0439379504: Risky Business Test Pilot
0439379547: Myth Madness: Tales of Ancient Greece
0439379563: Twister on Tuesday
0439379598: Hangin' with Lil' Bow Wow
0439379601: The all-new Amelia
0439379644: Karen's School Picture (Babysitters Little Sister, Volume 5)
0439379652: Karen's Little Sister (Babysitters Little Sister, 6)
0439379660: The incredible folding go-go hoop and gamebook!
0439379687: The puppy project (Puppy patrol)
0439379695: Cool Chameleons (camaleones) Level 2 (Hola, Lector!, Ciencias. Nivel 2.) - Paperback
0439379717: St. Patrick's Day
0439379784: Christmas at Mud Flat
0439379806: Dora's Backpack (Nick Jr.: Dora the Explorer)
0439379822: Good Night, Dora! (Dora the Explorer)
0439379857: So, You Wanna Be A Comic Book Artist? (So, You Wanna Be A)
0439379865: The Friendly Beasts. A Christmas Carol. Illustrated by Sharon McGinley.
0439380057: Hugs and kisses
0439380065: Kiss Good Night
0439380081: What Do You Love?
0439380138: An Insider's Guide to the WNBA
0439380383: Little Porcupine's Christmas
0439380480: Hipkidhop : Hope
0439380537: How to Play the Harmonica in Four Easy Steps (Scholastic, Scholastic)
0439380545: Dinosaur Bones
0439380561: Cubix Tattoo Book : Connor's Guide to Bubble Town
0439380634: The Hindenburg
0439380642: Fight for Life (Wild at Heart: Book #1)
0439380731: Dare to Draw in 3-D
0439380758: Gadgets and Gizmos
0439380820: Frederick Douglass a Voice for Freedom in the 1800s (scholastic biography)
0439380960: Read 180 developed in collaboration with vanserbilt univers
0439381096: A picture of Freedom: The diary of Clotee, a slave girl (Dear America)
0439381118: Not found - converted to zShop
0439381142: 100 days of school
0439381150: One Puppy, Three Tales (book #1)
0439381169: Arthur's perfect Christmas
0439381274: Powerpuff Girls
0439381282: Powerpuff Girls Movie Storybook
0439381290: Powerpuff Girls Movie Storybook Vol. 2
0439381312: Pajama Party
0439381320: Frankenbug..it's Alive!
0439381495: Hey Arnold! Arnold's E-Files
0439381754: Space and the Planets
0439381762: Hippo's Big Breakfast Count
0439381770: Snake gets in shape
0439381797: Knex Build Your own Cars
0439381916: Dinosaur minipedia
0439381924: On the Move
0439381959: Fall Leaves Change Color
0439381967: Restless spirit: The life and work of Dorothea Lange
0439381975: Stone Goddess
0439381983: First Person Fiction : The Stone Goddess
0439381991: Flight to Freedom
0439382009: Flight to Freedom
0439382017: Mad Student Survival Guide for Those Bored of Education
0439382025: Kensuke's Kingdom
0439382068: Iggy Pig's Snowball Fight!
0439382092: Iggy Pig's Beach Day
0439382106: Murphy and Myrtle : The First Day of School
0439382114: SCOOBY-DOO! and the MARSH MONSTER
0439382173: Dinofours: It's Class Picture Day!
0439382181: Dinofours, Our Holiday Show (Dinofours)
0439382246: Ho! Ho! Ho! A Chistmas Peek-A-Boo Book
0439382300: Sea, sand, me!
0439382327: Entering Pre-K
0439382335: Entering Kindergarten
0439382343: Entering 1st Grade
0439382351: Entering 2nd Grade
0439382378: Little Penguin's big mess
0439382386: Through the Lock
0439382459: Spiders
0439382475: Solar System
0439382874: The Whole Night Through
0439382890: Splish, splash, spring
0439383552: Tales from Duckport : Back to School? Cool
0439383560: Tales from Duckport : Trick-or Treat?
0439383579: Tales from Duckport : Stick Together!
0439383587: Tales from Duckport : Hooray!
0439383595: The Mirror of Merlin - Book Four of the Lost Years of Merlin (The Lost Years of Merlin)
0439384095: D.w. rides again
0439384303: D.W., the picky eater
0439384338: D.W. thinks big
0439384354: Scholastic Summer School Reading Program Student Workbook (Summer School Reading Program)
0439384648: 50 Great States Mini-Books : Interactive Mini-Books Packed with Fast Facts, Maps, Historical Information, Word Games, and More
0439384656: Jack on the tracks four seasons of fifth grade
0439384680: Bob's Egg Hunt : A Lift-the-Flap Story (Bob the Builder Ser.)
