0405021364: Knights of St. Crispin, 1867 1874
0405021380: Men, the Workers.
0405021410: American Labor Unions
0405021607: American Labor Struggles
0405022115: The Cook's Own Book: Being a Complete Culinary Encyclopedia
0405022220: Artists of the Nineteenth Century and Their Works
0405022271: Golden Legend
0405022298: Anecdotes of Painting in England with A Catalog of Engravers
0405022301: Roman Sculpture from Augustus to Constantine
0405022379: Burial Chamber of the Treasurer Sobk-Mose from Er-Rizeiket
0405022506: The Monastery of Epiphanius at Thebes Part I: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Egyptian Expedition
0405022530: The Tomb of Queen Meryet-Amun at Thebes: The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Egyptian Expedition
0405022565: Painted and Printed Fabrics: The History of the Manufactory at Jouy and Other Ateliers in France, 1760-1815
0405022646: Chinese Sculpture in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
0405022654: Costumes from the Forbidden City.
0405022662: About the Round Table : King Arthur in Art and Literature (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications in Reprint)
0405024320: Truancy and non-attendance in the Chicago schools (The Rise of urban America)
0405024339: The Cleveland School Survey: Summary Volume
0405024355: American City Government : A Survey of Newer Tendencies (Rise of Urban America Ser.)
0405024371: Child in the City: A Series of Papers Presented at the Conference Held During the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit (Rise of Urban America)
0405024398: A Bibliography of Municipal Problems and City Conditions
0405024401: The Policeman
0405024444: The Liquor problem;: A summary of investigations conducted 1893-1903 (The Rise of urban America)
0405024452: The American and His Food (The Rise of urban America)
0405024487: The Little Town, Especially in Its Rural Relationships The Rise of Urban America series
0405024509: The Suburban Trend The Rise of Urban America series
0405024630: The Philadelphia-Baltimore Trade Rivalry 1780-1860.
0405024673: Chicago: a More Intimate View of Urban Politics.
0405024703: Our Fight with Tammany.
0405024711: Bring out your dead;: The great plague of yellow fever in Philadelphia in 1793
0405024746: Charleston Business on the Eve of the American Revolution (The Rise of urban America)
0405024754: Solid for Mulhooly: A Political Satire
0405024762: Americans at Play: Recent Trends in Recreation and Leisure Time Activities (Rise of Urban America)
0405024770: Twentieth Century City
0405024797: The Social Evil in Chicago. A Study of Existing Conditions with Recommendations by the Vice Commission of Chicago,
0405024800: Fifty Years of Rapid Transit, 1864-1917
0405024843: Thirty Years' Battle with Crime or the Crying Shame of New York, as Seen Under the Broad Glare of an Old Detective Lantern
0405024851: The City Wilderness: A Settlement Study by Residents and Associates of the South End House ... South End, Boston The Rise of Urban America series
0405024886: The Settlement Horizon. A National Estimate
0405025009: The National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans. Volumes I, III, IV
0405025602: The Origin And Development Of Dramatic Criticism In The New York Times 1851-1880
0405025610: American Indians: Facts and Future: Toward Economic Development for Native American Communities. Joint Economic Committee, Congress of the United Stat
0405025653: WID'S YEAR BOOK 1921-1922
0405026501: HUNTING AND CONSERVATION American Environmental Studies
0405026544: Principles of Zoology, Touching the Structure, Development, Distribution, and...
0405026552: Delineations of American scenery and character (American environmental studies)
0405026560: Soil Conservation (American Environmental Studies)
0405026579: Forest Physiography
0405026587: Camping and Tramping With President Roosevelt
0405026625: Anniversary address on the progress of the natural sciences in the United States (American environmental studies)
0405026633: The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.
0405026641: The Elements of Botany
0405026684: Uses and Abuses of Air : Showing Its Influence in Sustaining Life and Producing Disease (American Environmental Studies)
0405026706: Our New Alaska
0405026714: Report on the Insects of Massachusetts, Injurious to Vegetation
0405026749: Our Vanishing Wildlife: Its Extermination and Preservation (American Environmental Studies)
0405026757: Thirty Years War for Wild Life
0405026765: A Special Report on the Pollution of River Waters.
0405026811: Chemistry of the Farm and the Sea
0405026838: Biltmore Forest
0405026897: Narrative Journals of Travels From Detroit Northwest Through the Great Chain of American Lakes to the Sources of The Mississippi River In the Year 1820
0405026900: Studies of the pollution of the Tennessee River system.
0405026927: Metallic wealth of the United States (American environmental studies)
0405026935: Wilson's American Ornithology With Additions Including the Birds Described by...
0405027125: Earth Day: The Beginning
0405027303: Czar Ferdinand And His People
0405027338: M. Stambuloff.
