0415968925: World Music an Introduction
0415968933: Mama Dada : Gertrude Stein's Avant-Garde Theater
0415968941: Negri on Negri
0415968968: Away : The Indian Writer As an Expatriate
0415968976: Away : The Indian Writer As an Expatriate
0415968992: Linguistic Commentary on Livius Andronicus
0415969018: Coming of Sound
0415969026: Genre and Television : From Cop Shows to Cartoons in American Culture
0415969034: Genre & Television
0415969042: Data Made Flesh : Embodying Information
0415969050: Data Made Flesh : Embodying Information
0415969085: Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations : The Illiterati's Guide to Latin Maxims, Mottoes, Proverbs, and Sayings
0415969093: Routledge Dictionary of Latin Quotations : The Illiterati's Guide to Latin Maxims, Mottoes, Proverbs, and Sayings
0415969107: Cyberhenge
0415969115: Cyberhenge
0415969123: Plains Wars 1757-1900
0415969131: The Ottoman Empire 1326-1699
0415969158: Glossalalia : An Alphabet of Critical Keywords
0415969166: Media, Home and Family
0415969174: Media, Home and Family
0415969182: That's the Joint! : The Hip-Hop Studies Reader
0415969190: That's the Joint! : The Hip-Hop Studies Reader
0415969204: Organs Without Bodies : On Deleuze and Consequences
0415969212: Organs Without Bodies : On Deleuze and Consequences
0415969220: Undoing Gender
0415969239: Undoing Gender
0415969247: Past Without Shadow
0415969255: Duke Ellington and His World
0415969263: We Real Cool : Black Men and Masculinity
0415969271: We Real Cool : Black Men and Masculinity
0415969298: Songwriting Success : How to Write Songs for Fun and (Maybe) Profit: An Introduction to the Art and Business of Songwriting by One Struggling Singer-Songwriter for the Aid and Comfort of Other Strugglers
0415969301: Medieval Science, Technology And Medicine
0415969336: Death's Jest Book
0415969352: Border Ballads : A Selection
0415969379: Arthur Hugh Clough
0415969395: Centenary Corbiere
0415969417: William Cowper : Selected Poems
0415969433: William Dunbar : Selected Poems
0415969476: Ford Madox Ford : Selected Poems
0415969492: T. E. Hulme
0415969514: Leigh Hunt : Selected Writings
0415969530: Wyndham Lewis : Collected Poems and Plays
0415969557: Charles Lamb : Selected Writings
0415969573: De Rerum Natura : The Poem of Nature
0415969611: Centenary Pessoa
0415969638: John Skelton : Selected Poems
0415969654: Charlotte Smith
0415969670: Arthur Symons : Selected Writings
0415969697: William Tyndale : Selected Writings
0415969700: Hardboiled and High Heeled : The Woman Detective in Popular Culture
0415969719: Hardboiled and High Heeled : The Woman Detective in Popular Culture
0415969727: Shaped by Japanese Music
0415969778: American Flaneur : The Cosmic Physiognomy of Edgar Allan Poe
0415969786: Hyperboreans : Myth and History in Celtic-Hellenic Contacts
0415969883: On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art
0415969891: On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art
0415969905: Sense of an Interior : Four Writers and the Rooms That Shaped Them
0415969913: Walter Benjamin, Religion and Aesthetics : Rethinking Religion Through the Arts
0415969921: Walter Benjamin, Religion and Aesthetics : Rethinking Religion Through the Arts
0415969948: Narrative in the Professional Age : Transatlantic Readings of Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Eliot, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
0415969956: Rhetoric in Cicero's Pro Balbo
0415969964: Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me
0415969972: Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me
0415969980: Lost in the Grooves
0415969999: Gypsy Caravan : From Real Roma to Imaginary Gypsies in Western Music and Film
0415970032: Key Indicators of the Labour Market; Book and Interactive Software
0415970148: Literary Darwinism : Evolution, Human Nature, and Literature
0415970172: Ballet Beyond Tradition
0415970180: Ballet Beyond Tradition
0415970199: Nikolais/Louis Dance Technique : A Philosophy and Method of Modern Dance
0415970202: Nikolais/Louis Dance Technique : A Philosophy and Method of Modern Dance
0415970210: Religion Online : Finding Faith on the Internet
0415970229: Religion Online : Finding Faith on the Internet
0415970237: Diana Wynne Jones : The Fantastic Tradition and Children's Literature
0415970296: End of the Mind : The Edge of Intelligibility in Hardy, Stevens, Larkin, Plath, and Gluck
0415970318: Steel City Gospel : Protestant Laity and Reform in Progressive-Era Pittsburgh
0415970326: Artist-Figure, Society, and Sexuality in Virginia Woolf's Novels
0415970334: Is Rock Dead
0415970342: Is Rock Dead
0415970350: Teaching Dance Studies
0415970369: Teaching Dance Studies
0415970377: Lure of Perfection
0415970385: Lure of Perfection
0415970393: Speak It Louder : Asian Americans Making Music
0415970407: Speak It Louder : Asian Americans Making Music
0415970415: Voices of the Country : Interviews with Classic Country Performers
0415970423: Voices of the Country : Interviews with Classic Country Performers
0415970431: Ray Charles . Man and Music
0415970490: Dangerous Desire : Literature of Sexual Freedom and Sexual Violence since the Sixties
