0385110553: The Japanese menu cookbook
0385110596: Everything Tenants Need to Know to Get Their Money
0385110618: The secrets of superstitions: How they help, how they hurt
0385110634: The Encyclopedia Of Careers And Vocational Guidance Volume II
0385110642: The Iliad
0385110650: Begin sweet world
0385110669: The Iliad.
0385110677: Grandparents: Then God created grandparents and it was very good
0385110693: Taller than trees
0385110707: John Huston
0385110715: Lord of the Far Island
0385110723: Mirror image
0385110731: Beginner's Guide to Darkroom Techniques
0385110758: Possession
0385110766: Time of the Fourth Horseman
0385110774: Family Honor: An American Life
0385110782: Pieces From A Small Bomb
0385110790: Subway to Samarkand
0385110812: The climber's sourcebook
0385110839: Soldiers in Revolt
0385110847: The will
0385110855: Orphan Jim: A Novel
0385110863: All Her Children
0385110871: Count the Cats
0385110898: It's easy to carve
0385110901: It's Easy to Carve
0385110928: It's Easy to Cook: Favorite American Recipes
0385110979: Beginners' Book of Beautiful Food
0385110987: Simple appliance repair
0385110995: Magic of Gold
0385111002: Dreamers in a haunted house
0385111010: STRANGER AT WILDINGS (orig title: Kirkby's Changeling)
0385111029: MERLIN'S KEEP
0385111053: How To Make Your Own Wedding Gown
0385111061: The Complete Book of Tailoring
0385111088: Day by day with Celestine Sibley
0385111096: No brother, no friend (Doubleday science fiction)
0385111118: Art Tells a Story: Greek and Roman Myths
0385111126: Art Tells a Story
0385111134: Art Tells a Story
0385111142: Art Tells a Story : The Bible
0385111150: Folk Crafts for World Friendship
0385111177: Great Latin Sports Figures : The Proud People
0385111193: Fall in and cheer
0385111207: Golden Lads
0385111215: The male: His body, his sex
0385111223: The Male: His Body, His Sex
0385111231: Community of interest
0385111258: Father Power
0385111304: Heart in Pilgrimage
0385111312: Mirror, Mirror: Images of Women Reflected in Popular Culture
0385111347: Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals
0385111355: Draw 50 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals
0385111363: Love poems from the Hebrew
0385111371: 1,001 Questions and Answers About Judaism
0385111398: Without a Trace
0385111436: Pure golf
0385111444: Go Straight on Peachtree: A McDonald City Guide to Atlanta
0385111452: The Graphic Story of the American Presidents.
0385111460: Words of Women.
0385111479: Goren's Point count bidding made easy
0385111487: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants
0385111509: Swastika at War: A Photographic Record of the War in Europe as Seen by the Cameramen of the German Magazine Signal
0385111517: Red grass
0385111525: Remains to Be Seen
0385111533: Why Someone Had to Die
0385111541: The Butterfly Flood
0385111568: Professor Game
0385111584: The Crosby, Greatest Show in Golf
0385111606: Complete Chess Strategy First Principles
0385111614: How to Teach Your Baby How to Read
0385111622: Heresies
0385111630: What to do until the lawyer comes: An invitation to law
0385111649: A Religious History of the American People
0385111657: A Religious History of the Amercan People: Volume 2
0385111681: Sherlock Holmes: a Play
0385111703: The Greek treasure: A biographical novel of Henry and Sophia Schliemann
0385111711: Gardens that care for themselves: How to grow neater, healthier plants and cut your outdoor chores in half
0385111738: Penny ante and up (A Dolphin book)
0385111746: Christmas with a country flavor
0385111754: Fantasy Postcards
0385111762: More Tales of the Black Widowers
0385111770: The Proving Gun
0385111797: Great movie spectaculars
0385111800: Great movie spectaculars
0385111843: ALFALFA HILL
0385111878: Ain't I a wonder ... and ain't you a wonder, too!: Winning freedom through acceptance
0385111886: Down a dark alley
0385111894: Irrational Numbers
0385111908: Death in Florence
0385111916: The Cheyenne Encounter
0385111924: Supersenses Our Potential for Parasensory Experien by Panati, C.
0385111932: Eating May Be Hazardous to Your Health
0385111940: The fleur-de-lys affair
0385111959: Dear intruder
0385111975: Suenens: A Portrait.
0385111983: How to shoot: A complete guide to the use of sporting firearms, rifles, shotguns, and handguns : on the range and in the field
0385111991: II Corinthians
0385112009: Now and another time
0385112017: The Illusion of Technique: A Search for Meaning in a Technological Civilization.
