0439328543: Mountain Survivor's Guide
0439328551: Desert Survivor's Guide
0439328578: Sea survivor's guide
0439328608: Starfish
0439328632: Be a friend to trees
0439328640: A safe home for manatees
0439328667: Terrible Tyrannosaurs
0439328691: The bear came over to my house
0439328748: Early Sunday Morning : The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows
0439328802: Stargirl
0439328837: Scarecrow's Secret
0439328845: A, my name is--
0439328861: Timothy Tunny Swallowed A Bunny
0439328888: Anne of Green Gables (Scholastic Classics)
0439328896: Mummies, Bones & Body Parts
0439328918: Playground Bully (Barkley's School for Dogs)
0439328934: Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares
0439328950: BIRTHDAY ROOM
0439328977: The Brand New Kid
0439328985: Bunnicula Strikes Again!
0439329000: Copy Me, Copycub
0439329078: The Doll People
0439329094: Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Stories of the Supernatural
0439329116: The Emperor's Egg
0439329124: The Everything Book
0439329132: Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep
0439329140: The Flea's Sneeze
0439329159: Frightful's Mountain
0439329167: Froggy Goes to Bed
0439329175: Froggy\'s Best Christmas
0439329183: Give Me Liberty the Story of the Declara
0439329191: Goodbye, Amanda the Good
0439329205: GORILLAS
0439329221: Have You Got My Purr?
0439329248: Homeless Bird
0439329256: Hope Was Here
0439329272: In My Momma's Kitchen
0439329280: In the Line of Fire Presidents' Lives At Stake
0439329299: It's Raining Pigs and Noodles
0439329302: A Jar of Fools
0439329310: Little Bat
0439329329: Love Songs of the Little Bear
0439329345: MAMMALABILIA Poems and Paintings
0439329426: Dancing in the Wings
0439329434: Jump Start 2nd Grade Homework Helper Reading & Writing (jump start)
0439329442: knights and Castles
0439329469: Nice Try, Tooth Fairy
0439329477: The Night Before Christmas
0439329485: No More Dead Dogs
0439329493: Nory Ryan's Song
0439329531: Spider-Man 2
0439329566: Santa and the Three Bears
0439329574: Silent to the Bone
0439329590: Pig Gets Stuck
0439329604: The Starlight Barking
0439329612: Peter and the wolf
0439329655: Testing Miss Malarkey
0439329663: The Time Bike
0439329728: You're a Brave Man, Julius Zimmerman
0439329736: Humpty Dumpty
0439329744: Now It\'s Fall
0439329760: Pet Poems
0439329841: Scholastic Junior Classics: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
0439329868: Gold Dust
0439329884: Here's Hilary!
0439329892: Josh Taylor, Mr. Average (third-grade friends, 2)
0439329906: Hilary's Super Secret (third grade friends)
0439329914: Gordon and the New Girl
0439330130: Flying Bats!
0439330149: Cool Chameleons!
0439330157: Wacky Fish
0439330165: I See a Leaf
0439330173: 100th Day
0439330203: All About Space
0439330211: Scholastic Read XL Florida Edition Teachers Guide
0439330246: Scholastic Read XL Florida Test Practice FCAT Reading/Writing
0439330270: Scholastic Read XL Practice Book Florida Ed.
0439330297: Scholastic Read XL Professional Development
0439330319: Scholastic Read XL Content-Area Text Collection Florida Ed.
0439330386: Cool in School Surviving School Celebrity Style Freddie Prinze, Jr. And Sarah Michelle Bellar; Aaron Carter; 'N Sync, 3LW, Mandy Moore
0439330394: Hangin' With 'n sync and Hangin' With Britney
0439330408: Mooseltoe
0439330416: There Comes a Time the Struggle for CIVI
0439330424: Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.
0439330432: The landing of the Pilgrims (Landmark books)
0439330440: The witchcraft of Salem village (Landmark books)
0439330459: Dragonball Z
0439330637: Ripley's Believe It or Not! Special Edition
0439330807: I Spy Treasure Hunt (I Spy Book)
0439331064: Maximum Boy Auperhero Or Super Thief
0439331188: Frida
0439331250: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Fractions Book
0439331528: Alphatales Alphabet Set
0439331668: Teaching With Favorite I Spy Books
0439331676: 20 Manipulative Mini Bks Neighborhood Community
0439331684: Casey At the Bat: A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year 1888
0439331692: Kiss It Better
0439332060: Teaching Favorite Magic Tree House Books : Engaging, Skill-Building Activities for Exploring Fiction and Nonfiction Using These Popular Chapter Books
0439332079: Opening a Door
0439332087: The Fluent Reader: Oral Reading Strategies for Building Word Recognition.
0439332095: Starfish : The Stars of the Sea
0439332109: I Love My Shadow!
0439332117: Whodunit Math Puzzles
0439332125: Mojo Mayhem
0439332133: Ms. Meane
0439332141: Powerpuff Girls : Little Miss Pokey Oaks
0439332206: Let It Shine Stories of Black Women Figh
0439332222: I'm Not Going to Chase the Cat Today!
