0396078540: The Leo Conversion
0396078559: World within a World--Pribilofs
0396078567: Secret of Spirit Mountain
0396078575: Better Basketball for Boys
0396078583: A Garden of Stones
0396078591: Science Fiction's Greatest Monsters
0396078605: Man's search for certainty
0396078613: The Curious Sofa : A Pornographic Work
0396078621: Copycat
0396078648: Once a Spy
0396078656: The Herod conspiracy
0396078664: An uneasy Victorian: Thackeray the man, 1811-1863
0396078672: Twelve O'Clock High (Great Classic Stories of World War II Ser.)
0396078680: Presumed Dead: The Survival of a Bomb Group Commander
0396078699: Presumed dead: The survival of a bomb group commander (Five great classic stories of World War II)
0396078702: Call it treason (Five great classic stories of World War II)
0396078710: Call it treason (Five great classic stories of World War II)
0396078729: Command decision (Five great classic stories of World War II)
0396078737: Command decision (Five great classic stories of World War II)
0396078745: The assault
0396078753: The assault
0396078761: Beneath the Eagle's Wings Americans in Occupied Japan
0396078788: Looking for Zoe
0396078796: Slaying the Law School Dragon
0396078818: An ambassador's wife in Iran
0396078826: The Stone Maiden
0396078834: Death Mask
0396078842: Body Vanishes
0396078850: Sunflower!
0396078869: Methuselah's gang
0396078877: Stars on Ice
0396078885: Who Stole Kathy Young?
0396078893: Super Bowl Bound
0396078907: My Sister, the Panther
0396078915: Wonders of Mice
0396078923: Wonders of Cattle
0396078931: Hecate the Bandicoot
0396078966: The Collected Poems of G. K. Chesterton
0396078974: The Shooting of Dan McGrew & Other Favorite Poems
0396078982: Final Notice
0396078990: The Wizard's Daughter
0396079008: Naked at the Feast: The Biography of Josephine Baker
0396079016: Don't Worry
0396079024: Twelve Facets of Reality: The Jain Path to Freedom
0396079032: Electrolysis : Beauty and Confidence Through Permanent Hair Removal
0396079040: Sherlock Holmes in Dallas
0396079059: Bernard Shaw: Selected Plays
0396079067: Pussycats Need Love Too
0396079075: The Best Plays of 1979-1980 (The Burns Mantle theater yearbook)
0396079083: Sea disasters and inland catastrophes
0396079091: Skunks (Skylight Book)
0396079105: What does an airplane pilot do?
0396079113: Better Track for Girls
0396079121: Better Baseball for Boys
0396079148: Cooper, the McNally's Big Black Dog
0396079156: Going on a Dig
0396079164: Bull Hunter
0396079172: Acrobats and Ping-Pong
0396079199: George Bush, a Biography
0396079202: George Bush, a Biography
0396079210: Murder in luxury (A Red badge novel of suspense)
0396079229: The Curse of Camp Gray Owl
0396079237: The Night Vegetable Eater
0396079245: The new explorers, women in Antarctica
0396079253: Modern Drag Racing Superstars
0396079288: Cat Count
0396079296: Sarah Dunes, weird person
0396079318: What Does a Meteorologist Do?
0396079326: Tigers (Skylight Book)
0396079334: Position of ultimate trust: A novel of suspense
0396079342: Too long a sacrifice: Life and death in Northern Ireland since 1969
0396079350: One Horse, One Hundred Miles One Day
0396079369: Stokowski: A Counterpoint of View
0396079377: When Sirens Scream
0396079385: Maid and the Mouse and the Odd-Shaped House
0396079393: The Tree of Animal Life: A Tale of Changing Forms and Fortunes
0396079407: Puffins, come back!
0396079415: Secrets of the Venus's Fly Trap
0396079431: Wonders of Pigs
0396079458: The Sport of the Gods (Dodd, Mead Quality Paperback)
0396079466: Four-Minute Mile
0396079474: Old Nantucket, the faraway island
0396079482: Reporting
0396079490: Reporting
0396079504: Coast of fear: A novel of suspense
0396079512: The balloon affair: A novel of suspense
0396079520: Death of a shipowner
0396079539: Green Broke
0396079547: Murder As the Curtain Rises
0396079555: A Guide to the Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Nye County, Nevada
0396079563: North With the Spring (American Seasons)
0396079571: Journey into Summer: A Naturalist's Record of a 19,000-Mile Journey Through the North American Summer (American Seasons)
0396079598: Wandering Through Winter: A Naturalist's Record of a 20,000-Mile Journey Through the North American Winter (American Seasons)
0396079636: The Curse of the Pharaohs
0396079644: The Jefferson scandals: A rebuttal
0396079679: Shaw's Music: The Complete Musical Criticism in Three Volumes
0396079687: Skene Elements of Yacht Design
0396079695: How to Lobby Congress: A Guide for the Citizen Lobbyist
0396079709: Better Field Hockey for Girls
0396079717: Mule Deer (Skylight Book)
0396079725: Foxes
0396079733: Thunder, singing sands, and other wonders: Sound in the atmosphere
0396079741: Halley's Comet
0396079768: Mount St. Helen's: A Sleeping Volcano Awakes
0396079776: Wild Freedom
0396079784: The Hoard of the Himalayas
0396079792: Rescue from Extinction
0396079806: The Mystery in the Old Mansions
0396079814: Dead Letter
0396079822: Adolf Hitler: A Portrait in Tyranny
0396079830: Mr. Roosevelt's Steamboat
0396079849: Max Brand's Best Western Stories
0396079857: Astrology for Everyone (A Dodd, Mead quality paperback)
0396079865: Take My Word for It
0396079873: Horns of Danger
0396079881: The Prisoner's Wife
0396079903: The great airship mystery: A UFO of the 1890s.
