0387989862: Physics Quick Reference Guide
0387989870: Biology of Menopause
0387989889: Molecular Engineering of Nanotechnology : Current and Future Methodologies
0387989897: Polarization, Alignment and Orientation in Atomic Collisions
0387989900: C++ and Object-Oriented Numeric Computing for Scientists and Engineers
0387989927: Geometry of Biological Time
0387989935: Gaussian Self-Affinity and Fractals : Globality, the Earth, 1/F Noise, R/S
0387989951: Mathematics for Econometrics
0387989978: Statistical Science in the Courtroom
0387989986: Modular Forms and Fermat's Last Theorem
0387989994: Concrete Introduction to Higher Algebra
0388130466: Gogos Pay Day
0388190167: Spindel, Kreuz Und Krone Herrscherinnen Des Mittelaters
0388236868: Planet Earth: The Blue Planet
0388240016: Theater Anders
0389000108: Anatomy and Physiology Vol. 1
0389000116: Ancient History
0389000124: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History
0389000132: General Anthropology
0389000140: history of Art with Examination Questions and Ansers
0389000159: Atlas of Human Anatomy Rev Edition
0389000167: Focus on Physics: Atomic Physics
0389000183: Basic Logic Fundamental Princples of Edition
0389000191: The Bible as Literature: The New Testament
0389000205: The Bible as literature: The Old Testament and Apocrypha (College outline series no. 56)
0389000213: Biology
0389000221: General Botany
0389000264: Business Writing (Barnes & Noble College Outline Series)
0389000272: the Calculas (Barnes & Noble College Outline Series)
0389000280: College chemistry
0389000302: Chemistry Inorganic Organic and Biological
0389000345: Corporation finance (Barnes & Noble college outline series, no. 7)
0389000426: Principles of Electricity for Students of Physics and Engineering (Coll. Outline S)
0389000442: History of England (Barnes & Noble College Outline Series, No. 123)
0389000477: Guide to English Literature
0389000493: History of Europe (Coll. Outline S)
0389000507: History of Europe Since 1815
0389000523: French Grammar
0389000558: Geology: An Introduction to Principles of Physical and Historical Geology
0389000604: German Grammar
0389000612: History of German Literature. Second Edition.
0389000620: American Government (College Outline Series).
0389000639: State and local government (College outline series, no. 112)
0389000655: Heredity: An Introduction to Genetics.
0389000728: An Outline History of English Literature, vol 1: to Dryden
0389000752: Modern Logic an Introduction
0389000760: Marketing
0389000787: College Mathematics
0389000825: Money and Banking
0389000841: Introduction to Music a Guide to Good Listening
0389000868: Focus on Physics. Nuclear Physics. The Principles of Nuclear Physics as Taught in the Introductory Physics Course
0389000892: Philosophy: an introduction (College outline series, no. 41)
0389000906: Handbook of Philosophy.
0389000922: Readings in Philosophy
0389000957: Physics without mathematics (College outline series, no. 67)
0389000973: Political Science
0389001007: Abnormal Psychology
0389001023: Educational Psychology
0389001031: General Psychology
0389001066: Qualitative Analysis
0389001090: Research and Report Writing: Barnes & Noble College Outline Series
0389001104: History of Russia 4ed
0389001139: A Critical History of Old English Literature
0389001163: Spanish Grammar
0389001171: Speech, a Handbook of Voice Training Diction and Public Speaking
0389001198: Statistical methods (College outline series, no. 27)
0389001228: Best methods of study (College outline series, no. 28)
0389001252: Writing Term Papers and Reports
0389001279: Modern Trigonometry an Analytic Approach
0389001309: United States since 1865 (College outline series, no. 30)
0389001325: Western Civilization to 1500
0389001333: Western Civilization Since 1500 (College. Outline Series)
0389001368: Wolrd Literature Vol II: Italian, French, Spanish, German & Russian Since 1300
0389001376: History of the World Since 1918
0389001384: General Zoology ( College Outline Series )
0389001392: Anatomy and Physiology
0389001406: Statistical problems (College outline series, no. 9)
0389001422: Calculus: A Modern Approach
0389002038: Archaelogy and Society: Reconstructing the Prehistoric Past
0389002046: Arithmetic Made Simple
0389002089: An Outline of the Bible Book By Book
0389002119: Body Building and Self Defense
0389002135: The Complete Book Of Duplicate Bridge
0389002194: First Book of Bridge
0389002240: Attack and Counterattack in Chess
0389002259: First book of Chess
0389002267: Chess For Beginners: A Picture Guide
0389002275: How to Win Chess Games Quickly
0389002291: Complete Book of Chess Openings : Combining the Seventh Book of Chess and the Eighth Book of Chess
0389002305: Chess Self-Teacher.
0389002321: The Concept Of Mind
0389002348: Creative Writing
0389002356: How to Dance
0389002364: How to draw and Paint
0389002372: Dictionary of Economics, Fifth Edition
0389002399: Errors in English and Ways to Correct Them
0389002402: Essential Left
0389002410: Etiquette For Today
0389002453: Flatland a Romance of Many Dimensions
0389002461: Fossils - Introduction to Prehistoric Life
0389002518: Grammar Rhetoric and Composition for Home Study
0389002534: Historical Atlas of the World
0389002542: Introduction to the Humanities; Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Music, and Literature
0389002569: Ideas of the Great Philosophers
0389002577: Italian for Begginers (Every Day Handbooks)
0389002615: Mathematical teasers (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 230)
0389002623: Mathematics for Practical Use
0389002631: Medieval People
0389002658: How To Improve Your Memory
0389002674: Notescript - a Self Taught System of Rapid Writing
0389002682: Plot Outlines of Best Novels
0389002704: Everyday Handbooks: Party Games
0389002712: Your Guide to Photography
0389002739: Fundamentals of Physiology (Everyday Handbooks).