0439332249: The Long Wait (Math Matters (Sagebrush))
0439332273: Powerpuff Girls Brand-new Blossom
0439332281: The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Saves the Circus
0439332303: The mayor\'s birthday surprise (Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332346: Ted's Shed: Easy words to read
0439332419: Usborne Farmyard Tales Sticker Learning Book Time. It's Breakfast Time
0439332427: Clifford's Neighborhood : Lots to Learn Around Town
0439332435: Magnet Spelling
0439332443: Magnet Math
0439332451: Clifford's Loose Tooth
0439332478: The Ultimate Guide to You Inner Powerpuff and Quiz Book
0439332486: Mystery of the Kibble Crook
0439332494: Hide-and-go mojo (Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332508: Career-day blossom (Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332516: Buttercup's monster challenge (The Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332524: Bubbles and the opposite potion (The Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332532: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Buttercup, The Better Cop
0439332540: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Blossom vs. the Blasteroid
0439332575: Diamonds Are for Princess (The Powerpuff Girls)
0439332583: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Forever Blowing Bubbles
0439332591: Rainy day Professor (The Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332605: Buttercup's terrible temper tantrums
0439332613: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Bubbles in the Middle
0439332621: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Bubble's Butterfly Hunt
0439332648: Blossom and the haunted house (The Powerpuff girls plus you club)
0439332656: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Mojo Jojo's Secret Paper
0439332664: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Bubbles in Storyland
0439332672: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club: Not Another Buttercup
0439332818: Homework Trouble
0439332923: Abe Lincoln Remebers
0439332931: The lucky lottery (A to Z mysteries)
0439333008: Kangaroos in the Kitchen?
0439333016: The dirty little boy
0439333024: America The Beautiful
0439333032: Windy Day
0439333067: Barnaby Goes to School
0439333075: Barnaby's Bunny
0439333199: Chicken Chuck
0439333229: Fiesta!
0439333288: Sapo Y Sepo Todo El Ano
0439333385: Swamp Monsters Don't Chase Wild Turkeys
0439333458: Sing-Along and Learn : Marvelous Math
0439333466: Scholastic Book Clubs Chapters - A Special Sampling of Novels By Newbery Authors
0439333474: Scooter
0439333970: Ice Cream Everywhere!
0439334012: Snowy Winter Day (Rhyme Time Readers)
0439334039: The Biggest Snowball Fight (Rhyme Time Readers)
0439334071: Little Chick's Happy Easter (Rhyme Time Readers)
0439334098: Sting! : A Book about Dangerous Animals
0439334128: Ocean World
0439334136: Shark Watch!
0439334144: Blue Planet Sticker Book
0439334632: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them (Property of Harry Potter)
0439334640: Quidditch Through the Ages
0439334748: Tonka Construction Time
0439334756: Red Eyes At Night
0439334764: Rainbow Fish Reads the Treasure Map
0439334772: Island of the Aunts
0439334896: Really Wild Animals : Sea Babies
0439334918: Santa's Busy Night
0439334926: Mud Monster's Halloween
0439334934: Haunted Ski Lodge
0439334942: The boy who lost his face
0439335957: Mummies of the Pharaohs: Exploring the Valley of the Kings
0439335965: Attack on Pearl Harbor: The true story of the day America entered World War II
0439335973: Up Up Down
0439335981: Grossology Begins At Home: The Science of Really Gross Things In Your Everyday Life
0439336163: Fun with finger paint (I am an artist club)
0439336171: Shape, sculpt, and roll: With Crayola Model Magic (I am an artist)
0439336198: Creating with collage (I am an artist club)
0439336201: On Your Mark With Markers
0439336279: Wonderful watercolor art (I am an artist club)
0439336309: What The Animals Were Waiting For
0439336341: On the Farm
0439336368: In the Forest
0439336376: In the Garden
0439336392: Trainee Handbook (Spy University)
0439336406: The Spy's Guide to Secret Codes and Ciphers
0439336414: The Spy's Guide To Surveillance (Spy University)
0439336422: The Spy's Guide to Undercover Communications
0439336430: The Spy's Guide to Hiding Places (Spy University)
0439336449: The Spy's Guide to Disguise
0439336457: The Spy's Guide to Security
0439336465: The Spy's Guide to Counterintelligence
0439336473: Spy's Guide to Scouting and Reconnaissance
0439336481: The Spy's Guide to Escape and Evasion
0439336740: Bat Loves the Night
0439336767: Not found - converted to zShop
0439336775: Christmas Crocodile
0439336783: Christmas Rat
0439336791: hedgies Surprise
0439336813: Junie B. Jones is Captain Field Day (Junie B. Jones, #16)
0439336848: Magic Tree House 23: Twister on Tuesday
0439336856: My First Pony
0439336872: The Wanderer
0439336880: Sharks Usborne Discovery Internet Linked
0439336899: The New Pony (Usborne Farmyard Tales Series)
0439336902: Oh No! Train Can't Go (Usborne Farmyard Tales)
0439336929: The Snow Storm (Usborne Farmyard Tales)
0439336953: Rugrats Have No Fear, Chuckie's Here!
0439337003: Stowaway
0439337143: Why Do I Have Stinky Feet? (Questions Kids Ask About Themselves)
0439337151: How Does a Toaster Know When to Pop? (Questions Kids About How Things Work)
0439337178: Why do pigs roll in mud? About Mammals Big & Small (Questions Kids Ask)
0439337186: Blue\'s Thanksgiving Feast (Blue\'s Clues)
0439337259: Lord of the Kill
0439337291: Quiltmakers Gift Box
0439337313: Why do fireflies glow? About Crawly Creatures (Questions Kids Ask)
0439337321: Why Does My Nose Run? and Other Questions Kids Ask, About What Makes Them Sick & Not Sick
0439337348: When is a snowstorm a blizzard? and other questions kids ask (Questions Kids Ask)
0439337623: How does toothpaste get into the tube? and other questions kids ask (Questions Kids Ask)
0439337798: Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book
0439337925: Puffin's homecoming: The story of an Atlantic puffin
0439337941: The Iliad
0439337976: Vamos Froggy!