0396079911: Buried Treasure
0396079938: Holidays on Stage: A Festival of Special-Occasion Plays
0396079946: The Cheetah
0396079954: Better Synchronized Swimming for Boys and Girls
0396079962: Ghostly Terrors
0396079970: Joel : Growing up a Farm Man
0396079989: Close Looks in a Spring Woods
0396079997: Have We Lived Before?
0396080006: Penguin World
0396080014: Barney in Space
0396080022: Happles and Cinnamunger
0396080030: Wonders of Flightless Birds
0396080049: Roast eggs (A Red badge novel of suspense)
0396080057: Lord Mullion's Secret
0396080065: Sow death, reap death (A Red badge novel of suspense)
0396080073: The Gashlycrumb Tinies or; After the Outing
0396080081: Phoumi.
0396080103: Bizarre Crimes
0396080111: Secret Languages of the Sea
0396080138: How the Great Religions Began (A Dodd, Mead quality paperback)
0396080146: Iphigene: Memoirs of Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger of the New York times family, as told to her granddaughter, Susan W. Dryfoos
0396080154: The Fateful Summer
0396080162: Murder Is Easy
0396080170: Evil Under the Sun
0396080189: The mirror crack'd from side to side
0396080197: Pocket Full of Rye
0396080200: Kings don't carry money
0396080219: Plants as Pets
0396080227: Someone in the House
0396080235: A Cruising Guide To The Caribbean And The Bahamas : Including The North Coast Of South America, Central America, And Yucatan
0396080243: Laugh With Leacock: An Anthology of the Best Works of Stephen Leacock. (A Dodd, Mead quality paperback)
0396080251: Snare in the Dark
0396080278: Pirates, Shipwrecks and Historic Chronicles
0396080286: Plants as Pets
0396080294: Cluck One
0396080308: Better Field Events for Girls
0396080316: Airplanes and Helicopters of the U.S. Navy
0396080324: Hip Hippo Hooray!
0396080332: Wonders of Egrets, Bitterns and Herons
0396080359: Women Who Work With Animals
0396080367: Whistles Round the Bend: Travel on America's Waterways
0396080375: Wonders of Peacocks (Dodd, Mead Wonders Books)
0396080383: Nature's Clean-Up Crew: The Burying Beetles
0396080391: Wretched Robert
0396080405: The Art of Base-Stealing
0396080413: Flying the Frontiers of Space
0396080421: With Intent to Kill
0396080448: A strange enchantment
0396080456: Morning Star, Black Sun
0396080464: A Traveller in Italy.
0396080472: The Youngest
0396080499: Italy: The Fatal Gift
0396080502: Sailing to Win
0396080510: Wonders of Mules
0396080529: Living Fossils
0396080537: Gunmen's Feud
0396080553: Killer weather: Stories of great disasters
0396080561: The Foretelling
0396080588: The Soviet viewpoint
0396080596: Embrace of the Butcher
0396080618: The West Side Waltz: A Play in 3/4 Time
0396080626: The West Side waltz : a play in 3/4 time
0396080634: Sheiks and Adders
0396080642: Keys to Racing Success
0396080650: The West Side Waltz: A Play
0396080669: Red for Terror
0396080677: James Will Never Die
0396080685: Gorham Silver, 1831-1981
0396080693: America's Very Own Monsters
0396080707: Machines on the Farm
0396080715: Better Swimming for Boys and Girls
0396080723: Modern Speed Record Superstars
0396080731: Snowy Owls
0396080758: Test-Tube Mysteries
0396080766: The Mysteries in the Commune
0396080774: Thunder Moon's Challenge (Silver Star Western)
0396080782: Juan's Eighteen-Wheeler Summer
0396080790: Target for Tragedy : A Peter Styles Mystery Novel
0396080804: Talk-Power: How to Speak Without Fear
0396080812: Thunder Moon Strikes
0396080820: Jung, Hesse, Harold
0396080847: Grizzly Bears
0396080855: Chickens and Their Wild Relatives
0396080863: Maybe You Belong in a Zoo!
0396080871: Blue Flame
0396080898: Nifkin
0396080901: Will That Wake Mother?
0396080928: Two Against the Ice, Amundsen and Ellsworth
0396080936: Inside Nuclear Submarines
0396080944: Wonders of Rhinos
0396080952: Real Magic
0396080960: Little Sister
0396080979: Opera Companion
0396080987: Ballet Guide
0396080995: To Play the Fox
0396081002: Print-Out
0396081010: Two Doctors, Two Loves
0396081029: The Encyclopedia of Monsters
0396081037: Past, Present, and Murder (Skylight Book)
0396081045: Freak
0396081053: Nebula Maker and Four Encounters
0396081088: Perrault's Complete Fairy Tales
0396081096: Death Comes As the End
0396081118: Peril At End House, The Greenway Edition
0396081126: Sad Cypress
0396081134: Jung, Hesse, Harold
0396081142: The rape of Tahiti: A typical Nineteenth-Century colonial venture wherein several European powers with their iron, pox, creed, commerce, and cannon violate ... the South Pacific Ocean (The Ring of fir
0396081150: Kiev Footprint
0396081169: Eleanor
0396081177: Try these on for size, Melody!
