0397101058: How Black Is the Gospel?
0397215010: A Twister Of Twists, A Tangler Of Tongues
0397233353: Paul Gauguin Art for Children
0397300042: The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
0397300069: Story of Little Black Sambo
0397300085: Doctor Dolittle's Circus
0397300093: Doctor Dolittle's Zoo
0397300115: Doctor Dolittle's Caravan.
0397300123: Doctor Dolittle's Garden
0397300158: Swallows and Amazons
0397300166: Treasure in the Little Trunk
0397300301: Little Girl With Seven names
0397300433: Costume Book for Parties and Plays by Leeming
0397300476: Animals of the Bible
0397300522: Costume Book for Parties and Plays
0397300611: Fun with Paper
0397300646: Pilgrim's Progress
0397300654: Ocean-Born Mary
0397300662: Fair Play
0397300719: Growing Up With America an Anthology
0397300727: Indian Captive : The Story of Mary Jemison
0397300751: When the Root Children Wake Up
0397300824: Old Liberty Bell
0397300891: Man of Molokai: Life of Father Damien
0397300948: Mystery at the Old Place,
0397300956: Fun With Clay
0397300972: The Horse Who Lived Upstairs
0397301006: The Horse Who Lived UpstairsA Family In China
0397301014: Puritan Adventure
0397301073: The Plain Princess
0397301103: Strawberry Girl
0397301111: Mystery of the Secret Drawer
0397301146: Fun With Puzzles
0397301200: Blue Ridge Billy
0397301227: Mystery of the Lost Letter,
0397301235: Black Wings, The Unbeatable Crow
0397301286: Mystery Up the Chimney
0397301316: Judy's Journey
0397301359: Doctor Dolittle and the Secret Lake
0397301383: Mystery Up the Winding Stair
0397301456: Book of King Arthur and His Noble Knights
0397301502: Land and People of Sweden
0397301510: Mystery in the Pirate Oak:
0397301537: Practically Seventeen
0397301561: The Wolf King
0397301588: Cotton In My Sack
0397301618: Picture Map Geography of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies
0397301634: Better Known As Johnny Appleseed
0397301642: Bog Dogs Girl
0397301669: Doctor Dolittle and the Green Canary
0397301693: Holiday Craft and Fun
0397301731: Mystery in the Old Cave
0397301758: Wait for Marcy ( paperback)
0397301782: The Most Wonderful Doll in the World
0397301790: HISTORY CAN BE FUN
0397301812: Mystery In The Old Cave
0397301839: Boy's Book of Verse an Anthology
0397301847: Class Ring
0397301936: Eleanor Farjeon's Poems for Children
0397301944: Prairie School
0397301952: The Red Roan Pony
0397301979: Ten Brave Men
0397301987: Wahoo Bobcat
0397302010: Prairie School by
0397302029: Horse Who Had His Picture in the Paper
0397302045: Mystery over the Brick Wall:
0397302088: Double Date
0397302118: Girl's Book of Verse an Anthology
0397302169: Marcy Catches Up
0397302177: Mystery in the Old Red Barn:
0397302185: Arthur Rackham Fairy Book
0397302282: Mystery in the Old Red Barn
0397302290: Boy Trouble
0397302401: Little Witch
0397302436: Mama Hattie's Girl
0397302444: Moon Is Shining Bright as Day
0397302460: Picture Map Geography Of The United States
0397302525: Story-Lives of American Composers
0397302533: Story-Lives of Great Composers
0397302541: Story-Lives of Master Artists
0397302614: Little Witch
0397302622: Reading Can Be Fun
0397302630: All About Language
0397302649: Banner in the Sky
0397302665: Gray Squirrel
0397302673: Corn-Farm Boy
0397302738: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm
0397302762: Night Before Christmas
0397302789: Phantom Deer
0397302886: Wheel on the Chimney
0397302916: We Live in the City
0397302932: Mystery In The Appl Eorchard
0397302940: Mystery of the Diamond Necklace
0397302959: Mrs Piggle Wiggles Farm
0397302967: Wheel on the Chimney
0397303009: Fun with Pencil and Paper
0397303149: Valentine Party
0397303157: The Valentine Party
0397303173: San Francisco Boy
0397303203: Mystery at the Doll Hospital
0397303378: Mystery of the Auction Trunk
0397303432: The Real Thing by Du Jardin, Rosamond N.
0397303440: THe Real Thing
0397303475: Stars for Cristy
0397303548: When it rained cats and dogs,
0397303564: Behind the Silver Shield
0397303645: Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
0397303653: Hello Mrs Piggle Wiggle
0397303661: Houseboat Girl
0397303696: I Couldn't Help Laughing
0397303807: MRS. PIGGLE WIGGLE
0397303823: Mystery in the Square Tower
0397303831: Mystery In The Square Tower
0397303858: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic
0397303882: Senior Prom.
