0045910189: Estimating the Size of Animal Populations
0045910219: Parasitic Protozoa
0045910227: Parasitic Protozoa
0045916063: Death of a Courier (Narc #2)
0045950105: INSECTS IN FLIGHT A Glimpse Behind the Scenes in Biophysical Research
0045970033: Inshore Fishes of the Arabian Gulf (The Natural History of the Arabian Gulf series)
0045990085: River Wolf
0046000038: Innovation and Productivity under Nationalisation: The First Thirty Years
0046040021: CONTROLLING CHEMICAL HAZARDS: Fundamentals of the Management of Toxic Chemicals
0046100040: The Value of Medicine
0046100067: Yamaha Service Repair Handbook: 80-175Cc Enduro and Motorcross, 1968-1978
0046100180: Feminine/Masculine and Representation
0046100199: Through White Eyes
0046110038: The body
0046120017: The Greek;: A novel
0046120211: Utopian Motherhood, New Trends in Human Reproduction
0046120416: Human Neurophysiology:
0046128027000: Three For The Bobcat
0046130187: How Not to Die Young
0046130373: Do It Yourself Shiatsu How To Perform TH
0046130586: The Art of Sensual Massage
0046140018: The African Trypanosomiases
0046140050: Alzheimers What it Is
0046140190: Goodbye to Romance: Stories by New Zealand and Australian Women Writers, 1930-1988
0046140220: I Shall Not Die
0046160108: The Child and Reality
0046160116: Psychiatrists
0046160167: Headaches
0046160264: Acupuncture: From Ancient Art to Modern Medicine
0046160299: Psychoanalysis and Zen Buddhism
0046160302: Psychiatry for Beginners
0046180125: The family and the handicapped child: A study of cerebral palsied children in their homes
0046180168: Take Care Of Your Elderly Relative
0046190015: Experimentation with human subjects;
0046200177: Planning and Design of Engineering Systems
0046200185: Planning and Design of Engineering Systems
0046200193: Boundary Element Methods in Elastodynamics
0046200207: Analytical And Computational Methods In Engineering Rock Mechanics
0046210164: Introduction to semiconductor devices;: Diodes, bipolar transistors, JFETs, IGFETs, SCRs and integrated circuits
0046210172: Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
0046210180: Telecommunication Systems Design Vol. 1 : Transmission Systems
0046210229: Telecommunications. A Systems Approach
0046210245: Perpetual motion: The history of an obsession
0046210296: Telecommunications Systems Design (v.2)
0046220054: Rock Mechanics for Underground Mining
0046230092: A History of Seamanship
0046230122: Vehicles at War
0046240020: Geology for Civil Engineers
0046240047: Earth Structures Engineering
0046240063: Geology for Civil Engineers
0046240071: Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer
0046240098: Plastic Design: An Imposed Hinge Rotation Approach
0046240101: Computers in Construction Planning and Control
0046250026: British Railway Signalling: A Survey of Fifty Years' Progress
0046250042: SCOTTISH LOCOMOTIVE HISTORY: 1831 TO 1923,
0046250050: Bulleid's Pacifics
0046270043: Hydraulics in Civil Engineering
0046270108: Free Surface Hydraulics
0046290141: The dangerous sort: The story of a balloon;
0046300074: Country life
0046300120: Fight for Food
0046300147: The Green Revolution Revisited: Critique and Alternatives
0046310096: The Formation of soil material.
0046310118: Soil Processes (processes In Physical Geography Ser.)
0046310134: Soil Survey and Land Evaluation
0046310142: Soil Survey And Land Evaluation
0046350098: A Pattern of Herbs: Herbs for Goodness, Food and Health and How to Identify and Grow Them
0046360085: Colourpoint Longhair and Himalayan Cats
0046380019: Bees and mankind
0046400028: Conservation at Home: A Practical Handbook
0046410112: The Ulcer Diet Cook Book
0046410120: The art of vegetarian cookery
0046410244: Fine Things
0046410376: Minerals and Your Health.
0046410481: Allergies: ...What Everyone Should Know
0046410538: Story of a Treaty
0046490019: Book of Child Care
0046490159: Living with a Toddler
0046490264: Supertot: A Parent's Guide to Toddlers
0046490345: Book of Child Care
0046490418: Baby Language
0046490434: Relax and be Happy
0046490442: Pen Portraits: Women Writers and Journalism in Nineteenth Century Australia
0046500022: Dealing with the Japanese
0046508805: Unloving Care: The Nursing Home Tragedy.
0046550119: Song and Words
0046550135: The Printing Unwins, A Short History of Unwin Brothers, The Gresham Press 1826 - 1976
0046550143: The Truth About Publishing
0046580298: Management techniques: A practical guide (International business management series)
0046580395: Managing For Profit: the added value concept,
0046580441: A management system for the seventies
0046581340: Systems Analysis in Business
0046581359: Organizational Design for Marketing Futures.
0046581375: The Organization Gap, Designing Practical Organization Structures & Management Information Systems By The Use of decision Centre Analysis,
0046581421: Computers, Management & Information,
0046581685: Decisions, Strategies and New Ventures : Modern Tools for Top Management
0046581693: British factory, Japanese factory;: The origins of national diversity in...
0046581715: Management of Design Services, The.
