0389205885: Characterization in Dickens
0389205893: Byron's Don Juan
0389205907: The Roman Imperial Army
0389205915: Henry Fielding : Justice Observed
0389205923: James Fenimore Cooper
0389205931: 19th-Century American Short Story
0389205966: Economic Structures of the Ancient Near East
0389205974: Concise Chronology of English Literature
0389205990: Work in The English Novel: The Myth of Vocation
0389206008: Reconstructing Yeats
0389206024: Passage to India : Essays in Interpretation
0389206032: Yeats and A E : The Antagonism That Unites Dear Friends
0389206040: The Permafrost Environment
0389206059: British Poets and Secret Societies
0389206067: Planning for Population Change
0389206075: Eastern Europe, 1968-1984
0389206083: Social Geography in International Perspective
0389206091: Soviet Fiction since Stalin : Science, Politics and Literature
0389206113: Soviet Foreign Policy, the League of Nations and Europe, 1917-1939
0389206121: Crown and Nobility, 1272-1461: Political Conflict in Late Medieval England by
0389206148: The Crisis of Keynesian Economics: A Marxist View
0389206156: Place, Practice and Structure: Social and Spatial Transformation in Southern Sweden, 1750-1850
0389206164: Abbey Theatre : Interviews and Recollections
0389206172: Marx and Education in Late Capitalism
0389206180: Dickens the Designer
0389206199: Philosophy and the Human Sciences
0389206202: A T.S. Eliot Companion: Life and Works
0389206210: Philosophers on Education
0389206229: What philosophy can do
0389206245: John Milton and the Transformation of Ancient Epic
0389206253: MATTHEW ARNOLD Between Two Worlds
0389206261: Prices, Competition and Equilibrium
0389206288: Dr. Johnson
0389206318: History of Twentieth Century Fashion
0389206326: Modern Literary Theory
0389206334: Everyman's Dictionary of Abbreviations
0389206342: Science in the Early Roman Empire
0389206350: Assessing the 1984 Ulysses
0389206369: British Poetry since the 16th Century
0389206377: British Poetry since the 16th Century
0389206385: History of Drugs
0389206393: History of Food Preservation
0389206407: Space Weapons : Deterrence or Delusion
0389206415: Space Weapons : Deterrence or Delusion
0389206423: W.B. Yeats and the Creation of a Tragic Universe
0389206431: Dickens in Search of Himself : Recurrent Themes and Characters in the Works of Charles Dickens
0389206474: William Golding : A Structural Reading of His Fiction
0389206482: Edgar Allan Poe : The Design of Order
0389206504: Samuel Richardson : Passion and Prudence
0389206520: Battle of Democracy : Conflict, Consensus and the Individual
0389206555: Our Work our Lives our Words: Women's History & Women's Work
0389206563: Our Work, Our Lives, Our Words
0389206571: Northern Waters : Resources and Security Issues
0389206598: Marxism and Phenomenology
0389206601: In Search of Semiotics
0389206628: Pioneers of Anglo-Irish Fiction, 1800-1850
0389206644: Dictionary of Classical Reference in English Poetry
0389206652: Spirit of D. H. Lawrence : Centenary Studies
0389206660: Literary Theory at Work : Three Texts
0389206679: Pagan Celts
0389206687: England before Domesday
0389206695: Companion to Post-War British Theatre
0389206709: A History of India
0389206717: Geography of Third World Cities
0389206725: The Gods of the Celts
0389206741: Victorian Women's Fiction: Marriage, Freedom and the Individual
0389206776: Textual Sources for the Study of Islam
0389206814: Gospel of Wealth in the American Novel
0389206822: Origins of England, 410-600
0389206830: Hardy's Influence on the Modern Novel
0389206857: Complete Book of Puppet Theatre
0389206865: Celtic Religion in Roman Britain
0389206881: Sylvia Plath
0389206903: Christina Stead
0389206911: Charlotte Bronté
0389206938: FANNY BURNEY
0389206946: Fanny Burney
0389206954: Indian Ocean and the Superpowers
0389206962: W. B. Yeats and the Tribes of Danu : Three Views of Ireland's Fairies
0389206970: Romantic Theatre : An International Symposium
0389206989: Trotsky, Trotskyism and the Transition to Socialism
0389206997: Geography of Defence: The Spatial Impact of Defence Policies
0389207020: Arthurian Literature
0389207039: Pretenders to the English Throne
0389207055: Huguenots in Britain and Their French Background, 1550-1800
0389207063: Other Theatres
0389207071: Other Theatres
0389207101: Soliloquy in 19th-Century Fiction
0389207128: Thomas Hardy : The Dream-Country of His Fiction
0389207136: The Crisis of the Democratic Intellect The Problem of Generalism and Specialism in 10th Century Scotland
0389207144: Portraying the Self
0389207152: Byron's Politics
0389207160: The Failure of Theory: Essays on Criticism and Contemporary Fiction
0389207209: Country Life: A Social History of Rural England
0389207217: Climatology of West Africa
0389207225: Africa: Geography and Development
0389207233: Africa
0389207241: Recession, Crime and Punishment
0389207268: Maritime Boundaries and Ocean Resources
0389207292: Basic Theory of Capitalism : The Forms and Substance of the Capitalist Economy