0396081185: Volcanoes in Our Solar System
0396081193: Puffy P. Pushycat, Problem Solver
0396081207: Scrappy
0396081215: Better Weight Training for Boys
0396081223: Unexplained Mysteries
0396081231: Voyage of Commitment : Morning Star Around the World
0396081258: Scorpions
0396081266: Busy Bugs
0396081274: Rabbits and Hares
0396081282: The Making of a Gunman (Silver Star Western)
0396081290: Angry Mountain
0396081304: Death of a Crow: A Novel of Suspense
0396081312: Exploring Coastal Massachusetts: New Bedford to Salem
0396081320: Third Passenger
0396081339: Stories of Life, North & South: Selections from the Best Short Stories of Erskine Caldwell
0396081347: Passage
0396081355: Love from Aunt Betty
0396081363: China: The Rise to World Power
0396081371: Wonders of Sheep
0396081398: Greenland : Island at the Top of the World
0396081401: New Americans
0396081428: Fireworks: Pyrotechnics on Display
0396081436: Giants of Smaller Worlds
0396081444: Stowaway
0396081452: David Gentleman's Britain
0396081460: Murder in High Places
0396081479: Strange Thing That Happened to Oliver Wendell Iscovitch
0396081487: Dancers in the dark: A novel
0396081495: Murder in High Places (Red Badge Novel of Suspense)
0396081509: Bait on the Hook: A Dan Mallett Novel of Suspense
0396081517: Solo Retirement: How to Make the Prime of Your Life the Time of Your Life
0396081525: Megan
0396081533: What Murder Leaves Behind - the Victim's Family
0396081541: Having Your First Baby After 30
0396081568: Fast Train Russia
0396081576: No More War!
0396081584: James Edward Oglethorpe
0396081592: The FAther Brown Omnibus
0396081606: The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror
0396081614: Do You Know This Voice?
0396081622: House Above Hollywood
0396081630: Girl on a High Wire by Denniston, Elinore
0396081649: Widow's Web
0396081657: Cruising Guide to the Chesapeake
0396081665: A cruising guide to the New England coast, including the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and the coast of New Brunswick
0396081673: Nebula Maker; & Four Encounters
0396081703: Garden Birds of the World.
0396081711: Game Birds
0396081746: Return of the Battleship
0396081754: Time for Sherlock Holmes: A Novel
0396081762: Illuminations: A Ro-Mlen Alphabet
0396081770: Gillian's Chain
0396081789: Mrs. Peloki's Class Play
0396081797: Lemmings and other New Yorkers
0396081800: Strange Armadillo
0396081819: Hyenas (Skylight Book)
0396081827: Orangutans
0396081835: The Copycat Killers: An Uncle George Mystery Novel
0396081843: Monster Hunting Today
0396081851: Great Mysteries of the Air
0396081878: Spaceship Titanic
0396081894: Walg: A Novel of Australia
0396081908: Sailor's Guide to Sails
0396081924: The Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec W.H.B. Sands Correspondence
0396081932: Catamaran Racing
0396081940: New Lies For Old: An ex-KGB Officer Warns How Communist Deception Still Threatens Survival of the West.
0396081959: B. Tobey of the New Yorker
0396081967: Verdi: His Music, Life, and Times (A Dodd, Mead Quality Paperback)
0396081975: The Book of Negro Folklore
0396081991: Sailor's Guide to Sails
0396082009: Winning in One-Designs
0396082017: Catamaran Racing
0396082025: Beds of Nails and Roses
0396082033: Eat the grapes downward: An uninhibited romp through the surprising world of food
0396082041: Lawless Land
0396082068: Trail to San Triste
0396082076: Willow Whistle
0396082084: Tree Squirrels
0396082092: Stop Dieting--Start Living!: How One Angry Woman Finally Gave Up Dieting, Regained Her Self-Respect--And Stopped Feeling Ashamed, Guilty, Rejected an
0396082114: Arming the Heavens: The Hidden Military Agenda for Space, 1945-1995
0396082130: Room For Sarah
0396082149: Luv and Other Plays
0396082157: Murder Out of Wedlock
0396082165: Always Live Better Than Your Clients: The Fabulous Life and Times of Benjamin Sonnenberg, America's Greatest Publicist/#0021
0396082173: Trick or Treat
0396082181: Peter Pan Syndrome
0396082203: Christmas Camel
0396082211: Meet the Opossum
0396082238: Women in the Martial Arts: A New Spirit Rising
0396082246: Dream of Hunger Moss
0396082254: Sled Dogs
0396082262: Wonders of Hippos (Dodd, Mead Wonders Books)
0396082270: Wonders of Zebras (Dodd, Mead Wonders Books)
0396082289: Feed Me or Else!
