0439554187: Fluency Practice Mini-Books : 15 Short, Leveled Fiction and Nonfiction Mini-Books with Research-Based Strategies to Help Students Build Word Recognition, Fluency, and Comprehension
0439554225: Fact and Opinion (Reading Passages That Build Comprehensio)
0439554233: Predicting (Reading Passages That Build Comprehensio)
0439554241: Inference (Reading Passages That Build Comprehensio)
0439554268: Context Clues (Reading Passages That Build Comprehensio)
0439554276: Compare and Contrast (Reading Passages That Build Comprehensio)
0439554284: Comprehension Strategies for English Language Learners : 30 Research-Based Reading Strategies That H
0439554381: Sight Word Poetry Pages : 100 Fill-in-the-Blank Practice Pages That Help Kids Really Learn the Top High-Frequency Words
0439554411: Let's fly Wilbur and Orville! (Before I made history)
0439554438: Let's Dream, Martin Luther King, Jr.! (Scholastic Chapter Book Biography)
0439554446: Give Me a Sign, Helen Keller! (Before I Made History)
0439554691: The Spymaster's Gadget Lab
0439554764: Animal Rescue Store
0439554780: Singer of All Songs
0439554799: Singer of All Songs
0439554802: Waterless Sea : Chanters of Tremaris
0439554810: The Waterless Sea : Chanters Of Tremaris, Book Two (Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy)
0439554829: Tenth Power
0439554888: The Carnivorous Carnival (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Ninth)
0439554918: How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
0439554926: Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban
0439554934: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
0439554942: Scholastic Atlas of the United States
0439554950: Writing Winning Reports and Essays
0439554969: Scholastic Atlas of the World
0439554977: Gods, Goddesses, and Monsters
0439554985: Building Your Vocabulary
0439554993: Journal of Biddy Owens
0439555000: Journal of Otto Peltonen : A Finnish Immigrant: Hibbing, Minnesota 1905
0439555019: Picture of Freedom : The Diary of Clotee, a Slave Girl, Belmont Plantation, Virginia, 1859
0439555027: Dreams in the Golden Country : The Diary of Zipporah Feldman, a Jewish Immmigrant Girl
0439555035: Journal of Scott Pendelton Collins, A World War II Soldier
0439555043: Journey to the New World : The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, Mayflower, 1620
0439555051: I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly : The Diary of Patsy, a Freed Girl
0439555078: Winter of Red Snow : The Revolutionary War Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart
0439555086: Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie : The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell
0439555116: Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce, A Pilgrim Boy, Plymouth
0439555124: My Secret War
0439555132: Early Sunday Morning : The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber Billows
0439555159: Standing in the Light : The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan, Delaware Valley, Pennsylvania, 1763
0439555175: When Will This Cruel War Be Over? : The Civil War Diary of Emma Simpson
0439555191: Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds
0439555302: Journal of Ben Uchida, Citizen #13559
0439555337: Great Railroad Race : The Transcont Diary of Libby West
0439555353: Light in the Storm : The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin
0439555396: Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow : The Diary of Sarah Nita, a Navajo Girl
0439555426: Time for Courage : The Diary of Kathleen Bowen
0439555647: Scooby-Doo! Y LA Leyenda Del Vampiro/the Legend of the Vampire
0439555655: Scooby-Doo! Y El Monstruo De Mexico
0439555663: Lewis and Clark A Prairie Dog for the President
0439555728: In Grandmother's Arms
0439555825: Don't Know Much About George Washington
0439555833: Don't Know Much about the Pilgrims (Don't Know Much about)
0439555841: Dont Know Much About the Presidents
0439555957: Tooth Trouble
0439555965: Tooth Trouble
0439555973: King of Show-and-Tell
0439555981: King of Show-and-Tell
0439556007: Ready, Freddy!
0439556015: Ready, Freddy! : Don't Sit on My Lunch
0439556023: Ready, Freddy! : Don't Sit on My Lunch
0439556066: Ready Freddy #6 Dream Police
0439556074: Alvie Eats Soup
0439556082: Oops! I Did It (Again)!
0439556090: Rap a tap tap here's bojangles-thing of t
0439556554: How to write mysteries: A writer's notebook
0439556562: The Little Snowflake
0439556570: The Biggest Leaf Pile
0439556589: The Children's Book of Home and Family
0439556678: Who Lives Here?
0439556686: Too Big (Clifford Color and Activity)
0439556694: Clifford Words Around Town Color and Activity
0439556708: Clifford Helps Out
0439556716: Clifford's Doodle Pad Scribble Pad
0439556724: Happy Ham-Ham Halloween!
0439556732: The Major League Baseball guide to card collecting
0439556848: 40 Reproducible Forms for the Writing Traits Classroom : Checklists, Rubrics and Scoring Sheets, Graphic Organizers, and More to Boost Students' Writing Skills in All Seven Traits
0439556856: Writing to Prompts in the Trait-Based Classroom :Content Areas
0439556872: Using Picture Books to Teach Writing with the Traits
0439556899: The Noisy Way To Bed
0439556961: Marika
0439557046: The Friendship Survival Guide
0439557054: Haunted History : Ghostly Graveyards and Spooky Spots
0439557062: History's Mysteries : The Dead, the Doomed, and the Buried
0439557070: Modern Marvels
0439557089: Mystery of the Lost Valentine
0439557097: Clue in the Castle Wall
0439557100: Roller-Ghoster : Junior Chapter Book
0439557119: Mean Green Mystery Machine : Junior Chapter Book (Scooby-Doo)
0439557127: Snowman Snowdown
0439557143: The Christmas Cookie Case
0439557151: Shamrock Scare
0439557178: Science Fair From The Black Lagoon
0439557186: The Class Pet from the Black Lagoon
0439557194: The New Kid from the Black Lagoon
0439557267: Soy UN Gran Camion De Dieciocho Ruedas!
