0333194276: An Edwardian summer
0333194284: Joyce Grenfell Requests the Pleasure
0333194349: Dictionary of Physical Sciences
0333194454: The Crusoe Test
0333194470: Boudapesti 3
0333194543: The final years of Thomas Hardy, 1912-1928
0333194551: Browning & the Modern Tradition.
0333194624: Strategy for development
0333194764: The future of the multinational enterprise
0333194888: Man-Eater
0333195086: Chile: The State and Revolution
0333195108: Technology and Underdevelopment
0333195213: The Management of Manufacturing Systems
0333195248: Reinforced Concrete Design
0333195310: The Economics Of Social Problems
0333195566: Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Play (Dramascripts S.)
0333195604: The politics of Solzhenitsyn
0333195736: The Management of defence: Papers presented at the National Defence College, Latimer, in September 1974
0333195752: Cbs;Coriolanus Pr
0333195930: Economics and the Theory of Games
0333196023: George Grove 1820-1900: A Biography
0333196228: The Marxian Legacy
0333196333: The Tolkien Companion
0333196341: The Causeway
0333196511: Harold Pinter
0333196643: Race, Conflict, and the International Order: From Empire to United Nations
0333196775: The takeover
0333196899: Fifteen Rounds a Minute
0333196902: Industrial Pricing Behavior and Devaluation
0333196910: Our changing universe: The new astronomy by Gribbin, John R
0333196937: Essays in Social Theory
0333196988: Rogue eagle
0333196996: The Bastard
0333197046: Dictionary of Labour Biography
0333197070: Uncommon market: Capital, class and power in the European Community
0333197100: Religion, Truth, and Language-Games
0333197275: Northern Ireland: A time of choice
0333197305: Thomas Hardy, Art and Thought
0333197356: Crusty Crossed
0333197364: Tragic Realism and Modern Society - Studies in the Sociology of the Modern Novel
0333197526: A Distant Mirror : The Calamitous 14th Century
0333197534: Arabesque
0333197542: Dictionary of the Environment;
0333197577: The Dialectic of Ideology and Technology The Origins, Grammar, and Future of Idelogy
0333197607: Church Mice Adrift
0333197674: Developing Countries in British Fiction.
0333197682: Liam O'Flaherty the Storyteller
0333197763: Control engineering: Theory, worked examples and problems
0333197925: Short History of the Labour Party 5ed
0333197968: Studies in British politics : a reader in political sociology
0333197992: Keynes
0333198050: A Cartoon History of the Monarchy
0333198077: The Service Industries Strategy, Structure & Financial Performance
0333198115: Self and Social Context
0333198123: Self and Social Context
0333198131: The Acquisition Of Knowledge
0333198204: Marketing: Theory and practice (Macmillan studies in marketing management)
0333198239: Winter’s Tales 23
0333198298: The Sunday Hangman
0333198301: People of the West
0333198409: The winter players
0333198417: The Tattooed Potato and Other Clues
0333198506: Estrangement, Alienation and Exploitation : a Sociological Approach to Historical Materialism
0333198786: Keynes & Laissez-Faire
0333198794: The lost half hour
0333198808: Gamekeeper's gallows
0333198832: A Hidden Life; the Enigma of Sir Edmund Backhouse
0333199022: Once a Year Man
0333199138: Contemporary British Drama, 1950-1976
0333199693: Business Mathematics By Example
0333199782: Papers and Correspondence of William Stanley Jevons Vol. 5 : Correspondence, 1879-1882
0333210379: Fundamentals of reinforced concrete: Analysis and design
0333210387: Queen Emma of the South Seas
0333210514: The glass canoe
0333210522: The Great Gardens of Australia
0333210530: Ships in the Coral
0333210638: Winning Snooker with Eddie Charlton
0333210654: The champions
0333210670: Bill Wannan Selects Stories from Old Australia
0333210700: Young Crafts
0333211014: Scoundrel Time
0333211081: Thomas Hardy: An Illustrated Biography
0333211227: The Violet Book
0333211286: International agencies: The emerging framework of interdependence
0333211383: Political Economy of Science: Ideology Of/in the Natural Sciences.
0333211391: The Political Economy of Science. Ideology of/in the Natural Sciences
0333211405: Radicalisation of Science
0333211413: Radicalisation of Science
0333211618: A Nest of Rats
0333211642: Problems of political philosophy
0333211804: The sceptical vision of Molière: A study in paradox
0333211812: Gorilla
0333211847: Afternoon of a good woman
0333211871: The wind eye
0333211901: Theories of Underdevelopment
0333211928: The World 100 Years Ago
0333211944: Agriculture and the State British Policy in a World Context
0333211960: The State and the Trade Unions. 2nd Edition
0333211979: The State and the Trade Unions
0333211987: The Economics of Co-Determination
0333212010: Economics, an Anti-Text.
0333212029: Economics: An Anti-Text
0333212088: Raffles
0333212134: New Basic Dictionary
0333212193: THE NEMESIS CLUB
0333212312: George Eliot. The Mill on the Floss, and Silas Marner: A Casebook
0333212339: T.S.Eliot: Prufrock Gerontion Ash Wednesday and other Shorter Poems - Volume..
