0387942092: Essential Maple : A Guide for Scientific Programmers
0387942114: Fractal Image Compression
0387942130: AP12 Programming Techniques
0387942165: Pivotal Measures in Statistical Experiments and Sufficiency
0387942173: First Course in Real Analysis
0387942181: Pediatric Cranial MRI : An Atlas of Normal Development
0387942203: Manual of Cardiac Surgery
0387942211: Psychiatric Diagnosis : A World Perspective
0387942238: Parasitic Diseases
0387942246: Essays in Game Theory in Honor of Michael Maschler
0387942254: Algebraic Number Theory
0387942262: Organizational Aspects of Health Informatics : Managing Technological Change
0387942270: Human Brain and Spinal Cord : Functional Neuroanatomy and Dissection Guide
0387942289: Evaluation Methods in Medical Informatics
0387942297: Pediatric Nuclear Medicine
0387942300: Diagnosis of Endometrial Biopsies and Curettings
0387942319: Muscle Imaging in Health and Disease
0387942327: Watershed Management : Balancing Sustainability and Environmental Change
0387942335: Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models
0387942343: Functions of One Complex Variable
0387942378: Evaluation and Treatment of the Aging Face
0387942386: Cesarean Section : Guidelines for Appropriate Utilization
0387942394: Fractures of the Distal Radius
0387942408: Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
0387942416: Quantitative Methods in Landscape Ecology : The Analysis and Interpretation of Landscape Heterogeneity
0387942432: Modern Surgical Management of Endometriosis
0387942440: Ultrasonic Surgical Techniques for the Pelvic Surgeon
0387942475: Uveitis : A Clinical Manual for Ocular Inflammation
0387942483: Algebraic K-Theory and Its Applications
0387942505: Semiconductors, Part I.
0387942513: Semiconductors. Part II Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. IMA. Volume 59
0387942548: Dynamics : Numerical Explorations
0387942556: Patient Care Information Systems : Successful Design and Implementation
0387942564: Neurosurgical Management of Pain
0387942580: Mathematical Logic
0387942599: Shock Waves and Reaction-Diffusion Equations
0387942629: Robust Asymptotic Statistics
0387942661: Ecology and Biogeography of Mediterranean Ecosystems in Chile, California and Australia
0387942696: Commutative Algebra with a View Toward Algebraic Geometry
0387942718: Principles of Convective Heat Transfer (Ima Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications)
0387942726: Quantum Mechanics on the Macintosh/Book and Diskette
0387942742: Computer Simulations with Mathematica : Explorations in the Physical, Biological and Social Sciences
0387942750: Visualizing with CAD : Why and How to Generate Forms from Geometry to Architecture Using AutoCAD
0387942769: Sociogenesis Reexamined
0387942785: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews (Reviews of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology)
0387942793: Quantitative Methods in Biological and Medical Sciences : A Historical Essay
0387942807: Mathematics : A Concise History and Philosophy
0387942823: Mathematica Guidebook for Programming
0387942831: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (volume137)
0387942858: Introduction to the Theory of Groups
0387942866: Interacting Electrons and Quantum Magnetism
0387942874: Dynamic Modeling/Windows/Book and Disks
0387942882: Fast Algorithms for 3D-Graphics/Book and Disk
0387942890: Unsolved Problems in Number Theory
0387942904: Elements of Algebra : Geometry, Numbers, Equations
0387942912: AIDS Testing : A Comprehensive Guide to Technical, Medical, Social, Legal, and Management Issues
0387942920: Immunobiology of Reproduction
0387942939: Course in Number Theory and Cryptography
0387942947: Mathematical Theory of Dilute Gases
0387942955: Short Course in General Relativity
0387942963: Bayesian Choice : A Decision-Theoretic Motivation
0387942971: Multiple Criteria Decision Making
0387942998: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
0387943005: Dynamical Systems in 2-Dimensions
0387943013: Differential Equations : An Introduction with Mathematica
0387943021: Advances in Child Neuropsychology
0387943048: Principles of Vibration and Sound
0387943072: Cell Mechanics and Cellular Engineering
0387943080: Ancient DNA : Recovery and Analysis of Genetic Material from Paleontological, Archaeological, Museum, Medical, and Forensic Specimens
0387943099: Dynamic Modeling/Book and Disks
0387943102: The Collected Works of Wassily Hoeffding
0387943110: Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses : How to Avoid Them, How to Get Rid of Them and How to Get Help
0387943137: The Historical Development of the Calculus
0387943153: Pulmonary Pathology
0387943161: Practical Bifurcation and Stability Analysis : From Equilibrium to Chaos
0387943196: Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
0387943218: Marine Ecological Processes
0387943226: Quantitative Methods for Conservation Biology
0387943242: Reviews of Environmental Contamination &
0387943277: Algebraic Topology
0387943285: Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves II
0387943315: Maple Handbook
0387943323: Recursive Introduction to the Theory of Computation
0387943331: Dependability for Systems With Partition
0387943358: Pathology of Human Placenta
0387943366: Principles of Vibration and Sound
0387943374: ITSM for Windows : A User's Guide to Time Series Modeling and Forecasting
0387943382: Differential and Riemannian Manifolds
0387943390: Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry
0387943404: More Than One Mystery : Explorations in Quantum Interference
0387943420: Microprocessor : A Biography
0387943447: Pattern and Process in a Forested Ecosystem: Disturbance, Development and the Steady State Based on the Hubbard Ecosystem Study
0387943455: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
0387943463: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387943498: Philosophical Essays on Probabilities
0387943501: Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus
0387943528: Anticipated Effects of a Changing Global Environment in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems
0387943536: Pesticide Properties in the Environment
0387943552: Catalogue of Mean Ubv Data on Stars