0439384699: Guess Who Loves Blue! (Baby Blue's Clues)
0439384702: Little Bill's Big Book of Words; Nick Jr's Little Bill; a Nick Jr Series Created By Bill Cosby
0439384710: Halloween Knight
0439384729: The sort-of-super snowman (Mama Rex and T)
0439384737: Daily Disaster
0439384745: Inventor's Times
0439384842: Surviving Hitler
0439384877: Antarctic Journal
0439384915: Mama Will Be Home Soon
0439385202: Tunes That Teach American History : 10 Lively Tunes and Hands-on Activities That Teach about Important Events in American History
0439385261: Fun Independent Practice Pages
0439385296: Guess Me Poems and Puzzles Alphabet
0439385334: Quilt Math
0439385482: Create and Trace
0439385504: Jackie's 9 Values to Live By : Becoming Your Best Self
0439385644: Mewtwo Returns
0439385652: Rowan of Rin
0439385733: A cat and a dog
0439385741: More to the Xtreme
0439385768: Night Cat
0439385776: Call Me Maria
0439385792: Dexter's Ink
0439385806: Dex-Terminator
0439385814: Horse of a Different Dexter
0439385822: Mixed-up magnetism (Dexter's laboratory)
0439385903: Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten
0439385911: Stray Dog
0439385938: Henry and the paper route
0439385946: Henry and Beezus
0439385954: Henry and Ribsy
0439385962: Henry and the Clubhouse
0439386004: The Ersatz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Bk. 6)
0439386012: The Vile Village
0439386020: There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around
0439387728: Easy Grammar Lessons For the Overhead (Overhead Teaching Kit, Grades 2-4)
0439387736: Word Families (Guess-Me Poems & Puzzles, Grades 1-3)
0439387744: Rowanhood, Outlaw Girl of Sherwood Forest
0439387752: Winter Poems
0439387760: My dog, my hero
0439387795: Month by Month Poetry Poster Pack
0439387809: 100 Sight Word Mini-Books : Instant Fill-in Mini-Books That Teach 100 Essential Sight Words
0439387825: 40 Graphic Organizers That Build Comprehension During Independent Reading
0439387841: 50 Reproducible Strategy Sheets That Build Comprehension During Independent Reading
0439387868: The BFG
0439387876: Sammy and the robots
0439387884: Demi's Find the animal A.B.C: An alphabet-game book
0439387892: Good Dog
0439387906: Seek
0439388015: The School Story
0439388023: The ghost in the Tokaido Inn
0439388058: MY BRIDGES OF HOPE
0439388112: Emily Elizabeth Playwear
0439388120: Emily Elizabeth Playwear: Ballerina Outfit
0439388139: Poseable Emily Elizabeth
0439388147: Clifford the Big Red Dog With Cleo and T-Bone Fing
0439388155: Clifford the Big Red Dog With Emily Elizabeth
0439388171: Visit to the Dentist (Bill Cosby)
0439388198: Aliens
0439388201: Mummies
0439388244: We Share Everything
0439388430: Franklin's Canoe Trip
0439388457: My world a companion to goodnight moon
0439388465: Daisy Comes Home
0439388473: Stop Drop and Roll
0439388481: Aaron's Hair
0439388503: Andrew's Loose Tooth
0439388511: Get Out Of Bed!
0439388538: Please Be Quiet
0439388546: Dolphin luck
0439388554: Nissa's Place
0439388562: The Shifting sands (Deltora quest)
0439388570: Dread mountain (Deltora quest)
0439388694: I can't sleep!
0439388708: Fidgety fish
0439388716: BIG BEARS CAN!
0439388724: The Easter Bunny's baby
0439388740: Pumpkin Eye
0439388759: Dappled apples
0439388775: Hershey's Weights and Measures Book
0439388783: Puzzling Frame Games
0439388791: Challenging coin puzzles
0439388805: Corner of the Universe
0439388813: Corner of the Universe
0439388821: Five Senses
0439388856: This is the Sunflower
0439388880: Clifford and the big ice cream mess (Clifford the big red dog)
0439388899: Milk Mustache Mania
0439388988: Season of Promise : Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary
0439388996: Westward to Home : Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary
0439389003: Perfect Place
0439389011: Apple Fractions
0439389038: The World Turns Round and Round
0439389100: Gold rush fever: A story of the Klondike, 1898
0439389119: And the Winner Is...
0439389135: One Hundred Ways to Get to 100
0439389151: Count to a Million : 1,000,000
0439389178: Icky Bug Colors
0439389186: Icky Bug Shapes
0439389194: Pokemon 4Ever : The Voice of the Forest
0439389208: Pokemon 4Ever : The Voice of the Forest Sticker Storybook
0439389216: Superdog (Puppy Patrol: #22)
0439389224: My world
0439389232: Shelby Care and Training Guide
0439389240: The Graduation of Jake Moon
0439389364: Zap! : Science Fair Surprise!
0439389372: Yikes! It's Alive!
0439389380: Whoa! Amusement Park Gone Wild!
0439389399: Wow! Blast from the Past!
0439389461: The Night Flyers
0439389496: Getting the Girl
0439389518: The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the Sinister Smoke Ring
0439389844: The Truth About Stacey (THE BABYSITTERS CLUB, #3)
0439389895: Big Bad Cold
0439389909: Winter Ice Is Nice! (Big Red Reader: Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439389992: A Place in the Sun
0439390001: Official Guide to Battlebots
0439390028: Crossfire
0439390036: Me and Rupert Goody
0439390044: Martin's Big Words
0439390087: How to Draw HELLO KITTY and Her Friends
0439390095: Hello Kitty- guide to just about everything
0439390125: Caleb's Story
0439390133: And the dish ran away with the spoon
0439390176: Wibble Wobble
0439390567: A Book of Silly Jokes!
