0394908953: Aesop's Fables
0394908996: The American Girl Book of Horse Stories
0394909046: Amerigo Vespucci
0394909062: Stars and the Universe
0394909070: Alphabet Tale
0394909100: And There Was America
0394909127: Angelo Goes to Carnival
0394909143: Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse
0394909178: Ark of Venus
0394909216: At Daddy's Office
0394909224: Big Book of Tongue Twisters and Double Talk
0394909232: Avalanche Patrol
0394909291: Ballet for Beginners
0394909313: Ballet for Mary
0394909356: Base-Stealer
0394909364: Barbie's Fashion Success
0394909372: Foot Book
0394909380: Light and Radiation,
0394909410: Battle Stations True Stories of Men in War
0394909445: Biggest House in the World
0394909453: Beware the Man Without A Beard
0394909488: Beauty and the Beast
0394909526: Behind the Headlines : The Story of Newspapers
0394909542: Black and White
0394909550: The Adventures of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: A Special Motion-Picture Edition,
0394909577: Black Penny
0394909585: The Bad Child's Book of Beasts
0394909666: The Boys' Life of Horse Stories
0394909674: Bears on Wheels
0394909704: The Boys' Life book of Mystery Stories
0394909712: Borrowed Treasure
0394909720: A Boy and Five Huskies
0394909739: Boxing for Boys
0394909763: Boy Gets Car
0394909798: Boy Who Stole the Elephant
0394909828: Brave Jimmy Stone
0394909836: Baseball's Best : Five True Stories
0394909844: Bridget's Growing Day
0394909860: Bright Island
0394909925: By Marvelous Agreement
0394909984: Canada and Her Story
0394910052: THE CAVE OF SPEARS
0394910060: The Caves of the Great Hunters
0394910079: Chanticleer: the Story of a Proud Rooster
0394910095: Cat in the Hat Beginner Book Dictionary
0394910168: Alphabet Tree
0394910176: Boy's Life Book of Baseball Stories
0394910184: China Sea Roundup
0394910206: Chingo Smith of the Erie Canal
0394910249: Christmas Whale
0394910265: Chucklebait: Funny Stories for Everyone
0394910281: CINDER CYCLONE
0394910370: The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig
0394910397: Color of Man
0394910400: Frederick
0394910508: Couriers of the Sky
0394910532: Cantilever Rainbow.
0394910559: Cinderella
0394910567: Cowboy Jamboree: Western Songs and Lore
0394910575: Calico Jungle
0394910583: Crack of the Bat Stories of Baseball by Fenner, P.R.
0394910605: CRASH CLUB
0394910648: Creative Hobbies
0394910656: The Boys' Life Book of Sports Stories
0394910664: Dancers of the Ballet -- Biographies
0394910702: Dark Venture
0394910710: Duee, a Boy of Liberia
0394910729: Day and Night
0394910761: Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb
0394910796: Abraham Lincoln Joke Book
0394910834: The American Girl Book of Sports Stories
0394910869: City Talk
0394910885: The Doll of Lilac Valley
0394910893: Dorp Dead
0394910915: The Eggs
0394910923: Dragons of Blueland
0394910958: Bonhomme
0394910966: Dream Keeper and Other Poems
0394910982: Dugout Mystery
0394911008: DWARF LONG NOSE
0394911067: Easter Treat
0394911075: Eddie No-Name
0394911083: Edge of Danger True Stories of Adventure
0394911121: The Enchanted: An Incredible Tale
0394911156: Elizabeth's Shopping Spree
0394911164: Electronics
0394911172: Elsa
0394911202: Elmer and the Dragon
0394911245: Energy and Power
0394911261: Escape to Freedom
0394911288: Escapes and Rescues
0394911296: Atuk
0394911318: Carpet of Solomon
0394911334: Bright Barnyard
0394911369: Cindy's Snowdrops
0394911377: FABULOUS
0394911385: The Early Bird
0394911393: Four Seasons in the Woods
0394911423: Inside, Outside, Upside Down
0394911466: Tino.
0394911482: A Few Flies and I: Haiku.
0394911490: Farm Animals
0394911504: Dinosaur Hunters
0394911520: Feasts and Frolics Special Stories for Special Days
0394911555: Fitfiddles Keep Fit
0394911563: The First Thanksgiving
0394911598: Follow the Reindeer
0394911601: Fools and Funny Fellows : More Time to Laugh Tales
0394911636: The five pennies
0394911644: The Four Corners of the World
0394911679: The Forty-Ninth Magician
0394911695: Falcon and the Dove Life of Thomas Becket of Canterbury;hc;1971
0394911709: A Friend is Amie
0394911725: WINGS LEGS OR FINS
0394911792: Gaggle of Geese
0394911814: Garret of Greta McGraw
0394911830: Giants and Witches and a Dragon or Two by Fenner, P.R.
0394911857: Giggle Box - Funny Stories for Boys and Girls.