0439337984: Froggy Seva A Dormir
0439337992: Missing Beach Ball
0439338018: Forever Sam (Puppy Patrol #24) (Puppy Patrol, #24)
0439338034: Orphan Puppy Puppy Patrol 35
0439338050: El Ratoncito, la Fresa Roja y Madura y el Gran Oso Hambriento
0439338093: Real Mother Goose : Classic Sing-Along Rhymes
0439338166: Introducing Nonfiction Writing in the Early Grades : Lessons, Activities, and Graphic Organizers That Teach Young Children What Nonfiction Is and How to Write It
0439338182: 8 Practice Tests for Reading and Math: Grade 4 (Ready-To-Go Reproducibles)
0439338190: Little Bunny, Biddle Bunny
0439338212: 8 Practice Tests for Reading and Math: Grade 6
0439338220: 8 Practice Tests for Reading and Math : Grades 7-8
0439338239: Scholastic Success with Maps : Grade 1
0439338247: Scholastic Success with Maps : Grade 2
0439338255: Scholastic Success With Maps
0439338263: Scholastic Success With Maps
0439338271: Scholastic Success with Maps : Grade 5
0439338344: Thomas and Gordon ; Thomas' train (Thomas & friends club)
0439338352: Thomas and the breakdown train ; Thomas and the freight cars (Thomas & friends club)
0439338360: Percy Runs Away/ Percy and Harold (Thomas & Friends Club)
0439338387: The sad story of Henry (Thomas & Friends Club)
0439338395: Henry and the elephant ;: Fire engine (Thomas & friends club)
0439338409: Leaves (Thomas & Friends Club)
0439338417: Paint pots and the royal queen (Thomas & Friends Club)
0439338425: Edward's day out ;: Edward and Gordon (Thomas & friends club)
0439338514: Thomas & Friends (Peter Sam & Old Faithful)
0439338549: The missing coach ;: Hello twins!
0439338565: Thomas and friends 2 book in 1 a close shave and dirty work
0439338573: Thomas and friends 2 books in 1 buzz buzz andwrong road
0439338646: Crystal Mask
0439338654: Scholastic Atlas of the United States
0439338662: No and Yes! : An Active Toddler's Guide on How to Behave
0439338670: I'm a Little Caterpillar
0439338689: I'm a Little Penguin
0439338697: Painted Eggs and Chocolate Bunnies
0439338700: Hugs and Hearts
0439338719: Sweets and Treats
0439338727: Snowflake Kisses and Gingerbread Smiles
0439338735: Disasters
0439338743: Joey Pigza Loses Control
0439338751: Parafoil Stunt Kite
0439338778: Franklin's Canoe Trip
0439338786: Franklin and His Friend
0439338794: Franklin Tv #13 (Franklin)
0439338808: Franklin Plays Hockey
0439338883: DIY Style
0439338891: Girl Friends
0439338913: Making Robot Warriors from Junk
0439338921: Song Quest
0439339014: Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals
0439339022: Math Rashes and Other Classroom Tales
0439339049: My Thirteenth Winter : A Memoir
0439339057: My Thirteenth Winter : A Memoir
0439339065: One Nighttime Sea
0439339081: Oh, Grow Up!: Poems to Help You Survive Parents, Chores, School and Other Afflictions
0439339111: Zen Shorts
0439339170: Way of the Apprentice
0439339189: Trail of the Jedi
0439339200: Jedi Quest : Master of Disguise
0439339219: Star Wars : Jedi Quest #5 the School of Fear
0439339227: Shadow Trap
0439339235: Moment of Truth
0439339243: Changing of the Guard
0439339251: Jedi Quest : The False Peace
0439339278: Star Wars Boba Fett
0439339286: Boba Fett
0439339308: Hunted
0439339316: Star Wars Boba Fett : A New Threat
0439339332: Star Wars Boba Fett : Pursuit
0439339421: Touch the Kitty
0439339448: Hugs & Kisses (Baby Faces)
0439339456: Eat! (Baby Faces)
0439339464: Sleepyheads (Baby Faces)
0439339472: Splish! Splash!
0439339618: Peek-a-Boo, You!
0439339677: True Enough
0439339685: Sooner or Later
0439339863: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Student Edition
0439339952: The little giant book of true ghost stories (The little giant series) by...
0439340128: Guts: The true stories behind Hatchet and the Brian books
0439340136: Best Christmas Ever
0439340144: Bravo, Livingstone Mouse!