0046582118: Devaluation and Pricing Decisions: A Case Study Approach
0046582134: Job evaluation: A critical review (Unwin professional management library)
0046582142: Job evaluation: A critical review (Unwin professional management library)
0046582185: Making computers pay (Unwin professional management library)
0046582207: Computer by the Tail. A User's Guide to Computer Management
0046582223: Patterns of business organization
0046582231: Patterns of Business Organization
0046582339: Solving Local Government Problems: Practical Applications of Operations Research in Cities and Regions
0046582347: Marketing in Perspective
0046582355: Marketing in Perspective
0046582371: Approaches in Public Policy
0046582401: International Marketing: A Strategic Approach to World Markets
0046582436: Competitive Marketing: A Strategic Approach
0046582444: The Change Masters: Corporate Entrepreneurs at Work (Counterpoint S.)
0046582460: Practical Export Management
0046582479: Practical Export Management
0046582487: The Risk Takers : Portraits of Money, Ego and Power
0046582525: Creating Excellence
0046582533: Risk Takers, The: Portraits of Money, Ego and Power
0046582584: A woman of good character: Single women as immigrant settlers in nineteenth-century New Zealand
0046650016: Chronology of Venezuelan oil
0046690042: Metallurgy of Welding, Brazing and Soldering
0046690085: Metallurgy of Welding
0046710035: Mechanical Treatment of Metals, Illustrated
0046710043: Physical metallurgy of engineering materials (Physical metallurgy)
0047010045: Meaning In The Arts
0047010061: Surrealism the Road To the Absolute
0047010096: Art and the Occult
0047010142: An Introduction to Design & Culture in the Twentieth Century
0047010169: History of Art
0047040017: Animals with Human Faces
0047072512: The Disappearing Dog Trick
0047090189: Viking Art
0047090200: Design History.
0047110023: Social Research Techniques for Planners
0047110058: London souvenirs
0047110112: Town and Country Planning in Britain
0047110139: Town and country planning in Britain: J.B. Cullingworth (The New local government series)
0047110147: Urban and regional planning by Hall, Peter Geoffrey
0047110201: Intelligent Planning: Meaningful Methods for Sensitive Situations
0047110236: Shelter, Settlement, and Development
0047125721: Neurobiology of Taste and Smell
0047154780: Making the Deal: Quick Tips for Successful Negotiating
0047190019: Countryside conservation: The protection and management of amenity ecosystems (The Resource management series)
0047200227: The Country House in the 1980s
0047200235: Edwin Lutyens
0047200243: William Talman: Maverick Architect
0047200251: William Talman: Maverick Architect.
0047200278: Athenian Stuart Pioneer of The Greek Revival
0047200308: Axel Haig and the Victorian Vision of the Middle Ages
0047200324: Indian Style
0047200332: Stabilisation, disinfection, and odour control in sewage sludge treatment: An annotated bibliography covering the period 1950-1983
0047222565: Scotland's Century: Autobiography of the
0047240016: Egyptian Revival an Introductory Study O
0047240024: Understanding Modern Architect
0047250011: Heavenly caves; reflections on the garden grotto.
0047282312: Nobody's Cat
0047290013: An illustrated dictionary of ornament
0047300108: Art From Found materials Discarded and Natural
0047300116: Creative Gold-and Silversmithing
0047300167: A New Look at Needlepoint
0047300205: Contemporary Decoupage:New Plastic Materials, New and Traditional Processes
0047300299: Contemporary African arts and crafts: On-site working with art forms and...
0047390018: Monumental Brasses
0047390026: Macklin's Monumental Brasses: Including a Bibliography and a List of Figure Brasses Remaining in Churches in the United Kingdom
0047390034: Macklins Monumental Brasses
0047390050: Children on Brasses
0047390069: Macklin's Monumental Brasses:Including a Bibliography and a List of Figure Brasses Remaining in Churches in the United Kingdom: Including a Bibliography and a List of Figure Brasses Remaining in Churches in the United Kingdom
0047410019: THE BEAUTIFUL ISLAND An Adult Fantasy
0047410035: Picture by J.R.R. Tolkien
0047450029: All things bright and beautiful;: Design in Britain, 1830 to today
0047450053: Collage and Assemblage: Trends and Techniques
0047460059: Persian and Other Oriental Carpets for Today
0047460121: Caucasian Rugs of Yesterday
0047460148: Rugs To Riches an Insider Guide To Oriental Ru
0047460164: Mourning Dress: A Costume and Social History
0047460172: Collecting Costume the Care & Display Of
0047460210: Rugs to Riches
0047480017: Complete Book of Creative Glass Art
0047480033: English Glass and the Glass Used in England Circa 400-1940
0047480041: Silver in England
0047490098: Short Dictionary of Furniture
0047780029: The Making of the Living Planet
0047800062: Brahms: His Life and Work
0047800135: Beethoven, His Spiritual Development
0047800178: Soviet Composers and the Development of Soviet Music
0047800186: Musical Impressions: Selections from Paul Rosenfeld's Criticism. Ed. with an Intro. by Herbert A. Leibowitz.
