0412488604: The International handbook of corporate and personal taxes
0412488701: Osteoporosis
0412489007: Introduction to Integrated Geo-Information Management
0412489201: Human Neurophysiology : A Student Text
0412489406: Surgical Oncology
0412489708: Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
0412489902: Modelling Covariances and Latent Variables Using EQS
0412490102: Hermit Crabs of the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea : An Illustrated Key
0412490501: Analysis of Biological Molecules : An Introduction to Principles, Instrumentation and Techniques
0412490900: Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds
0412491001: Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds, Supplement 2
0412491109: Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds
0412491206: Multidimensional Scaling
0412491400: Robot Calibration
0412491605: Computer Intensive Statistical Methods
0412492105: Mathematics : A Simple Tool for Geologists
0412492202: Statistics in Engineering : A Practical Approach
0412492407: Making Pricing Decisions : A Study of Managerial Practice
0412492601: Developments in Time Series Analysis : In Honor of Maurice B. Priestley
0412492903: MCQs for the MRCP
0412493004: Particle Classification
0412493209: Design Data for Reinforced Plastics : A Guide for Engineers and Designers
0412493500: Introduction to Linear Algebra in Geology
0412493608: Insects
0412493705: Genetics and Evolution of Aquatic Organisms
0412494000: Receptors in the Developing Nervous System
0412494108: Recombination, Varability and Evolution : Algorithms of Estimation and Population Genetics
0412494604: Promotion of Continence in Adult Nursing
0412494809: Planetary Landscapes
0412495201: Material Inhomogeneities in Elasticity
0412495406: Thermal Physics
0412495503: Communications after Two Thousand AD
0412495600: Meat and Meat Products : Technology, Chemistry and Microbiology
0412495708: Creative Conservation : Interactive Management of Wild and Captive Animals
0412495902: Introduction to the Electronic Properties of Materials
0412496100: Engineering with Fibre-Polymer Laminates
0412496208: Engineering with Fibre Polymer Laminates
0412496305: Thin Film Diamonds
0412496402: Reproduction in Fungi : Genetical and Physiological Aspects
0412496801: Rehabilitated Estuarine Ecosystem
0412497301: ISDN Subscriber Loop
0412497808: Building Total Quality : A Guide for Management
0412498103: Practitioner Research in Health Care
0412498200: Researching User Perspectives on Community Health Care
0412498308: Issues in Accident and Emergency Nursing
0412498405: Nursing in General Practice: A Foundation Text
0412498707: Induced Earthquakes
0412498804: Magnetic Anisotropy of Rocks
0412505703: A handful of dust : a novel
0412506203: Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold
0412522209: Put Out More Flags
0412530503: Living Earth : A Short History of Life and Its Home
0412530805: Plant Tropisms and Other Growth Movements
0412530902: Principles of Physical Sedimentology
0412531003: Quaternary Paleoclimatology: Methods of Paleoclimatic Reconstruction
0412532301: Elements of Dynamic Oceanography
0412533006: Sedimentology : Process and Product
0412533804: Clay Mineralogy
0412534002: Instrumentation : A Reader
0412534304: Speech Synthesis And Recognition (Aspects Of Information Te
0412534509: Microbicides for the Protection of Materials : A Handbook
0412534800: Reliability and Decision Making
0412535009: Cheese Vol. 1 : Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology
0412535300: Marine Geochemistry
0412535807: Psychiatric Genetics
0412536005: Melatonin and the Mammalian Pineal Gland
0412537001: Financial Accounting : Method and meaning
0412537109: Isotopes in the Earth Sciences
0412537206: Strain Gage Users Handbook
0412537303: Advances in Design Optimization
0412537605: Kalahari Hyenas
0412538105: Ceramic Injection Molding
0412538202: Polymer Permeability
0412538407: Thermodynamics, Combustion and Engines
0412538504: Biomonitoring of Trace Aquatic Contaminants (Hardcover)
0412538601: Processing of Poultry
0412538806: Financial Securities : Market Equilibrium and Pricing Methods
0412539500: Rubber Technology
0412539802: Food Microbiology and Hygiene, 2nd Edition
0412540002: Practical Endoscopy
0412540207: Handbook of Composites
0412540509: Honeycomb Technology Materials, Design, Manufacturing, Applications and Testing
0412540606: Carbide, Nitride and Boride Materials Synthesis and Processing
0412540908: Dictionary of Organic Compounds
0412541009: Organic Chemists Desk Reference
0412541106: Dictionary of Organic Compounds : First Supplement
0412541203: Dictionary of Organic Compounds
0412542307: Experiment Design and Statistical Methods for Behavioral and Social Research
0412542501: Health Policy and Technological Innovation
0412542803: Metal Compounds in Cancer Therapy
0412543109: Fundamentals of Cardiac Surgery
0412543303: Epilepsy
0412543508: Old Age in Modern Society
0412543605: Principles of Process Planning : A Logical Approach
0412543702: Integrated Distributed Intelligent Systems in Manufacturing
0412543907: Molecular Biology in Crop Protection
0412544008: Molecular Techniques in Crop Protection
0412544407: Metallurgical and Ceramic Protective Coatings
0412544504: Financial Statement Analysis in Europe
