0387952365: The Internet for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
0387952373: Understanding Urban Ecosystems
0387952381: Managing Your Headaches
0387952403: Spatial Statistics : Methodological Aspects and Some Applications
0387952411: Algebraic Graph Theory
0387952454: ART and the Human Blastocyst
0387952462: River Ecology and Management : Lessons from the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion
0387952470: Century of Physics
0387952489: Inverse Problems in Underwater Acoustics
0387952497: Global Biodiversity in a Changing Environment : Scenarios for the 21st Century
0387952500: Advanced Topics in Term Rewriting
0387952527: Little Book of Bees
0387952535: Deep Hot Biosphere : The Myth of Fossil Fuels
0387952543: Learning Landscape Ecology : A Practical Guide to Concepts and Techniques
0387952586: Little Book of Planet Earth
0387952594: Bayesian Networks and Decision Graphs
0387952608: A Guide to Data Compression Methods
0387952616: Internet Security Dictionary
0387952624: Historical Development of Quantum Theory Vols. 1-6
0387952632: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387952640: Heavy Traffic Analysis of Controlled and Uncontrolled Queueing and Communications Network
0387952659: Behavioral Healthcare Informatics
0387952667: Dynamics of Heterogeneous Materials
0387952675: Soft Matter Physics : An Introduction
0387952683: Maximum Penalized Likelihood Estimation : Density Estimation
0387952691: Handbook of Physics
0387952705: AJCC Cancer Staging Handbook: From the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 6th Edition
0387952713: AJCC Cancer Staging Manual
0387952721: Handbook of Geometric Programming Using Open Geometry Gl
0387952748: Atom Optics
0387952756: Nonlocal Continuum Field Theories
0387952764: Transport Modelling in Hydrogeochemical Systems
0387952772: Bayesian Survival Analysis
0387952780: Operator Theory for Electromagnetics : An Introduction
0387952799: Analysis for Applied Mathematics
0387952802: Chaos : A Statistical Perspective
0387952810: Computer Untrusion Detection and Network Monitoring : A Statistical Viewpoint
0387952829: Generalizability Theory
0387952837: Statisticians of the Centuries
0387952845: Elements of Statistical Learning : Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction
0387952861: Global Biodiversity in a Changing Environment : Scenarios for the 21st Century
0387952888: Little Book of Time
0387952896: Rare Earth
0387952918: PACS : A Guide to the Digital Revolution
0387952926: Practical FDG Imaging : A Teaching File
0387952969: Advanced Linear Modeling : Multivariate, Time Series, and Spatial Data; Nonparametric Regression and Response Surface
0387952977: Real Mathematical Analysis
0387952985: Shape Optimization by the Homogenization Method
0387952993: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387953000: Short Course on Spectral Theory
0387953019: Microglia in the Regenerating and Degenerating Central Nervous System
0387953027: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387953035: Lengths, Widths, Surfaces : A Portrait of Old Babylonian Algebra and Its Kin
0387953043: Computer Logic Design : Design Principles and Applications
0387953051: Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms : From Simulation to Optimization
0387953078: American Normal : The Culture of Asperger's Syndrome
0387953086: Ethics and Information Technology : A Case-Based Approach to a Health Care System in Transition
0387953094: Women in Medicine : Career and Life Management
0387953108: Exploring Ancient Skies : An Encyclopedic of Archaeoastronomy
0387953116: Theoretical Physics at the End of the Twentieth Century : Lecture Notes of the CRM Summer School, Banff, Alberta
0387953124: Internet for Physicians
0387953132: Foundations of Modern Probability
0387953140: Integral Transforms and Their Applications
0387953167: Ocuplastic Surgery Atlas: Eyelid Disorders
0387953175: Dynamic Modeling for Marine Conservation
0387953183: Matrix Algebra : Exercises and Solutions
0387953191: The Internet for Surgeons
0387953205: Topics in the Theory of Numbers
0387953213: Practical Approach to Software Quality
0387953221: Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation
0387953248: Micro Flows : Fundamentals and Simulation
0387953256: First Course in Noncommutative Rings
0387953264: Mathematical Problems in Image Processing : Partial Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations
0387953272: Short Calculus : The Original Edition of A First Course in Calculus
0387953280: Cancer Informatics : Essential Technologies for Clinical Trials
0387953299: Statisticians of the Centuries
0387953302: Quantum Mechanics : Foundations and Applications
0387953310: Mathematical Computing
0387953329: 17 Lectures on Fermat Numbers
0387953337: Informatics in Primary Care : Strategies in Information Management for the Family Physician
0387953345: Holography for the New Millennium
0387953353: Number Theory in Function Fields
0387953361: Mathematics and Its History
0387953388: Mathematical Principles of Signal Processing
0387953396: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387953418: Quantum Calculus
0387953426: Mathematics for the Physical Sciences
0387953434: Organic Light-Emitting Devices : A Survey
0387953442: Introduction to Semiclassical and Microlocal Analysis
0387953450: Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry
0387953469: Selenium Assessment in Aquatic Ecosystems : A Guide for Hazard Evaluation and Water Quality Criteria
0387953477: Applied Multivariate Analysis
