0407760016: The Peripheral Blood Film, 2nd ed
0407772707: Steroids: Principles and Techniques
0407801014: Basic Clinical Surgery for Nurses and Medical Students
0407835008: An introduction to nursing bacteriology
0407877053: Pressure sores: Prevention and treatment (Nursing in depth series)
0407934219: Optics,
0407934227: Optics
0407985107: Stress in health and disease
0407996001: Oculomotor System and Brain Functions
0408000120: Introduction to Plastics
0408000155: Telecommunications Pocket Book
0408000171: Small-Bore Heating and Hot-Water Supply for Small Dwellings
0408000228: Wiring circuits
0408000309: Dictionary of Telecommunications,
0408000422: Application of Modern Physical Techniques to Tribology.
0408000600: Digital logic: basic theory and practice
0408000627: Automatic Control of Industrial Drives
0408000708: Gas Purification Processes
0408000759: The Modern Diesel: Development and Design.
0408000783: Production Engineering:Jig and Tool Design
0408000813: Guide to Industrial Hydraulics
0408000856: Video recording: record and replay systems
0408000864: Nickel and chromium plating,
0408000899: Newnes Color Television Servicing Manual (1)
0408000902: Dictionary of Water and Water Engineering
0408001097: Corrosion Volume 1 2ND Edition
0408001224: Packaging evaluation: The testing of filled transport packages (Fundamentals of packaging)
0408001240: Advanced Communication Systems STC Monog
0408001291: Man-Made Fibres
0408001305: Elements of Transistor Pulse Circuits.
0408001313: Thermostatic Control. Principles and Practice
0408001356: Dictionary of Data Processing
0408001461: Packaging for Climatic Protection
0408001682: Electronics engineer's reference book
0408001690: Naval Architecture for Marine Engineers
0408001704: Marine Auxiliary Machinery
0408001763: Finite Element Techniques for Fluid Flow
0408001976: Basic metric surveying
0408002107: Adhesives Handbook.
0408002123: Modern wiring practice
0408002298: Project Planning and Building
0408002301: Simple Circuit Building
0408002336: Handbook of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning.
0408002344: Systematic hydrology
0408002565: Concrete for Structural Engineers
0408002611: Sampling Systems for Process Analyzers
0408002700: Metallic Coatings for Corrosion Control
0408002735: Management of Engineering Projects
0408002786: Beginner's guide to integrated circuits
0408002840: SI Calculations in Engineering Science
0408002905: The solar house: A guide to solar energy utilisation in domestic, industrial...
0408003049: Industrial Hazard and Safety Handbook
0408003073: Mechanical Seals
0408003138: Building Conversion and Rehabilitation
0408003154: Questions & answers: Wooden boat construction
0408003200: Programming for Microprocessors
0408003235: Theory of Structures with Matrix Notation
0408003243: Electronics for Technicians 2
0408003316: Dictionary of Electronics
0408003324: Physical Science for Technicians 1
0408003332: Engineering Surveying Volume I (one)
0408003340: Muckle's Naval Architecture
0408003391: Dictionary of Audio, Radio and Video
0408003405: Boundary Element Techniques in Engineering
0408003634: Quality in Urban Planning and Design
0408003707: Operational Amplifiers
0408003804: Heating Service Design
0408003812: Management of Textile Production.
0408003871: Marine Steam Engines and Turbines
0408003901: Energy Storage
0408003936: Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Structures
0408003960: Management of Vehicle Production
0408004045: Digital Logic Design
0408004185: The Darkroom Handbook: a Complete Guide to the Best Design, Construction, and Equipment.
0408004320: Electrical Engineer's Reference Book
0408004398: Amateur Radio (Questions & Answers S.)
0408004401: Gem Testing
0408004428: Beginner's Guide to Home Energy Saving
0408004584: Electronics for Technicians 3
0408004754: Newnes Book of Video
0408004762: Computer Methods for Architects
0408004924: Computer Appreciation
0408004959: Dictionary of Waste and Water Treatment
0408004983: Marine Electrical Practice
0408005068: Video Techniques
0408005254: Handbook of Industrial Lighting
0408005378: Engineering Properties Of Soils And Rocks
0408005408: Famous Names in Engineering
0408005475: Diamonds and Diamond Grading
0408005505: Processing and Printing
0408005521: Microelectronic Systems: Level 1 (Checkbooks S.)
0408005580: Handbook of Engineering Design
0408005599: Industrial and Business Forecasting Methods
0408005610: Radio Systems for Technicians 2.
0408005718: Dictionary of Gemology
0408005890: Electronic Engineers Reference Book
0408005904: Electronics Engineers Reference Book
0408005912: Dictionary of Data Processing
0408005998: Principles of transistor circuits: Introduction to the design of amplifiers, receivers, and digital circuits
0408007079: Electric Motor Handbook
0408007338: Computer Integrated Manufacturing : Fundamentals to Implementation
0408007400: Regulating Industrial Risks. Science, hazards, and public protection
0408008008: Computing for Architects
0408008245: Knowledge Engineering and Computer Modelling in CAD
0408008776: Sustainable Development : Constraints and Opportunities
0408008806: Applied Ergonomics Handbook
0408009977: Selection and Use of Engineering Materials
0408010827: The Motor Vehicle
0408011076: Basic Statistics
0408011084: Dictionary of Energy Technology
0408011122: BASIC Hydraulics
0408011130: BASIC Stress Analysis
0408011149: Thermodynamics for Technicians Three-Fourths
0408011289: Electric Arc Welding (Questions & Answers S.)
