0394310233: Congressional behavior
0394310268: Social Welfare:Charity to Justice
0394310276: Why, What, How to Read : Different Skills for Different Readings
0394310284: The whole idea catalog;: College writing projects
0394310292: Gene organization and behavior
0394310314: Goverment And Politics: An Introduction To Political Science
0394310349: Foundations of Modern Education
0394310365: Marshall versus Jefferson: The political background of Marbury Vs. Madison (Borzoi series in United States constitutional history)
0394310381: The world of the short story: Archetypes in action,
0394310403: An introduction to regional economics (Alfred A. Knopf books in economics) by
0394310438: Muse of fire: approaches to poetry
0394310446: Synthesis: responses to literature,
0394310454: Society Today
0394310497: Sweden: Prototype of Modern Society
0394310519: The discovery of society
0394310527: Monetary Theory
0394310535: Management and organizations
0394310551: Understanding Psychology
0394310586: A Short History of Western Civilization: Volume Two: Since 1600 (Two (Since 1600))
0394310616: Man in perspective: An introduction to cultural anthropology
0394310624: Abnormal psychology: Current perspectives
0394310632: Colonial Travelers in Latin America
0394310640: Plain English, please: A rhetoric
0394310659: The Random House handbook
0394310667: Psychology today: An introduction
0394310691: Study Guide for Psychology Today: An Introduction Third Edition
0394310721: Marriage and family today
0394310748: Developmental psychology today
0394310764: Feudalism in Japan
0394310772: Study Guide to Developmental Psychology Today
0394310802: The Roman experience
0394310845: Social problems
0394310896: Three for show: a visual approach to the short story,
0394310934: Biology Today
0394310950: Statistics for business decision making
0394311027: Macropolitics; International Relations in a Global Society
0394311116: The Borzoi college reader
0394311124: Primate Socialization
0394311132: Great Issues in Western Civilization 3rd Edition volume 1
0394311140: Great Issues in Western Civilization
0394311175: Premieres Decouvertes Litteraires
0394311191: The precarious balance: English government and society, 1450-1640 (The Borzoi history of England)
0394311205: Angles Angels and Conquerors: The Borzoi History of England Volulme I 400-1154
0394311213: Society today
0394311221: Introduction to linguistic concepts
0394311302: The Black consumer;: Dimensions of behavior and strategy
0394311337: The Borzoi reader in American politics
0394311361: The marriage game: Understanding marital decision making.
0394311477: Cities in American history
0394311515: The Borzoi reader in Latin American history
0394311531: The making of psychology: Discussions with creative contributors
0394311558: It's mine and I'll write it that way
0394311574: Chinese Americans
0394311604: Consumer behavior
0394311612: The learning encounter;: The classroom as a communications workshop
0394311639: Instructor's Manual for Second Edition - the Essentials of American History by Current, Williams, Freidel, Brownlee
0394311663: Instructor's Manual and Answer Key for Plain English Please
0394311701: Resource Manual for Anthropology Decisions, Adaptation, and Evolution.
0394311736: Instructor's Manual for Psychology : a Basic Course
0394311744: Student Workbook for Psychology: a Basic Course.
0394311752: Beginning college Spanish;: From sounds to structures
0394311779: Workbook for Descriptive Linguistics
0394311787: Instructor's manual for Logic, a first course by Albert E. Blumberg
0394311825: Workbook to accompany Beginning college Spanish: From sounds to structures
0394311906: Personality: An Introduction
0394311914: Essentials of Life and Health
0394311922: The child and society: The process of socialization (Studies in sociology)
0394311957: Understanding Psychology
0394312015: The Random House guide to basic writing
0394312023: People in Perspective
0394312031: Psychology of adjustment and human relationships
0394312066: Ordeal By Fire, The Civil War and Reconstruction
0394312090: German for Research:Humanities and Social Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences
0394312104: German for research: biological and physical sciences
0394312112: The Random House handbook
0394312139: Student Voice/One
0394312155: The social bond
0394312163: The Imperfect Panacea: American Faith in Education, 1865-1976
0394312171: Freedom and crisis: An American history
0394312201: Japanese Americans: Oppression and Success
0394312236: Freedom and crisis: An American history
0394312244: Chemistry
0394312295: The Study of Society: An Integrated Anthology
0394312317: Western wind;: An introduction to poetry
0394312333: Issues in Business and Society
0394312368: Nations in darkness: China, Russia, and America
0394312481: Social psychology & modern life
0394312503: Population and society
0394312546: Human communication
0394312562: Social research methods: Perspective, theory, and analysis
0394312570: Sociology: The Study of Human Interaction
0394312619: American Capitalism
0394312643: Sentence combining and paragraph building
0394312651: The Legislative Process in the United States
0394312678: Reality, knowledge, and value;: A basic introduction to philosophy
0394312686: Messages, a reader in human communication
0394312694: The United Nations & the superpowers: China, Russia & America
0394312740: An Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry: Contemporary and Classical Sources
0394312767: Anthropology: The exploration of human diversity
0394312775: Strategic Writing by Bloom, Lynn Z.
