0412215101: Life Cycles : An Evolutionary Approach to the Physiology of Reproduction
0412215403: Statistics for Biologists
0412215608: Buried Structures
0412217201: Some Basic Theory for Statistical Inference
0412217309: Bacterial Adherence
0412217406: Membrane Receptors
0412217805: Building Techniques
0412219107: Point Processes
0412219204: Structural Integrity Monitoring
0412219700: Introduction to Virology
0412219905: Ergonomics : Man In His Working Environment
0412220407: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
0412221705: Introduction to Polymers
0412221802: Introduction to Polymers
0412222000: Isoenzymes
0412222302: Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering
0412223104: Computer Insecurity
0412223309: Study of Animal Behavior
0412223600: Dictionary of Scientific Units
0412223708: Dictionary of Scientific Units
0412223902: Dictionary of Named Effects and Laws in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
0412224003: Biochemical Genetics
0412224100: Histocompatibility Antigens
0412224402: Biochemistry of Antimicrobial Action
0412224607: The Analysis of Time Series an Introduction
0412225409: Design Textbooks in Civil Engineering Vol. 5 : Weirs
0412225905: Animal Suffering
0412226200: Lipid Biochemistry: An Introduction
0412226502: Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
0412226901: Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids
0412227304: Diagnostic Imaging in Paediatrics
0412227401: Casualty Radiology
0412228203: Ternary Equilibrium Diagrams
0412228807: Viruses and the Environment
0412229307: Social Insects : Ecology and Behavioral Biology
0412229706: Ternary Equilibrium Diagrams. Second Edition
0412229803: Methods in Rock Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism : Techniques and Instrumentation
0412230003: Basic Mathematics for Biochemists
0412230100: Basic Mathematics for Biochemists
0412230208: Chemistry of Glasses
0412230402: Flame and Combustion
0412230909: Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
0412231107: Food Webs
0412231603: Elements of Ethology : A Textbook of Agricultural and Veterinary Students
0412231700: Elements of Ethology
0412232200: Primate Behavior and Social Ecology
0412232308: Plant Physiological Ecology : Field Methods and Instrumentation
0412232901: Environmental Science Methods
0412233207: Science and Technology Policy : Priorities of Governments
0412233304: Functions of Several Variables
0412233401: Functions of Several Variables
0412233606: Biological energy conservation: Oxidative phosphorylation (Outline studies in biology)
0412233703: Pascal at Work and Play
0412233800: Pascal at Work and Play
0412233908: Electron Beam Analysis of Materials
0412234009: Electron Beam Analysis of Materials
0412234106: Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Amino Acids
0412234300: Introduction to High Performance Liquid Chromatography
0412234904: Tuning for Economy
0412236605: Theory and Design of Steel Structures
0412237202: Statistics in Research and Development
0412237601: Soils and the Environment : A Guide to Their Applications
0412237903: Course in Programming in FORTRAN IV
0412238500: Generalized Linear Models
0412238705: Insect Herbivory
0412239809: Asthma
0412240203: NMR and Chemistry : An Introduction to the Fourier Transform-Multinuclear Era
0412240602: Finance for Mine Management
0412241501: Glycoproteins
0412241609: Engineering with Polymers
0412241706: Engineering with Polymers
0412242109: Shallow Refraction Seismics
0412242508: Optical Waveguide Theory
0412242605: Risk Theory : The Stochastic Basis of Insurance
0412242907: Determination of Ionization Constants : A Laboratory Manual
0412243202: Analytical Population Dynamics
0412243504: Economics of Nuclear Energy
0412243601: Modelling
0412244004: Metals and Microorganisms
0412244101: Handbook of Air Pollution Analysis
0412244802: Lipid Handbook
0412245000: Application of Queueing Theory
0412245906: Elements of Simulation
0412246201: Density Estimation for Statistics and Data Analysis
0412246600: Principles of Insect Physiology
0412247003: Ore Deposit Geology and Its Influence on Mineral Exploration
0412247100: Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds
0412248107: Bandit Problems
0412248204: Receptor Mediated Endocystosis
0412248506: Introduction to Statistical Modelling
0412248603: Introduction to Statistical Modelling
0412249103: Dictionary of Alkaloids
0412249200: BIOPSY PATHOLOGY OF BONE AND BONE MARROW - Biopsy Pathology Series
0412249707: Techniques for the Analysis of Membrane Proteins
0412249901: Mathematics for Chemists
0412250306: Coal Mine Structures
0412250403: Principles and Applications of Hydrochemistry
0412250705: Genetic Analysis of the Cell Surface
0412250802: Computer Graphics and Applications
0412251108: Community Structure and the Niche
0412251205: Tomato Crop : A Scientific Basis for Improvement
0412251701: Geology and Society : A New York Publication
0412251809: Mineral Resources
0412251906: Mineral Resources
0412252104: Land Use Planning
0412252309: One Hundred Short Cases for the MRCP
0412252406: Powder Surface Area and Porosity
0412252503: Elements of Port Operation and Management
0412252600: Elements of Port Operation and Management
0412252805: Engineering Behavior of Rocks
0412253402: Statistics for Technology : A Course in Applied Statistics
0412254107: Distribution-Free Statistical Methods
0412254301: Gene Cloning : The Mechanics of DNA Manipulation
0412254506: Dictionary of Antibiotics and Related Substances
0412255103: Cytoskeleton : Cellular Architecture and Choreography
0412255200: Imaging Radar for Resources Surveys
0412255901: A Colour Atlas of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.
