0387977368: Research Directions in Database Security
0387977376: Natural Laminar Flow & Laminar Flow Cont
0387977384: Amobarbital Effects and Lateralized Brain Function: The Wada Test
0387977392: Studies on the Optimal Search Plan (Lecture Notes in Statistics, Vol 70)
0387977406: A Road to Randomness in Physical Systems (Lecture Notes in Statistics, Vol. 71)
0387977414: Novel Pharmacological Interventions For
0387977430: Geometry of Surfaces
0387977449: Topology of Real Algebraic Sets
0387977457: Regular and Chaotic Dynamics
0387977465: Radar and Sonar
0387977473: Lie Sphere Geometry: With Applications to Submanifolds (Universitext)
0387977481: Surgery of the Arteries to the Head
0387977503: Pediatric Rheumatology for the Practitioner
0387977511: Industrial Laser Handbook 1992-1993
0387977538: Transition to Chaos : In Conservative Classical Systems: Quantum Manifestations
0387977546: Manufacturing Systems : Theory and Practice
0387977554: The Search for Bioactive Compounds from Microorganisms (Contemporary Bioscience Ser.)
0387977562: Hanging On and Letting Go
0387977589: Probability Via Expectation (Springer Texts in Statistics)
0387977597: Integrated Lifecycle Services For Persons With Disabilities
0387977627: Reviews of Environmental Contamination A
0387977635: Success for College Students With Learning Disabilities
0387977643: Probability Via Expectation (Springer Texts in Statistics)
0387977651: Psychosis and Near Psychosis
0387977686: Non-Abelian Harmonic Analysis: Applications of SL(2,R)
0387977694: Atlas of Normal Human Skin
0387977708: Science With Vengeance
0387977716: Geology and Offshore Mineral Resources of the Central Pacific Basin (Earth Science Series)
0387977724: Medical School's Mission and the Population's Health
0387977732: Religion, Personality, and Mental Health (Earth Science Series / Circum-Pacific Council for Energy and)
0387977740: Partial Differential Equations With Mini
0387977759: Microbiology and Immunology
0387977767: Embryology
0387977775: Neuroanatomy
0387977783: Physiology
0387977791: Pharmacology
0387977805: Pathology
0387977813: Biochemistry
0387977848: Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes
0387977856: Prediction Theory for Finite Populations
0387977872: Alkaloids
0387977880: Marine Clastic Reservoirs Examples & Ana
0387977902: Watershed Management
0387977910: Advances in Disease Vector Research (Vol. 9)
0387977929: Social Psychology of Sport
0387977937: Technology and Infertility : Clinical Psychosocial, Legal, and Ethical Aspects
0387977945: Conditionally Specified Distributions.
0387977953: Arma Model Identification
0387977961: Epidermolysis Bullosa : Basic and Clinical Aspects
0387977988: The Use of Restricted Significance Tests in Clinical Trials
0387977996: Decision Support Systems in Critical Care
0387978003: Mammalian Auditory Pathway
0387978011: Mammalian Auditory Pathway : Neurophysiology
0387978038: On the Evolution of Phase Boundaries (Ima Volumes in Mathematics and Its Applications, Vol 43)
0387978046: Applied Multivariate Data Analysis: Categorical and Multivariate Methods/Book and Disk (Springer Texts in Statistics)
0387978054: Multiple Criteria Decision Making: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference : Theory and Applications in Business, Industry, and Government
0387978070: Reviews of Environmental Contamin Volume 126
0387978089: Projects in Scientific Computation
0387978097: Visualization of Natural Phenomena
0387978119: Self Change: Social Psychological and Clinical Perspectives
0387978127: Coding and Information Theory
0387978135: General Relativity, Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology
0387978143: MOLECULAR APPROACHES TO FUNDAMENTAL AND APPLIED ENTOMOLOGY. A Volume in Springer Series in Experimental Entomology.
0387978151: Microbial Adhesion and Invasion
0387978186: Nonlinear Phenomena in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
0387978194: Veterinary Vaccines (Progress in Vaccinology)
0387978216: Modeling Complex Phenomena
0387978224: Adp-Ribosylation Reactions
0387978232: Selected Atlases of Bone Scintigraphy
0387978240: Ovarian Carcinoma : Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatments
0387978259: Rational Points on Elliptic Curves
0387978275: Electromagnetic Devices for Motion Contr
0387978291: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, Volume 127
0387978305: The Peritoneum
0387978313: Glossary of Anesthesia and Related Terminology
0387978321: Natural Object Recognition
0387978364: High-Risk Fetus : Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management
0387978372: Advanced Linear Algebra
0387978380: Cost Estimating and Analysis
0387978399: Algebra : An Approach Via Module Theory
0387978402: Human Psychophysics
0387978410: Comparative Hearing : Mammals
0387978429: Clinical Aspects of Hearing
0387978437: Auditory Computation
0387978453: Rings & Categories of Modules
0387978461: Machinery of Life
0387978488: The Geometry Of Minkowski Spacetime: An Introduction To The Mathematics Of The Special Theory Of Relativity
0387978496: Probability and Statistics in Experimental Physics
0387978518: Biologic System Evaluation With Ultrasound
0387978526: Electromagnetics and Calculation of Fields
0387978577: From Mars to Greenland: Charting Gravity with Space and Airborne Instruments: Fields, Tides, Methods, Results: Symposium No. 110, Vienna, Austria, August 20, 1991
0387978585: Twist Mappings and Their Applications
0387978593: Contraception
0387978607: Progress in Clinical Parasitology, Volume III
0387978615: Molecular Basis of Reproductive Endocrinology
0387978623: SBus : TELOS: The Electronic Library of Science
0387978682: Modern Inertial Technology
0387978690: Intracranial Cyst Lesions
0387978704: Structure Function & Regulation of Molec
0387978712: Human Chromosomes : Structure, Behavior, Effects
0387978747: Set Theory of the Continuum (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications)
0387978771: Programming with Motif
0387978798: Humoral Factors in the Regulation of Tissue Growth: Blood, Blood Vessels, Skeletal System, and Teeth (Endocrinology and Metabolism, Vol. 5)
0387978801: Applied Hydrodynamics in Petroleum Exploration
0387978828: Economic and Financial Modeling With Mathematica
0387978836: Instability, Transition, and Turbulence (ICASE Ser.)