0415970504: Dangerous Desire : Literature of Sexual Freedom and Sexual Violence since the Sixties
0415970512: Compassion : The Culture and Politics of an Emotion
0415970520: Compassion: The Culture and Politics of an Emotion (Essays from the English Institute)
0415970539: Pictures and Tears : A History of People Who Have Cried in Front of Paintings
0415970547: Rerun Nation; How Repeats Invented American Television
0415970555: Rerun Nation : How Repeats Invented American Television
0415970563: Classic American Popular Song
0415970571: Poetry and Repetition : Walt Whitman, Wallace Stevens, John Ashbery
0415970598: Empowering Collaborations : Writing Partnerships Between Religious Women and Scribes in the Middle Ages
0415970601: Worlds Made Flesh : Reading Medieval Manuscript Culture
0415970628: Colonizer Abroad : American Writers on Foreign Soil, 1846-1912
0415970636: Protest and the Body in Melville, Dos Passos, and Hurston
0415970644: Human Factor
0415970652: Anxious Subjectivities
0415970660: Anxious Subjectivities
0415970679: Blues Basics
0415970687: Blues Basics
0415970695: Robber With A Witch's Head
0415970717: Opera : The Basics
0415970725: Opera : The Basics
0415970733: Rock Song Index
0415970768: Metanarrative of Suspicion in Late Twentieth-Century America
0415970776: Between Profits and Primitivism : Shaping White Middle-Class Masculinity in the U. S., 1880-1917
0415970903: Trance Formation
0415970911: Trance Formation: The Spiritual and Religious Dimensions of Global Rave Culture
0415970938: Gusto : Essential Writings in Nineteenth-Century Gastronomy
0415970946: Category Neutrality : A Type-Logical Investigation
0415970954: Syntax-Information Structure Interface : Evidence from Spanish and English
0415970962: William Dean Howells and the Ends of Realism
0415970970: Ambitiosa Mors : Suicide and the Self in Roman Thought and Literature
0415970989: Nothing Ordinary Here : Statius as Creator of Distinction in the Silvae
0415970997: Lenition and Contrast
0415971004: Enriched Composition and Inference in the Argument Structure of Chinese
0415971012: Violence in Medieval Courtly Literature : A Casebook
0415971020: Shakespeare's Webs
0415971039: Shakespeare's Webs
0415971047: Discourse Function and Syntactic Form in Natural Language Generation
0415971055: Reading the Text That Isn't There : Paranoia in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
0415971063: Inflected Infinitive in Romance Languages
0415971071: Phonological Augmentation in Prominent Positions
0415971098: New Black Man
0415971101: Reel Food : Essays on Food and Film
0415971152: Narrative Mutations : Discourses of Heredity and Caribbean Literature
0415971179: Lexical, Pragmatic, and Positional Effects on Prosody in Two Dialects of Croatian and Serbian
0415971187: Surviving the Crossing : (Im)Migration, Ethnicity, and Gender in Willa Cather, Gertrude Stein, and Nella Larsen
0415971195: Ella Fitzgerald a Biography of the First
0415971225: Gawain : A Casebook
0415971241: Levinas : Ethics, Justice, and the Human Beyond Being
0415971268: Racial Blasphemies
0415971276: Postmodern Counternarratives : Irony and Audience in the Novels of Paul Auster, Don Delillo, Charles Johnson, and Tim O'Brien
0415971284: Authoring the Self : Self-Representation, Authorship and the Print Market
0415971292: Constitution of Consciousness : A Study in Analytic Phenomenology
0415971306: Hitch Your Antenna to the Stars : Early Television and Broadcast Stardom
0415971314: Hitch Your Antenna to the Stars : Early Television and Broadcast Stardom
0415971454: Xenakis : His Life in Music
0415971551: Art As Abstract Machine
0415971578: If Classrooms Matter
0415971586: If Classrooms Matter
0415971632: Medieval Rhetoric
0415971640: Conrad in the Twenty-First Century : Contemporary Approaches and Perspectives
0415971659: Conrad in the Twenty-First Century : Contemporary Approaches and Perspectives
0415971667: Water Supply System of Siena, Italy : The Medieval Roots of the Modern Networked City
0415971675: Ethical Diversions : The Post-Holocaust Narratives of Pynchon, Abish, Delillo, and Spiegelman
0415971691: Contesting the Iron Fist : Advocacy Networks and Police Violence in Democratic Argentina and Chile
0415971713: Craft of Modal Counterpoint
0415971721: Craft of Modal Counterpoint
0415971764: Broadcasting the Blues : Black Blues in the Segregation Era
0415971772: Broadcasting the Blues
0415971780: Validating Bachelorhood : Audience, Patriarchy and Charles Brockden Brown's Editorship of the Monthly Magazine and American Review
0415971799: Books and Libraries in American Society During World War II : Weapons in the War of Ideas
0415971802: Children and the Criminal Law in Connecticut, 1635-1855 : Changing Perceptions of Childhood
0415971810: International Environmental Treaties and State Behavior : Factors Influencing Cooperation
0415971829: Inviting Latino Voters : Party Messages and Latino Party Identification
0415971837: Origins of Leftwing Cinema in China, 1932-37
0415971845: Liberal Rights and Political Culture
0415971853: Office Hours : Activism and Change in the Academy
0415971861: Office Hours : Activism and Change in the Academy
0415971977: American Youth Cultures
0415971985: Media Ethics And Social Change
