0399608168: Jet and Rocket Engines How They Work
0399608184: Robert E. Lee
0399608206: Here is Your Hobby: Motorcycling
0399608214: Grand Prix Britain
0399608230: Willie Stargell, Baseball Slugger.
0399608249: Willie Mays
0399608257: Freedom trail,
0399608303: Your Wheels: How to Keep Your Car Running.
0399608311: Hockey Stars of the 70s
0399608338: Another Way of Life
0399608362: THE LAKE PEOPLE
0399608389: Africa's Animals; Creatures of a Struggling Land
0399608397: Biography of an Ostrich
0399608400: Gil Hodges: baseball miracle man (Putnam sports shelf)
0399608419: Lasers, How They Work
0399608427: A Nutty Business.
0399608435: The Pig in the Floppy Black Hat
0399608451: Juan Diego and the Lady: La Dama Y Juan Diego, A Book in English and Spanish
0399608478: Halloween Parade.
0399608486: The Second Stone
0399608494: Let's Go to a Stock Car Race,
0399608508: Way Down Yonder on Troublesome Creek : Appalachian Riddles & Rusties
0399608516: The Next 50 Years on the Moon.
0399608524: Who Really Invented the Rocket? (Who Really Invented Ser.)
0399608532: Little Toot on the Mississippi
0399608540: Mushy Eggs
0399608559: The Whole Earth Energy Crisis: Our Dwindling Sources of Energy,
0399608575: Let's Go to Build a Skyscraper.
0399608583: How to Make and Use Electric Motors
0399608605: Johnny Bench, the Little General.
0399608613: Famous firsts in medicine, (The Famous firsts books)
0399608621: Biography of an Ant
0399608648: SPEAK UP, EDIE!
0399608664: The Everglades, from Yesterday to Tomorrow.
0399608672: I Know a Baseball Player
0399608680: Kip Van Wrinkle,
0399608699: Loggerhead turtle; survivor from the sea
0399608702: The Secret Box Mystery.
0399608710: Gray Duck Catches a Friend.
0399608729: In a Forest of Flowers
0399608737: Gods and Heroes of War
0399608745: O. J.: The Story of Football's Fabulous O. J. Simpson (Putnam Sports Shelf)
0399608753: Ron Santo, 3B
0399608761: Satchel Paige: All-Time Baseball Great.
0399608788: Roman Gabriel, Outstanding Pro
0399608796: Jokes to Enjoy, Draw, and Tell
0399608818: Mysterious Red Tape Gang
0399608826: Chariots of the Gods?
0399608834: DAVID'S WINDOWS
0399608842: Fly, Jimmy, fly!
0399608850: Pleasant Fieldmouse's Halloween Party
0399608877: Roberto Clemente
0399608885: Muhammed Ali
0399608893: A Chanukah fable for Christmas
0399608907: Vida Blue: Coming Up Again
0399608915: Home
0399608923: Newer and Better Dog Obedience Training
0399608931: Dick Knox at LeMans
0399608958: Those Yankee Rebels
0399608966: Bob Gibson Pitching Ace
0399608974: The War Nobody Won : 1812
0399608982: Metric Is Here
0399608990: Sports Hero, Richard Petty
0399609016: Bud Harrelson: Super Shortstop (Putnam Sports Shelf)
0399609024: Famous Firsts in Aviation
0399609032: Sports Hero: Henry Aaron
0399609040: Hank Aaron
0399609059: Remarkable Creatures of the Seas
0399609067: When I first came to this land
0399609075: Sports Hero: Billie Jean King
0399609083: Fig Tale
0399609091: Mole and Troll Trim the Tree
0399609105: Roger Staubach : A Special Kind of Quarterback (Putnam Sports Shelf Biography Ser.)
0399609113: The merry history of a Christmas pie: With a delicious description of a Christmas soup
0399609121: Let's Go to a Horse Show
0399609148: Alligator Under the Bed
0399609156: Henry Aaron Quiet Superstar
0399609172: Kareem!: Basketball Great
0399609180: Harry Truman
0399609202: Biography of a Giant Panda
0399609210: Rose Kennedy
0399609229: Brown Mouse and Vole (See and Read Storybook Ser.)
0399609237: Biography of a Desert Bighorn
0399609245: BECKY AND THE BEAR A See and Read Storybook
0399609253: Your bike: How to keep your motorcycle running
0399609261: Long, Long Pollution Crisis
0399609288: Manned Spacecraft to Mars and Venus, How They Work by Hendrickson, Walter B.