0385112025: Illusion of Technique : A Search for Meaning in a Technological Civilization
0385112033: Future Science: Life Energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena
0385112041: Rock almanac: Top 20 singles, 1955-73, and top 20 albums, 1964/73
0385112068: Caravansary: Alone in Moslem Places
0385112076: Rock-a Bye, Baby
0385112106: The Carpenter's Bible: A Practical Step-By-Step Home-Repair Guide
0385112114: The Plumber's Bible: A Practical Step-By-Step Home Repair Guide
0385112122: Penny-wise, party-perfect dinners
0385112149: The Ages of Mathematics (Vol. 1)
0385112157: The Ages of Mathematics
0385112165: Mathematics East and West (The Ages of mathematics ; v. 2)
0385112173: The Age Of Mathematics Volume Two Mathematics East And West
0385112181: Western mathematics comes of age (The Ages of mathematics)
0385112203: Ages of Math: The Modern Ages
0385112211: The Ages of Mathematics
0385112238: The 2 hour garden
0385112246: Rivertown Risk
0385112254: A witchdance in Bavaria
0385112262: Leslie Charteris' The Saint and the Hapsburg necklace (His The Saint series...
0385112270: The kids' fifty state cookbook
0385112289: The kids' fifty state cookbook
0385112297: People Space: The Making and Breaking of Human Boundaries
0385112300: Fantasy Postcards
0385112386: Blacksnake man
0385112394: The Stubborn Breed
0385112408: Dark passage
0385112416: Portrait of Emma
0385112424: Beyond coincidence: One man's experiences with psychic phenomena
0385112432: Jeane Dixon: The witnesses
0385112440: Thomas Merton, Monk a Monastic Tribute
0385112459: For Yourself : The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality
0385112475: Women on love: Eight centuries of feminine writing
0385112483: The Fifties: The Way We Really Were
0385112491: Labor and Delivery, an Observer's Diary: What You Should Know About Today's Childbirth
0385112564: Plagues and peoples
0385112572: Who Goes There?: The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe
0385112580: Bomber Harris
0385112599: The Frugal Colonial Housewife: A Cook's Book, Wherein the Art of Dressing All Sorts of Viands with Cleanliness, Decency, and Elegance Is Explained
0385112602: Beasts (Doubleday science fiction)
0385112610: The ninth man
0385112629: Callahan Goes South
0385112637: The Dunne Family
0385112645: The Eye of the Tiger
0385112653: The American Presidents
0385112661: I Love Ice Cream
0385112688: Toby, Granny, and George
0385112696: Toby, Granny, and George
0385112718: The Saving of P. S.
0385112734: Better Times
0385112742: The Battle of the Washita: The Sheridan-Custer Indian campaign of 1867-69
0385112750: Fred Bear's world of archery
0385112769: Search for the Fox
0385112777: Cosmic Encounter
0385112785: Fear Waits on Cypress Road
0385112793: Jet Roulette
0385112858: The average man fights back
0385112874: The riches of life
0385112890: The power peddlers: How lobbyists mold American's foreign policy
0385112904: The oak and the ivy: An intimate biography of William and Catherine Gladstone
0385112912: No Man's Land: 1918, The Last Year of the Great War
0385112947: Donkey Prince
0385112955: Donkey Prince
0385112963: Soccer Fever
0385112998: Ghosts of the Wild West
0385113005: It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House
0385113013: It's So Nice to Have a Wolf Around the House
0385113021: My stomach goes traveling
0385113048: Doll with the Opal Eyes, The
0385113056: Murder at the ABA
0385113072: Angels,God's ecret Agents;hc;1954
0385113080: Signs of Things to Come
0385113102: Spirits and Spirit Worlds
0385113129: A New Library of the Supernatural Monsters and Mythic Beasts
0385113137: Magic, words, and numbers (A New library of the supernatural)
0385113145: The Cosmic Influence
0385113153: Ghosts and Poltergeists (A New Library of the supernatural)
0385113161: Witches and Witchcraft (A New library of the supernatural)
0385113188: Atlantis and the Lost Lands
0385113196: Healing Without Medicine (New Library of the Supernatural Ser., Vol. 9)
0385113218: Enigmas and Mysteries
0385113226: Psychic Voyages
0385113234: Alchemy, the Ancient Science
0385113242: Strange Cults
0385113250: Dream Worlds
0385113269: Index to Occult Sciences (New Library of the Supernatural Ser.)
0385113285: The Secret Ship
0385113323: Fools Crow
0385113358: The cup and the lip
0385113366: Heinsohn, don't you ever smile?: The life & times of Tommy Heinsohn & the Boston Celtics
0385113390: Man and nature: Every living thing
0385113404: Green Worlds Part 1: world of Plants
0385113412: The Living Waters
0385113420: Deserts and grasslands: The world's open spaces by
0385113439: The Web of Life: the Ecology of Earth.
