0391024124: Centres of Pahari Painting
0391024132: Rajasthani Traditions : A History of Indian Painting (Vol. 3)
0391024140: Indian Poetry in English
0391024248: Ma Betisek Concepts of Living Things
0391024299: Le Neveu De Rameau and the Praise of Folly: Literary Cognates. Salzburg Studies in English Literature Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies, No. 80
0391024337: A History of India From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
0391024353: Civilization in the Buddhist Age. B.C. 320 to A.D. 500
0391024388: Incomparable India.
0391024396: Buddhism As a Religion: Its Historical Development and Its Present Conditions
0391024523: A Choice of Anglo Saxon Verse
0391024590: Coleridge: His Contribution to English Criticism
0391024612: Stephen Spender. A Study in Poetic Growth
0391024620: O'Casey Annual No.1
0391024639: Strindbergian Drama: Themes and Structure
0391024647: Man and Society in Tagore and Eliot
0391024671: Planned Development of Rural Settlements
0391024736: Statistics for Geographers and Social Scientists
0391024752: Kinnaur in the Himalayas, Mythology to Modernity
0391024817: The Tradition in Modern Novel-Theory
0391024825: D.H. Lawrence: History, Ideology and Fiction
0391024868: Transformations in Modern European Drama
0391024892: Jonson and Shakespeare
0391024906: Logic, Ontotlogy and Action
0391024914: Logic, Induction and Ontology
0391024922: Annie Besant's Rise to Power in Indian Politics 1914-1917
0391025015: Society, Religion and Art of the Kushana India : A Historico-Symbiosis
0391025058: ELAS: Greek resistance army
0391025139: NUCLEAR MYTHS AND REALITIES India's Dilemma
0391025279: W. B. Yeats as Literary Critic
0391025392: Indian-English Literature : A Perspective
0391025414: Joseph Conrad: His Theme and Treatment of Evil. Series in English Language and Literature III
0391025503: Joyce Cary: His Theme and Technique
0391025546: Brecht's Early Plays
0391025554: Montelyon Knight of the Oracle. Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies No. 99. A Modern Edition by Anne Falke
0391025562: Unconformities in Shakespeare's History Plays
0391025570: Reading Relations: Structures of Literary Production a Dialectical Text/book
0391025589: Art of Osian Temples : Socio-Economic and Religious Life in India, 8th-12th Centuries, A.D
0391025600: Punjab Painting: Study in Art and Culture
0391025619: D. H. Lawrence. A Study of His Plays.
0391025635: Wordsworth's Vital Soul the Sacred & Profane in Wordsworth Poetry
0391025643: Continuity and Change in Marxism
0391025651: Marxism, Fascism, Cold War
0391025686: Daniel Defoe and the Jacobite Movement
0391025694: Rosa Luxemburg, Women's Liberation, and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution
0391025708: Erasmus's Parabolae Sive Similia: Its Relationship to Sixteenth Century English Literature. Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies 100
0391025716: India in Asia and Africa. Documents: 1979
0391025767: Soviet Union & Its Geographical Problems
0391025775: Puri Paintings
0391025783: The Arts in Ireland--A Chronological Survey
0391025791: D.H. Lawrence: History, Ideology and Fiction
0391025864: Rome in the Age of Bernini: From the Election of Sixtus V to the Death of Urban VIII (Kungl. vitterhets, historie och antikvitets akademiens handlingar)
0391025899: Lukacs' Last Autocriticism: The Ontology
0391025945: The Beginnings of Modern Psychology.
0391025988: China and Malaysia, 1949-83
0391026062: Our Common History: The Transformation of Europe
0391026070: Our Common History : The Transformation of Europe
0391026089: From Sign To Symbol
0391026100: Praxis and Democratic Socialism : The Critical Social Theory of Markovic and Stojanovic
0391026119: AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL PAINTINGS IN WESTERN AND CENTRAL ARNHEM LAND. Temporal Sequences and Elements of Style in Cadell River and Deaf Adder Creek Art Subtitle: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
0391026127: Nunggubuyu Dictionary
0391026178: We Are Bosses Ourselves: The Status and Role of Aboriginal Women Today
0391026240: Marxism and Freedom from 1776 Until Today
0391026291: Vico and Marx: Affinities and Contrasts
0391026313: Nature-Man-Spirit Complex in Tribal India
0391026321: Establishment of First Gene Sanctuary in India for Citrus in Garo Hills.
0391026372: Encyclopedia of Indian Literature.
0391026380: A Statistical Account of Assam in Two Volumes
0391026437: Tribal Development in India: Problems and Prospects
0391026445: The Madia of Bhamragad. Foreword by C. von Furer-Haimendorf.
0391026496: Thomas Hardy Annual No. 1
0391026518: Contemporary East European Marxism, Volume 1
0391026542: Rishis in Indian Art and Literature.
0391026593: Basis of Decorative Element in Indian Art
0391026674: Madhu: Recent Researches in Indian Archaeology and Art History.
0391026917: Things Unattempted: A Study of Milton
0391026925: Modern Tragedies and Aristotle's Theory
0391026968: V. S. Naipaul. A Study in Expatriate Sensibility
0391026976: The Adversary Within
0391027050: From the Vedas to the Manu-Samhita
0391027166: Indian Ballet Dancing
0391027174: Life in Sanchi Sculpture
0391027190: Reproductive Behavior in Households of Rural Gujarat
0391027247: Slow Flows the Pampa: Socio-Economic Changes in a Kuttanad Village in Kerala
0391027379: Kierkegaard's `Fragments' And `Postscript': The Religious Philosophy Of acus. Johannes Climacus.