0405027362: My War Memories
0405027478: The Roumanian Handbook
0405027486: Travels into Dalmatia (The Eastern Europe collection)
0405027494: Adam Mickiewicz : The National Poet of Poland
0405027516: Poland and the Minority Races (Eastern Europe Collection Series)
0405027559: A History of Hungary
0405027567: Defender of Democracy: Masaryk of Czechoslovakia (The Eastern Europe Collection)
0405027583: Travels in the Slavonic Provinces of Turkey-In-Europe (Eastern Europe Collection)
0405027648: Travels and Politics in the Near East
0405027672: Letters from the Levant
0405027680: Balkan Trial (Eastern Europe Collection)
0405027699: Hungary and Transylvania: With Remarks on Their Social, Political, and Economical Condition (Eastern Europe Collection) - Hardcover
0405027710: Pilsudski (The Eastern Europe collection)
0405027729: The Making of Roumania. A Study of an International Problem, 1856-1866
0405027737: Contemporary Roumania and Her Problems. A Study in Modern Nationalism
0405027745: History of the Balkan Peninsula: From the Earliest Times to the Presen
0405027753: History of Montenegro (Eastern Europe Collection)
0405027907: History of the House of Austria
0405028008: The Conjure - Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem
0405028016: A Magician Among the Spirits
0405028024: Five cities;: The story of their youth and old age
0405028059: EVOLUTION OF MODERN MEDICINE, A Series of Lectures Delivered at Yale University on the Silliman Foundation in April, 1913,
0405028067: Timbers of the New World
0405028229: New Governments West of the Alleghanies before 1780. Bulletin of the University of Wisonsin Historical Series, Vol. 2, No. 1
0405028261: Filson Club Publications: No. 31, Littell's Political Transactions
0405028334: Notes on the War in the South with Biographical Sketches
0405028377: Documents Relating to the Invasion of Canada and the Surrender of Detroit, 1812 (The First American Frontier)
0405028385: Documentary History of the Campaign upon the Niagara Frontier 1812-1814 (The First American frontier)
0405028393: A Topographical Description of the State of Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana (The First American Frontier)
0405028415: History of Col Henry Bouquet and the Western Frontiers of Pennsylvania, 1747-1764
0405028512: Civil and Political History of the State of Tennessee from Its Earliest Settlement Up to the Year 1796, Including the Boundaries of the State (The First American Frontier)
0405028539: History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighboring States
0405028547: Pioneer History: Being an Account of the First Examinations of the Ohio Valley, and the Early Settlement of the Northwest Territory
0405028652: SIMON KENTON His Life and Period 1755-1836
0405028660: Selection of Some of the Most Interesting Narratives of Outrages Committed by the Indians in Their Wars With the White People
0405028768: History of Middle Tennessee, Or, Life and Times of Gen. James Robertson (First American Frontier Ser.)
0405028776: Annals of Tennessee to the End of the Eighteenth Century
0405028784: Boonesborough: its founding, pioneer struggles, Indian experiences, Transylvania days, and revolutionary annals (Filson Club publications)
0405028822: Blennerhassett Papers (The First American Frontier)
0405029039: Memoirs of Lieut. Henry Timberlake: Who Accompanied the Three Cherokee Indians to England in the Year 1762
0405029055: Indian Chiefs of Pennsylvania: Or, a Story of the Part Played
0405029101: American Labor : From Conspiracy to Collective Bargaining, Ser. 1
0405029128: The New Industrial Unrest (New York, N.Y)
0405029144: Labor Problem: Plain Questions and Practical Answers (American Labor Series No. 2)
0405029152: War-Time Strikes and their Adjustment
0405029160: When Labor Organizes (American Labor (New York, N.Y.).)
0405029179: Spy Overhead. The story of industrial espionage.
0405029187: Organized Labor and Production: Next Steps in Industrial Democracy
0405029195: Labor and the Shut-Down of the Amoskeag Textile Mills.
0405029292: Communist Party Vs the Cio: A Study in Power Politics (American Labor Series No. 2)
0405029314: Labor argument in the American protective tariff discussion.
0405029357: Workers in American History (American Labor Ser., No. 2)
0405029438: The Labor Movement in a Government Industry: A Study of Employee Organization in the Postal Service
0405029462: The Sailors Union of the Pacific (American labor : from conspiracy to collective bargaining. Series 2)
0405029497: What's on the Worker's Mind: By One Who Put on Overalls to Find Out (American labor)
0405029519: One Thousand Strikes of Government Employees (American Labor Ser., No. 2)
0405029551: The Management of Workers: Selected Arguments
0405030002: Narrative of a pedestrian journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary (Russia observed)
0405030029: Oriental and Western Siberia: A Narrative of Seven Years Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, The Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part of Central Asia.
0405030126: Revolutionary Days
0405030134: Russia's Iron Age
0405030177: Travels In Poland And Russia. (Russia observed)
0405030207: The knout and the Russians (Russia observed)
0405030223: Inside the Russian Revolution
0405030258: Travels in Siberia (Russia observed) - Hardcover
0405030266: Russia From the American Embassy April, 1916-November, 1918
0405030290: Thirteen Years at the Russian Court
0405030312: Russian Rambles
0405030320: In the uttermost East (Russia observed)
0405030363: Travels through part of the Russian Empire (Russia observed)
0405030371: Tent Life In Siberia
0405030401: RUSSIA.
0405030436: Travels in Kamtschatka, During the Years 1787 and 1788 (Russia Observed, Series 1)
0405030444: In Search of Soviet Gold
0405030517: Moscow 1911-1933.
0405030525: Murray's Hand-Book for Northern Europe : Finland and Russia (Russia Observed Ser.)
0405030541: The Russian Shores of the Black Sea (Russia Observed)
0405030606: A history;: Or, Anecdotes of the revolution in Russia (Russia observed)
0405030614: Memoirs and Recollections of Count Segur, Ambassador from France to the Courts of Russia and Prussia, &c., &c. Written by Himself. (Volume 1)
0405030657: Through Russia on a Mustang
0405030673: We Didn't Ask Utopia: Quaker Families In Soviet Russia
0405030738: Travels in Central Asia (Russia Observed)
0405030819: A SUMMER ON THE YENESEI 1914
0405030878: Through Siberia; The Land of the Future (Russia Observed)
0405030894: The Travels of MacArius, 1652-1660
0405030959: Rural Trends in Depression Years. A survey of village-centered agricultural communities, 1930-1936
0405030967: The Family and the Depression: A Study of One Hundred Chicago Families
0405030991: How to help; a manual of practical charity (Poverty, U.S.A.: the historical...
0405031025: Social security in the United States (Poverty, U.S.A.: the historical record)
0405031041: Unemployment Relief in Periods of Depression
0405031084: Welfare work in mill villages (Poverty, U.S.A.: the historical record)
0405031092: The Jacksonians on the Poor: Collected Pamphlets
0405031149: Indian and His Problem
0405031165: Wage earners' budgets (Poverty, U.S.A.: the historical record)
0405031181: Catholic charities in the United States (Poverty, U.S.A.: the historical record)
0405031211: Preface to Peasantry: A Tale of Two Black Belt Counties
0405031270: Twenty Thousand Homeless Men: A Study of Unemployed Men in the Chicago Shelters
0405031327: Principles of Relief (U.S.a. Historical Record)
0405031335: Rural Poor in the Great Depression. Three studies: Rural Youth by Melvin & Smith; Migrant Families by Webb & Brown; Rural Families on Relief by Zimmerman & Whetten
0405031378: BEHIND THE URALS
0405031386: Across Siberia on the great post-road (Russia observed)
0405031416: Thus Speaks the Body: Attempts toward a Personology from the Point of View of Respiration and Postures
0405031424: Behavior Development in Infants. A Survey of the Literature on Prenatal and Postnatal Activity 1920-1934.