0397303890: Senior Prom
0397303998: Year Without a Santa Claus
0397304005: Your Forests
0397304048: Conservation in America
0397304293: Old Bill, the Whooping Crane
0397304307: Science can be fun
0397304412: Wedding in the Family
0397304463: Double Wedding
0397304560: Lucy McLockett
0397304625: Mindy
0397304633: Mosby, Gray Ghost of the Confederacy
0397304641: Land and People of Venezuela
0397304730: Reason for the Pelican
0397304757: Tom's Midnight Garden
0397304773: Tom's Midnight Garden
0397304897: Fun With Greeting Cards
0397304951: Golden Lynx and Other Tales.
0397305001: Junior Year Abroad
0397305125: Land and People of India
0397305141: Little League Heroes
0397305168: The Land and People of Portugal (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397305214: Painted Rock to Printed Page
0397305281: Scrappy the Pup by Ciardi, John
0397305419: Bundle of Ballads
0397305451: Everybody Ought to Know;
0397305672: Wishing Pool
0397305680: Man Who Sang the Sillies
0397305699: Man Who Sang the Sillies
0397305745: Mince Pie and Mistletoe.
0397305753: Mystery of Eel Island
0397305826: One of the Crowd
0397305834: ONE OF THE CROWD
0397305893: Toys to Sew
0397305982: Crystals
0397306148: Little League Double Play.
0397306180: More Than a Summer Love
0397306229: Mrs. Cockle's Cat
0397306326: The secret garden
0397306334: Skin-Diving Adventures
0397306342: Someone to Count on
0397306369: Someone To Count On
0397306377: Spies Of The Revolution
0397306458: You Read To Me ILL Read To You
0397306466: You Read to Me, I'll Read to You
0397306547: Drop Out
0397306555: Don't Ever Cross a Crocodile
0397306725: Key to Moscow
0397306938: Little Princess
0397306954: LONESOME END
0397307012: Mystery of the Hidden Face by Honness
0397307020: Mystery by Moonlight
0397307136: Stamps A Guide to Your Collection
0397307179: Young and Fair
0397307217: American Houses Colonial, Classic, Contemporary
0397307292: Coyote, the Wonder Wolf
0397307306: Cryogenics
0397307314: Doctors In Petticoats
0397307322: Dot Young's Sewing Book
0397307330: Sewing Book
0397307357: Gainsborough
0397307365: Field Goal
0397307462: The Land And People Of Iraq
0397307489: The Land and People of New Zealand (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397307578: Little League Amigo
0397307586: Little League Amigo
0397307640: METALS
0397307659: Money-Go-Round
0397307667: The Land and People of thailand
0397307691: Meeting With a Stranger
0397307721: Mrs. Goose and Her Funny Friends
0397307764: Fun With Naturecraft
0397307799: Picture Map Geography of Africa
0397307853: Through These Arches
0397307861: Through These Arches - The Story of Independence Hall
0397307934: World of Ellen March
0397307969: Bioluminescence
0397308000: Excursions Into Chemistry
0397308043: Indian Island Mystery
0397308051: Guarding The Treasured Lands, The Story of the National Park Service
0397308140: Little League Stepson
0397308183: The Land and People of Ethiopia
0397308280: My Little Cabbage
0397308353: Three on the Run.
0397308361: Three on the Run
0397308388: Tasha Tudor's Favorite Stories
0397308426: The Tiger and the Rabbit and Other Tales
0397308493: Spiders Snakes And Other Outcasts
0397308515: Velazquez
0397308574: What's Wrong With Julio?
0397308604: Dog Named Duke: True Stories of German Shepherds at Work with the Law
0397308612: Coins Have Tales to Tell
0397308663: Famous Mathematicians
0397308671: DAVID IN SILENCE
0397308698: Girl Like Me
0397308728: Picture Map Geography of Asia.
0397308760: If You Have a Yellow Lion
0397308779: In the Shadow of Presidents
0397308930: Looking at Holland
0397309007: Mystery Of The Pirates Ghost
0397309074: Philip and the Pooka and Other Irish Fairy Tales. Illustrations by Victoria de Larrea
0397309082: Trickster Tales
0397309104: Rebel Raider; a Biography of Admiral Raphael Semmes
0397309228: Witch's Daughter
0397309236: The Witch's Daughter
0397309244: World of Walls.first printing
0397309260: Wonderful Time.