0394312791: Abnormal Psychology: Readings, Cases and Study Guide
0394312805: Sociology: the classic statements
0394312813: Experiencing Social Psychology
0394312864: Clear thinking for composition
0394312872: Moderns and contemporaries: Twelve masters of the short story
0394312899: Issues in Business and Society
0394312902: The Random House workbook
0394312910: Plain English rhetoric and reader
0394312929: Readings in developmental psychology today
0394312937: Teaching Linguistic Concepts
0394312945: Seeing ourselves;: Introductory readings in sociology
0394312996: Language of Logic
0394313003: America's political system
0394313011: The Process of International Organization
0394313046: Different drummers: readings for composition
0394313097: Semantics, linguistics, and criticism
0394313143: The social sciences;: An integrated approach
0394313151: Words on words;: A language reader
0394313194: Communism, Fascism, and Democracy
0394313232: Drugs In American Society
0394313321: Minorities in California History
0394313348: The American political reality
0394313402: Teaching Science to Children: The Inquiry Approach Applied
0394313526: The Roman Catholic Church in modern Latin America
0394313550: A History of the Western Educational Experience
0394313755: Introduction to business: systems and environment
0394313798: Casework; a Psychosocial Therapy
0394313879: Patterns of Government
0394313887: Social policy and social services (Random House series in social policy)
0394313917: Fundamentals of international economics
0394314093: Southeast Asia The Politics Of National Integration
0394314220: Collective Bargaining
0394314255: Dimensions of Macroeconomics: a Book of Readings.
0394314387: The Borzoi college reader
0394314425: Logic: A first course
0394314522: Bureaucracy in modern society (Random House studies in sociology)
0394314530: Western civilization; mainstream readings & radical critiques
0394314565: Social Dynamics of Marketing
0394314581: Philosophy Now
0394314719: The Ancient Greek and Roman Theatre
0394314778: New Minorities, Old Conflicts
0394314913: Steamboat Monopoly:Gibbons V. Ogden, 1824
0394314921: Economic Theory
0394315022: Fidel Castro's personal revolution in Cuba: 1959-1973 (Borzoi books on Latin America)
0394315049: China's struggle to modernize (Studies in world civilization)
0394315103: Political essay on the kingdom of New Spain (A Borzoi book on Latin America)
0394315162: Anthropology: The exploration of human diversity
0394315200: Africa and change
0394315286: Female liberation; history and current politics
0394315340: History of the world
0394315367: The Political System: An Inquiry into the State of Political Science
0394315421: Prewriting: strategies for exploration and discovery
0394315448: A Study Guide for R.R. Palmer & Joel Colton, a History of the Modern World.
0394315464: Bear, Man and God : Eight Approaches to Faulkner's the Bear
0394315472: Politics and society in the USSR
0394315499: American History: a Survey: Volume II Since 1865 3rd Edition
0394315529: Instructor's Manual for a History of the Modern World - Fourth Edition
0394315537: Counterculture and revolution,
0394315545: Governmental Process: Political Interests and Public Opinion
0394315553: Community power & democratic theory;: The logic of political analysis
0394316088: Confrontation: issues of the 70s
0394316223: Ecology: A Writer's Handbook
0394316258: Contemporary Poetry in America
0394316266: Freedom and crisis;: An American history
0394316274: Politics in America: studies in policy analysis
0394316282: The Social Dynamics Of Marketing
0394316304: Mexican Americans
0394316339: The Study of Public Law
0394316347: Human communication: An interpersonal perspective
0394316355: Primitive social organization: an evolutionary perspective (Studies in anthropology)
0394316371: Great issues in Western civilization
0394316398: Nation of nations;: The ethnic experience and the racial crisis
0394316401: A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric.
0394316428: India's Search for National Identity
0394316444: American government: Democracy and liberty in balance
0394316452: America's Jews
0394316460: A History of the South
0394316479: The urban scene: myths and realities,
0394316487: Styles of political action in America
0394316495: Interpretation: an approach to the study of literature
0394316509: American politics and public policy,
0394316517: A History of the Modern World Since 1815
0394316525: A History of the Modern World to 1815
0394316533: Business and society, (Random House books in management)
0394316568: Great Issues in Western Civilization
0394316576: California's political process
0394316584: The family bond;: Marriage, love, and sex in America
0394316606: Multimmediate : Multi Media and the Art of Writing
0394316614: The Voice Within, Reading And Writing Autobiography
0394316622: 1984 Revisited; Prospects for American Politics
0394316630: Technical writing
0394316657: Creative responses for composition
0394316673: Concise Introduction to Philosophy
0394316711: Psychology: what's in it for us?