0396082297: Fourteen Presidents Before Washington: The American History You Never Learned in School
0396082319: Sputnik to Space Shuttle : The Complete Story of Space Flight
0396082327: Timbuktu
0396082335: Mastering the Public Spotlight
0396082343: Madame: My Misbegotten Memoirs
0396082351: The best is yet to be: A novel
0396082378: The Cannibal Who Overate (Red Badge Detective)
0396082386: The Bloody Wood (Red Badge Mysteries)
0396082394: The Big Heat
0396082408: The Best Plays of 1982-1983: The Burns Mantle Yearbook of the Theater (The Burns Mantle yearbook)
0396082416: Better Football for Boys
0396082424: Better Basketball for Boys
0396082432: Better Basketball for Girls
0396082440: Better Track for Girls
0396082459: Better Volleyball for Girls
0396082467: Better Soccer for Boys and Girls
0396082475: Appleby and Honeybath
0396082483: The Other Karen
0396082491: Gillian's Chain: A Novel of Suspense
0396082505: Owning Your Home Computer
0396082521: Handbook of Seaman's Ropework
0396082548: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
0396082564: David Copperfield (Great Illustrated Classics)
0396082580: Ivanhoe
0396082602: The Last of the Mohicans
0396082610: Oliver Twist
0396082629: The Scarlet Letter.
0396082637: Living Jewish: The Lore and Law of Being a Practicing Jew
0396082645: Creative Parenting: How to Use the New Continuum Concept to Raise Children Successfully from Birth Through Adolescence
0396082653: The Hyperactive Child and the Family: The Complete What-To-Do Handbook
0396082661: The Dodd, Mead Gallery of Horror
0396082688: Early Stories of Willa Cather
0396082696: Birds over America
0396082718: A History of the English-Speaking Peoples: The Birth of Britain
0396082726: A History of the English-Speaking Peoples: The New World
0396082742: A History of the English-Speaking Peoples: The Great Democracies (Volume 4)
0396082777: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus
0396082785: Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus
0396082793: Americana treasures
0396082807: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
0396082815: Men on Women
0396082823: The New York Ethnic Food Market Guide and Cookbook
0396082831: Multihulls Offshore
0396082858: Arson
0396082866: Second Year of Life
0396082874: Marek and Lisa
0396082882: Better Baseball for Boys
0396082890: Better Softball for Boys and Girls
0396082904: Better Swimming for Boys and Girls
0396082912: Better Roller Skating for Boys and Girls
0396082920: Better Gymnastics for Girls
0396082939: Better Weight Training for Boys
0396082947: Eva
0396082955: God's Banker
0396082963: Red Barbarian
0396082971: Women in the Martial Arts
0396082998: The Serve: Key to Winning Tennis
0396083021: Handbook of Trailer Sailing
0396083048: Nima
0396083056: Brain-Busters: The Most Challenging Puzzles You'll Ever Do
0396083072: Chief Tallon and the S.O.R.
0396083080: Chief Tallon and the S.O.R.
0396083099: Remember to Kill Me: A Pierre Chambrun Mystery Novel
0396083102: Woman Vanishes
0396083110: Rogue Mustang (Silver star western)
0396083129: Our Federal Government
0396083137: Year of Birds
0396083145: A Pup Grows Up
0396083153: Mammals and Their Milk
0396083161: Kids Are Baby Goats
0396083188: Mystery of the Bog Forest
0396083196: Invisible World of the Infrared
0396083218: To Live in Two Worlds: American Indian Youth Today
0396083226: Monarchs of the Forest
0396083234: Ringo, the Robber Raccoon
0396083242: Amazing Escapes
0396083250: The Restless Dead: Ghostly Tales from Around the World
0396083269: Jefferson
0396083277: Rachel Vellars, How Could You?
0396083285: Goats Are Better Than Worms
0396083293: Aground
0396083307: Spring and the Shadow Man
0396083315: Better BMX Riding and Racing for Boys and Girls
0396083323: Wonders of Woodchucks
0396083331: Wonders of Turkeys
0396083358: Reverence for Wood
0396083366: A Museum of Early American Tools
0396083374: Diary of an Early American Boy Noah Blake 1805
0396083390: The companion to twentieth-century opera
0396083404: The Home Book of Quotations: Classical and Modern
0396083412: Sudden Fear (Red Badge Detective)
0396083420: Homicidal Horse (Red Badge Novel of Suspense)
0396083439: Case of Sonia Wayward
0396083447: In Search of Ireland, 2nd edition
0396083455: Traveller in Rome
0396083463: Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes
0396083471: The Best Plays of 1983-1984: The Burns Mantle Yearbook
0396083498: Islands of Boston Harbor
0396083501: Three Thousand Years of Black Poetry: An Anthology
0396083528: Classic Cuisines
0396083536: On the Road with John James Audubon
0396083544: Say cheese!: Looking at Snapshots in a New Way
0396083560: Yachting Book of Coastal Navigation
0396083579: Wedlocked
0396083587: Everything You Want to Know about Cosmetics, Or, What Your Friendly Clerk Didn
0396083595: Mega Tips: How to Get and Keep Any Restaurant Job
0396083609: Flying High : Inside Big-Time Drug Smuggling
0396083617: The State-Of-The-Art Robot Catalog
0396083625: Nutritional self-defense
0396083633: Privileged Information
0396083641: In Pursuit of Youth: Everyday Nutrition for Everyone Over 35
