0060393947: Soy Desserts : 101 Fresh, Fun, and Fabulously Healthy Recipes
0060393963: Woman on Top : A Sexy Delicious Fairytale
0060393971: Fabulous Moolah : First Goddess of the Squared Circle
0060394013: Shabby Chic : The Gift of Giving
0060394056: Fast Lane
0060394064: Taking Charge of Your Fertility : The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement
0060394072: American Terrorist : Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing
0060394080: Healthy High-Tech Body
0060394110: Good Body
0060394137: Primrose Past
0060394145: Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos
0060394153: Pucker Up : A Hands-on Guide to Ecstatic Sex
0060394188: Chicken
0060394196: Top 100 Zone Foods : The Zone Food Science Ranking System
0060394226: Prenatal Parenting : The Complete Psychological and Spiritual Guide to Loving Your Unborn Child
0060394277: Dondi White : The Style Master General
0060394285: Old Wife's Tale : My Seven Decades in Love and War
0060394307: Water and the Blood : A Novel
0060394315: 24-Hour Turnaround : The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Antiaging, and Optimal Health--Starting Today
0060394331: How the Hula Girl Sings : A Novel
0060394358: Tallulah! : The Life and Times of a Leading Lady
0060394366: Homesick : A Memoir
0060394374: Riding Lessons : Everything That Matters in Life I Learned from Horses
0060394390: Land of the Blind : A Novel
0060394412: Citizen Vince
0060394420: Modern Glamour : The Art of Unexpected Style
0060394447: Tommy's Tale : A Novel
0060394455: Family
0060401362: Civil liberties under the Constitution
0060401389: Changing Cities
0060401613: Numerical Methods That Work
0060401648: Teaching Mathematics, Pb, Harpercollins Pub
0060401656: Western World
0060401664: Western World
0060401672: Dynamics of Soviet Foreign Policy
0060401680: Harpercollins Concise Handbook and Exercises
0060401699: Increasing Your Sales Potential: A Practical Guide to Successful Selling
0060401729: Introduction to mass communications
0060401737: Reporting and Writing the News
0060401745: Perspectives on mass communications
0060401753: Introduction to mass communications
0060401761: Public Relations : Strategies and Tactics
0060401788: Maincurrents in Mass Communications
0060401818: Introduction to Mass Communications
0060401826: Introduction to Mass Communications
0060401850: Main Currents Mass Communications Edition
0060402059: Chemistry:Experiment and Theory
0060402067: Organizational management through communication
0060402075: The science of life
0060402091: Chemistry, Experiment and Theory
0060402113: Sol MN Chem Exper Theory 2e
0060402121: Effective management: Readings, cases, and experiences
0060402156: Effective Management : Readings, Cases and Experiences
0060402229: Descubrir y Crear
0060402237: Wk LM Descubrir Crear
0060402245: Descubrir y crear
0060402288: Descubrir y crear
0060402318: Cuaderno De Ejercicios Para Descubrir Y Crear
0060402326: Abnormal Psychology in the Life Cycle
0060402393: Good News for Writers
0060402466: The politics of the Federal bureaucracy
0060402628: Texas Politics: An Introduction
0060402636: Texas politics: An introduction
0060402644: Texas Politics : An Introduction
0060402679: Texas politics: an introduction
0060402687: Texas Politics : An Introduction
0060402768: Play with a purpose;: Elementary school physical education, kindergarten through grade eight (Harper's school and public health education, physical education, and recreation series)
0060402776: DM Educational Psychology PB
0060402814: Entrepreneurship : Starting a New Business
0060402911: A choice of worlds;: The practice and criticism of public discourse
0060402938: Introduction to Differential Equations With Boundary Value Problems
0060402946: Social Psychology
0060403101: Easy in English: An Imaginative Approach to the Teaching of the Language Arts
0060403217: Teaching Moral Reasoning: Theory and Practice
0060403241: Introduction to Mathematical Economics
0060403322: Patternmaking Fashion Design
0060403411: Communication Training and Development
0060403519: International Business
0060403616: Why We Write
0060403624: Writing Day by Day : One Hundred One Complete Short Essays
0060403942: Study Guide and Problems: Lipsey/Sparks/Steiner Economics
0060403969: Delivering Human Services: An Introductory Programmed Text (Harper Series in Social Work)
0060403985: Evolution
0060403993: Love and Will (HC/DJ)
0060404035: Social Welfare
0060404043: Global Community : A Brief Introduction to International Relations
0060404388: Management : Functions and Responsibilities
0060404396: Practical Stylist
0060404418: Essayist
0060404426: Complete Stylist and Handbook
0060404434: Native Americans today: sociological perspectives,
0060404442: Practical Stylist with Readings
0060404469: Contemporary auditing
0060404477: Management
0060404485: Religion and Man
0060404493: Dynamics of Organizational Communication
0060404523: Practical Stylist with Readings
0060404531: The essayist by Baker, Sheridan Warner
0060404558: Practical Imagination
0060404566: On the Sentence
0060404574: Speaking for results: Communication by objectives
0060404582: Antenna Theory : Analysis and Design
0060404612: The practical stylist with readings
0060404639: Electric circuit Analysis
0060404663: Canadian Practical Stylist with Reading
0060404728: Ideals and Ideologies
0060404736: Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal
0060404752: Training in Depth Interviewing
0060404787: Understanding American Democracy
0060404817: Using Graphics to Learn Basic Programming
0060404930: Readings on the Psychology of Women
0060404965: Psychology of Women: A Study of Bio-Cultural Conflicts
0060404973: Psychology of women;: A study of bio-cultural conflicts
0060405015: The human species;: A biology of man
0060405023: Lire avec Plaisir : Strategies de Lecture
0060405112: Principles of Perception
0060405120: Perception in everyday life
0060405139: Simple & direct: A rhetoric for writers
0060405147: Introduction to Perception
0060405163: Introduction to Corrections
0060405198: BASIC Computer Programming.