0399609296: Strange Differences
0399609318: The $100,000 Rat and Other Animal Heroes for Human Health
0399609326: Wild cousins of the cat
0399609334: Star Prince Charlie
0399609350: Winter wheat
0399609369: Ferguson Jenkins: The Quiet Winner
0399609377: Six seconds to glory
0399609385: Larry Csonka
0399609393: That wonderful pelican
0399609407: Sports Hero, O. J. Simpson
0399609415: PHIL ESPOSITO
0399609423: The great Toozy takeover
0399609458: Biography of an Armadillo
0399609482: Galapagos Summer
0399609490: The amazing world of American birds
0399609504: The Wolfpen Rusties: Appalachian Riddles & Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles
0399609539: Larry Csonka, Power and Pride
0399609547: BOBBY ORR: FIRE ON ICE
0399609555: Doing something about the weather
0399609563: Little Killers, Fleas, Lice, Mosquitoes
0399609571: The Mixed Up Mystery Smell
0399609598: Superstars of Auto-Racing
0399609601: Let's Go on a Space Shuttle
0399609636: The girl with spunk
0399609652: Terry Bradshaw, Superarm Of Pro Football
0399609660: Harbor Tug
0399609679: Biography of a Kangaroo
0399609687: Biography of an Alligator
0399609709: Little Toot through the Golden Gate by Gramatky, Hardie
0399609725: The Wild Pups: the True Story of a Coyote Family.
0399609733: All on a May Morning
0399609741: Ride 'em cowgirl!
0399609768: Famous Firsts In Basketball
0399609784: Living with Your First Motorcycle
0399609806: Bill Walton, Super Center
0399609814: The Chinese puzzle of Shag Island
0399609822: Canada Geese
0399609830: Buffalo Bill
0399609857: Sports Hero: Dr. J.
0399609865: The stopping place
0399609873: Jacques Cousteau (See and Read Biography Ser.)
0399609903: Animals come to my house: A story guide to the care of small wild animals
0399609911: Biography of a Buzzard
0399609938: Sports Hero : Jimmy Connors (Sports Hero Ser.)
0399609946: Jane Goodall
0399609954: White Sorceress
0399609962: Rod Carew: Master Hitter
0399609970: African summer
0399609989: Showdown At Daytona
0399609997: Pro Basketball's Greatest: Selected All-Star Offensive and Defensive Teams
0399610006: Newer And Better Organic Gardening
0399610022: Keep Your Car Running: How to Be an Auto Genius.
0399610030: Summer of the burning
0399610049: Richard Bolitho-Midshipman
0399610057: American Olympic Stars
0399610065: A foal is born
0399610073: Lets Go To A Basketball Game
0399610081: Fred Lynn (Sports Hero)
0399610103: Sadako And The Thousand Paper Cranes
0399610111: The Whatchamacallit Book
0399610138: Sports Hero Muhammad Ali
0399610154: The Snake That Couldn't Slither (See and Read Book)
0399610162: Night Noises: And Other Mole and Troll Stories.
0399610170: Biography of a Kangaroo Rat
0399610189: I Was Born in a Tree and Raised by Bees
0399610197: Animal Babies Of East Africa
0399610200: Great Houdini
0399610219: Walt Disney
0399610227: Ink, Ark., and all that: How American places got their names
0399610235: Catfish Hunter
0399610243: Cycle Cop
0399610251: Here Is Your Career: Veterinarian
0399610278: Hang Gliding
0399610286: Your Own Horse - A Beginner's Guide to Horse Care
0399610308: Mo-Ped, the Wonder Vehicle
0399610316: A farm
0399610324: I Know a Plumber
0399610332: Everyday life of the Maya
0399610340: Pele Soccer Superstar
0399610359: Colonizing the Sea
0399610367: The Secret of Captives' Cave
0399610375: Chris Evert, the young champion
0399610383: Sports Hero, Pete Rose
0399610405: Yesterday I Climbed a Mountain.
0399610413: Return of the Buffalo
0399610448: Petey
0399610456: The Shad Are Running
0399610480: Odd Jobs: Story (A See and Read Storybook)
0399610499: Once upon a Dinkelsbühl
0399610502: Little dogs of the prairie
0399610510: Quasars, Pulsars and Black Holes in Space
0399610529: On to Widecombe Fair
0399610537: Waza Wins at Windy Gulch (A See and Read Storybook)
0399610545: Here Is Your Career
0399610553: Minibikes and Small Cycles
0399610588: World of Energy Storage
0399610596: Here is Your Hobby, Candle Making
0399610626: Let's Go to a Recycling Center (Let's Go Ser.)
0399610634: Biography of a Whooping Crane
0399610642: Sports Hero : Rick Barry (Sports Hero Ser.)
0399610650: One, two, ski!: The easy American way
0399610669: Sporty Creek: A Novel About an Appalachian Boyhood
0399610715: Pete Rose, 'Mr. 300'
0399610723: Johnny Bench: King of Catchers
0399610731: Set Point The Story Of Chris Evert
0399610758: Ted Simmons Story
0399610766: The Search
0399610774: Sports Hero, Mario Andretti
0399610782: Bees and Honey
0399610820: The impossible Major Rogers
0399610839: P. T. Barnum
0399610847: Biography of a Fish Hawk
0399610863: The bake-off (A See and read storybook)
0399610871: Biography of a Killer Whale
0399610898: Monsters from Outer Space?
0399610901: Photographing History
0399610944: Jimmy Carter
0399610952: Sports Hero : Joe Morgan (Sports Hero Ser.)