0405031432: Evolution of Facial Expression: Two Accounts (Body movement: perspectives in research).
0405031483: Government research on the problems of children and youth: Background papers prepared for 1970-71 White House Conference on Children and Youth
0405031491: The Mental Health of the Child. Program Reports of the National Institute of Mental Health.
0405032714: History of New Sweden : Or, The Settlements on the River Delaware (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
0405032722: History of New Hampshire (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
0405032765: The civil and natural history of Jamaica (Research library of colonial Americana)
0405032781: An Introduction to the History of the Revolt of the American Colonies
0405032862: An historical review of the constitution and government of Pennsylvania sic (Research library of colonial Americana)
0405032935: History of Jamaica: From Its Discovery
0405032986: A Relation of the Troubles Which Have Happened in New-England, by Reason of the Indians There, from the Year 1614 to the Year 1675 (Research library of colonial Americana)
0405032994: The history of the Colony of Nova-Caesaria, or New-Jersey (Research library of colonial Americana)
0405033052: The London Diary (1717-1721) and Other Writings. Edited by Louis B. Wright and Marion Tinling
0405033079: Historical Account of the Doings and Sufferings of the Christian Indians in New England in the Years 1675, 1676, 1677
0405033095: New English Canaan: Or, New Canaan
0405033109: Virginia : Four Personal Narratives (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
0405033117: Diary Of Samuel Sewall, 1674-1729
0405033125: The Diary of Samuel Sewall
0405033192: Bloudy Tenent, Washed and Made White in the Bloud of the Lambe (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
0405033230: Christian Commonwealth: Or, the Civil Policy of the Rising Kingdom of Jesus Christ (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
0405033346: An Essay upon the Government of the English Plantations on the Continent Of America (1701). (Research Library of Colonial Americana)
0405033605: Police in America
0405033680: Crime in the District of Columbia: Reports and Hearings
0405033702: THE POLICEWOMAN, Her Service and Ideals.
0405033745: Justice to All: The Story of the Pennsylvania State Police
0405033796: Official Proceedings of the National Police Convention, held at the City of Saint Louis, Missouri, on the 20th, 21st and 23rd days of October, 1871.
0405033818: Police & the Blacks : U. S. Civil Rights Commission Hearings
0405033850: The Police and the Crime Problem
0405033982: PROCEEDINGS of the Annual Conventions of the International Association of Chiefs of Police 1921-1925. Vol IV Only
0405034229: Library of Congress. Catalogue of First Editions of Edward MacDowell (1861-1908).
0405034245: United States Atlases.
0405035101: Utopian Literature
0405035144: Utopia Achieved.
0405035160: The future commonwealth (Utopian literature)
0405035195: Daybreak: a Romance of an Old World
0405035217: Ai
0405035241: A.D. 2000
0405035292: First to Awaken
0405035381: The Scarlet Empire
0405035411: Looking Within: The Misleading Tendencies of Looking Backward Made Manifest
0405035500: Islandia
0405035519: Sybaris & Other Homes
0405035578: History of Radio to 1926
0405035594: Radio and Its Future
0405035616: Television: A Struggle for Power (History of Broadcasting : Radio to Television Series)
0405035659: History of the Wireless Telegraphy
0405035667: Old Wires and New Waves (History of broadcasting, radio to television)
0405035675: Invention and Innovation in the Radio Industry
0405035713: Broadcasting: Its New Day.
0405035721: A Thirty-Year History of Programs Carried On The National Radio Networks In The United States 1926-1956
0405035748: Psychology of Radio (History of Broadcasting: Radio to Television)
0405035799: Blacklisting Two Key Documents
0405035802: National Policy for Radio Broadcasting
0405035845: Political Use of the Radio
0405036035: Education and Morals: An Experimentalist Philosophy of Education
0405036043: Education and the Philosophy of Experimentalism (American Education, Ser. 2 )
0405036108: Quality of the Educational Process in the United States and in Europe
0405036132: The Humanizing of Knowledge
0405036167: Short Papers on American Liberal Education
0405036221: The Apocrypha: Or, Non-Canonical Books of the Bible The King James Version
0405036809: Adventures of My Grandfather
0405036868: Bibliography of the State of Ohio Volume 1
0405036906: American Indian Education Government Schools and Economic Progress (American education: its men, ideas, and institutions. Series II)
0405036914: Seaman A. Knapp: Schoolmaster of American Agriculture.
0405036930: General Education in the Progressive College
0405037023: Curriculum Construction.
0405037058: History of Oberlin College: From Its Foundation Through the Civil War (American Education Series, 2)
0405037066: Creative Expression
0405037090: Education for a changing civilization;: Three lectures delivered on the Luther Kellogg Foundation at Rutgers University, 1926 (American education: its men, ideas, and institutions. Series II)
0405037511: Georges Guynemer Knight of the Air (Literature and history of aviation...
0405037554: Golden Wings
0405037600: Flying Dutchman; The Life of Anthony Fokker: The Life of Anthony Fokker (Literature and History of Aviation)
0405037635: A History of the United States Air Force, 1907-1957 (Literature and history of aviation)
0405037643: Five Down and Glory; A History of the American Air Ace
0405037678: Eagle in the Egg (Literature and history of aviation) - Hardcover
0405037686: Empire of the Air: juan Trippe and the Struggle for World Airways
0405037708: Vehicles of the Air: A Popular Exposition of Modern Aeronautics, with Working Drawings
0405037716: The Papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright: Including the Chanute-Wright Letters and Other Papers of Octave Chanute. Volume Two (II) : 1906-1948
0405037724: Strike from the sky;: The story of the Battle of Britain (Literature and history of aviation)
0405037732: Into the Blue.
