0060426152: Introduction to Quantum Theory
0060426225: Spanish: A modular approach
0060426241: Spanish 2400: A Programmed Review of Spanish Grammer
0060426322: Human sexuality
0060426330: Music Literature : A Workbook for Analysis
0060426365: Topics in Cell Biology, Inheritance, and Evoluiton
0060426446: Intercultural communication
0060426462: Biology
0060426551: Sociology of Aging
0060426578: Culture, People, Nature
0060426594: Concepts in Zoology
0060426640: Computer Models in Operations Management: A Computer-Augmented System
0060426667: Solutions manual to accompany Computer models in operations management: A computer-augmented system, second edition
0060426675: Cultural Anthropology
0060426683: Cultural Anthropology
0060426691: Cultural Anthropology
0060426713: Meaning and Structure: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language
0060426748: Dimensions of World Politics
0060426756: Marketing fundamentals
0060426764: Regions Of The United States
0060426772: Human genetics
0060426780: Elementary Probability Theory
0060426799: Sg Marketing Fund
0060426802: Government and Politics of the United States
0060426829: Introductory Algebra
0060426837: Intermediate Algebra
0060426845: Our Uncertain Heritage : Genetics and Human Diversity
0060426853: Public Communication
0060426888: Psychology in Perspective
0060426896: Retailing.
0060426950: Economics of Natural Resource Use
0060426969: Psychology in Perspective
0060426977: Culture, People, Nature
0060426993: Study Guide
0060427019: Introduction to Rhetorical Theory
0060427124: Getting down Specifics 92
0060427310: Basic Statistical Methods
0060427337: New Teacher
0060427485: Conversational Introduction to French.
0060427515: Making a Living : Technology and Change
0060427582: Voila! : An Introduction to French
0060427590: LM Cahier Voila
0060427620: Voila: An Introduction to French
0060427639: The Black Crusaders: a case study of a Black militant organization by...
0060427892: Today's Elementary Social Studies
0060427922: Essential biology
0060427957: Capital Budgeting: Theory Quantitative Methods, and Applications
0060427965: Gambling
0060427973: Cell Biology
0060428031: Matters Mathematical
0060428066: Introduction to the Calculus
0060428090: Learning : A Survey of Psychological Interpretations
0060428139: Workbook 2000
0060428147: Europe since 1500 (A Harper-American heritage textbook)
0060428155: The Judeo-Christian Tradition
0060428171: The Unity of English
0060428198: Mormonism and American culture (Interpretations of American history)
0060428244: Lesen Mit Gewinn: A Vocabulary-Building German Reader
0060428260: Animal Physiology
0060428279: Comparative physiology of animals: An environmental approach
0060428287: Comparative Government and Politics
0060428317: Comparative Government And Politics
0060428341: Violence as politics: A series of original essays,
0060428368: The politics of policy making in defense and foreign affairs (Harper's American political behavior series)
0060428384: To Govern America : Politics, Power and Policy Making
0060428392: Stability and Change in Congress
0060428430: Conflict and consensus;: An introduction to sociology
0060428449: Conflict and Consensus
0060428457: Conflict and consensus: an introduction to sociology
0060428481: THE DYNAMICS OF MARKETING Current Happenings in the Marketplace
0060428538: Economic Development
0060428546: Powerflex
0060428619: Techniques of Algebra
0060428627: Algebra and Trigonometry
0060428643: Modern Algebra
0060428678: Keys to Understanding.
0060428694: The Touch of a poet
0060428724: Abnormal Psychology
0060428783: Keys to understanding: receiving and sending;: The essay
0060428791: Current cases in public administration
0060428821: International Accounting
0060428996: Children's Speech : A Practical Introduction to Communication Development
0060429011: Physics and the physical perspective
0060429038: Communication Concepts and Skills
0060429054: Structure and Process in International Politics
0060429070: Engineering Network Analysis
0060429097: Fundamentals of network analysis
0060429119: Sociological Realities
0060429127: Physics and the physical perspective
0060429151: What economists do by Hough, Robbin R
0060429240: Understanding School Learning: A New Look at Educational Psychology
0060429259: Introduction to the Psychology of Memory
0060429283: Presentational Speaking for Business and the Professions.
0060429291: Process of Presentational Speaking
0060429380: The Psychology of Human Learning
0060429410: Introduction to Human Memory: A Psychological Approach
0060429690: Statistical illusions, solutions
0060429720: Botany: Basic Concepts in Plant Biology
0060429755: Rival Hypotheses : Alternative Interpretations of Data Based Conclusions
0060429763: Reading Statistics and Research
0060429836: Changing Attitudes Toward American Technology.
