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0387121080: Physical and Biological Processing of Images
0387121099: Resonant Nonlinear Interactions of Light With Matter
0387121102: Hyperfine Interactions of Radioactive Nuclei (Topics in Current Physics Ser., Vol. 31)
0387121129: Kleine Geschichte Der Universitat Heidelberg
0387121161: Distributed Systems--Architecture and Implementation
0387121269: Oeuvres: Collected Papers
0387121277: Desorption Induced By Electronic Transit
0387121315: Antibiotics Containing the Beta-Lactam II (Handbook Of Experimental Pharmacology Vol. 67/II)
0387121382: Dictionary of Medical Objects
0387121390: The Analysis of Linear Partial Differential Operators II: Grundlehren Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften (Grundlehren Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften
0387121439: Photomorphogenesis (Encyclopedia of Plant Phsyiology, Vol. 16A and 16B
0387121447: The Measurement of Turbulent Fluctuations. An Introduction to Hot-Wire Anemometry and Related Transducers
0387121501: Adaptive Systems with Reduced Models. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Volume 47
0387121544: Nuclear Technologies In A Sustainable Energy System
0387121552: Degrees of Unsolvability: Local and Global Theory (Springer Series in Information Sciences)
0387121560: Structure of Complex Turbulent Shear Flow
0387121595: Geometry and Algebra in Ancient Civilizations - Hardcover
0387121609: Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - Condensed Matter: Semiconductors/Halbleiter Physics of Non-Tetrahedrally Bonded Binary Compounds I
0387121625: Advanced Synergetics
0387121633: Urologic Cancer
0387121641: Number Theory in Science & Communication (Springer Series in Information Sciences)
0387121706: Optical and laser remote sensing (Springer series in optical sciences) by
0387121722: Compact Complex Surfaces (Series of Modern Surveys in Mathematics)
0387121757: Etale Cohomology and the Weil Conjecture
0387121897: Industrial Developments (Advances in Polymer Science, Vol. 51)
0387121927: Issues in Acoustic Signal-Image Processing and Recognition
0387122060: Programming in Modula-2 (ACTA Neuropathologica)
0387122087: Feedback Strategies for Partially Observable Stochastic Systems. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Systems 48
0387122168: Nonlinear Deformation Waves: Symposium (IUTAM symposium Tallinn/Estonian SSR 1982)
0387122311: Mineral Deposits of the Alps and of the Alpine Epoch in Europe: Proceedings of
0387122575: Agricultural Soil Mechanics (Advanced Series in Agricultural Sciences)
0387122583: Optimization of Discrete Time Systems. The Upper Boundary Approach. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Volume 51
0387122664: Green's Function in Quantum Physics (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences)
0387122699: Differential Geometry of Foliations: The Fundamental Integrability Problem (Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete, No. 99)
0387122737: Enduser Systems and Their Human Factors
0387122745: Influence of Economic Instability on Health, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics, 21)
0387122753: CONLAN Report.
0387122761: Dynamical Systems and Chaos.
