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0387967036: Critical Essays on Language Use and Psychology
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0387967656: Japanese Supercomputing
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0387967699: New Directions in Affective Disorders
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0387967729: Nonlinear Diffusion Equations and Their Equilibrium States II
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0387967877: Basic Mathematics
0387967885: Analysis Now
0387967893: Structural Plasticity: Theory, Problems, and CAE Software/Book and Disk
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0387967915: Studies in Nonlinear Aeroelasticity
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0387968938: Dynamic Interactions in Neural Networks. Models and Data
0387968962: Computers in Art, Design and Animation
0387968989: Learning Discrete Mathematics With ISETL
0387968997: Probability Approximations Via the Poisson Clumping Heuristic
0387969012: Transformation in Clinical and Developmental Psychology
0387969020: Reviews of Environmental Contamination &
0387969039: Trichomonads Parasitic in Humans
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0387969071: The Professional Practice of Environmental Management
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0387969136: Exceptional Children : Integrating Research and Teaching
0387969144: The Evolving Role of Statistical Assessments as Evidence in the Courts - Hardcover
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0387969179: Attribution
0387969187: Differential and Difference Equations Through Computer Experiments
0387969217: Wave Phenomena: Theoretical, Computational, and Practical Aspects
0387969225: Course in Modern Geometries
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0387969519: Array Signal Processing
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0387969535: Race to the Stratosphere
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0387969810: Mathematics and Its History
0387969829: Molecular Biology of Chromosome Function
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0387970037: Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos
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0387970320: Using Msc/Nastran
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0387970460: Applications of Combinatorics and Graph Theory to the Biological and Social Sciences
0387970479: Studies in the Economics of Uncertainty in Honor of Josef Hadar
0387970517: Selective Incapacitation and the Serious Offender: A Longitudinal Study of Criminal Career Patterns
0387970525: Interactions Among Aptitudes, Strategies, and Knowledge in Cognitive Performance
0387970533: Biophysical Chemistry
0387970541: Spinal Fusion
0387970568: Family-Oriented Primary Care
0387970576: Deterrence and Juvenile Crime: Results from a National Policy Experiment by.
0387970584: Diterpenes of Flowering Plants Composita
0387970614: Origins of Programming. Discourses on methodology
0387970622: Multivariate Normal Distribution
0387970630: Preventing Disease : Beyond the Rhetoric
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0387970673: Atlas of Surgical Management of Anorectal Malformations
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0387970703: Gravitational Lenses
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0387970819: Developments in Crime & Crime Control
0387970827: Technology & Power
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0387970940: Nmr
0387970959: Social-Psychological Perspective on Food-Related Behavior
0387970967: Perspectives on Nonviolence
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0387970991: Radiological Diagnosis of Chest Diseases
0387971017: Right Hemisphere and Verbal Communication
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0387971041: Mathematical Problems from Combustion Theory
0387971084: Lasers and Optical Engineering
0387971092: Astrophysical Data : Planets and Stars
0387971114: Acidic Precipitation
0387971122: Psychoneuroendocrinology Brain Behavior
0387971130: Procedures in Gastrointestinal Radiology
0387971173: Opportunities and Constraints of Parallel Computing
0387971181: Algorithms for Discrete Fourier Transform and Convolution
0387971203: Constitutive Equations of Nonlinear Electro-magnetic Crystals
0387971238: Dictionary of Neuropsychology
0387971246: Biomechanics
0387971254: Foundations of Laboratory Safety
0387971262: Advances in Soil Science: Soil Degradation (Advances in Soil Science)
0387971270: Modular Functions and Dirichlet Series in Number Theory
0387971289: Lithium & Cell Physiology
0387971297: Cognitive and Behavioral Performance Factors in Atypical Aging
0387971300: Pathobiology of the Human Atherosclerotic Plaque
0387971327: Introduction to Analysis of the Infinite: Book II
0387971335: The Ada Generic Library: Linear List Processing Packages. (Springer Compass International series).
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0387971386: Probability for Applications (Springer Texts in Statistics)
0387971394: Mathematics in Industrial Problems, Part 2 (Institute for Mathematics and Its...
