0334020441: History of Israel
0334020506: How to Read Church History : Vol. 1
0334020549: The Hope of Happiness: A Sketch for a Christian Humanism
0334020565: How to Read the New Testament
0334020573: How to Read the Old Testament
0334020700: How to Understand Islam
0334020816: In Memory of Her.
0334021383: The Language of Mystery
0334022045: A New Dictionary of Christian Ethics
0334022096: A New Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship
0334022355: Only Human
0334022371: One Man's Testimony
0334022398: The Passion as Liturgy: A Study in the Origin of the Passion Narratives in the Four Gospels
0334022479: Paul and Palestinian Judaism
0334022770: Problems of Biblical Theology in Twentieth Century
0334022789: Protestantism & Repression
0334022819: Questioning Worship
0334022894: Radicals and the Future of the Church
0334022959: Requiem for Hitler
0334022967: Pauls Letter to the Romans
0334022975: Pauls Letter to the Romans
0334022991: RISEN TODAY
0334023092: Religion and the Persistence of Capitalism
0334023238: The Semantics of Biblical Language
0334023297: Sexism and God-Talk Towards a Feminist Theology
0334023335: Wilfred Cantwell Smith
0334023394: Soul Searching: Studies in Judaism and Psychotherapy
0334023416: Studying the Synoptic Gospels
0334023424: Studying the Synoptic Gospels
0334023599: Theology Today
0334023602: Theology of Force and Violence
0334023629: Thirty Years of Honesty: Honest to God Then and Now - Paperback
0334024013: Understanding Health: An Introduction to the Holistic Approach
0334024102: The Victorian Church: 1860-1901 (Victorian Church, 1860-1901 PT. II)
0334024110: Vision to Pursue: Beyond the Crisis in Christianity,
0334024129: 1492-1992 Voice of the Victims
0334024196: What Is a Story?
0334024226: Where Three Ways Meet
0334024242: Robin Woods, An Autobiography
0334024285: Jewish Spirituality II (world Spirituality Series)
0334024315: Hindu Spirituality: Vedas Through Vedanta
0334024358: Israelite and Judaean History
0334024374: Marx and the Failure of Liberation Theology
0334024382: The Heart of the Global Village: Technology and the New Millennium
0334024390: Still Living with Questions
0334024404: Torah Through the Ages
0334024412: The Theology of a Protestant Catholic
0334024439: Many Tables the Eucharist in the New Tes
0334024455: Death or Dialogue: From the Age of Monologue to the Age of Dialogue
0334024463: Jesus Christ in Modern Thought
0334024471: Time to Meet: Towards a Deeper Relationship Between Jews and Christians
0334024498: The Concept of Peace
0334024501: Ancient Christian Gospels : Their History and Development
0334024528: Freedom, Justice, and Christian Counter-Culture
0334024560: Torah through the ages: A short history of Judaism
0334024579: Jesus Christ in Modern Thought
0334024595: Ancient Christian Gospels: Their History and Development
0334024609: A Barclay Prayer Book
0334024633: Creation Out of Nothing
0334024641: Who's Who in Theology
0334024668: Freedom of God and Human Liberation
0334024676: Thread of Gold: Journeys Towards Reconciliation
0334024684: Christians and the World of Computers: Professional and Social Excellence in the Computer World
0334024706: Judaism: Practice and Belief
0334024714: Strenuous Commands: The Ethic of Jesus
0334024730: The Book of Job (Narrative Bible Commentaries Series)
0334024765: Thinking about God : An Introduction to Theology
0334024811: Theology in Postliberal Perspective
0334024862: Good News to the Ends of the Earth: The Theology of Acts
0334024870: How the Churches Got to Be the Way They Are
0334024897: From Bad Faith to Good News: Reflections on Good Friday and Easter
0334025079: Robert Runcie
0334025087: Partings of the Ways: Between Christianity and Judaism and their Significance for the Character of Christianity
0334025184: Does God Exist?
0334025257: Body in Context
0334025338: Hanging in Judgement: Religion and the Death Penalty in England
0334025370: Contemporary Prayers
0334025389: God in Us: A Case for Christian Humanism
0334025397: Christianity & the World Religions
0334025419: Metaphor of God Incarnate, The
0334025435: Buddhist Spirituality
0334025486: Icons of the Present.
0334025605: The Resurrection of Jesus: History, Experience, Theology
0334025621: The sea of faith
0334025737: Confusions in Christian Social Ethics: Problems for Geneva and Rome
0334025796: Finding and Following; Talking with Children About God
0334025818: Christianity
0334025850: Jesus: Miriam's Child, Sophia's Prophet.
0334026040: Arguments against Secular Culture
0334026121: Europe Without Priests?
0334026180: Solar Ethics
0334026199: The Circle of Creation: Animals in the Light of the Bible
0334026229: How to Understand Hinduism (How to Read S.)
