0060151803: The conquest of America: The question of the other
0060151811: Giving Birth
0060151846: Tax shelters--the basics
0060151854: Illustrated Dance Technique of Jose Limon
0060151862: Take It Off: Two Thousand Eight Hundred & Seventy Two Deductions Most People Overlook
0060151870: Last Testament of Oscar Wilde
0060151889: Great tranquillity: Questions and answers
0060151897: Beyond the Mountain
0060151919: In Search of Mind: Essays in Autobiography
0060151927: The complete hospice guide
0060151935: High school: A report on secondary education in America
0060151943: Great Book of Oriental Carpets
0060151951: Dream Babies: Three Centuries of Good Advice on Child Care
0060151978: Wild justice: The evolution of revenge
0060151994: The Sound of Solitude
0060152001: One Goal - A Chronicle of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team
0060152028: Disturbances in the Field
0060152044: Survivors: Living With Cancer : Portraits of Twelve Inspiring People
0060152052: Chinese Bell Murders (Judge Dee Mystery)
0060152060: Chinese Gold Murders (Judge Dee Mystery)
0060152079: A Special Valor: The U.S. Marines and the Pacific War
0060152087: A Desert Country Near the Sea : A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California
0060152095: American Victorian: A Style and Source Book
0060152125: The True Glory: The Story of the Royal Navy Overa Thousand Years
0060152133: Barnes & Noble thesaurus of biology: The principles of biology explained and illustrated
0060152168: North American Marsh Birds
0060152176: Louis XIV: The Other Side of the Sun
0060152184: Sittings, 1979-1983
0060152192: American Architecture
0060152206: The Black Seraphim
0060152214: Childbirth without fear: The original approach to natural childbirth
0060152249: Unraveling of America : A History of Liberalism in the 1960s
0060152265: Nature Notes of the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
0060152303: Scavullo: Francesco Scavullo Photographs 1948-1984
0060152311: The Life and Times of Cotton Mather
0060152338: New hope for binge eaters: Advances in the understanding and treatment of bulimia
0060152346: The Willowbrook Wars
0060152354: No Bells on Sunday: The Rachel Roberts Journals
0060152362: Almost Paradise
0060152389: Willie Stargell: An Autobiography
0060152397: The Tiger
0060152400: Book of Stillmeadow
0060152419: Stillmeadow Road
0060152427: Playing to Win
0060152435: United States
0060152451: Brandeis and Frankfurter
0060152478: Coping with his success: A survival guide for wives
0060152486: Twentieth Century Culture: A Biographical Companion
0060152508: The Greatest Slump of All Time
0060152516: Cooking with herbs and spices
0060152524: The Gods, the Little Guys and the Police
0060152532: Temptation to Do Good
0060152540: After Reagan : Alternatives for the '80s
0060152567: Infante's Inferno
0060152575: Growing Minds: On Becoming a Teacher (Harper & Row series on the professions)
0060152583: Unbearable Lightness of Being
0060152591: Well-Chosen Garden
0060152605: A Slot Machine, A Broken Test Tube: An Autobiography
0060152621: Babycakes
0060152648: Donitz: The Last Fuhrer
0060152656: From Time Immemorial
0060152664: Vietnam reconsidered: lessons from a war
0060152680: The World in the Crucible, 1914-1919
0060152699: Leaving the Land
0060152702: Barnes & Noble thesaurus of computer science
0060152729: Sportswit
0060152737: How to Recognize and Refinish Antiques for Pleasure and Profit by Peake...
0060152753: Willie and Dwike: An American Profile
0060152788: The Big Time: Harvard Business School's Most Successful Class--And How It Shaped America
0060152796: Andrew Jackson and the Course of American Democracy 1833-1845
0060152818: Broken Brain
0060152826: Free Agents
0060152834: Simple and Direct : A Rhetoric for Writers
0060152842: World War II Quiz Fact Book - volume 2
0060152850: Innovators
0060152869: Winston Churchill: A Biography
0060152877: Smart Times: A Parent's Guide to Quality Time With Preschoolers
0060152885: Dearest Amanda
0060152893: Theater of Images
0060152915: Italian Fast and Fresh: Delicious Italian Meals to Make in Less Than an Hour
0060152923: The businessman: A tale of terror
0060152931: Changing Memories into Memoirs: A Guide to Writing Your Life Story
0060152958: Partners
0060152966: Peter Hall's Diaries: The Story of a Dramatic Battle
0060152974: Square Dance
0060152982: River
0060153008: The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens
0060153016: Creed for the Third Millennium
0060153024: The Common-Sense Mortgage: How to Cut the Cost of Home Ownership by $100,000 or More
0060153032: The Gene Business: Who Should Control Biotechnology
0060153040: Abraham Lincoln : The Man Behind the Myths
0060153059: Intrapreneuring
0060153067: Into the heart of the mind: An American quest for artificial intelligence
0060153075: Acquainted With the Night: And Other Stories
0060153083: The Soong Dynasty
0060153091: Last Chance Garage
0060153105: Italy: The Places in Between
0060153113: Pinstripe Pandemonium: A Season With the New York Yankees
0060153121: Morass
0060153148: Why and How Women Will Elect the Next President
0060153156: Staying OK : How to Maximize Good Feelings and Minimize Bad Ones
0060153164: Overcoming Indecisiveness: The Eight Stages of Effective Decision Making
0060153172: Perspective of the World Vol. III : Civilization and Capitalism 15th-18th Century
0060153180: In Love and War: The Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice During the Vietnam Years
0060153199: Dietrich
0060153202: The Illustrated Winespeak: Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Winetasting
0060153210: Book of Medieval Wargames
0060153229: Sports illustrated pitching
0060153245: How to Make Big Money Selling
0060153253: Square and Folk Dancing
0060153261: Complete Book of Tax Deductions
0060153296: Unquiet Souls: A Social History of the Illustrious, Irreverent, Intimate Group of British Aristocrats Known As