0391027409: Structuralism: The art of the intelligible (Contemporary studies in philosophy and the human sciences)
0391027417: Seeing and Reading
0391027492: The Loom of Independence: Silkweaving Cooperatives in Kanchipuram
0391027514: Robert Frost: Poetry of Clarifications
0391027611: Social Psychology of Non-violent Action: A Study of Three Satygrahas
0391027662: Feudalism to Capitalism Peasant & Landlord in English Agrarian Development
0391027670: Lewis Morris, Anglo-American Statesman, ca. 1613-1691
0391027697: North South Debate
0391027859: Dhanapala and His Times: A Socio-Cultural Study Based upon His Works
0391027875: Partition and Independence of India
0391027956: LITERATURE AND METHOD. Towards a Critique of I. A. Richardson, T. S. Eliot and F. R. Leavis.
0391027972: Education, Social Inequality, and Social Change in Karnataka
0391027980: The Gulf: Scramble for Security
0391028065: Indian Heritage
0391028073: Joyce Cary: An Existentialist Approach
0391028219: Elizabethan Taste
0391028227: Alienated Mind
0391028243: Sense and Significance
0391028251: THE NEED FOR INTERPRETATION: Contemporary Conceptions of the Philosopher's Task
0391028308: Marx : A Hundred Years On
0391028316: Indian Politics: Documents, Events & Figures, 1979
0391028367: A Dictionary of Indology. Volume 2 - D to K.
0391028375: Logical Form, Predication and Ontology (Vol. 4) (Jadavpur Studies in Philosophy)
0391028472: Husserl and Contemporary Thought
0391028537: Chalukyan temples of Andhradesa
0391028553: Blake in Context
0391028588: The Christian Tragic Hero in French and English Literature
0391028596: Utopics : The Semiological Play of Textual Spaces
0391028626: Shakespeare's Last Plays
0391028677: A Critical History of English Poetry
0391028723: US - South Asian Relations 1947-1982 Volume 3
0391028774: Self-Reflection In The Arts And Sciences
0391028804: Sociology of the Literature of Politics of Edmund Burke. 2 vols.
0391028812: Cauldron of Inspiration.
0391028855: Arcades to a Dome. Humanism in the Novels of E. M. Forster
0391028898: A Survey of Research in Physical Geography: A Companion Volume to A Survey of Research in Geography, 1972.
0391028936: Climate and World Order: An Inquiry into the Natural Cause of Underdevelopment
0391029037: Theme, Embodiment and Structure in the Poetry of George Crabbe.
0391029045: Contributions of Buddhism to World Civilization and Culture
0391029088: Ladakh: The Trans-Himalayan Kingdom
0391029142: A Profile of Indian Culture
0391029169: India's Religious Art : Ideas and Ideals
0391029207: India in Asia and Africa. Documents: 1980
0391029282: India & The West. Documents: 1980
0391029312: Burma & Indonesia: Comparative Study of Political Economy & Foreign Policy
0391029320: Yeats and Eliot. Perspectives on India
0391029339: Indian Metaphysics
0391029363: A Dictionary of Indology. Volume 1 -- A to C
0391029371: A Dictionary of Indology. Volume 2 -- D to K
0391029436: Social Anthropology of Peasantry
0391029487: The Authorship of the Quiet Don
0391029495: Isolation and Protest: A Case Study of J.P. Donleavy's Fiction
0391029509: Poetry As Metaconsciousness: Readings in William Blake
0391029541: Medieval Thought from St. Augustine to Ockham
0391029630: Victorian Popular Fiction, 1860-80
0391029673: Bharatanatya in Indian Music
0391029681: China's Strategy in Nepal
0391029886: Political Thought and Leadership of Lokmanya Tilak
0391029983: Marxism & the Philosophy of Science
0391029991: Reason and Revolution
0391030116: Himalayan Kingdoms: Gods, People & the Arts
0391030310: Ezra Pound: Politics, Economics, and Writing: A Study of The Cantos
0391030329: Victorian idyllic fiction: Pastoral strategies
0391030345: Journey to the crocodile's nest: An accompanying monograph to the film Madarrpa funeral at Gurka'wuy (AIAS new series)
0391030388: The Year's Work in English Studies.
0391030396: Coleridge's Religious Imagination Volume 1
0391030442: The Prickynge of Love. Salzburg Studies in English Literature Elizabethan & Renaissance Studies, Volume 92:10
0391030655: Civilizations East and West
0391030698: Water, Weather and Prehistory
0391030825: India's Quest for Technological Independence: The Results of Policy. Volume 2.
0391030868: Agricultural Productivity and Regional Imbalances.
0391030930: Question of Language in Heidegger's History of Being
0391030957: From Norwegian Romantic To American Real
0391030981: L. H. Myers: Myth and Symbol in His Indian Novels
0391031023: Hinduism: A Select Bibliography
0391031112: Radical Science Essays
0391031120: Radical Science Essays.
0391031139: Dialectic and difference; modern thought and the sense of human limits. Edited by James Decker and Robert Crease.
0391031198: The body/mind conceptual framework & the problem of personal identity: Some theories in philosophy, psychoanalysis & neurology
0391031244: Cultural History of Bundelkhand (3rd c B.C. to A.D. 650)
0391031252: Sanskrit Dramas
0391031287: Cities and Slums: A Study of a Squatters' Settlement in the City of Vijayawada
0391031295: Essays on Rajputana: Reflections on History, Culture and Administration
0391031309: Commonwealth and Nehru
0391031376: Encounter with Transcendence (A Study in Theistic Existentialism)
0391031392: Studies On Gandhi.