0047800224: Wagner writes from Paris: Stories, essays, and articles by the young composer
0047800240: THE PROMS and the Men Who Made Them
0047800267: Haydn - A Creative Life In Music
0047820012: Braunsweg's ballet scandals: The life of an impresario and the story of Festival Ballet
0047820020: Ballet scandals
0047820039: Sound of Their Music Story of Rogers and H
0047850027: Enter the Giants: The Best of Jazz
0047890029: Collecting Musical Boxes and How to Repair Them
0047890045: Clockwork Music: An Illustrated History of Mechanical Musical Instruments from the Musical Box to the Pianola from Automaton Lady Virginal Players to Orchestrion.
0047900024: Recreation Research and Planning: A Symposium
0047910097: The History of the British Film 1914-1918
0047910178: The art of W. C. Fields,
0047910186: Comedy films, 1894-1954;
0047910216: History of British Film 1918-1929
0047910240: Young Soviet Film Makers
0047910259: Living cinema: new directions in contemporary film-making;: With the collaboration of Nicole Rouzet-Albagli;
0047910267: Living cinema: new directions in contemporary film-making;: With the collaboration of Nicole Rouzet-Albagli;
0047910283: The film business: A history of British cinema, 1896-1972
0047910291: The shadow in the cave;: A study of the relationship between the broadcaster, his audience and the state
0047910321: Hollywood and After: The Changing Face of American Cinema.
0047920092: The Iceman, the Arsonist and the Troubled Agent: Tragedy and Melodrama on the Modern Stage
0047920106: Going to Shakespeare
0047920114: Make'em Laugh-Famous Comedians and Their Worlds
0047930144: Aco-Lites Quiz.
0047930160: Cards on the Table: Or, The Art of Guessing Right
0047930179: The ABC of contract bridge: being a complete outline of the Acol bidding system and the card play of contract bridge especially prepared for beginners,
0047930187: Precision bridge
0047930322: All about Acol (Unwin Paperbacks Ser.)
0047930330: Acol-Ite's Quiz
0047930446: Bid Boldly Play Safe
0047930519: Learn Bridge With the Lederers
0047930527: Aces and Places: The International Bridge Circuit
0047930551: Bridge Table Tales
0047930578: The Only Chance
0047930861: Your Lead Partner
0047940050: Not Only Chess: A Selection of Chessays
0047940085: Karpov vs. Korchnoi: World Chess Championship, 1978
0047940131: Tactical Chess Endings
0047940158: Best chess games 1970-80.
0047940166: Best Chess Games, 1970-80
0047940174: Positional Chess
0047940204: Solving in Style
0047940212: Chess Curiosities
0047940220: Moscow Marathon: The World Chess Championship, 1984-85
0047960248: A Place of Execution
0047960345: Mountain World
0047960442: Twickenham
0047960450: ROAD RACE
0047960485: Ski-wise
0047960493: A history of cricket
0047960515: Thinking Rugby
0047960523: GERALD DAVIES. An Autobiography.
0047960558: Tich' Freeman and the Decline of the Leg-Break Bowler.
0047960647: Test Match Special: Bk. 1
0047960841: A Walk to the Wicket
0047960892: The Guide to Real Village Cricket
0047960973: As I Said at the Time: A Lifetime of Cricket
0047961066: Chinese Soft Exercise: A T'ai Chi Workbook
0047961074: Swim + Bike + Run, Triathlon: The Sporting Trinity
0047961139: Fair Game: Myth and Reality in Sport
0047970022: Knowing rowing: An illustrated introduction to rowing and sculling
0047980028: The Flat: Flat racing in Britain Since 1939
0047990082: Hunting - Hunters, Game Weapons and Hunting Methods From the Remote Past to the Present Day
0047990090: Aqualung diving: A complete and practical guide to the underwater world,
0047990139: JUNGLES LONG AGO - Paperback
0047990147: Come Dawn, Come Dusk: Fifty Years a Gamekeeper
0047990171: The Trout Lochs of Scotland
0047990198: The Ever-Rolling Stream
0047990228: The Trout Lochs of Scotland: a Fisherman's Guide
0047990333: Flyfishing Around the World the Interna
0047990341: A Fly on the Water
0048000027: Robinson Crusoe
0048000035: Ulysses
0048000043: Paradise Lost
0048000078: Paradise Lost
0048000140: Backgrounds for Joyce's Dubliners
0048000159: Waste Land
0048000167: The Design of Biographia Literaria
0048000175: POPE'S 'ESSAY ON MAN'
0048000183: Freud and the culture of Psychoanalysis:
0048000191: Order from Confusion Sprung: Studies in Eighteenth Century Literature from Swift to Cowper
0048000264: The Ambassadors
0048000280: Martin Chuzzlewit (Unwin Critical Library)
0048000337: Tristram Shandy
0048000345: How Unpleasant to Meet Mr. Eliot!
0048000396: The art of failure: Conrad's fiction
0048000434: GOETHE'S FAUST
0048000728: Montaigne's Essais
0048000752: Lady Chatterley: The Making of the Novel
0048000779: Huckleberry Finn : Unwin Critical Library
0048000795: Locke's Two Treatises of Government.
0048000809: Lord Jim
0048000876: The Iliad (Unwin Critical Library)
0048000981: Short Season Between Two Silences
0048010103: Critics on Jane Austen
0048010138: Critics on D. H. Lawrence
0048010146: Five for freedom;: A study of feminism in fiction
0048010162: Critics on Henry James: Readings in literary criticism (Readings in literary criticism ; 18)
0048010219: Picturing: Description and Illusion in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
0048010235: Sentiment of Reality
0048030015: Complete Guide Middle Earth from the Hobbit to The Silmarillion
0048030023: The Complete Guide to Middle Earth.
