0416950000: Social Psychology of Social Movements.
0416952909: Cinderella
0416954103: The Magnet Book of Spies and Spying (A Magnet Book)
0416954200: Watch for the Ghost (A Magnet Book)
0416954502: Who Is in the Water? (Changing Picture Book Series)
0416954901: Hamish and the Wee Witch (A Read Aloud Book)
0416955304: Rebus Treasury
0416956505: Tales of the Far North
0416956904: Numbears
0416957501: GREAT RACE
0416957609: The Hairy Book
0416957803: The Gruesome and Grisly Joke Book
0416958702: Pedro the Pirate Penguin (Jigsaw Book)
0416960804: The Great Big Spooky Book
0416961002: King Dicky Bird and the Bossy Princess
0416961207: Androcles and The Lion
0416961304: Great Tales from Long Ago: Merlin the Wizard (Great Tales from Long Ago)
0416961401: Merlin the Wizard
0416963102: Knights of Hawthorn Crescent (Read Aloud Books)
0416964907: Dilly the Dinosaur: Stories of the World's Naughtiest Dinosaur (A Magnet Book)
0416965008: Dilly's Muddy Day
0416965709: Saturday in Paradise
0416966608: Princess Alice (A Magnet Book)
0416966802: The Singing Soaring Lark
0416967000: Last of the Dragons
0416967108: Tintin's Moon Adventures: Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon
0416967205: Babar The King
0416967906: Pooh Corner Cook Book by Katie Stewart
0416968007: Poohs Workout Book
0416968503: The catalogue of the Universe
0416968600: Claudius Bald Eagle
0416970109: Sophie's Bucket
0416970303: Three Indian Princesses: The Stories of Savitri, Damayanti and Sita
0416970400: Malory Towers Omnibus
0416970907: Why the Whales Came
0416972500: Learning at Home : The Parent, Teacher, Child Alliance
0416973302: How To Draw Ponies
0416973701: Chip Mitchell The Case of the Stolen Computer Brains
0416995209: Urban studies: a Canadian perspective,
0416995306: Public finance in Canada;: Selected readings,
0417010001: Book of Leisure
0417010206: Up the Garden Path
0417010303: Compleat Tangler
0417010400: Leg at Each Corner
0417010605: Thelwells Riding Academy
0417010702: Angels on Horseback
0417010907: Belt Up
0417011008: Thelwell Top Dog
0417011105: Thelwell Goes West
0417011202: Three Sheets in the Wind : Thelwell's Manual of Sailing
0417011709: Penelope
0417016204: Capital City: London as a Financial Centre (Magnum Books)
0417017200: Murder Most English - A Flaxborough Chronicle ; Coffin Scarcely Used
0417018509: King & Joker
0417018908: A Memorial Service
0417019106: Montgomery of Alamein.
0417019300: Oscar Wilde
0417020104: Elizabeth of Glamis: The story of the Queen Mother
0417020201: Rainbow's End
0417020600: THE KUTZOVHAUL
0417020805: Traveller in Black
0417021003: Waiting for Sheila
0417021402: 1066 And All That
0417021909: The Madonna of the Astrolabe
0417022204: In Deep
0417023200: The Long Summer
0417024606: Touch and Go (Richard Delancey 03)
0417024800: Wreck
0417025300: Little Big Man
0417025408: The Three Daughters of Madame Liang
0417026501: Three Damosels, The
0417027001: Christopher and His Kind
0417027109: Lions and Shadows
0417027508: Last Men in London
0417027605: Walking Dead
0417027907: The My Word! Stories
0417029209: 22 Millionaires Tell How I Made A Million
0417030207: Clansman of Andor
0417031505: Across a billion years
0417033702: Abba
0417034202: Requiem at Rogano
0417035705: Death Descending
0417036108: Dead Reckoning (Richard Delancey 04)
0417038607: Decades
0417039204: BREAK-OUT
0417039808: Mexican Cookery Today
0417041306: Colony Uk Edition
0417042701: Fires of Lan-Kern
0417042906: Confessions of a Crap Artist
0417044402: Seduction by Design
0417045506: RAIDERS
0417046006: Unteleported Man
0417047002: ZISKA
0417048203: Blood Fever (Super Mack Bolan, No 17)
0417048408: Jealous God
0417048505: Quas Starbrite
0417050100: The Ghosts of Stony Clove (Woods Family Saga)
0417051603: Sunrise
0417052006: Rite of Passage
0417053703: Supermen and Superwomen
0417053908: LUST FOR LIFE
0417054106: Two Women
0417058306: The Crack In Space
0417058608: Starcrossed, The
0417060807: 334 Uk Edition
0417062001: The Golden Man
0417063202: Fireship
0417063806: Mother of the Queen: The Life Story of Her Majesty the Queen Mother Elizabeth
0417064209: Sleeping Beauty
0417065302: The Visitors
0417070500: The Gaudy: A Novel
0417072007: A Liar's Autobiography Volume VI
0417073100: ONE & LAST LOVE MPB
0417148542: Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail
0417208200: Methuen Notes Study Aid Series on William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
0417214103: Tennyson's Poetry: Study Aids.
