0060452617: Elections in America. Control and Influence in Democratic Politics
0060452625: Voters' Choice Varieties of American Electoral Beh
0060452641: Speaking from experience : a rhetoric for extemporaneous speaking
0060452684: Artforms: An Introduction to the Visual Arts
0060452692: Quantitative Analysis
0060452714: Introduction to Computer Engineering
0060452722: El arte de la conversacin, el arte de la composicin
0060452730: Fundamentals of Money, Banking and Financial Institutions
0060452749: Learning Guide for Tortora and Anagnostakos: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, Fifth Edition
0060452757: Engineering Mechanics : Statics and Dynamics
0060452765: Engineering Mechanics : Dynamics
0060452773: Introduction to American Government
0060452781: Principles of American government
0060452811: An Introduction to American Government
0060452838: The Ruling Elites: Elite Theory, Power, and American Democracy
0060452846: An introduction to American Government
0060452854: Principles of American Government
0060452862: An introduction to American Government
0060452870: Intercommunication among nations and peoples
0060452897: Learning guide for principles of anatomy and physiology
0060452927: Engineering Mechanics : Statics
0060452935: Probability and statistics
0060452943: Stage Costume Handbook
0060452978: Logical Thinking
0060452986: Logic for Philosophers
0060452994: Major social problems
0060453028: Learning Guide for Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
0060453036: Philosophical issues;: A contemporary introduction
0060453060: Moral problems;: A collection of philosophical essays
0060453079: Moral Problems: A Collection of Philosophical Essays
0060453095: Vascular Plant Systematics.
0060453117: The Problem of Crime: A Critical Introduction to Criminology
0060453125: Microprocessors and Microcomputer Development Systems
0060453133: Strength of Materials
0060453168: Le franà ais: Dà part-arrivà e
0060453192: Responsibilities : A College Reader
0060453206: The Art of Using Science in Marketing
0060453214: The Art of Using Science in Marketing.
0060453222: Francais : Depart-Arrivee
0060453230: Wk Le Francais
0060453249: Arte de la Conversacion - el Arte de la Composicion
0060453265: Introduction to American Government
0060453273: Stories : An Anthlogy and an Introduction
0060453311: Slg Econ Today Macro
0060453346: Problem/Sol Gde Biochemistry
0060453354: Biochemistry
0060453389: Study Guide for Anatomy and Physiology
0060453397: Anatomy and physiology
0060453419: Writing Is an Unnatural Act
0060453427: Writing Is an Unnatural Act
0060453435: West and the World : A Topical History of Civilization
0060453443: West and the World : A Topical History of Civilization
0060453451: West and the World : A Topical History of Civilization
0060453478: West and the World : A History of Civilization
0060453516: Our Intimate Relationships : Marriage and the Family
0060453524: Knowing and Writing : New Perspective on Classical Questions
0060453532: Microview
0060453540: Study Guide Macroview
0060453559: The Economics of Work and Pay
0060453567: Economics of Work and Pay
0060453575: Toward Education for Health Professions
0060453613: Secondary Education : A Focus on Curriculum
0060453664: State and Community Governments in the Federal System
0060453680: Atlas of Descriptive Histology
0060453745: Learning Guide for Tortora and Grabowski Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
0060453818: Teaching Science in the Elementary School.
0060453826: Guiding Learning In The Secondary Schools
0060453834: Guiding Learning in the Elementary School
0060453842: Teaching Science in the Elementary School
0060453869: Teaching Science in the Secondary School.
0060453893: Practical composition for the contemporary student
0060453915: Interracial communication
0060453923: Conflict and decision;: Analyzing educational issues
0060453958: The Soviet Polity Government and Politics in The U.S.S.R
0060453966: The Soviet polity: Government and politics in the U.S.S.R
0060453982: Soviet Polity : Government and Politics in the USSR
0060454032: Handbook for Exploratory and Systematic Teaching of Elementary School Mathematics
0060454067: Physical education for inner city secondary schools (Issues in contemporary physical education)
0060454075: Dynamics of Sex and Gender : A Sociological Perspective
0060454091: Wednesday Night at the Lab: Antibiotics, Bioengineering, Contraceptives, Drugs, and Ethics
0060454113: Readings in learning and human abilities;: Educational psychology (Exploration
0060454121: Elementary school mathematics for teachers
0060454164: Focus on Human Biology
0060454210: The Mass Media Reporting Writing Editing
0060454229: News In Print
0060454237: Working with News in Print
0060454253: The Writers' Studio: Exercises for Grammar, Proofreading, and Composition
0060454261: Writer's Studio : Exercises for Grammar, Proofreading and Composition
0060454393: Successful Listening
0060454415: Electrical engineering: For all engineers
0060454717: Faces of Mathematics : An Introductory Course for College Students
0060454733: Effective Secondary Teaching : Going Beyond the Bell Curve
0060454806: Understanding Grammar
0060454989: Basic Communication Skills: Writing, Speaking, Listening
0060454997: On Stage : A History of Theatre