0334026245: Not Angels But Agencies: The Ecumenical Response to Poverty-- A Primer (Risk Book Series)
0334026288: Encounters With Hinduism
0334026334: Yes to a Global Ethic
0334026385: The Churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II: 1558-1688
0334026423: Notorious Voices: Feminist Biblical Interpretation, 1500-1920
0334026458: The Churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II: 1558-1688
0334026504: Preaching As Theatre
0334026520: Interpreting Charismatic Experience
0334026539: God and the Web of Creation
0334026571: Renewing the Vision: Rabbis Speak Out on Modern Jewish Issues
0334026628: Finding a Voice Men Women & the Commu
0334026644: An International Directory of Theological Colleges
0334026652: Three Pillars of Judaism
0334026660: The Public Face of the Gospel: New Testament Ideas of the Church
0334026687: The Churches in England from Elizabeth I to Elizabeth II: Volume II: 1689-1833
0334026695: The Church of England and the First World War
0334026717: The Subversive Bible
0334026725: The Anglican Parochial Clergy: A Celebration
0334026814: Guide to the Sacraments
0334026822: In Search of Personality.
0334026881: What Price Religion?
0334026911: Food of Love
0334026938: Marcion, Muhammad & the Mahatma: Exegetical Perspectives on the Encounter of Cultures & Faiths
0334026954: James, Brother of Jesus
0334026962: Historical Jesus
0334027039: Abide with Me: The World of Victorian Hymns
0334027055: Reading Through Galatians
0334027098: The Childhood of Christianity
0334027128: Mr. & Mrs. Job
0334027160: Suppressed Prayers: Gnostic Spirituality in Early Christianity.
0334027209: Reading Through Colossians & Ephesians
0334027314: The Religion of Being
0334027349: Women and Redemption: A Theological History
0334027438: Horizon of Kindly Light a Spirituality F
0334027446: The Revelation of Being
0334027454: Window on Westminster
0334027535: End of Theology and the Task of Thinking About God
0334027543: Dean's Diary, A: Winchester, 1987-96
0334027578: Signs of Life
0334027640: The Story Goes: The Stories of the Torah: 1
0334027659: Story Goes Marks Story & Matthews Story
0334027667: Beyond Resurrection
0334027705: Reading Through Romans
0334027837: Nietzsche Against the Crucified
0334027845: The Dead Sea Scrolls
0334027853: Reason to Believe
0334027888: Introduction to the History of Israel and Judah
0334027896: Demanding Peace: Christian Responses to War and Violence
0334027918: The Quest of the Historical Jesus
0334027926: Rebels and Reformers
0334027934: Middle Way, The: Theology, Politics and Economics in the Later Thought of R.H.Preston
0334027985: Britain's First Worker-priests: Radical Ministry in a Post-war Setting
0334028027: Towards a Liberal Catholicism: Psychology and Four Women
0334028043: Understanding the Qur'an - Paperback
0334028051: A Kind of Bible - Paperback
0334028078: People of the Bible: Life and Customs
0334028086: Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation: From 1066 to 1384 (Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation)
0334028140: Poverty and Christianity
0334028159: Critique of Pastoral Care
0334028167: The Practice of Theology: A Reader
0334028175: Born into Violence: Children in the Shadows
0334028248: A History of English Christianity 1920-2000
0334028256: On Human Worth: A Christian Vindication of Equality
0334028264: He Kissed Him and They Wept
0334028272: Theology in the fiction of George Eliot: The mystery beneath the real
0334028329: Making Good: Creation, Tragedy and Hope
0334028337: A THEOLOGY OF COMPASSION: Metaphysics of Difference and the Renewal of Tradition
0334028345: A Short Course in the Philosophy of Religion
0334028353: CRUCIFIED GOD
0334028361: Letters and Papers from Prison (scm classics)
0334028388: Dogmatics in Outline
0334028396: Jesus The Jew
0334028418: Restoring Faith in Reason: A New Translation of the Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II (Faith in Reason S.)
0334028426: Sex & Love in the Home
0334028434: Interfaith Encounter: The Twin Tracks of Theology and Dialogue
0334028477: The Education of Desire
0334028485: Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation: 1384-1558 (Christianity in England from Roman Times to the Reformation) - Paperback
0334028493: By What Authority?: The Churches and Social Concern
0334028507: ARIUS
0334028515: Honest To God
0334028523: Shadow of the Galilean
0334028531: Theology of Liberation
0334028582: Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century: Its Background & History
0334028590: Wilderness Wanderings (Radical Traditions (Paperback))
0334028612: Waiting for Godot in Sarajevo
0334028620: Finding the Church: The Dynamic Truth of Anglicanism
0334028647: With the Grain of the Universe: The Church's Witness and Natural Theology
0334028655: Spirit and Beauty
0334028663: St Augustine
0334028671: The Bishops
0334028698: Christianity in a Post-Atheist Age - Paperback
0334028701: Sounding the Depths: Theology Through the Arts
0334028744: Speaking in Parables
0334028752: Eternal Now (scm classics)
0334028760: The Making of the Creeds (scm classics)
0334028787: THEOLOGY OF HOPE
0334028795: The Scope and Authority of the Bible
0334028809: The Church in a Postliberal Age
0334028833: The New Scm Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship
0334028841: City and Sanctuary
0334028868: After Christianity - Paperback
0334028884: Faith Seeking
0334028892: Wellbeing
0334028906: Identity
0334028922: ACT AND BEING
0334028930: Bridging Science and Religion
0334028949: Ethics and the Old Testament - Paperback
0334028965: Poet, the Warrior, the Prophet
0334028973: Jesus: God and Man (SCM Classics S.)