0439340160: Strega Nona takes a vacation
0439340187: Little Witch`s Bad Dream
0439340195: Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest
0439340209: Gulliver's Stories (Scholastic Junior Classics)
0439340217: 13 Scary Ghost Stories
0439340225: Clifford's Spring Carnival
0439340322: My First Real Mother Goose Bedtime Book (Real Mother Goose)
0439340330: The Case of the Spooky Sleepover
0439340489: Tommy Trouble and the Magic Marble
0439340497: Dollhouse Magic
0439340578: Locker Talk : Cool School Comics
0439340969: Home to Me : Poems Across America
0439340993: Monster Who Loved Books
0439341000: Winnie The Pooh Goes To School
0439341019: The monster money book
0439341035: A DAY AT THE BARIN
0439341051: Dizzy's Bird Watch (Bob the Builder)
0439341078: Bob the Builder Scoop Saves the Day
0439341086: Bob's Birthday (Bob the Builder) (Bob the Builder)
0439341094: Bob's White Christmas (Bob the Builder)
0439341108: Mouse at Night
0439341124: Kari's Tour of the Digital World
0439341132: Valentine's Day Dognapping
0439341140: Mummies at the Mall
0439341159: Apple Thief
0439341167: Football Fright
0439341175: Teacher's Pets (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439341183: Clifford's Hiccups
0439341205: The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
0439341213: The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (The Declaration of Independence)
0439341221: Reach for the stars (Amazing days of Abby Hayes)
0439341248: The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: # 5 Look Before You Leap
0439341264: Stallion in the Storm
0439341272: Tradin' Paint
0439341280: Celebrity Snapshots: Supersized Color Photos of Today's Hottest Stars! (Packed with pix, facts, and stats you need to know)
0439341302: IRIS AND WALTER New Friends
0439341450: Sideways stories from Wayside School
0439341469: Tea at the Treedome
0439341477: Nughty Nautical Neighbors
0439341485: Feeling Angry
0439341493: Feeling Afraid
0439341507: Saying No
0439341515: Let's Talk About Being Helpful
0439341574: Let's Talk About Being Patient
0439341744: If I Could Drive a Crane!
0439341752: If I Could Drive a Bulldozer
0439341906: A journey to the New World: The diary of Remember Patience Whipple (Dear America)
0439341922: So Far From Home: The Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill Girl (Dear America)
0439342023: Make Your Own Easter Treats!
0439342430: How to Draw II
0439342503: J.R.R. Tolkien: The Man Who Created the Lord of the Rings (Scholastic Biography)
0439342511: The Word Eater
0439342570: King of Slippery Falls
0439342589: Dear Ellen Bee: A Civil War scrapbook of two Union spies
0439342708: Dazzle the Dinosaur
0439342716: Amazing Sharks (Ripley's)
0439342724: Coral Colony Creatures (Ripley's)
0439342732: Ripley's Whales and Dolphins
0439342775: No Limits
0439342937: Tony Hawk
0439343054: Kevin Garnett Story
0439343062: NBA All-Time Super Scorers
0439343070: 2001-02 Nba Team Tracker
0439343089: Count to 100 with the NBA
0439343518: Friend or Foe?
0439343526: Control
0439343534: Odyssey
0439343542: Outernet : Time Out
0439343569: Witzy's Block Party
0439343577: Witzy's Book of Words
0439343585: Witzy Plays Hide and Seek
0439343607: The word eater
0439343690: Monster Musical Chairs
0439343852: Foals in the Field
0439343860: Dog at the Door
0439343879: Horse in the House
0439343887: Pony in a Package
0439343895: Puppy in a Puddle
0439343909: Tabby in the Tub
0439343917: Pup at the Palace
0439343925: Mare in the Meadow
0439343933: Cats at the Campground
0439343968: I Spy Treasure Hunt
0439344077: Cat in the Crypt
0439344085: Dog in the Dungeon
0439344131: Colt in the Cave
0439344158: Foal in the Fog
0439344174: Can Snakes Crawl Backwards Q&a Scholasti
0439344182: The Door in the Lake
0439344190: Hello Kitty's Guide to Friends, Fun, and the Fabul
0439344212: Midnight Math...twelve Terrific Math Games
0439344220: Mama Rex and T Stay Up Late (Mama Rex and T)
0439344328: Three Girls and a Monster
0439344336: Teeth Thief
0439344344: Powerpuff Girls Save the Easter Bunny
0439344352: Bad News Bike
0439344360: Good Monster, Bad Monster
0439344441: Why Me?
0439344468: Boxed-Junie B Jones-8v-PR by
0439344484: The Reluctant Flower Girl
0439344492: Santa Contest
0439344522: In the Time of Knights (I Was There Book)
0439344859: Smiler's Bones
0439345200: Everything You Need to Know: The Answer Book For School Survival
0439350727: The Blue Mittens
0439351154: Where There Was Smoke
0439351324: 101 Ways to Get Away with Anything!
0439351472: Weather
0439351553: Bessie Coleman
0439351847: NBA Superstar Shaquille O'Neal Story
0439351901: Hoax
0439351952: Karen's Witch #!
0439351960: Babysitters Little Sister # 2 - Karen's Roller Skates
0439351995: Rugrats: Prince Chuckie
0439352002: New Girl
0439352258: Moses
0439352266: Secret Remedy Book : A Story of Comfort and Love
0439352363: Beware of the Storybook Wolves
0439352398: Langston's Train Ride
0439352401: Secret Fairy in Fairyland
0439352436: Talkin' about Bessie : The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman
0439352444: Little Bill: Extra Thankful Thanksgiving
0439352487: Night Dancer : Mythical Piper of the Native American Southwest
0439352495: New Improved Santa
0439352509: Trouble in Bubble Town
0439352517: Robots Everywhere
0439352525: Lights, Camera, Robots!