0387953485: Topics in Optimal Design
0387953493: Programming Methodology
0387953507: Predictions in Time Series Using Regression Models
0387953515: Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting
0387953523: Essential Maple 7
0387953531: Smoothing Spline ANOVA Models
0387953558: Mathematical Approaches for Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases Pt. 2 : Models, Methods, and Theory
0387953574: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology / Volume 174
0387953582: Stochastic-Process Limits
0387953590: Mathematics of the Internet
0387953604: Optics
0387953612: Plane Answers to Complex Questions : The Theory of Linear Models
0387953620: Informatics for the Clinical Laboratory
0387953639: Shoulder Arthroscopy
0387953647: Model Selection and Multimodel Inference
0387953655: Quantum Methods with Mathematica : Springer Study Edition
0387953663: Practical Guide to Splines
0387953671: Essential Fungal Genetics
0387953698: Computational Cell Biology : An Introductory Text on Computer Modelling in Molecular and Cell Biology
0387953701: Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Repeated Measurements
0387953728: Introduction to Molecular Medicine
0387953736: Lectures on Discrete Geometry
0387953744: Lectures on Discrete Geometry
0387953752: First Course in Harmonic Analysis
0387953825: Mathematical Statistics
0387953868: Cellular and Molecular Methods in Neuroscience Research
0387953876: Design and Verification of a Cryptographic Security Architecture
0387953884: Clinical Imaging of the Small Intestine
0387953892: Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Genetic Analysis
0387953906: Firmless Radiology
0387953914: Reasoning about Program Transformations : Imperative Programming and Flow of Data
0387953922: Understanding Understanding : Essays on Cybernetics and Cognition
0387953930: Database Performance Tuning and Optimization, by Mittra
0387953957: From Holomorphic Functions to Complex Manifolds
0387953973: Logistic Regression : A Self-Learning Text
0387953981: Environmental Stats for S-PLUS : User's Manual for Version 2.0
0387954007: Family Medicine : Principles and Practice
0387954015: Origin of Concurrent Programming : From Semaphores to Remote Procedure Calls
0387954023: Neuroscience
0387954031: Neuroscience : A Mathematical Primer
0387954058: Stochastic Portfolio Theory
0387954066: Collected Papers of Goro Shimura, 1954-1965
0387954074: Sample Survey Theory
0387954090: Imperfect Bifurcation in Structures and Materials : Engineering Use of Group-Theoretic Bifurcation Theory
0387954104: Numerical Analysis in Modern Scientific Computing : An Introduction
0387954112: Structures and Energies of Poly Cyclic Hydrocarbons
0387954120: Multivariate Dispersion, Central Regions, and Depth : The Lift Zonoid Approach
0387954147: Applied Functional Data Analysis : Methods and Case Studies
0387954163: Collected Works of Goro Shimura
0387954171: Collected Papers, 1978-1988
0387954201: Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments
0387954228: Lectures on Fluid Dynamics : A Particle Theorist's View of Supersymmetric, Non-Abelian Fluid Mechanics and D-Branes
0387954236: Fundamentals of Surface Mechanics : With Applications
0387954260: Multimedia Data Hiding
0387954279: Random Perturbation Methods with Applications in Science and Engineering
0387954287: Partial Differential Equations
0387954295: Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability
0387954309: Ecoregion-Based Design for Sustainability
0387954317: Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
0387954325: Algebraic Functions and Projective Curves
0387954333: Text Mining : Methods for Analysing Unstructured Information
0387954341: Recent Advances in Algorithms and Combinatorics
0387954368: Hundred Greatest Stars
0387954376: Universe of Atoms, an Atom in the Universe
0387954406: Likelihood, Bayesian and MCMC Methods in Genetics
0387954414: Distribution-Free Theory of Nonparametric Regression
0387954422: Principal Component Analysis
0387954430: Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology
0387954449: Computational Excursions in Analysis and Number Theory
0387954457: Stochastic Petri Nets
0387954465: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387954473: Taste of Jordan Algebras
0387954481: Introduction to Smooth Manifolds
0387954503: Algebraic Topology from a Homotopical Viewpoint
0387954511: Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods
0387954546: Imaging-Guided Interventional Breast Techniques
0387954554: Fire and Climatic Change in Temperate Ecosystems of the Western Americas
0387954562: Basics of S-Plus
0387954570: Modern Applied Statistics with S
0387954597: Multiparameter Processes : An Introduction to Random Fields
0387954600: Matrices : Theory and Applications
0387954619: Deep Blue : An Artificial Intelligence Milestone
0387954627: Scientific Computing with Ordinary Differential Equations
0387954635: Dynamics in Infinite Dimensions
0387954643: Normal Forms and Unfoldings for Local Dynamical Systems
0387954651: Decision Making under Uncertainty : Energy and Power
0387954678: Fundamentals of Ocean Acoustics
0387954686: Art of Writing Reasonable Organic Reaction Mechanisms
0387954708: Block Designs Vol. II : A Randomization Approach
0387954724: Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics
0387954732: Quantum Physics : A Text for Graduate Students
0387954740: Public Health Informatics and Information Systems
0387954759: Introductory Statistics with R
0387954767: Weighted Empirical Processes in Dynamic Linear Models