0334029007: TEXTS OF TERROR
0334029023: Bridging Science and Religion
0334029074: Stubborn Theological Questions
0334029082: From Dogma to History: How Our Understanding of the Early Church Developed
0334029090: The Early Church (SCM Classics S.)
0334029112: Writings of the New Testament
0334029147: Jesus the Pharisee
0334029163: The Bishops
0334029171: The parables of Jesus
0334029198: Marginalization (Society and Church Series)
0334029228: Contemplating Aquinas on the Varieties of Interpretation
0334029236: Grammar and Grace: Reformulations of Aquinas and Wittgenstein
0334029244: Profitable Wonders
0334029279: Sea of Faith
0334029309: Christology Revisited
0334029325: POSTCOLONIAL RECONFIGURATIONS An Alternative Way of Reading the Bible and Doing Theology
0334029341: WAY FORWARD?
0334029368: Christlike God
0334029376: Lords Prayer
0334029384: War & Peace in World Religions G Weisfie
0334029392: Honest to God
0334029414: Difficult Gospel: The Theology Of Rowan Williams
0334029422: Exploring New Testament Greek
0334029465: Sex And Love In The Home: A Theology of the Household
0334029481: Reform Judaism And Modernity: A Reader
0334029538: Rabbi Reads the Psalms
0334029554: SCM Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
0334029562: Christian Attitudes To Marriage: From Ancient Times To The Third Millennium
0334029570: The Politics Of Human Frailty: A Theological Defense Of Political Liberalism (Faith in Reason Philos
0334029597: Human Rights And The Image Of God
0334029600: Studying Local Churches
0334029651: Two Worlds Are Ours
0334029678: Gathering
0334029694: The Go-Between God (SCM Classics S.)
0334029759: Science and Religion
0334029767: Theological Reflections: v. 2
0334029791: Being Human
0334029848: New SCM Dictionary of Christian Spirituality
0334029856: Old Testament
0334029864: Women's Voices
0334029872: Deans
0334029880: Cinema Divinite Readings in Religion & F
0334029899: Philosophy of Religion
0334029910: We Drink from Our Own Wells
0334029953: SCM Study Guide to Christian Ethics
0334029988: Unity and Diversity
0334030021: Asking and Thanking (Concilium)
0334030048: Coping with Failure (Concilium Journal, 1990)
0334030056: 1492-1992: The voice of the victims (Concilium)
0334030064: The Bible and Its Readers
0334030080: Aging (Concilium)
0334030137: The New Europe: A Challenge for Christians (Concilium 1992/2)
0334030145: Fundamentalism as an ecumenical challenge (Concilium)
0334030188: Messianism through History (Concilium 1993/1)
0334030196: Any Room for Christ in Asia? (Concilium 1993/2)
0334030218: Reincarnation or Resurrection? (Concilium 1993/5)
0334030226: Migrants and Refugees (Concilium 1993/4)
0334030234: Mass Media (Concilium 1993/6)
0334030242: Violence against Women (Concilium 1994/1)
0334030250: Christianity and Cultures. (Concilium 1994/2)
0334030269: Islam: A challenge for Christianity (Concilium 1994/3)
0334030277: Mysticism and the Institutional Crisis (Concilium 1994/4)
0334030293: Why Theology? (Concilium 1994/6)
0334030315: The Many Faces of the Divine (Concilium 1995/2)
0334030323: Liturgy and the Body
0334030374: Little Children Suffer (Concilium, 1996/2)
0334030390: Pilgrimage (Concilium 1996/4)
0334030404: From Life to Law (Concilium 1996/5)
0334030420: Who Do You Say That I Am? (Concilium 1997/1)
0334030439: Outside the Market No Salvation? (Concilium 1997/2)
0334030447: Church in Fragments
0334030463: Return of the Plague (Concilium 1997/5)
0334030579: Evolution and Faith
0334030609: The Bright Side of Life
0334030617: In the Power of Wisdom
0334040051: Wittgensteinian Fideism?
0334040086: Buddhism and Christianity in Dialogue
0334040094: Truth, Religious Dialogue and Dynamic Orthodoxy
0334040108: SCM Press A-Z of Patristic Theology
0334531977: TARZAN OF THE APES
0335000037: Applied Calculus Vol 2
0335000045: An Introduction to Calculus and Algebra - Volume 3 - Algebra.