0389002755: Dictionary of American Politics
0389002771: The Layman's Guide to Psychiatry
0389002798: Modern Psychology the Teachings of Carl
0389002801: Publick Speaking
0389002828: Punctuate It Right
0389002844: Religions of the World
0389002860: Rocks and Minerals
0389002887: Dr. Allan Fromme's Book on Sex and Marriage (Formerly Published Under the Title the Psychologist Looks at Sex and Marriage)
0389002941: Sociology: An Introduction To The Science Of Society
0389002976: Spanish For Beginners (Everyday Handbooks)
0389003050: Twelve Ways to Build A Vocabulary
0389003069: Watson's Classic Book on the Play of the Hand at Bridge
0389003085: Easy steps to safe swimming (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 259)
0389003093: Riding, Step by Step
0389003107: Sculpture for Beginners
0389003131: Karate: basic principles (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 307)
0389003158: Cybernetics Simplified (Everyday Handbooks)
0389003174: Short Cuts to Sewing Skill
0389003182: Read it right and remember what you read (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 306)
0389003190: Home buyer's guide (Everyday handbooks, no. 213)
0389003204: Dictionary of mathematics (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 311)
0389003212: Underwater World
0389003220: The black mood,: And other essays (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks)
0389003239: The Draft Law
0389003247: All about drugs (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 315)
0389003263: Locked in;: Surfing for life (Everyday handbooks)
0389003298: The Reader's Adviser: English Literature.
0389003336: Dictionary of biology
0389003344: The franchise handbook;: A complete guide to selecting, buying, and operating (Barnes & Noble everyday handbooks, no. 322)
0389003360: The small investor's handbook for long-term security or quick profit (Everyday handbooks)
0389004502: Elements of quantum mechanics with chemical applications (Barnes & Noble international textbook series)
0389004553: Experimental General Chemistry,
0389004561: Physics, Mechanics and Heat
0389004588: Chemical Analysis:an Intensive Introduction to Modern Analysis: An Intensive Introduction to Modern Analysis
0389004618: General Organic Chemistry
0389004626: Physics (International textbook series)
0389004634: Writing Behavioral Objectives; a Programmed Exercise for Beginners
0389004642: Biological Techniques in Electron Microscopy
0389004669: Experimental organic chemistry
0389005002: Invention protection for practicing engineers (Professional engineering career development series)
0389005010: Probability for Practicing Engineers
0389005029: Water quality engineering for practicing engineers (Professional engineering career development series)
0389005037: Oceanography for practicing engineers (Professional engineering career development series)
0389005088: Applied engineering statistics for practicing engineers (Professional engineering career development series)
0389005096: Theory and Techniques of Optimization for Practicing Engineers
0389005118: Fundamental Principles of Polymeric Materials for Practicing Engineers
0389005134: Basics of circuit analysis for practicing engineers (Professional engineering career development series)
0389005312: Quantitative Management Methods for Practicing Engineers
0389007064: Keynotes:Calculus and Analytic Geometry Simplified
0389007218: Western civilization simplified (Keynotes, 719)
0389008117: Barnes & Noble Book Notes for Nathaniel Hawthorne: The House Of The Seven Gables, Prepared For Barnes & Noble
0389008826: Honore De Balzac:Pere Goriot
0389010022: John Keat's Dream Of Truth
0389010065: The Origins Of Alchemy In Graeco- Roman Egypt.
0389010081: Gogol Marriage : An Absolutely Incredible Incident in Two Acts
0389010111: Alexander Mackenzie and the North West (Great Travellers Series)
0389010146: Henry Walter Bates
0389010162: Problems and Methods in Linguistics
0389010170: SHORTER POEMS, edited by DENNIS BURDEN
0389010189: The Poems of Andrew Marvell
0389010197: ENGLISH POETRY 1400-1580
0389010227: Prose of John Clare
0389010235: James Joyce, the Critical Heritage
0389010243: Browning: The Critical Heritage.
0389010278: The Triumph of English 1350-1400
0389010294: Romanticism and the Social Order 1780-1830.
0389010308: The Borgias;: The rise and fall of a Renaissance dynasty
0389010324: A Chronological Account of Nearly Four Hundred (400) Irish Writers: With a Descriptive Catalogue of Their Works
0389010359: France since the Revolution: And Other Aspects of Modern History
0389010367: Modern Miscellany Presented To Eugene Vinaver By Pupils, Colleagues And Friends.