0333212355: Romantic Imagination
0333212428: Solzhenitsyn
0333212444: Wittgenstein and Buddhism
0333212452: Socialist construction and Marxist theory: Bolshevism and its critique
0333212460: Inflation: Theory and policy
0333212479: Kuwait
0333212495: Death of a Thin-Skinned Animal
0333212932: Plague, Population and the English Economy, 1348-1530
0333212991: Critical Edition of Yeats's A Vision, 1925
0333213009: The Correspondence of Robert Bridges and W. B. Yeats
0333213041: The Kidnapped Surgeon
0333213076: A Field Guide to the Little People
0333213157: Comparative Monetary Econ
0333213254: Handbk Sch Manage & Admin W Africa
0333213300: A History of British Trade Unionism
0333213335: Utopia & Revolution On the Origins of a Metaphor, or Some Illustrations of the Problem of Political Temperament and Intellectual Climate and how Ideas, and Ideologies have been Historically Related.
0333213408: Developmental Psychology and Society
0333213459: The women we wanted to look like
0333213645: Magic
0333213653: The Illustrated encyclopedia of astronomy and space
0333213696: British Coalmining Industry, 1870-1946 ; a Political and Economic History
0333213718: Econometric History
0333213750: Threats of Revolution in Britain 1789-1848
0333214005: Do nothin' till you hear from me
0333214048: Europe and money
0333214080: The myth of mass culture
0333214242: THE ANIMALS' CAROL
0333214250: The Secret Army
0333214293: Political culture and political change in communist states
0333214307: Government and Society in Louis Fourteen's France
0333214323: The Restored monarchy, 1660-1688 (Problems in focus series)
0333214404: The lessons of modernism, and other essays
0333214420: Law and Order: Arguments for Socialism
0333214676: The Multinational enterprise in a hostile world: Proceedings of a conference held in Geneva under the auspices of the Graduate Institute of International ... for Education in International Management
0333214684: English Arabic Dictionary of Accountancy
0333214692: Chase the Wind.
0333214706: British Constitution
0333214714: Saudi Arabia Today: an Introduction to the Richest Oil Power.
0333214870: Thomas Hardy after Fifty Years
0333214919: The Spanish economy, 1959-1976
0333215141: Thackeray, Vanity Fair
0333215222: Gerard Manley Hopkins
0333215818: Class, Capital and Social Policy
0333215958: Traditional Tales: Simply Stones
0333215990: Political Economy of the Welfare State
0333216008: Class, capital and social policy (Critical texts in social work and the welfare state)
0333216024: Social Work Practice Under Capitalism: Critical Texts in Social Work and the Welfare State (Critical Texts in Social Work & the Welfare State)
0333216105: Brontes
0333216148: Tinfish Run
0333216156: Mozart
0333216245: British Electoral Facts 1885-1975.
0333216253: International Business Bibliography
0333216261: Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
0333216326: Only Children
0333216350: Cheyney's Law
0333216458: The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History
0333216466: The Social Audit pollution handbook: How to assess environmental and workplace pollution
0333216482: James Joyce and the Revolution of the Word
0333216547: The economic and political development of the Sudan
0333216555: Bertolt Brecht's Great Plays
0333216679: For Science in the Social Sciences
0333216709: Witch Hunt
0333216768: Surprise Picnic
0333216784: The Conservative Party, 1918-1979
0333216830: Continents in Motion the New Earth Debat
0333216970: European Polit Facts 1789-1848
0333217047: Literary language from Chaucer to Johnson
0333217071: The Organization and Retrieval of Economic Knowledge: Proceedings of a Conf
0333217144: Mountains
0333217438: Politics and Literature in Modern Britain
0333217462: The BUTTERFLY LIONS
0333217489: Managing Presidential objectives
0333217535: Marriage Bureau Murders
0333217578: Bennett (First edition)
0333217837: Wordsworth and the Poetry of Epitaphs
0333217853: Maid of Honour
0333217861: Afterglow & Nightfall
0333217950: The Images of Occupational Prestige (Edinburgh Studies in Culture & Society)
0333217977: Measurement and Meanings - Techniques and Methods of Studying Occupational Cognition (Edinburgh Studies in Sociology Series)
0333218027: Economy and class structure
0333218035: Economy and Class Structure
0333218159: The Churchill Commando
0333218434: Exchange risk and corporate international finance.