0439390613: More games and giggles: Wild about animals!
0439390621: The minstrel's melody (History mysteries)
0439390648: Meet Addy: An American girl (American girls collection)
0439390664: Pee Wee's tale
0439390672: Spongebob Squarepants the World's Greatest Valentine
0439390699: Sleepy Time Olie
0439390702: Car wash
0439390753: The Usborne First Book of the Recorder
0439390761: Baby Faces : Sleep! (dulces Suenos) (Baby Faces)
0439390788: Baby Faces : Eat! (que Rico> (Baby Faces)
0439390796: Besitos Y Abrazos (Baby Faces)
0439390842: Deltora Book of Monsters
0439390869: Life's a Beach and other SpongeBob-isms
0439390877: A Pair of Wings
0439390893: A Burst of Firsts Doers, Shakers, and Record Breakers
0439390923: Stormbreaker
0439390931: New Girl Wondergirls
0439391199: Hatchet
0439391261: When Elephant goes to a party
0439391288: When Will It Snow
0439391296: Monster Mischief
0439391849: Scholastic Bulletin Board Set: Happy Birthday Twel
0439391954: My Country 'Tis of Thee
0439392012: Fall Into Autumn Bulletin Board
0439392187: Meet Josefina: An American girl (American girls collection)
0439392209: Homeless (Wild at Heart: Sunita: Book #2)
0439394449: C is for curious: An ABC of feelings
0439394473: Go, Clifford, Go!
0439394481: Clifford the Weather Dog
0439394503: T-Bone Tells the Truth
0439394511: Clifford's Christmas Presents
0439394538: Clifford's Scary Halloween
0439394546: Take Me to School with You!
0439394708: Jaguar
0439394716: Cinderhazel
0439394724: Sweet Dream Pie
0439394732: SORPRESAS
0439394856: Can You Choo-Choo?
0439394880: Hello Kitty What Can We Play Today
0439394902: Hello Kitty's Friendship Fill-in Diary (Hello Kitty)
0439394910: Cavern of the Fear
0439394929: Isle of Illusion
0439394937: Shadowlands
0439394945: Sleepy Book
0439394988: No Sweat Projects Bouncing Science, All You Need is a Ball
0439394996: 53 1/2 things that changed the world and some that didn\'t
0439395003: No Sweat Projects Shadowy Sience
0439395011: Fun and Easy Word Building Activities
0439395038: Super Paper Bag Books
0439395046: Super Manipulative Books
0439395054: Month-By-Month File-Folder Word Walls
0439395097: Teaching with Favorite Jan Brett Books : Engaging Activities That Build Essential Reading and Writing Skills and Explore the Themes in These Popular Books
0439395127: Teaching Reading and Writing with Song : Irresistible Pocket Chart Activities, Picture Cards and Props, Read and Write Mini-Books, and More
0439395135: Independent Reading Response Booklets
0439395143: Dinosaurumpus!
0439395178: The Everything Kids Witches and Wizards Book
0439395186: Schoolin Around - The Red Sweater
0439395194: The Halloween Class
0439395208: A Bump on the Head: Just Schoolin' Around
0439395216: Saved by the Ball
0439395232: Big Red Reader : Granlector Colorado: i Me Gusta el Inviero!
0439395356: Classic Counting Rhymes
0439395364: Real Mother Goose Classic Color Rhymes
0439395380: Real Mother Goose Classic Animal Rhymes
0439395399: Real Mother Goose Classic Lullaby Rhymes
0439395402: The Cartoon Faces Book (young designer series)
0439395429: 101 Trucks
0439395453: Goldilocks and the Three Bears
0439395526: I'm a Big Kid
0439395534: Ten Timid Ghosts on a Christmas Night
0439395542: Pick Me an Apple!: From Seed to Tree
0439395550: Wolving Time
0439395569: Wolving Time
0439395623: Bar Code
0439395631: Amalee
0439395658: LightLand
0439395666: LightLand
0439395674: Seahorse reef: A story of the south Pacific
0439395682: Pip the Penguin
0439396166: Make Your Own Ice Cream
0439396263: The night before Thanksgiving
0439396271: I\'m Not Feeling Well Today
0439396441: Froggy eats out
0439396875: Gloria's way
0439397367: Wild Animals (Usborne Spotter's Guides)
0439397375: Weather
0439397448: Crossroads : Britney Spears
0439397456: Britneys Spears's Crossroads Diary
0439397537: The BerenstainBear Scouts And The Sinister Smoke R
0439397685: Celebraciones
0439397723: Las Ciencias y Nuestro Mundo
0439397847: The great good thing: A novel
0439398495: Sizes and Shapes
0439398509: Colors (Clifford's Big Red Workbook)
0439398517: Learning Letters (Clifford's Big Red Workbook)
0439398541: Getting Ready For Math
0439398681: When the Zombies Come Marchin' Home (zombie squad)
0439398703: Bad to the Bone (Zombie Squad: #3)
0439398711: Zombie Squad
0439398754: School smarts (american girl library)
0439398762: American Girl Letter Art (American Girl Library)
0439398770: Trucker
0439398797: You Are Special, Little One
0439398819: Goodnight, My Duckling
0439398851: Esperanza Rising: Esperanza Renace
0439398878: Blue's Clues: Blue's Sniffly Day
0439398932: Deltora Quest, the Maze of the Beast
0439398940: Valley of the Lost; Deltor A Quest, No. 7
0439399254: Green eyes
0439399297: 100 Words Kids Need to Read: 1st Grade
0439399300: 100 Words Kids Need to Read by 2nd Grade
0439399319: 100 Words Kids Need to Read by 3rd
0439399327: That's No Puddle, That's Angela!