0389010464: Roads
0389010596: Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
0389010618: Poets of the thirties,
0389010626: Poetry and Its Background, Illustrated by Five Poems, 1470-1870
0389010634: Novel and Romance. 1700-1800: A Documentary Record
0389010669: High-Energy Astrophysics
0389010677: German Diplomatic Documents, 1871-1914. Volume I: Bismarck's Relations with England, 1871-1890, Volume 2: From Bismarck's Fall to 1898, Volume 3: The Growing Antagonism, 1898-1910, & Volume 4: The Descent to the Abyss, 1911-1914
0389010685: A History of Germany, 1715-1815
0389010731: The personality of Jonathan Swift
0389010839: Crown Lands 1461-1536 : a Aspect of Yorkist and Early Tudor Goverment
0389010847: The Criticism of Henry Fielding
0389010855: Critical Essays on George Eliot
0389010871: Historical Atlas Of The World
0389010928: Swift: The Critical Heritage
0389010936: Blake's Visionary Universe
0389011592: Town, country and people, (Studies in Soviet society)
0389011649: Art and Life of William Shakespeare
0389011711: Roman Vergil
0389011738: Jean-Jacques Rousseau; a critical study of his life and writings
0389011746: A Petite Pallace of Pettie His Pleasure
0389011894: An introduction to the Laplace transformation with engineering applications (Methuen's monographs on physical subjects)
0389011908: Coal is Our Life: An Analysis of a Yorkshire Mining Community
0389011916: Coal is Our Life: An Analysis of a Yorkshire Mining Community. 2nd ed.
0389012041: Theory of the Classical Novel
0389012068: Essays in American Economic History
0389012076: Principles of Applied Electricity
0389012343: Essays on the Greek Historians and Greek History
0389012483: Nineteenth-century gallery; portraits of power and rebellion
0389012521: Lawyers and litigants in ancient Athens;: The genesis of the legal profession
0389012599: Agrarian Change and Economic Development: The Historical Problems
0389012645: Corrosion Prevention for Practicing Engineers
0389012777: Multicompartment Models for Biological Systems Methuen's Monographs
0389012793: Piers Plowman:Critical Approaches
0389012904: James Boswell: the life of Samuel Johnson (Barnes & Noble book notes, 857)
0389013072: Word Unheard
0389013307: Coleridge; the Critical Heritage
0389013315: Scott:the Critical Heritage
0389013323: Manifold Voice: Studies in Commonwealth Literature.
0389013463: Introduxtions To The Humanities
0389013471: Dictionary of Electronics and Nucleonics
0389013587: Avatar and incarnation.
0389013609: Neurosis & crime
0389013676: Writings on British History Volume 5 2vol
0389013706: Handel: A descriptive catalogue of the early editions,
0389013803: The Globe Playhouse: its design and equipment
0389015318: Flatland a Romance of Many Dimensions
0389016950: Byron: the critical heritage (The Critical heritage series)
0389017582: Shakespeares Tragic Heros Slaves of Pass
0389017906: Neglected powers; essays on nineteenth and twentieth century literature
0389018376: River of Dissolution: D.H. Lawrence & English Romanticism
0389020419: A Life of John Keats
0389021547: The Novels of Samuel Beckett
0389021997: Atlas Of Human Anatomy
0389022349: Revolt of the Netherlands, 1555-1609. Second Edition.
0389029408: Fossils: A Guide to Prehistoric Life
0389032018: Medieval People
0389034746: Dictionary of economics
0389035254: German Literature of the Eighteenth & Ni
0389035572: Social Change and Revolution In England 15
0389035963: Silent poetry;: Essays in numerological analysis
0389039578: Conrad and the Human Dilemma
0389039586: Education since 1800
0389039608: Old English Libraries: The Making, Collection, and Use of Books during the Middle Ages
0389039616: Elizabeth's Irish Wars
0389039624: Poems of Charles Churchill
0389039640: George Meredith. Some Early Appreciations.
0389039659: Vasco Da Gama and His Successors 1460-1580
0389039705: Sir Walter Scott: The Formative Years
0389039713: Swinburne, the Critical Heritage
0389039756: Eastern Wisdom and Western Thought
0389039772: Slang: To-Day and Yesterday
0389039780: Writings of E M Forster
0389039802: Humanism in France at the End of the Middle Ages and in the Early Renaissance
0389039810: Browning's Mind and Art
0389039829: George Moore's Mind and Art
0389039853: Dryden's Mind and Art
0389039861: Science, Industry and Society. Studies in the Sociology of Science
0389039926: Discharges in Electronegative Gases
0389039934: The dramatist's experience, with other essays in literary theory
0389039950: Wordsworth and the Adequacy of Landscape
0389039985: Government in action in the United Kingdom
0389039993: Thomas Campion: Poet, Composer, Physician
0389040002: Scott's mind and art (Essays old and new, 6)
0389040150: Documentary and Imaginative Literature, 1880-1920
0389040169: Arthurian romance: seven essays
0389040207: Dream of the Rood
0389040266: Theory & Practice of Neutrality in the T
0389040320: Memoirs of the Verney family
0389040339: The King's Serjeants and Officers of State, With Their Coronation Services
0389040347: Genealogy of the Pepys Family 1273-1887
0389040363: Geographical Interpretations of Historical Sources
0389040460: J. R. McCulloch: A Study in Classical Economics
0389040479: Scottish Historical Documents
0389040487: The Torrington Diaries 1781--1794 (Vol 1)
0389040495: A Survey of Primitive Money: The Beginning of Currency
0389040509: British Antiquity
0389040517: Middle English Literature: a Critical Study of the romances, the Religious Lyrics, Piers Plowman
0389040525: The voyage to Illyria: A new study of Shakespeare (Methuen library reprints)
0389040533: Logic of Power
0389040541: Categorial Frameworks
0389040584: MAN AND HIS HABITAT essays presented to Emyr Estyn Evans.