0333218477: The Invisible Air Force: the Story of the CIA's Secret Airlines (Air America)
0333218485: DEAD RUNNER
0333218507: Milton the Puritan
0333218566: Creative alternatives to communism: Guidelines for tomorrow's world
0333219074: Michel Guerard's Cuisine Minceur
0333219082: The Dragon
0333219090: John Marston's plays: Theme, structure, and performance
0333219155: Discovering Suicide
0333219198: Economic doctrine and Tory liberalism, 1824-1830
0333219201: Flowmeters: A Basic Guide and Source-book for Users
0333219236: Anthony Trollope: The artist in hiding
0333219244: The Russian Moderates and the Crisis of Tsarism 1914-1917
0333219252: The British Motor Industry 1896-1939 A Social & Economic History
0333219260: Roland Barthes: A Conservative Estimate
0333219473: Federal Solutions to European Issues
0333219503: U S Intelligence & the Soviet Strategic
0333219732: Days Gone by: The Story of a Boy in Rural Trinidad (Clippers)
0333219961: Imagination in Coleridge
0333220064: George Cruikshank: His life and London
0333220102: Kolyma - The Arctic Death Camps
0333220110: Hooky Gets The Wooden Spoon
0333220145: General microbiology
0333220153: Dictionary of Labour Biography
0333220161: India: Population, Economy, Society
0333220374: The Architecture of Southern England
0333220455: Literature and Reality, 1600-1800
0333220528: The Macmillan Encyclopedia of Art
0333220552: Trade Unions and the Media
0333220676: Psychology and Work
0333220722: Turgenev and England
0333220773: Schooling the Smash Street Kids
0333220781: An Edwardian Christmas
0333220803: George, don't do that: Six nursery school sketches and Writer of children's books
0333220854: The conditioned imagination from Shakespeare to Conrad: Studies in the exo-cultural stereotype
0333220943: How long will South Africa survive?
0333220951: How Long Will South Africa Survive?
0333223055: History in the Making: The Early Modern World
0333223160: Davie
0333223225: Children and Their Books.
0333223233: Thief of Two, A
0333223241: Morbid Taste for Bones
0333223268: Images of Africa in Black American Literature
0333223438: Habits: Why do you do what you do?
0333223454: Mode of Production and Social Formation
0333223470: The Northern Ireland Social Democratic and Labour Party: Political opposition in a divided society
0333223489: Marketing & Economics
0333223497: Politics in the Age of Cobden
0333223527: Growth and Adjustment in National Agricultures: Four Case Studies and an Ov
0333223616: Political Economy of the Raj
0333223691: The foreign exchanges: Theory, modelling, and policy
0333223721: Treasures of Asia: Arab Painting.
0333223748: Persian Paintings
0333223799: Theory of econometrics: An introductory exposition of econometric methods
0333223810: WORLD LIST OF UNIVERSITIES 1979-1981
0333223837: THE ANCIENT WORLD History in the Making
0333225554: City, class, and power (Sociology, politics, and cities)
0333225589: The natives were friendly, so we stayed the night
0333225597: In the Year
0333225619: The Economy of Kuwait. Development and Role in International Finance
0333225627: Walking through the fire: a hospital journal
0333225643: Manipulating Soviet Population Resources
0333225988: Strange and Private War
0333225996: The Birds of Prey
0333226127: Modern politics and government
0333226186: Managing manufacturing operations: A casebook
0333226194: A Kindle of Kittens.
0333226208: Drowned Ammet
0333226402: Socialising public ownership
0333226496: Read Scheme Pre-Reading
0333226623: First Book Of African Poetry
0333226631: Housing and Land Policies in West Germany and Britain: A Record of Success and Failure
0333226720: Contemporary Artists
0333226755: Ephemeral Islands : Natural History of the Bahamas
0333226771: A management guide to market research (Macmillan studies in marketing management)
0333226925: Education and the Political Order
0333226941: Graph Theory With Applications
0333227387: FRANCO IS DYING
0333227395: The great yew forest: The natural history of Kingley Vale
0333227417: Car & Bullock Cart
0333227506: Soviet Criminologists and Criminal Policy Sociologists in Policy-Making
0333227573: Water in the Air
0333227603: PORTRAIT OF A CAVALIER: William Cavendish, First Duke of Newcastle
0333227700: Terrorism and the Liberal State
0333227727: Keynes Cambridge/General Theory
0333227808: Growth & Development, with special reference to developing economics, 2nd edition,
0333227840: The New Wessex selection of Thomas Hardy's poetry
0333227972: The Superpoison 1976-1978
0333229096: Cooper's Creek
0333229118: Convict Artists
0333229126: Png Cookery
0333229371: Art and archaeology in China
0333229398: This Accursed Land
0333229460: Getting Things Done : The ABCs of Time Management
0333229606: Knowledge and Science
0333229738: John Curtin: A biography
0333229789: Australia's mines and miners: An illustrated history of Australian mining
0333229800: Short Story Favourites
0333229975: Koalas
0333230116: QUARANTINE.
0333230140: In search of Henry Lawson
0333230310: Industry and Labour: Class Struggle At Work and Monopoly Capitalism
0333230426: Modern economics: An introduction for business and professional students
0333230477: Tail-end Charlie
0333230558: Pacesetters:Director!
0333230612: Growth of Political Stability in England, 1675-1725
0333230663: A Rumor of War
0333230728: The rocking horse secret
0333230736: The Scrabble Book
0333230752: Strong & The Weak
0333230795: Wolf & Seven Little Kids
0333230825: Pacesetters;Smugglers Pr
0333230833: Pacesetters;Undesirable Element Pr
0333230892: The Macmillan Arabic Coursebook: Write to the Left
0333231090: Dictionary of economics and commerce, English, French, Arabic =:  Anasir li-mu jam iqtisadi wa-tijari  Arabi
0333231112: The New Grove Dictionary Of Music And Musicians (20 Volume Set)
0333231430: Social policy research
0333231449: Cases and Materials on the Law of the European Communities
0333231589: Hunt
0333231740: Elizabeth Regina: The Age Of Triumph 1588-1603.