0389207306: Berryman and Lowell : The Art of Losing
0389207314: Managing the City : The Aims and Impacts of Urban Policy
0389207330: The Prose Writings of Dylan Thomas /94090 (Macmillan studies in twentieth-century literature)
0389207349: 20th Century English History Plays : From Shaw to Bond
0389207357: Family Chronicles Maria Edgeworths Castl
0389207373: Rome and Unification of Italy
0389207381: Narrators and Novelists : The Collected Essays of Barbara Hardy
0389207403: Economic Theories of Development : An Analysis of Competing Paradigms
0389207454: Blacks Medical Dictionary
0389207462: New Tragedy and Comedy in France, 1945-1970
0389207470: Pinter's Female Portraits : A Study of the Female Characters in the Plays of Harold Pinter
0389207497: A Preface to Morality
0389207500: Preface to Morality
0389207527: Horizons in Physical Geography
0389207543: Soviet Secrecy and Non-Secrecy
0389207551: The Emergence of the Modern Russian State, 1855-81
0389207578: Russian Drama of the Revolutionary Period
0389207586: Discovering Shakespeare's Meaning
0389207594: Kant as Philosophical Theologian
0389207608: Yeats's Myth of Self : The Autobiographical Prose
0389207616: Maugham : A Reappraisal
0389207632: Charlotte Bronte : Truculent Spirit
0389207667: The Framework of Fiction Socio-Cultural Approaches to the Novel
0389207675: A Guide to the New Testament
0389207683: Australia, 1788-1988 : The Creation of a Nation
0389207691: Northern Ireland : A Comparative Analysis
0389207705: Poetry and Possibility
0389207713: Wilkie Collins : Women, Property and Propriety
0389207721: The Western European Economy: A Geography of Post War Development
0389207748: Strained Relations : Ireland at Peace and the U. S. A. at War 1941-1945
0389207756: Sutton Hoo : The Excavation of a Royal Ship-Burial
0389207764: Theatre of Shadows: Samuel Beckett's Drama, 1956-76 From All That Fall to Footfalls With Commentaries on the Latest Plays
0389207780: Migration and Society in Early Modern England
0389207799: Listening to History : The Authenticity of Oral Evidence
0389207802: Celebration of the Light
0389207837: Literature and the Art of Creation
0389207853: Making of the South African Past : Major Historians on Race and Class
0389207888: Textual Sources for the Study of Hinduism by
0389207896: History of Verse Translation from the Irish, 1789-1987
0389207918: Make Sense Who May : Essays on Samuel Beckett's Later Works
0389207926: Cultural Contexts and Literary Idioms in Contemporary Irish Literature, Vol. I : Studies in Contemporary Irish Literature
0389207934: Medieval and Modern Ireland
0389207942: House of Lords
0389207969: Crime, Crusades and Corruption : Prohibitions in the United States, 1900-1987
0389207993: Byron and the Limits of Fiction
0389208000: The World Economy: Patterns of Growth and Change
0389208019: World Economy : Patterns of Growth and Change
0389208027: Ireland's Literature : Essays in Historical Criticism
0389208035: Ireland and Europe, 1919-1948
0389208043: Qualitative Methods in Human Geography
0389208051: Irish Studies : A General Introduction
0389208078: Geography : History and Concepts
0389208086: Horizons in Human Geography
0389208094: Necessary Dream : A Study of the Novels of Manuel Puig
0389208108: From Romanticism to Surrealism
0389208116: Fortress into City: The Consolidation of Roman Britain, First Century AD
0389208124: Joyce Cary Remembered
0389208132: Socialism since 1889 : A Biographical History
0389208140: 17th Century Ireland : The War of Religions
0389208159: Advancement of Learning
0389208175: Tradition and Influence in Anglo-Irish Poetry
0389208183: Robert Graves
0389208191: Form and Function in the Diary Novel
0389208205: Modern British Farce
0389208574: Irishness in a Changing Society
0389208582: Robert Giffen and the Giffen Paradox
0389208590: Archaeology of English
0389208604: Libya, Chad and the Central Sahara
0389208620: In Search of Central Europe
0389208639: Irish Countryside : Landscape, History, People
0389208647: Austin Clarke, 1896-1974
0389208655: Anne Bronte : The Other One
0389208663: Anne Bronte : The Other One
0389208671: Eudora Welty
0389208698: Novel and Romance
0389208701: Issues in Philosophy
0389208728: Globe Playhouse
0389208736: Byron and Scotland
0389208744: Ulysses
0389208752: Yeats the European
0389208760: Between Two Worlds
0389208779: Shakespeare in His Context : The Constellated Globe: The Collected Papers of Muriel Bradbrook
0389208787: Elizabeth Bowen
0389208795: Elizabeth Bowen
0389208809: Emily Bronte
0389208817: Emily Bronte
0389208825: Willa Cather
0389208833: Willa Cather
0389208841: Women in Romanticism
0389208868: Logic of Political Belief : A Philosophical Analysis of Ideology
0389208876: Stoic in Love : Selected Essays on Literature and Ideas
0389208884: Irish in Britain, 1815-1939
0389208892: Bourgeois as Hero
0389208906: Trade, Finance and Developing Countries : Strategies and Constraints in the 1990s
0389208922: Jack B. Yeats : A Biography
0389208930: Ending of Roman Britain
