0387197486: AutoCAD Express
0387197494: Immobilized Macromolecules: Application Potentials (Springer Series in Applied Biology)
0387197516: Formal Methods in Systems Engineering
0387197532: Systems, Models and Measures
0387197540: Rotordynamics '92: Proceedings of the International Conference on Rotating Machine Dynamics Hotel Des Bains, Venice, 28-30 April 1992
0387197559: CSCW: Cooperation or Conflict? Computer Supported Cooperative Work Series
0387197583: Skill & Education Reflection & Experie
0387197591: Practical Intellect : Computers and Skills
0387197605: Functional Programming, Glasgow 1991: Proceedings of the 1991 Glasgow Workshop
0387197621: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS
0387197648: Load-Oriented Manufacturing Control
0387197702: Offshore Structures Strength & Safety
0387197729: Neural Network Applications: Proceedings of the Second British Neural Network Society Meeting (Ncm91, London, October 1991)
0387197737: The Promise of Neural Networks (Perspectives in Neural Computing)
0387197745: Right Ventricular Hypertrophy and Function in Chronic Lung Disease
0387197788: Object Orientation in Z (Workshops in Computing)
0387197796: Highlights in Coloproctology
0387197818: Further Mrcp Part 1
0387197826: Computer Supported Collaborative Writing?
0387197842: Cscw in Practice
0387197850: AI and Cognitive Science '91. Workshops in Computing
0387197885: Formal Aspects of Measurement. Workshops in Computing
0387197907: A Systems Approach to Amt Deployment
0387197923: Fish Oil and Vascular Disease
0387197931: Human-Intelligence-Based Manufacturing
0387197958: Managing with Information Technology
0387197966: Flow Cytometry in Microbiology
0387197974: Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (Workshops in Computing)
0387197982: Best Approximation Method in Computation
0387198016: Intelligent Manufacturing: Programming Environments for Cim (Advanced Manufacturing)
0387198024: Interfaces to Database Systems, Glasgow 1992. Workshops in Computing
0387198032: Modelling Database Dynamics (Workshops in Computing)
0387198040: First International Workshop on Larch: P Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Larch, Dedham, Massachusetts, Usa, 13-15 July 1992 (Worksh
0387198059: Teletraffic: Theory and Applications.
0387198083: 14th Information Retrieval Colloquium. Workshops in Computing
0387198091: On the Refinement Calculus (Formal Applications of Computing and Information Technology)
0387198105: Design Issues in Cscw (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)
0387198113: Prolog for Computer Science
0387198148: Interactive Image Processing for Machine Vision
0387198164: Cscw and Artificial Intelligence (Computer Supported Cooperative Work)
0387198180: Z User Workshop, London 1992. Workshops in Computing
0387198199: Aeroassisted Orbital Transfer
0387198202: Functional Programming Glasgow 1992 Proc
0387198237: Practical Knowledge-Based Systems in Conceptual Design
0387198253: Parallel Algorithms for Optimal Control of Large Scale Linear Systems (Communications and Control Engineering)
0387198261: Intelligent Seam Tracking for Robotic Welding. Advances in Industrial Control
0387198288: CNC Machining Technology
0387198296: CNC Machining Technology
0387198318: Loop Transfer Recovery: Analysis and Design (Communications and Control Engineering)
0387198334: Vibration of Buildings to Wind and Earthquake Loads
0387198342: RoManSy 9. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Volume 187
0387198407: MALE INFERTILITY With 110 Figures
0387198423: Theory and Formal Methods 1993. Workshops in Computing
0387198458: Non-Identifier-Based High-Gain Adaptive Control (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 189)
0387198474: C++ Programming Language for Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians
0387198504: Brain Ischemia : Basic Concepts and Clinical Relevance
0387198520: Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (AMAST'93)
0387198539: Database Programming Languages
0387198547: Semantics of Specification Languages (SoSL)
0387198555: Microcomputer Based Adaptive Control App
0387198563: Nonlinear Process Control
0387198598: Technology and Assessment of Safety-Critical Systems: Proceedings of the Second Safety-Critical Systems Symposium : Birmingham, Uk 8-10 February 199
0387198636: Scrambling Techniques for Digital Transmission
0387198644: Logic Program Synthesis and Transformation
0387198652: AutoCAD of Windows Express
0387198679: Tumors in Urology : Biology and Clinical Management
0387198709: The Modeling of Uncertainty in Control Systems: Proceedings of the 1992 Santa Barbara Workshop (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Science, Vo)
0387198741: First Steps in Maple
0387198792: Functional Prog Proc of Glasgow 93 Works
0387198849: Z User Workshop, Cambridge 1994. Workshops in Computing
0387198865: 6th Refinement Workshop: Proceedings of the 6th Refinement Workshop, Organized by Bcs-Facs, London, 5-7 January 1994 (Workshops in Computing)
0387198881: Dynamical Systems With Saturation Nonlin
0387198903: Modern Manufacturing : Information Control and Technology
0387198938: System Modelling and Optimization
0387198962: 11th International Conference on Analysis and Optimization of Systems: Discrete Event Systems : Sophia-Antipolis, June 15-16-17, 1994 (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences 199)
0387198970: Incompleteness and Uncertainty in Information Systems
0387198989: Telescopes and Techniques
0387199012: Asynchronous Digital Circuit Design
0387199039: Basic Sciences for Obstetrics and Gynaecology
0387200355: Pathology and Law : A Practical Guide for the Pathologist
0387200789: Introduction to Rare Event Simulation : Or, the Large Deviation Theory of Simulation
0387200797: Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas: Cosmetic Facial Surgery
0387200894: Stellar Interiors : Physical Principles, Structure, and Evolution
0387200908: Pathology of Asbestos-Associated Diseases
0387201092: Brute Force : Cracking the Data Encryption Standard
0387201548: Noise Theory and Application to Physics : From Fluctuations to Information
0387201564: Engineering Electromagnetics
0387201580: Fractals and Chaos
0387201696: Little Book of Bigger Primes
0387201726: Integers, Polynomials, and Rings
0387201912: Mathematical Population Genetics
0387202250: Porous and Complex Flow Structures in Modern Technologies
0387202269: AJCC Cancer Staging Forms. CD-ROM. From the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, Sixth Edition.