0333231759: Pioneers Mod Econ In Britain Hc
0333231775: Trapped within welfare: Surviving social work (Crisis points)
0333231872: Motorways versus Democracy
0333231902: Vagrancy, Alcoholism and Social Control
0333232062: The Jewish Intelligentsia and Russian Marxism: A Sociological Study of Intellectual Radicalism and Ideological Divergence
0333232097: Encyclopaedia of world architecture
0333232127: Dos Passos and the Fiction of Despair
0333232216: Doctrines of the Great Educators
0333232232: Housing Policy and the State
0333232240: Housing Policy and the State
0333232356: Church Mice at Bay
0333232364: Dolly's mixture
0333232380: National monetary and financial analysis
0333232607: Sword and the Flame
0333232712: Year of Thermopylae
0333232720: Some Run Crooked
0333232747: The Island Emperor
0333232976: Who needs housing? (Crisis points)
0333232992: The Advent of War, 1939-40
0333233018: Coleridge to Catch-22: Images of society
0333233050: United Nations How It Works & What It Is
0333233204: The House of Commons at Work
0333233239: The Sweet Dove Died
0333233247: Poverty, Politics and Policy. Britain in the 1960's.
0333233344: Crooked Wood
0333233360: The Soviet Union Since the Fall of Khrushchev
0333233387: PIERHEAD JUMP
0333233395: New Directions in Economic Policy
0333233417: The Nationalisation of Multinationals in Peripheral Economies
0333233425: The Russian Revolution: From Lenin to Stalin
0333233468: Britain's Economic Problem: Too Few Producers.
0333233697: Bretton Woods
0333233743: Developing Managerial Information Systems
0333233751: Treasures of Asia;:Japanese Painting
0333233832: Reality and Comic Confidence in Charles Dickens,
0333233964: Devil Makes Work
0333234006: HOOLIGAN
0333234073: The transition from capitalism to socialism (New studies in sociology)
0333234146: Twentieth-century Children's Writers
0333234219: The Sociological Movement in Law
0333234251: Karl Korsch: A study in western Marxism
0333234278: Money Hard and Soft on the International Currency Markets
0333234405: Rural Development Learning from China
0333234529: Political Economy: Past and Present: A Review of Leading Theories of Economic Policy
0333234553: Waxwork
0333234669: Introduction to British government
0333234677: Churchill and Eden at War
0333234731: Drama Criticism: Developments Since Ibsen
0333234774: The Murder of Captain James Cook
0333234782: Spike Island: Portrait of a Police Division.
0333234804: The Novels of C. P. Snow : A Critical Introduction
0333234960: Persons and Life After Death
0333235126: Ethnicity at Work
0333235150: Wall Map Africa (English)
0333235169: Lords of the Middle Dark : (#1) (Rings of the Master, Book 1)
0333235266: Wall Map West Africa
0333235436: An introduction to multivariate techniques for social and behavioural sciences
0333235606: The Talking cure: Essays in psychoanalysis and language (Language, discourse, society series)
0333235622: Reading the Thirties
0333235665: Coalitions in British politics
0333235673: Antimicrobial Drug Action
0333235762: The Church Mouse
0333235770: The Conservative Party 1918-1979
0333235800: The Ecology And Conservation Of Large African Mammals
0333235827: A Practical Introduction to Pascal,
0333235886: Media, Politics, and Culture: A Socialist View
0333235894: Media, Politics and Culture : a Socialist view
0333235916: West Indian Literature
0333235959: The Wreck of the Almiranta
0333236084: I Gave Them a Sword' - Behind the Scenes of The Nixon Interviews.
0333236092: Air Power in the Next Generation
0333236114: The Politics of Information: Problems of Policy in Modern Media
0333236157: Autumn to Autumn and Selected Poems 1953 to 1976.
0333236521: The Complete Oil Painter
0333236572: Ranger Princess Moonlight
0333236602: The Problem of the Self in Buddhism and Christianity
0333236637: GOD Beyond Knowledge
0333236645: The Psychological Basis of Morality: An Essay on Value and Desire
0333236769: Jewellery (Leisure Learning Series)
0333236971: Poetry Criticism & Practice: Developments since the Symbolists a Casebook
0333236998: A Long Walk to Wimbledon
0333237080: Frontiers of Bird Identification: A British Birds Guide to Some Difficult Species
0333237188: Ways and Means: A Resource Book of Aids, Methods, Materials and Systems for Use with the Language Retarded Child
0333237218: A running duck
0333237226: Sleeping dogs
0333237277: WASP IN A WIG: A Suppressed Episode of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
0333237420: Janet Reachfar and Chickabird
0333237609: The quiet river
0333237641: The Birth of the British Motor Car Vol. 1-3
0333237706: Britain and European resistance, 1940-1945: A survey of the Special Operations Executive, with documents
0333237730: Variorum Edition of the Complete Poems of Thomas Hardy
0333237765: The army and the crowd in mid-Georgian England
0333237781: A Game of Consequences
0333237838: Encyclopedia of China Today
0333237897: State, Bureaucracy and Civil Society : a Critical Discussion of the Political Theory of Karl Marx
0333238184: Barbados, a history from the Amerindians to independence.
