0385065272: Doers & dowagers
0385065280: Experiments With Microscopic Animals, by Goldstein
0385065299: Invitation to Sociology : A Humanistic Perspective
0385065329: History of Philosophy : Late Mediaeval and Renaissance Philosophy
0385065337: Yankel the fool
0385065345: Peter And Veronica
0385065361: All about Your Name, Katherine: Catherine, Cathy, Kate, Katie, Kathy
0385065388: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Outboarding,
0385065396: Way of Perfection
0385065418: History of Philosophy : Modern Philosophy: The French Enlightenment to Kant
0385065426: History of Philosophy: Modern Philosophy
0385065434: History of Philosophy : Modern Philosophy (Vol. IV)
0385065493: Alnilam
0385065515: Running Blind
0385065558: The Race for Rome
0385065574: The Four Gospels:an introduction
0385065620: Black Enterprise, Inc. Case Studies of a New Experiment in Black Business...
0385065647: Season for Singing American Christmas Songs and Caro
0385065663: The Season For Singing
0385065671: Killers of the Dream
0385065698: Catholic New Testament of Jerusalem
0385065744: Kirlian Aura:Photographing the Galaxies of Life
0385065779: The Red Baron.
0385065795: All about Your Name, Susan
0385065809: Cybernetics of the sacred
0385065841: Invitation to Linguistics: A Basic Introduction to the Science of Language,
0385065868: The Freedom Trap
0385065876: Basic Horsemanship - English and Western : A Complete Guide for Riders and Instructors
0385065884: The Shivering Sands
0385065906: Complete Essays of Mark Twain
0385065914: Book of Weird : Being a Most Desirable Lexicon of the Fantastical...
0385065965: Cheap and Easy Cooking with Wines, Liquors, and Liqueurs
0385065973: Whispering Mountain
0385065981: Tales and Stories for Black Folks
0385066015: Art of Cooking With Herbs and Spices
0385066058: Keep Busy Book for Tots
0385066082: The Complete Book of Home Preserving
0385066104: The Complete Round-The-World Meat Cookbook.
0385066112: Kontinent
0385066120: Diabetic menus Meals and Recipes, hc 1959
0385066171: 24 Favorite One-Act Plays
0385066201: Complex man, (Doubleday science fiction)
0385066228: Unquiet soul: A biography of Charlotte Brontë
0385066236: Luchow's German Cookbook.
0385066244: History of English Literature 18737 to the Present
0385066279: Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers
0385066287: Trader Vic's Book of Food and Drink
0385066309: Rumor of Angels : Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural
0385066317: Bonsai for Americans
0385066325: Bears' House
0385066368: Ceremonial Chemistry: The Ritual Persecution of Drugs, Addicts, and Pushers
0385066422: STARS IN THE WATER: The Story of the Erie Canal
0385066430: All about Your Name, Susan
0385066449: MUSTANG AT WAR
0385066457: The comedy world of Stan Laurel.
0385066465: The myth of psychotherapy: Mental healing as religion, rhetoric, and repression
0385066481: Eagle in the Sky
0385066503: Political man: The social bases of politics
0385066511: Faith of a Heretic
0385066538: A Little Boy in Search of God
0385066597: Seventh heaven
0385066635: The myth of psychotherapy: Mental healing as religion, rhetoric, and repression
0385066643: Insanity runs in our family
0385066651: The Decorative Art of Dried Flower Arrangement
0385066708: The great American spectaculars: The Kentucky Derby, Mardi Gras, and other days of celebration
0385066724: The Cable Car And The Dragon
0385066732: Asia, A to Z.
0385066740: Up from the Walking Dead
0385066759: STRAW FOR THE FIRE from the Notebooks of Theodore Roethke, 1943-63.
0385066767: THE STORY OF ANTS
0385066775: The Great Fire.
0385066791: Strangers south,
0385066848: Investigating The FBI
0385066872: Doctor at Calvary (Doubleday Image Book)
0385066880: Teetoncey and Ben O'Neal
0385066902: The ABC's of Small Boat Sailing (Dolphin Handbook Original)
0385066929: An irreverent guide to Washington State
0385066937: Prize Stories 1973: The O'Henry Awards
0385066945: Chance and life;: Faith as the living reality
0385066953: Country love and poison rain (Doubleday science fiction)
0385066961: Penguin's Way
0385066988: The Encyclopedia of One-Liner Comedy
0385066996: The Astrology of Personality
0385067003: Man's Reach for the Stars
0385067038: What is it?
0385067046: Dark Horse
0385067062: Sinister tennis: How to play against and with left-handers (Tennis instructional series)
0385067070: Helen Van Pelt Wilson's own garden and landscape book
0385067089: Houseplants Are for Pleasure: How to Grow Healthy Plants for Home Decoration
0385067097: To Be of Use.
0385067100: Practical Chess Endings.
0385067186: Medicine Creek
0385067194: To Be of Use
0385067208: Multitude of Sins
0385067216: The Time Between the Wars: Armistice to Pearl Harbor.