0399610960: Sports hero, Fran Tarkenton (The Sports hero biographies)
0399610979: I Know a Dentist (No. 05308)
0399610987: Tiny!: The Story of Nate Archibald (Putnam Sports Shelf)
0399610995: Steve Garvey: Storybook Star
0399611002: Deadline
0399611010: Porcupine Baby (A See and Read Nature Story)
0399611029: Fred Lynn, Young Star (Putnam Sports Shelf)
0399611037: Bert Jones: Born to play football (Putnam sports shelf)
0399611045: Planets, Stars, and Galaxies
0399611053: Possum Baby (A See and Read Nature Story)
0399611061: Stevie Wonder
0399611088: Let's go to fight a forest fire
0399611096: Danger in Dinosaur Valley (See and Read Storybook)
0399611118: Famous firsts in tennis (Famous firsts books)
0399611134: Colonizing Space
0399611142: Jim Palmer: Great Comeback Competitor
0399611150: Jimmy Connors: King of the Courts
0399611169: Top Fuelers
0399611177: Hitting, Pitching and Fielding
0399611185: I Know A Salesperson
0399611193: Best Jokes Ever
0399611207: Sports Hero, Rod Carew
0399611215: Animal Rescue: Saving Our Endangered Wildlife
0399611223: The House of Five Bears (A See and Read Book)
0399611231: A. J. Foyt : Racing Champion (Sports Shelf Ser.)
0399611258: Joe Morgan, Little Big Man
0399611266: 100 Great Moments in Sports
0399611274: Biography of a River Otter
0399611282: Sports hero, Bill Walton
0399611290: Ants don't get Sunday off (A See and read storybook)
0399611304: Biography of a Snowy Owl
0399611339: Sports Hero, Terry Bradshaw
0399611347: Sports Hero Ron Leflore
0399611371: Happy Birthday, Mole & Troll (A See and Read Storybook)
0399611398: Laura Ingalls Wilder
0399611401: Biography of a Komodo Dragon
0399611436: Monster Myths of Ancient Greece
0399611444: Biography of a Mountain Gorilla
0399611452: Coral
0399611460: Moose Baby (A See and Read Nature Story)
0399611479: The Slug Who Thought He Was a Snail (See & Read Book)
0399611487: Comets, Meteors and Asteroids
0399611495: Raccoon Baby
0399611509: Supersaurus
0399611517: BLACK BEAR BABY.
0399611525: The Spit Bug Who Couldn't Spit (See & Read Book)
0399611533: Anno's Medieval World
0399611541: Perfect Nose for Ralph
0399611568: Spring Story
0399611576: Summer story
0399611584: WINTER STORY.
0399611592: Flat Cat.
0399611606: Suzette and Nicholas and the Sunijudi Circus
0399611614: On Wheels
0399611622: The Nine Crying Dolls
0399611630: Twelve Tales from Aesop
0399611649: Christmas Spider: A Puppet Play from Poland and Other Traditional Games, Crafts and Activities (A Storycraft book)
0399611673: THE KING'S FLOWER
0399611711: Crinkleroot's Book of Animal Tracks and Wildlife Signs
0399611738: Beastly Boys and Ghastly Girls
0399611754: Get set! Go! (Overcoming obstacles)
0399611762: Brothers of the Wind
0399611789: Sports Hero, Ron Guidry
0399611797: Bo Rabbit Smart for True: Folktales from the Gullah
0399611827: They Came from Aargh!
0399611835: On the Road
0399611843: Great Gumdrop Robbery
0399611851: Trick a Tracker
0399611878: Sports Hero, Magic Johnson
0399611894: Has Winter Come?
0399611916: Wood Duck Baby (A See & Read Book)
0399611940: I Can Ride It!
0399611959: I'm the King of the Castle: Playing Alone (An I Can Do It All By Myself Book, 4)
0399611975: Sports Hero: Larry Bird
0399611983: The flight of Bembel Rudzuk (The Hungry three)
0399611991: Porcupine's Christmas Blues
0399612009: The Battle of Zormla
0399612017: Bruno Munari's A B C
0399612033: Yen Shen
0399612041: Odd Jobs and Friends
0399612068: Bruno Munari's Zoo
0399612076: The Thing at the Foot of the Bed, and Other Scary Tales
0399612092: Bright Stars, Red Giants and White Dwarfs
0399612106: Space Shots, Shuttles and Satellites
0399612114: Star Gazing, Comet Tracking and Sky Mapping
0399612122: Story of Your Hand
0399612130: Atoms, Molecules, and Quarks
0399612149: Lights, Lenses and Lasers
0399612157: A Kitten Is Born
0399612165: Story of Your Foot
0399612181: Ufos, Ets, and Visitors from Space
0399612246: Chocolate Fever
0399612254: Baby Animals on the Farm
0399612262: All about Baseball
0399612270: All About Football
0399612289: Hello? Who's There? : The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
0399612297: Famous U. S. Spy Planes
0399612300: Famous Navy Fighter Planes
0399612319: A Dentist's Tools
0399612327: Better Soccer for Boys and Girls
0399612335: Fiber Optics
0399612378: Better Wrestling for Boys
0399612408: Terrorism
0399612440: Halloween With Morris and Boris
0399612467: Better Football for Boys
0399612475: Hidden World Force Gb
0399612483: Lizard Music
0399612491: America's Very Own Monsters
0399612505: Better basketball for boys
0399612513: Better Baseball for Boys
0399612556: Wonders of Sharks
0399612629: Mr. President: A Book of U.S. Presidents
0399612645: Better Tennis for Boys and Girls