0439399335: 2-T's Spoof Video
0439399343: Butt-Ugly Martians Tattoo Storybook
0439399505: Can You See What I See? Dream Machine : A Picture Adventure to Search and Solve
0439399599: Dondon for Dinner
0439399602: Cubix to the Rescue
0439399610: THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE September 11 Commemorative Edition
0439399629: Pledge of Allegiance
0439399637: America The Beautiful 2001
0439399750: Flag We Love, The
0439399785: Tulip Sees America
0439399963: Storyteller Journal
0439399971: Dream Time Journal
0439400007: Sketching with Watercolor Pencils
0439400015: Create Your Own Lettering
0439400031: The Ultimate Quiz Challenge I-Quiz over 1000 Brain Squeezing Questions
0439400058: Fun Pack: Trendy Toes
0439400090: Two Little Trains
0439400155: El Libro De Nuestro Cuerpo
0439400163: Clara Caterpillar
0439400171: Not found - converted to zShop
0439400279: I wished for a unicorn
0439400287: Dilly's Summer Camp Diary
0439400295: Underwear!
0439400309: My Camp-Out
0439400317: Monster Museum
0439400325: Sidney Won't Swim
0439400333: Stella & Roy Go Camping
0439400430: The Wild Thornberrys Gem of a Mom
0439400600: Beverly cleary 3 book pack romona and her mother-romona and
0439400686: Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down
0439400694: Teeny Tiny Teacher
0439400708: This Big Sky
0439400716: Follow the Directions... and Learn! : Grade PreK
0439400732: Follow the Directions...and Learn
0439400740: 180 Think-Aloud Math Word Problems (Grades 4-6)
0439400759: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Apple Adding
0439400783: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Butterflies All Around
0439400791: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Penguin Pals
0439400805: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Around the Town
0439400813: Hickory Dickory Clock Instant File-Folder
0439400821: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Construct-a-Word
0439400848: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Name That Bug!
0439400856: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Fly-the-Flag Blends
0439400864: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Celebrate 100
0439400872: Instant File Folder Learning Games
0439400880: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Pick a Pumpkin
0439400899: Instant File Folder Learning Games
0439400902: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Cool School Tools
0439400910: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Toss the Trash
0439400929: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Collect the Colors
0439400937: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Snowman Match-Up
0439400945: Instant File Folder Learning Games : Barnyard Count Up
0439401283: Best Knock Knock Book Ever
0439401291: Lady Lollipop
0439401372: Mcgrowl : Beware of Dog
0439401399: Contest
0439401402: Growling Grizzly
0439401437: Wheels at Work
0439401445: Talkin' Tools Take Charge
0439401488: History Undercover : Top Secret
0439401496: History's Mysteries : Bizarre Beings
0439401569: Verbs, Verbs, Verbs
0439401763: Clifford the Small Red Puppy Musical Toy
0439401771: Clifford's Puppy Days (Sidekicks) - Hardcover
0439401798: Goldie's Fortune : A Story of the Great Depression
0439401801: Glory's Freedom : A Story of the Underground Railroad
0439401828: Danielle's Dollhouse Wish
0439401836: Charlotte's Choice
0439401844: Touching Spirit Bear
0439401852: Fall Is for Friends
0439401860: Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly
0439401895: Zach's Lie
0439402018: Guts
0439402026: Leon's story
0439402034: A Series of Unfortunate Event (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Fifth, 5th)
0439402042: The Erstaz Elevator (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Sixth)
0439402050: The Animal Ark Treasury (Animal Ark)
0439402069: Judy Moody Gets Famous!