0387943560: Global Change and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystem
0387943579: Lebesque Integration
0387943595: Trauma Informatics
0387943609: Exact Statistical Methods in Data Analysis
0387943617: Fractals in Science
0387943625: Models of Neural Networks II: Temporal Aspects of Coding and Information Processing in Biological Systems (Physics of Neural Networks)
0387943633: Cycle Representations of Markov Processes
0387943641: Hidden Markov Models : Estimation and Control
0387943668: Physics and Psychophysics of Music : An Introduction
0387943684: Models of Neural Networks III
0387943706: Quantum Groups
0387943714: Patella
0387943722: MRI Physics for Radiologists : A Visual Approach
0387943730: Management of Prader-Willi Syndrome
0387943749: Classical Descriptive Set Theory
0387943757: Symmetry in Science : An Introduction to the General Theory
0387943765: More Than One Mystery : Explorations in Quantum Interference
0387943773: Differential Equations Pt. II : A Dynamical Systems Approach: A Dynamical Approach
0387943781: Circumareolar Techniques for Breast Surgery
0387943803: Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics
0387943811: Stairway to the Mind : The Controversial New Science of Consciousness
0387943838: Onondaga Lake : Limnology and Environmental Management of a Polluted Urban Lake
0387943846: Biodynamics : Circulation
0387943870: Probabilistic Techniques in Analysis
0387943889: Biostatistics and Epidemiology : A Primer for Health Professionals
0387943897: Neuropathology and Basic Neuroscience
0387943900: Pathology
0387943919: Mathematics and Politics : Strategy, Voting, Power and Proof
0387943927: Microbiology and Immunology
0387943935: Behavioral Sciences
0387943943: Pharmacology
0387943951: Anatomy : Embryology, Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Microanatomy
0387943978: Physiology
0387943986: Biochemistry
0387943994: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
0387944001: Classification and Dissimilarity Analysis
0387944044: GHRH, GH, and IGF-1 : Basic and Clincial Advances
0387944052: Dictionary of Computer Graphics Technology and Applications
0387944060: Selected Papers and Other Writings
0387944087: Field Theory
0387944095: Integration and Probability
0387944109: Case Studies in Data Analysis
0387944125: Stochastic Visibility in Random Fields
0387944133: Light and Color in the Outdoors
0387944141: Physics of Critical Fluctuations
0387944168: Delay Equations : Functional, Complex, and Nonlinear Analysis
0387944176: Multidimensional Analysis : Algebras and Systems for Science and Engineering
0387944192: Somatotrophic Axis and the Reproductive Process in Health and Disease : Proceedings of the Symposium, Held October 28 to 31, 1993
0387944206: Asynchronous Circuits
0387944214: Exercises and Solutions Manual for Integration and Probability
0387944222: Applied Functional Analysis : Main Principles and Their Applications
0387944249: Mathematica in Theoretical Physics
0387944265: Algebraic Topology
0387944273: Why Math? : Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics
0387944281: Random Fields on a Network
0387944303: Environmental Restoration and Recovery of an Industrial Region : Progress in Restorating a Smelter Damaged Landscape
0387944311: Web Empowerment Book
0387944346: Introduction To Programming With Mathematica
0387944354: Introduction to Programming With Mathematica
0387944362: Dynamical Systems in 2-Dimensions
0387944370: Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems : History, Theory, and Applications
0387944397: Mathematical Finance
0387944400: Understanding Linear Dynamics
0387944419: Building in Big Brother : The Cryptographic Policy Debate
0387944427: Applied Functional Analysis : Applications of Mathematical Physics
0387944435: Robust Control Theory
0387944443: Mathematics in Industrial Problems
0387944451: Flow Control
0387944478: Illustrated Handbook of Cardiac Surgery
0387944486: Fundamentals of Family Medicine
0387944516: Linear Functions and Matrix Theory
0387944524: Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Queuing Theory
0387944532: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387944540: Information Retrieval : A Health Care Perspective
0387944559: Transforming Health Care Through Information : Case Studies
0387944567: Introduction to Diophantine Approximations
0387944575: New Book of Prime Number Records
0387944583: Rhinoplasty
0387944591: Temporal Verification of Reactive Systems : Safety
0387944605: Functions of One Complex Variable II
0387944613: Course in the Theory of Groups
0387944621: Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
0387944664: Endoscopic Techniques in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
0387944672: Operative Gynecologic Endoscopy
0387944680: Introduction to Molecular Medicine
0387944699: Hormonal Carcinogenesis II : Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Hormonal Carcinogenesis
0387944702: Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
0387944737: Topics in Advanced Scientific Computation
0387944753: Introduction to Infinite Dimensional Linear Systems Theory
0387944761: Nursing Informatics : When Caring and Technology Meet
0387944788: Weighted Bootstrap
0387944818: Ordinary Differential Equations with Mathematica : A Media Approach
0387944826: Observational Studies
0387944850: Interactive Media
0387944877: High Latitude Rain Forests and Associated Ecosystems of the West Coast of the Americas : Climate, Hydrology, Ecology, and Conservation
0387944885: Survey of Medical Neuroscience
0387944907: Control and Optimal Design of Distributed Parameter Systems
0387944915: Linear Algebra for Signal Processing
0387944931: Thomas Gray in Copenhagen
0387944958: Triple Helical Nucleic Acids
0387944966: Calculus : A Lab Course with MicroCalc
0387944974: Workshop Statistics : Discovery with Data
0387944982: Our Molecular Nature : The Body's Motors, Machines and Messages
0387944990: Rasch Models : Foundations, Recent Developments, and Applications
0387945016: Introduction to Spectral Theory : With Applications to Schrodinger Operators
0387945024: Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem
0387945032: Biology of Renal Cell Carcinoma