0389208949: Challenge of Radical Political Economy : An Introduction to the Alternatives to Neo-Classical Economics
0389208957: Chronology of Irish History since 1500
0389208965: Political Economy in the 20th Century
0389208973: War in Indo-China, 1945-1954
0389208981: Social History of Western Europe, 1880-1980
0389209007: Technical Challenges and Opportunities of a United Europe
0389209015: Black's Medical Dictionary
0389209023: W. B. Yeats : A Critical Introduction
0389209031: W. B. Yeats : A Critical Introduction
0389209058: International Companion to the Poetry of W. B. Yeats
0389209074: Yeats and the Noh
0389209082: Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry
0389209090: Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry
0389209104: Philosophers of the Enlightenment
0389209112: Current Issues in Monetary Economics
0389209120: Understanding the European Communities
0389209139: Builders of My Soul
0389209147: Perspectives on Irish Drama and Theatre
0389209155: Socialist Reasoning
0389209163: Words Apart : A Dictionary of Northern Ireland English
0389209171: The Soviet Union: a Systematic Geography
0389209198: De Quincey's Art of Autobiography
0389209201: Philosophical Psychology and Interpretating Wittgenstein : How to Look at Words As Instruments
0389209244: Dark Side of Europe : The Extreme Right Today
0389209260: Irish Writers and Politics
0389209279: Samuel Ferguson : The Literary Achievement
0389209287: Great Queens : Irish Goddesses from the Morrigan to Cathleen ni Houlihan
0389209295: Literary Works of Jack B. Yeats
0389209309: Plato's Republic and the Space of Discourse
0389209317: Swift's Irish Pamphlets : An Introductory Selection
0389209325: Cobbett and His Times
0389209333: Landscape of Britain : From the Beginnings to 1914
0389209341: 19th Century Ireland : The Search for Stability
0389209376: Negotiations With Paradox
0389209384: Victorian Doubt : Literary and Cultural Discourses
0389209392: Frances Burney
0389209406: English Poetry of the First World War : Context and Themes
0389209414: Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry: Volume 1
0389209422: Traits & Stories of the Irish Peasantry
0389209457: War and Ideology
0389209473: Rural Restructuring : Global Processes and Their Responses
0389209481: Words to Trust
0389209503: Determined Women : Studies in the Construction of the Female Subject, 1900-1990
0389209511: Yeats the Initiate : Essays on Certain Themes in the Work of W. B. Yeats
0389209538: Erasmus of Europe : The Making of a Humanist
0389209546: Literature and Nationalism
0389209554: England, Spain and the Grand Armada, 1585-1604
0389209562: Indivisible Selves and Moral Practice
0389209589: Commons Without Tragedy
0389209600: Corneille's Tragedies
0389209627: Internationalism of Irish Literature and Drama
0389209635: Irish Writers and Religion
0389209643: Charles Lever : New Evaluations
0389209651: Irish Literature and Culture
0389209678: Greek in a Cold Climate
0389209686: Big House in Ireland
0389209694: Scotland and the Sea
0389209708: History of India
0389209716: Irish Historical Documents since 1800
0389209724: Dictionary of Irish Archaeology
0389209732: Ironies in Ulysses
0389209740: Fall and Rise of the Irish Nation
0389209759: Communist Regimes in Comparative Perspective
0389209767: Radical Right and the Welfare State
0389209775: Poems of Emily Bronte
0389209805: Asymmetries in Dialogue
0389209813: Occupation : The Policies and Practices of Military Conquerors
0389209821: Introduction to British Prehistory : From the Arrival of Homo Sapiens to the Claudian Invasion
0389209848: Soviet Union : A Systematic Geography
0389209856: Telling Tales of the Unexpected : The Organization of Factual Discourse
0389209864: Understanding Hume
0389209880: Shakespeare Recycled : The Making of Historical Drama
0389209899: Black's Medical Dictionary
0389209929: Kingsley Amis : Modern Novelist
0389209937: History of 20th Century Fashion 3rd Ed.
0389209961: Ethology and Human Development
0389209988: Pleasant Conceited Historie, Called the Taming of a Shrew
0389209996: Tragicall Historie of Hamlet
0389210005: Max Horkheimer : A New Introduction
0389210013: Exalted Heroine and the Triumph of Order : Class, Women and Religion in the English Novel, 1740-1800
0389210021: British Sport : A Social History
0389210048: Existentialist Critiques of Cartesianism
0389210056: Women in Samuel Beckett's Prose and Drama : Her Own Other
0389210064: Defoe Companion
0389210072: Gender Divisions and Social Change
0389210080: History of Western Education
0389210099: Working with Shakespeare
0389210102: Spenser Chronology
0389210110: Chronicle History of Henry V : With His Battell Fought at Agin Court in France
0389210129: The United Nations: A Concise Political Guide
0389210145: Blacks Medical Dict 38/E
0389210161: Shakespeare's Imagined Persons : The Psychology of Role-Playing and Acting
0389210226: Regional Integration Experience Theory &
0389210234: Rice Village Saga Three Decades Of
0389295620: Achievement of Graham Greene
0389322938: Documenta X : The Short Guide.