0333238192: Barbados : History of French Amerindians
0333238303: Independent Nuclear State: The United States, Britain, and the Military Atom.
0333238354: The Story of an English Village
0333238370: Mouse Woman and the Mischief-makers
0333238400: Keep Calm Phipson J
0333238419: Cooking on a Shoestring
0333238613: LIVE BAIT, and other stories.
0333238702: Labour's Doorstep Politics In London
0333238729: The weapons of terror: International terrorism at work
0333238737: The weapons of terror: International terrorism at work
0333238818: System for Discrete Event Modelling on SIMULA
0333238834: World Accumulation 1492-1789.
0333238869: The Law Lords: How Britain's Top Judges See Their Role
0333238885: The British press, a manifesto (Communications and culture)
0333238893: Executives Under Pressure
0333238907: Regulating Business. Law and Consumer Agencies.
0333239512: Dependent Accumulation and Underdevelopment
0333239768: Varieties Of English Pr 2ed PB
0333239776: A guide to common reef fishes of the western Indian Ocean
0333239806: Socialist Propaganda in the 20TH Century
0333239814: The Soviet Political Agenda: Problems and Priorities 1950-1970
0333239822: The European Parliament and the European Community
0333239830: The Grecian Taste Literature in the Age of Neo-Classicism 1740-1820
0333239997: Marx : Economist, Philosopher, Jew - Steps in the Development of a Doctrine
0333240022: Edwardian Holiday.
0333240073: George Meredith, a reappraisal of the novels
0333240081: Iea;Econ Relations,East-West
0333240162: Rolls Royce : The Merlin at War
0333240170: Rolls-Royce, the Growth of a Firm
0333240197: Topics in Disequilibrium Economics
0333240294: Sociology by Nobbs, Jack; Hine, Robert; Flemming, Margaret Elizabeth
0333240367: Dickens, Hard times, Great expectations, and Our mutual friend: A casebook (Casebook series)
0333240375: Dickens, Hard Times, Great Expectations, and Our Mutual Friend: A Casebook (Casebook S.)
0333240421: Econometric Contributions To Public Policy,
0333240650: Approaches to the History of the Western Family : 1500-1914
0333240804: Silent Reach
0333240812: Coalitions in British Politics
0333240863: My Darling, My Hamburger (M-Books)
0333240901: WINTER'S Tales
0333240928: Winter's Tales. 25
0333240952: Dictionary of Labour Biography
0333240987: International Lending
0333241037: The Development of Writing Abilities (11-18)
0333241363: Education, Social Structure and Development
0333241649: History of South East Asia, A
0333241738: Res;Gen Theory Aft Supp V 29 Hc
0333241746: Res;Act 1940-46 Employ/Commd V27
0333241754: Res;Soc Polit/Lit Writings V 28
0333241762: Res;Bibliography & Index V 30 Hc
0333241770: The Buckingham Palace Connection
0333241800: How to Be a Pregnant Father: An Illustrated Survival Guide for the First-time Father
0333241991: Handbook of Systems Analysis
0333242041: Egyptian Painting
0333242114: Policing the Inner City a Study of Amste
0333242149: Dealer's Move
0333242173: Sir Henry and Sons: A Memoir
0333242327: Animals (The Macmillan Colour Library)
0333242424: The Antique Collector's Guide
0333242521: Autumn to autumn, and selected poems, 1953-76
0333242602: The British Government & the Spanish Civil War 1936-39
0333242688: Mice;Vegetables In Tropics Pr
0333242831: The Letters of Lewis Carroll: Vol.2 : 1886-1898
0333242912: New Politics of Human Rights
0333243099: Practise What You Preach
0333243102: World in Your Ear
0333243250: The Working Class in the Labour Market
0333243285: Television and Political Life: Studies in six European countries
0333243684: Balance Of Payments Theory and the United Kingdom Experience
0333243706: Modern Perspectives in the Psychiatric Aspects of Surgery
0333243803: A History of Modern Indonesia c. 1300 to the Present
0333243854: Fortran, PL/I and the Algols
0333244354: A short history of the Labour Party
0333244362: A Short History of the Labour Party
0333244389: The realists: Portraits of eight novelists : Stendhal, Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Galdos, Henry James, Proust
0333244435: Iea;Economic Growth/Resrs V1
0333244443: Iea;Economic Growth/Res V2
0333244494: From Modernization to Modes of Production
0333244516: The last days of Hitler
0333244575: A Common Man's Guide to the Common Market: The European Community
0333244583: International Inequality and National Poverty
0333244672: The Greatest Collector: Lord Hertford and the Founding of the Wallace Collection
0333244745: Eighteenth Century Village
0333244869: The Crane
0333244907: Images and Ideas in Literature of the English Renaissance
0333244923: The illustrated golden bough
0333244931: The Illustrated Golden Bough
0333244958: The Economics of Energy
0333245237: The Idea of the Novel in Europe
0333245288: The Mid-Tudor Polity, 1540-60 (Problems in Focus S.)
