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0387522999: Sensory Robotics for the Handling of LIM
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0387524657: Interventional Radiation Therapy Techniques
0387524738: Life Cycles and Long Waves
0387524754: Project Engineering. Computer-Oriented Planning and Operational Decision Making
0387524789: From Technology Transfer To Technology M
0387524819: Plasma Physics
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0387524975: Sil-A Simulation Language: User's Guide (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 426)
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0387525238: Manual of Internal Fixation
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0387525467: Radiology of the Upper Urinary Tract Dic
0387525475: The Thymus Diagnostic Imaging Functions, and Pathologic Anatomy
0387525483: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in Sports Medicine
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0387525807: Enzyme Handbook 2: Class 5 : Isomerases, Class 6 : Ligases
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0387525939: New Cosmos
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0387525955: Problems Involving Change of Type.
0387525963: Arterial Grafting for Myocardial Revascularization: Indications, Surgical Techniques and Results
0387526048: Holographic Interferometry in Experimental Mechanics
0387526099: Progress in Distributed Operating System
0387526129: Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Autografts
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0387527311: Therapeutic Exercises in Functional Kinetics
0387527362: Endorphins in Reproduction and Stress
0387527389: Alkaloids
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0387527435: Dynamic Analysis of Non-Linear Structures by the Method of Statistical Quadratization
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0387528393: Pharmacology of Asthma
0387528407: Pharmacology of Peptic Ulcer Disease
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0387528474: Large Order Perturbation Theory & Summat
0387528490: On the Shape of Mathematical Arguments (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
0387528504: Knowledge Based Computer Systems
0387528520: Computational Tensor Analysis of Shell Structures (Lecture Notes in Engineering, Vol. 58)
0387528555: Perception and Motor Control in Birds: An Ecological Approach
0387528563: The Endothelins
0387528571: Heat Shock Proteins and Immune Response (Current Topics in Microbiology and...
0387528660: Existence and Optimality of Competitive Equilibria
0387528687: Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery: An Atlas
0387528709: State Space Modeling of Time Series
0387528814: Dynamic Modelling of Stochastic Demand for Manufacturing Employment
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0387528865: Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia 1990: Workshop at the National Cancer Institute.
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0387529306: Ferrite Materials. Science and Technology
0387529322: Les Ondelettes en 1989.
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0387529381: High Pressure NMR (NMR Basic Principles and Progress, 24)
0387529403: Advances in Lectin Research (Advances in Lectin Research, Volume 4)
0387529411: Automorphism Groups of Compact Bordered Klien Surfaces: A Combinatorial Approach (Lecture Notes in Math, Vol 1439)
0387529446: Life Insurance Mathematics
0387529462: Nmr at Very High Field
0387529489: Technological Change in a Spatial Context : Theory, Empirical Evidence & Policy
0387529497: Deuterium and Shift Calculation
0387529519: Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment III: Home Care Symptom Control, Economy, Brain Tumours
0387529535: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, 1990: Banska Bystrica Czechoslovakia, Aug. 27-31, 1990 Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 452)
0387529551: Gynecological Tumors: Recent Progress in Diagnostic Pathology
0387529586: Designing Hypermedia of Learning (Nato Asi Series F : Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol. 67)
0387529594: Catalogue of Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Symbolic Computation-Artificial Intelligence)
0387529667: Myelodysplastic Syndromes
0387529721: Catalysis. Science and Technology, Volume 9
0387529764: Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics
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0387529926: Handbook of Atopic Eczema
0387529934: New Trends in Allergy III
0387529942: MATHEMATICAL SYSTEM THEORY The Influence of R. E. Kalman
0387529993: Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continua