0439402077: Rugrats: Rugrats in the Ring
0439402255: Skylark
0439402298: Vow of Vengeance
0439402875: Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mecha-Monkeys
0439403049: Sandy's rocket (SpongeBob SquarePants chapter book)
0439403162: Mrs. Corerlet's Magicians
0439403170: Hello Ocean
0439403189: 41/2 Friends and the Secret Cave
0439403197: The school play (Yoko and friends-- school days)
0439403219: As Far As I Can See Bk. 1 : Meg's Prairie Diary
0439403227: Peter Pan
0439403243: Paul Bunyan and Other Tall Tales
0439403251: Cazaremos Un Leon-PR
0439403278: Escape from Botany Bay : The True Story of Mary Bryant
0439403316: Frankenstein's cat
0439403324: How Santa lost his job
0439403502: Kidnapped
0439403510: One more bunny: Adding from one to ten
0439403529: Mathemania
0439403537: My First Jumbo Book of Numbers
0439403553: Halloween Colors : A Turn-the-Flap Book
0439403561: Science Puzzles for Young Einsteins
0439403677: Notes From a Liar and Hre Dog
0439403715: The Haunted States of America
0439403731: Miami Mice
0439403758: Chicken soup for the Teenage Soul III
0439403766: Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2
0439403820: Cliffords Phonics Fun 1
0439403839: Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Fun (Clifford) (Pack 2)
0439403960: Clifford the Big Red Dog
0439403979: Murphy & Myrtle Beanbags (Sidekicks)
0439403987: B. Bop's Brainwave
0439404096: Kindergarten Assessment Handbook
0439404118: Reading Placement Tests : Second Grade
0439404126: Reading Placement Tests : Third Grade
0439404134: Reading Placement Tests : Grades Four-Six
0439404142: Follow the Directions... And Learn! : Grades 2-3
0439404150: Follow the Directions... And Learn! : Grades 4-6
0439404169: Teaching with Favorite Read-Alouds in Prek
0439404177: Teaching with Favorite Read-Alouds in Kindergarten
0439404185: Teaching with Favorite Read-Alouds in First Grade
0439404193: Teaching with Favorite Read-Alouds in Second Grade
0439404207: Unlocking Shakespeare : Julius Caesar
0439404215: Unlocking Shakespeare : Hamlet
0439404231: Unlocking Shakespeare : Romeo and Juliet
0439404258: Unlocking Shakespeare : The Tempest
0439404339: Treasury of Alphabets
0439404347: Princess Party Book
0439404355: Secret in the Garden
0439404363: Jim Davis : A High-Sea Adventure
0439404371: Thief Lord
0439404401: The Art of Keeping Cool
0439404495: Santa Claus Will Come Tonight
0439404622: Creativity
0439404630: Spirit
0439404649: Whole You
0439404657: Whole You
0439404673: Low song
0439404711: LITTLE GREEN
0439404789: The coin counting book
0439404800: Feeling great, looking hot & loving yourself!: Health, fitness & beauty for...
0439404819: Surfer dog
0439404835: Spiders and Their Web Sites
0439404886: The Road To The Majors
0439404916: The Practical Joker's Handbook
0439404967: First friend
0439404975: The Mermaid's Tail
0439404983: Nine Steps to Success, Teens Can Make it Happen
0439404991: Meet Kit
0439405009: The Night Flyers
0439405025: School Smarts (American Girl Library) (All the Right Answers to Homework, Teachers, Popularity, and more.)
0439405033: Bostin Lane
0439405041: Mystery of Mr Nice
0439405068: Climb
0439405084: Girls
0439405092: Good night, Good Knight
0439405106: Arthur's perfect Christmas
0439405114: Martin's Big Words (The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
0439405122: Max, the stubborn little wolf
0439405130: Chuckie Meets the Beastie Bunny (Nickelodeon Rugrats Series)
0439405157: Penguins (growing up wild)
0439405173: Clifford the Big Red Dog: Phonics Fun Reading Program BOX SET
0439405181: Clifford the Big Red Dog
0439405203: Clifford's Phonics Fun 6 (Clifford)
0439405238: Hello, Clifford (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405246: I See My Dad (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405254: Happy Birthday, Clifford (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405262: T-Bone on top (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405270: Who hid it? (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405289: Friends (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405297: Clifford can (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405300: Will Clifford win? (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405319: At bat (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405327: Clifford and the jet (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405335: Clifford is tops (Phonics Fun Reading Program)
0439405343: Wet pets; Clifford the Big Red Dog
0439405424: Theres a Zoo in Room 22 by Judy Sierra
0439405432: Caleb's Story
0439405440: After the Holocaust
0439405459: The Celery Stalks at Midnight
0439405475: Angel on the Square
0439405483: The Two Princesses of Bamarre
0439405513: Two Little Trains
0439405521: THE ALL-NEW AMELIA
0439405548: Bob's Birthday
0439405572: Guardians of Ga'hoole Bk. 1 : The Capture
0439405580: Journey
0439405599: Rescue
0439405602: Siege
0439405610: Shattering
0439405629: Guardians of Ga'hoole No. 6 : The Burning
0439405688: Magic Matt and the Cat
0439405696: A Surprise for wendy
0439405718: Bob the Builder Dizzy & Muck Work It O
0439405742: Bob the Builder A Christmas to Remember
0439405793: The Big Storm
0439405858: Secret-Agent Dad (Rugrats)
0439405874: Just around the corner: Poems
0439405882: Thanksgiving mice!