0387202285: Lectures on Numerical Methods in Bifurca
0387202293: Chaos and Fractals: New Frontiers of Science
0387202684: Feynman-Kac Formulae
0387202706: Statistics and Finance
0387202722: Linear Models for Optimal Test Design
0387202757: Multipredictor Models in Biostatistics
0387202773: Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints
0387202862: Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in S-PLUS
0387203265: Mathematical Foundations of Speech and Language Processing
0387203303: Data Monitoring in Clinical Trials
0387204296: Berkeley Problems in Mathematics
0387204377: Cerebral Palsy
0387204504: Optimization Methods in Electromagnetic Radiation
0387204512: Pulmonary Sepsis
0387204733: Computer Network Security
0387205195: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387205713: Pi : A Source Book
0387205721: Shock-Wave Phenomena and the Properties of Condensed Matter
0387205748: Theory and Practice of Finite Elements
0387205756: High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids VII : Shock Waves and Extreme States of Matter
0387206167: Optical and Digital Techniques for Information Security
0387206361: Introduction to Assembly Language Programming : For Pentium and RISC Processors
0387207066: Using Algebraic Geometry
0387207074: Nuclear Cardiology : A Teaching File
0387207082: Structural and Functional Relationships in Prokaryotes
0387207090: Arithmetic of Infinitesimals : John Wallis, 1656
0387207104: Pathology of Malignant Melanoma
0387207112: P-Adic Automorphic Forms on Shimura Varieties
0387207333: Using Algebraic Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics S.)
0387207538: Intensive Care Medicine
0387207562: Introduction to Cryptography (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387207775: Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics : Quantum Information, Atomic Physics, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
0387207783: Nuclear Energy : Principles, Practices, and Prospects
0387208429: Derivative Securities and Difference Methods
0387208437: Digital Interactive TV and Metadata : New Paradigms in Interactive Broadcast Media
0387208445: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. Volume 183.
0387208453: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. Volume 182.
0387208585: Pet-Ct : A Case Based Approach
0387208607: Unsolved Problems in Number Theory, 3rd Edition
0387208623: Proceeding of the Second Seattle Symposium in Biostatistics : Analysis of Correlated Data
0387208747: Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics
0387208801: Nonlinear Problems in Elasticity
0387208976: Wrist Arthroscopy
0387209352: Applied Partial Differential Equations
0387209360: Dynamics of Rotating Systems
0387209395: Understanding Materials Science
0387209530: Applied Partial Differential Equations, 2nd Edition
0387209751: Fundamentals of Plasma Physics, 3rd Edition
0387209786: Caring for the Country : Family Doctors in Small Rural Towns
0387209808: Microoptics : From Technology to Applications
0387209867: Plasticity of the Auditory System
0387210113: Operative Hip Arthroscopy
0387210156: Activepi Version 1.1
0387210164: Introduction to Modern Portfolio Optimization with NUOPT and S-Plus
0387210172: Guide to RISC Processors : For Programmers and Engineers
0387210938: Evolution of the Vertebrate Auditory System
0387211543: Lie Groups
0387211551: Optimization Primer
0387212353: Point-Contact Spectroscopy
0387212396: Monte Carlo Statistical Methods
0387212450: Coding for Data and Computer Communications
0387212841: Differential Equations : An Introduction with Mathematica® (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387212922: Mathematics of Financial Markets
0387212949: Mastering Calculations In Linear And Nonlinear Mechanics
0387212957: Evolutionary Synthesis of Pattern Recognition Systems
0387213074: Basics Of PET Imaging
0387213090: Pollination Ecology And The Rain Forest
0387213643: Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance : From Risk Management to Options Pricing
0387213759: Introduction to the Mathematics of Finance: From Risk Management to Options Pricing
0387213864: Quantum Field Theory
0387214283: Field Guide to Algebra
0387214445: Making Transcendence Transparent
0387215093: Reliable Distributed Systems
0387215174: Space Shuttle Columbia : Her Missions and Crews
0387215190: Space Systems Failures : Diesasters and Rescues of Satellites, Rocket and Space Probes
0387218947: Russia's Cosmonauts
0387219064: Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory
0387219129: Fundamentals Of Virtual Colonoscopy
0387219137: Imaging of the Cervical Spine in Children
0387219153: Auditory Signal Processing : Physiology, Psychoacoustics, and Models
0387219331: Mathematica in Theoretical Physics
0387219471: Average-Cost Control of Stochastic Manufacturing Systems
0387219781: Essays In Constructive Mathematics
0387219978: Breast MRI : Diagnosis and Intervention
0387220135: Functional Tissue Engineering
0387220216: High-thermal-conductivity Materials
0387220224: Nonlinear Optical Crystals : A Complete Survey
0387220232: Quantum Mechanics
0387220240: Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex
0387220259: Undergraduate Algebra
0387220267: Markov Processes, Brownian Motion, And Time Symmetry
0387220364: Spaces of Holomorphic Functions in the Unit Ball
0387220380: Inferior Colliculus
0387220453: Nanoidentation
0387220461: Emergent Computation : Emphasizing Bioinformatics
0387220690: History of Atmospheric CO2 and Its Effects on Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems
0387220739: Statistical and Computational Inverse Problems
0387220798: Photosynthetic Adaptation : Chloroplast to Landscape
0387220895: Manual of Benirschke and Kaufmann's Pathology of the Human Placenta
0387220909: Gastronomical i.e. Gastrointestinal Cancer
0387221301: Molecular and Cellular Signaling
0387221824: Problems in Algebraic Number Theory, 2nd Edition
0387221956: Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems : Modeling, Analysis, and Design for Simple Mechanical Control Systems: Monograph
0387221964: Evolutionary Computation for Modeling and Optimization
0387221972: Microflows and Nanoflows : Fundamentals and Simulation
0387221980: Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing and Services
0387221999: Logic Of Logistics
0387222154: Geometry of Syzygies : A Second Course in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
0387222324: Geometry of Syzygies
0387222499: Clinician's Guide to Medical Writing