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0387530010: Monte Carlo Methods in Boundary Value Problems
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0387530053: Optimization of Weighted Monte Carlo Methods (Scientific Computation)
0387530088: The Ailing Spine: A Holistic Approach to Rehabilitation
0387530134: Directory of Chinese Learned Organizations, 1990
0387530207: Cancer in Organ Transplant Recipients
0387530223: Recent Progress in the Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer
0387530231: Folded-Diagram Theory of the Effective Interaction in Nuclei, Atoms and Molecules
0387530258: Micro System Technologies 90
0387530266: Quantum Probability and Applications V
0387530304: Synergetic Computers and Cognition: A Top-Down Approach to Neural Nets (Springer Series in Synergetics)
0387530312: Combinatorics on Traces
0387530320: A Collection of Test Problems for Constrained Global Optimization Algorithms (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
0387530355: Silicone Oil In The Treatment Of Complicated Retinal Detach
0387530401: Joseph Alois Schumpeter: A Reference Guide
0387530428: Equivariant Surgery Theories and Their Periodicity Properties
0387530436: Economic and Financial Knowledge-Based Processing
0387530487: Concur 90: Theories of Concurrency Unification and Extension, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Aug. 27-30, 1990, Proceedings
0387530495: Ultrafast Phenomena VII Proceedings Of
0387530533: Field Geology of High-Grade Gneiss Terrains
0387530541: Thermal Energy Storage for Commercial Applications: A Feasibility Study on Economic Storage Systems
0387530584: Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics
0387530606: Hepadna Viruses: Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology)
0387530614: Bunyaviridae (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, Vol 169)
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0387530657: Conpar 90-Vapp IV
0387530673: Photonic Switching II: Proceedings of the International Topical Meeting, Kobe, Japan, April 12-14, 1990 (Springer Series in Electronics and Photonic)
0387530827: Natural Language and Logic
0387530886: Nitrate Contamination Exposure, Consequence and Control
0387530908: Atlas of Brain-Mapping
0387530916: Progress of Seismology of the Sun and Stars: Proceedings of the Oji...
0387530983: Industrial Air Pollution
0387531017: Attribute Grammars and Their Applications: International Conference Waga Paris, France, September 19-21, 1990 :Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
0387531025: Breast Cancer: Textbook for General Practitioners (Europe Against Cancer Series for General Practitioners)
0387531033: Regularity Theory for Quasilinear Elliptic Systems and Monge-Ampere Equations in Two Dimensions
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0387531084: Life Under Extreme Conditions: Biochemical Adaptation
0387531149: Oenothera. Contributions of a Plant to Biology
0387531157: Soil Mineral Stresses: Approaches to Crop Improvement (Monographs on Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 21)
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0387531424: Penem Antibiotics (FCE 22101 and Its Orally Absorbed Ester FCE 22891)
0387531440: Quantum Signatures of Chaos
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0387531483: Neurocytochemical Methods
0387531505: Semiconductors: Group IV Elements and Iii-V Compounds (Data in Science and Technology)
0387531556: Neuronal Cooperativity (Springer Series in Synergetics)
0387531580: Atlas of Endocrine Organs: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
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0387532153: Applied Mineralogical Thermodynamics: Selected Topics
0387532250: Incidental Carcinoma of the Prostate
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0387532293: Systematic Catalogue of Reusable Abstract Data Types
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0387532587: Quality Assurance and Tolerance
0387532633: Neurological Adverse Reactions to Anticancer Drugs (ESO Monographs)
0387532722: Fundamentals of Electronic Imaging Systems
0387532773: Novel Calcium Binding Proteins Fundament
0387532781: Neurocomputing: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications (Nato Asi Series F : Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol 68)
0387532803: Real-Time Integration Methods for Mechanical System Simulation (Nato Asi Ser. : Computer and Systems Sciences, Vol. 69)
0387532811: Tectonofractography
0387532838: Fertility of Soils: A Future for Farming in the West African Savannah (Springer Series in Physical Environment, Vol. 10)
0387532846: Automatic Tools for Designing Office Information Systems. The TODOS Approach.