0412256207: Concrete Structures : Stresses and Deformations
0412256401: Antibodies : Their Structure and Function
0412256908: Study
0412257106: Polymer Microscopy
0412257904: Dictionary of Organophosphorus Compounds
0412258005: Multivariate Analysis of Variance and Repeated Measures
0412258501: Enzyme Chemistry
0412258900: Chromatographic Methods
0412259109: Remote Sensing of Ice and Snow
0412259206: Animal Conflict
0412259303: Seed Ecology
0412259702: Field Guide to Soils and the Environment : A Guide for Teaching and Learning about Soil Surveys and Their Applications
0412259907: DNA-Protein Interactions
0412260107: Selective toxicity; the physico-chemical basis of therapy
0412260204: Selective Toxicity : The Physico-Chemical Basis of Therapy
0412260409: Introduction to Corrosion and Protection of Metals
0412261103: Chemistry of Hydrocarbon Combustion
0412261200: Predation
0412262304: Introducing CAL : A Practical Guide to Writing Computer Assisted Learning Programs
0412262703: Expert Systems : Principles and Case Studies
0412262800: Expert Systems : Principles and Case Studies
0412263807: Databases
0412264102: Fertilization (Outline Studies in Biology)
0412264609: Insect Physiology
0412265001: Information Structures : A Uniform Approach Using Pascal
0412266008: Gene Cloning : The Mechanics of DNA Manipulation
0412266105: Lipid Biochemistry : An Introduction
0412266202: Lipid Biochemistry : An Introduction
0412266407: Plant Protoplasts
0412266709: Outlines of Entomology
0412266806: Outlines of Entomology
0412267004: Polymer Processing
0412267306: Naturally Occurring Quinones
0412267608: Wildlife Conservation Evaluation
0412268108: Organometallic Compounds of Germanium, Tin, and Lead
0412268205: Organometallic Compounds of Iron
0412268604: Organometallic Compounds of Silicon
0412268906: Plant Protoplasts
0412269007: Plant Succession : Theory and Prediction
0412270404: Gaseous Detonations
0412270609: Dictionary of Steroids
0412270900: Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Artificial Intelligence : Apple BASIC Edition
0412271303: Polymer Products : Design, Materials and Processing
0412271400: C at a Glance
0412271702: Polymer Characterization
0412272105: Introduction to Optimization Methods and Their Applications
0412272407: Artificial Intelligence : Principles and Applications
0412272806: Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids
0412273004: Dictionary of Drugs : Chemical Data
0412273500: Production, Manufacture and Application of Perfumes
0412273705: Chemistry of the Actinide Elements
0412274906: Regression Analysis With Applications
0412275201: Decision Analysis : A Bayesian Approach
0412275503: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
0412275708: Organic Polymer Chemistry
0412275805: Principles of Organometallic Chemistry
0412276305: Practical Statistics for Medical Research
0412276909: Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
0412277204: Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites
0412277603: Empirical Bayes Methods
0412278006: Introduction to Radiation Protection
0412278103: Introduction to Radiation Protection
0412278200: Chemistry of Glasses
0412278804: Essential Student Algebra
0412279002: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
0412279509: Numerical Analysis
0412279606: Numerical Analysis
0412279703: Programmed Cell Death in Tumours and Tissues
0412280205: Vibration of Structures: Applications in Civil Engineering Design
0412280507: Pick Operating System
0412280604: Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data
0412281007: Dictionary of Scientific Units Including Dimensionless Numbers and Scales
0412281406: Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Artificial Intelligence : IBM PC Version
0412281708: Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds : Fourth Supplement
0412281805: Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds : Fifth Supplement
0412282402: Cyclic Designs
0412282607: Analytical Biogeography
0412282801: Breast Cytopathology : A Diagnostic Atlas
0412282909: Dictionary of Medical Equipment
0412283204: Principles of Applied Geophysics
0412283301: Principles of Applied Geophysics
0412284103: Applied Statistics : A Handbook of BMDP Analysis
0412284308: Input-Output Analysis
0412285304: Microcomputer graphics: Art, design, and creative modelling
0412285606: Foundations on Statistics
0412286203: Multivariate Statistical Methods : A Primer
0412286300: Radioactive Waste Disposal and Geology
0412286505: Programming the Commodore 128
