0043011438: Max Weber and Karl Marx
0043011454: Capital, Labour, and the Middle Classes
0043011462: Capital, Labour, and the Middle Classes (Controversies in Sociology ; 15)
0043011470: Max Weber on Capitalism, Bureaucracy, and Religion: A Selection of Texts
0043011489: Max Weber on capitalism, bureaucracy, and religion: A selection of texts
0043011497: Married to the Job
0043011519: Cheats at work: An anthropology of workplace crime
0043011535: Aesthetics and the Sociology of Art (Controversies in Sociology)
0043011543: Military Regimes and Development
0043011594: Female and Male in West Africa
0043011616: Interpretations of Calamity: From the Viewpoint of Human Ecology
0043011624: Leisure and Work
0043011632: Leisure and Work (Leisure & Recreation Studies)
0043011683: Applied Sociological Perspectives
0043011705: Exploring Social Geography
0043011713: The USSR and the Muslim World: Issues in Domestic and Foreign Policy
0043011748: MARRIED TO THE JOB: Wives' Incorporation in Men's Work
0043011764: The City in Cultural Context
0043011772: The City in Cultural Context
0043011802: Contemporary Feminist Thought
0043011810: The Dominant Ideology Thesis
0043011888: Accounting for Aggression
0043011918: Strategies for Women at Work
0043011926: Knowledge Elite and the Failure of Prophecy
0043011934: Knowledge Elite and the Failure of Prophecy
0043011942: Reason and freedom in sociological thought
0043011950: Reason and Freedom in Sociological Thought
0043012043: Youth & Leisure (Leisure and Recreation Studies)
0043012086: A Reconstruction of Historical Materialism
0043012094: Migrants in Modern France
0043012175: Cities, Capitalism and Civilization (Controversies in Sociology, No. 20)
0043012213: The Sociology of Modernization and Development
0043012299: Religion and Advanced Industrial Society
0043012337: The Sociology of Health and Healing: A Textbook
0043012388: Cities, Capitalism and Civilization (Controversies in Sociology S.)
0043012493: Love or Greatness : Max Weber and Masculine Thinking - A Feminist Inquiry
0043012507: Love or Greatness: Max Weber and Masculine Thinking: A Feminist Inquiry
0043012558: Logic of Racism
0043012574: Parents at Work: Dual Earner Households
0043012590: Science, Technology and Social Change
0043012604: Nuclear Risk Analysis in Comparative Perspective
0043012647: Modern Britain
0043012663: Politics and Leisure (Leisure and Recreation Studies 5)
0043012736: FEMINIST EXPERIENCES: The Women's Movement in Four Cultures,
0043012744: Feminist Experiences: The Women's Movement in Four Cultures
0043012760: Ideology and the New Social Movements (Controversies in Sociology Ser., No. 24)
0043012787: White Woman in Fiji
0043012833: Lost Legion: Mission 204 and the Reluctant Dragon
0043012892: South East Asia in the 1980's: Politics of Economic Crisis.
0043012914: No Charity There: A Short History of Social Welfare in Australia
0043012957: Complete Book of Australian Verse
0043012965: Gangsters and Revolutionaries: The Jakarta People's Militia and the Indonesian Revolution 1945-1949
0043020038: The Colonial Volunteers: The Defence Forces of the Australian Colonies, 1836-1901
0043020054: Getting Equal
0043020062: Heroin
0043020089: Gull Force, Survival and Leadership in Captivity 1941-1945
0043030068: Teaching Gender?
0043050026: Race and Racism : Essays in Social Geography
0043050050: Rise of Colonial Nationalism
0043050131: Blood from a Stone
0043060056: Myths of Oz : Reading Australian Popular Culture
0043060080: The Other Side of the Bridge: North Sydney in Focus, a Community Project
0043070019: Agriculture: People and Policies
0043090109: Rich World Poor World
0043090117: Travelling Brothers: The Six Centuries' Road from Craft Fellowship to Trade Unionism
0043091083: Geography and Ethnic Pluralism
0043091105: Living Under Apartheid: Aspects of Urbanization and Social Change in South Africa
0043091121: Living Under Apartheid Aspects of Urbanization and Social Change in South Africa
0043100104: SOCIAL MEASUREMENT AND SOCIAL INDICATORS issues of policy and theory
0043100112: Social and economic statistics for Africa : their sources, collection, uses...
0043100260: Pen portraits: Women writers and journalists in nineteenth century Australia
0043110010: Optimization in Economic Analysis
0043110029: Optimization in Economic Analysis
0043120105: Modelling Society: An Introduction to Loglinear Analysis for Social Researchers
0043120148: Field Research: A Sourcebook and Field Manual
0043120180: In the Field: An Introduction to Field Research
0043120202: Introduction to Causal Analysis: Exploring Survey Data
0043120245: Surveys in Social Research
0043200206: Introduction to Politics
0043200516: The Organization of British Central Government, 1914-1964
0043200583: Political Elites
0043200591: Political Elites
0043200613: Russian political institutions
0043200656: The Marxian Revolutionary Idea
0043200699: The Gaullist Phenomenon: The Gaullist Movement in the Fifth Republic
0043200702: The Gaullist Phenomenon
0043200753: The politics of environment: including a guide to Scottish thought and action
0043200788: The morality of politics;
0043200796: Conversations with the bewildered;
0043200885: Knowledge and belief in politics;: The problem of ideology,
0043200907: Fascism
0043200990: Britain's Developing Constitution
0043201040: Stalinism and after
0043201059: Stalinism and After
0043201075: The Study of Government: Political Science and Public Administration
0043201105: Ideology and Politics
0043201113: The socialist industrial state towards a political sociology of state socialism
0043201121: Toleration
0043201172: Socialist Industrial State Towards a Pol
0043201199: Hobbes
0043201202: Political Ideals
0043201229: Aristotle (Political thinkers ; 7)
0043201253: The Reason of States: A study in International Political Theory.