0439352533: Unfixable Robot
0439352541: The Three Billy Goats Gruff
0439352576: Welcome to Kindergarten
0439352584: Farm Flu
0439352592: Inside freight train
0439352916: Where do Kisses Come From?
0439352924: Disney's Christmas Crafts
0439352991: Clifford's Loose Tooth: El Diente Flojo de Clifford
0439353017: El Capitan Calzoncillos Y LA Invasion De Las Horribles Camareras: (Y El Subsiguiente Asalto De Los Igual De Horribles Zombis Malvados Del Comedor): LA Tercera Novela Epica
0439353254: Kid's Survival Guide
0439353297: Tales of Real Survival
0439353572: Purrfectly Purfect Life At the Academy
0439353580: Hidden Roots
0439353599: Hidden Roots
0439353602: Geronimo
0439353629: Socks
0439353645: Journal of Rufus Rowe : A Witness to the Battle of Fredericksburg
0439353661: Two Heads Are Better Than One
0439353688: Out of Sight, out of Mind
0439353696: Everything New under the Sun
0439353734: The Stuffed Bear Mystery (Boxcar Children, The: # 90)
0439353750: Robert and the Sneaker Snobs
0439353769: Instant Millionaire
0439353777: Oh No It's Robert #7 Robert and Three Wishes
0439353785: Oh No It's Robert #8 Hairy Disaster
0439353793: Hitler Youth : Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
0439354528: Amazing Spider-Man, the, Color and Activity : Blistered Pen
0439354684: Spy Science
0439354692: Be my pal! (Rolie Polie Olie)
0439354706: Little Spot of Color, Rolie Polie Olie
0439354897: Five Green and Speckled Frogs
0439354900: Team Player
0439354919: Troublemaker
0439354927: And the Winner Is. (Wondergirls No. 4)
0439354935: Perfect Harmony
0439354943: Makeover
0439354951: Scooby-Doo Movie Novelization
0439355095: Franklin's Storybook Library
0439355230: Tropical Rain Forest
0439355257: Fever 1793
0439355281: Best-Ever Activities for Grades 2-3 : Vocabulary
0439355303: 15 Easy-To-Read Nursery Rhyme Mini-Book Plays
0439355311: Activities for Fast Finishers : 50 Reproducible Puzzles, Brain Teasers, and Other Awesome Activities That Kids Can Do on Their Own - and Can't Resist
0439355338: Learning Sight Words Is Easy : Spanish
0439355354: Literature Circle Guide the Cay
0439355362: Literature Circle Guides : Everything You Need for Successful Literature Circles That Get Kids Thinking, Talking, Writing - and Loving Literature
0439355370: Literature Circle Guide : Island of the Blue Dolphins
0439355389: Holes
0439355397: Shiloh
0439355400: Literature Circle Guides : Walk Two Moons
0439355419: Literature Circle Guide
0439355427: The Sign of the Beaver (Literature Circle Guide)
0439355435: Literature Circle Guide : Out of the Dust
0439355443: Literature Circle Guide : The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
0439355575: MAGIC TREE HOUSE #22
0439355583: The Knight at Dawn
0439355591: Mummies in the Morning
0439355613: Hostage
0439355621: Create your own horror movies
0439355664: Springtime in Chubby Town
0439355737: Chicken Soup fo the Teenage Soul Letters:; Letters of Love, Life and Learning
0439355745: G. I. Joe at Pearl Harbor (G. I. Joe)
0439355753: What Do Sharks Eat for Dinner Scholastic
0439355761: The Fantastic Book of Horses
0439355796: Inventions (Kingfisher Questions and Answers)
0439355818: Rain Forest Animals
0439355842: Snowie Rolie
0439355869: Summer Picnic
0439355877: A Hug for Maggie
0439355885: It's Puppy Time!
0439355893: Mama Rex and T the Almost Perfect Mother's Day
0439355907: Animals at Home
0439355915: What Do Animals Eat?
0439355923: Opposites
0439355931: Things That Go
0439356008: Artemis Fowl
0439356016: The Life You Imagine
0439356024: Chewy Louie
0439356032: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook Student Edition (Worst-Case Scenario)
0439356091: The Mixed-Up Tooth Fairy
0439356105: Can You Believe
0439356113: Can You Believe? : B Volcanoes
0439356156: Predators
0439356261: Thimbleberry stories
0439356385: Dog and cat
0439356393: Blue's Clues My Pet Turtle
0439356407: Emily's Runaway Imagination
0439356415: Annie Pitts Burger Kid
0439356423: Sleepover Book
0439356431: The Geek Chronicles
0439356539: Make Amazing Toy and Game Gadgets, Popular Mechanics for Kids
0439356768: Spider-Man 2
0439357284: Mitch and Amy
0439357357: Dancing Class
0439357381: Humpty Dumpty Egg-Splodes
0439357578: Spot What!
0439357616: Go Goddess Girl!