0412286807: Problem Solving : A Statistician's Guide
0412287501: Animal Conflict
0412287706: Flavonoids
0412288303: Modelling the Labour Market
0412289105: Expert Systems in Construction and Structural Engineering
0412289407: Purchasing and Supply Management
0412289709: Catalysis at Surfaces
0412289903: Management of Blistering Diseases
0412290308: Structural Analysis
0412290405: Structural Analysis
0412291207: The Spleen
0412291703: Granitoid Rocks
0412291908: Catastrophic Episodes in Earth History (Topics in the Earth Sciences)
0412292009: Catastrophic Episodes in Earth History
0412293005: Plant Evolutionary Biology
0412293307: Animal Dispersal : Small Mammals As a Model
0412294907: Introduction to Electroceramics
0412295504: Stereochemical Analysis of Alicyclic Compounds by C-13 NMR Spectroscopy
0412295709: Interpreting Data
0412296403: Potato Crop
0412296608: Structural Steelwork : Limit State Design to BS 5950
0412296705: Structural Steelwork : Limit State Design to BS 5950
0412297000: Afro-Arabian Geology: A Kinematic View
0412297809: Quaternary Ecology
0412297906: Quaternary Ecology
0412298007: Malts and Malting
0412298406: Dynamics of Nutrient Cycling and Food Webs
0412298708: Algebraic Number Theory
0412299100: Geology of High-level Nuclear Waste Disposal : An Introduction
0412299402: Primate Responses to Environmental Change
0412299607: Intertidal Ecology
0412299801: Managing the Behaviour of Animals
0412300001: Design and Analysis of Cross-over Trials
0412300303: Multivariate Statistics : A Practical Approach
0412300400: Nonparametric Regression and Generalized Linear Models
0412301202: Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds
0412301407: From Materials Science to Construction Materials Engineering : Proceedings of the First International RILEM Congress
0412301601: Combining Materials: design, production and properties Volume 2
0412302306: Introduction to Thermal Analysis
0412302608: Biochemistry of Antimicrobial Action
0412303000: Metastatic Cell : Behaviour and Biochemistry
0412303205: Plant Community History : Long-Term Changes in Plant Distribution and Diversity
0412303507: Biochemical Messengers : Hormones, Neurotransmitters and Growth Factors
0412303604: Tectonics of Suspect Terranes : Mountain Building and Continental Growth
0412303701: Tectonics of Suspect Terranes : Mountain Building and Continental Growth
0412304104: Industrial Electrochemistry
0412304600: Expert Systems : Principles and Case Studies
0412304708: Expert Systems : Principles and Case Studies
0412304902: Elementary Applications of Probability Theory
0412305100: Programming in FORTRAN 77
0412305402: Behaviour of Pinnipeds
0412305607: Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data
0412305704: Machine Learning
0412305801: Machine Learning
0412306107: Applied Non-Parametric Statistical Methods
0412306204: Analysis of Binary Data
0412306409: Introduction to Polymers
0412306700: Soiling and Cleaning of Building Facades
0412306808: Fracture Mechanics of Concrete Structures
0412307006: Statistics of Natural Selection
0412307103: Ecological Methods
0412307308: Introduction to Linear, Parametric and Non-Linear Vibrations
0412308509: Cell Surface and Differentiation
0412308703: Lasers in Medicine: An Introductory Guide
0412308908: Multiple Sclerosis : Clinical and Pathogenetic Basis
0412309009: Cerebral Palsy : The Child and Young Person
0412309904: Analysis of Infectious Disease Data
0412310104: Systems Development Using Structured Techniques
0412310201: Systems Development Using Structured Tec
0412310805: Introduction to Abstract Analysis
0412310902: Introduction to Abstract Analysis
0412311208: Readings in Decision Analysis (Chapman & Hall Statistics Texts)
0412312808: Reproductive Behaviour of Insects
0412313103: Renal Dialysis
0412313901: Handbook of Metal Treatments and Testing
0412314304: Symmetric Multivariate and Related Distributions
0412314703: Dynamics of Biological Invasions
0412315009: New Crops for Food and Industry
0412315106: Vegetation of Egypt
0412315505: Breakdown of Speech
0412316102: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing : Theory and Practice
0412316706: Agriculture
0412316900: Family Planning
0412317303: Ecology of the Teleost Fishes
0412317508: Analysis of Quatal Response Data
0412317605: Generalized Linear Models, Second Edition
0412318202: Analysis Time Series ED4
0412318504: Animal Motivation
0412318601: Animal Motivation
0412318806: Catalysis at Surfaces
0412319608: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome and How to Cope with It.