0043201326: Reason of States: Study in International Political Theory
0043201385: The Form of ideology : investigations into the sense of ideological reasoning with a view to giving an account of its place in political life.
0043201431: The British system of government (Minerva series of student' handbooks)
0043201458: Plato
0043201466: Plato
0043201490: The British system of government (Minerva series of students' handbooks)
0043201504: Socialism with a Human Face : The Political Economy of Britain in the Nineteen Eighty's
0043201547: The British system of government (The Minerva series of student's handbooks)
0043201555: Understanding Soviet Politics Through Literature: A Book of Readings
0043201571: International Organizations: Key Concepts in International Relations, No. 1
0043201628: Introduction to the Politics of Tropical Africa
0043201636: Introduction to the Politics of Tropical Africa
0043201687: Ordinary Stalinism
0043201695: Southern Africa in the 1980's
0043201725: Towards an Alternative for Central America and the Caribbean
0043201733: Towards an Alternative for Central America and the Caribbean
0043201792: Sikh Separatism: The Politics of Faith
0043201814: Nationalism and National Integration
0043201849: Party politics in Japan
0043201857: British Politics and the Policy Process An Arena Approach
0043201881: The Crowd and the Mob: From Plato to Canetti
0043201938: The British system of government
0043201946: Socialism for Beginners
0043201970: Taxation by Political Inertia: Financing the Growth of Government in Britain
0043202055: Democracy in Australian unions: A comparative study of six unions (Australian studies in industrial relations series)
0043202128: Triumph over Darkness
0043202179: Little Sister
0043202195: Short-Changed
0043202233: Eating for Peak Performance by Stanton, Rosemary
0043202306: Australia; Two Centuries of War & Peace
0043202322: Gables, Ghosts and Governors-General: The Historic House at Yarralumla
0043210155: Anarchy in Action
0043210201: Marx and the End of Orientalism
0043210244: Pluralism and Corporatism
0043210252: Pluralism and Corporatism: Political Evolution of Modern Democracies
0043210279: Blue-collar workers in Eastern Europe
0043210287: Blue-collar workers in Eastern Europe
0043210309: Documents of Life: An Introduction to the Problems and Literature of a Humanistic Method (Contemporary Social Research Series, 7)
0043220037: Political Responsibility and Industry
0043220053: Intellectuals and politics (Controversies in sociology ; 9)
0043220061: Intellectuals and Politics
0043220118: Red Army and society: A sociology of the Soviet military
0043230148: Equality
0043230202: Privilege in the Soviet Union
0043230210: Privilege in the Soviet Union
0043230245: End of Social Inequality
0043230253: The End of Social Inequality? Class, Status and Power Under State Socialism
0043240062: A Short History of Electoral Systems in Western Europe
0043240097: The Soviet Communist Party
0043240100: British Democracy at the Crossroads : Voting and Party Competition in the 1980's
0043240119: British Democracy at the Crossroads Voting and Party Competition in the 1980s
0043240178: Bull, the Bear and the Kangaroo : History of the Sydney Stock Exchange
0043240208: the Velodrome
0043250157: People's war: the conditions and the consequences in China and in South East...
0043250181: Black Africa 1945-1980: Economic Decolonization and Arrested Development
0043260020: Africa's Slaves Today
0043270077: The Cold War and Its Origins, 1917-1960, 2 Volumes.
0043270158: Has Man a Future
0043270247: Unarmed Victory
0043270255: European Unity A Survey of the European Organisations
0043270271: North Vietnam: a Documentary
0043270301: European political parties;
0043270360: Conflict in the Middle East
0043270395: The Middle East and the Western Alliance.
0043270409: Constraints and adjustments in British foreign policy
0043270514: Descent from Power: British Foreign Policy, 1945-1973
0043270603: From national development to global community : essays in honor of Karl W. Deutsch.