0439557275: If I Could Drive A Car Hauler! : Si Yo Pudiera Manejar un Camion Portaautos!
0439557305: Electronics Lab Instruction Book
0439557313: A Maze of Merlin!: The Great Mystery
0439557348: New Year's CleanUp
0439557356: Colors & Shapes
0439557364: First Words: Touch & Feel Cards (Scholastic Hands on Learning)
0439557372: Numbers: Touch & Feel Cards (Scholastic Hands on Learning)
0439557380: Opposites: Touch & Feel Cards (Scholastic Hands on Learning)
0439557399: The Space Explorer's Guide to the Universe (Space University)
0439557402: The Space Explorer\'s Guide to Space Travel
0439557410: The Space Explorer\'s Guide to Earth\'s Neighborhood
0439557429: The Space Explorer's Guide to the Search for Life in the Universe
0439557526: All about Me
0439559553: Doomed Queen Anne
0439559561: Lord of the Kill
0439559588: Friends 24/7
0439559634: Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
0439559642: Curse of the Cheese Pyramid
0439559650: Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House
0439559669: I'm Too Fond of My Fur!
0439559677: Four Mice Deep in the Jungle
0439559685: Paws off, Cheddarface!
0439559693: Red Pizzas for a Blue Count
0439559707: Attack of the Bandit Cats
0439559715: Attack of the Bandit Cats
0439559723: All Because of a Cup of Coffee
0439559731: It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse!
0439559847: Superfudge
0439559855: Fudge-a-Mania
0439559863: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
0439559871: Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great
0439559898: Pokemon Offical Book 4
0439559901: Official Pokemon Advanced Collectors Sticker Book
0439559928: Snack Attack
0439559936: Who's that knocking on Christmas Eve?
0439559952: Case of the Best Pet Ever
0439559960: Case of the Perfect Prank
0439559979: Case of the Missing Falcon
0439559987: Case of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost
0439559995: Frankenstein Doesn't Start Food Fights
0439560004: Dracula Doesn't Play Kickball
0439560012: Stage Fright
0439560020: Happy Boo-Day to You!
0439560039: Hide-and-Spook
0439560047: Ghosts Be Gone
0439560055: Last Pony Ride
0439560063: Annie to the Rescue (Magic Pony)
0439560098: Hershey's Kisses Multiplication and Division
0439560101: Icky Bug Numbers
0439560128: Unicorn
0439560136: Fairy : Blinda Ray
0439560217: Perfect Poems with Strategies for Building Fluency : Grades 5-6
0439560241: 100 Words Kids Need to Read 2nd Grade
0439560268: Historia De Una Gaviota Y Del Gato Que Le Esseno a Volar
0439560276: Junie B. Jones Ama a Warren, El Hermoso / Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren
0439560284: Junie B. Jones y el Cumpleanos del Malo de Jim
0439560292: Junie B. Jones y el Horrible Pastel de Frutas
0439560322: Cowboy Boy
0439560330: Candidates, Campaigns and Elections
0439560349: Tub Tales
0439560357: Retelling Strategies to Improve Comprehension
0439560365: Splash of Color
0439560373: Understanding Special Education : A Helpful Handbook for Classroom Teachers
0439560403: In the Ice Caves of Krog
0439560438: Flight of the Genie
0439560489: Secrets of Droon : The Isle of Mists
0439560497: Wizard or Witch
0439560500: Food Chain Frenzy
0439560519: Color Day Relay
0439560527: Fishy Field Trip
0439560535: Magic School Bus
0439560551: Birthday Zoo
0439560586: The Frogs Wore Red Suspenders
0439560594: The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Science
0439560608: Whales and Dolphins : Internet Linked Usborne Discovery
0439560624: Careful, Santa!
0439560659: How Groundhog's Garden Grew
0439560691: Home To Me: Poems Across America
0439560713: K Is for Kwanzaa
0439560756: Santa Paws and the New Puppy
0439560780: Facts, Figures, and Stats
0439560888: The Princess Party Book
0439560918: Five Green and Speckled Frogs
0439560950: Incredible Sharks (Seemore Readers)
0439560985: Dogzilla (Spanish Edition)
0439560993: Minnie and Moo Meet Frankenstein;pb;2001
0439561159: Ham-Hugs All Around
0439561167: Scooby-Doo and the Cactus Creature
0439561175: Scooby-Doo and the Scary Skateboarder
0439561213: Smoke and Ashes...the Story of the Holocaust
0439561256: Spy Survival Handbook
0439561264: Scribbles and Secrets
0439561272: The Great Blue Yonder
0439561280: Scholastic Atlas of Oceans
0439561353: Puppy Mudge Has a Snack
0439561396: Hello Kitty Gives Thanks
0439561418: Hello Kittys Yearbook All Year Round Act
0439561442: Baseball's Hot Shots Sluggers and Pitchers
0439561450: Cinderella
0439561477: There were ten in the bed (Sing and read)
0439561485: Pocahontas, (Let\'s Read About.....)(Scholastic First Biographies)
0439561531: Mummies and Pyramids
0439561558: Times Up Tell Time on the Farm with the
0439562104: Plum
0439562112: Dear Mrs. LaRue (Letters from Obedience School)
0439562120: Kindergarten Abc
0439562139: God Bless America
0439562147: Guy Wire
0439562155: Horrible Harry and the Dragon War
0439562163: Horrible Harry and the Mud Gremlins
0439562260: Froggy Goes to the Doctor (Froggy)
0439562325: Mijos Handbook
0439562341: Mijos : The Fiesta Face-Off
0439562392: What is an insect?