0412319705: Advanced Methods of Machining
0412319802: Acoustic Behaviour of Insects : An Evolutionary Perspective
0412320002: Counseling Skills for Health Professionals
0412320304: Essential Statistics
0412321300: Developing Your Career in Nursing
0412321408: Ecology and Management of Atlantic Salmon
0412321505: Family Planning : Fundamentals for Health Professionals
0412321807: Between Nucleus and Cytoplasm
0412321904: Between Nucleus and Cytoplasm
0412322005: Cichlid Fishes : Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution
0412322307: Multiple Sclerosis : Approaches to Management
0412322404: Elements of Shipping
0412323303: Public Health Pests: A Guide To Identification, Biology And
0412323907: Language and Communication in Mentally Handicapped People
0412325306: Biochemical Adaptation in Parasites
0412327309: Comparative Biochemistry of Parasitic Helminths
0412327406: Comparative Physiology of Regulatory Peptides
0412328607: Dementia Disorders : Advances and Prospects
0412329700: Eutrophication of Fresh Waters
0412330407: Genetics and Fish Breeding
0412330806: Dicynodonts : A Study in Palaeobiology
0412331306: Functional Biology of Clonal Animals
0412332604: Heterotypical Behaviour in Man and Animals
0412333600: Metazoan Life Without Oxygen
0412333805: Management of Occupational Therapy
0412333902: Clinical Psychology with the Elderly
0412335808: Practical Physiotherapy With Older People
0412336103: Plant Disease Control : Towards Environmentally Acceptable Methods
0412336502: Psychology, Pain and Anaesthesia
0412337401: Safer Childbirth? : A Critical History of Maternity Care
0412337703: Sociobiology and Conflict : Evolutionary Perspectives on Competition, Cooperation, Violence and Warfare
0412337800: Sociobiology of Sexual and Reproductive Strategies
0412341301: Info Management
0412341409: Applied Mechanics and Its Engineering Applications
0412341506: Materials Science
0412342103: Gene Cloning : An Introduction
0412342308: Computer-Aided Drawing and Design
0412342804: Mechanics Of Fluids
0412343908: Generalized Additive Models
0412344408: Protozoan Plankton Ecology
0412344505: Directing Ecological Succession
0412345501: Galois Theory
0412345706: Scientific Software Systems
0412345900: Teaching Interpersonal Skills : A Handbook of Experiential Learning for Health Professionals
0412346001: Rehabilitation in Parkinson's Disease
0412346109: Limb Amputation
0412346907: Nitrogen Fixing Organisms : Pure and Applied Aspects
0412347008: Speech and Communication Disorder in Psychiatry
0412347903: Community Psychiatric Nursing : A Research Perspective
0412349108: Clinical Supervision and Mentorship Nursing
0412349604: Bioceramics : Materials, Properties, Applications
0412349701: Enzyme Chemistry
0412349906: Orthopaedic Management in Childhood
0412350009: Acquiring Better Seismic Data
0412350300: Risk Assessment in Conservation Biology
0412350602: Stage-Structured Populations
0412350807: Biopsy Pathology of the Skin
0412350904: Management of Voice Disorders
0412351404: Fish Chemoreception
0412351501: Dictionary of Analytical Reagents
0412351706: Geotechnical Practice for Waste Disposal
0412352001: Diagnostic Tests in Endocrinology and Diabetes
0412352303: Particle Technology
0412352400: Studies of Narcosis
0412352605: Order Stars : Theory and Applications
0412353202: Applied Statistics : Handbook of GENSTAT Analysis
0412353709: Introduction to Combinatorics
0412353806: Subset Selection in Regression
0412353903: Fungal-Plant Interactions
0412354306: Exercise Physiology for Health Professionals
0412354802: Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology
0412355302: Stream Ecology : Structure and Function of Running Waters
0412356007: Monitoring for Conservation and Ecology
0412356406: Research and Development Statistics
0412356600: Food Industries
0412356708: Distribution
0412356805: Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds : Structure Index for Supplements 1-5
0412356902: International Commodity Market Modelling : Advanced Methodology and Applications
0412357003: Statistical Process Control : Theory and Practice
0412357100: Economic Modeling at the Bank of England
0412357305: Total Quality Management
0412357402: Applied Plant Virology
0412357704: Biocomputers
0412357801: The Concise Guide to Company Finance and Its Management (Concise Guides Series)
0412357909: Financial Reporting
0412358603: Dynamic Aspects of Dental Pulp : Molecular Biology, Pharmacology and Pathophysiology
0412358905: Statistics in Research and Development. Second Edition
0412359006: Asthma
0412359308: Clinical Retinopathies
0412359804: Handbook of Immunochemistry
0412360306: N-Oxidation of Drugs : Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology
0412360403: Shop Floor Control Systems
0412360802: Insect Ovary
0412361108: Neurotransmitters and Drugs
0412361205: World Class Performance Through Total Quality - A Practical Guide to Implementation
0412361507: Carbon-Carbon Composites
0412361906: Algebraic Numbers and Algebraic Functions
0412362309: Symbiosis of Plants and Microbes
0412362805: Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts
0412363003: Ostracoda and Global Events
0412363208: Pediatric Gastroenterology and nutrition
0412363704: Fields, Waves and Transmission Lines
0412363909: Animal Homing
0412364107: Dealing With Death: Practices and procedures
0412364700: Fungal-Plant Interactions
0412365103: Molecular and Cell Biology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
0412366908: Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
0412367009: Introduction to the Calculus of Variations
0412367106: Randomization, Bootstrap and Monte Carlo Methods in Biology
0412367203: Econometric Modelling of World Shipping
0412367408: Ceramic and Matrix Composites
0412367505: Joining of Ceramics
0412368102: Terrestrial Slugs : Biology, Ecology and Control
0412368404: Electrons in Metals and Semiconductors
0412369400: Metallic Materials Specification Handbook
0412369702: Fungi Without Gills : An Identification Handbook (Hymenomycetes and Gasteromycetes)
0412369907: Economic Models of Trade Unions
0412370107: Smart Materials and Structures
0412370204: Geophysical Interpretation Using Integral Equations
0412371006: Fluvial Hydrosystems : A Holistic Approach to River and Flood Plain Ecosystems
0412371200: Parasitic Plants
0412371308: Manufacturing Technology In The Electronics Industry An Introduction
0412371405: Integration of Robots into CIM
0412371502: Baculovirus Expression System
0412371707: Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing
0412371901: Seismic Tomography : Theory and Practice
0412372401: Introductory Immunobiology
0412372509: Emesis in Anti-Cancer Treatment : Mechanisms and Treatment
0412372800: Seven Languages Thesaurus of European Animals
0412372908: Thesaurus of Agricultural Organisims
0412373106: Oat Crop : Production and Utilization
0412373408: Genes in Medicine : Molecular Biology and Human Genetic Disorders
0412373807: Electric Fishes : History and Behavior
0412373904: Microbial Food Poisoning
0412374102: Admixtures for Concrete : Improvement of Properties, Proceedings of the International Rilem Symposium
0412374307: Properties of Fresh Concrete : Proceedings of the International Rilem Colloquium
0412374404: Solid-State Microwave Generation
0412374706: Management of Company Finance
0412374803: Accounting for Management Control
0412375001: Strategic Management: Awareness and Change
0412375109: Accounting in a Business Context
0412375206: Law in a Business Context
0412375303: Behaviour in Business Context
0412375508: Resource Management in the National Health Service (Health Services Management.)