0385067232: Maxwell Street: Survival in a bazaar
0385067240: Rome Wasn't Burned in a Day: The Mischief of Language,
0385067259: Man Without a Gun
0385067275: Tennis for women
0385067283: Altered states of consciousness
0385067291: Home, inc: The hidden wealth and power of the American household
0385067313: Glory and the Lightning
0385067321: Lock and key
0385067356: Cherokee Sunset: A Nation Betrayed. A Narrative of Travail and Triumph
0385067364: The Glass-Blowers
0385067372: Beyond the resurrection (Doubleday science fiction)
0385067380: The Yom Kippur War
0385067429: The Pride of the Trevallions
0385067453: Clare Sheridan
0385067461: How to help your child get the most out of school
0385067488: Aren't you glad!
0385067496: The springtime of life
0385067518: Aliens from Space: The Real Story of Unidentified Flying Objects
0385067526: Weekend at the villa
0385067534: Goren on Play and Defense: All of Play: The Technique, the Logic, and the Challenge of Master Bridge
0385067542: Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down
0385067577: Threads of Life; Genetics from Aristotle to DNA
0385067593: The Lost Queen
0385067607: I Samuel
0385067615: Man Nature And History
0385067682: Fresh Water: The Precious Resource
0385067739: Reptiles as Pets
0385067747: Life In A Drop Of Water
0385067755: The Cuernavaca question
0385067763: Black conceit
0385067771: Erie Canal
0385067798: Gobble Growl Grunt
0385067801: Crash! Bang! Boom!
0385067852: Song of the north wind;: A story of the snow goose
0385067925: Little Mops at the Seashore
0385067933: Little Mops And The Butterfly
0385067941: The Magic Convention.
0385067968: Mysteries from the Past: Stories of Scientific Detection from Nature and Science Magazine
0385067976: Little Mops and the Moon
0385067992: The Snowmobiler's Bible,
0385068026: All About House Plants
0385068042: Audubon Land Bird Guide
0385068050: Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide
0385068069: AUDUBON LAND BIRD GUIDE. Eastern and Central N. Am.
0385068085: II Samuel
0385068115: The Star Road
0385068131: Butter at the Old Price: The Autobiography of Marguerite De Angeli.
0385068158: A Time to Love ... a Time to Die
0385068166: Boundaries of the Soul
0385068190: John W. Campbell anthology, (Doubleday science fiction)
0385068220: COMPOST HEAP
0385068239: Word Magic; How to Encourage Children to Write and Speak Creatively
0385068247: The Button Boat
0385068263: The insect guide; orders and major families of North American insects
0385068271: Supercars
0385068301: Infamous Woman: The Life of George Sand
0385068387: Head To Toe
0385068395: Flight Fever
0385068409: The Rock Book,
0385068484: Wild Flower Guide
0385068492: Vic Hadfield's Diary:from Moscow to the Play-Offs
0385068506: Plant Propagation in Pictures
0385068522: Reptiles of North America
0385068530: A Sense of the Earth
0385068557: Book of Cacti and Other Succulents
0385068603: The Fossil Book.
0385068611: The broken hoop;: The history of Native Americans from 1600 to 1890, from the Atlantic coast to the Plains
0385068646: Caras Viejas Y Vino Muero
0385068654: Head to toe,
0385068662: The Guaranteed Income: Next Step in Economic Evolution?
0385068719: Living Birds of the World
0385068727: The broken hoop;: The history of Native Americans from 1600 to 1890, from the Atlantic coast to the Plains
0385068735: Living Insects of the World.
0385068743: Kids Cooking a First Cookbook for Children.
0385068794: The complete beginner's guide to backpacking
0385068808: Spirits of the Deep: a Study of an Afro-Brazilian Cult
0385068816: Asimov on Astronomy
0385068859: The complete beginner's guide to backpacking
0385068867: Gordon's House
0385068883: Pain of Being Human
0385068891: Red shadows; The history of native Americans from 1600 to 1900, from the desert to the Pacific Coast
0385068905: Learn Chess Quickly: With Photographs and Diagrams
0385068913: Parseghian and Notre Dame Football
0385068921: The Shark - Splendid Savage of the Sea
0385068948: Diving for Sunken Treasure
0385068956: The Whale: Mighty Monarch of the Sea
0385068964: Octopus and Squid
0385068972: The Adam sleep
0385068980: Mean on Sunday
0385069006: Boundaries of the Soul
0385069049: Best Recipes from the Cook Book Guild
0385069057: Gordon's House
0385069073: R is for Rocket
0385069081: History of West Africa to the Nineteenth Century
0385069138: Gordon Goes Camping
0385069154: Environment and Cultural Behavior
0385069162: Red Shadows a History of Native Americans from the
0385069219: Three Adventures
0385069227: Air Enthusiast: Two
0385069251: Chess Olympiad 1972
0385069278: S is for Space
0385069286: Story of Rocks
0385069294: The Story of Rocks
0385069324: The Jerusalem Bible
0385069332: Years of the hungry tiger
0385069359: The art of the American film, 1900-1971
0385069391: The Illustrated Wine Making Book.