0060153318: The Heron's Handbook
0060153334: Ariel ascending: Writings about Sylvia Plath by
0060153342: Selected Poems
0060153350: Community is possible: Repairing America's roots
0060153369: Nuclear America: Military and Civilian Nuclear Power in the United States, 1940-1980
0060153377: Last One Home
0060153385: The Twelfth Transforming
0060153393: Knight in History
0060153407: The Adoption Resource Book : A Comprehensive Guide to All the Things You Need to Know and Ought to Know about Creating an Adoptive Family #11167 Med-2
0060153415: Collected Poems, 1947-1980
0060153423: Take Effective Control of Your Life
0060153458: Selling to a Group
0060153466: Heat from Another Sun
0060153474: This Planted Vine : A Narrative History of the Episcopal Diocese of New York
0060153482: Suspension Bridge
0060153490: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: But Don't Have Sex or Take the Car
0060153504: A Return to Romance: Finding It and Keeping It Alive
0060153512: The Liberal Mind in a Conservative Age: American Intellectuals in the 1940s and 1950s
0060153520: How to Talk to Children about Really Important Things
0060153539: Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims and Other Salutary Platform Opinions
0060153547: Second Tree from the Corner
0060153555: What a Game They Played: Stories of the Early Days of Pro Football by Those Who Were There
0060153571: Competitive Figure Skating: A Parent's Guide
0060153598: A Christmas Celebration
0060153601: One Man's Island: A Naturalist's View
0060153628: In the Shadow of the Temple: The Discovery of Ancient Jerusalem
0060153644: Gabriel Garcia Marquez Collected Stories
0060153652: Life and Fate
0060153660: Single Lens: The Story Of The Simple Microscope
0060153679: Under the Volcano
0060153717: Watching Fishes: Life and Behavior on Coral Reefs
0060153725: Med Tech: The Layperson's Guide to Today's Medical Miracles
0060153733: Cooking with the New American Chefs
0060153741: Dun and Bradstreet's Guide to Your Investments, 1985
0060153768: Herculaneum
0060153776: Running Critical
0060153784: The Celibates
0060153792: Ohio Town
0060153814: Editors on Editing
0060153822: Tax Shelters: The Basics, 1985
0060153830: Continental Drift
0060153849: During Ceasefire
0060153857: Sara Will
0060153865: Staying Beautiful: Beauty Secrets and Attitudes from My Forty Years as a Model
0060153873: Strategic Atlas : A Comparative Geopolitics of the World's Powers
0060153881: Jadis
0060153903: The Mother Machine: Reproductive Technologies from Artificial Insemination to Artificial Wombs
0060153911: The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis
0060153938: William E. Donoghue's Guide to Finding Money to Invest : Building a Lifetime Savings Program with Your Hidden Cash Resources
0060153954: Civil War Quiz and Fact Book.
0060153962: The Ghostway (A Harper Novel of Suspense)
0060153970: Dunn's Conundrum
0060153997: A Cloak of Light: Writing My Life
0060154012: Sweet Justice
0060154020: Complete Urban Gardener
0060154039: Diaspora: An Inquiry into the Contemporary Jewish World
0060154047: To Heal a Nation: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial
0060154055: Lisa H.: The True Story of an Extraordinary and Courageous Woman
0060154063: Jewish Holidays
0060154071: Jim Palmer's Way to Fitness
0060154098: On Writing Well : An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction
0060154101: Selected Poetry of Yehuda Amichai
0060154128: Car Book, 1985 Edition
0060154144: Sports illustrated skiing (The Sports illustrated library)
0060154187: Love and Sex in Plain Language
0060154195: Bronx in the Innocent Years (1890-1925)
0060154209: Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables
0060154217: Sports Illustrated Football
0060154233: Charlie Chaplin
0060154241: Selling at the Top: The 100 Best Companies in America to Sell for
0060154268: I Been There Before
0060154276: From Vines to Wines: The Complete, Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Your Own Grapes and Making Your Own Wine
0060154284: Innovation and Entrepreneurship : Practice and Principles
0060154306: The Long Journey Home
0060154314: Lady's Time
0060154322: Holy Smoke
0060154330: Enigmas of Chance : An Autobiography
0060154349: Lively Audience : A Social History of the Visual and Performing Arts in America, 1890-1950
0060154357: Crime and Madness: The Origins and Evolution of the Insanity Defense
0060154373: Hemingway: A Biography
0060154381: No Naughty Cats: The First Complete Guide to Intelligent Cat Training
0060154403: Memorable Dogs
0060154411: North Gladiola
0060154438: Pretty Cakes: The Art of Cake Decorating
0060154462: The Affordable baby: A complete consumer guide to costs and comparisons for parents-to-be
0060154470: The Health Insurance Fact and Answer Book
0060154489: Yes, We Sang!: Songs of the Ghettos and Concentration Camps
0060154497: The Manager's Guide to Resolving Legal Disputes: Better Results Without Litigation
0060154500: Opera and Ideas
0060154519: Before the Trumpet: Young Franklin Roosevelt, 1882-1905
0060154543: The space program quiz & fact book
0060154551: A Christmas Treasury
0060154586: Life in Sports : A Pictorial History of Sports from the Incomparable Archives of America's Greatest Picture Magazine
0060154594: Henry James : A Life
0060154608: Just Friends: The Role of Friendship in Our Lives
0060154616: Take Up the Song: Poems
0060154624: The Great Cat Game Book
0060154632: Comparative Guide to American Colleges
0060154640: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs: a Collection of Great Dog Cartoons
0060154659: The Coming of the Kid: A Novel
0060154675: On Becoming a Biologist (The Harper and Row Series on the Professions, No 3)
0060154683: Dance of Anger : A Woman's Guide to Changing the Pattern of Intimate Relationships
0060154691: In Country
0060154705: The Other Side of the Moon: The Life of David Niven
0060154713: Home Health Care Solution