0043270611: From National Development To Global Community. Essays In Honor of Karl W.Deutsch
0043270662: The Cyprus triangle
0043270670: Middle East & the Western Alliance
0043270689: The special relationship between West Germany and Israel
0043270727: Western Europe and the United States: The Uncertain Alliance (Studies on contemporary Europe)
0043270735: Soviet Union and Terrorism
0043270743: Soviet Union and Terrorism
0043270778: The dividing discipline: Hegemony and diversity in international theory
0043270808: British Foreign Policy : Tradition, Change, and Transformation
0043270832: International Cultural Relations (Key Concepts in International Relations: 3)
0043270913: Israel's Lebanon War
0043270921: Ties That Bind
0043270948: New Directions in the Study of Foreign Policy
0043271057: Shootdown: Verdict of K. A. L. 007
0043280080: Parliamentary scrutiny of Government bills
0043280099: The Parliamentary Ombudsman - A Study in the Control of Administrative Action
0043280102: The Politics of the U. S. Supreme Court
0043280110: The Politics of the Us Supreme Court
0043290116: The Anti-Corn Law League 1838-1846
0043290124: The Member of Parliament and his information,
0043290175: Traditionalism, Conservatism and British Political Culture
0043290183: Max Weber and the Theory of Modern Politics
0043290213: Environmental Planning A Political and Philosophical Analysis
0043290248: Political parties in the European Community
0043290256: Political Parties in the European Community
0043290264: Doctrine and Ethos in the Labour Party
0043290272: Doctrine and Ethos in the Labour Party
0043290280: The Christian Democratic Parties of Western Europe
0043290337: Communist Parties of Italy, France, and Spain
0043290345: Communist Parties of Italy, France, and Spain
0043290361: The Soviet Communist Party.
0043290396: Russia at the Crossroads : The Twenty-Sixth Congress of the CPSU
0043290418: Khrushchev and Brezhnev as Leaders
0043290442: Environmental Groups in Politics (the Resource Management Series)
0043300480: Development planning: The essentials of economic policy
0043300510: Economic Survey, 1919-1939
0043300545: The Theory of Economic Growth
0043300626: Regions in Recessions and Resurgence
0043300634: Regions in Recession and Resurgance
0043300650: Stationary Economy (Unwin University Books)
0043300804: Economics: An Awkward Corner
0043300952: A theory of economic integration for developing countries, illustrated by Caribbean countries, (University of York studies in economics, 6)
0043301169: Economics and economic policy in Britain, 1946-1966: Some aspects of their interrelations,
0043301207: Building in the British Economy Between
0043301290: American business cycles, 1945-50
0043301304: Economics from Square One
0043301312: The Soviet Economy: An Introduction
0043301320: European Advanced Technology
0043301428: Essays in Monetary Economics
0043301509: Underdevelopment in Spanish America: An interpretation
0043301525: Freedom and Necessity
0043301584: J.R. McCulloch: A Study in Classical Economics
0043301606: Expectation, Enterprise and Profit
0043301622: Overhead Costs, Some Essays in Economic Analysis
0043301665: The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy.
0043301711: Australian Economic Development in the Twentieth Century
0043301746: The Growth of the International Economy 1820-1960
0043301754: The Growth of the International Economy, 1820-1960
0043301797: Britain's Economic Prospects Reconsidered
0043301800: Britain's Economic Prospects Reconsidered
0043301819: An economic study of the City of London
0043301843: Economic Analysis & Public enterprises,
0043301851: Readings in Indian Agricultural Development
0043301886: Aspects of Indian economic development: A book of reading;
0043301894: The multinational enterprise;
0043301908: Trade and Development Essays in Economics
0043301959: Welfare and Competition
0043301967: Capital, Inflation and the Multi-Nationals
0043301975: Capital, inflation and the multinationals
0043301991: Demand and Supply
0043302009: Essays in Macrodynamic Economics
0043302084: British Economic Policy and the Empire, 1919-1939
0043302092: British Economic Policy and the Empire 1919-1939
0043302106: Pollution: economy and environment
0043302157: Europe in the Making
0043302181: Development and Planning:Essays in Honour of Paul Rosenstein Rodan: Essays in Honour of Paul Rosenstein Rodan
0043302211: The Economics of Integration: A Book of Readings
0043302246: International Economics (Minerva S.)
0043302254: Main Trends in Economics
0043302262: Economic Analysis and Public Enterprises
0043302270: The Economics Of Research & Technology,
0043302289: Economics of Research & Technology
0043302327: Wage Formation and the Economy
0043302335: THE GROWTH OF THE BRITISH ECONOMY 1918-1968.
0043302343: The Growth of the British Economy, 1918-1968, (Studies in Economics, No. 8)
0043302408: General Equilibrium Analysis
0043302467: Economic Analysis And The Multinational Enterprise
0043302572: Intelligent Radicals Guide to Economic Policy: The Mixed Economy by Meade, J.E.