0048070025: Classical and Christian ideas in English Renaissance poetry: A students' guide
0048070033: Classical and Christian Ideas in English Renaissance Poetry
0048080071: Notes to the Hurrying Man: Poems, Winter '66 - Summer '68
0048080152: The House That Jack Built:Poems for Shelter: Poems for Shelter.
0048080160: A lasting joy;
0048080195: Poems from Korea: From the Earliest Era to the Present
0048080217: Poets to the People: South African Freedom Poems
0048080241: A Lasting Joy : An Anthology (Unwin Paperbacks Ser.)
0048080276: Violets and Vinegar : An Anthology of Women's Writings and Sayings
0048080292: All The Best People the pick of Peterborough 1929-1945.
0048080314: The First Cuckoo
0048080322: The Poetry of Geology
0048080330: Amazing Times!
0048080365: The Second Cuckoo: A Further Selection of Witty, Amusing, and Memorable Letters to The Times
0048080403: First Cuckoo: Letters to the Times Since 1900
0048080411: Accidental Times: A Selection of Bizarre and Amusing Victorian Accidents from the Times
0048080470: Treasury of courage and Confidence
0048080497: The Second Cuckoo: A New Selection of Letters to The Times since 1900
0048080500: Remarkabilia
0048080535: Famous financial fiascos
0048080551: Room two more guns: The intriguing history of the personal column of the Times
0048080632: The Last cuckoo: The very best letters to the Times since 1900 by
0048090034: The Murder Book: An Illustrated History of the Detective Story
0048090042: The politics of Irish literature: from Thomas Davis to W. B. Yeats,
0048090077: Critical Enterprise: English Studies in Higher Education.
0048090115: THE INKLINGS.
0048090123: Against the Age: An Introduction to William Morris
0048090158: Culture and Society in Contemporary Europe: A Casebook (Casebook Series on European Politics and Society ; No. 2)
0048090174: Disraeli the novelist
0048110027: Pound's Cantos.
0048200131: When Honour's at the Stake:Ideas of Honour in Shakespeare's Plays
0048200158: Tree and Leaf ; Smith of Wootton Major ; The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth, Beorhthelm's Son
0048200182: Some Other Country
0048200190: Dragon Smoke and Magic Song
0048200204: The Empty Beach
0048200247: Big Drop
0048200263: Deal me out: A Cliff Hardy novel
0048200271: Outlaws of the Marsh
0048200301: Greenwich Apartments
0048200336: The Dragon of Mith
0048210242: Critics on Chaucer
0048210250: Critics of Blake
0048210269: Buddhist poems: a selection, 1920-1970
0048210277: The Irrelevant Song
0048210285: The irrelevant song
0048210307: Chaucer and Middle English Studies in Honour of Rossell Hope Robbins
0048210315: Critics on Dryden, Readings in Literary Criticism
0048210323: Critics on T. S. Eliot: Readings in literary criticism (Readings in literary criticism ; 14)
0048210358: Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, Pearl, Sir Orfeo
0048210366: The irrelevant song
0048210374: Vanishing Trick
0048210382: Vanishing Trick
0048210404: Little Johnny's Confession
0048210412: Grave Gossip
0048210420: Shakespeare's Sonnets (Unwin critical library)
0048210463: The Irrelevant Song
0048210471: Notes to the Hurrying Man
0048210498: Vanishing Trick.
0048210544: The inner journey of the poet, and other papers
0048210552: Shakespeare's Sonnets
0048210579: Attila the Stockbroker - the Rising Sons of Ranting Verse - Cautioary Tales for Dead Commuters
0048220345: Shaw the Dramatist
0048220353: Shakespeare, Santayana, And the Comic
0048220396: What's in Shakespeare's Names
0048220418: The Playboy of the Western World and Riders to the Sea
0048220426: Changing Styles In Shakespeare
0048230170: The Bridge on the Drina
0048230308: Salka Valka
0048230456: THE LORD OF THE RINGS: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, Being the Three Parts (Three Volumes Trilogy Set )
0048230472: The Return of the King.
0048230685: Farmer Giles of Ham
0048230693: The Hobbit
0048230707: the hobbit
0048230871: Lord of the Rings
0048230936: Red Moon and Black Mountain
0048230944: Boy In A Barn
0048230979: Pillar of fire: Hi no hashira; (Unesco Asian fiction series)
0048231010: JUMPING MOUSE, Double Signed Copy
0048231118: The girl in the grove
0048231126: Fellowship of the Ring Uk Edition :Lotr 1
0048231134: The Two Towers
0048231142: The Return of the King
0048231150: Surprise
0048231177: Ugly Rumors
0048231185: Docherty
0048231193: The Glory of the Empire
0048231215: Smith of Wootton Major
0048231223: Stephen Decatur, the Devil, and the Endymion
0048231231: MR. MOON'S LAST CASE.