0412544903: Community Ecology
0412545004: Community Ecology
0412545209: Receptors in the Developing Nervous System
0412545403: International Handbook of Corporate and Personal Taxes
0412546000: Introduction to Animal Cytogenetics
0412546302: Environmental Gene Release : Models, Experiments and Risk Assessment
0412546507: Infrared Transmission Spectra of Carbonate Minerals
0412546701: Rheology of the Earth
0412546809: Radiowave Propagation over Ground Software
0412547007: Microwave Integrated Circuits
0412547406: Dementia
0412547503: Statistical Methods for Plant Variety Evaluation
0412547805: Motor Neuron Disease
0412547902: Biopsy Pathology of the Oral Tissues
0412548003: Management of Emergencies by the Primary Health Care Physician
0412548208: Safety-Critical Systems : Current Issues, Techniques, and Standards
0412548305: Survey Design and Analysis Using TURBOSTATS
0412548402: Primary Wood Processing
0412548607: 100 Short Cases for the MRCP
0412548704: Clay's Handbook of Environmental Health
0412549107: Organelle Diseases : Clinical Features, Diagnosis, Pathogenesis and Management
0412549204: Investigating Mechanical Failures : The Metallurgist's Approach
0412549301: Chemical Fundamentals of Geology
0412549603: On the Dynamics of Exploited Fish Populations
0412550008: Paediatric Respiratory Care
0412550202: Genital Skin Disorders : A Guide to Non-Sexually Transmitted Conditions
0412550407: Normal Microflora
0412550504: Impact of Species Changes in African Lakes
0412550601: Molecular Chaperones
0412550709: Biochemistry of the Stilbenoids
0412551004: Microprobe Techniques in the Earth Sciences
0412551209: Health Psychology : Process and Applications
0412552604: Distribution-Free Statistical Methods
0412552701: Kernel Smoothing
0412552809: Elements of Linear Algebra
0412552906: Introduction to C++
0412553007: Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems
0412553104: Making Quality Happen : A Step-by-Step Guide to Winning the Quality Revolution
0412553309: Selection Methods in Plant Breeding
0412553406: Surface Mount Technology with Fine Pitch Components : The Manufacturing Issues
0412553503: Counselling in Child Disability
0412553600: Prenatal Diagnosis : The Human Side
0412554305: Cancer Care
0412554801: Understanding the North Sea System
0412554909: Managing Innovative Projects
0412555107: Transgenic Modification of Germline and Somatic Cells
0412555301: Chromosomes
0412555506: Introduction to Industrial Minerals
0412555905: Imaging Drug Reactions and Toxic Hazards
0412556200: Robust Design and Analysis for Quality Engineering
0412556405: Motor Neurone Disease
0412556502: Wound Care for Health Professionals
0412556707: Network Optimization
0412556804: Self-Help Guide to Managing Depression
0412556901: International Handbook of Financial Reporting
0412557002: Electronic Components and Technology
0412557207: Management and Control of Quality
0412557304: Woodland Conservation and Management
0412557401: Nicotine and Related Alkaloids : Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion
0412557703: Industrial Assembly
0412558009: Object-Oriented Languages : Basic Principles and Programming Techniques
0412558300: Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry : A Programmed Learning Approach
0412558505: Hidden Markov and Other Models for Discrete-Valued Time
0412558602: Asymptotic Treatment of Differential Equations
0412558807: Particle Size Analysis : Classification and Sedimentary Methods
0412558904: Control and Optimization
0412559307: Achieving Quality Improvement : A Practical Guide
0412559501: How to Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines
0412559803: Statistical Methods of Quality Assurance
0412560402: Memorix Emergency Medicine
0412560607: Memorix Gynecology
0412560704: Memorix Neurology
0412560801: Memorix Obstetrics
0412560909: AIDS and HIV : The Nursing Response
0412561409: Counselling Older Adults
0412561506: Historical Ecology of the British Flora
0412561603: Biology and Ecology of Earthworms
0412561905: Environmental Health Procedures
0412562006: Computer Control of Manufacturing Systems
0412562200: High Speed Semiconductor Devices : Circuit Aspects and Fundamental Behavior
0412562308: Atmospheric Modelling and Millimetre Wave Propagation
0412563207: Fluids in the Crust : Equilibrius and Transport Properties
0412563401: Mineral Surfaces
0412563509: Fertilization
0412563606: Quality by Design for Electronics
0412563908: Neurocomputers : An Overview of Neural Networks in VLSI
0412564009: Flexible Strategic Management
0412564300: Structure-Activity Relationships in Environmental Sciences
0412565005: Public Sector Auditing : Practical Techniques for an Integrated Approach
0412565803: Genetic Predisposition to Cancer
0412565900: Congenital Malformation Syndromes
0412566001: Cancer and Pre-Cancer of the Cervix
0412566303: Microbial Growth Kinetics
0412567407: Working with the Mentally Disordered Offender in the Community
0412567806: Manufacturing Excellence : The Competitive Edge
0412567903: Plasma Physics Theory
0412568705: Pulmonary Circulation : A Handbook for Clinicians
0412569108: ARDS : Acute Respiratory Distress in Adults
0412569302: A-Z of Applied Quality for Clinical Mana
0412569701: Ecology and Conservation of Butterflies
0412569906: Manual of Practical Gynecological Oncology