0060429844: Inorganic chemistry; principles of structure and reactivity
0060429860: Inorganic chemistry: Principles of structure and reactivity
0060429879: Inorganic Chemistry
0060429887: The fourth estate;: An informal appraisal of the news and opinion media,
0060429917: The fourth estate: An informal appraisal of the news and opinion media
0060429925: The Videotex and Teletext Handbook: Home and Office Communications Using Microcomputers and Terminals
0060430028: Economics
0060430036: Property and Prophets : The Evolution of Economic Institutions and Ideologies
0060430087: Economics
0060430117: Doing anthropology: A student-centered approach to cultural anthropology
0060430133: Property and prophets: The evolution of economic institutions and ideologies
0060430141: Study of Cultural Anthropology
0060430168: Economics
0060430176: Economics
0060430184: Property and prophets;: The evolution of economic institutions and ideologies
0060430192: Economics
0060430222: Psychological Foundations of Education
0060430230: Readings in Physical Anthropology and Archaeology
0060430257: Psychology. The Science of Interpersonal Behavior.
0060430338: Property and prophets: The evolution of economic institutions and ideologies
0060430346: In Phase Sentence, Structure, Style
0060430362: Calculus with Analytic Geometry
0060430370: Property and Prophets : The Evolution of Economic Institutions and Ideologies
0060430389: In Phase : Form Three
0060430397: Calculus with Analytic Single Variable
0060430419: Politics and Government in California
0060430427: International Economics
0060430435: Studts SM Calc W/Anal Geo PB
0060430443: Politics and Government in California
0060430494: Study guide to accompany Hassett's Psychology in perspective
0060430508: The Development Of Modern Chemistry.
0060432187: Fundamentals of Chemistry in the Laboratory
0060432195: fundamentals of chemistry in the laboratory
0060432209: Vingt et un Contes
0060432330: Psychology: the science of behavior
0060432438: Teaching Elementary Science : Who's Afraid of Spiders?
0060432527: Art of Being Human
0060432594: Finite Math with Calculus
0060432616: Vibration of Mechanical and Structural Systems : With Microcomputer Applications
0060432624: POLITICAL DEVELOPMENT A General Theory and a Latim American Case Study
0060432659: Outside, Looking In; Critiques Of American Policies And Institutions, Left And Right
0060432683: The New England Puritans,
0060432691: From The Roots: Short Stories By Black Americans,pb,70
0060432713: American political parties in transition
0060432748: Speech: A text with adapted readings
0060432756: Speech: a text with adapted readings
0060432764: Speech
0060432772: Speech: a text with adapted readings
0060432780: Conflict Resolution Through Communication (Auer Ser.)
0060432799: Speech
0060432810: Applied Numerical Methods for Digital Computation
0060432829: Speech
0060432845: Human Relations in Organizations 90
0060432853: Human Genetics
0060432926: Consider your words.
0060433116: The thermal environment: Conditioning and control (Series in mechanical engineering)
0060433159: Using German
0060433175: Systems Approach to Civil Engineering
0060433183: Contemporary Theories of Rhetoric
0060433213: Empire of the Columbia: A History of the Pacific Northwest
0060433310: A systematic introduction to the psychology of thinking
0060433329: An introduction to experimental design in psychology: a case approach
0060433485: Living with change: the semantics of coping, By W.J. & Dorothy Moeller
0060433809: People in Quandaries
0060434090: PASCAL, problem solving and programming with style (Harper & Row computer.
0060434112: Speech Handicapped School Children
0060434120: Science and medicine of exercise and sport (Harper's series in school and public health education, physical education, and recreation)
0060434139: An introduction to experimental design in psychology: A case approach (Harper's experimental psychology series)
0060434147: Introduction to Experimental Design in Psychology
0060434155: Europe since Eighteen Seventy : An International History
0060434198: Sex
0060434228: Psychology of Human Development
0060434236: Health science
0060434279: Health Science, 3rd edition
0060434287: Conducting political research
0060434295: Drugs and Alcohol
0060434325: Health science
0060434333: Principles of health science
0060434341: Sex and People.
0060434368: Drugs and Alcohol
0060434376: Principles of Health Science
0060434384: Dimensions: A changing concept of health
0060434422: Dimensions: A changing concept of health
0060434430: A population geography
0060434449: Introduction to Optical Electronics
0060434457: Explorations in the Teaching of English
0060434481: European Culture Area
0060434511: Health Science
0060434546: Strategies in rhetoric: From thought to symbol
0060434562: Microeconomics
0060434570: Dimensions : A Changing Concept of Health
0060434589: Human Mosaic : A Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography
0060434600: Human Mosaic: A Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography (Teacher's ed) by
0060434619: The human mosaic: A thematic introduction to cultural geography
0060434678: European Culture Area
0060434686: Economics
0060434694: Modula-2: Problem solving and programming with style
0060434759: Communication Techniques for Digital and Analog Signals by...