0385113447: Planet Earth: Earth's atmosphere and crust
0385113455: Earth in Danger: Pollution and Conservation
0385113463: Frontiers of life: Animals of mountains and poles
0385113471: Worlds apart: Nature in cities and islands
0385113528: REAL MONEY
0385113536: The Talking Table Mystery
0385113544: The Talking Table Mystery
0385113579: How to Dry Fruits and Vegetables at Home and 50 Good Recipes for Cooking With Them
0385113595: Siege of Wonder
0385113625: Voices long hushed
0385113633: The Haunted Portrait
0385113641: Hawkshead
0385113668: Tell it on the mountain
0385113676: Church
0385113684: The Genesee diary: Report from a Trappist monastery
0385113706: The Human Adventure
0385113714: Divorce and Remarriage For Catholics? A Proposal For Reform of the Church's Laws on Divorce and Remarriage
0385113722: Guilty, O Lord: Yes, I Still go to Confession
0385113730: Graham: A day in Billy's life
0385113749: Train whistle blues: A look into the world of emotionally disturbed children
0385113765: The Saturn Myth
0385113781: They rose above it: True stories about men, women, and children who fought back in the face of pain, doubt, and dismay
0385113803: Tony Winners
0385113811: Balanchine's Complete Stories of the Great Ballets
0385113838: The World Almanac & Book Of Facts
0385113846: Murderer's Mansion: Original Title, Moonstone Manor
0385113862: Expendable
0385113870: Remarkable Case of Burglary
0385113919: I Wish I Could Give My Son a Wild Raccoon'
0385113927: Freedom In Meditation
0385113935: Realms of Wizardry
0385113943: Captain of the Planter.
0385113951: ASTROGENETICS - How Your Parents' Genes and Your Season of Birth Can Influence Your Life
0385113978: Road to Number One: A personal chronicle of Penn State football
0385114001: A white man's country: An exercise in Canadian prejudice
0385114028: Air Force One: A novel
0385114036: The Book of Dallas
0385114044: King Richard The Richard Petty Story.
0385114052: Houston: Supercity of the southwest (A McDonald city guide)
0385114060: Illustrated football rules
0385114079: Illustrated basketball rules
0385114087: Illustrated ice hockey rules
0385114095: U. S. A. : A History in Art
0385114109: Coin Collectors' Handbook
0385114117: Romantic Story of Scent
0385114133: Universe 6
0385114141: Universe 7
0385114168: Tricks and treats
0385114176: Tremorra Towers
0385114184: Ambush at Soda Creek
0385114192: King John's treasure
0385114214: Rebirth: The Tibetan game of liberation
0385114222: The Salt book : lobstering, sea moss pudding, stone walls, rum running, maple syrup, snowshoes, and other Yankee doings
0385114230: Salt Book
0385114249: The loudest screen kiss, and other little-known facts about the movies
0385114257: The Loudest Screen Kiss, and Other Little-Known Facts about the Movies
0385114265: The Jewish Holiday Book
0385114273: The Jewish Holiday Book
0385114281: The complete beginner's guide to mountain climbing
0385114303: Woodworking for Kids
0385114311: Woodworking for Kids
0385114346: Leviticus 1-16
0385114354: The Butterflies of North America.
0385114362: MEMOIRS.
0385114370: The great American tomato book: The one complete guide to growing and using tomatoes everywhere
0385114389: Two in the bush
0385114427: Apples to Zippers: An Alphabet Book
0385114435: Apples to zippers: An alphabet book
0385114443: Doubletalk: The Story of SALT I by the Chief American Negotiator
0385114451: Charlie Chaplin
0385114486: Tales of Terror and Mystery
0385114494: Gemeni
0385114508: Summer of the Monkeys
0385114516: The Kramer project
0385114524: Chihuahua
0385114532: Christmas Panorama
0385114540: A Christmas Panorama The Friendly Beasts & A Partridge in a Pear Tree
0385114559: Sarah and After
0385114567: Sarah and After
0385114575: Psychic spy: The story of an astounding man
0385114583: The War Animals
0385114591: Mom, the flag, and apple pie: Great American writers on great American things
0385114605: The Ludendorff pirates: A novel about the hijacking of the largest German battleship of WW II
0385114621: The Nightmare Factor
0385114648: The Art of Knots: A Sailor's Handbook : Text and Drawings
0385114656: The rawhide years: A history of the cattlemen and the cattle country
0385114680: Scenes of crime
0385114702: Vested interest
0385114710: The last happy hour
0385114729: The Doctor from Cordova
0385114737: Grace Hartley's Cookbook: Over 40 Years of Recipes from the Atlanta Journal
0385114745: A gross carriage of justice
0385114753: How to Grow Trees Indoors
0385114761: Slight mourning
0385114788: Dancing madness by
0385114796: Allies, Pearl Harbor to D-Day
0385114826: What's That Sound: The Contemporary Music Scene from the Pages of Rolling Stone
0385114850: Body Words: Over Six Hundred Words Listed in the Alphabetical Order About the Human Body, How It Works, and Some of the Things That Affect It
0385114877: The Serve and the Overhead Smash
0385114885: New England Village: Everyday Life in 1810
0385114915: Launch!
0385114923: For Richer, for Poorer
0385114931: Let's be Frank about it
0385114966: How to live the good life: The Commander tells you how
0385114982: Breakthrough
0385114990: Twister
0385115008: Blind Hypnotist
0385115016: The long trail north
0385115024: 1945, year zero
0385115032: Circles and Standing Stones an Illustrated Explorati
0385115040: The Gypsy in My Soul: The Autobiography of Jose Greco
0385115059: Sketches From a Dirt Road
0385115075: New collected poems
0385115083: Instar
0385115091: Backyard Poultry Raising
0385115105: The complete guide to motorcycle repair and maintenance
0385115121: Forever wilt thou die
0385115148: Beginner's guide to ham radio
0385115156: Where are you going with that coal?