0387971408: Bruce. B. Levin,
0387971416: Dynamics and Bifurcations
0387971424: Anti-Idiotypic Vaccines
0387971459: The Sun Technology Papers (Sun Technical Reference Library)
0387971467: Ecobehavioral Analysis and Developmental Disabilities: The Twenty First Century (Disorders of Human Learning, Behavior, and Communication)
0387971475: Nerve Block for Common Pain
0387971483: Pascal for Science
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0387971513: Introduction to Calculus and Analysis
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0387971602: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387971610: Vectored Propulsion, Supermaneuverability and Robot Aircraft
0387971637: Advances in Fluid Dynamics
0387971645: Choosing Your Practice
0387971653: Zero-Variable Theories and the Psychology of the Explainer
0387971661: Endocrine Pathology
0387971688: Pathology of the Human Embryo and Previable Fetus: An Atlas
0387971696: Landscape Ecology (Environmental Management Ser.)
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0387971750: Poleward Flows Along Eastern Ocean Boundaries (Coastal and Estuarine Studies)
0387971769: Horns, Pronghorns, and Antlers: Evolution, Morphology, Physiology, and Social Significance
0387971777: The Quantum Hall Effect (Graduate Texts in Contemporary Physics)
0387971785: Econometrics: Statistical Foundations and Applicatiions
0387971793: Describing & Recognizing 3D Objects Usin
0387971807: Joseph Liouville, 1809-1882: Master of Pure and Applied Mathematics
0387971815: The History of Ptolemy's Star Catalogue
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0387971858: Fundamentals of Electrocardiography
0387971866: Sequences: Combinatorics, Compression, Security and Transmission
0387971882: Peripheral Neuropathies 1988: What Is Significantly New? (Fidia Research Series, Vol 21)
0387971904: Dextrous Robot Hands
0387971920: Communicating Therapeutic Risks (Recent Research in Psychology Applied Behavioral Science)
0387971955: Theory of Complex Functions
0387971963: Advances in Cryptology - Cryto '88
0387971971: Infant Previewing: Predicting and Sharing Interpersonal Outcome
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0387972056: Mechanisms of Forest Response to Acidic Deposition
0387972064: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387972072: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: Continuation of Residue Reviews
0387972080: Maximum-Likelihood Deconvolution: A Journey into Model-Based Signal Processing
0387972102: Crystallographic and Modeling Methods in Molecular Design
0387972110: Regression Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications
0387972129: Introduction to Optimization of Structures
0387972137: Legal Socialization: A Study of Norms and Rules
0387972145: Current Perinatology Volume II
0387972153: Signal Processing
0387972161: Apollonius : Conics Books Five to Seven: The Arabic Translation of the Lost Greek Original in the Version of the Banu Musa
0387972218: Recent Advances in Schizophrenia
0387972234: A Statistical Model : Frederick Mosteller's Contributions to Statistics, Science, and Public Policy
0387972242: Emerging Electromagnetic Medicine
0387972269: Hardware Specification, Verification and Synthesis: Mathematical Aspects.
0387972277: Parallel Algorithms for Machine Intelligence and Vision
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0387972307: Signal Processing, Part II
0387972315: Coding Theory & Design Theory Part 2 Des
0387972323: Testing Problems With Linear or Angular Inequality Constraints
0387972331: First Order Logic Automated Theo
0387972358: Recursive Block Coding for Image Data Compression
0387972366: Goal of B.F. Skinner and Behavior Analysis
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0387972404: Autonomous Robot Vehicles
0387972412: A Development of the Equations of Electromagnetism in Material Continua (Tracts in Natural Philosophy Ser.)