0060455039: Readings in sociology, contemporary perspectives (Harper & Row's contemporary perspectives reader series)
0060455047: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System : Principles, Procedures, Practice
0060455063: Analytical trigonometry
0060455098: Accounting information systems, a cycle approach
0060455128: Introduction to the criminal justice system: Principles, procedures, practice
0060455152: Accounting Information Systems : A Cycle Approach
0060455160: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
0060455179: Cases in accounting information systems by Robinson, Loudell Ellis
0060455187: Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
0060455403: A College Book of Modern Verse,
0060455446: Essentials of business policy
0060455462: Scenes from German Drama
0060455519: German Through Conversational Patterns
0060455527: The ecosphere: organisms, habitats, and disturbances
0060455543: Wk Germn Thru Conv Pat 3e PB
0060455551: Soviet Political Dynamics : Development of the First Leninist Polity
0060455594: World SG
0060455691: A concise guide to composition
0060455748: Assignments in Exposition
0060455756: Assignments in Exposition
0060455764: Assignments in Exposition
0060455772: Assignments in Exposition
0060455780: Assignments in Exposition
0060455810: Harper's Grammar of French
0060455829: Sociology of Medicine: Diversity, Conflict, and Change
0060455853: Legislative Life: People, Process, and Performance in the States
0060455896: And replenish the earth: The evolution, consequences, and prevention of overpopulation
0060455918: Writing English: A Composition Text in English as a Foreign Language
0060455926: Understanding English : A Listening Approach to ESL
0060456019: Community organization; theory, principles, and practice
0060456027: Histology: A Text and Atlas
0060456264: Comparative Politics : Diverse States in an Interdependent World
0060456493: The psychology of being human
0060456515: Psychology
0060456647: Art of Thinking : A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought
0060456655: The art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought
0060456663: Contemporary Business Communication
0060456671: Teaching Thinking Across the Curriculum
0060456698: The Art of Thinking: A Guide to Critical and Creative Thought
0060456728: Americana Articles 2: Reading the Culture
0060456736: Comparative Political Dynamics
0060456825: Nutrition for today
0060456868: Petite rvision de grammaire franaise
0060456876: Roller Coaster Year
0060456892: Enzymes in Metabolic Pathways
0060456906: Night Flight
0060456914: Interest Group Politics in America
0060456930: Now upon a Time: A Contemporary View of Children's Literature
0060456957: Teachers Make the Difference: An Introduction to Education
0060456973: Sg Social Psych & Appl
0060456981: Social Psychology and Its Applications
0060457031: Steel Structures
0060457074: Introduction to Financial Accounting
0060457120: Classroom Questions : What Kinds?
0060457139: Macrosociology : An Introduction to the Human Sciences
0060457147: MacRosociology
0060457171: Psychopathology:Learning Theory, Research, and Applications: Learning Theory, Research, and Applications
0060457244: Study Guide to Accompany Psychology: The Frontiers of Behavior
0060457252: Espanol Comercial
0060457287: Psychology : The Frontiers of Behavior
0060457295: Psychology: The frontiers of behavior
0060457325: Psychology: The frontiers of behavior
0060457341: The Student Psychologist's Handbook: A Guide to Sources
0060457368: Study guide to accompany Psychology, the frontiers of behavior
0060457414: Rational Expectations and Inflation
0060457554: Managing Large Systems : Organizations for the Future
0060457570: Mathematics
0060457619: Patterns in Popular Culture : A Sourcebook for Writers
0060457627: Mental Illness and Social Processes.
0060457635: American Voices
0060457643: Social Problems
0060457651: Social Problems
0060457686: Microeconomics : A Modern Approach
0060457732: Cathexis Reader: Transactional Analysis Treatment of Psychosis
0060457740: Labor in the American Economy: Labor Problems and Union-Management Relations
0060457767: The Civil Rights of Students (Critical issues in education)
0060457783: Scientific psychology and social concern
0060457848: Motor Skills
0060457899: Stimulus Schedules
0060457910: A Students' Survival Manual: Or, How to Get an Education despite It All
0060457929: Organized Interest and American Democracy
0060457988: Men, Women, Messages, and Media : Understanding Human Communication
0060457996: Story of Human Communication : Cave Painting to Microchip
0060458119: Interpreting deviance: A sociological introduction
0060458127: Labeling deviant behavior;: Its sociological implications (Harper & Row monograph series in sociology)
0060458151: Communicating in the Small Group
0060458232: Schools and Socialization
0060458410: Skills of the Poet
0060458429: Methods of Rhetorical Criticism
0060458445: Your Financial Plan: A Consumer's Guide
0060459069: New School Executive : A Theory of Administration
0060459077: NEW SCHOOL EXECUTIVE A Theory of Administration
0060459085: Basic Spanish : Essentials for Mastery
0060459115: Profiles in ethnology
0060459123: Profiles in Ethnology
0060459131: Basic Spanish Essentials for Mastery 2nd Ed.