0399612688: All about Basketball
0399612726: Famous Blimps and Airships
0399612734: Solidas Liquids And Gases
0399612823: Brooklyn Bridge : They Said It Couldn't Be Built
0399612890: Story of the Three Wise Kings
0399612920: All in a Day
0399612939: MR Rogers Pet Dies GB
0399612955: Anno's Britain
0399900004: The Whipping Boy
0399900012: Holcroft Covenant
0399900020: Feedback: How to cook for increased awareness, relaxation, pleasure & better communication with yourself & those who eat the food : how to enjoy the p ... of nourishment, emotional, physical & sensual
0399900039: And Then We'll Get Him
0399900047: Gentle gorilla: The story of Patty Cake
0399900055: Down and dirty: A novel
0399900063: A wayward angel
0399900071: Yellow Peril
0399900098: Monarch
0399900101: The Joy of Jumping - A Complete Jump-Rope Program for Health, Looks, and Fun
0399900128: Mother's Day: A novel
0399900144: And Then We'll Get Him
0399900152: The joy of jumping: A complete jump-rope program for health, looks, and fun
0399900160: Copyart: The First Complete Guide to the Copy Machine
0399900179: Continuum: How science, psychology, and mysticism point to a life beyond ... and to an extraordinary kind of God
0399900187: Death of a Politician
0399900195: Margaret Sanger: A Biography of the Champion of Birth Control
0399900209: Use It or You'll Lose It
0399900217: Where were you in '76?: A novel
0399900225: Your own true love: The new positive view of narcissism : the person you love the most should be ... you
0399900233: House of God
0399900241: The wise wound: Eve's curse and everywoman
0399900268: The Night of Trees
0399900276: The Face Behind the Face
0399900284: The face behind the face: Poems
0399900292: Code of arms: A novel
0399900314: Empty Face
0399900322: The wardens: A novel
0399900330: The Shtetl: a Creative Anthology of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe
0399900349: The easy no-flab diet
0399900357: Sunflower
0399900365: Wanderlust: Overland through Asia and Africa
0399900373: Savage
0399900381: The Man Who Rode His 10-Speed Bicycle to the Moon
0399900403: Enemies
0399900411: Night vision
0399900438: The Matarese Circle
0399900462: Up from boredom, down from fear
0399900470: Tumultuous merriment
0399900489: The Mannix method: A 12-week program for weight control through behavior training
0399900497: Threads: Unraveling the Mysteries of Adult Life
0399900500: Zebra
0399900519: How We Lived: A Documentary History of Immigrant Jews in America, 1880-1930
0399900551: Daddy
0399900578: MAYDAY
0399900586: Medical detective
0399900608: Coordinated crafts for the home
0399900616: Hardcastle
0399900624: Nuts
0399900632: Full-time restless
0399900640: Ivan the Terrible
0399900675: The Judas gene: A novel
0399900683: Spyship
0399900691: Solomon & Sheba
0399900705: The Bourne Identity.
0399900713: The Great TV Sitcom Book
0399900721: Hot spot
0399900748: The parts of a house
0399900756: Lilly Where's Your Daddy
0399900764: The ladies of Levittown: A novel
0399900780: Raya: A Novel of Suspense
0399900799: The last cavalier: A novel
0399900802: Drug Alcohol & Sex
0399900810: Savannah Blue
0399900837: Line by line
0399900853: Men Who Invented Broadway
0399900861: Mouth To Mouth
0399900888: Aries Rising: A Novel
0399900896: The Entwining
0399900918: Dear John
0399900926: One Man's Food--Is Someone Else's Poison
0399900934: The War Between the Sheets: An Honest Look at Sex and Intimacy in the 1980s
0399900942: An Illustrated Calendar of Home Repair
0399900950: A taste for power
0399900969: American Furniture: 1620 To the Present
0399900977: BRAVO ROMEO
0399900985: Parts of a House
0399900993: Giant Killer
0399901027: Missing Time a Documented Study of Ufo Abductions
0399901035: Psychological immortality: Using your mind to extend your life
0399901043: Never Complain, Never Explain: The story of Henry Ford II
0399901051: The Treasures of China
0399901078: Fathers
0399901086: The Eye of the Mind: A Novel
0399901094: Your father's not coming home any more
0399901108: The Original Thai Cookbook
0399901116: Jack Sprat's Legacy: The Science and Politics of Fat and Cholesterol
0399901124: Gentle vengeance: An account of the first year at Harvard Medical School
0399901132: Ours, the making and unmaking of a Jesuit
0399901159: An illustrated calendar of home repair
0399901167: Minding my own business: Entrepreneurial women share their secrets for success
0399901175: Playful Parenting: A Book for Serious Mothers and Fathers
0399901183: License Renewed
0399901205: American Saturday
0399901213: Death of a Friend
0399901248: Egypt and Israel
0399901256: Making it personal with monograms, initials, and names
0399901264: Orbit.
0399901272: Sold!