0060434767: Communes: creating and managing the collective life
0060434783: Society and marketing;: An unconventional view
0060434791: Physiology Coloring Book
0060434805: Inner World of Mental Illness : A Series of First Person Accounts of What It Was Like
0060434813: Human Mosaic : Thematic Introduction to Cultural Geography
0060434821: Geography Coloring Book
0060435151: Teaching Reading in High School : Improving Reading in the Content Areas
0060435208: Phonetics: An Introduction to the Principle of Phonetic Science from the Point of View of English Speech
0060435275: An introduction to behavior theory and its applications (Harper's experimental psychology series)
0060435402: Lecturas Escogidas
0060435674: Semantic Theory
0060435682: Relativity and cosmology
0060435712: Modern hydrology (Harper's geoscience series)
0060435720: Relativity and Cosmology
0060435755: Plants : Their Biology and Importance
0060435763: Biosphere 2000 : Protecting Our Global Environment
0060435771: Biosphere 2000 : Protecting Our Global Environment
0060435828: American Democracy : Institutions, Politics, and Policies
0060435836: American Democracy
0060435844: American democracy: Institutions, politics, and policies
0060435879: Planning and producing audiovisual materials
0060435887: Planning and Producing Instructional Media
0060435895: Instructional Design Process
0060435917: When Machines Teach : The Design of Computer Courseware
0060435925: Planning, Producing and Using Instructional Media
0060435933: Beginning Secondary School Teacher's Guide
0060436123: General college chemistry
0060436131: General college chemistry
0060436158: General College Chemistry : Charles William Keenan (Hardcover, 1980)
0060436166: General College Chemistry
0060436174: Introduction to econometrics;: Principles and applications
0060436182: Introduction to Econometrics : Principles and Applications
0060436212: Introduction to Econometrics : Principles and Applications
0060436336: Basic Statistical Methods for Engineers and Scientists
0060436344: Elastic Analysis of Structures : Classical and Matrix Methods
0060436360: Methods for Business Research
0060436379: Family, Society and the Individual
0060436387: Chemistry;: A cultural approach
0060436417: Marriage and the Family : Studying Close Relationships
0060436441: Seeking Closeness
0060436468: English Simplified Cdn Exercis
0060436557: Congressmen's Voting Decisions
0060436565: Congressmen's Voting Decisions
0060436573: Statistics for Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
0060436581: The magic theater: The psychology of adjustment
0060436638: Writing in the Liberal Arts Tradition
0060436662: Introduction to Law Enforcement
0060436948: Learning and Human Abilities; Educational Psychology.
0060437030: The Green World: An Introduction to Plants and People
0060437065: Study Guide/ Workbook to accompany sixth edition General College Chemistry and General College Chemistry with Qualitative Analysis
0060437073: Fundamentals of Plant Science
0060437081: Essentials of abnormal psychology
0060437111: Essentials of Abnormal Psychology
0060437138: Green World : An Introduction to Plants and People
0060437154: Magic of Opera
0060437375: Administration of Public Education : A Sourcebook for the Leadership and Management of Educational Institutions
0060437383: Administration of public education
0060437421: Mirrors : An Introduction to Literature
0060437448: Collecting and Preserving Plants and Animals
0060437456: Biological Techniques,
0060437464: Microeconomic models
0060437472: The Regulators
0060437480: The classic short story
0060437499: Microeconomic analysis: Welfare and efficiency in private and public sectors
0060437510: College German, Fourth Edition
0060437529: Reviewing German Grammar and Building Vocabulary
0060437545: Gerontological nursing
0060437596: The living classroom: Putting humanistic education into practice
0060437626: Creative Selling Today
0060437634: A Second Mathematics Course for Elementary Teachers
0060437642: Modern Macroeconomics, Major Contributions in Contemporary Thought
0060437669: Human Side of Organizations
0060437677: Creative Selling Today
0060437693: Readings in Social Psychology : Contemporary Perspectives
0060437707: Human Side of Organizations
0060437715: Ecology: The experimental analysis of distribution and abundance
0060437723: Readings in Social Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives. Ed by Dennis Krebs#(Contemporary Perspectives Reader Series)
0060437731: Message of Ecology
0060437758: Human Side of Organizations
0060437766: Lrnng GD Humn Side Organi 3e
0060437782: Ecology : The Experimental Analysis of Distribution and Abundance
0060437812: Primer for Public Speaking
0060437820: Further Steps
0060437839: Human Side Organ Learing Guide
0060437847: Ecological Methodology
0060437855: Principles of Heat Transfer
0060438088: Windows : Exploring Human Values Through Reading and Writing
0060438185: Astronomy A Physical Perspective
0060438193: New Cases in Managerial Finance,
0060438215: Philosophy in the Age of Crisis
0060438231: Philosophy in the Age of Crisis
0060438258: Mandala
0060438290: Presidential Politics
0060438312: The new Prometheans: readings for the future,
0060438320: Foundations of psychology
0060438347: Preschool Learning and Teaching.