0060459158: Zur Diskussion: A modern approach to German conversation
0060459166: Zur Diskussion
0060459190: Earth history and plate tectonics;: An introduction to historical geology
0060459212: Earth History and Plate Tectonics: An Introduction to Historical Geology
0060459247: Zur Diskussion
0060459557: Marketing management;: Readings in operational effectiveness
0060459603: Prosody Handbook
0060459654: Physiology and Physical Activity
0060459735: Writing and Rewriting
0060459743: A complete course in freshman English
0060459794: A Complete Course in Freshman English
0060460717: The American Judicial Process Models & Approaches
0060460911: Submarine geology by Francis Parker Shepard
0060460946: Perspectivas
0060460970: Canadian Economics
0060460997: Canadian Economics Macro
0060461047: Orientation in social psychology
0060461055: Behavior Modification
0060461063: Stagflation: A radical theory of unemployment and inflation
0060461071: Sociology, traditional and radical perspectives
0060461098: MACROECONOMICS: Keynesian, Monetarist, and Marxist Views
0060461101: Reference Groups: Exploration into Conformity and Deviation of Adolescents
0060461195: Power, policy, and participation: An introduction to American Government
0060461209: Power, Policy, and Participation: An Introduction to American Government
0060461233: Speech and language disorders: Selected readings
0060461268: Principles of Embryology
0060461314: Introduction to Electric Power Engineering
0060461322: Understanding Misunderstandings : Exploring Interpersonal Communication
0060461330: Understanding Ada
0060461365: Personal risk: Mastering change in love and work
0060461373: Psychologial Research: The Inside Story.
0060461403: Effective Report Writing.
0060461500: Children's Literature for Dramatization, an Anthology.
0060461519: Drama with children: Geraldine Brain Siks
0060461527: Drama with Children
0060461586: Computers and Information Processing
0060461594: Computers and Information Processing
0060461608: Creative Dramatics: An Art for Children
0060461616: Educational Administration : Theoretical Perspectives on Practice and Research
0060461624: Simplified BASIC programming for microcomputers
0060461632: Chien Jaune
0060461659: Social Primates
0060461756: Quartet/Stories
0060461764: Quartet Poems
0060461772: Dimensions of man
0060461845: Quartet
0060461853: Trio: A book of stories, plays, and poems
0060461861: Trio : A Book of Stories, Plays, and Poems
0060461888: Human Side of Organizations : Learning Guide
0060462124: Racial and Cultural Minorities: An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination
0060462140: Cases in marketing channel strategy
0060462159: Marketing channels: Systems and strategies
0060462167: The nurse person: Developing perspectives for contemporary nursing
0060462256: Myths and Truths in Sports Psychology
0060462299: Strength of Materials
0060462310: Engineering Mechanics
0060462329: Engineering mechanics
0060462337: Eng Mechanics 3ed Part 2 Dynamics
0060462442: A Methodology for Social Research
0060462450: Situational Interviewing (Speech communication series)
0060462922: Theatre : The Human Art
0060462981: General College Chemistry
0060463015: Perspectives on Radio and Television : Telecommunications in the United States
0060463031: Educational Measurement for the Classroom Teacher
0060463066: Language, communication, and rhetoric in Black America
0060463074: Left and right in twentieth-century Europe
0060463082: Groups Within Organizations, Applications of Social Psychology to Organizational Behavior
0060463090: Perspectives on radio and television: An introduction to broadcasting in the United States
0060463112: Klemer's Marriage and Family Relationships
0060463163: Perspectives on Radio and Television : Telecommunications in the United States
0060463171: Structural Analysis
0060463228: History of Interior Design in 20th Century America
0060463236: Student Writer
0060463279: Elements of Ecology
0060463287: Elements of Ecology
0060463295: Ecology & Field Biology
0060463309: Philosophy of Education
0060463317: Ecology & Field Biology
0060463325: Ecology & Field Biology
0060463333: Intercultural journeys through reading and writing
0060463341: Ecology & Field Biology
0060463368: The ecology of man: An ecosystem approach
0060463376: The Constitution
0060463384: The ecology of man: An ecosystem approach
0060463392: Psychology of Work and Human Performance
0060463422: Introduction to modern organic chemistry (Harper's chemistry series)
0060463430: Radical Papers:Readings in Education
0060463449: From Rationalism to Existentialism: The Existentialists and Their Nineteenth-Century Backgrounds
0060463457: Ethics
0060463481: Accounting principles
0060463597: Financial accounting
0060463627: Workg Paper Financl Acc(219
0060463651: Nosotros Somos Dios : Pieza en Dos Actos
0060463678: Microwave Magnetics
0060463686: Finite Mathematics and Calculus : With Business Social and Behavioral Science Applications
0060463694: Finite Mathematics
0060463716: Native Americans : Ethnology and Backgrounds of the North American Indians
0060463767: Accounting principles
0060463775: Wk Paprs V1 Acct Pri 2e(219
0060463813: Politics As the Master Science: From Plato to Mao
0060463821: Documents in World History Vol. I : The Great Traditions--From Ancient Times to l500
0060463856: Teaching Mathematics to Children
0060463864: World History : Patterns of Change and Continuity
0060463872: Public personnel administration
0060463899: Solutions to problems and study aids for organic chemistry: A background for the life sciences
0060463910: Finite mathematics
0060463945: Precalculus Mathematics
0060463988: Child Learning, Intelligence, and Personality: Principles of a Behavioral Interaction Approach
0060464038: Inquiries into the Origin of Language
0060464046: Public Personnel Administration
0060464054: Creating Theatre: The Art of Theatrical Directing
0060464062: Directing Reading Maturity As a Cognitive Process
0060464089: The Language Experience Approach to the Teaching of Reading
0060464097: Language-Experience Approach to the Teaching of Reading
0060464119: Physics: the behavior of particles (Harper's physics series)
0060464135: Ideology and Culture: An Introduction to the Dialectic of Contemporary Chinese Politics
0060464143: Directing the Reading-Thinking Process
0060464178: Molecules and Radiation - An Introduction to Modern Molecular Spectroscopy
0060464186: Diagnosis, correction, and prevention of reading disabilities
0060464194: Violence in the Family
0060464216: Marriage and Family Realities : Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
0060464224: Human Relations: People and Work
0060464240: Essentials of Communication Research
0060464275: Linear Algebra
0060464305: American Government
0060464313: World Civilizations
0060464321: Documents in World History Vol. II : The Modern Centuries - From 1500 to the Present
0060464364: Introduction to Experimental Design in Psychology
0060464372: Intercultural Journeys Through Reading and Writing
0060464429: Business Statistics: Concepts and Applications
0060464453: Business statistics: Concepts and applications
0060464488: Educational psychology: The development of teaching skills
0060464496: The Human Encounter, Readings in Education.