0385115164: Where Are You Going with That Coal
0385115172: How much does America cost?
0385115180: How Much Does America Cost
0385115199: Where are you going with that energy?
0385115202: Where are you going with that energy?
0385115210: Gunga, Your Din-Din is Ready: Son of Puns, Gags, Quips, and Riddles.
0385115229: Gunga, your din-din is ready: Son of Puns, gags, quips, and riddles
0385115237: Dave Cowens: A biography
0385115245: Dave Cowens: A biography
0385115318: Complete Book of Sailing
0385115334: The crown estate
0385115342: Galveston: A Novel
0385115350: Keeping secrets: A novel
0385115377: Domestic Life in England
0385115385: Detroit, 1985
0385115393: Games of fear and winning: Sports with an inside view
0385115407: Five ring circus: The Montreal Olympics
0385115415: View from the UN
0385115423: Comings Back
0385115431: The Story of the Augusta National Golf Club
0385115458: Winifred
0385115466: Hellspout
0385115474: The Grayspace beast (Doubleday science fiction)
0385115482: Healer
0385115490: A generation removed
0385115504: Kid's Dog
0385115520: Whistle for the Crossing
0385115539: Whistle for the Crossing
0385115547: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic
0385115555: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic
0385115571: Diet Away Your Stress, Tension, and Anxiety: The Fructose Diet
0385115598: World's First Love
0385115628: The Complete basic book of home decorating
0385115644: Sharkey
0385115652: Pele: A Biograpy
0385115679: Ghostly Animals
0385115687: Ghostly Animals
0385115695: Why a donkey was chosen
0385115709: Why A Donkey Was Chosen
0385115725: America in our time
0385115733: WHISTLING GIRL
0385115768: Mind your A's and Q's: Useless questions to dumb answers
0385115776: MIND YOUR A's and Q's: Useless Questions to Dumb Answers
0385115784: Journeys down the Line
0385115792: Sol
0385115806: Recapitulation
0385115814: The broken sword
0385115822: Fortune's Wheel
0385115830: A guide to alternative medicine (Dolphin books)
0385115849: Stopping the World
0385115857: FIREHOUSE.
0385115873: The Devil\'s horseman
0385115881: Coffin country
0385115903: The Long Shadow
0385115911: The Jaubert ring
0385115946: Vincent Price, His Movies, His Plays, His Life
0385116004: Hocus Pocus of the Universe
0385116012: Illustrated History of Country Music
0385116020: Daughters: From infancy to independence
0385116039: The house on 9th Street
0385116055: Fallen Curtain, The
0385116098: The complete family nature guide
0385116101: The Resilient Church: The Necessity and Limits of Adaptation
0385116225: Forever Hold Your Banner High! The Story of the Mickey Mouse Club & What Happened to the Mousketeers
0385116241: The master of Aysgarth
0385116268: Blown to Hell
0385116276: The summer at Raven's Roost
0385116284: Final approach: The crash of Eastern 212
0385116292: Man: The fallen ape
0385116306: China : A History in Art
0385116314: Healthy Pregnancy the Yoga Way
0385116322: Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories
0385116330: Bride of the Dullahan
0385116349: Catchworld
0385116373: If things don't improve soon I may ask you to fire me: The management book for everyone who works
0385116381: Catalog of food
0385116403: Crackpot
0385116411: Man Outgunned (Dd Western)
0385116438: Moving Right Along
0385116446: Lifelines
0385116454: The people's emperor, Mao A biography of Mao Tse-tung
0385116470: Golden Gate
0385116489: Always Is Not Forever
0385116497: The Lonely Furrow
0385116500: Girl
0385116527: A Shepherd Watches, a Shepherd Sings Growing Up a Basque Shepherd in California's San Joaquin Valley
0385116535: A Shepherd Watches, a Shepherd Sings
0385116543: Did Anyone See My Elephant?
0385116578: Psychotherapy: The Hazardous Cure
0385116586: Chilly Scenes of Winter
0385116594: Distortions
0385116608: The young in one another's arms
0385116632: Bloody Mary
0385116640: Albert Camus: A biography by Lottman, Herbert R
0385116667: Hog Book
0385116675: Pepper!: The autobiography of an unconventional coach
0385116683: A Little Boy in Search of God
0385116691: Is there life after group?
0385116705: HOW TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF PRACTICALLY NOTHING New fashions from old clothes
0385116713: The game of business
0385116721: The empire of reason: How Europe imagined and America realized the enlightenment
0385116748: Woman at Home
0385116772: Dulac's The snow queen, and other stories from Hans Andersen
0385116780: Dulac's the Snow Queen, and Other Stories from Hans Andersen
0385116799: Dolphin summer
0385116802: On the trail of God
0385116810: Encyclopedia of Ufo's
0385116837: The Yesterday Rider
0385116853: The Quilters
0385116861: Familiar Poems Annotated
0385116888: Smedley Hoover, his day
0385116918: Zero Mostel's Book of villains
0385116926: Noonan: A Novel About Baseball, Esp, and Time Warps
0385116934: Noonan.