0048231258: Farmer Giles of Ham/The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
0048231266: The Hobbit
0048231274: Hobbit De-Luxe
0048231282: The second Mrs Whitberg: A novel
0048231304: The Father Christmas Letters
0048231312: Farmer Giles of Ham
0048231320: Testkill
0048231339: The Exploits of Saucy Squirrel
0048231371: The Grey Mane of Morning
0048231398: Silmarillion
0048231436: The Further Exploits of Mr. Saucy Squirrel
0048231479: Hobbit HB
0048231495: Lord of the Rings
0048231509: The Film Book of J.R.R. Tolkien's the Lord of the Rings Animated Movie
0048231533: The Silmarillion
0048231541: Hobbit
0048231568: The Lord of the Rings. Part 2, The two towers
0048231576: The Return of the King, Being the Third Part of The Lord of the Rings
0048231746: Poems and Stories
0048231754: Giftwish
0048231797: Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-Earth
0048231819: Trip in a Balloon
0048231843: Catchfire
0048231851: Fellowship of the Ring : Being the First Part of the Lord of the Rings
0048231878: Return of the King : Being the Third Part of the Lord of the Rings
0048231886: Hobbit PB
0048232017: The Last of Danu's Children
0048232084: Unfinished Tales
0048232092: Asgard
0048232157: Mr. Bliss
0048232165: The Tolkien Box Set: The Hobbit and the Three-volumes of The Lord of the Rings.
0048232173: Curial & Guelfa Translated From Catalan
0048232297: Lord of the Rings
0048232300: Silmarillion
0048232319: The Charwoman’s Shadow
0048232343: Figures of Earth
0048232386: Book of Lost Tales Vol. 1 : The History of Middle-Earth
0048232394: Lands of Never an Anthology of Modern F
0048232408: The High Kings
0048232424: The Silver Stallion
0048232467: Divine Endurance
0048232491: The Castle of Dark (Unicorn S.)
0048232513: Fishers of Darksea
0048232521: The Mark of the Assassin
0048232548: Beyond Lands of Never: A Further Anthology of Modern Fantasy
0048232556: Daybreak on a Different Mountain
0048232564: Greensight
0048232580: The Frozen City
0048232629: Seven Citadels: 4 - The Seventh Gate 4
0048232637: Escape Plans
0048232645: The Soul Master
0048232653: Book of Lost Tales
0048232661: Warrior Who Carried Life, The
0048232726: The Badger of Ghissi
0048232734: Illustrated Hobbit
0048232777: Lays of Beleriand
0048232793: Shaping of Middle-Earth : The Quenta, The Ambarkanta and The Annals
0048232815: Book of Lost Tales Vol. 1 : The History of Middle-Earth
0048232823: Jormundgand Uk
0048232831: FRITH N KRISHNA
0048232882: CARD OS HART'S HOPE
0048232947: The Warrior Who Carried Life
0048232963: Divine Endurance.
0048233005: Initiate
0048233013: The Soul Master
0048233064: The Prince of Stars (The Prince of Stars in the Cavern of Time)
0048233137: KHALINDAINE
0048233196: Road and the Hills Book One of a Walk In T
0048233234: The Red Magician.
0048233269: The Witch in the Cave
0048233366: Second Nature
0048233374: Dream Wall
0048233382: Book of Lost Tales
0048233412: The Hour of the Thin Ox
0048233439: DRAGONSBANE
0048233447: Escape Plans
0048233455: The Dream Years
0048233463: Daybreak on a Different Mountain
0048233471: The ice Monkey
0048233498: Lost Road and Other Writings
0048233528: Swordspoint
0048233579: The Unconquered Country
0048233587: SECOND NATURE
0048233595: The Princess of Flames
0048233633: The Dream Wall
0048233668: A Place Among the Fallen (Omaran Sage Book 1)
0048233781: Other Edens
0048233846: Throne Of Fools
0048240087: Sesame and Lilies
0048240141: Tree & Leaf
0048260037: Dear Bertrand Russell... A Selection of His Correspondence with the General Public. 1950-1968. Introduced & Edited by Barry Feinberg & Ronald Kasrils.
0048260045: Reflections of a Friendship: John Ruskin's Letters to Pauline Trevelyan 1848-1866
0048260053: Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien
0048270105: Salome Dear, Not in the Fridge!
0048270164: English Verse Satire 1590 1765
0048270172: Quote Unquote
0048270180: Graffiti Lives O. K.
0048270199: NEVER RUB BOTTOMS WITH A PORCUPINE! and other gems from the New Statesman Weekend Competitions 1968-1978
0048270202: Quote...unquote
0048270229: Nigel Rees Presents the quote--Unquote Book of Love, Death, and the Universe
0048270237: Graffiti 2
0048270490: The Graffiti file
0048270644: Slogans
0048270660: Graffiti 4
0048270679: This England
0048270733: Black Sand,White Sand (Black Sand,White Sand)
0048270946: Soul Master
0048271136: A who's who of nicknames
0048271357: Memories of Midnight
0048271373: The Vicar the Scouts and the Bus
0048271438: Grave Moments or Dead But Hardly Buried
0048271470: Great Eccentrics
0048271500: Graffiti 5
0048271527: LBW: Laughter Before Wickett.