0439357624: Born Confused
0439357675: 2002 grolier mutlimedia encyclopedia deluxe 2-cd edition fo
0439357705: Planets
0439357713: Poetry for Young People, William Shakespeare
0439357721: Willimena and the Cookie Money
0439357888: SIPPS Extension Level Story Book
0439357896: Sipps challenge level
0439357918: Walt Whitman : Words for America
0439357950: Hershey's Kisses Subtraction Book
0439358019: Tough Enough
0439358027: Winner Takes All
0439358043: Totodile in Love : A Valentine's Day Sticker Storybook
0439358051: Wobbuffet Village
0439358078: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5)
0439358183: Micro Planes
0439358299: Si Llevas Un Raton Al Cine
0439358469: Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul: Stories of Loving, Learning and Parenting
0439358493: Henry and Mudge and Annie's Good Move (Ready-to-Read)
0439358531: The playground bully (School friends)
0439358655: Shades of Black a Celebration of Our Chi
0439359635: Naptime, laptime (Story corner)
0439359686: The Hidden Fortune (Seven Sisters Mysteries Series Number 2)
0439360048: SpongeBob SquarePants Joke Book
0439360056: Stage Fright (7 Sister Mysteries, 3)
0439360064: Trouble in Paradise
0439362024: Hello World! : Greetings in 42 Languages Around the Globe!
0439362121: Truth about Great White Sharks
0439362199: Make Your Own Christmas Treats
0439362210: Through My Eyes
0439362350: Nba All-Star Slam Dunk Sticker Book
0439364019: Salt in His Shoes
0439364094: Plum
0439364108: Plum
0439364116: Teacher's Pets: Clifford (Plush With Book)
0439364183: The chameleon wore chartreuse: From the tattered casebook of Chet Gecko, private eye (A Chet Gecko mystery)
0439364221: The Mystery of Mr. Nice (A Chet Gecko Mystery)
0439364264: Remember the ladies: 100 great American women
0439365325: 40 Easy-To-Make Math Manipulatives
0439365384: Mathemagic
0439365392: Have a Heart Book of Friendship
0439365406: Gotcha!
0439365414: Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm off to the Moon
0439365449: Fun-flap Facts : Multiplication (Fun-flap Facts)
0439365457: Language Arts Bingo: 10 Reproducible Bingo Games That Reinforce Skills in Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, and More
0439365481: 16 Writing Lessons to Prepare Students for the State Assessment and More : Engaging Lessons with Planning Sheets and Evaluation Checklists, Extension Ideas, and Much, Much, More!
0439365511: I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
0439365554: Witzy Wonders
0439365562: Witzy's Colors
0439365570: Witzy's Opposites
0439365589: Chet Gecko 03 Farewell My Lunchbag
0439365600: Let's Draw Horses
0439365619: Let's Draw Cars (Easy Steps) Hardcover by Kespert, Deborah; Montes, Marisa
0439365627: 100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages : Engaging, Reproducible Activity Pages That Help Kids Recognize, Write and Really Learn the Top 100 High-Frequency Words That Are Key to Reading Success, Grade K-2
0439365635: Scholastic Children's Dictionary
0439365643: The wolf's chicken stew
0439365716: Animals on board
0439365724: Shark swimathon (MathStart)
0439365732: Missing mittens (MathStart)
0439365740: Our Eight Nights of Hanukkah
0439365767: Nutik, the wolf pup
0439365864: Scooby-Doo and the Phantom Cowboy
0439365872: If I Could Drive a Tow Truck!
0439365880: If I Could Drive a Grader!
0439365899: The Princess Diaries: Official Movie Scrapbook
0439365910: Ready-to-Use Independent Reading Management Kit
0439365929: 12 Real-life Math Projects Kids Will Love : Easy and Engaging Math Projects That Help Kids Apply Standards-Based Math Skills to Real-Life Situations
0439365937: Planning for Successful Reading and Writing Instruction in K-2
0439365953: Shared Reading for Today's Classroom : Grades K-2
0439365988: Nonfiction in Focus
0439365996: The Back to School Book
0439366003: Marvelous Math Word-Problem Mini-Books
0439366011: Shakespeare Mini-books
0439366046: Quinceanera Means Sweet 15
0439366054: Word-by-Word First Reader : Where Can Bunny Paint?
0439366089: Hanging on to Home
0439366100: ONE OF A KIND
0439366135: The Rugrats' First Kwanzaa
0439366151: Chewy Louie Paperback by Schneider, Howie
0439366283: Clifford's Big Day on the Farm
0439366313: Witzy's Numbers
0439366321: Witzy's Shapes
0439366348: WITNESS
0439366356: Scholastic Book of World Records 2002.
0439366364: Clifford's Big Red Ideas : A Special Friend
0439366372: Tough Trucks : The Mixer
0439366380: Tough Trucks : The Bulldozer
0439366399: Witzy's Winter Wonderland
0439366402: Big Machines! Big Buildings!
0439366429: Goldie Is Mad
0439366437: A Trip to the Hospital (Little Bill created by Bill Crosby on Nick Jr.)
0439366445: And the Cow Said Moo!