0387945040: Behavioral High-Risk Paradigm in Psychopathology
0387945059: Data Handbook : A Guide to Understanding the Organization and Visualization of Technical Data
0387945075: Intermediate Course in Probability
0387945083: Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion
0387945091: Polynomials and Polynomial Inequalities
0387945105: Entire and Meromorphic Functions
0387945113: Variational Calculus and Optimal Control : Optimization with Elementary Convexity
0387945121: Classical Mechanics with Maple
0387945148: Vibrations of Elastic Plates : Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling of Sandwiches, Laminated Composites, and Piezoelectric Layers
0387945156: Jackknife and Bootstrap
0387945164: Basic Principles of Structural Equation Modeling : An Introduction to LISREL and EQS
0387945172: Programming with Turing : With Object Oriented Turing for Windows
0387945180: Computational Economics and Finance : Modeling and Analysis with Mathematica
0387945199: Statistical Models Based on Counting Processes
0387945202: Phase-Integral Method : With Comparison Equation Technique Incorporated
0387945210: Linear and Graphical Models
0387945229: Bilinear Forms and Zonal Polynomials
0387945237: Analysis of Observed Chaotic Data
0387945245: Theory of Vibration : An Introduction
0387945253: Groups and Representations
0387945261: Groups and Representations
0387945288: Laminar Viscous Flow
0387945296: Numerical Approximation of Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
0387945334: Taking Nature into Action : A Report to the Club of Rome
0387945342: Thermal Contact Conductance
0387945350: Introduction to Maple
0387945369: Maple V Learning Guide
0387945377: Maple V Programming Guide
0387945385: Maple Handbook : Maple V Release 4
0387945393: Spinning the Web
0387945407: Fundamentals of Robotic Mechanical Systems
0387945415: Quantitative X-Ray Diffractometry
0387945431: Survival Analysis : A Self-Learning Text
0387945458: Facility Location : A Survey of Applications and Methods
0387945466: Theory of Statistics
0387945474: Marked Point Processes on the Real Line
0387945482: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387945490: Probability
0387945504: Principles of Heat Transfer in Porous Media
0387945512: Analysis by Its History
0387945520: Intrathecal Drug Therapy for Spasticity and Pain : Practical Patient Management
0387945539: Software Methods for Business Reengineering
0387945547: Internet for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
0387945555: Test Methods for Explosives
0387945563: Advanced Texbook
0387945601: Decision Aids for Selection Problems
0387945628: Linear Models
0387945636: Exploratory Vision : The Active Eye
0387945652: Statistical Modelling : Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Innsbruck, Austria, July 10-14, 1995
0387945660: Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics
0387945679: Surgical Pathology Dissection : An Illustrated Guide
0387945687: ISO 9000-3 : A Tool for Software Product and Process Improvement
0387945709: Programmer's Guide to Fortran 90
0387945725: Porting to Win32
0387945733: Interactive 3-D Graphics in Windows
0387945741: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387945768: Maple V programming guide
0387945776: Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods in Scientific Computing
0387945784: Non-Regular Statistical Estimation
0387945806: Mental Health Computing
0387945814: Preparing Scientific Illustrations : A Guide to Better Posters, Presentations, and Publications
0387945849: Reviews in Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387945857: Electrodynamics : A Concise Introduction
0387945873: Mathematical Statistics for Economics and Business
0387945881: Contests in Higher Mathematics : Miklos Schweitzer Competitions 1962-1991
0387945911: Statistical Theory and Applications : Papers in Honor of Herbert A. David
0387945970: Activity Based Statistics
0387945989: Activity Based Statistics
0387945997: Permutation Groups
0387946004: Linux Universe: Installation and Configuration
0387946012: Linux
0387946020: Fluctuations and Order : The New Synthesis
0387946039: Dynamics of Heat
0387946047: Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals
0387946055: Aerospace Sensors Systems and Applications
0387946063: Basic Calculus : From the Manuscripts of the Masters
0387946071: Introduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments
0387946098: Modular Forms and Fermat's Last Theorem
0387946101: Statistics : The Conceptual Approach
0387946128: Principles and Practice of Mathematics
0387946144: Mathematical Analysis : An Introduction
0387946152: Particle Physics at the New Millennium
0387946160: Indirect Estimators in U.S. Federal Programs
0387946179: Accompaniment to Higher Mathematics
0387946187: Probabilistic Theory of Pattern Recognition
0387946195: New Statistical Analysis of Data
0387946209: Modeling Nature with Cellular Automata Using Mathematica
0387946217: Elementary Standard ML
0387946225: The Maple handbook: Maple V release 4
0387946233: Random Discrete Structures
0387946268: Methods of Moments and Semiparametric Methods for Limited Dependent and Variable Models
0387946276: Tribology and Mechanics of Magnetic Storage Devices
0387946284: Discrete Gambling and Stochastic Games
0387946292: Numerical Bayesian Methods Applied to Signal Processing
0387946306: Introduction to Scientific Programming
0387946322: Obstetrics and Gynecology
0387946330: Psychiatry
0387946349: Pediatrics
0387946357: Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience
0387946365: Internal Medicine
0387946373: General Surgery
0387946381: Family Medicine
0387946403: Weak Convergence and Empirical Processes : With Applications to Statistics
0387946411: Introduction to Medical Informatics
0387946438: Polynomial Approach to Linear Algebra
0387946446: Measures and Probabilities
0387946462: Introduction to Artificial Life
0387946470: Virtual Goliath : Logic and Responsibility in the Computer Age
0387946489: Cellular and Molecular Regulation of Testicular Cells
0387946497: Genetic Models of Immune and Inflammatory Diseases
0387946500: Comets and the Origin of Life