0060154721: Beyond Profit : Everything You Need to Manage the Nonprofit Organization
0060154748: Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956 : An Experiment in Literary Investigation
0060154756: Child Support: A Complete, Up-To-Date Authoritative Guide to Collecting Child Support
0060154764: The Successful Supervisor in Government and Business
0060154772: America
0060154780: Vatican
0060154799: We Are Talking about Homes: A Great University against Its Neighbors
0060154802: Luisa Domic: A novel
0060154810: Wonderful Private World of Liberace
0060154845: Strong Measures: Contemporary American Poetry in Traditional Forms
0060154853: As Time Goes by: The Life of Ingrid Bergman
0060154861: Herbs and Apples
0060154888: The Myth of Neurosis: Overcoming the Illness Excuse
0060154896: Dun and Bradstreet's Guide to Your Investments, 1986 (Includes Index)
0060154918: Love and Sex After Forty: A Guide for Men and Women for Their Mid and Later Years
0060154926: How to Single Parent
0060154969: Love, Medicine and Miracles
0060154985: The Optimum Sailboat: Racing the Cruiser and Cruising the Racer
0060155019: Valentines
0060155027: World
0060155035: Hawksmoor
0060155051: Alone in America: The Search for Companionship
0060155078: College
0060155086: Ike
0060155094: Free spaces: The sources of democratic change in America
0060155108: The Defender: The Story of General Dynamics
0060155116: Landscape It Yourself
0060155132: Margaret Bourke-White
0060155140: Sweet Soul Music : Rhythm and Blues and the Southern Dream of Freedom
0060155159: Staked Goat: A Detective Novel
0060155167: Ringarra
0060155175: Handbook of Riding Essentials
0060155183: Dansville
0060155191: Rancho Maria: A Novel
0060155205: Fly in the Cobweb: A Dan Mallet Novel of Suspense
0060155221: IBM Way : Insights into the World's Most Successful Marketing Organization
0060155248: Sacco & Vanzetti: The Case Resolved
0060155256: Stop Stuttering
0060155264: Wider World, A: Portraits in an Adolescence
0060155272: Courting Fame: The Perilous Road to Women's Tennis Stardom
0060155280: A kick in the seat of the pants: Using your explorer, artist, judge, & warrior to be more creative
0060155299: Sword over Richmond
0060155302: The Oak King, the Holly King and the Unicorn: The Myths and Symbolism of the Unicorn Tapestries
0060155310: Investor's Guide to Stock Quotations and Other Financial Listings
0060155337: Either/or
0060155345: Biographer's Craft
0060155353: Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin
0060155361: Dream Palace
0060155388: The First and the Second Discourses Together With the Replies to Critics and the Essay on the Origin of Languages
0060155396: 365 Ways to Cook Chicken : Simply the Best Chicken Recipes You'll Find Anywhere
0060155418: Veracruz
0060155434: How to Motivate People: The Team Strategy for Success
0060155442: Risk & other four-letter words
0060155450: Always Coming Home
0060155469: The Song of the Meadowlark: The Story of an American Indian and the Nez Perce War
0060155477: Intelligent Investor : A Book of Practical Counsel
0060155485: The Common-Sense Mortgage: How to Cut the Cost of Home Ownership by $100,000 or More
0060155493: The North American Indians in early photographs
0060155507: Delirium Eclipse and Other Stories
0060155515: Good Mother
0060155558: From the Farmers' Market
0060155574: A Christmas Album
0060155582: Illustrated Handbook of Furniture Restoration
0060155604: Triumph of Politics : Why the Reagan Revolution Failed
0060155612: Grandfather Remembers : Memories for My Grandchild
0060155620: Always Coming Home
0060155655: May-Day: Eisenhower, Khrushchev, and the U-2 Affair
0060155663: Bold Dragoon : The Life of J. E. B. Stuart
0060155671: Success Stories
0060155698: One Way or Another
0060155701: Crossing the Line
0060155728: High Art
0060155736: Further Sayings of Chairman Malcolm
0060155744: The Myth of Soviet Military Supremacy
0060155752: Figures of Enchantment
0060155787: The Right to Die: Understanding Euthanasia
0060155809: Truman
0060155825: The mythmaker: Paul and the invention of Christianity
0060155833: Bud: The Other Side of the Glacier
0060155841: Power Struggle
0060155868: Bitter Victory
0060155884: Don't Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks
0060155892: Time Power : The Revolutionary Time Management System That Can Change Your Professional and Personal Life
0060155914: A Bouquet for Mother
0060155965: Christmas at Our House
0060156120: Asimov's Chronology of Science and Discovery
0060156139: Eight-Week Cholesterol Cure : How to Lower Your Blood Cholesterol by up to 40 Percent Without Drugs or Deprivation
0060156147: Toy Trains: A History
0060156155: Britain's Toy Soldiers, 1893-1932
0060156163: William E. Donoghue's Lifetime Financial Planner
0060156171: Liberty in America, 1600 to the Present, Vol. One, Liberty and Power
0060156198: Mickey Mouse His Life & Times
0060156201: Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration
0060156228: Invincible Memory
0060156244: Made in the U.S.A
0060156260: City of Nets : A Portrait of Hollywood in the 1940's
0060156279: Lover of Horses
0060156287: Howl
0060156295: Three Forms of Sudden Death: And Other Reflections on the Grandeur and Misery of the Body
0060156309: Cats, Cats, Cats
0060156317: Seeds of Change: Five Plants That Transformed Mankind
0060156325: Out of Step : An Unquiet Life in the 20th Century
0060156333: Sandeagozu
0060156341: Divo: Great Tenors, Baritones and Basses Discuss Their Roles
0060156376: Writing to Sell
0060156384: Common-Sense Guide to Successful Real Estate Negotiation
0060156392: Collected Stories, 1948-1986
0060156406: Palace File
0060156414: Stillmeadow Daybook
0060156430: Midas Touch
0060156449: A Loss for Words: The Story of Deafness in a Family
0060156457: El Yanqui
0060156465: Rules of the Knife Fight
0060156473: How to Read and Understand the Financial News
0060156481: Giants : From the Polo Grounds to Super Bowl XXI - An Illustrated History