0397309279: I Couldn't Help Laughing
0397309287: Picture Map Geography of the Pacific Islands
0397309384: Ellen Grae
0397309406: Fast Break
0397309430: Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers
0397309503: A Handful of Thieves
0397309538: Holiday Cards For You To Make
0397309562: The Land and People of the West Indies
0397309627: Little League Victory
0397309686: The Lost Prince
0397309716: Mystery on Nine-Mile Marsh
0397309775: Paths of Diplomacy. America's Secretaries of State
0397309813: Rip Van Winkle
0397309899: Twilight of Magic
0397309902: TURNABOUT
0397309929: The Children of the House
0397310021: Girl Inside
0397310056: Hear a Different Drummer
0397310064: Here by the Sea
0397310072: High Energy Physics,
0397310110: The Island Of Puerto Rico
0397310129: Lady Ellen Grae
0397310226: Land and People of Malaysia
0397310234: Let's Face It: The Guide to Good Grooming for Girls of Color
0397310250: Leprechaun Tales.
0397310285: The Little Fox
0397310307: Little League Little Brother
0397310315: Lois Lenski's Christmas Stories
0397310323: Lois Lenski's Christmas Stories
0397310374: Martha Berry: Little Woman with a Big Dream
0397310382: Mrs. Neverbody's Recipes by Yeo, Wilma
0397310412: Pheasant on Route Seven by Starbird, K.
0397310455: The Story of Mrs Tubbs.
0397310463: Striped Ice Cream
0397310471: Striped Ice Cream
0397310498: Unusual Aquarium Fishes
0397310501: The Virus Realm
0397310536: Wonders and Surprises: A Collection of Poems
0397310544: Abiogenesis: From Molecules to Cells
0397310552: American Cities: Their Historical and Social Development.
0397310587: Aviation Careers: Jobs in the Air and on the Ground
0397310595: Celebrate the Sun
0397310617: The December Dog
0397310625: THE DEEP SEARCH
0397310692: Ecology, Habitats, Niches, and Food Chains
0397310706: Escape from Nowhere
0397310714: Festivals for You to Celebrate
0397310722: Festival for you to celebrate
0397310730: From Other Lands: Poetry That Makes History Live.
0397310749: Fundamental Physical Forces
0397310765: Jewish Holidays; Facts, Activities and Crafts.
0397310803: Algeria
0397310838: Harvesting The Sea
0397310870: Looking at Japan
0397310919: The Nature of Animals
0397310935: No Tears for Rainey.
0397310943: Only the Moon and Me
0397310951: Our Living Past.
0397310978: Picture Map Geography of the USSR
0397311028: The Runaway Summer.
0397311044: Same Scene, Different Place.
0397311079: Swim to Victory.
0397311087: Trouble in the Jungle
0397311109: The violin and Its Masters
0397311117: Where the Lilies Bloom
0397311125: Amanda's Choice
0397311133: Base Hit
0397311141: Stories in Black and White.
0397311168: Careers for Women in Uniform
0397311184: Grover
0397311192: Harvesting the Sea
0397311222: HOLOGRAPHY
0397311249: How to Run a School Newspaper
0397311257: How To Run A School Newspaper
0397311265: The Intruder
0397311273: James Edward Oglethorpe
0397311281: Killer Storms : Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tornadoes
0397311311: The Land And People Of Columbia
0397311354: Looking at France
0397311370: Looking at Spain
0397311427: The Mimosa Tree
0397311451: Mr. Toast & the Secret of Gold Hill
0397311478: Mystery in Hidden Hollow
0397311508: Papeek.
0397311516: Radigan Cares
0397311524: Radigan Cares
0397311532: Robert Scott: Antarctic Pioneer
0397311559: The Sandy Shoes Mystery
0397311583: Slip! Slop! Gobble!
0397311591: Someone Could Win a Polar Bear
0397311621: The Stolen Ruler,
0397311648: Suddenly - a Witch
0397311656: Suddenly A Witch!
0397311664: A Try at Tumbling.
0397311680: The Land and People of Liberia (Portraits of the Nations Ser.)
0397311702: Lizards as Pets.
0397311710: Lizards As Pets
0397311737: The Land and People of the Congo
0397311788: The Shrinking Outdoors.