0060405252: EDUCATION FOR THE INDIVIDUAL a Humanistic Introduction
0060405260: Communication and Instruction
0060405279: Introduction to Corrections
0060405392: Understanding Society
0060405422: Practical Guide to Conducting Empirical Methods
0060405430: Communication and the Sexes
0060405473: The new idea in education (Readings for introduction to teaching)
0060405570: Introduction to Dynamic System Analysis
0060405589: Supervision : Focus on Instruction
0060405759: Health Education: a Process for Human Effectiveness.
0060405775: Developing Child
0060405783: Developing Person : A Life-Span Approach
0060405791: The developing child
0060405813: Social issues in developmental psychology
0060405821: The developing child
0060405848: Social issues in developmental psychology
0060405856: The Developing Person: A Life-Span Approach
0060405880: A History of American Political Thought
0060405910: Essential Mathematics
0060405937: Microbiology in Practice : Individualized Instruction for the Allied Health Sciences
0060405961: Reading College French
0060406038: Life : An Intro to Biology
0060406046: Developing Child
0060406054: Microbiology in Practice : Self Instructional Lab Manual
0060406062: Study Guide Life : An Intro to Biology
0060406127: Scene Design, Stage Lighting, Sound, Costume and Makeup : A Scenographic Approach
0060406178: Contemporary introductory algebra
0060406186: The Complete Computer Maintenance Handbook
0060406194: Communications : Concepts and Contexts
0060406259: Supervising Clinical Experiences in the Classroom
0060406275: Rhetoric for Academic Reasoning
0060406283: Developing Child
0060406291: Marketing Simulations : Analysis Decision-Making
0060406364: American political behavior: historical essays and readings
0060406372: Police, criminal justice, and the community
0060406445: Laboratory exercises in microbiology
0060406461: Microbiology for the hospital environment
0060406488: Free Will and Determinism
0060406496: Public administration: Organizations, people, and public policy
0060406542: Unsettled People Social Order and Disorder
0060406658: Voice and Diction Fitness : A Comprehensive Approach
0060406682: Ancient History of Western Civilization
0060406712: Learning Theories for Teachers
0060406720: Learning Theories for Teachers
0060406739: Learning Theories for Teachers
0060406747: Learning Theories for Teachers
0060407018: Social change in urban America
0060407026: Action Research Handbook for Social Change in Urban America
0060407190: Adult psychology
0060407220: Interpreting Personality Theories
0060407328: Thermodynamics
0060407344: Thermodynamics
0060407360: Black Community : Diversity and Unity
0060407379: Black Community : Diversity and Unity
0060407719: Racial Oppression in America
0060407778: Educational Measurement and Evaluation
0060407794: Physical chemistry of nucleic acids
0060407840: More Stage Dialects
0060407867: Das erste Jahr
0060407883: Erste Jahr
0060407891: Personal Financial Management
0060407913: Metropolis, Its People, Politics, and Economic Life
0060407948: Metropolis: Its People, Politics and Economic Life
0060407956: Das Erste Jahr
0060408014: IE HARP & ROW RHET 2/E 91
0060408057: Chemical Principles
0060408073: Chemical principles
0060408081: Chemical principles
0060408111: Chemical Principles in the Laboratory
0060408146: Chemical Principles in the Laboratory
0060408316: Studies in Drama
0060408324: Studies in Fiction
0060408359: Harper and Row Rhetoric
0060408367: Harper and Row Reader : Liberal Education Through Reading and Writing
0060408375: Harper and Row Rhetoric
0060408383: Study Guide to Accompany Bee: The Developing Child
0060408391: Morphology of Plants and Fungi
0060408405: Harper and Row Reader : Liberal Education Through Reading and Writing
0060408456: The Harper and Row Reader: Liberal Education Through Reading and Writing
0060408480: Morphology of Plants and Fungi 4th ed.