0439562406: Butterfly Mariposa
0439562414: Phineas Gage
0439562422: The Principal's on the Roof (Fletcher Mystery)
0439562430: The Mixed-Up Mask Mystery (Fletcher Myster)
0439562457: If ony I Had a Green Nose
0439562686: Spongebob Moviepants (Nick Zone)
0439562694: Nick Zone: Token Wishes
0439562708: Fearless (Nick Zone)
0439562716: The Science Project (Nick Zone)
0439562724: Sky Scare (Nick Zone)
0439562732: Llama Drama (Nick Zone)
0439562767: Nick Zone: Ding Dong
0439562783: Best in Show (Nick Zone)
0439562805: Time Out! (Nick Zone)
0439562813: Baby-sitter Blues (Nick Zone)
0439562821: What's Cooking, SpongeBob? (Nick Zone)
0439562856: Everglades Escapades (Nick Zone)
0439562872: Zine Scene (Nick Zone)
0439562910: Pirates of the Kiddy Pool (Nick Zone)
0439562988: All Washed Up. Nick Zone, The Fairly Odd Parents
0439563003: Clowning Around (Nick Zone) (Nick Zone)
0439563038: Miss Ocean Shores (Nick Zone)
0439563062: Best Bro: Nick Zone
0439564131: Let's Read About Rosa Parks
0439564158: Boats on the River
0439564166: Planes at the Airport
0439564174: Hippity Skippity Easter
0439564182: Hippo-Not-Amus
0439564204: No Kisses Please!
0439564212: Weird Science
0439564220: X-Traordinary X-Tremes
0439565154: Little Bill Thinks Big on CD Rom
0439565383: I Spy Fantasy
0439565448: The Runaway Pumpkin
0439565510: Electronics Lab: Instruction Book
0439565537: Princess School : Who's the Fairest?
0439565545: Beauty Is A Beast
0439565812: Eggs-Tinct: Cracking Up in Prehistoric Times
0439565820: Porky and Daffy in ALIEN ALLEY: Bowled Over on Planet Nincompoopia
0439565863: Marathon Mouse Racing Around Ancient Greece
0439565901: Mummy Madness: Wrapped Up in Ancient Egypt
0439566169: Corduroy goes to the Fire Station
0439566177: Oh My Gosh, Mrs. McNosh
0439566185: Cuckoo Can't Find You
0439566231: Pudgy: A Puppy to Love
0439566282: Owls, Bats, Wolves and Other Nocturnal Animals
0439566290: Sharks! (World Discovery Science Readers)
0439566304: Rocks and Minerals (World Discovery Science Readers)
0439566312: Ants, Bees and Other Social Insects (World Discovery Science Readers)
0439566339: Dragonball Z: Codebusters
0439566576: Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex, Adapted for Young People from In The Heart of the Sea
0439566754: Surviving the Applewhites
0439566762: 100 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know by 4th Grade
0439566770: 100 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know by 5th Grade
0439566789: 100 Vocabulary Words Kids Need to Know by 6th Grade
0439566797: 100 Math : 1st Grade
0439566800: 100 Math : 2nd Grade
0439566819: 100 Math : 3rd Grade
0439566835: HUSH
0439566886: Your Five Senses (Time-to-Discover)
0439566908: You Hear With Your Ears (Scholastic Readers)
0439566916: You Touch With Yourk Fingers
0439566932: You Smell With Your Nose (Scholastic Readers)
0439567033: There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow
0439567041: Hanukkah : A Counting Book in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish
0439567068: If You Lived When There Was Slavery in America
0439567106: Doggone...third Grade
0439567157: And the Winner Is ...
0439567270: Teaching Writing Through Differentiated Instruction With Leveled Graphic Organiz : 50+ Reproducible,
0439567289: Learning to Teach : Not Just for Beginner: 3rd Editions
0439567297: Great Big Book of Thematic Poetry : More Than 200 Delightful Poems on Favorite Topics That Will Enrich Your Lessons, Bild Fluency, and Strengthen Reading Skills
0439567319: Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hynotism
0439567440: Puppy Pages
0439567459: Life with Lizzie: A Journal By Lizzie and Me! (Lizzie McGuire)
0439567556: Monsters Unleashed
0439567564: Monsters Unleashed : Book of Monsters
0439567572: Classroom Discussion : Stategies for Engaging All Students, Building Higher-Level Thinking Skills and Strengthening Reading and Writing across the Curriculum
0439567610: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
0439567629: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix : Year Five : Deluxe Edition
0439567637: Journey to the River Sea
0439567645: The Great Ghost Rescue
0439567807: Scholastic Bulletin Boards : Clifford Friendship
0439568013: Spooky's Nightmare
0439568242: Abominable Snowman of Pasadena
0439568250: Barking Ghost
0439568269: Cuckoo Clock of Doom
0439568277: Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
0439568285: Deep Trouble
0439568293: Egg Monsters from Mars
0439568307: Ghost Beach
0439568315: Ghost Camp
0439568323: Ghost Next Door
0439568331: Haunted Mask
0439568358: How I Got My Shrunken Head
0439568366: How to Kill A Monster
0439568374: It Came from Beneath the Sink
0439568382: Let's Get Invisible
0439568390: Monster Blood
0439568404: Night of the Living Dummy
0439568412: One Day at Horrorland
0439568420: Say Cheese and Die!