0415971993: Media Ethics And Social Change
0415972035: Ethnomusicology Contemporary Reader
0415972043: Ethnomusicology Contemp Reader
0415972051: Twice-Told Childrens Tales : The Influence of Childhood Reading on Writers for Adults
0415972078: Islam, Democracy and the Status of Women
0415972086: Cultural Identity in Kindergarten : A Study of Asian Indian Children
0415972094: IInsurgency, Authoritarianism, and Drug Trafficking in Mexico's Democratization
0415972108: Igbo Women and Economic Transformation in Southeastern Nigeria, 1900-1960
0415972132: Simonides on the Persian Wars : A Study of the Elegiac Verses of the New Simonides
0415972140: Worlding Forster : The Passage from Pastoral
0415972159: Whitmans Ecstatic Union : Conversion and Ideology in Leaves of Grass
0415972167: Slave in the Swamp : Disrupting the Plantation Narrative
0415972175: Augustan Egypt : The Creation of a Roman Province
0415972183: Ursula K. Le Guin Beyond Genre
0415972248: Digital Film Event
0415972256: Digital Film Event
0415972272: Polemic : Critical or Uncritical
0415972280: Polemic : Critical or Uncritical
0415972299: Histories Of Sexuality
0415972302: Histories Of Sexuality
0415972310: Encoding Capital : The Political Economy of the Human Genome Project
0415972329: Modeling Minority Women : Heroines in African and Asian American Fiction
0415972337: Struggle over Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Rights : Facing off in Cincinnati
0415972345: Everyday Lives of Sex Workers in the Netherlands
0415972396: Live : Art and Performance
0415972418: Saracens and The Making of English Identity
0415972426: Preaching Fox : Elements of Festive Subversion in the Plays of the Wakefield Master
0415972434: Epistemology Of The Monstrous In The Middle Ages
0415972450: Dialectics of the Body : Corporeality in the Philosophy of Theodor Adorno
0415972477: Robert Schumann and the Piano Concerto
0415972485: Literary Dollars and Social Sense : A People's History of the Mass Market Book
0415972493: Social Organization of Policy
0415972507: Mysterious Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveaux
0415972523: Music and Copyright
0415972531: Music and Copyright
0415972558: The Cultural Politics of Emotion
0415972566: Women and War in Twentieth Century : Enlisted with or without Consent
0415972574: Handful of Keys
0415972582: Childhood and Children's Books in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1800
0415972590: Dot.mil : The Militarization Of Cyberspace
0415972604: Dot.mil : The Militarization Of Cyberspace
0415972612: Parenting For The State
0415972620: Youth of Darkest England
0415972639: Why Its Hard to Be Good
0415972671: East European Cinemas
0415972698: Master Narratives and Their Discontents
0415972701: Master Narratives and Their Discontents
0415972728: Non-Native Sources for the Scandinavian Kings' Sagas
0415972736: Sex and the Second-Best City : Sex and Society in the Laws of Plato
0415972817: Creative Music Making
0415972825: Creative Music Making
0415972868: Farm Press, Reform, and Rural Change, 1895-1920
0415972876: Politics of Social Policy Change in Chile and Uruguay : Retrenchment versus Maintenance, 1973-1998
0415972884: Ecological Native
0415972906: Singing for Life
0415972914: American Music Librarianship
0415973058: Talking Back to Psychiatry
0415973066: Global Media
0415973074: International Relations in Latin America : Peace and Security in the Southern Cone
0415973171: Versatile Clarinet
0415973201: Why We Write
0415973287: Political Corruption in the Caribbean Basin : Constructing a Theory to Combat Corruption
0415973309: Taiwanese American Transnational Famalies : Women and Kin Work
0415973317: Sharaf Politics
0415973341: Encyclopedia Of Ancient Greece
0415973384: Spiraling Webs of Relation
0415973392: Chronology of the Cold War
0415973597: Non-Traditional Occupations, Empowerment and Women
0415973600: Mistresses of the Transient Hearth : American Army Officers' Wives and Material Culture, 1840-1880
0415973619: Syncretism in Religion : A Reader
0415973627: Women Who Knew Too Much : Hitchcock and Feminist Theory
0415973635: Theory for Art History
0415973643: Theory For Art History (Theory4)
0415973651: The Cinema of Eisenstein
0415973678: Body Transformations: Evolutions And Atavisms In Culture
0415973686: Popular Music Genres
0415973694: Popular Music Genres
0415973708: Rhythm, Music, and the Brain : Scientific Foundations and Clinical Applications
0415973775: Talkin' to Myself: Blues Lyrics, 1921-1942
0415973783: Talkin' to Myself : Blues Lyrics, 1921-1942
0415973848: Siegfried Sassoon : The Journey from the Trenches, a Biography (1918-1967)
0415973856: Key Figures Medieval Europe
0415974011: Venus in the Dark : Blackness and Beauty in Popular Culture
0415974054: State and Business Groups in Mexico : The Role of Informal Institutions in the Process of Industrialization, 1936-1984
0415974062: Evangelical Church in Boston's Chinatown : A Discourse of Language, Gender, and Identity
0415974070: Derrida : Screenplay and Essays on the Film
0415974089: Derrida
0415974127: Installation Art
0415974135: Sex on the Couch: What Freud Still Has To Teach Us About Sex and Gender
0415974143: Why Freud?