0397311796: Science Experiment You/Eat
0397311818: The Land and People of Holland
0397311826: The land and people of Argentina (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311834: The Land and People of Finland
0397311842: The land and people of Egypt (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311850: The Land and People of Australia. -
0397311869: The land and people of China (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311877: The land and people of Israel (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311885: The land and people of Romania, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311893: The Land and People of Denmark
0397311907: The Land and the People of France: Portraits of the Nations Series Children's Pictorial, Juvenile Reader, History, biography Revised Edition
0397311915: The land and people of Ghana, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311923: The land and people of Ireland (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311931: The Land and People of Italy
0397311958: The Land And People Of South Africa
0397311966: The Land and People of Spain - Portraits of the Nations Series
0397311974: The land and people of Czechoslovakia (Portraits of the nations series)
0397311982: The Land And People Of Greece
0397311990: The land and people of the Guianas (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312008: The land and people of Indonesia, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312016: The land and people of Hungary (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312024: The land and people of Iran, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312032: The Land and People of Libya
0397312040: The Land and People of New Zealand
0397312059: The Land and People of Nigeria
0397312067: The land and people of Poland (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312075: The Land and People of Russia
0397312083: The land and people of Syria, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312091: The Land and People of Tunisia
0397312105: The Biggest Victory
0397312113: Man without a Face
0397312121: Religions
0397312148: When the World Was Rome, 753 B.C. to 476 A.D.
0397312156: Soothsayer's Handbook
0397312164: Pint- Size Fun
0397312172: Op-Tricks: Creating Kinetic Art
0397312180: Old Macdonald Had a Farm
0397312202: Behind the scenes of television programs,
0397312210: Behind the Scenes in a Department Store
0397312229: Exploring as you walk in the meadow,
0397312237: Exploring as you walk in the city
0397312245: Dune Buggies
0397312253: Mini-bike racing,
0397312261: Moto-cross racing
0397312296: Monsters from the Movies (The Weird and Horrible Library)
0397312318: Squib
0397312326: Squib
0397312334: A Walk in the Snow,
0397312342: The new American Continent, our continental shelf,
0397312350: The land and people of Cambodia, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312369: Delpha Green and Company
0397312377: The Mock Revolt
0397312385: Mock Revolt
0397312407: How the Doctor Knows You're Fine
0397312482: Soaring
0397312490: The Battle for Sales
0397312504: Witches, Wit, and a Werewolf
0397312512: Witches, Wit, and a Werewolf:
0397312520: The biggest victory by Slote, Alfred
0397312539: Science Experiments You Can Eat
0397312547: The Land and People of Holland (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397312555: The Land and People of Finland
0397312563: The Land and People of Australia
0397312571: The Land and People of Argentina
0397312598: The Land and People of Egypt
0397312601: The Land And People Of China
0397312628: Old Macdonald Had a Farm
0397312636: Frère Jacques
0397312644: Population
0397312652: The Young Investor's Guide to the Stock Market
0397312660: The Etruscans: An Unsolved Mystery
0397312679: Rope in the Jungle
0397312687: The Earth Book
0397312695: The Story of Sergei Prokofiev
0397312709: The Land And People Of Tanzania
0397312717: Oceans and Continents in Motion
0397312741: Poltergeists:Hauntings and the Haunted: Hauntings and the Haunted
0397312768: Who cares? I Do
0397312776: Who Cares? I Do
0397312784: Great Drivers, Great Races
0397312806: Maria Luisa
0397312814: Mummies.
0397312822: The Nature of Plants
0397312865: The Man Without a Face
0397312873: Drugs, Sex, Parents, and You
0397312881: The land and people of Romania, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397312903: Pint Size Fun
0397312911: Op-Tricks; Creating Kinetic Art
0397312938: Mini- Bike Racing
0397312946: Moto-Cross Racing.
0397312954: Model Airplane Racing
0397312962: The Land and People of Denmark (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397312970: The Land and People of France
0397312989: The Land and People of Ghana (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397312997: The Land And People Of IRELAND
0397313004: The Land and People of Italy (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313012: The Land and People of Japan (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313020: The Land and People of South Africa. (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313039: The land and people of Spain (Portraits of the nations series)
0397313136: The Land and People of Poland (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313179: Costumes for You to Make #19403 Chi-25
0397313187: Books for You to Make
0397313209: Wilderness Champion : The Story of a Great Hound
0397313217: The Land and People of Cambodia (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313225: Soaring
0397313233: Surf-riding
0397313268: Jake by Slote,Alfred
0397313284: The Land and People of Turkey (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313292: The land and people of Turkey (Portraits of the nations series)
0397313306: Pablito's New Feet,
0397313314: A Sense of Story: Essays on Contemporary Writers for Children.
0397313322: Baba and the Flea
0397313330: Stay to Win.
0397313357: Looking at Great Britain (Looking at other countries)
0397313373: Looking at Germany
0397313381: Looking at Germany (Looking at other countries)
0397313403: The Land and People of Central America
0397313438: The land and people of Brazil, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397313446: Delpha Green and Company
0397313470: Fun With Leather
0397313489: Boxed-In Doll Houses
0397313497: Boxed - in Doll Houses
0397313519: Controls in Your Body.
0397313535: Maria Luisa
0397313551: Good Night, Prof, Dear
0397313608: I Would Rather Be a Turnip
0397313616: I Would Rather be a Turnip
0397313624: Looking at Sweden.