0060464518: Principles of Earth Science
0060464526: The Human Encounter. Readings in Education
0060464550: State and Local Government
0060464569: Teaching Language Arts
0060464577: Newswriting
0060464585: Planet Earth: its physical systems through geologic time (Harper's geoscience...
0060464593: Planet Earth: its physical systems through geologic time (Harper's geoscience series)
0060464615: The Earth Sciences
0060464623: Physical Geology
0060464666: Prep Chem
0060464674: Reading Instruction
0060464933: Sociology : The Study of Society (Canadian)
0060464941: Sociology : The Study of Society
0060464968: Stories for writing
0060465018: American Foreigh Policy
0060465212: Human Movement Potential: Its Ideokinetic Facilitation.
0060465239: Basic economics; analysis of contemporary problems and policies
0060465263: The innovative psychological therapies: Critical and creative contributions
0060465689: International Business
0060465700: Peoples of the Ancient World
0060465719: Using Multivariate Statistics
0060465727: Composing the Essay (Prewriting, Shaping, and Revising)
0060465735: Prolog: Programming Techniques and Applications (Computer Science and Technology Series)
0060465751: Computer Hunting: A Ten-Step Guide for Selecting Your Small Business Computer System (Harper & Row hands on! computer books)
0060465778: Chemistry
0060465786: Chemistry
0060465794: Introduction to Functional Histology
0060465824: The Complete Book of Fashion Illustration
0060465832: Inside Fashion Design
0060465840: Interior Design in the Twentieth Century
0060465867: Principles of Animal Behavior
0060465875: Writing Creative Nonfiction : The Literature of Reality
0060465883: Probability & Mathematical Statistics
0060465891: Science and Its Mirror Image
0060465913: Tradition and identity in changing Africa
0060465921: Education for Whom? the Question of Equal Educational Opportunity
0060465999: Economists and Society: The Development of Economic Thought from Aquinas to Keynes
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0060466111: The Process of Persuasion: Principles and Readings
0060466146: Introduction to money and banking.
0060466154: Cases in Marketing
0060466170: Sociology: An introduction
0060466189: Pathways to Fitness : Foundations, Motivation, Applications
0060466197: Communication for Health Professionals: A Relational Perspective
0060466227: Fashion Handbook : A Guide to Your Visual Image
0060466235: Principles of Human Anatomy
0060466243: Sociology
0060466251: Puntos De Vista
0060466316: LM Chemistry
0060466324: Chemistry
0060466332: Creative Learning and Teaching
0060466340: Principles of Human Anatomy
0060466359: Applied heat transfer
0060466367: Management and motivation: An introduction to supervision
0060466375: Principles of Human Anatomy
0060466383: Social problems in corporate America. Edited by Helen Icken Safa and Gloria Levitas.