0389040592: Oscar Wilde: the critical heritage (The Critical heritage series)
0389040622: The Disinherited Mind; : Essays In Modern German Literature And Thought
0389040649: Shakespeare's Dramatic Style
0389040657: Ph Meters
0389040681: A Chronological History of Voyages into the Arctic Regions (1818)
0389040746: The vision of hell;: Infernal journeys in medieval French literature
0389040762: Selected poems & prose (The Poetry bookshelf)
0389040770: South Asia; selective studies of the essential geography of India, Pakistan, and Ceylon
0389040800: Hardy's Vision of Man
0389040819: Kipling: The Critical Heritage
0389040827: Early keyboard instruments, from their beginnings to the year 1820,
0389040835: The Amusements of Old London : Being a Survey of the Sports and Pastimes Tea Gardens and Parks, Playhouses and Other Diversions of the People of London From the Beginning of the 19th Century
0389040851: Spenser: The Critical Heritage
0389040886: Labour In American Politics
0389040894: Arthur of Albion
0389040916: The Romance of Tristran, A Poem of the Twelfth Century Volume II Introduction, Commentary
0389040924: The Language of Tennyson's In Memoriam
0389040940: Three Sacred Cows of Economics
0389040959: Reasons for Actions: A Critique of Utilitarian Rationality.
0389040967: Cartesian Studies
0389041068: Meredith, the Critical Heritage (the Critical Heritage Series)
0389041122: Collected papers
0389041165: The Baronial Plan of Reform, 1258-1263 Including the Raleigh Lecture on History Delivered to the British Academy, 1954
0389041173: The Chorus of History
0389041203: Biological aspects of demography, (Symposia of the Society for the Study of Human Biology)
0389041238: The Soviet Chemical Industry
0389041262: Dryden:the Critical Heritage: The Critical Heritage
0389041270: Soviet Economic Development
0389041289: The Making of the modern world;
0389041297: Shakespeares Eden
0389041327: Collected Papers On The Jacobite Risings 2 Volume Set
0389041351: Collected Essays on Italian Language & Literature Presented to Kathleen Speight
0389041378: The Sophist & The Statesman
0389041386: Into Tibet. The Early British Explorers.
0389041394: Witch hunting and witch trials;: The indictments for witchcraft from the records of 1373 assizes held for the Home Circuit A.D. 1559-1736
0389041408: The Trial of the Lancaster Witches 1612.
0389041416: Daemonologia: A Discourse On Witchcraft As It Was Acted In The Family Of Mr. Edward Faifax, Of Fuyston, In The County Of York, In The Year 1621; Along With The Only Two Eclogues Of The Same Author Known To Be In Existence With A Biographical & Illustrative.
0389041424: Examen of Witches
0389041432: Defoe.
0389041513: Chinese Central Asia
0389041521: Introduction to Transformational Syntax.
0389041564: Wage Regulation in Pre-Industrial England
0389041572: The Languages of Literature: Some Linguistic Contributions to Criticism.
0389041580: The novels of Wells, Bennett, and Galsworthy: 1890-1910
0389041661: French Capitalism in the 19th Century
0389041688: Voices of Melancholy
0389041718: Lasers and Their Applications.
0389041785: Working Classes in Victorian Fiction
0389041793: Working-class Stories of the 1890's.
0389041807: Johnson; the critical heritage.
0389041815: Ideas of Greatness: Heroic Drama in England
0389041823: Sir Robert Peel
0389041858: Northern Ireland:50 Years of Self-Government: 50 Years of Self-Government
0389041874: Report on Japan to the secret committee of the English East India Company
0389041890: Education:Its Nature and Purpose
0389041998: The Communist Party And Indias Foreign Policy
0389042005: The Emergence of the Indian National Congress
0389042013: The tempest within;: An account of East Pakistan
0389042072: Thomas Carlyle: The Critical Heritage.
0389042080: Walt Whitman; : The Critical Heritage
0389042145: Planning By Mathematics. (Topics in operational research)
0389044385: Mithras:the Fellow in the Cap
0389044393: Rochester: the critical heritage (Critical heritage series)
0389044407: Keats. The Critical Heritage
0389044504: Meredith Now: Some Critical Essays
0389044512: History of the Mongol Conquests
0389044539: Irish Industry:Structure and Performance
0389044571: Ancient Persia and Iranian Civilization
0389044822: Dictionary of Science and Technology
0389045098: Heat transfer (Applications of mathematics series)
0389045128: Politics and the Bench: The Judges and the Origins of the English Civil War
0389045721: Collected Papers On the Jacobite Ri Volume 2
0389045802: Political Development in Nepal 1950-70: Conflict Between Tradition and Modernity.
0389045845: Full Circle: Shakespeare and Moral Development
0389045896: Politics and Poetry in the Fifteenth Century.
0389046043: INTERACTION OF METALS AND GASES: Volume I. Thermodynamics and Phase Relations
0389046051: How it happened
0389046078: Literature in action;: Studies in continental and Commonwealth society by...