0043302696: Economics and Demography
0043302785: Development of the Economies of Continental Europe 1850-1914
0043302815: The Economic Growth Debate: An Assessment
0043302823: Macroeconomics (Minerva series of students' handbooks ; no. 9)
0043302890: The Valuation of Social Cost
0043302904: The Valuation of social cost
0043302947: Macroeconomic Planning (Studies in Economics)
0043302963: Inheritance and Wealth Inequality in Britain
0043302971: Law and economics: An introduction (Economics and society series ; no. 7)
0043302998: The Economic Development of Continental Europe, 1780-1870
0043303005: The Dynamics of Victorian Business: Problems and Perspectives to the 1870s
0043303021: Demand & Supply
0043303064: Economic Behaviour: An Introduction
0043303153: Economic Efficiency and Social Welfare
0043303161: The Bon March: Bourgeois culture and the department store, 1869-1920
0043303218: Rich and Poor Countries (Studies in Economics Ser. #12)
0043303226: The Development of Japanese Business, 1600-1980
0043303234: The Theory and Experience of Economic Development
0043303242: Underdevelopment and Development in Brazil: Economic Structure and Change, 1822-1947 v. 1
0043303277: Beyond positivism: Economic methodology in the twentieth century
0043303293: Foundation of Economic Method
0043303323: The Growth of the International Economy, 1820-1980 : An Introductory Text
0043303366: Foreign Finance in Continental Europe and the Usa, 1815-1870: Quantities, Origins, Functions and Distribution
0043303374: Soviet strategy toward Western Europe
0043303382: Depression and Protectionism: Britain Between the Wars
0043303404: Free Market Conservatism: A Critique of Theory and Practice
0043303420: Beyond Positivism: Economic Methodology in the Twentieth Century
0043303447: Appraisal and Criticism in Economics: A Book of Readings
0043303463: Soviet Strategy Toward Western Europe
0043303498: International Economics
0043303595: New Firms: An Economic Perspective
0043303692: Race, Class and Conservatism
0043303714: Theories of Surplus and Transfer
0043303757: Economic Methodology and Freedom to Choose
0043303781: Political Economy of Manufacturing Protection
0043304079: Methodology for a New Microeconomics: The Critical Foundations
0043310044: Full Employment in a Free Society
0043310184: Capital
0043310338: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
0043310370: Railway Clearing House in the British Economy 1842-1922
0043310427: Woman's role in economic development
0043310494: International Trade Unionism
0043310508: International Trade Unionism
0043310532: Strike: a live history,: 1887-1971
0043310567: Political Purpose in Trade Unions
0043310591: The first shop stewards' movement (Studies in social history)
0043310605: Cloth Cap and After
0043310621: Industry's Democratic Revolution
0043310680: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
0043310699: Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
0043310737: The Industrial Democrats
0043310745: Miners One Union One Industry
0043310877: History Of General Federation Trade Unions: 1899-1980
0043310885: Unions Change & Crisis French & Italian
0043310893: Developments in Labor Market Analysis,
0043310907: Developments in Labour Market Analysis
0043310915: British Industrial Relations
0043310958: The French Workers' Movement: Economic Crisis and Political Change
0043310966: The Economics of Non-Wage Labour Costs
0043310990: History and Heritage
0043311016: Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism
0043311083: Trade Unions in Communist States
0043311091: Working Time and Employment
0043311121: Alternative Systems of Business Organization and of Worker's Remuneration
0043311148: History and Heritage
0043311156: Collected Papers of James Meade : Employment and Inflation
0043311164: International and Comparative Industrial Relations : A Study of Developed Market Economies
0043311172: International and Comparative Industrial Relations: A Study of Developed Market Economies
0043320473: Further Essays In Monetary Economics
0043320546: National Giro Modern Money Transfer
0043320562: Accounting under inflationary conditions
0043320643: The Personal Distribution Of Incomes
0043320767: Postwar International Money Crisis
0043320783: International Money: A Collection of Essays
0043320880: A financial history of Western Europe
0043320899: The incredible Eurodollar, or, Why the world's money system is collapsing (Counterpoint)
0043320945: The Rise of Merchant Banking
0043320988: Emerging Risk in International Banking: Origins of Financial Vulnerability in the 1980s
0043320996: God's Banker: The Life and Death of Roberto Calvi
0043321038: The Gilt-Edged Market
0043321054: A Financial History of Western Europe
0043321178: London and New York Stock Exchanges, 1850-1914
0043321194: Sovereign Risk Analysis
0043321224: Sovereign Rescheduling. Risk and Portfolio Management
0043321356: Station Life in Australia
0043321364: Regulation and Repression
0043321372: Demanding Skill : Women and Technology
0043321402: Secret Money: The Shadowy World of Tax Evasion, Capital Flight and Fraud
0043321429: Marshall Plan Days
0043330134: Land Use an Introduction To Proprietary Land Us
0043330142: Gardeners of Eden
0043330169: The enigma of Soviet petroleum: Half-full or half-empty?
0043330207: London's Green Belt: Containment in Practice (The London Research Series in...
0043330223: Environment and Development
0043330231: Regional Development and Settlement Policy: Premises and Prospects
0043330258: Coping With Hunger: Hazard and Experiment in an African Rice Farming System (London Research Series in Geography, Vol 11)
0043330312: Grim Pickings
0043340059: The Liberation of Capital. German language title: Das Kapital
0043340067: Mondragon: An Economic Analysis
0043340075: Mondragon.