0387122842: Specification and Design of Software Systems
0387122850: Propagation of Singularities for Fuchsian Operators
0387122869: Asymptotic Analysis, II: Surveys and Trends
0387122877: Electronic Systems Effectiveness and Life Cycle Costing. NATO ASI Series F: Computer and Systems Sciences, No. 3
0387122885: Pictorial Data Analysis
0387122915: Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: Proceedings, Istanbul, Turkey 1982
0387122931: Numerical Taxonomy (Nato Asi Series. Series G, Ecological Sciences ; No. 1)
0387122990: Harmonic Analysis
0387123040: Semi-Infinite Programming and Applications: An International Symposium (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems)
0387123075: Relation Between Final Demand and Income Distribution
0387123105: Graph-Grammars and Their Application to Computer Science: 2nd International Workshop, Haus Ohrbeck, Germany, October 4-8, 1982
0387123113: Data Networks with Satellites. Informatik-Fachberichte, Volume 67
0387123164: Fiscal Policies in a General Equilibrium
0387123180: Zeros of Sections of Power Series (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1002)
0387123210: Recent Developments in the Algebraic, Analytical, and Topological Theory of Semigroups
0387123229: Iterates of Maps on an Interval
0387123261: Stochastic Processes--Formalism and Applications: Proceedings of the Winter School, Held at the University of Hyderabad, India, December 15-24, 1982
0387123288: The Programming Language Ada Reference Manual
0387123296: Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1004)
0387123334: Mathematical Structure of the Singularities at the Transitions Between Steady States in Hydrodynamic Systems
0387123342: Numerical Methods (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1005)
0387123350: Abelian Group Theory (Lectures Notes in Mathematics)
0387123369: Geometric Dynamics: Proc of Intl Symp, Held at Instituto De Matematica Pura E Aplicada, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil, July-Aug 1981 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1007)
0387123423: Muscular Dystrophy: Biomedical Aspects
0387123466: Vascular Perfusion in Cancer Therapy (Recent Results in Cancer Research Ser., Vol. 86)
0387123474: Pain in the Cancer Patient (Recent Results in Cancer Research Ser., Vol. 89)
0387123482: Early Detection of Breast Cancer (Recent Results in Cancer Research Ser., Vol. 90)
0387123490: Paediatric Oncology
0387123512: Learning Higher Mathematics. Part I: The Method of Coordinates. Part II: Analysis of the Infinitely Small. With 68 Figures. Translated from Russian by Edwin Hewitt
0387123563: Synergetics : An Introduction
0387123717: Perspectives on Stress and Stress Related Topics
0387123776: Manual of Ultrasound
0387123865: Nonlinear Methods of Spectral Analysis
0387123873: The Boundary Element Method Applied to Inelastic Problems
0387123962: Preparative Organic Chemistry.
0387124063: Spectral Data for Structure Determination of Organic Compounds
0387124098: Spectroscopy Of Molecular Excitons
0387124144: Theory of Slow Atomic Collisions
0387124160: Adsorption Processes on Semiconductor and Dielectric Surfaces I. Springer Series in Chemical Physics. With 70 Figures
0387124284: Prosody : Models and Measurements
0387124322: Metalinguistic Awareness on Children: Theory, Research, and Implications
0387124330: Dynamic Aspects of Language Processing: Focus and Presupposition (Springer Series in Language and Communication, Volume 16)
0387124403: Intracontinental Fold Belts : Case Studies in the Variscan Belt of Europe and the Damara Belt in Namibia
0387124411: Principles of Energetics
0387124519: Origins of Depression: Current Concepts and Approaches (Life Sciences Research Report, 26)
0387124543: Disturbance and Ecosystems: Components of Response : Ecological Studies 44 (Ecological Studies)
0387124780: Cyclophanes II. Topics in Current Chemistry 115.
0387124845: Boundary Element Techniques. Theory and Applications in Engineering. With 284 Figures
0387124896: Biomechanics of the Knee
0387124969: General Decoupling Theory of Multivariable Process Control Systems. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 53
0387125167: Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts: Literature 1982: 032
0387125361: Einfuhrung in die Numerische Mathematik.(2vols.)
0387125442: Design for Assembly
0387125582: VLSI Technology (Electrophysics Ser., Vol. 12)
0387125620: Principles of Statistical Radiophysics 1
0387125671: Adequate Modeling of Systems
0387125698: Power Semiconductors
0387125736: A Comparative Atlas Of Zooplankton - Biological Paterns in the Oceans
0387125760: Hormones and Behaviour in Higher Vertebrates (Fortschritte Der Chemischen Forschung)
0387125779: Plateau Uplift the Rhenish Shield a Case
0387125841: Robots. Planning and Implementation.
0387125876: Quantim Mechanical Few-Body Problem.