0385116942: Bart Starr: A biography
0385116950: Bart Starr: A Biography
0385116977: Angus y el gato. A Spanish Translation.
0385116985: Grow a Plant Pet
0385116993: Grow a Plant Pet
0385120036: Empire of Reason: How Europe Imagined & America Realized the Enlightenment
0385120044: Jorgito
0385120079: El primer da de clases
0385120338: Muir's Blood
0385120346: Bequeath them no tumbled house
0385120354: The Storm Witch
0385120362: Science and the Supernatural: A Scientific Overview of the Occult
0385120397: Quilters : Women and Domestic Art
0385120400: Abbey Court
0385120419: Summer Day Is Done
0385120427: Bound to be Read
0385120435: Superboats
0385120443: Superboats
0385120451: A Street in Marrakech
0385120486: The master, and other stories
0385120508: Woman of Substance
0385120516: Bernard Shaw and the Actresses
0385120524: To Be or Not to Bop
0385120532: Yesterday's Wings
0385120540: Love, Laughter, and Tears
0385120567: War game
0385120575: My dead body
0385120583: Murder Out of Commission
0385120591: Our man in Camelot
0385120605: Great Latin Sports Figures
0385120621: I'm Eve
0385120648: Origin : A Biographical Novel of Charles Darwin
0385120656: Depths of Glory : A Biographical Novel of Camille Pissarro
0385120680: Checkmate!: The patterns of winning mating attacks and how to achieve them
0385120699: Devil You Say?
0385120702: A sense of life, a sense of sin (A Doubleday Image book)
0385120710: Thomas Merton on Mysticism
0385120737: American Buildings and Their Architects
0385120745: Asimov on numbers
0385120753: Complete fencing
0385120788: Oh, bury me not
0385120796: The devil's playground
0385120818: The fever called living
0385120826: Some achieve greatness
0385120834: Kiss, inc
0385120842: Innocent employments
0385120850: Dr. Monte Cristo
0385120869: Foxfire Four
0385120877: Foxfire 4
0385120885: The Golden Unicorn
0385120893: Edgar Cayce's photographic legacy
0385120907: You'll never take me
0385120923: The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book: A Low-Fat Diet for the Treatment of M.S., Heart Disease, and Stroke
0385120931: The Detective in Hollywood
0385120974: Nightmare in Pewter
0385120982: Hour of the Cat
0385120990: The backhoe gothic
0385121008: Tomorrow's son
0385121016: Great Horse Race
0385121032: The Magical Drawings of Moony B. Finch
0385121040: The Magical Drawings Of Moony B. Finch
0385121067: Where the Wings Grow
0385121075: How to survive being alive
0385121083: A Theology of the Old Testament
0385121105: A Demon in My View
0385121113: Charles Fort never mentioned wombats (Doubleday science fiction)
0385121156: Full disclosure: A novel
0385121164: El Tiante, the Luis Tiant story
0385121172: Spirit makes a man
0385121180: The Moon, steppingstone to outer space
0385121199: The Moon, steppingstone to outer space
0385121202: Betty Groff's Country Goodness Cookbook
0385121210: Blood Flies Upwards
0385121229: Plagues and Peoples
0385121237: Tell Me Now, and Again
0385121253: Dowsing: The Psi Connection
0385121288: Long way to Texas
0385121296: Catholic Pentecostalism
0385121318: Journey into fire
0385121326: The Lorimer Line
0385121334: To the Opera Ball.
0385121342: Lover
0385121377: You Cant Eat Peanuts In Church and Other L
0385121393: Dream of the Dinosaurs
0385121407: A book of scary things
0385121415: A Book of Scary Things
0385121466: World combat aircraft directory
0385121474: Apaches a History & Cultural Portrait
0385121482: Stonewall in the valley: Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Spring 1862
0385121490: Kenneth Roberts: Reader of the American Revolution
0385121504: Hangman's Springs
0385121512: West of Railhead
0385121520: Dragonship
0385121539: A settling of accounts
0385121547: Lashed but not leashed
0385121555: To catch a viper
0385121598: No One Noticed Ralph
0385121601: Tiglis and the Bird Machine
0385121628: Modern Catholic Dictionary
0385121644: And would you believe it!: Thoughts about the Creed
0385121652: Catholic pentecostalism (A Doubleday Image book)
0385121679: Shining
0385121687: Stand
0385121717: When the Spider Danced
0385121725: Ganja in Jamaica: The Effects of Marijuana Use; Sponsored by the Center for Studies of Narcotic and Drug Abuse and the National Institute of Mental Health
0385121741: Brief encounters
0385121768: Collectibles: A compendium
0385121776: Nothing but a Drifter
0385121792: Adlai Stevenson and the World: The Life of Adlai E. Stevenson
0385121806: Robert Frost country
0385121822: The dark goddess
0385121857: PELE: My Life And The Beautiful Game
0385121865: Future That Doesn't Work
0385121903: Charles H. Goren's 100 challenging bridge hands for you to enjoy: Test your skill against the master's winning way to play and defend
0385121938: The Auto Repair Book
0385121962: The fisherman's catalog
0385121970: Patternmaster
0385121989: Bicentennial Man, and Other Stories
0385121997: First World fantasy awards
0385122004: The phantom reflection
0385122012: Labyrinth
0385122055: Key to the Bible, Volume III, The New Testament, Record of the fulfillment,
0385122063: Key to the Bible Volume 2