0394316746: The African in Latin America
0394316754: Instructor's Manual for Patterns of Government
0394316789: An introduction to physiological psychology
0394316835: Scenes from American life; contemporary short fiction
0394316878: Marriage Game
0394316886: Western Civilization Mainstream Readings
0394316932: Past Imperfect: Alternative Essays in American History.
0394316940: Past Imperfect: Alternative Essays in American History.
0394316959: Japanese politics: patron-client democracy
0394316967: Crisis and Continuity In World Politics2ed by Lanyi, George A
0394316983: Español: segundo curso
0394316991: The Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union.
0394317017: Deputyes & libertyes: The origins of representative government in colonial America
0394317033: Sentence combining: a composing book
0394317041: Existentialism,
0394317068: Psychological research;: An introduction
0394317076: Civil rights and liberties in the 1970's,
0394317084: America's Political System.
0394317092: The research adventure;: Promise and problems of field work
0394317114: The legislative process in the United States,
0394317122: Politics among nations;: The struggle for power and peace
0394317130: The Futurists.
0394317149: Economics of the Rich
0394317165: Sociology: the study of human interaction
0394317181: Ottoman Empire and Islamic Tradition
0394317238: Childhood and adolescence;: A psychology of the growing person
0394317246: The power of the modern Presidency
0394317262: Social psychology and modern life
0394317270: The progressive era and the First World War, 1900-1920
0394317289: The age of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1921-1945
0394317297: Era of the Cold War, 1946-1973
0394317319: Economics: mainstream readings and radical critiques
0394317327: The Study of Society: An Integrated Anthology
0394317335: The Western Experience: Antiquity to the Middle Ages, Volume I
0394317343: The Western Experince Vol II: the Early Modern Period
0394317351: Sociology: The Study of Human Interaction.
0394317408: Modern Marketing
0394317432: A Reader for Research Methods
0394317440: Might of Nations
0394317459: Childhood and adolescence: Instructor's manual
0394317467: The modern Presidency
0394317521: Generations: your family in modern American history
0394317556: First person singular,
0394317564: The political economy of development and underdevelopment
0394317572: Introductory macroeconomics
0394317610: The Borzai History of England Volume V-1815 To The Present: Waterloo to the Common Market
0394317629: Clear Thinking for Composition
0394317688: Elements of psychology
0394317696: A Short History of Western Civilization to 1776
0394317718: A Certainty in the Succession, the Borzoi history of England, vol. IV, 1640-1815
0394317726: Contemporary cultures and societies of Latin America;: A reader in the social anthropology of Middle and South America
0394317742: Elementary social statistics
0394317769: Commercial banking in the economy
0394317785: Modern Cultural Anthropology
0394317807: Public administration; politics and the political system,
0394317815: The United Nations & the superpowers: China, Russia, & America
0394317971: Psychology and teaching: A humanistic view
0394317998: Writer's Craft
0394318005: From Slavery to Freedom
0394318013: The Western world: The development of modern civilization by Hardy, James...
0394318021: The Middle Ages
0394318048: They and we;: Racial and ethnic relations in the United States
0394318064: The Western experience
0394318072: The Western Experience - The Modern Era. Volume III, First Edition (The Western Experience, Volume III)
0394318099: Courts, judges, and politics: An introduction to the judicial process
0394318102: Latin America: The Early Years
0394318137: Dynamics of Ascent: A History of the American Economy
0394318161: Child development and behavior
0394318188: The French political system
0394318196: Modern Political Development
0394318218: The Russian political system
0394318226: Sociology
0394318234: Freedom and crisis;: An American history
0394318242: An American History, Freedom and Crsis
0394318250: Introductory psychology
0394318269: America's political system
0394318277: Messages: a reader in human communication
0394318285: Man and Nature
0394318293: An introduction to social psychology
0394318366: A Study Guide for Anthropology : The Exploration of Human Diversity
0394318374: Instructor's Manual for Modern Cultural Anthropology
0394318412: Behavioral Obectives Unit Workbook for Elements of Psychology
0394318447: Abraham Lincoln
0394318501: Psychology: What's in it for us?
0394318528: Ethics in perspective: a reader
0394318536: Impossible Revolution, Phase II
0394318544: The Western experience
0394318552: The Western Experience, Since 1640
0394318560: About Behaviorism.