0412377004: Inventory Management Demystified
0412377608: Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete (Paperback)
0412377705: Prolog and Its Applications
0412377802: An Introduction to Neural Computing
0412378000: Speech & Language Processing
0412378108: Software Quality and Reliability. Tools and Methods. UNICOM Applied Information Technology Reports, Volume 6
0412378205: The Distributed Development Enviornment
0412378507: Open Systems for Europe
0412378604: Evaluating Supercomputers
0412379104: Fourth Generation Systems: Their Scope, Application and Methods of Evaluation - Seminar Proceedings (UNICOM Applied Information Technology Series 1)
0412379503: Artificial Intelligence from A to Z : A Glossary of Artificial Intelligence
0412379805: Structural Analysis
0412380005: A Time: The Busy Manager's Action Plan for Effective Self Management
0412380404: Concise Chemical Thermodynamics in Si Units
0412380900: Beginning Logic
0412381400: Introduction To Classical Mechanics
0412382008: Principles of Renal Physiology (Hardcover)
0412382504: Behaviour Modification for People with Mental Handicaps (Pa
0412382601: Fisheries Ecology
0412382806: The Concise Guide to Interpreting Accounts
0412383209: Nuclear and Particle Physics (Physics and its Applications Ser.)
0412384205: Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete
0412385309: Geomembranes : Identification and Performance Testing
0412386003: Advanced Joining Technologies
0412386704: Dictionary of Carbohydrates
0412387107: IN THE BEST OF HEALTH?
0412387204: Queueing Theory in Manufacturing Systems Analysis and Design
0412387700: Inspection Errors for Attributes in Quality Control
0412388006: Modelling Binary Data
0412388901: Ageing Healthy and in Control
0412389002: Schizophrenia : An Overview and Practical Handbook
0412390809: Dynamical Systems : Differential Equations, Maps, and Chaotic Behaviour
0412391007: Widegap Ii-VI Compounds for Opto-Electronic Applications
0412391104: Assessments and Decisions : A Study of Information Gathering by Hermit Crabs
0412391406: Enteric Infection 2 : Intestinal Helminths
0412391503: Sleep
0412391600: Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn
0412392402: Applicative High Order Programming. The standard ML perspective
0412392607: Mechanical Tests for Bituminous Mixes Characterization Design and Quality Control : Proceedings of the Fourth International Rilem Symposium
0412393107: Theory of Automatic Robot Assembly and Programming
0412393204: Reliability, Availability, and Productiveness of Systems
0412393905: Treatment and Handling of Wastes
0412394006: Allelopathy : Basic and Applied Aspects
0412394103: Deep-Sea Demersal Fish and Fisheries
0412394405: Statistical Methods for SPC and TQM
0412394707: Computer Integrated Manufacturing : Revolution in Progress
0412394804: Clays Handbook of Environmental Health 16ed
0412395304: Process Control Systems
0412395401: Chemistry of Powder Production
0412395509: Introduction to VLSI Process Engineering for Chemical Engineers
0412395606: Nonlinear Optics in Signal Processing
0412395800: Stress and Animal Welfare
0412395908: Soil Mechanics
0412396106: Concise Guide to Accounting Standards (Concise Guides)
0412396807: Essentials of Engineering Mathematics : Worked Examples and Problems
0412396904: Powder Surface Area and Porosity
0412397005: Limit States Design of Structural Steelwork
0412397501: Object-Oriented Software for Manufacturing Systems
0412397706: Phytochemical Dictionary of the Leguminosae : ILDIS (International Legume Database and Information Service) and CHCD (Chapman and Hall Chemical Database)
0412398109: Perceptuo-Motor Difficulties : Theory and Strategies to Help Children, Adolescents, and Adults
0412398508: The Analysis of Contingency Tables, Second Edition
0412398605: Differential Geometry and Statistics
0412398907: Epithelial Organisation and Development
0412399008: Insect Natural Enemies
0412399105: Functional Biology of Parasitism
0412399202: Handbook of Small Data Sets
0412399407: Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids
0412399504: Hey's Mineral Index
0412399601: Software for Parallel Computers
0412399709: Hypermedia-Hypertext and Object-Oriented Databases
0412399806: Software Reuse & Reverse Eng in Practice
0412399903: Basic Digital Electronics (Physics And Its Applications, No
0412400405: Solid State Chemistry : An Introduction
0412400502: Analytical Biogeography
0412400901: Sea Bass
0412401002: Nutritional Status Assessment : A Manual for Population Studies
0412401207: Advanced Materials in Sports Equipment
0412401304: Green Reporting : Accountancy and the Challenge of the 90s
0412401401: Resource Selection by Animals : Statistical Design and Analysis for Field Studies
0412401703: Pathology of Solid Tumors in Children
0412402203: Monitoring Butterflies for Ecology and Conservation
0412402408: Quantitative Methods for Business Decisions
0412403005: Computers And Microprocessors: Components And Systems
0412403307: Acidity and the Properties of Major Industrial Acids
0412403501: Animal Life at Low Temperature
0412403706: Muscle Contraction
0412403803: Bailey and Love's Short Practice of Surgery
0412404001: Blood, Blood Products and HIV
0412404109: Molecular Basis of Neurological Disorders and Their Treatment