0391031562: Quest for Socialism Fifty Years of Struggle in India
0391031651: The Parlement of Poitiers: War, government, and politics in France, 1418-1436 (Royal Historical Society studies in history series)
0391031678: Staying Power: Black People in Britain Since 1504
0391031767: Ethnicity and Mobility: Emerging Ethnic Identity and Social Mobility among the Waddars of South India
0391031945: Let Wonder Seem Familiar : Ending in Shakespeares Romance Vision
0391032011: A Mind in Ferment: Mikhail Bulgakov's Prose
0391032070: Shift in Indian Politics: 1983 Elections in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
0391032143: In The Shadow Of Powers: Dantes Bellegarde In Haitian Social Thought
0391032178: Origins of Philosophy
0391032313: Labour Welfare and Social Security Legislation in India
0391032666: Politics and Constitution-Making in India and Pakistan
0391032844: Indian Epigraphy (Vol. I)
0391032879: Mythical Animals In Indian Art
0391032909: Western Poetics and Eastern Thought
0391032941: Foundations of Indian Culture: Spiritual Vision and Symbolic Forms in Ancient India
0391033123: The Fenians in Context: Irish Politics and Society 1848-82
0391033182: Women's Liberation and the Dialectics of Revolution: Reaching for the Future a 35-Year Collection of Essays--Historic, Philosophic, Global
0391033239: The Arts and Antiquities of India: An Illustrated Selection
0391033271: Rural Art of the Western Himalaya
0391033328: Abode of Gods: Uttarakhand
0391033352: Cyst Forming Nematodes of India
0391033409: Human Predicament in Hardy's Novels
0391033492: Women's liberation and the dialectics of revolution Reaching for the future : a 35-year collection of essays--historic, philosophic, global
0391033506: Technology, Credit and Indebtedness in Marine Fishing: a Case Study of Three...
0391033549: What Philosophy Is: An Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy
0391033557: What Philosophy Is : An Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy
0391033603: Family In Question: Changing Households And Familiar Ideolo
0391033662: Communist resistance in Nazi Germany.
0391033689: Values : A Symposium
0391033700: The Breakdown of Cartesian Metaphysics
0391033719: Marx's Theory of Scientific Knowledge
0391033727: Moral Concerns
0391033735: Crucible of Socialism
0391033743: The Marginal Self
0391033751: Women Novelists: Their Contribution to the Proletarian Novel in the
0391033808: British Economy Volume 1 the Years of Turmoi
0391033816: Great Economists Before Keynes: An Introduction to the Lives and Works of One Hundred Great Economists of the Past: An Introduction to the Lives and Works of One Hundred Great Economists of the Past
0391033867: The Year's Work in English Studies, 1983
0391033875: Rise of the Modern State
0391033905: Nuclear Deterrence
0391033913: Nuclear Deterrence
0391033948: The Language of Decision: an Essay in Prescriptivist Ethical Theory
0391033956: Community of Knowledge
0391033972: Toward an Ontology of Number, Mind and Sign
0391033980: Towards an Ontology of Number Mind & Sign (Scots Philosophical Monographs)
0391034006: Bolivar, A Continent And Its Destiny
0391034022: Language & Narration in Celines Writings
0391034057: The Russian Revolution, 1900-1927 (Studies in European History)
0391034065: Economic Myths and the Mythology of Economics
0391034073: Invitation to Indian Archaeology
0391034081: Hindu Metaphysics
0391034111: John Keats a Study of His Poetics
0391034138: Conflict and Control in the World Economy : Contemporary Economic Realism and Neo-Mercantilism
0391034146: Economics, Medicine, and Health Care
0391034162: Swift (Harvester New Readings)
0391034170: Wordsworth
0391034189: George Eliot : Harvester new readings
0391034197: Swift
0391034219: Pope (Harvester new readings)
0391034227: Moral Concerns
0391034235: Marginal Self : An Existential Inquiry into Narcissism
0391034243: Bleak House
0391034251: Bleak House
0391034278: Sons & Lovers an Introduction To the Variety Of
0391034308: End of Art Theory : Criticism and Postmodernity
0391034316: The End of Art Theory: Criticism and Postmodernity
0391034324: Irish Booksellers and English Writers, 1740-1800
0391034332: Human Nature
0391034340: Human Nature
0391034375: Property
0391034383: Property
0391034405: The 'Forme of Faustus Fortunes': A Study of the Tragedie of Doctor Faustus (1616)
0391034413: Robert Frost's Emergent Design: The Truth of the Self In-Between Belief and Unbelief - Hardcover
0391034421: The Language of Difference.
0391034448: Canterbury Tales
0391034472: Pocahontas & Co.: The Fictional American Indian Woman in Nineteenth-Century Literature A Study of Method
0391034510: Tess of the D'Ubervilles
0391034529: Principal Upanisads
0391034561: Limits of Pragmatism
0391034588: Paradise Lost
0391034596: Hamlet (Critics Debate)
0391034634: Translation of Eastern Poetry and Prose
0391034642: Wisdom of Buddhism
0391034650: The Lotus of the Wonderful Law, or the Lotus of Gospel: Saddharma Pundarika Sutra Mao-Fa Lien Hua Ching
0391034669: Richard II (Text and Performance)
0391034723: T S Eliot
0391034758: Spenser (Harvester New Readings)
0391034766: Hamlet: The Critics Debate
0391034774: Workings of the Picaresque in the British Novel
0391034790: Principal Upanisads
0391034820: The New Testament and the Literary Imagination
0391034847: Renaissance
0391034855: Pressure Politics in Industrial Societies
0391034863: Pressure Politics in Industrial Societies: A Comparative Introduction
0391034871: China's Provincial Leaders, 1949-1985. Volume I: Directory
0391034901: Visions of Glory : Studies in Early Russian Hagiography
0391034928: Eastern Left, Western Left. Totalitarianism, Freedom and Democracy
0391034936: King Lear
0391034960: China's Science Policy in the 80s (Studies on the East Asia)
0391034987: The Rich Man and the Diseased Poor in Early Victorian Literature
0391035002: Wordsworths Poems of 1807. The text of the collection originally published as Poems, in Two Volumes together with poems proposed for inclusion but not retained in the 1807 edition
0391035029: Partition and the Limits of Irish Nationalism
0391035053: Witchcraft and Magic in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Europe
0391035061: Introduction to Cost and Production Functions
0391035088: Metaphysics: An Introduction (Modern introductions to philosophy) by Carr...