0394318595: Western Europe in the Middle Ages, 300-1475
0394318609: Essentials of psychology
0394318617: Invention and Design
0394318633: American History a Survey
0394318641: American History: a Survey, Fourth Edition, Vol.1 To 1877
0394318668: Instructor's Manual for American History: A Survey by Current, Williams, Freidel - 4th Edition
0394318676: Theories of adolescence
0394318692: Sociological Perspectives: Basic Concepts and Their Applications
0394318838: Mass Communication
0394318846: Macroeconomic Theory
0394318854: Sociology readings for a new day
0394318889: Adolescent Behavior and Society
0394318935: Anthropology
0394318951: Social problems
0394319001: Japan: The Story of a Nation
0394319028: Business and Society
0394319036: Images of Man: A History of Anthropological Thought
0394319044: Casebook in business and society
0394319052: Cultural anthropology
0394319087: Psychology
0394319109: Twenty Nine Stories : Introductory Anthology
0394319133: Physical anthropology and archeology
0394319214: Arbeitsheft fur Moderne deutsche Sprachlehre
0394319222: Macroeconomics
0394319362: A guide to using invention and design: A rhetorical reader
0394319370: Instructor's Manual for 29 Short Stories : An Introductory Anthology
0394319486: Business today
0394319540: The cultural pattern in American politics: The first century
0394319702: History of the world
0394319710: History of the World Since 1500
0394319729: Cultural Anthropology
0394319737: Readings and Review for Sociology
0394319745: An Introduction to Social Science
0394319788: Philosophy Now
0394319796: Life the continuous process: Readings in human development
0394319850: Concise Introduction to Philosophy
0394319877: Sociology: The study of human interaction
0394319958: America in the twentieth century
0394319990: Life and health
0394320069: Random House historical pamphlet edition
0394320190: Instructor's Manual for Essentials of Psychology by Water Mischel and Harriet Nerlove Mischel
0394320204: A student mastery guide to accompany Essentials of psychology by Walter Mischel and Harriet Nerlove Mischel
0394320220: Student handbook: A review guide, activities manual, and reader for Understanding psychology
0394320255: Social problems
0394320271: Developmental psychology today
0394320298: American mass media: Industries and issues
0394320301: Forms of the novella: Ten short novels
0394320336: Ethics: a Short Introduction.
0394320360: Childhood : The Study of Development
0394320395: A history of the modern world
0394320409: A History of the Modern World
0394320417: A History of the Modern World (History of the Modern World)
0394320433: Contemporary anthropology: An anthology
0394320476: The Book of Photography
0394320484: Philosophy: An Introduction Through Original Fiction and Discussion
0394320492: Basic research methods in social sciences: The art of empirical investigation
0394320506: Periclean Athens: Was It a Democracy?
0394320522: Feudalism: Cause or Cure of Anarchy?
0394320530: Empire and papacy--a search for right order in the world? (Random House historical pamphlet edition ; 5)
0394320549: Renaissance man--medieval or modern? (Random House historical pamphlet edition ; 6)
0394320557: Martin Luther, Reformer or Revolutionary? Random House Historical Pamphlet Edition 7
0394320581: The Origins of the French Revolution--popular misery, social ambitions, or...
0394320611: The Outbreak of World War I--who was responsible? (Random House historical pamphlet edition ; 13)
0394320638: The cold war--who is to blame? (Random House historical pamphlet edition ; 15)
0394320654: Cineliteracy: Film among the Arts
0394320662: Psychology Today
0394320743: The child and society: The process of socialization
0394320751: Generations: Your family in modern American history
0394320778: From Freedom to Freedom
0394320786: From Freedom to Freedom : A Student's Guide
0394320867: Childhood & Adolescence: A Psychology of the Growing Person
0394320875: Understanding chemistry: A preparatory course
0394320883: Physical geography today: A portrait of a planet
0394320905: Introductory psychology
0394320921: Business today
0394320948: Cultural Anthropology
0394320956: Anthropology
0394320964: Biology today
0394320980: The Middle East: A History
0394320999: Social Psychology, First Edition, Hardcover
0394321006: Technical writing
0394321022: Understanding psychology
0394321030: Human Development
0394321146: Matters of Life and Death
0394321162: Invention and Design
0394321170: Courts, judges, and politics: An introduction to the judicial process
0394321189: Images of America: Selected readings based on Alistair Cooke's America
0394321197: America's political system
0394321200: Poetic Meter and Poetic Form
0394321235: The small group
0394321294: After the fact: American historians and their methods
0394321316: How to Argue: An Introduction to Logical Thinking
0394321340: Behavior Modification : Behavioral Approaches to Human Problems
0394321359: The Western experience
0394321367: The Western Experience to 1715
0394321375: A primer on the dollar in the world economy;: United States balance of payments and international monetary reform (An original Random House primer in economics, PR15)
0394321383: The Western experience
0394321391: The Western Experience, Volume II (2); the Early Modern Period
0394321405: Western Experience, the Modern Era
0394321456: A Global Power: America Since the Age of Roosevelt
0394321464: Sociology: Classic and Popular Approaches
0394321499: An Introduction to Physiological Psychology
0394321510: Sources of Medieval History (His the Middle Ages; V. 1)
0394321529: Readings and Review for Society Today Third Edition
0394321537: Networks of interdependence : international organizations and the global political system / Harold K. Jacobson.