0399901280: Russian Tea Room Cookbook
0399901299: Steal the sun
0399901302: Sunshower
0399901310: Til death you do pay
0399914145: The Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord
0399921478: Where's Spot? (Little Spot Board Books)
0400011905: American Dream: Narratives of the Immigration Experience
0400144506: JUST SUPPOSE
0400649861: Outdoors USA - The Yearbook of Agriculture 1967
0400752042: Russian Short Stories (A Bilingual Collection)
0401013952: Star Trek New Frontier # 1: House of Cards
0401200353: Battery Park :Wildcats 4
0401201740: Detour :On the Road To Perdition 3
0401204405: Batman Begins
0401504034: ASTM Manual on Presentation of Data and Control Chart Analysis - STP 15D
0402010817: Cowles encyclopedia of science, industry, and technology
0402011112: Cowles Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins
0402030001: Pocket PDR with Medical Book Card Griffith's 5 minute Clinical Consult
0402041119: Glenn's Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge Tune-Up and Repair Guide
0402080009: Snookum's Diary
0402101715: The ancient civilization of Urartu (Ancient civilizations)
0402101812: The ancient civilization of Southern Siberia (Ancient civilizations)
0402102010: The Ancient Civilization of Rome
0402102118: Icons of Cyprus
0402120361: How to master your nerves,
0402120388: They asked for death
0402120396: None of your business;: Or, My life with J. Walter Thompson (confessions of a renegade radio writer)
0402120442: Graffiti - Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing
0402120450: The Official American Ski Technique, New and Revised Edition
0402120469: Four Minutes to Life
0402120507: Len Dawson; pressure quarterback
0402120523: The Kumquat Statement,
0402120531: Great ship disasters
0402120558: The ego mill;: Five case studies in clinical psychology
0402120574: Conflict of Interest
0402120590: Horatio Alger is alive and well and living in America;: Success stories of the under-30 generation,
0402120620: Uptown: The Story of Harlem's Apollo Theatre
0402120841: In Praise of Yiddish
0402120876: Eye On The World
0402120884: Eye on the world
0402120892: Instant Shrink
0402120949: Black Joy
0402121619: Get that job,
0402121910: The Woman Doctor: Her Career in Modern Medicine
0402122011: The drug beat,
0402122119: Academic freedom and academic anarchy
0402122216: UP FROM THE GHETTO
0402122313: The college scene;: Students tell it like it is
0402122410: America The Violent
0402122518: The reluctant taxpayer,
0402122615: Snowmobiles and Snowmobiling.
0402122917: World of Soul
0402123115: My Brother, Lyndon
0402123417: The conservation fraud
0402123719: A girl called Judith Strick
0402123816: Death of the other self
0402123913: Twelve events that changed our world
0402124111: First Ladies
0402124219: Arms beyond Doubt
0402124316: A Casebook of Murder
0402124413: Malraux
0402124618: The Kennedy women;: A personal appraisal
0402124715: Teen-age Medicine: Questions Young People Ask About Their Health
0402125118: Wildlife crisis
0402125614: Your Heart Is Stronger Than You Think
0402125711: Clown: number 33 in your program, number 1 in your heart--: Hot Rod Hundley
0402125819: Writing for Television
0402125916: Rock; a World Bold as Love
0402126017: I hate my parents!: The real and unreal reasons why youth is angry
0402126114: The Case Against Hunger
0402126211: I Lived Inside the Campus Revolution
0402126319: Probing the Unknown:The Personal Experiences of a Psychic
0402126416: Great moments in football
0402126513: Great Moments in Baseball
0402126610: Great Moments in Golf
0402126718: Scuba, spear, and snorkel,
0402140001: First Thing in the Morning
0402140028: The Winner
0402140044: Once upon a truffle
0402140060: Jacob Brown and the War of 1812
0402140117: AFL Dream Backfield
0402140168: The visitor
0402140184: The Hunter the Tick and the Gumberoo
0402140281: Leroy oops
0402140311: I am Maria
0402140346: The Addicts
0402140362: Puffin Island
0402140419: Little Weaver of Agato
0402140516: Gaston's ghastly green thumb by Littell, Robert
0402140613: Stan Mikita; the turbulent career of a hockey superstar
0402140710: Torpedo run on Iron Bottomed Bay
0402140818: Wildlife Rescue
0402140915: Joe Namath - Maverick Quarterback
0402141016: The Meeker Massacre,
0402141113: Land and liberty; the Mexican Revolution (1910-1919)
0402141210: Slavery
0402141318: Reporters At War
0402141415: The Great Dissenter, John Marshall Harlan, 1833-1911
0402141512: Jamaica Boy
0402141717: Emergency Room
0402141814: Thorn in our flesh: Castro's Cuba
0402141911: Great American race drivers
0402142012: Bird Boy
0402142217: My house is your house
0402142519: Strange but true hockey stories
0402142616: I Wish I Had an Afro.