0060438355: Perspectives in Western Civilization : Essays from Horizon
0060438371: Creating courseware: A beginner's guide
0060438428: Programming Principles Using Pascal
0060438444: Western Civilization
0060438460: Expansion of Empire to Europe in the Modern World
0060438479: Applied Econometrics
0060438495: Conceptual sociology; a self-teaching manual of exercises
0060438517: Violence and the Mass Media,
0060438525: Organic Spectroscopy: Principles and Applications
0060438533: Astronomy
0060438568: Occupational English
0060438576: Four Worlds of Writing
0060438584: Occupational English 85
0060438606: Four Worlds of Writing
0060438622: Chemical Kinetics
0060438665: Four worlds of writing
0060438789: Modern Algebra&Discr Struct 91
0060438819: Tech & Social Change Amer PB
0060438843: Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
0060438851: The Politics of States and Urban Communities.
0060438916: Introduction to Literature : British American-Canadian
0060438940: Biological Foundations of Behavior : An Integrataive Approach
0060439084: Economics
0060439114: Before Calculus : Functions, Graphs, and Analytic Geometry
0060439122: Economics : Canadian Editions
0060439173: Economics
0060439246: LM Cahier Parole Pense 5e PB
0060439254: Parole et Pensee
0060439262: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0060439270: Economics
0060439289: Before Calculus : Functions, Graphs, and Analytic Geometry
0060439300: Calculus Single Variable with Analytic Geometry
0060439351: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0060439386: Solutions Manual to Accompany The Calculus with Analytic Geometry
0060439424: Mythology : The Voyage of the Hero
0060439432: Taking state power;: The sources and consequences of political challenge
0060439440: Handbook for successful urban teaching
0060439459: Classroom Management
0060439467: An outline for the study of calculus
0060439483: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0060439513: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0060439521: The Calculus with Analytic Geometry
0060439548: Essentials of Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, Social Sciences
0060439599: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0060439610: Parole et pensà e;
0060439629: Parole Et Pensee: Introduction Au Francais D'Aujourd'hui
0060439637: Parole et pensà e: Introduction au franà ais d'aujourd'hui
0060439645: Functions of Discrimination and Prejudice
0060439653: Cahier De Travail Et De Labortoire Parole Et Pensee Introduction
0060439661: Art de la Conversation
0060439696: Economics
0060439734: Art de la Conversation
0060439769: Macroeconomics
0060439785: Music
0060439793: Building Skills for Competency-Based Teaching
0060439815: Microeconomics
0060439823: Study Guide and Problems to Accompany Macroeconomics Fifth Edition
0060439858: Elementary Statistics in Social Research
0060439882: The functions of prejudice
0060439912: Reader in Comparative Religion : An Anthropological Approach
0060439920: Reader in comparative religion;: An anthropological approach
0060439947: Starting Sociology
0060439963: Elementary Statistics in Social Research
0060439971: Human resources and labor markets;: Labor and manpower in the American economy
0060439998: Human resources and labor markets: Labor and manpower in the American economy
0060440023: Speech communication for the contemporary student
0060440031: Starting Sociology
0060440058: Starting Sociology
0060440066: Accounting for social goals: budgeting and analysis of nonmarket projects
0060440082: Economics
0060440090: The Political Economy of the New Left: An Outsider's View
0060440139: American public policy: What Government does and what difference it makes
0060440147: Economics
0060440163: Economics
0060440228: The Impact of World War I,
0060440236: General and Applied Entomology
0060440244: Economics
0060440295: Urban Politics and Public Policy
0060440325: The principalship: foundations and functions
0060440333: Economics
0060440341: Discovering the universe
0060440376: The Liberal Art of Interpretation
0060440422: Understanding Management
0060440449: Organizations and their members: A contingency approach (Harper & Row's series in organization and management)
0060440457: Comparative Economic Systems
0060440481: Location in Space : A Theoretical Approach to Economic Geography
0060440511: Social stratification: A reader
0060440554: Earth Science
0060440597: Earth science
0060440619: Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming for the PDP-11 and VAX-11
0060440627: The complete sightsinger: A stylistic and historical approach by Lloyd, Norman
0060440643: Economics
0060440651: Elementary Stats in Social Research
0060440678: Adolescence
0060440686: Problems and Solutions in Statistics to Accompany Statistics for Math Haters
0060440694: Statistics for Math Haters
0060440716: Elementary Statistics in Social Research
0060440740: Human Resources and Labor Markets
0060440759: Economics
0060440767: Marketing Decision Making : A Model-Building Approach
0060440775: Economics
0060440783: Starting Sociology
0060440848: Mechanism and Theory in Organic Chemistry
0060440856: Social work with the aging: The challenge and promise of the later years (Harper series in social work)
0060440899: A first reader in physiological psychology (Harper's experimental psychology series)
0060440910: Wk Elem Stat Soc Resch 4e PB
0060440929: Elementary Statistics in Social Research
0060440937: Fundamentals of digital signal processing
0060440945: Language Arts : A Problem-Solving Approach
0060440996: Microeconomics
0060441038: Macroeconomics : Canadian
0060441046: Microeconomics : Canadian Edition
0060441070: Calculus With Analytic Geometry
0060441089: Mechanics of Materials
0060441097: Developing a Teaching Style
0060441100: History of England
0060441119: Critical Reader
0060441127: Macroeconomics
0060441135: Microeconomics
0060441143: The Critical Reader: Responding Through Writing
0060441151: Sg Macroeconomics
0060441178: Microeconomic Issues of the 70s: Exercises in Applied Price Theory
0060441186: Writer in You : A Writing Process Reader
0060441259: Economics : Canadian Edition
0060441267: A Curriculum for the Middle School Years
0060441275: Microeconomics : Canadian Edition
0060441283: Macroeconomics : Canadian Edition
0060441291: Intercultural Competence : Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures
0060441313: SRM Abnormal Psychology
0060441380: Experience : Introduction to a Personal Psychology (Zeigler Ser.)