0389046086: Essays on Classical Literature: Selected from Arion
0389046132: Transport & Communication in Early Medieval Europe
0389046159: The British Hosiery and Knitwear Industry: Its history and organization
0389046175: Education; Elementary Education, 1780-1900
0389046183: British Pioneers in Geography
0389046191: A Literary History of Spain; The Eighteenth Century
0389046221: Literary History of Spain the Nineteenth Century,A
0389046248: Literary History of Spain the Twentieth Century,A
0389046256: The Making of Cities
0389046442: Towards a New Philosophy of Management
0389046493: Beroul's Romance of Tristran;
0389046523: Basic Approaches to Group Psychotherapy and Group Counselling
0389046531: Parliamentary Democracy in Japan
0389046620: Socialism in India
0389141720: Not found - converted to zShop
0389200018: The Women of the United Arab Emirates
0389200026: Wage Differentials and Economic Growth
0389200042: Beckett and the Voice of Species
0389200050: Sean O'Casey, from times past
0389200069: Novels of Margaret Drabble : Equivocal Figures
0389200085: Three Tomorrows
0389200093: Three Tomorrows
0389200115: How to Save the World
0389200123: Black Fiction
0389200158: The New German Cinema
0389200174: Agriculture in France on the Eve of the Railway Age
0389200190: Policy and Government in Northern Ireland : Lessons of Devolution
0389200212: Literature of Change : Studies in the Nineteenth Century Provincial Novel
0389200220: George Meredith, a Reappraisal of the Novels
0389200239: Ronsard's Ordered Chaos, Visions of flux and stability in the poetry of Pierre de Ronsard
0389200247: Balkan Society in the Age of Greek Indep
0389200271: Anthony Trollope
0389200298: English Romantic Hellenism
0389200301: Tragedy and Tragi-Comedy in the Plays of John Webster
0389200336: The Melancholy Man A Study of Dicken's Novels
0389200344: A Baronial Household of the Thirteenth Century
0389200360: Literature and Society in Germany, 1918-1945
0389200379: Reality at Risk : A Defence of Realism in Philosophy and the Sciences
0389200387: Modern Austrian Writing : Literature and Society after 1945
0389200409: Wordsworth & the Poetry of Epitaphs
0389200417: Austin Clarke: A Study of His Writing
0389200441: The Trollope Critics
0389200468: Reader and Shakespeare's Young Man Sonnets
0389200476: Religion and Rational Choice
0389200484: Computational Grammar : An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Linguistic Description
0389200492: Modelling in Geography
0389200514: The Age of Milton, Backgrounds to tSevententh-Century literature
0389200522: Age of Milton : Backgrounds to Seventeenth-Century Literature
0389200530: Against Empiricism : On Education, Epistemology and Value
0389200549: Art of Emily Bronte
0389200557: Lawrence and Women
0389200565: Scott Fitzgerald : Crisis in an American Identity
0389200573: Poetry of Thomas Hardy
0389200581: George Eliot : Centenary Essays and an Unpublished Fragment
0389200603: New Approaches to Coleridge: Biographical and Critical Essays
0389200611: George Gissing : Critical Essays (Critical Studies)
0389200638: Elusive Daniel Defoe
0389200646: Figures of Reality: A Perspective on the Poetic Imagination
0389200662: Tennyson
0389200689: A Baronial Household of the Thirteenth Century
0389200697: Roman Literature and Society
0389200700: D.H. Lawrence: Interviews and Recollections
0389200719: Conrad and the West: Signs of Empire.
0389200727: Eighteen Sixty-Nine to Nineteen Eighteen
0389200735: 1919-1933
0389200743: Swift's Anatomy of Misunderstanding : A Study of Swift's Epistemological Imagination in A Tale of a Tub and Gulliver's Travels
0389200751: Education and Inquiry.
0389200778: D H Lawrence and the Art of Translation
0389200794: Cowper's Poetry : A Critical Study and Reassessment
0389200808: Selected Poems of Thomas Hardy
0389200816: George Eliot: Romantic Humanist Of Study of the Philosophic Structure of Her Novels
0389200832: Radical Issues in Criminology
0389200859: William Morris and His Earthly Paradises
0389200867: China : Liberation and Transformation, 1942-1962
0389200875: China : Radicalism to Revisionism 1962-1979
0389200883: Portrait of Elizabeth 1
0389200905: Eighteenth Century Encounters: Essays on Literature and Society in the Age of Walpole
0389200913: Nature and Culture in D.H. Lawrence
0389200948: Defoe's Early Life
0389200964: Sean O'Casey: Centenary Lectures (Irish Literary Studies)
0389201006: Women Workers in the First World War: The British Experience
0389201014: The German Family
0389201030: Victorian Education and the Ideal of Womanhood
0389201049: Romantic Movement
0389201065: Laurence Sterne & the Argument about Design
0389201073: Roman Invasion of Britain
0389201081: Shakespeare's Impact on His Contemporaries
0389201103: Zola and the Bourgeoisie : A Study of Themes and Techniques in Les Rougon Macquart
0389201111: The Gap in Shakespeare: The Motif of Division from 'Richard Ii' to 'the Tempest
0389201138: Nazi Organisation of Women
0389201146: Karl Marx : Interviews and Recollections
0389201162: Structured Crowd : Essays in English Social History
0389201170: Rome against Caratacus: The Roman campaigns in Britain, AD 48-58
0389201197: Ways of Reading the Bible
0389201200: Marx and Engels on Law and Laws
0389201219: French Literature in the Twentieth Century
0389201227: Shakespeare's Women
0389201235: John Milton and the English Revolution: A Study in the Sociology of Literature
0389201243: Ceremonial costume: Court, civil, and civic costume from 1660 to the present day
0389201278: Essays on Shelley.