0396083668: Gambling Scams How They Work How to Detect Them How to Protect Yourself
0396083676: The Food Lover's Diet Workbook
0396083684: Winning Golf the Professional Way
0396083706: Last Cat Book
0396083714: Caffeine Book
0396083722: Getting Older, Growing Younger
0396083730: The American Health Foundation guide to lifespan health: A family program for physical and emotional well-being
0396083765: Better BMX Riding and Racing for Boys and Girls
0396083773: In Search of Scotland
0396083781: In Search of England
0396083803: Peter Burwash's Aerobic Workout Book for Men
0396083811: The World of Fantastic Films: An Illustrated Survey
0396083846: James Bond Bedside Companion
0396083854: Guide to Chamber Music
0396083870: Three on the Trail
0396083889: Yachting Book of Celestial Navigation
0396083897: The Rainbow People: A Gaudy World of the Very Rich and Those Who Served Them
0396083900: Other David: A Novel of Suspense
0396083919: Optimum Brain Power: A Total Program for Increasing Your Intelligence
0396083927: Signs and Omens: A Novel of Suspense
0396083935: Endurance
0396083943: Traveling Well
0396083951: Carson's Conspiracy
0396083978: Royal Pursuit: The Media and the Monarchy in Conflict and Compromise
0396083986: Fate Keeps on Happening: Adventures of Lorelei Lee and Other Writings
0396083994: The Marijuana Question and Science's Search for an Answer
0396084001: Riches Without Risk: a Worry-Free Investment Strategy for Good Times and Bad
0396084028: Norman Rockwell's love and remembrance
0396084036: Winning the Ph.D. Game/How to Get into and Out of Graduate School With a Ph.D. and a Job
0396084044: Crisis Time: Love, Marriage, and the Male at Mid-Life
0396084052: Death in the rain: A Dan Mallett novel of suspense
0396084060: The Price of Silence
0396084079: Substitute Victim
0396084095: The joy of words: Building a richer vocabulary by Shaw, Harry
0396084109: The joy of words: Building a richer vocabulary
0396084117: And They Also Kick You When You're Down: An Irreverent Guide to the Way the Real World Works
0396084125: The International Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians
0396084133: Flying Free
0396084176: Hercule Poirot's Casebook
0396084184: The Third Blonde
0396084192: Something Evil
0396084206: Inside HBO: The Billion Dollar War Between Hbo, Hollywood, and the Home Video Revolution
0396084214: Waiting for the End of the World: A Novel of Suspense
0396084222: What Every Businesswoman Needs to Know to Get Ahead
0396084230: Carol Gregor's Body Type Workout Book
0396084249: Lighthouses of New England 1716-1973
0396084257: Having Your First Baby After Thirty: A Personal Journey from Infertility to Childbirth
0396084265: Home Book of Irish Humor
0396084281: Sailing Theory and Practice
0396084303: Children of the Forest
0396084311: Les Miserables
0396084338: American Women Poets
0396084346: Shaker Folk Art and Industries
0396084354: The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews Traditional Recipes and Menus and a Memoir of a Vanished
0396084362: Isadora Duncan: Her Life, Her Art, Her Legacy
0396084370: Miss Ruth: The More Living Life of Ruth St. Denis
0396084389: Encyclopedia of U S Government Benefits: A Complete, Practical, and Convenient Guide to United States Government Benefits Available to the People of America
0396084397: Riches without risk: A worry-free investment strategy for good times and bad
0396084400: Piloting Workbook
0396084419: Mysterious William Shakespeare: The Myth and the Reality
0396084435: Modern American Women Poets
0396084443: Don't Open the Door
0396084451: A Change of Heir
0396084478: The Gilded Nightmare
0396084486: Making Money With Your Home Computer
0396084494: Hansel and Gretel
0396084508: Book of Vegetables
0396084516: Fire Trucks
0396084524: Microchip : Small Wonder
0396084532: Rattlesnakes (Skylight Book)
0396084540: Lemurs
0396084559: Gavriel and Jemal
0396084567: First Astrowitches
0396084575: Ghost Cat
0396084583: Last Ride
0396084591: Baseball's wacky players
0396084605: Sharing the Kingdom : Animals and Their Rights
0396084613: Great Mysteries of the Sea
0396084621: Across the cactus curtain: The story of Guantánamo Bay
0396084648: Wonders of Coyotes (Dodd, Mead Wonders Books)
0396084656: Mystery of the Greek Icon
0396084664: Case of the Horrible Swamp Monster
0396084680: At This Theatre: An Informal History of New York's Legitimate Theatres
0396084699: Image impact for men: The business and professional man's personal packaging program
0396084702: Values Clarification: A Handbook of Practical Strategies for Teachers and Students
0396084710: The Making of the Achiever: How to Win Distinction in Your Company
0396084729: The Ethnic Detectives: Masterpieces of Mystery Fiction
0396084737: Trouble in Timberline (Silver Star Western)
0396084745: Better Cross Country for Boys and Girls
0396084753: Better Ice Skating for Boys and Girls
0396084761: Better Bicycling for Boys and Girls
0396084788: The Home Book of Christmas
0396084796: Better Bicycling for Boys and Girls
0396084826: Sunlight and Health.