0394911873: Glory of the Seas
0394911881: The Secret of the Crooked Cat : Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators # 13
0394911946: Ghost and the Magic Saber
0394911997: Ear Book
0394912004: Great Women of Medicine
0394912012: Sound and Ultrasonics
0394912020: Gumdrop Necklace
0394912047: Good Tiger
0394912071: The Christmas Visitors: A Norwegian Folktale by Winter, Jeanette
0394912128: GO AWAY RUTHIE
0394912144: How Animals Communicate
0394912209: Mystery of the Whispering Mummy
0394912217: Hansel And Gretel
0394912241: Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted Houseful
0394912268: Alfred Hitchcock's Ghostly Gallery
0394912276: The King and The Parrot, and other Fables
0394912284: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Green Ghost
0394912292: HAVING A FRIEND
0394912306: Monster Museum
0394912322: Herbert's Space Trip
0394912330: Hen That Kept House
0394912349: I Have a Dream
0394912357: Henry Hudson by Baker, Nina B.
0394912365: Henry's Dog, Henry
0394912373: Herbert
0394912381: Herbert Again
0394912411: Secret of Terror Castle
0394912438: Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot
0394912446: Here Comes Kristie
0394912462: Here's Your Hobby
0394912497: Have You Seen My Puppy
0394912519: How to Catch a Crocodile
0394912535: Hound, a Bay Horse and a Turtle Dove
0394912586: A Hand upon the Time: A Life of Charles Dickens
0394912640: Hunt the Mountain Lion
0394912659: Hungry Book
0394912667: It's Wings That Make Birds Fly: The Story of a Boy
0394912675: I Love My Anteater with an A
0394912683: Hurricanes and Twisters
0394912691: I Am Andy You-Tell-A-Story Book by Steiner, C.
0394912721: Jason's Quest.
0394912748: IN MEXICO THEY SAY
0394912756: Insects Are Where You Find Them
0394912764: It's a Date: Boy-Girl Stories for the Teens
0394912780: Jack and the Beanstalk
0394912810: I Know a Giraffe
0394912829: James and the Giant Peach
0394912837: Jimmy Takes Vanishing Lessons
0394912861: Jim Can Swim
0394912888: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in Mystery of Screaming Clock
0394912918: John Henry and His Hammer
0394912926: Junichi, a Boy of Japan
0394912950: Juan Ponce De Leon
0394912985: Katharine Leslie
0394912993: Keep the Wagons Moving
0394913019: Kick-Off
0394913027: John Henry An American Legend
0394913086: The Knights of King Midas
0394913124: Kwaku, a Boy of Ghana
0394913159: Last Queen Of Hawaii
0394913183: Legends of Paul Bunyan
0394913191: Lantern Bearer a Life of Robert Louis Stevenson by Wood, J. P.
0394913221: Let's Fish a Guide to Fresh and Salt Water
0394913248: Let's Give A Show
0394913264: Let's Go Boating
0394913280: Let's Go Camping : A Guide to Outdoor Living
0394913299: THE LAST VIKING
0394913302: Let's Make a Lot of Things
0394913434: Little Brother, No More
0394913442: Lion for Niccolby
0394913450: Little Brother Of The Wilderness
0394913493: Little Black Pony Races
0394913566: The Lonely Doll Learns a Lesson
0394913582: Lonely Maria
0394913612: Lost Worlds
0394913639: Love Will Come : Stories of Romance
0394913647: Lonely Veronica
0394913671: Lure of Danger: True Adventure Tales
0394913701: Man and Magic by Appel,
0394913736: Made in Iceland (Made in series)
0394913744: Lisa and Lottie by KAstner, Erich
0394913752: Made in India
0394913760: It's Easy!
0394913779: Made in Italy
0394913787: Made in Japan
0394913795: Made in Mexico: The Story of a Country's Arts & Crafts
0394913809: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Talking Skull
0394913825: Made in Thailand
0394913841: Magic Flute
0394913884: The Magic Jacket
0394913892: Magic Shop
0394913965: Mary's Marvelous Mouse
0394913973: Mary McLeod Bethune
0394914007: Marai & Ramon...a Girl and Boy of Puerto Rico
0394914023: THE LITTLE MAN
0394914074: Mighty Atom
0394914112: Mystery of the Coughing Dragon, The
0394914147: Model Railroading
0394914155: More Beasts for Worse Children by Belloc, Hilaire
0394914201: More Chucklebait: Funny Stories for Everyone.
0394914236: Mystery of the Moaning Cave
0394914244: Mozart.
0394914295: Mrs. Pepperpot to the Rescue
0394914341: Mrs. Pepperpot In The Magic Wood
0394914376: The Mystery of Saint Salgue
0394914384: My Father's Dragon
0394914422: The Mystery of the Disappearing Cars : Two Boys Discover the Secret of Model T Mountain
0394914457: Nancy Hanks of Wilderness Road
0394914465: The Little Man and the Big Thief. by Kastner, Erich
0394914503: The Nearsighted Knight
0394914554: Our Eddie.