0387978844: NeXTstep Applications Programming
0387978852: Solids Under High-Pressure Shock Compression: Mechanics, Physics, and Chemistry
0387978860: Complex Analysis
0387978879: Relativistic Dynamics of a Charged Sphere
0387978887: Angiosperm Pollen and Ovules
0387978895: Real Projective Plane, The
0387978917: Reeder and Felson's Gamuts in Radiology : Comprehensive Lists of Roentgen Differential Diagnosis
0387978925: Biochemical Monitoring of the Fetus
0387978933: Mechatronics : Electromechanics and Contromechanics
0387978941: Differential Equations and Their Applications
0387978976: Pulmonary Pathology
0387978992: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Vol. 128)
0387979018: Progress in Approximation Theory. An International Perspective.
0387979034: Chaos and Fractals : New Frontiers of Science
0387979085: Optimal Sequentially Planned Decision Procedures
0387979093: Atomic and Molecular Data for Space Astronomy
0387979107: Fundamentals of Two-Fluid Dynamics : Mathematic Theory and Applications
0387979115: Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy
0387979123: Sphere Packings, Lattices and Groups (Grundlehren Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften)
0387979131: Fundamentals of Two-Fluid Dynamics : Mathematic Theory and Applications
0387979158: Posterior Fossa Tumors
0387979166: Analysis and Simulation of Chaotic Systems
0387979174: Superficial Liposculpture: Manual of Technique
0387979182: Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
0387979190: Vibration of Structures and Machines: Practical Aspects
0387979212: Stochastic Processes: A Festschrift in Honour of Gopinath Kallianpur
0387979220: Extended Thermodynamics.
0387979239: Statistical Design and Analysis for Intercropping Experiments
0387979247: Course on Point Processes
0387979255: Reviews of Environmental Contamin Volume 131
0387979263: Topology and Geometry
0387979271: Controlled Markov Processes and Viscosity Solutions (Stochastic Modelling and Applied Probability)
0387979301: Differential Cryptanalysis of the Data Encryption Standard
0387979336: Renormalization
0387979344: Preimplantation Embryo Development
0387979352: Light and Color in the Outdoors
0387979360: Clinico-Pathological Atlas of Congenital Fundus Disorders
0387979379: Mathematics in Industrial Problems, Part 5
0387979387: Differential Equations & Their Apps 3ed
0387979395: Structural Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Systems
0387979409: Sequences II: Methods in Communication, Security, and Computer Science
0387979425: Complex Dynamics
0387979433: Minor Head Trauma
0387979441: Quantum Mechanics : Foundations and Applications
0387979468: Light Curve Modeling of Eclipsing Binary Stars
0387979476: Biomechanics : Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues
0387979484: Global Report on Student Well-Being : Employment, Finances, Housing and Transportation
0387979492: Global Report on Student Well-Being : Religion, Education, Recreation and Health
0387979522: First Graduate Course in Partial Differential Equations
0387979530: Forecasting the Health of Elderly Populations
0387979549: Computational Nuclear Physics 2: Nuclear Reactions/Book and Disks
0387979557: Oklahoma Notes : Pediatrics
0387979565: Complete Guide to the NeXTSTEP User Environment
0387979573: Psychiatry
0387979581: General Surgery
0387979603: Oklahoma Notes : Internal Medicine
0387979611: Primate Laterality: Current Behavioral Evidence of Primate Asymmetries (Recent Research in Psychology S.)
0387979638: Recent Trends in Theoretical Psychology: Selected Proceedings of the Fourth Biennial Conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology, June 24-28, 1991 v. 3 (Recent Research in Psychology S.)