0387972420: Opioids, Bulimia, and Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
0387972439: Pedophilia
0387972447: Purines in Cellular Signaling
0387972455: Course in Functional Analysis
0387972463: Experimental Hematology Today, 1989
0387972471: Remote Procedure Call Programming : Writing Networked Applications
0387972498: New User's Guide to the Sun Workstation
0387972501: System Administrator's Guide to Sun Workstations
0387972536: Multiple Access Protocols
0387972544: Programming with Specifications: An Introduction to Anna. a Language for Specifying ADA Programs
0387972552: The Modula-2 Software Component Library (Vol. 4)
0387972560: Effective Technology Integration for Dis
0387972579: Wave Packets and Their Bifurcations in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
0387972587: The Prokaryotes A Handbook on Habitats, Isolation, and Identification of Bacteria, Volume IV
0387972595: Gibberellins
0387972609: Measurement Issues in Criminology
0387972617: Functional Communication
0387972625: Conscious Universe : Part and Whole in Modern Physical Theory
0387972633: Abstract Linear Algebra (Universitext)
0387972641: Notes on Lie Algebras
0387972676: Gravity, Gradiometry, and Gravimetry (International Association of Geodesy Symposia, Symposium 103)
0387972684: Sea Surface Topography and the Geoid (International Association of Geodesy Symposia, Symposium 104)
0387972706: Science of Vision
0387972714: Modern Geometry - Methods and Applications: Part 3: Introduction to Homology Theory
0387972722: Measure, Topology and Fractal Geometry
0387972730: Recent Advances in Stochastic Calculus
0387972749: Software Eng Education Sei Conference
0387972765: Theory of Vibration Vol 1. an Introduction
0387972781: Nonlinear Estimation
0387972803: Intervention Research in Learning Disabilities
0387972811: Inorganic Contaminants of Surface Water: Research and Monitoring Priorities
0387972838: Chaos and Socio-Spatial Dynamics (Applied Mathematical Sciences)
0387972846: Introduction to Statistics: The Nonparametric Way
0387972854: Contributions to Econometric Theory and Application: Essays in Honour of A.L. Nagar
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0387972919: How Sas Works: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Sas System
0387972927: Chemical Dependence: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention
0387972935: Two Phase Flows and Waves
0387972951: Gross Anatomy
0387972978: Algorithmic Beauty of Plants
0387972994: Beauty Is Our Business : A Birthday Salute to Edsger W. Dijkstra (Monographs in Computer Science) - Hardcover
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0387973060: Argillaceous Rock Atlas
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0387973095: Solitons in Physics, Mathematics and Nonlinear Optics
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0387973125: Biostatistics and Epidemiology : A Primer for Health Professionals
0387973133: Viral Genes and Plant Pathogenesis
0387973168: Acidic Deposition and Aquatic Ecosystems. Regional Case Studies
0387973184: Lipids and Women's Health
0387973192: Stress and Women Physicians
0387973214: Cognitive and Psychometric Analysis of Analogical Problem Solving (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387973222: Hypercube Algorithms with Applications to Image Processing and Patten Recognition
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0387973257: Cost Analysis and Estimating: Tools and Techniques
0387973265: Quantitative Methods in Landscape Ecology : The Analysis and Interpretation of Landscape Heterogeneity
0387973273: Experimental Psychology, Cognition and Human Aging
0387973281: Modern Dermatologic Radiation Therapy
0387973303: Heliothis: Research Methods and Prospects (Springer Series in Experimental Entomology)
0387973311: Limnological Analyses
0387973338: Electroslag Technology
0387973354: Advances in Disease Vector Research
0387973362: Materials Beneficiation (Materials Research and Engineering)
0387973389: Engineering Mechanics of Materials - Third Edition
0387973400: Developmental Systems At the Crossroads of System Theory, Computer Science, and Genetic Engineering
0387973427: Theorems and Counterexamples in Mathematics
0387973435: Abductive Inference Models for Diagnostic Problem Solving (Symbolic Computation Ser.)