0397313632: Looking At Sweeden
0397313640: Revolutionaries: Agents of Change
0397313659: The Runt of Rogers School.
0397313667: The Runt of Rogers School.
0397313675: Satellites : Servants of Man
0397313691: Twenty-one Children
0397313713: DAVID IN SILENCE
0397313721: A Girl Like Me.
0397313756: Looking at Israel (Looking at Other Countries Ser.)
0397313772: They Saw America First , Our First Explorers and What They Saw
0397313799: Mat Pit and the tunnel tenants
0397313802: Heads You Win, Tails I Lose : A Novel
0397313810: Speedboat Racing
0397313829: The Land and People of Cuba. (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313845: Fun with Shells
0397313861: Baba and the Flea
0397313896: Gridiron Stranger
0397313918: The Land and People of Uruguay (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313926: The land and people of Uruguay
0397313950: The Land and People of Austria (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397313969: The land and people of Austria, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397313977: The land and people of the Balkans: Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397313993: The Land and People of Ceylon (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314000: the land and people of ceylon
0397314019: The Land and People of Iceland (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314027: The land and people of Iceland (Portraits of the nations series)
0397314035: The Land and People of Jordan (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314043: The land and people of Jordan, (Portraits of the nations series)
0397314051: The Land and People of Korea (Portraits of the Nations)
0397314078: The Land and People of Lebanon
0397314086: The Land and People of Norway (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314094: Marionettes : Easy to Make Fun to Use
0397314108: The land and people of Tanzania
0397314116: The young investor's guide to the stock market
0397314124: A twister of twists, a tangler of tongues;: Tongue twisters
0397314132: My Father, the Coach
0397314140: Jake
0397314159: Monsters from the Movies
0397314167: Poltergeists: Hauntings and the Haunted
0397314175: Mummies.
0397314191: Surf-riding
0397314205: Speedboat Racing
0397314213: Summer People
0397314256: Pirate's Island
0397314264: Good Bye to the Jungle
0397314353: Spiders, Snakes and Other Outcasts
0397314361: Escape from Nowhere
0397314388: Spies of the Revolution
0397314434: Ten Brave Women
0397314442: The Girl Inside
0397314450: I Will Go Barefoot All Summer for You
0397314469: Ms. Africa: profiles of modern African women
0397314477: V.D.
0397314493: On Behavior:Instinct Is a Cheshire Cat
0397314507: Carrie's War
0397314515: Hang tough, Paul Mather
0397314523: Hurry the crossing
0397314531: This world of wonder,
0397314558: Magicians, Wizards, and Sorcerers
0397314566: Vampires
0397314574: Vampires
0397314582: Hardlucky
0397314590: Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Starring the Old Gray Goose, Who Is a Living Legend in Her Own Lifetime and the Greatest American Since the American Eagle.
0397314604: Egg-Speriment
0397314612: The Land and People of Afghanistan (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314620: The Land and People of Belgium (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314639: Werewolves (The Weird and Horrible Library)
0397314647: Werewolves
0397314655: Capital Punishment, U.S.A.
0397314663: Tomfoolery : Trickery and Foolery with Words
0397314671: Tomfoolery
0397314698: Snuff
0397314728: Self-Made Snowman
0397314736: Knitting For Beginners
0397314744: Knitting for Beginners
0397314752: Witcracks
0397314760: Witcracks: jokes and jests from American folklore
0397314779: Modern Poetry: A Selection
0397314795: The checker players
0397314817: The Land and People of Morocco
0397314825: The land and people of Kenya (Portraits of the nations series)
0397314833: The Land and People of Peru (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397314841: Fingerprint Detective
0397314868: Christmas Decorations for You to Make
0397314876: Science Experiments You Can Eat
0397314884: Poltergeists: Hauntings and the Haunted by Knight, David C.
0397314892: The Year of the Badger.
0397314906: The Land and People of Sierra Leone
0397314914: Arts and Crafts You Can Eat.
0397314922: Arts and Crafts You Can Eat.
0397314930: Curses, Hexes and Spells
0397314965: Goodbye to Budapest
0397314973: The Secret Museum
0397314981: Mountain people, mountain crafts
0397315007: Fair day, and another step begun
0397315031: Thor Heyerdahl and the Reed Boat Ra
0397315066: Clementine
0397315074: Tony and Me
0397315082: Drop-Out
0397315090: Squib.
0397315139: The Land And People Of Egypt
0397315147: The Land and People of Russia,
0397315155: Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving
0397315163: Mummies
0397315198: Drag Racing
0397315201: Dune Buggies
0397315228: The Land & People of Nigeria (Portraits of the Nations Ser.)