0387979646: High Pressure Shock Compression of Solids
0387979654: String-Rewriting Systems
0387979662: Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Modular Forms
0387979670: Normal Families
0387979700: Classical Topology and Combinatorial Group Theory
0387979719: Grobner Bases : A Computational Approach to Commutative Algebra
0387979727: Comprehensive Management of Menopause
0387979735: Quantum Mechanics with Mathematica
0387979743: Probability
0387979786: Reading Across the Life Span
0387979816: Fluctuational Effects In The Dynamics Of Liquid Crystals
0387979824: Strategy and Architecture of Health Care Information Systems
0387979832: Introduction to Nursing Informatics
0387979840: Acoustics Of American English Speech:A Dynamic Approach
0387979867: Modern Analysis and Topology
0387979875: Discrete Event Systems, Manufacturing Systems, and Communication Networks
0387979883: Adaptive Control, Filtering, and Signal Processing
0387979891: Branching Processes : Proceedings of the First World Congress
0387979913: Parsimonious Universe : Shape and Form in the Natural World
0387979921: Out of Their Minds : The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists
0387979956: Upgrading to FORTRAN 90
0387979964: Mosaic for Windows : A Hands-On Configuration and Set-Up Guide to Popular Web Browsers
0387979972: Introduction to Mathematical Structures and Proofs
0387979999: Numerical Partial Differential Equations
0387982000: Singularities and Oscillations
0387982027: Theory of Wire Rope
0387982035: Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy II
0387982043: Using the STL : The C++ Standard Template Library
0387982051: Integral, Probability, and Fractal Measures
0387982078: Chronic Pelvic Pain : Evaluation and Management
0387982094: Theory of Point Estimation
0387982108: Graph Theory
0387982116: Graph Theory
0387982124: Riemannian Geometry
0387982132: Glimpses of Algebra and Geometry
0387982159: Model-Oriented Design of Experiments
0387982167: Modelling Longitudinal and Spatially Correlated Data : Methods, Applications and Future Directions
0387982175: Introduction to Stochastic Programming
0387982183: Applying Generalized Linear Models
0387982191: Problem Solving Strategies
0387982205: High Sensitivity Moire
0387982213: Classical Topics in Complex Function Theory
0387982248: Series Approximation Methods in Statistics
0387982256: Quasi-Likelihood and Its Application : A General Approach to Optimal Parameter Estimation
0387982264: S+SpatialStats : User's Manual for Windows and UNIX
0387982272: Discrete Probability
0387982280: Probability Theory : Independence, Interchangeability, Martingales
0387982302: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Liquid Crystals
0387982337: Bayesian Economics Through Numerical Methods : A Guide to Econometrics and Decision Making with Prior Information
0387982345: Intelligence and Success : Is It All in the Genes?: Scientists Respond to the Bell Curve
0387982353: Problems and Solutions for Undergraduate Analysis
0387982361: Genesis of Simulation in Dynamics
0387982388: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387982396: Foundations of Real and Abstract Analysis
0387982418: Glyphbreaker : A Decipherer's Story
0387982426: Fracture Mechanics
0387982442: Continuous-Time Markov Chains and Applications : A Singular Perturbation Approach
0387982469: Basic Business Statistics: A Casebook
0387982477: Log-Linear Models and Logistic Regression
0387982485: Stochastic Storage Processes
0387982507: Introduction to Scientific Programming
0387982523: Mathematica in Action 2ND Edition
0387982531: Several Complex Variables and Banach Algebras
0387982558: Neural Network Data Analysis Using Simulnet
0387982566: Inverse Problems for Partial Differential Equations
0387982574: Object-Oriented Metamethods
0387982582: Linear Algebra Done Right
0387982604: Mathematics of Multidimensional Fourier Transform Algorithms
0387982620: Physical Basis of Biochemistry : The Foundations of Molecular Biophysics
0387982639: The Power Linux Kit
0387982647: Dynamics
0387982655: Advanced Engineering Mathematics : Analytical and Computational Methods of Springer Version
0387982663: Introduction to Mathematical Systems Theory : A Behavioral Approach
0387982671: Geometry, Particles, and Fields
0387982698: Out of Their Minds : The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists
0387982701: Gaia's Body : Toward a Physiology of Earth
0387982728: Automatic Ant : And Other Mathematical Explorations
0387982736: Machinery of Life
0387982744: Limits
0387982752: Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age
0387982760: Geometric Constructions
0387982779: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387982795: Into the Realm of Oberon : An Introduction to Programming and the Oberon-2 Programming Language
0387982809: Data Compression : The Complete Reference
0387982817: Complexity and Real Computation
0387982825: Analysis and Assessment of Cardiovascular Function
0387982833: Fundamentals of Biomechanics : Equilibrium, Motion and Deformation
0387982841: Structuring Role of Submerged Macrophytes in Lakes
0387982868: Large-Scale Optimization With Applications
0387982876: Large-Scale Optimization With Applications
0387982884: Large-Scale Optimization With Applications
0387982892: Numbers and Geometry
0387982906: Applied Abstract Algebra
0387982914: Robust Control Theory in Hilbert Space
0387982922: High-Pressure Shock Compression of Solids
0387982949: Knee Surgery : Complications, Pitfalls, and Salvage
0387982957: Understanding the Universe : An Introduction to Physics and Astrophysics
0387982965: Nonlinear Analysis and Continuum Mechanics
0387982981: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387983007: Partial Differential Equations with Maple and Vector Analysis
0387983015: Quantum Beat : The Physical Principles of Atomic Clocks
0387983023: Fundamentals of the New Artificial Intelligence : Beyond Traditional Paradigms