0387222510: Managing Your Headaches
0387222529: Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia : A Treatment Manual
0387223118: Time Series Analysis And Applications To Geophysical Systems
0387223339: Statistical Methods in Molecular Evolution
0387223363: Shoulder Arthroplasty
0387223371: Taylor's Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges : A Handbook
0387223517: Taylor's Cardiovascular Diseases : A Handbook
0387223525: Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty
0387223568: Combinatorial Commutative Algebra
0387223835: Fourier Series in Control Theory
0387223983: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and To
0387224173: Rhythm of Adolescence : Morningness-Eveningness and Adjustment Revisited
0387224513: Handbook of Complex Occupational Claims : Early Risk Identification, Intervention and Prevention
0387224939: Polarization Optics in Telecommunications
0387225374: Applied Mathematical Demography, 3rd Edition
0387225382: Statistical Demography and Forecasting
0387225544: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Antimicrobial Drug Action
0387225757: Multi-carrier Digital Communications: Theory and Applications of OFDM
0387225803: Martens and Fishers (Martes) in Human-Altered Environments
0387225811: Organizational Learning : Creating, Retaining and Transferring Knowledge
0387225838: Learning Surgery : The Surgery Clerkship Manual
0387225919: Social Anxiety and Social Phobia in Youth
0387226052: Personality in Intimate Relationships : Socialization and Psychopathology
0387226087: Industrial Archaeology : Future Directions
0387226591: Optoelectronic Devices : Advanced Simulation and Analysis
0387226605: Statistical Physics : Including Applications to Condensed Matter
0387226621: Radiative Decay Engineering
0387226818: Multimedia Introduction to Programming Using Java
0387226893: Ad Hoc Networks
0387226923: Forced Migration and Mental Health : Rethinking the Care of Refugees and Displaced Persons
0387227156: Analysis and Algorithms for Service Parts Supply Chains
0387227229: Psychological Theories of the Perceptual Process : A Historical Perspective
0387227814: Advanced Wired and Wireless Networks
0387227822: Principles Of Spread-spectrum Communication Systems
0387227849: Wireless Optical Communication Systems
0387227865: From Adolescence To Adulthood In The Vietnam Era
0387228217: Parts Management Models and Applications : A Supply Chain System Integration Perspective
0387228241: Interstital Fibrosis in Heart Failure
0387228268: Tutorials on Emerging Methodologies and Applications in Operations Research
0387228284: Emerging Solutions For Future Manufacturing Systems
0387228330: Probability
0387228349: Verilog: Frequently Asked Questions: Language, Applications and Extensions
0387228365: Conflicts Between Generalization, Rigor, and Intuition
0387228373: First Course in Harmonic Analysis
0387228381: Researching Entrepreneurship
0387228446: Guide to Methods in the Biomedical Sciences
0387228462: Topics in Almost Automorphy
0387228470: Signal Processing For Telecommunications And Multimedia
0387228489: Activist Business Ethics
0387228519: Mobile Information Systems
0387228535: Integration, Growth, and Cohesion in an Enlarged European Union
0387228578: Queueing Theory With Applications To Packet Telecommunication
0387229256: Selected Papers I
0387229264: Selected Papers II
0387229272: Inference for Change Point and Post Change Means after a CUSUM Test:
0387229337: Dendritic Neurotransmitter Release
0387229493: Malignant Mesothelioma
0387229507: Logical Data Modeling : What It Is and How to Do It
0387229639: Nearest Neighbor Search : A Database Perspective
0387229647: Quantum Dynamics with Trajectories : Introduction to Quantum Hydrodynamics
0387229655: Quantum Interference and Coherence : Theory and Experiments
0387229663: Methods And Applications Of Singular Perturbations
0387229671: Magnetism: Fundamentals
0387229701: Secure Group Communications over Data Networks
0387229728: Holocaust Survivors and Immigrants : Late Life Adaptations
0387229744: Unfolding Social Constructionism
0387229787: DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems
0387229906: Ambient Intelligence : A Novel Paradigm
0387230009: Magnetism: Materials and Applications
0387230017: Rethinking Regional Innovation and Change : Path Dependency or Regional Breakthrough
0387230076: Coherent Sources of XUV Radiation : Soft X-Ray Lasers and High-Order Harmonic Generation
0387230092: Optical Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (FMCW) Interferometry
0387230114: Story of the MIR Space Station
0387230203: Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment
0387230289: Xml For Bioinformatics
0387230408: Business Ethics : The Ethical Revolution of Minority Shareholders
0387230424: Advances in Pervasive Computing and Networking
0387230432: Event-Triggered and Time-Triggered Control Paradigms
0387230459: Experimental Aspects of Quantum Computing
0387230475: Uncertainty in the Electric Power Industry
0387230599: Introduction to Difference Equations
0387230610: What Do Children Need to Flourish? : Conceptualizing and Measuring Indicators of Positive Development
0387230653: Integrating Human Aspects in Production Management : Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Aspects in Production Management, 5-9 October 2003, Karlsruhe, Germany
0387230696: Cell Surface Receptors
0387230742: Methods Of Microarray Data Analysis IV
0387230769: Defects Of Secretion In Cystic Fibrosis
0387230823: Catastrophe Modeling
0387230831: The Soul of the German Historical School: Methodological Essays on Schmoller, Weber and Schumpeter
0387230947: Distributed and Parallel Systems : Cluster and Grid Computing
0387231005: Proteases in the Brain
0387231161: Introduction to Focused Ion Beams : Instrumentation, Theory, Techniques, and Practice
0387231307: Multilayered Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics (LTCC) Technology)
0387231323: Optical Communication Theory and Techniques
0387231374: Hard Real-time Computing Systems: Predictable Scheduling Algorithms And Applications (Real-Time Syst
0387231412: Role of Labour Mobility and Informal Networks for Knowledge Transfer
0387231544: Plasticity and Signal Representation in the Auditory System
0387231587: Didactical Challenge of Symbolic Calculators : Turning a Computational Device into a Mathematical Instrument
0387231722: Process Assessment and ISO/IEC 15504 : A Reference Book
0387231749: Designing and Evaluating E-Management Decision Tools : The Integration of Decision and Negotiation Models into Internet-Multimedia Technologies