0417214707: Methuen Notes Study Aid Series on William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
0417216203: Methuen Notes Browning's Poetry
0417216904: Methuen Notes Study Aid Series on W.B. Yeats's Poetry
0417286287: Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia
0417419686: Geographic Informaiton Systems Into 3ed
0417746407: Black Heart's Murder (The Trouble Shooter Series)
0419085009: Barlow's Tables
0419101306: Hydrogen Compounds of the Metallic Elements. (General and Industrial Chemistry Series)
0419102507: Problems in Engineering Soils
0419105506: The Mechanics of Engineering Soils. Fifth Edition
0419106103: Spon's Architects' and builders' Price Book
0419107304: Metallic Materials Specification Handbook
0419107800: Handbook of Games & Simulation Exercises
0419108904: Landscape Construction
0419109102: Building Design Evaluation : Costs-In-use
0419110704: Generation of Electricity by Wind Power
0419111905: Smoke Control in Fire Safety Design
0419112502: Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
0419112901: Property development
0419113304: Heat Pumps
0419113606: Metallic Materials Specification Handbook
0419114009: Heat Recovery Systems : A Directory of Equipment and Techniques
0419114106: Wind Power Equipment
0419114300: Presentation and Settlement of Contractors' Claims
0419116508: International Dictionary of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
0419117105: Steel Structures : Practical Design Studies
0419119302: Construction Costs and Price Indices : Description and Use
0419119701: Computer Analysis of Skeletal Structures
0419120009: Renewable Energy Resources
0419120106: Renewable Energy Resources
0419121900: Recreation and the law by Collins, Valerie
0419122508: Golf Course : Planning, Design, Construction and Management
0419125604: Steel Structures
0419126007: Heat Pumps
0419126309: Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
0419127607: Microbiology For Public Health And Environmental Engineers
0419127909: Applications of Ambient Energy in Buildings
0419128107: Planning Games : Case Study Simulations in Land Management and Development
0419128204: Property Development
0419129006: Canning Handbook : Surface Finishing Technology, Integrated Design
0419129901: International Directory of Building Research, Information and Development Organizations
0419130004: BASIC Programs for Land Surveying
0419130101: BASIC Programs for Land Surveying
0419130306: Effective Speaking : Communicating in Speech
0419131108: Brain Train
0419132902: Modern Trends in Housing in Developing Countries
0419133208: Wastewater Treatment by Ion Exchange
0419133801: Spon's Landscape Handbook
0419135006: Recreational Land Management
0419135707: Development and Planning Economy : Enviromental and Resource Issues
0419135901: Physiology of Sports
0419136207: Beazley's Design and Detail of the Space Between Buildings
0419136401: Understanding Sport
0419136606: The Straw Manual a Practiacl Guide to Cost-Effective Straw Utilization and Disposal
0419137807: Property Valuation : The Five Methods
0419138307: Reinforced Concrete : Design Theory and Examples
0419139303: Sports Science: Proceedings of the 8th Commonwealth and International Conference on Sport, Physical Education, Dance, Recreation, and Health : Conference '86
0419140204: MANAGING CONSTRUCTION WORLDWIDE Volume Three Construction Management and Organisation in Perspective
0419140700: Computer Graphics for Surveying
0419140808: Computer Graphics for Surveying
0419141405: Exercise: Benefits, Limits and Adaptations
0419142401: Construction Tendering and Estimating
0419142703: Building Failures
0419142908: Building Maintenance Economics and Management
0419143106: Building Services Materials Handbook: Heating, Sanitation, and Fire Protection
0419143904: Sports Geography
0419144501: Low-Cost Condition Monitoring for Engineering Services
0419145400: Reinforced Concrete Designer's Handbook
0419145508: Reinforced Concrete Design to BS 8110 : Simply Explained
0419145702: Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints
0419145907: Design of Electrical Services for Buildings
0419146202: Avoiding Claims : A Practical Guide to Limiting Liability in the Construction Industry
0419146407: English for Students
0419146601: Effective Writing : Improving Scientific, Technical and Business Communication
0419147705: Property Investment Theory
0419147802: Spon's Budget Estimating Handbook
0419148205: Studying for Science : A Guide to Information, Communication and Study Techniques
0419148302: Land and Property Development: New Directions
0419148604: Workability and Quality Control of Concrete
0419149104: Management of Quality in Construction
0419149201: Defects and Deterioration in Buildings
0419149309: Maintenance of Brick and Stone Masonry Structures
0419149406: Foundations of Engineering Contracts
0419149503: Playing Fields and Sports Turf
0419151206: Value Management in Design and Construction
0419151508: Foundations on Rock
0419151605: Spons Grounds Maintenance
0419152008: Calcium Aluminate Cements : Proceedings of a Symposium Dedicated to H. G. Midgley, London, July 1990
0419152903: Building Energy Management Systems:An Application To Heatin
0419153004: Environmental Planning For Site Development
0419153209: National Taxation for Property Management and Valuation
0419153306: Spon's Construction Cost and Price Indices Handbook
0419153500: Post-Construction Liability and Insurance