0387983031: Understanding Materials Science : History, Properties, Applications
0387983058: Ecoregions : The Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and Continents
0387983066: Geometry
0387983074: Introductory Functional Analysis
0387983082: Analytic Number Theory
0387983090: Wave Propagation in Complex Media
0387983104: Quasiclassical Methods
0387983112: Ecoregions : The Ecosystem Geography of the Oceans and Continents
0387983139: Vegetation of the Tropical Pacific Islands
0387983147: Vestibular System
0387983155: Diffusions and Elliptic Operators
0387983171: Mathematical Control Theory
0387983198: Finite Element Analysis of Acoustic Scattering
0387983201: Programming and Meta-Programming in Scheme
0387983228: Riemannian Manifolds : An Introduction to Curvature
0387983252: Landscape Ecological Analysis : Issues and Applications
0387983260: Plant Physiology Ecology
0387983279: Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
0387983325: Experimental Innovations in Surface Science : A Guide to Practical Laboratory Methods and Instruments
0387983333: Architectural Acoustics : Blending Sound Sources, Sound Fields, and Listeners
0387983341: Nanotechnology
0387983368: Nonsmooth Analysis and Control Theory
0387983376: Mathematica Programs for Physical Chemistry
0387983384: Current Review of Laparoscopy
0387983392: Nonlinear Theory of Shallow Shells
0387983406: Current Techniques in Neurosurgery
0387983414: Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy
0387983422: Tracks of Innovation : Nuclear Tracks in Science and Technology
0387983449: Cell Death in Reproductive Physiology
0387983457: Random Sets : Theory and Applications
0387983473: Dynamics of Evolutionary Equations
0387983481: Breast Care : A Clinical Guidebook for Women's Primary Health Care Providers
0387983503: Mass Transportation Problems : Theory
0387983538: Workshop Statistics:Discovery Through Data And The Graphing
0387983546: Basic Business Statistics : A Casebook
0387983554: Selected Papers of Hirotugu Akaike
0387983562: Business Analysis Using Regression : A Casebook
0387983570: Neyman
0387983589: Mathematics Without Borders : A History of the International Mathematical Union
0387983600: Multivariate Calculus and Mathematica: With Applications to Geometry and Physics
0387983619: Algebraic Surfaces and Holomorphic Vector Bundles
0387983627: Random Perturbations of Dynamical Systems
0387983635: Fractals and Scaling in Finance : Discontinuity, Concentration, and Risk
0387983643: Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Solids
0387983651: Cumulative Sum Charts and Charting for Quality Improvement
0387983678: Visual Language Theory
0387983686: Germ Cell Development, Division, Disruption and Death
0387983694: Breast Cancer
0387983708: M. D. Anderson Solid
0387983716: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387983724: Analysis of Observed Chaotic Data : Springer Study Edition
0387983732: Rational Extended Thermodynamics
0387983740: Physics of Musical Instruments
0387983767: Numerical Methods for Wave Equations in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
0387983775: Banach Algebra Techniques in Operator Theory
0387983783: Particulate Flows
0387983791: Calculus : A Liberal Art
0387983805: Theory of Multicomponent Fluids
0387983813: Mathematical Physiology
0387983821: Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory (Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 112)
0387983848: Quantum Theory of Many - Body Systems : Techniques and Applications
0387983856: Little Book of the Big Bang
0387983864: Arithmetic of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
0387983872: Hip Fractures
0387983880: Diagnostic Electron Microscopy : A Text-Atlas
0387983899: Surgical Techniques in Total Knee Arthroplasty
0387983902: Office-Based Infertility Practice
0387983910: Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty
0387983929: Introduction to Oncogenes and Molecular Cancer Medicine
0387983937: Principles and Practice of Geriatric Surgery
0387983961: Laparoscopic Surgery : A Colloquium
0387983988: Maple V Programming Guide : Release 5
0387983996: Maple V Release 5 Learning Guide
0387984003: Maple 5 Prog Guide
0387984011: Conics and Cubics : A Concrete Introduction to Algebraic Curves
0387984038: Categories for the Working Mathematician
0387984046: Inequalities : With Applications to Engineering
0387984054: Principles of Analytical System Dynamics
0387984062: Large Deviations Techniques and Applications
0387984070: Applied Bioelectricity : From Electrical Stimulation to Electropathology
0387984089: Numerical Analysis
0387984097: Composite Materials : Science and Engineering
0387984100: Classic Papers in Shock : Compression Science
0387984119: Workshop Statistics : Discovery with Data and Minitab
0387984127: Course on Borel Sets
0387984135: Talking Back to the Machine : Computers and Human Aspiration
0387984143: Weyl Transforms
0387984151: Hungry Hollow : The Story of a Natural Place
0387984178: Refinement Calculus : A Systematic Introduction
0387984194: Moral Calculations : Game Theory, Logic, and Human Frailty
0387984208: Fractals for the Classroom Vol. 3 : Strategic Activities
0387984232: Euclid - The Creation of Mathematics
0387984240: Implicit Objects in Computer Graphics
0387984267: Composite Materials : Mechanical Behavior and Structural Analysis
0387984283: Lectures on Modules and Rings
0387984291: Moduli of Curves : A User's Guide
0387984305: Specification of Software Systems
0387984313: Introduction to Banach Space Theory
0387984348: Mathematical Expeditions : Chronicles by the Explorers
0387984356: Sounds of Our Times
0387984364: Fourier Analysis on Number Fields
0387984372: Geometrical Picturebook
0387984410: Applied Partial Differential Equations
0387984429: Strategies and Technologies for Healthcare Information : Theory into Practice
0387984437: Convection in Porous Media
0387984445: Peripheral Endovascular Interventions