0439568439: Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
0439568447: Shocker on Shock Street
0439568455: Stay Out of the Basement
0439568463: Welcome to Camp Nightmare
0439568471: Welcome to Dead House
0439568498: Just For You! Hurry Up!
0439568501: Just For You! A Day With Daddy
0439568528: Just For You! I Can't Take A Bath! (Just For You)
0439568536: Just for You! A Mom Like No Other
0439568544: Just For You! Sunday Best
0439568552: Just For You! Singing For Dr. King (Just For You)
0439568560: Just For You! No Boys Allowed!
0439568579: Just For You! Mommy s Bed
0439568609: Just For You! Don't Hit Me (Just For You)
0439568617: Just For You! The Girls In The Circle
0439568625: Only the Stars
0439568633: Just For You! Never Finished, Never Done!
0439568641: Just For You! The Mystery Of The Missing Dog
0439568668: Just For You! The Two Tyrones
0439568676: Low-Down Bad-Day Blues
0439568684: Lights Out!
0439568692: Just for You! : My Shoelaces Are Hard to Tie
0439568706: Stop, Drop, and Chill
0439568730: Shop Talk
0439568757: Just for You! : The Bravest Girls in the World
0439568773: I Hate to Be Sick!
0439568781: Just for You! Jumping the Broom
0439568803: Monsters Unleashed : Joke Book
0439568811: Barney's Colorful World
0439568900: Napoleon and Josephine : The Sword and the Hummingbird
0439569206: The Big Book of Pre-K Learning Centers: Activities, Ideas and Strategies That Meet the Standards, Build Early Skills and Prepare Children for Kindergarten
0439569265: Clifford the Small Red Puppy Ring Rattle
0439569281: Clifford the Small Red Puppy Teething Rattle
0439569575: Children's Book of Home and Family HC
0439569583: Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury for Kids
0439569591: Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters From Obediance School
0439569605: House Called Awful End the Eddie Dickens
0439569648: God Bless America
0439569656: How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
0439569664: The Scarlet Pimpernel
0439569680: Trick or Treat?
0439569699: Scholastic Success With 1st Grade Workbook
0439569702: Scholastic Success with 2nd Grade
0439569710: Scholastic Success With 3rd Grade Workbook (Math Reading Writing Grammar Maps)
0439569729: Scholastic Success with: 4th Grade (Bind-Up) (Little Friends Series)
0439569737: Scholastic Success with 5th Grade Workbook
0439569745: Among the Barons
0439569753: BLIZZARD'S WAKE
0439569796: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
0439569834: 101 Things You Need to Know
0439569842: How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read
0439569850: I Like It Here At School
0439569869: Love That Dog
0439569885: Wild Leaf Ride
0439569893: Magic School Bus Sleeps for the Winter
0439569907: The Magic School Bus Lost in the Snow
0439569915: Flies from the Nest
0439569923: Dear Miss Breed
0439570646: Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber Brown
0439570662: FROM HEAD TO TOE
0439570670: Punctuation Takes a Vacation
0439570808: Where\'s my hug
0439570840: Betsy who cried wolf
0439570859: Dot and Jabber and the Mystery of the Missing Stream
0439570867: Cheater Pants (Junie B., First Grader)
0439570875: Junie B., First Grader Cheater Pants
0439571251: Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571286: Book Guides: Ben's Trumpet
0439571294: A Birthday Basket for Tia (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571316: The Car Washing Street (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571324: Chester's Way (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571332: Book Guides: Chicken Sunday
0439571340: Book Guides: City Green
0439571359: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Scholastic Bookfiles) - Paperback
0439571367: Desert Giant: The World of the Saguaro Cactus (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571391: Frog and Toad Are Friends (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571413: Book Guides: I Hate English!
0439571448: Scholastic Book Guides: Is It Dark? Is It Light?
0439571456: The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Hungry Bear (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571472: Mirette on the Highwire (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571502: Book Guides: My Friend
0439571529: Book Guides: New Shoes for Silvia
0439571537: Book Guides Outside and Inside You
0439571545: Book Guides: A Place for Grace
0439571553: Snap! a Book About Alligators and Crocodiles
0439571561: Book Guides: Pueblo Storyteller
0439571588: California Gold Rush
0439571642: Stringbean's Trip to the Shining Sea (Scholastic Book Guides, Grades K-2)
0439571677: How to Draw the Justice League
0439571758: Detective Academy Crime Scene Investigation
0439571766: Detective Academy: Interviews and Interrogations
0439571774: Detective Academy Prints and Impressions
0439571782: Collecting and Handling Evidence (Detective Academy)
0439571928: Design & Fly Paper Airplanes
0439572185: Practice, Practice, Practice! Addition and Subtraction : 50 Independent Practice Pages That Help Kids Master Essential Math Skills-and Meet the NCTM Standards
0439572266: From Rags to Riches (Book Guides, Grades 3-5)
0439572304: Book Guides: Lon Po Po
0439572444: Book Guides: Grades 3-5: Where Was Patrick Henry on the 19th of May?