0387125892: Practice of High Performance Liquid Chromatography: Applications, Equipment and Quantitative Analysis
0387125906: Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology
0387125914: Spectroscopy NMR Fluorescence FT-IR: Advances in Polymer Science
0387125922: Solar Energy Phase Transfer Catalysis Transport Processes (Advances in Polymer Science Ser., Vol. 55)
0387125981: Surface Studies With Lasers: Proceedings of the International Conference, Mauterndorf, Austria, March 9-11, 1983
0387126279: Industrial Design in Engineering: A Marriage of Techniques
0387126295: Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
0387126317: Post-anaesthetic recovery: A practical approach
0387126333: Computational Galerkin Methods
0387126457: Principles of Lake Sedimentology
0387126546: Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty: Technique, Early and Late Results
0387126562: Aging and Cancer (Recent Results in Cancer Research Ser., Vol. 87)
0387126570: Graphs and Genes
0387126597: Numerical and Physical Aspects of Aerodynamic Flows II
0387126635: Topological Disorder in Condensed Matter: Proceedings of the Fifth Taniguchi International Symposium, Shimoda Japan, November 2-5, 1982
0387126678: Proteins and Nucleic Acids in Plant Systematics
0387126686: Hormonally Defined Media
0387126708: Oscillations in Mathematical Biology
0387126732: Spectral Theory of Banach Space Operators: Ck Superscript-Classification, Abstract Volterra Operators, Similarity, Spectrality, Local Spectral Analysis
0387126767: Direct Methods for Sparse Matrices: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
0387126783: A Dynamic Theory of the Firm; Production, Finance and Investment: Lecture Notes
0387126821: Complex Analysis-Fifth Romanian-Finnish Seminar, Part 1: Proceedings of the Seminar held in Bucharest, June 28-July 3, 1981
0387126848: Equations Differentialles Systemes De Pfaff II Dans Le Champs Complexe II
0387126856: Algebraic Geometry: Proceedings of the Japan-France Conference Held at Tokyo and Kyoto, October 5-14, 1982 Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol 1016
0387126864: Equadiff 82: Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Wurzburg, Frg, August 23-28, 1982 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
0387126899: Foundations of Computation Theory: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
0387126910: Photon Photon Collisions: Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Photon Photon Collisions, Held at the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule, Aachen, April
0387126961: Notes on Economic Time Series Analysis
0387127003: Resource Sector in an Open Economy
0387127038: Measure Theory & Its Apps Proc 1982
0387127062: Orlicz Spaces and Modular Spaces (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
0387127070: Mathematics and Physics of Disordered Media
0387127089: Combinatorial Mathematics X (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1036)
0387127127: Analytic Functions, Blazejewko 1982
0387127135: Local Analysis of Selberg's Trace Formula
0387127186: Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
0387127194: Geometry Seminar
0387127216: Density functional theory
0387127224: Asymptotic Prime Divisors
0387127291: Hardy Classes on Infinitely Connected Riemann Surfaces
0387127305: Nonlinear Phenomena
0387127313: Seminaire P. Lelong-P. Dolbeault-H. Skoda (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Volume 1028)
0387127356: Methods of Protein and Nucleic Acid Research: Electrophoresis, Isoelectric Focusing, Ultracentrifugation
0387127364: Measuring Techniques in Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flows
0387127380: Cellular Interactions (Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology)
0387127402: Advanced Molecular Genetics
0387127410: Localization and Orientation in Biology and Engineering (Proceedings in Life Sciences Ser.)
0387127496: Patterns of Change in Earth Evolution
0387127526: Metal Deposits in Relation to Plate Tectonics
0387127569: Pyroclastic Rocks
0387127607: Numerical Continuation Methods: An Introduction
0387127615: Multi-Grid Methods and Applications
0387127631: Minimization Methods for Non-Differentiable Functions and Applications (Springer Series in Computational Math, Vol 3)
0387127682: Speech and Situation. A Psychological Conception of Situated Speaking
0387127704: Proteinase Inhibitors : Medical and Biological Aspects
0387127879: Glassy Metals II: Atomic Structure and Dynamics, Electronic Structure, Magnetic Properties.
0387127887: Ivan Matveevich Vinogradov
0387127895: Design of Interpreters, Compilers, and Editors, for Augmented Transition Networks (Symbolic Computation Ser.)