0387984453: Fundamentals of Family Medicine : The Family Medicine Clerkship Textbook
0387984518: Introduction to Nursing Informatics
0387984526: Performance Improvement Through Information Management : Health Care's Bridge to Success
0387984542: Applied Regression Analysis : A Research Tool
0387984550: Linear Algebra
0387984569: Primer of Biomechanics
0387984577: Health Care Marketplace
0387984585: Probability Towards 2000
0387984593: Ordinary Differential Equations
0387984623: Variational Methods for Structural Optimization
0387984631: One-Parameter Semigroups for Linear Evolution Equations
0387984658: Introduction to the Mori Program
0387984666: Simultaneous Triangularization
0387984674: Simultaneous Triangularization
0387984682: Laparoscopic Surgery of the Abdomen
0387984690: Obagi Skin Health Restoration and Rejuvenation
0387984704: Comparative Hearing : Fish and Amphibians
0387984720: Medical Informatics : Computer Applications in Health Care
0387984739: Efficient and Adaptive Estimation for Semiparametric Models
0387984747: Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
0387984755: Successes, Limitations, and Frontiers in Ecosystem Science
0387984763: Successes, Limitations, and Frontiers in Ecosystem Science
0387984771: Semiparametric Methods in Econometrics
0387984798: Basic Elements of Real Analysis
0387984801: Fundamentals of Real Analysis
0387984828: Transblepharoplasty Subperiosteal Forehead 7 Midface Lift
0387984836: Chemical Warfare Agents : Estimating Oral Reference Doses Product
0387984852: Fourier Analysis and Applications : Filtering, Numerical Computation, Wavelets
0387984860: Environmental Stats for S-PLUS : User's Manual for Windows and UNIX, Version 1.1
0387984879: Using Algebraic Geometry
0387984887: Modern Graph Theory
0387984895: Mathematical Control Theory : Deterministic Finite Dimensional Systems
0387984909: Search for Non-Newtonian Gravity
0387984925: Using Algebraic Geometry
0387984941: Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis
0387984968: SAGES Manual : Fundamentals of Laparoscopy and GI Endoscopy
0387984976: Four-Color Theorem
0387984984: Data Analysis: Statistical and Computational Methods for Scientists and Engineers
0387984992: Environmental Problem Solving : Psychosocial Barriers to Adaptive Change
0387985018: Genetics of Auditory Disorders
0387985026: Theory of Point Estimation
0387985034: Programming with Data
0387985042: Model Selection and Inference: A Practical Information-Theoretic Approach
0387985050: Lipids in Freshwater Ecosystems
0387985069: Vibrations of Structures and Machines : Practical Aspects
0387985077: Modern Inertial Technology
0387985085: Fermat's Last Theorem for Amateurs
0387985093: Markov Chains : Gibbs Fields, Monte Carlo Simulation and Queues
0387985107: Skeletal Injury in the Child
0387985115: Foot and Ankle Arthroscopy
0387985123: Stochastic Dynamics
0387985131: Nonlinear Systems : Analysis, Stability and Control
0387985166: Clinical Imaging of the Small Intestine
0387985174: Practical Nonparametric and Semiparametric Bayesian Statistics
0387985182: Mathematics in Industrial Problems
0387985190: Rural Planning from an Environmental Systems Perspective
0387985204: Between Rationalism and Empiricism
0387985212: Easy as Pi? : An Introduction to Higher Mathematics
0387985220: Random Number Generation and Monte Carlo Methods (Statistics and Computing)
0387985239: Arabic Version of Euclid's Optics
0387985247: Elements of Functional Analysis
0387985255: Theory of Classical Valuations
0387985271: Dynamics and Control of Structures : A Modal Approach
0387985298: Active Rules for Databases
0387985301: Introduction to Assembly Language Programming
0387985328: Simulating Society : A Mathematica Toolkit for Modeling Socioeconomic Behavior
0387985336: Statistical Design and Analysis for Intercropping Experiments Vol. II : Three or More Crops
0387985344: Foundations of Differential Calculus
0387985352: Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications
0387985395: Multifractals and 1/F Noise
0387985409: Art of Writing Reasonable Organic Reaction Mechanisms
0387985417: Galois Theory
0387985425: Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications in Statistics
0387985433: Functional Neuroscience
0387985441: Flow at Ultra-High Reynolds and Reyleigh Numbers : A Status Report
0387985468: Deep Hot Biosphere
0387985476: In Quest of Tomorrow's Medicines
0387985484: Managing Technological Change
0387985492: Intersection Theory : Springer Study Edition
0387985514: Hubble Revisited : New Images from the Discovery Machine
0387985522: Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equation with Mathematica
0387985530: Mathematics of Financial Markets
0387985549: Random and Quasi-Random Point Sets
0387985565: Tools to Aid Environmental Decision Making
0387985573: Numerical Methods for Polymeric Systems
0387985581: Determinants and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics
0387985603: Egg and Ego : An Almost True Story of Life in the Biology Lab
0387985611: Design and Analysis of Experiments
0387985638: Using Spss for Windows
0387985646: On Einstein's Path
0387985670: Electronic States and Optical Transitions in Semiconductor Heterostructures
0387985689: Physics of High-Density Z-Pinch Plasmas
0387985697: Taylor's Family Medicine Review
0387985700: Introduction to Large Truncated Toeplitz Matrices
0387985719: Time Machines
0387985727: Call of Distant Mammoths : Why the Ice Age Mammals Disappeared
0387985735: Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries
0387985743: Science Matrix : The Journey, Travalis Triumphs
0387985751: Clinical Decision Support Systems : Theory and Practice
0387985778: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387985786: Block Designs : A Randomization Approach
0387985794: Mathematical Physics
0387985808: Topology and Geometry Volume
0387985816: Nonlinear Optical Materials
0387985824: Guidebook for Integrated Ecological Assessments
0387985832: Guidebook for Integrated Ecological Assessments