0335000371: Pollution : The Professionals and the Public
0335000428: Open University: A personal account
0335002307: Child Abuse
0335002404: American Diplomatic Revolution
0335002463: Mathematics and Mathematicians
0335002552: Preparing to Study
0335002609: Modern Japanese Poetry
0335002633: Organizations As Systems
0335002641: Politics of Work and Occupations
0335005004: Humanities and the study of civilisation
0335006523: The mediaeval inheritance and the revival of classical learning
0335007023: Europe, 1900-1914
0335007058: The New Objectivity
0335007090: British Design: A Survey of Design in Britain 1915-1939, The Electric Home
0335007120: Radiovision Booklet
0335007341: World War 1 (Arts, a third level course)
0335009093: Philosophy in the Open
0335009700: Historical Perspective
0335009719: Coal, the Basis of Nineteenth-century Technology
0335017517: The new town idea, (Urban development)
0335020089: The Genetic Code: Growth and Replication
0335024246: Construction and Other Bulk Materials
0335043305: The Earth, Its Shape, Internal Structure and Compostion, The Earth's Magnetic Field, Major Features of the Earth's Surface, Continential Movement, sea-floor spreading and plate tectonics, Earth History I and II
0335043313: Methods and Consensus in the Earth Sciences
0335043321: The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (Sedimentary Basin Case Study)
0335051170: Twentieth Century Poetry
0335053726: Hindu Patterns of Liberation : The Making of Early Hinduism; Classical Hindu Philosophy and Theology; Modern Hinduism: Gandhi and Aurobindo
0335053734: Noble Path of Buddhism, The
0335053769: Religion of the Jews
0335053807: Aspects of African Religion; Nuer Religion; Yoruba Religion
0335054161: Arts - Foundation Course (Course A101)
0335054196: An Arts foundation course (A101)
0335080510: Measuring the Solar System
0335090028: Microelectronics and Society
0335090052: Debating Texts
0335090095: Writing Differences : Readings from the Seminar of Helene Cixous
0335090389: Contemporary Lesbian Writing : Dreams, Desire, Difference
0335092047: Handling laboratory microorganisms
0335092055: Anaerobic Bacteria : A Functional Biology
0335092128: Foundation Mathematics for Non-Mathematicians
0335092136: Foundation Mathematics for Non-Mathematicians
0335092152: Adults Learning
0335092179: Practical Genetics
0335092195: Narrative and Argument
0335092241: Beginning Writing
0335092349: Access and Institutional Change
0335092403: Evaluation for School Development
0335092411: Evaluation for School Development
0335092446: Educational Institutions and Their Environments : Managing the Boundaries
0335092462: Financial Management in Education
0335092489: Approaches to Curriculum Management
0335092497: Approaches to Curriculum Management
0335092500: Human Resource Management in Education
0335092519: Human Resource Management in Education
0335092535: Women at Work
0335092578: Managing Special Needs
0335092594: Politics and Planning in the NHS
0335092624: Under Five, under Educated?
0335092713: Gender and Subject in Higher Education
0335092756: City Technology College
0335092829: Gender in Irish Writing
0335092845: Health and Health Care in Later Life
0335092888: Understanding Teaching : Beyond Expertise
0335092896: Understanding Teaching : Beyond Expertise
0335092934: Police Intervention in Marital Violence
0335093000: Documents, Nineteen Hundred to Nineteen Twenty-Nine
0335093027: Documents II, 1925-1959
0335093035: Documents II, 1925-1959
0335093043: Europe on Eve of War, Nineteen Hundred to Nineteen Fourteen
0335093108: World War II and Its Consequences
0335093116: World War II and Its Consequences
0335093124: War and Change in Twentieth Century Europe
0335093140: Special Education Handbook : An Introductory Reference
0335093159: First Degree : The Undergraduate Curriculum
0335093167: First Degree : The Undergraduate Curriculum
0335093183: Science and Its Fabrication
0335093205: Helping Students to Learn : Teaching, Counseling, Research
0335093213: Schooling in English : Critical Episodes in the Struggle to Shape Literary and Cultural Studies
0335093272: Television and the Drama of Crime
0335093302: International Relations of Social Change
0335093310: Training and Its Alternatives
0335093329: Training and Its Alternatives
0335093337: Human Nature of Learning : Selections from the Work of M. L. J. Abercrombie
0335093345: Human Nature of Learning : Selections from the Work of M. L. J. Abercrombie
0335093396: Problem with Poetry
0335093418: Daring to Be Myself : A Case Study in Rational-Emotive Therapy
0335093566: Evaluating Health Services' Effectiveness : A Guide for Health Professionals, Service Managers and Policy Makers
0335093590: English People
0335093604: Thinking Through English
0335093612: English People
0335093663: Language in Mathematical Education : Research and Practice
0335093698: Biotechnology in Schools
0335093728: Concerning Psychology : Psychology Applied to Social Issues
0335093744: Making of English Teachers
0335093760: Women in Therapy and Counseling
0335093779: Probation : Politics, Policy and Practice
0335093817: Managing Change in Schools
0335093825: Managing Change in Schools
0335093833: Undoing the Social : Towards a Deconstructive Sociology
0335093876: Rethinking Lawrence
0335093884: Rethinking Lawrence
0335093906: Practical Science : The Role and Reality of Practical Work in School Science
0335093973: Understanding Intelligence
0335094120: Planning Professional Training Days
0335094155: Ideology of the Text
0335094163: Ideology of the Text
0335094279: Working with Governors in Schools : Developing a Professional Partnership
0335094309: Caring for People
0335094368: Parents and Teachers Together
0335094392: Reading Response
0335094449: Writing Policy in Action
0335094457: Individual Therapy Handbook
0335094465: Individual Therapy: A Handbook (Psychotherapy Handbooks Series)
0335094473: Macbeth
0335094503: Reading Together
0335094511: Rhythm and Rhyme
0335094538: School Writing : Discovering the Ground Rules
0335094546: Performance Indicators in Higher Education : U. K. Universities
0335094805: Youth Work and Working Class Youth Culture : Rules and Resistance in West Belfast
0335094821: Running Applied Psychology Experiments
0335094953: Poetry of Rudyard Kipling : Rousing the Nation
0335095070: Young, Gifted and Black : Student-Teacher Relations in the Schooling of Black Youth
0335095119: Strugglers : Working with Children Who Fail to Learn to Read
0335095127: Strugglers : Working with Children Who Fail to Learn to Read
0335095135: Learning and Teaching in School Sciences : Practical Alternatives
0335095143: Learning and Teaching in School Sciences: Practical Alternatives
0335095208: Models of Language Development
0335095232: Appraisal Interview
0335095240: Can We Teach Children to Be Good?