0415974151: Look, a Negro! : Philosophical Essays on Race, Culture and Politics
0415974178: When For-Profit Meets Nonprofit : Educating Through the Market
0415974283: Mind Models
0415974291: Mind Models : New Forms of Musical Experience
0415974305: Jackie Wilson: Lonely Teardrops
0415974321: Hans Christian Andersen
0415974348: Dances of Shakespeare
0415974429: Contextualizing Homelessness : Critical Theory, Homelessness, and Federal Policy Addressing the Homeless
0415974437: International Election Monitoring, Sovereignty, and the Western Hemisphere Idea : The Emergence of an International Norm
0415974445: Indonesian Education : Teachers, Schools, and Central Bureaucracy
0415974453: Democratizing Higher Education Policy : Constraints of Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa
0415974461: Preventing Fires While Feeling the Heat : Philanthropists and Community Organizations Collaborating to Address Urban Poverty
0415974488: Ritual and Religious Belief : A Reader
0415974496: Defining Hinduism : A Reader
0415974577: Dominant Beliefs and Alternative Voices: Discourse, Belief, and Gender in American Study Abroad
0415974585: Latino-anglo Bargaining Patterns in Small Claims Mediation
0415974593: Linking Activism : Ecology, Social Justice, and Education for Social Change
0415974992: Blues Lyric Formula
0415975026: Chick Lit : The New Woman's Fiction
0415975034: Chick Lit: The New Woman's Fiction
0415975050: News Around the World : Content, Practitioners, and the Public
0415975069: News Around the World : Content, Practitioners, and the Public
0415975085: War and Migration : Social Networks and Economic Strategies of the Hazaras of Afghanistan
0415975093: Adaption of Western Economics by Russian Universities : Intercultural Travel of an Academic Field
0415975107: Legislating Authority : Sin and Crime in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey
0415975115: Buddhism, War, And Nationalism
0415975123: The Crisis of Music in Early Modern Europe, 1470--1530
0415975131: Domestic Democracy: At Home in South Africa
0415975212: Fiction of Nationality in an Era of Transnationalism
0415975239: Foreign Bodies
0415975247: Ready to Trample on All Human Law : Finance Capitalism in the Fiction of Charles Dickens
0415975255: Edith Wharton As Spacial Activist And Analyst
0415975263: Gendered Pathologies : The Female Body and Biomedical Discourse in the Nineteenth-Century English Novel
0415975271: Outsider Citizens
0415975298: Nihilism and the Sublime Postmodern: The (Hi)Story of a Difficult Relationship from Romanticism to Postmodernism
0415975328: No Image There and the Gaze R
0415975336: Queer Impressions : Henry James's Art of Fiction
0415975344: Museum Mediations: Reframing Ekphrasis in Contemporary American Poetry
0415975379: Ethics of Becoming : Configurations of Feminine Subjectivity in Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and George Eliot
0415975387: Twentieth-Century Americanism : Identity and Ideology in Depression-Era Leftist Literature
0415975395: Singing Contest : Conventions of Sound in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney
0415975417: Narrative Desire And Historical Reparations
0415975425: Worldwise : Global Change and Ethical Demands in the Cosmopolitan Fictions of Kazuo Ishiguro, Jamaica Kincaid, J. M. Coetzee, and Michael Ondaatje
0415975433: Pynchon and History : Metahistorical Rhetoric and Postmodern Narrative Form in the Novels of Thomas Pynchon
0415975441: Postmodernism and Its Others: The Fiction of Ishmael Reed, Kathy Acker, and Don DeLillo
0415975476: Depression Glass: Documentary Photography and the Medium of the Camera Eye in Charles Reznikoff, George Oppen, and Willi
0415975506: Wilderness City: The Post World War II American Urban Novel from Algren to Wideman (Literary Critici
0415975514: Somewhat On The Community-System: Fourierism in the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Studies in Major
0415975522: Imperial Quest and Modern Memory from Conrad to Greene
0415975530: The Ethics of Exile: Colonialism in the Fictions of Charles Brockden Brown and J.M. Coetzee
0415975700: Criminal Identity: Race And Masculinity In Contemporary American Prison Narratives
0415975719: Coming of Age, Women's Colleges in the Philippines During the Post-Marcos Era
0415975778: Traveling Through Text : Message and Method in Late Medieval Pilgrimage Accounts
0415975786: Boys, Boyz, Bois: The Ethics of Black Masculinity in Film and Popular Media
0415975832: Is Jazz Dead? : Or Has It Moved to a New Address
0415975867: Leaving Latinos Out of History: Teaching US History in Texas (Latino Communities: Emerging Voices--Political, Social, Cultural and Legal Issues)
0415975875: Mobile Homes: Spatial And Cultural Negotiation in Chinese/asian American Literature
0415975883: Contending Political Paradigms in Africa: Rationality and the Politics of Democratization in Kenya and Zambia
0415975948: State of 'the Union' : Marriage and Free Love in the Late 1800s
0415975956: Law, Morality, And International Armed Intervention: The United Nations And ECOWAS In Liberia (Afric
0415975972: Left in Transformation: Uruguayan Exiles and the Latin American Human Rights Networks, 1967-1984
0415976073: Stuctural Markedness and Syntactic Structure: A Study of Word Order and the Left Periphery in Mexican Spanish
0415976081: Discourse Adjectives
0415976111: Philodemus on Rhetoric, Books 1 and 2: Translation and Exegetical Essays (Studies in Classics)
0415976138: Maps And Monsters in Medieval England
0415976146: Vital Contact: Downclassing Journeys in American Literature from Melville to Richard Wright
0415976154: Between Courtly LIT And
0415976162: The German Gita: Hermeneutics and Discipline in the German Reception of Indian Thought, 1778-1831
0415976251: Negotiating Copyright
0415976278: Overheard Voices
0415976286: The Politics of Melancholy from Spenser to Milton
0415976294: Analytical Methods of Electroacoustic Music
0415976332: Miracle for Whom?: Chilean Workers under Free Trade
0415976421: Voracious Children: Who Eats Whom in Children's Literature (Children's Literature and Culture)
0415976464: Negation And Licensing of Negative Polarity Items
0415976529: My Pen and My Soul Have Ever Gone Together"": Thomas Paine and the American Revolution
0415976596: Praxis and Politics: Knowledge Production in Social Movements
0415976626: Encyclopedia of the Developing World (3 volumes)
0415976685: Video Supplement to Beyond Words
0415976898: Art History Versus Aesthetics
0415976901: Negotiating Claims
0415976928: Inhabiting the Borders: Foreign Language Faculty in American Colleges and Universities
0415976987: The Singer's Companion
0415976995: The Changing Landscape of the Academic Profession: The Culture of Faculty at For-Profit Colleges and Universities
0415977010: Are We Thinking Straight?