0439572487: Book Guides: The Call of the Wild
0439572878: Book Guides: Where the Red Fern Grows
0439572975: Shark and Other Sea Creatures Dictionary
0439573017: Judy Moody: Was In a Mood. Not a Good Mood. A Bad Mood. (Judy Moody)
0439573025: Not found - converted to zShop
0439573459: Me (and Charlie) Life As We Know It (1)
0439573483: Spooky hayride (Hello reader)
0439573548: Santa Paws Saves the Day
0439573610: Say Cheese and Die. . Again!
0439573653: You Can't Scare Me!
0439573696: Teacher's Guide for Sprint Reading (Upper Elementary: Level 500)
0439573742: Night of the Living Dummy II
0439573750: Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
0439573882: Artemis Fowl the Eternity Code
0439573904: Best Love Poems Ever
0439573963: We All Fall for Apples
0439574048: Perfect Poems for Teaching Sight Words : Delightful Poems, Research-Based Lessons, and Instant Activities That Teach the Top High-Frequency Words
0439574072: My First Little Readers
0439574099: Just-Right Writing Mini-Lessons : Mini-Lessons to Teach Your Students the Essential Skills and Strategies They Need to Write Fiction and Nonfiction
0439574110: Teaching Grammar With Playful Poems : Engaging Lessons With Model Poems by Favorite Poets That Motiv
0439574129: 6+1 Traits Of Writing
0439574153: When Santa Was a Kid (hello reader chapter book!)
0439574242: Jungle Book
0439574250: Dr. Doolittle
0439574269: Best Ghost Stories Ever
0439574277: Invisible Man
0439574285: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
0439574293: Count of Monte Cristo
0439574331: Teddy's Snowy Day
0439574412: The Very First Thanksgiving Day
0439574455: BATS Creatures of the Night
0439574587: Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!
0439574625: One Hundred Days (Plus One)
0439574676: Crispin The Cross of Lead
0439574684: Crispin: The Cross of Lead
0439574692: Beware of Mad Dog
0439574706: Get Well Soon or Else!
0439574714: Danger! Boys Dancing! (Boyds Will Be Boyds)
0439574722: Fink's Funk! (Boyds will be Boyds)
0439574757: Earth
0439574765: The Loudest Roar
0439574781: The Moon
0439574854: Egg to Robin
0439574951: What's Going on in There? : A Guessing Book
0439575788: Pink Translucent Jounal
0439575842: Frogs Wore Red Suspenders
0439575850: The Shaking Bag. Illustrated by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson.
0439575893: So You Want To Be An Inventor
0439576172: Esperanza Rising
0439576229: Pre Writing Practice Pages
0439576237: Fright Night Flight
0439576261: Making Spelling Words Stick
0439576318: Shrek and Fiona's Slide Show
0439576326: Who Are You Calling Ugly? : Scratch and Stink Stickers
0439576334: Shrek 2
0439576342: Are We There Yet?
0439576350: Midnight Mayhem No. 4 : Color Activity Book with Iron-On Transfer
0439576415: Chicken Soup for the Soul - Christmas Treasury for Kids
0439576474: Home for the Holidays
0439576512: Ella Enchanted
0439576520: The Eternity Code (Artemis Fowl, Book 3)
0439576539: Calling Doctor Amelia Bedelia
0439576571: Froggy Goes To the Doctor
0439576601: Amelia Bedelia Bookworm
0439576636: Report Guide: Using Data To Drive Instruction
0439576652: dare to care the remarkable story of dr. pedro jose greer jr.
0439576768: What Color Is Your Underwear?
0439576784: Dream of Freedom : The Civil Rights Movement from 1954-1968
0439576806: Calculator Tricks
0439576814: My Guardian Angel
0439576830: My Friend Rabbit
0439576881: Coraline
0439576954: What Teachers Cant Do
0439576962: Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve?
0439576989: The Horseshoe Trilogies: Sweet Charity
0439576997: Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism
0439577039: Sight Words Readers Parent Pack
0439577330: My Happy Baby
0439577373: Cluck, Cluck Who's There? : A Lift-the-Flap Book
0439577403: House on Falling Star Hill
0439577438: Kissing The Rain
0439577446: The Snowman Mystery (Hello Reader Chapter Book)
0439577454: Sal to the Rescue (pal the pony)
0439577497: My Chimp Friday (THe Nana Banana Chronicles)
0439577527: Once Upon a Marigold
0439577543: Ginger Pye PB
0439577594: Incredible Sharks
0439577608: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat!
0439577616: loser
0439577624: Ruby Holler
0439577632: Surviving the Applewhites
0439577640: The Carnivorous Carnival (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book the Ninth)
0439577659: Castle Island
0439577675: Titanic (Magic Tree House Research Guide)
0439577683: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Treasury Collection Pop-Up Series, Four Volume Set - Cyclone, The Yellow Brick Road, Adventures in Oz, Emerald City)
0439577691: Ten Best Things about My Dad
0439577713: Statue of Liberty, The
0439577756: Crispin, The Cross of Lead
0439577772: The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool
0439577810: When Marian Sang
0439577829: The House of the Scorpion
0439577837: Pictures of Hollis Woods Hardcover by Patricia Reilly Giff
0439577845: Pictures of Hollis Woods
0439578108: The Ugly Princess and the Wise Fool
0439578116: Judy Moody Predicts the Future
0439578183: Baloney (Henry P.)
0439578191: The Best Class Picture Ever
0439578221: Mama Rex and T : The Reading Champion
0439578256: Fluffy Bunny (Soft-To-Touch Books)
0439578426: Mama Loves You
0439578442: Tanka Tanka Skunk!