0385069464: Seawings; the romance of the flying boats. -
0385069472: How to Decorate With Natural Materials by Pautz P
0385069502: The Rochester I know
0385069510: The Black Aesthetic
0385069529: The Modern Business Letter Writer's Manual
0385069553: Couture: An Illustrated History of the Great Paris Designers and Their.
0385069561: Think on These Things
0385069618: Doing My Own Time
0385069642: A Good Man is Hard to Find
0385069669: Anatomy of an African Kingdom: A History of Bunyoro-Kitara
0385069677: The Old Testament Of The Jerusalem Bible (Reader's Edition)
0385069685: Gordon goes camping
0385069693: The Two-Edged Sword
0385069707: Soul's Journey
0385069715: The Art Of The American Film
0385069723: The Autobiography of American Business: The Story Told by Those Who Made it
0385069731: A thousand summers
0385069790: Smouldering Fires
0385069812: Speed, strength, and stamina: Conditioning for tennis (Tennis instructional series)
0385069820: Travel sense;: How to make the travel industry work for you
0385069847: Amy and Laura
0385069871: Smouldering Fires
0385069898: Room 10
0385069928: The toy
0385069944: Paul Gauguin
0385069979: The Ford dynasty: An American story
0385069995: Vincent Van Gogh
0385070012: Minorities; good poems by small poets and small poems by good poets
0385070047: How to Be a Happily Married Mistress
0385070055: Frederic Remington, (Art for children)
0385070101: Adlai Stevenson of Illinois: The Life of Adlai E. Stevenson
0385070128: Starbuck's Brand (A Double D Western)
0385070144: Skull still bone
0385070152: The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
0385070160: New Dimensions: Original Science Fiction Nos 1-14
0385070187: Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet
0385070225: The Fairy Ring
0385070330: The time of the emergency
0385070357: Emotionally Disturbed Child
0385070411: Treasure of the Muleteer, and Other Spanish Tales
0385070438: How to decorate your home without going broke
0385070454: The Doubleday Nature Encyclopedia
0385070470: The underground woman
0385070497: Bush Pilot With a Briefcase
0385070500: The music within
0385070535: The Breast of the Earth
0385070543: Collecting things
0385070578: Some poisoned by their wives
0385070594: Black Mountain, an Exploration in Community
0385070608: Oktoberfest
0385070624: Norman Vincent Peale's Treasury of Courage and Confidence
0385070659: A Pattern of Herbs: Herbs for Goodness, Food, and Health and How to Identify and Grow Them
0385070675: Furniture Past and Present: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture Styles from Ancient to Modern.
0385070683: Pageant of the Gun, a Treasury of Stories of Firearms: Their Romance and Lore, Development, and Use Through Ten Centuries
0385070691: Tin Lizzie
0385070713: Strictly personal
0385070721: Food alla Florentine
0385070748: The real America;: A surprising examination of the state of the Union,
0385070756: The Archaeology of Arizona
0385070799: 365 ways to cook pasta
0385070802: My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel
0385070829: The pig with one nostril
0385070888: The amazing power of hypnosis: What it can do for you
0385070934: Folklore in America: Tales, Songs, Superstitions, Proverbs, Riddles, Games...
0385070969: Toad,
0385070993: POETRY IS
0385071019: Pyramids of Sacrifice
0385071035: Travel Sense: How to Make the Travel Industry Work for You
0385071043: Screening the Sexes Homosexuality in the Movies
0385071051: From This Day Forward
0385071078: Many Winters
0385071086: D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths
0385071094: Parents' Survival Kit: a Reassuring Guide to Living Through Your Child's Teen...
0385071108: Just So Stories
0385071159: Taxis and Toadstools
0385071167: Tree Wagon
0385071175: Bennett Cerf's the Sound of Laughter
0385071183: The Jivaro
0385071191: The Jivaro
0385071213: Just about Everybody vs. Howard Hughes.
0385071221: Aircraft of World War II
0385071256: Warlock of Westfall
0385071302: Playing Pro Football to Win,
0385071329: The hot blue sea;: A novel
0385071337: Escape from the Crater
0385071345: Drums of life;: A photographic essay on the Black man in America
0385071361: F. A. O. Schwarz toys through the years
0385071388: The Sound of Mountain Water
0385071426: Nigger in the window
0385071493: The Air We Breathe
0385071507: Virginia: The New Dominion
0385071515: Nkrumah: A Biography
0385071523: Amazon journey
0385071558: Invitation to Archaeology
0385071566: Invitation to Archaeology
0385071574: The book of changes,: A novel,
0385071582: All of us and none of you and other original fiction and poetry: With a symposium on book reviews in America (Intro ; 7)
0385071604: The Gospels and the Jesus of History
0385071620: An Honorable Profession A Tribute to Robert F. Kennedy
0385071647: Packer Dynasty
0385071663: Testimony of Two Men
0385071701: Days of Anguish, Days of Hope
0385071728: The Water We Drink.
0385071736: Thomas Merton on mysticism
0385071744: I'Ve Got to Talk to Somebody, God
0385071760: Conflict and stability in Southeast Asia
0385071779: A Geologist's View of Cape Cod
0385071787: THE TORNADO
0385071795: Prehistoric Agriculture.