0389201286: Rites and Religions of the Anglo-Saxons
0389201294: Punishment, Danger and Stigma : The Morality of Criminal Justice
0389201308: Film in History
0389201316: The history of Western education
0389201332: The American Novel in the Twentieth Century (Comparative Literature)
0389201340: Mohammed and Charlemagne
0389201359: Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays
0389201367: Equality
0389201375: Reader's Guide to 50 British Poets, 1300-1900
0389201383: Reader's Guide to 50 European Novels
0389201391: Reader's Guide to Fifty British Plays, 1660-1900
0389201413: Tragedy: Serious drama in relation to Aristotle's Poetics
0389201448: Inflation, Depression and Economic Policy in the West
0389201456: Robert Louis Stevenson: A Critical Celebration
0389201480: Western Saharans : Background to Conflict
0389201499: The Monmouth Rebellion: A Social History, Including the Complete Text of Wade's Narrative, 1685, and a Guide to the Battlefield of Sedgemoor
0389201502: Ivan the Terrible
0389201510: Sambo Sahib
0389201529: Turgenev and George Sand: An Improbable Entente.
0389201596: Making of the Modern Homosexual
0389201618: W.B. Yeats and Irish Folklore.
0389201642: Perspectives on Romanticism
0389201669: W. B. Yeats and the Anti-Democratic Tradition
0389201685: Seventeenth-century England, a changing culture
0389201693: Seventeenth-century England: A Changing Culture. Volume 2: Modern Studies
0389201707: African Socialism in Two Countries
0389201715: A World history of the twentieth century.
0389201723: Edgar Allan Poe Companion
0389201731: Shakespearean Structures
0389201758: Short History of English Poetry
0389201774: Class in English History, 1680-1850
0389201804: Essays on Sean O'casey's Autobiographies
0389201812: Pioneers of Modern Economics in Britain
0389201820: Theatre of Jean Anouilh
0389201839: Who's Who in the Bible
0389201847: Richard III
0389201855: Crisis in Marxism
0389201863: Germany in the age of total war by
0389201928: Time in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot: A Study in Structure and Theme
0389201944: Latin America : Economic Development and Regional Differentiation
0389201952: Latin America: Economic Development and Regional Differentiation
0389201960: Reconstructing the Past
0389201979: Ezra Pound, identity in crisis: A fundamental reassessment of the poet and his work
0389201987: Literature, Language and Society in England 1580-1680
0389202002: Princes & paupers in the English Church, 1500-1800
0389202010: Joyce Cary : Liberal Principles
0389202029: Edwin Muir, Uncollected Scottish Criticism (Critical Studies Series)
0389202037: Art of Robert Burns
0389202045: Elizabeth Bowen, an Estimation
0389202053: Beyond Art: What Art Is and Might Become If Freed from Cultural Elitism
0389202096: Wordsworth and the Beginnings of Modern Poetry
0389202185: Words in Everyday Life
0389202193: Dickens, Novelist in the Market-Place
0389202215: Brendan Behan: Interviews and Recollections, Volume 1 (of 2)
0389202223: Brendan Behan; Interviews and Recollections Volume 2
0389202231: Crime and Social Justice (Critical Criminology Ser.)
0389202258: A George Eliot Miscellany: A Supplement to Her Novels
0389202266: Tragic Drama and Modern Society
0389202290: Studies in Language and Reason
0389202304: A Dictionary of economic quotations
0389202312: Popular Appeal in English Drama to 1850
0389202320: Contemporary Drama and the Popular Dramatic Tradition in England
0389202339: Denis Johnston : A Retrospective (Irish Literary Studies Ser, No. 8)
0389202347: Literature & the Changing Ireland
0389202363: Studies in Tennyson
0389202371: Rational Landscapes and Humanistic Geography
0389202401: Smollett: Author of the First Distinction (Critical Studies Series)
0389202436: South America
0389202452: Thesaurus of British Archaeology
0389202509: Wagner to The Waste Land
0389202517: Immortality or Extinction
0389202525: George Eliot A Centenary Tribute
0389202533: The Intelligible Universe: A Cosmological Argument
0389202541: Ancient Irish Tales
0389202568: A New History of England, 410-1975
0389202584: Bangladesh
0389202592: Thomas Hardy and Women : Sexual Ideology and Narrative Form
0389202630: Dictionary of Education
0389202649: Buddhist Studies : Ancient and Modern
0389202665: Buddhist Philosophy of Thought : Essays in Interpretation
0389202711: Biographical Dictionary of Renaissance Poets and Dramatists, 1520-1650
0389202738: Browning and the Fictions of Identity
0389202770: John Galsworthy:
0389202789: The Return of King Arthur: British and American Arthurian Literature Since 1900 I.E. 1800 (Arthurian Studies)
0389202800: Novels of Colin Wilson
0389202819: Nathaniel Hawthorne : New Critical Essays
0389202827: Jane Austen : A Reassessment
0389202835: Ezra Pound: Tactics for reading (Critical studies series)
0389202843: Ernest Hemingway : New Critical Essays (Critical Studies)
0389202851: Literature & the Left in France : Society, Politics & the Novel since the Late Nineteenth Century (The Humanities Research Centre Macmillan)
0389202878: A Companion to Old and Middle English Studies