0419153608: Rheology of Fresh Cement and Concrete
0419153705: Crime Prevention Through Housing Design
0419153802: Air Conditioning : A Practical Introduction
0419154000: Healthy Housing : A Design Guide
0419154108: Unhealthy Housing : Research, Remedies, and Reform
0419154302: Coastal, Estuarial, and Harbour Engineer's Reference Book
0419154701: Construction Materials
0419154906: Protection of Concrete : Proceedings of the International Conference, University of Dundee, September 1990
0419155503: Countryside Recreation, Access and Land Use Planning : Participation, Preferences, Policies
0419155600: Estimating Checklist for Capital Projects
0419155805: From New Towns to Green Politics : Campaigning for Town and Country Planning, 1946-1990
0419155902: Profitable Practice Management
0419156003: Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming
0419156100: Programming the Dynamic Analysis of Structures
0419156305: Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control : A Bioengineering Approach
0419156909: Ventilation of Buildings
0419157107: Aluminium Design and Construction
0419157301: Builders Detail Sheets
0419157603: Techniques of Routing
0419157808: Way We Build Now : Form, Scale and Technique
0419157905: Fly Ash in Concrete : Properties and Performance
0419158103: Testing of Metals for Structures
0419158200: Recycling of Demolished Concrete and Masonry
0419158405: Presentation Graphics for Engineering, Science and Business
0419158804: Drainage Details
0419159304: Structural Dynamics for the Practising Engineer
0419159401: Elements of Architecture
0419159703: Concrete in Hot Environments
0419159800: Environmental and Architectural Acoustics
0419159908: Landfilling of Waste : Barriers
0419160000: Geology for Civil Engineers
0419160108: Rock Slope Engineering : Published for the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
0419160302: Underground Excavations in Rock : Published for the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy by Elsevier Applied Science
0419160809: Engineering Law and I.C.E Contracts
0419161007: Heat Release in Fires
0419161201: Le Corbusier : Analysis of Form
0419161309: Design Strategies for Architecture
0419161406: Landfilling of Waste Leachate
0419161503: Emerging Concepts in Urban Space Design
0419161600: Design of Prestressed Concrete
0419161805: Piling Engineering
0419167404: Changing Scene of Health Care and Technology : Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of Hospital Engineering, June 1990, London, U. K.
0419167501: Water Wells - Monitoring, Maintenance, Rehabilitation : Proceedings of the International Groundwater Engineering Conference Cranfield Institute of Technology
0419167609: Leisure and Recreation Management
0419167706: Kinanthropometry
0419167803: Property Investment Decisions
0419168400: Planning and Urban Growth in the Nordic Countries
0419169709: Geological Hazards : Their Assessment, Avoidance and Mitigation
0419170006: Examples of the Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings to BS8110
0419170103: Practical Timber Formwork
0419170405: Getting Rid of Graffiti : A Practical Guide to Graffiti Removal and Anti-Graffiti Protection
0419170804: Sport and Physical Activity: Moving Towards Excellence : The Proceedings of the
0419171002: Homes and Health : How Housing and Health Interact
0419171304: Prevention of Premature Staining of New Buildings
0419171401: Building Conservation Contracts and Grant Aid : A Practical Guide
0419171509: Practice Management : New Perspectives for the Construction Professional
0419171703: Noise Control in Industry
0419171908: Good Style
0419172408: Best of British Architecture 1980-2000
0419172505: Structural Design for Hazardous Loads: The Role of Physical Testing.
0419172602: Bridge Deck Behaviour
0419172904: Planning Europe's Capital Cities
0419173102: Garden City : Past, Present, and Future
0419173307: Guide to Highway Law for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Contractors
0419174001: Investment, Procurement and Performance in Construction : The First National RICS Research Conference
0419174508: Construction Methods and Planning
0419174702: Quality, Management and Economics in Housing
0419174907: Wood Preservation
0419175806: Caring for Our Built Heritage : Conservation in Practice: A Review of Conservation Schemes Carried Out by County Councils and Nations
0419175903: Elements of Visual Design in the Landscape
0419176004: High Performance Concrete : From Material to Structure
0419176209: Design of Structural Elements : Concrete, Steelwork, Masonry and Timber Design to British Standards and Eurocodes
0419176306: High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cement Composites : Proceedings of the International Rilem-ACI Workshop
0419176403: Old Waterfront Walls : Management, Maintenance and Rehabilitation
0419176608: Architecture and Construction in Steel
0419176705: Combustion Engineering and Gas Utilisation
0419177000: CESMM 3 Explained
0419177108: Auditorium Accoustics and Architectural Design
0419177302: Le Corbusier, the Creative Search : The Formative Years of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret
0419177701: Aluminium Alloy Structures
0419177809: Architectural Management
0419178007: Domestic Building Surveys
0419178309: Idea of Building
0419178406: Global Strategy for Housing the Millennium
0419178503: Science and Football
0419178708: Transport, the Environment and Sustainable Development