0439578620: Scooby-DooTM 2 : Monsters Unleashed
0439578779: Froggy plays in the band
0439579007: How to Survive Almost Anything
0439579015: How to Run a Pet Business, Set up a Lemonade Stand, Be a Homework Helper, and other ways to Make Money
0439579023: How to Master the School Universe: Homework, Teachers, Tests, Bullies, and Other Ways to Survive the Classroom
0439579031: How to Survive the Seemingly Impossible: Jugglin, Magic Tricks, Illusions, and Other Feats You Really Can Do
0439579058: How to Tackle Puzzles, Unravel Riddles, Crack Codes and Other Ways to Bend Your Brain
0439579139: Too Loud Lily
0439579155: Ruby in Her Own Time
0439579236: A Corner of the Universe
0439579244: The Spider and the Fly: Based on the Cautionary Tale By Mary Howitt
0439579287: The Spider and the Fly
0439579295: The House of the Scorpion
0439579309: My Friend Rabbit
0439579317: Pictures of Hollis Woods
0439579384: Are Mountains Growing Taller? Questions and Answers about The Changing Earth
0439579422: Solar System
0439579449: Here Today
0439579457: Here Today
0439579465: Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth
0439579708: Before They Were Stars
0439579732: Make the Play!
0439579740: NBA on the Inside
0439579759: Fish In Room 11
0439579767: Fish In Room 11
0439580358: Montmorency : Thief, Liar, Gentleman
0439580366: Montmorency : Thief, Liar, Gentleman?
0439581435: My Brother Martin
0439581761: How to Draw Hello Kitty and Her Friends
0439582903: One Tiny Turtle
0439582962: Puppy Mudge takes a bath (Ready-to-read)
0439582970: Blizzard's Wake
0439583535: Clifford's Puppy Days : Halloween Howl
0439583934: Five Dinosaurs Jumping on the Bed
0439583942: Nobody Was Here : Seventh Grade in the Life of Me, Penelope
0439583950: Nobody Was Here : Seventh Grade in the Life of Me, Penelope
0439583969: How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back?
0439584124: Angels Unlimited: Flying High
0439584175: The Wolf Who Cried Boy
0439584191: Bob the Builder Best in Show!
0439584396: Hondo & Fabian
0439584906: Hondo & Fabian
0439584922: Phantom Stallion
0439584930: Mustang Moon (Phantom Stallion)
0439585104: Among the Barons
0439585414: Ridiculous Knock-Knocks
0439585430: Three Girls in the City: Self-Portrait
0439585503: The Uninvited Guest: Becky And Her Friends Make Th
0439585511: Classic Clifford Stories (Clifford: The Big Red Dog)
0439585538: Valley of the Wolves
0439585562: Legend Of The Wandering King
0439585597: Clifford the Big Red Dog: The Snow Dog (Big Red Reader Series)
0439585600: How to Draw More Manga
0439585627: All You Need for a Snowman
0439585635: Powerpuff Pajamarama
0439585759: Sounder
0439585767: King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian
0439585902: You Are Not Alone
0439585910: You Are Not Alone Teens Talk About Loss of a Parent
0439585961: Smart About the Fifty States
0439586461: I Like Me (Little Leveled Readers) ILLUSTRATED
0439587123: Are You Ready for Bed?
0439587158: Scoopy-doo and the Dance Club Curse
0439587166: Hands on History: Colonial America
0439587328: Who's Been Eating MY Porridge?
0439587409: Don't Know Much About American History
0439587417: What Readers Can Do
0439587425: Sam Finds a Monster (Kids Can Read)
0439587468: Earthquack!
0439587476: Robert & the Triple Rotten Day
0439587492: Robert and the Computer Hogs (Robert)
0439587573: Double Fudge
0439587603: Harry Potter Deluxe Coloring Book (Harry Potter)
0439588111: Mission Without Permission
0439588529: Fluency Lessons for the Overhead : 15 Passages and Lessons for Teaching Phrasin, Rate, and Expression to Build Fluency for Better Comprehension
0439588537: Fluency Lessons for the Overhead : 15 Passages and Lessons for Teaching Phrasin, Rate, and Expression to Build Fluency for Better Comprehension
0439588545: Making Word Walls Work : A Complete, Systematic Guide with Routines, Grade-Perfect Word Lists, and Reproducible Word Cards to Help All Children Master High-Frequency Words
0439588634: Flat Stanley
0439588642: Stanley in Space
0439589061: Yo, Millard Fillmore and All Those Other Presidents You Don't Know
0439589177: First To Fly How Wilbur & Orville Wright
0439589339: Hunter's Best Friend at School
0439590183: Nonfiction Passages With Graphic Organiz
0439590191: Nonfic Passages W/Graphic Organizers For
0439590205: Brain-Based Strategies to Reach Every Learner : Surveys, Questionnaires, and Checklists That Help You Identify Sstudents' Strengths-Plus Engaging Brain-Based Lessons and Activities
0439590221: 20 Tricky Writing Problems-Solved
0439590248: Creating a Bully-Free Classroom : An Effective Framework with Strategies and Activities That Build a Safe Classroom Community Where All Children Thrive
0439590760: OO
0439590809: Wheels on the Race Car
0439590868: Sparkly Boohball
0439590876: Twirling, Whirling, Swirl! : Color and Activity Book with Cardstock Insert
0439590892: Bungee Boo Dance
0439590914: Scrunch Up, Stretch Out!