0408011378: BASIC Numerical Mathematics
0408011394: Experimental Modelling in Engineering
0408011483: Gems
0408011491: Servicing Digital Circuits in TV Receivers
0408011572: Motor Vehicle
0408011580: Digital Computer Structure and Design.
0408011602: Electronic security systems
0408011629: Newnes, Book of Photography
0408011637: Questions and Answers on Microprocessors (Newnes Microcomputer Books)
0408011661: Home Video
0408011688: Managing Energy in Commerce and Industry
0408011726: Stress Analysis for Creep
0408011734: Ground Engineer's Reference Book
0408011912: Radar and Electronic Navigation
0408012080: Civil Engineer's Reference Book
0408012099: Retail Jeweller's Guide
0408012102: Dictionary of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Abbreviations
0408012129: Modern Preparation and Weaving Machinery
0408012196: Retailer's Guide to Glass and Pottery
0408012307: Design Against Crime
0408012323: Jones' Instrument Technology
0408012390: Operational Amplifier Experimental Manual
0408012404: Operational Amplifier Experimental Manua
0408012420: Programmer's Geometry
0408012447: Applied Solar Energy
0408012501: Efficient Use of Energy
0408012536: Ergonomics of Workstation Design
0408012552: World Survey of CAM
0408012595: International Cryogenic Engineering Conference, 12th
0408012625: BASIC Graphs and Network Algorithms
0408012706: BASIC Technical Systems Simulation
0408013117: Machine Code for Beginners : 6502
0408013125: Basic Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
0408013133: Marine Control Practice
0408013141: Lightwave Technology : An Introduction
0408013281: Efficient Energy Future : Prospects for Europe and North America
0408013311: Quality Technology Handbook 4ed
0408013427: Cobol for Micros
0408013435: Newnes Physical Science Pocket Book for Engineers
0408013451: Information Sources in Management and Business
0408013508: Exergy Method of Thermal Plant Analysis
0408013516: Introduction to the Physical Metallurgy of Welding
0408013567: Adhesives Handbook
0408013613: Microprocessor Engineering
0408013656: BASIC Soil Mechanics
0408013699: Electronics and Electronic Systems
0408013745: BASIC Materials Studies
0408013761: Cost Management for Library & Information Services
0408013826: Pearls, Natural, Cultured, and Imitation (Butterworths Gem Books)
0408013877: Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook
0408013885: Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards
0408013907: BASIC Matrix Methods
0408013958: BASIC in Action
0408014008: Architectural Practice
0408014016: Microform, Video, And Electronic Media Librarianship
0408014202: Practical Studies in Systematic Design
0408014261: Software Engineering
0408014350: Tin in Organic Synthesis
0408014369: Beginner's Guide to Pottery
0408014636: Dampness in Buildings : Diagnosis, Treatment, Instruments
0408014679: Information Sources in Science and Technology
0408014741: Information Sources in Physics (Butterworths Guides to Information Sources)
0408014830: Offshore Installation Practice
0408015047: Uksc 84: Proceedings of the 1984 Uksc Conference on Computer Simulation, 12-14 September 1984, University of Bath, England
0408015071: Reliability of Eng Materials
0408015365: The Museum Environment (Butterworths Series in Conservation and Museology)
0408015446: Construction Project Management
0408015462: Production Systems Design
0408015535: BASIC Molecular Spectroscopy
0408015543: BASIC Mechanical Vibrations
0408015632: Automobile Steering & Suspension 2ND Edition
0408015780: BASIC Digital Signal Processing
0408015799: BASIC Forecasting Techniques
0408015802: BASIC Operational Amplifiers
0408015888: Engineering Productivity through CAD/CAM. Computer-Aided Engineering Series
0408022809: Engineering Database
0408022906: Online Searching: Principles & Practice
0408024224: Ergonomics in Advanced Manufacturing Technology
0408025409: Introduction to Building Management.
0408025565: Corrosion Damaged Concrete : Assessment and Control
0408025700: Europe-Japan: Futures in Science, Technology and Democracy
0408025905: Power Transformer Handbook
0408026359: Electronic Security Systems : Better Ways to Crime Prevention
0408026707: Telecom Mosaic : Assembling the New International Structure
0408026804: Computer Graphics Metafile
0408026960: Learning from Accidents in Industry
0408027509: Dictionary of Electronics
0408027703: Manufacturing With Materials/Book and Data Cards
0408027800: Handbook of Road Safety Research
0408027843: Marine Technology Reference Book
0408028505: World Mapping Today
0408029250: Dictionary of Gemology
0408029382: Distributed Computer Systems
0408029501: Food Structure - Its Creation and Evaluation
0408030100: Practical Introduction to the New Logic Symbols
0408030305: Maintenance Planning and Control.