0389803502: Writings Og Evelyn Waugh
0390005010: THE IRISH IN AMERICA, 550 - 1972 ( Ethnic Chronology Series, No. 10 )
0390008508: The people's health;: Medicine and anthropology in a Navajo community
0390015202: The American Mafia;: Genesis of a legend (Sociology series)
0390016608: Political Science Primis
0390020753: Black In Blue
0390021008: Readings in American dialectology by Allen, Harold Byron
0390022861: Linguistics and English Linguistics
0390022926: Mathematics Math 70 Introduction to Intermediate Algebra
0390029580: International Law in the Twentieth Century
0390031453: Veinte Cuentos Espanoles del Siglo XX
0390039101: Risk and insurance (Risk and insurance series)
0390040304: The Rhetoric of Our Times
0390040401: Brigance's Speech Communication 3rd Edition
0390043648: Los de abajo;: Novela de la Revolucià n Mexicana
0390046280: Current Thinking and Writing, Sixth Series
0390050369: Essays diplomatic and undiplomatic of Thomas A. Bailey
0390056200: Language And Learning Disorders Of The Preacademic Child
0390061115: Graphical and Binary Image Processing and Applications
0390063266: Pediatrics
0390063517: Nineteenth Century British Novelists on the Novel
0390070262: English Language
0390080128: Panorama Du Theatre Nouveau: Le Theatre De La Derision: Volume 3
0390084255: Europe 1914-1939 Paperback by F. Lee Benns; Mary Elisabeth Selfon
0390084298: Europe, 1939 to the present
0390085286: Mathematics
0390085502: Marxism and sociology;: Views from Eastern Europe
0390088404: Black Resistance/White Law : A History of Constitutional Racism in America
0390088552: 18th Century Imitative Counterpoint Music for Analysis
0390088757: Language disorders of children;: The bases and diagnoses
0390088889: Speech Disorders: Principles and Practices of Therapy
0390090816: Image & event; America now
0390090972: English 100-101
0390092649: Child Development (Volume II): Universal Stage of Infancy
0390095745: Basic issues of American democracy;: A book of readings,
0390095753: Bishop and Hendel's Basic issues of American democracy
0390096911: Emotional problems of the student
0390104930: Milestones in Developmental Physiology of Insects
0390105880: Vascular disorders of the intestine,
0390106372: Age of Dryden
0390106453: Course: Introduction To Sociology
0390106526: Experiences In Chemistry
0390106690: Reading difficulties: their diagnosis and correction
0390109886: History of Experimental Psychology. The Century Psychology Series, Richard M. Elliott editor
0390110108: Sociology
0390110698: Mathematics:Custom Pub. East Georgia Center College(Dept of Mathematic
0390111694: The sociology of urban regions (ACC sociology series)
0390115371: Philosophy
0390118125: English
0390119628: Primis English: Freshman Compostion Eng 1A
0390120200: Chemistry
0390121118: American Social History Since 1860.
0390121606: Arthur King of Britain
0390124176: Introduction To Engineering 1999-2000 EF 1015
0390125032: BEHS 312 Individual and Society Course Packet
0390125474: Marketing: Marketing Management: BMGT 650, Section GS01 {Instructor: Venkatesh Shankar, University of Maryland, Marketing Department}
0390127213: Mathematics
0390127280: Chemistry, An Introduction, Mcg Hill,Pb,96
0390133604: Management
0390134457: Comparative Governance, 96, Mcg-Hill, Pb- Used
0390138509: Revolution, Confederation, and Constitution
0390139203: Engineering Fundamentals,pb,96
0390142832: Managing in Complex Enivornments
0390144916: Psychology
0390148768: History: American Issues and Problems, pb 2000
0390149152: Fundamentals of public speaking
0390151009: Victorian Poets and Prose Writers
0390151386: English Composition I,pb,2000 Custom Pub for Univ of Cincinnati
0390153257: Poverty, ethnic identity, and health care
0390153508: HISTORY Course: History 331 United States History, 163-1877
0390156078: Religion in American life
0390156086: Religion in American Life
0390160385: Human Being and Being Human: Man's Philosophies of Man
0390161152: Economics Microeconomics
0390163422: Cases in personnel management and supervision (ACC administration series)
0390164070: Political Science Primis Custom Pub,pb,2000
0390166707: Nerves, muscles, and electricity: An introductory manual of electrophysiology
0390167118: Linear Algebra With Apps
0390167126: Linear Algebra with Applications
0390167460: Political Science.
0390168408: Introduction to Matrices, Vectors and Linear Programming
0390168653: Punishment and Aversive Behavior.
0390168955: The structure of arithmetic (The Appleton-Century mathematics series)
0390171972: MANUFACTURING OVERHEAD ALLOCATION Traditional Versus Activity Based
0390173487: Prologue to Liberation: A History of Black People in America.
0390173614: Accounting, pb 2000 Custom Pub for Univ. of Cincinnati
0390175889: Psychology Primis Custom Pub
0390180432: College and career;: Adjusting to college and selecting an occupation
0390181242: Political Science International Politics Ps 120;pb
0390183776: English Basic and Developmental Writing
0390184632: Teaching parents teaching (New Century urban education series)
0390185582: Health, Introduction to Health, PHRD 2003, Instructor - Holly Sheillly
0390186104: Chaucer's Major Poetry
0390188379: Television and radio
0390189413: Exploring the Living World - A Laboratory Manual for Biology Paperback by...