0043340083: Self-Management and Efficiency : Large Corporations in Yugoslavia
0043350135: Essential Left Four Classic Texts on the Principles of Socialism
0043350178: The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism
0043350305: The Economics of Socialism
0043350348: The Economics of Socialism (Studies in Economics, No. 2)
0043350356: The Soviet Economic System
0043350364: The Soviet economic system
0043350399: Political Economy and Soviet Socialism
0043350402: Home, school, and leisure in the Soviet Union
0043350429: The Soviet Economic System
0043350437: Soviet Risk Taking and Crisis Behavior : A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
0043350445: The Economics of Socialism: Principles Governing the Operation of Centrally Planned Economics Under the New System (Studies in economics)
0043350453: Soviet Economy Towards the Year 2000
0043350488: Economics of Feasible Socialism
0043350496: Economics of Feasible Socialism
0043350518: Soviet Risk Taking and Crisis Behavior: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
0043350534: The Soviet Economy Towards the Year 2000
0043350550: Socialism Economics & Development
0043350569: Essential Left
0043350607: Agricultural Development in Indonesia
0043360300: British Budgets in Peace and War 1932-1945 1932-1945
0043360319: The world's money: how it works
0043360610: Power of the Purse : The Role of European Parliaments in Budgetary Decisions
0043360734: Taxation and Labour Supply
0043360750: The Strategy of Equality: Redistribution and the Social Services
0043360785: The Political Economy of the Welfare State (Studies in Economics, No. 19)
0043360955: Not Only the Poor: The Middle Classes and the Welfare State.
0043361617: Security and Arms Control in the North Pacific.
0043370071: Pen portraits: Women writers and journalists in nineteenth century Australia.
0043380344: Economic Policy and Industrial Growth in Pakistan
0043380352: Century of Co-operative Insurance
0043380379: Ownership, control and ideology: An enquiry into certain aspects of modern business ideology (Studies in management, no. 8)
0043380417: The Power To Fly
0043380530: The Economics of Workers' Management:A Yugoslav Case Study
0043380549: The Nationalized industries since 1960 : a book of readings.
0043380557: The Nationalized industries since 1960 : a book of readings.
0043380689: Private enterprise and public intervention: The Courtaulds experience (Government and industry series ; 2)
0043380794: Social and Business Enterprises: An Introduction to Organisational Economics (Economics and Society Series; No. 2)
0043380824: Venezuela's oil
0043380832: Venezuela's Oil
0043380964: Industrial Organisation: Competition, Growth, And Structural Change
0043381006: Nuclear Power in the Developing World
0043381022: Opec Behavior and World Oil Prices
0043381049: Nuclear Power Struggles. Industrial Competition and Proliferation Control
0043381057: The Irc-an Experiment In Industrial Intervention: A History Of The Industrial Reorganization Corporation
0043381073: Collapse & Survival: Industry Strategies In A Changing World Pb
0043381081: Collapse and Survival: Industry Strategies in a Changing World (World Industry Studies ; 1)
0043381103: The Global Textile Industry
0043381146: Future of the Automobile the Report of M
0043381189: Politics vs. Economics in World Steel Trade (World Industry Studies)
0043381227: Silicon Landscapes
0043381251: Multinationals and world trade: Vertical integration and the division of labour in world industries
0043381278: Production, Work, Territory
0043381332: International Capitalism and Industrial Restructuring: A Critical Analysis
0043381340: Floating Exchange Rates: Theories And Evidence
0043381359: Floating Exchange Rates: Theories and Evidence
0043381391: High Tech America: The What, How, Where and Why of the Sunrise Industries...
0043381502: Mr. Sraffa on Joint Production and Other Essays
0043381529: Principles of Microeconomics
0043381553: Regional Economic Development: Essays in Honour of Francois Perroux by Higgins
0043390102: Regional Economic Problems, Comparative experiences of some market economics, (Studies in Economics),
0043390110: Regional Economic Problems. Comparative Experiences of Some Market Economies. Studies in Economics 13.
0043390129: Macroeconomic Policy in Theory & Practice (Economics and Society Ser.)
0043390137: Macroeconomic Policy in Theory and Practice (Economics and Society Ser.)
0043390218: Hungary a Decade of Economic Reform
0043390234: Wage-fixing (Stagflation)
0043390242: Wage-Fixing
0043390250: Inflation, a Theoretical Survey and Synthesis
0043390269: The contemporary Spanish economy: A historical perspective
0043390277: Sweden:Choices for Economic and Social Policy in the 1980s
0043390285: French Planning in Theory and Practice
0043390293: Energy Strategies for the U K
0043390323: The Renaissance of the Scottish Economy?
0043390358: World Economy in Transition
0043390366: Inflation and Unemployment: Theory, Experience, and Policy Making.
0043390382: International Industry and Business
0043390455: Prosperity and Public Spending: Transformational Growth and the Role of Government (Studies in International Political Economy ; 1)
0043410057: A Modern Introduction to International Law
0043410146: A Modern Introduction to International Law (Minerva Series of Students' Handbooks)
0043410162: The Maritime Dimension
0043410197: A modern introduction to international law
0043410200: A Modern Introduction to International Law, Fourth Edition
0043410227: NATO Arms Co-Operation: A Study in Economics and Politics
0043410278: Law, Force and Diplomacy at Sea
0043410286: Law, Force and Diplomacy at Sea
0043410308: Political Frontiers and Boundaries
0043410367: A modern introduction to international law
0043410375: A Modern Introduction to International Law
0043433014: Maya Red
0043470017: The Company; law, structure, and reform in eleven countries (Studies of the modern corporation)
0043500153: Malays, Their Problems and Future
0043500161: Regional and Urban Studies: a Social Science Approach;
0043500250: Great Cities of the World
0043500277: Style in Administration: Readings in British Public Administration
0043500404: Direct Action and Democratic Politics
0043500544: Essays on Housing Policy
0043500587: The State in capitalist Europe: A casebook (Casebook series on European politics and society)
0043500625: Policy Styles in Western Europe
0043500668: Equity and Choice : An Essay in Economics and Applied Philosophy
0043500757: International Economic Pluralism : Economic Policy in East Asia and the Pacific
0043510353: Central Office of Information
0043510388: Government in West Africa
0043510426: Administrative theories and politics: An inquiry into the structure and processes of modern government.