0439405920: Big Trouble in Little Twinsville
0439405947: The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle
0439406277: Horrible Play Date
0439406285: Homework Trouble
0439406412: I'm a Little Giraffe : A Finger-Puppet Pal
0439406420: I'm A Little Puppy : A Finger-Puppet Pal
0439406439: Dear Ellen Bee: A Civil War Scrapbook of Two Union Spies
0439406447: D.W. the Picky Eater
0439406455: The Great Gracie Chase
0439406471: My race car
0439406498: Teddy's Easter secret
0439406501: The Tiger Rising
0439406552: Clifford the Big Red Dog Phonics Fun (reading program, pack 1)
0439406560: Phonics Fun Clifford the Red Dog
0439406617: Clifford is too big (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406641: How to talk to your dog
0439406668: Cleo and the box (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406676: A kiss for Cleo (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406684: Clifford's trick (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406692: The small red puppy (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406706: Fizz (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406714: Clifford and the bath (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406722: The happy dogs (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406730: The vet's visit (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406749: Quick Clifford (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406757: Get the nuts! (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406765: Clifford and the big ship (Clifford the big red dog)
0439406781: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439406803: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3, Book 3 A Treat for Emily Elizabeth
0439406811: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3
0439406838: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439406846: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439406854: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3
0439406862: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439406870: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439406889: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439406897: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 3 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439407001: Declaration of Independence : The Words That Made America
0439407087: Great Expectations
0439407176: Turn off the TV
0439407184: (Almost) Perfect Mother's Day
0439407648: Horses & Ponies (Usborne Spotter's guides)
0439407672: The Star-Spangled Banner
0439407869: The Major Leagur Baseball Card Kit
0439407885: Scooby-Doo's Super Case Book
0439407893: Scooby-Doo and the Haunted Lab
0439407907: Powerpuff Girls 3-d Book : The Powerpuff Girls Eggs-traordinary 3-d Adventure
0439407915: Teenage Spaceland
0439407923: How to Draw Butt-Ugly Martians
0439407958: Botties' Day Off
0439407974: Fun Phonics Puzzles and Games
0439407982: Fun Phonics Cut and Paste
0439407990: Brain-boosting Math Activities : More than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving and Essential Math Skills
0439408008: Brain-boosting Math Activities : More than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving and Essential Math Skills
0439408016: Brain-boosting Math Activities : More than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving and Essential Math Skills
0439408024: Brain-boosting Math Activities : More than 50 Great Activities that Reinforce Problem-Solving and Essential Math Skills
0439408032: Brain-Boosting Math Activities Grade 5
0439408040: Brain-Boosting Math Activities : More Than 50 Great Activities That Reinforce Problem-Solving and Essential Math Skills
0439408059: Great Grammar Skill Builders
0439408067: Great Grammar Skill Builders
0439408075: Great Grammar Skill Builders
0439408083: Punctuation Puzzles and Mazes
0439408091: Learn-the-Alphabet Arts and Crafts : Easy Letter-by-Letter Arts and Crafts Projects That Turn into Beautiful Take-Home ABC Books
0439408105: 25 Read and Write Mini-books that Teach Word Families : Fun and Interactive Rhyming Stories that Give Kids Practice with the 25 Key Word Families - And Put Them on the Path to Reading Success!
0439408113: Perfect Poems for Teaching Phonics : Delightful Poems, Lively Lessons and Reproducible Activities that Teach Key Phonics Skills and Concepts
0439408121: Follow the Directions!
0439408148: Quick Activities to Build a Very Voluminous Vocabulary : 50 Ways to Boost Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, and Test Scores!
0439408156: Joyful Learning : Exciting Writing
0439408229: Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream
0439408245: Homeless (Wild at Heart)
0439408318: Aliens Don't Carve Jack-O-Lanterns
0439408326: Mrs. Claus Doesn't Climb Telephone Poles
0439408334: Leprechauns Don't Play Fetch
0439408342: Ogres Don't Hunt Easter Eggs
0439408385: Sticks and Stones and Doggie Bones (Barkley's School for Dogs)
0439408423: The goose who went off in a huff
0439408431: MONSTER INC
0439408709: Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Kids
0439408881: Policeman Lou and Policewoman Sue
0439408997: It's All in the Name
0439409004: Take the Court
0439409012: Stuck in the Middle
0439409020: Out of Bounds
0439409047: Felix Feels Better
0439409101: BUTTERFLIES
0439409128: Joining the Boston Tea Party (The time-traveling twins)
0439409136: Let's try it out in the air: Hands-on early-learning science activities
0439409144: Let's Try it Out in the Water
0439409160: Multiplication and Division
0439409179: Fractions & Decimals
0439409225: Grammar Manipulatives Kids Love!