0387954775: Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds
0387954783: Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
0387954791: Fundamentals of Family Medicine : The Family Medicine Clerkship Textbook
0387954805: Interfacial Instabilities
0387954813: Membrane Transport and Renal Physiology
0387954821: Level Set and Dynamic Implicit Surfaces
0387954848: Practical Analysis in One Variable
0387954864: Quantitative Methods for Conservation Biology
0387954872: Combinatorial Designs
0387954880: Geometric Level Set Methods in Imaging, Vision, and Graphics
0387954899: Elements of Computational Statistics
0387954902: Elliptic Curves
0387954910: Dynamic Control of Quality in Production-Inventory Systems : Coordination and Optimization
0387954929: Neural Control of Sleep and Waking
0387954937: Ecological Modeling for Resource Management
0387954945: High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids V
0387954961: Understanding Urban Ecosystems
0387954988: Single Facility Location Problems with Barriers
0387955003: Spall Fracture
0387955011: If the Universe Is Teeming with Aliens... Where Is Everybody? : 50 Solutions to the Fermi Paradox and the Problem of Extraterrestrial Life
0387955046: Principles of Computer Graphics : Theory and Practice Using OpenGL and Maya-«
0387955062: Resource Recovery, Confinement, and Remediation of Environmental Hazards
0387955070: Lung Cancer
0387955089: Pathological Protein : The Emerging Danger of Prion Diseases
0387955100: Essential Practice of Surgery
0387955119: Atlas of Virtual Colonoscopy
0387955127: Design and Construction of Large Optical Telescopes
0387955135: Mathematics of Juggling
0387955143: Geriatric Medicine : An Evidence-Based Approach
0387955151: Optimal Design of Blocked and Split-Plot Experiments
0387955178: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387955186: Geometry, Mechanics, and Dynamics
0387955194: Functional Analysis in Mechanics
0387955208: Asymptotic Cones and Functions in Optimization and Variational Inequalities
0387955216: Fractals in Multimedia
0387955224: Information Retrieval : A Health and Biomedical Perspective
0387955232: Mathematical Methods Using Mathematica
0387955240: Concert Halls and Opera Houses : Music, Acoustics, and Architecture
0387955259: Levels of Perception
0387955267: From Computer to Brain : Foundations of Computational Neuroscience
0387955275: Sensory Processing in Aquatic Environments
0387955283: From Computer to Brain : Foundations of Computational Neuroscience
0387955291: Pell's Equation
0387955305: Principles of Airway Management
0387955313: Nonparametric Goodness-Of-Fit Testing Under Gaussian Models
0387955321: High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids VI
0387955348: Unification and Supersymmetry : The Frontiers of Quark-Lepton Physics
0387955356: Nonholonomic Mechanics and Control
0387955364: Neural Control of Sleep and Waking
0387955372: Bayesian Nonparametrics
0387955380: Clinical Information Systems : A Component-Based Approach
0387955399: Tumor Ablation : Principles and Practice
0387955402: Articular Cartilage Lesions
0387955410: Introduction to the Theory of Point Processes Vol. I : Elementary Theory and Methods
0387955429: In Quest of Tomorrow's Medicines
0387955437: Smooth Manifolds and Observables
0387955445: Algorithm Design for Networked Information Technology Systems
0387955453: Spectral Interpretation of Decision Diagrams
0387955461: Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy III
0387955488: Hankel Operators and Their Applications
0387955496: Modeling Financial Time Series with S-Plus
0387955518: Kinetic Theory : Classical, Quantum, and Relativistic Descriptions
0387955526: Counting and Configurations : Problems in Classical Combinatorics and Combinatorial Geometry
0387955534: Functional Tissue Engineering
0387955542: Physics of Fractal Operators
0387955550: Craft of Scientific Presentations : Critical Steps to Succeed and Critical Errors to Avoid
0387955569: Unified Methods for Censored Longitudinal Data and Causality
0387955585: Explosive Effects and Applications
0387955593: Surgical Pathology Dissection : An Illustrated Guide
0387955623: Numerical Geometry of Images
0387955631: Survey of Text Mining
0387955658: Neurology Study Guide : Oral Board Examination Review
0387955666: Once upon a Universe
0387955682: Applied Evolutionary Algorithms in Java, by Ghanea-Hercock
0387955690: Super-Recursive Algorithms
0387955720: Differentiable Optimization and Equation Solving : A Treatise on Algorithmic Science and the Karmarkar Revolution
0387955747: Activepi Companion Textbook
0387955763: Quantum Mechanics
0387955771: Analysis of Gene Expression Data
0387955801: Finite-Dimensional Variational Inequalities and Complementarity Problems I
0387955828: Stochastic Modeling and Optimization : With Applications in Queues, Finance, and Supply Chains
0387955836: Cochlear Implants : Principles and Practice
0387955844: Discrete Mathematics
0387955852: Discrete Mathematics
0387955860: Classical Mechanics : Point Particles and Relativity
0387955879: Elements of Number Theory
0387955887: Reeder and Felson's Gamuts in Radiology : Comprehensive Lists of Roentgen Differential Diagnosis
0387955895: Operative Dictations in General and Vascular Surgery : Operative Dictations Made Simple
0387955909: Solid State Lasers : A Graduate Text
0387955925: Biochemistry and Physiology of Anaerobic Bacteria
0387955933: Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems
0387955941: Medical Data Management : A Practical Guide
0387960023: Variational Inequalities & Flow of Porou