0394321545: Dynamics of Ascent: A History of the American Economy
0394321561: Current Perspectives on Criminal Behavior: Essays on Criminology
0394321707: Childhood and Adolescence: A Psychology of the Growing Person
0394321774: The making of American society: An institutional and intellectual history of the United States
0394321782: Making of American Society. 2d Ed. Vol 2: Since 1865 (682P)
0394321790: The Web of Belief
0394321804: Western Europe in the Middle Ages, 300-1475: Formerly Entitled A History of the Middle Ages, 284-1500. 3rd ed.
0394321820: 38 short stories: An introductory anthology
0394321839: Exploring Marriage and Family Today
0394321863: Educational psychology: In theory and practice
0394321928: Retail Marketing
0394321960: Harmony in Tonal Music
0394321979: Paleoanthropology
0394321987: Selling : personality, persuasion, strategy
0394321995: The Random House Workbook
0394322002: Why study sociology
0394322010: Interpersonal Communication
0394322045: Production and operations management: Manufacturing and nonmanufacturing
0394322134: Social Welfare in Western Society
0394322142: Reading and writing short essays
0394322150: Chemistry for the life sciences
0394322169: The American record: Images of the nation's past
0394322177: Medical Sociology
0394322185: Modern Cultural Anthropology
0394322207: Another Chance: Postwar America, 1945-1968
0394322215: Cultural anthropology
0394322258: The Urban Scene 2nd Ed.
0394322266: Adjustment and human relations
0394322274: Transforming America: Patterns Of Social Change
0394322290: Social Policy & Social Services
0394322304: Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment
0394322398: American History: A Survey, Vol. 1 (5th Edition)
0394322401: American History a Survey Volume II Since 1865
0394322460: Principles of management
0394322541: Modern Marketing Management
0394322568: From Slavery to Freedom
0394322592: Sociology, an introduction
0394322614: Might of Nations
0394322622: Administering Human Resources: An Introduction to the Profession
0394322630: Real estate principles
0394322657: Advertising concepts and strategies
0394322673: Art of Logical Reasoning
0394322681: The Random House reader by
0394322711: Commercial Banking in the Economy
0394322770: A history of Africa (The History of human society)
0394322800: A Living Language: The History and Structure of English
0394322819: Abnormal psychology, current perspectives
0394322835: A study guide for American history: A survey (fifth edition), Richard N. Current, T. Harry Williams, Frank Freidel
0394322843: Philosophical analysis: An introduction to its language and techniques
0394322878: Development in infancy: An introduction
0394322886: Psychological Research: An Introduction
0394322894: Understanding psychology
0394322908: Essentials of psychology
0394322932: Sales Management
0394322991: History of the Westward Movement
0394323017: History of the United States
0394323025: History of the United States Since 1865
0394323092: Instructor's Manual for 38 Short Stories: An Introductory Anthology
0394323106: Instructor's Manual for the Western Experience 2nd Edition
0394323114: Instructor's manual for fifth edition American history, a survey by Richard N. Current
0394323122: Instructor's manual for America's political system
0394323130: Psychology Today: An Introduction
0394323149: Instructor's Manual for Psychology Today an Introduction
0394323203: Environmental psychology
0394323238: The logic book
0394323246: The economy today
0394323254: Labor Economics
0394323327: Sui Dynasty.
0394323343: Businesses Today: Successes & Failures
0394323378: The Essentials of American History
0394323459: Moderne deutsche Sprachlehre
0394323467: Marriage and family today
0394323548: Philosophy Now: An Introductory Reader
0394323580: American Epoch
0394323599: COBOL basics: A structured approach
0394323645: Adolescent Behavior and Society
0394323688: Casework, a psychosocial therapy
0394323718: Study guide for Human development
0394323734: The Step-By-Step Guide to Photography
0394323742: Telemundo, a basic reader by
0394323750: El Cuento Hispanico: A Graded Literary Anthology
0394323769: Prego: An Invitation to Italian
0394323777: Geschichten Zur Unterhaltung
0394323785: The Random House Handbook
0394323807: Educational psychology: Applications and theory
0394323823: Liberty and Slavery
0394323920: Thinking in writing: Structures for composition
0394323955: The Random House handbook
0394323963: Psychopathology from infancy through adolescence: A developmental approach
0394324021: They and we: Racial and ethnic relations in the United States
0394324056: Social Psychology
0394324102: Speak for Yourself; An Introduction to Public Speaking
0394324110: Human communication
0394324129: Japan
0394324137: Student Handbook to Accompany Understanding Psychology (Third Edition)
0394324153: Freedom and Crisis An American History 3rd,hc,81
0394324161: A rhetoric of argument
0394324188: A short history of Western civilization
0394324242: Theories of adolescence
0394324250: Intercambios: An activities manual by Freeman, G. Ronald
0394324269: Public administration: Politics, policy, and the political system
0394324277: Social psychology
0394324285: Psychology
0394324293: Essentials of American History, Vol. 1
0394324307: The Essentials of American history since 1865 by
0394324315: Messages, a reader in human communication
0394324382: A Short History of Western Civilization
0394324390: A Short History Of Western Civilization, Volume Tw
0394324455: Business, government, and society: A managerial perspective
0394324501: What Is Art?