0387973443: Nonlinear Structures in Physical Systems: Pattern Formation, Chaos, and Waves: Proceedings of the Second Woodward Conference San Jose State
0387973478: Normal and Abnormal Swallowing : Imaging in Diagnosis and Therapy
0387973494: Complex Variables : An Introduction
0387973508: Complexity Theory Retrospective In Honor of Juris Hartmanis on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday, July 5, 1988
0387973516: Ovulation Induction
0387973532: Nonlinear Evolution Equations That Chang
0387973559: Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Natural Language and Knowledge-Based Systems with 64 Figures
0387973575: Spectral and Scattering Theory for Wave Propagation in Perturbed Stratified Media
0387973591: Land Surface Evaporation: Measurement and Parameterization - Hardcover
0387973605: Human Development and Criminal Behavior: New Ways of Advancing Knowledge (Research in Criminology)
0387973613: Principles and Practice of Research : Strategies for Surgical Investigators
0387973621: Fractals and Chaos
0387973648: Nonstandard Methods in Fixed Point Theory
0387973656: Neuroendocrine Perspectives
0387973664: Mathematical Control Theory: Deterministic Finite Dimensional Systems (Texts in Applied Mathematics)
0387973672: Smoothing Techniques in Theory : With Implementation in S
0387973680: Aspects of Risk Theory (Springer Series in Statistics)
0387973702: Linear Algebraic Groups
0387973710: Entropy & Information Theory
0387973729: Asymptotics in Statistics: Some Basic Consepts
0387973737: Food Chemistry
0387973745: Knowledge-Based Simulation
0387973753: Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 442
0387973796: Biomechanics of Diarthrodial Joints
0387973818: Mapping Crime in Its Community Setting: Event Geography Analysis
0387973826: Programming in the 1990's: An Introduction to the Calculation of Programs (Texts and Monographs in Computer Science)
0387973834: The Pharmacology of Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse and Addiction
0387973842: Theory of Vibration: Discrete and Continuous Systems
0387973869: Hands
0387973885: Calculus II : Linear and Nonlinear Functions
0387973893: C
0387973907: Primer on Spectral Theory
0387973915: Introduction to Shannon Sampling and Interpolation Theory (Springer Texts in Electrical Engineering)
0387973923: Infants in Crisis: How Parents Cope With Newborn Intensive Care and Its Aftermath (Disorders of Human Learning, Behavior, and Communication)
0387973931: Computer Networks and Systems: Queueing Theory and Performance Evaluation (Telecommunication Networks and Computer Systems)
0387973958: Protocols in Primary Care Geriatrics
0387973974: Multi-Media Document Translation : ODA and the EXPRES Project
0387973982: Log Linear Models
0387973990: Handbook of Crystallography: For Electron Microscopists and Others
0387974008: Qualitative Simulation Modeling and Analysis. Advances in Simulation, Volume 5
0387974024: Geometric Analysis and Computer Graphics: Proceedings of a Workshop Held May 23-25, 1988 (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications)
0387974032: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387974040: Respiratory Biomechanics: Engineering Analysis of Structure and Function
0387974059: Urban Crime, Criminals, and Victims: The Swedish Experience in an Anglo-American Comparative Perspective (Research in Criminology)
0387974067: Oceanography of a Large-Scale Estuarine System
0387974075: Cognitive Microgenesis : A Neuropsychological Perspective (Springe
0387974083: Challenges of Astronomy : Hands-on Experiments for the Sky and Laboratory
0387974121: Geometry: A Metric Approach With Models (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics.
0387974148: Ecological Genetics and Air Pollution
0387974156: Computers, Chess, and Cognition
0387974164: Macmath 9.0: A Dynamical Systems Software Package for the Macintosh/Book and Disk
0387974172: Modern Research Topics in Aerospace Propulsion : In Honor of Corrado Casci
0387974202: Selected Scientific Papers of E. U. Condon
0387974210: Selected Popular Writings of E.U. Condon
0387974229: Uterus: Pathology, Diagnosis and Management, The
0387974237: The Effectiveness of Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Patients, Programs, Services, and Outcome
0387974245: Algebra
0387974261: Computer Aided Proofs in Analysis IMA Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications Volume 28
0387974288: Diagnosis of Heart Disease
0387974296: Time Series : Theory and Methods
0387974318: Help
0387974334: Abstraction & Aging a Social Psychologic
0387974342: Healthcare Information Management Systems : A Practical Guide
0387974369: Mathematics in Industrial Problems (Pt. 3) (Ima Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications Ser., Vol. 31)
0387974377: First Course in Real Analysis
0387974385: Consistency Scalability and Personality Measurement (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387974393: Comparative Ecology of Microorganisms and MacRoorganisms