0415977045: Spreadin' Rhythm Around : Black Popular Songwriters, 1880-1930
0415977223: Beautiful Angiola : The Lost Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales of Laura Gonzenbach
0415977231: Mama Dada: Gertrude Stein's Avant-garde Theatre (Studies in Modern Drama)
0415977274: Beyond Dance
0415977282: Beyond Dance
0415977304: Western-Educated Elites in Kenya, 1900-1963
0415977312: Agents of Wrath, Sowers of Discord: Authority and Dissent in Puritan Massachusetts, 1630-1655
0415977738: Human Rights Treaties: Considering Patterns of Participation, 1948-2000
0415977754: Politics of Moral Sin, The
0415977991: Market Sense: Toward a New Economics of Markets and Society
0415978106: The Suppression of Dissent: How the State and Mass Media Squelch USAmerican Social Movements
0415978114: Movement Matters
0415978122: Britain, Leftist Nationalists and the Transfer of Power in Nigeria, 1945-1965
0415978920: Your Move, 2nd Edition
0415979129: Between Worlds: Deaf Women, Work, and Intersections of Gender and Ability (New Approaches in Sociology)
0415988381: Body and Sacred Place in Medieval Europe, 1100-1389
0416000010: Troika
0416000118: Cloud Catchers
0416000126: DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE Science Fiction the Utopian Imagination
0416000215: Fallen Angels
0416000428: Cry Wolf and Other Aesop Fables
0416000517: Twenty-Five Years of Dissent
0416000614: Apathetic Bookie Joint
0416000819: Poems, 1913-1956
0416000916: Bertolt Brecht : Poems - 1913-1956
0416001017: Music of Man
0416001114: Velvet Eden
0416001122: Micro-Politics of the School
0416001211: Chog by Crisp, Quentin
0416001319: Chog : A Gothic Fable
0416001416: How to Have a Lifestyle
0416001610: Celebrities Sweepsteaks
0416001912: You Cannot Die
0416002315: Time and Chance An Autobiograpy
0416002412: Hubert Humphrey
0416003222: Truffles in Trouble
0416003621: Luther
0416004113: Led Zeppelin Biography
0416004318: Squash Basics
0416004520: Discourse in Psychoanalysis and Literature
0416005012: Saltbound : A Winter on Block Island
0416005217: Heartsongs
0416005314: Men, Women and Other Anticlimaxes
0416005411: Breadfruit Lotteries
0416005616: Eighteenth-Century Wedgewood
0416005713: Waiting for Sheila
0416005810: Life at the Top
0416005918: Life at the Top
0416005926: JOHN DONNE, UNDONE
0416006019: Room at the Top
0416006116: Room at the Top
0416006124: Impacts and Influences
0416006213: Cold Comfort
0416006310: Fading Rainbow
0416006515: Rambles in Ireland
0416006817: Aftershocks
0416006914: Coins: An illustrated survey 650 BC to the present day
0416007112: World of Charles Ricketts
0416007228: Ricky, Rocky and Ringo Go to the Moon
0416007317: Splendid Art of Opera
0416007325: Ricky Rocky Ringo Tv
0416007414: My Search for B. Traven
0416007511: My Search for B. Traven
0416007619: Psychotechniques : How to Help Yourself or Someone You Love
0416007716: Alpha List
0416007813: Beatles A-Z : John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
0416008119: Oh, My Word!
0416008526: Out of the Nursery, Into the Night
0416008623: Johnny, Jinny and Mo
0416008917: Penny Links : A Novel
0416009018: Liar's Autobiography
0416009328: Shakespeare Reproduced : The Text in History and Ideology
0416009417: Psychological Approaches to the Care of the Elderly
0416009514: Cloud 9
0416009611: Noel Coward Songbook
0416009816: Stoppard, the Mystery and the Clockwork
0416009913: Loving with a Vengeance
0416010016: Breaking the Magic Spell : Radical Theories of Folk and Fairy Tales
0416010318: Anxiety in Children
0416010512: Spatial Divisions of Labour : Social Structures and the Geography of Production
0416010814: Whirlpool
0416011217: Doctors' Dilemmas : Medical Ethics and Contemporary Science
0416011519: Diocletian and the Roman Recovery
0416011616: Socialism, the State and Public Policy in France
0416011713: Plays in Review, 1956-1980
0416011721: Atlas of World Affairs
0416011810: Jane Austen, Feminism and Fiction
0416011829: Atlas of World Affairs
0416011918: Rainer Maria Rilke : Selected Poems
0416012019: Social Communication in Advertising
0416012116: Rainer Maria Rilke
0416012213: Women, Feminism and Biology
0416012310: Women, Feminism and Biology
0416012418: Sex, Class and Culture
0416012515: Milton : A Study in Form and Ideology
0416012620: Melric and The Sorcerer
0416012817: Power on Display : The Politics of Shakespeare's Genres
0416013112: Unusable Past : Theory and the Study of American Literature
0416013228: The Case of the Cop Catchers (A Magnet Book)
0416013325: The Case of the Ghost Grabbers (A Magnet Book)
0416013414: Arch of Knowledge
0416013511: Bond and Beyond : The Political Career of a Popular Hero
0416013619: Bond and Beyond : The Political Career of a Popular Hero
0416013716: Don't Bet on the Prince
0416013813: Don't Bet on the Prince: Contemporary Feminist Fairy Tales in North America and England
0416014216: Performance Theory.