0060156503: Departures
0060156511: Howl
0060156538: Beyond the Blue Horizon : Myths and Legends of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars
0060156554: The Heart of the Valley
0060156562: Skywriting by Word of Mouth
0060156570: Them: Stalin's Polish puppets
0060156589: Praying for Rain
0060156597: Your Lone Journey: Paintings
0060156678: Letters from Side Lake : A Chronicle of Life in the North Woods
0060156686: Somebody Else's Life
0060156694: How to Talk So People Listen : The Real Key to Job Success
0060156708: Getting the Best Out of Yourself and Others
0060156732: Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe : The Broadway Smash Starring Lily Tomlin
0060156740: The Weekend Gardener: All You Need to Plan and Make a Good-Looking, Low-Maintenance and Fast-Maturing Garden
0060156759: The Heart of Love
0060156767: Skywriting by Word of Mouth and other writings, including of John and Yoko
0060156783: Trouble for Lucia, Part VI, Make Way for Lucia
0060156791: Collecting: The Passionate Pastime
0060156805: All We Need of Hell
0060156813: Practical Intelligence : Working Smarter in Business and Everyday Life
0060156848: Vision of the Hunter
0060156864: Magic of Touch : The Revolution in Healing with Hands and Other Therapies
0060156872: Saint Mike
0060156902: Fiesta! : Southwestern Entertaining with Jane Butel
0060156910: Good Words to You : An All-New Browser's Dictionary and Native Guide to the Unknown American Language
0060156929: Summer Long-a-Coming
0060156937: So Like Sleep
0060156945: White Rat : The Whitey Herzog Story
0060156953: Skinwalkers
0060156961: Guillaume Chequespierre and the Oise Salon: An Anthology
0060156988: A history of the Jews
0060156996: Strangelove Legacy : Children, Parents and Teachers in the Nuclear Age
0060157003: Enduring Constitution : An Exploration of the First 200 Years
0060157046: Song in a Weary Throat : An American Pilgrimage
0060157054: At the Heart of the White Rose : Letters and Diaries of Hans and Sophie Scholl
0060157062: Born Dancing : The Relaxed Parents' Guide to Making Babies Smart with Love
0060157070: Sands of Sorrow : Israel's Journey from Independence to Uncertainty
0060157097: Vessel of Sadness
0060157119: Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises : Simple Solutions to Life's Puzzling Problems
0060157127: Nowhere Man: A Novel
0060157143: White Shroud : Poems, 1980-1985
0060157151: WHITE SHROUD: Poems 1980-1985
0060157178: Can't Miss
0060157186: Thirty-Five Plus Diet for Women : Kaiser Permanente Clinic's Breakthrough Metabolism Diet
0060157224: Unexplained Laughter
0060157232: Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe : The Broadway Smash Starring Lily Tomlin
0060157240: Continent
0060157267: Reader's Encyclopedia of the American West
0060157291: Harvest of Bittersweet
0060157313: Earth and Other Ethics
0060157321: Bride's Record Book
0060157380: Brave Talk
0060157399: Ladies of Missalonghi
0060157402: Your Defense Against Cancer : The Complete Guide to Cancer Prevention
0060157410: Trouble
0060157429: Ups and Downs : Memoirs of Another Time
0060157437: Orton Diaries
0060157445: Arabesques
0060157453: Putt Like the Pros : Dave Peltz's Scientific Way to Improving Your Stroke, Reading Greens, and Lowering Your Score
0060157461: Serpent's Tooth : The True Story of the Benson Family Murders
0060157488: Keeping the Tablets (uncorrected proof)
0060157526: Education of a Yankee : A New England Memoir
0060157534: Constraints of Corporate Tradition : Doing the Correct Thing, Not Just What the Past Dictates
0060157542: Understanding Cancer : A Leading Expert Tells You What He Wishes Everyone Knew
0060157550: Inventing The Abbotts and Other Stories
0060157569: Overcoming Depression
0060157577: Heartstones
0060157585: Homeplace
0060157593: The Rules of Life (Harper Short Novel Series)
0060157607: Witness to Gettysburg
0060157615: Miss Undine's Living Room
0060157658: To Father With Love
0060157690: Hope : New Choices and Recovery Strategies for Adult Children of Alcoholics
0060157712: William Faulkner : Storyteller of the Heart
0060157763: Our Kind
0060157771: Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters
0060157798: 50 rules to keep a client happy
0060157801: Odyssey : Pepsi to Apple - a Journey of Adventure, Ideas and the Future
0060157836: Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain
0060157844: Out to Lunch
0060157852: Anatomy of the Wine Trade: Abe's Sardines and Other Stories
0060157860: New Kindergarten : Full Day, Child Centered, Academic
0060157887: Building of Manhattan : How Manhattan Was Built Overground and Underground, from the Dutch Settlers to the Skyscrapers
0060157895: Emergency Doctor
0060157909: Clustering of America
0060157917: Marriage and the Family in the Middle Ages
0060157933: Take Care of Your Skin
0060157968: Catalogue of Crime/Being a Reader's Guide to the Literature of Mystery, Detection, and Related Genres
0060157976: Waiting for Childhood
0060157984: Illustrated Confederate Reader : A Remarkable Collection of Personal Experiences, Eyewitness Accounts, and Interesting Facts by and about Southern Soldiers and Civilians During the Civil War
0060157992: Peachtree Road
0060158018: Toxic Cloud : A Cross-Country Report on the Poisoning of America's Air
0060158026: Lenin
0060158034: Crazy Heart
0060158042: American Education : The Metropolitan Experience 1876-1980
0060158050: American Childhood
0060158069: Sixth Continent
0060158077: All You Can Eat: A Feast of Great Food Cartoons
0060158085: The Messiah
0060158093: Standing Ovation : How to Be an Effective Speaker and Communicator
0060158107: Worthy Tradition : Freedom of Speech in America
0060158115: Broken Ground
0060158123: Delivered from Evil : The Saga of World War II - The First Complete One-Volume History
0060158131: Marxism and Religion: A Description and Assessment of the Marxist Critique of Christianity.