0439366755: Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep
0439366763: BOY AT WAR, A
0439366771: Bridge To Terabithia
0439366798: Series of Unfortunate Events 04 Miserabl
0439366801: Marisol and Magdalena: The Sound of Our Sisterhood
0439366992: Quinceanera Means Sweet 15
0439367034: brothers of the Knight
0439367085: Super Mario Advance
0439367093: Legend of Zelda : Oracle of the Seasons
0439367107: Game Boy Color : Oracle of Ages
0439367115: Game Boy Advance : Warioland 4
0439367123: The Blue's Clues Nursery Rhyme Treasury
0439367174: Teddy Bear's scrapbook
0439367301: Dreams
0439367387: If You Come Softly
0439367409: Wee Witches' Halloween
0439367441: Invisible Stanley
0439367530: A Tale for Easter
0439367549: Iditarod dream: Dusty and his sled dogs compete in Alaska's Jr. Iditarod
0439367638: Marisol and Magdalena: The Sound of Our Sisterhood
0439367670: I Love Hugs
0439367689: I Love My Potty
0439367743: Clifford I Love You
0439367786: Witzy's Backyard Easter Hunt
0439367794: Witzy's Best Friends
0439367840: First Graders from Mars
0439367867: Bluish
0439367875: Presents for Santa
0439367883: On a wintry morning
0439367980: The Bravest Thing
0439368006: When the Water Closes over My Head
0439368030: Wizards Don't Wear Graduation Gowns
0439368057: Sea Serpents Don't Juggle Water Balloons
0439368235: Annie's Ark
0439368294: Young Man and the Sea
0439368308: Young Man and the Sea
0439368316: Loretta
0439368324: Loretta
0439368332: Spring Changes
0439368340: Bless This House: A Bedtime Prayer for the World
0439368359: Scritch Scratch
0439368375: Kindergarten ABC Book
0439368413: Beast
0439368421: Beast
0439368480: My Dog, Cat
0439368499: Winter
0439368502: Winter
0439368510: Secret City
0439368529: Eye of Eternity
0439368537: Dead Man's Chest
0439368545: Last Clue
0439368596: Bug Dictionary An A to Z of Insects and Creepy Crawlies
0439368634: There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!
0439368642: Fire Truck!
0439368650: The Shark Who Was Afraid of Everything
0439368766: The Last Secret
0439368820: Agent A to Agent Z
0439368855: George Shrinks
0439368871: We Dream of a World
0439368928: Discover Acrylics
0439368944: Discover Drawing
0439368987: Our Strange New Land : Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary
0439368995: Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Letters
0439369029: Starving Time Bk. 2 : Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary
0439369037: My Brother's Keeper : Virginia's Civil War Diary
0439369045: After the Rain : Virginia's Civil War Diary
0439369053: Five Smooth Stones Bk. 1 : Hope's Revolutionary War Diary
0439369061: We Are Patriots Bk. 2 : Hope's Revolutionary War Diary
0439369088: Flying Free : Corey's Underground Railroad Diary
0439369150: Divine Wind : A Love Story
0439369169: Divine Wind : A Love Story
0439369185: Top Dog (Chubby Puppies, Level 1)
0439369584: Who Stole the Wizard of Oz
0439370094: No more magic
0439370108: Scout
0439370248: Meet Gorgon
0439370264: Martian Brainteasers: Quizzes, Puzzles, and Martian Fun (Butt-Ugly Martians, 2)
0439370272: Martians Have Landed
0439370450: American Spring
0439370469: American Spring
0439370531: When Freedom Comes, Hope's Revolutionary War Diary
0439370558: Wild Year Bk. 3 : Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary
0439370566: Wild Year Bk. 3 : Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary
0439370574: Message in the Sky Bk. 3 : Corey's Underground Railroad Diary
0439370582: Message in the Sky Bk. 3 : Corey's Underground Railroad Diary
0439370590: For This Land : Meg's Prairie Diary
0439370604: For This Land Bk. 2 : Meg's Prairie Diary
0439370612: Fine Start : Meg's Prairie Diary
0439370620: Fine Start : Meg's Prairie Diary
0439370671: Official Shoezies Collector's Book : Fashion at Your Fingertips!
0439370728: 30 Nonfiction Book Reports : Easy and Engaging Hands-On Book Reports That Help Kids of All Learning Styles Explore the Genre of Nonfiction
0439370736: Spelling Secrets!
0439370744: Quick Practice : Writing Skills Grades K-1
0439370752: Quick Practice : Writing Skills
0439370760: 20 Totally Awesome and Totally Easy Language Arts Bulletin Boards
0439370779: Instant Math Practice Pages for Homework-Or Anytime!