0387127917: Advances in Biochemical Engineering : Volume 28 : Microbial Activities
0387127925: Anionic Polymerization (Advances in Polymer Science, Vol 56)
0387127968: Polymers in Medicine (Advances in Polymer Science, No. 57)
0387127984: Molecular Genetics of the Bacteria Plant Interaction
0387127992: Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics (Scientific Computation)
0387128034: Boundary Elements
0387128077: Physics of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon I: Structure, Preparation, and Devices
0387128093: Surgical Approaches for Internal Fixation
0387128166: Neoclassical Theory Structure and Theory Development: An Empirical-Philosophical Case Study Concerning the Theory of International Trade
0387128182: Liquid Crystal Polymers I. Advances in Polymer Science, Volume 59
0387128271: Problems and Prospects in Long and Medium Range Weather Forecasting
0387128301: Einführung in die Wirtschaftsinformatik (Heidelberger Taschenbücher)
0387128328: Cns Metastases: Neurosurgery in the Aged (Advances in Neurosurgery, 12)
0387128336: Transition Metal Complexes -- Structures and Spectra. Structure and Bonding 55
0387128417: Statics and Dynamics of Nonlinear Systems
0387128425: Magnetic Phase Transitions
0387128433: Organic Molecular Aggregates. Electronic Excitation and Interaction Processes. Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences vol. 49
0387128506: Introduction to Polymer Spectroscopy. Polymers. Properties and Applications. 7
0387128549: Self-Regulation of the Brain and Behavior. With 115 Figures
0387128557: Cognition and Motor Processes
0387128603: Advances in Biochemical Engineering : Volume 29 : Immobilized Biocatalysts, Saccharomyces, Yeasts, Wastewater Treatment
0387128662: Introduction to Robust and Quasi-Robust Statistical Methods
0387128689: Computer algebra: EUROCAL '83, European Computer Algebra Conference, London, England, March 28-30, 1983 (Lecture notes in computer science)
0387128794: Energy Systems Analysis for Developing C
0387128808: Discretization Methods for Stable Initial Value Problems
0387128832: Information Technology and the Computer Network. NATO ASI Series F: Computer and Systems Sciences, Volume 6
0387128840: Simulation and Model-Based Methodologies. An Integrative View
0387128859: High-Speed Computation
0387128867: Computer Architectures for Spatially Distributed Data
0387128883: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. NATO ASI Series F: Computer and System Sciences, Vol. 11
0387128913: Algebraic K-Theory, Number Theory, Geometry, and Analysis
0387128964: Logics of Programs
0387128972: Lectures on Stochastic Differential Equations and Malliavin Calculus
0387129014: Cones Autopolaires Et Algebres De Jordan
0387129073: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun. No. 193 Lecture Notes in Physics
0387129154: Quantum Probability and Applications to the Quantum Theory of
0387129162: Trends & Apps of Pure Mathemat To Mechan
0387129170: WOPPLOT 83
0387129227: Quarks and Nuclear Structure: Proceedings of the 3rd Klaus Erkelenz Symposium, 1983, Bad Honnef, Germany (Lecture Notes in Physics, 197)
0387129235: Risk & Capital Proc
0387129316: Bifurcation Theory and Applications: Lectures Given at the 2nd 1983 Session of the Centro Internationale Mathematico
0387129324: Program Transformation and Programming Environments
0387129545: Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter.
0387129553: Multiple Diffraction of X-Rays in Crystals. Springer Series in Solid State Sciences, 50. With 152 Figures
0387129596: Database Machines.