0387946519: Partial Differential Equations II : Qualitative Studies of Linear Equations
0387946527: Partial Differential Equations III : Nonlinear Equations
0387946535: Partial Differential Equations I : Basic Theory
0387946543: Partial Differential Equations : Basic Theory
0387946551: Additive Number Theory : Inverse Problems and the Geometry of Sumsets
0387946578: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
0387946586: Amazing Light : A Volume Dedicated to Charles Hard Townes on His 80th Birthday
0387946594: Paradox Lost : Images of the Quantum
0387946616: Handbook of Modern Item Response Theory
0387946624: Netscape for Macintosh : A Hands-On Configuration and Set-Up Guide for Popular Web Browsers
0387946632: Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses : How to Avoid Them, How to Get Rid of Them, and How to Get Help
0387946640: Excursions in Astronomical Optics
0387946659: Einstein Atomized
0387946667: Information-Theoretic Approach to Neural Computing
0387946675: Ecosystem Management : Selected Readings
0387946683: Ecosystem Management : Selected Readings
0387946705: Courant
0387946713: Insights of Genius : Imagery and Creativity in Science and Art
0387946721: Hubble : A New Window to the Universe
0387946748: Hilbert
0387946756: C
0387946764: Algorithmic Beauty of Plants
0387946772: Chaos : An Introduction to Dynamic Systems
0387946780: Transport Phenomena with Drops and Bubbles
0387946802: Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms : An Introduction to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Communtative Algebra
0387946810: Programming in Scheme : Learn Scheme Through Artificial Intelligence
0387946829: Comparative Hearing
0387946845: Comparative Hearing : Birds and Reptiles
0387946853: Number by Colors : A Guide to Using Color to Understand Technical Data
0387946861: Craniomaxillofacial Reconstructive and Corrective Bone Surgery : Principles of Internal Fixation Using AO-ASIF Techniques
0387946888: Tools for Statistical Inferface : Methods for the Exploration of Posterior Distributions and Likelihood Functions
0387946918: Ethnic Rhinoplasty
0387946926: Geriatric Medicine
0387946934: Handbook of Transcranial Doppler
0387946950: Pediatric Skeletal Scintigraphy
0387946969: Practical Manual of Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
0387946977: Information Networks for Community Health
0387946993: Surgical Research
0387947000: Theory for Everything : Essays and Short Fiction
0387947019: Speech Synthesis
0387947027: Biodiversity
0387947035: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387947043: Introduction to Coding and Information Theory
0387947051: Statistical Methods : A Geometric Primer
0387947078: Growth Hormone Secretagogues
0387947086: Electrooptic Effects in Liquid Crystal Materials
0387947124: Distributed Detection and Data Fusion
0387947140: Applied Wavelet Analysis with S-PLUS
0387947167: Smoothing Methods in Statistics
0387947175: Advanced Statistics Vol. I : Description of Populations
0387947183: Developmental Biology
0387947191: Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting
0387947221: Statistical Disclosure Control in Practice
0387947248: Bayesian Learning for Neural Networks
0387947256: Bayesian Forecasting and Dynamic Models
0387947264: Infamous Boundary : Seven Decades of Heresy in Quantum Physics
0387947272: Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression
0387947280: Geometrical Methods in Robotics
0387947299: Statistical Theory of Shape
0387947302: Migrating from Pascal to C++
0387947310: PACE System : An Expert Consulting System for Nursing
0387947329: Differential Geometry
0387947337: Maple Ode Lab Book
0387947345: Strange Phenomena in Convex and Discrete Geometry
0387947353: Maize Handbook
0387947361: Learning from Data : Artificial Intelligence and Statistics V
0387947388: Flaps : Decision Making in Clinical Practice
0387947396: Primary Care in Obstetrics and Gynecology : A Handbook for Clinicians
0387947418: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome : Proceedings of the Symposium, Sponsored by Serono Symposia U S A, Inc., Held in Boston, Massachusetts, May 18-21, 1995
0387947426: Idea to Product : The Process
0387947434: Winning Solutions
0387947442: Vibration of Discrete and Continuous Systems
0387947450: Optimum Designs for Multi-Factor Models
0387947469: Handbook of Mathematics and Computational Science
0387947485: Animating Calculus : Mathematics Notebooks for the Laboratory
0387947493: Hand Surgery
0387947507: Graphical Methods for the Design of Experiments
0387947515: Applications of Computer Aided Time Series Modeling
0387947523: Ecosystems : Balancing Science with Management
0387947531: Field and Galois Theory
0387947558: Combinatorial Convexity and Algebraic Geometry
0387947566: Complex Analysis
0387947574: Aesthetic Surgery of the Craniofacial Skeleton
0387947582: Introduction to Nonlinear Physics
0387947590: Marine Debris : Sources, Impacts and Solutions
0387947604: Solutions Manual for Langs Linear Algebra
0387947612: Introduction to the Theory of Stability
0387947620: Introduction to Cyclotomic Fields
0387947639: Hysteresis and Phase Transitions
0387947647: Nonsmooth Analysis and Geometric Methods in Deterministic Optimal Control
0387947655: Environmental Studies : Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical Analysis
0387947663: Craft of Scientific Writing
0387947671: Plane Answers to Complex Questions : The Theory of Linear Models
0387947698: Ultimate Zero and One : Computing at the Quantum Frontier
0387947701: Mathematical Reflections : In a Room with Many Mirrors
0387947736: Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
0387947744: Fragile Objects : Soft Matter, Hard Science and the Thrill of Discovery
0387947752: Theory of Objects
0387947760: Bonferroni-Type Inequalities with Applications
0387947779: Prime Numbers
0387947787: Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
0387947795: Statics for Engineers
0387947809: First Course in Discrete Dynamical Systems
0387947817: Objects and Systems : Principled Design with Implementation in C++ and Java
0387947825: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics with ISETL
0387947833: Compact Stars
0387947841: What Makes Airplanes Fly?