0387985859: Sphere Packings, Lattices and Groups
0387985867: Fundamentals of Clinical Trials
0387985875: Principles of Protein X-Ray Crystallography
0387985883: Beyond Calculation : The Next Fifty Years of Computing
0387985891: Introduction to Superstrings and M-Theory
0387985905: Nonparametric Statistics for Stochastic Processes
0387985913: Discretization and MCMC Convergence Assessment
0387985921: Complex Analysis
0387985948: Nonlinear Computational Structural Mechanics : New Approaches and Non-Incremental Methods of Calculation
0387985956: Elements of Large Sample Theory
0387985964: Essays on Mathematical Robotics
0387985972: Remote Control Robotics
0387985980: Fitting Linear Relationships : A History of the Calculus of Observations, 1750-1900
0387985999: Open Geometry : OpenGL + Advanced Geometry
0387986006: Descriptive Complexity
0387986022: Early Hip Disease : Advances in Detection and Minimally Invasive Treatment
0387986030: Ambulatory Anorectal Surgery
0387986049: Aeromedical Evacuation
0387986057: Partial Differential Equations : Analytical Solution Techniques
0387986065: Observer's Sky Atlas : With 50 Star Charts Covering the Entire Sky
0387986103: Peritoneal Surgery
0387986111: Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
0387986138: Linear Programming No. 2 : Theory and Extensions
0387986146: Family-Oriented Primary Care : A Manual for Medical Providers
0387986154: Diagnosis of Endometrial Biopsies and Curettings
0387986162: Decoupling : From Dependence to Independence
0387986189: Inverse Gaussian Distribution : Statistical Theory and Applications
0387986197: Exploring Abstract Algebra With Mathematica
0387986200: Microcontinuum Field Theories I : Foundations and Solids
0387986219: Mathematical Statistics : A Unified Introduction
0387986227: Eclipsing Binary Stars : Modeling and Analysis
0387986235: Introduction to Copulas
0387986243: Buildings
0387986251: Signal Transduction in Mast Cells and Basophils
0387986278: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387986286: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387986294: Interpolation of Spatial Data : Some Theory for Kriging
0387986316: Practical Optimization Methods
0387986324: C Programming : The Essentials for Engineers and Scientists
0387986332: Stochastic Models in Reliability
0387986340: Homogenization of Reticulated Structures
0387986359: Depth from Defocus : A Real Aperture Imaging Approach
0387986367: Workshop Calculus With Graphing Calculators Guided Exploration With Review (volume1)
0387986375: Geometry of Schemes
0387986391: Introduction to Wavelets Through Linear Algebra
0387986405: Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics
0387986413: Geometry of Spacetime : An Introduction to Special and General Relativity
0387986421: Multivariate Statistics for Wildlife and Ecology Research
0387986448: Program Monitoring and Visualization
0387986456: Engineering Electromagnetics
0387986464: Landscape Ecology of Small Mammals
0387986472: Spinors in Physics
0387986499: Vector Analysis
0387986502: Geometry : Euclid and Beyond
0387986529: Discrepancy of Signed Measures and Polynomial Approximation
0387986537: Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation
0387986545: Symmetry and Integration Methods for Differential Equations
0387986553: Course in Model Theory : An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematical Logic
0387986561: Sands, Powders, and Grains: An Introduction to the Physics of Granular Materials
0387986588: Practice of Time Series Analysis
0387986618: Acoustic Communication
0387986626: More Things in Heaven and Earth : A Celebration of Physics at the Millennium
0387986634: Mechanics: From Theory to Computation: Essays in Honor of Juan-Carlos Simo
0387986642: Parallel Processing of Discrete Problems
0387986650: Mathematics of Information Coding, Extraction and Distribution
0387986677: Configurational Forces as Basic Concepts of Continuum Physics
0387986685: Algebraic Surfaces
0387986693: Course in P-Adic Analysis
0387986707: Breast Reconstruction with Autologous Tissue : Art and Artistry
0387986715: Recursive Partitioning in the Health Sciences
0387986723: Toward Detonation Theory
0387986731: Male Sterility and Motility Disorders : Etiological Factors and Treatment
0387986758: Workshop Calculus With Graphing Calculators Guided Exploration With Review (volume2)
0387986766: Diffusion and Ecological Problems : Modern Perspectives
0387986774: Rotordynamics of Gas-Lubricated Journal Bearing Systems
0387986782: Trace Elements in Terrestrial Environments : Biogeochemistry, Bioavailability and Risks of Metals
0387986790: Chirality in Liquid Crystals
0387986804: Algorithms for Parallel Processing
0387986820: Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
0387986839: Programming for Everyone in Java
0387986847: Mathematica in Action
0387986863: Mathematical Conversations : Selections from the Mathematical Intelligencer
0387986901: Formal Power Series and Linear Systems of Meromorphic Ordinary Differential Equations
0387986928: Secrets of the Mind
0387986944: Further Topics on Discrete-Time Markov Control Processes
0387986960: Matrix Theory : Basic Results and Techniques
0387986979: Chaos Near Resonance : Methods and Applications
0387986987: Laplace Transform : Theory and Applications
0387986995: Basic Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations
0387987002: Linear Integral Equations
0387987010: Rare Earth : Why Complex Life Is Uncommon in the Universe
0387987029: Neural Crest in Development and Evolution
0387987037: Boilers and Burners : Design and Theory
0387987045: Plasticity : Mathematical Theory and Numerical Analysis
0387987053: Perturbation Analysis of Optimization Problems
0387987061: Economic Value of Information
0387987088: Latex for Linux : A Vade Mecum
0387987118: Biomaterials Science and Biocompatibility
0387987126: Perspectives of Information Systems