0387960031: Collected Papers: Statistical Inference and Probability, 1951-1984
0387960074: Molecular Basis of Sex and Differentiation
0387960082: Cognitive Development in Atypical Children : Progress in Cognitive Development Research
0387960090: United States Arctic Interests. The 1980s and 1990s
0387960104: Pediatric Infectious Diseases for the Practitioner (Comprehensive Manuals in Pediatrics)
0387960112: Dermatopathology
0387960120: Carbonate Petroleum Reservoirs
0387960139: Ibn-Al-Haytham's Composition of the Conics
0387960155: Linear Algebra
0387960171: P-Adic Numbers, P-Adic Analysis and Zeta Functions
0387960198: Residue Reviews: Effect and Persistence of Selected Carbamate Pesticides in Soil
0387960201: Estimation of Victimization Prevalence Using Data from the Crime Survey (Lecture Notes in Statistics, Vol 23)
0387960244: Compatible and Incompatible Relationships (Springer Series in Social Psychology)
0387960252: Nutritional Intervention in the Aging Process
0387960260: Cerebrovascular Surgery
0387960279: Advances in Soil Science, Volume 1;
0387960287: Cardiovascular Anesthesia
0387960295: Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms
0387960309: The Mathematics of Sonya Kovalevskaya
0387960325: Geology of the Atlantic Ocean Maps & Boo
0387960341: Organic Chemicals in Natural Waters: Applied Monitoring and Impact Assessment
0387960368: Instantons and Four-Manifolds
0387960376: Compressible Fluid Flow and Systems of Conservation Laws in Several Space Variables
0387960414: Cerebrovascular Surgery Volume 3
0387960422: A Course in Functional Analysis 1e 1985
0387960430: Total-Condylar Knee Arthroplasty: Techniques, Results and Complications
0387960449: Pathology of the Eye
0387960457: Manual of Aesthetic Surgery (Comprehensive Manuals of Surgical Specialties)
0387960465: Linear Turning Point Theory
0387960473: Operational Calculus
0387960481: PASCAL, User Manual and Report
0387960503: Pesticides & Human Health
0387960511: Modula-2 for Pascal Programmers
0387960538: Cohort Analysis in Social Research: Beyond the Identification Problem (Asi Series. Series F)
0387960554: Infinitely Divisible Statistical Experiments (Lecture Notes in Statistics, Vo. 27)
0387960570: Aging 2000: Our Health Care Destiny : Biomedical Issues
0387960589: Intermediate Calculus
0387960597: Methods for Solving Incorrectly Posed Problems
0387960619: Stochastic Processes in Engineering Systems
0387960643: Basic Processes In Memory Development: Progress In Cognitive Development Research
0387960651: Learning Disabilities and Brain Function
0387960678: Probability & Statistics Volume 1
0387960686: Maximum Principles in Differential Equations
0387960694: Interacting Particle Systems
0387960732: Pediatric and Adolescent Obstetrics and Gynecology (Clinical Perspectives in...
0387960740: Matrix Groups, 2nd Edition
0387960767: Cognitive Learning And Memory In Children: Progress In Cognitive Development Research
0387960775: Metamorphic Reactions: Kinetics, Textures and Deformation (Advances in Physical Geochemistry, Vol 4)
0387960783: I Want to Be a Mathematician: An Automathography
0387960791: Seminar on Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
0387960805: Integral Transforms and their Applications
0387960813: Hla and Disease Associations
0387960821: Finite Reflection Groups
0387960856: Complex Analysis
0387960864: Riemann-Roch Algebra
0387960872: Laboratory Procedures in Clinical Microbiology/Second Edition
0387960880: Recent Advances in Aeroacoustics
0387960902: Language and Social Situations (Springer Series in Social Psychology)
0387960929: Neurobiology of Motivation & Reward
0387960937: Nuclear Winter
0387960945: Arithmetic Functions and Integer Products
0387960953: Current Topics in Medical Mycology (Current Topics in Medical Mycology) by...
0387960961: Psychology of Childhood Illness
0387960988: Statistical Decision Theory and Bayesian Analysis
0387960996: The Carnegie-Mellon Curriculum for Undergraduate Computer Science.
0387961003: Advances in Probability Theory: Limit Theorems for Sums of Random Variables
0387961011: Steklov Seminar, 1984 : Statistics and Control of Stochastic Processes
0387961046: Computer-Assisted Medical Decision Making (Computers and Medicine)
0387961054: Isospecific Polymerization of Olefins with Heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta Catalysts (Polymers Properties and Applications, Volume 9)
0387961070: The Mathematical Theory of Turbulence
0387961100: Ramanujan's Notebooks, Part 1
0387961119: A Celebration of Statistics: the Isi Centenary Volume
0387961135: Differential Manifolds
0387961151: Toposes, Triples and Theories
0387961178: Stress and women physicians
0387961186: Human Motivation
0387961194: Introduction to Variance Estimation
0387961208: The Attribution of Blame: Causality, Responsibility, and Blameworthiness
0387961216: Vertex Operators in Mathematics and Physics: Proceedings of a Conference November 10-17, 1983 (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Pub, Vol 3)
0387961224: Psychological Aspects of Early Breast Cancer
0387961232: Guide to Prosthetic Cardiac Valves
0387961240: Geometry of Quantum Theory
0387961259: Data a Collection of Problems From Man
0387961283: Group Invariance in Engineering Boundary Value Problems
0387961291: Math! Encounters with High School Students
0387961305: Residue Reviews: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387961313: Computational Geometry : An Introduction
0387961321: The Astronomy of Levi ben Gerson (1288-1344). A Critical Edition of Chapters 1-20 with Translation and Commentary.