0405037740: A history of aircraft, (Literature and history of aviation)
0405037775: Mitchell: Pioneer of Air Power
0405037783: The Amazing Mr. Doolittle; A Biography of Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle. (Literature and history of aviation)
0405037791: Old Soggy No 1: The Uninhibited Story of Slats Rodgers
0405037813: Per Ardua. The rise of British air power, 1911-1939
0405037821: History of the United States Naval Aviation
0405037848: The red air fighter (Literature and history of aviation)
0405037864: Low Level Mission (Literature and the History of Aviation Series)
0405037880: Notes of an Aircraft Designer (Literature and history of aviation)
0405037945: Selected Essays on Atheism (The Atheist Viewpoint)
0405037953: Superstition in All Ages
0405037988: Crux Ansata: An Indictment of the Roman Catholic Church
0405037996: Anti-Christ
0405038011: Revelations of Antichrist concerning Christ and Christianity.
0405038046: A Short History of Freethought (The Atheist viewpoint)
0405038062: The atheism of astronomy;: A refutation of the theory that the universe is governed by intelligence (The Atheist viewpoint)
0405038070: Primitive Survivals in Modern Thought
0405038089: Atheism; Collected Essays, 1943-1949 (Am I an Atheist or an Agnostic?; An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish; Can Men be Rational; The Faith of a Rationalist; Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind; Ideas That Have Helped Mankind; on the Value of Scepticism...
0405038410: The Mother at Home : or The Principles of Maternal Duty
0405038429: American Family in World War II
0405038437: A New Conscience And An Ancient Evil
0405038445: THE YOUNG HUSBAND. Or, Duties of Man in the Marriage Relation.
0405038488: Farm Children: An Investigation of Rural Child Life in Selected Areas of Iowa. The Family in America
0405038526: Bankruptcy of Marriage
0405038607: Senescence the Last Half of Life: The Last Half of Life (Family in America) by
0405038631: The Migratory Worker and Family Life
0405038666: Our Changing Morality: A Symposium (Family in America)
0405038682: New Goals for Old Age
0405038704: Companionate Marriage (Family in America)
0405038720: Chicago Families; A Study of Unpublished Census Data
0405038739: Family Disorganization: An Introduction to Sociological Analysis
0405038747: The Illegitimate Family in New York City it's treatment by social and health agencies
0405038755: Seventy Birth Control Clinics
0405038801: The Colonial American family;: Collected essays (Family in America)
0405038844: Child Care in Rural America
0405038852: The Family and Social Service in the 1920's. Two documents
0405038860: A Social History of the American Family from Colonial Times to the Present (Family in America)
0405038887: Around cinemas (The Literature of cinema. Series II)
0405038984: Italian Cinema (National Cinema Ser) by Vernon Jarratt
0405039018: Sociology of Film; Studies and Documents, (The Literature of cinema) by Mayer
0405039034: FRENCH FILM
0405039107: Theory of the Film: Character and Growth of a New Art (The Arno Press cinema program. The Literature of cinema)
0405039115: Let's Go To the Movies
0405039166: QUE VIVA MEXICO!
0405039190: Origins of the American Film
0405039204: Charlie Chaplin
0405039220: Hollywood Scapegoat: The Biography of Erich Von Stroheim
0405039239: Film Answers Back : An Historical Appreciation of the Cinema (Arno Press Cinema Program Ser.)
0405039255: The Complete Greed of Erich Von Stroheim
0405039263: Anatomy of the film;: An illustrated guide to film appreciation (The Arno Press cinema program. The Literature of cinema)
0405039271: Use of the Film (Arno Press Cinema Program)
0405039301: A Memoir of James Jakson, Jr. With Extracts from his Letters to His Father: And Mecical Cases Collected by Him.
0405039352: Essays in medical sociology (Medicine & society in America)
0405039360: Medicine in Virginia in the Seventeenth Century (Medicine & society in America)
0405039395: Psychoanalysis, Its Theories and Practical Application (Medicine and Society in America Series)
0405039409: Social Work. Essays on the Meeting-Ground of Doctor and Social Worker.
0405039417: Physician Himself and What He Should Add to His Scientific Acquirements
0405039425: Medicine & Society in America Cholera Bu
0405039476: Paying Your Sickness Bills
0405039484: Disease and Society in Provincial Massachusetts Collected Accounts 1736-1939
0405039492: The Curability of Insanity: A Series of Studies
0405039522: Medical Education in the United States and Canada (Medicine & society in America) - Hardcover
0405039530: Autobiography of Samuel D. Gross
0405039549: Physician and Patient or a Practical View of the Mutual Duties, Relation and Interests of the Medical Profession and the Community (Medicine & society in America)
0405039557: On the Causes of Idiocy
0405039565: A Memoir of James Jackson, Jr., M. D., with Extracts from His Letters to His Father and Medical Cases Collected by Him (Medicine and Society in America Ser.)
0405039581: The Maternal Physician : A Treatise on the Nurture and Management of Infants from the Birth until Two Years Old Being the Result of Sixteen Years' Experience in the Nursery (Medicine and Society in America Ser.)
0405039603: On the influence of trades, professions, and occupations in the United States, in the production of disease (Medicine & society in America)
0405039654: The Physician and Child-Rearing. Two guides, 1809-1894.
0405039662: The Specialization of Medicine with particular Reference to Ophthalmology.
0405039689: Medical Inquiries and Observations (Medicine & Society in America) - Hardcover
0405039697: Medical Inquiries and Observations, Vol. 1 - Hardcover
0405039700: Medical Inquiries and observations. The Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged by the Author.
0405039719: Report of a General Plan for the Promotion of Public and Personal Health Relating to a Sanitary Survey of the State. Presented Apr. 25, 1850
0405039727: Doctor in Medicine; and Other papers of Professional Subjects.
0405039743: The Causation, Course, and Treatment of Reflex Insanity in Women.
0405039751: Health and Environment.
0405039778: Philosophy of Living Or, the Way to Enjoy Life and Its Comforts
0405039786: The Sanitary Commission of the United States Army: A Succinct Narrative of Its Works and Purpose.