0385071809: Handmade Toys and Games: A Guide to Creating Your Own
0385071825: Henri Rousseau
0385071868: Toad
0385071876: Poodle Book: A Complete, Readable Guide to Buying, Owning, Raising, and Training America's Most Popular Breed of Dog
0385071892: Spiritual Frontier
0385071906: Analog 9
0385071922: BEAR ISLAND
0385071957: Animals of the Bible
0385071973: Dying in the Night
0385071981: Everlasting Man
0385072007: Poland
0385072066: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, (Art for children)
0385072074: God bless America
0385072104: American Folk Songs for Children
0385072120: Angus and the Cat
0385072139: Angus and the Ducks
0385072147: Angus Lost
0385072155: Animals of the Bible
0385072163: Animals Everywhere
0385072171: How to Catch Salt-Water Fish
0385072198: Benjamin Franklin
0385072236: Chas. H. Goren Presents the Precision System of Contract Bridge Bidding,
0385072244: A WIND NAMED ANNE
0385072252: Just So Stories
0385072309: The First Air Race the International Competition at Reims, 1909
0385072317: Ghosts & specters;: Ten supernatural stories
0385072325: Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes
0385072333: There's a rhino in the rose bed, mother
0385072341: The Ad-Libber's Handbook: 2000 New Laughs for Speakers.
0385072384: BRIGHT APRIL
0385072392: Money Rush
0385072449: Bucher: My Story,
0385072465: Lilies of the Field
0385072473: Battleships And Battle Cruisers, 1905-1970 Historical Development of the Capital Ship
0385072511: The recovery of Europe, 1945-1973
0385072538: The changing scene: An ecology story
0385072546: The last European war, September 1939/December 1941
0385072562: Buried in So Sweet a Place
0385072570: Gambling Nevada Style
0385072589: Bury me in gold lamÃ
0385072597: Chi-Wee
0385072600: Christ Child
0385072619: On the Job.
0385072627: Columbus
0385072635: The last Christmas show
0385072643: Copper-Toed Boots
0385072686: Willie Jasper's Golden Eagle; Being an Eyewitness Account of the Great Steamboat Race Between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee
0385072694: Willie Jasper's Golden Eagle
0385072740: Conger's Woman
0385072767: Canoers Bible
0385072775: Sewing with Ease
0385072813: On This Day: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose for Every Day of the Year,
0385072821: Don't Count Your Chicks
0385072848: Downright Dencey
0385072872: Elin's Amerika.
0385072899: Emily and the Detectives
0385072929: Drowned Rat
0385072937: Favorite Stories Old and New
0385072961: The complete beginner's guide to canoeing
0385073011: Freedom Train
0385073054: Sacred Canopy : Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion
0385073062: George Washington
0385073070: Georgie
0385073089: Georgie to the Rescue
0385073097: Greek Treasure : A Biographical Novel of Henry and Sophia Schliemann
0385073119: Pan-Africanism or Communism.
0385073127: The Plymouth Thanksgiving
0385073186: Henner's Lydia
0385073194: Christ Child
0385073224: Pan-Africanism or Communism
0385073267: Hoofbeats on the Trail
0385073275: Have mercy upon us
0385073291: The Making of a Counter Culture
0385073313: A creature was stirring
0385073348: A most extraordinary pair: Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin
0385073356: Football's greatest coach: Vince Lombardi
0385073364: Insects and the Homes They Build
0385073372: Hang for Treason
0385073380: THE BREAST OF THE EARTH: A Survey of the History, Culture, and Literature of Africa South of the Sahara
0385073399: Bank Job
0385073437: Jinx Ship
0385073445: The Complete Beginner's Guide To Archery
0385073453: Jungle Book
0385073461: The King Who Lost America: A Portrait of the Life and Times of George Iii.
0385073488: Elizabeth: the life and career of Elizabeth Taylor
0385073496: Junior Miss
0385073518: JUST SO STORIES
0385073526: Just So Stories
0385073534: Foxfire Book : Hog Dressing, Log Cabin Building, Mountain Crafts and Foods, Planting by the Signs, Snake Lore, Hunting Tales, Faith Healing, Moonshining, and Other Affairs of Plain Living
0385073569: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Archery
0385073577: Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child of the Aquarian Age
0385073615: Kim
0385073631: Chicken's Child
0385073658: The Orchid Stories
0385073674: Move Ahead With Possibility Thinking
0385073690: LET'S GO TO THE DESERT
0385073704: Chicken's Child
0385073712: Brannington's leopard
0385073739: Birds of New York State
0385073801: The Glory Game
0385073828: Vanuk Vanuk
0385073860: Celebration of Awareness
0385073879: Exotic Fish as Pets
0385073909: Towers.
0385073917: HANDLING YOUR OWN DOG For Show, Obedience and Field Trials
0385073925: Divorce and After.
0385073968: Maggie: A Love Story.
0385073976: Divorce and After
0385073984: Manners to Grow on
0385073992: Asimov's Guide to the Bible (Asimov's Guide to the Bible) by...