0060158158: Marcos Dynasty
0060158166: Race for the Eighth : The Making of a Congressional Campaign: Joe Kennedy's Successful Pursuit of a Political Legacy
0060158174: Secrets of the Soil : A Fascinated Account of Recent Breakthroughs-Scientific and Spiritual- That Can Save Your Garden of Farm
0060158182: Orthodoxy: The American Spectator's 20th Anniversary Anthology
0060158190: The Fires of Fu Manchu
0060158204: Spud Webb : Flying High
0060158220: Banking on the World : The Politics of American International Finance
0060158239: Music by Philip Glass
0060158247: Mondo Boxo: Cartoon Stories
0060158301: Charles Patteson's Kentucky Cooking
0060158336: Eat Fish, Live Better
0060158344: American Childhood
0060158352: Music by Philip Glass
0060158360: Far West and the Great Plains in Transition, 1859-1900
0060158387: How to Get Happily Published
0060158395: Germany and the Germans: an Anatomy of Society Today
0060158425: Italian Food
0060158441: Absence of Pain
0060158468: Black Swan (Harper Short Novel Series)
0060158476: Renaissance Tapestry : The Gonzaga of Mantua
0060158484: Nights at the Alexandra
0060158492: What Do Our Seventeen-Year-Olds Know? : The First National Assessment of What American Students Know about History and Literature
0060158506: History of Their Own : Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present
0060158514: Reconstruction Pt. 2 : America's Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877
0060158522: Looking After Antiques
0060158530: Pursued by the Crooked Man
0060158549: Wealth of the Nation : An Economic History of the United States
0060158557: Intimate Matters : A History of Sexuality in America
0060158565: Everyday Life in Early America
0060158573: Lover and Thief : A Calvin Bix Mystery
0060158581: Perennial Gardens : A Practical Guide to Home Landscaping
0060158611: Investment Fundamentals : A Guide to Becoming a Knowledgeable Investor
0060158638: Bean Trees
0060158646: Knot of Time : Astrology and the Female Experience
0060158654: 365 Ways to Cook Pasta
0060158662: My First Loves
0060158670: Cookie
0060158689: Marketing Stars : Lessons in the Art of Marketing from the Companies Who Do It Best
0060158697: Harper Dictionary of Modern Thought
0060158700: Year of the Barricades : A Journey Through 1968
0060158719: Paleolithic Prescription : A Program of Diet and Exercise and A Design for Living
0060158727: Where Are We? : The Inner Life of America's Jews
0060158735: Greater Nowheres : A Journey Through the Australian Bush
0060158743: Greatest Masters
0060158751: Frozen Music (Harper Short Novel Series)
0060158778: Best Laid Plans : America's War Against Terrorism
0060158786: Catamount Bridge
0060158794: Bird in the Net
0060158808: Growing Good Roses
0060158816: Rust to Riches
0060158824: My Weeds
0060158832: Men in Trouble
0060158840: Writing to Learn : How to Write and Think Clearly about Any Subject at All
0060158859: Go Toward the Light
0060158867: Spoonerisms, Sycophants and Sops : A Celebration of Fascinating Facts about Words
0060158875: When Your Loved One Has Alzheimer's Disease : A Caregiver's Guide, Based on Methods Developed by the Brookdale Center on Aging
0060158883: Alternative Approach to Allergies
0060158891: Farewell, Summer
0060158905: Fatal Decision : Anzio and the Battle for Rome
0060158921: Out of the Whirlpool (Harper's Short Novel Series)
0060158948: Jasper White's Cooking from New England : New and Traditional Recipes
0060158964: Letters and Drawings of Bruno Schulz : With Selected Prose
0060158999: History of Their Own : Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present
0060159006: Multiple Exposures: Chronicles of the Radiation Age
0060159014: Nuts and Bolts from the Past : A History of American Technology 1776-1860
0060159022: Present Age
0060159030: People's Contest : The Union and Civil War, 1861-1865
0060159049: Life of Andrew Jackson
0060159057: Reshaping of Everyday Life, 1790-1840
0060159065: Toastmaster's Treasure Chest
0060159073: Cholesterol and Children : A Parent's Guide to Giving Children a Future Free of Heart Disease
0060159081: Oscar and Lucinda
0060159111: Spence and Lila
0060159138: Risotto : A Taste of Milan
0060159146: American Wine
0060159154: Country Pies
0060159162: Hysterectomy Before and After : A Comprehensive Guide to Preventing, Preparing for, and Maximizing Health
0060159189: Tufts University Guide to Total Nutrition
0060159197: Endocrine Control Diet
0060159200: Panati's Extraordinary Endings of Practically Everything and Everybody
0060159219: Swan Dive : A Novel of Suspense
0060159227: Yesterday's News : A Novel of Suspense
0060159235: World of Tomorrow : The Nineteen Thirty-Nine New York World's Fair
0060159278: Crest of the Wave : Adventures in Oceanography
0060159286: Fair Play : CBS, General Westmoreland and How a Television Documentary Went Wrong
0060159294: Confessions of a Pretty Lady : Stories True and Otherwise
0060159308: Speaking in Public: Buckley's Techniques for Winning Arguments and Getting Your Point Across
0060159316: His Vision of Her
0060159324: Dateline Soweto
0060159332: Control Your Dreams
0060159340: Young Petrella