0408030313: Subject Analysis: Principles and Procedures
0408030607: Primose McConnel's the Agricultural Notebook
0408030801: Amber
0408031107: Jet
0408032375: Management of Marine Design
0408032731: Cathodic Protection of Reinforcement Steel in Concrete
0408032855: Information Sources in Information Technology (Guides to Information Sources)
0408033932: The Engineer's Clean Air Handbook
0408036214: Computers and Informatics in Developing Countries
0408037539: Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology
0408037652: Solid-Liquid Separation
0408040009: Romanian Pilgrim : An Anthology Culture & Civilization
0408040025: Papers In Regional Science Vol 82 Nu 2 Apr 2003
0408040033: EuroDisney Resort
0408040173: ISO Standards for Computer Graphics
0408040939: Planning for the Information Technology Industries, 1992
0408043067: Towers
0408043555: Unbound Aggregates in Roads
0408044292: Critical Aspects of Safety and Loss Prevention
0408045140: Education for Life
0408046589: Materials in Action : Structural Materials
0408047070: Pneumatic Conveying Design
0408047798: Genetic Engineering of Crop Plants
0408048158: Broadcast Data Systems
0408048751: Interfacial Phenomena in Composite Materials, 1989
0408049715: Feedstuff Evaluation
0408049839: Bretherick's Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards
0408052724: Practical Guide Maintenance Engineering
0408054425: Broadcast Sound Technology
0408055626: Retail Loss Control
0408056347: Energy Analysis and Policy
0408067713: Materials under Stress
0408070064: Adhesives Handbook,
0408101342: New Techniques in Sheep Production
0408103507: Addition Polymers: Formation and Characterization.
0408106018: Mathematical Modeling
0408106034: Metal Cutting
0408106069: Microform Publishing
0408106085: Introduction to Chemical Nomenclature
0408106093: Historical Sources in Geography (Sources and Methods in Geography)
0408106115: Chemisorption: An Experimental Approach
0408106174: Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics
0408106212: Seed Production
0408106328: Modern Economic Analysis
0408106387: Growth in Animals.
0408106409: Urban Data Sources
0408106417: Energy Metabolism
0408106425: Texture Analysis in Materials Science : Mathematical Methods
0408106468: Electron Transfer Reactions
0408106492: Physiological Processes Limiting Plant Productivity
0408106743: Future of the Dollar and the World Reserve System.
0408106751: The Future of the Dollar and the World Reserve System
0408106840: Information Science in Theory and Practice
0408106883: Environmental Aspects of Housing for Animal Production
0408106980: Loss Prevention in the Process Industry vol 2.
0408107057: Effects of Gaseous Air Pollution in Agriculture and Horticulture
0408107081: Enlargement and Compaction of Particulate Solids
0408107111: The Mediterranean Basin: It's Political Economy and Changing International Relations (European Studies)
0408107170: Die Casting Metallurgy
0408107278: Pay Inequalities in the European Community
0408107308: Cases in Economic Development : Projects, Policies and Strategies
0408107340: Archives and the Computer
0408107375: Applied Climatology Study of Atmospheri
0408107626: The East European economies in the 1970s (Butterworths studies in international political economy)
0408107642: Information Sources in the History of Science and Medicine
0408107650: Political Economy of Industrial Policy
0408107685: Control of Pig Reproduction
0408107731: Prostaglandins and Thromboxanes
0408107758: Information Retrieval Research
0408107855: Discipline of Politics
0408107871: France in the Troubled World Economy
0408107960: Political forces in Spain, Greece, and Portugal (Butterworths European studies)
0408108177: THE SUCCESSOR GENERATION: International Perspectives Of Postwar Europeans.
0408108185: Documents in Communist Affairs, 1977
0408108339: Establishment of Marxist Regimes
0408108347: The Establishment of Marxist Regimes
0408108398: A Political Geography Of Community Europe
0408108428: Geography of World Affairs
0408108517: The Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art and Antiquities (Conservation and Museology Ser.)
0408108568: Metal Cutting
0408108592: Selection and Use of Engineering Materials
0408108649: Fats in Animal Nutrition;
0408108673: Reproduction in Cattle
0408111518: Protein Contribution of Feedstuffs for Ruminants
0408114304: Economic Analysis in Historical Perspective
0408114703: Information Sources in Politics and Political Science: A Survey Worldwide
0408114738: Information Sources in the Medical Sciences
0408114754: Information Sources in Engineering. Second Edition
0408115742: Mixing in the Process Industries
0408119004: Attention in neurophysiology: An international conference held at the National Physical Laboratory in October 1967;
0408176105: Disposal of sewage and other water-borne wastes,
0408183500: Electrical, Magnetic, and Visual Methods of Testing Materials.
0408196009: Fish and River Pollution
0408221585: Proceedings of the Sixth International Zeolite Conference
0408244003: Towards a Just World Peace
0408249404: Metals Reference Book, Volumes I and II. Second Edition.
0408301007: Collection Development for Libraries
0408320001: Proteins as Human Food
0408336005: River Pollution 3: Control
0408347805: Sewage treatment: basic principles and trends
0408367504: Textile Conservation
0408379014: Transport and Accumulation in Biological Systems. Third Edition
0408384115: The Use of Biological Literature, 2nd edition;
0408384522: Use of Chemical Literature (Information Sources for Research and Development)
0408389907: Water Resources Development: Planning, Engineering and Economics
0408419504: Basic Geology for Engineers.