0387961348: Sequential Analysis
0387961356: Geochemistry of Marine Humic Compounds;
0387961364: Computer-Assisted Medical Decision Making (Computers and Medicine)
0387961372: Selected Papers
0387961380: The Development of Social Cognition
0387961402: Diagnostic Imaging in Ophthalmology
0387961410: Parameter Estimationand Hypothesis Testing in Spectral Analysis of Stationary Time Series
0387961445: Probability and Statistical Inference Vol. 1 : Probability
0387961453: New Directions in Two-Year College Mathematics: Proceedings of the Sloan Foundation Conference on Two-Year College Mathematics, Held July 11-14 at M
0387961461: Error-Free Polynomial Matrix Computations
0387961488: Manual of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
0387961518: Resources And Society A Systems Ecology Study Of The Island Of Gotland, Sweden
0387961526: Development Of Word Meaning
0387961534: Bacterial Metabolism
0387961550: Applied Mathematical Demography: with 74 illustrations
0387961569: Heat Conduction within Linear Thermoelasticity. Springer Tracts in Natural Philosophy, Volume 30
0387961577: The Aging Body: Physiological Changes and Psychological Consequences
0387961585: Trace Elements in the Terrestrial Environment
0387961607: Neural Transplantation and Regeneration (Proceedings in Life Sciences)
0387961615: Molecular Biology of DNA Methylation
0387961623: Modern Geometry. Methods and Applications : Part 2: The Geometry and Topology of Manifolds (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387961631: Children's Peer Relations: Issues in Assessment and Intervention
0387961658: Residue Reviews
0387961666: Applied Abstract Algebra
0387961712: Problem-Solving Through Problems
0387961739: Human Chromosomes: Structure, Behavior, Effects
0387961747: Equilibrium Capillary Surfaces
0387961755: Human T Lymphocytes
0387961763: Leukocyte Typing II: Volume 2: Human B Lymphocytes: Boston, September 17-20, 1984
0387961771: Human Myeloid and Hematopoietic Cells
0387961798: Algebraic Logic
0387961801: Heredity and Visual Development (Cell and Developmental Biology of the Eye)
0387961828: Ada in Practice
0387961836: Probability and Statistical Inference Vol. 2 : Statistical Inference
0387961852: Analytical and Chromatographic Techniques in Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry
0387961860: Modern Concepts & Theorems of Mathematic
0387961887: Complex Manifolds And Deformation Of Complex Structures
0387961909: Clinical Information Systems
0387961917: Theoretical Approaches to Turbulence : (Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol 58)
0387961925: Introduction to Safety Science
0387961933: Manual of Gynecologic Surgery
0387961941: Residue Reviews: Residues of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in the Total Environment (Residue Reviews)
0387961976: Stochastic Models of Air Pollutant Conce
0387961984: SL 2 (IR)
0387961992: Frontiers in Biomechanics
0387962018: First Course in Calculus
0387962026: Tissue Nutrition and Viability
0387962034: Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves
0387962050: Introduction to Linear Algebra
0387962077: Student's Guide to Calculus By J. Marsden and A. Weinstein, Volume 1
0387962085: Head Injuries in the Newborn and Infant (Principles of Pediatric Neurosurgery S.)
0387962115: The Changing Carbon Cycle: A Global Analysis
0387962123: Extensions and Absolutes of Hausdorff Spaces
0387962131: Probability and Statistics
0387962158: Papers on Fuchsian Functions
0387962166: Infinite Dimensional Groups With Applications
0387962220: Changing Conceptions of Leadership
0387962239: Changing Conceptions of Conspiracy (Springer Series in Social Psychology)
0387962255: Guide to Ultrasound Examination of the Abdomen
0387962263: Analysis of a Finite Element Method
0387962298: Averaging Methods in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (Applied Mathematical Sciences, Volume 59)
0387962301: Friendship and Social Interaction (Springer Series in Social Psychology)
0387962336: Structure, Function and Genetics of Ribosomes (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics Ser.)
0387962344: Student's Guide to Calculus by J. Marsden and A. Weinstein
0387962352: Fairness.
0387962379: The Trichomycetes: Fungal Associates of Arthropods
0387962387: Perspectives on Methodology in Consumer Research
0387962395: Differential and Difference Equations Through Computer Experiments
0387962409: Lie Groups and Algebras With Applications to Physics, Geometry, and Mechanics (Applied Mathematical Sciences)
0387962417: Nordic Seas
0387962425: A Guide to Modula-2 (Texts and Monographs in Computer Science)
0387962441: Fluid-Rock Interactions During Metamorphism (Advances in Physical Geochemistry, Vol 5)
0387962468: Social Psychology
0387962476: Advances in Soil Science (Advances in Soil Science)
0387962484: Atlas of Fetal Sectional Anatomy
0387962506: Applications of Lie Groups to Differential Equations (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387962530: Communications and Networks: A Survey of Recent Advances
0387962549: Disquisitiones Arithmeticae
0387962557: Linear Statistical Inference
0387962573: Pappus of Alexandria : Book 7 of the Collection : Part 2, Commentary, Index, and Figures
0387962603: Insect-Plant Interactions
0387962611: The Me I Know: A Study of Adult Identity
0387962638: Series of Irregular Observations : Forecasting and Model Building (Applied Probability)
0387962646: Development of Order in the Visual System (Cell and Developmental Biology of the Eye)
0387962654: Growth and Development: Ecosystems Phenomenology
0387962662: Course in Mathematical Physics
0387962670: Biotechnology and Ecology of Pollen: Proceedings of the International Conference on the Biotechnology and Ecology of Pollen, 9-11 July 1985 U of Mass
0387962689: Correlation theory of stationary and related random functions
0387962697: Principal Component Analysis
0387962719: A Pictorial Approach to Molecular Bonding
0387962743: Aspects of Calculus
0387962751: Surgery of the Hip Joint: Volume 2
0387962794: Ventricular/Vascular Coupling Clinical, Physiological, and Engineering Aspects
0387962808: Invisible Universe - Revealed
0387962816: Numerical and Physical Aspects of Aerodynamic Flows III
0387962824: H.A. Kramers: Between Tradition and Revolution
0387962859: Unification and Supersymmetry: The Frontiers of Quark-Lepton Physics Series: Contemporary Physics
0387962875: Chemistry and Physics of Terrestrial Planets
0387962883: Metric Methods for Analyzing Partially Ranked Data
0387962905: Acid Deposition and the Acidification of Soils and Waters
0387962921: Protein Compartmentalization (Springer Series in Molecular Biology)
0387962948: Residue Reviews: Residues of Pesticides and Other Contaminants in the Total Environment
0387962980: Understanding and Controlling Crime
0387962999: Consistency in Personality: A Methodological Framework (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387963006: Stable Fixation of the Hand and Wrist
0387963014: Urban Family Medicine
0387963022: Higher Calculus
0387963049: Renal Physiology: Principles, Structure, and Function (Second Edition)
0387963065: Homogenization and Effective Moduli of Materials and Media (The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications Series, Vol. 1)
0387963073: Asymptotic Methods in Statistical Decision Theory (Springer Series in Statistics)
0387963081: Aesthetic and Reconstructive Otoplasty
0387963111: Arithmetic Geometry
0387963138: Graphical Exploratory Data Analysis
0387963154: Medical Thinking: The Psychology of Medical Judgment and Decision Making
0387963162: Characterization Problems Associated Wit
0387963170: Research in Soviet Social Psychology.