0385074018: Mei Li
0385074042: Leaders of New Nations
0385074050: The Whispering Wind , Poetry By Young American Indians
0385074077: Complete Stories and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
0385074093: They Also Ran
0385074107: Soul-force: African heritage in Afro-American religion, (C. Eric Lincoln series on Black religion)
0385074115: Story of Our Language
0385074123: Sun's Birthday
0385074131: Drum and Candle.
0385074158: The American Struggle: The Story of the Continuing Conflict between Labor and Management
0385074190: The American struggle;: The story of the continuing conflict between labor and
0385074204: Soul-Force
0385074212: Lovetalk; how to say what you mean to someone you love
0385074220: Jesus on Horseback: The Mooney County Saga
0385074239: School Days
0385074247: The Search for Amelia Earhart
0385074255: Profiles in Black Power.
0385074263: Women in sports
0385074271: Literary Women
0385074301: Exploring the Planets
0385074328: Exploring the Planets.
0385074344: How to Design Your Own Clothes and Make Your Own Patterns.
0385074352: Stowaway to the Moon: The Camelot Odyssey
0385074395: The new American dream machine: Toward a simpler lifestyle in an environmental age
0385074409: Double take
0385074417: Penrod
0385074433: Just So Stories
0385074468: Quick Guide to Cheese: How to Buy Cheese, How to Keep Cheese, How to Serve Cheese, How to Select Cheese
0385074476: PETITE SUZANNE
0385074484: Redman in white moccasins (DD western)
0385074506: The Wonderful World of the Sea.
0385074522: Fifty Years of the American Short Story: 1919-1970
0385074549: Pocahontas
0385074557: The death and life of Bishop Pike
0385074573: The Poppy Seed Cakes
0385074603: Waiting for the Morning Train: An American Boyhood
0385074638: The theta syndrome
0385074646: The burden of Adrian Knowle
0385074670: Richard Brown and the Dragon.
0385074700: Rocks and Their Stories
0385074727: Night Stop
0385074743: Poison Summer
0385074751: North by west;: Two stories from the Frontier
0385074816: Literary women
0385074832: The Second Jungle Book.
0385074840: Warships in Profile: Volume Two (missing 2 pages)
0385074875: Architecture Without Architects
0385074883: Darwin's Islands A Natural History of the Galapagos
0385074905: Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
0385074964: Believing: The Nature of Belief and Its Role in Our Lives
0385074999: Agrarian Problems and Peasant Movements in Latin America.
0385075014: Katie, Kelly, and Heck (A Double D western)
0385075030: Where the Wagon Led: One Man's Memories of the Cowboy's Life in the Old West
0385075057: How to Make Money in Wall Street by
0385075065: Mrs. Pollifax on Safari
0385075111: Thief Hunt
0385075138: Tales from Silver Lands
0385075162: Black Holes: The Edge of Space, the Edge of Time
0385075170: MICHELANGELO BUONARROTI, Art for Children
0385075189: Not What You Expected
0385075219: Outer Lands
0385075227: Fingers Are Always Bringing Me News
0385075243: Yankel The Fool
0385075251: Thee, Hannah!
0385075294: Silton Seasons; From the Diary of a Countryman.
0385075308: Tim tadpole and the Great Bullfrog
0385075324: Poor Man's Guide to Bottle Collecting
0385075340: Critique of Pure Reason
0385075359: Voices in an Empty House
0385075383: Family on Wheels Further Adventures of the Trapp Family
0385075405: Double Strike; the Epic Air Raids on Regensburg-Schweinfurt, August 17, 1943.
0385075448: Little Flowers of St. Francis
0385075456: The Lion's Paw
0385075464: The complete beginner's guide to tennis
0385075480: The Protestant Churches of America
0385075502: A new invitation to linguistics
0385075510: Stay Hungry.
0385075529: Very Little Girl
0385075537: The Goss women
0385075561: Existential Foundations of Psychology
0385075596: Winter of the Coup
0385075618: Supernatural Cats
0385075634: Ireland : A Terrible Beauty
0385075642: Blood of My Blood: The Dilemma of the Italian-Americans
0385075731: Yonie Wondernose
0385075766: ABC of Cars and Trucks
0385075790: Pacific sweep;: The 5th and 13th Fighter Commands in World War II
0385075804: We Are One!
0385075820: Digging for Dinosaurs
0385075839: There are giants in the earth
0385075847: Birdy Jones and the New York Heads
0385075855: Cow Who Fell in the Canal
0385075901: Wonder Tales of Dogs and Cats
0385075928: New uses for old laces
0385075952: the cloning
0385075960: The Ways of Wildfowl
0385075979: Technicians of the Sacred : A Range of Poetries from Africa, America, Asia and Oceania
0385075995: Angus and the Cat
0385076002: Angus and the Ducks
0385076010: Angus Lost
0385076029: The fire we can light; the role of religion in a suddenly different world
0385076053: Buffalo Bill
0385076061: Columbus
0385076088: The Wake
0385076096: Don't Count Your Chicks
0385076118: George Washington
0385076134: Georgie to the Rescue
0385076142: Call me Ishtar
0385076150: The Hope of Progress: A Scientist Looks at Problems in Philosophy, Literature and Science
0385076169: Henner's Lydia
0385076185: Sexual Loving
0385076215: Detective Marie Cirile
0385076223: Urban Renewal People, Politics and Planning
0385076266: World You Inherit: The Story of Pollution
0385076282: Leif the Lucky
0385076304: The Floating Opera
0385076312: The Little Island
0385076355: A Collection of Poems by Alfred Tennyson.