0385122071: Key to the Bible
0385122098: Invitation to Luke : A Commentary on the Gospel of Luke with Complete Text from the Jerusalem Bible
0385122101: Invitation to Acts: A commentary on the Acts of the Apostles with complete text from the Jerusalem Bible (Doubleday New Testament commentary series)
0385122128: Invitation to John : A Commentary on the Gospel of John with Complete Text from the Jerusalem Bible
0385122136: Invitation to Mark: A commentary on the Gospel of Mark, with complete text from the Jerusalem Bible (Doubleday New Testament commentary series)
0385122152: The Hocus-Pocus of the Universe
0385122179: The Osmonds: The official story of the Osmond family
0385122187: The Hugo Winners
0385122209: The passions
0385122217: You Can't Count a Billion Dollars and Other Little-Known Facts About Money
0385122225: You Can't Count a Billion Dollars
0385122233: A bat is born, from The bat-poet
0385122241: A bat is born, from The bat-poet
0385122284: My name is million: An illustrated history of the Poles in America
0385122314: The Book of Dallas
0385122330: Andrew and the alchemist
0385122349: Andrew and the alchemist
0385122357: Draw 50 Airplanes, Aircraft, and Spacecraft
0385122365: Draw 50 Airplanes, Aircraft, AND Spacecraft
0385122373: The Parents Book About Divorce
0385122403: So get on with it: A celebration of wheelchair sports
0385122438: Come Back, Lolly Ray
0385122454: Lend Me Your Ears
0385122462: A Galaxy of Strangers
0385122470: Across the Years: Memories of a Virginian
0385122489: Unfinished Business: Pressure Points in the Lives of Women
0385122497: The anatomy of the floor: The trillion-dollar market at the New York Stock Exchange
0385122500: City of Many Days
0385122519: Special When Lit: A Visual and Anecdotal History of Pinball
0385122535: Don't Wake Me up While I'm Driving
0385122543: Witness to treason
0385122551: The House on Curtin Street
0385122616: Battle at Bull Run: A history of the first major campaign of the Civil War
0385122624: The Encyclopedia of Sports
0385122632: The Official Encyclopedia of Baseball
0385122640: The encyclopedia of football
0385122659: Illustrated encyclopedia of indoor plants
0385122667: Gold
0385122675: Case Closed
0385122683: Down here in the dream quarter (Doubleday science fiction)
0385122691: Assault on the gods
0385122705: Outward Bound, Schools of the Possible
0385122713: Outward Bound, Schools of the Possible
0385122748: The totalitarian temptation
0385122756: The common touch
0385122764: Sinkiang Executive
0385122772: The Scorpion Signal
0385122780: Snowman: A novel
0385122799: Moving to the Country
0385122810: The Pride of the Peacock
0385122829: Hound of the Baskervilles
0385122837: A Study In Scarlet
0385122845: The Valley of Fear
0385122853: The Sign of the Four
0385122861: Illustrated Psalms of the Jerusalem Bible
0385122896: The lonely hunter: A biography of Carson McCullers
0385122918: Joe DiMaggio
0385122926: The birthday trombone
0385122934: The birthday trombone
0385122942: Appalachian Ghosts
0385122950: Appalachian ghosts
0385122969: Women and the Church
0385122977: Revelations of Divine Love
0385122985: Ross Peterson: The New Edgar Cayce
0385122993: Michelangelo : The Last Judgment.
0385123027: Stars Belong to Everyone
0385123043: You can renovate your own home: A step-by-step guide to major interior improvements
0385123078: Farm journal's homemade snacks: How to eat better when you eat on the run
0385123086: Legend of the Bluegrass
0385123094: Niagara!: The eternal circus
0385123108: Shaking it rough: A prison memoir
0385123124: Ferlinghetti, a biography
0385123132: Imitation of Christ
0385123140: A December tale
0385123159: A December Tale
0385123167: Situation red, the UFO siege!
0385123183: Small Blessings
0385123205: Snowbound Six
0385123221: Holiday Magic : The Art of Making Decorations for Eventful Days Thoughout the Year
0385123248: Catalog of Magic
0385123264: Things I Meant to Say to Say
0385123272: Winter Drift
0385123280: The litany of Sh'reev
0385123299: Phantasmagoria: Tales of fantasy and the supernatural
0385123302: Reggae Bloodlines.
0385123329: The big felt burger: And 27 other crafts projects to relish
0385123345: PR as in President
0385123361: Intimate Strangers: The Culture of Celebrity
0385123388: The Four Swans: A Novel of Cornwall, 1795-1797
0385123396: Last Train from Berlin
0385123418: Playing house
0385123426: Thomas Hart Benton, a Portrait
0385123442: A dangerous funeral
0385123450: Dreamer beware
0385123477: Tractors, Plows, and Harvesters: A Book about Farm Machines
0385123485: Tractors, plows, and harvesters: A book about farm machines (Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry/Doubleday books)
0385123493: Folk Crafts for World Friendship
0385123507: A pictorial history of the World War II years
0385123531: The Warblers of America
0385123566: The blind search
0385123574: Young Man in Search of Love
0385123604: A Fall in Mexico
0385123612: Ladder of the Worlds Joy
0385123639: Bertolt Brecht's Berlin
0385123647: Am I running with You, God?