0060159359: RECOVERING FROM A BROKEN HEART A Companion Guide for the Journey from Suffering to Joyful Awareness
0060159367: Jennifer Fever Older Men Younger Women
0060159375: Truck Dance : A Novel
0060159383: Thief of Time
0060159391: Grief Recovery Handbook
0060159405: Sugar Mother
0060159413: Guns of Cedar Creek
0060159421: Double Eagle: A Novel (Harper Novel of Suspense)
0060159448: Too Cool to Get Married
0060159456: Extraordinary People : Redefining the Idiot-Savant
0060159480: 1941
0060159502: Harper Dictionary of Science in Everyday Language : Scientific Terms Explained So You Can Really Understand Them
0060159510: Turkey War
0060159529: Richard Burton, My Brother
0060159537: From
0060159553: Paula Wolfert's World of Food : A Collection of Recipes from Her Kitchen, Travels and Friends
0060159561: Love Is Never Enough
0060159588: Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II
0060159596: Die veldwagters vertel: 78 ware verhale uit ons Nasionale Parke
0060159634: Bathsheba: A Novel
0060159642: Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos : The Story of the Scientific Quest for the Secret of the Universe
0060159650: Georgia O'Keeffe : A Life
0060159669: New Money Masters : Winning Investment Strategies Of: Soros - Lynch - Steinhardt - Rogers - Neff - Wanger - Michaelis - Carret
0060159677: Atlantic Campaign : An Epic History of World War II's Struggle at Sea
0060159685: World of Jeeves
0060159693: Love Trouble Is My Business
0060159723: Territory of Lies : The Exclusive Story of Jonathan J. Pollard - The American Who Spied on His Country for Israel and How He Was Betrayed
0060159731: Our Long National Daydream
0060159758: Harper Book of American Quotations
0060159766: Everyday Miracles : Stories from Life
0060159774: Earthmind
0060159782: Thief of Time
0060159790: Shining Through
0060159804: Tomorrow's Catholics, Yesterday's Church
0060159812: Making of the President, 1789
0060159820: Way to the Western Sea : Lewis and Clark Across the Continent
0060159839: James Mason: Odd Man Out
0060159847: Fragile Bond : In Search of an Equal, Intimate and Enduring Bond
0060159855: Elephant and My Jewish Problem
0060159863: Preventing World War III
0060159871: Club Dead
0060159898: Woman Who Was Not All There
0060159901: Turned Funny
0060159928: Listening Out Loud : Becoming a Composer
0060159936: Nowhere to Go : The Tragic Odyssey of the Homeless Mentally Ill
0060159944: Best Spas : Where to Go for Weight Loss, Fitness Programs and Pure Pleasure in the U. S. and Around the World
0060159952: Villas at Table : A Passion for Food and Drink
0060159960: Willpower Is Not Enough : Understanding and Overcoming Addictions and Obsessive Behavior
0060159979: Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men : Seeking Through Scotland for a Border Collie
0060159987: Total Immersion : Stories
0060160004: Classic Book of Baby Names
0060160012: Tao Te Ching
0060160047: Books, Books, Books
0060160055: Race to Mars : The Harper and Row Mars Flight Atlas
0060160101: New York Times Cookbook
0060160128: Phantom of the Opera the Sensational Musical in Three Dimensions Pop-up Book
0060160136: Fashion Conspiracy : The Dazzling Inside Story of the Glamorous World of International High Fashion
0060160187: Indoor Kitchen Garden
0060160195: Game Behind the Game : High Pressure, High Stakes in Sports Television
0060160209: Other Path : The Invisible Revolution in the Third World
0060160217: Identity of France
0060160233: Expansion of Everyday Life, 1860-1876
0060160268: 365 Quick and Easy Microwave Recipes
0060160276: Touching the Void
0060160284: You Don't Have to Suffer : A Handbook for Moving Beyond Life's Crises
0060160292: Seduction of Madness : Revolutionary Insights into the World of Psychosis and a Compassionate Approach to Recovery at Home
0060160306: Dream Streets : A Celebration of Italian-American Culture
0060160314: Eye on Washington
0060160322: Yo-Yo Syndrome Diet : Break the Cycle of Losing and Gaining
0060160330: King in Love
0060160349: Paradise Out of a Common Field: The Pleasures and Plenty of the Victorian Garden
0060160357: One Mans River: Paintings and Sketches from a Scottish River (Tay)
0060160373: Amateur Night at the Apollo : Ralph Cooper Presents Five Decades of Great Entertainment
0060160381: The Truth About Dogs
0060160403: You Know What They Say... : The Truth about Popular Beliefs - Find Out about These and Many More Sayings Proverbs and Common Notions
0060160411: Remembering the Bone House
0060160438: The Garden Triumphant: A Victorian Legacy
0060160446: Cost of Living
0060160470: Closed Circle : An Interpretation of the Arabs
0060160497: Sleep of Reason : Fantasy and Reality from the Victorian Age to the First World War
0060160500: Intellectuals
0060160519: Dinner Party : The New Entertaining: Over One Hundred Simple, Stylish Menus for the Way We Live and Eat Today
0060160527: Twentieth-Century Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Grower's Manual o f Classic Roses from the Twentieth Century
0060160535: Alexander Technique
0060160543: You Can Relieve Pain : How to Use Guided Imagery to Reduce Pain or Eliminate It Completely!