0387129677: Foundations of Sensory Science
0387129871: Economic and Medical Evaluation of Health Care Technologies
0387129944: Liquid Crystal Polymers (Advances in Polymer Science, No. 60/61)
0387130020: Differential Equations
0387130063: Multiresolution Image Processing and Analysis
0387130098: Foundations of Quantum Mechanics II (Text and Monographs in Physics)
0387130101: General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics
0387130128: Co2 Laser Surgery
0387130144: Optics and Lasers: Including Fibers and Integrated Optics
0387130195: Anthropogenic Compounds
0387130462: Animal Behavior Neurophysiological & Eth
0387130470: Heat Flow Through Extended Surface Heat Exchangers
0387130624: Biology of the Integument : Invertebrates (Biology of the Integument Ser., Vol. 1)
0387130705: Electroorganic Chemistry As a New Tool in Organic Synthesis
0387130780: Integrated Optics:Theory and Technology: Theory and Technology
0387130799: Advances in Diagnostic Visual Optics
0387130829: Fractures With Soft Tissue Injuries
0387130926: Structure and Fiber Connections of the Hippocampus: A Comparative Study (Studies in Contemporary Economics)
0387130942: Methods of Protein and Nucleic Acid Research: Immunoelectrophoresis, Application of Radioisotopes
0387130969: Collocation Techniques for Modeling Compositional Flows in Oil Reservoirs
0387130977: Basic Principles and Applications (Topics in Boundary Element Research Ser., Vol. 3)
0387131019: Pharmacology of Intestinal Permeation II
0387131043: Radiotherapy of Malignant Disease
0387131078: Radiocontrast Agents (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology Volume 73)
0387131094: Toxicology of Inhaled Materials
0387131108: Clinical Pharmacology of Antianginal Drugs - (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology Volume 76
0387131116: Chemotherapy of Gastrointestinal Helminths (Handbook of Experimental Phar
0387131272: Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology- #110. The Molecular Biology of Adenoviruses 2
0387131280: Inert Gases. Potentials, Dynamics, and Energy Transfer in Doped Crystals. Springer Series in Chemical Physics, Volume 34
0387131337: Paleozoic Salt Bearing Formations of the World
0387131388: The Molecular Biology of Adenoviruses 3 (Current Topics in Microbiology, Vol III)
0387131426: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Histology
0387131469: Sleep Mechanisms
0387131566: Chaos and Statistical Methods: Proceedings of the Sixth Kyoto Summer Institute
0387131590: Electroencephalogram in Anesthesia
0387131604: Mechanics of Solids: The Experimental Foundations of Solid Mechanics
0387131620: Mechanics of Solids III
0387131639: Mechanics of Solids: Waves in Elastic and Viscoelastic Solids (Theory and Experiment)
0387131698: Laser Speckle and Related Phenomena. Second Enlarged Ed. (Topics in Applied Physics, Volume 9)
0387131744: Dermatopathology (Current Topics in Pathology, Vol. 74)
0387131760: Lung Cancer
0387131787: Coherent Analytic Sheaves
0387131906: Dispute Settlement in Public International Law: Texts and Materials
0387131949: Stochastic Phenomena and Chaotic Behaviour in Complex Systems: Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting of
0387131957: Plant Drug Analysis: A Thin Layer Chromatography Photo Atlas
0387131965: Psychobiology of Anorexia Nervosa
0387131981: Total Hip Replacement
0387132163: On the Centre of Gravity of the Human Body as Related to the Equipment of the German Infantry Soldier. Translators: P. G. J. Maquet, R. Furlong.
0387132171: Autonomic Functions in Human Physiology.
0387132228: The Foot: Pathology, Aetiology, Semiology, Clinical Investigation and Therapy
0387132236: The Foot: Pathology, Aetiology, Semiology, Clinical Investigation and Therapy
0387132260: The Natural Environment and the Biogeochemical Cycles
0387132325: Initiators - Poly-Reactions - Optical Activity. Advances in Polymer Science, Volume 62
0387132333: Nmr Tomography of the Normal Brain
0387132368: Elderly
0387132406: Collected Papers
0387132449: Biology of the Integument: Vertebrates
0387132465: Chemical Waste. Handling and Treatment
0387132503: Polymer Fracture
0387132511: Euthanasia (Medicolegal library)
0387132570: Biomechanics of the Hip: As Applied to Osteoarthritis and Related Conditions
0387132686: Vlsi for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (Springer Series in Information Sciences, Vol. 13)
0387132716: X-Ray Microscopy: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Gottingen, Fed. Rep. of Germany, September 14-16, 1983 (Springer Series in Optical Sciences, Volume 43)
0387132759: One Medicine a Tribute To Kurt Benirschk
0387132783: Population Biology and Evolution
0387132791: The Management of Head and Neck Cancer
0387132813: Petroleum Formation and Occurrence
0387132880: Modelling and Performance Evaluation Methodology
0387132899: Leukemia : Recent Developments in Diagnosis and Therapy (Recent Results in Cancer Research Ser., Vol. 93)
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