0408429011: Chemical Microbiology
0408433000: Classical Electromagnetism via Relativity. An Alternative Approach to Maxwell's Equations
0408461020: Elementary reaction kinetics
0408492007: Fundamentals of statistics
0408497513: A geography of the U.S.S.R: The background to a planned economy
0408497521: Geography of the Soviet Union
0408500026: Tree Detailing
0408500085: Manual of Graphic Techniques
0408500115: Architectural Detailing in Contract Interiors
0408500123: Manual of Graphic Techniques
0408500166: Offices
0408500247: Planning & Design of Library Buildings 3
0408500301: Building Envelope : Applications of New Technology Cladding
0408500441: Geoffrey Bawa
0408500492: Space for Freedom
0408500557: Architect's Guide to Venice
0408500565: Architect's Guide to London
0408500603: Architecture in Pakistan
0408500611: Nuclear Disasters and the Built Environment : A Report to the Royal Institute of British Architects
0408500840: Mies Van Der Rohe Award European Architecture
0408531258: An Introduction to Extremum Principles.
0408615508: Outline of industrial organic chemistry.
0408700025: Geological Highlights of the West Countr
0408700033: A simplified approach to solid state physics
0408700165: Modern France: A Social And Economic Geography: A Social And Economic Geography
0408700211: Introduction to colloid and surface chemistry,
0408700297: The uses of cyclotrons in chemistry, metallurgy and biology: Proceedings of a conference held at St Catherine's College, Oxford, 22-23 September 1969;
0408700394: Noise Abatement
0408700424: Brittle Fracture in Steel Structures
0408700491: Industrial Crystallisation From Solutions.
0408700629: Plastics: Surface and Finish.
0408700645: Adhesive Handbook
0408700653: Photochemistry,
0408700688: Ion Transport and Membranes
0408700718: Elementary Electrochemistry
0408700734: Mechanics of bulk materials handling
0408700866: Chemical Control of the Human Environmen
0408700890: Experiments in Textile and Fibre Chemistry.
0408700904: Electronic Measurement Techniques
0408700920: Optical Distance Measurement
0408700963: Physical fundamentals of materials science,
0408701005: University chemical education: Proceedings of the International Symposium on University Chemical Education held in Frascati (Rome), Italy, 16-19 October 1969
0408701013: Proceedings of the International Conference on Thermodynamics
0408701102: Materials Science - Selection of Materials
0408701137: Drying of Solids in the Chemical Industry
0408701145: Psychology in the industrial environment (Behavioural sciences)
0408701234: Field-Effect Electronics;
0408701293: Gas Chromatography
0408701315: Gas Chromatography.
0408701390: Properties of Engineering Materials
0408701439: Physical and Engineering Aspects of Thermal Pollution
0408701447: Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry:definitive Rules for Section A, Hydrocarbons Section B, Fundamental Heterocyclic Systems Section C, Characteristic groups Containing Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Halogen, Sulfur, Selenium, and/or Tellurium
0408701455: The characterization of chemical purity: Organic compounds produced by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Division, ... Physiocochemical Measurements and Standards
0408701463: Transistor Circuit Design Tables
0408701498: Pollen: Development and Physiology
0408701617: Principles of Radiochemistry
0408701730: Use of Fungi as Food and in Food Processing
0408701749: Hyperstatic Structures
0408701757: Reinforced Concrete. An International Manual
0408701900: G-6-PD deficiency
0408701935: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
0408701951: A Review of the Structure and Physical Properties of Liquid Crystals
0408701978: Communication Systems Analysis
0408701986: Communication Systems Analysis
0408701994: Graphs and Networks. An Introduction
0408702028: Operational Amplifiers
0408702052: Coordination Chemistry:Experimental Methods
0408702079: Isotopes and Radiation in Biology
0408702087: Isotopes and radiation in biology, by Thornburn, C. C
0408702125: Ultrasonics: Methods and Applications
0408702230: Electron Physics. The Physics of the Free Electron. Second Edition
0408702362: Sound With Vision : Sound Techniques For Television and Film
0408702370: Queueing Theory in OR
0408702397: Potentiostat and Its Applications
0408702427: The conduct of Soviet foreign policy;
0408702516: Non-linear structures: matrix methods of analysis and design
0408702540: Mathematics for Ecologists
0408702559: Mathematics for Ecologists
0408702680: Surface Chemistry & Colloids: Physical Chemistry Series One, Volume 7 (MTP International Review of Science)
0408702729: MTP International Review of Science, Volume 11: Chemical Crystallograp
0408702737: Analytical Chemistry Part One Physical Chemistry Series One Vol 12
0408702885: Piling Practice
0408703059: Mechanical Properties of Solids and Fluids
0408703075: CHROMOSOME TECHNIQUES. Theory and Practice. **Second Edition**
0408703083: Productivity Measurements and Incentives
0408703156: XXIIIRD INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY Volume 6 Special Lectures Presented At Boston, USA 26-30 July 1971
0408703180: Special Lectures Presented at the XXIIIrd International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry
0408703261: Semiconductor Opto-Electronics
0408703407: Animal Tissue Culture: Advances in Technique
0408703415: Metallurgical Microscopy English Translation of Handbok I Metallmikroskopering
0408703490: Crystallisation.