0394914562: Old Bet
0394914570: Oh, Brother Juniper
0394914686: Magic at Wychwood by Watson, Sally; Frank Bozzo
0394914694: Our Veronica Goes to Petunia's Farm
0394914724: New Home for Theresa.
0394914767: Pagan the Black
0394914775: Palace Wagon Family : A True Story of the Donner Party
0394914783: The Pantheon Story of Mathematics for Young People
0394914805: Pantheon Story of Ar for Young People
0394914821: Patricia Crosses Town
0394914864: Peacock Pie
0394914872: Pecos Bill: Texas Cowpuncher
0394914880: Devil in the Fog
0394914929: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Laughing Shadow (Three Investigators (Library))
0394914937: A Penny a Day
0394915003: Phantom Tollbooth
0394915011: Photography : A Family Activity Book
0394915151: Pony Care
0394915186: Poppy in the Corn
0394915208: Princess and the Lion
0394915267: Preep the Little Pigeon of Trafalgar Square
0394915291: The Mule on the Expressway.
0394915305: Quick Pivot Stories of Basketball
0394915321: Man Must Speak
0394915348: Red Riding
0394915364: Red Ridinghood's Little Lamb
0394915372: Red Falcons of Tremoine
0394915380: Rendezvous in Singapore
0394915399: Reptiles Round the World
0394915402: Magnus and the Wagon Horse.
0394915429: The Cat In The Hat Beginner Book Dictionary
0394915461: The Boy's Life Book of Basketball Stories
0394915488: American Girl Cookbook
0394915518: River Road : A Story Of Abraham Lincoln
0394915526: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Secret of Skeleton Island
0394915542: Great American Athletes Of The 20th Century
0394915550: The Secret World Of The Baby
0394915569: Raccoons Are for Loving
0394915577: Rocks and Minerals and the Stories They Tell
0394915615: Thrillers And More Thrillers
0394915623: A Gift From The Lonely Doll
0394915682: Runaway Girl
0394915704: Runaway John
0394915712: Stranger
0394915720: Runaway Home.
0394915747: Story of an Alaskan Grizzly Bear
0394915771: Sagebrush Filly
0394915798: Hugh Loftings, Travels of Doctor Dolittle
0394915801: Mystery and More Mystery
0394915828: The Great Dane Thor
0394915895: Sculpture: Clay, Soap, & Other Materials.
0394915917: The Sea Broke Through
0394915925: Sea Change
0394915992: Secret Castle
0394916018: Mister Corbett's Ghost
0394916069: Seven Uncles Come to Dinner
0394916085: In a Forgotten Place.
0394916093: Shells Are Where You Find Them
0394916107: Honeybees
0394916131: The Snowstorm
0394916166: The Shy One
0394916182: Secret of the Missing Boat
0394916212: Silent Night the Story of a Song
0394916220: How to Eat a Poem and Other Morsels a Collection of
0394916239: Silver Answer: A Romantic Biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0394916247: Tales of A New America
0394916263: Cat in the Hat in English and Spanish
0394916271: Simple Spigott
0394916328: Skating for Beginners
0394916379: Elephant Who Liked to Smash Small Cars
0394916395: Mary Ann's Duck
0394916417: SMITH
0394916425: Skyblazer
0394916433: Small Mammals Are Where You Find Them
0394916476: Snow Party
0394916492: Somebody Somewhere
0394916522: Two Friends
0394916530: Sons of the Desert
0394916581: Sparrow Hawk
0394916603: The Special Year
0394916611: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Fiery Eye
0394916638: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Silver Spider
0394916654: Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbinders in Suspense
0394916689: Spunkwater, Spunkwater a Life of Mark Twain
0394916697: Spring Snow
0394916719: Steinmetz: Wizard Of Light
0394916727: Stamp Collector's Guide
0394916735: Spies and More Spies
0394916751: Stars in Our Heaven
0394916778: Story of Baseball,
0394916786: Stories of the Sea
0394916794: The Story of Football
0394916808: Story of Albert Einstein.
0394916816: The Story of a Bad Boy
0394916859: The Story of a Hippopotamus: A Factual and Detailed Story of An African Hippopotamus
0394916867: The Story of Masada
0394916905: Story Of The Negro
0394916956: Cat in the Hat Songbook
0394916999: Marguerite Henrys All About Horses
0394917006: Street Rod
0394917014: Mary on Roller Skates
0394917111: Switch on the Night
0394917138: Swimmy
0394917189: Tale of a Meadow
0394917200: The Tale of a Pond
0394917219: Tale of a Wood
0394917227: Tales of the Gauchos
0394917278: Taro And The Bamboo Shoot
0394917286: Tales Told Again
0394917308: Tee Vee Humphrey
0394917359: Thistle
0394917375: Three Gold Pieces : A Greek Folk Tale
0394917405: They Put Out to Sea: The Story of the Map
0394917413: This Way, Delight: A Book of Poetry for the Young
0394917448: Three Royal Monkeys by De LA Mare, Walter
0394917464: The Three Sneezes
0394917472: Thunderbird and Other Stories
0394917499: Tico and the Golden Wings
0394917529: Time to Laugh, Funny Tales From Here and There.