0391035096: Metaphysics: An Introduction (Modern Introduction to Philosophy) by Carr, Brian
0391035126: Nathaniel Hawthorne (Feminist Readings)
0391035134: Nathaniel Hawthorne
0391035142: Women, Violence and Social Control (Explorations in Sociology)
0391035150: Women, Violence and Social Control
0391035207: Renaissance Dramatists
0391035215: Renaissance Dramatists : Feminist Readings
0391035258: James Joyce
0391035274: Alfred Lord Tennyson
0391035312: Shakespeare and Social Class
0391035320: T S Eliot
0391035339: Eclipse of God : Studies in the Relation Between Religion and Philosophy
0391035355: Inquiry and Understanding
0391035371: Legal Relevance of Gender
0391035398: Development Through Liberation: Third World Problems and Solutions
0391035401: Israel: Polity, Society, Economy 1882-1986 : An Introductory Handbook
0391035428: The French Revolution - Aristocrats Versus Bourgeois?
0391035436: French Revolution : Aristocrats vs. Bourgeois?
0391035444: Christian Ministry: Patterns and Functions Within the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (Studia Missionalia Upsaliensia, Vol 43)
0391035460: Knowledge of Man : Selected Essays
0391035479: Moses : The Revelation and the Covenant
0391035487: Tales of Rabbi Nachman
0391035495: Origin and Meaning of Hasidism
0391035509: Hasidism and Modern Man
0391035533: Vincent Van Gogh: Studies in the Social Aspects of His Work
0391035541: Thomas Hardy (Feminist readings)
0391035584: Othello (The Critics Debate Ser.)
0391035592: OTHELLO
0391035606: Comparative government and politics: An introduction (Comparative government & politics)
0391035614: The Economic Effects of the American Civil War
0391035622: Speech in the English Novel
0391035630: Speech in the English Novel
0391035649: Hume's Philosophy of Religion. Second Edition.
0391035665: King Lear
0391035673: German philosophy: An introduction
0391035681: German Philosophy : An Introduction
0391035703: What Is History Today?
0391035711: Israel Polity Society & Economy 1882 198
0391035738: Tamburlaine and Edward II (Text and Performance Series)
0391035754: Information Game : Ethical Issues in a Microchip World
0391035762: Body-Mind Conceptual Framework and the Problem of Personal Identity : Some Theories in Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Neurology
0391035770: Restatement of Economic Liberalism
0391035789: Restatement of Economic Liberalism
0391035797: Conflict and Control: Law and Order in Nineteenth Century Italy
0391035827: Multinationals And Industrial Property: The Control Of The
0391035843: The Golden Age Spain (Studies in European History)
0391035886: Speeches of Charles Dickens
0391035894: The Face of the Crowd Studies in Revolution, Ideology and Popular Protest
0391035924: Cold War : 1945-1963
0391035959: Revolutions of 1848
0391035967: Gulliver's Travels
0391035975: Gulliver's Travels
0391035983: City-State, 1500-1700 : Republican Liberty in an Age of Princely Power
0391035991: British Navy and the Use of Naval Power in the Eighteenth Century
0391036009: Bertrand Russell : A Psychobiography of a Moralist
0391036017: Hegel's Science of Logic
0391036068: Kierkegaard's Fragments and Postscript : The Religious Philosophy of Johannes Climacus
0391036092: Lenin's Economic Writings
0391036106: Lenin and the Myth of World Revolution: Ideology and Reasons of State, 1917-1920
0391036122: Soviet Nuclear Strategy from Stalin to Gorbachev: A Revolution in Soviet Military and Political Thinking
0391036149: The Winter's Tale
0391036157: Language of Difference
0391036173: Question of Language in Heidegger's History of Being
0391036181: Seeing and Reading
0391036203: Idea of a Social Science and Its Relation to Philosophy
0391036262: Measure for Measure
0391036319: Blake
0391036327: Blake : Songs of Innocence and Experience
0391036343: Philosophy of John Stuart Mill
0391036386: Stalinism
0391036394: Gorbachev: The Debate
0391036416: Tempest
0391036424: The Critics Debate: The Tempest
0391036432: Coriolanus
0391036440: Coriolanus
0391036459: Year's Work in English Studies, 1986
0391036467: Language. A Theory of Its Structure and Use.
0391036475: British Trade Union and Labour History: A Compendium (Studies in economic and social history)
0391036483: The Industrial Revolution: A Compendium
0391036505: The Reign of Louis XIV: Essays in celebration of Andrew Lossky
0391036513: Asian Frontier Nationalism: Owen Lattimore And The American
0391036548: Believing Humanism : My Testament, 1902-1965
0391036572: Mind in Action
0391036580: Kingship of God
0391036629: Marx's Theory of Scientific Knowledge
0391036653: Dialectic and Difference
0391036661: Unknown Virginia Woolf
0391036688: Learning to Be Moral
0391036696: Shakespeare and the art of humankindness: The essay toward androgyny by.