0408703539: Compatibility and Testing of Electronic Components
0408703601: Subcellular Components Preparation & Fra
0408703784: Modern Physical Chemistry: An Introductory Text
0408703830: Dependability and Durability of Engineering Products .
0408703849: Dynamic programming with management applications, (Operational research series)
0408704039: Evaluated Kinetic Data on Gas Phase Addition Reactions: Reactions of Atoms and Radicals with Alkenes, Alkynes and Aromatic Compounds.
0408704101: Ion-Molecule Reactions - 2 volume set
0408704144: Techniques of high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
0408704217: Dictionary of Economic Terms
0408704225: Magnetic resonance; invited lectures presented at the IVth International Symposium on Magnetic Resonance held in Rehovot/Jerusalem, Israel, 24-31 August 1971
0408704292: On Documentation of Scientific Literature
0408704381: Techniques in Engineering Design.
0408704438: Organization in Animal Communities : Experimental and Naturalistic Studies of the Social Behaviour of Animals
0408704446: Organisation In Animal Communities: Experimental and Naturalistic Studies of the Social Behavior of Animals
0408704462: MOS Integrated Circuit Design,
0408704489: Use of Earth Sciences Literature
0408704519: Monetary economics: Theories, evidence and policy
0408704535: Applied physical techniques
0408704586: Standard Handbook of Textiles
0408704756: Civil Engineer's Reference Book
0408704799: Electrical Indicating Instruments
0408704853: Physiology, Series One, Vol. 5: MTP International Review of Science
0408704918: Chemistry in Evolution and Systematics: Plenary Lectures Presented at the International Symposium on Chemistry in Evolution and Systematics Held at Strasbourg, France, 3-8 July 1972
0408704942: The politics of the European Community (European Community studies)
0408705108: Engineering Metrology.
0408705140: Field Instrumentation in Geotechnical En
0408705221: Robotics
0408705248: an introduction to chemical nomenclature
0408705337: Group technology (Production engineering series)
0408705353: INSTRUMENT TECHNOLOGY Volume I Measurement of Pressure Level, Flow and Temperature
0408705361: Control of Mycotoxins (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry; Food Contaminants Commission - Food Section, Vol. 35, No. 3)
0408705396: Steroid-Cell Interactions
0408705418: Chemistry: A Unified Approach. Third Edition
0408705469: The Natural Gas Industry. A Review of World Resources and Industrial Applications.
0408705515: Ab Initio Valence Calculations in Chemistry
0408705620: Plenary lectures presented at the International Symposium on Selective Ion-Sensitive Electrodes held at Cardiff, UK, 9-12 April 1973
0408705728: Communication in Science
0408705744: Crushing and grinding: The size reduction of solid materials (Chemical engineering series)
0408705752: Fibres.
0408705779: Chemistry of Organic Natural Produc Volume 2
0408705841: Rational Welding Design
0408706252: The Solid State: X-Ray Spectroscopy
0408706341: Silent Language.
0408706430: Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards
0408706449: Classification and indexing in the social sciences
0408706465: Critical Evaluation of Some Equilibrium Constants Involving Organophosphorus Extractants
0408706538: Latin America: An Economic and Social Geography.
0408706570: Information sources in science and Technology
0408706597: Isoelectric Focusing.
0408706651: Infrared spectra of minerals and related inorganic compounds
0408706678: Dynamics of Relaxing Gases
0408706724: A Foundation for Quantum Chemistry
0408706759: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
0408706783: Mass Spectrometry of Metal Compounds
0408706821: A Guide to Laboratory Design
0408706848: Laser Doppler Measurements
0408706864: Chemistry of Natural Products 9
0408707054: Membrane Glycoproteins
0408707097: Use of Physics Literature
0408707119: Organic Sulphur Chemistry : Structure, Mechanism and Synthesis
0408707135: Feed Energy Sources for Livestock. Studies in the Agricultural and Food Sciences
0408707143: Use of Engineering Literature
0408707151: Techniques of applied quantum mechanics
0408707216: Principles of Enzyme Kinetics
0408707224: Mammalian Cell Membranes 5 Volume Set
0408707232: Mammalian Cell Membranes: Volume 2 The Diversity of Membranes
0408707291: Subnuclear components: Preparation and fractionation
0408707747: Mammalian Cell Membranes, Volume 2: Diversity Of Membranes,
0408707798: Evaluated Kinetic Data on Gas Phase Hydr
0408707828: Modern Physical Metallurgy 3ed
0408707909: Kinetics and Dynamics of Elementary Gas Reactions
0408707925: Museum Environment, THE
0408707933: Laboratory Organization and Management
0408707984: Reproduction
0408708018: Geography of the Biosphere
0408708034: Centrifugal Separations in Molecular and Cell Biology
0408708050: Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Environment.