0385076371: The Apple Dumpling Gang
0385076398: Mei Li
0385076428: Death by Choice
0385076444: One Horse Farm
0385076495: The Death of Evening Star; The Diary of a Young New England Whaler.
0385076509: Pocahontas
0385076517: Red Light, Green Light
0385076533: Roger and the Fox
0385076541: Rosa-Too-Little
0385076568: Tweed's New York
0385076576: Social Policies for America in the Seventies: Nine Divergent Views,
0385076584: Tim Tadpole and the Great Bullfrog
0385076614: The Wild Birthday Cake
0385076622: Yoni Wondernose
0385076630: ABC Book
0385076657: Tweed's New York
0385076673: Sewing Made Easy
0385076681: Petite Suzanne
0385076703: OLA
0385076711: Natural Partnerships: The Story of Symbiosis
0385076746: Abraham Lincoln
0385076762: Remember the days;: A short history of the Jewish American
0385076770: Celebrations: The Complete Book of American Holidays,
0385076789: Kildee House
0385076797: Lonely Doll
0385076800: Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games, Rules of All the Basic Games and Popular Variations
0385076819: Handmade Rugs from Practically Anything,
0385076835: Environment: A Challenge to Modern Society
0385076894: Little Red Schoolhouse
0385076932: What is the world made of?: Atoms, leptons, quarks, and other tantalizing...
0385076940: What is the world made of? : Atoms, leptons, quarks, and other tantalizing particles
0385076959: Captain of the Planter
0385076967: Favorite Poems Old and New
0385076975: Of Course You Can Sew
0385076991: Fishes of the sea: The coastal waters of the British Isles, northern Europe and the Mediterranean
0385077009: Insects as pets
0385077025: The Decoupage Workshop
0385077033: Animals Everywhere
0385077068: North Africa
0385077076: Tatting: A New Look at the Old Art of Making Lace
0385077114: Beginnings: poems
0385077122: Draw 50 Animals
0385077130: Big Red Bus
0385077157: How to earn more money from your crafts
0385077173: The Complete Ecology Fact Book
0385077181: Black Awakening in Capitalist America; An Analytic History
0385077203: ABC of cars and Trucks
0385077211: Just for You : A Special Collection of Inspirational Verses
0385077254: Velveteen Rabbit : Or How Toys Become Real
0385077262: Draw 50 Animals
0385077300: Roots of time: a portrait of African life and culture,
0385077319: Roots of Time - A Portrait of African Life and Culture
0385077327: Tetrasomy two (Doubleday science fiction)
0385077335: A country kind of death
0385077351: Man Who Didn't Wash His Dishes
0385077378: To My Brother Who Did a Crime ...
0385077386: Leonardo Da Vinci
0385077394: Roosevelt's Rough Riders.
0385077424: Do You Have Esp? Thirty Tests to Determine Your Ability.
0385077440: The Two Stonecutters, Freely Adapted from the Japanese
0385077459: The CTZ paradigm
0385077467: Star-Spangled Banner
0385077475: Peter's Long Walk
0385077491: After Vietnam: The Future of American Foreign Poli
0385077521: The faces of South Carolina
0385077556: Danny's Luck
0385077564: Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare: The English Plays (Two Volume Set)
0385077572: The Peopled Wound: The Work of Harold Pinter.
0385077580: The search
0385077599: Rachel Field Story Book by Field, Rachel
0385077629: From Child to Adult Studies in the Anthropology of
0385077734: Georgie's Halloween
0385077769: Lumumba: A Biography
0385077777: How to Kill a Golden State.
0385077785: Georgie's Halloween
0385077807: Wonderful Egg
0385077815: Black Hearts in Battersea
0385077831: Worlds of Wonder: Sixteen Tales of Science Fiction.
0385077858: Fifty great buffet parties
0385077904: Follow the Sunset
0385077912: Decoupage Crafts
0385077920: Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East: an Anthropological Reader.
0385077939: The Boys' Cook Book
0385078005: The miracle of Haitian art
0385078021: Queen Victoria's revenge
0385078064: Ordeal
0385078072: What did I do tomorrow?
0385078080: Inside Passage
0385078110: Travels through Jewish America,
0385078153: Victorian Album
0385078161: The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction
0385078188: The Unfashionable Human Body
0385078234: Winslow Homer: America's old master
0385078293: The Day Daddy Stayed Home
0385078307: Ships of the Pharaohs: 4000 Years of Egyptian Shipbuilding.