0060408499: Morphology of plants
0060408545: A Tale of Two Caves
0060408553: A Tale of Two Caves
0060408561: Introduction to educational leadership
0060408588: Speech communication: An interpersonal approach
0060408596: Speech communication: A comprehensive approach
0060408634: Discussion and Group Methods
0060408650: Speech Communication: a Basic Approach
0060408669: Personal Computers for Education
0060408685: Learning With Personal Computers
0060408693: Discussion and Group Methods : Theory and Practice
0060408812: The Sociology of Child Development
0060408898: Drama: a Critical Collection
0060408979: Understanding Capitalism : Competition, Command and Change in the U. S. Economy
0060408987: Trigonometry with Applications
0060409010: Speech Methods and Resources: A Textbook for the Teacher of Speech Communication
0060409215: Comp Study: Basic Prin Music
0060409223: The comprehensive study of music. Vol.1, Anthology of music from plainchant through Gabrieli
0060409258: Basic Public Speaking
0060409320: Macroeconomics : Theory and Policy
0060409347: Macroeconomics
0060409355: Macroeconomic theory and policy
0060409363: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
0060409371: Macroeconomics
0060409428: Introduction to Differential Equations With Applications
0060409436: Art of Listening
0060409452: Ethics and morals
0060409479: American Government
0060409487: Art of Listening
0060409495: Perennial Reader
0060409568: Racial attitudes in America: analyses and findings of social psychology
0060409576: The American labor movement (Interpretations of American history)
0060409614: Search for Peace : Readings in International Relations
0060409622: Art of Listening
0060409630: Public Policy Decision-Making
0060409649: Topics in contemporary mathematics
0060409657: Sociology: A text with adapted readings
0060409681: Developmental biology: Embryos, plants, and regeneration
0060409762: Essentials of sociology: From Sociology--a text with adapted readings, sixth edition
0060409770: Doing Sociology: Chapter Guides, Projects, Tool Kit: Chapter Guides, Projects, Tool Kit.
0060409789: Doing sociology: Chapter guides, projects, tool kit
0060409827: Elementary Surveying
0060409835: Man and His Environment: Food
0060409843: Man and His Environment:Food: Food
0060409851: Art of Listening
0060409878: Contemporary college algebra
0060409886: Statistical Concept
0060409916: Sociology: a Text With Adapted Readings
0060409924: Topics in Contemporary Mathematics
0060409959: Practical Public Speaking
0060409967: Intermediate Microeconomics : Study Guide
0060410132: Elementary Surveying
0060410159: Introduction to Human Anatomy.
0060410183: Geography and Politics in America
0060410191: Biology of Aging
0060410248: Psychology and Criminal Justice
0060410280: Cities of the World : World Regional Urban Development
0060410299: Educational Measurement and Evaluation
0060410329: Technical physics
0060410337: Technical physics
0060410361: Technical Physics
0060410388: Social Behavior, Natural Resources, and the Environment
0060410418: Engineering Thermodynamics With Applications
0060410426: Engineering Thermodynamics With Applications
0060410434: Engineering Thermodynamics With Applications
0060410442: Nonverbal Communication : The Unspoken Dialogue
0060410469: Introduction to Engineering
0060410477: New techniques of persuasion
0060410485: Engineering : An Intro to the Profession
0060410493: Engineering Thermodynamics
0060410620: Teacher and the Public School System
0060410698: From deep to surface structure;: An introduction to transformational syntax (Studies in language series)
0060410868: Quantitative Approaches to Business Decision Making
0060410876: Write Away
0060410884: Write Away
0060410892: Write Away
0060410930: Basic Speech Communication
0060410949: Strategic Management : Planning and Implementation, Concepts and Cases
0060410957: Concepts of Strategic Management : Planning and Implementation
0060410965: Strategic Management : Planning and Implementation, Concepts and Cases
0060410973: Geomorphology from the Earth
0060410981: Strategic Management
0060411023: The Teaching of Science: A Self-Directed Planning Guide
0060411066: Urban Sociology: A Systematic Approach
0060411082: Four Philosophies: And Their Practice in Education and Religion.