0408708093: Valency and Molecular Structure
0408708190: Nutrition and the climatic environment: papers (Studies in the agricultural and food sciences)
0408709103: Solar Electricity
0408709138: Use of Mathematical Literature
0408709162: Use of Medical Literature
0408709235: Information Sources in Education and Work (Butterworths Guides to Information Sources)
0408709243: Control of Ovulation
0408709278: Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards
0408709332: Cast Iron : Physical and Engineering Properties
0408709375: Basic Water and Waste Water Treatment
0408709405: Radioisotope Laboratory Techniques
0408709529: British Poultry Standards
0408710497: Introduction to Colloid and Surface Chemistry
0408710519: Modern Physical Metallurgy
0408710535: Smithells Metals Reference Book
0408710543: Elements of Marine Ecology
0408713003: Research and Technology as Economic Activities
0408713038: Galileo and Copernican Astronomy
0408713046: Society and Food (Science in a Social Context)
0408713062: Handbook of Anion Determination
0408713070: Solvent Extraction in Flame Spectrscopic Analysis. Butterworths Monographs in Chemistry
0408713097: Scientific Images and their Social Uses: An Introduction to the Concept of Scientism
0408713100: Limits to a Modern World (SISCON S.)
0408713127: Are Science and Technology Neutral
0408715227: Ethics Professional Responsibility & The
0408716886: Arbitration in New Zealand
0408892528: High Temperature Technology
0409012556: Beuthin's Basic Company Law
0409027979: Introduction to Labour Relations in South Africa. Seventh Edition
0409040002: Adventures of Tom Sawyer
0409040010: Pensamientos del Corazon
0409046221: South African Law of Persons and Family Law
0409056235: STRAFREG
0409082767: Enyclopedia of South African Wine.
0409098280: Teaterwoordeboek
0409102695: E-business: Redefining the corporate landscape
0409103004: Funa: Food from Africa
0409103810: Group Statements
0409105406: Junior Primary Mathematical Didactics
0409106054: Kruger
0409107301: Marketing Comminications Management: A South African Perspective
0409107344: Modern Education Systems
0409109002: Political Alternatives for Southern Africa: Principles and Perspectives.
0409110264: Revenue words and phrases judicially considered
0409110833: South Africa : A Plural Society in Transition
0409110914: Sales Management
0409111600: The Child: An Educational Perspective
0409111627: The Theory and Principles of Risk Management
0409111635: Understanding Giftedness
0409111643: Intellectually Handicapped
0409200875: Oregon Partnership Law: Collected Statutes and Case Summaries
0409202371: Washington Law of Wills and Interstate Succession
0409203831: Oregon evidence
0409204226: Lawyer's Work
0409251003: Louisiana Successions and Donations : Materials and Cases
0409251992: Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
0409252727: Constitutional law for park law enforcement officers
0409254053: Constitutional Law for Park Law Enforcement Officers
0409265454: CLA STUDY GUIDE
0409272175: Florida Foreclosures
0409301272: Pharmacology: Self Assessment Questions for Students
0409301302: Law, Judges, and Justice for the Community
0409301396: Mental Health and Illness
0409301701: Intensive Care Manual
0409301922: Cases and materials on contract law in Australia
0409302597: De Launey and Land's Principles and Practice of Dermatology
0409303305: Child Abuse: A Community Concern
0409306878: Plants of Western NSW
0409307238: Introduction to Policing Vol. 1 : Criminal Justice in Australia
0409307742: Crop Spraying : Techniques and Equipment
0409308528: Flora of Victoria
0409308684: Everybird: A Guide to Bird Health
0409312371: Writing for Accounting Students.
0409313165: Digital Cash
0409332003: Meetings: Procedure, law, and practice
0409404160: Founders of the Law in Australia
0409430919: Consumer protection law in Australia
0409435759: Family Law in Australia
0409484504: The control of sulphides in sewerage systems,
0409490644: Intensive Care Manual
0409490784: Child Abuse and Neglect: What Eventually Happens
0409491497: Australian Criminal Justice System : The Mid 1980s
0409491578: Australian Capital Gains Tax
0409491608: Beef Cattle Production
0409491772: Salamon's Artificial Insemination of Sheep
0409492027: Conflict of Laws in Australia
0409494542: Clinical Science for Surgeons
0409600873: Plant Pests and Their Control.