0402221532: Proc of Cryogenic Materials Confer 1982
0402232003: Math Refresher
0402261402: Interpretation of Reading Materials in the Natural Sciences
0402500601: The Old House Holiday and Party Cookbook
0402500814: Let's Ask the Cook
0402864255: Do It Smart: Seven Rules for Superior IT Performance
0403000009: Choir Invisible
0403000017: The Basket Woman: A Book Of Indian Tales For Children
0403000114: Over the Teacups
0403000122: The Open Boat and Other Tales of Adventure
0403000130: Whilomville Stories
0403000149: Marzio's Crucifix
0403000173: Bar Sinister
0403000238: Lena Rivers
0403000319: Alcuin and the rise of the Christian schools (The great educators)
0403000327: Among my books
0403000351: The X. Y. Z. letters (Translations and reprints from the original sources of European history, v. 6, no. 2)
0403000491: POETICAL WORKS
0403000513: The Indian Tribes of North America
0403000521: Dred: A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp
0403000548: The Treaty of Versailles and After Annotations of the Text and Treaty
0403000556: Memories And Portraits
0403000580: Poets of America
0403000653: The Children of the Sun
0403000688: The Professor at the Breakfast Table.
0403000696: POET OF THE BREAKFAST TABLE He Talks with His Fellow Boarders and the Reader
0403000734: Hugh Wynne: Free Quaker
0403000750: Revolutionary Movement in Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Germany 1848-49...
0403000769: The Life Of Nelson: Embodiment Of The Sea Power Of Great Britain
0403000874: The Complete Works
0403000882: JEREMY TAYLOR
0403000939: George Eliot's Life As Related to Her Letters and Journals
0403000998: Katharine Lauderdale
0403001013: Precaution
0403001064: Bylow Hill
0403001080: Mad World, My Masters, and Other Prose Works
0403001129: William Makepeace Thackeray in Two Volumes: A Biography Including Hitherto Uncollected Letters and Speeches and a Bibliography of 1300 Items
0403001137: The Literary Study of the Bible: An Account of the leading forms of literature represented in the Sacred Writings
0403001153: Development and Purpose An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Evolution
0403001188: Window in Thrums
0403001269: Economic Development of Modern Europe
0403001293: The Nature of Existence
0403001307: Mrs. Grundy - A History Of Four Centuries Of Morals In Great Britain & The United States
0403001315: Obiter Dicta
0403001404: Genesis of the World War and Introduction to the Problem of War Guilt
0403001420: EBEN HOLDEN A Tale of the North Country
0403001439: Life of Robert Louis Stevenson
0403001544: Journal of an African Cruiser (American Biography Series)
0403001595: Slave Ships and Slaving
0403001625: The Political History of Slavery in the United States
0403001676: Among The Pines: Or South In Secession Time
0403001706: Slavery in America: with Notices of the Present State of Slavery and the Slave Trade throughout the World. Conducted by the Rev. Thomas Price, D.D.
0403001730: American Slave Trade
0403001757: The Progress of Slavery in United States
0403001781: Slavery in the U S: A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Charles Ball, a Black Man
0403001803: A Letter to the People of the United States Touching the Matter of Slavery
0403001862: Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies
0403001870: The Minister's Wooing
0403001897: Crucial Instances
0403001919: Thomas Carlyle: A History of the First Forty Years of His Life, 1795-1835...
0403001943: Our National Parks
0403001986: The Earth As Modified By Human Action
0403001994: Memories of an old actor
0403002044: New letters of Thomas Carlyle,
0403002060: Miscellanies;: Second series
0403002087: Life of Francis Parkman - Hardcover
0403002095: Yesterdays With Authors
0403002109: Thomas Carlyle: a History of the First Forty Years of His Life
0403002168: Salmon Portland Chase
0403002206: The life and times of Samuel Bowles
0403002214: Myths of the Cherokee
0403002222: The Old South: essays social and political
0403002249: Theodore Roosevelt, the Citizen
0403002265: Life of Joseph Brant-Thayendanegea, Including the Border Wars of the American Revolution and Sketches of the Indian Campaigns of Generals Harmar, St.