0060411090: Engineering Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
0060411112: Communication as identification: An introductory view
0060411139: Primer of Logic
0060411163: Introduction to Communicative Disorders
0060411171: Social Science in an age of change
0060411198: Religion and Public Education
0060411414: A new introduction to philosophy
0060411430: Philosophy of Religion,
0060411449: Philosophical Foundations of Education
0060411465: Man and his environment: policy and administration (Man and his environment series)
0060411481: Social science in an age of change
0060411511: Persons-in-groups
0060411562: Project Text for Public Speaking
0060411570: Easy Writer : A Process and Sentence Combining Approach to College Writing
0060411589: Easy Writer II
0060411635: Easy Writer
0060411643: Easy Writer
0060411678: Applied Business Statistics
0060411686: Statistics for Economics
0060411694: American Government
0060411759: Project Text for Public Speaking
0060411783: Marriage and Family
0060411813: Project text for public speaking
0060411821: Project text for public speaking
0060411988: Correctional Institutions
0060412011: Group Dynamics: Research and Theory
0060412054: Panache Litteraire : Textes du Monde Francophone
0060412062: Juvenile Delinquency
0060412070: Panache Litteraire
0060412097: Physical geology: Principles, processes, and problems
0060412135: The Politics of Civil Liberties
0060412143: Dramatic Art of the Film
0060412194: The monetary-financial system
0060412348: The economics of money and banking
0060412364: The economics of money and banking
0060412372: The Achievement of Education : An Examination of Key Concepts in Educational Practice
0060412550: The Chinese Economy
0060412577: Challenge and Decision : Political Issues of Our Time
0060412585: Behavioral research: Assessing the validity of research findings in psychology
0060412593: American politics: Understanding what counts
0060412658: Mathematics for Modern Management
0060412666: Analysis and Design of Integrated Electronic Circuits
0060412674: Challenge and decision: Political issues of our time
0060412690: Challenge and decision: political issues of our time
0060412739: Ideologies and modern politics
0060412747: Heresies right and left: some political assumptions reexamined
0060412763: Sound Pattern of English
0060412836: Islamic Tradition
0060412844: Sensory Experience
0060412852: Environmental insight;: Readings and comment on human and nonhuman nature
0060412860: Russian for Americans
0060412925: Essentials of precalculus mathematics
0060412968: Russian
0060412976: Elementary functions
0060412992: Organizational behavior: Developing managerial skills
0060413026: Finance: Environment and Decisions.
0060413034: Essentials of precalculus mathematics
0060413042: Behavior Disorders in Children
0060413069: Persuasive Messages
0060413077: The Military in American Politics
0060413085: Essentials of Precalculus Mathematics
0060413107: Finance : Environment and Decisions
0060413115: Student Study Guide to Accompany Essentials of Precalcullus Mathematics
0060413158: Dance As a Theatre Art : Source Readings in Dance History from 1851 to Present
0060413166: Neighbors in Turmoil : Latin America
0060413182: Understanding Schools
0060413220: Equity Markets : Structure, Trading, and Performance
0060413263: Social Problems
0060413271: Social Problems
0060413298: Engineering cost analysis
0060413328: Seeing Through Writing
0060413336: Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
0060413344: Social Problems
0060413352: Social Problems
0060413360: Social Problems
0060413379: New Connections : An Integrated Approach to Literacy
0060413387: The Study of Religion and Primitive Religions
0060413425: Heritage and Challenge
0060413433: Adolescence and Youth : Psychological Development in a Changing World
0060413468: Perceptual psychology: A humanistic approach to the study of persons
0060413476: Psychological concepts in the classroom
0060413484: Nationalist, realist, and radical: three views of American diplomacy
0060413492: How to Improve Human Performance
0060413522: Conflict & Decision Making
0060413530: The Small Town in American Town
0060413549: The Small Town in American Literature
0060413557: An Introduction to the Meaning and Structure of Physics, short edition;
0060413573: Adolescence and Youth : Psychological Development in a Changing World
0060413611: Adolescence and youth;: Psychological development in a changing world
0060413638: Contemporary issues in adolescent development
0060413654: The Ancient Near Eastern Tradition
0060413670: Shaping the self: Style and technique in the narrative
0060413689: Perspectives in Music Theory : An Historical-Analytical Approach
0060413697: Common Ground : Personal Writing and Public Discourse
0060413700: Comedy : Meaning and Form
0060413719: Tragedy : Vision and Form
0060413735: Perspectives in Music Theory : An Historical-Analytical Approach
0060413743: Workbook for Perspectives in music theory
0060413751: Workbook for Perspectives in music theory
0060413794: Myth and the American Experience
0060413808: Myth and the American Experience
0060413824: American foreign policy in the nuclear age
0060413832: American Foreign Policy in the Nuclear Age
0060413840: Brief Guide to Basic Writing
0060413913: American foreign policy in the nuclear age
0060413956: One to another: A guidebook for interpersonal communication
0060414111: Strictly Academic : A Reading and Writing Text
0060414146: Delinquency, Crime, and Social Process
0060414189: Essentials of Psychological Testing
0060414197: Essentials of Psychological Testing
0060414243: President Advisory System
0060414286: Basic botany
0060414294: BASIC BOTANY
0060414316: Introductory botany
0060414332: The Shape of thought: An analytical anthology by
0060414391: College Writing
0060414464: The Science of Astronomy.