0333245431: Anything but the Truth.
0333245458: Keynes and the Bloomsbury group: The fourth Keynes Seminar held at the...
0333245520: The world and the book: A study of modern fiction
0333245652: The Theories of Talcott Parsons: The Social Relations of Action
0333245660: The Yugoslav economy under self management
0333245725: Seventeenth-century Britain (Documents & Debates S.)
0333245733: Sixteenth-century England, 1450-1600 (Documents & Debates S.)
0333245741: Dd;Nineteenth Century Britain
0333245776: The Political Economy of Agrarian Change: An Essay on the Green Revolution
0333245792: Extreme situations: Literature and crisis from the Great War to the atom bomb
0333245814: Mathematics by Kenwood, Mike; Staley, Geoff
0333246179: Smooth Justice.
0333246438: Psychotropic Drugs A Guide for the Practitioner
0333246616: Visitors' Scotland
0333246713: Introduction to Digital Filters
0333246977: Joyce Cary and the Dimensions of Order
0333246993: The Writings of James Stephens. Variations on a Theme of Love
0333247000: The Thomas Hardy omnibus
0333247019: Writing Business Letters: An Introduction for Foreign Learners (Business Books for ESL Students)
0333247272: Harry's Twin (Ranger Readers, Level 2)
0333247337: More People in Time
0333247442: Every Dog Has H...
0333247663: A Coat Of Varnish
0333247787: Winter's end
0333247876: Ir;Thomas Hardy:Interviews & Rec Hc
0333247884: Thomas Hardy: Interviews and Recollections
0333247892: Raspberry reich
0333247922: THE CASTLE OF DARK
0333247965: Ghosts (Topliners S.)
0333248015: Tension
0333248074: Caldong
0333248090: The Kalam Cosmological Argument.
0333248120: Communism in South-east Asia (Macmillan international college editions)
0333248139: Communism in South-East Asia.
0333248147: The Third World: Problems and perspectives
0333248279: Connections oversized Pictorial, Companion to the Nationally Acclaimed PBS Television Series, Rhythm of Change in Humanity, Actions, Reactions, Consequences of change and How All of Us are Closely connected
0333248481: Imperialism in the Twentieth Century
0333251334: Tirra Lirra by the River
0333251415: Light horse: The story of Australia's mounted troops
0333251490: A Guide to Collecting Australiana.
0333251636: Convicts to Conscripts: Highlights of Australian History
0333251644: South Coast of New South Wales (Regional Heritage Series)
0333251679: The Hunter Valley (Regional Heritage Series)
0333251873: Confrontation
0333251881: The Fix-it Man
0333252128: Matters for Judgement: An Autobiography
0333252330: Basic English Excercises
0333252365: Neville Bonner, a biography
0333252373: My Bush Babies
0333252381: Matthew Arnold: Culture, Society and Education
0333252470: In search of Billy Hughes
0333252489: The Frightened Country
0333252519: Language 3 : English Course for Secondary Schools
0333252675: Carver's kingdom
0333252934: Poets (Great Writers of the English Language)
0333252942: Soviet Foreign Policy Towards Egypt
0333252950: Past Masters
0333252969: Mantis.
0333252977: Collision Course
0333253140: American Realism: A Pictorial Survey from the Eighteenth Century to the 1970's
0333253205: Air power in the nuclear age, 1945-82 : theory and practice
0333253345: Optoelectronic Devices
0333253434: Pacesetters;Christmas In City Pr
0333253477: Pacesetters;Felicia Pr
0333253663: Introducing business studies: A case-study and assignment approach (Macmillan texts for business studies)
0333253779: Issues in Political Economy a Critical Approach
0333254082: Adventures Of Ali Baba
0333254554: Stately as a Galleon, and Other Songs and Sketches
0333254562: Rudyard Kipling: His life and work
0333254589: Territorial rights
0333254759: Faà ades: Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell
0333254767: Will the Real Ian Carmichael......
0333255011: The good husband
0333255038: The Megawind Cancellation
0333255054: Peasants' Revolt of 1381
0333255208: The thirties and after: Poetry, politics, people (1933-75)
0333255291: Church Mice Adrift, The
0333255445: The Rise of Christian Europe A.D.800-A.D.1100 (History in Pictures)
0333255836: Hermit of Peking: The Hidden Life of Sir Edmund Backhouse
0333255895: Young Rebecca: Writings of Rebecca West 1911-1917
0333255909: Hooky and the Villainous Chauffer
0333255976: The Future of Cultural Minorities
0333256115: Technology and underdevelopment
0333256131: Great Friends
0333256182: Hayek's Social and Economic Philosophy
0333256190: The Evelution of Nuclear Strategy (Studies in International Security: 20)
0333256220: DUTY ELSEWHERE
0333256271: Energy and the environment: democratic decision-making : highlights of the Parliamentary Colloquy on Energy and the Environment, Strasbourg, 1977
0333256379: Comparative Government
0333256697: Biochemistry of Parasitic Helminths
0333256719: Britain and the Bolshevik Revolution : a Study in the Politics of Diplomacy, 1920-1924.