0394917650: Travels of Marco
0394917669: Train To Spain
0394917758: Trubloff The Mouse
0394917774: Trust Thyself , a Life of Ralph Waldo Emerson for the Young reader
0394917804: Twinkle, The Baby Colt
0394917812: Twenty Tales from Shakespeare
0394917820: Who's That in the Mirror?
0394917839: Two Lonely Ducks
0394917847: Uttam A Boy Of India
0394917928: Veronica
0394917936: Veronica's Smile
0394917960: Volcanoes and Earthquakes
0394917995: Wee Willow Whistle by Avery, Kay
0394918002: What Can you Do with a Pocket
0394918010: What Does a Begin With
0394918096: When Boy Likes Girl
0394918126: When a Boy Wakes Up in the Morning
0394918134: When Is Tomorrow?
0394918142: When Girls Meet Boys
0394918150: White Falcon
0394918185: Who's in the Mirror?
0394918215: Violet
0394918223: Whichaway
0394918231: Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day?
0394918274: Wise Fool
0394918282: Wiser Than Winter
0394918290: Wizard and His Magic Powder Tales of the Channel Isle
0394918347: Washington D. C.
0394918355: Wonderful Tumble of Timothy Smith
0394918363: Woody and Me
0394918401: World of the Pharaohs
0394918428: Whisperings and Other Things
0394918452: Young Inca Prince
0394918509: Bread and Roses
0394918517: A Day Of Autumn
0394918541: Don't look at me that way
0394918568: The Weasels : A Sensible Look at a Family of Predators
0394918584: The Planets
0394918614: The Supreme Court and How it Works
0394918703: I Saw a Ship a-Sailing: Or, the Wonderful Games That Only Little Flower-Plant.
0394918711: Pockets of Hope: Studies of Land and People
0394918738: Cindy's Sad and Happy Tree
0394918754: Animals on the Farm
0394918770: Backwards for Luck
0394918800: To Dream upon a Crown
0394918819: Lion Gate and Labyrinth
0394918827: Onion Journey
0394918835: Pashka of Bear Ravine
0394918843: Two Giants
0394918878: Dear Dolphin
0394918908: Magnus and the Ships Mascot
0394918932: Sunnyside: A Life of Washington Irving
0394918940: Story of New England
0394918959: Time of Growing
0394918967: Timothy's Flower
0394918975: The Dangerous Year
0394919017: My Village In Germany
0394919025: My Village in England
0394919033: My Village in Greece
0394919041: My Village in Denmark
0394919084: My Village in Japan
0394919106: The Chemistry of Life
0394919122: My Village in Israel
0394919130: My Village in Italy
0394919149: My Village in Morocco
0394919157: My Village in Norway
0394919173: My Village in Korea
0394919181: My Village in Switzerland
0394919211: My Village in Yugoslavia
0394919238: Witch Hunt
0394919319: Marci's Secret Book of Flirting : (Don't Go Out Without It)
0394919378: Carousel
0394919432: Vietnam : An Illustrated History
0394919440: No More Saturday Nights
0394919459: Poems for Small Friends
0394919491: Julian, Secret Agent
0394919602: Under the Moon : Just Right for 3's and 4's
0394919610: Meet Benjamin Franklin
0394919629: Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.
0394919637: Meet Christopher Columbus
0394919645: Meet Thomas Jefferson
0394919653: Meet George Washington
0394919661: Meet Abraham Lincoln
0394919769: Moon Jump
0394919777: Singing Sam
0394920139: Once in the Saddle: The Cowboy's Frontier, 1866-1896 (The Living History Library)
0394920147: The Binnies and the Dogs and Cats from Everywhere
0394920171: The Veterinarian's Children
0394920260: Grandmother's Pictures
0394920341: Through Vermilion Gates
0394920368: Mother India's Children: Meeting Today's Generation in India.