0060160551: Search for Eve : Have Scientists Found the Mother of Us All?
0060160578: International Diabetic Cookbook
0060160586: Between Strangers : Surrogate Mothers, Expectant Fathers and Brave New Babies
0060160594: Spring Training
0060160608: City for Sale : Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York
0060160616: Turbulent Mirror : An Illustrated Guide to Chaos Theory and the Science of Wholeness
0060160624: My Father's Moon
0060160632: Ice Time : Climate, Science and Life on Earth
0060160640: Children of Psychiatrists and Other Psychotherapists
0060160659: Leonardo : Discovering the Life of Leonardo da Vinci
0060160667: First Class Temperament : The Emergence of Franklin Roosevelt
0060160675: Dance of Intimacy : A Woman's Guide to Courageous Acts of Change in Key Relationships
0060160683: Family Book about Sexuality
0060160691: Men behaving badly: A novel
0060160705: John Dollar: A Novel
0060160713: Broken Cord
0060160721: Who Put the Butter in Butterfly? : And Other Fearless Investigations into Our Illogical Language
0060160756: From Sixty Yards In : How to Master Golf's Short Game
0060160764: Dreamers
0060160772: Peace, Love and Healing : The Bodymind and the Path to Self-Healing
0060160780: Witness to Appomattox
0060160799: Crown of Columbus
0060160802: Miss Ruby's American Cooking : From Border to Border and Coast to Coast, the Best Recipes from America's Regional Kitchens
0060160810: 1929 : The Year of the Great Crash
0060160829: Learning Golf : The Sure and Simple Way to Play the Game
0060160845: Last Airman
0060160853: Two to Four from Nine to Five : The Adventures of a Day Care Provider
0060160861: Madhur Jaffrey's Cookbook : Easy East-West Menus for Family and Friends
0060160918: Rewriting : Strategies and Suggestions for Improving Your Business Writing
0060160926: Country Cakes
0060160934: Patchwork Garden : Unexpected Pleasures from a Country Garden
0060160942: August Heat
0060160950: Eight Week Cholesterol Cure Cookbook : More than 200 Delicious Recipes to Help Lower Your Cholesterol and Keep It Low
0060160969: Confederate Goliath : The Storming of Fort Fisher, January 1865
0060160977: Country Ahead of Us, the Country Behind
0060160985: Coming to America : A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life
0060160993: Sort of Rich
0060161000: Scarlet Thread
0060161019: The Relic
0060161027: Don't Blame Mother : Mending the Mother-Daughter Relationship
0060161035: Castles of England, Scotland and Wales
0060161051: Managerial Mystique
0060161116: Thirty-Five Plus Good Health Guide for Women : The Prime of Life Program Developed at Kaiser Permanente for Women over 35
0060161124: Homeland and Other Stories
0060161132: Place for Outlaws
0060161140: Wise Garden Encyclopedia
0060161159: Yellow Kids
0060161167: The Italian Pantry
0060161175: Smart Cooking : Recipes, Tips and Techniques for Really Using Time-Saving Gadgets in Your Kitchen to Create Delicious Food
0060161183: Talking God
0060161191: Cucina Simpatica : Robust Trattoria Cooking from Al Forno
0060161205: Moon Passage
0060161213: Crocodile Attack
0060161221: Borders
0060161248: Planting in Patterns (Classic English Gardening Guides)
0060161264: Golf, Golf, Golf : A Hilarious Collection of Cartoons
0060161299: New Realities : In Government and Politics, in Economics and Society, in Business, Technology and World View
0060161302: Poet's Dictionary : A Handbook of Prosady and Poetic Devices
0060161310: Three-D Star Maps : A View of the Universe in Three Dimensions, the Whole Night Sky
0060161329: Blue Fire : Selected Writings by James Hillman
0060161337: American Power : The Rise and Decline of U. S. Globalism, 1918-1988
0060161345: Doublespeak
0060161353: Collecting Himself : James Thurber on Writing and Writers, Humor and Himself
0060161361: Taking Control of Arthritis : A Noted Doctor Tells You Everything You Need to Know to Triumph...