0048271586: The Drunken Goldfish
0048271624: French Widow in Every Room
0048280038: Madly Singing in the Mountains: Appreciation and Anthology of Arthur Waley
0048280046: Belloc: a Biographical Anthology
0048280054: The Kingsleys: A biographical anthology;
0048280062: Landor; a biographical anthology
0048290017: Beowulf and the Finnesburg Fragment : A Translation Into Modern English Prose
0048390011: Norwegian Folk Tales
0048400017: Prelude To the Enlightenment French Lit
0048400025: Medieval song: An anthology of hymns and lyrics;
0048410039: Song of Roland:the Oxford Text
0048420034: Angels of Darkness:Dramatic Effect in Samuel Beckett with Special Reference to Eugene Ionesco: Dramatic Effect in Samuel Beckett with Special Reference to Eugene Ionesco
0048420042: Angels of Darkness Dramatic Effect in Be
0048622028: A Treasury of Design for Artists and Craftsmen
0048640786: captains courageous
0048740055: Catullus
0048760013: Pliny, Selections from the Letters
0048800015: Many-minded Homer an introduction
0048820210: Frogs
0048820385: Euripides the Medea
0048820423: Trojan Women
0048820482: Antigone
0048890014: Selected poems
0048910082: Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
0048910147: The Dream Of A Queer Fellow & The Pushkin Speech
0048910295: Bhagavad Gita
0048910333: Three Mughal poets: Mir, Sauda, Mir Hasan, (UNESCO collection of representative works)
0048910341: The world of Premchand: Selected stories of Premchand; (UNESCO Asian fiction series)
0048910384: An anthology of Sinhalese literature up to 1815; (UNESCO collection of representative works)
0048910392: Novel in India Its Birth & Development
0048910406: Poems by Faiz; (UNESCO collection of representative works. Pakistan series)
0048910414: like water, like fire
0048910449: The Real Chekhov
0048910481: Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana
0048910503: The Koka Shastra: Being the Ratirahasya of Kokkoka and other medieval Indian writings on love
0048922595: FOLK DANCES AROUND THE WORLD, VOLUME 1 The United States and Mexico
0048950122: Poetry and Career of Li Po
0048950165: The Malice of Empire
0048950173: Footprints in the snow: A novel of Meiji Japan; (UNESCO Asian fiction series)
0048950211: Chinese poems.
0048950262: New Songs from a Jade Terrace
0048950270: Chinese Poems
0049000063: Twentieth Century.
0049000128: Agrarian problems in the sixteenth century and after (Historical problems: studies and documents)
0049000136: Agrarian Problems in the Sixteenth Century and Afgter
0049000144: English Rural Society, 1200-1350
0049000152: English Rural Society
0049000209: Twenties
0049000241: The Harvest of Hellenism: A History of the Near East from Alexander the Great to the Triumph of Christianity
0049000314: German Peasant War Fifteen Twenty-Five: New Viewpoints
0049000322: The German Peasant War of 1525: New Viewpoints
0049000330: Women in Public: The Women's Movement 1850-1900
0049000349: Women in Public: The Women's Movement, 1850-1900
0049000357: The World of the Italian Renaissance
0049000365: The World of the Italian Renaissance
0049000373: American Indian Policy and American Reform : Case Studies of the Campaign to Assimilate the American Indians
0049010085: The Decline of the West 2 volumes: I: Form and Actuality; II: Perspectives of World-History
0049010123: The Irish question, 1840-1921: A commentary on Anglo-Irish relations and on social and political forces in Ireland in the age of reform and revolution
0049010131: The Irish Question, 1840-1921: A Commentary On Anglo-irish Relations And On Social And Political Forces In Ireland In The Age Of Reform And Revolution
0049010166: The royal supremacy in the Elizabethan Church (Historical problems: studies and documents)
0049010174: Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Churc
0049010182: The Renaissance in France, 1488-1559;
0049010204: Origins of English Feudalism
0049010255: The Historian at Work
0049020048: Semi-Detached London: Suburban Development, Life and Transport, 1900-39
0049040022: The complete Bolivian diaries of Ché Guevara,: And other captured documents;
0049040049: The Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy
0049060015: History of the Boiler-Makers' Society Volume 1 1834-1906
0049090054: Peasant uprisings in seventeenth-century France, Russia and China; (Great revolutions series)
0049090062: Peasant uprisings in seventeenth-century France, Russia and China; (Great revolutions series)
0049090070: The World Today
0049090089: The world today
0049090097: Feudalism
0049090127: Dialogue within the Dialectic
0049090135: Eighteenth-Century Women: An Anthology by Hill, Bridget
0049090143: Eighteenth Century Women
0049090194: Rise and Fall of Great World Pow
0049090275: Writing on the Wall : The Commonwealth and the Manchurian Crisis
0049090291: Foundations of Culture in Australia : An Essay Towards National Self-Respect
0049090321: Bligh Notebook
0049098187: Extravagant Grace 2000 {Conference Audio Tape Set}
0049100270: The Defeat of John Hawkins a biography of his third slaving voyage
0049100394: The maiden voyage,
0049100416: The Royal Navy and The Slavers
0049100424: Man with a Lobelia flute: A new view of East Africa,
0049100440: Muscovy: Russia through foreign eyes, 1553-1900,
0049100467: Ney Elias
0049100475: Summits and Secrets.