0387532854: Active Galactic Nuclei: Saas Fee Advanced Course 20
0387532862: Global Geometry and Mathematical Physics. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Volume 1451
0387532919: Computer Integrated Experimentation
0387532927: Digital Image Restoration (Springer Series in Information Sciences, Vol 23)
0387532935: Microseismic and Infrasound Waves (Research Reports in Physics)
0387532943: Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems. NEEDS '90
0387532951: Wave Physics: Oscillations--Solitons--Chaos
0387532986: Quantum Generation : Highlights and Tragedies of the Golden Age of Physics
0387533052: Integrated Optics : Theory and Technology
0387533087: The Dry Eye: A Comprehensive Guide
0387533109: Probability, Statistical Optics, and Data Testing
0387533125: Urinary Cytology: Manual and Atlas
0387533141: Universal Joints and Driveshafts: Analysis, Design, Applications
0387533206: Vascular Imaging by Color Doppler and Magnetic Resonance
0387533222: Mechanical Ventilation
0387533230: The Collagens: Biochemistry and Pathophysiology
0387533249: Renovascular and Renal Parenchymatous Hypertension
0387533273: Colour Atlas of Tropical Dermatology and Venerology
0387533281: Stenosis of the Cervical Spine
0387533311: Cerebral Ischemia and Dementia
0387533346: Compact Riemann Surfaces : An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
0387533354: STOCHASTIC DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS: An Introduction with Applications. Third Edition. **Like-new paperback**
0387533370: Mathematical Structures In Population Genetics
0387533397: Cyclic Homology ( Grundlehren der Mathematischen Wissenschaften, 301 )
0387533400: Heat Kernels and Dirac Operators
0387533427: From Number Theory to Physics
0387533478: Elements of Queueing Theory: Palm Martingale Calculus and Stochastic Recurrences
0387533486: Probability Theory : An Introductory Course
0387533524: Air Traffic and the Environment - Background, Tendencies and Potential Global Atmospheric Effects. Lecture Notes in Engineering, Volume 60
0387533559: Human Sense of Smell
0387533575: Anticlastogens in Mammalian and Human Cells
0387533591: Advances in Mutagenesis Research (Advances in Mutagenesis Research)
0387533605: Reaction Dynamics Recent Advances
0387533613: Visual Geometry and Topology
0387533621: Recent Developments in Micromechanics
0387533656: Bioorganic Chemistry Frontiers
0387533729: Algebra IV: Infinite Groups, Linear Groups (Encyclopedia of Mathematical Sciences Series Vol. 37)
0387533737: Algebra V : Homological Algebra
0387533761: Dynamical Systems VIII Singularity Theor
0387533796: Commutative Harmonic Analysis 4 Harmonic
0387533834: CAD-I Database : An Approach to an Engineering Database, Version 4.0 (Research Reports: ESPRIT, Vol. 5)
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0387533869: Number Theory II: Algebraic Number Theory (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences, Vol 62)
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0387533990: CAD/CAM Robotics and Factories of the Future ' 90. Volume 1: Concurrent Engineering with 192 Figures
0387534008: Cad/Cam: Robotics and Factories of the Future '90 : Flexible Automation
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0387534083: Number Theoretic Analysis Seminar, Vienna, 1988-89
0387534091: Lasers in Gynecology
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0387534148: Aspects and Prospects of Theoretical Computer Science. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 464
0387534180: Parallel Algorithms in Computational Sciences
0387534296: Physics of Ion Impact Phenomena
0387534350: Toxicological Evaluations 2: Potential Health Hazards of Existing Chemicals
0387534377: Computational Logic: Symposium Proceedings, Brussels, November 13, 14, 1990
0387534423: Progress in Materials Handling and Logistics, Volume 2.
0387534431: The Medical Management of Prostate Cancer II (Monographs/European School of Oncology)
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0387534474: Topics in Colorectal Disease
0387534482: Foundations of Synergetics II
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0387534598: Functional Insulin Treatment: Principles, Teaching Approach and Practice
0387534652: Chernobyl: A Policy Response Study (Springer Series on Environmental Management)
0387534660: Robust Stabilization in the Gap-Topology (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol 150)
0387534717: Progress in Botany: Structural Botany, Physiology, Genetics, Taxonomy, Geobotany
0387534733: Advaces in Computer Graphics Hardware IV. with 124 Figures, 4 in Colour
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0387534792: Semantics of Systems of Concurrent Processes. Lectures Notes in Computer Science, Volume 469
0387534806: Advances in Object-Oriented Graphics I (Eurographic Seminars)
0387534830: Classification, Data Nalysis, and Knowledge Organization
0387534857: Magnetic Properties of Metals: D-Elements, Alloys and Compounds (Data in Science and Technology)
0387534865: Operative Manual of Endoscopic Surgery
0387534873: Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series Volume 472
0387534881: Advances in Computer Graphics Hardware III. with 88 Figures and 14 Tables
0387534911: Large Scale Dynamics Of Interacting Particles
0387534962: On Object-Oriented Database Systems
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0387534997: Complex Chemistry (Structure and Bonding) by Blasse, G.; Konig, E.