0043510515: Committees of Inquiry
0043510620: Why Nations Realign : Foreign Policy Restructuring in the Post War World
0043510639: Soviet Decision Making for National Security
0043510655: Soviet Decision Making for National Security
0043510663: Foreign Policy Implementation
0043510671: Foreign Policy Implementation
0043510701: But Not for Love : Stories of Majorie Barnard and M. Barnard Eldershaw
0043510728: Sexual Subversions : Three French Feminists
0043510744: Metamorphosis
0043520278: The government of Greater London, (The new town and county hall series, no. 11)
0043520294: Town and country planning in England and Wales: The changing scene, (The new.
0043520324: Finance of Local Government
0043520340: The Urban Future: A Choice Between Alternatives
0043520359: Town and Country Planning in Britain
0043520367: Town and Country Planning in Britain, New Edition
0043520529: Democratic theory and local government.
0043520685: The reformed local government system (New local government series ; 5)
0043520707: A History of Local Government in the Twentieth Century
0043520715: A history of local government in the twentieth century
0043520871: The finance of local government (The New local government series)
0043520952: Paris and the Provinces The Politics of Local Government Reform in France
0043521002: Local Government in Britain Since Reorganisation
0043521134: Decentralization: The Territorial Dimension of the State
0043521169: Between Centre and Locality. The Politics of Public Policy
0043522149: The Politics of Local Socialism
0043522386: Southeast Asia : An Illustrated Introductory History
0043522394: Staking a Claim : Feminism, Bureacracy and the State
0043522416: You'll never get off the island: Prisoner of war, Changi, Singapore, February 1942-August 1945
0043530087: The triangular connection: America, Israel, and American Jews
0043540252: France in the Giscard Presidency
0043540287: Continuity and Change In France
0043540295: The GDR: Moscow's German ally
0043540309: The GDR: Moscow's German ally
0043540317: Honecker's Germany
0043550061: Poland, S.O.E. and the Allies
0043550126: East German Army
0043550134: New Directions in Strategic Thinking
0043550142: Soviet Military Thinking
0043550150: The East-West Strategic Balance
0043550169: Soviet Military Thinking
0043550177: The East-West Strategic Balance
0043550207: American Leadership in World Affairs - Vietnam and the Breakdown of Consensus
0043550347: Warfare in the Twentieth Century : Theory and Practice
0043550363: Vietnam Anatomy of War 1940-1975
0043580025: The button : the nuclear trigger - does it work?
0043590047: Dreadnought, a history of the modern battleship
0043590063: A naval history of England
0043590071: No more heroes: The Royal Navy in the twentieth century : anatomy of a legend
0043600166: Child Care Needs and Numbers
0043600190: Development Guide: A Directory of Non-Commercial Organisations in Britain Actively Concerned in Overseas Development & Training
0043600239: Supervision in Social Work: a Method Ofstudenttraining and Staff Development
0043600271: Claimant or client?: A social worker's view of the Supplementary Benefits Commission (National Institute social services library)
0043600298: The Welfare State: Its Aims, Benefits and Costs
0043600417: Welfare State and Welfare Society: Illusion and Reality
0043600433: Social Work in Britain, 1950-1975
0043600492: The study of social policy: A comparative approach
0043600514: Social Work And Money
0043600530: Ends and Means in Social Work: The Development and Outcome of a Case Review System for Social Workers
0043600646: Social Work As Art: Making Sense for Good Practice
0043600689: No second prize
0043600727: Australia's Financial Markets
0043610064: Essays on The Welfare State Second Eiditon with a New Chapter on The Irresponsible Society
0043610145: Comparative Development in Social Welfare
0043610226: Essays on the welfare state
0043610269: Community work : learning and supervision.
0043610277: Community work : learning & supervision.
0043610315: Social Workers and Volunteers
0043610331: Staff And Student Supervision: A Task-centred Approach
0043610439: Skills in Neighbourhood Work.
0043610463: Readings in community work
0043610501: Social Welfare and the Failure of the State: Centralized Social Services and Participatory Alternatives
0043610587: Welfare Politics in Mexico (London Research Series in Geography, No. 9)
0043610676: WHITE BOLTS, BLACK LOCKS: Participation in the Inner City
0043610692: Skills in Neighbourhood Work.
0043620108: Mother and Baby Homes : A Survey of Homes for Unmarried Mothers
0043620191: Helping the aged: A field experiment in social work, (National Institute for Social Work Training series)
0043620205: Helping the Aged : A Field Experiment in Social Work (National Institute Social Services Library)
0043620256: The National Health Service : the first phase 1948-1974 and after.