0387231773: Optical Networks and Technologies
0387231803: Modern Food Microbiology
0387231870: Ryanoidine Receptors : Structure, Function, and Dysfunction in Clinical Disease
0387231900: Quality Of Telephone-based Spoken Dialogue Systems
0387231927: Electroreception
0387231935: Polarization Mode Dispersion
0387231951: Inverse Problems : Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
0387231978: Network Control and Engineering for QOS, Security and Mobility
0387231994: Violence in Schools : Cross-National and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
0387232001: Singular Perturbation Theory : Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
0387232257: Alzheimer's Disease : Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Amyloid beta
0387232273: Austin Protocol Compiler
0387232338: Difference Equations : From Rabbits to Chaos (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387232346: Difference Equations : From Rabbits to Chaos
0387232532: Genetic Programming Theory and Practice II
0387232559: Handbook of Generalized Convexity and Generalized Monotonicity
0387232567: Two Minds : Intuition in the History of Economic Thought
0387232575: Perspectives on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
0387232621: Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps
0387232648: Complexity in Chemistry, Biology, and Ecology
0387232656: Multigenic and Induced Systemic Resistance in Plants
0387232672: Sages Manual : Fundamentals of Laparoscopy and GI Endoscopy
0387232680: Managing Product Life Cycle in a Supply Chain Context : A Prescription Based on Empirical Research
0387232710: New Product Development : An Empirical Study of the Effects of Innovation Strategy, Organization Learning and Market Conditions
0387232753: Newton-euler Dynamics
0387232796: Surface Effects in Magnetic Nanoparticles
0387232818: Development of Emotions and Their Regulation : An Internalization Model
0387232826: Healthepeople : Transformation to Person-Centered Health Systems
0387232842: Nuclear Principles in Engineering
0387232907: Rapid Prototyping: Theory and Practice
0387232923: Social Change and Adaptation in the Pacific Islands
0387232931: Femtosecond Laser Spectroscopy
0387232974: Behavioral Flexibility In Primates
0387232982: Gaseous Dielectrics
0387232990: Cell Volume and Signaling
0387233040: Thyroid Cytopathology
0387233067: Metal Matrix Composites
0387233091: Advanced Magnetic Nanostructures
0387233105: Electroceramic-Based Mems : Fabrication-Technology and Applications
0387233113: Graded Ferroelectrics, Transpacitors And Transponents
0387233210: Water Quality Hazards and Dispersion of Pollutants
0387233288: Cardiovascular Research: New Technologies, Methods, and Applications
0387233326: Basic Coastal Engineering
0387233342: Advanced Concepts in Fluorescence Sensing : Part A: Small Molecule Sensing
0387233369: Structural Sensitivity Analysis And Optimization 2
0387233431: Extending Web Services Technologies
0387233458: Snapshots Of Hemodynamics
0387233474: Information and Management Systems for Product Customization
0387233504: It's Not about the Technology : Developing the Craft of Thinking for a High Technology Corporation
0387233512: Component Models and Systems for Grid Applications : Proceedings of the Workshop on Component Models and Systems for Grid Applications Held June 26, 2004 in Saint Malo, France
0387233601: Adequacy, Accountability, And The Future Of Public Education Funding
0387233636: Alternative Breast Imaging : Four Model-Based Approaches
0387233679: Practical Guide To Acceptance And Commitment Therapy
0387233741: Web Services in the Enterprise : Concepts, Standards, Solutions, and Management (Network and Systems Management)
0387233784: Recent Advances in Applied Probability
0387233792: Tropical and Parasitic Infections in the Intensive Care Unit
0387233814: Asian Economy and Finance : A Post-Crisis Perspective
0387233822: Crisis Management In The Food And Drinks Industry
0387233849: Apoptotic Pathways As Targets for Novel Therapies in Cancer and Other Diseases
0387233857: Stochastic Linear Programming : Models, Theory, and Computation
0387233911: Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research
0387233989: Intrusion Detection and Correlation : Challenges and Solutions
0387234012: Archaeological Evolution
0387234020: Image and Video Encrytion : From Digital Rights Management to Secured Personal Communication
0387234144: Legal Programming
0387234187: Constraint Theory : Multidimensional Mathematical Model Management
0387234500: Photocatalytic Reaction Engineering
0387234608: Search Methodologies Introductory Tutor
0387234616: Privacy, Security, and Trust Within the Context of Pervasive Computing
0387234632: Local Heroes in the Global Village : Globalization and New Entrepreneurship Policies
0387234640: Pavement Management for Airports, Roads, and Parking Lots
0387234683: Making of a Neuromorphic Visual System
0387234705: Applied Mathematics for Restructured Electric Power Systems : Optimization, Control, and Computational Systems
0387234721: Pitch : Neural Coding and Perception
0387234748: On Line Citizenship : Emerging Technologies for European Cities
0387234764: From Principles of Learning to Strategies for Instruction : Empirically Based Ingredients to Guide Instructional Development
0387234888: Mimo Signals and Systems
0387234896: Handbook on Diabetes and Diabetes Management
0387235280: Next Wave in Computing, Optimization, and Decision Technologies
0387235302: Statistical Demography and Forecasting
0387235310: Concentrator Location in Telecommunications Networks
0387235337: Progress in Galois Theory
0387235353: Applied Research in Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis
0387235361: Posteriori Error Analysis Via Duality Theory : With Applications in Modeling and Numerical Approximations
0387235388: Shortest Connectivity : An Introduction with Applications in Phylogeny
0387235418: Ordered Porous Nanostructures and Applications
0387235663: Supply Chain Optimisation
0387235671: Semistructured Database Design
0387235698: Optimal Control Models in Finance : A New Computational Approach
0387235736: Introduction to the Theory of Piezoelectricity
0387235973: Gas Adsorption Equilibria : Experimental Methods and Adsorptive Isotherms
0387236015: Pioneers in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research
0387236031: Selective Sentinel Lymphadenectomy for Human Solid Cancer