0060466391: Sociological realities II: A guide to the study of society (A Transaction/Society textbook)
0060466421: Principles of anatomy and physiology
0060466448: Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology: With Cat Dissections
0060466472: Parola e pensiero;: Introduzione alla lingua italiana moderna
0060466537: Parola e pensiero: Introduzione alla lingua italiana moderna
0060466545: Wk Parola E Pensiero
0060466553: Educational psychology
0060466561: Principles of anatomy and physiology
0060466588: Principles of Human Physiology
0060466596: Chemistry
0060466618: Chemistry
0060466626: Introduction to the Human Body : The Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
0060466650: Advanced Calculus
0060466693: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
0060466715: Making of Interiors
0060466723: Foundations of Clinical and Counseling Psychology
0060466731: Student review manual to accompany Thio Sociology, an introduction
0060466758: Fundamental concepts of elementary mathematics
0060466766: Strategic Management : Concepts, Practice, and Cases
0060466774: Principles of Surface Water Quality Modeling and Control
0060466782: Inside Fashion Design
0060466790: Complete Book Fashion Illustration
0060466820: Introduction to the Human Body
0060466839: Deviant Behavior
0060466847: Communication and Aging
0060466855: Principles of Human Anatomy
0060466871: Grammar Grams
0060466898: Chemistry
0060466928: Sociology: An introduction
0060466936: Managing Organizational Behavior
0060466944: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
0060466960: Chemistry
0060466979: Introduction to the Human Body : The Essentials of Anatomy and the Physiology
0060466987: Telecourse Guide for The American Adventure: Beginnings to 1877
0060466995: Sociology: An introduction
0060467029: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
0060467045: Principles Anatomy and Physiology
0060467061: American Society: Problems of Structure.
0060467096: A history of English civilization
0060467118: Problems in Latin American history;: The modern period
0060467134: American society: problems of structure
0060467177: Social problems in America
0060467215: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0060467223: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Centennial
0060467266: DM Movement, the
0060467274: Female and Male: Sex and Gender
0060467290: Societies: A Cultural Reader to Accompany Alex Thios Sociology : A Brief Introduction
0060467339: Introduction to Programming with Modula-2
0060467371: Psychobiology of Sensory Coding
0060467584: Genes Environment & Behavior an Interact
0060467657: Accounting: Socially Responsible and Socially Relevant
0060467665: Brief Calculus With Applications
0060467754: Applied general systems theory
0060467762: Applied General Systems Theory,
0060467916: Viewpoints U. S. A., a Basic ESL Reader
0060468114: In the Arena
0060468122: Writing Worthwhile Behavioral Objectives
0060468130: Behavioral psychology for teachers
0060468181: Water Management
0060468211: Water Supply and Pollution Control
0060468238: PARTICIPATION IN AMERICA Political Democracy and Social Equality
0060468262: British government and politics: life without a declaration of independence
0060468270: British Government & Politics : Life Without a Declaration of Independence (Comparative Government Ser.)
0060468335: Criminology and Crime
0060468459: Basic microbiology
0060468483: Basic Microbiology
0060468491: Basic Microbiology
0060468688: Studnt Reso Man Psycholgy 2e
0060468696: Psychology
0060468718: Emphasis Art : A Qualitative Art Program for Elementary and Middle Schools
0060468726: Psychology
0060468750: Introducing poems
0060468777: Electromagnetic Wave Theory
0060468793: Research Methods and Analysis: Searching for Relationships
0060468815: St GD Acctng Prin
0060468823: Sg Financial Accounting(219
0060468858: Well-Written Theme
0060468866: Criminal Justice System
0060468874: Reinforced Concrete Design
0060468947: Statistics for the Social Sciences : With Computer-Based Applications
0060468955: GETTING INTO BUSINESS An Introduction to Business
0060468963: Reinforced Concrete Design
0060468971: Getting into Business : An Introduction to Business
0060469013: The Aging Experience: An Introduction to Social Gerontology
0060469021: Mathematical Models and Their Analysis
0060469099: Urban Wilderness a History of the Americ
0060469374: Macroeconomics
0060469382: Microeconomics
0060469390: Economics
0060469412: Science Fiction Research : Association Anthology
0060469420: Supervisory Management: Understanding Behavior and Managing for Results...
0060469439: Science Fiction Contemporary Mythology
0060469447: Industrialization and Robotics in Building Construction
0060469455: Economics
0060469463: Macroeconomics
0060469471: Microeconomics
0060469528: Microeconomics
0060469536: Economics
0060469587: Arithmetic and Algebra
0060469625: E.B. White Reader
0060469633: Economics
0060469641: The Legislative Presidency
0060469668: Microeconomics
0060469684: Environment control; air conditioning and refrigeration,: Theory and application
0060469714: Marketing for Managers
0060469722: Principles of Research Methodology in Physiological Psychology (Harper's...
0060469749: Modern England : From the Eighteenth Century to the Present
0060469757: Modern England; From the Eighteenth Century to the Present
0060469811: Economics
0060469919: Cultivating Minds : A LOGO Casebook
0060469943: Pathways to the present: A new history of the United States
0060469951: Fascist Tradition
0060470011: Asians : Their Evolving Heritage
0060470038: Microeconomics
0060470046: Economics
0060470062: Marketing research: Management, method, and cases
0060470089: Cases in marketing research (Harper's series in marketing management)
0060470097: Cognitive Psychology
0060470488: Age of Controversy: Discussion Problems in Twentieth Century European History
0060470534: Readings in social problems: Contemporary perspectives (Harper & Row's contemporary perspectives reader series)
0060470542: Readings in adult psychology: Contemporary perspectives (Harper & Row's contemporary perspectives reader series)
0060470550: Readings in human development: Contemporary perspectives (Harper & Row's...