0333256735: Pakistan under Bhutto, 1971-1977
0333256778: Eurocommunism, Implications for East and West
0333256786: Trollope centenary essays
0333256891: Art of Rome
0333257022: Authority, Power and Policy in the USSR
0333257030: Marxist Governments a World Survey Volume 1
0333257049: Marxist Governments: A World Survey Volume 2 : Cuba-Mongolia
0333257057: Marxist Governments Volume 3
0333257138: Familiar Passions
0333257146: A Tomb of Flowers
0333257243: Western Energy Policy - The Case for Competition
0333257383: The Elizabethan Theater VII
0333257650: THE STORE
0333257723: See How They Grow: Monitoring Child Growth for Appropriate Health Care in Developing Countries
0333257987: Russian Revolution and the Soviet State 1917-1921 - Documents
0333258002: Weimar & the Rise of Hitler
0333258126: African poetry in English: An introduction to practical criticism
0333258169: GRAHAM OAKLEY'S MAGICAL CHANGES. First Edition.
0333258177: The Human Rights Handbook A Guide to British and American International Human Rights Organisations
0333258231: Tragedy: Developments in Criticism
0333258282: Marxism-Leninism in the German Democratic Republic The Socialist Unity Party (SED)
0333258320: Cbs;Poems
0333258398: Marine Life of the Caribbean
0333258401: The Situation of the Novel
0333258533: The Dictionary of Diseased English; A Dictionary of Linguistic Fog and Fraud
0333258681: Self-Sufficient House, the
0333258738: Changing Image of the Magistracy
0333258746: Fishes of the Caribbean Reefs, the Bahamas and Bermuda
0333258762: Unfit for modest ears: A study of pornographic, obscene and bawdy works written or published in England in the second half of the seventeenth century
0333258851: Graham Greene: the Novelist
0333258878: Marxism and the U.S.S.R.
0333259041: The Delinquent
0333259114: Russian Writers and Society in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
0333259149: Tucky the hunter
0333259157: I, the King
0333259289: Can We Avoid a Third World War Around 2010?, The Political, Social and Economic Past and Future of Humanity.
0333259297: Chain Straighteners-Fruitful Innovation: The Discovery of Linear and Stereoregular Synthetic Polymers
0333259335: Immortality or Extinction?
0333259408: The generalisation of the general theory, and other essays
0333259416: The Three Colonels
0333259432: The Year of the French
0333259491: On Law and Ideology - (Language, Discourse, Society)
0333259602: Rain and the Night
0333259610: The Rain and the Night
0333259637: This fatal writ
0333259718: Opposition in Eastern Europe
0333259726: British Industry and Economic Policy
0333259742: Against Inflation: Speeches in the Second Chamber, 1965-1977 (Lord Robbins)
0333259750: Highways and Byways in the West Highlands.
0333259939: Trade Unions And The Economy
0333260112: The Romance of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
0333260635: Competition Policy, Profitability, And Growth
0333260678: Flowers of the Caribbean.
0333260686: Vandal
0333260694: Typing for Colleges: 1: for Elementary and Intermediate Examinations
0333260732: The Human Rights Handbook: A Guide to British and American International Human Rights Organisations
0333260740: Cuisine of the Sun
0333260767: Power and crisis in the city; corporations, unions and urban policy.
0333261038: A Commentary To Kant's Critique Of Pure Reason
0333261119: Introduction to Causal Analysis in Sociology
0333261143: Good Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice
0333261208: Poetry of the First World War: A Casebook
0333261216: Cbs;Poetry First World Pr
0333261305: The Macmillan Treasury of Relevant Quotations
0333261585: Early Man
0333261658: Japan's Economic Policy
0333261720: The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia: The Soviet Collective Farm, 1929-30 Vol 2
0333261755: Communication for Business and Secretarial Students
0333261836: Urban Land Economics: Principles And Policy
0333261887: The Soviet Theory of Development India and the Third World in Marxist-Leninist Scholarship
0333261909: Minority families in Britain: Support and stress (Studies in ethnicity)
0333262026: Closed Shop In British Industry
0333262166: Pricing The Social Services
0333262204: New History - Southern Africa
0333262271: Women and State Socialism Sex Inequality in the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia
0333262352: Spanish Politics and Imperial Trade 1700-1789.
0333262506: The Life and Lyrics of Andrew Marvell
0333262549: Dickens: Interviews and Recollections: v. 1 (Interviews & Recollections)
0333262557: Dickens, Interviews and Recollections
0333262581: Where There is No Doctor
0333262646: Professing Poetry
0333262816: The Guns of Evening
0333262832: Early Medieval Spain - Unity in Diversity 400-1000
0333262867: Continuing BASIC
0333262921: Raven Feathers His Nest (Also released as: Raven After Dark.)