0043620264: The National Health Service : the first phase 1948-1974 & after.
0043620280: Child Abuse
0043620299: The Adopted child comes of age.
0043620302: The Adopted child comes of age.
0043620558: Sheltered Housing for The Elderly: Policy, Practice and the Consumer
0043620574: The Supportive Network: Coping with Old Age (National Institute Social Services Library)
0043620590: Practice of Social Work With Groups
0043620604: Practice of Social Work With Groups
0043630057: Policing a perplexed society
0043630065: Policing a Perplexed Society
0043630073: In the Wake of the Flood: Buffalo Creek Disaster
0043630111: Interpreting Police Work
0043640060: Inside the Underworld
0043640079: Wrongful Imprisonment Mistaken Convictions and Their Consequences
0043640087: The prisoner's release;: A study of the employment of ex-prisoners;
0043640125: Criminology: The New and Completely Revised Edition of the Standard Scandinavian Study
0043640206: Crime in Wartime: A Social History of Crime in World War II
0043640214: Dangerousness: Problems of Assessment and Prediction
0043640222: In the Underworld
0043640230: HIGH TIME
0043700098: Discipline of Education
0043700322: Ethics and education
0043700470: History of education in Nigeria
0043700608: Moral Philosophy for Education (Education Books)
0043700748: Common Sense and the Curriculum
0043700780: The place of commonsense in educational thought.
0043700802: Education and the Social Order
0043700829: Patterns of Education in the British Isles
0043700853: Philosophical Foundations for the Curriculum
0043700896: Philosophy & human movement.
0043700926: Studies in the History of Educational Theory : Artifice and Nature, 1350-1765
0043700942: Diversity and Unity in Education
0043700969: Educating Adolescent Girls
0043701078: Moral Development and Moral Education
0043701132: Education in Africa
0043701140: Education in the Soviet Union: Policies and Institutions since Stalin
0043701167: Education and the Value of Knowledge (Introductory Studies in Philosophy of Education)
0043701221: Means and Ends in Education
0043701299: Democracy, Schooling and Political Education
0043701477: Education in the Soviet Union: Policies and Institutions Since Stalin
0043701515: Positive Teaching: The Behavioral Approach
0043701531: Equality and Freedom in Education : A Comparative Study
0043701574: Feeling and Reason in the Arts
0043701590: Freedom and Discipline (Introductory Studies in Philosophy of Education) by...
0043701647: Action research in classrooms and schools
0043701655: Action Research in Classrooms and Schools
0043701728: Understanding Educational Aims
0043701825: Dispossession : Black Australians and White Invaders
0043701868: Women, Rites and Sites: Aboriginal Women's Cultural Knowledge
0043701922: The Hawke-Keating Hijack: The ALP in Transition
0043710018: LIVING HISTORY
0043710107: Fifteen plus: School leavers and the outside world
0043710158: Political elites
0043710182: Learning in the Primary School (Unwin Education Books, 9)
0043710301: Teaching Morality and Religion
0043710379: History & the History Teacher
0043710468: Beyond Initial Reading (Unwin Education Books; 28)
0043710514: For Art's Sake
0043710522: For Art's Sake?: A Strategic Approach to Teaching Art in Schools Classroom Close Ups 6
0043710530: Developing a Curriculum by Nicholls, Audrey
0043710670: Using the Magnetboard
0043720048: The Playground Movement
0043720080: Approaches to Drama (Unwin Education Books, 15)
0043720102: Focus on Meaning: Talking to Some Purpose With Young Children
0043720358: Pre-School Playgroups
0043720366: Education in Northern Nigeria
0043720439: News and Power
0043730027: INDICATIVE PAST A Hundred Years of the Girl's Public Day School Trust
0043730035: The Countesthorpe Experience (Unwin Education Bks.)
0043740022: The poor cousin: A study of adult education
0043740030: The Poor Cousin : A Study of Adult Education
0043760058: Folk Art Applique Quilts
0043780040: Power and Authority in British Universities
0043780067: Divided Self : A Biography of Arishima Takeo
0043780091: Life for Every Sleeper
0043780105: The Cliff Hardy Omnibus: Empty Beach; Make Me Rich; Greenwich Apartments
0043800084: How to run a conference
0043800173: Fashion Marketing An Anthology of Viewpoints and Perspectives
0043800181: Transport Organisation in a Great City
0043800211: Liberty's: A biography of a shop
0043800262: Minus Millionaires, Or, How to Blow a Fortune
0043800289: Communications and the Media in Australia
0043800300: Australian Television : Programs, Pleasures and Politics
0043820107: Export performance and the pressure of demand: A study of firms, (University of York studies in economics)
0043820115: Trade Strategy and the Asian Pacific Region
0043820166: Realities of Free Trade: Two Industry Studies
0043820190: The Politics of International Economic Relations
0043820204: Oil Companies in the International System
0043820212: Readings in International Economics
0043820220: Oil companies in the international system
0043820247: Budgetary Politics: The Finances of the European Communities
0043820255: Development Economics and Policy Readings
0043820263: Development Economics and Policy Readings
0043820298: Economic Divergence In the European Community
0043820301: The European Community and Its Mediterranean Enlargement.