0387236074: Oxidation of Alcohols to Aldehydes and Ketones : A Guide to Current Common Practice - Hardcover
0387236082: Nanoscale Assembly : Chemical Techniques
0387236198: Numerical Partial Differential Equations for Environmental Scientists and Engineers : A First Practical Course
0387236252: Functions of A-Bounded Type in the Half-Plane
0387236287: Reviews In Fluorescence 2000 (Hardcover, 2005)
0387236309: Design of Embedded Control Systems
0387236325: Atlas Of Practical Applications Of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance
0387236384: Generalized Convexity, Generalized Monotonicity and Applications
0387236414: Neuroendocrine Correlates of Sleep/Wakefulness
0387236449: Advanced Concepts in Fluorescence Sensing : Part B: Macromolecular Sensing
0387236651: Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuits
0387236686: CMOS PLL Synthesizers : Analysis and Design
0387236708: Space Weather and Telecommunications
0387236813: Multimedia Internet
0387236848: Bioterrorism and Infectious Agents : A New Dilemma for the 21st Century
0387236864: SAGES Manual of Perioperative Care in Minimally Invasive Surgery
0387237046: Principles of Engineering Mechanics : Volume 2: Dynamics -- the Analysis of Motion
0387237070: Combinatorial Commutative Algebra (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387237089: Oceans and Health : Pathogens in the Marine Environment
0387237100: Optoelectronics Of Molecules And Polymers
0387237550: Virtual Organizations : Systems and Practices
0387237569: Optical Burst Switched Networks
0387237593: Proofs As Programs : The Curry-Howard Protocol
0387237836: Hormonal Carcinogenesis
0387237844: Electronic Irradiation of Foods : An Introduction to the Technology
0387237887: Handbook Of Religion And Social Institutions
0387237909: Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb Technology
0387237941: Innovation Game : A New Approach to Innovation Management and R and D
0387237992: CPU Design : Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
0387238018: High-Linearity CMOS RF Front-End Circuits
0387238077: Resource Management in Wireless Networking
0387238158: Research Problems in Discrete Geometry
0387238174: Developing Statistical Software in FORTRAN 95
0387238204: Promoting Community Resilience in Disasters : The Role for Schools, Youth, and Families
0387238298: Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization
0387238379: Basics of Fluid Mechanics and Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics
0387238395: Distributed Network Systems : From Concepts to Implementations
0387238476: Accounting and Financial System Reform in a Transition Economy : A Case Study of Russia
0387238506: Ecological Responses to the 1980 Eruptions of Mount St. Helens
0387238514: Knowledge and Skill Chains in Engineering and Manufacturing : Information Infrastructure in the Era of Global Communications
0387238549: Quantitative Analysis in Nuclear Medicine Imaging
0387238956: Platform-Centric Approach to System-on-Chip (SoC) Design
0387239014: Cryocoolers 13
0387239049: Symbolic Analysis and Reduction of VLSI Circuits
0387239138: Solid-State Random Lasers
0387239162: Trusted Computing Platforms : Design and Applications
0387239189: Survival Analysis : A Self-Learning Text (Statistics for Biology and Health)
0387239197: Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics
0387239227: Neurodegeneration and Prion Disease
0387239324: Economics of Accounting : Volume I: Information in Markets
0387239456: Cytologic Detection of Urothelial Lesions
0387239618: Biological Basis of Geriatric Oncology
0387239715: New Teacher Identity and Regulative Government : The Discursive Formation of Primary Mathematics Teacher Education
0387239790: Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, and Education in Morocco
0387239936: Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and the Challenges of Mobility : IFIP TC6 Workshops on Broadband Satellite Communication Systems and Challenges of Mobility, World Computer Congress, August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
0387239944: Handbook Of Urban Health
0387239952: Lectures on Quantum Gravity
0387239960: Who's Who in Fluorescence 2005
0387239979: Advances of Electromagnetic Fields in Living Systems
0387240055: Computer Security in the 21st Century
0387240195: Taxonomies for the Development and Verification of Digital Systems
0387240446: Information Technology And Educational Management In The Knowledge Society
0387240462: Technology Enhanced Learning : IFIP TC3 Technology Enhanced Learning Workshop (TeL'04), World Computer Congress, August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
0387240489: High Performance Computational Science and Engineering : IFIP TC5 Workshop on High Performance Computational Science and Engineering (HPCSE), World Computer Congress, August 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
0387240659: Queuing Theory and Telecommunications : Networks and Applications
0387240675: Next Generation Transport Networks : Data, Management, and Control Planes
0387240691: Two Minds
0387240802: Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research : An Interdisciplinary Survey and Introduction
0387240896: Ecosystem Function in Heterogeneous Landscapes
0387240926: Fungal Immunology
0387240993: The Practice of Supply Chain Management: Where Theory and Application Converge (International Series
0387241027: Understanding the Global Dimensions of Health
0387241051: Catastrophe Modeling
0387241078: Dynamic Asset Allocation With Forwards And Futures
0387241086: Simulation Approaches in Transportation Analysis : Recent Advances and Challenges
0387241345: Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics : Active Materials, Nano-scale Materials, Composites, Glass, and Fundamentals
0387241353: P53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway and Cancer
0387241418: Metal-Catalysed Reactions of Hydrocarbons
0387241434: Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Vol. 2 : The Proteobacteria (Part A)
0387241442: Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Vol. 2 : The Proteobacteria (Part B)
0387241450: Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology Vol. 2 : The Proteobacteria (Part C)
0387241477: Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials
0387241523: Design and Performance Analysis of 3G/WLAN Networks
0387241558: Designing Human Interface in Speech Technology
0387241574: Intuitive Probability and Random Processes using MATLAB
0387241612: RF System Design for Wireless Mobile Communications