0419178805: Kinanthropometry and Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual : Tests Procedures and Data
0419178902: Foods, Nutrition and Sports Performance
0419179208: Engineering the Channel Tunnel
0419179305: Steel Structures : Practical Design Studies
0419179402: Structural Foundations Manual for Low-Rise Buildings
0419179607: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete : Properties, Testing and Design: RILEM Recommended Practices
0419179801: Place of Home : English Domestic Environments, 1914-2000
0419180001: Rural Change and Planning : England and Wales in Twentieth Century
0419180109: Notational Analysis of Sport
0419180907: Concrete In Hot Climates
0419181008: Dynamics of Pavement Structures
0419181407: Construction Conflict Management and Resolution
0419181504: Practical Building Forms and Agreements
0419181601: Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
0419182004: Countryside Recreation : A Handbook for Managers
0419182101: Petroleum and Marine Technology Information Guide : A Bibliographic Sourcebook and Directory of Services
0419182209: Reflective Cracking in Pavements : State of the Art and Design Recommendations
0419182306: Interfaces in Cementitious Composites
0419182403: Recreation and the Law
0419182500: Coaching Children in Sport : Principles and Practice
0419182608: Economics : A Foundation Course for the Built Environment
0419183000: Spon's Landscape Contract Handbook : A Guide to Good Practice and Procedures in the Management of Lump-Sum Landscape Contracts
0419183108: Urban Regeneration : Property Investment and Development
0419183302: Arbitration Practice in Construction Contracts
0419183604: HAPM Component Life Manual
0419183809: Building the Future : Innovation in Design, Materials and Construction
0419184007: Demolition and Reuse of Concrete and Masonry
0419184201: Risk Analysis in Project Management
0419184406: Sports Biomechanics : Preventing Injury and Improving Performance
0419184503: Pile Design and Construction Practice
0419184600: Engineering and Health in Compressed Air Work : Proceedings: International Conference on Engineering and Health (1992: Oxford)
0419184708: Fracture and Damage of Concrete and Rock : Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Fracture and Damage of Concrete and Rock, Vienna, Austria, 9-13 November 1992
0419184902: Construction Quality and Quality Standards : The European Perspective
0419185003: Science and Racket Sports
0419185402: Minor Works, Alterations, Repairs And Maintenance
0419185801: Plumbing and Domestic Heating, 1955
0419186107: Marketing City : The Role of Flagship Developments in Urban Regeneration
0419186409: Understanding Architecture Through Drawing
0419187103: Thermal Cracking in Concrete at Early Ages : Proceedings of the International Rilem Symposium
0419187200: Earthquake Resistant Concrete Structures
0419187308: Designer's Guide to Dynamic Response of Structures
0419187405: Strip Method Design Handbook
0419187502: Approximate Methods in Structural Seismic Design
0419187707: Tubular Structures
0419187804: Urban Public Transport Today
0419187901: Science and Golf 2 : Proceedings of the World Scientific Congress of Golf
0419188002: Prefabs : The History of the U. K. Temporary Housing Programme
0419188207: Timber Decay in Buildings : Conservation Approach to Treatment
0419188304: Creep in Timber Structures
0419188703: Special Concretes Workability and Mixing
0419188800: Science and Soccer
0419188908: Drugs in Sports
0419189203: Spon's Mechanical and Electrical Services Price Book: 1994
0419189300: Transport Planning : An International Appraisal
0419189408: European Cities, Planning Systems and Property Markets
0419189602: Economics of Sport and Recreation
0419189807: Construction Economics in the Single European Market
0419190104: Planning the Great Metropolis : New York: The 1929 Regional Plan
0419190201: Building Mycology : Management of Decay and Health in Buildings
0419190309: Continuous and Integral Bridges
0419190503: Fracture of Brittle Disordered Materials : Concrete, Rock and Ceramics
0419190708: Numerical Analysis and Modelling of Soil Structure Interaction
0419190805: Pressure Vessel Design : Concepts and Principles
0419190902: Risk Analysis for Process Plant, Pipelines and Transport
0419191100: Cement-Based Composites : Materials, Mechanical Properties and Performance
0419191402: Tunnelling Contracts and Site Investigation
0419191607: Structural Mechanics : A Unified Approach
0419191704: Composite Structures for Civil and Architectural Engineering
0419191801: Land for Industrial Development
0419191909: Disaster Planning, Structural Assessment, Demolition and Recycling
0419192204: Getting into Print : A Guide for Scientists and Technologists
0419192301: Cost Modelling
0419192506: Spon's Budget Estimating Handbook
0419192603: Durability of Concrete in Cold Climates
0419192700: High Strength Concrete
0419192808: Fracture and Damage in Quasibrittle Structures : Experiment, Modelling and Computation
0419193006: Urban Nature Conservation : Landscape Management in the Urban Countryside
0419193103: Property Asset Management
0419193308: Buildings Around Us
0419193901: Active Control of Noise and Vibration
0419194207: Sociology of Leisure : A Reader
0419194401: Concrete Masonry Designer's Handbook
0419194509: Structural Design of Polymer Composites : Eurocomp Design Code and Background Document
0419194703: Passenger Transport after 2000 A. D.