0060441461: Psychology and Social Behavior
0060441496: Electric Machine Theory for Power Engineers
0060441526: Geographical Ecology; Patterns in the Distribution of Species
0060441674: Religion and Modern Man
0060441720: Biological chemistry
0060441763: Three Theories of Child Development (Harper Series in Social Work)
0060441836: Business Communications : Writing, Interviewing, and Speaking at Work
0060441852: Introduction to technical mathematics
0060441860: Teach Them Well
0060442026: Sources of English Constitutional History
0060442034: Sources of English Constitutional History (Sources of English Constitutional History)
0060442069: Interpreting Colonial America
0060442093: Interpreting Colonial America : Selected Readings
0060442123: Theory of International Trade
0060442158: Minorities in American Society
0060442328: Social Studies Strategies: Theory into Practice
0060442344: The American sisterhood;: Writings of the feminist movement from colonial times to the present
0060442379: Man and His Environment Waste
0060442395: Human Side of Biology
0060442417: Motivation and Personality
0060442425: Study Revi Gde Humn Side Bio 83
0060442565: Human Side of Biology
0060442662: Management in an international context.
0060442719: Electromagnetic and electromechanical machines (Harper & Row power & machinery series)
0060443081: Sg/Psi Psy Be Hum Brf Upd 3e
0060443103: Application Statistics in Behavioral Research
0060443111: Application of Statistics in Behavioral Research
0060443138: Principles Managerial Finance
0060443189: Writing Behavioral Objectives. A New Approach.
0060443197: Brief Encounters : A Practice and Activities Book for Intermediate ESL-EFL Students
0060443219: Words People Use
0060443227: Idiom Drills for Students of English as a Second Language
0060443243: Macroeconomic Theory
0060443413: Structural Analysis : A Classical and Matrix Approach
0060443421: Structural Analysis
0060443448: Structural Steel Design
0060443456: Design of Reinforced Concrete
0060443464: Structural Steel Design Using the LRFD Method
0060443510: Today's English
0060443529: Language of Argument
0060443545: Strategies, Successes, Senior Executives Speak Out
0060443553: Marketing, an integrated approach by McDaniel, Carl D
0060443588: The language of argument
0060443596: Marketing
0060443618: The language of argument
0060443642: Sg Psi MN Psy: Bein Hum 4e PB
0060443650: Statistical thermodynamics (Harper's chemistry series)
0060443669: Statistical Mechanics
0060443677: Harper American Literature
0060443685: Harper American Literature
0060443693: Language of Argument
0060443715: Harper American Literature
0060443723: The Harper American literature
0060443731: The Harper American Literature
0060443766: Physics for Science and Engineering
0060443774: Religion American style
0060443782: Psychology
0060443790: The Acquisition of Language
0060443820: Readings in introductory economics
0060443839: The psychology of being human
0060443855: Study guide/PSI manual for Rubin's and McNeil's The psychology of being human
0060443871: Psycholinguistics
0060443928: Introduction to Spanish literature: An analytical approach
0060443960: Poverty in the affluent society, (Readers in social problems)
0060444118: Psychology of Religion : Religion in Individual Lives
0060444126: Management : Concepts and Applications
0060444134: Political Continuity and Change
0060444150: Management
0060444177: International Money and Finance
0060444185: St GD & Prblms Economics 7th
0060444193: Management: Individual and Organizational Effectiveness
0060444223: En Cours de Route
0060444258: Art of Being Human
0060444266: Bureaucratic Structure and Authority
0060444274: Art of Being Human
0060444282: A Guide to the Art of Being Human
0060444290: Making the Training Process Work
0060444312: Competing Conceptions of American Foreign Policy : Worldviews in Conflict
0060444339: Behavior modification: an overview
0060444347: Behavior Modification
0060444371: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery
0060444398: First principles of the essay
0060444428: First Principles of the Essay
0060444436: College physical science
0060444444: Digital Logic Testing and Simulation
0060444452: Sport Psychology for Women
0060444460: Wk LM En Cours de Route
0060444487: Management : Concepts and Applications
0060444533: Writing in reality
0060444568: DM Word Self Reality
0060444576: The dimensions of the short story: A critical anthology
0060444584: Managerial Economics
0060444606: Guidance Services. An Introduction.