0385078323: Going for a Walk with a Line, A Step Into the World of Modern Art
0385078374: Maria Callas: The Art behind the Legend
0385078420: The Good Old Boys
0385078447: Patterns of Nature
0385078471: The Rockets' Red Glare.
0385078528: I Ain't Much Baby--But I'm All I've Got
0385078560: BROWN COW FARM
0385078579: The Frank Tenney Johnson Book, The Life and Work of a Master Painter of the Old West
0385078587: our Friend the Forest , a Conservation Story
0385078625: Living in Space: The Astronaut and His Environment
0385078633: The Great Fish.
0385078706: World Full of Horses
0385078714: Fun With Stamp Collecting
0385078722: Complete Training of Horse and Rider in the Principles of Classical Horsemanship
0385078730: Space Opera: An Anthology of Way-Back-When Futures
0385078757: The Complete Short Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson
0385078773: The Way of Witches
0385078811: Greek Gods and Heroes
0385078838: The Fifth Horseman
0385078846: The uneasy chair;: A biography of Bernard DeVoto
0385078854: A Child's Place: How to Create a Living Environment for Your Child
0385078870: Small Arms in Profile, Volume 1.
0385078889: The liberated
0385078900: Spectator Bird
0385078927: The Big Big Box
0385078935: Joe Hill
0385078951: Truth or dare
0385078986: The Sign of Jonas (Doubleday Image Book)
0385078994: The killing of the King
0385079001: Doll and the Kitten
0385079036: Phantom of Walkaway Hill
0385079044: Beginnings
0385079052: The Big Rock Candy Mountain
0385079060: Cay
0385079109: Caterpillars
0385079117: Hailstones & Halibut Bones Adventures In
0385079125: Hailstones and Halibut Bones Adventures in Color
0385079133: Skippack School: Being the Story of Eli Shrawder and of One Christopher Dock, Schoolmaster About the Year 1750
0385079184: Carol Heiss Olympic Queen
0385079192: Bonnie
0385079206: North Pole by Simon
0385079230: Odd Angles: Thirty-Three Mathematical Entertainments
0385079265: Collision!
0385079303: To live on this earth; American Indian education
0385079311: Women in sports
0385079397: A Child's Place: How to Create a Living Environment for Your Child
0385079400: 500 Fishing Experts and How They Catch Fish.
0385079419: The Satan trap Dangers of the occult
0385079427: Harmensz. van Rijn Rembrandt, (Art for children)
0385079435: Elephant have right of way
0385079443: The Changing Scene : An Ecology Story
0385079451: Amelia's Flying Machine
0385079494: Safe Motorboating for Kids
0385079516: The Jerusalem Bible
0385079532: Again, Dangerous Visions - 46 Original Stories
0385079540: Pelicans
0385079567: Drugs and man
0385079583: Psychic Children
0385079621: Dieter's checklist
0385079648: Basic soccer strategy: An introduction for young players
0385079656: She'll Never Get Off the Ground
0385079664: Sufis
0385079699: What Your Aura Tells Me
0385079702: Freud: A Collection of Critical Essays
0385079710: Shalom : Peace
0385079788: The Blender Cookbook
0385079818: The human nature industry;: How human nature is manufactured, distributed, advertised and consumed in the United States and parts of Canada
0385079842: Prize Stories 1970 the O'Henry Awards
0385079877: Love and Laughter
0385079885: Hope is the Remedy
0385079893: Green Light for Sandy
0385079907: Fox Went Chilly Nite
0385079915: Do Baby Bears Sit in Chairs
0385079931: Communist Systems in Comparative Perspective
0385079958: The ninth tentacle
0385079966: Baseball Bonus Kid
0385079982: The Procession of Life.
0385079990: The Pinkertons, by Cook, Fred J
0385080034: Memories of a Catholic boyhood
0385080042: Main Currents in Sociological Thought: Montesquieu, Comte, Marx, Tocqueville, the Sociologists, and the Revolution of 1848
0385080050: Durer - Art for Children
0385080069: One by one
0385080077: The Trouble They Seen: Black People Tell the Story of Reconstruction
0385080123: Endangered Predators
0385080174: Maverick with a Paintbrush Thomas Hart Benton
0385080182: Collecting things by Villiard, Paul
0385080190: Woman Clothed with the Sun : Eight Great Apparitions of Our Lady
0385080220: Human diversity
0385080239: Armoured Fighting Vehicles in Profile (Afvs of the World Series)
0385080255: London Bridge is Falling Down
0385080271: Treasure of the Muleteer, and Other Spanish Tales
0385080301: Georgie
0385080336: Dogs Don't Belong on Beds
0385080344: Lena,
0385080352: How to Divorce Your Wife
0385080360: The Spoils of Poynton, and Other Stories
0385080379: Ephesians Vol. 34 : Translation and Commentary on Chapters 4-6
0385080387: Endangered Predators
0385080395: The Catholic catechism
0385080476: Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?
0385080484: Ohio. A Personal Portrait of the 17th State. Photography by Bruce Goldflies. Foreword by Hugh Downs.