0387987169: Parallel Processing and Parallel Algorithms : Theory and Computation
0387987177: Modal and Temporal Properties of Processes
0387987185: Ordinal Data Modeling
0387987193: History of the Mind : Evolution and the Birth of Consciousness
0387987207: Leaps of Faith : Science, Miracles and the Search for Supernatural Consolation
0387987223: Science of Paintings
0387987231: Stochastic Controls : Hamiltonian Systems and HJB Equations
0387987258: Modeling, Analysis, Design, and Control of Stochastic Systems
0387987266: Topological Vector Spaces
0387987274: Advanced Topics in Computational Number Theory
0387987282: Laser Cooling and Trapping
0387987290: Introduction to Constraint Databases
0387987304: Bacterial and Bacteriophage Genetics
0387987312: Practical Considerations in Computer-Based Testing
0387987339: Multiple Organ Failure : Pathophysiologie, Prevention and Therapy
0387987347: Methods in Ecosystem Science
0387987363: Combinatorics and Graph Theory
0387987371: What Is Random? : Chance and Order in Mathematics and Life
0387987398: Theory of Multivariate Statistics
0387987428: Adventures in the Bone Trade : The Race to Discover Our Ancestors in Ethiopia's Afar Depression
0387987436: Methods in Ecosystem Science
0387987444: Energy Resources : Occurrence, Production, Conversion, Use
0387987452: Feedforward Neural Network Methodology
0387987460: Allen's Astrophysical Quantities
0387987479: Laser Cooling and Trapping
0387987487: Jan de Witt's Elementa Curvarum, Liber Primus
0387987495: Math Talks for Undergraduates
0387987509: Human Protein Metabolism
0387987525: Surgical Anatomy and Technique : A Pocket Manual
0387987533: Rational Drug Design
0387987541: Physics with Illustrative Examples from Medicine and Biology Vol. 2 : Statistical Physics
0387987568: Understanding Physics
0387987576: Studies in the Atmospheric Sciences
0387987584: Interactive Algebra and Dynamic Modeling : A Curriculum for the Third Millennium
0387987592: Introduction to Topological Manifolds
0387987606: Model Theory : An Introduction
0387987614: Conditional Specification of Statistical Models
0387987630: Local Geometry of the Fermi Surface : And High Frequency Phenomena in Metals
0387987649: Mission Jupiter : The Spectacular Journey of the Galileo Space Probe
0387987657: Galois Theory
0387987665: Orthogonal Arrays : Theory and Applications
0387987673: Probabilistic Networks and Expert Systems
0387987681: Chance Rules : An Informal Guide to Probability, Risk and Statistics
0387987703: Physics With Illustrative Examples from Medicine and Biology
0387987711: Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology : The Archaea, and the Deeply Branching and Phototropic Bateria
0387987738: Introduction to Stochastic Networks
0387987746: Grammar of Graphics
0387987754: Local Regression and Likelihood
0387987762: Chance Rules : An Informal Guide to Probability, Risk and Statistics
0387987770: Public Policy and Statistics : Case Studies from RAND
0387987789: Relative Distribution Methods in the Social Sciences
0387987797: Coupling, Stationarity and Regeneration
0387987800: Nature of Statistical Learning Theory
0387987819: Developmental Biology of Flowering Plants
0387987827: Selected Papers
0387987835: Designing Maintainable Software
0387987843: Modeling Survival Data : Extending the Cox Model
0387987851: Computational Genome Analysis : An Introduction
0387987878: Neuroscientist's Guide to Classical Conditioning
0387987886: Transition to Chaos in Conservative Classical Systems : Quantum Manifestations
0387987894: Statistical Analysis of Designed Experiments
0387987908: Perception of the Visual Environment
0387987916: Theory of Bergman Spaces
0387987932: Numerical Optimization
0387987940: Sphere Packings
0387987959: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387987975: C++ Toolkit for Engineers and Scientists
0387987983: Heat, Bearings, and Lubrication : Engineering Analysis of Thermally Coupled Shear Flows and Elastic Solid Boundaries
0387987991: Computational Radiology and Imaging : Therapy and Diagnostics
0387988009: Collected Papers 1978-1990
0387988017: Human Body Dynamics : Classical Mechanics and Human Movement
0387988025: Selecta, 1952-1970
0387988033: Selecta, 1971-1977
0387988041: Collected Papers 1990-1996
0387988068: Embryo Implantation : Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Aspects
0387988076: History of Inverse Probability : From Thomas Bayes to Karl Pearson
0387988084: Advanced Arthroscopy
0387988106: Sex-Steroid Interactions with Growth Hormone
0387988122: Applied Plasticity
0387988149: Applied Statistics in the Pharmaceutical Industry : With Case Studies Using S-Plus
0387988157: Data Segmentation and Model Selection for Computer Vision : A Statistical Approach
0387988165: Curve Ball : Baseball, Statistics and the Role of Chance in the Game
0387988203: Accidental Injury : Biomechanics and Prevention
0387988238: Statistical Methods in Software Engineering : Reliability and Risk
0387988246: Emerging Applications of Number Theory
0387988254: Modern Applied Statistics With S-PLUS: Third Edition
0387988262: Evolutionary Algorithms
0387988270: Light Science : Physics and the Visual Arts
0387988289: Statistics in Genetics
0387988300: Introduction to Difference Equations
0387988319: Problems and Solutions in Complex Analysis
0387988327: State-Space Search : Algorithms, Complexity Extensions and Applications
0387988335: Distant Light : Scientists and Public Policy
0387988343: Clusters and Small Particles : In Gases and Plasmas
0387988351: Measurement Errors and Uncertainties
0387988378: Big-Leaf Mahogany
0387988394: Banded Vegetation Patterning in Arid and Semiarid Environments : Ecological Processes and Consequences for Management
0387988408: Solving Problems in Genetics : Genetic Analysis Explained for Students
0387988416: Solving Problems in Genetics : Genetic Analysis Explained for Students
0387988440: Annotated Readings in the History of Statistics
0387988459: Dynamic Radiology of the Abdomen : Normal and Pathologic Anatomy