0060414480: The lost civilization: The story of the classic Maya (Harper's case studies in archaeology)
0060414510: Human Biology
0060414529: Investment Analysis and Management
0060414553: Gerontology
0060414596: Processes and Disorders of Human Communication
0060414626: Comparative government and politics: An introductory essay in political science (Harper's comparative government series)
0060414634: Introduction to Comparative Government
0060414669: Introduction to Comparative Government
0060414685: Telecourse Guide for The American Adventure: Beginnings to 1877
0060414715: Strong Measures : Contemporary American Poetry in Traditional Form
0060414731: Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
0060414758: The writer's options: College sentence combining
0060414766: The writer's options: Combining to composing
0060414774: Literature : Options for Reading and Writing
0060414782: Writer's Options : Combining to Composing
0060414790: Experimental Design, Anova and Regression
0060414812: Human Communication Theory
0060414820: Public Speaking
0060414839: Literature
0060414855: Writer's Options : Combining to Composing
0060414863: Te Writers Options
0060414928: Adapted Physical Education
0060414979: Diagnostic methods in speech pathology
0060414995: Readings in the history of anthropology
0060415010: Beginning Spanish: A concept approach
0060415053: Tape manual and workbook for Spanish, a short course
0060415061: Beginning Spanish: A concept approach
0060415088: Beginning Spanish: A concept approach
0060415134: Spanish : A Short Course
0060415142: Tape Manual and Workbook to Accompany Spanish a Short Course
0060415169: Spanish: A short course
0060415223: On with Spanish
0060415258: On with Spanish : A Concept Approach
0060415266: On W/Sp Tape Manl and by Dasilva
0060415274: Spanish: A Short Course
0060415282: Concept Approach to Spanish
0060415312: A concept approach to Spanish
0060415347: Margenes
0060415355: Beginning Spanish : A Concept Approach
0060415363: Tape Manual and Workbook to accompany A Concept Approach to Spanish
0060415371: Beginning Spanish:A Concept Approach, Sixth Edition (Tape Manual and Workbook)
0060415398: Experiencias: Lectura y Cultura
0060415428: LM Wk: Experiencias
0060415460: Multiple methods of teaching mathematics in the elementary school
0060415479: Communicating for Productivity
0060415487: Plant Communities,
0060415576: American economic growth;: An economist's history of the United States,
0060415584: American Presidency
0060415614: Canadian Financial Management
0060415630: Canadian Financial Management
0060415681: Spanish: A Short Course
0060415940: From Bits to If'S: An Introduction to Computers and Fortran IV
0060415967: Public opinion and contemporary disarray
0060416017: Classical Abstract Algebra
0060416025: Messages : Building Interpersonal Communication Skills
0060416068: Elements of Public Speaking
0060416084: Human Communication : The Basic Course
0060416092: Criminal Investigation Standards
0060416106: Messages: Building Interpersonal Communication Skills
0060416114: The women's movement, political, socioeconomic, and psychological issues
0060416122: The women's movement, political, socioeconomic, and psychological issues
0060416130: Espanol Contemporaneo
0060416149: Investigating behavior: Principles of psychology
0060416157: Women's Movement : Political, Socioeconomic, and Psychological Issues
0060416165: Birth Control and Foreign Policy : The Alternatives to Family Planning
0060416173: Sociology: Perspectives and applications by Demerath, N. J
0060416289: A Shocker on Shock Street (Goosebumps, No 35)
0060416297: Film : Form and Feeling
0060416335: Elements of Public Speaking
0060416386: Communication Handbook : A Dictionary
0060416394: Human Communication : The Basic Course
0060416416: Location In Space: A Theoretical Approach To Economic Geography
0060416459: Modern Western Society: A Geographical Perspective on Work, Home, and Well-Being
0060416467: Ethnic Americans
0060416475: Ethnic Americans: A history of immigration and assimilation
0060416483: Human Communication : The Basic Course
0060416491: Elements of Public Speaking
0060416513: The interpersonal communication book
0060416521: Communicology: An introduction to the study of communication
0060416548: The Interpersonal Communication Book
0060416556: Communicology: An introduction to the study of communication
0060416572: How to Read and Write in College : A Complete Course
0060416580: The Interpersonal Communication Book
0060416599: The age of the molecule;: Chemistry in the world and society
0060416610: How to read and write in college: Reading/writing/editing
0060416645: How to Read and Write in College: A Complete Course
0060416653: How to Read and Write in College : Reading, Writing, Editing
0060416661: DM Conversational Spanish
0060416696: Interpersonal Communication Book
0060416718: Ethnic Americans : A History of Immigration
0060416726: Humanizing classroom discipline;: A behavioral approach
0060416742: Global Macroeconomics
0060416750: Interpersonal Communication Book
0060416769: Understanding social welfare (Harper series in social work)
0060416777: Location in Space : Theoretical Perspectives in Economic Geography
0060416785: The Individual And The Organization
0060416823: The Art of Play Production
0060416858: Learning, Language, and Memory