0403002273: Life and Times of Red Jacket or Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha (American Indian History Series)
0403002303: Grimke Sisters: The First American Women Advocates of Abolition and Woman's Rights - Hardcover
0403002311: Life and times of Stein;: Or, Germany and Prussia in the Napoleonic age
0403002338: Memoirs of the Reverend David Brainerd: Missionary to the Indians on the Border of New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania
0403002354: Bigelow Papers (2 Volumes)
0403002397: Bracebridge Hall or The Humorists
0403002435: Margaret Ogilvy
0403002443: The Water-Witch; or, the Skimmer of the Seas
0403002486: Deluge : An Historical Novel - 2 volumes
0403002494: Early Letters of Robert Schumann (Jugendbriefe)
0403002508: Miscellanies
0403002516: Hobbes
0403002540: Life of Edward FitzGerald
0403002613: The Letters of Daniel Webster: From Documents Owned Principally by the New Hampshire Historical Society
0403002699: Social England
0403002745: Alfred Lord Tennyson
0403002753: Many moods;: A volume of verse
0403002788: Andrew Jackson As a Public Man (American statesmen)
0403002818: Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin
0403002826: Victorian Poets
0403002982: John Inglesant,: A romance
0403002990: Shelley memorials: from authentic sources: To which is added an Essay on Christianity, by Percy Bysshe Shelley: now first printed
0403003067: Mornings in Florence
0403003148: The life and explorations of David Livingstone, LL. D.,
0403003172: Sequel to Riley's Narrative: Being a Sketch of Interesting Incidents in the Life, Voyages, and Travels of Capt. James Riley, from the Period of His Return to His Native Land, after His Shipwreck, Captivity, and Sufferings among the Arabs of the Deser
0403003245: Instrumentation
0403003288: Fugue - Hardcover
0403003318: Pindar, the Olympian and Pythian Odes (Harper's classical series for schools and colleges) - Hardcover
0403003334: Isthmian Odes of Pindar - Hardcover
0403003385: Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa in the Years 1795, 1796 & 1797
0403003490: Poems
0403003563: The National Conventions and Platforms of All Political Parties 1789 to 1905
0403003660: The Works of Lamb
0403003695: Handbook of the Indians of California
0403003725: An authentic and comprehensive history of Buffalo,: With some account of its early inhabitants, both savage and civilized, comprising historic notices ... N.Y., Rockwell, Baker and Hill, 1864-65
0403003776: The River Congo, from Its Mouth to Bolobo: With a General Description of the Natural History and Anthropology of Its Western Basin
0403003822: Century of Dishonor a Sketch of the Unit
0403003857: Notes and journal of travel in Europe, 1804-1805
0403003970: castilian Days
0403003989: Works of Alexander Hamilton
0403004195: THE GREAT CRYPTOGRAM: Francis Bacon's Cipher in the so-called Shakespeare plays.
0403004268: History of the Indians of Connecticut from the Earliest Known Period to 1850
0403004330: Armadale (The works of Wilkie Collins, v. 8-9)
0403004381: THROUGH JUNGLE AND DESERT, Travels in Eastern Africa.
0403004578: Tancred or the New Crusade: Or, the New Crusade
0403004616: South Africa a Century Ago
0403004659: Peter III, Emperor of Russia;: The story of a crisis and a crime
0403004748: The pursuit of the house-boat;: Being some further account of the divers doings of the Associated Shades, under the leadership of Sherlock Holmes, Esq
0403004756: Byron in England: His Fame & After-Fame
0403004799: Soldiers Of Fortune
0403004837: Gentleman from Indiana
0403004861: Classified Catalogue of the Negro Collection in the Collis P. Huntington Library, Hampton Institute
0403004918: Henry Adams
0403004926: Charles Lamb.
0403004977: Discourses in America
0403005000: Orators an English Study
0403005051: Paolo Veronese.
0403005078: James Shore's Daughters
0403005132: From a college window
0403005191: All Sorts and Conditions of Men: An Impossible Story
0403005280: Portraits: real and imaginary, being memories and impressions of friends and contemporaries;: With appreciations of divers singularities and characteristics ... North Americans as seen, heard, and divined
0403005299: More Contemporary Americans
0403005329: Dictionary to the Plays and Novels of Bernard Shaw With Bibliography of His Works and of the Literature Concerning Him With the Record of the Principl
0403005418: These restless heads;: A triology of romantics,
0403005442: Broken Record
0403005450: The Flaming Terrapin
0403005477: The Wayzgoose
0403005515: Sidelights on New London and Newer York and other essays
0403005566: Speaking of Operations
0403005590: Poor Miss Finch. A novel. 2 vols.(Complete).
0403005809: A study of monarchical tendencies in the United States from 1776 to 1801.
0403005868: Keats: A Critical Biographical Study
0403005914: Tragedy of the Tragedies for the Life &
0403005922: The Bayeux Tapestry. A History and Description.
0403005949: The Byron Mystery
0403005981: A Portrait of George Moore in a Study of His Work.
0403006074: Coventry Patmore.
0403006112: List of English Plays Written before 1643 and Printed before 1700: Printed before Seventeen Hundred
0403006147: Seven Short Plays
0403006171: The United States and Cuba;: A study in international relations,
0403006198: Conversations on contemporary drama;: A series of nine lectures delivered in Earl Hall at Columbia University, from Feb. 11 to Apr. 7, 1924
0403006376: Fearful Responsibility and Other Stories
0403006406: My Literary Passions
0403006414: The Leatherwood God
0403006481: Restoring Shakespeare
0403006503: Journal of Madam Knight
0403006538: Ku Klux Klan Its Origin: Growth and Disbandment - Hardcover
0403006546: Drama and the Stage
0403006554: Up Stream
0403006570: Selected Poems of Amy Lowell - Hardcover
0403006589: Can Grande's Castle
0403006651: Francis Thompson
0403006686: Fiery Particles
0403006708: Tom Moore's Diary: A Selection Edited, With an Introduction, by J. B. Priestley
0403006724: James Nelson Barker, 1784-1858,: With a reprint of his comedy: Tears and smiles
0403006759: Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West
0403006805: Our foreigners;: A chronicle of Americans in the making
0403006872: Selections from the Letters of Thomas Sergeant Perry. Edited with an Introduction by Edwin Arlington Robinson
0403006899: Life and Time of Alfred the Great
0403006910: Confessions of Two Brothers
0403006937: Figures in modern literature,
0403006945: George Meredith, (English men of letters)
0403007011: Compromises
0403007097: Old Boston Museum Days
0403007100: Mr. Incoul's misadventure (Works of Edgar Saltus)
0403007178: An Unsocial Socialist
0403007240: Complaints. Edited by W. L. Renwick
0403007267: MARY, MARY
0403007429: My summer in a garden (The Riverside Aldine series)
0403007437: Democratic Vistas
0403007445: A minister of grace
0403007453: Some great English novels;: Studies in the art of fiction
0403007461: Backwoods America
0403007542: Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley
0403007631: The Caxtons; the Coming Race; Leila
0403007682: Eight Years With Wilson's Cabinet, 1913 to 1920, With a Personal Estimate of the President
0403007690: The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page
0403007739: Gossip in a Library.