0405039794: The principles of mental hygiene (Medicine & society in America)
0405039905: The countrey justice, containing the practise of the justices of the peace out of their sessions; gathered, for the better helpe of such justices of peace as have not been much conversant in the studie of the lawes of this realme; newly corrected and inlarged.
0405040008: Gifts for the Poor
0405040016: Atlas of Normal Anatomy
0405040148: A treatise on the principles of pleading, in civil actions (American law: the formative years)
0405040156: A Treatise on the Law of Evidence.(3vols.)
0405040253: A practical treatise upon the law of railways (American law: the formative years)
0405040334: A treatise on the law of contracts not under seal (American law: the formative years)
0405040350: A digest of the law of evidence, in civil and criminal cases: And a treatise on bills of exchange, and promissory notes (American law: the formative years)
0405040369: A system of the laws of the State of Connecticut (American law: the formative years)
0405040407: A treatise on the practice of the Supreme Court of judicature of the State of New-York in civil actions (American law: the formative years)
0405040512: Creed and deed: a series of discourses
0405040520: Evidences of the Authenticity, Inspiration and Canonical Authority of the Holy Scriptures
0405040547: Permanent Temperance Documents of the American Temperance Society
0405040563: Genesis of the New England Churches
0405040636: The Position of Christianity in the United States, in Its Relations With Our Political Institutions, and Specially With Reference to Religious Instru
0405040660: A retrospect of fifty years (Religion in America, series II)
0405040717: Judaism At Bay- Essays Toward the Adjustment of Judaism to Modernity
0405040806: The History of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America : Comprising Its Organization, Subsequent Developments and Present Status (Religion in America, Series 2)
0405040903: Reverend Elhanan Winchester: biography and letters (Religion in America, series II)
0405040938: Woman and Temperance
0405040970: Vachel Lindsay: The Poet As Film Theorist
0405040997: The origins of American film criticism, 1909 - 1939.
0405041012: Early Development of the Motion Picture, 1887-1909 (Dissertations on Film Series)
0405041152: Capitlaism and Fascism: Three Right-Wing Tracts. 1937-1941. Contains: Fascist Era, Year XV (1936/7) - Social Policy in the New Germany (1937) - Crisis Free Economy, The Economic Power of the Reich.
0405041160: Decline of American Capitalism
0405041187: Commercial Trusts the Growth and Rights of Aggregated Capital, an Argument Delivered Before the Industrial Commission at Washington, D. C. December
0405041217: Three months in a workshop;: A practical study (The Evolution of capitalism)
0405041241: Economics: An Account of the Relations Between Private Property and Public Welfare (The Evolution of Capitalism Series).
0405041268: Englands View in the Unmasking of Two Paradoxes
0405041276: Mercantilist Views of Trade and Monopoly. Four essays, 1645-1720.
0405041284: An Essay On The Relations Between Labour And Capital
0405041411: Twentieth Century Capitalism
0405041438: The Dynamics of Industrial Combination
0405041446: Revolution in Glassmaking: Entrepreneurship and Technological Change in the American Industry, 1880-1920
0405041454: Industrial Efficiency and Social Economy - Hardcover
0405041500: Conspiracy at Meerut
0405041519: Catline and the Roman Conspiracy : Two Accounts (Conspiracy: Historical Perspectives Ser.)
0405041527: Conspiracy of Arnold and Sir Henry Clinton Against the United States and Against General Washington (Conspiracy: Historical Perspectives Ser.)
0405041543: Conspiracy at Meerut
0405041551: Conspiracy in American Politics Seventeen Eighty-Seven to Eighteen Fifteen (Conspiracy: Historical Perspectives Ser.)
0405041578: An Authentic History of the Cato-Street Conspiracy (Conspiracy: Historical Perspectives Ser.)
0405041624: China
0405041632: Labor and Management (Great Contemporary Issues Ser.)
0405041640: Women
0405041659: Black Africa
0405041667: Values Americans Live By - The Great Contemporary Issues New York Times
0405041675: Crime and Justice - The Great Contemporary Issues New York Times
0405041683: Japan
0405041691: The Presidency
0405044127: The Battle for the Ten Hours Day Continues. Four pamphlets, 1837-1843.
0405044143: Cooperation and the working class: theoretical contributions, four pamphlets, 1827-1834 (British labour struggles: contemporary pamphlets)
0405044151: Cooperative communities: plans and descriptions;: Eleven pamphlets, 1825-1847 (British labour struggles: contemporary pamphlets)
0405044194: The Factory education bill of 1843;: Six pamphlets, 1843 (British labour struggles: contemporary pamphlets)
0405044208: Framework Knitters and Handloom Weavers: Their Attempts to Keep up Wag
0405044216: Friendly Societies: Seven Pamplets, 1798-1839 (British labour struggles: contemporary pamphlets)
0405044240: Labour Disputes in the Mines. Eight pamphlets, 1831-1844
0405044267: The Luddites; Three Pamphlets, 1812-1839. (from British Labour Struggles: Contemporary Pamphlets 1727-1850)
0405044283: Owenism and the Working Class. Six pamphlets and four broadsides, 1821-1834.
0405044291: British Labour Struggles: Contemporary Pamphlets 1727-1850, Prelude to Victory of the Ten Hours Movement: Two Speeches, One Letter, and a Report, 1844
0405044305: The Rational System. Seven pamphlets, 1837-1841.
0405044313: Rebirth of the Trade Union Movement. Five Pamphlets, 1838-1847
0405044321: Repeal of the Combination Acts. Five pamphlets and one broadside, 1825.
0405044364: The Spitalfields acts;: Seven pamphlets, 1818-1828 (British labour struggles: contemporary pamphlets)
0405044372: The Spread of Machinery. Five pamphlets, 1793-1806.