0387947868: Homogenization and Porous Media
0387947876: Athens Conference on Applied Probability and Time Series Analysis
0387947884: Athens Conference on Applied Probability and Time Series Analysis
0387947892: Wildlife and Landscape Ecology : Effects of Pattern and Scale
0387947914: How Nature Works : The Science of Self-Organized Criticality
0387947922: Windows NT Guide to the Web Vol. VI : Covering Browsers, Servers, and Related Software
0387947930: Comet of the Century : From Halley to Halle-bap
0387947949: Green Space, Green Time : The Way of Science
0387947957: Science on the Web : A Connoiseur's Guide to over 500 of the Best, the Most Useful, and Most Fun Web Sites
0387947965: Cats Are Not Peas : A Calico History of Genetics
0387947973: Exhibit Denied : Lobbying the History of Enola Gay
0387948007: Scrooge's Cryptic Carol : Visions of Energy, Time and Quantum Nature
0387948015: ADA 95 : The Lovelace Tutorial
0387948023: Ecology and Conservation of Great Plains Vertebrates
0387948031: Genetic Mapping and DNA Sequencing
0387948058: Competitive Markov Decision Processes
0387948066: Image Models (And Their Speech Model Cousins)
0387948074: Introduction to Fuzzy Logic for Practical Applications
0387948082: Modeling and Prediction : Honoring Seymour Geisser
0387948090: Assessment and Management of Plant Invasions
0387948104: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387948112: Pictorial Approach to Molecular Bonding and Vibrations
0387948139: Ecosystems : Balancing Science with Management
0387948147: Craft of Windows 95 Interface Design : A Practical Guide to Windows 95 Software Design
0387948198: Smoothness Priors Analysis of Time Series
0387948201: Kasparov vs. Deep Blue : Computer Chess Comes of Age
0387948228: Early Astronomy
0387948236: Course in Homological Algebra
0387948252: Collected Papers of R. S. Rivlin
0387948260: Number Theory : New York Seminar, 1991-1995
0387948287: Stochastic Networks : Stability and Rare Events
0387948295: Survival Analysis
0387948309: Introduction to Measure and Probability
0387948317: Web Publisher's Illustrated Quick Reference
0387948325: Cyberlaw : The Law of the Internet
0387948333: Linear Programming : Introduction
0387948341: Data Structures and Algorithms : An Object-Oriented Approach Using Ada 95
0387948368: Symmetry in Science : An Introduction to the General Theory
0387948376: Multi-Facility Systems : The VA Experience
0387948384: Mathematical Approaches to Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics
0387948392: Methods of Mathematical Finance
0387948414: Undergraduate Analysis
0387948422: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387948457: Modern Multidimensional Scaling Theory and Applications
0387948465: Matrix Analysis
0387948473: Deduction Systems
0387948481: Rings, Fields, and Vector Spaces : An Introduction to Abstract Algebra via Geometric Constructibility
0387948503: Modeling Dynamic Biological Systems
0387948511: Productivity and Sustainability of Southern Forest Ecosystems in a Changing Environment
0387948538: Population Biology : Concepts and Models
0387948546: Image Processing for Computer Graphics
0387948562: Physics of Structural Phase Transitions
0387948570: Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation : With Examples from Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science
0387948589: Expert Systems and Probabilistic Network Models
0387948597: Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction
0387948600: Algorithm Design Manual
0387948619: Challenges
0387948627: Population Biology : Concepts and Models
0387948635: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387948651: Mathematics in Industrial Problems
0387948678: Global Analysis in Mathematical Physics : Geometric and Stochastic Methods
0387948686: Introduction to Kolmogorov Complexity and Its Applications
0387948694: Solutions Manual for the Dynamics of Heat
0387948708: Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity : Emergence (1905) and Early Interpretation, 1905-1911
0387948716: Pelvic Surgery : Adhesion Formation and Prevention
0387948724: Classical and Modern Branching Processes
0387948732: Stochastic Models in Geosystems
0387948740: Computational Wave Propagation
0387948759: ML with Concurrency : Design, Analysis, Implementation and Application
0387948767: Arch Models and Financial Applications
0387948775: Electromagnetics and Calculations of Fields
0387948791: Linux Universe : Installation and Configuration
0387948805: Linux
0387948848: Direct Adaptive Control Algorithms : Theory and Applications
0387948856: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387948864: Global Bifurcation in Variational Inequalities : Applications to Obstacle and Unilateral Problems
0387948880: Internet for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
0387948899: Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming with Visual BASIC
0387948902: Discovering Curves and Surfaces with Maple
0387948910: Lasers in Plastic Surgery
0387948929: Prove It With Figures
0387948937: Logic for Applications
0387948953: Exploring Computer Science with Scheme
0387948961: Verification of Sequential and Concurrent Programs
0387948988: Learning Computer Graphics : From 3D Models to Animated Movies on Your PC
0387948996: Integrated Approach to Software Engineering
0387949011: Knowledge Engineering in Health Informatics
0387949054: Sheaf Theory
0387949062: Hearing by Whales and Dolphins
0387949070: Automata and Computability
0387949089: Blood Conservation in Cardiac Surgery
0387949097: Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis
0387949100: Perception of Visual Information
0387949119: Mri
0387949127: Distraction of the Craniofacial Skeleton
0387949143: Something New under the Sun : Satellites and the Beginning of the Space Age
0387949151: Call of Distant Mammoths : Why Ice Age Mammals Disappeared
0387949186: Elements of Multivariate Time Series Analysis
0387949194: Testing Statistical Hypotheses
0387949208: Data Structure Programming : With the Standard Template Library in C++
0387949216: Logic of Logistics : Theory, Algorithms, and Applications for Logistics Management
0387949224: Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation : A Bridge Course to Higher Mathematics
0387949232: Mechanics and Control of Robots
0387949240: Pi, a Sourcebook
0387949259: Invariant Manifolds and Fibrations for Perturbed Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
0387949267: Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis
0387949275: Slanted Truths : Essays on Gaia, Symbiosis and Evolution
0387949283: Invisible Sky : ROSAT and the Age of X-Ray Astronomy
0387949291: Last Recreations : Hydras, Eggs, and Other Mathematical Mystifications
0387949305: One Jump Ahead : The Story of Chinook, the World Champion Checkers Computer Program
0387949313: Fantasia Mathematica : Being a Set of Stories, Together with a Group of Oddments and Diversions, All Drawn from the Universe of Mathematics
0387949321: Beyond Calculation : The Next Fifty Years of Computing
0387949348: Berkeley Problems in Mathematics
0387949356: Tibaldo and the Hole in the Calendar
0387949364: Internet for Physicians
0387949372: Introduction to Environmental Biophysics
0387949380: Book of Genesis
0387949399: Can System Engineering: From Theory to Practical Applications
0387949402: Wave Propagation in Structures : Spectral Analysis Using Fast Fourier Transforms
0387949410: Ramanujan's Notebooks
0387949429: On Concurrent Programming
0387949437: Astrophysical Concepts
0387949453: Mathematics in Industrial Problems
0387949461: Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields : Foundations
0387949488: Weakly Connected Neural Networks
0387949496: Analysis of Spherical Symmetries in Euclidean Spaces
0387949518: Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry
0387949526: Festschrift for Lucien Le Cam : Research Papers in Probability and Statistics
0387949534: Medcin
0387949542: Atlas of Histology
0387949550: Nursing and Computers : An Anthology, 1987-1996
0387949569: Functional Data Analysis
0387949577: Foundations of Modern Probability
0387949585: Family Medicine : Principles and Practice
0387949593: Coronary Magnetic Resonance Angiography
0387949607: Principles of Oocyte and Embryo Donation
0387949615: Pediatric Oculoplastic Surgery
0387949623: Cardiac Reconstructions of Allograft Tissues
0387949631: Neuroimaging : Clinical and Physical Principles
0387949658: Principles of Perinatal-Neonatal Metabolism
0387949666: Operative Strategies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
0387949674: Perimenopause
0387949682: Growth Factors and Wound Health : Basic Science and Potential Clinical Applications
0387949690: Inhibin, Activin, Follistatin : Regulatory Functions in System and Cell Biology
0387949712: Optimization Theory and Algorithms
0387949720: Art of Analysis
0387949739: Complexity Theory Retrospective II
0387949747: Biomechanics and Neural Control of Posture and Movement
0387949755: Whole Organ Approaches to Cellular Metabolism : Permeation, Cellular Uptake and Product Formation
0387949771: Surgical Approaches to the Spine
0387949798: Numerical Analysis for Statisticians
0387949801: Nonparametric Smoothing and Lack-of-Fit Tests
0387949836: Common Surgical Diseases : An Algorithmic Approach to Problem Solving
0387949844: Development of the Auditory System
0387949852: The Basics of s and S-Plus (Statistics and Computing)
0387949860: Intelligence and Success : Is It All in the Genes?: Scientists Respond to the Bell Curve
0387949879: Forecasting Product Liability Claims
0387949887: Breakthroughs in Statistics Volume 3
0387949895: Breakthroughs in Statistics
0387949909: Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics
0387949925: Proceedings of the First Seattle Symposium in Biostatistics
0387949941: Topological Spaces : From Distance to Neighborhood
0387949968: Dynamic Modeling in the Health Sciences
0387949976: Workshop Statistics : Discovery Through Data and the Graphing Calculator
0387949992: Multiparticle Quantum Scattering Applications to Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics
0387950001: Applications of Lie Groups to Differential Equations
0387950028: Fermats Last Theorem a Genetic Introduction To
0387950036: From Medical School to Residency: How to Compete Successfully in the Residency
0387950044: Abdominal Wall Hernias : Principles and Management
0387950052: Little Book of Stars
0387950079: Statistics for Lawyers
0387950087: Parallel Solution of Partial Differential Equations
0387950095: Projects in Scientific Computation
0387950109: Mathematica Guidebook for graphics
0387950117: The Mathematica Guidebook for Numerics
0387950125: Lebesque-Stieltjes Integral : A Practical Introduction
0387950133: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387950141: Graph Theory
0387950168: Stochastic Calculus and Financial Applications
0387950176: Robust Diagnostic Regression Analysis
0387950184: Empirical Bayes and Likelihood Inference
0387950192: Statistical Inference in Science
0387950206: Mathematica Guidebook for Symbolics
0387950214: Physics and Radiobiology of Nuclear Medicine