0416014917: Feminism and Theatre
0416015018: Feminism and Theatre
0416015328: Destination New York
0416015417: Nostalgia and Sexual Difference : The Resistance to Contemporary Feminism
0416015522: Mr. Pump's Legacy
0416015727: The Joy of Birth
0416015824: Stringybark Summer (A Magnet Book)
0416015913: Men in Feminism
0416016014: Men in Feminism
0416016316: New 18th Century : Theory, Politics, English Literature
0416016413: The New 18th Century : Theory, Politics, English Literature
0416016529: Alice the Artist
0416016618: In other worlds: Essays in cultural politics
0416016715: Harlem Renaissance : A Historical Dictionary for the Era
0416016812: Women, Work, and Family
0416017010: Women Who Knew Too Much
0416017118: Women Who Knew Too Much
0416017215: Paraesthetics
0416017312: Paraesthetics
0416017517: Women and AIDS
0416017614: Mary Shelley Her Life, Her Fiction, Here Monsters.
0416018513: Linguistics of Writing : Arguments Between Language and Literature
0416018521: Fingerplay
0416018823: The Search For Spring
0416018920: My Grandma Has Black Hair
0416019412: Where the Meanings Are : Feminism and Cultural Spaces
0416019811: Fairy Tales and the Art of Subversion : The Classical Genre for Children and the Process of Civilization
0416020224: Coreus the Prince: The City of Shadows 1
0416020321: Bardik the Thief (A Magnet Book)
0416024726: First and Ten (A Gridiron Story)
0416024920: Third and Goal (A Gridiron Story)
0416025323: Don't Blame the Music
0416026524: Origins of the Russian Revolution, 1861-1917
0416027725: Water Boy: A Story of Two Boys from a Little Town in Brazil
0416028527: Mouse Book: A Story of Apodemus, a Long-tailed Field Mouse
0416029108: 1st Industrial Nation Economic History 1700 1914 by Mathias,
0416029205: Economics: the science of prices and incomes, (University paperbacks, 104)
0416030009: Fundamentals of Skill
0416031323: The Fantastic Feats of Doctor Boox (A Magnet Book) by Davies, Andrew; Escott.
0416031927: Survivors (Firebrats, No 2)
0416032427: Superstructuralism: The Philosophy of Structuralism and Post-Structuralism
0416032524: Educate, Agitate, Organize : 100 Years Of Fabian Socialism
0416032729: Middle East in the World Economy, 1800-1914
0416038727: Wordsworth's Historical Imagination The Poetry of Displacement
0416040004: Potato Lover's Diet Cookbook
0416040012: Winter Women, The
0416040020: International Intune Software Training Participant's Manual
0416040802: Art in a Machine Age
0416044328: Boundary Layer Climates
0416045707: The psychological assessment of mental and physical handicaps, (Methuen's manuals of modern psychology)
0416045723: Grange Hill Heroes (A Magnet Book)
0416046126: The Skylighters
0416046223: Tilly Mint and the Dodo
0416049524: Textual Practice Vol 1 Issue 1
0416049621: New Formations: No 1 (New Formations)
0416050905: Hagar the Horrible: The World is Flat
0416051626: You've Got to Believe Me
0416052029: Dream Catcher
0416052207: Hagar the Horrible: hagar and the Basilisk
0416052304: Hagar: The Adventures of Hagar the Horrible
0416053122: Rough Mix (Methuen Teen Collection)
0416053300: Iznogoud On Holiday! An Adventure of Haroun al Plassid
0416056008: Serpent Tower, The
0416056202: Dressing (Baby Board Books)
0416056903: Family (Baby Board Books)
0416057004: Why the Rope Went Tight
0416058604: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
0416059503: The Flight of Bembel Rudzuk
0416059600: The Battle of Zormla
0416061001: The Surprise Bear
0416061109: Blue Bear's Race
0416061222: The Bird Garden
0416061303: Opposites: In-Out: At the Park (Books of Opposites)
0416061729: Partings Welded Together : Politics and Desire in the Nineteenth Century English Novel
0416062326: Haunted
0416062520: Nick's October (Teens S.)
0416064329: Alf Gorilla
0416064507: Earth (The Elements)
0416064701: Air (The Elements)
0416065627: The Mouse in the Barn; Animal Habitats
0416066429: A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers 1660-1800
0416070000: Political Geography
0416070302: Agricultural geography (The field of geography)
0416070825: Channels of Discourse
0416071007: Cartographic Methods
0416071104: Cartographic Methods
0416071406: Little House on the Prairie
0416071600: The Mystery of Holly Lane
0416072224: The Phantom Lollipop Lady and Other Poems (A Magnet Book)
0416073107: The Butterflies of the Province
0416073301: This Desirable Plot
0416073328: Peculiar Language : Literature as Difference from the Renaissance to James Joyce
0416073409: The melancholy man: A study of Dickens's novels
0416073603: Cooking Today; Eating Tomorrow
0416073905: Funeral Games and the Good and Faithful Serv
0416074324: Flight in Yiktor
0416074502: Maps and Diagrams : Their Compilation and Construction
0416074804: Love & Hate
0416076106: Victorian England:Aspects of English and Imperial History, 1837-1901: Aspects of English and Imperial History, 1837-1901
0416076300: French Tragic Drama in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
0416076602: Electron Diffraction
0416077307: Essays on nineteenth century British theatre: The proceedings of a symposium...
0416077528: Betty's Wedding
0416077803: Mauthausen
0416077900: Toad of Toad Hall
0416078206: Bernard Shaw; Playwright and Preacher
0416078907: Primitivism (The Critical idiom, 20)
0416079008: Primitivism
0416079806: A brief guide to social legislation
0416080006: Science, Technology, and Economic Growth in the Eighteenth Century
0416080103: Science, Technology, and Economic Growth in the Eighteenth Century
0416080405: Allegory.