0060444622: Economics Today: The Macro View
0060444657: Cases in Strategic Management : An Industry Approach
0060444665: Management : Concepts and Applications
0060444703: Modern Mass Media
0060444711: Industrial sociology: Work in organizational life
0060444746: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
0060444754: Management
0060444789: Psychology: The Science of Mental Life
0060444827: Economics Today--The Micro View
0060444835: Economics Today: the Macro View.
0060444878: Economics Today : The Macro View
0060444886: Economics Today
0060444894: Economics Today : With Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version
0060444916: Economics today--the micro view
0060444924: Economics Today: The Macro View
0060444932: Economics today
0060444940: Economics Today : With Economics in Action 2001-2002 Version
0060444959: Economics Today
0060444967: Economics Today: The Macro View
0060444975: Macroeconomics
0060444983: Sg Macroeconomics
0060444991: Economics Today : Macro
0060445009: Economic Today Micro
0060445017: Economics Today
0060445092: Economic Issues and the American Past
0060445238: Written World
0060445262: Written World
0060445416: Outline Stu Calc Vol 2 5e PB
0060445424: Outline Stu Calc Vol 3 5e PB
0060445432: An outline for the study of calculus, to accompany Louis Leithold's The calculus with analytic geometry, fourth edition
0060445440: An Outline for the Study of Calculus, to Accompany Louis Leithold's the Calculus with Analytic Geometry
0060445459: An Outline for the Study of Calculus, to Accompany Louis Leithold's the Calculus with Analytic Geometry (Calculus with Analytic Geometry)
0060445467: Outline for the Study of Calculus
0060445475: Outline for the Study of Calculus
0060445548: Surveying
0060445556: The Nature of Managerial Work
0060445564: Nature of Managerial Work
0060445572: The Age of Crisis: Deviance, Disorganization, and Societal Problems
0060445580: Business and society
0060445599: Surveying
0060445637: Cuad de Ejercicio Descub
0060445645: Basic college chemistry
0060445661: Understanding Society
0060445688: Developing Your Speaking Voice
0060445696: Personal Finance: Lifetime Management by Objectives
0060445726: Study guide and glossary to accompany Chemical principles
0060445734: Selection interviewing for managers (Continuing management education series)
0060445742: A master guide to public speaking
0060445750: Cultural anthropology
0060445769: Land That Job!
0060445793: Adolescence and Youth
0060445815: SRM Sociology : Brief Edition
0060446013: Cost Accounting
0060446102: The Study Of Rocks In Thin Sections
0060446110: Other Children
0060446129: Economic Development Concept and Strategy
0060446145: Cost accounting
0060446188: Social Policy of the American Welfare State: An Introduction to Policy Analysis (Continuing Management Education Series)
0060446196: The politics of Black America
0060446234: Found Communicaton Theory PB
0060446242: Advances in communication research
0060446250: Basic readings in communication theory
0060446269: Chemical Principles in the Laboratory
0060446285: Intermediate Algebra for Today
0060446293: Algebra and Trigonometry for Today
0060446331: Basic readings in communication theory
0060446358: Characteristics of Effective Organizations
0060446366: America in the Twentieth Century : Coming of Age
0060446374: American College Workbook
0060446382: The American College Handbook of Contemporary English
0060446390: Neuroanatomy
0060446412: The psychobiology of aggression (Harper's physiological psychology series) by
0060446420: The Art of Theory: Construction and Use
0060446471: Modern college German
0060446498: Theories and theory groups in contemporary American sociology
0060446579: Facetten : Dreimal Beleuchtet
0060446595: Pocket Computing Power
0060446617: Speech : Content and Communication
0060446625: Sociology : Student Review Manual
0060446633: History of Asia
0060446811: Dance in elementary education,: A program for boys and girls (Harper's school and public health education, physical education, and recreation series)
0060446838: A Momentary Stay: A Short Story Collection
0060446846: FORTRAN IV Programming for Engineers and Scientists
0060446919: Child Development and Personality
0060446927: Psychological Development: A Life-Span Approach
0060446935: Child Development and Personality
0060446943: Child Development and Personality
0060446951: Child Development and Personality
0060447044: Essentials of child development and personality
0060447052: Urban economic problems
0060447060: Basic and Contemporary Issues in Developmental Psychology