0390191124: Accounting FIN.ACCT MBA UNV. LA. LAF.
0390191906: Introduction To Engineering 2000-2001 EF 1015
0390193232: American Literature: Poe Through Garland
0390194255: English Rhetoric 1 the Working Life ENG 101
0390194786: Strategic Management Management Strategy and Policy MGMT 696
0390195456: Readings in Ethics
0390195774: Strategic Management,11th Ed.
0390197564: Foundations of Analysis
0390197912: Contexts for composition
0390198005: Drama and Discussion
0390201464: History U.S. 1877-1933
0390202061: Emergency care, surgical and medical
0390202584: Cole and Zollinger textbook of surgery
0390203122: The organization makers;: A behavioral study of independent entrepreneurs, (Administration series)
0390203254: Teaching of Instrumental Music
0390203688: Documents of American History
0390207179: Social Problems Custom Pub for Univ of Florida SYG 2010 Sec 5138x
0390208442: Accounting Measiring and Managing Quality Cost 1.1.
0390211052: Political science: An introduction
0390211532: Stage Makeup 4ED
0390211680: Militant Professionalism: A Study of Organizational Conflict in High Schools.
0390212520: Management Business Policy and Strategy
0390213268: Introduction to Textiles.
0390213403: Readings in conservation ecology
0390213721: Marketing Chain Management for Univ of Cincinnati,pb,2001
0390217050: Tertulia: conversacià n, composicià n y repaso gramatical
0390218103: Aeschylus: The Libation Bearers and the Eumenides; The Oresteia: Parts II and III
0390218200: The Birds & The Brothers Menaechmus
0390221708: Selected Poetry and Prose
0390223530: All for Love
0390225819: Selections from the Federalist: a Commentary on the Constitution of the United States
0390225916: Selected Essays
0390226505: The Wild Duck (Crofts Classics)
0390226556: The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia
0390226637: Alchemist
0390227048: Volpone, Or the Fox
0390227862: Spanish Tragedy
0390228680: Doctor Faustus
0390229415: On Liberty
0390230219: Samson Agonistes and Shorter Poems
0390231444: Fundamentals of Communication {SPEE 100}
0390231851: Utopia
0390232262: Uses of Knowledge
0390234214: Hamlet Shakespeare (Crofts Classics)
0390234745: B2B Marketing, pb 2001 for Univ. of Cincinnati
0390237418: Introduction to Engineering 2001-2002,pb,2001
0390238848: Major Barbara (Crofts classics)
0390238902: Political Writings Including A Defence of Poetry
0390240052: Selected poetry (Crofts classics)
0390241083: Voltaire Candide or Optimism
0390241490: The Duchess of Malfi (Crofts Classics)
0390241903: Leaves of grass: selections (Crofts classics)
0390242551: The Legal & Regulatory Environment Of Business
0390242829: Fundamentals of Communication, pb 2003
0390243124: Organizational Behavior
0390244120: Human & Artificial Intelligence
0390245461: Political Science: Fundamentals of Political Science (PS1001)
0390245976: Business Law 226: Accounting and Business Law (Towson University Custom Edition)
0390248002: Situationism and the new morality (Contemporary problems in philosophy) by...
0390250074: Leading constitutional decisions
0390250953: Handbook Of Pharmacology
0390253553: Decision Making Game
0390253944: American Society in Transition
0390254509: American literature through Bryant, 1585-1830 (Goldentree bibliographies in language and literature)
0390257354: European Economic History Volume 1 The Ancient World
0390259608: Detection and correction of reading difficulties; readings with commentary
0390260002: Forms of verse: British and American
0390260053: A guide to philosophical bibliography and research (Century philosophy series)
0390260134: Young Hero in American Fiction
0390262994: Historical Readings in Developmental Psychology.
0390263036: Children of the Crà che (The Century psychology series)
0390266299: Words in Context - A Vocabulary Builder - Second Edition.
0390266396: Economics ,Custom Pub for U.of Michigan
0390269506: Elementary Theory of Sets. Part I of Elementary Concepts of Modern Mathematics
0390269662: Marketing B2B Marketing Mktg 822 Cases for Univ of Cincinnati,pb,2001
0390269808: The Aliens: A History of Ethnic Minorities in America
0390269972: International Business for World Marketing Univ. of Cincinnati,pb,2001
0390270008: Educational psychology;: Instruction and behavioral change (The Century psychology series)
0390270334: Evolutionary Biology, Volume 4
0390270350: Perceptual processing;: Stimulus equivalence and pattern recognition, (The Century psychology series)
0390270385: Nation in Crisis, 1861-1877
0390270407: Personality; a scientific approach (Century psychology series)
0390270563: Readings in experimental social psychology, (The Century psychology series)
0390270644: Elementary Price Theory
0390272310: The impact of sociology;: Readings in the social sciences
0390272450: Operations Management Introduction to Operations Research
0390272752: The Relevance of Sociology
0390273732: Interpreting education; a sociological approach (Appleton-Century-Crofts sociology series)
0390273848: Political Thought of Max Weber: In Quest of Statesmanship
0390274429: Accounting Introduction to Accounting
0390276758: Psychophysiology of Respiration in Health and Diseases
0390280232: Entrepreneurship Introduction to the New Business Venture, pb, 2005
0390285897: Adult aphasia: assessment and treatment
0390286125: Management; Course: Mgt 187.