0412404303: Techniques in Computational Learning
0412404400: Software Metrics : A Rigorous and Practical Approach
0412404508: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Vol. 2 : The Past, the Present and the Future
0412404605: Computer Integrated Manufacturing Vol. 3 : Models, Case Studies and Forecasts of Diffusion
0412404702: Computer Integrated Manufacturing : Economic and Social Impacts
0412404907: Nerve - Muscle Interaction
0412405601: Vortex Structures in a Stratified Fluid : Order from Chaos
0412406004: Larval Stages of North-Eastern Atlantic Crabs : An Illustrated Key
0412406101: Marine Interstitial Ciliates : An Illustrated Key
0412406306: Principles of Flow in Diperse Systems
0412406500: Longitudinal Data with Serial Correlation : A State-Space Approach
0412406802: Linear Algebra : A Geometric Approach
0412407108: Artificial Intelligence Frontiers in Statistics : AI and Statistics III
0412407205: Perfumery : The Psychology and Biology of Fragrance
0412407302: Plant Physiological Ecology : Field Methods and Instrumentation
0412407507: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
0412407604: Biosynthesis
0412407701: Energy in Biological Systems
0412407809: Biological Molecules
0412408007: Microprogrammed Systems an Introduction
0412408104: Immunoassays for food-poisoning bacteria and bacterial toxi
0412408201: Groundnut Crop
0412408600: Fish Swimming
0412408902: Essentials of Optoelectronics
0412409100: Automating Quality Systems : A Guide to the Design and Implementation of Automated Quality Systems in Manufacturing
0412409208: Investment in Manufacturing Technology
0412409305: International Finance
0412409704: Financial Management : Method and Meaning
0412409801: Perspectives on Financial Control : Essays in Memory of Kenneth Hilton
0412410001: Speller's Law Relating to Hospitals
0412410109: Wolff's Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit
0412410206: Primary Productivity of Grass Ecosystems
0412410303: Phenotypes : Their Epigenetics, Ecology and Evolution
0412410400: Mathematics Recovered for the Natural and Medical Sciences
0412410508: Pigment Microbiology
0412411008: Fracture Mechanics Test Methods for Concrete
0412411601: Fundamentals of Weather and Climate
0412412004: Breast Cancer Nursing
0412412306: Practice of Petri Nets in Manufacturing
0412412608: Biomaterials, Medical Devices and Tissue Engineering : An Integrated Approach
0412413000: Computerized Manufacturing Process Planning Systems
0412413205: Electronics
0412414104: Sequential Data in Biological Experiments
0412414309: Applications of Electroactive Polymers
0412414406: Information Security
0412415100: Fluid Flow in Discontinuous Rocks
0412415208: Laser Processing in Manufacturing
0412415801: Sexual Abuse and the Primary Care Doctor
0412425602: Dickens 1970: Centenary Essays: Centenary Essays
0412426900: Options and Futures in International Portfolio Management
0412427206: Entrepreneurial Textile Communities
0412427303: Radiowave Propagation over Ground
0412427400: Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers
0412427605: Minnie and Hspice for Analogue Circuit Simulation
0412427702: Micropalaeontology and Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Middle East
0412427907: Neural Networks : Current Applications
0412428008: Parallel Processing and Data Management
0412428504: Practical Risk Theory for Actuaries
0412428806: Theory and Design of Digital Computer Systems
0412428903: Design Of Logic Systems
0412429101: Photosynthesis and Production in a Changing Environment
0412429306: Behaviour of Teleost Fishes
0412429403: Behaviour of Teleost Fishes
0412430002: Neurall Networks for Vision
0412430401: Reporting Histopathology Sections
0412430606: Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds : Third Supplement
0412431009: Business Risk Management
0412431106: Ecology and Management of Coppice Woodlands
0412431203: Quality Handbook for Composite Materials
0412431408: Ceramic Microstructure : Properties and Processing
0412431807: ISDN Technology
0412432102: Financial Markets
0412432706: Strain Measurement in Biomechanics
0412433206: Lipid Handbook
0412433303: Clinical Tropical Medicine
0412433400: Solid State Luminescence : Theory, Materials, and Devices
0412433508: Economics of Advanced Manufacturing Systems
0412434008: Epithelial Transport : A Guide to Methods and Experimental Analysis
0412434202: Xanthomonas
0412434407: Molecular and Cell Biology of Muscular Dystrophy
0412434504: Palaeoecology
0412434903: Pathology of Neonatal Intensive Care : An Illustrated Reference
0412435209: Textbook and Colour Atlas of the Cardiovascular System
0412435306: Ecotoxicology in Theory and Practice : A Critique of Current Approaches
0412435705: Psychosexual Medicine: A Study of Underlying Themes (Psychosexual Medicine Series)
0412436108: Managerial Accounting : Method and Meaning
0412436507: Controlling It Investment : Strategy and Management
0412436604: Manufacturing Strategy
0412436906: Digital Logic Techniques (Tutorial Guides in Electronic Engineering,)
0412437007: Telecommunications Principles
0412438607: Herbicides and Plant Physiology
0412438801: Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science