0060416874: Statistics for Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
0060416920: Language and life in the U.S.A
0060416939: Language & Life in the U. S. A. : American English for Foreign Students
0060416963: American Foreign Policy
0060416998: Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology With Cat Dissections
0060417048: Social Problems
0060417056: Laboratory Manual for Human Anatomy With Cat Dissections
0060417064: Contending Theories of International Relations : A Comprehensive Survey
0060417080: Anatomy and Physiology with Catalog
0060417145: Social Statistics Using SPSS
0060417218: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
0060417285: Basic Statistical Methods
0060417366: Professional Interviewing
0060417382: Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
0060417390: Professional Interviewing
0060417501: Economic Theory of Democracy
0060417528: Mathematical Analysis: Business and Economic Applications
0060417560: Psychology in the Classroom : A Manual for Teachers
0060417587: Maintaining sanity in the classroom: illustrated teaching techniques
0060417617: Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom : Classroom Management Techniques
0060417625: Mathematical analysis: Business and economic applications
0060417714: Study Guide to Accompany Managerial Finance
0060417722: Applied Partial Differential Equations
0060417846: How to Teach Reading Systematically
0060417862: Systematic Reading Instruction
0060417935: Systematic Reading Instruction
0060417943: Systematic Reading Instruction
0060418028: Wang PC Word Processing
0060418052: Experimental psychology: Theory and practice (Harper's experimental psychology series)
0060418060: Handbook for Exposition
0060418079: Research Methods in Psychology
0060418087: Assignments in Exposition
0060418125: American Government in Comparative Perspective
0060418265: Marriage and Family Development
0060418419: Science of the earth (Harper's geoscience series)
0060418435: Science Of the Earth
0060418613: American democracy in world perspective
0060418621: AMERICAN DEMOCRACY in World Perspective
0060418664: American democracy in world perspective
0060418672: Decision by debate
0060418680: Administration for the Human Services: An Introductory Programmed Text (Harper Series in Social Work)
0060418729: Equipment in the Home
0060418737: Experimental Design in Psychological Research
0060418796: Criminal Law: History, Philosophy, Enforcement
0060418818: Aphasia in children
0060418826: Stuttering : A Second Symposium (Auer Ser.)
0060418834: Politics and the legal process (Harper's American political behavior series)
0060418842: American Federalism
0060418885: Readings in child and adolescent psychology: Contemporary perspectives (Harper
0060418893: Aphasia and Related Disorders in Children
0060418907: Social Disorganization.
0060418923: Writing Well for Technical Professions
0060418931: Real Estate
0060418974: English Simplified
0060419016: English simplified: Punctuation/grammar, mechanics, effective paragraphs, documentation, spelling/usage
0060419024: Exercise Book Eng Simplified
0060419032: English Simplified
0060419040: Population biology
0060419067: A Design for Social Education in the Open Curriculum
0060419075: English Simplified/Exercises
0060419091: Introduction to Mass Communications
0060419121: Economics, a reader
0060419164: Organizational Experiments: Laboratory and Field Research
0060419172: English Simplified
0060419180: Macroeconomic Activity Theory, Forecasting, and Control
0060419199: Great Psychologists
0060419210: Introduction To Medical History
0060419253: Microbiology Coloring Book
0060419512: Supervision of instruction (Exploration series in education)
0060419636: Personality and personal growth
0060419644: Personality and Personal Growth
0060419873: Maslow's Motivation and Personality
0060419903: Voice and Articulation Drillbook
0060419911: Seeing the Light: Optics in Nature, Photography, Color, Vision, and Holography
0060419938: Man and his environment: citizen action (Man and his environment series)
0060419946: Man and His Environment:Citizen Action: Citizen Action
0060419954: Biology: The human perspective
0060419962: Mass Media and the National Experience
0060419989: The economics of Latin America;: Development problems in perspective
0060419997: Cognitive processes in education: A psychological preparation for teaching and curriculum development
0060420006: American Economic History.
0060420030: Genetics
0060420049: Cognitive Processes in Education
0060420057: Genetics
0060420065: Modern Europe in the Making: From the French Revolution to the Common Market
0060420138: A short history of the American West
0060420286: Understanding Delinquency
0060420332: Life, space, and time;: A course in environmental biology
0060420340: Introduction to Marine Biology.
0060420359: Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
0060420375: Casting Light Writing 92
0060420456: Using Multivariate Statistics
0060420464: Basic College Math for College Students : Concepts and Applications
0060420510: Geography as social science
0060420618: A Preface To Psychology
0060420677: 7304, international relations on the planet Earth
0060420723: The civil rights of teachers (Critical issues in education)
0060420731: Differentiated Staffing: a Flexible Instructional Organization.