0387974407: Corneal Angiogenesis: A Comprehensive Critical Review
0387974415: Hla System a New Approach
0387974423: Prevention of Stroke
0387974431: Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
0387974458: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387974466: Exceptional Children : Integrating Research and Teaching
0387974474: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387974482: Molecular Strategies of Pathogens and Host Plants
0387974504: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science. Volume I: Sets, Relations, and Induction. Text and Monographs in Computer Science
0387974520: Microbial Enzymes In Aquatic Environments
0387974539: Information Society: Evolving Landscapes
0387974571: Parent-Teen Communication: Toward the Prevention of Unintended Pregnancies (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387974601: Global Report on Student Well-Being : Life Satisfaction and Happiness
0387974628: AIDS IN AMERICA
0387974636: Memory Improvement
0387974644: Clinical Management of Nicotine Dependence
0387974652: Kinematic Systems in Geodesy, Surveying, and Remote Sensing: Symposium, No. 107, Banff, Alberta, Canada, September 10-13, 1990 (International Associ)
0387974687: Automated Pattern Analysis in Petroleum Exploration
0387974717: Neuropsychology and the Law (Springer Series in Neuropsychology)
0387974725: Partial Differential Equations
0387974741: Mental Retardation in the Year 2000
0387974768: Memory Development Between 2 and 20 (Springer Series in Cognitive Development)
0387974776: Neuroanatomy
0387974784: Advances in Disease Vector Research
0387974792: High Speed Range Estimation Based on Int
0387974806: Software Engineering on the Sun Workstation
0387974814: Exploration and Innovation in Design, towards a computational model
0387974822: Itsm: An Interactive Time Series Modelling Package for the Pc/Book and 2 5 1/4 and 1 3 1/2 Diskettes
0387974830: Theory of Heart
0387974849: Non Standard Rank Tests Lecture Notes
0387974857: Multidimensional Hyperbolic Problems and Computations: IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications #29
0387974865: Brook Taylor's Work on Linear Perspective : A Study of Taylor's Role in the History of Perspective Geometry. Including Facsimiles of Taylor's Two Book
0387974903: Rice Insects
0387974911: Algebraic Methods in Nonlinear Perturbat
0387974938: Smoking, Personality and Stress : Psychosocial Factors in the Prevention of Cancer and Coronary Heart Disease
0387974946: Numerical Mathematics
0387974954: Representation Theory : A First Course
0387974962: Strings, Conformal Fields, and Topology
0387974970: Numbers
0387974989: Laser Machining Theory & Practice
0387974997: Principles of Perinatal-Neonatal Metabolism
0387975012: Children in Pain: Clinical and Research Issues from a Developmental Perspective
0387975020: Continuous System Modeling
0387975039: Ramanujan's Notebooks
0387975063: Unsolved Problems in Geometry
0387975098: Paul Halmos: Celebrating 50 Years of Mathematics
0387975101: The Origins of Action: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives
0387975136: What Makes Airplanes Fly?
0387975144: Self and Process
0387975160: Radar and Sonar
0387975179: Statistical Methods : The Geometric Approach
0387975187: Arboreal Group Theory
0387975195: Advances in Soil Science
0387975209: Computational Inelasticity
0387975225: Chaotic Transport in Dynamical Systems
0387975233: A First Course in Noncommutative Rings
0387975241: Neuroendocrine Perspectives
0387975268: Symplectic Geometry, Groupoids, and Integrable Systems
0387975284: Model Assisted Survey Sampling
0387975292: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids
0387975306: Directions in Robust Statistics and Diagnostics
0387975314: Directions in Robust Statistics and Diagnostics
0387975322: Verification of Sequential and Concurrent Programs (Texts and Monographs in Computer Science)
0387975330: Energy Transduction in Biological Membranes
0387975349: Aids Testing, Methodology, And Management Issues, 92, Springer-Verlag,
0387975357: Robot Reliability and Safety
0387975365: The Self: Interdisciplinary Approaches
0387975373: Knowledge Coupling : New Premises and New Tools for Medical Care and Education
0387975381: Practical Guide to Surgical Pathology with Cytologic Correlation : A Text and Color Atlas
0387975403: The dictionary of computer graphics technology and applications
0387975411: Theory of Laminar Film Condensation
0387975454: The Neurobiological Basis of Memory and Behavior
0387975462: Higher Order Asymptotic Theory for Time Series Analysis
0387975470: Behavioral Pediatrics
0387975497: Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies
0387975500: Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies
0387975519: Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies. Volume Three.