0387963189: Episodes in the Mathematics of Medieval Islam
0387963197: Introduction to Probability
0387963219: Advances in Soil Science (Vol. 5)
0387963227: Concepts in Viral Pathogenesis II
0387963235: Human System Responses to Disaster
0387963243: Algebraic Approaches to Program Semantics
0387963251: Social Psychology and Dysfunctional Behavior: Origins, Diagnosis, and Treatment
0387963278: Modern Techniques in High Resolution Ft-Nmr
0387963294: Modulation of Central and Peripheral Transmitter Function (Fidia Research Series, Vol 3)
0387963308: Basic and Advanced in Vitreous Surgery (Fidia Research series Vol. 2)
0387963324: Pharmacology (Oklahoma Notes) by Carney, John M.; Moore, J. I.
0387963332: Behavioral Sciences
0387963340: Embryology (Oklahoma notes)
0387963359: Neuroanatomy
0387963367: Microbiology and Immunology (Oklahoma Notes) Paperback by Hyde, R. M.; Hyde
0387963375: Oklahoma Notes: Gross Anatomy.
0387963383: Pathology (Oklahoma Notes)
0387963391: Histology
0387963413: Biochemistry (Oklahoma Notes)
0387963421: Fjords: Processes and Products
0387963448: Communication and Persuasion Central and Peripheral Routes to Attitude Change
0387963456: Lectures on Viscoelasticity Theory (Applied Mathematical Sciences) Paperback...
0387963472: Constructive Combinatorics (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics) by
0387963480: Student's Guide to Calculus
0387963499: Evolution of Insect Life Cycles
0387963502: Sand and Sandstone
0387963510: Theories of Group Behavior (Springer Series in Social Psychology)
0387963561: An Invitation to Von Neumann Algebras
0387963596: An Asymptotic Theory for Empirical Reliability and Concentration Processes (Lecture Notes in Statistics, Vol 33)
0387963618: Medicine
0387963626: Use and Impact of Computers in Clinical Medicine (Computers and Medicine)
0387963642: Counting for Something
0387963685: An Outline of Set Theory (Problem Books in Mathematics)
0387963693: Adolescence
0387963715: Elliptic Curves (Graduate Texts in Math, Vol 111)
0387963723: The Family in Medical Practice: A Family Systems Primer
0387963731: Sensory Biology of Aquatic Animals
0387963758: Algebraic Number Theory
0387963766: Vistas in Applied Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, Atmospheric Sciences, Immunology
0387963804: Adaptive Signal Processing: Theory and Applications (Texts and Monographs in Computer Science)
0387963812: The Physician As Manager
0387963820: On Knowledge Base Management Systems: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies
0387963839: Collected Papers: Supplementary Volume
0387963847: Stabilization of Control Systems (Vol. 20) (Applications of Mathematics Ser.)
0387963855: Evaluation and Installation of Surgical Laser Systems
0387963871: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics : Springer Study Edition
0387963898: Game Theoretical Control Problems
0387963928: Art of C Programming
0387963936: Artherogenesis and Aging
0387963952: Bieberbach Groups & Flat Manifolds
0387963960: Variational Methods for Free Surface Interfaces
0387963979: Amazonian Rain Forests: Ecosystem Disturbance and Recovery: Case Studies of Ecosystem Dynamics Under a Spectrum of Land Use-Intensities Ecological Studies, Vol. 60
0387963987: The Illusion of Reality
0387964002: The Complex Variable Boundary Element Method in Engineering Analysis
0387964010: Oscillation Theory, Computation, and Methods of Compensated Compactness
0387964037: The Geometrical Work of Girard Desargues
0387964045: Undergraduate Algebra (Texts and Monographs in Computer Science)
0387964053: Calculus of Several Variables
0387964061: Time Series: Theory and Methods (Springer Series in Statistics)
0387964088: Pediatric Neurosurgery: Theory and Art of Surgical Techniques
0387964126: Linear Algebra
0387964134: Combinatorial Enumeration of Groups, Graphs, and Chemical Compounds
0387964142: Merging of Disciplines
0387964150: Manual of Sports Surgery
0387964169: Papers on Group Theory and Topology
0387964177: Coding Microbiological Data for Computers
0387964185: The Polyol Paradigm and Complications of Diabetes
0387964193: Advances in Order Restricted Statistical Inference: Proceedings... Iowa City, 1985
0387964207: Introduction to Statistical Inference
0387964231: Oncogenes: An Introduction to the Concept of Cancer Genes
0387964266: A Topological Picturebook
0387964274: Imagery and Related Mnemonic Processes: Theories, Individual Differences, and Applications
0387964282: Survey Research Designs: Towards a Better Understanding of Their Costs and Benefits. Lecture Notes in Statistics, Volume 38
0387964304: Studies of Vortex Dominated Flows: Flows Proceedings of the Symposium on Vortex Dominated Flows Held July 9-11, 1985, at Nasa Langley Research Center
0387964312: Fuzzy Set Analysis for Behavioral and Social Sciences
0387964320: Advances in Soil Science (Advances in Soil Science)
0387964339: Boundary Crossing of Brownian Motion
0387964355: Relativistic Electrodynamics and Differential Geometry
0387964371: Detection of Changes in Random Processes
0387964398: Pediatric Imaging for the Technologist
0387964401: The World of Programming Languages (Springer Notes on Professional Computing)