0387535039: Quantum Groups. Lecture Notes in Physics, Volume 370
0387535055: Improving Drug Theory Safety-A Joint Responsibility (Health Systems Research)
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0387535128: Condensed Matter Metals (Metalle) Group 3, Vol. 15 : Electronic Transport Phenomena (Elektronische Transportphaenomene) Thermal Conductivity O
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0387535187: Shape Design Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization Using the Boundary Element Method. Lecture Notes in Engineering. 62.
0387535241: Optimal Control of Nonsmooth Distributed Parameter Systems. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Volume 1459
0387535306: First Twelve Weeks of Gestation
0387535373: Implicit Linear Systems (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol 152)
0387535403: Basic Principles of Knee Arthroscopy : Normal and Pathological Findings Tips and Tricks
0387535454: Mathematical Aspects of Fluid and Plasma Dynamics: Proceedings of an International Workshop Held in Salice Terme, Italy, 26-30 September 1988
0387535519: Contact Loading and Local Effects in Thin-Walled Plated and Shell Structures: Iutam Symposium Prague/Czechoslovakia September 4-7, 1990
0387535535: Control Theory in the Plane Vol. 153
0387535543: Biotechnology in Japan: A Comprehensive Guide
0387535551: Bird Keeping As a Source of Lung Cancer and Other Human Diseases
0387535624: Intelligent CAD Systems III
0387535675: Logic of Theory Change
0387535683: Astrophysics of Neutron Stars (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library)
0387535691: Nonlinear Dynamics in Solids
0387535705: Geometry and Theoretical Physics by Debrus, J.; Hirshfeld, A. C.
0387535748: Intense Resonant Interactions in Quantum Electronics
0387535829: Cholecystokinin Antagonists in Gastroenterology
0387535837: Modelling and Inverse Problems of Control for Distributed Parameter Systems: Proceedings of Ifip W.G.7.2-Iiasa Conference, Laxenburg, Austria. (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences)
0387535896: Engineering Optimization in Design Processes: Proceedings of the International Conference Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center, Germany September 3-4, 1 (Lecture Notes in Engineering 63)
0387535934: Structural Dynamics : Recent Advances
0387535950: Advances in Turbulence 3: Proceedings of the 3rd European Turbulence Conference, Stockholm, July 3-6, 1990
0387535969: Compendium of Practical Astronomy
0387535985: Electron Liquids. Springer Series in Solid - State Sciences. Volume 96 with 116 Figures
0387536000: Exotic Atoms in Condensed Matter: Proceedings of the Erice Workshop at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, May 19-25, 19 (Texts and Monographs in Physics)
0387536019: Computational Techniques for Fluid Dynamics : Specific Techniques for Differential Flow Categories
0387536027: Nonlinear Dynamics and Quantum Phenomena in Optical Systems: Proceedings (Springer Proceedings in Physics, Vol. 55)
0387536035: Amorphous & Crystalline Silicon Carbide
0387536043: Surface Science: Lectures on Basic Concepts and Applications - Proceedings of the Sixth Latin American Symposium on Surface Physics (SLAFS-6), Cusco, Peru, September 3-7, 1990
0387536078: Computer Simulation Studies in Condensed Matter Physics III: Proceedings of the Third Workshop, Athens, Ga, Usa, February 12-16, 1990 (Springer Proc)
0387536086: Quantum Noise
0387536094: A Course on Damage Mechanics
0387536108: Local Quantum Physics: Fields, Particles, Algebras
0387536124: A Course In Mathematical Physics 1: Classical Dynamical Systems, 2nd edition
0387536140: Light Scattering in Solids VI: Recent Results, Including High-Tc Superconductivity (Topics in Applied Physics, Vol 68)
0387536183: High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics III: Quantum Hall Effect
0387536191: Twelfth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Fluid Dynamics: Proceedings of the Conference Held at the University of Oxford, England, on (