0335095283: Paradox of Training : Making Progress Out of Crisis
0335095313: Academic Freedom
0335095356: What Is Special Education?
0335095429: Bullies and Victims in Schools
0335095488: Teaching and Stress
0335095542: Reading for Real
0335095577: Marks on the Memory : Experiencing School
0335095593: Language Awareness for Teachers
0335095623: TVEI Story : Policy, Practice and Preparation for the Workforce
0335095631: TVEI Story : Policy, Practice and Preparation for the Workforce
0335095755: Successful School Improvement : The Implementation Perspective and Beyond
0335095798: Reading Within and Beyond the Classroom
0335095852: Learning about Education
0335095860: Learning about Education
0335095909: Professional Development in School
0335096026: British and Irish Women Dramatists since 1958 : A Critical Handbook
0335096069: Three Socialist Plays
0335096077: Three Socialist Plays
0335096093: Adults with Learning Difficulties : Curriculum, Choice and Empowerment: A Handbook of Good Practice
0335096158: Truancy : The Politics of Compulsory Schooling
0335096204: Research Methods for Nurses and the Caring Professions
0335096212: Research Methods for Nurses and the Caring Professions
0335096301: Planning Appeals : A Critique
0335096352: Industry and Higher Education : Collaboration to Improve Students' Learning and Training
0335096360: Basic Geological Mapping
0335096387: Faithful Fictions : The Catholic Novel in British Literature
0335096549: Imperial Policing : The Emergence and Role of the Police in Colonial Nigeria, 1860-1960
0335096565: White Collar Crime
0335096581: Drama in Performance
0335096638: Thirties Poets
0335096646: Thirties Poets
0335096654: Effeminate England : Homoerotic Writing after 1885
0335096743: Shakespeare in the Classroom : What's the Matter?
0335096778: Psychotherapy and Its Discontents
0335096786: Psychotherapy and Its Discontents
0335096794: Experiencing Special Education : What Children with Special Needs Can Tell Us
0335096808: Experiencing Special Education : What Children with Special Needs Can Tell Us
0335096816: Tale of Two Industries : The Contradiction of Coal and Steel in the North East of England
0335096824: Tale of Two Industries : The Contradiction of Coal and Steel in the North East of England
0335096867: Public Law and Health Service Accountability
0335096891: Action Research for Educational Change
0335096956: Lawyers' Work : Translation and Transgression
0335096964: Justice for Victims and Offenders : A Restorative Response to Crime
0335096972: Justice for Victims and Offenders : A Restorative Response to Crime
0335096980: Parliament and International Relations
0335097146: Careers and Identities
0335097154: Careers and Identities
0335097170: Working and Learning Together for Change
0335097189: Making of an English 'Underclass'? : The Social Divisions of Welfare and Labour
0335097200: Whose Standards : Consumer and Professional Standards in Health Care
0335097219: Whose Standards : Consumer and Professional Standards in Health Care
0335097286: Planned Markets and Public Competition : Strategic Reform in Northern European Health Systems
0335097294: Planned Markets and Public Competition : Strategic Reform in Northern European Health Systems
0335097324: Improving Health and Welfare Work with Families in Poverty, a Handbook
0335097340: Poverty and Health : Working with Families
0335097421: Research into Practice : A Reader for Nurses and the Caring Professions
0335097561: Revolution in Writing
0335097634: Surviving Secrets : The Experience of Abuse for the Child, the Adult, and the Helper
0335097650: Learning Support for Young People in Transition : Leaving School for Further Education and Work
0335097669: Learning Support for Young People in Transition : Leaving School for Further Education and Work
0335097677: Race for a Change in Continuing and Higher Education
0335097685: Race for a Change in Continuing and Higher Education
0335097774: Financing Health Care in the 1990s
0335097782: Visions of Post-Compulsory Education
0335097790: Visions of Post-Compulsory Education
0335097901: English Teaching and Media Education
0335097936: Future of Higher Education
0335097944: Future of Higher Education
0335098010: Middle Age: the Prime of Life?