0060161388: Friends of Promise
0060161396: Bet They'll Miss Us When We're Gone: Stories
0060161418: Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Furniture
0060161426: Affliction
0060161434: Without Reason : A Family Copes with Two Generations of Autism
0060161442: Masterpieces of world literature
0060161469: Higher Than Hope: The Authorized Biography of Nelson Mandela
0060161485: Surviving AIDS
0060161493: Tea Breads and Coffeecakes
0060161507: Pancakes and Waffles
0060161531: Talking God
0060161558: Operation Drumbeat : Germany's U-Boat Attacks along the American Coast in World War II
0060161566: Writing Life
0060161574: Way of the Water's Going : Images of the Northern California Coastal Range
0060161582: The Lost Continent: Travels in Small Town America
0060161590: Living with Parkinson's : A Guide for the Patient and Caregiver
0060161604: Terrifying Love : Why Battered Women Kill and How Society Responds
0060161612: When Do Fish Sleep? : And Other Imponderables of Everyday Life
0060161620: Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket
0060161647: Sure of You
0060161655: Movies, Movies, Movies : A Hilarious Collection of Cartoons
0060161663: For Love & Money: A Writing Life 1969-1989
0060161671: Raptor
0060161698: Tao Te Ching : A New English Version
0060161701: I Want to Grow Hair, I Want to Grow up, I Want to Go to Boise : Children Surviving Cancer
0060161728: Barbarians at the Gate
0060161744: Joe Leaphorn Mysteries
0060161752: Parting Is All We Know of Heaven
0060161787: Times Atlas of the Second World War
0060161795: Harper Religious and Inspirational Quotation Companion
0060161809: Total Customer Service
0060161825: Our New York
0060161833: 8-Week Cholesterol Cure
0060161841: Straight Shooting : What's Wrong with America and How to Fix It
0060161876: 365 Quick & Easy Microwave Recipes
0060161892: Pledging Allegiance : The Last Campaign of the Cold War
0060161906: Tenured Radicals : How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education
0060161922: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down : An Autobiography
0060161949: Waterline
0060161957: King
0060161965: Lone Star : The Life of John Connally
0060161973: Useful Pig
0060162007: Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fable
0060162015: A Victorian Portrait : A Record of Victorian Life and Values Through Studio Photographs
0060162023: New German Cookbook : More Than 230 Contemporary and Traditional Recipes
0060162058: Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem
0060162066: Paint, Gold and Blood
0060162074: How Town
0060162082: Poetry of the Enlightened Heart : An Anthology
0060162104: A Sense of Touch: A Novel
0060162120: Identity of France Vol. II : People and Production
0060162139: Baptism of Desire : Poems
0060162147: Fire and Ice : The Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Depletion and Nuclear Winter
0060162155: Life in a Medieval Village
0060162163: Cleopatra
0060162171: Writing for Publication
0060162198: Etchings in an Hourglass
0060162201: First Love Stories : From Isis and Osiris to Tristan and Iseult
0060162228: Loaves and Fishes Party Book
0060162244: 365 Great Barbecue and Grilling Recipes
0060162252: So Dear to My Heart : Memories of a Gentler Time
0060162260: Lawrence in Love : The Intimate Life of D. H. Lawrence
0060162295: Merab's Beauty and Other Stories
0060162309: Thanksgiving
0060162317: Writers in Hollywood 1915-1951
0060162325: Berthe Morisot : A Biography
0060162333: Buy Your First Home Now : A Practical Guide to Better Deals, Cheaper Mortgages and Bigger Tax Breaks for the First-Time Home Buyer
0060162376: Part-Time Solution : The New Strategy for Managing Your Career While Managing Motherhood
0060162384: Mom Remembers : A Treasury of Memories for My Child
0060162392: Salads : One Hundred Classic and Innovative Recipes for Every Course and Every Meal
0060162406: Living with Angina
0060162414: You and Your Adolescent : A Parent's Guide for Ages 10-20
0060162430: Economies of the Heart
0060162457: Medical Tests and Diagnostic Procedures : A Patient's Guide
0060162465: The Underside of Stones : A Story Cycle
0060162481: King's Oak
0060162503: Wooden Spoon Dessert Book
0060162511: America's Economic Resurgence : A Bold New Strategy
0060162538: Flow : The Psychology of Optimal Experience
0060162546: Small Victories : The Real World of a Teacher, Her Students and Their High School
0060162554: Moms, Moms, Moms : A Mirthful Merriment of Cartoons
0060162562: Newton's Madness : Further Tales of Clinical Neurology
0060162570: Mother, May You Never See the Sights I Have Seen : The Fifty-Seventh Massachusetts Veteran Volunteers in the Army of the Potomac, 1864-1865
0060162589: Country Cookies
0060162597: Complete Book of Greek Cooking
0060162600: Where There's a Will... : Who Inherited What and Why
0060162619: Live to Win : Achieving Success in Life and Business
0060162635: Directed by Vincente Minnelli
0060162643: One Hundred One Supershots : Every Golfer's Guide to Lower Scores
0060162651: American Poetry : Wildness and Domesticity
0060162678: Power Within : True Stories of Exceptional Patients Who Fought Back with Hope
0060162694: Parables and Portraits
0060162708: Popular Education and Its Discontents : The Inglis and Burton Lectures, Harvard Graduate School of Education
0060162716: Femininity Lost and Regained
0060162724: Any Woman's Blues
0060162740: Cat and I
0060162759: Nutripoints
0060162767: Great and Secret Show
0060162775: Overcoming Bladder Disorders : Compassionate, Authoritative, Medical and Self-Help Solutions for Incontinence, Cystitis, Interstitial Cystitis, Prostate Problems, Bladder Cancer
0060162783: Transitions : A Woman's Guide to a Successful Retirement
0060162791: Fifties : A Women's Oral History
0060162805: None Died in Vain : The Saga of the American Civil War
0060162848: Siege
0060162856: Mambo
0060162864: Enlightened Heart Poetry Anthology
0060162872: Times Atlas and Encyclopaedia of the Sea
0060162899: George Washington's War : The Saga of the American Revolution
0060162902: Supreme Faith : Someday We'll Be Together
0060162937: Why Do Dogs Have Wet Noses? : And Other Imponderables
0060162945: Do Penguins Have Knees?
0060162953: 365 Great Barbecue & Grilling Recipes
0060162961: Uncertainty of Everyday Life, 1915-1945
0060163011: Embrace an Angry Wind : The South's Last Stand at Franklin and Nashville
0060163038: Fire in Paradise : The Yellowstone Fires and the Politics of Environmentalism
0060163046: Ah, Sweet Mystery
0060163054: Straight As an Arrow : A Kate Mulcay Mystery
0060163062: When Love Goes Wrong
0060163070: William Henry Seward
0060163097: 365 Easy Low-Calorie Recipes
0060163100: 365 Easy Italian Recipes
0060163119: 365 Easy One-Dish Meals
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