0387988483: Linear Models
0387988491: Listen to the Music : The Life of Hilary Koprowski
0387988548: Subsampling
0387988556: Noise in Spatially Extended Systems
0387988564: Diagnosis and Prediction
0387988572: Using the STL : The C++ Standard Template Library
0387988580: Grid Generation and Adaptive Algorithms
0387988599: Textbook of Graph Theory
0387988610: Gas-Phase Combustion Chemistry
0387988629: Analyzing Medical Data Using S-PLUS
0387988637: Statistical Consulting
0387988645: Testing Statistical Hypotheses
0387988653: Conscious Universe : Parts and Wholes in Physical Reality
0387988661: Robust Bayesian Analysis
0387988688: Dynamic Modeling, 2nd Edition
0387988718: Linear Algebra and Linear Models
0387988726: Bilinear Stochastic Models and Related Problems of Nonlinear Time Series Analysis : A Frequency Domain Approach
0387988734: Analysis of Multivariate Survival Data
0387988742: Pattern Formation in Continuous and Coupled Systems : A Survey Volume
0387988769: Return of the Crazy Bird : The Sad, Strange Tale of the Dodo
0387988777: Riddle of the Bones : Politics, Science, Race and the Story of Kennewick Man
0387988785: Ecosystems, Evolution and Ultraviolet Radiation
0387988793: Behavioral Neuroscience of the Septal Region
0387988807: Dynamic Modeling of Environmental Systems
0387988815: Computer Science Education in the 21st Century
0387988823: Permutation Methods
0387988858: Bayesian Inference in Wavelet Based Models
0387988882: Painleve Property : One Century Later
0387988890: Spatial Uncertainty for Ecology : Implications for Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
0387988920: Strings, Conformal Fields and M-Theory
0387988939: Simulation Modeling for Watershed Management
0387988947: Pathology of the Human Placenta
0387988955: Solitons : Properties, Dynamics, Interactions, Applications
0387988963: Testing Object-Oriented Software : Life-Cycle Solutions
0387988971: Charm of Strange Quarks : Mysteries and Revolutions of Particle Physics
0387988998: Fourier and Wavelet Analysis
0387989005: Responses of Northern U. S. Forests to Environmental Change
0387989021: Mathematical Models in Population Biology and Epidemiology
0387989056: Operative Treatment of Elbow Injuries
0387989072: Science and Applications of Acoustics
0387989080: Coherent States, Wavelets, and Their Generalizations : A Mathematical Overview
0387989099: Physics of Quantum Fields
0387989102: Biorganic Chemistry
0387989110: My Numbers, My Friends : Popular Lectures on Number Theory
0387989129: Elementary Methods in Number Theory
0387989145: Introduction to Contact Mechanics
0387989153: Biomag 96 : Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Biomagnetism
0387989161: Planiverse : Computer Contact with a Two-Dimensional World
0387989188: Elementary Lectures in Statistical Mechanics
0387989196: Quantum Mechanics
0387989218: Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement (SAMR) Grid Methods
0387989234: Nursing Informatics : Where Caring and Technology Meet
0387989242: Statistical Models in Epidemiology, the Environment and Clinical Trials
0387989250: Physics of Pulsatile Flow
0387989277: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387989285: Limnological Analysis
0387989293: Visual Quantum Mechanics: Selected Topics with Computer-Generated Animations of Quantum-Mechanical Phenomena (with CD-ROM)
0387989307: Sweet Reason : A Field Guide to Modern Logic
0387989315: Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers : Asymptotic Methods and Perturbation Theory
0387989323: Inside Calculus
0387989331: Statistical Reasoning in Medicine : The Intuitive P Value Primer
0387989358: Monte Carlo Methods in Bayesian Computation
0387989366: Mechanics and Reliability of Flexible Magnetic Media
0387989374: Ultrafast Phenomena in Semiconductors
0387989382: Thermodynamics of Energy Conversion and Transport
0387989390: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
0387989404: Convex Analysis and Nonlinear Optimization
0387989412: Orthogonal Polynomials for Exponential Weights
0387989420: Equations and Inequalities
0387989439: Analysis and Simulation of Chaotic Systems
0387989447: Management of Headache and Headache Medications
0387989455: Course in Robust Control Theory : A Convex Approach
0387989463: Pi : A Source Book
0387989471: Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields : Interactions
0387989498: Stamping Through Mathematics
0387989501: Time Series Analysis and Its Applications
0387989536: Probability for Statisticians
0387989552: Probability Via Expectation
0387989560: Random Signals for Engineers Using Mathcad and Matlab
0387989579: Mixed Effects Models in S and S-Plus
0387989587: Mathematical Methods : For Students of Physics and Related Fields
0387989595: Numerical Mathematics
0387989609: Quantum Cybernetics : Towards a Unification of Relativity and Quantum Theory via Circularly Casual Modeling
0387989617: The Basics of s and S-Plus
0387989625: Therapeutic Outcome of Endocrine Disorders
0387989633: Emergence of the Theory of Lie Groups
0387989641: Craft of Editing : A Guide for Managers, Scientists and Engineers
0387989668: S Programming
0387989676: Observational Studies
0387989684: Calogero-Moser-Sutherland Models
0387989692: Microcontinuum Field Theories II
0387989706: Numerical Methods for Bifurcation Problems and Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
0387989714: Historical Development of Quantum Theory
0387989722: Course in Modern Geometries
0387989730: AIP Physics Desk Reference
0387989749: Stat Labs : Learning Theory Through Applications
0387989757: Diophantine Geometry
0387989765: Graph Theory
0387989773: Compact Stars
0387989803: Invitation to Algebraic Geometry
0387989811: Diophantine Geometry
0387989838: Geometric Design of Linkages
0387989846: Information Technology for the Practicing Physician
0387989854: Stability and Transition in Shear Flows
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