0394324528: BIOLOGY TODAY
0394324692: Resources for Thinking in Writing Structures for Composition
0394324706: Instructor's Manual for Writing Skillful Sentences
0394324714: Plain English Please a Rhetoric Teacher's Edition
0394324749: A study guide for From slavery to freedom, fifth edition
0394324765: A Student Guide to a Short History of Western Civilization: Volume One: to 1776
0394325168: Sociological Theory
0394325311: Four systems
0394325338: Concise Introduction to Philosophy
0394325346: An Introduction to Social Science - Third Edition
0394325354: Intermediate accounting
0394325435: Essentials of physical geography today
0394325451: Persons and Their World: An Introduction to Philosophy
0394325478: Contemporary Health Issues-30-Lesson Edition-Student Study Guide
0394325508: Society Today
0394325516: Concise Readings in Philosophy
0394325540: Financial accounting
0394325575: Invention and Design
0394325583: Contacts, communicating interpersonally
0394325605: From grammar to paragraphs
0394325664: Business and Society: Cases
0394325680: Child Psychology Today
0394325702: Essentials of life & health
0394325710: Understanding psychology
0394325737: Understanding Health
0394325745: Human Relations Concepts and Skills
0394325753: International Marketing
0394325761: Solutions to Selected Exercises in the Logic Book by Merrie Bergmann; James...
0394325818: Psychology today: An introduction
0394325869: Policy, Strategy & Implementation
0394325877: Manual of Student Activities in Human Relations
0394325915: History of Psychology
0394325974: A reader-study guide for Cosmos, Carl Sagan
0394326008: Sociology
0394326016: Persuasion: An interactive-dependency approach by O'Donnell, Victoria
0394326024: Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647
0394326083: Random House guide to writing
0394326091: Right Conduct
0394326113: Freedom and crisis: An American history
0394326121: Freedom and Crisis: An American History
0394326180: Puntos de partida: An invitation to Spanish
0394326199: The American tradition in literature
0394326202: The American tradition in literature
0394326210: American Tradition in Literature
0394326245: The American tradition in literature
0394326334: Analytical Anthology of Music
0394326377: Management, progressive responsibility in administration
0394326385: Render-Vous: an Invitation to French
0394326431: Collage
0394326458: Collage
0394326482: Deutsche Sprache und Landeskunde: Annotated instructor's edition
0394326539: La Cultura Hispana: Dentro Y Fuera De Los Estados Unidos
0394326547: Creaciones Y Creadores: A Basic Literary Reader
0394326555: Plain English Rhetoric and Reader
0394326563: An introduction to sociology: Based on David Dressler's Sociology, the study of human interaction
0394326571: Nations in darkness, China, Russia, and America
0394326598: Western civilization, images and interpretations
0394326601: Western civilization, images and interpretations
0394326628: Selected writings of Emerson (Modern Library college editions)
0394326652: American Record
0394326660: Walden and Other Writings
0394326679: The Awakening, and Selected Stories (Modern Library College Editions)
0394326687: American mass media: Industries and issues
0394326725: Physical anthropology and archeology
0394326733: Prints and Printmaking: An Introduction to the History and Techniques by...
0394326849: Interpersonal Communication
0394326857: English Exercise Book
0394326865: Business today
0394326873: A viewer's guide to Cosmos, Carl Sagan
0394326903: Teacher's Guide to Classroom Management.
0394326911: Western Societies, a Documentary History
0394326970: Student course mastery guide to accompany Principles of management by Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz
0394327055: INVENTION & DESIGN A Rhetorical Reader
0394327152: Language Power
0394327179: Forms of the Novella
0394327276: Introductory Psychology
0394327306: Student study guide to accompany Psychology: by Camille B. Wortman and Elizabeth F. Loftus
0394327454: A writer's companion by Marius, Richard
0394327462: Language: An introduction
0394327500: Readings in Applied English Linguistics
0394327594: Clear Thinking for Composition.
