handbook Eighth Edition: Includes Updated 2001 APA Documentation Guidelines
0321125584: This Terrible War
0321125606: SF Writer (APA Update)
0321125614: cott,Foresman Hdbk.F/Writ.W/Apa Update 6th 02 Pearson;HC;2002
0321125630: American People
0321125649: American People
0321125924: Macroeconomics
0321125932: Microeconomics
0321126009: Odyssey: A Guide to Better Writing, by Kelly, 3rd Edition
0321126629: The American Nation: A History of the United States
0321126661: Financial Markets and Institutions, by Mishkin, CANADIAN EDITION
0321126742: Essential Human Anatomy and Physiology
0321126920: Internet Invention : From Literacy to Electracy
0321126955: Certified Macromedia Flash Mx Designer Study Guide
0321126971: Design Patterns in C#
0321127005: Practical Bgp
0321127072: E-Commerce Business, Technology, Society
0321127080: Elementary and Intermediate Algebra : Graphs and Models
0321127099: Intermediate Algebra : Graphs and Models
0321127102: Advanced Coldfusion X Application Development
0321127110: Beginning Algebra, Ninth Edition
0321127129: Beginning Algebra 9e '04
0321127137: Intermediate Algebra
0321127153: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 3rd Ed.
0321127161: The Longman Reader
0321127188: Longman Writer Rhetoric & Reader Brief Fifth Edition
0321127218: Financial Theory and Corporate Policy
0321127250: New Century Handbook, Brief Edition (APA Update)
0321127269: The New Century Handbook Apa Update
0321127285: Quicktime 6 for Macintosh and Windows : Visual QuickStart Guide
0321127293: Real World Digital Video
0321127307: Complete Manual of Typography
0321127315: Mysql
0321127331: Writer's Brief Handbook : APA Update
0321127374: Workplace literacy
0321127382: World of Short Stories : 18 Short Stories from Around the World
0321127420: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture
0321127455: College and Career Success Simplified
0321127463: Study Skills Simplified
0321127609: Open Roads
0321127617: Crossroads : Creative Writing in Four Genres
0321127625: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
0321128818: Longman Anthology of British Literature
0321129059: Voices of Dissent : Critical Readings in American Politics
0321129067: International Relations
0321129075: Politics and Policy in States and Communities
0321129350: Global Islamic Politics
0321129474: Web 101
0321129482: Reality Macromedia ColdFusion MX: J2EE Integration
0321129512: Exploring Literacy a Guide To Reading Writing
0321129571: Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy, by Edwards, 11th Edition
0321129598: World Politics in the 21st Century, Second Edition
0321129601: Government in America People, Politics, and Policy
0321129636: America's New Democracy (Penguin Academics)
0321129709: American Urban Politics : The Reader
0321129717: City Politics : Private Power and Public Policy
0321129725: American Government
0321129733: The Essentials of American Government: Continuity and Change, 2004
0321129741: American Government, TEXAS ED.,, hc, 2003
0321129768: Basics of American Politics
0321129776: American Government: Readings and Cases, 15th Edition
0321129806: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Volume I: Numbers and Operations Preliminary Edition (with Activities Manual)
0321129849: Activities for Elementary Mathematics Teachers
0321129989: Public Literacy
0321130006: Effective Enterprise Java
0321130022: NET Patterns : Architecture, Design, and Process
0321130073: HTML for the World Wide Web with XHTML and CSS
0321130081: Premiere 6. 5 for Windows and Macintosh : Visual Quickstart Guide
0321130111: Start with a Digital Camera
0321131037: Economics
0321131436: 21st Century Compilers
0321131444: European Romantic Poetry
0321131630: Writing Better Requirements
0321131681: Adobe Framemaker 7.0
0321131789: Foundations of Macroeconomics, by Bade, Digital Video Tutor CD-Rom Set Only
0321131835: The Curious Reader: Exploring Personal and Academic Inquiry
0321131878: Precalculus: Graphic, Numerical, Algebraic
0321131940: Basic Technical Mathematics With Calculus
0321131967: Precalculus : Functions and Graphs
0321131983: Precalculus Functions and Graphs: AIE
0321131991: Graphing Calculator Man t/a Precalculus 5th & Precalc 6th
0321132033: Precalculus: Functions etc (SSM) 5th
0321132106: Oracle9I CD ONLY
0321132254: Prealgebra, Fourth Edition
0321132262: Integrated Arithmetic & Basic Algebra
0321132475: Fritz Lang the Nature of the Beast a Bio
0321133048: Applied Numerical Analysis
0321133234: Instructor's Edition: Mathematical Reasoning for Elementary Teachers
0321133277: MyMathLab Starter Kit for Students CD ROM ONLY,CD,2000
0321133285: My Math Lab You're Connected,cd,2000
0321133455: Troubleshooting Microsoft Technologies : The Ultimate Administrator's Repair Manual
0321133528: Pocket PC Network Programming
0321133544: Beyond the C++ Standard Library : An Introduction to Boost
0321133552: Moral Dilemmas in Community Health Care : Cases and Commentaries
0321133757: Writing Process : A Concise Rhetoric, Reader, and Handbook
0321133897: ODYSSEY -TEXT
0321134680: Visual C++ 6.0 Companion to Problem Solving with C++,pb,2003
0321136160: High Integrity Software : The SPARK Approach to Safety and Security
0321136179: Xml Schema Companion
0321136195: Practical Software Engineering
0321136209: Real 802. 11 Security : Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802. 11i
0321136225: From Java to C# : A Java Developer's Guide
0321136276: America's New Democracy Election Update
0321136284: Robin Williams DVD Design Workshop
0321136292: CorelDRAW 11 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide
0321136454: Secrets of the I-Pod
0321136462: Adobe Type Library Reference Book
0321136470: i Search 2003 - Political Science: URLs for the best Web sites to help you succeed in your course
0321136497: Servlets and Java Server Pages : The J2EE Web Tier
0321136500: Designing Storage Area Networks : A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel and IP SANs
0321136640: Problem Solving With C++ : Walter Savitch (Paperback, 2002)
0321136675: English Fundamentals, Form B
0321136691: Health Economics Primer
0321136721: LongmanParticipate.com, Version 2.0 Web Site FACULTY GUIDE
0321142438: Active Vocabulary : General and Academic Words
0321142489: Reading Across the Disciplines
0321142519: Reading Across the Disciplines
0321142527: Essential Reading Skills
0321142551: Essential Reading Skills
0321142594: Academic Vocabulary : Academic Words
0321142632: Longman Reader
0321142659: Web Wizard's Guide to Dreamweaver
0321142829: Isearch 2003 History
0321142969: Write Start with Readings : Paragraphs to Essays
0321142977: Write Start with Readings
0321143094: Flash Review for Algebra
0321143167: Screening America : United States History Through Film Since 1900
0321143183: Developmental Mathematics, Sixth Edition
0321143256: The Little, Brown Handbook
0321144279: Student Access Kit for Online Course Materials in Blackboard,pb,2002
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