0394920384: Pioneer Cat
0394920406: Baby Animals
0394920457: Hard trials on my way;: Slavery and the struggle against it: 1800-1860 (The Living history library)
0394920473: For Jefferson and Liberty : The United States in War and Peace, 1800-1815
0394920481: Lace Cuffs and Leather Aprons : Popular Struggles in the Federalist Era (1783-1800)
0394920503: Daba's travels from Ouadda to Bangui
0394920511: Prehistoric Monsters Did the Strangest Things
0394920589: Staff, The
0394920597: Shari Lewis Presents One Hundred-One Magic Tricks for Kids to Do
0394920619: The magnificent bald eagle,: America's national bird,
0394920627: Modern China: The Story of a Revolution
0394920694: Gorilla Gorilla
0394920813: Broken Promises: The Strange History of the Fourteenth Amendment
0394920937: Aliens for Breakfast
0394920961: Thursday's Child
0394921011: America's Reign of Terror: World War I, the Red Scare, and the Palmer Raids
0394921038: Silver Cart
0394921046: The Lost Doll
0394921127: Star Pitchers Of The Major Leagues
0394921143: The Three Beggar Kings.
0394921151: Case of the Elevator Duck
0394921186: Great Teams of Pro Basketball
0394921194: Frog, Frog, Frog
0394921216: Provensen Book of Fairy Tales
0394921224: The Mother Goose Book
0394921232: Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm
0394921240: Play on Words
0394921275: My Village In Hungary
0394921283: My Village in Portugal
0394921313: Insect Summer
0394921321: Block By Block Rebuilding City Neighborhoods
0394921356: FREDDY'S BOOK
0394921372: PREEP AND THE QUEEN.
0394921380: Vengeance of the Zulu king
0394921410: How to Make Elephant Bread
0394921429: Baseball's Zaniest Stars
0394921445: For Laughing Out Loud : Poems to Tickle Your Funnybone
0394921453: Black Stallion and the Girl
0394921461: Heroes of Pro Hockey
0394921488: Stranger on the Road.
0394921496: My Mother Got Married
0394921526: Heroes of the American Revolution
0394921550: Tillie and the Wall
0394921569: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
0394921577: Robin Hood
0394921615: My Village in Thailand
0394921623: The Stars and Serendipity
0394921658: Witches' Holiday
0394921666: Tales from India.
0394921674: Richard Scarry's Great Big Air Book
0394922042: Happy Mother's Day!
0394922069: Possum Come A-Knockin
0394922263: Alphabet School : Just Right for 3's and 4's
0394922395: Christmas Carol
0394922476: Get Well, Granny Bird
0394922492: Mog and Bunny
0394922522: Eyewitness Books Plant
0394922530: Dinosaur
0394922549: Seashore
0394922557: FLAG-EYEWITNESS BKS (Eyewitness Books)
0394922565: SHELL-EYEWITNESS BK (Eyewitness Books) Hardcover by Arthur, Alex; Einsiedel
0394922573: Early Humans
0394922581: Mammal (Eyewitness Books)
0394922603: ANIMALS KEEPING COOL (Animal Photo Essays)
0394922611: ANIMALS KEEPING CLEAN (Animal Photo Essays)
0394922638: Animals Keeping Safe
0394922689: Snowy the Barn Owl
0394922697: Surfer the Seal
0394922700: Hoppy the Toad
0394922719: Pacer the Pony
0394922824: Veronica and the Birthday Present
0394922832: Flight into Danger.
0394922840: Super Bowl!
0394922859: Star Running Backs of the NFL
0394922867: Bears in the Night
0394922875: The Beauty of Birth
0394922883: The Oldest Man and Other Timeless Stories
0394922891: Devil's Boat
0394922905: Just Think,
0394922913: Cat Came Back
0394922921: THE SEVEN SEAS
0394922956: Is It Bigger Than a Sparrow? a Book for Young Bird Watchers
0394922964: Mystery of the Flaming Footprints
0394922972: Tubby and the Lantern
0394923006: First Voices
0394923014: First Voices: The Third Book
0394923030: The Story of Hockey
0394923049: Young and Black in Africa,
0394923057: Look What Tracy Found
0394923081: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Nervous Lion
0394923111: Pony and Bear Are Friends
0394923138: The Devil's Horse: Tales from the Kalevala
0394923146: Brave Eagle's Account of the Fetterman Fight
0394923154: Walter The Baker
0394923162: The Sun Dance People, the Plains Indians, Their past and Present
0394923189: Mystery of the Everglade
0394923197: The Ignorant Monkeys and Other Tales of India
0394923219: Gregory and Lady Turtle in the Valley of the Music Trees
0394923227: Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris
0394923243: Berenstains' B Book
0394923251: Some of Us Walk Some Fly Some Swim
0394923324: Sesame Street Storybook
0394923375: Lorax
0394923383: Spare Parts for the Human Body
0394923391: Richard Scarry's ABC Word Book
0394923405: You Will Go to the Moon
0394923448: Mystery of the Hard Luck Rodeo
0394923456: Jonah and the Whale
0394923472: Mrs. Pepperpots Outing
0394923596: Daniel and the Whale Hunters: The Adventures of a Portugese Boy in a Whaling Town in the Azores
0394923707: Dandelions Don't Bite
0394923731: Earthquakes : New Scientific Ideas about How and Why the Earth Shakes
0394923766: We Were Hooked
0394923782: The Ups and Downs of Drugs,
0394923790: First Book of Revolutions
0394923804: Cross-Fire: A Vietnam Novel
0394923812: On Stage:the Making of a Broadway Play
0394923820: The Watchers
0394923839: Great infielders of the major leagues (Major league library, 17)
0394923855: Far in the Day
0394923871: Poems make pictures;: Pictures make poems
0394923898: Edith and Little Bear Lend a Hand
0394923901: More Strange but True Baseball Stories
0394923928: Young and Female: Turning Points in the Lives of Eight American Women, Personal Accounts.