0396084834: V-3
0396084842: Clock for Beany
0396084850: Bells of London
0396084869: The Great Nuclear Power Debate
0396084877: What Good Is a Tail?
0396084885: The Decorative Arts and Crafts of Nantucket
0396084893: Life Energy
0396084907: The Spoils of Eden
0396084915: 22 stories
0396084923: Sunday Bloody Sunday: With an Introductory Essay Written Specially for This Edition
0396084931: They sleep without dreaming: Stories
0396084958: Fighting Violent Crime in America
0396084966: Bonnie Prince Charlie: A biography of Charles Edward Stuart
0396084974: Islands
0396085008: Max Brand's Best Western Stories
0396085016: Bobby Kennedy
0396085024: Bats
0396085032: Radio Robert
0396085040: Who Could Forget the Mayor of Lodi?
0396085059: America's Very Own Ghosts
0396085067: The complete consumer's guide to the latest telephones
0396085075: Trucks You Can Count On
0396085083: The Joy of Working: The 30 Day System to Success, Wealth, and Happiness on the Job (A Larimi Communications book)
0396085091: Norton I, Emperor of the United States.
0396085105: Flying the Space Shuttles
0396085113: Peace Corps Today!
0396085148: Satellites of Today and Tomorrow
0396085156: Big Blue: IBM's Use and Abuse of Power
0396085164: Doctor's Tools
0396085172: Inside the League: The Shocking Expose of How Terrorists, Nazis, and Latin American Death Squads Have Infiltrated the World Anti-Communist League
0396085180: Fidel
0396085199: Small World of Long Distance Sailor
0396085202: The Zombies That Ate Pittsburg: The Films of George A. Romero
0396085229: Rustle in the Grass
0396085237: Citizen Murdoch: The Unexpurgated Story of Rupert Murdoch--The World's Most Powerful and Controversial Media Lord
0396085245: Grenada: An Eyewitness Account of the U.S. Invasion and the Caribbean History that Provoked It
0396085261: View from the seesaw
0396085288: Murder Round The Clock
0396085296: Airlift : The Story of the Military Airlift Command
0396085318: Passive Solar Homes
0396085326: Treasure Island
0396085334: Wuthering Heights (Great Illustrated Classics)
0396085342: Vanity Fair
0396085350: A Tale Of Two Cities
0396085369: Pride And Prejudice
0396085377: Shadow Behind the Curtain.
0396085385: Guinea Pigs Don't Read Books
0396085393: Sunday Bloody Sunday: The Original Screenplay of the John Schlesinger Film
0396085407: The Second Year of Life
0396085423: How to Succeed in Show Business by Really Trying: Handbook for the Aspiring Performer
0396085431: Book of United States Navy Ships
0396085466: The Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells
0396085474: Copywriter's Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells
0396085482: English Step-By-Step for Spanish Speaking People
0396085490: Heads You Lose
0396085512: Raising Your Jewish-Christian Child: Wise Choices for Interfaith Parents
0396085520: New Choices: The Latest Options in Treating Breast Cancer
0396085539: Murder round the clock: Pierre Chambrun's crime file
0396085547: Miracles of Courage
0396085555: How to Make and Repair Your Own Fishing Tackle
0396085563: Blunder!: How the U.S. gave away Nazi supersecrets to Russia
0396085598: The boy next door
0396085601: Making It in America: The Life and Times of Rocky Aoki, Benihana's Pioneer
0396085628: Rangeland Avenger
0396085644: Logging Machines in the Forest
0396085660: The Chalkboard in the Kitchen
0396085687: Art of the Forger by Wright, Christopher
0396085695: Eighty: An American Souvenir
0396085709: An Age Of Barns
0396085725: And Then There Were None
0396085733: Death On The Nile
0396085741: Murder of Roger Ackroyd
0396085768: The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories
0396085784: The Good Book Cookbook/Recipes from Biblical Times
0396085792: Breakthrough : The True Story of Penicillin
0396085806: Irrepressible Automobile: A Freewheeling Jaunt Through the Fascinating World of the Motorcar
0396085814: Wonders of Badgers
0396085822: Land Under the Sea (Skylight Book)
0396085830: Place for Allie
0396085849: The Search for Grissi
0396085857: Stretching the Limits: Breakthroughs in Sports Science That Create Superathletes
0396085873: Family Pride: Profiles of Five of America's Best-Run Family Businesses
0396085881: December 25th: The Joys of Christmas Past
0396085903: Escape of the Guilty : A Trial Judge Speaks out Against Crime
0396085938: German Step by Step
0396085946: Italian Step-By-Step
0396085954: Spanish Step by Step
0396085962: Great stories of the Great Lakes
0396085989: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
0396085997: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum/the Frogs
0396086004: Sunday in the Park with George: A Musical
0396086012: Someone at the Door
0396086047: Better Track for Boys
0396086055: Meet the Moose
0396086063: Secret Villages: Stories
0396086071: Sheep Book
0396086098: Viewfinders: Black Women Photographers
0396086101: How to Make and Repair Your Own Fishing Tackle : An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide for the Fisher
0396086128: The Best Plays of 1984-1985: The Burns Mantle Yearbook (The Burns Mantle yearbook)
0396086136: The Food of Greece
0396086144: Understanding Yacht Racing Rules Thru 1988
0396086152: If You Give a Damn About Life
0396086160: The Falklands: South Atlantic Islands
0396086179: Maggie - A Sheep Dog
0396086187: Woods Hole Cantata
0396086195: Neil Diamond, Solitary Star
0396086209: Famous Air Force fighters
0396086217: Famous Air Force Bombers
0396086225: The Courage of Conviction Prominent Contemporaries Discuss Their Beliefs and How They Put Them into Action
0396086241: Dark Harvest
0396086268: Dog Called Porridge
0396086284: Better Track for Boys
0396086292: Baby Horses
0396086306: The Night They Murdered Chelsea
0396086314: Chester
0396086322: Eleanor
0396086330: The Boy Who Saw Bigfoot
0396086349: Wretched Robert
0396086357: Out of the Bug Jar
0396086365: Who Wants to Be a Hero!