0397315236: The Land and People of Greece
0397315244: Rocking-Chair Ghost
0397315252: The Most Wonderful Doll in the World by
0397315260: The Young Investors Guide To The Stock Market
0397315279: Looking at Brazil
0397315287: Written for Children
0397315309: Cross Your Fingers, Spit in Your Hat : Superstitions and Other Beliefs
0397315317: Cross your fingers, spit in your hat; superstitions and other beliefs by.
0397315325: The Land And People Of Libya
0397315333: The land and people of Indonesia
0397315368: Animals of the Bible
0397315376: The Land and People of Syria (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397315384: THE SOOTHSAYER'S HANDBOOK - A Guide to Bad Signs & Good Vibrations
0397315414: The Land and People of the Guianas
0397315422: Witches, Wit and a Werewolf
0397315430: The Land And People Of Rhodesia
0397315449: The Land and People of Tanzania
0397315457: The Land and People of Hungary
0397315465: Four & Twenty Blackbirds
0397315473: Crochet for Beginners
0397315481: Crochet for Beginners
0397315503: When the Sky is Like Lace
0397315511: The Land and People of Pakistan.
0397315538: The Land and People of Central America.
0397315546: Marketing: The Uses of Advertising
0397315554: Seances & spiritualists (The Weird and horrible library)
0397315570: The Land and People of Chile (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397315597: Supersuits
0397315600: Body Snatchers
0397315619: The Land and People of Zambia (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397315643: Witches (The Weird and Horrible Library)
0397315678: Land and People of Canada
0397315686: Island Time
0397315732: you know who.
0397315740: Holiday Cards for You to Make
0397315759: Whoppers : Tall Tales and Other Lies Collected from American Folklore
0397315767: Indian Island Mystery
0397315775: Ma and Pa Murders and Other Perfect Crimes
0397315783: The Land and People of Bolivia
0397315848: Looking at China (Looking at Other Countries)
0397315856: There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
0397315864: She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl
0397315872: The Mine of Lost Days
0397315880: Don't feel sorry for Paul
0397315899: Phaedra Complex
0397315902: Monsters from the Movies
0397315910: Tiger and the Rabbit and Other Tales
0397315937: Safety Can Be Fun
0397315945: Operation Peeg
0397315961: Secret of the Rosewood Box
0397315988: Mystery of the Lost Letter
0397315996: Double Feature
0397316011: The Land and People of Czechoslovakia
0397316038: MANNERS CAN BE FUN Words and Pictures
0397316054: Plants for Pots Projects for Indoor Gardeners
0397316070: SHOO-FLY GIRL
0397316089: The Talking Parcel
0397316097: Supersuits
0397316100: The Body Snatchers
0397316119: Witches (The Weird and horrible library)
0397316127: Whoppers: Tall tales and other lies
0397316135: Skip to My Lou
0397316143: Hans Clodhopper
0397316151: Epilepsy
0397316178: Matt Gargan's boy
0397316186: Peppermint Pig
0397316194: Patriot for liberty
0397316208: Forest of the night
0397316216: Gobble-Uns'll Get You If You Don't Watch Out!
0397316224: Where Are the Mothers?
0397316232: Snow Storm Before Christmas
0397316240: Epilepsy
0397316259: Golden Shores of Heaven
0397316267: Contemporary American folk artists
0397316275: Contemporary American Folk Artists
0397316283: They changed the game: Football's great coaches, players, and games
0397316291: They Changed the Game.
0397316305: Foxes Three
0397316313: Magic... Naturally! : Science Entertainments and Amusements
0397316321: Magic ... naturally!: Science entertainments & amusements
0397316348: Frogs and Toads of the World
0397316356: Weaving for Beginners
0397316364: Weaving for Beginners
0397316372: Christmas Tree Crafts
0397316380: Christmas Tree Crafts
0397316399: Movie Monsters
0397316402: Movie Monsters
0397316410: My Robot Buddy
0397316429: Racketty-Packetty House
0397316437: The Man on the Flying Trapeze: The Circus Life of Emmett Kelly, Sr.
0397316445: The Joneses
0397316453: Kickle Snifters and Other Fearsome Critters
0397316461: Animated Thumbtack Railroad Dollhouse & All-around Surprise Book, Evening Edition
0397316488: Alcoholism
0397316496: Alcoholism
0397316518: When the Sad One Comes to Stay
0397316526: Looking At Nigeria
0397316534: Ox Under Pressure
0397316542: Noah's Castle
0397316550: Why Am I So Miserable If These Are the Best Years of My Life?