0416080723: Utopianism and Marxism
0416080820: The Teenagers' Handbook
0416080928: Major International Treaties, 1914-1945 : A History and Guide with Texts
0416081207: Atlas of Irish History
0416081304: The Imagery of Euripides
0416081509: Dada & Surrealism (The Critical idiom, 23)
0416081606: Dada and Surrealism
0416081800: Grotesque
0416082106: OBSERVATIONS
0416082203: The second wave: British drama for the seventies
0416082300: Berkeley: the Philosophy of Immaterialism
0416082408: Essays on A Mature Economy: Britain After 1840 Papers and Proceedings of the MSSB Conference on the New Economic History of Britain 1840-1930
0416082505: Standard of Living in Britain in the Industrial Revolution
0416082807: Competition and the corporate society: British Conservatives,: The State and industry, 1945-1964
0416083900: The world we have lost
0416084001: World We Have Lost (Univ. Pbs.)
0416084028: Nijinsky: Scenes from the Childhood of the Great Dancer
0416084206: East Asia : China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam; Geography of a Cultural Region
0416084303: The Good Society: A Book of Readings
0416084524: My Funny Valentine (Teens S.)
0416085008: Synoptic Climatology : Methods and Applications
0416085326: Mysterious Tale of Gentle Jack and Lord Bumblebee, The
0416086128: Where Is Sarah? by Graham
0416086500: A Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages
0416086608: Poverty and progress: An ecological model of economic development,
0416086624: Over The Moon
0416087000: Pastoral - Critical Idiom Series
0416087108: Pastoral
0416087205: Consciousness and Freedom: Three Views
0416087507: The nuns go east;
0416087620: Applied Cognitive Psychology : An Information Processing Approach
0416088120: The Whipping Boy.
0416088201: The Psychology of Imagination: translated from the French
0416088309: Cigars of the Pharaoh
0416088406: Land of Black Gold
0416089100: Mints, Dies and Currency
0416089305: Oh, How Silly!
0416089909: The Shavian Playground, An Exploration of the Art of George Bernard Shaw
0416090001: Idylls and Realities; Studies in Nineteenth-Century German Literature
0416090109: Logico-Linguistic Papers
0416090206: Metaphor. The Critical Idiom 25
0416090303: Metaphor
0416090826: Effective Teaching in Higher Education
0416091121: Eric and Frankie in Las Vegas
0416091229: Shakespeare's Ghost Writers : Literature As Uncanny Causality
0416091407: The Middle East: a physical, social and regional geography
0416091806: The Royal Potwasher
0416092128: The Dream Boat Brontosaurus
0416092403: Babar and That Rascal Arthur
0416092705: Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume XLIV, 1970
0416093701: Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series, Volume LXX
0416093922: Peter Pan
0416094120: Noah Built an Ark One Day (Picture Mammoth)
0416094805: Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series, Volume LXXII
0416094821: A Midsummer Night's Tale: a Traditional Tale from Finland
0416096301: Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume XLV, 1971
0416096522: Become the Hunted
0416099505: Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume XLVI, 1972
0416099904: Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume XLVII, 1973
0416101607: Macbeth
0416101623: Prince of the Dustbins (A Magnet Book)
0416101704: King Lear
0416101801: Merchant of Venice
0416101909: Tempest (The Arden Shakespeare)
0416101925: A Tale of Time City
0416102220: Emlyn's Moon
0416103707: Kingdoms of the Yoruba (Studies in African history, 2)
0416103723: Truffles' Day in Bed
0416104002: The analysis of binary data (Methuen's monographs on applied probability and statistics)
0416104207: Comedy of Errors
0416104304: Titus Andronicus - Arden Shakespeare
0416104401: Love's Labour's Lost
0416104428: Musical Chairs
0416104509: King Henry VIII
0416105327: Sounds My Feet Make
0416107109: A History of the Roman World from 30 B.C. to A.D. 138
0416107427: The Lives of Christopher Chant.
0416107702: Britis
0416108202: Latin America : Geographical Perspectives
0416108407: Environment and Land use in Africa
0416108504: Swahili:the Rise of a National Language
0416108709: Swahili : The Rise of a National Language
0416109004: Sister Dora:the Life of Dorothy Pattison
0416109101: The Peopled Wound: The Plays of Harold Pinter
0416109500: The Christopher Robin verse book
0416109608: A chaste maid in Cheapside; (The Revels plays)
0416109802: Lady Precious Stream
0416112501: Reason, truth and God
0416112706: Human Intelligence: Its Nature and Assessment (University Paperbacks)
0416112722: Hidden Turnings
0416112803: The Bronte Novels
0416113303: Bronte Novels, The
0416114229: Dream Palace
0416115004: The French Renaissance and its heritage: Essays presented to Alan M. Boase by colleagues, pupils and friends;
0416115306: Climate
0416115802: I Can Count
0416116124: Dogsbody
0416116205: Assaults on Our Senses
0416116701: Skills in the Junior School
0416116809: An Introduction to the Psychology of Language.
0416116906: Grub Street Studies in a Subculture
0416117902: Superconductivity (Methuen's Monographs on Physical Subjects)
0416118127: Babars Castle
0416118607: Frames of Mind: Ability, Perception, and Self-Perception in the Arts and Sciences
0416118720: Grand Slam
0416119220: The Witch's Funny Bone
0416119328: Hamish and the Wee Witch
0416119921: The Railway Children
0416120024: Little Women
0416120121: The Secret Garden.