0387964428: Philosophy of Psychology
0387964436: Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
0387964444: Frontiers of Motivational Psychology: Essays in Honor of John W. Atkinson
0387964460: Environmental Decisionmaking in a Transb
0387964479: Introduction to Complex Hyperbolic Spaces
0387964487: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
0387964495: Optimal Unbiased Estimation of Variance Components
0387964509: Fertility Regulation and the Public Health: Selected Papers of Christopher Tietze
0387964517: Clinical Light Damage to the Eye
0387964525: Blaustein's Pathology of the Female Genital Tract
0387964533: The Psychology of Illustration: Instructional Issues
0387964541: Neural Mechanisms and Cardiovascular Disease (Fidia Research Series, Vol 5)
0387964584: A History of Non-Euclidean Geometry: Evolution of the Concept of a Geometric Space
0387964592: Clinical Atlas of Peripheral Retinal Disorders
0387964606: Introduction to Probability
0387964622: Metastability and Incompletely Posed Problems (IMA Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications Ser., Vol. 3)
0387964630: Dynamical Problems in Continuum Physics (IMA Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications Ser., Vol. 4)
0387964665: Topological and Uniform Spaces (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics )
0387964673: Guide to Simulation
0387964681: Taming the Tiger. Software Engineering and Software Economics
0387964703: I Want to Be a Mathematician: an Autobiography in Three Parts
0387964711: Group Representations, Ergodic Theory, Operator Algebras, and Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of a Conference in Honor of George W. Mackey (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications)
0387964746: From Children to Citizens: The Mandate for Juvenile Justice (From children to citizens)
0387964754: Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: Atmospheric Dynamics, Dynamo Theory and Climate Dynamics (Applied Mathematical Sciences)
0387964762: Quantum Physics
0387964770: Quantum Physics
0387964789: Composite Materials
0387964797: International Mathematical Congresses: An Illustrated History, 1893-1986
0387964800: Science of Programming
0387964827: Agriculture's Futures : America's Food System
0387964835: Social Contexts of Criminal Sentencing
0387964851: Social Change and Personality - Essays in Honor of Nevitt Sanford.
0387964894: UNIX System Guidebook
0387964916: Pulmonary Pathology
0387964924: Techniques for Computer Graphics
0387964940: Ultrasound Mammography: Methods, Results, Diagnostic Strategies
0387964967: Computer Games
0387964983: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387964991: Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Its Applications
0387965017: Statistical Thermodynamics of Nonequilibrium Processes.
0387965041: The Simulator Gpss-Fortran Version 3
0387965068: Advances in nd: Yag Laser Surgery
0387965084: Elliptic Functions
0387965092: The Organization of Perception and Action: A Theory for Language and Other Cognitive Skills (Cognitive Science Series)
0387965106: Eating Characteristics and Temperament: General Measures and Interrela
0387965114: Erogonomics and Human Factors. Recent Research
0387965130: Asymptotic Methods for Relaxation Oscill
0387965149: Palm Probabilities and Stationary Queues. Lecture Notes in Statistics 41
0387965157: Comparative Physiology: Life in Water and on Land (Fidia Research Series, Vol 9)
0387965165: Power Series From a Computational Point
0387965203: Cell To Cell Mapping
0387965211: Nearly Normal Galaxies
0387965246: Random Media
0387965262: Cosmology, Physics and Philosophy
0387965270: Workstations & Publication Systems
0387965289: Condensed Matter Physics: The Theodore D. Holstein Symposium
0387965297: Elements of Detection and Signal Design (Springer Texts in Electrical Engineering)
0387965319: Long-Term Retention of Knowledge and Skills
0387965327: Projective Geometry
0387965335: Social Processes in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
0387965343: Gifted Child In Peer Group Perspective
0387965351: Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus
0387965378: Percolation Theory & Ergodic Theory Of
0387965394: Brains, Machines, and Mathematics. 2nd. Edition.
0387965416: Kepler's Physical Astronomy
0387965424: Applied Multivariate Analysis
0387965432: Current Topics in Medical Mycology
0387965440: A Computer Science Reader: Selections from Abacus
0387965459: Alcoholism
0387965467: Theory and Applications of Liquid Crystals
0387965475: Forest Hydrology and Ecology at Coweeta
0387965483: Anti-Idiotypes, Receptors, and Molecular Mimicry
0387965505: Boundary Value Problems of Finite Elasticity
0387965556: Protein Purification: Principles and Practice (Springer Advanced Texts in Chemistry)
0387965564: Amorphous Polymers and Non-Newtonian Fluids
0387965572: Knowledge Frontier
0387965580: Processing of Environmental Information in Vertebrates
0387965599: Cellular and Molecular Bases of Biological Clocks: Models and Mechanisms for Circadian Timekeeping
0387965629: Expression of Attitude (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387965645: Duplex Sonography
0387965688: A Budget of Trisections.