0335098037: Infancy: World of the Newborn
0335098045: Childhood: Pathways of Discovery
0335098061: Psychology Of Memory Pb
0335098193: Coping with Crisis : Understanding and Helping People in Need
0335098223: Helping Families in Distress : An Introduction to Family Focussed Helping
0335098282: Sex Therapy in Britain
0335098290: Group Therapy in Britain
0335098444: Applied Psychologist
0335098460: Psychology and Parenthood
0335098576: Social Psychology and Health
0335098606: Social Perception
0335098657: Negotiation in Social Conflict
0335098673: Social Judgment
0335098797: Young People Reading : Culture and Response
0335098827: Social Psychology: Conflicts and Continuities : An Introduction Textbook
0335098851: Art Therapy : A Handbook
0335098878: Hypnotherapy : A Handbook
0335098924: Couple Therapy : A Handbook
0335098932: Couple Therapy : A Handbook
0335098959: Appraising Primary Headteachers
0335099017: Nursing a Problem
0335099033: Beyond Thatcherism : Social Policy, Politics and Society
0335099068: Women, Health and Medicine
0335099076: Organizational Rules : A Framework for Understanding Organizational Action
0335099084: Organizational Rules : A Framework for Understanding Organizational Action
0335099130: Health and Efficiency : A Sociology of Health Economics
0335099254: Alternatives to Women's Imprisonment
0335099319: Changing Work and Retirement: Social Policy and the Older Worker
0335099351: Unmasking the Magistrate
0335099475: With This Body : Caring and Disability in Marriage
0335099505: Hospitals in Transition : The Resource Management Experiment
0335099513: Hospitals in Transition : The Resource Management Experiment
0335099564: Words, Science and Learning
0335099580: Technology's Challenge to Science Education : Cathedral, Quarry, or Company Store?
0335099599: Technology's Challenge to Science Education : Cathedral, Quarry, or Company Store?
0335099602: Implementing Records of Achievement
0335099629: Northern Ireland : Politics and the Constitution
0335099637: Northern Ireland : Politics and the Constitution
0335099726: Brief Counselling : A Practical Guide for Beginning Practitioners
0335099890: Leading Academics
0335099939: Class and Ethnicity : Irish Catholics in England, 1880-1939
0335099955: Health of the Schoolchild : A History of the School Medical Service in England and Wales, 1908-1974
0335099963: Gifted or Able? : Realizing Children's Potential
0335099971: Gifted or Able? : Realizing Children's Potential
0335099998: Modern Girl : Girlhood and Growing Up
0335100317: The Social Control of Technology
0335100503: Early Years (Children With Special Needs Series)
0335100546: Science in Context
0335101119: Survival Programmes in Britain's Inner Cities
0335101178: Guide to Learning Independently
0335101771: Learning to Use Statistical Tests in Psychology
0335101801: Freud and Psychoanalysis
0335101917: Dyslexia or Illiteracy? : Realising the Right to Read
0335101925: Dyslexia or Illiteracy
0335101941: How to Reach the Hard to Teach (Children with Special Needs Series)
0335101968: Teaching Humanities in the Microelectronic Age
0335102816: Special Needs : Bridging the Curriculum Gap
0335102840: Developing Nursery Education
0335102875: Community Education : Connections and Contradictions
0335102999: 36 Children
0335103014: The Changing Experience of Women (with chronological chart and Cassette Tape)
0335104053: Developing Response to Fiction
0335104061: Instrumentation.
0335104088: Social Policy and Social Welfare
0335104096: Adult Learners, Adult Education and the Community
0335104118: Education, Unemployment and the Future of Work
0335104193: Life in School
0335104215: Curriculum for Special Needs
0335104231: Computers and Adult Learning
0335105823: Basic Cognitive Process
0335105920: Essays in Comparative History : Economy, Politics and Society in Britain and America, 1850-1920
0335105939: Health and Disease : A Reader
0335105971: Idea of the Modern State
0335141110: Math Meth Fluid Mechs Laplace Equatn
0335141374: Stat Society Scientific Experiments
0335142494: Topics Hist Math Greeks Renaissance
0335142591: Projectve Geometry Axiomatisatn Math
0335142877: Applications Prob Patterns Space
0335142893: Applications Prob Random Walks
0335142915: Applications Prob Birth Processes
0335142923: Applctn Prob Birth Death Processes
0335150152: Third World Atlas
0335150284: Teacher's Guide to Classroom Research
0335150314: Computers and Literacy
0335150322: Children Talk about Books : Seeing Themselves As Readers
0335150373: Special Education: The Way Ahead,
0335150411: Teaching in Transition : The Challenge of Mixed Ability Groupings
0335150551: Experiencing and Explaining Disease
0335150675: Children Growing up
0335150721: Assessing Health Care : A Study in Organizational Evaluation
0335150764: Teaching Literature for Examinations
0335150799: Pound
0335150802: Great Expectations
0335150810: MacDiarmid
0335150829: Shelley
0335150837: Dylan Thomas : Open Guides to Literature
0335150853: Jane Eyre
0335150861: Byron
0335150896: Great Expectations
0335150918: Shelley
0335150950: Byron
0335150969: The Mapping of Geological Structures
0335151159: Making of the Primary School
0335151191: Women and Training
0335151299: Music Hall : The Business of Pleasure
0335151752: Lancastrian Chemist: The early years of Sir Edward Frankland.