0394327640: Rendez-vous: An invitation to French
0394327799: Speaking Effectively
0394327802: America in the Twentieth Century
0394327810: A Cultural introduction to philosophy
0394327888: Communicating at work: Principles and practices for business and the professions
0394327896: Developing reading skills
0394327993: The cultural meaning of the scientific revolution (New perspectives on European history)
0394328000: Shock of the New:The One Hundred -Year History of Modern Art It's Rise,It's Dazzling Achievement It's Fall
0394328027: Modern Business Statistics: An Applied Approach
0394328043: Communication works
0394328108: The Borzoi book of short fiction
0394328140: Morality, philosophy, and practice: Historical and contemporary readings and studies
0394328159: Perception
0394328167: Contemporary sociological theory by Ritzer, George
0394328175: The foundations of education: Stasis and change
0394328191: Thinking in Writing: Structures for Composition
0394328302: Total Harmony with an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music
0394328345: Research methods in psychology (Alfred A. Knopf series in psychology)
0394328353: The Art of Conducting
0394328434: An introduction to statistical techniques for social research
0394328590: Harmony in Tonal Music Vol 2: Chromatic Practices
0394328639: Practicing Human Resource Administration: Cases, Issues and Experiences in PErsonnel/Industrial Relations Decisions
0394328655: Eight Plays (Modern Library College Editions)
0394328663: Cultural anthropology
0394328671: Anthropology: The Exploration of Human Diversity
0394328698: Research-Based Decisions
0394328701: Deutsche Grammatik (Mosaik)
0394328728: Alles Gute!: Basic German for communication
0394328744: Aller Anfang: An activities manual for beginning German
0394328752: Pasajes
0394328760: Pasajes
0394328779: Pasajes
0394328787: Literary Reader
0394328795: Puertas a la Lengua Espanola
0394328817: Puertas a la Communicacion
0394328825: Puertas Al Mundo Hispanico: A Cultural Reader
0394328833: Rendez-vous: La France et la francophonie
0394328841: Understanding psychology
0394328868: Arms Control and Peacekeeping: Feeling Safe in This World
0394328876: Educational Administration
0394328884: Modern Business Law
0394328906: After the fact: American historians and their methods
0394328914: Contemporary News Reporting
0394328930: Helping Children Learn to Read
0394328965: Modern American Prose: A Reader for Writers
0394329007: Business Today Third Edition (David Rachman, Michael Mescon): Student Course Mastery Guide
0394329023: The art of public speaking
0394329031: Policy, strategy, and implementation: Readings and cases
0394329058: A Concise Logic
0394329066: Psychology of adjustment and human relationships
0394329082: Tonal Harmony, With an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music
0394329090: American Government
0394329163: Elements of Psychology
0394329449: Mosaik: Workbook and Lab Manual
0394329481: Sociology: An Introduction
0394329511: The European Musical Heritage, 800-1750
0394329538: Media Law
0394329546: American Minority Relations (Fourth Edition)
0394329627: Effective supervision: Theory into practice
0394329651: After the Fact
0394329694: Language power
0394329740: Mosaik
0394329791: Just business: New introductory essays in business ethics
0394329805: Looking backward, 2000-1887
0394329813: Narrative and Selected Writings
0394329864: Madame Bovary
0394329910: Generations: Your family in modern American history
0394329988: Discrimination and Reverse Discrimination: essay and Materials in Law and Philosophy
0394330021: Marriage and Family Today
0394330064: Presidents, Politics, and Policy.
0394330099: Reading and Writing Short Essays
0394330110: Childhood and Adolescence : A Psychology of the Growing Person
0394330129: Puertas A La Lengua Espanola Cuaderno De Ejercicios Escritos
0394330137: Alles Gute!
0394330226: Business Statistics: Fundamentals and Applications
0394330277: China's struggle to modernize
0394330374: Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice
0394330420: Animal learning and cognition (Alfred A. Knopf series in psychology)
0394330439: American history: A survey
0394330447: Colonial America
0394330625: The Middle Ages
0394330633: Readings in Medieval History
0394330706: Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry
0394330714: Advanced Cobol: A Structured Approach
0394330722: The legislative process in the United States
0394330773: Life & health
0394330803: American History: A Survey, Vol. 2 (6th Edition)
0394330811: America's political system
0394330846: The Western experience
0394330854: The Western Experience to 1715
0394330862: The Western experience
0394330870: The Cotton Kingdom: A Traveller's Observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave States Based upon Three Former Volumes of Journeys and Investigations by the Same Author
0394330897: Broadcast Writing
0394330978: Western Experience, the Modern Era
0394330986: The Western Experience
0394330994: Que Tal?
0394331028: Supervision
0394331060: The economy today
0394331125: Study Guide for Developmental Psychology Today
0394331141: Workbook to Accompany Pasajes; Cuaderno de practica: Expesion oral, comprension, composicion
0394331249: Composicià n, proceso y sà ntesis
0394331257: Aproximaciones al Estudio de la Literatura Hispani
0394331273: Espana Y Su Civilizacion
0394331281: Un Encuentro Con Latinoamerica
0394331362: Bonjour, Ã a va?: An introductory course
0394331494: Understanding Writing
0394331508: Read, Reason, Write
0394331516: Style and readability in business writing: A sentence-combining approach
0394331524: Style and readability in technical writing: A sentence-combining approach
0394331532: The discovery of society
0394331559: Readings in argument
0394331583: Eng: Television News and the New Technology
0394331605: Supervision
0394331672: The Micro Economy Today
0394331680: The Macro Economy Today
0394331737: Study Guide To Accompany The Economy Today
0394331826: Study guide for Psychology today: an introduction, 5th edition
0394331850: Adolescence
0394331893: Psychology
0394331907: Law and American Literature: A Collection of Essays (Borzoi Books in Law and...