0387965696: Complex Semisimple Lie Algebras
0387965718: Controversial Issues In Social Research Methods
0387965726: Cognition and Sentence Production: a Cross-Linguistic Study
0387965734: The Book of Prime Number Records
0387965750: Galactic and Extragalactic Radio Astronomy (Astronomy and Astrophysics Library). Second Edition
0387965769: A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography
0387965777: Mental Retardation and Mental Health: Classification, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Services (Disorders of Human Learning, Behavior, and Communication)
0387965785: Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms
0387965793: Skill Acquisition Rates and Patterns: Issues and Training Implications
0387965807: Family Medicine
0387965815: Sociobiological Perspectives on Human Development
0387965823: Recent Advances and Future Directions in Bone Marrow Transplantation: Proceedings (Experimental Hematology Today, 1987)
0387965831: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Continuation of Residue Reviews)
0387965866: Psychosocial Scenarios for Pediatrics
0387965874: Fetal Islet Transplantation - Implications for Diabetes
0387965882: Self, Ego, and Identity; Integrative Approaches
0387965904: Stopped Random Walks: Limit Theorems and Applications
0387965912: Social Development
0387965947: Wave Motion
0387965955: Cognitive Science in Europe: A Report from the Fast Program of the Commission of the European Communities. Recent Research in Psychology
0387965963: Predicting Recidivism Using Survival Models (Research in Criminology)
0387965971: Solution of Variational Inequalities in Mechanics
0387966005: Complexity in Information Theory
0387966013: Amaurosis Fugax
0387966021: Principles in General Pharmacology
0387966056: Neuropsychological Studies of Nonfocal Brain Damage
0387966064: Contemporary Reviews in Neuropsychology
0387966080: Science of Fractal Images
0387966099: Computer Games II
0387966102: Finite Elements: Theory and Application: Proceedings of the Icase Finite Element Theory and Application Workshop Held July 28-30, 1986, in Hampton V (Icase/Nasa Larc Series)
0387966110: New Perspectives in Basin Analysis
0387966145: Mathematics of Nonlinear Programming
0387966153: A Commentary on Thermodynamics
0387966161: Learning Issues for Intelligent Tutoring Systems
0387966188: Essays in Group Theory (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications)
0387966196: Microvascular and Neurological Complications of Diabetes (Fidia Research Series, Vol 10)
0387966218: Open Problems in Communication and Computation
0387966226: Controversies in Diabetes and Pregnancy (Endocrinology and Metabolism, Vol 2)
0387966250: Methods of Assessing the Reinforcing Pro
0387966269: Differential Geometry-Manifolds, Curves and Surfaces
0387966277: Prescriptions For Working Statisticians
0387966293: Algorithms for Games
0387966307: Immunological Techniques in Insect Biology (Springer Series in Experimental Entomology)
0387966315: Unusual Dna Structures
0387966323: Microsurgical Reconstruction of the Extremities: Indications, Technique, and...
0387966331: Measure and Integral
0387966358: Theory of Pseudo Rigid Bodies
0387966366: Neuroendocrine Perspectives (Neuroendocrine Perspectives)
0387966374: The Boltzmann Equation and Its Applications
0387966390: Nursing Informatics
0387966404: A Course in Constructive Algebra (Universitext)
0387966412: Stochastic Differential Systems Stochast
0387966420: The Psychology of the Dentist-Patient Relationship (Contributions to Psychology and Medicine)
0387966455: Autoimmunity & the Pathogenesis of Diabetes (Endocrinology & Metabolism Ser.)
0387966463: Mycoplasma Diseases of Crops: Basic and Applied Aspects
0387966471: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387966498: Geometrical Methods in the Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften)
0387966501: Prison Crowding
0387966528: Singularities and Groups in Bifurcation Theory: Volume 2
0387966536: Numerical Simulation in Oil Recovery : (The Ima Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications, Vol 11)
0387966544: Geometry : A High School Course
0387966560: Approaches To Modeling of Friction & Wea
0387966587: Electrooptical Arrays
0387966595: State Space and Input-Output Linear Systems
0387966609: Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair
0387966617: Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics, IV
0387966625: Statistical Decision Theory and Related Topics, IV, Volume 2
0387966641: Globel Analysis on Foliated Spaces. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications, Volume 9
0387966668: Introduction to the Theory of Point Processes (Springer Series in Statistics)
0387966676: Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation (Springer Texts in Electrical Engineering)
0387966684: Ecological Studies in the Middle Reach of Chesapeake Bay (Lecture Notes on Coastal and Estuarine Studies)
0387966714: Cyclotomic Fields I-II, 2nd Edition
0387966722: Introduction to Communication Theory and Systems
0387966730: Mechanisms of Woody Plant Defenses Against Insects : Search for Pattern
0387966749: The Psychology of Politics
0387966757: Groups and Symmetry
0387966765: Second Course in Ordinary Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers (Universitext)
0387966781: An Introduction to Algebraic Topology
0387966803: Signal Detection in Non-Gaussian Noise
0387966811: Neuropsychology Casebook
0387966838: Astrophysical Concepts
0387966846: Complex Interactions in Lake Communities
0387966854: The Mathematical Theory of Turbulencec
0387966862: CONCEPTS OF ECOSYSTEM ECOLOGY. A Comparative View. Volume 67 in Ecological Studies Series.
0387966870: Management of Prader Willi Syndrome
0387966889: Construction of Arithmetical Meanings and Strategies
0387966897: Practical Numerical Algorithms for Chaotic Systems
0387966900: Implementing Health Care Information Systems (Computers and Medicine)
0387966919: Natural Language Generation Systems.
0387966927: Linguistic Analysis of Aphasic Language (Springer Series in Neuropsychology)
0387966935: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Vol. 103)
0387966943: Chromatin (Springer Series in Molecular Biology)
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