0394923944: The rain dance people: The Pueblo Indians, their past and present
0394923952: In a People House
0394923960: Everything Changes
0394923987: Black woman; a fictionalized biography of Lucy Terry Prince
0394923995: Don't Ever Wish for a 7-Foot Bear
0394924002: Punch and the Magic Fish; A Grimm Brothers' Tale Retold
0394924010: Cat and the Mouse and the Mouse and the Cat
0394924037: The Story of Sea Otters
0394924045: Great Stanley Cup playoffs (Pro-hockey library)
0394924061: Gordon of Sesame Street Storybook
0394924088: Mystery of the Singing Serpent
0394924096: Halloween Tree
0394924134: Song of the Seasons
0394924142: Friday and Robinson : Life on Esperanza Island
0394924150: Unsung Heroes of Pro Basketball
0394924169: World's Great Race Drivers
0394924185: Tiny Parents
0394924258: A Present for Yanya
0394924274: Who Knows The Little Man?
0394924290: Babar Visits Another Planet
0394924304: The Train
0394924320: Richard Scarry's Funniest Storybook Ever
0394924398: Star Pass Receivers of the NFL
0394924436: Snail Tale : The Adventures of a Rather Small Snail
0394924444: Jasmine
0394924452: Herbert's stilts,
0394924568: Jackie Robinson and the Story of All-Black Baseball
0394924576: Moonwalk : The First Trip to the Moon
0394924630: Strange But True Hockey Stories
0394924649: Strange But True Basketball Stories
0394924657: Bartholomew, We Love You!
0394924665: Great Upsets of the NFL
0394924673: World Series Classics
0394924681: Other Side of Tomorrow : Original Science Fiction Stories about Young People of the Future
0394924703: Mom, the Wolf Man and Me
0394924827: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Shrinking House
0394924851: Best Short Stories of O. Henry
0394924878: The Brownstone
0394924894: Cool Ride in the Sky
0394924908: Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!
0394924924: C Is for Clown : A Circus of C Words
0394925017: Gamebreakers of the NFL
0394925025: The Looking Book.
0394925130: Grox and Eugene
0394925165: Crocodile in the Tree
0394925173: Peter Pan and Captain Hook
0394925181: Walt Disney's Dumbo : On Land, on Sea, in the Air
0394925203: Walt Disney's Bambi Gets Lost. (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading, 2)
0394925211: Mickey Mouse Riddle Book
0394925386: Baseball's Greatest Sluggers
0394925394: Great Goalies of Pro Hockey
0394925475: Goodbye to the Purple Sage: The Last Great Ride of the Sheriff of Medicine Creek.
0394925491: Ready for Take-Off: How an Airplane Flies and How It Is Flown,
0394925505: Mickey and the Beanstalk
0394925513: Sorcerer's Apprentice
0394925521: Walt Disney's Cinderella
0394925548: Robin Hood and the Great Coach Robbery
0394925556: The Mickey Mouse Make-It Book. (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
0394925580: Walt Disney Productions Presents Goofy's Gags (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading, 19)
0394925599: Walt Disney's the Brave Little Tailor (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading, No. 18)
0394925602: Jungle Book
0394925610: Walt Disney's Gulliver Mickey
0394925629: Walt Disney Productions presents Button soup
0394925637: Walt Disney's Peter and the Wolf
0394925645: Donald Duck and the Magic Stick
0394925653: Walt Disney Productions presents the princess who never laughed (Disney's wonderful world of reading)
0394925661: Mickey and Magic Cloak
0394925688: Emperor's New Clothes
0394925696: Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too
0394925718: Walt Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians
0394925726: Walt Disney Productions Presents The Mystery of the Missing Peanuts
0394925734: Walt Disney Productions presents Goofy minds the house (Disney's wonderful world of reading ; 31)
0394925742: Three favorite tales (Disney's wonderful world of reading)
0394926005: Great survival adventures
0394926013: Trillions.
0394926021: They Did It the Hard Way : Seven Astounding Adventures
0394926048: It's Not What You Expect.