0335151787: Femicide : The Politics of Woman Killing
0335151809: Prisons under Protest
0335151817: Prisons under Protest
0335151833: Medical Power in Prisons : The Prison Medical Service in England, 1774-1988
0335151841: Reading the Riot Act : The Magistracy, the Police and the Army in Civil Disorder
0335151892: Censure, Politics, and Criminal Justice
0335151949: Lesbian and Gay Issues in the English Classroom
0335151973: In Social Relationships
0335151981: Other Routes : Part-Time Higher Education Policy
0335152007: Energy Resources : Geology, Supply and Demand
0335152074: Field Geophysics
0335152112: Palaeomagnetic Database
0335152139: Ores and Minerals
0335152260: Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning : A Comprehensive Analysis of Principles and Effective Practices
0335152295: Quality of Writing
0335152333: Writing of Writing
0335152368: Technology in Schools
0335152473: Controversies in Classroom Research: A Reader
0335152481: Controversies in Classroom Research (Open University set book)
0335152546: Women in Love
0335152554: Yeats
0335152562: Yeats
0335152600: Gulliver's Travels
0335152643: Tristram Shandy
0335152759: Studying Popular Music
0335152783: Music Hall : The Business of Pleasure
0335152899: Everyday Culture : Popular Song and the Vernacular Milieu
0335152988: Black Music in Britain
0335153267: Language Understanding : A Cognitive Approach
0335153283: Perception and Representation
0335153348: Designing and Reporting Experiments
0335153356: Skillful Mind : An Introduction of Cognitive Psychology
0335153380: What Is Hypnosis? : Current Theories and Research
0335153445: Relating to Others
0335153453: Human Aggression
0335153461: Human Aggression
0335153542: All Work and No Play? : The Sociology of Women and Leisure
0335153593: Science Question in Feminism
0335153615: Utopianism
0335153690: Status
0335153836: Working Women in South-East Asia : Development, Subordination and Emancipation
0335153844: Working Women in South-East Asia : Development, Subordination and Emancipation
0335153852: Race and Ethnicity
0335153879: Socialism
0335153968: Working with Child Abuse : Social Work Practice and the Child Abuse System
0335154069: Industrial Robot Applications
0335154166: Technological Change at Work
0335154204: Intelligent Robotics (Robotics Series)
0335154212: Intelligent Robotics
0335154271: Marketing in the NHS
0335154301: Outward Bound
0335155030: The Manufacture of Disadvantage: Stigma and Social Closure.
0335155057: Gender, Crime and Justice
0335155065: Unemployed People : Social and Psychological Perspectives
0335155111: Law, Order and the Authoritarian State : Readings in Critical Criminology
0335155200: Justice Unbalanced : Gender Psychiatry and Judicial Decisions
0335155367: How to Get a PhD
0335155413: Appraisal and Professional Development in Primary Schools
0335155421: Appraisal & Professional Development I N
0335155510: Developing Critical Thinkers : Challenging Adults to Explore Alternative Ways of Thinking and Acting
0335155650: Living With Heroin
0335155677: Victims of Crime : A New Deal?
0335155685: Relative Freedoms : Women and Leisure
0335155693: Relative Freedoms : Women and Leisure
0335155707: Citizenship
0335155979: Working with Child Sexual Abuse : A Post-Cleveland Guide to Effective Principles and Practice
0335155987: Working With Child Sexual Abuse: A Post-Cleveland Guide to Effective Principles and Practice
0335155995: Continuity and Crisis in the NHS
0335156002: Student Learning : Research on Education and Cognitive Psychology
0335156029: Education and the World of Work
0335156037: Beyond Distance Teaching, Towards Open Learning
0335156045: Choosing to Learn : Adults in Education
0335156207: Continuity and Crisis in the NHS
0335156223: Approaches to Marx
0335156258: Class
0335156274: International Relations in Political Theory
0335156290: Trends in British Public Policy
0335156312: Reflective Helping in HIV and AIDS
0335156320: Reflective Helping in HIV and AIDS
0335156428: Reading the Changes
0335156436: Reading the Changes
0335156452: Beliefs and Values in Science Education
0335156495: Explaining Economic Policy Reversals
0335156533: Learning University : Towards a New Paradigm?