0405044380: Sunday work; seven pamphlets, 1794-1856
0405044399: British Labour Struggles: Contemporary Pamphlets 1727-1850, The Ten Hours Movement in 1831 and 1832;: Six Pamphlets and One Broadside, 1831-1832
0405044402: Trade Unions in the Early 1830's: Seven Pamphlets, 1831-1837 (British Labor Struggles Before 1850 Series)
0405044453: Domestic Service
0405044461: Woman's Work in Municipalities (from the Images & Realities Series)
0405044488: Wives (American women: images and realities)
0405044496: The Excellency of the Female Character, Vindicated
0405044526: Why Women Are So (from the Images & Realities Series)
0405044569: The Women of New York; or, the Under-World of the Great City
0405044585: Woman, Church, and State: A Historical Account of the Status of Woman Through the Christian Ages, With Reminiscenses of the Matriarchate (Amer Women)
0405044593: The Living of Charlotte Perkins Gilman An Autobiography
0405044607: American Woman: The Feminine Side of a Masculine Civilization:/The
0405044615: Manners: Happy Homes and Good Society All the Year Round (American women: images and realities)
0405044623: Women and the Alphabet, a Series of Essays (Volume IV of the Images & Realities Series)
0405044658: Miss Leslie's Behaviour Book
0405044704: The Nervous Housewife.
0405044712: The Old-Fashioned Woman : Primitive Fancies about the Sex (American Women Ser., Images & Realities)
0405044720: Life and Times of Anne Royall (American Women : Images and Realities)
0405044739: Women and Leisure: A Study of Social Waste (American Women: Images and Realities)
0405044747: Terrible Siren: Victoria Woodhull 1838-1927 (American women: images and realities)
0405044763: The Female Review of Deborah Sampson
0405044771: The History of Prostitution
0405044798: Woman's Share in Social Culture (American Women Series: Images and Realities)
0405044801: Women and the West: a Short Social History
0405044852: The Woman In Battle: A Narrative Of The Exploits, Adventures, And Travels Of Madame Loreta Janeta Velazquez
0405044895: The Female Preacher: Memoir of Salome Lincoln, Afterwards the Wife of Elder Junia S. Mowry
0405045026: The Mining Industries, 1899-1939: a Study of Output, Employment and.
0405045034: Jesse Buel. Agricultural reformer
0405045050: Economics of forestry;: A reference book for students of political economy and professional and lay students of forestry (Use and abuse of America's natural resources)
0405045085: Forests and Men
0405045107: WILD LIFE CONSERVATION IN THEORY AND PRACTICE, Lectures Delivered Before the Forest School of Yale University.
0405045158: Development of Forest Law in America: Including Forest Legislation in America Prior to March 4, 1789 (Use and Abuse of America's Natural Resources) - Hardcover
0405045166: History Of The White Pine Industry In Minnesota
0405045182: Iowa Public Land Disposal
0405045190: Proceedings of a Conference of Governors in the White House, Washington, D.C., May 13-15, 1908
0405045204: Irrigation institutions;: A discussion of the economic and legal questions created by the growth of irrigated agriculture in the West (Use and abuse of America's natural resources)
0405045212: Our Nation's water resources;: Policies and politics (Use and abuse of America's natural resources)
0405045298: Preliminary Report of the Inland Waterways Commission: Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting a Preliminary Report of the Inland Waterways Commission
0405045328: Report of the Public Lands Commission created by the Act of March 3, 1879 relating to Public Lands in the Western Portion of the United States
0405045352: Supplementary Report of the Land Planning Committee to the National Resources Board.1935-1942
0405045360: The rise and decline of the wheat growing industry in Wisconsin (Use and abuse of America's natural resources)
0405045379: Land Problems and Policies
0405045387: Timber resources for America's future (Use and abuse of America's natural resources)
0405045395: Headwaters: Control and use. A summary of fundamental principles and their application in the conservation and utilization of waters and soils throughout headwater areas.
0405045409: Lumber Industry
0405045425: American Resources. Their management and conservation
0405045603: The Ukrainian Revolution, 1917-1920: a Study in Nationalism
0405045654: Tito.
0405045670: Command of the Air (American Women: Images and Realities)
0405045689: MEMOIRS OF
0405045697: The Principles of Power : The Great Political Crises of History (World Affairs Ser.: National and International Viewpoints)
0405045743: Controlling world trade;: Cartels and commodity agreements, (World affairs: national and international viewpoints)
0405045808: The White Man's Dilemma. Climax of the Age of Imperialism
0405045824: International Relations as Viewed from Geneva
0405045832: The Revolution of Nihilism : Warning to the West (World Affairs Ser.: National and International Viewpoints)
0405045840: Ukrainian Revolution, 1917-1920
0405045891: The Jews in the Soviet Union
0405045905: CANADA
0405045913: Stalin
0405045921: Warfare a Study of Military Methods from the Earliest Times
0405045948: Eyewitness; Being Personal Reminiscences of Certain Phases of the Great War, Including the Genesis of the Tank
0405045964: Naboth's Vineyard: The Dominican Republic, 1844-1924 (World Affairs: National and International Viewpoints)
0405046006: Ten Years in Japan
0405046014: Geopolitics the Struggle for space and Power
0405046235: Poems of the War.
0405046251: War-Lyrics and Other Poems
0405046286: Poems of sixty-five years (The Romantic tradition in American literature)
0405046294: Eonchs of Ruby: A Gift of Love
0405046316: Froissart Ballads, and Other Poems (The Romantic Tradition in American Literature Ser.)
0405046340: Orations and Speeches on Various Occasions
0405046359: The marble prophecy, and other poems (The Romantic tradition in American literature)
0405046383: The Complete Poetical Works of Joaquin Miller
0405046391: A Discourse of Matters Pertaining to Religion
0405046405: Poems
0405046480: Poems
0405046529: The poems, sacred, passionate, and humorous, of Nathaniel Parker Willis (The Romantic tradition in American literature)
0405046839: Brewed in America, A History of Beer and Ale in The United States.
0405046847: Oliver Evans: A Chronicle of Early American Engineering
0405046855: America's Fabrics Origin and History, Manufacture, Characteristics and Uses
0405046898: Professional Amateur the Biography of Charles Franklin Kettering
0405046928: Alcoa an American Enterprise
0405046936: Scientific blacksmith, (Technology and society)
0405046995: The Young Mill-Wright and Miller's Guide (Technology and Society)
0405047010: The Story of the Atlantic Telegraph.