0387241671: History of Nordic Computing : IFIP WG9.7 First Working Conference on the History of Nordic Computing (HiNC1), June 16-18, 2003, Trondheim, Norway
0387241760: Polymer Composites : From Nano- to Macro-Scale
0387241825: Intensive Care Medicine: Annual Update 2005
0387241841: The Geography of Small Firm Innovation
0387241884: Mechanisms of Lymphocyte Activation and Immune Regulation X : Innate Immunity
0387241965: Curves and Surfaces for Computer Graphics
0387241981: Leptomeningeal Metastases
0387242058: Economic Development in a Globalized Environment : East Asian Evidences
0387242090: Variational Analysis and Applications
0387242104: MIS Techniques in Orthopedics
0387242139: Evolution of the US Airline Industry : Theory, Strategy and Policy
0387242147: Experimental Business Research : Economic and Managerial Perspectives VOLUME II
0387242155: Experimental Business Research : Marketing, Accounting and Cognitive Perpectives VOLUME III
0387242198: Ordered Sets
0387242260: Managing Cyber Threats : Issues, Approaches, and Challenges
0387242384: Writing in Context(s) : Textual Practices and Learning Processes in Sociocultural Settings
0387242465: Mining Sequential Patterns from Large Data Sets
0387242481: Fuzzy Database Modeling with XML : By Zongmin Ma
0387242511: Construction of New Mathematical Knowledge in Classroom Interaction : An Epistemological Perspective
0387242546: Optimization and Control with Applications
0387242619: Software Process Modeling
0387242635: Humans-With-Media and the Reorganization of Mathematical Thinking : Information and Communication Technologies, Modeling, Visualization, and Experimentation
0387242651: Introduction to Efficiency And Productivity Analysis
0387242694: Activity and Sign : Grounding Mathematics Education
0387242716: Schur Complement and Its Applications
0387242775: Quadratic Programming and Affine Variational Inequalities : A Qualitative Study
0387242791: Optimization in Economics and Finance : Some Advances in Non-Linear, Dynamic, Multi-Criteria and Stochastic Models
0387242910: Oncology : An Evidence-Based Approach
0387242929: Income Elasticity and Economic Development : Methods and Applications
0387242953: Net-Centric Web Approaches to Intelligence and National Security
0387242988: Techniques in Variational Analysis
0387243003: Convex Functions and their Applications : A Contemporary Approach
0387243062: Greening the Industrial Facility : Perspectives, Approaches, and Tools
0387243089: Market Research and Modeling: Progress and Prospects : A Tribute to Paul E. Green
0387243143: Matching Properties of Deep Sub-Micron MOS Transistors
0387243151: African Biodiversity : Molecules, Organisms, Ecosystems
0387243178: Barriers and Biases in Computer-Mediated Knowledge Communication : And How They May Be Overcome
0387243305: East Asian Economic Regionalism : Feasibilities and Challenges
0387243410: Security in E-Learning
0387243437: Impacts and Risk Assessment of Technology for Internet Security : Enabled Information Small-Medium Enterprises (TEISMEs)
0387243488: Practical Mathematical Optimization
0387243526: Agent Intelligence Through Data Mining
0387243542: Sustainable Development, Energy and the City : A Civilisation of Concepts and Actions
0387243569: Web Content Delivery
0387243585: Nonlinear Dynamics of a Wheeled Vehicle
0387243607: Cytokines and Cancer
0387243674: Handbook of Structural Biology : Practical NMR Applications
0387243739: Agile Enterprise : Reinventing your Organization for Success in an on-Demand World
0387243763: The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management (International Series in Operations Research and Management Science)
0387243771: Introduction to Wine Laboratory Practices and Procedures
0387243801: Kindling 6
0387243925: Principles of Coherent Optical Communications
0387243933: Stream Data Management
0387243984: Quantifying Environmental Impact Assessments Using Fuzzy Logic
0387244115: Formal Verification : Scalable Hardware Verification with Symbolic Simulation
0387244123: Quantum Computation And Quantum Communication: Theory And Experiment
0387244131: Regularity Properties of Functional Equations in Several Variables
0387244158: Epidemiology of Drug Abuse
0387244247: Human Identification Based on Gait
0387244255: Multimedia Encryption And Watermarking
0387244263: Hop Integrity in the Internet
0387244328: Software Process Model Handbook : Incorporating People Capabilities
0387244344: New Horizons of Parallel and Distributed Computing (Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science)
0387244352: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook : A Complete Guide for Researchers and Practitioners
0387244506: Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures And Anatomy
0387244689: Complications of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions
0387244700: Pediatric Oncology
0387244859: Communications and Multimedia Security : 8th IFIP TC-6 TC-11 Conference on Communications and Mulltimedia Security, Sept. 15-18, 2004, Windermere, the Lake District, United Kingdom
0387244980: Survivable Optical WDM Networks
0387245014: Crossroads of Entrepreneurship (International Studies in Entrepreneurship)
0387245057: Pseudosolution of Linear Functional Equations : Parameters Estimation of Linear Functional Relationships
0387245154: Fuzzy Models and Algorithms for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
0387245294: Exploring Probability in School : Challenges for Teaching and Learning
0387245316: Proteomics and Protein-Protein Interactions : Biology, Chemistry, Bionformatics, and Drug Design
0387245332: Molecular Autoimmunity : In Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the First Description of Human Autoimmune Disease
0387245359: Real and Complex Clifford Analysis
0387245448: Grammar of Graphics
0387245545: Statistical Modeling and Analysis for Complex Data Problems
0387245588: Evaluating the Organizational Impact of Health Care Information Systems
0387245642: Capital Markets, Globalization, and Economic Development
0387245669: Non-Native Language Teachers : Perceptions, Challenges, and Contributions to the Profession
0387245685: Programming Multi-Agent Systems : Languages, Frameworks, Techniques and Tools
0387245898: Architecture Description Languages : IFIP TC-2 Workshop on Architecture Description Languages (WADL), World Computer Congress, Aug. 22-27, 2004, Toulouse, France
0387246010: Dynamic Games : Theory and Applications
0387246363: Non-Formal Education : Flexible Schooling or Participatory Education?