0419194800: Laboratories : A Briefing and Design Guide
0419194908: Streamflow Measurement
0419195203: Finnish Architecture and Modernist Tradition : Aalto and After
0419195300: Building Services Engineering
0419195505: Design, Technology and the Development Process in the Built Environment
0419195602: Collaborative Practice in the Built Environment
0419195904: Computer Integrated Building Design
0419196102: Tree Form, Size and Colour
0419196307: Corrosion of Steel in Concrete : Understanding, Investigation and Repair
0419196404: Sports Management and Administration
0419196501: Spon's European Construction Costs Handbook
0419196609: Waterjetting Technology
0419196706: Architecture of the Kindergarten
0419196803: Modern Station : New Approaches to Railway Architecture
0419196900: Building Regulations Explained
0419197001: Ferrocement : Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium
0419197206: Soil Mechanics : Concepts and Applications
0419197303: Performance and Durability of Bituminous Materials
0419197508: Norman Foster Studio : Consistency Through Diversity
0419197907: Effects of War on the Environment : Croatia
0419198105: Sound Intensity
0419198407: Competitive Cities
0419198806: Performance Criteria for Concrete Durability
0419198903: Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas
0419199004: Environmental Tradition : Studies in the Architecture of Environment
0419199101: Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering : English-French - French-English
0419199209: Multilingual Dictionary of Architecture and Building Terms
0419199306: Environmental Design
0419199403: Structural Glass
0419199500: Understanding the Building Regulations
0419199608: Application of Admixtures in Concrete
0419199705: Natural Risk and Civil Protection
0419200002: Freeze Thaw Durability of Concrete
0419200207: Ice and Construction
0419200304: Risk, Uncertainty and Decision-Making
0419200401: European Valuation Practice : Theory and Technique
0419200509: Energy for the Future
0419200703: Hydraulic Structures
0419200800: Practical Guide to Alterations and Extensions
0419200908: Domestic Energy and Affordable Warmth
0419201009: Trees in the Urban Landscape : Principles and Practice
0419201408: Introduction to Eurocode 2 : Design of Concrete Structures
0419201602: Urban Experience : A People-Environment Perspective
0419201807: Fire Engineering and Emergency Planning : Research and Applications
0419201904: Underwater Acoustic Modeling : Principles, Techniques and Applications
0419202102: Detailing for Acoustics
0419202307: Of Planting and Planning
0419202404: Property Development
0419202706: Twyford Down : Roads, Campaigning and Environmental Law
0419202803: Repair Protection and Waterproofing of Concrete Structures
0419202900: Marketing for Artchitects and Engineers : New Approach
0419203001: Alvaro Siza
0419203109: Frank Lloyd Wright
0419203206: Norman Foster
0419203303: Mies Van der Rohe
0419203400: Patterns in the Landscape
0419203508: Design for Outdoor Recreation
0419203605: Coastal Recreation Management
0419203702: Integrated Construction Information
0419203907: Transport and Urban Development
0419204008: Taking off Quantities : Civil Engineering
0419204105: City As Landscape
0419204202: Standards for Thermal Comfort : Indoor Air Temperature Standards for the 21st Century
0419204407: Design Lighting
0419204504: Site Management of Building Services Contractors
0419204806: Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming
0419204903: Spon's Landscape Handbook
0419205004: Presentation and Settlement of Contractors' Claims
0419205101: Guidelines for Baseline Ecological Assessment
0419205209: Size-Scale Effects in the Failure Mechanisms of Materials and Structures
0419205403: Non-Metallic FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures : Proceedings of the Second International Rilem Symposium
0419205500: Disposal and Recycling of Organic and Polymeric Construction Materials : Proceedings of the International RILEM Workshop
0419205705: Bridge Hydraulics
0419205802: Facilities Management
0419206000: Sports, Leisure and Ergonomics
0419206108: Selling Places
0419206205: New Building Systems
0419207104: Structural Failure : Technical, Legal and Insurance Aspects
0419207201: Housing in Europe
0419207309: British Building Industry since 1800 : An Economic History
0419207406: Modernism and the Urban Imagination
0419207503: Project Management Demystified : Today's Tools and Techniques
0419207805: Economics of Fire Protection
0419208100: Risk Avoidance for the Building Team
0419208208: Creating the Built Environment : An Introduction to the Practicalities of Designing, Constructing, and Owning Buildings
0419208402: Introduction to Sports Biomechanics
0419208607: Spon's Landscape and External Works Price Book (Spon's Price Books)
0419209204: Construction : Craft to Industry
0419209301: Creating Neighbourhoods and Places in the Built Environment
0419209506: Property Masters : A History of the British Commercial Property Sector
0419209700: Climate Responsive Design : A Study of Tropical Architecture
0419209808: HVAC Control Systems
0419209905: New Environments for Working
0419210008: Architectural Knowledge : The New Professionalism
0419210407: Planning and the Heritage : Policy and Procedures
0419210504: Design and Decision Support Systems in Architecture and Urban Planning
0419210709: Durability of Building Sealants : Proceedings of the International Rilem Symposium
0419211101: Groundwater Lowering in Construction
0419211209: Middle East Construction Price Book Vol. 1 : Lebanon - Oman - United Arab Emirates
0419211306: Middle East Construction Price Book Vol. 2 : Bahrain - Qatar - Saudi Arabia
0419211608: International Politics of Sport in the 20th Century
0419211705: Prediction of Concrete Durability
0419211802: High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites
0419212000: Structural Analysis
0419212108: Bridge Management 3
0419212205: Sports Architecture