0412570009: Ovarian Cancer 3
0412570106: Deinstitutionalization and Community Living
0412570203: HACCP : A Practical Approach
0412570300: Customer-driven Manufacturing
0412570408: Manufacturing : Decision Support Systems
0412570602: Fundamentals of Total Quality Management: Process Analysis and Improvement
0412571005: Power Electronics
0412571102: Crisis Management In The Food And Drinks Industry
0412572001: Introduction to Fatigue in Metals and Composite
0412572605: Phytochemical Methods : A Guide to Modern Techniques of Plant Analysis
0412572702: Phytochemical Methods : A Guide to Modern Techniques of Plant Analysis
0412573008: Sealing of Boreholes and Underground Excavations in Rock
0412573504: Hake : Fisheries, Ecology and Markets
0412573601: Guide to the British Food Manufacturing Industry
0412573709: Integrated Pest Management
0412573806: Elements of Algebraic Coding Theory
0412574004: Measuring Performance for Business Results
0412574101: Practical Benchmarking
0412574209: Frank Lloyd Wright and Japan
0412574306: Stomata
0412574500: Plant Breeding Systems
0412575000: Health Care Education
0412575205: European Single Market Monetary
0412575302: Money Laundering : A Practical Guide to the New Legislation
0412575507: Spatiotemporal Models of Population and Community Dynamics
0412575809: Cyclic and Computer Generated Designs
0412575906: Wavelets And Multiscale Signal Processing (Applied Mathemat
0412576201: Elementary Applications of Probability Theory
0412576309: Massage and Aromatherapy
0412576406: Economics of Natural Resources : The Environment and Policies
0412576503: Principles of Nutrition
0412576805: Integration Theory
0412577100: Control Engineering
0412577305: Semiconductor Growth, Surfaces and Interfaces
0412577801: Dictionary of Natural Products
0412578107: Network Management : Concepts and Tools
0412578204: Problems and Solutions in Electronics
0412578700: Electromagnetic Waves
0412578808: Photothermal Science and Techniques
0412579103: Antennas
0412579200: Statistical Physics
0412579308: Silica-Based Buried Channel Waveguides and Devices
0412579405: Coherent Lightwave Communications Technology
0412579502: Microwave Tube Transmitters
0412579707: Ancient Sedimentary Environments and Their Subsurface Diagnosis
0412579804: Ecology of Sand Dunes, Salt Marsh and Shingle
0412579901: Ecology and Behavior of North American Black Bears : Home Ranges, Habitat and Social Organization
0412580306: Lymphoprolifeative Disorders : Handbook of Diagnosis, Investigation and Management
0412580500: Handbook of Genitourinary and HIV Med
0412580608: Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant Cell Walls
0412580802: Environmental Biology of Fishes
0412581108: Food and Nutrition : Customs and Culture
0412581507: Shop Floor Control Systems
0412581604: Polymers at Interfaces
0412581809: Polymer Technology Dictionary
0412581906: Disease Management in Cocoa : Comparative Epidemiology of Witches' Broom
0412582007: Nonlinear Phenomena in Flows of Viscoelastic Polymer Fluids
0412582309: CHEESE: Chemisty, Physics, and Microbiology complete two-volume set.
0412582406: Organotin
0412582708: Materials Metrology and Standards for Structural Performance
0412582805: Poultry Feed from Waste
0412582902: Mechatronics : Electronics in Products
0412583208: Legal Aspects of Child Health Care
0412583402: Symbolic Execution
0412583607: How to Do Your Student Project in Chemistry
0412583704: Water-Soluble Vitamin Assays in Human Nutrition
0412583801: Rubber Toughened Engineering Plastics
0412583909: Impacts of Forest Harvesting on Long-Term Site Productivity
0412584204: New and Developing Sources of Food Proteins
0412584301: Polypropylene Structure, Blends and Composites : Structure and Morphology
0412584409: Fibre Science and Technology
0412584603: Fisheries Processing : Biotechnological Applications
0412584700: Composite Materials in Aerospace Design
0412584905: Characterization of Solid Polymers : New Techniques and Developments
0412585200: High Temperature Component Life Assessment
0412585405: Head Injury : Pathophysiology and Management of Severe Closed Injury
0412585502: Atlas of Open Knee Surgery
0412586207: Groundwater Quality
0412586304: Rob and Smith's Operative Surgery : Vascular Surgery
0412586401: Total Quality Management
0412586509: Occupational Ergonomics : Principles and Applications
0412587009: Insect-Plant Interactions : An Ecophysiological Approach
0412587408: Accounting In A Business Context
0412587505: Accounting in a Business Context : Teachers' Guide
0412588609: Tom-Based Project Planning
0412588900: Guide for Graduate Research in Engineering and Science
0412589206: Making Customer Satisfaction Happen
0412589508: Dictionary of Analytical Reagents on CD-ROM
0412589702: Molecular Genetics of Endocrine Disorders
0412590107: Degradable Polymers
0412590204: Polymer Physics
0412590301: Viscoelasticity of Engineering Materials
0412590409: Design for Creep
0412590905: Osteopathic Athletic Health Care : Principles and Practice
0412591200: Buckling and Postbuckling of Composite Plates
0412591308: Palstat : User's Manual and Case Histories
0412591405: Infant Nutrition
0412591502: Brewing Microbiology
0412591901: Biological Invasions
0412592304: Clinical Investigation of Skin Disorders
0412592606: When a Child Has Cancer