0439590930: Springy Zingy Box
0439590949: Dolphins and Sharks (Magic Tree House Research Guide)
0439590965: Con-fidence
0439591007: Christmas Tapestry
0439591015: The Frog Princess
0439591066: THE THIEF LORD
0439591082: Yao Ming
0439591090: Absolutely Positively Not
0439591775: Girl in a cage
0439591813: Kensuke's Kingdom
0439591945: Teacher's Guide (social studies) for Scholastic ACTION Book Collections
0439592283: Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea
0439592291: Scholastic Encyclopedia of the United States at War
0439592747: I spy Letter & Numbers
0439593549: Substitute Teacher Plans
0439593700: Dog
0439594162: I Am Not a Dinosaur
0439594235: Spiderwick Chronicles 1 the Field Guide
0439594251: Fall Leaves
0439594286: Our Tea Party
0439594480: Rookie Reader Box Set
0439597048: Ghost Ship
0439597080: Taylor Made Tales #1
0439597153: Trimensions Book
0439597161: Sleeping Ugly
0439597188: Cat's Tale
0439597196: Teaching with Favorite Lois Ehlert Books : Engaging, Skill-Building Activities That Introduce Basic Concepts, Develop Vocabulary, and Explore Favorite Science Topics; Grades PreK-K
0439597242: Best of Dr. Jean : Hands on Art
0439597250: Science & Math
0439597269: Best of Dr. Jean: Reading and Writing : More Than 100 Delightful, Skill-Building Ideas and Activities for Early Learners; Grades PreK-K
0439597277: Best of Dr Jean: Puppets and Storytime : More Than 100 Delightful, Skill-Building Ideas and Activities for Early Learners
0439597285: Practice, Practice, Practice! Multiplication & Division
0439597293: Practice, Practice, Practice! Time, Money and Measurement : 50 Independent Practice Pages That Help Kids Master Essential Math Skills-and Meet the NCTM Standards
0439597307: Practical Lessons
0439597323: Stars in the Sky : En el Cielo Las Estrellas: Versos de la Abuela
0439597404: The Spiderwick Chronicles (book 1)
0439597412: The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 2: The Seeing Stone
0439597420: Lucinda's Secret (Spiderwick Chronicles,Book 3)
0439597528: Shiloh
0439597668: Second-Grade Pig Pals
0439597781: Myths From Around the World
0439598389: Bad Case of Stripes
0439598397: Dog Breath!
0439598400: Grapes of Math
0439598419: How Are You Peeling? : Foods with Moods
0439598427: Is Your Mama a Llama?
0439598435: Pigsty
0439598443: Story of Ruby
0439598451: When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really Angry...
0439598478: Funky Phobias
0439598486: Revolting Rhymes
0439598516: Haunting of Alaizabel Cray
0439598559: Instant Poetry Frames Around the Year
0439598680: Apples
0439598710: Talkin About Bessie (The Story About Elizabeth Coleman)
0439598796: Caterpillar Dance
0439598834: Easter Bunny Baby Rugrats
0439598885: And the Winner is...
0439598893: Hello, School Bus!
0439598907: Hello, Fire Truck!
0439598915: Hello, Freight Train!
0439598923: Everything Tween Book
0439598931: Pier Pressure (Luna Bay)
0439598974: Girl in a Cage
0439599962: Old Turtle
0439600103: My Secret Unicorn : Dreams Come True
0439603129: Christmas Makes Me Think
0439603188: Special Delivery
0439603439: 0439603439
0439603714: Dinosaur Dinosaur
0439603730: Spooky Hour
0439606241: Get Ready for Kindergarten
0439606268: Get Ready for 2nd Grade
0439606276: Get Ready for 3rd Grade
0439606284: Get Ready for 4th Grade
0439606292: Get Ready for 5th Grade
0439606764: Montmorency on the Rocks : Doctor, Aristocrat, Murderer?
0439606772: Montmorency on the Rocks : Doctor, Aristocrat, Murderer?
0439606780: Katie's Sunday Afternoon
0439606977: Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster
0439606985: Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster
0439606993: Scooby-Doo's Haunted Halloween
0439607000: Barney Play Time!
0439607019: Greatest Parade
0439607043: Powerpuff Girls Rainy Day Sticker Storybook
0439607051: Powerpuff Girls Holiday Lift-the-Flap Book : Christmas in Townsville
0439607272: Frindle
0439607302: Trading Spaces : Boys vs. Girls
0439607310: Mystery of Metru Nui
0439607329: Trial by Fire
0439607337: Bionicle Adventures : The Darkness Below
0439607345: Metru Nui : A Guide to the City of Legends
0439607418: Kindergarten 1 2 3
0439608643: A Corner of the Universe
0439609704: Fluency Strategies for Struggling Readers : Classroom-Tested Oral Reading Strategies That Help Build Comprehension
0439609720: Teaching with Favorite Ezra Jack Keats Books : Engaging, Skill-Building Activities That Help Kids Learn about Families, Friendship, Neighborhood and Community, and More in These Beloved Classics; Grades K-2
0439609771: Sing Along and Learn : A Complete Collection of More Than 80 Learning Songs With Activities for the Early Childhood Classroom
0439610214: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
0439610923: My School Box
0439611164: Puppy Love (Clifford's Puppy Days)
0439611725: Picture Perfect?