0060470569: Readings in Aging and Death
0060470577: Readings in Adolescent Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives
0060470585: Readings in Ecology, Energy, and Human Society: Contemporary Perspectives
0060470658: Statistics for Education:with Data Processing
0060470844: Readings in Human Sexuality Contemporary
0060470895: Introduction to the Theatre
0060470933: The study of anthropology
0060470941: Encyclopedia of Anthropology
0060471034: Introduction to Financial Accounting
0060471042: Wk Paprs Intr Fin AC 2e(219
0060471050: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
0060471069: Public Relations : Strategies and Tactics
0060471174: Evolution and human origins;: An introduction to physical anthropology
0060471182: Latin American culture: An anthropological synthesis
0060471212: Evolution and Human Origins; an Introduction to Physical Anthropology.
0060471220: Money, Banking, and Monetary Theory: Problems and Concepts.
0060471255: Americans in a changing world: A history of the United States in the twentieth
0060471395: Explorations
0060471409: Explorations Bk. 2 : From Paragraph to Essay
0060471417: History of Costume
0060471425: Recent Past : Readings on America since World War II
0060471441: Modern America : The United States from World War II to the Present
0060471484: Physical Chemistry
0060471492: Human Learning and Memory : An Introduction
0060471530: Lindenmeier: a Pleistocene hunting society (Harper's case studies in archaeology)
0060471565: Public finance: public choices and the public economy
0060471581: Continuities in the Sociology of Religion: Creed, Congregation, and Community
0060471646: Organizational Communication
0060471654: The Social psychology of sex
0060471662: Cases in Managerial Finance
0060471670: Imperfect Democracy : The United States since World War II
0060471689: Stud Prod GD Instr Tech 5 PB
0060471697: Instructional Technology, Its Nature and Use
0060471727: Instructional technology; its nature and use (Exploration series in education)
0060471816: Heat Transfer
0060471832: New Journalism
0060471840: Materials of the Scene
0060471859: Marriages and Families in a Diverse Society
0060471891: Historical Roots of Contemporary Psychology,
0060471905: Contemporary Theories and Systems in Psychology.
0060472073: A Student's Atlas of Flowering Plants: Some Dicotyledons of Eastern North America.
0060472081: Theory of Computation
0060472162: Money Market and Monetary Management
0060472332: Operations Research for Immediate Application: A Quick and Dirty Manual
0060472405: Physical Disability a Psychological Approach
0060472413: Physical Disability : A Psychosocial Approach
0060472790: Introductory economics
0060472928: Criminology
0060472936: American Education
0060472952: How to write your term paper
0060472960: How to Write Your Term Paper
0060473010: Contes Modernes
0060473029: Civilizations of the West : The Human Adventure
0060473037: Civilization of the West
0060473045: Civilization of the West
0060473053: Civilization of the West
0060473061: Civilization of the West
0060473096: Modern Theory of Polymer Solutions
0060473134: Statistics: an introductory analysis
0060473185: Textiles Interiors
0060473231: International Monetary Relations
0060473258: American People
0060473266: The North American city
0060473274: Modern Probability Theory
0060473290: Economics of Development (Empirical Investigation)
0060473312: The North American city
0060473320: Reference Handbook of Research and Statistical Methods in Psychology: For Students and Professionals
0060473339: Introduction to sociology
0060473347: North American City
0060473355: American People
0060473363: American People
0060473371: North American City
0060473517: Fundamentals of Recreation
0060473525: Civilizations of the World : The Human Adventure Volume 1: To the Late 1600's
0060473533: Civilizations of the World : The Human Adventure from the Middle 1600's
0060473541: Civilizations of the World : The Human Adventure: Volume C from 1800
0060473568: Civilizations of the World : The Human Adventure: Volume A to 1500
0060473576: Civilizations of the World : The Human Adventure from the Middle 1600's
0060473584: Civilizations of the World
0060473592: Civilizations of the World : The Human Adventure Volume 1: To the Late 1600's
0060473665: Kiswahili kwa kitendo;: An introductory course
0060473673: Readings in Aging and Death
0060473681: Europe in Transition, 1660-1815 Paperback by Zaller, Robert
0060473738: Diversity in Families
0060473746: Astronomy : The Evolving Universe
0060473754: St GD Astronomy 3rd
0060473762: Integrating Language Arts : Holistic Approach
0060473835: Astronomy, the evolving universe
0060473851: Astronomy, the evolving universe
0060473878: Astronomy, the cosmic perspective
0060473940: Better College Reading
0060473959: On Writing Well : An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction
0060473967: On Writing Well
0060473975: On Writing Well : An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction
0060473983: Writing to Learn
0060474513: Managerial Economics
0060474882: Beginning Spanish
0060500263: Theft of the Nation: The Structure and Operations of Organized Crime in America
0060500751: The Raw and the Cooked. Introduction to a Science of Mythology 1.
0060500867: The Burden of Race: A Documentary History of Negro-White Relations in America
0060500875: Puttin' On Ole Massa: The Slave Narratives of Henry Bibb, William Wells Brown.