0412592703: Stress and Coping in Mental Health Nursing
0412592800: Community Psychiatric Nursing
0412594102: Conservation Management of Freshwater Habitats : Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands
0412594501: Marine Protected Areas : Principles and Techniques for Management
0412594706: Coastal Conservation and Management : An Ecological Perspective
0412594803: Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data
0412595001: Environmental Management for Aquaculture
0412595109: Brazing
0412595400: On the Sex of Fish and the Gender of Scientists : A Collection of Essays in Fisheries Science
0412595508: Computers in Fisheries Research
0412596008: Fatigue Damage, Crack Growth and Life Prediction
0412596202: Toughened Plastics
0412596407: Rheology and Processing of Liquid Crystal Polymers
0412596601: Management of Child Health Services (A Hodder Arnold Publication)
0412597209: Managing Risk in International Business : Techniques and Applications
0412597500: Economic Aspects of Animal Breeding
0412597802: Hydrometallurgy
0412598000: Thermofluids
0412598108: Foundations of Computer Technology
0412598302: Ceramic Processing
0412599007: Microbiology and Epidemiology of Infection
0412599104: Art and Science of Writing : A Handbook for Health Science Students
0412599201: Food and Drink Laboratory Accreditation : A Practical Approach
0412599309: Essential Statistics for Medical Practice : A Case-Study Approach
0412599406: Practical Longitudinal Data Analysis
0412599902: Nonlinear Systems : Modeling and Estimation
0412600102: Non-Linear Systems Vol. 3 : Control
0412600404: Middle Eastern Clinical Medicine
0412600609: Production and Uses of Genetically Transformed Plants
0412601206: Optical Network Technology
0412601303: Textbook of Intensive Care
0412601400: AIDS and Respiratory Medicine
0412601605: Understanding Balance
0412602008: Gene Regulation
0412602504: Clinical Applications of the Interferons
0412602709: Small Business Total Quality
0412603306: Handbook of Biomaterial Properties
0412603500: Critical Care of the Surgical Patient
0412604205: Dictionary of Natural Products
0412604302: Dictionary of Natural Products
0412604701: Ultrasonic Methods of Non-Destructive Testing
0412604809: Brazing
0412604906: Polymer Microscopy
0412605007: Nursing : The Reflective Approach to Adult Nursing
0412605503: Enterprise Modelling and Integration : Principles and Applications
0412605600: Performance Management
0412605805: Manufacturing Systems : An Introduction to the Technologies
0412606100: Classic Set Theory for Guided Independent Study
0412606208: Advanced Dairy Chemistry Vol. 2 : Lipids
0412606305: Problem Solving : A Statistician's Guide
0412606402: Design and Analysis of Cross-Over Trials
0412606607: Markov Processes for Stochastic Modeling
0412607409: Tuberculosis : A Clinical Handbook
0412607603: Functionally Graded Materials : Design, Processing and Applications
0412607808: Optical Measurement Methods in Biomechanics
0412608006: Heat Transfer in Fluidized Beds
0412608103: Management of Company Finance
0412608200: Quantitative Methods in Finance
0412608308: International Accounting
0412608502: Behavioural Studies in Hospitality Management
0412608707: Polymer Science Dictionary
0412608901: Physical Testing of Rubber
0412609002: Mechanical and Thermophysical Properties of Polymer Liquid Crystals
0412609304: Nephrology
0412609401: Conceptual Nursing in Practice : A Research-Based Approach
0412609800: Genetic Analysis of Quantitative Traits
0412610108: Delighted Customers
0412610302: Rare Earth Minerals : Chemistry, Origin and Ore Deposits
0412610507: Living with a Sick Child in Hospital
0412610809: Marine Permian of England
0412611201: Statistics for Accountants
0412611406: Working Alongside People with Long Term Mental Health Problems
0412611503: Mechanics of Textile and Laminated Composites
0412612100: Testicular Cancer : Investigation and Management
0412612402: Competition and Resource Partitioning in Temperate Ungulate Assemblies
0412612704: Principles and Practice of Plant Conservation
0412612801: Essential Statistics
0412613301: Polymer Matrix Composites
0412614200: Polypropylene Structure, Blends and Composites : Copolymers and Blends
0412614308: Polypropylene Structure, Blends and Composites : Composites
0412614502: Communication Skills Training for Health Professionals
0412614804: Trace Fossils : Biology, Taphonomy and Applications
0412615509: Materials Selector
0412616009: Foundations of Mechanical Engineering
0412616300: VLSI Neural Networks Learning Chips
0412616505: VHDL : A Logic Synthesis Approach
0412616807: Physics in Medicine
0412616904: Living with the Chip
0412617102: System Dynamics Modelling : A Practical Approach
0412617307: Advanced CAD/CAM Systems : State-of-the-Art and Future Trends in Feature Technology
0412617900: Current Practice in Critical Illness
0412618001: Current Practice in Critical Illness
0412618109: Practical Pulmonary Rehabilitation
0412618303: Quality Care for Elderly People
0412618400: OSCEs for Anaesthetists
0412618605: Climate Change and Human on the Landscape
0412619601: Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology in Surgical Practice
0412620103: Introduction to Computer Aided Production Management
0412620200: Integrated Product Process and System Design