0439611814: Behind the Secret Window
0439611881: Wave Good-Bye (Luna Bay: A Roxy Girl Series)
0439611970: Alphabet Under Construction
0439613833: Missing May
0439613868: Robert Flip Book
0439613876: Robert and the Instant Millionaire Show/Robert and the Three Wishes
0439614430: Escape From Memory
0439614651: The Worst-case Scenario Survival Handbook: Holidays
0439614996: Santa's Suit
0439615003: Secret Multiplication Tables (Math)
0439615011: Gladiator Spinners: Ten Cool Games (Micro Models)
0439616360: Young Santa
0439616433: All I Want for Christmas Lo Unico Que Quiero Para Navidad
0439616441: It's Not Fair! =: No Es Justo!
0439616506: Building Literacy Through Classroom Discussion : Research-Based Strategies for Developing Critical R
0439616565: Week-by-Week Homework for Building Reading Comprehension and Fluency : Grade 1
0439616670: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
0439616719: Inkheart
0439617138: Care Bears: Una entrega especial (Care Bears: Special Delivery)
0439617154: Scooby-Doo 2: Los Monstruos Andan Sueltos (Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed)
0439617324: Hangin' with Hilary Duff
0439617723: Can You See What I See? Cool Collections : Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve
0439617782: Can You See What I See? : Seymour and the Juice Box Boat
0439617804: Can You See What I See? : Seymour Makes Friends
0439618037: The Librarian from the Black Lagoon
0439618088: Messy Bessey\'s Holidays (Rookie Reader)
0439618479: The Middle Moffat
0439618487: Evvy's Civil War
0439618703: The Moffats
0439618878: Third-Grade Detectives#7: The Case of the Dirty Clue
0439618886: THIRD-GRADE DETECTIVES #8: The Secret of the Wooden Witness
0439619122: 439619122
0439619181: Hello Kitty's Book of Friendship Fun & Activities
0439620376: Scholastic Pocket Thesaurus
0439620392: Scholastic Pocket Dictionary
0439620546: Franklin Tv #19 (Franklin)
0439621569: Harry Potter Bookmark
0439621577: My First Photo Album (Cartwheel Cloth Books)
0439621585: Hello! Hello
0439621887: Grind
0439622476: Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time
0439622778: Duck on a Bike
0439622794: Las Manzanas Del Sr. Peabody
0439622980: Dating Diaries
0439623316: Boo!
0439623324: Bless Me : A Child's Good Night Pray
0439623332: Spiders, Bats, and Pumpkin Eaters
0439623340: Grand Old Tree
0439623405: Up All Night
0439623413: Lemonade with a Twist
0439623421: Timmy Turner\'s Top-Secret Notebook (The Fairly Odd Parents)
0439623464: Jimmy Strikes Out (Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)
0439623529: Giant Children
0439623685: Teaching Young Readers
0439623774: My First Jumbo Book of Shapes
0439623790: Cheaper By The Dozen
0439624339: The Seventh Tower Volumes 4-6
0439624398: Rescue Heroes: Earthquake
0439624568: Restaurant
0439624576: Supermarket
0439624894: Adventures in Care-A-Lot Sticker Storybook
0439624908: Care Bears : King Funshine Bear
0439624916: Where Are You?
0439624932: All for You!
0439624959: Nighty Night
0439624967: Dance Along
0439624975: Hello Day!
0439624983: Barney
0439625009: Color My World!
0439625025: What Will I Be?
0439625033: Look at Me
0439625114: Rescue Heroes : Movie Reader #2 (Rescue Heroes)
0439625122: Wobbly Bobbly Balls
0439625149: Boohbah : Peek Bah Booh!
0439625157: Storyworld Stickers
0439625165: Spinaround : Novelty Board Book with Spinner
0439625203: Everything You Need about American History Homework:
0439625211: World History Homework
0439625335: Fish Sleep but Don't Shut Their Eyes
0439625343: Hurricanes Have Eyes but Can't See
0439625351: Penguins Swim--But Don't Get Wet and Other Facts About...
0439625440: Everything You Need about Science Homework
0439625459: Everything You Need about English Homework
0439625467: Everything You Need about Geography Homework
0439625475: Franklin Tv #20 (Franklin)
0439625580: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Sticker Book
0439625599: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Poster Book
0439625602: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Color and Activity Book
0439625610: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Color and Activity Book : With Stickers
0439625629: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Lenticular Poster Book
0439625696: The Soft-Hearted Sheepdog (Scholastic)
0439625742: No Sweat Bubble Tests
0439625769: Fast Start for Early Readers : A Research-Based, Send-Home Literacy Program with 60 Reproducible Poems and Activities That Ensures Reading Success for Every Child
0439626277: Goosebumps : Welcome To Dead House (sp) (Goosebumps)
0439626285: ¡No Bajes al Sótano!
0439626293: Sangre de Monstruo
0439626307: Escalofrios: Sonrie y Muerete
0439626463: Kung Fu Pigs
0439626528: New Kid at School; Dragon Slayers' Academy, #1
0439626536: Revenge of the Dragon Lady (Dragon Slayers' Academy (Paperback))
0439626544: Hamlet (The Young Reader's Shakespeare)
0439626595: Hop-A-Long Bunny: A Pull-The-String Cloth Book (Pull-The-Tab Cloth Books)
0439626617: Raven Of The Waves
0439626846: Tonka Pull the Bulldozer
0439626854: Tonka Move the Er
0439626889: Anti-Venom
0439626900: Good Dog!
0439626935: Ready for Laughs! : A Treasury of Undersea Humor (3 Books in 1) (Spongebob Squarepants)
0439626943: The Lost Tooth Club
0439627176: Codemaster #1 How to write and Decode Secret Messages
0439627192: Clifford Loves Me (sp) : Clifford me quiere (Clifford)
0439627346: Superhero
0439627478: Legends of Metru Nui
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