0387950222: Two Millennia of Mathematics : From Archimedes to Gauss
0387950230: Magnetoacoustic Polarization Phenomena in Solids Hardcover
0387950257: Evidence-Based Diagnosis : A Handbook of Clinical Prediction Rules
0387950265: Introduction to Topological Manifolds
0387950273: Linear Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data
0387950281: Targeted Molecular Imaging in Oncology
0387950303: Collected Papers, 1993-1999
0387950311: Human Chromosomes
0387950346: Introduction to Cryptography
0387950362: Asymptotics in Statistics : Some Basic Concepts
0387950370: Computer Networks and System : Queueing Theory and Performance Evaluation
0387950389: Analysis and Design of Information Systems
0387950397: Asymptotic Theory of Statistical Inference for Time Series
0387950400: Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology
0387950443: Geometric Methods and Applications : For Computer Science and Engineering
0387950451: Data Compression : The Complete Reference
0387950478: Information Dynamics : Foundations and Applications
0387950486: Data Mining for Association Rules and Sequential Patterns : Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
0387950494: Guide to Graphics Software Tools
0387950508: Stochastic Epidemic Models and Their Statistical Analysis
0387950524: Linear Processes in Function Spaces : Theory and Applications
0387950532: Growth Curve Models with Statistical Diagnostics
0387950540: Introduction to Graphical Modelling
0387950559: Computability and Complexity Theory
0387950567: Modern Instrumentation for Scientists and Engineers
0387950575: Otto Hahn : Achievement and Responsibility
0387950583: Vision and Attention
0387950605: Understanding Analysis
0387950613: Mathematics of Multidimensional Seismic Inversion
0387950621: Algebras of Linear Transformations
0387950648: Mathematical Vistas : From a Room with Many Windows
0387950656: Discrete Event Modeling and Simulation Technologies : A Tapestry of Systems and Ai-Based Theories and Methodologies
0387950664: Digital Image Analysis: Selected Techniques and Applications
0387950672: Symmetric Group
0387950680: Rational Homotopy Theory
0387950699: Complex Analysis
0387950702: Classical Theory of Algebraic Numbers
0387950710: Wizard of Quarks : A Fantasy of Particle Physics
0387950729: Mathematics and Simulation in Medicine and the Life Sciences
0387950737: Specification and Development of Interactive Systems : FOCUS on Streams, Interfaces, and Refinement
0387950745: Distant Wanderers
0387950753: Automated Theorem Proving : Theory and Practice
0387950761: Chemical and Biological Warfare : A Comprehensive Survey for the Concerned Citizen
0387950788: Math of Money : Making Mathematical Sense of Your Personal Finances
0387950869: Historical Development of Quantum Theory Vol. 6, Pt. 2 : The Completion of Extensions of Quantum Mechanics-1932-1941
0387950893: Hitler's Uranium Club : The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall
0387950907: Redefining Geometrical Exactness : Descartes' Transformation of the Early Modern Concept of Construction
0387950923: Topology in Process Calculus : Approximate Correctness and Infinite Evolution of Concurrent
0387950958: Tabular Application Development for Information Systems : An Object-Oriented Methodology
0387950974: Multiplicative Number Theory
0387950982: Slayers, Saviors, Servants and Sex : An Expose of Kingdom Fungi
0387951008: Applying Ecological Principles to Land Management
0387951016: Slayers, Saviors, Servants and Sex : An Expose of Kingdom Fungi
0387951024: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387951032: Mathematical Models for Biological Pattern Formulation : Frontiers in Biological Mathematics
0387951040: Analysis on Metric Spaces
0387951059: Models of Neural Networks IV : The Visual System - Physics of Neural Networks
0387951067: Software Reliability Methods
0387951075: Advancing Federal Sector Health Care : A Model for Technology Transfer
0387951083: Topics in Survey Sampling
0387951091: Advances in Software Engineering : Comprehension, Evaluation and Evolution
0387951105: Applying and Interpreting Statistics : A Comprehensive Guide
0387951113: Panoramic Vision : Sensors, Theory, and Applications
0387951121: Measuring Business Cycles in Economic Time Series
0387951148: Intuitive Combinatorial Topology
0387951156: Spherical Inversion on Sln(R)
0387951164: Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
0387951172: Combinatorial Methods in Density Estimation
0387951180: Wildlife Study Design
0387951199: Introduction to Statistical Physics
0387951202: Quality of the Body Cell Mass : Body Composition in the Third Millennium
0387951210: Elements of Statistical Disclosure Control
0387951229: Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice: Pattern and Process
0387951237: Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice: Pattern and Process
0387951253: Algebraic Methods in Physics : A Symposium for the 60th Birthday of Jiiri Patera and Pavel Winternitz
0387951261: Multiple-Time-Scale Dynamical Systems
0387951288: Classical Mechanics : Systems of Particles and Hamiltonian Dynamics
0387951296: Spatial Uncertainty for Ecology : Implications for Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
0387951318: Practical Software Testing
0387951326: Guide to Enterprise IT Architecture : A Strategic Approach
0387951342: Modeling Dynamic Climate Systems
0387951350: Lundberg Approximations for Compound Distributions
0387951369: Episodes from the Early History of Astronomy