0412620308: Manufacturing Challenges in Electronic Packaging
0412621002: Reorganized National Health Service
0412621207: Hydrocolloid Applications : Gum Technology in the Food and Other Industries
0412621509: Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
0412621606: Modelling Future Telecommunications Systems
0412621800: Applied Fish Pharmacology
0412621908: Ecology of Agricultural Pests : Biochemical Approaches
0412622505: Integrating Information Technology in Education
0412623005: Dynamic Cosmos : Exploring the Physical Evolution of the Universe
0412623307: Health Research in Practice
0412623404: Strategy in Action
0412624001: Interconnections Between Human and Ecosystem Health
0412624109: Ecology and Conservation of Amphibians
0412624303: Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare : A Practical Approach Through Medical Humanities
0412624508: Self-Order and Form in Polymeric Materials
0412624605: Physics of Glassy Polymers
0412624702: Fiber Optic Fluorescence Thermomentry
0412625008: Microwave Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation Principles
0412625105: High Temperature Electronics : Materials, Devices and Applications
0412625202: Formulation of Microbial Biopesticides
0412625504: Molecular and Cell Biology of Human Gene Therapeutics
0412625601: Accountability : Power, Ethos and the Technologies of Managing
0412626004: Financial Accounting: Method and meaning: Teachers' Manual
0412626209: Biological Systematics : The State of the Art
0412626403: Polymer Physics
0412626802: Benchmarking
0412627000: Musculoskeletal System
0412627108: Vectors in Physics and Engineering
0412627507: Risk Handbook
0412627604: Handbook on Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds
0412627809: Industrial Radiology : Theory and Practice
0412628201: Rapid Appraisal and Health Policy
0412628708: Polymer Latices : Science and Technology
0412628805: Polymer Latices : Science and Technology
0412628902: Polymer Latices Science and Technology : Applications Latices
0412629100: Memorix Surgery
0412629704: Computer-Aided Maintenance : Methodology and Techniques
0412630206: Advanced Dairy Chemistry Vol. 3 : Lactose, Water, Salts and Vitamins
0412630508: Urinary Tract Infections
0412630605: First Ecology
0412630702: Mathematical Models in Finance
0412631008: Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
0412631105: Introduction to Radiation Protection
0412631202: Species
0412631504: Cell Biology
0412631601: Viruses in Human Gene Therapy
0412631806: Measuring Customer and Service Profitability in the Finance Sector
0412632004: Electronic Product Design (Paperback
0412632802: Teaching Nursing : A Self-Instructional Handbook
0412633507: Electronic Comparative Plant Ecology
0412633809: Biology of Rarity : Causes and Consequences of Rare-Common Differences
0412633906: Industrial Air Pollution Monitoring : Gaseous and Particulate Emissions
0412634503: Insect Conservation Biology
0412634600: Monitoring Butterflies for Ecology and Conservation : The British Butterfly Monitoring Scheme
0412635100: Differix Internal Medicine
0412635801: Radiotherapy in Cancer Management : A Practical Manual
0412635909: Extruder Principles and Operation
0412636301: Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems
0412636409: Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification XIV
0412636506: Business Research Projects
0412636603: Quality Assurance Management
0412637308: Plant Genetic Conservation : The In Situ Approach
0412637502: Thermofluids
0412638509: Ultrasonic Measurements and Technologies
0412638606: VLSI Circuit Simulation and Optimisation
0412638703: Power System Simulation
0412638800: Behavioural Ecology of Siberian and European Roe Deer
0412639009: Achieving Quality in Software
0412639203: International Handbook of Corporate Governance
0412639408: Taxation
0412639505: Information System Concepts. Towards a Consolidation of Views
0412639807: Cryochemical Technology of Advanced Materials
0412640104: Information Technology and Changes in Organizational Work
0412640201: Information Security : The Next Decade
0412640600: Colposcopy: The Interactive CD-ROM for Colopscopists, Histopathologists and Cytologists: CD-ROM
0412640805: Principles of Applied Geophysics
0412641208: The A-Z Reference Book of Syndromes and Inherited Disorders
0412641909: Early Life History and Recruitment in Fish Populations
0412642603: Re-Engineering the Enterprise
0412642808: Drug Misuse
0412643103: Epidemiology of Eye Disease
0412643707: Management of Technology Perception and Opportunities
0412643901: Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry
0412644207: Exploitation of Mammal Populations
0412644304: Microbial Food Poisoning
0412644509: Formal Description Techniques VII
0412644606: Rock Forming Minerals in Thin Section
0412707608: Functions of Two Variables
0412708000: Intelligent Visual Inspection : Using Artificial Neural Networks
0412708205: Sets & Groups
0412709201: Structural Adhesive Joints in Engineering
0412709708: Silicon Sensors and Circuits : On-Chip Compatibility
0412709805: Ecologists and Ethical Judgements
0412710102: Electronic Design Automation Frameworks
0412710609: Crayfishes, Lobsters and Crabs of Europe
0412710706: Mitosis and Apoptosis
0412710900: Advanced Cardiac Life Support : The Practical Approach
0412711109: Porous Materials