0385123655: Tales from the Arabian Nights
0385123663: Tales from the Arabian Nights
0385123671: Ants Who Took Away Time
0385123698: Fortune Builders
0385123728: Fire and you
0385123744: When we went first class
0385123752: The Liar's craft (Intro ; 8)
0385123795: The Doubleday Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form
0385123809: Term Paper: Step By Step Revised Pb Doubleday Pub
0385123833: The Winding Stair: Francis Bacon, His Rise and Fall
0385123841: The phantom of Fonthill Park
0385123868: Son of The compleat motion picture quiz book: Or, 60,000 more points about motion pictures, 30,000 for buffs--30,000 for duffers
0385123884: Mexican
0385123892: Time Off:A Psychological Guide to Vacations
0385123930: Complete Book of Baton Twirling
0385123949: The Complete Book of Baton Twirling
0385123957: Famous fighters of the Second World War
0385123965: The U.S.A. book
0385123973: The Country Music Quiz Book
0385124007: Way of a Pilgrim : And the Pilgrim Continues His Way
0385124015: You Packed the Cat in the Suitcase?!: You Gotta Get Organized
0385124031: Hold me up a little longer, Lord
0385124058: Kid Andrew Cody & Julie Sparrow: A novel
0385124074: Freedom in meditation (A Doubleday Anchor book)
0385124082: The Derby Man
0385124090: The Iron Jehu
0385124104: Parents' Yellow Pages
0385124112: Growing-Up Years: Your Child's Record Keeping Book
0385124120: From Desire to Desire
0385124139: The making of superstars: Artists and executives of the rock music business
0385124147: Real Reason for Christmas: Letters to Children for the Twelve Nights of Christmas
0385124155: Journey's end
0385124163: Ride the Blue Riband
0385124201: Keepers of the gate
0385124236: The green thumb directory: A where-to-buy it guide for gardeners
0385124279: Mathematics Encyclopedia
0385124287: Canoe trails directory (A Dolphin book)
0385124295: The No Baloney Sandwich Book
0385124309: Lord Apache
0385124317: Fast and easy needlepoint
0385124325: Fast and Easy Needlepoint
0385124333: The Knight and the Squire
0385124341: The Knight and the Squire, a Retelling of the Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
0385124368: Manachar and Munachar: Two Celtic tales
0385124376: Magic through science
0385124384: Magic through science
0385124392: The Challenge of Jesus
0385124406: Night of the Cattlemen
0385124414: Saints Alive!
0385124422: Archie: The Archie Griffin story
0385124430: Try God
0385124449: Hello, I must be going: Groucho and his friends
0385124457: By Her Own Admission
0385124473: The Eisenhowers: Reluctant dynasty
0385124481: The Game Player
0385124503: God & Harvey Grosbeck
0385124511: The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction - 22ND SERIES
0385124538: FSO-1
0385124546: Home canning, the last word: Newer and better methods for top quality
0385124554: Chinese cooking lessons
0385124562: Bittersweet Triumph
0385124570: Inference of guilt
0385124627: The dancing dodo by Gardner, John E
0385124635: A wreath of stars
0385124643: The Main Spark: Sparky Anderson and the Cincinnati Reds
0385124651: How to Feed Your Hyperactive Child
0385124678: Famous bombers of the Second World War
0385124686: Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine: Recipes and Reminiscences of a Family
0385124708: Off the wall: Robert Rauschenberg and the art world of our time by Tomkins.
0385124732: Death Cap
0385124740: Beyond Culture
0385124759: It Takes a Long Time to Become Young: An Entertainment in the Form of a Declaration of War on the Mindless Youth Cult That Has Our Time in Its Grip
0385124767: A Dark and Secret Place
0385124775: Zarkon, Lord of the Unknown, in the Earth-Shaker: A Case from the Files of Omega
0385124783: Daily we touch Him: Practical religious experiences
0385124791: UNIVERSE 8
0385124805: The masters of solitude
0385124848: Leslie Blanchard's Hair-Coloring Book by Blanchard, Leslie
0385124856: The Indian Legacy of Charles Bird King
0385124864: Dream of Dark Harbor
0385124872: Dream of Dark Harbor
0385124880: Gods, Stars, and Computers : Fact and Fancy in Myth and Science
0385124899: Gods, Stars, and Computers
0385124902: We Won Today
0385124910: We Won Today : My Season with the Mets
0385124937: 99 ways to a simple lifestyle
0385124945: The household pollutants guide
0385124953: How to Ask for More and Get It
0385124961: Lee Strasberg: The Imperfect Genius of the Actors Studio
0385125003: Mirages: Travel Notes in the Promised Land.