0419212302: Architect's Eye
0419212809: Conserving the Railway Heritage
0419212906: Intelligent Buildings
0419213007: Compact City
0419213104: Using Computers in Architectural Practice
0419213309: Practical Safety and Reliability Assessment
0419213503: Programme Management Demystified : Managing Multiple Projects Successfully
0419213600: Reclaiming the City
0419213708: Practice Management for Land, Construction and Property Professionals
0419213805: Risk and Insurance in Construction
0419213902: Agricultural Pollution : Problems and Practical Solutions
0419214100: Durability Design of Concrete Structures
0419214208: Soil and Rock Construction Materials
0419214402: Sport and International Politics
0419214607: Concrete in the Service of Mankind : Concrete for Infrastructure and Utilities
0419214704: Concrete in the Service of Mankind : Appropriate Concrete Technology
0419214801: Concrete in the Service of Mankind : Radical Concrete Technology
0419215107: Ethics and Sport
0419215204: Naturally Ventilated Buildings : Buildings for the Senses, Economy and Society
0419215301: Sick Building Syndrome
0419215409: International River Water Quality
0419215603: Design of Masonry Structures
0419215700: Mechanisms of Chemical Degradation of Cement-Based Systems
0419215808: Silos
0419215905: Water Quality Assessments : Guide to the Use of Biota Sediments and Water in Environmental Monitoring
0419216006: Water Quality Assessments : Guide to the Use of Biota Sediments and Water in Environmental Monitoring
0419216103: Nature Conservation in Europe : Policy and Practice
0419216200: Containment Structures Risk Safety and Reliability : Proceedings of the Iapse Henderson Colloquium
0419216502: Water Policy : Allocation and Management in Practice
0419216804: Fire, Static and Dynamic Tests of Building Structures
0419216901: Concrete Defects
0419217304: Water Quality Monitoring : Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Freshwater Quality Studies and Monitoring Program
0419217401: Conservation of 20th Century Buildings
0419217703: Energy Management and Operating Costs in Buildings
0419217800: Construction Net : Online Information Sources for the Construction Industry
0419217908: Optimization Methods for Material Design of Cement-based Composites
0419218009: Prestressed Concrete Design
0419218203: Global Warming and the Built Environment
0419218408: Water
0419218807: Countryside Conservation : Land Ecology Planning and Management
0419218904: International Trade in Hazardous Waste
0419219404: Explaining Our World
0419219501: Politics, Policy and Practice in Physical Education
0419219706: Structures for Buildings
0419219803: Building International Collaboration
0419219900: Evaluation of the Built Environment for Sustainability
0419220208: Elements of Visual Design in the Landscape
0419220305: Sport and Physical Education in China
0419220801: Failures and the Law : Structural Failure Product Liability and Technical Insurance
0419221107: Designing the City : Towards a More Sustainable Form
0419221603: Science and Football III
0419221700: Cladding of Buildings
0419221808: Integrated Design and Environmental Issues in Concrete Technology
0419222006: Spon's Civil Engineering And Highway Works Price Book, 1997
0419222200: Spon's Landscape And External Works Price Book, 1997
0419222308: Organization and Management of Construction : Managing the Construction Enterprise
0419222405: Organization and Management of Construction : Shaping Theory and Practice
0419222502: Organization and Management of Construction : Managing Construction Information
0419222707: Sprayed Concrete Technology
0419222804: Dictionary of Architectural and Building Technology
0419222901: Water Resources : Health, Environment and Development
0419223207: Water Quality Monitoring : Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Freshwater Quality Studies and Monitoring Program
0419223304: Polymers in Concrete
0419223401: Urban Drainage
0419223509: Learning from the Japanese City : West Meets East in Urban Design
0419223606: Dams and Disease : Ecological Design and Health Impact of Large Dams, and Irrigation Systems
0419223703: Risk and Safety in Play : Law and Practice for Adventure Playgrounds
0419223908: Politics and Preservation 1882-1996 : Policy History of the Built Heritage
0419224009: Politics and Preservation : A Policy History of the Built Heritage, 1882-1996
0419224106: Design Dimension of Planning : Theory, Content, and Best Practice for Design Policies
0419224300: Acoustics in Moving Inhomogeneous Media
0419224408: Competitive Tendering, Management & Reality
0419224505: Soil Mechanics
0419224602: Soil Mechanics : Solutions Manual
0419224904: Structural Assessment : The Role of Large and Full-Scale Testing
0419225005: Bridge Deck Analysis
0419225102: Industrial Engineering Projects
0419225307: Steel Corrosion in Concrete : Fundamentals and Civil Engineering Practice
0419225501: Ductility of Seismic-Resistant Steel Structures
0419225609: Penetration and Permeability of Concrete
0419225706: Residential Property Appraisal
0419225803: Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
0419225900: Building Energy Management Systems : Application to Heating Natural Ventilation Lighting and Occupant Satisfaction
0419226001: Clayey Barrier Systems for Waste Disposal Facilities
0419226109: Air Conditioning : Practical Introduction
0419226206: Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets
0419226303: Barrier Systems for Waste Disposal
0419226508: Heat and Mass Transfer in Building Services Design
0419226907: Green Building Handbook
0419227008: Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration
0419227105: Applied Structural and Mechanical Vibrations : Theory Methods and Measuring Instrumentation
0419227407: Towns and Cities : Competing for Survival
0419227601: Cities on Rails : The Development of Railway Stations and Their Surroundings
0419227709: Energy and Environment in Architecture