0412711117: Consumer Guide Complete Guide to Used Cars (2005 Edition)
0412711206: Modelling of Materials Processing : An Approachable and Practical Guide
0412711400: Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks
0412711508: Open Distributed Processing
0412711605: Protocol Test Systems VII
0412711702: Local and Metropolitan Communication Systems
0412711907: Computer Networks, Architecture and Applications
0412712202: Psychotropic Drug Development : Social, Economic and Pharmacological Aspects
0412712601: Liver Growth and Repair
0412712709: Molecular Biology for Oncologists
0412712806: Molecular Mechanisms of Immune Responses in Insects
0412713500: Conservation and the Use of Wildlife Resources
0412714701: Structural Adhesives Directory and Databook
0412714906: Effective Benchmarking : Learning from the Best
0412715201: Agriculture and the Citizen
0412715309: TQM in Action : A Practical Approach to Continuous Performance Improvement
0412715503: Handbook of Colposcopy
0412715600: Narrow Gap II-VI Compounds
0412715708: Integrated Network Management IV
0412716003: Clinical Problems in Obstetric Anaesthesia
0412716208: Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification XV
0412716305: Biplots
0412716607: Applied Microbial Systematics
0412717301: Intelligent Networks : Proceedings of the Ifip Tc6 Workshop - 3rd Summer School on Telecommunications, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, 1994
0412717409: Managing Projects for Personal Success
0412717506: Practical Systems Thinking
0412717700: Interpreting Management : Exploring change and complexity
0412718006: Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance
0412718103: Table Olives
0412718707: Maths Made Easy
0412718804: System Modelling and Optimization
0412718901: Short Practice of Anesthesia
0412719207: Food, Eating and Obesity : The Psychological Basis of Appetite and Weight Control
0412719304: Rehabilitation of Older People : A Handbook for the Multidisciplinary Team
0412719800: Writing for Health Professionals
0412720000: Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry
0412720205: Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant Cell Walls
0412720302: Rheological Measurement
0412721007: Simulation Games in Production Management
0412721104: Clinical Performance Skelet Prostheses
0412721309: Randomization Bootstrap and Monte Carlo Methods in Biology
0412721503: Numerical Methods with Worked Examples
0412721600: Virtual Prototyping : Virtual Environments and the Product Design Process
0412721708: Visual Database Systems 3 : Visual Information Management
0412721805: Engineering for HCI
0412721902: Managing Wine and Wine Sales
0412722003: Balanced Automation Systems
0412722100: Practical Guide to World Class Buying
0412722704: Ethnobotany : Evolution of a Discipline
0412723107: Food Chemical Risk Analysis
0412723204: Introduction to Paint Chemistry and Principles of Paint Technology
0412723301: Introduction to Paint Chemistry
0412723700: Ovarian Cancer
0412723808: Common Conditions in Gynaecology : A Problem-Solving Approach
0412724707: Design Principles for Interactive Software
0412724901: Multirate and Multiphase Switched-Capacitor Circuits
0412725002: Stomata
0412725304: Infomatics Handbook
0412725401: Princs of Freelectron Lasers
0412725606: Plastics for Electronics
0412725703: Resin Transfer Moulding
0412726106: Science and Engineering of Materials Solutions Manual
0412726203: Ethics of Computing Codes
0412726807: Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering
0412726904: Logic and Architecture Synthesis
0412727005: Modelling and Optimization of Distributed Parameter Systems
0412727102: Advances in Formal Design Methods for CAD
0412727307: Handbook of Venous Disorders : Guidelines of the American Venous Forum
0412728001: Beyond Silent Spring : Integrated Pest Management and Chemical Safety
0412728109: Beyond Silent Spring: Integrated Pest Management and Chemical Safety
0412728605: Variance Components: Mixed Models, Methodologies and Applications
0412729008: Artificial Intelligence in Reactive Scheduling
0412729105: Knowledge Intensive Cad
0412729202: Database Security IX : Status and Prospects
0412729407: Guide to Laser Safety
0412729504: Particle Size Measurement Vol. 1 : Powder Sampling and Partical Size
0412729601: Molecular Approaches to the Study of the Ocean
0412729903: Environmental Impact Assessment
0412730006: Environmental Impact Assessment
0412730405: Quantitative Landscape Ecology
0412730707: Multimedia Methods in Molecula Cdrom Win
0412731002: Theory of Transport Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures
0412731401: Architectures for Enterprise Integration
0412731509: Resin Transfer Molding for Aerospace Applications
0412732203: Practical Applications of Plant Molecular Biology
0412732505: Data Communications and Their Performance
0412732602: Communications and Multimedia Security
0412732807: Distributed Platforms (Ifip International Federation for Information Processing)
0412732904: High Performance Networking
0412733307: Organic Matters and Mineralisation : Thermal Alteration, Hydrocarbon Generation and Role in Metallogenesis
0412733404: MCGs in Paediatrics
0412733609: Management and Cost Accounting
0412734508: Pediatric Cardiology : An Introduction