0394926072: More Strange but True Football Stories NFL Pumt Pass and Kick Library
0394926080: Great Moments in American Sports. by Brondfield, Jerry
0394926110: Baseball Players Do Amazing Things
0394926129: The Bobby Orr Story (Pro Hockey Library, 6)
0394926250: Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
0394926269: Walt Disney's Pinocchio
0394926277: Pro Basketball's Big Men
0394926285: Walt Disney's the Penguin That Hated the Cold (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
0394926315: And Then a Harvest Feast
0394926323: Mickey Mouse's Joke Book (Disney's Wonderful World of Reading)
0394926331: Then Was the Future : North in the Age of Jackson, 1815-1850
0394926420: Paddington Bear
0394926439: Paddington's Garden
0394926447: African Rhythm - American Dance : A Biography of Katherine Dunham
0394926463: Case of the Elevator Duck
0394926536: Breaking in: nine first-person accounts about becoming an athlete
0394926544: If I Had My Way
0394926587: Save the Earth! : An Ecology Handbook for Kids
0394926595: Lawyers for the People
0394926617: Mother Goose
0394926633: Comic Book Mystery
0394926641: Mystery of Monster Mountain
0394926676: Bonhomme and the Huge Beast
0394926692: Big dog ... little dog;: A bedtime story
0394926714: Pippa Mouse
0394926722: Magic Drum
0394926730: New Towns : Building Cities from Scratch
0394926749: The Treasure Is the Rose
0394926765: Alfred Hitchcock's Supernatural Tales of Terror and Suspense
0394926773: Football Players Do Amazing Things (Step-Up Books ; 22)
0394926781: Greentail Mouse
0394926811: Richard Scarry's Please and Thank You Book
0394926846: My Little Hen
0394926870: Shape of Me and Other Stuff
0394926927: I'll Teach My Dog One Hundred Words
0394926935: Bears' Almanac
0394926943: Sesame Street 1 2 3 Story Book : Stories about the Numbers from One to Ten
0394926986: Night Before Christmas
0394926994: MILLIE'S BOY
0394927001: Soup
0394927044: The golden shadow
0394927168: Where Babies Come from
0394927192: Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
0394927230: Peter and the Talking Shoes
0394927419: Jenny's Corner
0394927427: Nuts to You and Nuts to Me: An Alphabet of Poems
0394927435: TWO-WHEEL WONDER
0394927443: Piero Ventura's Book of Cities
0394927621: Stars of the Major Leagues
0394927664: Confessions of an Only Child
0394927672: More Championship Teams of the NFL
0394927680: Pro Basketball's Little Men
0394927699: Record-Breakers of the Major Leagues
0394927702: Goodbye, Hello
0394927737: On Our Way : Poems of Pride and Love
0394927745: Walt Disney's Brer Rabbit and His Friends. from the Motion Picture Song of the South: From the Motion Picture Song of the South
0394927761: Look at a Calf
0394927915: Annie's One to Ten
0394927958: Run, Little Monkeys! Run, Run, Run!
0394927982: Walt Disney's Sleeping beauty (Disney's wonderful world of reading)
0394928059: Chocolate War
0394928067: The Story of Basketball.
0394928075: Little Men of the NFL
0394928105: When the Whale Came to My Town
0394928199: Uncle Eddie's Moustache: Twelve Poems for Children
0394928202: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Secret of the Haunted Mirror (3 Investigators Ser)
0394928210: Tough Guys of Pro Hockey.
0394928229: Taking Sides
0394928318: First Snow
0394928326: Women Who Win
0394928334: House Without a Christmas Tree
0394928342: Thanksgiving Treasure
0394928385: Real Me
0394928423: The Pantheon story of American art for young people
0394928601: Just Right Mother Goose : Just Right for 3's and 4's
0394928733: Many Thousand Gone : African Americans from Slavery to Freedom
0394928741: Random House Book of Sports Stories
0394928806: Isabelle's New Friend
0394928814: Pizza Pie Slugger
0394929012: Hot Shots of Pro Basketball
0394929020: Ten Bears in My Bed
0394929098: Germs Make Me Sick
0394929128: Wacky Wednesday
0394929136: Great Day for Up!
0394929187: Paddington Bear at the Circus
0394929195: Paddington's Lucky Day by
0394929209: There's a Wocket in My Pocket!
0394929217: The Sesame Street ABC Storybook: Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets
0394929241: Richard Scarry's Best Counting Book Ever
0394929276: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Dead Man's Riddle
0394929284: How to Grow a Jelly Glass Farm
0394929292: Maybe, a Mole
0394929330: Star
0394929365: Thriller Diller
0394929454: Salamander Room
0394929462: Watch Me
0394929926: Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang
0394929934: What Was It Like When Your Grandparents Were Your Age
0394929942: Heroes of Stock Car Racing
0394929969: Civil War! : America Becomes One Nation
0394929977: He Bear, She Bear
0394930134: Berenstain Bears and the In-Crowd
0394930142: Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation
0394930169: Last stand at Goodbye Gulch
0394930223: Seaside Treasures
0394930231: Ragbag Treasures
0394930258: You Can Make Country Treasures
0394930266: Pete Rose
0394930339: Queen Who Couldn't Bake Gingerbread
0394930347: Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree
0394930355: Free woman: The life and times of Victoria Woodhull
0394930398: Charlie Brown's All-Stars
0394930428: It s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
0394930444: You're in Love, Charlie Brown
0394930460: The winter wedding
0394930479: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
0394930487: There's No Time for Love Charlie Brown
0394930592: He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown!