0403007844: State Names, Flags, Seals, Songs, Birds, Flowers, and Other Symbols
0403007917: New York City Guide. American Guide Series
0403007925: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
0403007984: Motley
0403008026: Nomads of the North: A Story of Romance and Adventure Under the Open Stars
0403008034: Spanish Missions of Georgia (Signed Limited Edition W/ Map)
0403008069: Tennyson, aspects of his life, character and poetry
0403008085: Le Morte D'Arthur
0403008123: Memoirs of Friedrich Ferdinand, Count von Beust,
0403008166: The command of the Howe brothers during the American Revolution
0403008271: POETICAL WORKS
0403008484: The Complete Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0403008492: POEMS
0403008522: Medieval Rhetoric and Poetic to 1400
0403008530: Lincoln's Rise to Power
0403008565: The Spoilers
0403008697: The Soul of a Child
0403008719: Newspaper writing and editing
0403008735: The Civilization of the Old Northwest: A Study of Political, Social, and Economic Development 1788-1812.
0403008786: Midwinter by Buchan, John
0403008808: The Watcher By the Threshold and Other Tales
0403008816: The Beardsley Period an Essay in Perspective
0403008824: Brownings
0403008832: The Reverend Smith, Sidney
0403008921: Rivet in Grandfather's Neck
0403008972: Letters of Thomas Carlyle to William Graham.
0403008980: Reminiscences, Vol. 1
0403009006: Walt Whitman: La Naissance Du Poete (Bibliotheque De Litterature Comparee)
0403009014: Aspects of modern drama
0403009138: Early English Classical Tragedies. - Hardcover
0403009146: Twelve men
0403009170: Forgotten Frontiers: Dreiser and the Land of the Free
0403009189: The Santa Fe Trail
0403009200: Peter Ibbetson
0403009251: Theodore Parker: Preacher And Reformer
0403009308: Irrepressible Conflict 1850 1865 (A History of American life)
0403009324: Sacramento, River of Gold
0403009340: The life of Woodrow Wilson, 1856-1924
0403009359: Early Lives of Milton
0403009375: History of The New York Times 1851-1921
0403009391: Eugene Field's creative years
0403009464: In the Beginning
0403009472: South Wind
0403009499: Free, and Other Stories
0403009561: Dramatic Works of Sir George Etherege
0403009596: The German Element in the United States Vol. I
0403009618: The Two Franklins: Fathers of American Democracy
0403009731: CAPTURES
0403009774: Jocelyn
0403009871: The Road to Oregon: A Chronicle of the Great Emigrant Trail.
0403009936: Critical Kit-Kats
0403009944: Portraits and Sketches
0403009952: Seventeenth century studies
0403009979: POEMS.
0403010012: Living
0403010039: America Goes to Press: The News of Yesterday
0403010063: Irish Folk History Plays (2 Series in 1)
0403010101: Unlit Lamp: A Novel
0403010233: The queen's quair,: Or; The six years' tragedy
0403010322: Trimblerigg;: A book of revelation
0403010438: THEATRICALS
0403010535: The life and letters of Henry Arthur Jones
0403010624: A History of Germany
0403010667: Last Poems
0403010691: Life of William Shakespeare.
0403010705: The Early Life of William Wordsworth, 1770-1798: A Study of the Prelude
0403010713: Free Air
0403010756: Colvins and Their Friends
0403010764: Reading Writing and Remembering: A Literary Record
0403010772: Lorenzo in Taos - Hardcover
0403010799: Rienzi: The Last of The Roman Tributes
0403010810: Orphan Island
0403010829: The Shadow Flies
0403010837: The man on the box
0403011019: Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Painter Poet of Heaven in Earth
0403011027: The Three Sitwells
0403011035: Walter De La Mare: A Biographical and Critical Study.
0403011078: The Life of Francis Thompson.
0403011116: The Corn King and the Spring Queen.
0403011132: Confessions of a Young Man.
0403011159: MY NAME IS LEGION
0403011175: The Life of William Ewart Gladstone
0403011264: The Hoover Administration: A Documented Narrative
0403011272: The Emergence of Modern America, 1865-1878 (A History of American life) by...
0403011329: A Dictionary of Actors (and of Other Persons associated with the Public Representation of Plays in England Before 1642)
0403011469: Smith of Smith's, The: Being the Life, Wit, and Humor of Sydney Smith
0403011493: The Advance of the English Novel
0403011507: Sir Charles Sedley, 1639-1701; a study in the life and literature of the restoration
0403011531: The Best of Pope
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