0391036718: Philosophy and Truth : Selections from Nietzsche's Notebooks of the Early 1870s
0391036726: History & Truth in Hegel's Phenomenology
0391036823: Soul of the Salesman : The Moral Ethos of Personal Sales
0391036831: Soul of the Salesman : The Moral Ethos of Personal Sales
0391036858: Problems of Political Philosophy
0391036866: Structuralism : The Art of the Intelligible
0391036890: Justifying Legal Punishment
0391036904: Freedom
0391036920: Napoleonic Empire
0391036947: Cosmos and Anthropos : A Philosophical Interpretation of the Anthropic Cosmological Principle
0391036955: German Encounters with Modernity : Novels of Imperial Berlin
0391036971: New Vico Studies 1990 (New Vico Studies, 1990)
0391037005: Worlds of Existentialism : A Critical Reader
0391037013: Philosophy of Gandhi : A Study of His Basic Ideas
0391037021: Texts and Dialogues
0391037048: Deconstruction of Time
0391037056: Reign of Louis XIV
0391037064: Surplus Powerlessness : The Psychodynamics of Everyday Life and the Psychology of Individual and Social Transformation
0391037099: Commentary to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
0391037102: Gulliver and the Gentle Reader : Studies in Swift and Our Time
0391037110: Henry Fielding and the Augustan Ideal Under Stress
0391037129: AIDS Today, Tomorrow : An Introduction to the HIV Epidemic in America
0391037145: Conditions of Freedom
0391037188: On Changing the World
0391037196: AIDS--Today, Tomorrow: An Introduction to the HIV Epidemic in America
0391037218: Joseph Conrad
0391037226: Joseph Conrad
0391037269: Problem of Universals
0391037277: Russian Revolution, 1900-1927
0391037285: Freedom in the Modern World
0391037293: Reason and Emotion
0391037307: Communal Reformation : The People's Quest for Salvation in the Sixteenth-Century
0391037315: State and Development in Ethiopia
0391037331: Language and Power
0391037358: Responsibility of Intellectuals : Selected Essays on Marxist Traditions in Cultural Commitment
0391037374: Spinoza's Philosophy
0391037382: Illustrations of Being
0391037390: Political Philosophy at the Closure of Metaphysics
0391037404: Michel Foucault's Force of Flight: Toward an Ethics for Thought
0391037412: Filming and Judgment : Between Heidegger and Adorno
0391037447: Cosmos and Theos
0391037455: Order from Confusion Sprung : Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature from Swift to Cowper
0391037498: Two Germanies, 1945-1990 : Problems of Interpretation
0391037501: Skepticism, Rules, and Private Languages
0391037528: Specter of Capitalism and the Promise of a Classless Society
0391037536: Learning to Be Moral
0391037544: Marx and the Missing Link : Human Nature
0391037552: Marxism in Latin America from 1909 to the Present : An Anthology
0391037560: Popular Dictionary of Islam
0391037579: Villa As Hegemonic Architecture
0391037595: Spirit of Hegel
0391037609: Selected Essays on G. W. F. Hegel
0391037617: Heidegger in Question : The Art of Existing
0391037633: Images of Truth
0391037641: Language and Power
0391037676: Shakespeare and the Art of Humankindness : The Essay Toward Androgyny
0391037684: Foundations Of Metaphysics In Science
0391037692: German Peasants' War : A History in Documents
0391037714: The Curtain rises: Rethinking culture, ideology, and the state in Eastern...
0391037722: USSR 1987-1991
0391037730: Learning to Learn : Toward a Philosophy of Education
0391037749: The Arbor Scientiae Reconceived and the History of Vicho's Resurrection
0391037765: Sartre and Psychology
0391037773: Justice
0391037803: Marxism and the Philosophy of Science : A Critical History
0391037811: Readings in Existential Psychology and Psychiatry
0391037838: Dream and Existence
0391037846: Forever in the Shadow of Hitler? The Dispute about the Germans' Understanding of History : Original Documents of the Historikerstreit
0391037854: Marx's Method in Capital : A Reexamination
0391037862: C. L. R. James and Revolutionary Marxism : Selected Writings 1939-1949
0391037870: Georg Lukacs and Thomas Mann : A Study in Sociology of Literature
0391037889: History and Subjectivity : The Transformation of Marxist Theory
0391037897: Letters of Rosa Luxemburg
0391037919: Gender
0391037951: Ecology
0391037978: Alienation and Social Criticism
0391037994: Atheism and Theism
0391038001: Revolutionary Marxism and Social Reality in the 20th Century : Collected Essays of Ernest Mandel
0391038036: World Remembered, 1925-1950
0391038044: Foundations of Cartesian Ethics
0391038052: Logic of Pragmatic Thinking : From Pierce to Habermas
0391038060: Marxists and the Jewish Question : The History of a Debate, 1843-1943
0391038079: Karl-Otto Apel - Selected Essays Vol. 1 : Towards a Transcendental Semiotics
0391038087: Philosophy As Diplomacy : Essays in Ethics and Policy Making
0391038109: Curtain Rises : Rethinking Culture, Ideology, and the State in Eastern Europe
0391038133: Marxists and the Jewish Question : The History of a Debate, 1843-1943
0391038141: Place of Marxism in History
0391038168: Max Shachtman and His Left : A Socialist's Odyssey Through the American Century
0391038206: World Remembered, 1925-1950
0391038222: Communities and Conflict in Early Modern Colmar, 1571-1730
0391038230: Protestant Politics : Jacob Sturm (1489-1553) and the German Reformation
0391038257: Foreign Policy of Hitler's Germany Vol. 1 : Diplomatic Revolution in Europe, 1933-1936
0391038346: Politics of Western Science, 1640-1990
0391038354: Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
0391038389: Real World of Democracy Revisited : And Other Essays on Democracy and Socialism
0391038397: German Villages in Crisis : Rural Life in Hesse-Kassel and the Thirty Years' War, 1580-1720
0391038419: Social Implications of Bioengineering
0391038427: Social Implications of Bioengineering
0391038443: Social Problems & Social Movements
0391038478: Conversations with French Philosophers
0391038494: Dreamer's Paradise Lost : Louis C. Fraina and Lewis Corey and the Decline of Radicalism in the United States, 1910-1950
0391038508: Dreamer's Paradise Lost : Louis C. Fraina and Lewis Corey and the Decline of Radicalism in the United States, 1910-1950
0391038516: Erich Fromm Reader
0391038540: Constitutional Revolution