0060501006: Midsummer Night's Scream : A Jane Jeffry Mystery
0060501049: Celestial Harmonies : A Novel
0060501081: Celestial Harmonies : A Novel
0060501170: I'll Take You There : A Novel
0060501189: I'll Take You There : A Novel
0060501316: Pushing Time Away : My Grandfather and the Tragedy of Jewish Vienna
0060501332: Pushing Time Away : My Grandfather and the Tragedy of Jewish Vienna
0060501367: Commissariat of Enlightenment : A Novel
0060501391: Commissariat of Enlightenment : A Novel
0060501510: Point of Return : A Novel
0060501537: Point of Return : A Novel
0060501553: Outline Of The Republic
0060501626: The Omega Rx Zone: The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil
0060501634: Omega Zone: The Miracle Of The New High-Dose Fish Oil
0060501642: Partner in Crime
0060501766: Soul Mountain
0060501774: To Cut a Long Story Short.
0060501782: The Arthur Miller Audio Collection
0060501790: The James Joyce Audio Collection Format: Audio
0060501804: Fire
0060501812: Map That Changed the World
0060502126: Lord Prestimion PROOF - MINT
0060502142: Bridge, The
0060502169: Final Account : An Inspector Banks Mystery
0060502177: To Wed a Stranger
0060502185: To Tempt a Bride
0060502207: the Gorilla Game, Revised Edition: Picking Winners in High Technology
0060502215: The Minority Report
0060502223: Vampires
0060502231: Zoya's Story: An Afghan Woman's Struggle for Freedom
0060502258: Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
0060502266: Game of Scandal
0060502282: I Love You, You Idiot
0060502290: Chance at Love
0060502304: Great Train Robbery
0060502312: Breaking All the Rules
0060502320: I've Got You, Babe
0060502347: The Nearly-Wed Handbook
0060502355: Whistling
0060502363: Whistling
0060502436: Sledding Hill
0060502444: Sledding Hill
0060502495: King of the Mild Frontier : An Ill-Advised Autobiography
0060502509: King of the Mild Frontier : An Ill-Advised Autobiography
0060502517: King of the Mild Frontier : An Ill-Advised Autobiography
0060502525: T. Rex Trick-or-Treats
0060502533: T. Rex Trick-or-Treats
0060502568: Amelia's Show-and-Tell Fiesta/Amelia y la Fiesta de Muestra y Cuenta
0060502592: Valentine Pontifex
0060502649: Sorcerers of Majipoor Advance Reading Copy (ARC) with Publisher's Promotional Letter - MINT
0060502673: Majipoor Chronicles
0060502762: I Love You All Day Long
0060502770: I Love You All Day Long
0060502789: I Love You All Day Long
0060502797: Perfect Groom
0060502800: May December Souls
0060502827: Princess and Her Pirate
0060502835: Dale Brown's Dreamland : Strike Zone
0060502843: Daddy All Day Long
0060502851: Daddy All Day Long
0060502886: Kennedy Men, 1901-1963
0060502894: SEALs Sub Strike : Operation Emerald Red
0060502908: Thrill of It All
0060502916: Courting Disaster : An Angie Amalfi Mystery
0060502924: Plan of Attack : A Novel
0060502932: Going Postal
0060502959: Moonspinners
0060503009: Zap the Gaps! : Target Higher Performance and Achieve It!
0060503068: Alaska : Saga of a Bold Land
0060503076: Alaska : Saga of a Bold Land
0060503254: Fingerprints #2: Haunted.
0060503467: Isabel's Daughter : A Novel
0060503475: Isabel's Daughter : A Novel
0060503483: Audio : Zap The Gaps
0060503491: Zap the Gaps! (Unabridged) CD Format: Audio
0060503505: Tell Me You Love Me
0060503548: All Men Are Rogues
0060503556: Harry's Birthday
0060503564: Harry's Birthday
0060503572: Harry's Birthday
0060503580: Contact Imminent
0060503785: Jade Island
0060503823: PEARL COVE
0060503858: PEARL COVE
0060503904: To the Ends of the Earth
0060503955: WHERE THE HEART IS
0060504048: 19 Varieties of Gazelle : Poems of the Middle East
0060504056: Wemberly's Ice-Cream Star
0060504072: Small Wonder : Essays
0060504080: Small Wonder : Essays
0060504099: Flora's Suitcase
0060504110: Die in Plain Sight
0060504129: Die in Plain Sight : A Novel of Suspense
0060504137: Color of Death
0060504145: Color of Death
0060504153: Always Time to Die : A Novel
0060504161: Stars and Stripes : The Story of the American Flag
0060504285: Hold the Flag High
0060504293: Hold the Flag High
0060504315: Not-So-Scary Monster Handbook : A Spooky Lift-the-Flap Book
0060504544: Coraline
0060504609: Absolute Zero
0060504625: Until Death Do Us Part: My Struggle to Reclaim Colombia
0060504668: Throwing the Elephant: Zen and the Art of Managing Up
0060504862: Ascension
0060504994: Sharing Is Fun
0060505001: My Friend the Doctor
0060505028: Moo Cow Kaboom
0060505052: Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back
0060505079: Afghanistan : A Short History of Its People and Politics
0060505087: Afghanistan : A Short History of Its People and Politics
0060505095: Atravesando Fronteras : La Autobiographia de un Periodista en Busca de su Lugar en el Mundo
0060505109: Narcocorrido : A Journey into the Music of Drugs, Guns, and Guerrillas
0060505117: Trece Sentidos
0060505125: Empire of Wealth : The Epic History of American Economic Power
0060505168: The Storyteller's Daughter One Woman's Return To Her Lost Homeland
0060505214: Bridge
0060505222: From the Land of Green Ghosts : A Burmese Odyssey
0060505222000: From the Land of Green Ghosts : a Burmese Odyssey
0060505230: From the Land of Green Ghosts : A Burmese Odyssey
0060505249: Where's My Hero? : Against the Odds; Midsummer's Knight; A Tale of Two Sisters
0060505257: Archer's Tale
0060505265: Sewing Circles of Herat : A Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan
0060505273: Sewing Circles of Herat : A Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan
0060505281: Skeptic : A Life of H. L. Mencken
0060505311: Double-Goal Coach : Positive Coaching Tools for Honoring the Game and Developing Winners in Sports and Life
0060505338: Terror in the Name of God : Why Religious Militants Kill
0060505346: Pressure Perfect : Two Hour Taste in Twenty Minutes Using Your Pressure Cooker
0060505362: Cultivating Delight
0060505370: Rant Zone : An All-Out Blitz Against Soul-Sucking Jobs, Twisted Child Stars, Holistic Loons, and People Who Eat Their Dogs!