0387536213: Statistical Methods in Toxicology: Proceedings of a Workshop During Eurotox '90, Leipzig, Germany, Sept 12-14, 1990 (Lecture Notes in Medical Inform)
0387536310: Protein Traffic in Eukaryotic Cells: Selected Reviews (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, Vol, 170)
0387536329: Plantago: A Multidisciplinary Study (Ecological Studies, Vol 89)
0387536337: Comparative Embryology of Angiosperms
0387536361: Interactive System Identification: Prospects and Pitfalls (Communications and Control Engineering Series)
0387536434: Modern Production Concepts : Theory and Applications: Proceedings of an International Conference, Fernuniversitat Hagen, FRG, August 20-24, 1990
0387536442: Geometric Modeling Methods & Application
0387536566: High-Tech and Micropropagation I (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, Vol 17)
0387536590: High-Tech and Micropropagation II: 2 (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry)
0387536604: High-Tech and Micropropagation III (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry, No 19)
0387536612: High Tech & Micropropagation IV
0387536620: Statistical Physics I: Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics. (Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences 30)
0387536647: Physiology, Pharmacology, and Development of Epileptogenic Phenomena (Experimental Brain Research Series, Vol 20)
0387536655: A Structural Analysis of Expectation Formation Based on Business Surveys of French Manufacturing Industry (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematica)
0387536671: CIM. Towards the Factory of the Future. Second, Revised & Enlarged Edition.
0387536698: Compiler Compilers: Third International Workshop Cc '90 Schweirn, Frg, October 22-24, 1990 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 477)
0387536744: Stimulation of Fracture Healing With Ultrasound
0387536752: Ethical Isssues of Molecular Genetics in Psychiatry
0387536787: Natural Language Processing: Eaia '90 2nd Advanced School in Artificial Intelligence Guarda, Protugal, October 8-12, 1990
0387536795: Inverse Heat Transfer Problems (International Series in Heat and Mass Transfer)
0387536817: Advanced Quantum Theory and Its Applications Through Feynman Diagrams (Texts and Monographs in Physics)
0387536868: Logics in AL. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Volume 478
0387536876: Organ Replacement Therapy: Ethics, Justice, Commerce : First Joint Meeting of Esot and Edta/Era Munich, December 1990
0387536981: Chernobyl : Insight from the Inside
0387537015: Deterministic Lotsizing Models for Production Planning. Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 355
0387537023: Humic Substances in the Aquatic and Terrestrial Environment
0387537066: Volcanoes of the Central Andes
0387537090: Stacs 91 8TH Annual Symposium on Theoret
0387537104: Plate Stability by Boundary Element Method (Lecture Notes in Engineering, Vol 64)
0387537120: Radiological, Clinical and Biomechanical Aspects of Chest Trauma
0387537139: Viscous Vortical Flows
0387537163: High Resolution Methods in Underwater Acoustics (Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol 155)
0387537201: Radiology of the Lower Urinary Tract
0387537236: Interventional Neuroradiology (Medical Radiology)
0387537260: Proceedings of the XIV Symposium Neuroradiologicum, London, June 17-23, 1990
0387537295: Enzyme Handbook 3: Class 3 : Hydrolases
0387537309: Enzyme Handbook 4: Class 3 : Hydrolases
0387537317: Expert Systems and Robotics. NATO ASI Series F: Computer and Systems Science, Volume 71
0387537325: Algebra VIII: Representations of Finite-Dimensional Algebras (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences)
0387537368: Singularity Theory and Its Applications
0387537376: Singularity Theory and Its Applications: Warwick 1989, Part 1 : Geometric Aspects of Singularities (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1462)
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