0396086373: Is There an Actor in the House?: Dramatic Material from Pantomime to Play
0396086403: My Utmost for His Highest: Selections for the Year (Golden Book of Oswald Chambers)
0396086411: Eighty
0396086438: Stained glass elegies: Stories
0396086446: Understanding Yacht Racing Rules Thru 1988
0396086454: Make-Believe: The Magic of International Theatre
0396086470: I, Koch: A Decidedly Unauthorized Biography of the Mayor of New York City, Edward I. Koch
0396086519: Foul ball!: Five years in the American League
0396086527: David Gentleman's London
0396086535: Better wrestling for boys
0396086543: Digging Badger
0396086551: Benjamin Rabbit and the Stranger Danger
0396086578: Death at the crossings
0396086616: 35 years of NATO: A transatlantic symposium on the changing political, economic
0396086624: Siberia
0396086632: United Nations from A to Z
0396086640: Chain of Vengeance
0396086659: A Half Step Behind: Japanese Women of the '80s
0396086675: Touch of Grace
0396086683: White Poppy
0396086691: Beyond appearance: Reflections of a plastic surgeon
0396086705: Capitol Hill in Black and White
0396086721: Casket for a lying lady: A novel of suspense
0396086748: Show Tunes The Songs, Shows & Careers of Broadway's Major Composers
0396086756: Yul Brynner: The Inscrutable King
0396086772: The Type E Woman: How to Overcome the Stress of Being Everything to Everybody
0396086780: Loki & Loon: A lifetime affair with the sea
0396086799: America's Cup
0396086802: Your Offshore Doctor
0396086810: Darwin Ortiz on Casino Gambling
0396086837: The Deming Management Method. W. Edwards Deming: A Biographical Note; Parable of the Red Beads; Cease Dependence on Mass Inspection; Eliminate Slogans, Exhortations and Targets for the Workforce; Making Deming Work; etc
0396086845: The Master Key
0396086853: The House on Plymouth Street
0396086861: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
0396086888: Kidnapped.
0396086896: Madame Bovary
0396086918: Mountain Guns (Silver Star Western)
0396086926: The Party Killer
0396086934: Lord Alfred Douglas a Biography
0396086950: In Search of Modern Ireland: An American Traveler's Odyssey
0396086969: Competent Counsel: Working With Lawyers
0396086985: A.B.C. Murders
0396086993: Body in the Library
0396087000: Endless Night.
0396087019: Evil under the Sun
0396087027: A Murder Is Announced
0396087035: Mysterious Affair at Styles
0396087043: Ordeal by Innocence (Winterbrook Edition)
0396087051: The Pale Horse (Winterbrook Edition)
0396087078: Three Blind Mice and Other Stories
0396087086: Back Towards Lisbon
0396087094: The Back-In-Your-Face Guide to Pick-Up Basketball: A Have-Jump-Shot, Will-Travel Tour of America's Hoops Hotspots
0396087108: Behind the High Kremlin Walls
0396087124: Spirit of Christmas: Stories, Poems, Essays
0396087132: Big Dance
0396087140: Moses of Rovno
0396087159: Gentle Desperado
0396087167: I Am Vidocq
0396087175: Mata Hari: The True Story
0396087183: Strange Waters
0396087191: Sea Lions
0396087205: Empress of Coney Island: A Novel of Suspense
0396087213: Trap of Gold
0396087221: Karan
0396087248: Aurora
0396087256: Principles of Style for the Business Writer
0396087264: Starting over
0396087272: Only the Cat Saw
0396087280: Clem, the Story of a Raven
0396087299: Debugging Rover
0396087302: Space station: Bold new step beyond earth (A Skylight book)
0396087310: Crystal Cat
0396087329: Sylvia Plath: The Woman and the Work
0396087337: Scotland Forever Home
0396087345: Principles of Style for the Business Writer
0396087353: Caribbean Cruising Handbook
0396087361: Giant Pandas (Skylight Book)
0396087388: United Nations from A to Z
0396087396: Doctor's Tools
0396087418: Rachel Vellars, How Could You?