0390286931: Administration of Comprehensive Nursing Care: The Nature of Professional Practice
0390287008: Ideas, Ideals and American Diplomacy
0390287385: Business Policy and Strategy MGT 499
0390287776: Basic Biology
0390288187: Sociology Problems, pb 2001
0390290009: Anthropology
0390290106: Cultural Anthropology
0390290718: An Anthology of Spanish American Literature Vol 1
0390293792: Cancer of the Digestive Tract: Clinical Management
0390294012: Engineering : Course ( Engineering Problem Solving and Computer Tools , ENGR 106 )
0390294586: English Grammar & Composition
0390294616: Psychology Implications of Medical Technologies,pb,2003 Custom Pub
0390296252: Education in a Pluralistic Society EDFI 408
0390301930: Entrepreneurship, BMGT313
0390304239: Master of Management Decisions-B: Accounting for Management Decisions-B MBA 6010
0390304816: Manifest Destiny and the Coming of the Civil War 1840-1861
0390305472: Business: Teams and Leaders BA 198 B
0390306975: Health
0390309753: Readings in financial markets and institutions
0390313203: Project management
0390313408: Supervision and Curriculum Renewal
0390313696: Business Data Processing
0390314501: Body Experience in Fantasy and Behavior
0390315001: Philosophy and science as modes of knowing;: Selected essays
0390315095: Renal pharmacology
0390318000: Capital allocation theory;: The study of investment decisions (ACC business series)
0390319996: Care and management of exceptional children
0390321575: Psychology Intro to Child Studies, pb 2003
0390325910: Marketing
0390328375: Fundamentals of Research in Nursing
0390328758: Pollution papers
0390331007: Social usage
0390331015: Social Usage
0390332194: Statistics for Statistical Tech in Business Economics Fresno City Coll
0390334103: Sociology-Principles of Sociology
0390334138: Political Science: GVPT 100 Course Packet
0390335002: Smoking and Politics
0390340227: Economics: Mcroeconomics: Fourth Edition
0390340235: Economics
0390342971: Accounting
0390343013: Macromolecules and behavior
0390343803: Introduction to American Politics Political Science 202 (Political Science)
0390344656: Nineteenth Century French Verse
0390344710: Education EDAS 409, pb 2003
0390346055: Pediatric neurology
0390346209: Transformations and geometries (The Appleton-Century mathematics series)
0390346616: Compendium of emergencies.
0390348015: Physical Science: Theory and Application of Physical Science (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)
0390349453: Film Scripts One Henry V the Big Sleep
0390349488: Film Scripts Three the Apartment the Mis
0390349496: Film Scripts Four a Hard Days Night
0390350648: Office XP Vol 1 and 2, pb 2003
0390351512: Biology of Organisms, pb 2005
0390352756: Education Language and Literacy, pb 2003
0390352780: The bisected brain (Neuroscience series)
0390354643: Accounting , pb 2003
0390359599: The modern family doctor and changing medical practice
0390361224: Microbiology, 2003
0390361453: Principles of perceptual learning and development (Century psychology series)
0390362662: The Fabric of Existentialism: Philosophical and Literary Sources
0390365289: The Counselor-In-Training
0390365408: Intermezzo
0390365785: Managerial Accounting, Univ of Cinn pb 2003
0390366129: Business Policy and Strategy Cases
0390368482: Political Science
0390369896: Business and Technology: Managerial Economics and Public Policy - BUSI681 (University of Maryland) (LOOSE PAGES)
0390370274: Community Health Nursing
0390370495: Using tests in counseling (The Century psychology series)
0390373524: Introduction to Marketing - Paperback
0390374687: Interdisciplinary Studies Custom Pub for U of Texas San Antonio,pb,2003
0390376302: Literature in Critical perspectives, An Anthology
0390376396: Multicultural and Gender Studies, sexism& heterosexism pb 2003
0390376531: Regulation of hematopoiesis
0390376604: Bibliography for beginners
0390378410: Drugs and Nursing Implications
0390379700: From Roosevelt to Roosevelt;: American politics and diplomacy, 1901-1941 (The Literature of history)
0390379719: Great American speeches, 1898-1963;: Texts and studies,
0390379867: Value-Driven Operations Management: an Integrated Modular Approach
0390383759: The American Colonies in the eighteenth century, 1689-1763 (Goldentree bibliographies in American history)
0390384003: The Poem : An Anthology
0390385204: A Theory of the Firm in Economic Space
0390391786: American social history before 1860, (Goldentree bibliographies in American history)
0390392766: Management for modern Families
0390398373: Philosophy : Being Knowledge, and Value for University of Alabama,pb,2003
0390400955: Management
0390401536: BMGT 485 Operations and Project Management for Information Systems
0390402664: Mass Media
0390402761: Educational Administration: Course: The Principleship EMD 575
0390403296: Glossary of Immunological Terms.