0389202908: James Joyce: An International Perspective
0389202916: Standard Languages : Spoken and Written
0389202932: Language As Living Form in Nineteenth Century Poetry
0389202940: Artist and Society in Shakespeare's England
0389202959: Women and Literature, 1779-1982
0389202975: Evolutionary Self : Hardy, Forster, Lawrence
0389202983: Arctic and Antarctic : A Modern Geographical Synthesis
0389202991: Introduction to Philosophical Logic
0389203009: Introduction to Philosophical Logic
0389203017: Inside Belsen
0389203025: Unofficial Trollope
0389203033: Annotated Critical Bibliography of Modernism
0389203068: Modern Literary Theory : A Comparative Introduction
0389203076: Synge: The Medieval and the Grotesque
0389203084: Carleton's 'Traits and Stories' and the 19th Century Anglo-Irish Tradition
0389203092: The Soviet Union: A systematic geography
0389203106: The Soviet Union
0389203114: Romantic to Modern Literature : Essays and Ideas of Culture, 1750-1900
0389203122: D. H. Lawrence Handbook
0389203130: Sexuality in Eighteenth-Century Britain
0389203149: Sexual Dimension in Literature
0389203165: Short History of Anglo-Irish Literature
0389203181: Way Back : George Moore's The Untilled Field and The Lake
0389203203: Modern World Development : A Geographical Perspective
0389203262: Dialogues on Morality and Religion
0389203270: A Concise Dictionary of Foreign Expressions
0389203289: Entrepreneur : An Economic Theory
0389203319: Early children's books: A collector's guide by Quayle, Eric
0389203378: A history of the world economy: International economic relations since 1850
0389203386: Bibliography of South Asian Periodicals : A Union List of Periodicals in South Asian Languages
0389203394: Bibliographical Guide to Iran : The Middle East Library Committee Guide
0389203408: Alexander Pushkin : A Critical Study
0389203424: Memory and Writing from Wordsworth to Lawrence
0389203432: Ideology of Max Weber : A Thomist Critique
0389203440: Henry James : An American As Modernist
0389203459: Anne Bronte : A New Critical Assessment
0389203467: Since Ocasey & Other Essays on Irish Dra
0389203483: The Courtly Love Tradition
0389203491: Morality and Language
0389203505: The Writings of Evelyn Waugh
0389203513: Marxism and Christianity
0389203521: Political Economy of Bureaucracy
0389203548: Offensive Literature : Decensorship in Britain, 1960-1982
0389203556: On History and Other Essays
0389203564: Development of Word Order Patterns in Old English
0389203572: Progress in Urban Geography
0389203580: Progress in Rural Geography
0389203599: Batsford Companion to Medieval England
0389203610: Woman in Irish Legend, Life and Literature
0389203629: Archaeology an Introduction : The History, Principles and Methods of Modern Archaeology
0389203637: Women's Religious Experience
0389203645: One Hundred Irish Lives
0389203653: Simone de Beauvoir : A Study of Her Writings
0389203688: E.M. Forster : Our Permanent Contemporary
0389203718: Sir Walter Scott
0389203726: The Changing World of Charles Dickens (Critical Studies Series)
0389203750: Virginia Woolf, New Critical Essays
0389203769: Herman Melville: Reassessments (Critical Studies Series)
0389203777: Nineteenth-Century American Poetry
0389203793: Bradley's Logic
0389203815: Metaphysics: Methods and Problems
0389203823: Data, Models and Statistical Analysis
0389203831: Data, Models and Statistical Analysis
0389203866: Change in South Africa : Blind Alleys or New Directions?
0389203874: Still Harping on Daughters
0389203882: Mirror of Criticism : Selected Reviews, 1977-1982
0389203890: A New Companion to Greek Tragedy
0389203904: Shelley Revalued Essays From the Gregyno
0389203912: John Forster
0389203920: Urban and Rural Change in West Germany
0389203939: Dictionary of Essential Quotations
0389203947: Public and Private Man in Shakespeare
0389203955: George Moore in Perspective
0389203971: The Irish Writer and the City (Irish Literary Studies)
0389203998: The Economic Geography of France
0389204013: Explaining Hitler's Germany : Historians and the Third Reich
0389204021: The Quest for Sherlock Holmes: A Biographical Study of Arthur Conan Doyle by...
0389204048: Late Roman Fortifications
0389204064: Balzac and the French Revolution
0389204072: W. B. Yeats Dramatist of Vision (Irish Literary Studies Ser, No. 17)
0389204080: The Illustrated Guide to Film Directors
0389204099: Britain and Ireland, 1914-1923
0389204110: Modern Macroeconomic Theory
0389204137: Players & Painted Stage :W B Yeats
0389204145: The Jews of Europe and the Inquisition of Venice, 1550-1670
0389204153: Choice, Expectation and Uncertainty : An Appraisal of G. L. S. Shackle's Theory
0389204161: Contemporary Capitalism and Marxist Economics
0389204188: German Literature under National Socialism
0389204196: Political Repression in 19th Century Europe
0389204226: Reconstructing Literature
0389204234: England and Its Rulers 1066-1272: Foreign Lordship and National Identity
0389204242: Characters of Joyce
0389204269: The Catholic Church in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: A Sociological Study.