0409701491: Temperate and Subtropical Fruit Production
0409701505: Commercial Flower Growing and Marketing
0409787736: From Bush-Burn to Butter
0409801593: Corrections in Canada : Policy and Practice
0409804819: Canadian Law of Architecture and Engineering
0409805017: Police, Race and Ethnicity : A Guide for Law Enforcement Officers
0409805238: Canadian Families Past and Present
0409805289: Reconstructing the Canadian Family
0409805300: Health Disease and Medicine in Canada
0409805351: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
0409805955: Conflict of Laws : Cases, Notes and Materials
0409805963: Economic Analysis and Canadian Policy
0409806013: Managerial Finance Canadian Setting
0409806277: Cases and Materials on Administrative Law
0409806455: Canadian Firearms Law
0409806528: Small claims litigation
0409808903: Roberts on Competition/Antitrust : Canada and the United States
0409808962: Reasoning with the Charter
0409809063: Computerizing for Personal Productivity : A Guide for the High Performance Lawyer
0409809381: Law of Occupational Health and Safety in Ontario
0409810258: Victimization and Fear of Crime among Elderley
0409810347: Media Society
0409811106: Ethnicity in Canada
0409811521: Women and Aging
0409811548: Legal Writing and Research Manual
0409811599: Gender Relations in Canada Further Exploration
0409811831: Family Ties and Aging
0409811874: Aging and Ethnicity
0409812951: Public Rights and the Private Press
0409813273: Sociology Canada: Readings
0409813613: Models and Myths in Canadian Sociology
0409814199: Economic Policies in Canada
0409816019: Political Rights, The Legal Framework of Elections in Canada
0409816108: Little communities and big industries: Studies in the social impact of Canadian resource extraction
0409816116: Social Impact Assessment in Small Communities
0409816302: Canadian regulatory agencies: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
0409824070: Helping: Origins and Development of the Major Psychotherapies
0409824100: Child Abuse
0409824135: Current Issues in Juvenile Justice
0409824151: Sociology Canada: An introductory text
0409828858: The sociology of natural resources
0409829250: Making Crime Soft Oto
0409829404: Housing Economics
0409829455: Strained Mercy Case
0409829846: Deviant Designations Crime Law and Deviance in Canada
0409833207: Prairie Politics and Society
0409834017: Evidence: Cases and Materials
0409834548: Corrections in Canada: Policy and Practice
0409835005: Canadian industrial relations
0409837024: Towns and Villages in Canada
0409837342: Mental Disorder and Criminal Responsibility
0409837709: Class Tells : On Social Inequality in Canada
0409840513: The management of correctional institutions
0409841900: Biculturalism and Management
0409842451: Facts
0409845205: Critical Thinking and Decision Making: A Methodology for Analysis, Evaluation and Review
0409845612: Canadian Tort Law
0409846902: Work in the Canadian Context: Continuity Despite Change. Ed by Katherina Lundy (392p)
0409846910: Work in the Canadian Context
0409847585: Urban Sociology in Canada
0409847801: Exploring Gender Relations : A Canadian Perspective
0409848018: The Practice of Freedom: Canadian Essays on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
0409848301: Aging As a Social Process: An Introduction to Individual and Population Aging
0409848654: Aerospace Law: Telecommunications Satellites.
0409848905: Theory of International Trade and Its Canadian Applications
0409849073: THE CAMBRIDGE LECTURES. Selected Papers Based upon Lectures Delivered at the Cambridge Conference of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, 1979.
0409849138: Canada's Aging Population
0409852406: Canada and war: A military and political history (Political issues in their historical perspective)
0409857270: Economic Inequality in Canada
0409857769: Assault on the worker: Occupational health and safety in Canada
0409857939: Arrest and bail in Canada;: A commentary on the Bail reform act, 1971, including suggested forms (Canadian legal manual series)
0409859001: The practice of labour relations and collective bargaining in Canada
0409859508: Canadian competition policy: Essays in law and economics
0409859745: Canadian Mining Taxation
0409861804: The Sociology of law: A conflict perspective
0409862207: The sociology of criminal law: Evolution of deviance in Anglo-American society
0409862851: Courts and the Media
0409862886: Canadian Law of Patient Records
0409863157: Canadian housing policies (1935-1980)
0409865087: Studies in Canadian criminal evidence, (Canadian legal studies series)
0409866156: Foreign and Domestic Firms in Canada
0409866288: Doctors and the Law
0409867268: Crime in Canadian Society
0409868191: Western Idea of Law
0409869503: Economic Analysis And Canadian Policy
0409869511: Economic analysis and Canadian policy
0409869546: Economic analysis and Canadian policy
0409871117: Contracts: Cases, notes and materials (Canadian Legal casebook series)
0409871303: Immoral Landscape Female Prostitution in Western Societies
0409874353: Visible Minorities and Multiculturalism: Asians in Canada.
0409874604: Family Violence: An International and Interdeisciplinary Study
0409875503: Marriage, family and society: Canadian perspectives
0409875597: Introduction to International Law
0409875775: Clinical Assessment Before Trial
0409876305: Introduction to International Law
0409877603: Children and the law
0409878057: Canadian Tort Law
0409888818: Economic Security in Aging Population
0409888982: Canadian Tort Law : Cases, Notes and Materials
0409892130: Emotional Consequences of Personal Injury : A Handbook for Psychiatrists and Lawyers
0409893358: Aging As a Social Process
0409893536: Environmental Approvals in Canada : Practice and Procedure
0409896403: Elder Abuse and Neglect in Canada
0409897213: National Transportation Policy
0409897728: Pay Equity : Issues, Options and Experiences
0409897779: Beyond the Law : Lawyers and Business in Canada 1830 to 1930
0409898740: Police, Race and Ethnicity : A Guide for Police Services
0409899410: Economic Analysis and Canadian Policy
0409899461: Economic Analysis and Canadian Policy
0409899798: 10 Minute Cuisine
0409900028: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Technology
0409900036: Fix Bed Reactor Design & Diagnostics Gas
0409900079: Senile Macular Degeneration
0409900087: Topographic Mapping of Brain Electrical Activity
0409900141: Security Manager's Desk Reference
0409900168: Diagnostic Reference Index of Clinical Neurology
0409900176: Evoked Potentials III : The Third International Envoked Potential Symposium
0409900184: Neurocutaneous Diseases
0409900222: Neurotrauma : Treatment, Rehabilitation and Related Issues
0409900265: Overproduction of Microbial Metabolites: Strain Improvement and Process Control Strategies (Biotechnology Series : Vol 7)
0409900273: Maximizing Gene Expression
0409900281: Anesthesia in Obstetrics
0409900303: Intrusion Detection Systems
0409900346: Introduction to Security
0409900354: Protecting Historic Architecture and Museum Collections from Natural Disasters
0409900362: Modern Security and Loss Prevention Management
0409900370: Basic Alarm Electronics
0409900400: More Kinks and Hints
0409900419: Multibody System Dynamics
0409900427: Vectors: A Survey of Molecular Cloning Vectors and Their Uses
0409900435: Granular Filtration of Aerosols and Hydrosols
0409900443: Structure & Function of Domestic Animals
0409900508: Environmental Engineering
0409900516: Sleeping and Waking Disorders : Indications and Techniques
0409900524: Advances in Security Technology : Selected Papers of the Carnahan Conferences on Security Technology 1983-1985
0409900583: Clinical Ocular Pharmacology
0409900605: Clinical Optics
0409900656: Computers, Business and Security: The New Role for Security Hardcover by...