0439409276: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409284: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409292: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409306: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409314: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409322: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409330: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409349: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409357: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409365: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409373: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 4 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409411: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409438: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409446: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409454: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409462: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409470: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409497: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409500: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 5 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409527: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 6 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409543: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 6 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409586: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 6 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409616: Phonics Fun: Reading Program, Pack 6 (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439409632: Good for a Laugh : A Guide to Writing Amusing, Clever, and Downright Funny Poems
0439409659: Amazing Air Racers
0439409667: Hover Craft Racer
0439409675: Edible Alien Lab
0439409691: Powerful Words : More Than 200 Years of Extraordinary Writing by African Americans
0439409713: Lady of Palenque : Flower of Bacal, Mesoamerica, A. D. 749
0439409721: Legend Begins
0439409748: Seven Labors of Jack
0439409756: Mountain of Mayhem
0439409764: Bungee Baboon Rescue
0439409772: Hawk Talk
0439409780: Back to the Bayou
0439409799: Over in the Arctic
0439409802: Over in the Rain Forest
0439409829: Animal Stories
0439409845: Scooby-Doo And The Haunted Castle: Scooby-Doo Y El Castillo Hechizado
0439409853: Scooby-Doo and the Mummy's Curse : Scooby-Doo Y la Maldicion de la Momia
0439409861: Bad Case Of Stripes, A: Un Caso Grave de Rayas
0439410266: Gus y Boton
0439410339: La Cosa Hambrienta
0439410371: Capitan Calzoncillos Y El Perverso Plan Del Profesor Pipicaca
0439410509: La Maestra Chiquitita
0439410738: Clifford's Day with Dad
0439411068: Big Bad Bunny
0439411092: Across the wide and lonesome prairie: The Oregon Trail diary of Hattie Campbell
0439411106: Fannie in the Kitchen
0439411122: LITTLE PANDA
0439411130: The Lord's Prayer
0439411149: The Summer of Riley
0439411157: Teddy's Easter secret
0439411173: With You All the Way
0439411203: A Million visions of peace: Wisdom from the friends of Old Turtle
0439411246: Hands-On History : Immigration
0439411254: Hands-On History : Civil War
0439411262: Hands-on History : Pioneers
0439411270: Itty-Bitty, Teeny-Tiny Word Books
0439411297: Literature Guide : Lord of the Rings
0439411327: I Am An Apple (soy Una Manzana) Lev El 1 (Hello Reader! Level 1 (Paperback)) - Paperback
0439411335: I Am Lost (estoy Perdido) Level 1 (Hola, Lector!)
0439411343: Clima Borrascoso Huracanes!/Wild Weather Hurricane
0439411351: Westward Ho! The Story of the Pioneers
0439411378: Summit
0439411483: pedro, El Valiente
0439411491: Huggly and the Books/ Huggly Y Los Libros
0439411505: Clifford Corre a Oir Cuentos (Clifford Runs to Story Time)
0439411513: A Girl, a Goat, and a Goose And the Feather
0439411521: Girl, a Goat, and a Goose, and the Storm
0439411580: Frogs
0439411599: Monkeys =: Monos (Science Emergent Readers)
0439411610: Sea creatures =: Criaturas marinas (Science emergent readers)
0439411688: Under the Big Sky
0439411823: Naughty Nautical Neighbors (SpongeBob Squarepants)
0439411831: Moose's Loose Tooth
0439411874: Girl, the Dragon, and the Wild Magic
0439411882: Girl, the Apprentice, and the Dogs of Iron
0439411890: Rhianna
0439411912: Clifford Reader : Welcome to Birdwell Island
0439411920: A Puppy to Love (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
0439411939: The Big Sleep Over (Clifford The Big Red Dog)
0439411947: No Dogs Allowed (Clifford The Big Red Dog)
0439411955: Clifford the Big Red Dog (An Itchy Day)
0439412005: The Wild Ice Cream Machine
0439412021: The magic ball (Clifford the big red dog)
0439412161: Franklin Says I Love You
0439412811: the Westing Game
0439412854: Earthquakes
0439412889: The Clue of the Left-handed Envelope
0439412897: The Puzzle of the Pretty Pink Handkerchief (Third-Grade Detectives, 2)
0439412900: The Mystery of the Hairy Tomatoes (Third-Grade Detectives)
0439412919: The Cobweb Confession
0439412927: 439412927
0439412978: Bob the Builder; Muck's Sleepover
0439413052: ELIZABETH'S WISH
0439414245: Nowhere Fast
0439414253: Christmas Morning
0439414288: If You Were a Pioneer on the Prairie
0439414318: All About Me
0439414326: Holidays and Seasons: 12 Skill-Building Activities That Motivate Kids to Collect, Display, and Use Data and Connect to the Nctm Standards
0439415322: Read and Write Science Mini-Journals: Reproducible Booklets with Easy Hands-on Activities and Quick Writing Prompts That Teach Key Science Topics
0439415969: ISBN # 0439415969
0439416493: The Comic Book Kid
0439416590: Where Are You Going? : To See My Friend!
0439416604: Game of Sunken Places
0439416612: Game of Sunken Places
0439416760: Greetings From Bikini Bottom (SpongeBob SquarePants)
0439416787: Shadow Life : A Portrait of Anne Frank and Her Family
0439416817: Cowboy Boy
0439416825: Big White Ghost
0439416841: Sea Star
0439416876: WILD ANIMALS
0439417678: Incredible Inventions
0439417686: Bizarre Bugs
0439417708: Out of This World
0439417716: Sailor Returns
0439417732: The best book of whales and dolphins
0439417740: The Everything Kids' Nature Book
0439417775: My dog, my hero
0439417791: 5 ways to know about you
0439417813: Fire Fighters (rev '02)
0439417848: New Captain Underpants Collection
0439417899: I am Morgan le Fay: A Tale from Camelot
0439417961: Edge on the Sword
0439417988: A Plump and Perky Turkey
0439417996: What's Heaven?