0405047045: History of American Industrial Science
0405047053: The story of public utilities (Technology and society)
0405047096: Telephone and Telephone Exchanges : Their Invention and Development (Technology and Society Ser.)
0405047134: Wherever Men Trade
0405047142: Lowell, As It Was, and As It Is
0405047150: New Epoch as Developed by the Manufacture of Power
0405047169: Memoir of Eli Whitney,Esq.
0405047231: America
0405047290: Nathan Trotter: Philadelphia Merchant, 1787-1853
0405047312: Steam Conquers the Atlantic
0405047320: Technological Trends and National Policy, Including the Social Implications of New Inventions
0405047401: Television: A world survey, including supplement (International propaganda and communications)
0405047428: Propaganda and Dictatorship: A Collection of Papers
0405047436: Propaganda by Short Wave.
0405047460: The Press & World Affairs (International Propaganda & Communications Series)
0405047495: Radio diffusion Puissance Mondiale
0405047568: Comes the Reckoning
0405047592: International News and the Press; An Annotated Bibliography,
0405047630: America's Weapons Of Psychological Warfare (international Propaganda And Communications)
0405047649: Legislation for Press, Film and Radio
0405047657: Overseas information service of the United States Government, (International...
0405047665: The international aspects of electrical communications in the Pacific area (International propaganda and communications)
0405047681: Peoples Speaking to Peoples: A Report on International Mass Communication from the Commission on Freedom of the Press (International Propaganda and Communications)
0405047770: Athenian studies, presented to William Scott Ferguson (Greek history)
0405047789: The stoichedon style in Greek inscriptions (Greek history)
0405047819: An Economic History of Athens Under Roman Domination.
0405047975: Studien Zur Alteren Athenischen Verfassungsgeschichte
0405047983: Thalatta: Der Weg Der Griechen Zum Meer
0405048319: Phaedo of Plato
0405048327: Timaeus of Plato
0405048343: Philebus of Plato
0405048459: The Fifth Book of the Nicomachaen Ethics of Aristotle. Edited By Henry Jackson. (The Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle Ser.)
0405048467: Plato's Republic
0405048483: POLITICS
0405048491: The Politics of Aristotle: 001
0405048505: Politics of Aristotle Volume 2
0405048513: POLITICS
0405048521: Politics of Aristotle
0405048564: Aristotle. De Sensu and De Memoria
0405048572: Aristotle's Constitution of Athens. A Revised Text with an Introduction, Critical and Explanatory Notes, Testimonia and Indices by Sir John Edwin Sandys.
0405048718: Legion of Decency a Sociological Analysi
0405048726: The Silent Partner : The History of the American Film Manufacturing Company 1910-1921 (Vol. 7)
0405048742: Pudovkin's Films and Film Theory (Dissertations on Film Ser. )
0405048912: The Fine Art of Photography, hc, 1989
0405048947: The History and Practice of Daguerreotyping, (The Literature of photography...
0405048955: Sun Artists (Original Series) (Nos. 1 - 8) (The Literature of Photography Ser.)
0405048963: Photographic Printing Methods: A Practical Guide to the Professional and Amateur Worker.
0405049021: The daguerreotype process: three treatises, 1840-1849 (The Literature of photography)
0405049056: Naturalistic Photography.
0405049080: Photographic Amusements, Including Tricks and Unusual or Novel Effects Obtainable With the Camera (The Literature of Photography)
0405049102: Principles of Pictorial Photography
0405049137: A History of Photography, Written as a Practical Guide and an Introduction to Its Latest Developments
0405049145: Composition in Portraiture (The Literature of Photography Ser)
0405049218: Researches on Light.
0405049226: Encyclopedia of Photography
0405049242: Tom Wedgwood. The first photographer
0405049250: Photography for Artists the Literature
0405049269: Victorian Snapshots
0405049277: Monsters and Madonnas.
0405049285: Nonsilver Printing Processes: Four Selections, 1886-1927.
0405049331: Art and Practice of Silver Printing.
0405049358: Letters on Landscape Photography. Reprinted from The Photographic Times. Revised by the Author
0405049404: Voigtlander and I. In Pursuit of Shadow Catching. A Story of Fifty-Two Years' Companionship with a Camera.
0405049412: The Wonders of Light and Shadow (The Literature of Photography).
0405049447: Animal Locomotion : The Muybridge Work at the University of Pennsylvania - the Method and the Result
0405049455: Pictorial Journalism
0405049463: THE CHEMISTRY OF LIGHT AND PHOTOGRAPHY, in their application to Art, Science and Industry.
0405049501: American Carbon Manual: Or the Production of Photographic Prints in Permanent Pigments (Literature of Photography Series)
0405049528: Nonsilver Printing Processes:Four Selections, 1886-1927
0405049536: Naturalistic Photography for Students of the Art: The Death of Naturalistic Photography
0405049595: Echoes of the Past About California
0405049609: OUR NEW WEST
0405049617: Adventures in the Apache Country; a Tour Through Arizona and Sonora with Notes on the Silver Regions of Nevada
0405049633: Handbook to the Gold Fields of Nebraska & Kansas
0405049641: Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West
0405049692: A History of the Comstock Silver Lode & Mines
0405049706: Life on the Plains and Among the Diggings; Being Scenes and Adventures of an Overland Journey to California
0405049749: A History of Oregon 1792-1849
0405049757: The Far Western Frontier / Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Mier
0405049781: Life on the Plains of the Pacific. Oregon: Its History, Condition and Prospects, etc. etc.
0405049803: The Mines of Colorado
0405049846: An excursion to California over the prairie, Rocky Mountains, and Great Sierra Nevada (The Far Western frontier)
0405049854: Ten years in Oregon (The Far Western frontier)
0405049862: Vancouver Island & British Columbia: Their History, Resources & Prospects (The Far Western Frontier)
0405049870: Four Years in the Rockies; Or, the Adventures of Isaac P. Rose
0405049889: ARIZONA AND SONORA: The Geography, History, and Resources of the Silver Region of North America.