0409900680: Plant Biotechnology
0409900702: Hazardous Waste Handbook for Health and Safety
0409900745: Peripheral Nervous System : Structure, Function, and Clinical Correlations
0409900753: Understanding Crime Prevention
0409900761: Emergency Planning for Maximum Protection
0409900826: Fundamental Process Control;
0409900834: Access Control and Personal Identification Systems
0409900842: Computer Security : Readings from Security Management Magazine
0409900885: Molecular Thermodynamics of Nonideal Fluids
0409900893: Physiocochemical Hydrodynamics
0409900931: Contributions to Contemporary Neurology
0409901024: Anesthesia and the Heart Patient
0409901067: Geometric, Physical and Visual Optics
0409901075: Public Health and Community Optometry
0409901113: Near Misses in Anesthesia
0409901121: Current Issues in Security Management: Readings from Security Management Magazine
0409901164: Protein Engineering
0409901180: Applied Biosensors
0409901199: Constitutive Equations for Polymer Melts and Solutions
0409901210: Investigation of Substance Abuse in the Workplace
0409901229: Security Training : Readings from Security Management Magazine
0409901253: Electronic Locking Devices
0409901261: Trigeminal Neuralgia : Current Concepts Regarding Pathogenesis and Treatment
0409901288: To Make the Patient Ready for Anesthesia : Medical Care of the Surgical Patient
0409901334: The Pathology of Organ Transplantation
0409901350: Capnography In Clinical Practice
0409901377: Autopsy : Medical Practice and Public Policy
0409901385: Protecting Information on Local Area Networks
0409901393: Ferrous Physical Metallurgy
0409901431: Neurological Complications of Cancer Treatment
0409901490: Refractive Anomalies
0409901504: Criteria for Diagnosis
0409901512: Magnetic Stimulation in Clinical Neurophysiology
0409901539: Post-Polio Syndrome
0409901598: Visual Fields : Clinical Case Presentations
0409901601: Manual of Acute Cardiac Disorders
0409901636: Tumors of the Epidermis (Practical Dermatopathology)
0409901652: Biology of Industrial Microorganisms
0409901679: Video Security Systems
0409901687: Security Consulting
0409901717: Clinical Anesthesia in Neurosurgery
0409901725: Manual of Cardiac Arrhythmias
0409901830: New Directions in Sorption Technology
0409901849: Computational Methods for Process Simulation
0409901903: Non Traditional Feed Sources for Use in Swine Production
0409901911: Loss Prevention Through Crime Analysis
0409901954: Managing Information Security : Administrative, Electronic, and Legal Measures to Protect Business Information
0409902039: Security and Loss Prevention : An Introduction
0409902047: Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems
0409902225: Biotechnology and Food Quality
0409902306: Opioids in Anesthesia 2
0409902330: Fluidization Engineering
0409902349: Bioinstrumentation : Research, Development and Applications
0409902543: Introductory Systems Analysis for Process Engineers
0409902608: Biotechnology and Food Safety
0409902721: Environmental pollution and control
0409902772: Essentials for Ophthalmic Lens Work
0409903450: What He Really Wants Is a Dog. Stories by Katie Campbell
0409903752: Mewett and Manning on Criminal Law
0409903779: Ontario Estate Administration : A Guide for Legal Secretaries and Law Clerks
0409905399: Undercover : Cases of the RCMP Most Secret Operative
0409905763: Canadian Families Past and Present
0409905828: Queen Elizabeth II A Pictorial Celebration of Her Reign 1952 1992
0409906239: Aboriginal People : Canadian Crime and Justice
0409906352: Critical Studies of Canadian Mass Media
0409906735: MACROECONOMICS Analysis & Canadian Policy
0409906751: Government Policy Toward Business
0409907200: Collecting the Past: a Guide to Canadian Antiques
0409908436: Toys Children's Furniture
0409908495: Ontario Employment Law Handbook : An Employer's Guide
0409908525: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace : A Guide for Understanding and Prevention
0409911925: Life and How to Survive It
0409914932: Civil Action for Childhood Sexual Abuse : A Practical Guide
0409950025: The Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease
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