0419227806: Proportion : Philosophy, Science and Architecture
0419227903: Special Inorganic Cements
0419228004: Pore Structure of Cement-Based Materials:Testing Interpretation and Requirements
0419228209: Formwork : Practical Guide
0419228705: Bituminous Binders and Mixes
0419228802: Practical Hydraulics
0419229000: Frost Resistance of Concrete
0419229108: Water Pollution Control
0419229205: Behaviour and Design of Steel Structures
0419229302: Dynamic Loading and Design of Structures
0419229507: Prevention of Reflective Cracking in Pavements
0419229604: Clay's Handbook of Environmental Health
0419229809: Managing Health at Work : Guide for Managers and Workplace Health Specialists
0419229906: Managing Risks in Projects
0419230009: Legal Competence in Environmental Health
0419230106: Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete
0419230203: Computer Modelling of Concrete Mixtures
0419230300: Science and Racket Sports 2
0419230505: Spon's Civil Engineering And Highway Works Price Book, 1998
0419230602: Spon's Architects' And Builders' Price Book 1998
0419230807: Spon's Mechanical And Electrical Services Price Book 1998
0419230904: Contaminated Land : Problems and Solutions
0419231102: Asphalt Surfacings
0419231404: Transport Policy and the Environment
0419231501: Relating Architecture to Landscape
0419231609: Refurbishment and Upgrading of Buildings
0419231706: Healing the Hospital Environment : Design, Maintenance and Management of Healthcare Premises
0419231803: Environmental Noise Barriers : Guide to Their Visual and Acousitic Design
0419232001: Tunnelling : Management by Design
0419232109: Foundations on Rock
0419232206: Public Water Supply:Data, Models and Operational Management
0419232303: Modern Movement Heritage : A Challenge to Manage
0419232400: Global City Regions : Their Emerging Forms
0419232508: Ecological Landscape Design and Planning
0419232605: Selling Architectural Ideas
0419232907: Management of Historic Centres
0419233008: Multi-Purpose High-Rise Towers and Tall Buildings
0419233105: Spon's Building Costs Guide for Educational Premises
0419234306: Building Regulations Explained
0419234403: Understanding JCT Standard Building Contracts
0419234500: Hazardous Building Materials : Guide to Selection of Alternatives
0419234608: Guide for Economic Design of Metal Silos
0419235000: Concrete Mixture Proportioning : A Scientific Approach
0419235302: Selective Environment
0419235507: Introduction to Design for Civil Engineers
0419235604: Circular Storage Tanks and Silos
0419235701: Adapting Buildings for Changing Uses
0419235809: Timber : Its Nature and Behavior
0419235906: Swimming Pools
0419236007: Artists' Impressions in Architectural Design
0419236104: Ecology, Community and Delight : Sources of Values in Landscape Architecture
0419236201: Dimensions of Sustainability
0419236309: Industrial Buildings : Conservation and Regeneration
0419236805: Spon's Construction Resource Handbook
0419236902: Creating the Productive Workplace
0419237003: Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management in Construction
0419237100: Water and Environment : Innovative Issues in Irrigation and Drainage
0419237208: Urban Traffic Pollution
0419237305: Geotechnical Modelling
0419237607: Environmental Design
0419237704: Monitoring and Assessment of Structures
0419237801: Fundamentals of Durable Reinforced Concrete
0419237909: Structural Stability in Engineering Practice
0419238204: Behaviour and Design of Steel Structures to Bs5950
0419238301: Residential Open Buildings
0419238409: Open and Industrialised Building
0419238506: Concrete under Severe Conditions 2 : Environment and Loading
0419238905: Autogenous Shrinkage of Concrete : Proceedings of the International Workshop, Organised by JCI (Japan Concrete Institute), Hiroshima, June 13-14, 1998
0419239200: Water Quality Assessment of the Former Soviet Union
0419239308: Toxic Cyanobacteria : A Guide to Public Health Consequences and Their Management in Water Resources and Supplies
0419239405: Profiled Sheet Roofing and Cladding : A Guide to Good Practice
0419240101: Place, Time, and Being in Japanese Architecture
0419240306: Towards Universality : Le Corbusier, Mies, and de Stijl
0419240403: Stadia, Arenas and Grandstands : Design, Construction and Operation
0419240608: Happold : The Confidence to Build
0419240705: Happold : The Confidence to Build
0419240802: Decommissioning the Brent Spar
0419241000: Procurement Systems : A Guide to Best Practice in Construction
0419241108: Spon's Architects' And Builders' Price Book 1999
0419241205: Spon's Civil Engineering and Highway Works Price Book 1999
0419241507: Spon's House Improvements Price Book : House Extensions, Alterations and Repairs, Loft Conversions, Insulation
0419241809: Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration
0419241906: Buckling of Thin Metal Structures
0419242007: Modelling of Concrete Performance : Hydration, Microstructure Formation, and Mass Transport
0419242104: Spon's Railways Construction Price Book
0419242201: Spon's Irish Construction Price Book
0419242309: Practical Hydraulics
0419242406: Selling Places : The Marketing and Promotion of Towns and Cities, 1850-2000
0419242503: Transportable Environments : Theory, Context, Design, and Technology
0419242600: Fire from First Principles
0419242708: Fire from First Principles
0419242805: Cities of Pacific Rim : Planning Systems and Property Markets
0419243100: Interfacial Transition Zone in Cememtitious Composites
0419243208: Design of Offshore Concrete Structures
0419243305: Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Specifications
0419243607: Determination of Organic Compounds in Natural and Treated Waters
0419243704: Monitoring Bathing Waters : A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Assessments and Monitoring Programmes
0419243801: Monitoring Bathing Waters : A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Assessments and Monitoring Programmes