0385125011: Under my wings everything prospers
0385125038: Momo
0385125046: Horror Wears Blue
0385125054: Memoirs
0385125062: Cricket Boy: A Chinese Tale
0385125070: Cricket Boy: A Chinese Tale
0385125089: Treating your hyperactive and learning disabled child: What you can do
0385125100: Victorian: The Cinderella of Antiques. Re-Issue of the 1950 Ed (260P) by...
0385125127: A Christmas feast: A treasury of yuletide stories and poems for the whole family
0385125135: Turnabout Help for a New Life
0385125151: Sidehill gouger or what's so deadly about caterpillars?
0385125186: Person to person: A handbook for pastoral counseling
0385125194: New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
0385125208: Act of fear
0385125216: Filmi, Filmi, Inspector Ghote
0385125224: 100 Years of Farm Journal
0385125232: Bobby Clarke
0385125240: Archie Griffin
0385125259: Martina Navratilova (A Doubleday Signal book)
0385125267: Janet Guthrie: First Woman Driver at Indianapolis (A Doubleday signal book)
0385125275: Scott May, basketball champion
0385125283: Fred Lynn: The hero from Boston
0385125291: Alex Karras: My Life In Football Television, & Movies
0385125305: Alex Karras
0385125313: Last Sunday
0385125321: Last Sunday
0385125356: Our ancestors came from outer space
0385125372: Prince Jack
0385125380: Prince of a Fellow
0385125402: Elements of Weaving, a complete introduction to the art and techniques
0385125410: The Eternal Male
0385125429: STAINED GLASS
0385125437: Needleweaving . . . Easy as Embroidery
0385125445: Delay At Parson's Flat
0385125453: Prayer of Jesus
0385125518: Entertaining strangers
0385125526: The old familiar booby traps of home
0385125542: The Mercedes-Benz Book
0385125569: Squash: How to play, how to win
0385125593: The home birth book
0385125607: Sewing to Decorate Your Home
0385125615: Superplanes
0385125623: Superplanes
0385125658: Birds of the northern seas
0385125666: Birds of the northern seas by Graham, Ada
0385125682: Whispers: An anthology of fantasy and horror by
0385125690: Incident on the way to a killing
0385125704: A Winter's Tale: The Wreck of the Florizel
0385125720: Discover Toronto
0385125739: Parachutists
0385125747: The Heyday of Natural History
0385125755: The Great War, 1914-1918: A pictorial history
0385125763: The Vintage Car Guide
0385125798: Kontinent 2
0385125917: The Beach Plum Inn cookbook
0385125933: Total Child Care: From Birth to Age Five
0385125968: Outlaws: Revolution in Country Music.
0385125976: Christian Occasions
0385125984: The jarrah tree
0385125992: Echoes of evil
0385126018: Chase: Career of the Compulsive Gambler
0385126026: Do Your Ears Hang
0385126034: Do your ears hang low?: Fifty more musical fingerplays
0385126085: Isherwood
0385126093: Once They Heard the Cheers.
0385126107: Swimming man burning: A rip-roaring novel of the American West
0385126115: Adapted Aquatics Swimming for Persons with Physical or Mental Impairments
0385126123: Sylvia Porter's New Money Book for the 80'S.
0385126131: To know your self: The essential teachings of Swami Satchidananda
0385126166: Creative Ministry and Lifesigns
0385126174: Storm of Glory
0385126182: Somebody Is Lying: The Story of Dr X
0385126190: Confessions of summer: A novel
0385126204: Last Movement
0385126239: The Mystery of Agatha Christie
0385126247: Legacy of the wolf
0385126263: Innocent Bystander
0385126298: The Numbers of Life: The Hidden Power in Numerology, Revised Edition
0385126301: The art of kissing
0385126328: Tennis drills for self-improvement (Instructional series)
0385126336: The volley and the half-volley: The attacking game (Instructional series)
0385126344: My Recipes Are for the Birds
0385126352: Changing Years
0385126360: The Boy Who Dared to Rock: The Definitive Elvis
0385126387: The conversion of a psychic
0385126395: Something Beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta
0385126409: A gull against the wind
0385126417: An Evil Streak
0385126425: Glenrose calling: A novel
0385126433: Stage voices: Twelve Canadian playwrights talk about their lives and work
0385126468: Apologia Pro Vita Sua
0385126476: Wanted: Donald Morrison, the True Story of the Megantic Outlaw
0385126484: Adlai Stevenson of Illinois : The Life of Adlai E. Stevenson
0385126492: Adlai Stevenson and the World
0385126506: For her own good: 150 years of the experts' advice to women
0385126514: For Her Own Good : 150 Years of the Experts' Advice to Women
0385126522: Whisper, whisper
0385126530: The Caldecott Aesop: Twenty Fables : A Facsimile of the 1883 Edition
0385126549: The Caldecott Aesop: Twenty Fables A Facsimile of the 1883 Edition
0385126557: Echoes from the MacAbre
0385126565: Goldengirl
0385126573: A Venetian charade
0385126581: Harder Thing Than Triumph
0385126603: The war machines of Kalinth
0385126638: Heritage of Flames
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