0387246371: Hydrogen Atom : An Introduction to Group and Representation Theory
0387246495: Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions
0387246584: Transitions Before the Transition : Evolution and Stability in the Middle Paleolithic and Middle Stone Age
0387247661: Advanced Linear Algebra
0387248110: Complex Inorganic Solids : Structural, Stability, and Magnetic Properties of Alloys
0387248331: Saudi Arabian Economy
0387249389: Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing
0387249656: Understanding Sleep and Dreaming
0387249664: Digital Signal Processing for Measurement Systems : Theory and Applications
0387249680: Stochastic Calculus for Finance : The Binomial Asset Pricing Model
0387249699: S+Functional Data Analysis : User's Manual for Windows
0387249702: Mathematical Statistics : Exercises and Solutions
0387249710: Logistics Systems : Design and Optimization
0387249729: Zeta Functions, Topology and Quantum Physics
0387249893: Sliding Filament Mechanism in Muscle Contraction : Fifity Years of Research
0387249915: Endnote Made Easy!: Reference Management for the Professional
0387249931: Datamining and Diagnosing Integrated Circuit Falls
0387250034: Consumers, Policy and the Environment : A Tribute to Folke Olander
0387250107: Essays in Honor of Edwin Mansfield
0387250115: Modeling Biological Systems
0387250255: Principles of Food Sanitation
0387250263: Information Systems Development
0387250379: Branch-and-Bound Applications in Combinatorial Data Analysis
0387250387: Nonparametric Monte Carlo Tests and Their Applications
0387250603: Methods For Constructing Exact Solutions Of Partial Differential Equations
0387250670: Routine Human-Competitive Machine Intelligence (Genetic Programming)
0387250689: Development of the Inner Ear
0387250832: Theory of Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps and Applications : Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering
0387250840: Metal Bonds between Metal Atoms
0387250913: Advanced Computer Information Systems 2004 : Advances in Information Processing Systems and Their Applications in Industrial Management
0387251154: Probabilistic Symmetries and Invariance Properties
0387251170: Numerical Methods in Finance
0387251197: Growth Hormone/insulin-like Growth Factor Axis During Development
0387251448: Models for Discrete Longitudinal Data
0387251456: All of Nonparametrics
0387251464: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor
0387251499: ADAM Family of Proteases
0387251502: Modern Multidimensional Scaling : Theory and Applications
0387251553: Bosnian Refugees in America : New Communities, New Cultures
0387251596: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 10
0387251820: Sourcing Strategy : Principles, Policy and Designs
0387252266: Fundamentals of Forensic Practice : Mental Health and Criminal Law
0387252398: Metabolome Analyses : Strategies for Systems Biology
0387252428: Consciousness : A Mathematical Treatment of the Neuronal Workspace Model
0387252800: Embedded Image Processing on the TMS320C6000(tm) DSP : Examples in Code Composer Studio(tm) and MATLAB
0387252827: Prime Numbers : A Computational Perspective
0387252843: Mathematics, Content, and Context : The Kenneth May Lectures in History of Mathematics
0387252975: Physics of Coronary Blood Flow
0387253009: Orthopoxviruses Pathogenic for Humans
0387253076: Mutual Funds : Fifty Years of Research Findings
0387253092: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Illness and Disability
0387253416: Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children II
0387253513: Energy and Environment
0387253556: Critique of Psychology : From Kant to Postcolonial Theory
0387253572: Updates in Pathology
0387253580: Measurement Errors and Uncertainties : Theory and Practice
0387253645: Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations
0387253718: Visual Development
0387253823: Metaheuristics : Progress as Real Problem Solvers
0387253904: Motor Control and Learning
0387254021: Therapeutic Hypothermia
0387254048: Adrenomedullin in Cardiovascular Disease
0387254072: Agricultural Biodiversity and Biotechnology in Economic Development
0387254196: Molecular Mechanisms Of Phagocytosis
0387254250: Handbook of Agricultural Medicine : Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
0387254293: Understanding IPv6
0387254315: Switching Fabrics : Architectures, Combinatorial Properties, and Control Algorithms
0387254323: Traffic Grooming in Optical Wdm Mesh Networks
0387254536: Advanced BDD Optimization
0387254641: Classical Introduction to Modern Cryptography : Applications for Communications Security
0387254757: Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems
0387254811: Communication Systems
0387254854: Column Generation
0387254870: Perceiving Geometry : Geometrical Illusions Explained by Natural Scene Statistics
0387255176: Experimental Models of Multiple Sclerosis
0387255257: Beyond Planting Trees : Forest Restoration in Landscapes
0387255265: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology / Volume 185
0387255281: Mathematics Is Not a Spectator Sport
0387255303: Four Pillars of Geometry
0387255311: Introduction to Ion Beam Biotechnology
0387255389: Verification Methodology Manual
0387255508: Performance Evaluation And Planning Methods for the Next Generation Internet