0385080506: Tooth and My Father
0385080522: Words for Today/The Joy of Words/The New Joy of Words (3 Seperate Volumes)
0385080573: Complete Book of Cheerleading
0385080603: A Pocket Full of Posies
0385080611: Famous Tank Battles
0385080654: Guerrilla theater; scenarios for revolution
0385080662: Zen keys
0385080689: The Day the World Went Away
0385080697: Models of the Church
0385080700: With the Weathermen
0385080727: The woman's guide to boating & cooking
0385080735: An attic of ideals
0385080751: The New Concise Family Health & Medical Guide
0385080786: Bratsk Station and Other New Poems
0385080816: An Attic of Ideals
0385080824: The Power and the Wisdom
0385080859: Tales of Land of Death: Igbo Folk Tales by Uche Okeke
0385080867: The Joy of Words: Selections of Literature Expressing Beauty, Humor, History, Wisdom, or Inspiration ... Which Are a Joy to Read and Read Again.
0385080875: The Rockefeller Inheritance
0385080883: The Encyclopedia of American Music
0385080891: The Armchair Referee--500 Questions and Answers about Football
0385080964: The Cow Who Fell in the Canal
0385080972: A B C Book
0385080980: Talking Rifle
0385081022: Those Mysterious Priests
0385081049: Nightfall, and Other Stories
0385081057: Two Thousand Five Hundred Anecdotes for All Occasions
0385081065: We Agnostics on the Tight Rope to Eternity
0385081081: A century of wonders;: 100 years of Popular science,
0385081146: Introduction to Physics
0385081200: Paul and Mary Two Case Histories of Truants from Life
0385081235: Crossword Carnival
0385081308: Zen Flesh, Zen Bones
0385081340: Colorado: Big Mountain Country.
0385081367: The Sweet Apple Gardening Book
0385081375: Historic Gold Coins of the World
0385081383: Night Rovers: Flying Squirrels and Their Neighbors.
0385081391: Amelia's Flying MacHine
0385081405: The biography of Alice B. Toklas
0385081413: Darwin's Century : Evolution and the Men Who Discovered It
0385081448: The First Artists
0385081502: Wim of the Wind
0385081529: The Cay
0385081545: The Changeling
0385081561: The complete beginner's guide to bowling
0385081596: Sudden Death
0385081618: The Nature of Violent Storms.
0385081634: Transistors and Circuits
0385081677: Hawaii & Polynesia
0385081707: Democracy in America
0385081715: AIR ENTHUSIAST
0385081723: Blood Lord
0385081731: Blood Lord
0385081766: The Beethoven Companion
0385081790: American Buildings and Their Architects
0385081812: Western Horse Behavior and Training
0385081820: American Buildings and Their Architects
0385081855: There Are Two Kinds of Terrible
0385081863: People from the Sky
0385081898: Best Loved Recipes of the American People
0385081901: Reflections on the Revolution in France
0385081928: American Wilderness: The Hudson River School of Painting.
0385081952: Wartime
0385081995: Attica-my Story
0385082002: Eye Winker, Tom Tinker, Chin Chopper
0385082010: Oath of Silence
0385082142: The Santa Ana wind
0385082150: Amanda, The Panda, And The Redhead
0385082169: The Doors of His Face, The Lamps of His Mouth, and Other Stories
0385082185: Fiddlestrings,
0385082207: Children of the Counter-Culture
0385082215: Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: A Special 25th Anniversary Anthology
0385082223: The Spanish Armadas
0385082231: Alfred Goes House Hunting
0385082258: Grand Tour a to z the Capitals of Europe
0385082266: A Child's Mind: How Children Learn During the Critical Years from Birth to Age Five.
0385082274: Food Becomes You Better Health Through Better Nutrition
0385082282: Child's Mind
0385082312: Africa & Africans
0385082371: O. Henry: The Legendary Life of William S. Porter. by O'Connor, Richard,
0385082401: Urbanization in Latin America: Approaches and issues
0385082444: Bright continent: A shoestring guide to Sub-Saharan Africa
0385082479: JD
0385082495: The disposal of liberty and other industrial wastes
0385082509: Late show
0385082525: Style for Living How to Make Where You Live You
0385082533: Walk the World Proudly
0385082568: The Utilitarians (Anchor Books)
0385082576: The ethics of genetic control: Ending reproductive roulette
0385082584: Aim For A Star
0385082592: The Top-Flight Fully-Automated Junior High School Girl Detective
0385082606: Hold to Your Dream
0385082614: Close to the heart
0385082630: The Pastel City
0385082665: Bright Horizons
0385082681: If Eggs Had Legs
0385082711: Billy Budd and The Piazza Tales
0385082738: Let's Look at Reptiles
0385082746: The War of the Worlds and the Time Machine
0385082762: The Queen's Confession Hardcover by Holt, Victoria; Carr, Philippa; Plaidy...
0385082770: Wills; a dead giveaway,
0385082789: Discovering Plants
0385082797: Recalled to Life.
0385082800: Pets and Plants in Miniature Gardens: How to Create Woodland, Desert, Bog, or Tropical Settings
0385082819: Liner: A novel about a great ship
0385082827: Cold Foods for Summer & Winter
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