0412734605: Fluid Flow and Transport in Rocks : Mechanism and Effects
0412734702: Arsenic Exposure and Health Effects
0412735202: Benchmarking Handbook : Step-by-Step Instructions
0412735407: Just-in-Time Manufacturing - An introduction
0412736101: Probiotics 2 vol. 2 : Applications and Practical Aspects
0412736306: Occupational Lung Disease : An International Perspective
0412736608: Molecular Biology of Insect Disease Vectors : A Methods Manual
0412736802: Cardiology Explained
0412737000: Growth Disorders : Pathophysiology and Treatment
0412737108: Electrical Methods in Geophysical Exploration of Deep
0412737302: Environmental Software Systems
0412737507: Management in the Public Sector : Challenge and Change
0412737604: Creating the Customer-Driven Car Company
0412738007: Vertebrate Palaeontology
0412738104: Vertebrate Palaeontology
0412738309: Memorix Pediatrics
0412739100: Melt Rheology and Its Role in Plastics Processing : Theory and Applications
0412739208: Plastics Processing Data Handbook
0412740001: Clinicians' Guide to Helicobacter Pylori
0412740400: Encyclopedia of European and Asian Regional Geology
0412740508: Encyclopedia of Environmental Science
0412740605: Encyclopedia of Hydrology and Water Resources
0412741105: Graham's Electroplating Engineering Handbook
0412741806: Aphid Ecology
0412742101: Introduction To Classical Real Analysis
0412742403: Collected Works of John W. Tukey
0412742500: Collected Works of John W. Tukey
0412742608: Geological Structures and Moving Plates
0412749009: Canopy Arthropods
0412749106: Laboratory Handbook for Fractionation of Natural Extracts
0412749203: Ecology of Shallow Lakes
0412749300: Resource Competition
0412750007: Safety Assessment of Mobile Communications
0412750104: High-Temperature Structural Materials
0412750201: Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds Supplement
0412750600: Minor Surgery : A Text and Atlas
0412750902: Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists
0412751402: Pspice Simulation of Power Electronics Circuits
0412751801: Clinical Nuclear Medicine
0412752107: Chromosomes
0412752409: Chromosomes Today
0412752808: Radioactive and Stable Isotope Geology
0412752905: Deformation-Induced Melt Segregation and Metamorphic Fluid Transport
0412753006: Seismic Monitoring in Mines
0412753200: Expert Systems in Electrical Power Engineering
0412753308: Particle Size Measurement Surface Area and Pore Size Determination
0412754207: Arthropod Relationships
0412754304: Applied Data Communications and Networks
0412754509: Solitons
0412754908: Ecotoxicology : Ecological Dimensions
0412755009: Encyclopedia of Geochemistry
0412755106: Biopsy Pathology of the Prostate
0412755300: Cyst Nematodes
0412755602: Advanced It Tools
0412755807: Mobile Communications
0412755904: Life-Cycle Modelling for Innovative Products and Processes : Proceedings of the Ifip Wg5.3 International Conference on Life-Cycle Modelling for Innovative Products and Processes, Held in Berlin, Germany, in November/December 1995
0412756307: Modelling and Methodologies for Enterprise Integration
0412756404: MCQs in Physiology
0412756501: The Merck Index 12th Ed. Version 12:1 1996 CD ROM
0412756803: Animal Biotechnology and Ethics
0412757206: Clinicians' Guide to Lipids and Coronary Heart Disease
0412757400: Software Engineering for Parallel and Distributed Systems
0412757508: Information Networks and Data Communication V : Proceedings of the IFIP TC6 International Conference, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, 18-21 April 1994
0412757702: Methods in Bone Biology
0412758008: Determining Structural Successions in Migmatites and Gueisses
0412758202: Early Evolutionary History of Planktonic Foraminifera
0412758504: Protocols for High Speed Networks V
0412759004: Ecological Risk Assessment of Contaminants in Soil
0412759403: The Merck Index, Twetfth Edition on CD-ROM: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs and Biologicals
0412759705: Broadband Communications. Global Infrastructure for the Information Age
0412780100: Rapid Response Manufacturing
0412780208: Sculptured Surface Machining
0412780909: Bioavailability and Analysis of Vitamins in Foods
0412781204: Information Systems Security
0412781808: Domain Knowledge for Interactive System Design : Proceedings of the Tc8/Wg8.2 Conference on Domain Knowledge in Interactive System Design, Switzerland, May 1996
0412781905: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly : Concepts, Architectures and Implementation
0412782200: Total Quality Management in Action
0412782308: Handbook of Compressed Gases
0412782804: Physics of the Atom
0412783800: Food Biotechnology in Ethical Perspective
0412784602: Software Engineering for Manufacturing Systems : Methods and Case-Tools
0412784807: History of the Coelacanth Fishes
0412784904: Memorix Medical and Biochemical Abbreviations
0412785005: Fish and Fisheries in Tropical Estuaries
0412785307: Biology of Hagfishes
0412785501: Retrial Queues
0412785609: Data Acquisition for Sensor Systems
0412785706: Competition and Resource Partitioning in Temperate Ungulate Assemblies
0412785803: Evolutionary Developmental Biology
0412785900: Evolutionary Developmental Biology, 2nd Edition
0412786001: Multimedia Telecommunications
0412786303: Making Customer Satisfaction Happen: A Strategy for Delighting Customers...