0412439506: Functional Ecology of Woodlands
0412439905: Themes and Perspectives in Nursing
0412440105: Pain: A Handbook for Nurses, 2nd Edition
0412441101: The Research Experience For Nurses
0412441403: Mars : The Story of the Red Planet
0412441500: Stability of Minerals
0412441608: Finite Elements in Solids and Structures : An Introduction
0412441705: Soil Geomorphology
0412441802: Soil Geomorphology
0412442000: Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks under the Microscope
0412442205: Evolution of Asexual Reproduction in Plants
0412442302: Diversity and Evolution of Land Plants
0412442809: Evaluation and Assessment for Conservation
0412442906: Ecology of World Vegetation
0412443007: Ecology of World Vegetation
0412443104: Controlling Reproduction
0412443708: Nature and Dynamics of Forest - Savanna Borders
0412443902: Functional Ecology of Woodlands
0412444208: Barnacles : Structure, Function, Development and Evolution
0412444704: Applying Ecology
0412444801: Geomorphology of Desert Environments
0412445107: A Dynamic Stratigraphy of the British Isles: A Study in Cru
0412445204: Engineering Thermodynamics
0412446308: Writing Successfully in Science
0412447002: In-Situ Stresses in Rocks
0412447304: Genetics : A Molecular Approach
0412447401: Simplified for Services : Practical Tools for Continuous Quality Improvement
0412447703: Executive Information Systems and Decision Support
0412447800: Computer Based Design Process
0412448300: Transformational Approaches to Systolic Design
0412448408: Water Quality Assessments : A Guide to the Use of Biota, Sediments and Water in Environmental Monitoring
0412448505: Food Intolerance
0412448904: Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research
0412449102: Minor Surgery : A Text and Atlas
0412449803: Applied Non-Parametric Statistical Methods
0412449900: Empirical Approaches to Fiscal Policy Modelling
0412450003: International Trade Modelling
0412450607: Analogue Neural VLSI : A Pulse Stream Approach
0412451107: Functional Biology of Scyphozoa
0412451204: Viruses and the Environment
0412451301: Software Quality
0412451409: Microprocessor Interface Design : Digital Circuits and Concepts
0412451506: Continuous System Simulation
0412451603: Cim Interfaces
0412451905: Ovarian Cancer 2
0412452006: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography of the Head and Neck
0412452200: Corporate Audit Theory
0412452707: Developments in Mathematics : The Moscow School
0412452804: Mathematical Modelling of Inelastic Deformation
0412453002: Introductory Microbiology
0412453304: Molecular Biology of Opportunistic Infections in AIDS
0412453401: RISC Architectures
0412453800: Human Resource Management in Europe : Text and Cases
0412454009: Developing Skills for Ethical Management : Providing Ethical Developments for Managers
0412454106: Managing Integration in CAD/CAM and Simultaneous Engineering
0412454300: Human Sperm Competition : Copulation, Masturbation and Infidelity
0412454408: Insect Conservation Biology
0412454602: Mosaic Landscapes and Ecological Processes
0412455102: Mapping the Diversity of Nature
0412455307: Protected Landscapes
0412455404: Basic Electrical Power and Machines
0412455501: AI and Computer Power : The Impact on Statistics
0412456400: Engineering Mathematics : A Programmed Approach
0412456508: Discrete Mathematics for Computing
0412456605: Microwave Engineering Handbook Volume 1: Microwave Components
0412456702: Microwave Engineering Handbook Volume 2: Microwave Circuits, Antennas and Propagation
0412457008: Renal Disease
0412457407: Handbook of Microbial Exploitation
0412457504: Unsaturated Fatty Acids
0412457903: Principles of Free-Electron Lasers
0412458004: Audiovisual Telecommunications
0412458101: Telecommunications Local Networks
0412458403: Midwives, Research and Childbirth
0412458705: Teaching Interactive Skills in Health Care
0412458802: Automotive Sensory Systems
0412459000: Software metrics: A practitioner's guide to improved product development (Chapman & Hall computing series)
0412459108: Creating a Business-Based IT Strategy
0412459205: Fish Ecophysiology
0412459302: Food and Feed from Legumes and Oilseeds
0412459809: Sets, Functions and Logic
0412460203: Ecology and Management of Atlantic Salmon
0412460505: Electrical Properties of Mammalian Tissues : An Introduction
0412460602: Physics of Diagnostic Imaging
0412460807: Introduction to Business Ethics
0412460904: Neurons and Symbols : The Stuff That Mind Is Made Of
0412461005: Usability Testing and System Evaluation : A Guide for Designing Useful Computer Systems
0412461102: Reptiles and Herbivory
0412461307: Nematode Interactions
0412461501: Text and Atlas of Arterial Imaging : Modern and Developing Technology
0412462508: Intelligent Manufacturing Planning
0412462605: Crop Pests in the U. K. : Collected Edition of MAFF Leaflets
0412462907: Electronic Payment Systems : Winning New Customers
0412463407: Strategic Management : Awareness and Change
0412463709: Combating Fraud and Corruption in the Public Sector
0412463903: Management and Cost Accounting (Chapman & Hall Series in Accounting and Finance)
0412464004: Management and Cost Accounting
0412464500: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