0391038559: Russia Twenty Years After : Includes Thirty Years after the Russian Revolution
0391038583: Racial Formations - Critical Transformations : Articulations of Power in Ethnic and Racial Studies in the United States
0391038591: AIDS - Today, Tomorrow : An Introduction to the HIV Epidemic in America
0391038621: Radical Philosophy of Law : Contemporary Challenges to Mainstream Legal Theory and Practice
0391038648: Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion : Eastern and Western Thought
0391038672: Nationalism Reader
0391038702: Fundamentals of Philosophy : A Study of Classical Texts
0391038710: Karl Jaspers : Basic Philosophical Writings
0391038729: Bad Faith and Antiblack Racism
0391038745: Scientists and the Development of Nuclear Weapons : From Fission to the Limited Test Ban Treaty, 1939-1963
0391038753: Einstein and Our World
0391038761: Einstein and Our World
0391038788: Newton and the Culture of Newtonianism
0391038826: War, Battering, and Other Sports : The Gulf Between American Men and Women
0391038842: Cleisthenes the Athenian : An Essay on the Representation of Space and Time in Greek Political Thought from the End of the Sixth Century to the Death of Plato
0391038850: Other City : People and Politics in New York and London
0391038869: Trade Union Politics : American Unions and Economic Change, 1960s-1990s
0391038877: Trade Union Politics : American Unions and Economic Change, 1960s-1990s
0391038885: Heidegger and the Poets
0391038893: Learning to Learn : Toward a Philosophy of Education
0391038907: Toward the Postmodern
0391038931: Humanism and Its Aftermath : The Shared Fate of Deconstruction and Politics
0391038958: Charles S. Peirce : From Pragmatism to Pragmaticism
0391038982: Inhabiting the Earth : Heidegger, Environmental Ethics, and the Metaphysics of Nature
0391039024: On Hegel's Logic : Fragments of a Commentary
0391039075: Why Althusser Killer His Wife : Essays on Discourse and Violence
0391039083: Why Althusser Killer His Wife : Essays on Discourse and Violence
0391039113: Jean Grace and the Anarchist Tradition in France
0391039121: Wittgenstein and Metaphor
0391039148: German Public and the Persecution of Jews, 1933-1945 : No One Participated, No One Knew
0391039156: Controlling Human Heredity: 1865 To the Present (Control of Nature)
0391039164: Controlling Human Heredity : 1865 to the Present
0391039172: New Perspectives on Fichte
0391039202: Rudolf Hilferding
0391039245: Quest for Power : Hobbes, Descartes, and the Emergence of Modernity
0391039253: Martin Heidegger and the Holocaust
0391039261: New South Africa and the Socialist Vision : Positions and Perspectives Toward a Post-Apartheid Society
0391039296: Language and Power: Books VI and VII
0391039369: American Ethic
0391039377: Conversational Sociology : An Intercultural Bridge Where East Meets West
0391039385: Ordinary Social Occasions Sandcastles and Structural Reproduction : A Sociology of Everybody's Social Life
0391039407: Prince
0391039415: Walter Benjamin
0391039423: Walter Benjamin
0391039431: Responsibility of Intellectuals : Selected Essays on Marxist Traditions in Cultural Commitment
0391039466: To Live Is to Think : The Thought of Twentieth-Century German Philosopher Constantin Brunner
0391039474: China's Urban Revolutionaries : Explorations in the History of Chinese Trotskyism, 1921-1952
0391039504: Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform
0391039512: Globalization and the Decline of Social Reform
0391039520: Red Emma Speaks : An Emma Goldman Reader
0391039539: Hypothesis and Perception : The Roots of Scientific Method
0391039563: Road to Power : Political Reflections on Growing into the Revolution
0391039571: Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy
0391039598: Resurgence of Right-Wing Radicalism in Germany : New Forms of an Old Phenomenon?
0391039628: Texts and Dialogues
0391039636: Heidegger in Question : The Art of Existing
0391039644: Paths of Heidegger's Life and Thought
0391039679: Oppositionist for Life : Memoirs of the Chinese Revolutionary Zheng Chaolin
0391039695: On the Feminine
0391039709: Judaic Man : Toward a Reconstruction of Western Civilization
0391039717: Victims or Criminals? : A Study of Women in Colonial North-Western Provinces and Oudh, India, 1870-1910
0391039741: Technology and Science in Industrializing Nations 1500-1914
0391039776: Scientific Revolution : Aspirations and Achievements, 1500-1700
0391039784: Scientific Revolution : Aspirations and Achievements, 1500-1700
0391039792: Totalitarian Science and Technology
0391039806: Totalitarian Science and Technology
0391039822: Michael Faraday
0391039830: Charity and Economy in the Orphanages of Early Modern Augsburg
0391039849: Military System and Social Life in Old Regime Prussia, 1713-1807
0391039881: Poetics and Politics in the Art of Rudolf Baranik
0391039938: Critical Perspectives on Mao Zedong's Thought
0391039946: Critical Perspectives on Mao Zedong's Thought
0391039962: Globalization, State, Identity/Difference
0391039989: End of Art and Beyond : Essays after Danto
0391040006: Exploitation
0391040049: Politics of the Reformation in Germany : Jacob Sturm (1489-1553) of Strasbourg
0391040057: Defending Rights : A Life in Law and Politics
0391040065: Defending Rights : A Life in Law and Politics
0391040073: Dead Reckonings : Ideas, Interests, and Politics in the Information Age
0391040103: Lacan and the Subject of Law : Toward a Psychoanalytic Critical Legal Theory
0391040146: Cleisthenes the Athenian : An Essay on the Representation of Space and Time in Greek Political Thought from the End of the Sixth Century to the Death of Plato
0391040154: Martin Heidegger and the Holocaust
0391040162: Illustrations of Being
0391040170: Young Hegelians : An Anthology
0391040189: Inequality, Power and Development
0391040197: Inequality, Power and Development
0391040200: Nonduality : A Study in Comparative Philosophy
0391040251: Rewriting the German Past : History and Identity in the New Germany
0391040278: Revolution from the Right : Politics, Class and the Rise of Nazism in Saxony, 1919-1933
0391040286: Some Chose to Stay : Faith and Ethics in a Time of Plague