0060420758: Rights of Students and Teachers : Resolving Conflicts in the School Community
0060420782: Quantitative Analytical Chemistry: Vol. 1
0060420812: Marketing & The Ecological Crisis,
0060420820: Fundamentals of Sight Singing and Ear Training
0060420847: Practical Psychology
0060420898: How to Design & Deliver a Speech
0060420995: Speaking to Succeed in Business Industry Professions
0060421010: How to Design & Deliver a Speech
0060421037: The Democratic Community: Governmental Practices And Purposes
0060421096: The Reinterpretation of American Economic History
0060421126: DM Paths to German Poetry PB
0060421150: America's Black Past (a Reader in Afro-American History)
0060421193: Study guide and problems to accompany Lipsey & Steiner Economics, 4th ed
0060421223: Economics
0060421258: Microeconomics
0060421266: Macroeconomics
0060421290: Traditional Societies and Technological Change
0060421320: Experience to Exposition: A Guide to Basic Writing
0060421347: Dreams and Inward Journeys : A Reader for Inward Journeys
0060421444: Formal Models of American Politics
0060421533: A brief course in calculus with applications
0060421630: Elementary Statistics in Behavioral Research
0060421649: Pour et contre: Manuel de conversations graduà es
0060421657: Writing as Revelation
0060421681: Introduction to Political Theory
0060421711: Te Prin Managerial Financ 6e
0060421738: Technical Communication : Problems and Solutions
0060421746: Teaching children today: An informal approach
0060421843: Pathfinder
0060421851: Intermediate microeconomic analysis
0060421878: Views of Marketing
0060422041: Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines
0060422114: Political Ideologies
0060422149: Physics, Including Human Applications
0060422165: Learning to Teach in the Elementary School : Introductory Readings
0060422173: Harper Handbook to Literature
0060422181: Introduction to the Principles of Language
0060422238: Practical Imagination
0060422254: Logic for Computer Science
0060422262: Exploited Eden
0060422270: Adolescence and Individuality
0060422289: The adolescent as individual: Issues and insights
0060422319: Development in Early Childhood
0060422335: Teaching in a Pluralistic Society : Concepts, Models, Strategies
0060422378: Teaching in a Pluralistic Society : Concepts, Models, Strategies
0060422386: Sg Amer Nation Vol II
0060422394: Sg Amer Nation Vol I
0060422408: Biblical Faith and Social Ethics
0060422424: How a Writer Works
0060422432: American Nation : The History of the United States Since 1865
0060422440: American Nation : The History of the United States Since 1865
0060422548: A history of the world
0060422556: Toward Modernity. A History of the World, Volume II
0060422564: The Modern World (A History of the World, Volume III)
0060422572: A short history of the American Nation
0060422580: Historical Viewpoints
0060422599: Historical Viewpoints : Vol. 2 -
0060422610: The American Nation: A History of the U.S. to 1877
0060422629: The American Nation, A History of Thr United States Since 1865
0060422637: The American Nation: A history of the United States
0060422653: Student Review Manual for John a Garraty the American Nation: A History of the United States Since 1865
0060422661: A short history of the American Nation
0060422688: The American Nation
0060422696: The American nation: A history of the United States
0060422718: A short history of the American Nation
0060422726: Historical Viewpoints
0060422734: Historical Viewpoints
0060422742: The American nation (American Nation)
0060422750: The American nation: A history of the United States
0060422769: How a writer works
0060422777: The American Nation (American Nation)
0060422785: Historical Viewpoints
0060422793: Historical Viewpoints
0060422807: Historical Viewpoints
0060422815: Historical Viewpoints
0060422823: Man and his environment: climate (Man and his environment series)
0060422831: Modern Europe Vol. 1 : Modern Europe to 1815
0060422858: Modern Europe
0060422866: Psychology
0060422882: Descriptive Statistics for Teachers
0060422890: Statistics for teachers
0060422912: Functional neuroscience
0060422920: Culturally Speaking : A Conversation and Culture Text for Non-Native Speakers of English
0060422939: Short History of the American Nation
0060422947: Short History of the American Nation
0060422955: Short History of the American Nation
0060422963: American Nation Vol. 1 : To 1877
0060422971: American Nation Vol. II : Since 1865
0060422998: Historical Viewpoints
0060423013: Historical Viewpoints
0060423048: Psychology as a Human Science: a Phenomenologically Based Approach
0060423072: Business Communications : Skills and Strategies
0060423080: Advanced Engineering Dynamics
0060423099: Business communication: Skills and strategies
0060423102: Business Communications
0060423110: Horizontes culturales y literarios
0060423129: American Nation : The History of the United States Since 1865
0060423137: Horizontes
0060423145: Horizontes Gramaticales
0060423153: Organizational Communication 91
0060423161: Interpersonal Communication in Action : Basic Text and Readings
0060423242: An Introduction to Scenic Design
0060423277: Psychology
0060423293: Basic readings in interpersonal communication: Theory and application
0060423307: Stage scenery: its construction and rigging
0060423323: Stage Scenery
0060423331: Study Guide to Accompany Principles of Managerial Finance
0060423366: Managerial Finance : Theory and Practice
0060423382: Fundamentals of Investing
0060423390: Principles of managerial finance
0060423420: Cases in managerial finance
0060423447: Principles of managerial finance
0060423498: Families in Crisis (Readers in Social Problems Ser.)