0416120709: Population In Industrialization
0416121209: Intelligence & Cultural Environment
0416121527: Bill's New Frock
0416121705: The Northern Magus
0416121802: The Price Revolution in Sixteenth-Century England
0416122027: End Zone
0416122108: Education Industry
0416122604: France, 1814-1940
0416123201: Victorian Dramatic Criticism
0416123708: European Peasantry
0416124208: Fission Damage to Crystals
0416124305: The Military in African Politics. Studies in African History, Volume 4
0416124607: Computers
0416124704: Perception through experience (Methuen's manuals of modern psychology)
0416124909: The compass of irony
0416126200: Indians 1ST Edition
0416126227: Tea-leaf on the Roof
0416126421: Deepwater
0416126820: Help for the Bedwetting Child
0416127401: Ireland: a general and regional geography
0416127908: The Biochemistry of the Nucleic Acids.
0416128203: Greek State
0416128327: Dream for Danger
0416128505: Risk Theory
0416129404: The theatre of Albert Camus: A critical study,
0416129706: Introduction to the study of animal populations
0416129803: Eskimo prehistory;
0416130100: Down the Bright Stream, by BB.
0416130402: Revels History of Drama in English, Vol. 3 : 1576-1613
0416130607: Revels History of Drama in English, Vol. 5 : 1660-1750
0416130704: Revels History of Drama in English : 1750-1880
0416130801: Revels History of Drama in English, Vol. 7 : 1880 to the Present
0416130828: I DON'T WANT TO
0416130909: Revels History of Drama in English, Vol. 8 : American Drama
0416131026: Frankie's Story (Teens S.)
0416131220: Hetty Pegler Half-Witch
0416131328: You've Got to Believe Me
0416131409: A traveller in Southern Italy,
0416131603: Evangelical religion and popular education: A modern interpretation
0416131921: Bang! Bang! You're Dead!
0416132006: Harry's Bee
0416132308: An introduction to the Soviet legal system
0416132529: Parchment House
0416132901: Japan Advances: A Geography of Japan in the Sixties
0416133029: Princess Polly and the Magic Megaplot (Read Aloud Books)
0416134025: Rescuing Gloria
0416135323: Night Maze
0416135420: Through the Nightsea Wall
0416136303: Philaster; or, Love Lies A-Bleeding
0416136508: Milton's Punctuation and Changing English Usage, 1582-1676
0416136524: Shell Shock
0416137202: Educational documents, 800-1816
0416137504: Readings in Educational Psychology : Learning and Teaching
0416137601: Child-Centred Education
0416137806: Object of Morality
0416138209: Multicompartment Models for Biological Systems
0416138306: Babar's Balloon Trip - Little Babar Books 4
0416138705: Saved
0416139000: Social interaction (Methuen's manuals of modern psychology)
0416139108: Flame and Combustion Phenomena. Methuen's Monographs on Chemical Subjects
0416139523: The Trial of Anna Cotman
0416140009: Dada, 1915-1923
0416142206: Chaucer: an introduction,
0416142303: The Latin love elegy
0416142400: Great Britain and the Colonies: 1815-1865 (Debates in Economic History)
0416142702: Middle East in the World Economy, 1800-1914
0416143105: Book of Devils and Demons
0416143202: Wild life in danger, (The World we are making)
0416144004: Imperial Sunset: Britain's Liberal Empire, 1897-1921 v. 1
0416144209: Introducing Israel;
0416144403: Auden's Poetry
0416144500: A History of Scotland
0416144802: Conquest of the River
0416145000: The Little Grey Men
0416145205: Romanticism
0416145604: Aestheticism: The Critical Idiom
0416145906: Wild Lone: The Story of a Pytchley Fox
0416146104: Close the coalhouse door; (A Methuen playscript)
0416146600: Acids and bases: their quantitative behaviour (Methuen's monographs on chemical subjects)
0416146902: Nature of Intention
0416147003: Unveiling man's origins: ten decades of thought about human evolution
0416147100: A History of the Chinese Communist Party 1921-1949
0416147305: Technological change: The United States and Britain in the nineteenth century; (Debates in economic history)
0416148107: Notes on H. G. Wells' The history of Mr. Polly by
0416148522: Tintin 3 in 1
0416148727: Broken Ear
0416148808: Elasticity, Fracture and Flow with Engineering and Geological Applications
0416149022: George and Matilda Mouse/Floating School
0416149103: Roles and values: an introduction to social ethics
0416149200: Roles and Values
0416149308: Colonial Sequence: 1949-1969: A Chronological Commentary Upon British Colonial Policy in Africa
0416149928: Maybreak
0416150225: Wayne Loves Custard?
0416150403: Pooh's Pot O'Honey
0416150608: Fact and fantasy in Freudian theory (Methuen's manuals of modern psychology)
0416151205: Herbert Read
0416151906: Teachers and the law (Education paperbacks)
0416152007: The Administrative Process in Britain
0416152104: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: his thought and its relevance today
0416152309: The Scottish history of James the Fourth (The Revels plays)
0416152627: When We Were Very Young.
0416152805: All About the Bullerby Children
0416153127: Now We are Six
0416154026: Postman's Palace
0416154204: Long Live King Babar! (Little Babar Books #8)
0416154220: Babar at Home
0416154328: Babar the King
0416155502: The Insurrectionists
0416155928: I Want to Be an Angel
0416156924: Mother's Day
0416157106: Tragedy
0416157203: Tragedy
0416157408: The Conceit: The Critical Idiom 4
0416158307: Western Asiatic Jewellery C.3000-612b.c
0416158609: I Can Read More
0416158722: Winnie-the Pooh
0416159001: Tam Sventon and Discovery P3X
0416159206: Pearl S. Buck: A Biography Volume Two - Her Philosophy as Expressed in Her Letters
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