0335156592: Organizing for Learning in the Primary Classroom : A Balanced Approach to Classroom Management
0335156606: Organizing for Learning in the Primary Classroom : A Balanced Approach to Classroom Management
0335156738: Fair Test? : Assessment, Achievement and Equity
0335156754: Plain English
0335156800: Government, Industry and Political Economy
0335156908: Henry IV Pt. 1 : Texts and Contexts
0335156959: Youth and Inequality
0335157033: Managing Health Service Information Systems
0335157068: Differentiated Science Teaching : Responding to Individual Differences and to Special Education Needs
0335157084: Privatization and Popular Capitalism
0335157106: Delivering Welfare : The Governance of the Social Services in the 1990s
0335157181: Income Generation Handbook : A Practical Guide for Educational Institutions
0335157246: Understanding Aging : Images, Attitudes and Professional Practice
0335157300: Accountability and Choice in Schooling
0335157319: Accountability and Choice in Schooling
0335157343: Women's Education
0335157424: Assessing Health Need Using the Life Cycle Framework
0335157432: Assessing Health Need Using the Life Cycle Framework
0335157440: When Citizens Complain : Reforming Justice and Administration
0335157467: Child Abuse
0335157475: Child Abuse
0335157483: States, Regulation and the Medical Profession
0335157505: Implementing Housing Policy
0335157513: Implementing Housing Policy
0335157548: What's Worth Fighting for in Headship? : Strategies for Taking Charge of the Headship
0335157556: What's Worth Fighting for in Your School? : Working Together for Improvement
0335157580: Teaching Secondary English
0335157599: Learning to Effect
0335157645: Future for Palliative Care : Issues of Policy and Practice
0335157750: Resource Politics, Freshwater, and Regional Relations
0335157769: Public Sector Managerial Effectiveness : Theory and Practice in the NHS
0335157777: Public Sector Managerial Effectiveness : Theory and Practice in the NHS
0335157807: Managing Women : Feminism and Power in Educational Management
0335157815: Making of Men
0335157858: Introduction to Public Health and Epidemology
0335157866: Introduction Study Guide Public Health: And Study Guide for Nurses
0335157874: Managing Crisis and Change in Health Care : The Organizational Response to HIV-AIDS
0335157882: Managing Crisis and Change in Health Care : The Organizational Response to HIV-AIDS
0335157939: Reading Real Books
0335157947: Reading Real Books
0335158145: Molecules and minds: Essays on biology and the social order
0335158242: Handling Experimental Data
0335158269: Changing Face of Educational Assessment
0335158293: History in Primary Schools : A Practical Approach for Teachers of 5 to 11 Year Old Children
0335158315: Primary Language Book
0335158323: English Teaching from A-Z
0335158420: Teacher's Guide to Special Needs : A Positive Response to the 1981 Education Act
0335158447: Education, Training and the New Vocationalism Experience and Policy
0335158455: Education, Training and the New Vocationalism : Experience and Policy
0335158552: Oracy Matters
0335158609: Sociology of Old Age
0335158714: Beyond the Inner City
0335158811: Everyday World As Problematic
0335158854: In Vitro Techniques in Research
0335158978: Handling Experimental Data
0335159761: Producing and Reducing Disaffection
0335159796: Describing Language
0335159818: Science in Schools
0335159826: Science in Schools
0335159834: Case Studies in Classroom Research
0335159842: Case Studies in Classroom Research
0335159877: Doing Your Research Project : A Guide for First-Time Researchers in Education and Social Science
0335159966: Glossary of Special Education
0335159974: Private Schools and State Schools
0335159990: Assessing English
0335171478: Failure of Stressed Materials: Units 3A-6A
0335171508: Failure of Stressed Materials: Units 7B-9B
0335171540: Failure of Stressed Materials: Units 12B-13B
0335173004: Engineering Mechanics - Solids and Fluids: Methods in Machine Design Unit 1-2 (Course T331)
0335190030: Preventing Cancers
0335190049: Preventing Cancers
0335190057: Evaluating Social Work Effectiveness
0335190170: Race, Gender and the Education of Teachers
0335190219: Primary Language Book
0335190235: Competence-Based Assessment
0335190243: Competence-Based Assessment
0335190278: Counselling in the Voluntary Sector
0335190286: Primary Science and Technology : Practical Alternatives
0335190294: Primary Science and Technology : Practical Alternatives
0335190324: Suicide : The Ultimate Rejection; a Psycho-Social Study
0335190359: Special Educational Needs in the Primary School : A Practical Guide
0335190367: Managing Assessment Processes : Prediction, Interaction and Control
0335190375: Managing Staff Selection and Assessment (Managing Work and Organizations Series)
0335190383: Reflecting on Research Practice : Issues in Health and Social Welfare
0335190391: Reflecting on Research Practice: Issues in Health and Social Welfare
0335190405: Controversies in Classroom Research
0335190472: Coordinating Community Care : Organising Multidisciplinary Teams and Care Management in Community Health and Social Services
0335190502: Studying Curriculum : Cases and Methods
0335190529: Feminisms in Education : An Introduction
0335190545: Social Research
0335190626: Assessing Achievement in the Arts
0335190634: Textuality and Tectonics : Troubling Social and Psychological Science
0335190642: Textuality and Tectonics : Troubling Social and Psychological Science
0335190650: Teacher's Guide to Classroom Research
0335190685: Excellence of Play
0335190723: Privatization and Regulatory Change in Europe
0335190731: Privatization and Regulatory Change in Europe
0335190782: World Health and Disease
0335190790: Memory : A Cognitive Approach
0335190820: Combatting Sexual Harrasment in the Workplace
0335190847: Making Social Policy : The Mechanisms of Government and Politics and How to Investigate Them
0335190855: Making Social Policy : The Mechanisms of Government and Politics and How to Investigate Them
0335190863: Age, Race and Ethnicity
0335190871: Encouraging Learning : Towards a Theory of the Learning School
0335190901: Howard Becker on Education
0335190928: Racism and Antiracism in Real Schools
0335190944: Doing Your Research Project : A Guide for First-Time Researchers in Education and Social Science
0335190952: Using Experience for Learning
0335190979: Young People, Health and Family Life
0335191002: Epidemiological Imagination : A Reader
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