0333262948: Home is the Hunter and the Big Kayo
0333263243: Short Economic History Modern of Japan
0333263391: British Foreign Policy and the Atlantic Area: The Technique of Accomodation
0333263421: Barley Ripe, Barley Reap
0333263545: Let's See Great Britain and Ireland
0333264185: Small Batteries: Vol.1: Secondary Cells
0333264223: Politics and state in the third world (Macmillan international college editions)
0333264258: Drugs and Immune Responsiveness. Biological Council. The Co-ordinating Committee for Symposia on Drug Action
0333264371: The diamond
0333264487: Sphinx
0333264509: Murder in Outline
0333264584: An Edwardian Season
0333265467: The Private Government of Public Money
0333265475: The Mozart Score
0333265580: Mountbatten: Eighty Years in Pictures
0333265637: Art Actuel Skira Annuel 79
0333265645: Youth unemployment
0333265742: First European Elections
0333265750: First European Elections, A Handbook And Guide,79 Mac, Pb
0333265793: The Edwardian age: Conflict and stability, 1900-1914 (Problems in focus series)
0333265882: Non-price decisions: The firm in a modern context
0333265904: Winters Crimes 11 Cheap
0333265947: John Clarkson and the African Adventure
0333265963: Labour and Scottish Nationalism.
0333266013: Conservative Party Politics
0333266242: Microprocessors and microcomputers: Their use and programming (Macmillan basis books in electronics)
0333266269: Nightwalker
0333266366: The Paladin
0333266447: Renaissance Painting from Brueghel to El Greco
0333266471: White Crane's Castle
0333266587: Popular Politics & Society in Late Victorian Britain
0333266617: National Income and Outlay in Czechoslovakia. Poland and Yugoslavia
0333266722: Early medieval Italy: Central power and local society, 400-1000 (New studies in medieval history)
0333266773: Teaching about Television
0333266854: Social Work With Psychiatric Patients
0333266862: Social Work With Psychiatric Patients
0333266900: Alternative Approaches to Economic Planning
0333267664: The Macmillan encyclopedia of architecture and technological change
0333267737: The Texas Inheritance
0333267788: Democratic Process in a Developing Socie
0333268040: Filming for Pleasure and Profit (Macmillan Books for Movie Makers)
0333268172: Women and Low Pay
0333268180: Disraeli's fiction
0333268210: The Political And Social Economy Of Commodity Control
0333268245: Conrad: Heart of Darkness, Nostromo, and Under Western Eyes, a selection of critical essays
0333268318: Monetary Control In Britain
0333268393: Paths of Development in Capitalist Agriculture; readings from German Social Democracy 1896-99.
0333268415: Essays on Sean O'Casey's autobiographies
0333268911: An Introduction to Modern Political Theory
0333268938: Caring for Separated Children
0333269020: Comedy - Developments in Criticism: Selection of Critical Essays (Casebook S.)
0333269047: Old English Literature (The History of Literature)
0333269098: British Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century
0333269160: Anglo Irish Literature
0333269217: Nineteenth Century English Literature
0333269314: Studies in the History of Plateau State, Nigeria
0333269411: Junk! How And Where To Buy Beautiful Things For Next To Nothing.
0333269438: Sketching & Painting ; a Step By Step Instruction
0333269497: Sa;Emergence Mod Middle East
0333269586: Pacesetters;Betrayer Pr
0333269624: The MacMillan Dictionary of Modern Economics
0333269659: Nutrition in Mother and Child Health
0333269683: Flowers of the Caribbean
0333269691: Fishes of the Caribbean Reefs
0333269969: Pacesetters;Hopeful Lovers Pr
0333269993: World Economic Order, The: Past and Prospects
0333270029: Service of All the Dead
0333270037: One Corpse Too Many
0333270134: Cbs;Midsummer Night Dream Pr
0333270142: The Use of Alternatives in Drug Research
0333270290: An Introduction to Modern Social and Political Thought.
0333270304: Pacesetters;Worshippers Pr
0333270347: Helping with Inquiries
0333270363: Shon the Taken
0333270371: Nigeria's Leadership Role in Africa
0333270398: Japanese Direct Foreign Investment
0333270479: The Hour of the Hyenas
0333270525: Origins of France : From Clovis to the Capetians, 500-1000
0333270746: Psychology & Industrial Productivity
0333270762: Social Forecasting for Company Planning
0333270827: D. H. Lawrence: Interview and Recollections (In 2 volumes)
0333270924: Baudelaire
0333270932: Soviet Political and Military Conduct in the Middle East
0333271033: The music makers
0333271106: Jane Austen, Structure and Social Vision
0333271319: Life Form & Function 2ND Edition
0333271327: Queen Victoria's Sketchbook
0333271343: John Milton & the English Revolution
0333271394: English Gothic Literature
0333271475: The Social Production of Art
0333271637: Arawaks to Africans
0333271777: Teaching Techniques for Communicative English (Essential Language Teaching Series)
0333271785: Pronunciation Skills
0333271823: Perception and Identity
0333271831: Charles Williams: Poet of Theology
0333271920: Britain and Soviet Communism. The Impact of a Revolution
0333271955: Thinking Photography
0333271971: The Organisation in Its Environment: Business in the Mixed Economy
0333272226: Chinese Mine Labour in the Transvaal
0333272234: Early Britain (Story of Britain)
0333272242: Britain in the Middle Ages (Story of Britain)
0333272366: Wage Control And Inflation In The Soviet Bloc Countries
0333272412: Portraits and Views: Literary and Historical
0333272579: Guide To Living Mammals
0333272595: Classic Italian Cookbook
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