0439418003: Hte little squeegy bug
0439418011: One Horse Waiting for Me
0439418038: Franklin and the Magic Show (Kids Can Read)
0439418054: I love trains!
0439418062: Dinosaur splash!
0439418143: Franklin's Music Lessons (Kids Can Read: Franklin)
0439418178: Franklin's Reading Club (Kids Can Read)
0439418216: Franklin's Pumpkin;pb;2004
0439418232: LOLO AND RED LEGS
0439418275: Pedrito's Day
0439418321: Clifford's Y El Dia De Accion De Gracias
0439418372: Serpientes (Descubre Y Explora Con Links De Internet (School Market Edition))
0439418399: Dinosoitos la foto de la clase
0439418801: Flight
0439418879: That's not fair, hare!
0439418887: The Pig in a Wig
0439418976: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Stencil Art
0439418984: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Scene for Scene
0439419018: Not found - converted to zShop
0439419026: Scholastic Atlas of Weather
0439419050: Scholastic Book of Lists
0439419069: Help I'm Bored! Summer Fun
0439419093: Rescue Heroes Reader : Meet the Rescue Heroes
0439419115: Storm of the Century
0439419123: Mountain Mudslide!
0439419158: The curious kitten (Little Animal Ark)
0439419174: The Brave Bunny (little animal ark)
0439419182: Oh Baby! : Amazing Baby Animals
0439419409: Scholastic early childhood program
0439419506: Karen's Haircut (Baysitters Little Sister, 8)
0439419530: Fly With the Birds
0439419654: Scholastic Success with Math : Grade 1
0439419662: Scholastic Success with Math : Grade 2
0439419670: Scholastic Success with Math : Grade 3
0439419689: Scholastic Success with Math : Grade 4
0439419697: Scholastic Success With Math Workbook Grade 5 (Grades 5)
0439419700: Scholastic Success with Math : Grade 6
0439419727: Russell Sprouts
0439419743: New neighbors for Nora (Riverside kids)
0439419751: Nora and Mrs. Mind-Your-Own-Business (Riverside kids)
0439419778: Spring Break
0439419786: Superduper Teddy
0439419794: Ndnb 01 Slumber Party Secret
0439419808: The Lost Locket
0439419816: The Nancy Drew Notebooks
0439419824: Bad day for ballet (Nancy Drew notebooks)
0439419832: The soccer shoe clue (Nancy Drew notebooks)
0439419840: The ice cream scoop (Nancy Drew notebooks)
0439420008: Beach Day
0439420032: Hugs and Kisses
0439420040: Sleep
0439420059: Splash!
0439420067: Eat!
0439420105: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)
0439420520: Girls Save Halloween
0439420547: Fun-Filled 5- to 10-Minute Social Studies Activities for Young Learners : 200 Instant Kid-Pleasing Activities That Build Early Social Studies Skills for Circle Time, Transition Time - or Any Time!: Grades Prek-1
0439420555: Fun-Filled 5- To 10-Minute Literacy Activities for Young Learners
0439420563: Fun-Filled 5- to 10-Minute Science Activities for Young Learners : 200 Instant Kid-Pleasing Activities That Build Early Science Skills for Circle Time, Transition Time - or Any Time!: Grades: Prek-1
0439420571: America from A-Z : 26 Ready-to-Display Letter Cards with Fabulous Photos of Important American Symbols and Places
0439420636: Writing Lessons for the Overhead
0439420652: Big Book of Classroom Stationery, The (Grades 2-3) : Dozens of Motivating Writing Sheets with Illustrated Borders Kids Will Love!
0439420660: Big Book of Classroom Stationery : Dozens of Motivating Writing Sheets with Illustsrated Borders Kids Will Love!
0439420679: Great States Quilt Math
0439420717: Scooby-Doo and the Bowling Boogeyman
0439420725: Scooby-Doo!TM and the Headless Horseman
0439420733: Scooby-Doo and the Deep Sea Diver
0439420741: Sinister Sorcerer
0439420768: Scooby-Doo and the Gruesome Goblin
0439420776: Magic Escapes
0439420784: Dream Thief
0439420792: Search for the Dragon Ship
0439420806: Coiled Viper
0439420849: Point Blank
0439420903: Time Witches
0439420970: Scholastic Book of World Records 2003
0439420989: Get Out! Outdoor Activities Kids Can Enjoy Anywhere (except indoors) (isbn0439420989)
0439421101: Dinosaur Named Sue, A: Un Dinosaurio Llamado Sue: El Hallazgo Del Siglio
0439422175: Cages
0439422639: Little critters pack
0439424119: Boss for a Day (Barkers)
0439424127: Hide-And-Seek All Week (Barkers)
0439424135: Morgan and Moffat Go to School
0439424372: Ghost Class
0439424380: Ghost Game
0439424399: New Ghoul in School
0439424402: Happy Haunting!
0439424410: Swamp Monster in Third Grade
0439424429: Slime Wars
0439424437: Nergal and the Great Space Race
0439424496: Waiting for Wings
0439424658: Supercars 300 Top Performance Machines
0439424666: Superbikes: Over 200 Top Performance Machines, Past and Present
0439424674: You Can Draw Animals
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