0412786907: Introduction to Coding Theory
0412787008: Mixed Poisson Processes
0412787504: Design for X : Concurrent Engineering Imperatives
0412787601: Dictionary of Drugs on CD-ROM
0412787903: Testing of Communicating Systems
0412788004: Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing : Proceedings, International Conference on the Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing (DIISM'96), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 1996
0412788101: Hardware Description Languages and Their Applications Specification, Modelling, Verification and Synthesis
0412788802: Organizational Self-Assessment
0412789000: Intelligent Networks and New Technologies
0412789108: Modelling Techniques, Business Process and Benchmarking
0412789205: Network Intelligence
0412790106: Effective Gynecological Day Surgery
0412790505: Cement & Concrete
0412790807: Speech Technology for Telecommunications
0412791307: Diet and Heart Disease
0412791501: Electrical and Magnetic Methods of Nondestructive Testing
0412792001: Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks
0412792508: Materials Selector on CD-ROM
0412792702: Atlas of Bronchoaveolar Lavage
0412792907: Essentials of Gynaecological Cancer
0412793008: Current Practice in Critical Illness
0412793105: Horizontal Gene Transfer: Implications and Consequences
0412793601: Joining Processes : Introduction to Brazing and Diffusion Bonding
0412793709: Evolutionary Ecology of Parasites : From Individuals to Communities
0412793806: Microbiology of Activated Sludge
0412793903: Medical Importance of the Normal Microflora
0412795507: Dynamics of Coral Communities
0412796902: Chaos in Real Data : Analysis of Non-Linear Dynamics in Short Ecological Space
0412797305: Conservation of Wildlife by Sustainable Use
0412797607: Information Technology
0412797704: Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems
0412797801: Communications and Multimedia Security
0412797909: Information Systems and Technology in the International Office
0412798603: Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
0412798700: Genetics : A Molecular Approach
0412798905: Dynamic Biological Organization : Its Fundamentals as Applied to Cellular Systems
0412799405: Product Management : Value, Quality, Cost, Price, Profits, and Organization
0412799502: Re-Engineering for Sustainable Industrial Production
0412799707: Information Technology in Educational Management for the Schools of the Future : Proceedings, International Conference on Information Technology in Educational Management (ITEM), Hong Kong, 1996
0412799901: Cavity Expansion Methods in Geomechanics
0412800101: Geological Methods in Mineral Exploration and Mining
0412801701: Mechanical Properties and Testing of Polymers
0412802007: Polypropylene
0412802201: High Speed Optical Communications
0412802309: Multimedia Methods in Molecula Cdrom Mac
0412802708: Systems Maintainability
0412802805: Reliability, Quality and Safety of Software - Intensive Systems : Proceedings, 3rd International Conference on Reliability, Quality and Safety of Software - Intensive System, Athens, Greece, 1997
0412802902: Logistics and Transportation : Design and Planning
0412803402: Clinical Tuberculosis
0412804107: Light Alloys Directory and Databook
0412804301: Structure and Dynamics of Fungal Populations
0412804808: Insect-Plant Biology
0412804905: Mixing of Rubber
0412805200: Manufacturing Excellence in Global Markets
0412805308: Quality of Numerical Software : Assessment and Enchancement; Proceedings, Working Conference on the Quality of Numerical Software, Oxford, England, 1996
0412805502: Manual of Offshore Surveying for Geoscientists and Engineers
0412805707: Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Engineering Systems
0412806207: Colour Image Processing Handbook
0412806304: Advanced Data Communications and Networks
0412806401: Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces
0412807602: Introductory Statistics for Biology Students
0412808005: Environmental Assessment of Products
0412808102: Environmental Assessment of Products
0412808307: Introduction to Mathematical Logic
0412809109: Clinicians' Guide to Oesophageal Diseases
0412809400: Building QoS into Distributed Systems : IFIP TC6 WG6.1 Fifth International Workshop on Quality of Service (IWQOS '97), 21-23 May 1997, New York, USA
0412809605: Integrated Network Management V
0412809702: ATM Networks Performance Modelling and Evaluation
0412810204: Commercial Polyner Blends
0412811308: Mobile Systems
0412811405: Ore Deposits and Mantle Plumes
0412812304: Open Distributed Processing and Distributed Platforms
0412812509: Handbook of Life Cycle Engineering : Concepts, Models and Technologies
0412812908: Ecotoxicology
0412813203: An Atlas of Cytopathology of the Head and Neck: With Clinical and Histological Correlations
0412813300: Advances in Hardware Design and Verification
0412814005: Textbook of Intensive Care
0412814404: Experimental Quality : A Strategic Approach to Achieve and Improve Quality - Hardcover
0412815702: Seed Proteins
0412816008: Minimal Access Thoracic Surgery
0412817209: Tumor Markers
0412817306: Testing of Communicating Systems
0412817403: Environmental Software Systmes
0412817500: Data Mining Techniques in Speech Synthesis
0412817608: Electrical Power System Protection
0412817705: Comms and Multimedia Security
0412818205: Markov Chain Monte Carlo : Stochastic Simulation for Bayesian Inference
0412819007: Clinicians' Guide to Aspirin
0412819406: Blends of Natural Rubber : Novel Techniques for Blending with Speciality Polymers
0412820501: Algorithmic Languages And Calculi
0412820900: Database Security XI: Status and Prospects : Proceedings of the 11th IFIP TC11/WG 11.3 International Conference on Database Security, 1997: Lake Tahoe, California
0412821001: Information and Communications Technologies in School Mathematics
0412821109: Computer Applications in Production and Engineering
0412821400: Organizing the Extended Enterprise
0412821702: Clinical Paediatrics (6-Disk Set for Windows)
0412822008: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Antimicrobial Drug Action
0412822105: Plant Evolution under Domestication
0412822903: Interchanges of Insects Between Agricultural and Surrounding Landscapes
0412823403: Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems
0412823500: Advances in Production Management Systems : Perspectives and Future Challenges
0412823705: VLSI : Integrated Systems on Silicon
0412824302: Modern Foraminifera
0412824701: Psychopharmacology of Cognitive and Psychiatric Disorders in the Elderly
0412825406: Computing Systems for Global Telecommunications
0412825708: Optical Fiber Sensor Technology : Applications and Systems
0412826003: Integrity and Internal Control in Information Systems Increasing : The Confidence in Information Systems
0412826208: Setting Environmental Standards : The Statistical Approach to Handling Uncertainty and Variation
0412826305: Management of Multimedia Networks and Services
0412827107: Strategic Management of the Manufacturing Value Chain : Proceedings of the International Conference of the Manufacturing Value-Chain, August, 1998, Troon, Scotland, Uk
0412827204: Life Cycle Networks
0412827905: Safety in Cell and Tissue Culture
0412828103: Extruding Plastics
0412828200: Broadband Access Networks (Telecommunications Technology and Applications Series)
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