0405049943: Personal adventures in Upper and Lower California, in 1848-9 (The Far Western frontier)
0405049951: Golden Dreams and Waking Realities (The Far Western Frontier Ser.)
0405049986: Oregon and California in 1848:
0405050003: Sixteen Months at the Gold Diggings (The Far Western Frontier)
0405050518: High Living: Recipes from Southern Climes
0405050526: Midwestern Home Cookery
0405050534: Mrs Porter's New Southern Cookery Book
0405050542: Southwestern Cookery; Indian and Spanish Influences
0405050593: Democracy in the South Before the Civil War
0405050615: The Ills of the South (The American South Ser.)
0405050623: Economic Aspects of Southern Sectionalism, 1840-1861
0405050631: The Southern States Since the War, 1870-71 (The American South Ser.)
0405050658: Destruction and Reconstruction : Personal Experiences of the Late War.
0405050739: The Industrial Progress of the Nation: Consumption Limited, Production Unlimited.
0405050747: Directors and Their Functions: A Preliminary Study (Big Business, Economic Power in a Free Society)
0405050755: More They Told Barron (Big Business)
0405050798: Fifty Years in Wall Street (Big Business)
0405050801: The Industrial History of the United States (Big Business; Economic Power in a Free Society Series)
0405050828: The Union Pacific Railway: A Study in Railway Politics, History, and Economics
0405050860: New York's great industries (Big business)
0405050887: My Life and Work
0405050895: A Practical Treatise on Business: Or How to Get, Save, Spend, Give, Lend, & Bequeath Money: with an Inquiry into the Chances of Success & Causes of Failure in Business.
0405050917: Price and Price Policies. First Edition
0405050976: Big Business: A New Era (Big Business)
0405050984: A History of Manufactures in the Ohio Valley to the Year 1860.
0405051018: Taxation: The Peoples Business (Big Business)
0405051085: Resources and Prospects of America
0405051093: Main Street and Wall Street
0405051115: Random Reminiscences of Men and Events
0405051123: Trust and Corporation Problems (Big Business : Economic Power in a Free Society Series)
0405051204: A study of the United States Steel Corporation in its industrial and legal aspects (Big business)
0405051328: Mental Science: A Compendium of Psychology and the History of Philosophy (Classics in Psychology Series)
0405051360: Fundamentals of Social Psychology
0405051409: Mind in Evolution
0405051417: Concept of Consciousness
0405051433: Colour and Colour Theories
0405051441: Lectures delivered at the 20th anniversary celebration at Clark University (Classics in psychology)
0405051476: Outlines of Psychology (Classics in psychology)
0405051484: The Group Mind.
0405051492: Studies in the Psychology of Art, Volume 3
0405051506: Habit and Instinct
0405051530: Thought and the Brain.
0405051549: ATTENTION
0405051565: The mind of the child (Classics in psychology)
0405051581: Feelings and Emotions. The Wittenberg Symposium
0405051603: The Psychology of Character With a Survey of Temperament (Classics in.
0405051662: Lectures on the Elementary Psychology of Feeling and Attention
0405051727: Dynamic Psychology.
0405051743: Dancing Mouse (Classics in psychology)
0405051921: The Beginnings of American Psychiatric Thought and Practice: Five Accounts, 1811-1830 (Mental Illness and Social Policy: the American Experience)
0405051948: History of the Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
0405051964: An Inquiry Concerning the Diseases and Functions of The Brain, The Spinal Cord, and The Nerves
0405051980: Fundamental Conceptions of Psychoanalysis (Mental illness and social policy: the American experience)
0405052014: What Is Psychoanalysis?
0405052030: Recollections Of Richard Dewey Pioneer In American Psychiatry An Unfinished Autobiography
0405052049: Memoirs of Pliny Earle, M.D., with Extracts from His Diary and Letters (1830-1892) and Selections from His Professional Writing (1839-1891). Mental Illness and Social Policy: The American Experience
0405052081: Treatise on on Insanity in Its Medical Relations. Mental Illness and SocialPolicy: The American Experience
0405052162: Commonsense Psychiatry of Dr. Adolf Meyer: Fifty Two Selected Papers (Mental Illness and Social Policy the American Experience)
0405052219: Unconscious
0405052235: Human Motives
0405052243: New York Hospital
0405052251: The Psychology of Suggestion: A Research into the Subconscious Nature of Man & Society (Mental illness and social policy: the American experience)
0405052294: Insanity, Its Classification, Diagnosis and Treatment
0405052324: Letters to His Excellency Governor Manning on the Lunatic Asylum
0405052367: Twentieth Century Psychiatry: Its Contribution to Man's Knowledge of Himself
0405052383: Report on the Condition of the Insane Poor in the County Poor Houses of New York.
0405052391: Jurisprudence of Medicine
0405052510: The Evolution of Jewish Thought: From Biblical Times to the Opening of the Modern Era (Mental Illness and Social Policy: The American Experience)
0405052545: My Reminiscences.
0405052588: Christian Origins and Judaism (The Jewish People: History, Religion, Literature)
0405052618: Jewish Marriage Contract a Study in the Status of the Woman in Jewish Law (The Jewish people: history, religion, literature)
0405052626: Facets of Medieval Judaism (Mental Illness and Social Policy: The American Experience)
0405052642: The kabbalah;: Or, The religious philosophy of the Hebrews, (The Jewish people: history, religion, literature)
0405052650: The Jew and the Universe.
0405052715: My Religion
0405052731: Historical Views of Judaism
0405052758: Jesus as Others Saw Him
0405052774: Origins of the Synagogue and the Church, The
0405052804: A Christian Looks at the Jewish Question
0405052812: Essays in Jewish Biography
0405052839: Modern Jewish thought;: Selected issues, 1889-1966 (The Jewish people: history, religion, literature)
0405052863: Jews Among the Greeks and Romans.
0405053428: The history of the late revolutions of Persia: Done into English, from the original, lately publish'd with the Royal licence at Paris, (The Middle East collection)
0405053614: Caliphs Last Heritage
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