0397316569: The Land and People of the Philippines (Portraits of the Nations Series)
0397316577: Growing Anyway Up
0397316607: Gerbils: All About Them
0397316615: Gerbils, All About Them
0397316623: Meet the Werewolf
0397316631: Meet the Werewolf
0397316658: Ghosts
0397316666: Devils and Demons
0397316674: Devils and Demons (The Weird and Horrible Library)
0397316704: Bake Bread!
0397316712: Bake Bread!
0397316720: Hank and Fred, Fred and Hank
0397316747: The Golem: A Jewish Legend
0397316755: Pop Goes the Weasel! And Yankee Doodle
0397316763: The Remarkable Ride of Israel Bissell ... As Related by Molly the Crow: Being the True Account of an Extraordinary Post Rider Who Persevered
0397316798: Metric Can Be Fun
0397316801: Metric Can Be Fun!
0397316828: Picture Guide to Chess
0397316836: Devil by the Sea
0397316844: The Leonardo Touch: A Novel of Suspense
0397316852: The Land and People of the Arabian Peninsula (Portraits of the nations series)
0397316860: The stolen telesm
0397316879: Early rising
0397316887: Quincy's Harvest
0397316895: Me and Mr. Stenner
0397316909: The Bird, the Banner, and Uncle Sam : Images of America in Folk and Popular Art
0397316917: The bird, the banner, and Uncle Sam : images of America in folk and popular art
0397316925: Leatherwork
0397316933: Leatherwork
0397316941: Making of a Detective
0397316968: Christmas Gifts for You to Make
0397316976: Connie's New Eyes
0397316984: Pieter Bruegel's the Fair
0397316992: Chalk Box Story
0397317018: Who in the zoo?
0397317026: Birth of a Foal
0397317034: Looking at Australia
0397317042: Looking at Canada
0397317069: Voodoo
0397317077: Voodoo
0397317085: Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
0397317093: Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic
0397317107: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
0397317115: Mrs Piggle-Wiggle's Farm
0397317123: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
0397317131: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm
0397317158: Hello, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
0397317182: Go Tell Aunt Rhody
0397317190: Man on the Flying Trapeze
0397317204: Shell Be Comin Round The Mountain
0397317212: There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
0397317220: Trial Valley
0397317239: Madness, Magic, and Medicine : The Treatment and Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill
0397317247: A Field Guide to Conservation Archaeology in North America
0397317255: Field Guide to Conservation Archaeology in North America
0397317263: When I Grew up Long Ago
0397317271: Airship Ladyship Adventure
0397317298: Gardening without soil
0397317328: Scent Talk Among Animals
0397317336: Jonah: An Old Testament Story
0397317344: Viola Hates Music
0397317352: Fishing for Sunfish
0397317360: Sewing With Yarn: An Introduction to Sewing by Hand
0397317379: Sewing with yarn: An introduction to sewing by hand
0397317387: Chosen Baby
0397317395: Anna's Silent World
0397317409: Exciting Things to Make With Wool String and Thread
0397317417: Exciting Things to Make With Paper (Look and Make Books)
0397317425: Exciting Things to Do With Color (Look and Make Books)
0397317433: Exciting things to do with nature materials (Look and make books ; 4)
0397317441: HE'S MY BABY, NOW
0397317468: Bear's Heart: Scenes from the Life of a Cheyenne Artist of One Hundred Years Ago With Pictures by Himself
0397317476: Looking at Russia
0397317492: Patch and the Strings
0397317506: ANPANO : An American Indian Odyssey
0397317514: Hitchhike
0397317522: Visitors
0397317530: The Dangerous Game
0397317549: How to Make Your Own Moccasins
0397317557: How to Make Your Own Moccasins
0397317565: A HOST OF GHOSTS
0397317573: Serengeti Cats
0397317581: Allergies
0397317603: A Funny Friend from Heaven
0397317611: Joel Schick's Christmas Present.
0397317638: Finestkind O'Day-Lobstering in Maine
0397317646: Adam Smith Goes to School
0397317654: Space Monsters : From Movies, TV and Books
0397317662: Space Monsters from Movies, TV, and Books
0397317670: The Bears' ABC Book
0397317689: Love and Sex and Growing up
0397317700: Fairground Games to Make and Play
0397317719: Queen of Hearts
0397317727: Rebel on a rock
0397317735: Outlaws
0397317743: Benjamin and the Box
0397317751: I Am a Chef (Lippincott I-Like-to-Read Books)
0397317778: I Am A Ballerina
0397317786: I Am a Fisherman (Lippincott I-Like-to-Read Books)
0397317808: World of Ufos
0397317816: Many Smokes, Many Moons: A Chronology of American Indian History Through Indian Art
0397317824: Fables You Shouldn't Pay Any Attention to
0397317832: Deadwood City
0397317840: Killer Whales
0397317859: Archie & the Strict Baptists
0397317867: So You're Getting Braces : A Guide to Orthodontics
0397317875: So You're Getting Braces
0397317883: The fields of praise by Leitch, Patricia
0397317891: Talk about a Family
0397317905: Secret Places
0397317913: True or False?