0390404098: Literary Criticism: Plato Through Johnson
0390404179: Hormones in development
0390404675: Introduction to Philosophy 101, pb 2003
0390406139: Education in a Pluralistic Society,pb,2003
0390406511: Fundamental concepts of chemistry
0390408700: A Milton Handbook Fifth Edition
0390409596: Group guidance and counseling in the schools;: Selected readings
0390410500: English Literary Criticism The Renaissance
0390410586: Modern Continental Literary Criticism
0390412708: Group Discussion : Theory and Technique
0390415847: Sociology
0390416460: Man
0390416487: Man
0390416525: Education in a Pluralistic Society, pb 2003
0390418676: Accounting: The Basis for Business Decisions - Ninth Edition
0390419362: California and the Nation;: A study of governments
0390419680: The Principles and practice of medicine
0390422908: Drama : Principles & Plays
0390423017: Orientation To The Theater
0390426350: Social-cultural aspects of mental retardation;: Proceedings
0390426601: Educational Administration
0390428051: Studies in Utilitarianism
0390430404: Essays in Evolution and Genetics in Honor of Theodosius Dobzhansky:
0390434728: Research concepts in human behavior: Education, psychology, sociology (The...
0390437409: Pollen: Development and Physiology
0390439398: Management BMGT 498G
0390441600: Management and Improvement of Guidance.
0390442836: Sociology (Primis)
0390443107: Global Economic Enviorments: BMGT 683: University of Maryland, College of Business and Management
0390444626: College Writing Skills
0390448370: Sociology Sociology,Social Work, Crimi. Morehead State University
0390454788: Primis Philosophy (Introduction to Philosophy PHI 11, Brian Cooney, Department of Philosophy)
0390455032: Primis: Course Organization Transformation QMT 330---Collage of Mount St. Joseph-Dept Of Business Administration
0390456381: Comparative Governance
0390459224: Introduction To Urban Economics: Analysis And Policy
0390459917: Image formation and cognition
0390460281: Sociology of Social Problems
0390460303: Studies in the sociology of social problems (ACC sociology series)
0390461326: Backgrounds of American Literary Thought
0390461873: Artistic expression (The Century philosophy series)
0390462209: English 9 - Paperback
0390464562: Engineering psychology. Current perspectives in research (The Century psychology series)
0390465887: Anthologie de la Poesie Francaise du Vingtieme Siecle.
0390466735: Management: Management Problems - 046 Policies
0390467154: Political Science: Comparative Governance
0390467324: Psychology Psy 399 Morehead State University
0390474584: Business Law
0390475017: Anatomy and Physiology Of The Bladder,Trigone,and Urethra
0390475157: Money, Banking, and the United States Economy
0390477001: America & England, 1558-1776
0390477524: Pathobiology Annual, 1972 (Vol. 2)
0390477540: Pathobiology Annual: Volume 3, 1973
0390477559: An adventure called Skelly : a history of Skelly Oil Company through fifty years, 1919-1969
0390477680: Principles of childhood language disabilities
0390477710: Community psychology: perspectives in training and research (The Century psychology series)
0390478121: Physical Geography: Maps & Landforms, pb 2003
0390478318: Face of Emotion.
0390479608: Aged ILL Coping With Problems in Geriatr
0390480630: Kinesiology: Anatomical Kinesiology SES 220
0390483508: Communication by Chemical Signals.
0390483656: Plane trigonometry, a new approach (The Appleton-Century mathematics series)
0390488720: Cost Accounting, pb 2005
0390492744: Social Problems
0390494356: Documents of American Broadcasting
0390494364: Documents of American Broadcasting, with the Red Lion Case Addendum
0390496154: Bricks without straw;: The evolution of George Washington University
0390497592: Politics In Transitional Societies: the Challenge Of Change In Asia, Africa And Latin America
0390497703: Three faces of being: toward an existential clinical psychology (Century psychology series)
0390499609: Century Psychology Series: Impact and Change: A Study of Counseling Relationships
0390501018: Psychology (Psyc205): Before We Were Born (Water damage)
0390502200: Teaching in the community junior college,
0390503118: Basic Psychology; Second Edition
0390503282: Basic psychology: brief edition
0390503290: Study Guide for Kendlers' Basic Psychology Brief Edition
0390503401: Essays in Neobehaviorism: A Memorial Volume to Kenneth W. Spence
0390504319: Medical resident's manual
0390504416: Law and Philosophy; Readings in Legal Philosophy
0390504556: Writing History
0390510734: Hilgard and Marquis' Conditioning and learning (Century psychology series)
0390512311: American Economic History Since 1860
0390513318: A history of American economic life,
0390514195: An Empire Loses Hope The Return of Stalin's Ghost
0390517984: Accounting
0390519545: Marketing Startegy, Law and Research, pb 2005
0390519596: Medical student; doctor in the making
0390520179: Marketing Reasearch Skills, pb 2005
0390521159: Criminological Controversies
0390521965: Guide to clinical laboratory diagnosis
0390525200: Marketing Management - Paperback
0390525383: Sales Management: Custom Edition
0390525391: Visual Merchandising - Paperback
0390525707: Schools of psychology;: A symposium of papers (The Century psychology series)
0390525855: RECREATION TODAY Program Planning and Leadership
0390526789: Nature and Scope of Social Science
0390528757: Psychological studies of human development (The Century psychology series)
0390529117: America's Secret History English 2, pb 2003
0390529869: Probleme Unserer Zeit Problems of our Time
0390530344: Glaucoma in infants and children
0390530522: Crohn's Disease
0390531480: CHEMISTRY >CUSTOM<
0390538000: Assumptions of Social Psychology
0390538612: Making the most of marriage (ACC sociology series)
0390540935: The Unresponsive Bystander: Why Doesn't He Help (Century Psychology Series)
0390541052: Ego and Its Defenses
0390545457: Peripheral vascular surgery: hemodynamics of arterial pulsatile blood flow
0390546534: Learning to Read Through Experience
0390550248: Finance Integrated Finance Course, pb 2005
0390550612: Leaders, Teachers, and Learners in Academe: Partners in the Educational Process
0390553409: Geology : Special Ed. for Univ. of Cali, Santa Barbara,pb,2005
0390555312: Art of Learning Medicine
0390555983: A Social History of Helping Services - Clinic, Court, School and Community (Century Psychology Series) (ISBN:0390555983)
0390556203: Voluntary Servitude Whites in the Negro
0390556270: Elements of biology
0390556750: Principles of Hematology
0390557439: The advanced calculus of one variable (The Appleton-Century mathematics series)
0390559644: Management Information Systems, pb 2005 for Univ of Cincinnati
0390559830: Manipulationen an Genen Und Zellen Was Man Von Genen Und Monoklonalen Antikorpern Wissen Sollte
0390560502: Fundamentals of Linear Algebra
0390560553: Linear Algebra
0390565652: Discovering philosophy (The Century philosophy series)
0390566403: Marine Biology - Paperback
0390566500: Organization renewal;: Achieving viability in a changing world (Administration series)
0390570001: Adjustment to Work. A Psychological View of Man's Problems in a Work-oriented Society.