0394331915: Legal Reasoning
0394331923: The Legal enforcement of morality (Borzoi books in law and American society)
0394331931: Discrimination and Reverse Discrimination
0394331958: Law and the nation, 1865-1912 (Borzoi books in law and American society)
0394331966: Law in Antebellum Society: Legal Change and Economic Expansion (Borzoi Books in
0394331974: Public Power and Privatization : Legal Change in the New Republic (Law and American Society Ser.)
0394331990: Selected Writings of Washington Irving.
0394332016: The Borzoi handbook for writers
0394332067: State and local government in an urban society
0394332156: The Art of Public Speaking
0394332210: Instructor's manual for American history, a survey, sixth edition, Richard N...
0394332229: Study guide for : American history: A survey
0394332237: Study Guide for American History: A Survey (Volume II: Since q865), Sixth Edition
0394332245: Instructor's manual for The western experience, third edition
0394332253: The Western Experience Volume III the Modern Era
0394332261: The Western Experience
0394332288: Analytical Anthology of Music
0394332296: Sanity and survival in the nuclear age: Psychological aspects of war and peace
0394332423: Nations in darkness--China, Russia, and America
0394332431: Basic Research Methods in Social Science
0394332466: Labelling Women Deviant: Gender, Stigma and Control
0394332482: Sexuality
0394332512: Vietnam
0394332520: Early American Law and Society
0394332547: Writing and Speaking in Business
0394332563: Freedom Of Speech In The United States
0394332598: Cognitive Development
0394332601: The Random House Guide to Technical and Scientific Communication
0394332628: Essentials of life & health
0394332636: The legal and social environment of business
0394332644: Physical geography today: A portrait of a planet
0394332679: The Instructor's Manual for: The Borzoi Book of Short Fiction
0394332687: Earthbound: New Introductory Essays in Environmental Ethics
0394332695: The scarlet letter, and selected writings (Modern Library college editions)
0394332768: The child and society: The process of socialization
0394333098: Deviance and social control
0394333128: The End Of Innocence
0394333691: Criminal Justice In America: Process and Issues
0394333764: Juvenile Justice, Policy, Practice & Law
0394334086: Drugs in American society
0394334094: Assault on paradise: Social change in a Brazilian village
0394334132: An Introduction to Regional Economics
0394334140: The Global agenda: Issues and perspectives
0394334175: Stepping stones: Skills for basic writers
0394334205: Escenas Cotidianas
0394334248: Abnormal psychology: Current perspectives
0394334310: Order, law, and crime: An introduction to criminology
0394334744: Understanding Computer-Based Education
0394334752: Introduction to Chemistry
0394334760: The Pursuit of Liberty: A History of the American People
0394334779: The Pursuit of Liberty - Volume Two: Since 1860 A History of the American People
0394335384: Solutions manual to accompany Chemistry
0394335465: Educational psychology: In theory and practice
0394335473: Experiencing social psychology: Readings and projects
0394335481: Fifty years later: The New Deal evaluated
0394335554: Criminal Justice in America Process and Issues
0394335597: Cases and problems for decisions in management
0394335635: Parties And Elections In America : The Electoral Process 1st Ed. Pb
0394335643: Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace
0394335651: Neopolitics: American political ideas in the 1980s
0394335724: COBOL basics: A structured approach
0394335732: The Courts: Fulcrum of the Justice System
0394335775: Discrimination and Reverse Discrimination
0394335872: Statistics, Decisions and Applications in Business and Economics
0394335880: Intimate Relationships
0394335899: Living with art
0394335945: American Government
0394335961: A History of the Modern World. 2 Volumes. 6th Edition
0394335988: COBOL BASICS: A Structured Approach: Instructor's Resource Manual {SECOND EDITION}
0394336003: A History of the Modern World, Volume II (7th Edition)
0394336046: Artful Work
0394336062: To be a teacher: Cases, concepts, observation guides
0394336135: Practicing sentence options
0394336143: Crafting Cumulative Sentences
0394336151: Mastering Basic Vocabulary (Scia)
0394336216: Human development
0394336259: Principles of management
0394336291: Business today
0394336305: Prego!: An invitation to Italian
0394336321: A laboratory manual for Prego!: An invitation to Italian
0394336429: Kalàidoscope: La grammaire en contexte
0394336437: Kaleidoscope
0394336526: El Cuento hispánico: A graded literary anthology
0394336542: Al día en los negocios--hablemos
0394336550: Puntos De Partida
0394336569: Puntos De Partida: An Invitation to Spanish
0394336577: Workbook to Accompany Puntos De Partida
0394336585: Laboratory Manual De Partida Edition
0394336631: Casos y cosas
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