0419244107: History of British Development Control
0419244204: Great City Parks
0419244301: Architectural Expression of Environmental Control Systems
0419244409: University Architecture
0419244506: Achieving Sustainable Urban Form
0419244603: Environmental Planning for Site Development
0419244700: Managing the Brief for Better Design
0419244808: Computer-Aided Policymaking : Lessons from Strategic Planning Software
0419244905: Architectural Design in Steel
0419245200: Kindergarten Architecture
0419245308: Science in Elite Sport
0419245405: Sport and Physical Education in Germany
0419245502: Sulfate Attack on Concrete
0419245707: Case Studies in Post Construction Liability and Insurance
0419245804: Room Acoustics
0419246002: Bridge Loads
0419246207: Sustainable Housing : Principles and Practice
0419246304: Landscapes at Risk
0419246509: Urban Planning in a Changing World : The Twentieth Century Experience
0419246606: Utopian Communities
0419246703: Utopian England
0419246800: 20th Century Industrial Archaeology
0419246908: Exporting American Architecture
0419247106: Water Purification Using Heat Pumps
0419247203: Understanding Building Regulations
0419247300: HAPM Workmanship Checklists
0419247505: Sport and Physical Education in China
0419247602: Profitable Partnering in Construction Procurement : CIB W 92 (Procurement Systems) CIB TG 23 (Culture in Construction) Joint Symposium
0419248005: Visual Perception and Action in Sport
0419248102: Sports Biomechanics : Preventing Injury and Improving Performance
0419248307: Fundamentals of Health at Work
0419248706: Foundations of Engineering Geology
0419248900: HAPM Guide to Defect Avoidance
0419249109: Hapm Component Life Manual
0419249303: Durability of Building Sealants : Proceedings of the International Rilem Symposium on Building Research Establishment, Ltd., Garston, U. K., 6-7 November, 1997
0419249400: Planning and Design of Engineering Systems
0419249508: Understanding Quality Assurance in Construction : A Practical Guide to ISO 9000 for Contractors
0419250301: Cultural Landscapes
0419250409: Cultural Landscapes
0419250506: Cutting the Cost of Cold : Affordable Warmth for Healthier Homes
0419250603: Concrete Technology for a Sustainable Development in the 21st Century : Proceedings of an International Workshop in Lofoten, Norway, 24-27 June, 1998
0419250700: Between Memory and Experience in Landscape and Architecture
0419250808: Landscape and Sustainability
0419251103: Responding to Chaos : Society, Tradition, Technology and Order in Japanese Design
0419251200: Architecture of the British Library at St. Pancras
0419251308: Compact Cities : Sustainable Urban Forms for Developing Countries
0419251405: Japanese Architecture As a Collaborative Process : Opportunities in a Flexible Construction Culture
0419251502: Ecology Community and Delight : Inquiry into Values in Landscape Architecture
0419251707: Science for Exercise and Sport
0419251901: Sport, Health and Drugs
0419252002: Sport, Health and Drugs
0419252207: Sports Geography
0419252304: Sports Geography
0419252703: Determination of Organic Compounds in Soils, Sediments, and Sludges
0419252800: Building Services Design Methodology : A Practical Guide
0419252908: Understanding Sport
0419253009: Diffusion of Chloride in Concrete : Theory and Application
0419253106: Construction Contracts : Law and Management
0419253203: Renewable Energy Resources
0419253300: Renewable Energy Resources
0419253408: Applied Analyses in Geotechnics
0419253505: Applied Analyses in Geotechnics
0419253602: Values in Sport : Elitism, Nationalism, Gender Equality and the Scientific Manufacturing of Winners
0419253807: Green Building Handbook
0419253904: Sport and Physical Education in Germany
0419254501: Spon's Landscape and External Works Price Guide 2000
0419254609: Spon's European Construction Costs Handbook
0419254706: Spon's Asian Cost Construction Handbook
0419255109: BPG Building Fabric Component Life Manual
0419255508: Timber : Its Nature and Behavior
0419255907: Transport Investment and Economic Development
0419256008: Transport Investment and Economic Development
0419256202: Inclusive Design : Designing and Developing Accessible Environments
0419256407: Modern City Revisited
0419256504: Housing Design Quality : Through Policy, Guidance and Review
0419256903: Urban Open Spaces
0419257306: Building Services Engineering
0419257403: Building Services Engineering
0419257500: Communication in the Design Process
0419257608: External Works Roads and Drainage : Practical Guide
0419257705: Spoilsports : Understanding and Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Sport
0419257802: Spoilsports : Understanding and Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Sport
0419258000: Australian Metropolis : A Planning History
0419258108: Australian Metropolis : A Planning History
0419258507: Construction Materials
0419258604: Construction Materials
0419259007: Regeneration of Public Parks
0419259104: Conservation of Bridges
0419259201: Changing Architectural Education : Towards a New Professionalism
0419259309: Tourists in Historic Towns
0419259406: Decision-Making in Environmental Health : From Evidence to Action
0419259503: Decision-Making in Environmental Health : From Evidence to Action
0419259600: Abnormal Loading on Structures : Experimental and Numerical Modelling
0419260102: Sports Development : Policy, Process and Practice
0419260404: Upgrading Water Treatment Plants
0419260501: Upgrading Water Treatment Plants
0419260609: Fair Play in Sport : A Moral Norm System
0419260706: Fair Play in Sport : A Moral Norm System
0419260803: Limit States Design of Structural Steelwork
0419260900: Limit States Design of Structural Steelwork
0419261001: Dictionary of Property and Construction Law
0419261109: Dictionary of Property and Construction Law
0419261206: Counselling Athletes : Applying Reversal Theory
0419261303: Counselling Athletes : Applying Reversal Theory
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