0049100483: Geographical Interpretaion Through Photographs
0049100505: Another America: In Search of Canyons
0049100564: Married to Melanesia
0049100572: Fatu-Hiva
0049100580: White Pumpkin
0049100599: River Road to China: The Mekong River Expedition 1866-73
0049100629: Faces of Everest
0049100734: Kon-Tiki Expedition U/P
0049100769: Life Before The Drought
0049100823: RIDING THE MOUNTAINS DOWN A Journey by Bicycle to Kathmandu
0049100858: Into Thin Air
0049100866: Beyond the pyramids: Travels in Egypt
0049101005: New Models in Geography: The Political-economy Perspective: v. 1
0049101110: OCEANA FINE
0049101218: Third World : States of Mind and Being
0049120115: Journeys of Frodo U/P
0049130102: The deep well;
0049140175: Path to Rome
0049140388: Finland: Creation and Construction
0049140396: Mountains of Switzerland.
0049140434: The enchantment of Rome;
0049140469: Eryri, the Mountains of Longing
0049140493: Finland: an introduction
0049140523: The Bernese Oberland
0049140574: Italian impressions
0049140612: Landscape Detective
0049150162: Bhutan
0049150227: Foreign Correspondent
0049150235: Dawn Over Oman
0049160060: The land God made in anger: Reflections on a journey through South West Africa,
0049160079: Wild Africa's Silent Call: A Quest through East Africa
0049160117: African Environments and Resources
0049170074: The Great American Desert
0049180029: Brazil: Land Without Limit
0049200240: The Monarchy and Its Future
0049200259: One man in his time: An autobiography
0049200267: Triumph and turmoil: A personal history of our time
0049200275: Sardar Patel,
0049200291: The Silver Madonna: Or, The Odyssey of Eugenia Wasilewska
0049200313: The twin serpents
0049200321: Forty Years in Kuwait
0049200364: Kenyatta
0049200372: Bravo Maurice!: A compilation from the autobiographical writings of Maurice Chevalier,
0049200380: Mikis Theodorakis : Music and Social Change
0049200402: Creative Malady: Illness in the Lives and Minds of Charles Darwin, Mary Baker Eddy, Sigmund Freud, Florence Nightingale, Marcel Proust and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0049200445: Peers and Plebs Two Families in a Changing World
0049200488: Claret & cross-buttock : or Rafferty's prize-fighters.
0049200496: Andres Bello: Philosopher, Poet, Philologist, Educator, Legislator, Statesman
0049200518: Between Hell & Charing Cross
0049200569: Rebel people
0049200577: Eliza Lynn Linton
0049200585: Captain-General and Rebel Chief the Life of James Duke of Monmouth
0049200593: Kenyatta
0049200607: Untouchable, an Indian Life History
0049200623: Keith Miller
0049200658: Fifty Years with Father
0049200666: THE QUALITY OF MERCY - The Lives of Sir James and Lady Cantlie
0049200674: Collected Papers of Bertrand Russell
0049200739: Theory of Knowledge : The 1913 Manuscript
0049200747: Philosophy of Logical Atomism and Other Essays, 1914-19
0049200755: Essays on Language, Mind and Matter, 1919-26
0049200798: Prophecy and Dissent, 1914-16 : Prophesy and Dissent, 1914-1916
0049201018: His Own Man: The Life of Neville Cardus
0049201034: An Australian Country Life: A Portrait of Bobbie Maple-Brown
0049201077: And tomorrow freedom: Australian guerrillas in the Philippines
0049201093: Hannah Arendt : Thinking, Judging, Freedom
0049201107: Genethics : Ethics of Engineering Life
0049201182: Country Matters U/P
0049210033: Autobiography of Bertrand Russell Vol. 1 : 1872-1914
0049210041: Portraits From Memory Other
0049210092: Autobiography of Bertrand Russell : Vol. 2, 1914-1944
0049210106: Autobiography of Bertrand Russell Vol. 3 : 1944-1967
0049210122: Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872 1
0049210130: The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell: 1914 - 1944 Volume 2
0049210149: The autobiography of Bertrand Russell. Vol.3, 1944-1967
0049210165: HEGEL
0049210173: Hegel
0049210181: Edmund Burke : His Political Philosophy
0049210203: Karl Marx.
0049210327: Reich For Beginners
0049220225: Sunrise in Zion
0049220292: Born In Tibet
0049230352: Richard III
0049230476: Prominent Edwardians
0049230492: My Three Revolutions Russia, Germany, Britain 1917-1969
0049230557: America and Russia in a Changing World
0049230565: James,
0049230581: My generation
0049230603: Noah's Ark The Story of the Alliance Intelligence Network in Occupied France
0049230611: Thomas Paine; his life, work and times
0049230638: Not by politics alone: The other Lenin,
0049230646: Wilkes, a Friend to Liberty
0049230697: Mind of a Monarch
0049230786: Israel's Lebanon War
0049230824: Lenin for Beginners (Pantheon Documentary Comic Book)
0049230832: Franco, a Biography
0049230840: VICTORIA: Biography of a Queen
0049250086: Physics and Beyond, Encounters and Conversations
0049250124: Zoovet: The world of a wildlife vet
0049250159: My Jungle Babies
0049250191: Going Wild - More Adventures of a Zoo Vet
0049250205: Physics and Beyond: Encounters and Conversations
0049250388: Complete One by One
0049250396: The Complete One by One
0049260022: The Truth About a Publisher
0049270095: The Young Whistler 1834-66.