0391040294: Some Chose to Stay : Faith and Ethics in a Time of Plague
0391040308: Dead Reckonings : Ideas, Interests, and Politics in the Information Age
0391040316: Breaking with the Enlightenment : The Twilight of History and the Rediscovery of Utopia
0391040332: Migration and Urbanization in the Ruhr Valley, 1821-1914
0391040340: Before Ethics
0391040359: Language and the Unconscious : Jacques Lacan's Hermeneutics of Psychoanalysis
0391040367: Justifying Legal Punishment
0391040383: Split Scene of Reading : Nietzsche/Derrida/Kafka/Bachmann
0391040421: Cross-Readings
0391040448: Structuralism : A Philosophy for the Human Science
0391040456: Subversion of Politics : European Autonomous Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life
0391040464: Inequality and Violence in the United States : Casualties of Capitalism
0391040472: Inequality and Violence in the United States : Casualties of Capitalism
0391040685: Questions of Moral Philosophy
0391040715: Limits of Community : A Critique of Social Radicalism
0391040731: New Vico Studies 1997 (New Vico Studies)
0391040928: On the Verge of War
0391040936: Fertility, Wealth, and Politics in Three Southwest German Villages, 1650-1900
0391040944: Priest and Parish in Vienna, 1780 to 1880 (Studies in Central European Histories) - Hardcover
0391040952: Cross and the Ballot
0391040960: Before the Enemy Is Within Our Walls: Catholic Workers in Cologne, 1885-1912 : A Social, Cultural and Political History (Studies in German Histories) - Hardcover
0391040987: From Liberal Democracy to Fascism (Studies in Central European Histories)
0391040995: Negotiated Settlement the Counter Re
0391041002: In the Shadow of Savage Wolves: Anabaptist Munster and the German Reformation During the 1530's (Studies in Central European Histories)
0391041010: Emil J. Gumbel: Weimar German Pacifist and Professor Studies in Central European Histories
0391041029: Sacred Communities
0391041037: State Symbols: The Quest for Legitimacy in the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, 1949-1959
0391041045: Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia
0391041053: Imperialism at Sea
0391041061: Families and Frontiers
0391041088: Marriage in the Western Church
0391041118: Bible in Africa : Transactions, Trajectories, and Trends
0391041169: Concise Encyclopedia of Islam
0391041185: Jesus and His Contemporaries
0391041193: The True Israel: Uses of the Names Jew, Hebrew, and Israel in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Literature - Paperback
0391041193111: The True Israel: Uses of the Names Jew, Hebrew, and Israel in Ancient Jewish and Early Christian Literature ISBN:0391041193
0391041207: Reception of the Church Fathers in the West
0391041215: Hellenic Religion and Christianization C. 370-529
0391041223: Biblical Ambiguities: Metaphor, Semantics, and Divine Imagery
0391041231: Calendar and Chronology, Jewish and Christian
0391041258: Al-Hind: The Making of the Indo-Islamic World: Volumes 1 and 2
0391041266: Ethnicity and the Bible
0391041274: The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception
0391041282: The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception
0391041290: Recreating Ancient History: Episodes from the Greek and Roman Past in the Arts and Literature of the Early Modern Period - Paperback
0391041304: Eusebius of Caesarea Against Paganism
0391041312: Spirit in First-Century Judaism
0391041320: Temples, Religion and Politics in the Roman Republic
0391041339: The Jewish Dialogue With Greece and Rome: Studies in Cultural and Social Interaction
0391041347: The Novel in the Ancient World
0391041355: Narrative Syntax and the Hebrew Bible
0391041363: From Revelation to Canon: Studies in the Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Literature
0391041371: The Book of Daniel: Composition and Reception: Two Volumes
0391041398: Handbook of Rabbinic Theology
0391041428: Soul of Commerce: Credit, Property, and Politics In Leipzig, 1750-1840
0391041436: Rabbinic Judaism: The Theological System - Hardcover
0391041452: Shulamit and Margarete: Power, Gender, and Religion in a Rural Society in Eighteenth-Century Europe (Studies in Central European Histories)
0391041460: Three Faiths, One God
0391041479: Early Christian Voices: In Texts, Traditions, and Symbols.
0391041487: Latin American Liberation Theology: Religion in the Americas (Religion in the Americas, V. 1)
0391041495: Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience (Religion in the Americas Series)
0391041517: Sabbath and Synagogue: The Question of Sabbath Worship in Ancient Judaism
0391041525: Ancient Magic and Ritual Power - Paperback
0391041533: Judaism in Late Antiquity
0391041541: Flavius Josephus on the Pharisees: A Composition-Critical Study
0391041568: Germany's Northern Challenge: The Holy Roman Empire and the Scandinavian Struggle for the Baltic, 1563-1576 (Studies in Central European Histories)
0391041576: Handbook to the Exegesis of the New Testament
0391041584: Josephus in Galilee and Rome: His Vita and Development as a Historian
0391041592: The Mishnah: Social Perspectives
0391041606: The Mishnah, Religious Perspectives
0391041622: The Rhetorical Function of the Book of Ezekiel
0391041630: Authenticating the Words of Jesus
0391041649: Authenticating the Activities of Jesus
0391041657: Studies in Exegesis : Christian Critiques of Jewish Law and Rabbinic Responses, 70-300 C.E.
0391041665: Story As History, History As Story
0391041673: Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament
0391041681: The Making of the New Testament Documents
0391041703: The Mishnah: Religious Perspectives & the Social Perspectives
0391041711: Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays - Paperback
0391041738: Al-Hind, The Making of the Indo-Islamic World, Vol. 1: Early Medieval India and the Expansion of Isl
0391041746: Al-Hind, The Making of the Indo-Islamic World, Vol. 2: The Slave Kings and the Islamic Conquest, 11t
0391041754: Resurrection Of The Body In Early Judaism And Early Christianity: Doctrine, Community, and Self-Definition - Hardcover
0391041762: The Bible in Athanasius of Alexandria (Bible in An
0391041770: Three Questions of Formative Judaism; History, Literature and Religion.