0389204277: Marx and Engels : A Conceptual Concordance
0389204307: A Dictionary of Classical Reference in English Poetry
0389204366: Structures and Transformations : The Romance Verb
0389204374: British Cinema and Society : Nineteen Thirty to Nineteen Seventy
0389204382: International Economics
0389204390: Roman Britain: History and Sites
0389204404: The Novel & Society : Defoe to George Eliot
0389204412: David Harvey's Geography
0389204420: John Bunyan Allegory and Imagination
0389204455: Krushchev and the Communist World
0389204471: The Making of the Roman Army: From Republic to Empire
0389204498: The Rise of Romance
0389204501: The Teaching of George Eliot
0389204528: Colonial Africa
0389204536: Business Cycle After Keynes
0389204560: Land Problem in the Developed Economy
0389204579: Dickens and the Grotesque
0389204587: Shakespearian Dimensions
0389204595: The Deceptive Text An Introduction to Covert Plots
0389204609: Modern american poetry
0389204617: Thomas De Quincey's Reluctant Autobiography
0389204625: Art of Oliver Goldsmith
0389204668: Stranglehold on Africa
0389204676: Theory of Reading
0389204692: Modern Literary Theory
0389204706: The English Common People : A Social History from the Norman Conquest to the Present
0389204714: Herman Melville : Reassessments
0389204722: Fascism & Prefascism in Europe 1890 1945
0389204730: Laurence Sterne : Riddles and Mysteries
0389204749: Arthur's Kingdom of Adventure
0389204773: Judaism
0389204781: Zoroastrianism
0389204803: Black Protest Politics in South Africa to 1912
0389204811: Geography since the Second World War : An International Survey
0389204838: English Theatre in Transition, 1880-1914
0389204846: Ideas into Politics
0389204854: Marxists in Face of Fascism: Writings by Marxists on Fascism from the Inter-War Period
0389204862: Eve Tempted
0389204870: Muriel Bradbrook on Shakespeare
0389204889: Muriel Bradbrook on Shakespeare
0389204900: The Poetry of Keats: Language and Experience
0389204919: The Life of Jane Austen
0389204935: Political Geography : Recent Advances and Future Directions
0389204943: Language and Society in Anglo-Irish Literature
0389204951: Economic Management of the Firm
0389204986: Growth and Structure of International Trade since the Second World War
0389205001: Wordsworth's Language of Men
0389205028: Henry James' Shorter Masterpieces, Volume 1
0389205036: Henry James' Shorter Masterpieces (Henry James' Shorter Masterpieces)
0389205044: Henry James' Shorter Masterpieces
0389205052: Henry James' Shorter Masterpieces
0389205060: Double Perspective of Yeats's Aesthetic
0389205079: Biogeography : Recent Advances and Future Directions
0389205087: Poetry of Stevie Smith : Little Girl Lost
0389205095: Sex, ideology, and religion: The representation of women in the Bible by...
0389205109: Reason and Spontaneity : An Essay in Moral Philosophy
0389205125: The Geography of Western Europe: A Socio-Economic Survey
0389205133: Stagecraft in Euripides
0389205141: Sir Philip Sidney and the Interpretation of Renaissance Culture: The Poet in His Time and in Ours : A Collection of Critical and Scholarly Essays
0389205168: Ancient Fiction : The Novel in the Graeco-Roman World
0389205176: Great Economists Since Keynes: An Introduction to the Lives & Works of One Hundred Modern Economists
0389205184: Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart: Two Queens in One Isle
0389205206: The Homes and Homeless of Post-War Britain.
0389205222: Mathematics for Modern Economics
0389205230: German-Soviet Relations in the Weimar Ear: Friendship From Necessity.
0389205257: Power of the Early Tudor Nobility : A Study of the Fourth and Fifth Earls of Shrewsbury
0389205265: Literary Labyrinth : Contemporary Critical Discourses
0389205273: Crisis for Western Political Economy, and Other Essays
0389205281: Ethnic Groups and the State
0389205303: Moderns and Contemporaries: Novelists, Poets and Critics
0389205311: Bone, antler, ivory & horn: The technology of skeletal materials since the Roman period
0389205338: Political Dilemmas of Military Regimes
0389205346: Samuel Johnson: New Critical Essays (Critical Studies Series)
0389205354: Harold Pinter : You Never Heard Such Silence
0389205362: Augustus to Nero: A sourcebook on Roman history, 31 BC-AD 68
0389205370: Geomorphology : Themes and Trends
0389205419: Mark Twain: A Sumptuous Variety (Critical Studies Series)
0389205427: Politics Without Democracy : Great Britain, 1815-1914 Perception and Preoccupation in British Government
0389205435: Peace-Making in the Middle East : Problems and Prospects
0389205451: Search the Scriptures
0389205478: Divestment and Strategic Change
0389205486: Economics of Change in Less Developed Countries
0389205494: Shakespeare: The Lost Years
0389205508: Economics of Change in Less Developed Countries
0389205524: O'Casey the Dramatist
0389205532: Money, Inflation and Unemployment : The Role of Money in the Economy
0389205567: Black's Agricultural Dictionary
0389205575: North America
0389205591: Defoe's Fiction
0389205605: Revolution: A History of the Idea
0389205621: The Achievement of Graham Greene
0389205648: Thomas Hardy : Towards a Materialist Criticism
0389205656: The Dictionary of Genealogy.
0389205664: The Years of Triumph: German Military and Diplomatic History 1933-41 Hardcover
0389205699: Protestant Nationalists in Revolutionary Ireland
0389205702: The Roman Art of War Under the Republic.
0389205729: Government of the Roman Empire
0389205737: W. H. Auden : The Far Interior
0389205745: Worst of Times : An Oral History of the Great Depression in Britain
0389205753: Europe since 1945 : An Introduction
0389205796: Man of Defiance: A Political Biography of Anwar Sadat
0389205818: Alive Alive O! : Flann O'Brien's At Swim-Two-Birds.
0389205834: The Social History of Rome
0389205842: Age of Manufactures, 1700-1820 : Industry, Innovation and Work in Britain
0389205850: Great American Masquerade
0389205869: American Romanticism
0389205877: American Romanticism
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