0049270117: Elvis for Beginners (Writers and Readers Documentary Comic Book)
0049280120: Chekov
0049280228: Shaw; The Chucker-Out, a Biographical Exposition and Critique
0049280236: Bernard Shaw, Director
0049280244: Sheridan: the track of a comet
0049280252: Ghalib: the poet and his age;: Papers read at the centenary celebrations, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London;
0049280260: Thomas Love Peacock
0049280287: Pushkin
0049280295: Masks & Facades Sir John Vanbrugh the Man and His Setting
0049280309: Oliver Goldsmith: His life and works
0049280317: Lost Illusions: Paul Leautaud and his world
0049280325: Gogol
0049280376: JRR Tolkien A Biography
0049280414: Sketches for autobiography
0049280422: Stendhal, a Biography
0049280430: Thomas Gray his life and works
0049280449: W.H. Auden: A Biography
0049280538: Red Jenny; a Life with Karl Marx
0049280546: Richmal Crompton: The Woman Behind William
0049280562: Orwell for Beginners.
0049280678: Fire-Engine Lil
0049280686: Households Work
0049280716: Conan Doyle
0049300024: Sparta
0049300040: Slavery
0049300059: Work in Ancient Greece and Rome (Greek & Roman Topics)
0049300083: Acting and Stage
0049310038: The Ancient World (History of Mankind)
0049310062: Within the Four Seas: The Dialogue of East and West
0049370030: Cruelty and civilization: the Roman games;
0049400258: Mohammed and Charlemagne
0049400282: Napoleon Recaptures Paris, March 20, 1815;
0049400290: The Origins and Legacies of World War I
0049400312: European Democracy between the Wars
0049400320: Bloody River
0049400339: The World of the Vikings.
0049400347: The French and the Dardanelles: A Study of Failure in the Conduct of War
0049400371: Wellington's Masterpiece The Battle and Campaign of Salamanca
0049400398: EIGHTEEN-FORTYEIGHT The Romantic and Democratic Revolutions in Europe
0049400401: The Popular Revolutions of the Late Middle Ages
0049400428: Life in Wellington's Army
0049400436: Britain at Bay
0049400452: The Origins of Europe: Four New Studies in Archaeology and History.
0049400517: The making of the Second World War (Historical problems: Studies and documents)
0049400568: War Plans of the Great Powers, 1880-1914
0049400576: Making of the Second World War
0049400584: Final Journey
0049400614: Europe and the Decline of Spain a Study of the Spanish System, 1580 - 1720
0049400622: The Old Contemptibles: A Photographic History of the British Expeditionary...
0049400630: End of the Affair the Collapse of The
0049400649: Rise of the Anglo-German Antagonism: 1860-1914
0049400665: The State, France, and the Sixteenth Century
0049400673: Europe in Eighteen Thirty
0049400681: The Fascist Challenge and the Policy of Appeasement
0049400703: European Armies and the Conduct of War
0049400800: The Development Of Trade Unionism In Great Britain And Germany, 1880-1914
0049400827: War Plans of the Great Powers, 1880-1914
0049400878: Fascists and Conservatives
0049400894: Images of the Spanish Civil War
0049410040: Ireland: The Union and its aftermath
0049410059: Ireland: The Union and its aftermath by MacDonagh, Oliver
0049410067: Scotland and Nationalism: Scottish Society and Politics, 1707-1977
0049410075: Scotland and Nationalism: Scottish society and politics, 1707-1977.
0049410083: Modern Scotland.
0049410091: Modern Scotland
0049410105: Why Ireland Starved: A Quantitative and Analytical History of the Irish Economy, 1800-1850
0049410148: Why Ireland Starved: A Quantitative and Analytical History of the Irish Economy, 1800-1850
0049410156: States of Mind
0049410164: Labour and the Left in the 1930s
0049420488: Richard the Third
0049420607: Human Documents of the Industrial Revolution in Britain
0049420720: Edward VI: The Young King; the Protectorship of the Duke of Somerset
0049420755: Leslie Baily's BBC Scrapbooks, Volume 2: 1918 - 1939.
0049420763: The age of equipose: A study of the mid-Victorian generation, (Unwin university books, 74)
0049420798: Modern England: From The 18th Century To The Present
0049420801: Human documents of the age of the Forsytes,
0049420836: Edward VI: The Threshold of Power {The Dominance of the Duke of Northumberland
0049420844: Scotland under Mary Stuart
0049420860: Victoria and the Victorians
0049420879: Royal Demesne in English History
0049420887: Saints in politics: The 'Clapham Sect' and the growth of freedom (Open University set book)
0049420895: Dissolution of the Monasteries,The
0049420909: Dissolution of the Monasteries (Historical Problems S)
0049420917: The Durham Miners 1919-1960
0049420925: AGE OF LLOYD GEORGE: THE LIBERAL PARTY AND BRITISH POLITICS, 1890-1929 Historical Problems: Studies & Documents, 12
0049420933: Age of Lloyd George the Liberal Party
0049420941: POLITICS AND THE BENCH: The Judges and the Origins of the English Civil War
0049420968: Spithead an Informal History
0049420976: Human Documents Of The Lloyd George Era
0049420984: Human Documents of the Lloyd George Era
0049421026: Economy and society in nineteenth-century Britain
0049421034: Economy and Society in Ninteenth Century Britain
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