0387975527: Third Reference Catalogue of Bright 3vol
0387975535: Vision-Based Vehicle Guidance
0387975543: Fractals for the Classroom : Strategic Activities
0387975551: Phigs by Example
0387975578: Course on Integral Equations
0387975594: New Perspectives in Turbulence
0387975608: State of the Art in Computer Graphics
0387975616: Integrated Approach to Software Engineering
0387975624: Beginner's Book of Tex
0387975632: Max Brodel : The Man Who Put Art into Medicine
0387975640: Geometry for the Classroom
0387975659: Geometry for the Classroom: Exercises and Solutions
0387975675: Fundamental Astronomy
0387975705: Malignant Tumors of the Thyroid
0387975780: Gender, Interaction, and Inequality
0387975799: Microbial Ecology of Leaves
0387975802: Self-Injurious Behavior: Analysis, Assessment, and Treatment (Disorders of Human Learning, Behavior, and Communication)
0387975810: Population Dynamics and the Tribolium Model: Genetics and Demography
0387975829: Mixed and Hybrid Finite Element Methods (Springer Series in Computational Mathematics)
0387975837: Dynamical Issues in Combustion Theory. Volume 35.
0387975845: The Body and Social Psychology
0387975853: Structure and Function of Invertebrate Oxygen Carriers
0387975861: Linear Algebra Through Geometry
0387975888: Evolutionary Biology of Hearing
0387975896: Iteration of Rational Functions X Analyt
0387975918: Microlocal Analysis and Nonlinear Waves
0387975926: Maple Library Reference Manual
0387975950: Tex in Practice
0387975977: TEX in Practice
0387975985: TEX in Practice
0387975993: Graph Theory Applications
0387976019: Quaternary Quadratic Forms Computer Gene
0387976027: Exploring the Limits of Preclassical Mechanics: A Study of Conceptual Development in Early Modern Science Free Fall and Compounded Motion in the Work of Descartes, Galileo and Beeckman
0387976035: Psychological Effects of Aerobic Fitness Training : Research and Theory
0387976043: Contemporary Intervention Research in Learning Disabilities: An International Perspective (Disorders of Human Learning Behaviour and Communications)
0387976051: Biogeochemistry of a Subalpine Ecosystem
0387976078: Solvent Abuse: A Population-Based Neuropsychological Study (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387976086: Geometry of Hamiltonian Systems: Proceedings of a Workshop Held June 5-16, 1989 (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications, Vol 22)
0387976094: A Course in Mathematical Physics 1 and 2: Classical Dynamical Systems and Classical Field Theory
0387976108: Preventing Residential Burglary Toward
0387976116: Advances in Child Neuropsychology, Volume 1. (Advances in Child Neuropsychology)
0387976124: Cognition and the Menstrual Cycle (Contributions to Psychology and Medicine)
0387976132: Studies in Turbulence: In Recognition of Contributions by John Lumley
0387976140: Common Lisp Modules
0387976159: Mechanics in Structural Geology
0387976167: The Craft of Text Editing: Emacs for the Modern World
0387976183: Selected Atlases of Gastrointestinal Scintigraphy
0387976191: Auditing
0387976205: History of Inverse Probability From 1ST Edition
0387976213: First Leaves : Tutorial Introduction to Maple V
0387976221: Maple Five Language Reference Manual
0387976248: Everyday Memory and Aging: Current Research and Methodology
0387976256: Surgery of the Spinal Cord : Potential for Regeneration and Recovery (Contemporary Perspectives in Neurosurgery)
0387976264: Cerebrovascular Diseases in Children
0387976272: Quantum Mechanics on the Macintosh
0387976280: Computing in the 90's: The First Great Lakes Computer Science Conference Kalamazoo, Michigan, Usa, October 18-20, 1989 : Proceedings (Lecture Notes)
0387976302: Follicle Stimulating Hormone Regulation
0387976337: Computing and Graphics in Statistics
0387976345: The Sparc Technical Papers (Sun Technical Reference Library)
0387976353: Retinopathy of Prematurity: A Clinician's Guide
0387976361: Quattro Pro for Scientific and Engineering Spreadsheets
0387976396: Mathematics in Medicine and the Life Sciences
0387976418: Early Fraction Learning (Recent Research in Psychology)
0387976434: Dental Informatics : Integrating Technology into the Dental Environment
0387976442: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology: 121 (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387976450: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology)
0387976469: Unification and Supersymmetry : The Frontiers of Quark-Lepton Physics
0387976477: Crime & Criminal Policy in Japan Analysi
0387976485: Future Directions in Infant Development Research
0387976493: Pascal User's Manual and Report
0387976507: Biomedical Modelling and Simulation on a PC: A Workbench for Physiology and Biomedical Engineering/Book and Six 5 1/4 Disks (Advances in Simulation,)
0387976515: Convection in Porous Media
0387976523: Mechanics in Structural Geology
0387976558: Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus
0387976566: Physics for Computer Science Students: With Emphasis on Atomic and Semiconductor Physics
0387976582: Energy Method Stability & Nonlinear Conv
0387976590: COST ANALYSIS AND ESTIMATING: Shifting U. S. Priorities.