0396087426: Jefferson
0396087434: Spring and the Shadow Man
0396087450: Final Grades
0396087469: The rise and fall of Alexander Hamilton
0396087477: Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories
0396087485: The Life and Times of Miss Jane Marple
0396087507: THE ISLAND RACE
0396087515: Our Fathers' Lies
0396087531: Broadway Song and Story: Playwrights/Lyricists/Composers Discuss Their Hits
0396087558: Celebrating the Wild Mushroom: A Passionate Quest
0396087574: The War Against the Press: Politics, Pressure and Intimidation in the 80's
0396087604: Country Kitchens Remembered: A Memoir With Favorite Family Recipes
0396087612: The General and the Bomb
0396087620: Special Diets and Kids
0396087639: Singapore
0396087647: Black Signal
0396087663: Then I'll Be Home Free
0396087671: Max, the Bad-Talking Parrot
0396087698: Famous Navy Fighter Planes
0396087701: Famous Navy Attack Planes
0396087728: The adventure of Charlie and his wheat-straw hat: A memorat
0396087736: Mystery of the Ages Did You Ever Ask You
0396087744: Circus Day: A Novel of Suspense
0396087752: Tennessee Williams: A Portrait in Laughter and Lamentation
0396087760: Carl Sagan
0396087779: Arianna and Me
0396087787: One Day on Pika's Peak
0396087795: Mystery of the Stranger in the Barn
0396087809: Wonders of Giraffes
0396087817: Wheat : The Golden Harvest
0396087825: Meet the Beaver
0396087833: Wonders of Dairy Cattle
0396087868: Children of the Maya: A Guatemalan Indian Odyssey
0396087876: Thunderbirds
0396087884: Panic Five
0396087892: After the Baby Is Born
0396087906: After the Baby Is Born
0396087914: Hirohito
0396087922: Samson and Delilah Complex
0396087930: Nightmare Time
0396087949: Raven Rock: A Novel of Suspense
0396087957: The lady killer
0396087965: Druid Time
0396087973: A Stranger in Spain
0396087981: Night Before Christmas
0396088007: Singing Guns
0396088015: Hamlet, Revenge!
0396088023: Cat among the Pigeons
0396088031: Moving Finger
0396088058: Regatta Mystery and Other Stories
0396088066: Thirteen at Dinner
0396088082: Mystery of the Ages
0396088090: The Continental affair: The rise and fall of the Continental Illinois Bank
0396088104: The Josie gambit
0396088112: Riders of the Silences
0396088120: Vines of Ferrara
0396088139: Mind Drugs
0396088147: Thinking Under Fire: Great Courtroom Lawyers and Their Impact on American History
0396088155: Death of a Chancellor
0396088163: The Best Plays of 1985-1986 (Burns Mantle Yearbook) Hardcover by Guernsey...
0396088171: Code Name: Grand Guignol
0396088198: City Geese
0396088201: Seven Fables from Aesop
0396088228: Beany and Scamp
0396088252: Have You Ever Seen...? : An ABC Book
0396088260: Death by Fire: An Uncle George Mystery Novel
0396088279: Ronald Reagan
0396088295: Lost Wolf
0396088317: High Visibility
0396088325: The Wellesley Cookie Exchange Cookbook
0396088333: The rebuilt man
0396088341: To Love a Cat
0396088368: A Horse of a Different Color
0396088376: Cranium Crackers
0396088384: The shape of fear
0396088392: How to Work for a Woman Boss: Even If You'd Rather Not
0396088406: Always a Spy: A Novel of Suspense
0396088414: Into a Strange Land: Unaccompanied Refugee Youth in America
0396088422: Hello? Who's out there?: The search for extraterrestrial life
0396088430: Aspects of Verdi
0396088449: Famous U.S. spy planes
0396088457: Celebrating the Wild Mushroom
0396088473: Famous Builders of California
0396088481: Sunken Treasure
0396088503: great Pianists Speak for themselves: Volume 2
0396088511: Delicately Personal Matter
0396088538: An Old School Tie
0396088546: 25 Steps to Getting Performance Problems off Your Desk-- and Out of Your Life!
0396088554: Du Pont, the Making of an Admiral
0396088562: Case of the Visiting Vampire
0396088570: Wonders of Foxes
0396088589: Recovering from the Loss of a Parent
0396088597: Recovering from the Loss of a Sibling
0396088600: Sex and the Single Mother: Romance and Relationships in the Eighties
0396088619: Gabo Djara
0396088627: Maggie by My Side
0396088635: By the Pricking of My Thumb
0396088643: Dead Man's Folly
0396088651: Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective
0396088678: Murder With Mirrors
0396088686: Patriotic Murders
0396088694: Pocket Full of Rye
0396088708: The Secret of Chimneys
0396088716: Seven Dials Mystery
0396088724: Towards Zero
0396088732: Fatal Affair
0396088740: Recovering From the Loss of a Parent
0396088759: Recovering from the Loss of a Sibling
0396088767: Nobody Gets Rich Working for Somebody Else: An Entrepreneur's Guide
0396088775: Nobody Gets Rich Working for Somebody Else: An Entrepreneurs Guide
0396088783: 25 Steps to Getting Performance Problems off Your Desk-- and Out of Your Life!
0396088791: Believe and Achieve: W. Clement Stone's New Success Formula
0396088813: All the Comforts of Home: The Story of the First Pet Motel
0396088821: QUIT YOUR JOB!
0396088848: Flash Point
0396088856: God Calling and God at Eventide: A Daily Inspirational of Divine Guidance A Special Omnibus Edition of the World-Famous Devotional Diaries
0396088864: Recording Your Family History
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