0060423544: Fundamentl Investng-Loma Ed
0060423552: Fundamentals of Investing
0060423579: Principles of Managerial Finance
0060423587: Sg Prin Managl Finan
0060423595: St Lrn GD Economics Today 5e
0060423609: Slg Econ Today Micro
0060423617: Miller Economics Today: The Macro View (Student Learning Guide)
0060423625: Fundamentals of Investing
0060423668: Basic Managerial Finance
0060423757: Psychology Articles
0060423765: The Federal Courts as a Political System
0060423773: Facilitating Student Learning An Introduction to Educational Psychology
0060423803: Fundments of Investing 4/E, Teachers Edition
0060423846: Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
0060423854: The Federal courts as a political system (Harper's American political behavior series)
0060423870: Persuasive Presentation
0060423897: Looking in Classrooms
0060423927: Human Development
0060423935: Teaching in the preschool.
0060423951: Constitutional Law and Supreme Court Decision Making : Cases and Essays
0060423978: Looking in Classrooms
0060423994: Basic Biology
0060424028: Looking in classrooms
0060424044: Looking in classrooms
0060424052: The nuclear family in crisis: The search for an alternative
0060424060: Economics of Money and Banking
0060424079: Looking in Classrooms
0060424087: Tet-A-Tete: Conversation, Composition, Lecture
0060424117: Fundamentals of Investing
0060424125: Principles of Managerial Finance
0060424133: Fundamentals of Investing
0060424168: Principles of Managerial Finance
0060424192: Basic Managerial Finance
0060424214: Manual of Painting Material and Techniques
0060424222: Fund of Investing : Loma Edition
0060424257: Atlas Human Anatomy College Edition
0060424311: Discussion: The process of group decision-making
0060424354: Man's many ways
0060424362: Man's many ways: The Natural history reader in anthropology by Gould, Richard A
0060424427: American Politics and Government
0060424478: Guiding the Learning Process; A Manual for Teachers of Young Children
0060424524: Mergers and Acquisitions
0060424591: Economics Canadian
0060424702: Public Speaking Principles and Practice
0060424788: Struggle for Democracy
0060424796: Research Methods : A Process of Inquiry
0060424818: Research Methods
0060424893: Teacher-Made Tests
0060424966: Personnel management: Managing human resources
0060424982: Prosim : A Production Management Simulation
0060424990: Developing New Ventures
0060425032: Problem situations in teaching
0060425040: Enjoying BASIC: A comprehensive guide to programming
0060425059: Nature, Culture, and Human History.
0060425067: Soviet Economic Structure and Performance
0060425075: Soviet Economic Structure and Performance
0060425083: Soviet economic structure and performance
0060425091: Soviet economic structure and performance
0060425113: A Chemical Background for the Paramedical Sciences
0060425121: Juvenile Delinquency in Perspective
0060425156: Harper and Row Reader, Brief
0060425245: Teaching Foreign Languages
0060425261: The Political System of Communism
0060425288: Beginning Statistics Within a Research Context
0060425318: Fundamental programming concepts (Harper's series in computer and information science)
0060425326: Write AND Rewrite: The Craft of College Composition
0060425342: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
0060425350: Instrumental analysis
0060425369: Basic Concepts in Electronic Instrumentation
0060425377: Finite Mathematics - An Introduction
0060425385: College Mathematics With Applications to the Business and Social Sciences
0060425474: Beyond the Conventions : Studies in Prose Writing
0060425490: Ideas : A Developmental Course in Reading
0060425504: Course of Ideas
0060425512: The Course of Ideas
0060425539: Literature : Literature and Interpretive Techniques
0060425547: Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature
0060425598: Diagnostic Reading Instruction in the Elementary School
0060425644: Diagnostic reading instruction in the elementary school
0060425652: Chemistry:an Ecological Approach
0060425687: Family in Various Cultures
0060425725: History of Physical Education
0060425741: The Phenomenon of Revolution
0060425768: Geography: A modern synthesis (Harper & Row series in geography)
0060425776: Geography: A Modern Synthesis Student Study Guide to Accompany Peter Haggett
0060425784: Geography: A modern synthesis (Harper & Row series in geography)
0060425792: Geography : A Modern Synthesis
0060425830: Microcomputer graphics using PASCAL for the Apple II family
0060425849: Microcomputer Graphics Using Pascal : IBM Version
0060425857: Practical Sociology
0060425954: Spanish: A Modular Approach (Grammar & Dialogs)
0060425962: Spanish, A Modular Approach
0060425970: Spanish: a Modular Approach - Book III
0060426039: Spanish 2400: A Programmed Review of Spanish Grammar
0060426047: The Pleasures of Poetry
0060426098: DM La France Et Sa Civilizat
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