0387976604: Applied Multivariate Data Analysis Volume 1
0387976612: Abstract Algebra and Famous Impossibilities
0387976620: Introduction to Maple
0387976639: Modern Geometry - Methods and Applications Pt. 1 : The Geometry of Surfaces, Transformation Groups and Fields
0387976647: Temporal Logic of Reactive and Concurrent Systems
0387976663: Global Report on Student Well-Being : Family, Friends, Living Partner and Self-Esteem
0387976671: Logic From Computer Science Proc
0387976698: Genetics and Molecular Biology of Anaerobic Bacteria
0387976752: Mathematics for Computer Algebra
0387976779: Science Matrix : Past, Present and Future
0387976787: Mammalian Auditory Pathway : Neuroanatomy
0387976809: Mathematics in Industrial Problems: Part 4
0387976817: Percutaneous Venous Blood Sampling in Endocrine Diseases
0387976825: Multiresolution Image Shape Description
0387976833: Artificial Neural Networks for Computer Vision. With 61 Illustrations
0387976868: The Psychology of Expertise: Cognitive Research and Empirical Ai
0387976876: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
0387976884: Science of Olfaction
0387976906: Mammalian Auditory Pathway : Neurophysiology
0387976930: Cerebellum Revisited
0387976949: Peptide Growth Factors & Their Receptors: Pts. I & II
0387976957: Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Students : Find and Use Your Personal Learning Style
0387976965: Thermodynamic Data:Systematics And Estimation
0387976973: Advances in Soil Science, Vol 18
0387977007: Positivism in Psychology Historical An
0387977015: Magneto-Optics and Spectroscopy of Antiferromagnets
0387977023: Time's Arrow
0387977031: Riemann Surfaces (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)
0387977066: Global Software
0387977074: Shock Wave Reflection Phenomena
0387977082: Mechanics & Reliability of Flexible Magn
0387977090: Singularities and Topology of Hypersurfaces
0387977104: Sheaves in Geometry and Logic : A First Introduction to Topos Theory
0387977120: Clinical Cardiology
0387977139: Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy
0387977155: Desk Reference for Neuroscience
0387977163: Algebraic Geometry
0387977171: MRI Physics for Radiologists : A Visual Approach
0387977201: Bootstrap and Edgeworth Expansion
0387977228: Fractals for the Classroom : Complex Systems and Mandelbrot Set
0387977236: Aspects of the Computer-Based Patient Record
0387977244: Introduction to Molecular Medicine
0387977252: Social Judgment and Intergroup Relations: Essays in Honor of Muzafer Sherif
0387977260: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387977279: Close Relationship Loss : Theoretical Approaches
0387977287: Analysis of Material Removal Processes. Springer Texts in Mechanical Engineering. With 94 Figures
0387977295: Peptide Growth Factors and Their Receptors
0387977317: Laser Ablation: Mechanisms and Applications : Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA 8-10 April 1991 (Lecture Notes in Physics,)
0387977325: Reproductive Biology of South American Vertebrates
0387977333: Medical School's Mission and the Population's Health : Medical Education in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia
0387977341: Development of Long Term Retention
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