0394930614: O. J. Simpson
0394930657: The Glad Man
0394930762: A Dream for Addie
0394930770: Babar and the Wully-Wully
0394930843: No More Magic
0394930851: Ballad of Cactus Jack
0394930878: Seed
0394930894: In the Rabbitgarden
0394930908: Here's Pippa Again
0394930924: I Like Old Clothes
0394930940: A Christmas party: Poem
0394930959: The Afternoon Cat
0394930967: Unsung Heroes of the Major Leagues
0394930991: Record Breakers of the NFL by Liss, Howard.
0394931009: I Loved Rose Ann
0394931017: It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown
0394931033: Danny the Champion of the World
0394931041: Hot Shots of Pro Hockey
0394931068: ON THE PATH OF VENUS: Pioneers of the Solar System
0394931084: Blue Trees, Red Sky
0394931092: Anna Banana
0394931114: Around and Around--Love
0394931157: Moving Day
0394931165: Fox Eyes
0394931173: That Makes Me Mad!
0394931203: Squirrel's Song
0394931238: Look at a Kitten
0394931254: Bears' Nature Guide
0394931270: Bear Detectives : The Case of the Missing Pumpkin
0394931289: Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?
0394931297: Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
0394931300: Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo!
0394931319: The Sesame Street Book of Fairy Tales: Featuring Jim Henson's Muppets
0394931327: The magic well
0394931343: Great Centers of Pro Basketball
0394931351: Jack Kent's Happy-Ever-After Book
0394931475: When the Sirens Wailed
0394931556: Petunia's Treasure
0394931564: Pezzettino
0394931572: Soup and Me
0394931629: Betsy's Baby Brother
0394931645: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
0394931653: Charlie Brown's Super Book of Things to Do and Collect: Based on the Charles M. Schulz Characters.
0394931785: What Ever Happened to the Baxter Place?
0394931815: Sound of the Flutes and Other Indian Legends
0394932161: Witch, Goblin, and Sometimes Ghost : Six Read-Alone Stories
0394932234: How to Raise a Puppy
0394932242: How to Raise Mice, Rats, Hamsters, and Gerbils
0394932250: How to Raise Goldfish and Guppies
0394932269: Just the Beginning
0394932285: Addie and the King of Hearts
0394932293: It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
0394932307: Is That Your Sister?
0394932315: Color of His Own
0394932323: Plants Do Amazing Things
0394932358: Surprise Party
0394932420: Book of Seasons
0394932455: Heart of Ice
0394932471: Little Duck
0394932498: Charlie Browns Super Book Of Questions And Answers
0394932501: Soccer Book
0394932528: Sleepy Ida and Other Nonsense Poems
0394932587: All-Stars of the NFL
0394932684: Patsy Scarry's Big Bedtime Storybook
0394932757: Doctor Rabbit's Foundling
0394932765: Gudgekin, the Thistle Girl, and Other Tales
0394932781: Great-Grandmother Cat Tales
0394932862: Hooper Humperdink. . .? : Not Him!
0394932870: Giant Book of Strange but True Sports Stories
0394932897: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Dancing Devil
0394932900: Picnics and Parades
0394932935: Richard Scarry's Busiest People Ever
0394932943: Berenstain Bears' Science Fair
0394932951: King of Kazoo
0394932978: You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown
0394932986: Periwinkle
0394932994: Home Before Dark
0394933028: King's Cat Is Coming
0394933192: The king of the hummingbirds, and other tales
0394933206: Painter's Trick
0394933214: Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of Death Trap Mine
0394933257: All It Takes Is Practice
0394933281: Betsy And The Chicken Pox
0394933893: Gaucho
0394933907: The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folk Tales
0394933982: Ladybug and Dog and the Night Walk
0394933990: Love at First Bite - Snacks and Mealtime Treats the Quick and Easy Way
0394934326: Come to the Edge
0394934342: In the Keep of Time
0394934350: The Nightmares of Geranium Street
0394934474: It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown
0394934490: The Visit
0394934504: White Monkey King
0394934512: Gray Kangaroo at Home
0394934520: Where's My Cheese?
0394934547: A Charlie Brown Christmas
0394934555: Little Lamb
0394934563: Walt Disney Productions Presents The Rescuers
0394934571: The Indoor and Outdoor Grow-It Book
0394934598: Three Little Pigs
0394934601: Old Mother Hubbard
0394934830: Child's Bestiary
0394934849: Captain Grey
0394934857: Dinosaurs
0394934865: My First Picture Dictionary
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