0391041789: Handbook of Rabbinic Theology
0391041797: Rabbinic Judaism: The Theological System
0391041800: Three Faiths, One God
0391041819: Latin American Liberation Theology
0391041827: The Missing Jesus: Rabbinic Judaism and the New Testament
0391041835: The Missing Jesus: Rabbinic Judaism and the New Testament - Hardcover
0391041843: Ways of Knowing
0391041851: Spirit of Prophecy Defended
0391041878: The Hmong of China: Context, Agency, and the Imaginary
0391041894: Italian Studies on Philo of Alexandria (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts) - Hardcover
0391041908: One God, One Law: Philo of Alexandria on the Mosaic and Greco-Roman Law (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts, 2) - Hardcover
0391041916: The Commentary of Albertus Magnus on Book 1 of Euclid's Elements of Geometry (Ancient Mediterranean and Medieval Texts and Contexts, V. 4) - Hardcover
0391041924: The Commentary of Al-Nayrizi on Book I of Euclid's Elements of Geometry: An Introduction on the Transmission of Euclid's Elements in the Middle Ages (Ancient and Medieval Texts and Contexts, 1) - Hardcover
0391041932: Gerard of Cremona's Translation of the Commentary of Al-Nayrizi on Book I of Euclid's Elements of Geometry: With an Introductory Account of the Twenty-Two and Medieval Texts and Contexts, 2) - Hardcover
0391041940: The Jesuit Specter In Imperial Germany
0391041967: Endangered Cities: Military Power and Urban Societies in the Era of the World Wars (Studies in Central European Histories)
0391041991: The Soul and Spirit of Scripture Within Origen's Exegesis (Bible in Ancient Christianity)
0391042009: An Introduction To Classical Hebrew
0391042017: The Aesthetics of Horror: The Life and Thought of Richard Von Kralik
0391042025: In the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni
0391042033: Preachers and People in the Reformations and Early Modern Period
0391042041: Heralds of the Good News: Isaiah and Paul in Concert in the Letter to the Romans
0391042068: Technology, Disease, and Colonial Conquests, Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries: Essays Reappraising the Guns and Germs Theories
0391042076: The Extinction of Sivapithecus: Faunal and Environmental Changes Surrounding the Disappearance of a Miocene Hominoid in the Siwaliks of Pakistan (American of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series, - Hardcover
0391042092: Eumenes of Cardia: A Greek Among Macedonians (Anci
0391042114: The Reformation of Charity; the Secular and the Religious in Early Modern Poor Relief.
0391042122: Woman and Nation: An Intercontextual Reading of the Gospel of John (Biblical Interpretation Series)
0391042130: Early Metallurgy of the Persian Gulf: Technology, Trade, and the Bronze Age World (American Schools of Prehistoric Research Monograph Series)
0391042149: Enemy Is within: A Jungian Psychoanalytic Approach to the Book of Judith
0391042157: Inner Worlds
0391042165: Reading Acts: The Lector and the Early Christian Audience
0391042173: Eusebius- Onomasticon
0391042181: Love, War, and the Grail: Templars, Hospitallers, and Teutonic Knights in Medieval Epic and Romance 1150-1500
0391042203: The History of Biblical Israel: Major Problems and Minor Issues
0391042211: Judean Antiquities Books 1-4: Translatiion and Commentary
0391042238: Epipalaeolithic Subsistence Strategies In The Levant: A Zooarchaeological Perspective (American Scho
0391042254: Communal Christianity: The Life and Loss of a Peasant Vision in Early Modern Germany (Studies in Cen
0391042270: Shulamit and Margarete; Power, Gender, and Religion in a Rural Society in Eighteenth-century Europe.
0391042289: Place and Politics: Local Identity, Civic Culture, and German Nationalism in North Germany during the Revolutionary Era (Studies in Central European Histories, 36)
0391042300: One Text, A Thousand Methods: Studies in Memory of Sjef Van Tilborg (Biblical Interpretation Series)
0391042319: Asking for Rhetoric; the Hebrew Bible's Protean Interrogative.
0391042378: Daoism Handbook
0391042408: Introduction to the U.S. Latina and Latino Religious Experience
0391042416: Introduction To Classical Hebrew
0391042432: Resurrection of the Body in Early Judaism and Early Christianity; Doctrine,
0391042467: The Gospel of John: Text and Context.
0391042475: Interpreting the Past: Essays on Human, Primate, and Mammal Evolution
0391995898: The Warwick Guide to British Labour Periodicals, 1790-1970: A Check List
0392000040: Handbook for Model Soldier Collectors.
0392002000: The feast
0392002450: Force Nine and More
0392003740: Australian marsupials (Periwinkle colour series)
0392012480: AIRYMOUSE
0392041480: Planning your Garden
0392055260: Electric Foil Fencing
0392068060: The Glory of the Garden
0392079070: Great Western Railway: An Appreciation.
0392079240: How to Identify English Silver Drinking Vessels 600 - 1830
0392080850: Lucinda Brayford
0392093200: OPERAMANIA
0392133040: Napoleon and His British Captives
0392142570: Technique of Ballroom Dancing
0392144360: Navigation for Yachtsmen
0392153130: Theatremania
0392162660: Wollaston's Picton Journal
0392165589: J├╝dische Riten und Symbole
0392167220: The Sun's Family
0392169290: Day a Team Died
0392272709: Essays on Literature & Politics 1932 197
0392400006: Diary of George a Lucas Volume 1
0392402009: Diary of George a Lucas Volume 2
0392540002: WORLD I LOVE TO SEE
0392731770: Buck Schiwetz' Texas: Drawings & Paintings by E. M. Schiwetz
0393000257: Empire : The Life, Legend and Madness of Howard Hughes
0393000265: Maurice: A novel
0393000281: The Road and Track Illustrated Auto Dictionary
0393000303: Inside Wall Street : Continuity and Change in the Financial District
0393000311: Biograffiti : A Natural Selection
0393000338: Female Complaints
0393000346: Half-Sisters
0393000354: Patricide in the House Divided : A Psychological Interpretation of Lincoln and His Age
0393000362: Art of Adoption
0393000370: Gladstone : A Progress in Politics
0393000389: Memory of a Large Christmas
0393000397: Ideas of the Woman Suffrage Movement, 1880-1920
0393000400: Warrior Herdsman
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