0439370787: Play & Learn Language Arts Bingo (Grades KP2)
0439370795: Easy Science Activity Journals
0439370809: Sing along and Learn Follow Directions Bk/Cd
0439370817: Alamo
0439370825: Gold Rush
0439370833: Cowboys
0439370841: Great Depression
0439370868: White House
0439370876: Transcontinental Railroad
0439370884: Laura Ingalls Wilder
0439370892: Trail of Tears
0439370906: Paul Revere
0439370914: Great Migration
0439370922: Pony Express
0439370957: LOVE THAT DOG
0439370965: Quick Practice : Writing Skills
0439370973: Quick Practice : Writing Skills Grades 6-8
0439371104: The Christmas ship
0439371112: Howliday Inn
0439371120: Judy Moody Gets Famous
0439371139: Teddy Bear\'s Scrapbook
0439371147: Pinky and Rex and the Just-Right Pet
0439371163: Magic Tree House #24: Earthquake in the Early Morning
0439371171: I Am the King
0439371449: Penguin Pete and Little Tim
0439371503: Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever! (Corduroy)
0439372046: Haunted Mansion Mystery
0439372054: Mystery of the Jeweled Mask
0439372062: Barbie Mystery : Mystery Unplugged
0439372070: Mystery of the Missing Stallion
0439372089: Polar bears
0439372100: Little Women Next Door
0439372119: Drip, Drop
0439372127: Pikachu and Pichu : Pikachu's Apple Company
0439372283: Mane Event
0439372291: Power Pals
0439372305: Cover Up
0439372526: Best Friends
0439372615: The Many Adventures of Johnny Mutton
0439372658: All you ever need
0439372666: Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul
0439372704: Northern Lullaby
0439372747: Shakespeare's Scribe
0439372801: Magic Secrets (An I Can Read Book)
0439372836: Our Hero
0439372844: Tiny Goes to the Library
0439372852: The X-RAY Picture Book of BIG Buildings of the ANCIENT WORLD
0439372909: My America (Leveled Books)
0439372917: Romance of the Snob Squad
0439372933: Desiderata : Words to Live By
0439372941: Chasing Vermeer
0439372976: Chasing Vermeer
0439372992: Behind the Mountains
0439373018: Little Bunny Foo Foo : Told and Sung by the Good Fairy
0439373034: Nose Like a Hose
0439373069: Clifford Saves the Whales
0439373077: Darkest Evening
0439373085: Frida
0439373131: The Little Giant Book of After School Fun
0439374316: Know-the-Facts Review Game : 100 Must-Know Facts in a Q&A Game Format to Help Kids Really Remember Standards-Based Social Studies Information
0439374324: Know-the-facts Review Game
0439374332: Know-the-Facts Review Game : 100 Must-Know Facts in a Q&A Game Format to Help Kids Really Remember Standards-Based Social Studies Information
0439374340: Know-the-Facts Review Game : 100 Must-Know Facts in a Q&A Game Format to Help Kids Really Remember Standards-Based Social Studies Information
0439374626: Scooby-Doo! Groovy Guide to Party Fun
0439374634: Mommy's Briefcase
0439374650: Don't Eat the Teacher
0439374790: Dinosaurs
0439374812: Vamos a Leer Sobre Abraham Lincoln/Let's Read Abou
0439374847: George Washington
0439374855: Huggly #9 : Huggly\'s Trip To The Beach (huggly Va A La Playa) (Huggly)
0439374898: Enchantress from the Stars
0439375207: The Real Rules For Girls
0439375320: The Big Snowball (All Aboard Reading)
0439375339: Makeup Mess-PR
0439375347: Carl Sandburg (Poetry for Young People)
0439375363: Father Bear Comes Home
0439375371: Little Bear's Friend
0439375398: We Gather Together...Now Please Get Lost!
0439375401: Witch Twins
0439375428: How to be a Real Person in Just One Day
0439375452: Walt Whitman (Poetry for young people)
0439375509: Baa Baa Black Sheep
0439375576: Mr. Bear to the Rescue Paperback by Gliori, Debi
0439375592: Dr. Duck
0439375606: Xpressibles Mixed Prepack
0439375614: Do-Wah Rocks
0439375622: Martian Mania: Quizzes, Puzzles, and Martian Trivia (Butt-Ugly Martians Activity Sticker Book #1, 1)
0439375657: A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys
0439375738: Franklin's Big Hockey Game : A Sticker Activity Book
0439375894: Dear Whiskers
0439375908: Shutting Out the Sky : Life in the Tenements of New York, 1880-1924
0439375940: The Missing Mitten Mystery
0439375991: Beatrice's Goat
0439376009: Freedom school, yes!
0439376017: The First Bear in Africa
0439376025: The Best Books of Sharks
0439376041: Fair Ball
0439376068: Adventures of Super Diaper Baby
0439376076: Magic Matt and the Dinosaur
0439376084: Captain Underpants Activity Book
0439376092: Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Pt. 1 : The Night of the Nasty Nostril Nuggets
0439376106: Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Pt. 1 : The Night of the Nasty Nostril Nuggets
0439376114: Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Pt. 2 : The Revenge of the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers
0439376122: Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Pt. 2 : The Revenge of the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers
0439376173: All about Rattlesnakes
0439376181: You Are Here, This Is Now : The Best Young Writers and Artists in America
0439376378: Mice Make Trouble
0439376386: Dee and Bee
0439376394: Dumpy La Rue
0439376424: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. the Jurassic Jackrabbits from Jupiter
0439376432: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot Vs. the Jurassic Jackrabbits from Jupiter
0439376440: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn
0439376459: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn
0439376467: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus
0439376475: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus
0439376483: How I Built Rusty
0439376513: Getting Near to Baby
0439376521: Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction (Grades 4 and Up)
0439376548: 20 Weekly Word Study Poetry Packets
0439376564: Best-Ever Activities for Grades 2-3 : Writing
0439376580: Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction
0439376599: Multisensory Strategies : Lessons and Classroom Management Techniques to Reach and Teach All Learners; Grades K-2
0439376629: Math Skills Made Fun : Quilt Math
0439376653: Read, Sing, and Learn Mini-Books: Famous Americans: 20 Reproducible Books With Mini-Bios, Fun Facts,
0439376661: Wonderful Word Puzzle
0439376823: Love Me, Love You
0439377072: Liberty
0439377129: Santa Comes to Little House
0439377242: Just Enough and Not Too Much
0439377307: To the Xtreme
0439377315: Fly high!: The story of Bessie Coleman
0439377382: A Jigsaw Jones Mystery Boxed Set # 1-8
0439377390: Let the Fur Fly
0439377552: ANIMAL ARK PETS BOXED SET (NOS. 1-6)
0439378893: Roald Dahl Boxed Set
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