0043820328: International Institutions in Trade and Finance
0043820336: International Institutions in Trading and Finance
0043820344: International Politics of Surplus Capacity
0043820360: The Newly Industrializing Countries: Trade and Adjustment
0043820387: Export Strategy: Markets and Competition
0043820395: Power of Speech: A History of Standard Telephones and Cables 1883-1983
0043820417: Paths to International Political Economy
0043820425: Paths to International Political Economy
0043820468: The Federal Republic of Germany and the European Community
0043840027: Image and influence: Studies in the sociology of film
0043850189: Trains We Loved.
0043850391: Great Central Steam.
0043850421: The history of the electric locomotive
0043850499: THE MIDLAND MAIN LINE, 1875-1922
0043850502: Our Railway History.
0043850529: Rail, Steam and Speed
0043850553: Joseph Locke: Railway Revolutionary
0043850561: The rapid transit railways of the world,
0043850588: The lore of the train,
0043850642: Our Railway History 3ed
0043850650: The Engine That Passed
0043850669: A History of London Transport. Volume I: The Nineteenth Century
0043850693: G.J. Churchward, A Locomotive Biography.
0043850707: Steam's Indian Summer
0043850715: The birth of British Rail (Steam past)
0043850782: Man of the Southern
0043850790: Maunsell's Nelsons
0043850847: TRAINS TO NOWHERE British Steam Train Accidents 1906-1960 (Steam Past Series)
0043850871: History of the LMS I the First Years 192
0043850898: On & Off the Rails
0043850936: History of the LMS II the Record Breakin
0043850979: History of the LMS III the War Years & N
0043850987: South West Railwayman
0043851029: Sanseidoƕs Daily Concise English Dictionary
0043860052: Journeys of the 'Swan'
0043860060: Inland Waterways of England.
0043870031: THE TRADE MAKERS.
0043870058: Flying Off Course: The Economics of International Airlines
0043900011: Black Eros
0043900046: Person to Person
0043900054: The Art of Easter Island.
0043910033: In Fashion: Dress in the Twentieth Century
0043910068: Skin to Skin, Eroticism in Dress
0043910092: A Century of Style
0043910122: Dressing Up Dressing Down
0043940013: The Festivals of Nepal.
0043940021: Chinese Art of Tea
0043960057: The Woman Movement: Feminism in the United States and England
0043980015: Apples of immortality: Folktales of Armenia (UNESCO collection of representative works: series of translations from the literature of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
0043980066: The Catalpa Bow : A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan
0043980082: Catalpa Bow : A Study of Shamanistic Practices in Japan
0044000073: Language: Its Nature, Development & Origin.
0044000189: The story of the English language, by Pei, Mario
0044000200: On the Wisdom of Words
0044000286: No Man Is an Island
0044000731: Blue Dreams
0044000839: Bucher: My Story
0044001215: The Child Healers
0044001541: Count Brass
0044001711: The Dakota Project
0044002491: Famous American Plays of the 1950's
0044003269: Growing Up Female In America: Ten Lives
0044003633: Scream Along With Me
0044004303: Judy's Journey
0044004486: Dog For You
0044005326: Marauders' Moon
0044005415: Don't Say Yes When You Want To Say No
0044005490: Encounter with Anthropology
0044005652: Mind To Mind
0044005806: Moon's a Balloon
0044006004: Wherever Lynn Goes
0044006659: One Night With Nora
0044006780: An Overdose of Death
0044007310: Blue Dreams
0044008139: The Science Fiction Bestiary
0044008163: SOUL ON ICE
0044008570: Teenage Jobs; Full Time Part Time Anny Of The Year
0044009178: 12 Stories For Late At Night
0044011121: The Chicken Chronicles
0044016778: THE OUTSIDER
0044018533: Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons
0044020848: Dictionary of Mythology
0044021275: The Complete Book of Food Counts
0044024126: TAKEN - Paperback
0044070047: Language in teaching and learning (Unwin education books ; no. 36)
0044070179: Language and Literature : A Reader in Stylistics (Aspects of English Ser.)
0044070209: Language Planning and Language Education
0044070225: Reading Children's Writing
0044100027: Generative Grammar and Linguistic Competence
0044100043: Foundations of General Linguistics
0044101570: Alien Planet: Kidnapped Into Utopia
0044102275: ANDROID AT ARMS
0044110480: Chronocules
0044111622: The Complete Werewolf and Other Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction
0044122365: Exiles of The Stars
0044122640: Fall of the Towers, The
0044125461: From The Legend of Biel
0044131755: The Veiled World (38058)
0044136331: The Second If Reader of Science Fiction
0044143672: Key Out of Time
0044147023: The Land That Time Forgot
0044147805: Left Hand of Darkness
0044153570: The Missionaries
0044164475: Out of This World
0044165102: Panhandle Pistolero
0044165994: Perry Rhodan #2: The Radiant Dome
0044166028: Perry Rhodan #45: Unknown Sector - Milky Way
0044166036: Perry Rhodan #53: Spybot!
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