0397317921: Killer Whales
0397317948: I Am a Ballerina
0397317964: I Am a Fisherman
0397317972: Looking at Iran
0397317980: Deadwood City
0397318006: Foolish Giant
0397318030: Just This Once
0397318057: Halfway up the Mountain
0397318065: Halfway up the Mountain
0397318073: Oh, Such Foolishness! : Poems
0397318103: My Trip to Alpha I
0397318111: V.D.
0397318138: Zoo year
0397318146: Crocuses were over, Hitler was dead
0397318154: In This Proud Land: The Story of a Mexican American Family
0397318162: What Is New? What Is Missing? What Is Different?
0397318189: Dinah and the Fat Green Kingdom
0397318197: See Dave Run
0397318219: Game's End
0397318227: Twelve Clever Brothers and Other Fools
0397318243: Santaberry and the Snard
0397318278: Third Planet from Altair
0397318286: More Science Experiments You Can Eat
0397318294: Turtle and Snail
0397318308: Monday I Was an Alligator
0397318316: During Water Peaches
0397318332: Meet the vampire (The Eerie series)
0397318340: Creatures from lost worlds (The Eerie series)
0397318367: Price of Free Land
0397318383: I Wish Laura's Mommy Was My Mommy
0397318413: Spot's dogs and the Alley Cats
0397318421: Por Que Me Siento Tan Mal Si Estos Son Los Mejores Anos De Mi Vida?
0397318448: Diabetes : The Sugar Disease
0397318464: Maria Luisa
0397318472: Ana y su mundo de silencio by Wolf, Bernard
0397318480: No sientan lástima por Paul
0397318499: Coraje, campeà n!
0397318502: Experimentos Cientificos Que Se Pueden Comer
0397318537: More Science Experiments You Can Eat
0397318545: Racing in Her Blood
0397318553: Into the Unknown : Nine Astounding Stories
0397318596: I Wish Laura's Mommy Was My Mommy
0397318618: Wesley Paul, Marathon Runner
0397318626: The Twelve Clever Brothers and Other Fools: Folktales from Russia by Ginsburg
0397318634: Ape Inside Me
0397318642: Creatures
0397318650: Creatures
0397318669: Cloverdale Switch
0397318677: Cloverdale Switch
0397318685: Gardening Without Soil
0397318693: Chin music: Tall talk and other talk
0397318707: Chin Music : Tall Talk and Other Talk
0397318715: Chin Music
0397318723: Sarah's Unicorn (Lippincot I-Like-To-Read Book)
0397318731: Sarah's Unicorn
0397318758: Chin Music Tall Talk & Other Talschwartz
0397318766: Doctor's Do-It-Yourself Guide to Clearer Skin
0397318774: Doctor Zizmors Guide to Clearer Skin
0397318782: More Science Experiments You Can Eat
0397318790: Creatures from Lost Worlds
0397318804: Meet the Vampire
0397318812: Secret Places
0397318820: Sounding of Storytellers
0397318839: Price of Free Land
0397318847: Third Planet from Altair
0397318855: Coraje Campeon
0397318863: Por Que Me Siento Tan Mal Si Estos Son Los Mejores Anos De Mi Vida?
0397318871: Experimentos Cientificos Que Se Pueden Comer
0397318901: No Sientan Lastima Por Paul
0397318928: Ana y su mundo de Silencio
0397318936: Daddy Is a Monster... Sometimes
0397318944: Sand Dollar Sand Dollar
0397318952: Racing in Her Blood
0397319002: A Good Day, a Good Night
0397319010: Good Day, a Good Night
0397319029: Benjamin's Dreadful Dream
0397319037: Benjamin's Dreadful Dream
0397319045: Into the Unknown by
0397319061: How to Really Fool Yourself : Illusions for All Your Senses
0397319088: How to really fool yourself: Illusions for all your senses
0397319096: Diviner
0397319118: Friend Dog
0397319126: Friend Dog
0397319134: If I Loved You Wednesday
0397319142: If I Loved You Wednesday
0397319150: Andrea Jaeger, Tennis Champion
0397319169: Andrea Jaeger, Tennis Champion
0397319193: Flapdoodle : Pure Nonsense from American Folklore
0397319207: Flapdoodle
0397319215: Flapdoodle, Pure Nonsense from American Folklore
0397319223: Mice, All About Them
0397319231: Mice : All about Them
0397319258: Secret Life of School Supplies
0397319266: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
0397319274: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
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