0390575690: Medieval English Verse and Prose in Modernized Versions
0390582549: A sociology of the absurd
0390584711: Spanish Drama of the Golden Age
0390588814: Biology: Animal Form and Function, Vol. 1
0390589578: Teaching English linguistically;: Principles and practices for high school,
0390591092: The Middle Ages: Volume I
0390597635: One Hundred One Success Stories of Information Technology in Higher Education : The Joe Wyatt Challenge
0390597732: The American scene;: Varieties of American history
0390597740: The American scene;: Varieties of American history
0390598933: Dynamics of health and disease
0390603953: Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual BIO 250 Ohio State University
0390604097: Basic Psychiatry 2nd Edition
0390605514: Systematic Approach to the Nursing Care Plan
0390606502: The Hindenburg
0390609889: Introduction to Calculus
0390610909: In Their Own Behalf: Voices from the Margin
0390610917: In their own behalf: voices from the margin, (ACC sociology series)
0390616982: Principles of Statistics: Traditional & Bayesian (Century Psychology Series)
0390619302: Reconstructions in psychoanalysis (Appleton psychiatry series)
0390622974: Sex Steroids
0390623709: Theoretical sociology; perspectives and developments
0390625256: The Constitutional History of the United States (Student's Edition)
0390625272: Readings in ancient Western philosophy
0390625280: Ancient Western Philosophy
0390625310: Dimensions of consumer behavior
0390629022: Primis mathematics Paperback by Barnett - Ziegler
0390629790: Readings for Honors 200 - Intensive Writing (General and Honors Education) STUDENT EDITION.
0390638455: Document fo rUS History, Volume II - Since 1865 (Nations of Nations)
0390638552: Engineering
0390640883: Art of the Drama
0390641189: Engineering
0390641634: Sociology
0390641685: Management
0390642118: Not found - converted to zShop
0390642797: Marathon Groups: Reality and Symbol
0390643734: The Substance of Sociology
0390644358: Business Planning and Policy Formulation
0390644404: The Management Control Process
0390646156: Immunology and the Skin
0390655058: Philosophy and Religion (PHI 2010) (Primis)
0390655945: Accounting: Principles of Accounting 2 (BMGT 221) - University of Maryland
0390656291: Avenues to Understanding - The Dynamics of Therapeutic Interactions.
0390656402: Approaches to measurement in international relations;: A non-evangelical survey,
0390656518: Industrial Organization and Public Policy
0390657670: Management, PB, 1996
0390659649: Theoretical issues in professional nursing
0390662526: Readings in Sociology; Introduction to Social Problems
0390662585: Management: Human Resource Management, An Experiential Approach
0390663883: Primus Sociology
0390664944: Comparative management (Administration series)
0390665924: Behavior modification in clinical psychology (Century psychology series)
0390666718: The American novel: Sinclair Lewis to the present (Goldentree bibliographies in language and literature)
0390666912: Audiology
0390666971: The Civil War And Reconstruction, 1850-1877
0390669423: The New Century handbook of Greek art and architecture
0390669466: The New Century handbook of Greek mythology and legend
0390669482: The New Century handbook of leaders of the classical world
0390670715: History of the United States
0390672505: Primate Brain Advances in Primatology
0390673536: Cardiac Surgery
0390673609: Medicine in the Ghetto
0390674621: Management Pb
0390674907: The contradictions of leadership;: A selection of speeches,
0390675008: Predestination, God's Foreknowledge, And Future Contingents
0390675253: Social Problems and Social Policy
0390676721: Perspectives on the Community-Junior College
0390681350: Emperor Jones, The
0390683280: Behavior change in counseling;: Readings and cases (Century psychology series)
0390683329: Strategies in counseling for behavior change (Century psychology series)
0390683353: Theories of Career Development
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