0387255621: Lysosomes
0387255699: Essays and Surveys in Global Optimization
0387255745: Mitochondria and the Heart
0387255796: DNA Conformation and Transcription
0387255877: Perspectives and Policies on ICT in Society : An IFIP TC9 (Computers and Society) Handbook
0387255893: Business Agility and Information Technology Diffusion : IFIP TC8 WG 8. 6 International Working Conference, May 8-11, 2005, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
0387255915: Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
0387256091: Psychological Knowledge in Court : PTSD, Pain and TBI
0387256156: Branching Morphogenesis
0387256261: Real-Time Stability in Power Systems
0387256326: Nursery Rearing of Nonhuman Primates in the 21st Century (Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects)
0387256350: Soliton Management in Periodic Systems
0387256415: Universe in a Handkerchief : Lewis Carroll's Mathematical Recreations, Games, Puzzles, and Word Plays
0387256431: General Relativity
0387256792: MDCT and 3D Workstations : A Practical How-to Guide and Teaching File
0387256822: Hidden Assets : Harnessing the Power of Informal Networks
0387256830: Manufacturing Systems
0387257012: Researching Entrepreneurship (International Studies in Entrepreneurship)
0387257039: Handbook of Religion and Social Institutions
0387257055: Advances in Public Economics : A Festschrift for Christian Seidl
0387257136: Essentials of Thyroid Cancer Management
0387257179: 18 Unconventional Essays on the Nature of Mathematics
0387257217: Product Platform and Product Family Design: Methods and Applications
0387257322: Drug and Alcohol Abuse : A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
0387257373: Leakage in Nanometer Technologies
0387257381: Statistical Analysis and Optimization Techniques in Nanometer-ERA VLSI Design
0387257403: In vivo Models of HIV Disease and Control (Infectious Agents and Pathogenesis) - Hardcover
0387257446: UML for SOC Design
0387257489: Topics in Atomic Physics
0387257586: Protein Movement Across Membranes
0387257624: Thermal And Power Management of Integrated Circuit
0387257640: Eastern Enlargement of the Eurozone
0387257888: Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering for Cardiovascular Repair : From Basic Research to Clinical Applications - Hardcover
0387257985: Nature's Versatile Engine : Insect Flight Muscle Inside and Out
0387257993: Compendium of Theoretical Physics
0387258000: Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy
0387258027: Thin Films and Heterostructures for Oxide Electronics
0387258078: Inflammatory Bowel Disease : From Bench to Bedside, Second Edition
0387258116: Practical Advances in Petroleum Processing
0387258191: Knowledge Management and Management Learning : Extending the Horizons of Knowledge-Based Management
0387258477: Organization Structures : Theory and Design, Analysis and Prescription
0387258523: Portfolio Management with Heuristic Optimization
0387258558: Genetic Engineering : Principles and Methods (Genetic Engineering: Principles and Methods)
0387258655: Coal Combustion Byproducts and Environmental Issue
0387258701: Noise Analysis And Optimization for High-performance Designs
0387258795: Probability and Partial Differential Equations in Modern Applied Mathematics
0387258825: Maritime Archaeology : Australian Approaches
0387258841: Fragile Families and the Marriage Agenda
0387258868: Privacy Preserving Data Mining
0387258876: Theoretical Numerical Analysis : A Functional Analysis Framework
0387258892: Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics
0387258906: Motion-Free Super-Resolution
0387258973: Guide to Assembly Language Programming in Linux
0387258981: Binomial Models in Finance
0387259023: Dynamic Characterisation of Analogue-to-digital Converters
0387259090: Quantitative Health Risk Analysis Methods : Modeling the Human Health Impacts of Antibiotics Used in Food Animals
0387259163: Evidence-Based Imaging : Optimizing Imaging in Patient Care
0387259236: Sexual Partnering, Sexual Practices, and Health
0387259414: Chassin's Operative Strategies in Esophageal Surgery
0387259473: Constraint-Based Verification
0387259635: First Course in Differential Equations
0387259643: First Course in Differential Equations
0387259880: Acceptance- And Mindfulness-based Approaches to Anxiety: Conceptualization And Treatment
0387259961: Information And Communication Tedhnologies And Real-life Learning
0387260056: Secrets of the Old One : Einstein 1905
0387260102: Pacs : A Guide to the Digital Revolution
0387260218: Relativistic Dynamics of a Charged Sphere : Updating the Lorentz-Abraham Model
0387260226: Probability, Statistics and Modelling in Public Health
0387260285: Quantum Kinetic Theory and Applications : Electrons, Photons, Phonons
0387260455: Controlled Markov Processes And Viscosity Solution
0387260498: Practical Guide for SystemVerilog Assertions
0387260501: Privacy And Technologies of Identity
0387260579: Building ASIPs : The Mescal Methodology
0387260625: The Science And Applications of Acoustics
0387260633: Numerical and Practical Exercises in Thermoluminescence
0387260676: Mammalian Subventricular Zones: Their Roles in Brain Development, Cell Replacement, and Disease
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