0412464608: Bivectors and Waves in Mechanics and Optics
0412464705: Transistor Circuit Techniques : Discrete and Integrated
0412465000: Condition-Based Maintenance
0412465108: Concurrent Engineering : Contemporary Issues and Modern Design Tools
0412465205: Number Theoretic Methods in Statistics
0412465302: Networks and Chaos : Statistical and Probabilistic Aspects
0412465906: Vacuum Physics and Techniques
0412466007: Growing Fungus
0412466201: Dictionary of Natural Products
0412466309: Dictionary of Pharmacological Agents
0412466503: Concise Chemical Thermodynamics
0412466708: Handbook of Expert Systems Applications in Manufacturing : Structures and Rules
0412467208: Dictionary of Scientific Units Inclusing Dimensionless Numbers and Scales
0412467305: A Textbook of Science for the Health Professions (Paperback
0412467801: Integrating Service Strategy in the Manufacturing Company
0412467909: Quality Assurance Management
0412468107: Management Projects : Design, Research, and Presentation
0412468301: Numerical Modelling for Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation
0412469405: Community Mental Health: Practical Approaches to Long Term Problems (Therapy in Practice)
0412469502: Stroke Rehabilitation : Structure and Strategy
0412469901: World Environment 1972-1992 : Two Decades of Challenge
0412470004: World Environment 1972-1992 : Two Decades of Challenge
0412470500: Contraceptive Care : Meeting Individual Needs
0412470608: Competition & Planning in the National
0412471000: Professional Nurse: Coping with Change, Now and the Future
0412472201: Virus Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
0412472406: Global Biodiversity : Status of the Earth's Living Resources
0412472902: Investment Manager's Handbook
0412473305: Accounting and Society
0412473402: Socially Responsible Accounting
0412473607: Electroceramics : Materials, Properties, Applications
0412473704: Saving Our Planet
0412473801: Saving Our Planet : Challenges and Hopes
0412473909: Saving Our Planet : Challenges and Hopes
0412474700: Health Research in Practice Vol. 1 : Political, Ethical and Methodological Issues
0412475103: Rarity
0412475200: Grazing and Conservation Management
0412475405: Fire and Plants
0412475502: Rock Mechanics : For Underground Mining
0412475707: Microbiology of the Avian Egg
0412475901: Managing Industrial Risk : Getting Value for Money in Your Business
0412476002: Discontinuity Analysis for Rock Engineering
0412476207: McQs in Medical Virology
0412476401: Introduction to Thermodynamics
0412476509: Introduction to Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
0412476800: Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation: Therapy in Practice (The
0412477009: Control of Human Voluntary Movement
0412477203: Caring for Dying Children and Their Families
0412477408: Ideology of Community Care
0412477505: Database Management with DBASE and SQL : A Practical Introduction
0412477602: Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunications
0412477904: Electron Beam Analysis of Materials
0412478005: Molecular Biology of Neuropsychiatric Disease
0412478102: Metallurgy Of Welding
0412478404: Social Skills for Nursing Practice
0412478609: Conflicts in Care : Medicine and Nursing
0412478900: Normal and Impaired Motor Development : Theory into Practice
0412479001: Infrared Thermography
0412479109: The International Handbook of Corporate and Personal Taxes
0412479206: Handbook of Machine Vision Engineering
0412479605: Atlas of Metabolic Diseases
0412479907: Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution
0412480107: Diseases of Bones and Joints
0412480506: Artificial Neural Networks for Intelligent Manufacturing
0412480700: Flavonoids
0412480808: Business Accounting for Hospitality and Tourism
0412481006: Monoclonal Antibodies No. 2 : Applications in Clinical Oncology
0412481103: Mutant Oncogenes : Targets for Therapy
0412481804: Economics and Ecology : Contributions to Sustainable Development
0412481901: Biosensors
0412482002: Microwave Electronic Devices
0412482304: Manufacturing, Automation Systems and CIM Factories
0412482401: Tin and Solder Plating in the Semiconductor Industry
0412482509: Introduction to Avionics
0412482606: Phase Locked Loops
0412482703: Frequency Measurement and Control
0412482908: Hydrology in Practice
0412483009: Before the Backbone : Views on the Origin of the Vertebrates
0412483807: Plant Invaders : The Threat to Natural Ecosystems
0412483904: Advanced Cardiac Life Support : The Practical Approach
0412484102: Business in Context : An Introduction to Business and Its Environment
0412484307: Work and Health
0412484501: Statistical Methods in Environmental Health
0412484609: Sourcebook of Control Systems Engineering
0412484706: Dietary Fibre and Related Substances
0412484900: Environmental Chemistry, 2ND, pb, 1993
0412485001: Introducing Groundwater
0412486105: Childhood and Adolescent Diabetes
0412486202: Connective Tissue Diseases
0412486806: Logic and Specifiction : Extending VDM-SL for Advanced Formal Specification
0412487306: Neonatal Nursing
0412487403: Immunology and Clinical Management of Interstitial Lung Diseases : A Clinician's Guide
0412488507: Igneous Rocks of South-West England
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