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Here at Teddington Tombes, We specialize in hardback books ranging from novels through to biographies. We have an extensive collection from many much-loved authors. Our books are classified as rare due to not many being published as hardback versions or are no longer in print. We pride ourselves on the condition and quality of our books along with our customer service. "So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place, you can install a lovely bookshelf on the wall." Roald Dahl

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This website, located at abebooks.com, sells our extensive collection of rare books and is run by the
Teddington tombes partnership.
We will process and ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt.

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Here at Teddington Tombes

We package all of our books by first wrapping them in there first protective layer of bubble wrap sealed on the corners to stop corner damage.
Then we place this in a also bubble wrapped jiffy bag and seal it with the glue strip for the best water protection.

Shipping times can vary due to dispatching the item from the United Kingdom.
We handle and ship your item in one working day.

United Kingdom please expect a 3-5 day shipping time
Most orders shipped outside of the European Union please expect 4-8 week shipping times.
European Union please expect a 2-3 week shipping time.