0060447087: Student's review manual for John A. Garraty's The American nation, 2nd ed
0060447095: The American Nation : A History of the United States
0060447125: Stu Rev MN Amer Natn 5e VL 1
0060447133: American Nation Study Review Manual
0060447176: From These Beginnings: A Biographical Approach To American History
0060447184: From These Beginnings: A Biographical Approach to American History, Vol. 2
0060447192: Retracing the Past Vol. 1 : Readings in the History of the American People, to 1877
0060447214: Retracing the Past Vol. 2 : Readings in the History of the American People, since 1865
0060447222: Children's speech: A practical introduction to communication development
0060447230: From These Beginnings Vol 1
0060447249: From These Beginnings, Volume Two: A Biographical Approach to American History (Volume 2)
0060447257: From these beginnings ...;: A biographical approach to American history
0060447281: From These Beginnings : A Biological Approach to American History
0060447303: Science Today For The Elementary School Teacher
0060447311: American People Vol. 1 : Creating a Nation and a Society
0060447346: Foundations of Analysis
0060447354: American People
0060447362: American People
0060447370: American People
0060447389: American People
0060447397: American People
0060447400: The American people: Creating a nation and a society
0060447443: Retracing the Past Vol. 1 : Readings in the History of the American People, to 1877
0060447451: Retracing the Past Vol. 2 : Readings in the History of the American People, since 1865
0060447478: From These Beginnings
0060447486: American People
0060447842: Deductive Forms, an Elementary Logic
0060447850: Basic Electromagnetic Fields
0060447877: Continuous and discrete linear systems
0060447931: Education Administration and Change
0060447982: Speaking of the U.S.A.; a reader for discussion by Bertha C. Neustadt.
0060447990: Management applications of decision theory
0060448016: American Pluralism; A Study of Minority Groups and Social Theory
0060448024: Introduction to microcomputing
0060448032: Speaking of the U.S.A.: A Reader for Discussion
0060448075: Writing Effectively
0060448091: Writing Effectively in Business
0060448296: Modern Public Administration
0060448326: Economics of Public Issues
0060448342: The study of physical anthropology and archaeology
0060448350: Marine Biology : An Ecological Approach
0060448369: Reason and Practice: A Modern Introduction to Philosophy
0060448377: Readings in Marine Ecology
0060448385: Modern public administration
0060448415: Modern Public Administration
0060448423: Foundations of Education in America : An Anthology of Major Thoughts and Significant Actions
0060448431: Modern public administration
0060448458: Readings in Public Administration
0060448466: Harper Anthology Poetry Pb 81
0060448474: Harper Anthology of Poetry
0060448482: The economics of public issues
0060448490: Marine Biology: An Ecological Approach
0060448504: Economics of Public Issues
0060448512: The economics of public issues
0060448547: What is chemistry?: A chemical view of nature
0060448563: Lessons in college algebra and trigonometry
0060448598: The economics of public issues
0060448644: Lessons in Essential Mathematics : Book II: Algebra
0060448660: Geometry For Teachers
0060448679: Solving problems in chemistry: With emphasis on stoichiometry and equilibrium and applications in biological and medical sciences, engineering and economics, and environmental sciences
0060448687: Readings in marine ecology
0060448695: Fundamentals of Chemistry: A Learning Systems Approach
0060448725: School health education;: A textbook for teachers, nurses, and other professional personnel (Harper's series in school and public health education, physical education, and recreation)
0060448733: School health education;: A textbook for teachers, nurses, and other professional personnel (Harper's series in school and public health education, physical education, and recreation)
0060448741: Fundamentals of chemistry
0060448776: Money and Banking
0060448784: The disunited States: The era of Civil War and Reconstruction
0060448814: The manager as communicator (Continuing management education series)
0060448822: Solving Problems in Chemistry : With Emphasis on Stoichemistry and Equilibrium. 2nd Edition.
0060448830: The establishment of empirical sociology;: Studies in continuity, discontinuity, and institutionalization
0060448857: Public Finance
0060448865: Psychology : The Frontiers of Behavior
0060448881: The Progressive Years: America Comes of Age
0060448938: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
0060449012: American Government: Readings and Documents.