0387951377: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387951385: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387951393: Numerical Methods for Stochastic Control Problems in Continuous Time
0387951407: Differential Equations: Theory and Applications With Maple (with sealed CD)
0387951415: Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics
0387951423: Theoretical Numerical Analysis : A Functional Analysis Framework
0387951431: Problems in Analytic Number Theory
0387951458: Engineering Dynamics
0387951466: Sequential Monte Carlo Methods in Practice
0387951474: Essays on Item Response Theory
0387951482: Computer Algebra Recipes : A Gourmet's Guide to Mathematical Models of Science
0387951490: Diffusion-Wave Fields : Mathematical Methods and Green's Functions
0387951504: Science of Radio : With MATLAB and Electronics Workbench Demonstrations
0387951512: Iteration of Rational Functions
0387951520: Introduction to Ergodic Theory
0387951539: Handbook of Evidence-Based Critical Care
0387951547: Principles of Random Walk
0387951555: Acoustic and Electromagnetic Equations : Integral Representations for Harmonic Problems
0387951563: Best Approximation in Inner Product Spaces
0387951571: Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Methods : Substantially Increasing Power and Accuracy
0387951598: Medical Data Management
0387951601: Discrete-Event Simulation : Modeling, Programming and Analysis
0387951628: Principles of Convective Heat Transfer
0387951636: Probability and Statistics in Experimental Physics
0387951644: Critical Care Study Guide
0387951652: Handbook of Practical Critical Care Medicine
0387951660: Fundamentals of Stochastic Networks
0387951679: Random Heterogeneous Materials : Microstructure and Macrostructure Properties
0387951687: Cardiovascular Solid Mechanics
0387951695: Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics
0387951709: Nonlinear Time Series : Nonparametric and Parametric Methods
0387951717: Seasonal Adjustment with the X-11 Method
0387951725: Internet for the Radiology Practice
0387951741: Quantum Theory of Planck, Einstein, Bohr and Sommerfeld, 1900-1925
0387951768: Historical Development of Quantum Theory : The Discovery of Quantum Mechanics 1925
0387951776: Historical Development of Quantum Theory Vol. 3 : The Formulation of Matrix Mechanics and Its Modifications, 1925-1926
0387951784: Historical Development of Quantum Theory Vol. 4 : Fundamental Equations of Quantum Mechanics and the Reception of the New Quantum Mechanics
0387951806: Historical Development of Quantum Theory Vol. 5, Pt. 2 : Erwin Schroedinger and the Rise of Wave Mechanics - Early Response and Applications
0387951814: Historical Development of Quantrum Theory : The Completion of Quantum Mechanics, 1926-1935
0387951822: Historical Development of Quantum Theory Vol. 6, Pt. 2 : The Completion of Extensions of Quantum Mechanics-1932-1941
0387951830: First Course in Noncommutative Rings
0387951849: Berkeley Problems in Mathematics
0387951857: Pancreatic Cancer
0387951865: Tumors of the Fetus and Infant
0387951873: Multivariate Statistical Modelling Based on Generalized Linear Models
0387951881: Cancer Precursors : Epidemiology, Detection, and Prevention
0387951903: Breast Cancer
0387951911: Geometric Computing for Perception Action Systems : Concepts, Algorithms and Scientific Applications
0387951938: Interventional and Endovascular Therapy of the Nervous System : A Practical Guide
0387951946: Normal and Abnormal Swallowing : Imaging in Diagnosis and Therapy
0387951954: Fractures of the Distal Radius : A Practical Approach to Management
0387951970: Set Theory for Computing : From Decision Procedures to Logic Programming with Sets
0387952004: Radiology of the Postoperative GI Tract
0387952012: Surgical Oncology : An Algorithmic Approach for General Surgeons
0387952020: Hair Cells
0387952039: Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract
0387952047: Chassin's Operative Strategy in General Surgery
0387952063: Discipline of Multiprogramming : Programming Theory for Distributed Applications
0387952071: Berkeley Problems in Mathematics
0387952098: Guide to Applying the UML
0387952101: Basic Relativity
0387952128: Time-Dependent Fracture Mechanics (Mechanical Engineering Series (Berlin, Germany).)
0387952136: Principles of Secure Network Systems Design
0387952144: Tissue and Organ Regeneration in Adults : Synthesis of Skin and Peripheral Nerves
0387952152: Pulmonary Biology in Health and Disease
0387952160: Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures : Statics, Dynamics, and Stability
0387952179: Digital Typography Using Latex
0387952187: Harmonic Function Theory
0387952195: Functional Analysis and Infinite-Dimensional Geometry
0387952209: Algebraic Graph Theory
0387952217: Spectral Methods with Application to Incompressible Viscous Flow : Analystical Solution Techniques
0387952233: Mathematical Biology : An Introduction
0387952241: Beginning Functional Analysis
0387952268: N-Vortex Problem : Analytical Techniques
0387952276: Higher-Dimensional Algebraic Geometry
0387952284: Mathematical Biology Vol. II : Spatial Models and Biomedical Applications
0387952306: Monte Carlo Strategies in Scientific Computing
0387952314: Bayesian Choice : From Decision-Theoretic Motivations to Computational Implementation
0387952322: Regression Modeling Strategies : With Applications to Linear Models, Logistic Regression, and Survival Analysis
0387952330: Computational Modeling in Biological Fluid Dynamics
0387952349: Mathematical Statistics With Mathematica
0387952357: Brief Mental Health Interventions for the Family Physician
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