0060505389: 8 Minutes in the Morning® : A Simple Way to Shed up to 2 Pounds a Week--GUARANTEED
0060505397: Bet Your Life
0060505400: Bet Your Life
0060505419: Saddam : King of Terror
0060505435: Saddam
0060505478: Question of Loyalty : Gen. Billy Mitchell and the Court-Martial That Gripped the Nation
0060505486: Question of Loyalty
0060505516: Taking Our Places
0060505540: Lie Still : A Novel of Suspense
0060505559: To the Heart of the Nile : Lady Florence Baker and the Exploration of Central Africa
0060505567: Lie Still
0060505575: To the Heart of the Nile : Lady Florence Baker and the Exploration of Central Africa
0060505591: Paradise of the Blind : A Novel
0060505605: Agents of Change : The Story of DC Shoes and Its Athletes
0060505613: Essential Bond : The Authorized Guide to the World of 007
0060505621: Once a Dreamer
0060505648: Foods That Combat Cancer : The Nutritional Way to Wellness
0060505656: Taste of Reality : A Novel
0060505664: Warrior's Bond
0060505672: Taste of Reality
0060505680: Assassin's Edge
0060505699: You Gotta Have Balls : A Novel
0060505710: Perfect Lover
0060505729: Perfect Lover
0060505737: Ideal Bride
0060505745: Ideal Bride : A Cynster Novel
0060505753: Truth About Love
0060505761: Truth about Love
0060505788: Mars and Venus in Love : Inspiring and Heartfelt Stories of Relationships That Work
0060505796: So Little Time Prepack Display: Just Between Us
0060505826: At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden : A Jew's Search for Hope with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land
0060505842: Sweet Season : A Sportswriter Rediscovers Football, Family, and a Bit of Faith at Minnesota's St. John's University
0060505850: Another Planet
0060505869: Seldom Disappointed : A Memoir
0060505877: Meeting of the Waters : A Novel
0060505885: Scandalous Summer of Sissy Leblanc : A Novel
0060505893: Silent Woman : A Novel
0060505907: Sweet Hell Inside : The Rise of an Elite Black Family in the Segregated South
0060505915: True Believer : Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements
0060505923: SimpsonsTM Beyond Forever! : A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family... Still Continued
0060505931: Good Mother : A Novel
0060505958: Snowboard Twist
0060505966: Snowboard Twist
0060505982: Futurama-O-Rama
0060505990: United No More! : Stories of the Civil War
0060506008: United No More! : Stories of the Civil War
0060506032: Best Spiritual Writing 2002
0060506040: Worlds Enough and Time : Five Tales of Speculative Fiction
0060506067: Clara Callan : A Novel
0060506075: Clara Callan : A Novel
0060506083: Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics
0060506091: Page Layout
0060506172: Sons of Heaven
0060506490: Big Pig Saves Valentine's Day
0060506512: Fifth Ring
0060506539: When Religion Becomes Evil : Five Warning Signs
0060506571: Harry's Pony
0060506598: Harry's Pony
0060506628: Harry's Visit
0060506636: 1600 Perfect Score : The 7 Secrets of Acing the SAT
0060506644: SAT Perfect Score : 7 Secrets to Raise Your Score
0060506679: Every Secret Thing : A Novel
0060506687: Every Secret Thing
0060506695: By a Spider's Thread
0060506709: Gorillas
0060506717: By a Spider's Thread
0060506725: To the Power of Three
0060506768: Ancient Legacy
0060506857: FORGET ME NOT
0060506873: Forget Me Not
0060506911: Lover in the Rough
0060506962: Buddhism : A Concise Introduction
0060506970: One Makes The Difference : Inspiring Actions That Change Our World
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