0060449098: Exercises Psychological Testing
0060449128: Curriculum improvement: A guide to problems, principles, and process
0060449136: Study Guide and PSI Manual To Accompany Rubin and McNeil Psychology: Being Human
0060449152: Probabilities, Random Variables, and Random Processes. Digital and Analog
0060449187: The human myth: An introduction to anthropology
0060449195: The legislative process: A comparative approach
0060449217: Creative Spanish
0060449241: Psychology
0060449268: Essentials of Engineering Fluid Mechanics
0060449276: Strategies for Effective Teaching
0060449284: Secondary and Middle School Teaching
0060449357: Elementary School Social Studies for Today's Children
0060449454: Fluent spoken French
0060449462: Laboratory manual and workbook for Fluent spoken French
0060449470: La France vous parle
0060449543: Voces y vistas;: Active Spanish for beginners
0060449586: Nigerian Politics
0060449616: Introductory Organic Chemistry
0060449624: Introductory chemistry
0060449713: Anatomy for speech and hearing
0060449748: Anatomy for Speech and Hearing
0060449756: The interdisciplinary study of politics
0060450061: Laboratory Piano Course : For Laboratory or Conventional Class Instruction
0060450096: Checkpoints : Developing College English Skills
0060450118: Initiation a la Culture Francaise
0060450126: Adult Development and Aging
0060450142: Anthropology
0060450169: Statistical Analysis: A Decision-Making Approach
0060450185: Student's solutions manual: To accompany Statistics for decision makers and Statistical analysis : a decision-making approach
0060450223: Statistical analysis: A decision-making approach
0060450282: Digital logic design: Tutorials and laboratory exercises
0060450312: Studies in Monetary Economics
0060450339: Generation of Eighteen Ninety-Eight and After
0060450347: Spanish Literature Seventeen Hundred to Nineteen Hundred.
0060450452: Relationship Counseling and Psychotherapy
0060450533: Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
0060450541: Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
0060450568: Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
0060450576: Foundations for a Theory of Instruction and Educational Psychology
0060450592: Problem-Solving Group Interaction
0060450614: Decision-Making Group Interaction
0060450622: Interpersonal Communication in Action : Basic Text and Readings
0060450665: Decision-Making Group Interaction
0060450711: Contemporary Society : Study Guide
0060450819: Public relations in business (Continuing management education series)
0060451122: Art and the Mass Media
0060451149: Communications in the Family : Seeking Satisfaction in Changing Times
0060451238: Social Web : An Introduction to Sociology
0060451246: Understanding Society : An Introduction to Sociology
0060451262: Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Social Science
0060451270: Understanding Society: An Introduction to Sociology
0060451289: Introduction to computer science
0060451297: The social web: An introduction to sociology
0060451319: The social web: An introduction to sociology
0060451335: Understanding Society : An Introduction to Sociology
0060451351: Making Sense of Society
0060451424: Business and government
0060451432: The law and public school operation
0060451491: Business and Government
0060451548: Contemporary Society : A Introduction to Social Science
0060451556: Child Development of Personality
0060451572: Business and Government
0060451602: Contemporary Society : An Introduction to Social Science
0060451610: College algebra
0060451637: Understanding Society
0060451696: Manager's Bookshelf : A Mosaic of Contemporary Views
0060451750: Engineering Mechanics : Statics and Dynamics
0060451823: Intermediate algebra for college students
0060451831: Racial discrimination in the United States (Readers in social problems)
0060451858: Intermediate Algebra for College Students
0060451890: Writing : Process and Structure
0060451955: Emergence of Man
0060451963: Emergence of Man
0060452013: Emergence of Humankind
0060452021: Lotus 1 2 3 for Financial Management/Book and Disk
0060452048: Technical English : Writing, Reading and Speaking
0060452080: Essentials of Financial Management
0060452099: Sg Essen Finan Mangmt
0060452110: Artforms
0060452129: Technical English : Writing, Reading and Speaking
0060452137: Essentials of financial management
0060452145: Study Guide to accompany Essentl Financl Mngmnt
0060452153: Contending Theories of International Relations : A Comprehensive Survey
0060452161: Evolutionary Ecology
0060452188: Group Discussion : A Practical Guide to Participation and Leadership
0060452196: Intermediate Algebra : Applications and Problem Solving
0060452218: Technical English: Writing, reading, and speaking
0060452226: Management Science : An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Management
0060452234: Visiones de Latinoamerica : A Cultural Reader
0060452242: Evolutionary ecology
0060452250: Visiones De Latinoamerica
0060452269: Evolutionary ecology
0060452285: City in American Literature
0060452293: Management Science : An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Management
0060452315: Consumer Health
0060452323: Evolutionary ecology
0060452331: Mathematics Teaching
0060452366: Psychology and Biology Of Emotion
0060452374: El Arte De La Conversacion
0060452382: Alcoholism
0060452412: Foundations of experimental research (Harper's experimental psychology series)
0060452447: Fundamental mathematics for elementary teachers: A behavioral objectives approach
0060452463: A listening guide to major orchestral literature
0060452498: El arte de la conversacià n, el arte de la composicià n
0060452536: Fundamentals of Money, Banking and Financial Institutions
0060452544: International Economics
0060452552: Introduction to American Criminal Justice
0060452560: Modern analytic geometry
0060452587: Fundamental mathematics: A cultural approach
0060452595: Precalculus mathematics: A study of functions
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